Giant Animal Robots

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Male from Zodiac Parkbot Computer


female Parbot Computer High Rank inside of bases,facilities, transported by spaceplanes

Many Mother Nature of space will be chosen

Zarconia Inbit Invid Regime Insect robot mecha being Quintesson High ranks


Vampirebot Mugenbide Raptor Spider Combiner


freshwater center observation Zarconia public

Queen Feroz cat mode

thylacine cat mode

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Parkbot Vehicle transport

MetCls orginal sketch

Dinobot drawing

Rmpg (2) orginal sketch

Rampage drawing

JurssMcFrmr orginal sketch

Zarco Dinobot drawing

JwAttck orginal sketch

Jaw Attack drawing

Grizwld orginal sketch

Grizwald drawing

DinProj orginal sketch

Zarco Dinobots drawing

DinRgnSnpJws orginal sketch

Zarco Dinoranger

Seabourn Quest Antarctica 2017-18 Holiday Voyage

Seabourn Quest Antarctica 2017-18 Holiday Voyage

Write the text of your article here!The animal kingdom and their history
2009 antarctica lakesmap

bodies of water Antarctica

Antarctica the frozen kingdom (Antarctic Wildlife Documentary)

Antarctica the frozen kingdom (Antarctic Wildlife Documentary)

in earth class.Animalbots will be made in the present to afterlife from now as ideas and memories from Queen Armada's soul and travels. They will have their own Zarconian emblem for Animal Parkbots.It will have Zarconian mixed into it.It will have its own colors. .I will have a wider expansion of space species of Animal kingdom.Female Parkbot Computer and who will take the role of the part to being is got to have that reality of nature.She
AlL orginal sketch

Zarco Parkbot Dinobot Raptor

AllgtSml orginal sketch

Zarco Parkbot Thylacine Primitives Gobot

AqarmShrk orginal sketch

Zarco Parkbot Megaladon Gobot Primitives

has her animal kingdom and my pets my Bobcat,European Wildcat and my pet sharks.That night that the proper Primitives Creator comes to extract my pets from their past mammal bodies to their fate as Transformer Gobots animals.They will have more intelligence and can talk.They need their minds upgraded but not too much.They like to think slightly primitive or more.It goes with their abilties.Dinobots in cartoon were made correctly.Sharkibots will talk like Primitives and they are from the prehistoric era.They are robots in disguise for their blunt rampage and thinking from being so old and are wise from that.The mind they would have had would have told them to attack in their animal mode transfer to their robot mode. They can't be mammals anymore and will make the translation by their creator leaving misery of earth class Sol System to our galaxy.My pets fate is to be my pets as a family but billions of light years from here in a vortex.Got that on who becomes the Parkbot Female Computer.
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"Raptor"Zarco CDbot raptor

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"Vortex" Zarco Space Raptor CDbot

The Raptor CDbots are able as CDbots can
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Zarconian Dinosaur class Prison

Jurssc Wrld

Jurassic World Theme Park


Jurassic World Park

shrink size of a CD or go to large CD that goes in torso of Parkbot Female Computer and Anti-Virus and Princess Armada Firoz.They can unload all CDbots from teleportation as function in CD drive.They are thick and have joints compacted into disk.They have modules that separate and transform.The Raptor CDbots have weapons pilons and hardpoints to carry munitions and rockets.They can imitate earth
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Zarco Amphibious Vehicle Launch Transport and Monster mode

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Zarconian Mugenbide Sturgeon Shark combiner with Amphibious Vehicle Transport merger

class creatures and that is their real robotic AI form to show that Zarconians are realistic like mammals but are machines.They have their instruments.As a CD they can avoid any capture as they can move.Transform to have legs to move and jump.They can climb as Parkbots can scale and climb with their animal abiiities.They can't fall as they have precautions as

Power Mode Combiner Triassic/Cyber Animalbot Merger

machines.Enhanced animal adaptations to scale buildings and structures,escarpments with ease and fight too but as animals they have extra ordinary abilities.They

Parkbot attatchment Projectiles


AnimalParkbots Attatchment Projectiles

spy on enemies in bases and in space to get into center of their empires and civilization and government to find out things and transmit as communications and their modes.The female Parkbot Mother Nature Computer looks in all aspects of the animal kingdom.Maintain structured balance betweeen the Primitives.She gets in between them as like a unit.Unites them to leadership from Angels from Mother Nature got to make it as Justice and show aspect of them as Zarconians,fellow troops.She is the one that Centauri can install laws.She communicates to them all and reasons to them.They treat her having part in their creation.They will be made by Animal Kingdom Primitives Transformer Gobot Creator System and Evolution Process Angels caretakers of space,other dimensions.She is going to please the each group as mother.Unite and we have the Zarconian Animalbot Parkbot Primes.Men figure that lived with their families to learn.She looks as a computer retain being rationalized.She is very smart in this mode but can change to raw nature mode that goes to each in animal and Prehistoric kingdgom.She in her raw nature mode does alot of the thinking and does our animal programs.She is in her raw form of nature and talks and is more smarter in her raw nature but she needs her computer mode.Computer mode is meant for her to put up a front that she is based on on raw nature.Behind the scenes as raw nature.She talks to her Transformer Gobot animal kindgom.She is majestic.She is very constructive.She is feeling and is courageous.She is important structure to all prehistoric Creatures.She could do many creator roles.She is very overly controlled.She changes and can see things in raw nature.Centauri has an Angel to carry out her role.She teaches like mother nature on animal programs.Smarts and from there improvises to showing her rank.This was as far as I can draw her.They are machine intelligent and are above many types of complicated computers as they have software for war and alien worlds.Its meant durable for Parkbots.They are part of covert operations.Troops work with them.And in the present day.20th Century based on earth on our bases.Bases were built and learning infiltration.Got our Empire in the past,future and present.Evolution process the power of nature to travel to a more powerful universe.Stages must take place to give us government and authority.They are a specialist squad that in outer space explores and is into nature of alien worlds.They use military and covert ops and are experts in nature.They have space transports and bases in
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Parkbot Command Center vessel

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Parkbot Command Center

space.Parkbot Command Center is a warship with each section like a base.It has launch bay and bays for storing things.It can launch Parkbots with EM ropes or to drop them off.It can trevel in space.Go warp drive and has energy fire and HEL.Launchers hidden.It is for transporting the Parkbots and their creator female Parkbot Computer.Covert ops and operations missions.Way the Parkbots want to use it.1440 ft long and many stories tall.It can walk to move forward and
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"Grasper"Squirrel robot creature CDbot

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Chimera CDbot

tucks its legs as engines.They have a science station inside.When they live in Transformers Unviverse they will be united with their Gobot Transformer family and learn things from them so they are veterans in their field and know everything and fully trained.They will carry out special operations and covert ops.They will be from their family united with them and lived a century with them before becoming
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Zarco Zod

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Zarco Naval Zod

Zarconian.They will unite Zarconian as from far ends of the universe with their experiences and knowledge and family members.Then from Queen Armada they can do sciences and to study and get into projects of nature and its past.We will be reborn very far away making these animalbots Cybertronian and Gobotronian.I opened a way for them.I got them out.I had them made.Properly in nature to take place with advanced technology very far away.They have demand and can only be made with
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Zarco Jurassic Parkbot Zod

power and properly.They earn to be advanced and have their own transformations the proper creator to do for them and medically.Their rank is earned and then born by man computer with their mother.They have specific adaptations and powers.They are a unit that researches and knows applied Natural Sciences.Study and learn alien Natural Sciences.In our galaxy and universe they will be trained by their family of dinobots and primitives to integrate for family.Zarconian will be know on thei continent.Learn to be expert in their sciences and covert ops.Trained militarily as primitives but Autobots.Learn
Survivorman S01 - Ep01 Canadian Boreal Forest

Survivorman S01 - Ep01 Canadian Boreal Forest

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Zarco Ranger Trailer Base of Operations


Zarco Ranger Base Network

Primal Survivor 2017 - Killer Blizzard 【HD】- 07 (Dutch Subs)

Primal Survivor 2017 - Killer Blizzard 【HD】- 07 (Dutch Subs)


Landing Pad Facility Tower with street lights in jungle

prehistoric history and get on the field with Zarconian.Zarconian alien worlds Park is an area on alien world to co-exist with the creatures of the world.To adapt to them and learn how to avoid conflict with them.It is a network built into the woods jungles and has streetlight in woods,has concrete facilities built with a tunnelway of concrete to each
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Dinosaur Zod

KusoCartoon 13878613168153

Parkbot Zod

facility by trolleycars.Sharktibot and "Fresh Waves" are new added Primes.Fresh Waves is decisive.He uses environment and surroundings.He is rationalized.He does not get distressed.He will use his smarts in matters like that.He uses his senses.He is very strong as he is a leader.He can fight and use raw power and his bite.Uses energy arms with heavy level damage.He obeys regulations and can break regulations to dismantle enemy to lose.He though won't harm us,Zarconian.He is very loyal.He is bringing to direct the Parkbots and other Zarconians.He is like an officer.Understanding.When things are in a grind he can use his smarts and adaptations to sense out solutions.Positive.Get fierce when pushed to.He is a great combatant as others are.They have the "Matrix of Leadership" loaded into many Matrix.They are Parkbot Primes.Sharktibot is a leader for he can be a commander in wildlife robots.Special tactics and Fresh Waves as leader of Shartibots.He then has Matrix in chest of Sharktibot but is a leader.Sharktibot is very crude and smarter combining Sharktibot intelligence and senses.He take to situation like a commander.He can be very martial.He uses his options and brute strength.He can use monuvers.He has alot of naval Marine weaponry,sharp shooter.He can adjust to different surroundings to get the job done.He lays punishment on enemy.Severe damage.He is fierce like a giant shark and use his prehistoric smarts to use.He can imput about sensing out things others can't sense.Team workers with Parkbots.He has scanning imagery.They have giant shark abilities as robot.Sensor instruments.Use his experience to get out of trouble.Is a active member.Nerves of steel.Poise.He can do damage from accidents.He does not scare Zarconians as he has compassion to Zarconians and scares enemy.He is very feeling to Zarconians and fellow Transformer Gobots.Obsessed with solving things and stubborn towards enemy.Craft in operations and effective to carry out role.Is youthful but getting to be a veteran.He has armor and adaptation defenses he uses to damage enemy.He can outthink the enemy.He goes to options and is open to them.Very fierce.Innovative with things.Uses his surroundings and adaptations well.He can jammer and stealthy.Raw power combat smash apart enemies goes for the power source and source.He is organized to be a Prime.He is imputing from "Primitives" world from their perspective to Matrix and its responsibilities.He is resposible and thorough.Uses commands well and to teach from mistakes.Patient with Zarconian his team mates.Learned to be very patient from what he is.Very open and understanding not to enemy.He recites

Dinosaur Conservation Park Eurasia with ride carts and bodies of water with dinosaur water creatures

over matters and uses on field experience.He can scare.Does not give up.Adding these positive traits to Zarconian.Collaborates with other Zarconians.He has encouragement.Open to new concepts.They can carry cargo to the facilities which are creature proof.Train comes in and brings in cargo underground of concrete structure creature proof with percautions of scaring creatures away.Troops and workers walk in corridors that are too small for large dinosaurs and mammals to get in and have panels to go down in the way of dinosaurs with sensors for precaution to each troop and workers have probes on them,beacons to talk on and monitored.Emergencies can be relayed through the areas.A Parkbot and Dinosaur model Zod would have nature in them and biotech.They would have strength in their armor and barrier.They would have predation and to carry in their bays compliment of soldiers and mecha robots.They can assault the enemy as a tyrant.They have energy fire and energy breath.They could regenerate.Have guile and stealthy like creatures.Preform their duties.Indestructible.Adapted to nature terrains and weathers.Get around.Unstable but with directive of Zarconian in them.They are intelligent as a creature machine.Network of concrete stuctures mixed with woods to preserve nature.Force fields to block off creatures and are catered to them and stun defenses.Observation and labs to conduct work and investigation.Gases that can be used creatures to be dispersed.Cargo is lifted by a pulley from trolleycars.They can be walked insided of and are not dangerous like trains.Trains routes have beacons that scare away creatures are well away from tracks.Fields and emergency reports tracks have object on them for Parkbot Ranger to have removed.Base it is very critical vs enemy.Study.These are the way Rangers are and where they live.Parkbot robots Transformer Gobots have bays for them to enter area.They have hangars and sections for them.Runways sealed off by fences and streetlight with probes in them for a field and deterrant.Avoid accidents for our unit and bad experiences.The Zarconian Parkbot Commanders are Night Creeper and Lionbot.Night Creeper is very efficient and is upon emergencies.He is authoratative and gets job done.He is knowledgeable and adds in his expertise to effectiveness.He is aware of things with his instrument sensors.He can predict things and uses commmands.He orders out things and follows out strategy.He is an officer.He is like science officer.He has smarts at being like a medic.He catches on to things like that and can make repairs.He understands biology.Expertise.He use his crane abilities to fold out and do work on emergency.He is an important thinker in military situations and backup fighting.He can combat and go to his weapons.He is very competant a leader.He tries not to do extra and overdo things.He focuses on things and annalyzes.He learns from annalysis.He takes reigns of situations.He is crafty.He will make the right decisions.He is a strong ranking.Reliable.Lionbot has raw power and refined techniques.He an his leadership he has as a commander.He takes to his role and is courageous.He is a great fighter.Deliver firepower on enemy.He will breach and can take on heavy weight enemies.He is strong and very fast.Monuverable.He is a thinker.He has expertise from being a veteran.He goes to his animal instincts for his rank.He goes by the book.He follows techniques and is effective out on missions.He has completions.He can tear enemies apart in his lion marsupial mode.He can use this to his advantage.He is good natured.He can brawl and get vicious to enemy leave heavy damage on them.He rationalizes being a primitives.He does not back down but can sense out dangers.He will use his smarts to avoid.He looks up to his autobots and Zarconians.Fellow teammates he will hog in fighting fight alone but heavy weight level.Then cover his teammates and work with them.Reliable.Uses his animal abilities and attributes.Has some sense in sciences and electronics.On Archaelpelago Poles continent alien world Transformers Gobot system on our planet in our bodies of water there is brackish water lakes and pure freshwater lakes.Some of those lakes
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Khan Family Estate Shark Tank pets

have giant sharks in them and space,many types in Discovery blog and Shark Night 3d wiki blog,Cacharadon Megaladon.Alligator shark.Not cannibal from
Top Secret Swimming Holes

Top Secret Swimming Holes

Top Secret Wwimming Holes Season 1 Episode 2

Top Secret Wwimming Holes Season 1 Episode 2

Top Secret Swimming Holes S02 - Ep08 South Africa's Dragon Dune

Top Secret Swimming Holes S02 - Ep08 South Africa's Dragon Dune

powerful balance satisfies predator and giant.They don't fight each other much to being a family.Acknowledge each other in wild and are more intelligent than earth's.Smart as mammals,smarter.Brain is not oversized,Just right for sharks as animals.Dangerous as all sharks or our ones.Territorial.They stay in their enviroment giant area for them.Not much frozen over except No Man's land.Some sharks will sail to migrate.Not all of them.Swim very fast.Keep up with vehicles as they race them with the chance.No body of

Polar Ice Flows area Cacharadon Megaladon alien species viewing open sea

water is empty of sharks,migration does not get rid of predator.Others stay per season.Some are all seasons like Croc shark and Alligator shark.Our giant shark of tonnes in weight can travel in 4ft of shallow water.But it needs 10ft solidly.It can travel in creeks and streams deep enough.Sharks are like reef sharks in appearance and travel to bodies of water and into lakes and rivers.They are after food,fish.They eat fish in freshwater.Travel to the sea which has no salt in it,chemical from crystals in space.Sharks are 6ft to 7ft and hang around coastal cities to get into creeks and rivers into lakes.Connected by caves and tunnels natural,add flow of water.They eat fish and people stay out of water.Eat alien

Giant sharks in manmade lake tank aquarium

deer and anything that goes into water for active bodies of water.Marshes and swamps connected to lakes.Made barriers to prevent giant sharks.Made access only for 7ft sharks,no others from wall,barriers and dams.Allow them to certain chaine of bodies of water.Back into giant sea lakes.Giant sea lakes have giant sharks.Rivers.And in each region being hot zones to the mountains and polars zones.They have a giant planteater fish to eat.It is tonnes in weight.There are underwater adapted seabirds on some of the lake.Lakes are like sea.Freshwater.Brackish lakes to the seas.Our sharks can breath freshwater and brackish water.There are lakes they don't live in because they are cutoff from other lakes large.Damming and other things like force field nets and water content being of crystal chemical.Sharks in some larger lakes are less as they love the brackish lakes more than freshwater.Brackish lakes take over in sea life and mammals.Mammal life in rivers.Freshwater is connected to brackish lakes.Giant sharks do get in.If you go deeper you will meet the giant.Smaller sharks do go to shallow water but in the polar zones and brackish water.They are out in the deeps of the pure freshwater lakes.Deep and attatched to deep means sharks.More saltwater more they come out.Prey is in nature system.Freshwater lakes their are swimming beaches.They have field and surrounded by structure.Polar ice flows area is developed nature park.There are structures in series and
KusoCartoon 13924340225627

Polar Ice flows area

facility for the public.It is isolated from roads because of dangers.Ice flows area and roads discontinue but there is a station and train they can take to ice flows parks.They stay in the harbor in hotels.Force fields are up for people's safety.They study the nature with visitors in tens of thousands to millions a year.People come to see the creatures on vessels and by tourist flyingcraft.They are taken on

Antarctic Wildlife

trips and land on vessels.Then back to harbor.Ships during day and at night.Harbour area is developed with shopping and to be in facility.Quiet area see out the plastic glass while sitting down.Train station is in the harbour area.Monorails.Go back to their cars.Polar region has giant sharks.It is dangerous to walk on icebergs and on ice.Sharks are underneath and can break it.Sharks enjoy polar climate and hunt their water polar mammal planteaters and birds.They hunt and the oceans are close land and deep in polar region.Closer bottomless shelf drops from the ice.Sharks of a giant size under ice and where ice and water,deep.Plenty of food for sharks and their blood can adjust to cold arctic.They though go out to more temperate ocean for planteater giant fish weighing many tonnes from 60ft and many tonnes fish.Prehistoric shark hunts and eats.The sharks are on Discovery Channel wiki blog,no land great white,same unviverse.They are Crocodile Shark.Makes trips to Archealpelago to subarctic ocean for the ice and getting closer to planteater polar mammals.Chase water birds.Salt and chemical content is pure and more than hotter oceans.It will drift off and go deeper to bottom and scower historic area cities to shores.Coastline cities but guarded by force fields from natural threat.Barriers when they constructed cities and dams.Manmade.Their are chimera like squirrels we have.Our squirrels are primates and meat eaters.They live in forests and jungles.They live in our continent and in polar and hot zones.It can hunt alone or in clan.Planet Eurasia.They stay to eating prey when well fed and maintained.They are lbs in weight.There are native cats of 200lbs.Hunts groups and solitary.They are hunters or our continent as bear that has wide jaws like

Bear exhibit Zoo

lion.More like a black bear.Hunts alone but will share hunt larger kill like ox.Yes animals fight but warning not a blood match.Animals in space can be civilized.But larger animals stay wild.They eat planter eater like a deer looks alien.Likes hot and mixed.On an island on the other half of the polar region far and separated from island continent,near the highest mountain out in oceans.There are sasquatch that are predators..Hunts by itself but can hunt with assistance.Giant at 500lbs and more.They have claws and teeth,fangs.They hunt larger ox.Very strong and run 4's like animal.Apex predator in the countryside.Bear lives in jungles.Tree climbing cat of 150lbs.It lives up in trees most of the continent.It is a hunter and is grey.It hunts primate plant eater squirrels,nuts.It hunts in packs.Native cat all over,in Mountains lower valley.Animals are distributed and not in a particular region.But some just like hot and mixed zome just like cold and mixed.Marsupial doglike cat lives there.It has a muzzle but is a cat.Has set of teeth and

Predatory cat and doglike cat in zoo pen

claws,fangs.It is raised by cats in nature to be part of the pack.It weighs 165lbs.It goes after deer creature.Weasel is a jungle and forest predator.It lives in mountains area valley.It is large like small bear at 200lbs.It looks grey brown and more like 4 legged predator not long body.It hunts mountain goats and valley planteaters.They can kil animals bigger than them and with team work.Techniques work with teeth and claws.Planteaters.Planteaters are abundant but are controlled by predators.Fight because they come from different sectors.There are areas where all of them live.Don't migrate.Food is plentiful and per predator.They are well fed.Large hawk that lives in jungles and is huge.It is 6ft tall.It eats its prey and does not fight.Many of predators don't fight or eat each other.Considered cannibalism.Our planet is against this.But they do something territorial over kill.Blood attracts other miles.Predators deterrent with set of fangs and claws and their ability to lunge attack.Code amongst animals not to get too severe.Monitor lizard predator lives on this continent and lives in the cold temperate woods jungle.It camouflaged.It has teeth and is 8ft long.Hunts groups and solitary.Aggressive an eater.Swims.Many larger land predators there is no need for many other apex predators.They have large enough on land.Smaller ones don't exist.Can be many others but this continent is desolate and quiet in many areas.It has activity with these animals though.They can be dangerous and we have learned about what are pets and what aren't.We don't have any game hunting is illegal,our knowledge from poachers UFP give animal shame predators.We did no war on animals at all.We took them out of city areas where people were going to live.We transported them and set up fields giant perimeter.Get used to things and operate with their base and shuttle and space planes for operations.Be on Cybertron and Gobotron.Creator system of the Primitives and Zarconia Universe Transformer Gobots will do its job to bring them out and in creator have them Zarconian with family grow up properly and live a blessed life as Islam.Nature Angels and system.!/QueenFerozK The bodies of water operations experts Floppydiskbots are the robot Barracuda "Blood Water" who has verniers and can change to his robot for space.He can recon and do covert operations and do battle.He has energy weapon and can bite.He has blasters and is stealthy in water and fast with his verniers.His fellow Parkbot is Monster Piranha floppydiskbot.He has verniers and can change to aerial mode in space.He swims in the water with jammers to record on the enemy and intel.They both could have swarms of others to assist them in attacking like their species.They have energy fire they can fire.They are floppydisks giant that go into the CD compartment of Parkbot Female Computer and any of the other intel experts like Anti-Virus and Firoz,Princess Armada.Meant for marina operations and warfare.They have mini rockets and torpedos.They can bite through metal.They have Primitive's attack and attributes.They have protective defenses. Prehistoric era for large power and intelligence to eh present day mammals and insects and water life. These are robot beings in far away universes.In Zarconia there is specialized selected designs for up and coming leaders to add to a squad.Fill it in.They animals kingdom can be militarized when they have made translation in there is being in animal kingdom change into robots for their ranks and abilities.Play roles in disarming and destroying the enemy in battle.Monuverability,intelligence and heavy weight level,their adaptations into machines of high generation.Zarconia Inbit Invid Regime Quintesson is created and made as contributor in cycle with insect robots learning of insect world.Expert and high ranks as fellow creator with adaptations of feirce Inbit Invid and what they are in Cybertron Gobotron.Added to play roles in this all out war.I found Prime in the most unexpected and awarded Prime to Grizwald and Centauri.They are improvement from powers of the past and hybrid power of insect robot world.Bases and parks made into bases.Routes and concrete structures with forcefields and outer space technology.Parkbot Computer is female and an elder but brand new one I invented from Evolution process
KusoCartoon 13899181705837

Monster "Marine"Amphibous Mecha

Angels.She then became the Parkbot robot Animal Kingdom Computer of combined Gobot Transformers.Gobots have dinosaurs robots,animalbots,shark and fishbots,insectibots and wildlife robotic creatures.Their computer is to report to the Computer for robot animals.She
KusoCartoon 14072104005548

"Blood Water"Zarconian Barracuda alien Floppydiskbot Gobot

KusoCartoon 14072104786912

Zarconian Parkbot Monster Piranha Floppydiskbot Gobot

builds and maintains them.She is their strategist and High Ranking.She has the archives of animals and interpret them into Gobots.And from animal kingdom to military and history of animal names in military machines.In my adventures in afterlife in Lemuria
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Khan Family Pet Shark Transformer Gobot Floppydiskbot and CDbot

KusoCartoon 14852869960673

Zarco Parkbot Sharktibot "Ice Saw"

Alaska’s Deadly Sharks Alaska's Deadliest

Alaska’s Deadly Sharks Alaska's Deadliest

Longtail Carpet Sharks SHARK ACADEMY

Longtail Carpet Sharks SHARK ACADEMY

Transformers Gobot universe I brought and had a creature that lived in my era part of my daily life into Transformer Gobot sharkbot.I would unite the Transformers and Gobots as 1 force.""Ice Saw" is an expert on polar seas and arctic waters.He can lead the group of Shartibots.They have an Arctic waters specialist.He is 12ft long as a Salmon Sharktibot. Rangerbots maintain as a base of ops the park in their expertese in Covert Ops and missions infantry.They are leaders
3-08 In Search Of..

3-08 In Search Of... The Great Lakes Triangle (Part 1 of 3)

and contribute to the war cause of ending evil and crime and rotten regimes.Our laws and declarations by me.Force was gathered of representitives of Prehistoric world and animal world as machines.Rangerbots and Prehistoric Beasts transformer Gobot Rangers.They are Zarconian and for Covert Operations home parkbot.Rangerbots are a team and unit of Gobot transformer Zarconians.They have special abilities in sciences of animals and prehistoric creatures and space. Their bases and facilities cater to the animalkingdombots.They have catwalks and sections into their facilities with defenses and can dock with Zarconia Navy.They

Zarconia Underground barrier Facility

The Underground Shark cage barrier facility is a manmade defenses and base.Naval built in to it and is for observing,adapting and working to Zarconia to being bigger.Research and learn about the Marina and of alien worlds.Reinforcement with defenses.Underground bodies of water with internal environment.Catwalks and facility.Inside with rooms series and internal route above on the concrete

Zarconian Mugenbide Combiner Sturgeon Shark and Monster Shark Merger

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Monster Robot Sharks

KusoCartoon 13879483652499

Monster Mechanical sharks


Zarconian Monster Dog Shark Megaladon

KusoCartoon 14119645359670

Oceania class Monster Shark Deployer ship

structures and underground roads to train rail,have science and resources.Monster Mechanical robot sharks are machine monsters that can rampage the land.They have large all terrain wheels and can go over alot of terrain and submerge in bodies of water.They can patrol and attack with their bite and energy fire.Equipped fire missiles out mouths and hidden launchers on them.Deploy torpedoes.They even have bays to carry compliment of troops and some mecha robots.They suited for all types of operations,guard and destroy.They have verniers to fly up to space.Move around and reposition themselves.Force fields defenses and their armor.Detection systems.Monuverable.Hunters.They have trains and runways for planes to space.They have electronics and systems.They can study and fortify.Base of Operations.Goes underground network and has disaster and enemy defense systems and alarms and procedures.Whoever tries will be defeated very fast and will never see the light.This is for the Rangerbot military and primitives

South America computer terminal

Alice In Chains - Rooster

Alice In Chains - Rooster

Rock Edge

Def Leppard - Animal

Def Leppard - Animal


Ten Years Gone

Ten Years Gone


.They co-operate with the Prehistoric Beasts Rangerbots.They are bigger with Zarconian improvements.Cross-over power .Adaptation specialty in many fields.Army terminator space and many warfares and Covert Operations and missions.They have improved weaponry and mode systems,FLIR.I will order them to be created.To create the ones they cannot and my favourites as squads of Space Army.These are all Transformer Gobots from Dark Nebula,Comet Empire,Borg,Galman Gamilon but from Zarconian perspective.Invid Regime and Haydonites units into Gobot Transformer troops,crew and pilots.Dreamworld Lemuria Transformer Gobot universe.Space civilization of white muslims.Advanced.
Water base

facility freshwater or alien world

Ranger facility

base for Prehistoric mammalbots,dinobots and animalbots,fishbots,sharktibots,formers sharkticons Rangerbots
Transformers episode 29 - dinobot island 1 part 1

Transformers episode 29 - dinobot island 1 part 1

Transformers episode 29 - dinobot island 1 part 2

Transformers episode 29 - dinobot island 1 part 2


Transformers episode 29 - dinobot island 1 part 3

Transformers episode 29 - dinobot island 1 part 3


Gobot Insect Animal Kingdom


Ant and wasp Insectibots

Pdvd 029

Insect World robot Gobots Creatures

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Zarco Rhino Mugenbide Assault Deployer

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Zarconian Mugenbide Combiner Robot Mecha

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Zarco Spider Mugenbide Assault Deployer
—Vector Sigma upon activation, "The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 1"
He is bigger than 40ft.He is 100ft or 90ft size transformed.He is huge and heavy but floats.He can travel through space and his water systems work for space.He can fly and is a robotic prehistoric Lemuria shark of lakes.

Zarconia Insectibot Commander

Gobots episode 58 "It's the Thought That Counts" 1 of 2

Gobots episode 58 "It's the Thought That Counts" 1 of 2


Gobots episode 58 "It's the Thought That Counts" 2 of 2

Gobots episode 58 "It's the Thought That Counts" 2 of 2



Zarconia Insectibot Centauri One


Fox Tiger fox robot being CDbot re-fitted and fitted jet pack combinered

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"Rampage"Zarconian North America Panther Floppydiskbot




Merle Stalker Floppydisk North America Native cat robot being

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"Trap-Jaw" Catlike Minicon robot dog cat being

He is ferocious with stealth.He is big 300lbs but very agile with
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"Riff-Raff" Zarco CDbot Tasmanian Devil

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Zarconian Floppydiskbot Otter "Ottoman"

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Zarconian Floppydiskbot "Ferocious"Animalbot Floppydisk Wolverine

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"Saber 1"European Wildcat CD Bot robot cat being

Photographing a very rare animal the European wildcat

Photographing a very rare animal the European wildcat

European wildcat, Europäische Wildkatze

European wildcat, Europäische Wildkatze. Germany Eifel

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CD Bot Bobcat "Growl" robot cat being


Giant Cat



The Most Extreme - Killer Cats

The Most Extreme - Killer Cats



Panthers and Jaguars of New York Nature Documentary

Panthers and Jaguars of New York Nature Documentary

antigravity to climb trees inside systems.He has FLIR and night and metal alloy thermal visions.He has weaponry as missiles and laser cannons to take out enemies.He can change to floppydisk large
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Thylacine"Muzzle" CD Bot robot Marsupial Predator

size in 4ft but for a giant Zarconia Transformers Gobot computer.He can change into a radio device for playing what was on
2014-01-06 19.50.54

PSN black cat

2014-01-06 19.53.07

PSN Brown Tabby

2014-01-06 19.55.43

Orange Tabby PSN

European Wildcat

European Wildcat

Bobcat Facts

Bobcat Facts

Bring on the Bobcats National Geographic

Bring on the Bobcats National Geographic

Bobcat really loves to snuggle

Bobcat really loves to snuggle.

Benji the bobcat being his lovable self

Benji the bobcat being his lovable self

Unbelievable Bobcat

Unbelievable Bobcat

Gucci My European Wildcat

Gucci My European Wildcat

European Wildcats-0

European Wildcats-0

Kitty eats bunnys head fast

Kitty eats bunnys head fast

Cat kills rabbit

Cat kills rabbit his mission,webcam.CDbots and Floppydiskbots can transform to a visual playing device.He has power and speed,climber in coniferous trees of Earth class Sol System.Adaptations and camauflage to environment,blend in urban suburban and in terrains,locations.Jammers and radar
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Zarconian Mugenbide Cougar Assault Deployer

dish changing ears project dish powers to sattelite link.Teeth and claws on his command can slash open steel and alloys,retract it.He will go to the Parkbot female creator Computer."Trap-Jaw" is a cat attack dog.He can run hundreds of miles per hr. and sense out compound smells and has keen senses.He can attack militarily.He can combat and can do covert Ops and patrols.He can down a mecha.He is strong a with an armor piercing bite and claws.He can add attatchments like pods and projectiles as he looks real but is animal predator robot creature.He can aid Fox Tiger but is hybrid alien species.He can add to strength and power.Cunning and guile of cat.Thinkinga and systems.Police mode and Space Corps military mode.Can predict and is a psychic as a predator.Armor peircing claws for battle and fangs.Speed and agility and laser and rocket pod attatchments.Whiskers."Muzzle" is a thylacine robot marsupial attack dog cat.He can sniff out and sense things from his senses.He is a catike dog marsupial raised with cat robots.Learn their tactics and in covert ops.Change to CD and recording and file.He can attack.

Sharktibot squad,FWSandtiger Cacharadon,Alligator sharktibot and Crocodile sharktibot

Shark autobt

FreshCurrent Sharktibot Prime 1

Hyenadon Versus Smilodon Documentary on the Prehistoric Battle of Predators (Full Documentary)

Hyenadon Versus Smilodon Documentary on the Prehistoric Battle of Predators (Full Documentary)


Sasquatch Jedi Master Commander Space Giant

Prehistoric Beasts robot lion

Prehistoric lionbot


Prehistoric animalbot Iron Horns with energy firearm


Leo Trooper Prehistoric Animalbots


Space Tonne Prehistoric Animalbot


Cyber Animalbot Prehistoric Animalbot Combiner

Prehistoric Animalbots are a unit of Transformer Gobots I Queen Armada had designed and are very intelligent and physically powerful with super

Zarco Prehistoric Beastbot Lychos Mecha Panthera Leo Spelaea


Zarco Prehistoric Beastbot Haast's Eagle "Mecha Raptor"


Zarco Prehistoric Beastsbot Wooly Rhino "Wrecker"


Zarco Prehistoric Beastbot Cave Bear "Grizzled Mech"

KusoCartoon 14457101129672

Zarco Prehistoric Beastbot Bear Dog "Huskey Motor

KusoCartoon 14457136165351

Zarco Prehistoric Beastbot Brontotherium "Stampede"

KusoCartoon 14458078144406

Zarco Prehistoric Beastbot "Grabber"Megatherium Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14458121273160

Zarco Prehistoric Beastsbot CDbot Oriental Devil Bat "Aerial Creeper"

KusoCartoon 14458188578210

Zarco Prehistoric Beastbot American Ahool Bat "5 Toe"

KusoCartoon 14602563389972

Zarco Riff Raff Marcielago Gigante Transformer Gobot Bat

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Mechanical American A-Hool Bat 5 "Toe"

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Zarconian Animal Parkbot Floppydisk Dusk Flyer Transformer Gobot

BBC Documentary BBC Documentary 2015 Walking with Beasts Part 1 BBC Documentary

BBC Documentary BBC Documentary 2015 Walking with Beasts Part 1 BBC Documentary

abilities,acrobatics and agility above normal mammals but in robots of higher generation.Leader is Sasquatch Jedi Master deal with "The Force" with his powerful mind and has his light saber which is dark in color.He is our commander and is able to run our Empire as a high ranking.They transform to their robot modes and have their energy firearms.They are intelligent in animals as robots.Animals have people or are people they are the "Transformers".Prehistoric Lion is Golden King. They are very large and can bash around enemy robeasts,saucer animals and combiners.They have
3-08 In Search Of..

3-08 In Search Of... The Great Lakes Triangle (Part 2 of 3)

extreme strength and as animal machines they can communicate to each other and have robot animal systems and modes.Weaponry is not ordinary.It is custom to their holder.The Prehistoric Animalbots then from their leader Space Giant formup to make Cyber Animalbot Combiner who is a giant robot with all machines as modules putting in their skills,attributes,power and themselves into a giant robot.This is formed in emergency when they need the power.They then take on the situation with great intelligence and cyber skills.They are cyber animal robots.They have cyber skills and
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Zarco Rangerbot "Ranger Computer" Park Ranger Truck Intel Communications

KusoCartoon 14377656205664

"Forest Tracker" Zarco Bell 205L Long Range Ranger Parkbot Transformer Gobot

their weaponry are adaptations,energy weapons and projectiles and HE.HEL and energy weapons and hand tool weapons,combat weapons,extendable staff with energy and force fields. They have force fields,Cybertronian Gobot archived modulated systems and transformations catered to the them and natural
KusoCartoon 14318865395944

"Jet Stream"Rangerbot Competition Jet Racing Boat Zarco Transformer Gobot

instincts to combine.Now this giant robot has their powerful skills and adaptations in imagery and systems and PARCS,BETA and new alien secrets of Prehistoric animal machines.Scans and sensor as they are giant.140ft to 160ft for
KusoCartoon 14348458248904

Zarco Parkbot Ranger "Cutover" CJ-7 Renegade 1977 Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14377622101587

"HIgh Torque"Ranger Parkbot ATV Zarco Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14421196919284

Zarconian Bell Model 412 Ranger Parkbot Transformer Gobot "Comb Boom"

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Zarco Monster Rangerbot "Wild Bite" Prowler 700 XT EPS

KusoCartoon 14876240247561

Zarco Rangerbot Monster 1000 XT EPS

KusoCartoon 14983259649207

"Snow Storm" Rangerbot Snow Mobile

some.Prehistoric super animal skills machines and projectile launchers,popup.Light saber laser strafe.Unit of Transformer Gobots for special operations and each is an expert in types of situations or many and skills.Armor.Maul
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"Midlateral"Zarconian Parkbot White Sturgeon Transformer Gobot

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"Posterior Dorsal Fin" Megaladon like Giant Shark Transformer Gobot

Prehistoric Predators Monster Shark

Prehistoric Predators Monster Shark

Park Rangerbot



Mega Beasts T Rex of the Deep - Mosasaur Documentary

Mega Beasts T Rex of the Deep - Mosasaur Documentary

Rangerbot expert in science and nature and work with the Dinobots,Sharticons and Prehistoric Beastsbots.They are a mixed squad.

No Title

No information


Rangerbot "Chopper"


Rangerbot "Marine"




Bulletspeed train

Dinosaurs Documentary T-Rex Best Documentaries ( National Geographic )

Dinosaurs Documentary T-Rex Best Documentaries ( National Geographic )



Grizwald dinoranger

Grizwald Rangerbot Gorgasaurus

GrimLock Transformers by Thuddleston



Retro Rockets Rangerbot


Dinoranger Gearrams


Animalbot Dinoranger Slice Current Crocodile robot


Dinoranger Jaw Attack


Triassicbot Dinoranger Combiner Linked Series Heavy Duty Gestalt Warrior


CDbots Gobot transformer Lemurian

Rangerbot Dinobots have laser firearms as weaponry and their

Jungle Mountain alien world Zarconia Combiner battle

dinosaur animal adaptation modes and imagery and systems
Dinosaurs Documentary Reptiles National Geographic

Dinosaurs Documentary Reptiles National Geographic

Dinosaurs - Prehistoric Predators Documentary (English HD)

Dinosaurs - Prehistoric Predators Documentary (English HD)!/JurassicQuotes .They are very strong and have dinosaur animal robot strength.They are smarter than dinobots and speak faster and intelligent.They are a hybrid of dinobots
KusoCartoon 14857214760420

Zarco Parkbot "Aqua Snap"Snapping Turtle CDbot

and can think redundant.They can carry out covert operations on the enemy and have their laser
Transforming Raptor Cassette by whodagoose

Raptor cassettebot

firearms and alien technology
KusoCartoon 14209508596138

Zarconian Parkbot Dinobot "Raker"Utah Raptor Transformer Gobot

firearms.They have their characteristics and attributes from what dinosaur they are and are a being inside of
KusoCartoon 14210336430401

Zarconian Transformer Gobot Parkbot Dinobot "Hunter"Giganotosaurus Commander

KusoCartoon 14210333414793

Zarconian Transformer Gobot Parkbot Dinobot "Armored Plates"Polacanthus

KusoCartoon 14210334158777

Zarconian Transformer Gobot Parkbot Dinobot "Horned Shield"Chasmosaurus

animal,dinosaur.They transform mixed Gobot and Transformers of G2 or other Tranformations I'll select for them after I had each model made by computer.They are a team with dinobots and leader is Grizwald the Transformers
KusoCartoon 14428943895796

Zarconian Maximal Mecha "Jurassic Parkbot" Transformer Gobot Tyrannosaurus Rex

leader with twin matrix of leadership I had made.Grizwald is open minded.He is a tactician.he can't be tricked or
KusoCartoon 14429625728891

Zarconian Jurassic Parkbot Anklosaurus "Armored Mecha"

brainwashed,fooled.He is very sturdy.He has a strong will power.He is very busy and responsible.He uses new techniques and things he learns.He was very happy to be with the dinobots and learn from his family members as autobots.He learns at a great rate.He also
KusoCartoon 14432078504085

Zarconian Jurassic Parkbot "Mecha Forearm"Pterodactyl Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14448471558324

Zarco Jurassic Parkbot "Steel Beak"Pteranodon Transformer Gobot

hides well and is quiet.He can order a overrun and charge on enemy.He combats with raw power like a brawler and goes to his military training and guns.He has energy powers.He can track down enemies from examining tracks and trail.He is
KusoCartoon 14432109565351

Zarconian Jurassic Parbot Allosaurus "Rampage"Transformer Gobot

persistant.He can get to be very stubborn for good reasons.He is a great urban fighter.He organizes his forces and has brand new ideas.Open to change.Follows format and policy.He can intimidate and can burst out and get wild on enemy uses it controlled.He trains to perfect monuvers and fighting in combat.Practices.He is very courageous but uses his common
KusoCartoon 14433838646473

Zarco "Dinosaur's Alive Jurassic Parkbot" Triceratops Mecha Brow Horns Transformer Gobot

sense.Thinker to start thinking in situations.follows orders and is a great Prime with Battletron,Trailer,Police Sentinel,Sub Zero,Sharktibot and Fresh Waves.Goes over list of goals and checks over things.Focus his anger.he uses his prehistoric knowledge and skills in future and modern day.Uses his animal skills.Two matrix and
KusoCartoon 14435609117298

Zarconian "Dinosaurs Alive Jurassic Parkbots"Velociraptor "Alloy Premaxilla" Transformer Gobot

loaded with Cybertron and Gobotron and good.Some of them are fast and agile and can jump off the enemy and do acrobatics with dinosaur animal skills and sharp shooter.Dinosaur mind as animal into electronics to give them perception and character.When I met some of the Transformers and Gobots real I got along with many that were before
KusoCartoon 14441619073008

Zarco Dinosaurs Alive Jurassic Parkbot Carnotaurus "Steel Teeth" Transformer Gobot

the new comer me.Got to know me and are part of my command and force.They have joined.But the new ideas I wanted made by Vector Sigma Quran.And they are experts on alien worlds terrains,elements and the enemy and species.There are scientists and troops from park and nature.Well I don't mind commanding them and sending Princess Armada as their
KusoCartoon 14441907298738

Zarco Dinosaurs Alive Jurassic Parkbot "Mecha Charger" Kosmoceratops Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14441925999669

Zarco Dinosaurs Alive Jurassic Parkbot Mojoceratops "Mecha Rammers"Transformer Gobot

leader in groups to end madness of the enemy in a war in space.Special adaptations and abilities and skills are appreciated.Grizwald could be a Prime.And my loyalties are them.Giant size to fight giant robots and
KusoCartoon 14443531086449

Zarco Jurassic Parbot "Slasher" Utahraptor Transformer Gobot

transport us.They are called the Dinorangers.Jurassic Parkbots are dinobots that we changed into Dinobots and changed their organic to metal alloy.Operation into sciences.We found Jurassic from Eurasia and their dinosaurs.Dinosaur ranks that could be changed from iron in their dna.Changed to alloy and how much they are and want to be a person or individual.Part of
KusoCartoon 14445051176224

Zarco Dinosaur's Alive Jurassic Parkbot "Steel Stalker" Transformer Gobot

Zarconian as Jurassic Parkbots.A squad with their dinosaur powers and primitive skill raw power.They developed ranks and their commander is Rampage from sensibility.He is wise and carries it from being Allosaurus.They when in their warfare instincts or emergency situation formup to form the Combiner Triassicbot Dinoranger.He has machine dinosaur abilities and
KusoCartoon 14446209153526

Zarconian Dinosaurs Alive Jurassic Parkbot Irritator "Prefrontal Bite"Transformer Gobot

strength and has projectile weapons.He can fire his fists at an enemy,disassemble parts to nail the enemy.He has more intelligence as all of Dinorangers combined.The Matrix of Leadership is inside Triassicbot.The
KusoCartoon 14446977115761

Zarco Dinosaurs Alive Jurassic Parkbot Monoclonius "Shield Horns"Transformer Gobot

dinorangers all have special abilities and attributes.Specialists.Fast and Jaw Attack is agile and can deliver a bite and transformed is military predacious.Acrobatic robot mode and fierceness.He attacks and has some
KusoCartoon 14447669107625

Zarconian Dinosaurs Alive Jurassic Parkbot "Mecha Shield" Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14448504905799

Zarco Dinosaurs Alive Jurassic Parkbot Ouranosaurus "Steel Crest"Transformer Gobot

intelligence.They can mount and attach pods to themselves for war and fire rockets and missiles.They can fire lasers from attached pods.He has strength.Gears Ram has thick armor and has weight to smash through enemies better than a tank and has speed boost.He is a great fighter and a unit with the dinorangers.Triassicbot has a
KusoCartoon 14462434009343

Zarconian Mugenbide "Cyber Tyrant"Tyrannosaurus

giant energy gun from back store.He can fire weaponry from pods attack.He has projectile attacks,projectile his fist armor.He has strafe and armor dinoshield.He has force fields.Crocodile robot for Zarconia was made "Slice Current" is crocodile model for animalbot similiar and part of the dinorangers.For covert operations that the
KusoCartoon 14211949358609

Zarconian Transformer Gobot Parkbot Dinobot "Gargantuan"Godzilla Alien Predator Dinosaur

reptile robots need.Gobot dinosaurbots and animalbot and creaturebots.He can do Marina and space operations as training in the ocean makes them adapt to space.He has strength and guile,stealthy added to dinorangers as animalbot.He has his energy firearm and hydraulic launcher weapons as added on pods weapons packs attatch to dinorangers and animalbots for infantry and warfare,use in all of their modes as robot.Another officer added to Zarconia Parkbots and their base.They shuffle around in war and in space.To their mission and their creature/prehistoricbot computer."Gargantuan" is a Parkbot Dinobot Guardian.He is a giant Space Predator Dinosaur Godzilla.He rampages and destroyes in his dinosaur mode.He has armor and can combat.He is like a creature and can maul.He has his teeth and energy fire breath.He can have attatchments fire lasers and missiles.Projectiles.He is fast as a creature dinosaur.He is a marine expert.He has hatch
Lost at sea - Les Stroud

Lost at sea - Les Stroud

Survivorman Season 1 Episode 5 (s01e05) Canadian Arctic

Survivorman Season 1 Episode 5 (s01e05) Canadian Arctic

Survivorman Season 5 Episode 1 (s05e01) Jungles of Grenada

Survivorman Season 5 Episode 1 (s05e01) Jungles of Grenada

stores for other Zarconian autobot Guardians to travel inside him,under 10.When he transforms to his robot Guardian mode he is more smarter and has verniers,antigravity.He has propulsion to get to space and travel.He obeys Zarconian commands.He is able to destroy enemies and hit military targets.From his size he can takeout large military targets.He is very strong as a creature.He uses his instruments from animal kingdom.He can scan.He is like a giant,guardian but a dinobot.He has his computer for him to decifer things.He picks up on things and has on field experience.Has aquisition.He is heroic to his comrades.They look up to him as he is commanded by Grizwald Prime and commanders Hunter,Flying Reaper and Rampage.They tell him instructions and commands.He is a Primitives.He has instincts and withdraw from any reported dangers.He is aware of them.He is militarized.He speaks like a reptile but robot Guardian.He speaks faster than old G1 dinobots.He suprises the enemy from annalyzing the mission area and targets.He use his alien dinosaur sensors to scan out things to think before battle.He combats.Use his dinosaur mode like dinobots to deliver damage and to be stealthy,faster and more creature abilities.He is accurate and completes objectives.He is a fierce fighter.He in his robot retains being a creature but he is a Transformer Gobot.This breaks him out of being creature and in his robot he thinks much more clearly but he does in


creature dinosaur mode.He has guile and cunning and will run from enemy to lure them to a trap.He can attack and charge.

Grimlock Dinobot


Zarco DinoRanger "Brimstone Land Dragon Robot Creature


"Scaley Tiger"Dino Ranger Robot Creature Reptile cat


Zarco DinoRanger "Snap Jaws"Robot Creature Ichthyosaur


Zarco "Snap Thrust"Archeoptarix DinoRanger Robot Creature


DinoRanger Dinobot "Bite-Jaws"Mosasaurus

"Bite-Jaws" is a new rank added to the DinoRangers.He will conduct bodies of water Marine operations as a Parkbot.He has instrument sensors for
KusoCartoon 14211192632515

Zarconian Transformer Gobot Parkbot Dinobot "Deep Sea" Elasmosaurus

scanning.He on the land and in the water can dish out infantry.He has a snap bite but the Sharktibots have a new friend.Tiger Spots is a specialist in using explosives underwater.He is about 30stories tall.He can attack with his jaws and
KusoCartoon 14211004298333

Zarconian Transformer Gobot Parbot Dinobot "Flying Reaper"Prehistoric Dragon

transport Zarconian,to have interior for transport.He was made from ancient creatures of alien worlds in space.He is a commander.He can work with the Sharktibots.Sharktibots loyal to good.They are relation to dinobots.He is at the desk at the base.He has detection instruments.He can add raw power and cruises and can submerge,dive.He adds size to the DinoRangers.He is
KusoCartoon 13799948137590

"Tiger Spots" Sharktibot Parkbot

100's tonnes in weight.He is bouyant and can carry autobots and Zarconian Robots under waters.He can be transported in Parkbot Ranger Transport deployer vessel.He transforms to make himself more compact for transport.He can be dropped off with his verniers and usually he dives into bodies of water.Has verniers in his robot mode to travel in space.Has stores.Bay for other Zarconian Transformer Gobots to travel in him.Weapon's stores.He has energy breath.Has HEL lasers from his eyes and nostrils.Has blasters.He can fire explosive projectiles from his launchers.He is bigger than any guardian.He is not as giant for transport.He can attack with his dinobot like assault.As a robot he is smarter than old dinobots.Follows orders and military commands.He is very commanding.He takes charge and does his orders.He is effective and knows how to fight as he gets experience.He has a robot reptile perspective than the Sharktibots.He has a strong bite.He is very big and strong.He adds rank to Grizwald.Marine operations on alien world and to take off on their space
KusoCartoon 14145394819593

Zarco Cardassian Canadian Space Contra Leader

plane and shuttle.He listens to DinoRangers and can trash the enemy.He has a large energy firearm.He is about two more stories bigger than Grizwald as the biggest DinoRanger.He could have command like a second rank.He can chase enemy on land in his robot.Attatchments like firing projectiles.These Non combiner DinoRangers are a unit to backup the Combiner DinoRangers and Grizwald.When Grizwald is busy as a

Wasaga Beach ON under the waves

Combiner Triassic then they back them up in systems and in battle special units.They all have expertise in situations to fight in infantry.They are more modulate and very powerful in strength as Parkbots are.Very strong animalbots.They have characteristics as what they are in species.They add to attack and can figure out things and are Zarconias DinoRangers.Dinobots and in Gobots.They work consecutive with their adaptations and systems.In War and Covert ops.Re-fitted and armed with pods and armaments for projectiles.Sharp shooting in agility and firepower and can leap as dinosaur skills."Sepultura is a DinoRanger.He is for covert Ops and adds this to battle under Brimstone and Grizwald.He has his reptile abilities and can fight well using his tail.He has Anacondas for strength.He is strong.He has guile.He can deliver firepower with accuracy.He is a sharpshooter.He has his panel launchers.He can have attatchments for battle.He can swim.He has his fangs metallic.He can hold a prisoner.More Parkbot Zarconian Dinobots added.They are both commanders being "Hunter" and "Flying Reaper","Rampage".Ranmpage is commander for his patience.He is layed back and very authoratative.He is a judge and can battle with experience."Rampage is a dinobot leader.Rampage is a machine and mechanical mecha of a machine.He is the leader of the Zarco Jurassic Parkbots and keeps everyone together.He is a great team leader.He can be upfront and very stern in situations.He is upfront a dinobot.They are both in command of situations and can improvise.They are smart in animal kingdom.They are leader that lead rest of Zarconian Parkbot Dinobots that are part Gobot.They are support in military and have new adaptations and attributes needed to support Dinorangers.They are fierce and can military fight and combat.They are heavy and strong and very powerful.They all co-operate and attack the enemy to trash them.They have smarts in "Flying Reaper" and "Hunter".He can see in situation and figure way out and they can solve mysteries.They are smarter than the old Dinobots but as creatures they all talk similiar.Some a bit faster and added animal kingdom smarts.They are infantry that can takeout the enemy and fool them.They can smell and track down things.Their energy firearms are much bigger than normal Zarconian Transformer Gobots.They all have force fields
Jurassic Park island map

Jurassic Park islands

defenses.And can do their prehistoric beasts moves and abilities but in living mechanical robot creatures.They are good natured to Zarconian and obey our logic as members.They contribute and add to us.Work as a unit and live in our galaxies and universe on planet of rest of their dinobot relatives.They can be really mean and militarized for space as their dinobot relatives trained them into veterans before Zarconian was all formed up.They are computers as robots and know about computers.They can use their skills.

"Sepultura"DinoRanger Robot Serpent Being

Transformers Desertion of the Dinobots Pt

Transformers Desertion of the Dinobots Pt. 2 1 2 HD

dinobots and Cybertron

Transformers Desertion of the Dinobots Pt

Transformers Desertion of the Dinobots Pt. 2 2 2 HD

dinobots and Cybertron

He has hidden weaponry and hydraulic bays to fire.He has agility and speed boost.
Transformers episode 10 - War of the Dinobots part 1

Transformers episode 10 - War of the Dinobots part 1


Transformers episode 10 - War of the Dinobots part 2

Transformers episode 10 - War of the Dinobots part 2

The Caretaker, an independent computer designed by Vector Sigma to aid the Autobot Breakaway was able to uplink to the larger multiversal Vector Sigma Gestalt. It gave a 10 digit numerical designation to each reality where Vector Sigma had a node. (The caretaker also speaks of a "central hub" that the Classics portion of the Marvel Comics continuity was too far away from for Caretaker to function properly.)

Continuities with Vector Sigma "nodes" Edit Continuities with Vector Sigma "nodes" sectionEdit [WWW]
Big Wreck - Ladylike

Big Wreck - Ladylike


Soundgarden Room a Thousand Years Wide Studio Version

Soundgarden Room a Thousand Years Wide Studio Version


Black Sabbath - Snowblind

Black Sabbath - Snowblind


The Cult - Wild Hearted Son

The Cult - Wild Hearted Son




Sharktibot Combiner


Zarco Combiners Sharktibot vs Decepticon and Metal Robeast

Sharktibot is when all Sharktibots combine from Fresh Waves command as he is the leader.They have Marine
KusoCartoon 13819629444270

"Cacharadon"Sharktibot Parkbot

weapons,projectiles and laser cannon.Their systems are formed as one system and
KusoCartoon 13720163274108

Freshwater concentration camp base

is biggest and heaviest Combiner with heavy armor.Antigravity systems
KusoCartoon 13820513724629

"Mecha Bite"Cacharadon Megaladon Robot Sharktibot

KusoCartoon 13820512624433

"Metallic Dog"Cacharadon Megaladon robot Sharktibot

KusoCartoon 13820514461177

Saber Shark Sharktibot Combiner Squad 2

KusoCartoon 13843200932056

Blue Tooth Sharktibot Parkbot Cacharadon Megaladon robot shark

KusoCartoon 13843884325116

"Black Demon"Sharktibot Parkbot robot Cacharadon Megaladon

KusoCartoon 13954293925154

Whale Bite Cacharadon Megaladon Sharktibot

for space and HEL.He has laser strafe and his armor combines as twin sword detatch single

Wasaga Beach underwater view

swords.He has a staff that can fire projectile and hit them HE head.He has force fields.EM powers.Has chain gun.He is very aggressive and catch enemies offguard with jammers.He is very bouyant.Telescopic mode.They are stronger than normal Gobots and Transformers.They all have attributes.They have styles.They are like animal creatures.They are unstable but built with control as they are autobots and Guardians.They can leap when running size.They can fire projectile sea explosives.They have excellent aim with alot of jolt.They have raw power and can do combat moves with powers.Cacharadon is a commander.He is very military minded for a Primitives.Uses raw power,speed bursts.They are a Squad 2 Sharktibots.They combiner into Saber Shark.They have powers in the water.They are speedy and fast and travel in water or fly above.They also are great in space.Animal robot creature modes are no good in space and on the land,in their robot modes..They have tactical abilities and can fool instrument sensors.They can carryout demolition missions.They can infiltrate for their size.They can use raw power.Sabers Shark is smarter that when they are Sharktibots.combined and they have intelligence and qualities in a system.He talks like a creature.He goes to one after the other when fighting and take it to the water.Make a barrier in combat.He has projectile launchers hidden with explosives.When as Saber Shark he can do hydrid powers and has raw strength.He can blow out water on enemies.He can fire from his fists hurricane assault from his body.He can fire energy HEL fire.He can fire projectiles to knock over enemy.He has Gobot powers.Raw strength and able to fool sensors.He can see in modes.They all have their own character traits.They can fly in robot modes and as Saber Shark.He does combat moves and can dive on robot attack.He can maul like a shark.Rectract out form fists shark bite.Hand tools and cutting tools,throwing objects.They talk like primitives and sound like creatures.Whale Bite is very crude and a demo expert for infiltration.He has raw power and uses his prehistoric wisdom.He is a team worker.Create boobytraps.He puts out effort.He accomplishes things.He is competent a worker and fighter.He is very agile and monuverable.He targets enemies vital points.He is a Primitives.He plays demo expert in covert ops.He is sturdy and has guile.Expertise to take out enemy power points and fill the goals.He gets each and can add his smarts in situations.He can throw off enemies with special powers like jamming.He can recon.He is patient.Specialist in using equipment.Modifies himself and improves from battle.Listens to orders and accomplishes them.Can use things against the enemy.Makes use of things. Tiger Spots is their leader of squad 2.Metallic Dog is craft.Mecha Bite solves things,figures things out and is patient.

Rhinobot Giant Animalbot

Being many stories high,7 or more that Rhinobot is for destroying ground forces and can store hangars Zarco Transformer Gobots inside.It has transformation to foldup as a warship in space and can seperate head as a Halberd.It has phaser weapons and HEL with rocket launchers.Strong with force fields and heavy armor.It can be wild in space to buck the run over enemy go with its weapons.
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Vampire Mugenbide Combiner


Zarco Vampirebot Squad Haydonites Robot Beings Space Insects


Zarco Vampirebots Squad Haydonites Space Insects Robot Beings


Zarco Vampirebots Squad Haydonites Space Insect Robot Beings


Zarco Vampirebots Squad Haydonites Space Insects Robot Beings


Zarco Vampirebot Squad Haydonite Robot Vehicle Space Insects beings


Combiner Linked Series Gestalt Heavy Duty Warrior Zarco Vampirebots Squad Robot Space Insect Vehicle Beings "Vampirebot"Combiner

VampireBot is the Combiner when the Vampirebots squad combines from "Leviathon's command".Then formup making the parts body transforming in Gobot Transformer and then the secretive giant is formed.Secret Powers.As Space Insect Vehicle Beings Robots they have powers.They
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"Stinger" Aerial Drone CD BOT wasp robot

are a squad to add more in advanced technology heavy duty level.They can do stealth but in Robot Animal Kindom "Primitives".His weaponry and systems,barrier force field adn is when we found undone experimentals of the Vampires and decided to make the "Vampirebots Squad"from them.Made them into robots and furthest of what type of robots and vehicles are in them.
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Zarco Parkbot Rangers Clone endos enemy design beings

Parkbot Being Rangers endos are for matters dealing to get smaller than a mecha at the soldier ht level.Now we have people robots that work and manpower.They run the facility and add to the Rangerbots to work in labs and are troops with intelligence in alien nature and sciences.They are able to adapt.They guard the Rangerbot and Parkbot hard to get to places.They have weapons to take down mecha size enemies.Work in numbers.Its for the things hard to get and to capture for Parkbots this makes their job easier.Manpower.Deal with security and threats and have more manpower to areas of fields.Metallic Coils is giant in size.He can transport autobots to battle.He can be fierce with guile.He has an approach to things and will take direct path.He can fight well and combat.He has thick armor and force fields.He has his instrument sensors.He is abrupt.He though can be stealthy.He can avoid dangers.He because of his infiltration can be excellent for covert ops.He is very sharp.He is a team member.He can fire energy fire out his mouth in serpent dragon mode and energy fire out his hands and eyes and horns.He is confident emplacement.He holds his ground.

Parkbot Shuttle,hover, aquatic

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Metallic Coils Parkbot Dragon Serpent


Zarconia Sharktibot "Fresh Waves" Ranking Prehistoricbots

3-08 In Search Of..

3-08 In Search Of... The Great Lakes Triangle (Part 3 of 3)

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