Queen Armada Princess Amelia McLaughlin Armada being holographic AI clone endo enemy Design Combiner

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Princess Armada Inga Khan

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Princess Trelesta McLaughlin Armada

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Princess Armada Trelesta McLaughlin


Armadabots Marian's people Janey Grippen and Alex Formula


Queen Armada Cybertronian Gobotron Princess Invidia McLaughlin Armada Combiner Vehicle space Sports car mode AI being holographic transformation


Mylene McLaughlin Armada


Queen Armada being appearance,face shape shift change look of Queen Armada and from archive


Queen Eilleen McLaughlin Armada Combiner Witch Tranny Alien design,Armadabots


Contra Alien Princess Eilleen McLaughlin Armada Aerospace Cycle

Armadabots are an army of Princess Armada and [

Combiner Queen Armada


Zarconia Galacticabot Transwomen Cyndi Stryker Cybertronian Gobotron F-18


Terminator being mode Princess Armada Space Federal Agents

Queen Armada.From recovering Queen Armada or Feroz Khan's pastlives and making Female Transformers Tranny's from them.They are not just female but shemales .When I moved to Cybertron Gobotron Universe for my afterlife I brought the earther Princess Armada's to this universe but my first children and my descendants are my children

Florence Smith Gattaca Space American Zarconia F-5 Space Freedom fighter witch tranny

.Armadabots is a gathering of souls and tombs where Princess Armada was asleep!/QueenFerozK . In life Allah split up factors,used my military and other rankings for other purposes on many centuries of history.A story of reuniting my higher rankings to be tranny muslim mother.The one inside me is one of the younger Princess Armada.Our continent homeland alien world Transformers Gobot Unniverse is where my daughters will be trained in techniques,education and military,sciences and applied education taught and speak an alien language and learn from our space traveling continent methods uncontaminated in thought.Isolated on our own population center of planet leader in its methods and beliefs and teachings.They will learn new technology but very old as the continent is very old a nation.Sectors being only division of population.Teachings will have alien teachings but applied education.I am very proud and that's what makes my daughters souls in these tombs or structures.It makes their character and existence.Simple and not corrupted by heavy population like UFP continent countries.Like simple people and teach being simple to entire planet as the biggest population center and space traveling leader.Math and other educations will have tropical in them.They will be smarter and methods militarily smarter and more plainer.Own planet and world grew over many centuries.Teachings are not so aggressive and they will have accents.Galactic median.Better educated
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Queen Cyndi Stryker Armada of Galactica

and living children of Queen Armada Princess Armada.High standards from government.She will grow up simple and religious rid of rotten urban city of UFP.Far awaya and divided by universes and natural phenomena.They won't pick up any bad habits or swearing but there is swearing but like this robot people alien race.Common people from complicated common non-corrupted systems.Very academically smart from proud and humble background.Our baseball teams for each area and city.Common simple accents.Non-complicated and corrupted.Galactic Median paved ways in many aspects like education and civilization as a modern civilization.Historic and more countryside.Efficient methods.High ranks.Princess Armada is like this.She is not negative.Land is positive in nature.Sure some areas.More in upgraded lifestyle and homes.High life living standards but broken from rotten urban city UFP galaxy.Sort of pure and simple.But martial to outer space.Visit space travel to UFP but law not to bring any corruption.Our territories.Higher level of standards.Taught best.We are a very wealthy family from I Queen Armada.Security level of our continent is able to deal with UFP.They know about urban dwellers in space.Military and government against space Communism and any other hate thinkings beliefs hated factions.Filter that out.But they must be from inside of me and my blood,genetics,family .Relatives are bad.My world has Armadabots Princess Armada.They have souls in dreamworld but real universe.They are in structures representation and in natural phenomena in outer space.They are protected til transexual mother Feroz comes.Creator system Transformers Gobot Universe will plant them early in Feroz I like a sleep.In a low creator universe voice he will extract the souls from structure.Then in my afterlife I will view and go to these places.Their military parts of their body can't be with them as a government member person.These part of their transformation their vehicles part of them as Transformer Gobots will be at the military bases and wait for them til they are military after government.They can transform but seperate from them and their mainframes are subconscious state or vegetating.They can do things and live as a being part of their soul.So they seperate person being transformers when mergered to the mainframes.Mainframes can conduct military.But don't have precise thinking and power,vague.Seperate loses some magic power.Powers.Persons they have the GAH suits powers Queen Armada being
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Venusian UFO

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Inside Venusian UFO

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GAH Book

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GAH Suit

touched by GAH.Combiner to mainframes.They would be taking into a subway as civilian government member a Zarconian Spacefighter.And in Naval a Decepticon beam can transform them early.Precautions.Become military for their vehicle mainframes and transformation as a Transformer Gobot.Carry out covert operations separate as combiners.Transform.But they have their immense strength as like cassettebots do. Feroza's family will be formed and in generation as born teen she will go to school and to Treleste and Amelia.I will born them solo mother but in alien robot.They have no father I am.So we have souls of witches for each situation and required and demand.Sure there is love her to bed.But then I cater

Zarco Combiner Leader Princess Armada Sharona McLaughlin Robot Vehicle Being

just for her extra special and train her my teachings to teach her when she is young and Amelia will grow when I feed her her food. To shower her and teach her early.Teach them go out for run to do her powers and travel as a family in space.Their transatmospheric boards and skateboards and her dreamworld powers as Princess Armada but taught by me the aging Queen Armada.Family rebuilt.But then there are the past lives and past relatives that are today's present relatives Armadabots as I had Galactica Queen Armada pastlife created to show how Queen Armada is what she is interested and her functions,rank.She plays a role and is created as a factor to Amelia but can leave her tranformed machine body leave out a hatch as a being endo.Adds to Amelia's

Amelia Khan photo ID


Group ID with Kehlest McLaughlin


Mylene and Niriyuh's ID


Eilleen Khan Photo ID


Francis Khan Cybertron photo ID

attack and provides wisdom to her and military.She also is created by Abigail to be an expert in outer space matters and she will for Galactica.But I have taught her there is alot infront of Galactica.Feroza,Gloria,Zeta,Invidia,Younice,'Sharona,'Florence,Janna,Sherryl,Amelia,'Azalea, 'Celeste',Firoz, Brandy,Elysia,Kehlest,FIrestorm,'Alexandra','Harlequinn,'Nova','Mylene,and,Kristine, Treleste. order they are as a family of sisters from oldest to youngest Princess Armadas.Invidia Khan is very perceptive.She is very martial.She is very responsible and gets busy.She is smart in sciences and applied science as a scientist but is a combatant.She can use her firepower and combat moves at heavy level.She is a commander on battlefield.Invidia uses her smarts and is well liked.She is talkative and talks to her sisters.She works in teams teamwork.She gives orders and commands and is a strategist.She is crafty and can make traps.She can figure out puzzles and games.She is very crude at using objects and things on site for things and inventing things from her references to work.She knows medical in sciences and biology.She is monuverable and fast.She is heavy duty.Studies and has folklore into sciences as power.She commands the Zarconian Inbit Regime as their leader.Invidia is very futuristic but retains from past for her structure and teachings.Invidia smart in math and english in alien space.She can calculate and figure out alien formulas.She is smart in chemistry.Invidia is thinker.She goes on duty and is security.Strict and has a strong will power.She is brave but thinks of dangers.She can guess situation.She is lucky and a guesser too.She can deduct facts.She can fix engines and component AC units.She is an engineer.And a bio engineer.She is smart in technology.Invidia is practical and goes by practicality.She prepares proper things.She reads fiction and books from past and in even horror.She studies paranormal and does some on field studying of paranormal but not too far to see a ghost.She is smart in folklore.Great at using her senses and is alert.Very organized.Uses format.Memorizes excellent.Her soul is from space.She loves space as all her sisters.Amelia as a Transformer Gobot has her holographic AI being mode which makes her from a Giant Gestalt Warrior Combiner 6"5"ft ht.She can transform from that to her space sports car vehicle mode.She is very smart like a Super Computer more hybrid.Combiner she tranforms to compact vehicle and from her being she changes.She can do abilities and attributes as a car,she can fly with jumps,no terrain can stop her.Makes her stealthy and all of Amelia's attributes and powers modified to Terminate and Covert Operations.She is an infiltrator and has youth power and was in Atlantis the continent.I have no descendants {Allah will plant a spawn and I don't
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Princess Inga Khan Armada

reproduce with my kids so its their sister my child} as they are my kids or female transexual Transformers.Their souls and tombs are in this universe and in the process their souls will be inside me and a machine ability of mine to born them under highly protective armor and force fields until they are ready as teenager then machine opens hydraulic front and Princess Armada is born from protection.She is grown to protect herself too.Combiner Queen Armada is not a great all out ruler but she plays a role as like a Commander.She is sturdy and shimiant.She goes by the book and is million times my abilities as Queen Armada.She uses the SWT transport to utilize the extermination machine to rid of the fleets of millions of machines instantaneously.Obliterate as she has her own warship for her size.When we{Older Princess Armadas}separate from Combiner Queen Armada we are combiners at being size leaving our gianter bodies behind in transform module.This is conduct Naval war and we still can transform.If they hit us with a growth transformation ray or signal it won't work.She is crued.Intelligence like a female
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Princess Armada Inga Khan

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Princess Inga K Armada

Napolean a conquerer.She is expert levels above average in every area of judgment in military and situations.She will conquer her way in outer space.Amelia is a scientist.She will also read and change to new proven fact.Hard to fool when she calculations and predicts.She is a psychic and to do with folklore,magic and supernatural,history.She looks more modern than overtechnology but she is a witch but a muslim.Unknown heavily.Learn to counter it and get into these phenomena.Afterlife and pastlife.Use this in her character.She looks futuristic but is of past massivly and modern to space and other dimensions.Cards and books.They are different than earther Princess Armada as they are genuinely from the Transformer Gobot Universe and Queen Armada Abigail McLaughlin is their mother and they protect me and stand by me to the end and they won't have an and.I am a very rare species of beings especially my gender and sexuality.I am a tranny that reproduces with my factors,being muslim and Father MLB Series Circuit LF Star powerhitter and mother of housecat German Royalty beings.I reproduce my grandchildren as Princess Armada.Tranny's that are dominant don't reproduce or mother especially robots .Defense against invaders too and intruder sexualites regarded hostile.I have no possibility of having grandchildren and don't want them.Example is Elysia McLaughlin,Zeta Mclaughlin,Mylene McLaughlin.They are Princess Armada and are not any grandchild their my child.Problem of generations but a mother's defenses can break this naturally as Allah's system made it and I am a system of Allah's.I have rules that are very
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Princess Armada Invidia Armadabots

powerful.And Princess Armada has angel entities even the Evolution Process Angels.Defenses species no compatability and

Princess Armada Armadabot bicycle mode

warfare,crime,dangers,threats,accidents,supernatural phenomena defenses to.They take to me being from earth,Ontario,North America of
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Janna McLaughlin Princess Armada

20th Century Sol System.They have the real information and archives open to born Cybertronian Gobotrons.Kahlest is oldest of these born younger than Firoz is older.Kehlest is a winner.She uses guile and is very stubborn.She does not give up.She has a very adult high society personality.She though can use traps.She is a bodybuilder.She is tall as Princess Armada is.She is very cunning.She learns and uses it against enemies.Kehlest is in charge high rank in wikia,wikidot,wikispot and is administrative.She is very smart at her opportunities and will use reference.She can be innovative.She is for her own species and family.She can be destructive to her enemies or ours.She is attentive.Sharp and keen.Very crafty.Use slew of tactics to get the job done.She
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Princess Kehlest McLaughlin Armada

will be a great Cpt's role.She can apply the book to situations.Goes by what she has learned.She is a team worker.       Much like and officer and would be great in library.Librarian.Knowledge and to have graduated skills.Very skillful.She is based on family pride.She has a strong will power.Very intelligent.She also has martial skills.Marxist.She does not back down.She is a fighter.Works as a team.She has support.She can be heartless to enemies.and can show no emotions called to situation.Critical emergency and she is a thinker.She loves to read novels and books.Book reader.Kehlest is cunning smarts and same people as Feroza,Lt Cmmndr and Captain obtain learning on

Princess Armada Mechanical Transformation being mode


Princess Armada Mechanical being mode


Princess Armada Mechanical being mode Transformation


Princess Armada Mechanical being mode

field being wise to back to the experience.But she is more advanced than Feroza and absorb ancient history.Expert and a Captain as Queen Armada.She is a patrol officer as Feroza the oldest her sister is.Then there is Firestorm Khan and she is younger than Kahlest.Kahlest is authoratative and Space police.Secret weapons.She is

Princess Armada and Queen Andromeda Terminator modes beings clone endos enemy design combiner transformation

fearless,makes decisions to act within moments.She will bust and plow down Allah made opponents.She is relentless.Tactical.Niriyuh is a commander on the battlefield.She uses excentric as a
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Princess Mylene and Firestorm McLaughlin Armada

quality and is a volatile in war.Attacks as leader of an army.She is a leader and gets fedup takes action.Incendiary HEL and lasers systems,payload.Off duty she is a reader.Firestorm is historian and archives.She likes to socialize and spend time with Mommy Queen Armada Abigail McLaughlin.Rest is very personal and private as all Princess Armada because of her life she is an attractive women lesbian transwomen shemales and in muslim and to me.Because of them into military service I provide to my Princess Armada.They will have so much and done by Feroz that they are ready for all out Space wars.Put compassion as their life til drained.They love to live normal as rules from Feroz.All of my daughters and older daughters than Firoz.
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Princess Armada Armadabots Invidiabots space military

Eilleen will grow up on a super continent alien world Space travelling built by the 800 million robot beings
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Princess Treleste McLaughlin Armada

people.Janna {Trelesta} is very perceptive.She is patient and can wait out anything.She knows that she will win.She is smart.She reads books.She is overall smart.Janna is co-pilot of Blue Thunder chopper with Azalea.She is monuverable and acrobatic.She catches many offguard as she will spy.She can read out others.She is interactive.She is prepared and ready to go.She is very organized.She works in archives.She can trick people with deception and can play dirty.Janna is very stern.She is a high rank soldier,commander.She is very smart like a M.D.She is applied.She uses her intelligence which is vast.She and Elysia are similiar but Janna is older.They have strong will powers.And Janna is psychic and predict things intelligent and supernatural.She is very lucky.She is one of my elders and acts like one as role model and to look up to she is there for her very important family.She takes command of things and situations.She is obsessed but overcomes harder trials and tests in her life.She gets harder and harder as life and puzzles,tests and academics.She is great when applied on field.Practical and real.Focused with confidence and she is very brave but has smarts to dangers like I do,Abigail her mother tranny.She is fussy and only takes from her own and me.She can't be fooled.She is very deductive and perceptive to ploy.She can uncover scandles and fraud.She is an investigator.Like judge will gather evidence to use practical facts.She can solve things real like investigators.She is a reader and will read to learn new and old things.Serious natured.She can be devious to enemy.She has guile and can think up of things to use them in situations,use things and put them together for use,practical.She is crafty at repairing things and in medical.She is smart in making traps and figuring traps out and puzzles.She is smart in riddles and poems figuring out rock songs.She is a scientist.She takes samples of things from being on survey and learns of things practically.Practical.She uses what is proven in reports and she tries it out.She is very strong in will power.She is authoratative.She will keep in mind things and remembers really well.Great memory and memorizes things.She is a technician from science.She studies them abroad.She never has her loses her cool.She is not type to have frustration.She enjoys figuring things out.She investigations things.She can solve mysteries.Uses fact.She is archivist.She studies from archives.She will use evidence against enemies and study them for more.She will figure them out.She is great in commands.She knows type of martial arts.She can combat.She can sharp shoot.Specialized weapons she went over and opened as she is crafty.She knows about machines and parts and accessories.Not the type to fool.Celeste is martial.Celeste works in museum.She takes tot things abrupt.She gets involved and is more like a soldier.She also is very smart.She is more like data.She will study and read encyclopedias for info.She though has excellent skills and attributes and can use her skills in combat and physically.More to do with being physical and commands.She knows of electronics and machines.She can figure out to work them and accessories.She has temper and withholds it to use on her enemies.Clear thinker.Clear thoughts.She though remembers things and uses it later.She will go over her data.She has alot of courage and tries things at another angle and a new approach.When something is huge for her she will pry away at other tid bits to get the whole thing to tumble.She has experience and gets better from that.She is closed but can interact as a team.She someone that can be counted on and has her responsibilities.She is a daredevil.She can do stunts from practice to use.She loves high speeds and roller coasters.She is a studier.Studies her favourite parts of sciences.She knows haow the universe works.She is a special agent,marksmanship and other weapons like crossbows.Brandy McLaughlin is a thinker.She is expert in lesbian shemale porn as her work.She is very open.She is outgoing and very smart.She is like a science officer.She will use practical science and learn from it.She though is very confident.She learns things and gets confidence.She is a strategist.She loves strategy games.She is more of an electronics person.She is very smart in computers and electronics and is a technician.She has smarts in networks.She remembers well.She has a harsh personality in being defensive and can do harsh actions when she gets the go ahead.She will argument when she does not agree.She likes hobbies and sports.She is a participant.She is very active and will sing and act.She is very good at that.Very open and expressive on her cellular.She is a team worker.She will use team commands to her advantage.She can supply defenses.She is a psychic and paranormal as Trelesta older sister.She is very adult in adult life.She is very fine in her body and using it for combat.She can do acrobatic martial arts and will catch others offguard.She is strong.Brandy is an undercover agent.She can fool people with a disguise and her personalty faked.She can be a real actor.She has a strong will power.She is very popular and finds out things that way in public.She talks and knows things.She does folklore and cards.She is very strict.Very responsible at her job and is great employee.She climbs the ladder.She is great in races.She can do really well in endurance.She is very self sufficient.She does things and gets them done.Completions.Alexandra McLaughlin is very perceptive and uses communications.She is more like a surgeeon in electronics.Works in electronics.She can open devices and learns them inside out.She is very practical.She takes down things and learns about others.She is very sneaky.She uses guile and uses intel to learn of others.She uses network to to hacks.She is very self sufficient.She is a leader.She has bravery and smarts in situations she is a quick thinker.She is expressive and keeps to herself and her sisters.She is outspoken.She can be devious natured but in her defenses.She can be bad natured.She is type to annalyze things.She learns of everything she read in sciences.She will specialize in other fields to do repairs.She can understand components and alien component system things that are compatible and are not.She is an interpreter in languages.She can understand and figure out things she is just learning.But she learns later.She does her homework.She can fight using powers and technology.She has specialized powers from her work with components.She can use jammer frequency.She specializes with the intel Inbit regime CDbots.She learns of them.She great in gaining awards.She collects.She also is great in money.She hides her raw personality and has it refined.She has refined tactics.She though is our medic.She can conduct things in biology to perfection.She is countable and is there for others and her family.She gets busy.She though provides time for her family.She distance to friends as I taught her about them.She can do well as a warrior like fighting from ancient history she is interested in and Dark Ages.She is layed back and goes in for her advantage and takes to her chances.Waits.She is trained she is excellent in battle as competant higher soldier.Predict things with fact.She has telekinetic powers.They all use my GAH powers I gave to them all.Princess Treleste McLaughlin Armada is a combiner to droid mecha being.Treleste works systems.She learns as an operator and would be a business woman.actress commercials.She gathers her teachings and uses them for success.She applies but innovates.She is very practical.She is smart and gain excellent grades from her open mind.Open to concepts and ones she studies.Catches on to things.Gets very innovative and creative.She is authorative.She goes by the book.Book fails she will makeup thing as a perceptive observer.She has balance in her life of things in proportion.When she gets ready she is well balance and not over the weights.Enough to get the job done and sustain.She APB's and networks.She gets to people long distance for support.She is very self sufficient at providing and learning solutions to problems and breakdowns,accidents.She can use safety precautions to be aware of dangers second guess.Take back decisions.Very keen.Interacts to learn.She is very smart and can supply her talent to organize things.She is very efficient.She team works with Florence.Treleste is very competant and expert in ops.She can break into and breach.She can load and reload herself.She is very militarized.She is an officer.She is of modern 21st century and further future.Exels on living further as a person of afterlife.She is a scientist.She socializes with her sisters and order things around.She has format.She lists things and inventory.She is like a foreman.She will have a high job and sets examples.She has magic powers GAH and my powers so she can fly.She is acrobatic and mounverable from our continent.She is a sharp shooter and trains.She is a bio mechanical engineer.She has her force fields and space government tech and health..Sectors and Space government futuristic technology.It touches the equator and covers the pole.It though is a wonder and viewing space
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Princess Armada Firestorm McLaughlin

KusoCartoon 14072802050369

Princess Armada Mylene McLaughlin

there it has polarity and energies magnify and make the most realistic and better effect than space.We will live in the historic area city which is giant.Our home will be historic and huge in the area of city.Princess Armada will take her transatmospheric skateboard to school with her sisters.They will be many miles from home and will hangout.Commuting and tropical coast that goes from equator to pole.Provides a tropical weather effect on cold.Industrial parks border outside the woods and forests of tropical coast or the other coast.10C at the pole.Urban civilization,highways up to the mountains and cities up there.Travellng to the dusk lit day and parts of dusk as the day.Cities in poles and forests with developed nature.Space airports travel to outer space.And I will provide a long

GAH instruction booklet

FirstBook2 500

GAH instruction booklet

time and duration or they withdraw with Mom.We want centuries before and they are souls.Their system will merger into mine as they are models but my body to merge and program them.Firestorm is a warfare on the battlefield commander.She does attrition and is a thinker in battle.She interacts with her sisters,Younice.They both combine their tactics and cover each other.They control their squadrons and she makes first blood in attack on the enemy.She can take on enemies at higher level.She is a genious and is fierce.She is a thinker.She is not intimidated by any enemy.Then there is the thinker Mylene McLaughlin is a scientist,calm and in warfare elevated unliveable adjust like an officer.Mylene McLaughlin is a Covert Ops Terror
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Princess Mylene Khan McLaughlin

Unit.She is a squad tacticalist.She adaptations to situations as a thinker.Mylene is gritty.She gets into the war and is a commander.      She is excellent at battlefield aquisition.Mylene sort of appearance like Queen Andromeda.She though has my families characteristics.She is more open minded to modern and uses them self sufficient.Mylene is a cartoonist.Draws animations.Mylene is outspoken and does not hold back.She goes upon her background information at the most efficient.She has smarts and can calculate things and situations.She is a thinker.On the field experience makes her pass things flying colours.She wont' hesitate when threatened and prepares before hand in confronting sitations.She does things properly.Or she won't do it.Prepares correctly.She likes puzzles and games and to figure them out.Trains on thinking games.It makes her more brighter.She is a high ranks.Takes command of space military situations she was bread for.She likes things on her timing not to be rushed into things.She thinks very fast and can give correct answer in short time.Figures out problems and tries to solve them.Things don't brush by her.She takes it serious.Mylene regenerations,gets her feet soaked in battle get used to the enemy fire.Adjusts.Feirce and emergency worker.Wing tranny.Spacebourne operations transatmospheric.Special weapons.She does recon to scan over and is a team player in squadrons.Co-operation.She utilizes what tactics preparation before hand.She uses alien upgraded explosives.They teamwork in numbers as alternatives and in battle as commands.Mylene is a tactician.She as Niriyuh are Space carrierbourne base of operations different styles to situations.Niriyuh McLaughlin is a specialist in enemies weakness and bio warfare.Niriyuh is more
KusoCartoon 13882727148723

Princess Firestorm Khan McLaughlin

like an officer.She though expands in athletic acrobatic abilities.Firestorm is very efficient and learns guidelines to make more.She is very serious.She comes out winning and is counted on in situations.She comes through.She will do intel and to scower network to know current events.Concurrent.She has smarts at repairing things.She can innovate things too.She is very tactical.She will follow things but break off.She innovates new laws.In emergencies she is first to detect and accident or incident with sharp senses and to scower.On the scene.She can break out when she readies herself.When fully equipped to what is called on the situation.She is very stealthy.Can corrupt and got to brutality or to bend the rules.She can cheat in a situation.To be many steps ahead of opponents or situation.Officer.She goes on her structure and ethics.She is efficient and more.She is a Gyro Assault Chopper.She has special weapons with powers.Prepares like me an agent.She attacks space torpedo bombing,space munitions.And then last is Nova McLaughlin for her name sake and factors she is a Nova,uses researching and is outgoing.Nova is a supermodel.Nova
KusoCartoon 13882728548038

Princess Nova McLaughlin Armada

McLaughlin is space Military officer High ranking.Nova is a thinker.Nova researches on newer and newer ideas.She is open to them.She will add them and nature to solve things.Uses things and objects.Uses her surroundings.She starts to imput and reacts to emergency.Thrives on danger and is expert in them.She is very sneaky and deceptive.She can cloud up matter.She looks for effective things.She is very mild mannered and outspoken.She lay back for a while but will breach.She does not recon.She has it done by others and picks up from that.She is excellent in battlefield.Reacts properly to things and thinks fast to leader them.Her smarts are on new concepts to help her situation.She is very family.They all are.Analyzer.Annalyst.She has proven things from field.Thinks fast.Stay out of her way when she is busy.Learns people on predicting them and she does not duck anyone.In their face.She uses state of the art tactics and technology.She utilizes technology.She is a high ranks in combat.She is smart like a lawyer.She stays up and reads collection of data,goes to old books.She is alien race and looks on earth class Ontario about her mother Feroz.She is militarized as a Space
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Princess Armada "Nova McLaughlin"

Marine.She is secretive and ambushes.Nova does scouting reports and is a station officer on Space Carrier.She customizes re-fitting.Adapt and re-fit situation.Special equipment.She uses live munitions studies.Applied arts.She is the same people as her older sister Gloria.Take to things different as Nova is also like Florence,being terminator like.Special operations and they breakoff from covert ops.They are a unit when they combine led by Kehlest order to Combine as my daughter Amelia who is gifted.A tranny as all of them are women machines of evolution process lesbian space muslims into transwomen.They are overly feminin protects them grow this as a barrier with islam as a system.They are cool as tranny's machines and outgoing and marry and spouse their sisters and get love from Mom Feroz and nurturing,strong,stronger and bigger than normal females and even bigger than me their mother as they are soldiers from Khan family,defenses.They are inside on the society and I was excepted but am not a born Gobotron Cybertronian.I immigrated there and was excepted there for my afterlife to bring this influx of good and religion to Cybertron Gobotron.I lived on a far away colony my children born Gobotrons Cybertron have the inside of their universe's government and machines. All military machines.And their alien names,real names in Gobotron Cybertron and endless power and I add to their structure and can't fail.My descendants are my kids,Elysia.They are seperate that way but inform each other because I said so.Feroz's word goes.Tomb and souls lived in this universe.And a new religious supernatural system.Well with my imput they chose to be and were born as alien fighters we already have.Focusing on these fighters as alien and they are powerful with government behind them.But in oldest is relied on for being older,bigger,smarter and oldest but a backup system in nature.Queen Armada of Galactica was made into an Armadabot as I had her.Cyndi Stryker as Transformer Gobot to serve us.She can add in her rank and in warfare but a different perspective.I am a very powerful mother tranny .Powerful moves and systems of Allah,beginning of the universe and evolution process angels.They are all sisters and an army.They have their positions on the bridge or on a Space Airforce base or on space carrier or on a basebot.Feroza and Gloria learned of everything of truth/real from government of space perspective from my children their sisters real from me.They can be space Federal Agents.These Armadabots formup with Queen Armada of Galactica to merge as Amelia.Amelia has government of space behind her and Cybertronian Gobot universe and fights at a high caliber level.She has space Federal Agents Princess Armada as her systems and past of Galactica in Cyndi Stryker,military combined.Along with Cyndi was Florence Smith of Gattaca.I had her made into a transformer Gobot.She is adding experience and is a good fighter.Her time came to make her into a space fighter.She was my pastlife now born as Armadabot.Amelia has up to date warfaring in space and space systems.She has modulated and formed from me Queen Abigail McLaughlin Armada.Princess Amelia Khan Armada.She is a transwomen daughter of me Queen Abigail McLaughlin Armada had Amelia made as my combiner daughter.She is giant and Abigail McLaughlin am her mother.She is going to be Queen Amelia Armada.Queen Armada Amelia Khan is errorless in judgement calculations,powerful will power,Judge,scientific biotechnology,strategist,leadership,policies procedures,battlefield leadership soldier.Amelia is a preacher.She gathers information from first hand experience and practicality.She learns what is real from field.She then takes this with more data to project a vision.Amelia is very crude and has a high level of standards.She can solve mysteries and quantum physics.She is smart in all sciences and applying science to technology.She goes on predictions and gathered info.She can innovate and learns format and by the book manual.Government technology and sciences as a leader.She can solve our mysteries and meant to solve our problems.She unities.She can make unities as being well liked.She looks very sharp and preception.She goes out and readies and prepares herself with situations similiar before real thing.She will make proper judgments in situations to think of others.She can fight very fierce and has Admiral leadership.She knows what she is doing with her style of from high advancements.She can figure out alien.She does not sit on on thing and goes on to many more matters.She has confidence with pressure.Operates on studying.Open.Very smart and funny.Sense of humor.Enlightens situations.Very martial.Serious when needed.Very responsible.Copes with situations.She is my most intelligent and gifted.She is smart on religion.She is Court of Justice as her mother Feroz.We all play a role in Allah's world of Justice and Persecution for Day of Judgement.Amelia is wise for youthfulness.Wisdom and patience.Amelia is like me doing it in present.Khan family a Quran Sheriff.Amelia knows what is real and prediction.She gains power from her future and mine power us in present.Power.Power night in Islam recharges her to purify our family with Islam.She has a strong will power never sway and keep Islam in our family.She also can fight like Napoleonic leader.She is a soldier.Amelia Khan has bravery and courage,abnormal abilities and qualities.She is very sensible.She and her sisters are a team.She is a backup system.She retains characterstics from her mamma Abigail McLaughlin.But I had to be a machine and 30ft to take care of her and for her sisters older to play with her and protect Amelia.She is giant race catered to her Combiners world.Everything to raise giant children.Amelia can make herself being size as like T-Ai.She can make herself into a solid projection dressed in her favourite apparel.Holographic AI solid being.AI was used to get Amelia's soul and solid person to be people's hight level for our continent.Amelia for her power is a combiner.She can change militarily to a car.Carryout being at the Space University and at home.She can do government jobs.Transformation and CPU can do this to get my hight as she'll be raised.Laser lights

T-Ai Computer Angel Transformers

.Amelia McLaughlin lives at home.She is to be protected by Feroza,Gloria,Azalea,Elysia,Firoz,Kehlest as Amelia is our future and structure to Zarconia.She beats Feroza the oldest in too many categories to endurable,leadership,errorless and intelligence.Amelia's space warship is very powerful for mother or any Zarconia situation to travel through time.Amelia will construction models from my space warships to more powerful class with modifications Amelia did.Queen Armada Amelia McLaughlin time era for a very long time to be the keeper and Guardian Cybertronian Gobotron Universe and McLaughlin family.Amelia is specialist in bio sciences.Amelia will obtain highest grades in family history.She is a genious.She will get perfect.She will be abnormal in intelligence.She knows how to make a warship and know the comoponents and electronicsand physics for energy.She knows how to connect devices and knows what a cruiser is and warship.Knows its the instruments.She can make them and draw our ones from ITE.She knows computers and mechinical hydraulics,machines.She knows that Allah is addicted to drugs and High Ranks of enemy are drug adicts as cycle is.Her sisters Princess Armada after I am gone to be Aereal protect and guardian their younger sister.Feroza to Kehlest turned into her guardian.I will be back as Aereal reborn.She is more than transexual female robot leader she is going to be Queen Armada my daughter.That is what it takes to form her in this world.She has state of the art warfare and I am her mother partly,exception of the older but younger than me Queen Armada.Amelia goes with space warfare format.She has alien hybrid technology,systems and weaponry.They can seperate but modulated in Cybertronian Gobotron and retain their 6"5" hight level

Terminator Princess Armada,Armadabots transformed to being

as in their witch being modes from my earther in my alien history.They can use this for Army Terminator warfare as Terminator Princess Armada Space Federal Agents.They can conduct being an interface module as a pilot and in bridge crew Zarconia space
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Princess Francis McLaughlin Armada

warship.Francis "Eilleen" Khan Princess Armada Contra is a leader aboard bridge Combiner with her space warship.Adaptable to environement as a power.Abilities and in covert ops.She is aboard Space Destroyer."Francis" is a Commander on bridge.Francis is silent.She is a watcher.She then make judgement on what she heard.She can be abrubt.She won't hold bakc and except things as she will get up and do something.She is very smart but has guile.She can use this to her advantage.Francis is Queen Feroz Armada's child.Francis is into adult food and restaurants industry.To go about things stealthily and not so harsh.Less irrational.She explorations.She gains knowledge to explore new places.She scowers and adapts to newer and older crude things.Bend the law to prove things.She is self sufficient.She has something proven to her from her deduction.She gains facts from sciences.But she is on the go.She does not stay in 1 place and comes home.She is a trader.She will trade to build up value and learn new trading techniques.She would have been a marketer.Inside the stock market of space.She is smart and poise proven on field experience.Expert.She can be heartless to enemies.She finds no remorse from them and studies on their history.She investigates.She is an officer ops.She can find new discoveries.File it proper.Keep records and archives for our reference.Helped to pioneer our one.Filing.Desk work.She can gamble but she wants safe odds.He is not careless.She is very secure about her family.She can do acrobatic moves combat and practical in fights.She is feisty.She watches and is nocturnal.Agile.Very responsible.She is an Aerospace Cycle and module fighter and has powers as like a Contra.She is very sharp.She does reports.She is very smart in financial matters.She is a special ops Space Marine.She has super abilites to leap and jump with no flaws from skateboarder to do stunts.She is a warrior at war.She can use special computers and interfaces smart.She is a bio engineeer.She likes watching creepy crawlies in space and relates to Sherryl her sister tranny.Gets ideas.She can manipulate barrier sand expert in shields.Very self sufficient team worker.She likes to go to exotic places but I forbid many for her to stay to our continent.From our continent territories.She can dive and jump with Space animal predator abilities.She has her energy sword and her force field powers manipulated into herself.She is Guerrilla warfare alien level.She is one of the youngest.Warship to be a future Princess Armada of the bridge Captains role Commander.She is a type of Biomechanical Engineer.She has super powers.She has my magic power manipulated and focused into her futuristic powers Eilleen,Janine,Inga,Villagra,Kari,Alixia,Sherryl,Zelda,Francis Khan family sister shemales.Eilleen is my eldest for Queen Feroz Armada.She is stealthy.Eilleen is more a soldier.Eilleen is a worker.She gets the job done.She does
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Princess Eilleen McLaughlin Armada

not leave it for later.Very ubrubt.She is blunt.She learns reality and what is real news.She has science from news.She is very political in her views.She will lone wolf but properly and well equipped.Does not back down.She goes forward.She is a decision maker.She is wealthy from her earnings.She also is blunt in solution to problems.She is a corporate.To busy but finds time.She is on the go.She can get crafty with things.She is a skimmer reads articles.Reads difficulties concurrent events.She is an isolationist that stays in touch.Her family life is very important.She is trying to rebuild our family as a power.Wants us above normal people from her work.To outwork.Open to philosophy.You can't hide things from Eilleen she gets to the bottom.Uses work to achievement.Hard worker.She is a leader like a commander.She is more like a law enforcer.Her powers are law enforcer like.These alien Contras used powers like law enforcers but have many more types of adapted to space powers.She is quicker and fast and generates chromotons.She though is like in an energy trance and looks firey in action,wears her visor as one under her eyes.She also part of the Armadabots team that mergers.They merger into Queen Eilleen Khan Armada my daughter as Combiner.She though is a combiner witch tranny.She is my eldest.She has alien powers in magic.She runs on efficient alien technology.Eilleen has properties and is beyond any computers.She does not run on old binary.Her weaponry is alien mixed some earther but everything she has is advanced as she is from advanced era in present.Her soul was on a Contra planet and they were like law enforcers.Eilleen is combiner for her being mode.Born separated but power of giant combiner is inside her.She can transform to grow but that is military once she is threw growing up and government.Done that she and her sisters and our relatives can combine to form Giant Eilleen.Military power.Seperated endo and it will be subconscious and not so precise.Covert ops sh can separate and change to type of Zarconian Alpha fighter,transforms.She is very smart in business and government of our continent.She is in space in our territories and she comes home late.She is a night lifer.Very nocturnal.Applied Arts and Math.She is very efficient in her grades.Great in english.The arts.She could be an actress in our continent of poles.She has power and her soul was on a futuristic Contra law enforcer world.Gave her born powers from Queen Armada.She is older than her age.Looks very grown up early.She is my daughter and is from my descendant as my daughter.Amelia Combiner leader is tactician.She is Sharona as its a name but is from Cybertron Gobotron make
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Princess Invidia McLaughlin Armada

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Princess Armada Sharona McLaughlin

Sharona was to serve oversees and outer space.Sharona is a thinker and very technical.She has leadership and as her car changes to behave like the officer she is deliver power.Sharona is into motion picture industry,credits.She has powers.Takes command situation and goes to others but can deliver power.She uses reports as judgment.She goes over reports.She studies situation like an agent.Smart applied and academics.Outspoken and confronts.She will hide under cover using logic.She does not work alone.The other Armadabots like Florence and Queen Armada Lemuria formup to add to her.Speed level to charge up and operate summoning things she needs within split seconds space time.She is more alien like with advancements but can fight like a soldier.She is smart and acquires to disaster and emergency situations as a thinker.She is Alien authoratative.Like a witch she has powers.A very specialized and advanced team to formup.Amelia has a younger sister that is a car Sharona.She is very brisk and another leader.Sharona works on her own.She tends to build things.She is a builder.She then takes command of her creation.She likes to invent.She succeeds in building.She can be martial when called upon.She is very passive.She though is perceptive.She handles things as labeled important.Classifies things like agent.Filing system.She is an investigator.She recites things and has pasttimes.But with important matters first.Priority.Priorities are straight.She can repair into diognostics.She is into robotics expertise.She does not giveup.Falls back and tries another approach.Crack codes.She will learn to crack codes.Gain access.Computer technician dn operator into computer world.She is our expert in cmputers.And she will counter computer crimes all prepared latest.She will save up and then purchase right neccesities.She can format and climb the ladder.Protects her family.Speaks through messages alot.She writes.Sharona is a spacefighter.She is like an admiral.She goes by the book and breaks the rules to get things done.She is perfect in policies.She can decode languages alien.She is smart like a Science officer.She can plea her case and organize a case.She picks effective equipment.She is a leader on battlefield.She will use special tactics.Another Mylene.Same Niriyuh but advanced.No mechas can invade too small in 7ft or less halls.And we can infiltration and they have newly hybrid dreamworld powers magic power psychic telekenetic powers.Supernatural powers and space death.Other than Mylene are the youngest being from tomb in Sweden or in a monument is her sister Harlequinn McLaughlin is very smart with guile.Harley is younger than Mylene.She is a shemale bodybuilder.She is very martial on duty.Follower
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Princess Armada Harlequinn McLaughlin

sisters but will stand on her own.She will keep working and puts out hard effort and goes up in difficulty level.Complicated organized.Innovator.She makes her own new designs and original but can improvise.She keeps things complicated in her filing system and does her entries to keep track of things.Watches tv.She will climb up the ladder.She is very reliable.She plans before hand.She is going to be in cartoons and drawings.She will be expert in this field.She is creative and will help Mylene in this area.She will become very responsible.She double check her work.And adds to things and speaks.She talks.And she communicates on phone.She likes to have fun after work.Bu tthen she will be busy.She is working hard.Catch on to things.Improvise.Outgoing.Cut around the corners to get at things and using intel and information and would work well with Firoz her older sister.Find out secrets from doing recon.She discovers new things and is a discoverer.She can add firepower with potential in combat and uses physical combat with speed and monuverability and acrobatics.She can deliver blows but will retreat wth logic to fall back.She can trick many and solve puzzles and riddles.She is serious.She studies as a scientist and does applied science and chemistry.She goes over things she has recon and comes back to research from field.Field experience make her better.She uses magic power too and is from monument in Sweden.She can use magic powers and telekenetic powers with GAH.She is crude.She will use her environement for handy things.She comes prepared.She gets more intensified to situations.She is relentless.She finds things.She has leadership for her age.She is a great spy and agent.Infiltrator.She is smart to fool people and get into hard to get places.She finds more than 1 action for situation.She goes to her choices.She is united with her sisters.She can come down hard like a judge.She gains evidence and mergers with them.Tells what she finds out.She great with orders and practice to training.Specialty.And special organized weapons she does for herself.She can except change in her deduction.She studies space and universe.She reads.Kristine Khan is a peaceful individual but handles responsibilities of war as fierce.She is a psychologist.She is a doctor for us and has to do with mental health and how people are.She is 2nd youngest older than Treleste.She takes down study and reports.She studies profiles.She takes action.She works with Elysia.Can great at playing pranks and to do boobytrap.Connoisseur and a collector.She is interested in ancient historic artifacts and historic.She is a daredevil.She has academics.She is very Army like to do with ground and she combiners with a monster tank changes to pilot and change to module mode.She is also crude.She can use her environement and adapt.She has precision and follows commands and give them.She is a team player.She can provide some firepower.She works to achieve things as a hard relentess worker.She is intelligent like scientist.She can annalyze things and read about what she has seen.Uses reports.Uses her powers to do applied sciences.She is very modern.She is intense and cares about her family.She can patrol like officer and to confront people authoratative.She has courage this way and logically.When there is danger or a trap she can sense them out and use thinking to avoid it.She when she learns her training will apply what she has learned.Protective and isolationist though she breaks this to be with her sisters.Practical.Studied what is effective to change what she has.She is great with electronics and computers.Can intimidate.Reader.She reads literature and practical sciences from animals to outer space.She is likeable and friendly personality to her sisters.They are strength together.She knows she is same type like Mylene but Mylene is alien.Support.Has studied policy and format to using it.She is excellent army solidier.She is great with her guns and using equipment,APB.Uses equipment well like imagery.she thoug can fly in space transforms or in robot and being modes.She is a daredevil for skills.Gets things right on first attempt.Kristine likes history past.Armadabots to fight my whiteman races enemy of space and our feud and to Allah Pak and his family and destroying each of every empire and mutations he sends for end of religion book,defeat our way to end to Allah and his galaxy and planet surrounded by military APB and communication only language is space Zarconian military codes,especially me speaking nightmaringly in space military language codes.Space military strategists when we get past creatures empires and then the big one Allah Pak,strategy and workout strategy,leaders and high rankings and not wasting any resources or manpower,outsmart him martial and space military.The Armadabots are

Astra Grand Prix Racer Armadabot

also Marian's people.Their gender are of all sorts of places from Antarctica to Germany to Europe.Many of Feroz's people are government like and supply a people and leadership.They are of many places in galaxies.Queen Armada broke off from her people but they existed many far parts of universe.They are of a different people and race but are the same as Queen Armada,but different evolution process but the same type of beings.They are Armadabots.They are wise and able to fight or medic.They are expert in many areas.Many age groups.They are made and have transformations express themselves.They add government.Not all are combiners though.But being a leader or high ranks is also great.Astra is a leader in battle with guile and ideas.She is an expert in a type of warfare.She also is smart in medic robotics and cyber robotics.She is a 2nd in command lieutanant and capable of being backup leader.She is outfront.She keeps going.Other Armadabots are wise and cars are able to do stunts and are wise but youthful and can use this in fighting.They are youth core but wise.They can fight.Alex as Shelly Racer is a crude scientific and goes by the book.She is like a squad.She is effective.Alex Formula is a daredevil with effectiveness.She is very smart and in academics.She is a leader.On battlefield Alex is effective member of a squad.She can charge or get into hard to get places.Emily Forger is patient and goes by the book.She is also an engineer and smart.She lies back but completes missions with resposibility.Jane Grippen is attrition and wild.She is controlled.She balanced with experience.She goes by the manual but will adapt and change.She is more an enforcer.She is smart.She uses her training and changes.She is strict.They all have types of powers seperate elements.Each element.Physical world,material world and in sciences and government.And supernatural.Witch.Emily Mirage is a tactical expert and Scientist.She is smart and much like a Contra.She is a judge.Judgement.And an expert in laws.She does reports and has government powers in a certain section.She works alone like an agent.But calls for reinforcements.She is an enforcer as like much of Feroz's people.Authoratative.She is also great in intel and spying.Recon but can deliver and follow out orders in strikes on carriers and basebots.Annalysis.Very crude.They will pair up with Zarconian Prime as his wife.Each of them paired to Prime.Emily Mirage and Supercharger Prme-1.Emily Forger and Shrike Prime-1.Marion German Protestant and King Edward Battlefield Commander.Shelly Racer and Tommy New Fuhr Prime-1.Astra and New Fuhr 2 Sargeant Stealth.

Queen Armada's People


Emily Mirage Armadabot


Armadabots Shelly Racer Emily Forger

Queen Armada as Veritech Action

Queen Armada Cyndi Stryker


Princess Armada Sherryl McLaughlin

Princess Armada battlesuit

military cycle with verniers

Queen Andromeda combiner

Queen Andromeda combiner

Queen Armada

Queen Armada transformed modulated being mode all out powers surging


Princess Armada of Cybertron Gobotron Universe Kahlest McLaughlin


Armadabot Princess Armada of Gobotron Cybertronian Universe Firestorm


right Mylene McLaughlin


Nova McLaughlin Princess Armada of Gobotron Cybertronian Universe alien


Armadabots and Queen Armada Galactica formup Amelia Combiner of Cybertronian Gobot universe aliens

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Queen Armada

This is first Queen Armada.Her name is Tetli short form.Feroztetli...Armada lastname.Alex Formula and Raider Prime-1.Sentinel Battloid Prime-1 and Janey Grippen.
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Princess Armada Space Military

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Princess Armada present day in afterlife

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Princess Armada Kristine McLaughlin

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Princess Armada Harlequinn McLaughlin

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Princess Armada Jani Khan


Queen Armada reborn Galactica F-15 Zarconian

Zarconia Galactican Cyndi Stryker Queen Armada being mode


Attractive women souls of Princess Armada's continent of Atlantis   

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