KusoCartoon 14550893182217

Zarco Contra Empire "Guerilla class"Battlecarrier

Mcrs orginal sketch

Zarco Macross Contra Warship

CntrBs orginal sketch

Zarco Contra Base

KusoCartoon 15256484440849

Zarconian Contra Base

KusoCartoon 15256468393625

Emerald class Space Cruiser


Zarconia Contra computer


Zarconia King Edward 5th Commander Transformer Gobot Military Truck and Napolean 2 New Fuhr Military AMV


Zarconian King Edward 5th Zoe Scarecrow General High Rankings

KusoCartoon 14191103664712

Zarconian Contra Transformer Gobot Leader Prime Emetcalf Riker Mac Truck Flat Trailer

KusoCartoon 14342204026891

Zarco Contrabot "Harrison"VCR-TT 6X6 APC Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14137799900328

Zarco Contra NATO high ranks and Pilot Troop,aerial pack

KusoCartoon 14145394819593

Zarconian Space Contra Cardassian Leader


Napolean 2 new fuhr High Ranking and assistant rank to SAT terminal


Giant Combiner Eilleen Khan Queen Armada Armadabots


Princess Eilleen Khan Armada Contra Zarconian Aerospace Cycle


Princess Eilleen Khan Armada Contra Being mode Clone Endo enemy Design


Zarconia Inbit Invid Regime Insect robot mecha being Quintesson High ranks


Altranator/Emetcalf arms/legs Merger Combiner Power Up mode

Zarco King Edward 5th is "Battlefield Commander"New Fuhr Napolean 2 is "Sargeant Stealth".They both have the cloned autobot matrix.
KusoCartoon 14205002426670

"Turboprop"Contrabot Combiner Team leader

KusoCartoon 14205000896937

"Speedway"Contrabot Team Jaguar XJR7 Racing Car Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14205001608975

Contrabot "Steering Wheel"Contrabot Team Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Sports Car Zarco Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14205003135668

"Flying Dragon" Z-9WZ Attack Chopper Contrabot Team Zarco Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14205003802282

"Jet Wash"Contrabot Team Kai T-50 Golden Eagle Fighter Zarco Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14205004457329

"Conquistador"Contrabot Team Giant Combiner,Contrabot Team combines formsup the giant Zarconian

KusoCartoon 15257197832678

South America Zarco Contra Chalenge cruiser

KusoCartoon 15257214698747

Zarco Contra Space cruiser!/QueenFerozK
Antarct dvs

Division of Antarctica

They all have leadership of autobots in Zarconia.They now with their characteristics are complete.They are great battlers and intelligence in warfare.Experts that think of their lower ranks and other ranks out in the field.They are backup system and with the Zarconia Primes.And imput this in
KusoCartoon 14139310380411

Zarco Contra "Rivadavia class Space Battleship

KusoCartoon 14139312412682

Zarco Contra "Minas Geraes" Class Starship Warship

KusoCartoon 14139313199702

Zarconian Contra "Almirante Latorre Class Starship Battleship Gobots.Zarconia Quintesson Inbit Invid Regime Insect robot beings mecha creator High Ranks and South America and Zarconia Contra is they have the history of creating machines of creatures and
KusoCartoon 14199036242490

Contrabot "Prix Racer" Jaguar Group C Sports Car Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14199038804573

Contrabot "Road Viper"Audi R8 Zarco Transformer Gobot Sports Car

KusoCartoon 14240430610556

Contrabot "Brakeline" Transformer Gobot Racing Motorcycle

KusoCartoon 14240431602691

Contrabot "Carbon Exhaust"Tranformer Gobot KTM RCS

KusoCartoon 14199037136597

Contrabot "Dragonfly" Cessna A-37 Zarconian Dragonfly fighter Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14199038052496

Contrabot "Rider" Zarconian Transformer Gobot Rockwell OV-10 Bronco Plane

insects into machines.He is excellent expert on South America and team to develop Zarconia forces as
KusoCartoon 14199161380595

Contrabot "Seasick Sikorsky HH-53 Sea Chopper Zarconian Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14235243512030

Contrabot "Saltwater"Zarco AS565 Eurocopter Helicopter Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14235244797066

Contrabot "Storm"Zarco Kamov KA-50 Hokum A Black Shark Gunship Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14235246177134

Contrabot "Vapor Trail"Zarco Kamov KA-50 Hokum A Black Shark

KusoCartoon 14236088239575

Contrabot "Servos"Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil Transformer Gobot Chopper

KusoCartoon 14236997790364

Contrabot "Tail Boom Zarconian Eurocopter Tiger Gunship Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14236998770964

Contrabot "Air Master"UH-1 Huey Zarco Tranformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14236999941858

Contrabot "Covert Operations" Eurocopter ECC225 Super Puma Zarco Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14237000781660

Contrabot "Chaff" Zarconian WZ-10 Attack Helicopter Transformer Gobot I Queen Armada thought of building our own allies.Experts and now into Contra and South America as they are Science Team. Science and technology of Zarconia solve our problems,policies and
KusoCartoon 13890583558187

Contrabot Zod All terrain

disasters.Contrabots are Latin America and Space Latin America alien technology as Zarconian Transformers.They are squads and Transformers that obey Emetcalf Riker
KusoCartoon 14462336424255

Zarco Contra Chopper Deployer Transport

Zarconian Prime 1.He commands them and they support him in rankings.They all have jungle like and space worlds adaptations basis on Contras.That they have technology and hydraulics systems that are upgraded and operate to certain terrains that other vehicles can't.They have abilities like Contras and Conquistadors.They found alien powers and they adapted to

Zarco Contra Alien class Warship

them.They can jump and leap.They can see imagery like hybrid creatures and are intelligent and high ranks.They can really fight but with adaptations than raw power and innovate tactics like guerrillas.Adapt to city and suburbs.They all have high intelligence in sciences and learned on field what actually happens.That is smarts of Contras and in space.Contrabots are chopper gunships and they have veteran war sense.Experience failure to make errors.They can scale over any debris or jungle.They can get through hard to get by places.They are smart and smart in nature and
KusoCartoon 14587043233395

Eurasia Klingon Native as Spacefighter

sciences.They have skills like a drill hand for underground or other adaptations,computer electronic interface hand becomes interface.They have tools from their hands and abilities.And advanced space alien tools.They can understand complications and arithmatic in space.They
KusoCartoon 14662854881437

Contrabot TSF "Mantis"

KusoCartoon 14662855558564

Contrabot Hunter Chopper TSF Mecha being

obey commands nad follow out a consecutive assault with each doing a guerilla power and ability.They can really formup and do difficult commands.They can use danger.They can do recklessness at their enemy.Use surroundings.They are vicious sharp shooters with concentrated power.Use their vehicle modes as adaptations and further abilities even to hide and sneak up.Use their modulated sensors.They all are leaders,high rank that can carry out covert ops.Sneak up on enemy at dark or during weather as a cover.They can avoid detection to creap up.They adapt to nature and urban.Contrabot Zod is a mechanical monster like from Gobots.Our Zod is more powerful and better hunter.He has Contra adaptations and program.He can fire his breath on enemy and destroy things.He can maul and bite,chew.He can role around to patrol.He can do warfare.He can carry in his stores bay compliment and troops.Has launchers that can fire missiles.He has his armor and barrier system.Indestructable.He can use his verniers and to space.Expert against the enemy tactics,boobytraps when science can counter the enemy and
KusoCartoon 14130548084558

Zarco Contra class Space Warship

KusoCartoon 14140161122551

Zarco Contra Space Cruiser S.M.S. Novara class

KusoCartoon 14140161942768

Zarconian Contra Space Cruiser Veinticinco de Mayo class

KusoCartoon 14140162785797

Zarconian Contra La Argentina class Space Cruiser

KusoCartoon 14224047878872

Contrabot "Camouflage" Zarconian WZ-9B Gunship Transformer Gobot Leader of Contrabot Helicopter Squad

KusoCartoon 14224048970033

Contrabot "Sea Patrol"Harbin Z-9 Helicopter Zarconian Gobot

KusoCartoon 14224050580042

Contrabot "Tracker"Zarconian Aerospatiale AS-565 SA Panther Helicopter Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14224051571359

Contrabot "Green Beret"Zarconian Aerospatiale SA-365 Dauphin 2HH-65 Dolphin AS.565 Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14224052490882

Contrabot "Wind Storm" Zarconian Aerospatiale AS.565 Panther Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14224053336699

Contrabot Helicopter Squad Combiner "Choppertron" Zarconian Contrabot Combiner

mysteries.He will build and creat and re-form and command.Leadership in types of warfares.He also can fight with hsi adaptations in the insect robot mecha world and proven warfare of the Inbit Invid.Comet Empire expert assimulation.
thumb|300px|left|Edge musicthumb|300px|right|Metalthumb|300px|left|MetalContra Empire were a very smart and practicing manufacturing mechasj.Contras were soldiers of tribal descent that were smarter than any robotech masters.

N2 New Fuhr being mode


Zarco King Edward 5th Lead guitar Gibson Contras
Map classic web

map of Ushuaia and Antarctica

were huge men with long hair like cool people but were tribal and religious in Islam .They made their mechas in their bases in the jungles of each South America country and its terrain and in space. They made these machines after insects and creatures of the jungle and in South American
Rb southamerica

South America


gundam SA


Canadian river Contra

Mobile doll droid

Zarco mobile doll centinel battloid

Flo Armada1

Brandy Khan pilot of mobile doll droid battloid mecha soldier robot transformed being mode 6"5"ft

belief.They made fightercraft and transformations.Robotics and hydraulics experts.Their mechas had styles and looked like creatures and were not bland looking.And had systems after creatures.thumb|300px|left|Gobotsthumb|300px|right|GobotsSpacebourne.Contras were the descendants of the "Conquistadors" and some met their ends in the thumb|300px|left|Nazca linesterrain of South America and to demons in the terrain.They gained space abilities of gaining the demons abilities of jungles and civilization to do ability and power to jump 30ft up air and land and to run in km per hour.City abilities to scale the concrete. The tribe showed the conquistadors who married and made part Conquistador part tribe and he had powers and abilities for his father and tribe showed him space technology.He then made his medieval armor mixed with pressurized gas inside armor like space.thumb|300px|right|Nazca linesthumb|300px|right|Nazca LinesThen tribe put in his abilities and they had some invincibility.Mixed medeival technology with alien space technology to be the first Contras.They made and could manipulate the materials of space that gave things powers when constructed properly.He watched animals and creatures


in the jungle and


thumb|300px|left|Metalthumb|300px|left|rock,Edgethumb|300px|left|Thrash;_ylt=A0geu8eRULxOs0cAugvrFAx.?ei=UTF-8&p=Cold%20War%20nuclear%20holocaust&rd=r1&fr2=tab-web&fr=yfp-t-715problems.Uncompassionate,heartless,ruthless,cold,unfeeling,destructive{rape}humiliate,embarrass,whiteman/wiki/Category:A_Real_American_Hero_characters terrain,mountains,plateaus and desert and city and beaches and swamp and came up with making a mechanism after the ants for instance and built it with the alien manipulated materials and it could walk and attack and was controlled by first Army.Soldier was in it and was using this mechanism to transport troops and had powers and abilities to jump and run fast in 40km per hour and faster.Put weaponry in them and mixed alien compounds with their ideas of cannons.Conquistadors

Contra Conquistador

space like armor from tribe and abilities to run or
KusoCartoon 14237865367360

Contrabot "Drive Sprocket"Zarco MTB 2000 Tank Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14237866633655

Contrabot "Mudguard" Zarco FV4034 Challenger 2 Tank Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14237867797483

Contrabot "Ventilator" Type 80 Battle Tank Transformer Gobot

jump.Contrabot Helicopter Squad is a Zarconian Contrabot Squad of robot vehicle beings that are a specialized unit.They are for special ops.They have the Contra circuitry,technology and systems.They have different adaptations like a creature but hybrid level of systems.They can do plenty of abilities loaded into them.Leader is "Camouflage".He is feisty and fierce but patient.They all are experts on sea and bodies of water missions or over terrain.They have multi-role
KusoCartoon 14461504082871

Contrabot Assault Shuttle Transport

purpose and for outer space or transatmospheric.They can travel in space with their EM rotors that are like jet turbines that use polarity or gravity forces twirl so they the control as it was atmosphere.They have antigravity systems.They as a squad are all expert in field.Combined as squad they all put their abilities together.Contrabot Primes use this squad to do hybrid damage and special electronics warfare.They can intermixed into a Contrabot electronics warfare system.When they are part of that as their systems are.Each member has their own personalties and traits.They all are smart fighters.They all can co-operate and have effective weapons and effective tactics.They each have special compact equipment for purposes.Like extra sonar waves and other devices.So they are not fooled by advanced enemies as their systems help them to understand an enemy and get info and effective tactics on any advanced enemy.They are anti-advanced enemy team.When called upon when given orders by the commander,Contrabot Prime and their Contrabot Helicopter Squad leader they formup to make the giant Combiner robot.He is awaken with combat abilities and extra intelligence.Mergered systems making new systems activated.Modulation.Now internal components modulated for "Chopperbot" to be in action with lost of strength.He has his flight abilities and superior attributes than enemy.He has his smarts and sensors to detect things like creature but in form of robot beings and Contrabots.He has specialized abilities.He can dish out strength and combat.He has effective energy weapons and explosive projectiles.He can predict his enemy to anticipation.When he does this he never forgets.And he can break off from the warfare networking as Contrabot Helicopter Squad can.He can use his hybrid weapons.He is sturdy with excellent re-adjusting and calibration that changes rapidly as combos vs enemy.Enemy can't have correct charge vs Chopperbot.Chopperbot when he disassembles can go back to a small craft as squad of Contrabots.Contrabot is very smart.He makes no errors.He does damage on enemy with each round.He is very brave and aware of traps and danger.He falls back on his smarts.He is aware of his surroundings.He makes use of them or what was packed for him. some were part tribe part Indian{Spanish India,Spain India}U

Contra territory


Emetcalf Contrabot Leader new Zarconia Autobot Leader

[WWW] .He was the Contra leader and Commander in the bases as one network I made this computer terminal from the archived Contra technology and tapped into the Contra network
South America

Space SA

Maps 1 large


and upgraded itself and can run a military and is a a leader,very intelligent and can manufacture and invent and build what I tell it,create defenses and attack and is another strategist.It has its own formidable defenses like Contra weaponry and has alerts .It has Islam and has my islam.It has my directive in it and I have made it into another system of Zarconia.Adaptations from the Contra world as its power serves me.Creative and complex bases to launch the ships to space with the mechas and platoons of mechas.

Zarco clone endos enemy design

SAT into designing Terminators.They are of radiation energies and have
KusoCartoon 14142752513436

Zarconian Contra Nael Minas Gerais/Classe Colussos Space Carrier

stores.They have powers,hydraulic extension for tools,lift and hold,clamp spread out.They have superhuman abilities.Variants panel
KusoCartoon 14147852931114

Zarconian Contra ARA Veinticinco de Mayo class SpaceCarrier

plastic armor lightweight withstand warfare.Modulate compact for warfare adaptations,avoid and surprise in hard to reach places.Emergency and disaster counter enemy data input.AI and android clone endos enemy design clone artificial their design cope with damage.Fitted and re-fitted with energy weapons,stores for supplies.Laser welder strafe.Strength and verniers.

Zarco clone endos enemy design abilities

Camauflage modern civilization.Soldier wore robotic armour and had abilities from the demons and so many ways in South America.WWW] North America
Nato warsaw map

Canadian North American Contras

were Contra River tribes. More Contras in Quebec and every province as US and Space Americans are natural enemy of the Contras.

Zarconia Canadian Leader King Edward Zoe Scarecrow

And in Canada adaptations to the mechas and the same beliefs,MicMacs and Iriqouis and other tribes.

Urban Jungle Contrabot hydraulic truck


Contrabot Cog


AA Lancer Contrabot spaceplane


HD Contrabot amphibious attackcraft


Emetcalf Combiner formed "Contrabot" [WWW]
Sherryl Khan

Sherryl my daughter and in charge of Invid Regime [WWW]

Machua heavy attack insectibot


Nova fighter


military cycle

This squad is intelligent and full of leadership and for emergencies.Prime is very

Zarconia Mobile doll droid Battloid Soldier armmaments size mecha

strong and has a high powered rapid fire energy laser.He can combat and punch out and sharp shoot and utilize Contra like abilities,adaptations and Guerrilla warfare as the others can to camauflage into the battleground and area.They are military experts in space warfare.They are knowledgeable and attack as a covert operations squad.Urban Jungle is a computer
KusoCartoon 14461630067462

Zarco Power Mode Contrabot Armored Corebots to formup Gestalt "Armorbot"

expert.Cog is brawler that is intelligent and is an expert on enemy and strategist.Prime is a strategist.Hydraulic Doppler is soldier of water warfare and is intelligent in water computers and electronics.Army Attack Lancer is a recon expert and
KusoCartoon 14205973282596

Zarco Contrabot "Units"Mecha Robot Being Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14205974053403

Zarco Contrabot "Armored Core""AC"Robot Mecha Being Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14205974946935

Zarco Contrabot "Clamp"Mecha Robot Being Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14461463428184

Zarco Armored Corebot Contrabot "Trapshooter"

KusoCartoon 14461464124363
KusoCartoon 14261351308985

Vehicle Mount for Droids/Mecha Zarco AC's

KusoCartoon 14461568597277

Zarco Contrabot Armored Core AC Unit Droid "Lancel"

KusoCartoon 14461569400414

Zarco Contrabot Armored Core AC Unit Droid "Astro Probe"

KusoCartoon 14461678310969

Zarco Contrabot Armored Core "Strafer" AC Unit Droid


Contrabot Armored Core Units Booster vernier

intel linkups with outer space and provides arial attack and a transport for the rest of the team.They can also attack and conduct operations in space.AA Lancer has missiles and can deliver munitions and laser fire.HD can fire laser AA battery.They are fast and all of them are leaders and report to Prime.Contrabot is very intelligent and strong and hybrid in futuristic warfare.He generates and operates on refining conduit energy pathways.He runs on a current of refined radiation.He has weaponry reconfigurated at a higher level of the rest of the contrabots.He has AA battery laser,laser strafe and beam saber,ordinance,missiles and delivery of explosive projectiles,hydraulic arm is a energy weapon.Use his hydraulic arm in combat.He can reconfiguration his systems to utilize leg weaponry on the arms upper body.He has a barrier system.He has conquistador weapons.He has the intelligent leadership and wisdom of autobot matrix.Monuverability and can fly through space.He can remodulation for a type of warfare in demand and to retain being a giant robot.His targeting system and range and high knowledge of a scientist.He can do guerrilla warfare.

Space WMD on enemy solar system

I thought of him and had the Vector Sigma Quran make him but in Contra computer.Expertise.Contras here are soldiers of the future adaptations to environments as abilities and have infinite health.They have energy weapons and robotics for the weaponry laser and guns.Hatches and face helmets can fold apart or re adapt to environment.They can jump,fly and run but in warfare to hide behind cover and camauflage with their cover and their electronics.Hand tools are energy weapons and the armor is pressurized and others adapted to the water and to urban guerrilla warfare tactics

Gunship Dropships,Mobile Doll battloid soldier robot mecha squads with firearms with abilities,not firearms they have powers.Stealthy and with electronics space to recon with camera lenses and magnify and go into imagery.And they attack as armies and warfare squads.

Conquistador map

28 gundam00 ep4n

SA space graphics

Zarco Sewer Concentration Camp Incarceration


Transformers Gobot symbol


Princess Armada Elysia Khan


Intel and covert ops Antivirus Soundblaster South America Contra Computer of Zarconia is inventioned by me and Princess Armada and I had it built to support Vector Sigma Quran,take off the excess responsibilities and power and re-direct it from the Terminal.This is linked inside out to a network to do with contras in Ontario and river tribes and river tribes of South America and in the dreamworld.It has their technologies and linked up from outer space upgraded itself.It can carry out robot soldiers and create machines to support them and military warfare and with the Contra's skills and intelligence and attributes.It knows their history and is very hybrid,technological.Our computer we have.It has telephone lines and internet and has gotten to all contras and re-assimulated them into our own robot creations.The Contrabots are council with this terminal and its rankings and in command of its endos.It picks up information and is meant as expert in covert ops but in battle and warfare and spacebourne operations.I made Princess Armada who is Contra from Northern Hemisphere but alien from space is Eilleen Khan.She is my youngest and is very Contra being of expert in Biomechanical Engineer and robotics for warfare.She knows of Sciences and adaptations.She has powers like that and is an Aerospace Cycle,hydraulics and super abilities.She can withdraw her energy sword.She has flying abilities,many jumping and diving abilities.She is very intelligent a leader,commander.She can fight on battlefield precise acquiring situation and analyzing.She can predict.She is a soldier.She can change to her being mode as a person.She has magical powers refined from instability.Contra Empire is a detatchment of Zarconian Empire.Their purposes is their adaptations into technology.They can do monuvers and powers with high technology.They have in space alien powers from technology and studying environment like the sciences.This is then made into vehicles and machines mixed together.Eilleen Khan is giant combiner of Armadabots that are Contra transexual women.Eilleen has Contra abilities and powers.Technology is under Contra.She has alien powers but they are Contra Alien.We will find the Contra Universes and galaxies in space of alien Contras.They have more vehicles and suits to adapting to space environment,Guerilla Warfare adaptating to environment as Urban and Jungles.Creature vehicles.Contra Empire have their own type of computer that with Vector Sigma Powers can build and create Transformer Gobots.He has his own defenses and has power of transformation.Monster vehicles are machines like from Gobots can destroy things from being unstable.they are fast and monuverable and can bite.Fire energy at enemies.They use their instrument sensors modes.They are very strong.Creature machines.There are jungle machines and machines with technology.Adapted to carry out things.Adaptions from equipment.Adapted to all terrains.Urban and suburban.He is a builder and manufacturer when needed.He has creations as the "Contrabots".He also
KusoCartoon 13890554399498

Jumunji Monster All Terrain Truck

KusoCartoon 13890555576152

Monster Assault Chopper

KusoCartoon 13890556682016

Monster Patrol Boat

can conduct military operations using Contra powers and attributes like stealth.They have their abilities from adjusting to the environments everywhere and particularly in Space and on colonies.History Contras is their ancestors Conquistadors who had early powers in raw colony which had alot of old terrain back many thousands of years.Their powers
KusoCartoon 14136707224575

Zarco Contra Space Tank

KusoCartoon 15484689756734

Princess Francis Khan Armada Space Tank Armored Suit being

KusoCartoon 14136708593349

Zarco Contra Assault Space Tank

KusoCartoon 14136709320975

Zarco Contra Missile Launcher Space Tank

KusoCartoon 14467541831311

Zarco Contra TOW Launcher Space Battletank


Zarco Contra Railgun Space Tank

KusoCartoon 14136707883261

Zarconian Top View Space Tank dimensions

KusoCartoon 14137608048034

Zarco Contra Space Tank Deployer Warship

KusoCartoon 14467499861338

Zarco Contra Space Battletank

KusoCartoon 14467718545341

Zarco Contra Space Railgun Space Tank

adjusted to Swamps and jungles.And also to Urban.Contra Computer SAT can build as contributer to our other militaries as Army and Navy,Space Airforce.He would combine and add ideas and to do manpower.He has many robotic crane arms and clamps,grips and vices for grabbing and working.He has his rollers to travel on.Robotics.He Absorbs the past as archive and collaborates with rest of Zarconia with his special powers.He is very original and innovater.He will conduct military operations and does not cower down to any space enemy,handles things properly procedures.He archives,data helps him to make things.He builds troop endos but any machines not just endos.Specialize in making new teams of Contrabots.They all make the demand toward their enemies in numbers and manpower.They have special crafts for missions.As Contras work in teams and Covert Operations as part warfare.Their abilities work hand in hand consecutive as experts in each field of attributes.Special warfares powers soldiers from descendants of the Conquistadors which had medieval weapons to start with then in the primitive environment gained their powers in each field and evolved over centuries.Zarconian Contra Space tanks are of all types of models for space war.They have heavy artillery tank with powerful twin barrel cannon turrets.They can fire live munitions and switch to energy fire.They have Contra space adaptations and systems that are like a creature.Sensors instruments modified and compacted to do many roles as alien instruments.They have space tank instruments to function like a tank but small starship.CPU core.They have monuverability and can ground war operations in space alien planets or surfaces in space.They can hover and land on position.Meant as tanks using antigravity to hover over ground.In space they are in platoons blasting from extended range and jamming out enemy.They are camouflage to space and deliver heavy firepower.Assault tank as a small starship goes to persue and destroy enemy interceptors.Has thick light weight armor of alien alloy.Uses barrier system to dissipate enemy fire.Smother it out lose its joules and kinetic energy.Monuverable.They fire any setting AA multi role lasers that can powerup fire and rapid fire,semi automatic.The Zarco Contra Space Tank Deployer warship is highly monuverable from its antigravity systems to maneuver and deploy space tanks in efficiency.They are deployed by machine robotics that use pressure and vacuum in their launch.Go through series of tunnels with hangar compartment from hangar bays travels in tunnel to launch point where the hull opens to launch space tanks and jettison them for efficiency.They are deployed very fast in their platoons.They leave the deck and rear in what ever war formations from base of operations.Has instruments to aid them in war.Ranks are at work as station officers busy and preparation with teleporting munitions in magazine ready space tanks.Warship has jammer instruments so enemy can't tell.It has firepower at extended range to cover and protect itself with HEL fire.Has heavy AA multi role battery turrets.Has barrier system that is part of launch and deploy system and station officers work together in network many CPU cores.Force fields protect Space tanks in launch to a radius and distance til tanks safe from their systems.Warship can warp/lightspeed.It can land on world to deploy or hover in atmosphere.It can conduct lighting operations and delivery of compact firepower to destroy enemy navy and any other military forces.
Robotech Qn Armada stardestroyer cruiser

Zarconia wedge shape stardestroyer carrier

.Guerrilla warfare.

data for SAT


Zarconian military


Space Freightor Train War Vessel Image(GCM.jpg)

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