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Feroza is my eldest born in afterlife.I control Feroza's life because I am making her
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Princess Feroza Khan Armada

from my body only.She is receiving my body parts to her and for her to improve it into shemale.!/QueenFerozK Transexual females make attractive women shemales.Her soul is intelligent like me and she is an improvement of me.She is applied in everything.She is very smart and loves her grandma.Feroza has elements that are spread out and need to be collected and put into me by Transformers Gobot Universe Guardian. All of Feroza's elements are found and put in me then she can be born as robot jinn which will have every single thing from Feroza to become by first born..  

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Feroza K

Feroza Khan F/wik/User:Queen_Armada [Feroza is authoratative aggressive.She is a leader.She in emergency situations like on our Space warship is on being a leader and authoratative as she will be born.I will tell her about all her sisters as her blood type is different than mine.Some are the same as mine and we will live together.Feroza plays a role as a guardian to
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Venusian UFO

Amelia or she protects herself.She is to herself and does her diary.She is eldest but is not aggressive in nature.She is very abrubt.She is very self sufficient and alert.She would take down enemies.She works team to all her sisters.She is smart at memorizing for military and plans.Tactics she can memorize alot..She can be original leading her to be in Cpt's role.She is calm as I am more than her in blood level.She is a thinker.She is artist and craft.She is taught by me teachings.She can do some medical but this is from being a scientist.She is a great fighter.Smart Battlefield aquisition as she will share the weaponry and systems with her other sisters play a role,Gloria and Azalea.Feroza as secondary to Gloria and Azalea reads out calculations and trajectory and secondary in the aiming of shock cannons and monitors Azalea's and Gloria's tactica stations.They read out calculations and all squares a locked complete.Then to me the Cpt.  .Feroza controls the weaponry on type of warfare and
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GAH Instructions Venusian Aliens

now we seperate from Giant Combiner Queen Armada she has her own crew as Feroza in any emergency is Cpt's rank and place.Takeover.Monitors the space sonar radar,sensors and camera systems,systems of space warship bridge to stations for walk.She will have wisdom from practical encyclopedia fact in space.File:Princess_Armada_car_mode.jpg|thumb|Feroza sports car mode]
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Princess Feroza Khan Armada.She as all of them are like me,I put myself into them so they can fight and are smart in situations,make right decision.They like attractive women muslims and the same as themselves but under our family Islam.Princess Armada has rules under Mom Feroz.Feroza is going to be born in the city.She lives inside of me as souls of attractive shemales have put fundementals and regulations on their lives where it does not bring in trouble to us in our family down from me.They will be made wise by be and we will go out and have hand experience on the field and training and practice.I am not a harsh mother to shemales and they will learn alot from me cause that is the way I am.They will practice my rules on their own.I am allowed to meddle and enter any type of teachings to them and to take them out and practice and fly through space as a family.They will have their dreamworld space skateboards and are taught to add respect and to follow rules in my life that cycle in not bringing in problems.They are not continuing for the Khan family and are committed to Zarconia.I have given them Sci Fi military space cartoons but real.They are the ones I chosen and in that order.Then I will teach them real things in our family,harms,dangers,procedures,rules,health,safety,report to me as mother and their only parent as I have invented her as I had to,transform and fly through space,journey,growing to adult and long journeys and as a Khan they are from and isolationist family that journeys far and needs defenses and rules fall back in.We are strangers.Not to be over loving and ones from me Feroz since she is riding inside of my chest like a seat viewing out my eyes and made of me and into technology evolution proces.You can count on me Queen Armada,Princess Armada.I have mother rules on her and for other races and socialize which is not popular with me so she has her own sisters as family.We have some islam and sciences and practicality which brought me in as a judge.She does not live ordinary but lives positive to cope with negativity.They are taught of the cat family of beings and we are as people and tribe but don't look as cats with hair on our body,realities,teachings,family,background,history,religion,race,interact.And history.And to be an improvement of me and learn why I am my way and to enter me in.Every Princess Armada is my genuine daughter,not from another family at all,shut and lock off and have ways to approach them.Laws and government.protocals,history.Feroza is outgoing and non-mental,she did not inherit disease from me.Self sufficient and a leader.She likes what she can reproduce that is in her level which is really beautiful from me Feroz.She also can make a direct action.She also upholds my rules and regulations and enforces them and believes in them as strength.She is a fighter all of them are and she is the leader of Princess Armada.She is supposed to take on our enemies.My eldest and same gender as me

Princess Armada Gobot transfrmr
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Faiyaz Khan her uncle


Sparks starter Pirates middle 70's to late 80's sidearmer

Feroza is bigger and stronger than me.Heavy duty and originality innovative and extremely intelligent.She is a shemale and muslim witch.Earther I had from Ontario.Evolution process that she was born in just me to do with women and anti women transwomen .I am my own fathering in me,Princess Armada.She is transexual female mothered.  In evolution process am developing shemale mother systems and supernatural systems for mothering and growing Princess Armada.Attractive shemale evolution process in Queen Armada McLaughlin name.Princess Armada is more male than I am and I go as her mother  .Princess Armada is a dominant shemale.I am a mothering tranny.I also have and growing Princess Armada's qualities..She is a leader my principles and laws I from my life and experiences and archives from my pastlives and empires I lived in and systems of Allah and is very

GAH instruction booklet

caring.She is the leader of Princess Armada's and talks for me her mother.She is in a world with heavenly {holy}ghosts,her soul and has a
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GAH instruction booklet

guardian system of defenses.
She will talk about Nana and can see them born as teenager but robot.She will live the life I want her to because of the dangers and I am concerned over her like a security system.Feroza Khan heavy metal, extremely clean and showered clean rear,reproduction from transexual females and Gloria your sister and pick the baby Firoz up and transport her and Transformers Gobot Dreamworld legitimate universe sisters or order it to Gloria or Younice or Azalea.You have Princess Armada's as responsibility.She is more aggressive than me.She is gunnery and weapons and she is in charge and when I am very old she will become in Captain's role as Queen,flagship.Being related to me like she is helps her but what can she make of it.She has to be put through training and series of tests and in service to see what she is judged by experts of High Ranks
.I made it easily and had all out power.Feroza analyzes GAH instruction booklet for its powers similiar guidelines to ours.Fate and fact what afterlife happens as time runs,records and data.She is like me in some characteristics but then I play a role,as I named her after me partially.She can become a devil.And she is a new part of cat family{judges and High ranks and law enforcer system} as beings.She is a good guy she is law enforcer.One day she will carry the chores and duties of mine that is why I made her and born martial.She is a backup system to do with me and I load all of my teachings to her and same with grandparents.She is smart in school and is for University.Enhanced.She will become a teacher.She will live on a continent that is on the equator at the tip and covers the Frozen poles.Extends down or upward.It is a super civilization and her home is at the historic area city.Giant space levels.Huge
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Giant Pretender Planet

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Poles Continent Alien World Cities

and her home.She lives there and will space skateboard around the cities huge man miles away from huge home.She will live upper society but is a city dweller.She might move after she grows up from the fall like ON conditions and cloud cover and it gets hot at 24C.It has energy up in its atmosphere and lets us see space with nebula clouds and stars.It has a reaction.They can travel to all ends of the continent providing them with all they want,even tropical and hotter weather.Many types of climates and our favourites being far from the heat.We like the cold but there is a a tropical Oceans facing city and continent.And of course tropical hot weather and its snowstorms in its cold months fo minus 10C.They get everything tropical and cold.There are mountains,space hightways up to cities in mountains near the Poles area.And the giant woods in 10C and colder.Many electronics corporations factories and industrial parks in the cold weather.She knows of computers and is into cellulars.She likes heavy metal from me and Big band groups. She is a family security.She is a daredevil and is a skater.She loves rollercoasters.Feroza and Gloria will be born inside me and Feroza will gain from my family and pastlife archives and is women evolution process inside  .She will as transexual females gain alot from me and is my child a correction and improvement of me but I will be ahead from Transformers Gobot universe she will be born in me machine.She is a women with characteristics and strengths filtered out   and put into her refined inside my body produces more than women and we are a branching off from women,anti-women.She is a lesbian{privacy with attractive women} and I want that but in warfare she can't date.She will get it from Gloria and Princess Armada's as I made her inside me 2000's. ]
Gobotron Inbit Princess Armada

Sister tranny's Feroza and Firoz reborn insects robots evolution

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