Queen Armada

Me Feroz Khan Queen of Zarconia


Queen Ruler Armada 35ft Robot Vehicle Being mode Transformation

3-20 In Search Of..

3-20 In Search Of... The Diamond Curse (Part 1 of 3)

Magic power

I am a Queen Ruler of the future world.I was born advanced of Modern day with buildings and civilization and space traveling.I have never been to a primitive era or non-modern planet.Being put on Sol System Earth class was my closest to primitive.Allah's system put me on a primitive planet from Galactic Empire.A person of the future and military futuristic technology with robotics and radiation powered machines transform.Outer space.What started this story is when I started as a cute girl that was dominant named Feroz.Jinn is a space jinn nothing to do with Arabic term.Space term being white race and made by many of Allah's relatives.

"Sugar and Spice"Edit

Sugar and spice and everything nice that's what little girls are made of

Sunshine and rainbows and ribbons for hair bows that's what little girls are made of

Tea parties, laces and baby doll faces

that's what little girls are made of  Zeons had control over Galactica and these were all Zeon women.Zeons had control over French.Galactica was in past like the 18th century going to outer space other galaxies.They were all wondering with their breakthroughs as alien white people.Queen Armada was amongst that group wearing blue suit for women.They were going to ended by all of those that did not go to space.Treason to someone that they did not know that was going to space and showed top secret turbine space plane.Used rotors like WW2 airplanes and could transform to robot.They were black in color with red eye sensors. Queen Armada disappeared from her encounter with the VAMPIRE Parasitic Creature.It stole the Queen to another dimension from hives it makes blackholes.Soldier VAMPIRES creatures insect had beaten the military.Spacebourne creature fo 100 000 years old.Queen Armada was made from the love of many attractive women/shemale witches space white race from before the Zeon castle in Galactica for Queen Armada many thousands of years ago in modern space civilization,Dreamworld,precious stones.Magic.Future and Space,alien races.Martial with powerful will power as males.Queen Armada spent 20yrs in Galactica growing up to 18yrs old and spending 2yrs as adult.Grew in space years in the space military.She had her rank and they all thought I was a civilian until they did some scans study my health they found out I was a Queen.I was royalty but in military.Then she died and was gone as British took over Galactica and she was not part of the plans.Queen Armada was killed by the Americans in Galactic Empire to abolish a treaty.Desperation the Americans went to ally with British against King Edward who is like Napolean and he and Galactica were supplied Zeon technology for his war on the Americans.He was conquering them way before Queen Armada.Americans are Napolean's war enemy.He was shrinking Americans down winning against them.They then did a cout d'etat move on Queen Armada and she never saw out of her teens.Now with no signs of Queen Armada the treaty is abolished.Its all done in moves and tactics.Zeons were all gone from Galactica.Queen Armada had no Zeon blood left in Galactica.Clean.Smooth and firm and importance in heaven and hell world,Allah's secret,grey energy curse from Galactic Empire. I had characteristics Allah put in me and he was very lonely from him,angels,heavens and Space and condemn.My soul was blessed and shown furthest places as Allah's daughter as creation.Sharp features like Aryan and roudish face.Long hair and glasses thin frame and normal forhead.He is the Great and Mighty,wise Creator of everything and he is last to vacuum of space and heavens.He was there when there was nothing and nothing did not create him.Allah put rules in my genes.Great character but then he looked at my future and started to change on me.He got worse to my mother and me.He turned on us and started to punish us and act negative to us.Started to laugh he was being mean to us.Allah can change form and write Universes in his evil form.Like Freddy Kreuger 2010.We were put through a test and Queen Armada was born and   He was a young old man when he creationed me.But as a father and we passed his tests put blessings and grey energy curse from Galactic Empire and that Aryan creator the Antichrist Koran the law enforcer Creator and Medical Dr. and Scientist.He then took action with his curled blonde hair large size and goatie curled with Space Zionist glasses.He became my doctor in Galactic Empire and Space Americas in Gattaca.The Americans in space were handed over rights to Koran on Queen Armada.American Gattaca Creator System of Bret Hart.Now Queen Armada was under US laws and religion.Was going to setup the Galactic Empire dropping Queen Armada in ON North America earth class Sol System and her end with humanity drained her dry to start over again in UFP Stargate Gobot Pretender AI Europeans and island continent on poles of gas giant planet millions of light years away in another dimension for her to be reborn rejuvenated and vibrant with life when she sleeps is alive as her life after stop breathing in hospital in present century of 2070.Koran was doing things against me.He was draining out my strength to work and set me up on earth class Sol System. Space Americans on other side of Gattaca universe.Green colors and race of blonde haired Americans very advanced.Queen Armada went through in her many lives in many centuries went through social lessons.She failed to make it with rest of the gang many times.Disappointment while living in America's of Galactic Empire.She worked head off as Florence and her many appearances and main appearances as Della of Delta Quadrant.Queen Andromeda is Della.She is Princess Grace's space daughter.She went through lessons when she was young.Point name Feroz is a failure,to have lossed.Lossed and survived.Survival.And emotions at low and blues.Just isn't part of society from Allah's curse.Cast away.But looked cool.For some reason even when she was white like Florence and part of white Supremacists she learned hardship and from her family.Some died or had tragedies like job loss and other things to panic at.But they had extra amount of cash like buried cash to live off from and Florence's authoratative strength to work.No panic.They had bad luck.Recovered from bad luck.But never to full success.Florence was actress shemale.She was big name and had billions of dollars in space.She could roam the streets in her daily life.The person learns from witness of scarey tragedy and surviving it to get away.Fears.Supremace the fears and to not rely on any more defenses.Out window.Public lended in defenses that were better.Past was trash and was opponent to Florence.Florence won.Before Florence after Gattaca was the Force Five galaxy and planet.That was Queen Armada's pastlife home and also the start of Feroz to replace Queen Armada's pastlife.They were on that planet as it had countries and cities.Queen Armada lived there but with sharp features and new father and mother.They went to the lakes there in that galaxy.It had a purplish haze in sky and very advanced military technology.Queen Armada's father was in space military.He became a teacher after Force Five galaxy.We were protected by war vessels in space.Queen Armada lived in high class there.She had outdone

Abby the Witch

Galactica by having ancestos that were    50 000 yrs older than Galactica in her genes.Feroz and Queen Armada's genes were greatly older as they had elders in their genes and their possessed alien grandma.Her face looks like a nebula in space that it looks scarey and she was a witch.Face lines in her face were reddish with her blood shot eyes.Stella was her name.She had bulky features and sharp nose.Queen Armada was much older than what she started out as in Galactica.There on this planet was schooling and Queen Armada's life in school and academics.She had done well but like a teacher's child.She spent her leisure time in school like buildings and to socialize in universities.Because she was teacher's child she was allowed on campus and school grounds and treated well with permissions.Used to play music in music class and visit her teacher mother in music class.Queen Armada reached many centuries in age level being young at century and century and half she looked like 50yr old tranny.Someone that keeps to themselves and privately.God called himself Allah and "Stay Thirsty My Friends".God is another Antichrist that used American to wreckup my past life and have bad record loaded into it by US corruption and police were making sure that after Galactica I went downhill and was silenced.Police joined the British and started all of the Italians to build up the Congress and US.US was to dirty up Queen Armada so she was ready for the French to look down from their Italian brothers.They loaded to discredit me by US law and use racism.US made the situation ugly and used all of these Africans and Asians to put in the melting pot against me.God as Allah or complete nut that is communist.God has blonde hair and moustache.He does his dirty work that to Qiyamaht and end of the universe that nothing changes or favours to boost my powers that God destroyed,The Most Interesting Man.Yakov Smirnov is God as Allah as he crazily believes.Antichrist.Allah sent things to bother and pester and added to criminal.Grey energy ate away at her natural born powers and she gained some powers from her trips around Gattaca America from state to state living and learning.What these fiends were out for was they had imposter and were trying to feed my genes and authority into her so they could use her to take all government goods.They the French,Americans and UFP all found out that the fake white girl could not get the right codes activated.So Galactic Empire did this process to attack my genes and body.To bodily invade me so they could steal the secrets and feed it into the imposter.British treated the imposter great with greatness and fellow police.White House is intent on stealing.Same UPF think that they are militarized and have the power and authority to ransack Feroz's body and genes.They have deemed Feroz infront of the law.Stargate is not improving.Allah is pushing the U.S. and Allies to go ahead with this ruthlessness and the police all along wanted to admit me to the hospital to take my gene codes.And all of them especially the UN and UFP are scared of murder to take and ransack the body.In Battlestar Galactica they have spread with the French they have the rights on my body dead.To give their society everything and police think they are conquering me by ignoring me in eyes of government.They all along were purging and hunting in my genes and bodies causing me to be a body.The angels had no remorse and said I should have the powers of a prophet as defenses to judge my importance infront of Allah.Allah believes this process pioneered making whiteman close to white women.By using the annoying serial killer to hunt bodies and do war for Allah's causes especially towards me.Allah used the Galactic Empire to apply a slavery which earth class Sol System North American ON made much worse with these British.Stargate had the Boston like attitude of Eastern Seaboard all the way to Florida.They all think that their thinking about Battlestar Galactica is the only thing they have authorities,government and military recognize.This criminalized plan.They believe in Allies to keep pushing the way defenses is and wants to play games in torturing to show how powerful the British man is in present.They think its a form of being a snob and rest of the universe to show their back on Feroz as not being white and object for Allah to play games and bug.He as rest of universe respectless criminals.They think they have no natural enemies and to keep gasing me to make me worse and worse.Fiendish Angels that worse than white race.Object to doubt and is evil in eye of the church persecution.Minds are purely psychotic.They keep saying if he is important then like a prophet he'll have defenses.If not they continue.They were in Galactic Empire weakening me and what they say here in ON that they are softening me up with gas.Its for their hetersexuals and Allah and the angels.Allies and US,British have been trying to teach my defenses to be their slave and lower down.Keep lowering all of my defenses so I am prone to some sort of clone slavery.They use any excuses they can from race and news,religion to jump the gun and use the Canadians to have a primitive system to cause harrassment.When they go to their wars all they are interested is in Feroz and space.Feroz has been made into a person so many times though Allah had his crones resuscitate me by adding some white girl's soul which improved my body appearance to ready it as a hetersexual.He did this in all of my lives and wants to blame Satan.Allah is pure liar and ignorant.He is very criminalized.He keeps feeling pity.This is going to choke Allah that all terrors in future from space to this ignorant with no one to counter or defenses to what is going to murder the white race.They fooled with the universe with these damaging processes to fool with my military and authority to distribute around to make fun of it.Now its nothing and they wanted to use it like a fool and give it to me.They the enemies have been living under the Allies and Americans.Balance of the universe these fiends are all counting that Zarconian will bail them out.Stargate has this unexceptable attitude.Disrespect the white race did with Allah.Nothing at all in the way of what they fear in space to come and have free hand on these low life form criminals.They all are fearing and hoping to train me as a slave to bail them out.They resort to me thinking they manipulated my defenses.Angels worse than white race poke fun in danger.Angels are very annoying creations by Allah.They wanted to enjoy being white and attacked at me for brainless reasons.They destroyed very important criticall things like defenses and my military hierarchy.I have it all decayed and destroyed all vandalized by Allah the leader.They think if they pull of things a structure can happen in short time for them as they all are selfish and think only for themselves.Its only to protect the white race.That is what the angels care about.They don't care about any practice.Allah thinks he is doubting me.He has done permanent damage to me and universe.Nothing is going to happen and Allah is not happy with robotech and Macross.This old man was very evil old man.Had no respect and unified like filth with white man and his beloved Angels.Stargate is going to make this wikia happen.They have rotten attitude worse than Eastern Americans and South East US.Process of destruction and reducing down to Feroz.And making a public stereo type and lower class order.They used to attack as racism.They placed me once the Galactic Empire wrecked up my defenses to be traitor Americans.Pastlife has been boosted above me by Allah.So my bodies powers are wrecked up by this planet and from Antichrist did all the damage.Canadians wrecked it up and took everything because when you take medications as punishment the companies search out inside of my genes and body and take the secrets.It has nothing and secrets are all racist.They were planted on my from merging a white girl's soul into my body to upgrade my appearance.Did this in space and in Battlestar Galactica galaxy.Process was done which apparition was in place of my life.And British though from their royalty and honor that I should have their disorder in lives and pastlives.That the gender is not female and they fed in corruptant in my body to wreckup my appearance to lowest as Feroz.I developed ugly appearances from British treatment and embarrassment.Public all of Hollywood and British,NY are hiding why they come to me as police or some government that looks down on me doing Allah's dirty work with pleasure.It came to point that feeding white girl in my body to make me appear as girl,that they were eliminating the girl and her white race.UFP wanted hatred and racism and spoils.They wanted to upgrade all races in my pastlife that Allah and his family fed in.Allah was trying to have me slain and conquered in criminal mind.I was an outlaw he would jump on being anxious feeling in his chest to me about purging and reducing me to nothing.Muslims keep track and play enemy role in my life.Ignorant and won't face up to who Allah is.They are rediculous in drowning in beliefs in white race.They are praying to Allah's minion.Not Allah and they taught Allah is good.What about Feroz's story with all hatred bred by our Creator old man Allah and Annorax,Centauri.He is good to make a system that has him keep a great reputation and believes like a mental disorder that he is a hero and good guy.British are high and mighty with his angels and angels rationalize how they commit good out of Galactica.Running damn and making what white race finds popular religious beliefs from them.Angels having fun and being UFP.That I'll come to end found out my ideas were given to me from retched enemy with disrespect.In on the spoils from Allah.I am cleaned out dry that is why I became like slave Feroz.No family nothing left to being Indian.I don't have authority as its from white girl who became imposter and fed to Galactica for their plans.Military or defenses in British and American have their proud history and to erase anything on me to outsmart me as a low lifeform.Space is annoying place with respect to Allah.They are all hopeful.And Allah is sending these disasters so the white race can get ahead.He is obsessed with being military and stole and ate up my military.Allah can't time travel to when I died to see what happened.Allah prolonged my life because of his anxious feeling.I gave many decades back to Allah,subtracted.Angels went and drugged me to live.I can't die and everything is based on selfishness.Parasite creatures in space.And the elements in space like blackholes and Super Nova's.And white race wants to avoid these like they have with Allah to aid them.This treatment from white race and to threaten me with police to harrass.Racism.Scared to take racism to higher level as UFP would.Stargate and their bad attitude.If anything happens to a white that I am threatened by police and UN.Taken and punished.These wretched angels made this situation and nothing came to my aid.Communists just add to bad situation where I have no defenses.All rigged and now they use the law to attack.And give me ideas and drain them.My body has no ways of hiding any secrets like powers.No secret to any enemies forever.Destruction these UN and America,white race.Qiyamaht is trial the criminal Allah as my soul will look at our retched creator and what he did to Feroz and all his lives.What punishment and how Allah rigged everything for damn to failure.Allah won and had white race biggot.He gave them a free hand.Something to come out and end Allah and his existence.Qiyamaht end of our creator Allah and his crime spree of life.Government and their advantages.Thomas Riker. .I had sharp glistening features and roundish cheeks and a sharp nose,tall with beedy black pearl eyes and curled perm long black hair.I was the most beautiful.I looked like a Red Neck California Aryan girl but with

Queen Armada 40ft Robot mecha Being Transformation

black hair.I had an accident where a crane with a titanium block bumped my head back and I went into a coma.Then my nightmares turned into my life in Galactica as I lost my body in a coma.I loo

Queen Armada of present and future


Queen Armada Europe lead guitar

ked like Aurora.Like Italian blonde.Galactica was my nightmare in a coma and was me in my nightmare to continue from being the cute witch Transwomen.My name was as Queen, but marries other beautiful attractive transwomen same as me.Time went on and my family were
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GAH instruction booklet

broken up and in cemetaries.Evolution proceed,my genes older than the white race and wiser and to linger and live in future forever as Aereal of Insectibot Invid Inbit of Cybertron Gobotron Insecticons relive.Socializing is my enemy and is the pits with me.My pastlife races Ettrossian Space Americans,Gattaca and Galactica never opened this to me and would give it disappointing and ignorant.It has been strength to crime,crude,negativity,pagans.I am not a popular figure and lived boring and without socializing and supremaced it by dressing better than it and conquering it as a trophy.It is something I don't care to exist.I never had a chance at being free having my freedoms robbed of my by setup defenses sold me out to the British.I have been reduced down and have lived boxed in.I never started the race at all even in the future.I was put into a housing develpment and belittle to lose my immortal powers.Lost all of them drained by humanity.He made me lose out to them Allah.The British got away with this crime.I was not born a certain type of race and was destroyed down and am sinking.I have never lived any higher.Born of useless existence and very boring.Low ranking to the bottom because of British and Federal Government.Unequality to whiteman,crimed,suppremaced me every other way,militarily,modern slave.I am proud of being a stranger of civilization and a big shot with very little problems.Non mlilitary for long time many lives in America in space.Galactic Empire ended my stay with them.My soul in dreamworld goes farther than any angels and that is how I have powers beyond any angels.My flight and ability to conquer hights to sky and space and falling.I can jump down skyscrapers to ground.I have gravity.I was dosaged a grey energy that was mixed with chemicals and put through processes.This grey energy eats away at mutant and any other powers.It robs them of powers and its very destructive to powers and magic.I have this in my body and it merger with curse.This was to destroy and rig my military defenses so no one could support me.And I wandered in dreamworld where I was powerful and had dignity.In my body I was mear human that went through a process setup by Galactic Empire of being powerless low stature.My strengths is against the women and supremacing them.Lemuria is a super civilization because of the dreamworld.It though is a place of Garden of Eden homeland to street kid grownups like me.I am part of races older than the one I began with by 25 000 yrs and 50 000 yrs older.We are outgoing and your European grownup is ignorant.We are daredevil{skaters}and metallers as old people.We are a continent of youthful,lego and video games.We are made by Tribal Pacific parents and I am not born in Lemuria.We are not snobs.We eat cake and junk food as food.We are into being cool and outgoing.We are cool all my life.We swear and talk cool.But I hate the cool gang of North America.I did not like them and never will for I am from the Tribal islands of Pacific.My kids are like me and eat junkfood and I am an elder to them.Science fiction military cartoons and action movies and horror,activities and nightlife to be in my own world.My sexuality of attractive shemales lesbians.In prophetic teaching I am part of Antichrist family.Queen Armada is part of Antichrist family.In creation I was hidden as my other family members were all hidden.We were not born to a family.Processes that hid all of us and me.I have a curse that destroys galaxies.It has travelled with me from galaxy to galaxy and ending each white race.Its a curse upon the White race.Its unbeaten.The curse contols stars and has to do with astrology.It has deminished my enemies.Grows bigger and changes from empire to

backyard 16 Carlton Place


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16 Carlton Place


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empire.Curse was conspired by space devil family.They could attack the creator's system and make space disasters.We do like to socialize but I have to create Zarconia.Queen Armada is Irish.This is a telepathic bonding.Queen Armada is authority and does government jobs as a worker.She lives in Lower Canada.She is in Quebec.I have seen her many daughters in a government workers role.I also am great at North America sports,hockey{soccer} and baseball and like wrestling.And I play heavy metal,rock and thrash lead guitar of my favourites,Led Zeppelin,Black Sabbath with Dio,                                                                                                          Ozzy Osbourne,Rush,Aerosmith,Kiss,Anthrax,Def Leppard,AC DC,Running Wild,UDO...etc and Edge music,Megadeth.I am way more beautiful and out do my pastlife because I am a mamma,mother and have evolution process of shemales inside me.They will grow bigger than me.I am not that large as I am under 6ft for reasons.I am my own fathering in me,Princess Armada.She is transexual female mothered.In evolution process am developing shemale mother systems and supernatural systems for mothering and growing Princess Armada.Attractive shemale evolution process inside my body as Abigail McLaughlin transexual female mother's name.Princess Armada is more male than I am and I go as her mother Abigail McLaughlin.Princess Armada is a dominant shemale.I am a mothering tranny.I also have and growing Princess Armada's qualities.When I dressup with makeup and cosmetics its to put my spouse and everything from her into me so I don't need her.Dress magnificant and islam.To be loaded with more than shemale and model and to be my own spouse to my fullest. in  .To regain my confidence and pride in being branched off from females and grow self women evolution process and manipulated into me and to receive only from my won and my new people afterlife and my new home.My name Feroz is reincarnation of my Galactica
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Queen Armada

 name which in an alien language is longer and the name of Queen Armada.20 more letters to it.It means split up Fer which means Iron in Rennaisance France and Oz{Oh-zzzz} which is God's name in Dark Ages latin.Feroz soul as a white person female jinn.When I change.Arc angel Abigail McLaughlin.Galactica was created as a government by Henry Winkler Dellavin,Thomas Riker.He the frenchman planted things into Galactica and used his grave robbing genetics to feed in Allah's{Dr.Terence Wynn and Mumm-ra John Muckler  family an orange haired attractive women authoratative Martha to create Queen Armada 
Queen Armada as Veritech Action

Queen Armada Cyndi Stryker


Queen Armada

.He put her{mother} soul into me Feroz to give me military attributes and traits and Martha's family and to feed in white race into my genes,instincts,body,to make me artificially white.Martha is Space American,militarized.Then Henry Winkler Dellavin Frenchman pulled plug on Galactica making commands and orders to Thomas Riker{General Bellicose Allah Pak Heaveny Father}and said to put "him" in Gattaca for a process in evolution and to block him from space.Space Americans did a destruction process of high and low class slavery.Change in being Ettrossian Confederated Space Americans.These animals were completing a mob deal and slavery.Gandal Heavenly Father Jed Allan Allah was trying to slavery me on Ettrossian American planet.He was cutting me off like a kidnapping and then went to this earth class planet and UFP and Sol System as his loyalities.British failured end of the deal as cowards.They backed out.Heavenly father Allah Pak made my defenses turn on me as they were rigged.That is because I am an Arc Angel Queen Armada.And being dead,makes me again to be Arc Angel witch.My family are muslims.That's my people and family Space travellers and aliens humanoid beings of white race.I am very quiet isolationist stays to myself from major disasters and experience in all situations city and my life in space.I descend from races that are white races broke off from government white race.I am at war with my pastlives and Jinn.It is a lazy coward and miserable excuse and I will develope a squad to eliminate an uninvited refuse.This is the traitor and we don't allow it to join because Zarconia is not for joining its for using.Souls that do not look like me and more like white people and its family.I am from races where we are not the same appearance as each other.We all are different looking in my pastlife as a people.Then they changed into white muslims race but warfare got us separated and lost and mixed up across the galaxy.I reproduce females shemales that have sharp features.It is stored in my body and my ancestory defenses and Allah's systems.My life past adds to me to make me the leader and very important.My power grows from myself in past and then future as extra life.My power death makes me live and I utilize evil into good.I am from Tribal origins and they are very smart.I am not outgoing and will never act to socialize.I am my best friend.I have a strong will power and am a fighter.I have had alot of supernatural experiences and death to make who I am and I am a fighter.I live as cold and sad to the outside world and my enemies changed me in evolution process and I seek to destroy them.I am cool but detest them and my strength from my age group new generation of future 21st century that I am 18th Century of 70's wise,modern and clean and genes strength,attributes,peaceful and sciences.I have this for Princess Armada as she is brand new and has no pastlife except inside me,I am a transexual female mother.My people and family make transexual females,religious and old fashion and tribal.I am very peaceful and appreciative.I make no trouble.I am a preformer and like it in my corner.I have adjusted to all situations and this increases my rank. My illness could be a power. Allah Heavenly Father Jed Allan Gandal Koran and William T Riker General Bellicose are part of my evolution process and entered this universe based on Galactica.Allah was bringing in a soul of Allah's system,a damned Guardian and a Messenger in exchange for me.I am Queen Armada.I am extremely clean with cleanliness and shower.As entire body and rear clean will be for and was reproduction.I started in history from the Gamma quadrant as Arial kicked out of Q Continuum and into the dreamworld and government of Gamma quadrant.Back then it was full of civilization,suburbs and cities.I then was born a grown up and attended a school and part my classes was law enforcer so I had a laser gun.Arial drove in her space police car,went through life as being but with super abilities,she could jump high and do acrobatics.Arial then died and got born in Galactica.I was not raised with my attractive women Galactican Shemale and female parents.Queen Armada Abigail McLaughlin spent 20 yrs in Galactica.She was 18 and had 2yrs as young adult then died from British takeover.She was setup in space and killed.Never had anything to do with Galactica journeying to be born in Galactic Empire.I never knew of them in my life and looked at them as a competitor.I have none of attractive women teachings as I know none.They chose men.Hard to believe that two good looking porn models were together from porn women and man uniting bodies and matrimony.They the attractive women were to childish to raise children that were adult women.They only can raise boys.As time and universe made judgement to leave Galactica and leave the situation and showed me my Galactica parents being elder Zeons.I was taught more than old fashion space beliefs.My attitude and universe changed my depth level as existence and species was changing route in universe.Branching off to a path and went to the Galactic Empire to live in their America's or USAs they have.Went to more men and women parents but they were never flashy looking or adult life.Attractive women was a failure to my life this type of witch was abandoned as man's partner.I don't like anyone to do with my genes parents.I was raised as Zeon in Galactica by elder man,tall sharp features  and elder women.I had older genes than attractive women being of races millions of years older than attractive women.They took me in as their own and I was told in my life I had royal lines.I was living in my ancestors mansion in Antarctica many thousands of years ago before it came to earth when it was thriving modern space travelling continent in Galactica.I grew older and put on a black uniform to show I was a space Queen.It was shiney material.But I had a bad streak in me.And that led my life to who I truly am.All of my pastlives failed me and were extinctioned to ON North America earth class Sol System.They could'nt make it because they are out of date and obselete.Their purpose is used.And

Queen Armada Cyndi Stryker photo ID

in Galactica I was born to a Zeon family.We lived in Antarctica and it was planted and originated on a planet that was cloud color,white and other colors.It was bigger than Neptune.I was born a teenager and grew up in Royal castle and we had a civilization advanced,with cities 1000's of years ago.I had an older brother who was married and had my nephew as living in the castle with me and around my age group as their were girls too.Girls were separated from guys as they had their activities and we had ours.The government of Galactica was from wars on their planet and were trying to expand to space.They were going to war with Argellons,Ogrelike race of giants that were red in color{damnation colors} and same family Klingons but different,less bald head but alien features.They had done war with bordering continent of Neo Nazis and Antarctica was attatched to land all around and had some water.I was growing up and was put into war.I was going to historic area and attending school.After school I went to war against these Neo Nazis and died. My ghost then came back to Antarctica and that is when the top secret things got openned to me like transforming space propellored fighter.From war they found this transforming propellored fighter and has Transformer Universe origins as they were from there.Queen Guardiana but dead or in a state.Then I used Queen Guardiana and used to fly her through the streets of Metropolis and upper cloud level cities buildings,same surface but urban in air bridges to get to it.I then trained to use this fighter and was in experiments to fly her in space to see if she worked and she worked.This then got productioned as fighter for our military and they put them on space carriers which Galactica used to produce.Metropolis had alien races and representatives.This is where our council was and I was appointed "Queen" and my codename Armada.I had royal lines and everyone voted I should rule from my family.And I ran things and the military and got caught up in the military and was on carrier in space fighting wars in Queen Guardiana or her sister Kelectra the damned.Gobot.Decepticon and autobot?British came to invade Galactica opportunistic.Metropolis had no leadership and I declared war on British.We then sent out and I went out on the battlefield and got rid of British invasion fleet.We had bombarded them with attack from space carriers.Their space frigates were more advanced than our ships but fighters took them out with explosives.I then became successful after defeating British attack.Metropolis council said of intelligence reports on wall.We watched of the threat the whiteman and found British are not alone and working with Communism which they have family and ancestory in belief it is powerful that they are the same appearance and color as a power and race and Gamilons and Galactic Empire and more.Same appearance and color as a supremacy and to impose this on other races to destroy them to this.They then made up an appearance{physical description} they call white.And ancient history to back it up,some sort of warmonger supremacists that had white supremacist characteristics in space.I was to got out with a huge fleet and find out more of space to UFP United Federation of Planets far opposite direction of edge of the universe Galactica.I then went out with the fleet and it did successfully.We went outer area of Space Americans of Galactica and I knew from their lows they worked British in future after knew of their policy British.We had gone to the British universe of space Andromeda system.There we fought all out war on Galactic Imperium.Fighters were doing well against theirs.But we won from the new hybrid made from black hole star destroyer we had as carrier with black hole technology as they were built inside them.This launched fighters attack and British Imperium was defeated by nuclear weapons of Galactica.After the British were out Galman Gamilons with a declaration of war on Gamilons of communism.All out war on Galmans and this was half and half war but we won.Gamilons did not have any wave motion technology but had military technology and were going on that against Galactica's alien technology.We won.But Galactica was destroyed badly as Gamilons invaded Galactica.They invaded Antarctica as I invaded their capitol planet earth class sise

Florence Smith Gattaca Space American Zarconia F-5 Space Freedom fighter witch tranny

bigger than Saturn.We had nucleared this planet and ruined it and had infantry on surface of Gamilon homeworld earth class planet.Antarctica was shooting out and holding out against Gamilon forces and Galmans.Antarctica spacefolded to earth and was at South Pole and started to freeze over.Temperature started to drop to South Pole subarctic temperatures from their 17 degrees celsius.I died but took out fight from Gamilons and British.Body was buried on our planet with Antarctica missing.I then was born under rebuilding of Galactica and we had made industry and pollution and now the planet's colour waa damned summer purple with Fall like temperatures,12 degrees C,and cities were built but aged and were like cities in space.I was not ruler but like a ghost but I was alive.I was a statue and near space airport.Statues and things I stayed with as my war became historic.Propellored fighter became statue.People then spread to America planet of Galactica.They had more t.v.But they had a country and America began to grow and made alliances outside Galactica to spread to the rest of American race.They had linked to UFP United Federation of Planets and I died in Galactica and was born Space American Ettrosian Confederated of Gattaca galaxy.I was born on Eden class planet Nitro
Eden class

planet Nitro Eden class

Jovian giant planet with warm weather damned blue in color in the dark nitro blue of outer rim of Galactica.This universe was built by the Heavenly Father Allah Pak.He made it of Nitro gas named Gattaca quadrant.Damnation Blueish color winter.I was born Space Americans as Francis and was Naval Captain's family .I had a powerful military family.Father was a space Marine.Feroz's pastlife has never had a brilliant father ever for Queen Armada.Queen Armada Abigail McLaughlin of Ireland gave me and handed down things to me in enemies to how to counter the enemies with goods and technology,powers.He has always been physically strong in great shape as athlete for US sports or is military as a soldier part of branches  government.No one that is smart and wealthy or works in corporation.No buisiness or with a suit.No one that has high academics.Mother is operator and is smart in keyboards and talking on dispatch.Space Marine he never got any higher except from his age.We met a creator that had a goatie and short blonde hair,looks like modern "God" but is not.Stratten was his name.Wore thin frame glasses.Wide and face was bulky roundish.Thick eyebrows blonde.   He was a space Zionist and had this grey energy he used to play around with and mix with chemicals,alien mathematics formula for each he knows them and made many up.Grey energy can drain magic powers and X-men powers.And authoratative.They will lose their powers and it has curse in it.He was smart using this energy and making it into a drug.But it can blow.It is highly explosive too.Grey energy is from our universe and he mixed it up and and it drains and eats up powers and energy.I never was part of my father's work or Mom's.I used to wander our America in Gattaca and live in each city and town and live there and work as waitress and other jobs and made alot and did not depend on Daddie's money.I had my own and used to travel to space.I used to be a socializer and socialized alot of porn lesbian shemales and lesbians.My cousins and friends.And I used to go from town to town and hang around playing pool and other games,listen to music and bar,cards.I used to dance and was part of theater.I learned to do acting and could dance in acting being taught in historic area for theater by people from hundreds of years ago as my teachers,women.I had Margot as my creator back then.  I became a great actress shemale in space and was huge and people looked way back in past hundreds of years to Florence and her acting and appearances on tv.She was taken to by Gattaca and Americans.  And they found of Galactica and went to war on them.Now the Galacticans expanded to the French.Space battleships entered my life and were in my blood as my family made before Star Blazers.Age level quadroupled in age past 100yrs old more than 10 times.I guess from 1000 yrs time travel back to the Heavenly Father Allah Pak Gandal and General Bellicose William T Riker.Heavenly Father Allah Paks Annorax,Centauri{Allah's creations and offerings from a ceramony British people do,marriage and weddding} destroyed all of my daughters or children,process in getting away with crimes and sinning.He did it to be ignorant,teaches a method to trick Allah's system which agrees totally to allow sinning highest levels,no need for Islam,but its been conquered and made worthless.Making serial killers work.He has Radical fundamentalist and prejudice to summon up the 911 police to attack me and raise the level to make it unliveable, reasons for attacking me and destroying my system.Warfare on my reproduction to make slaves and feed them back to me after they have sinned against me and my family.His purpose in leaving Heaven was commit his life to destroy my government system and family.I can't reproduce from the destruction{damnation} this angel has done for Mumm-ra.They in Ettrossian were melted down by acid til there is none,and process to make them into my enemies and have them as government to be little me and my color,military destroyed them with Gandal and General Bellicose.Used excuses that my daughter{damnation} needed to be white,Space Communist and made into the enemy whiteman.Whites took to my kids{used them up} and adopted them with this process and say it is not destructive.They are not my blood anymore with this warfare and these idiots thank worse war criminal serial killer gone berzerk.Purpose was extremely destructive but to Galactica.America's in Gattaca galaxy.Space American race under Galactic Empire and ally of theirs.Galactic Empire observed and left alone the racist Americans and supported them.They Americans had a defenses that runned their military defenses.They were a council of Generals and ranks.They had powers from Allah and created military.They mergered with the Americans.They are the reason Americans are superpower.They surrendered to British.They were devious people.They were doing things destructive to me and turned on me.They put me on Sol System earh class North America.Curse is inside them.America's everywhere were visited by alien race of hujmanoid eagles.Eagles as alien race and giant empire.They had giant vessels that had technology beyond UFP.Their eagle craft are like Bird of Prey but has more power than fleets of starships.It has technology like stealth and cloaking.They have powerful weapons and all of my defenses were captured by this empire.Eagle is an alien creature not from earth.Its feirce and a machine.Eagle as alien race are mighty and wise empire that have defeated many.Eagle is part of USA.Basis eagle from alien galaxies with glowing eyes for their warships.Eagle as alien emblem.Did warfare on me and my Kids who are extinctioned {damned} and they were going to save monster white race.My parents are much older than me and were alive for along time,4000yrs and 5000yrs.These were cruisers travelled in space with laser battery that defeated enemy design.Designed to attack UFO aliens as a system.Space cruiser had arc batteries and giant stilletto like nuclear missile end of nose launcher.I was Space American for 900yrs overwhelming stint in Galactica.Delta Quadrant Queen Andromeda was born Delistrophisis   shemale child under the Galactic Empire and Houses cat Jedi Darth and Mumm-ra before Shaitan appearance,old and crowny,young man alien features.Queen Andromeda from ashes of Queen Armada died from living last part of Gattaca in unexplored universe and high level parasite creature in Xenomorphs family but a different species but immune to explosives and lasers.Galactic Empire sent in a unit to save Florence and extract her to their base in space and have her remade genetics and remove parasite damage.Then reborn to Princess Grace's family.Princess Grace of Galactic Empire.Her daughter Harley Quinn of future.Then Queen Andromeda moved with Princess Grace's father Captain Gideon to Delta Quadrant to planet bigger than North America.Housing developement was developed to destroy me down to being plain and ordinary and very boring.I am not placed in any race as other beings.Embarrasing by Angels as White people used me as excuse to get bigger and more power but they are drowning in my story of beating and outsmarting hell and condemn.Malfunction in favour of white race.Allah had this done to me to give away my attributes to my enemy Whiteman to grow.Galactica I was in my 20's and I supremaced century and bit.I have no girl or spouse{damned}.I never had any because I was made without any in existence.I never will so I don't have feelings for that.Not past or afterlife and for my purposes I don't want one,see no need,unimportant.I am older than my past.I accumulate my age from my past lives joined into me.That is why my position is a giant machine of highest responsibility space battleship and is made for me to battle as Admiral but Queen.Where I am going to in my branch of life is not looking for that.Nothing to do with dating.Now I am of Sol System in Ontario and of Great Lakes area.I am now building secret battleships and for duration was unimportant and this effected me.As I drifted off as human and have always been a transexual female
Queen Andromeda

Queen Andromeda Cybertron Gobotron

at the least or shemale most of my lives.I do not have British disorder.My soul was locked by Allah in petrified trap like a museum exhibit with furnishings and behind that my soul in my heart.I should have begun 70's as shemale Feroz Khan. I was born with an illness and disorder from illness and my soul was trapped outside my body{damned}.Collision with transexual females and graduated genders.So I would view things that
KusoCartoon 13857729865874

Queen Armada and ID

2013-11-29 17.39.53

Feroz Khan ID

2013-11-29 17.35.37

Feroz Khan ID

something was taking my place{disease algae being} til it left I was structure by in stasis.Factors built up to bring me here from the Moon to the hospital by Federation.All of this made me more myself and I disolved everything off to have my body again,shape.Medication destroyed what was taking my place add to disolving gender collision transexual female disorder being and body chemical cells,algae or mild disease and stasis.Graduate genders to shemale regain witch.Cold War years there was no Queen Armada.Like Serpentor in GI Joe the hospital injected and artificially fed clone powers to make a prophet.Defunct failure that made geek from 80's transgender of Bramalea,ON.This is their belongings as project to do Mumm-ra's bidding is to plant on the loser things from great leaders and prophets.Nothing of my powers is natural.Powers of creator world and government history,respond to things in power.Care very little about me,use the hell out of this project of whiteman and treasure of creator's things of British.I am of 2000's.I want to be huge again and now evolution process change and needs for me now as sinning is rampant and British are grown resources and I am under enemy alliance of allied and axis powers and UFP Federation of Planets and U.N.Racism and class level and income.And they had beaten a race in my family from Mom the Germans.I became muslim and from space pagans to religion.And Quran and muslims is the only religion for family and makes them religious,no violence in it.Non-violent religion the one I practice.They did such rotten things as good guys to family like people that were non-military and innocent people vs Martial authoratative whiteman.Killering family people and religious people.And were laughing they were winning and America pride they spoilered me to set this up.Tribal Empire warfare on whiteman and series of Galleon fleets from British Empire and Imperialism on Tribal Pacific and their giant war canoes and each island's cannibal weapons.Each animal and pet's island tribes.Seige and human sacrifice prisoner British and Dutch Muslim backing Dinguil.Fiji.Tribal defense system and alignments and intelligent people.In outer space.Tribal Islands were full of family people and these cannibals learned their bread and butter from family people.Elderly people mixed famlly of caring uncles,aunts,cousins,father and mother under a system you can't control.Island people they showed our parents as children were innocent but abused by whiteman{whiteman is growing and is a war criminal and slaver.We are going through process of slavery by being boxed in by U.N. and UFP.I have been against warmongers and find overly peaceful people overdo too much peace and solve racism with racism and hate are mentally ill.Ontario and the early days of the 70's and my Dad Steve Trachsion and how he immigrated and lived in US and journeyed to Toronto.  They have the Church{Antichrist}Feroz's enemies Muslim improved and full backing, and this deals and is planned to turn into occult because it has these laws they want to practice and UFP U.N. gets from Christianity{violent},racism are all all laws and rights that is why the Quran was re-written and was to the family and religious people.It had no attacking in it except for Jihad which is outer space war and whiteman lost and was extinction}Whiteman is composed of factors that are dangerous,Neo Nazis and Communism and KKK.Feroz's enemies are at a higher level than the norm.Feroz's enemies are like god.They are extremely advanced with Mumm-ra behind them totally 100 or more percent.All of Allah Paks belongings and creations and ideas.It is all of his.Mumm-ra can do everything all fall on him.They are starting to manipulate and control giving home and shelter and living.Stepping up in using police to crime people living under them}Extract using medical as torture}They are like a giant mob that can use anything and hide behind them,pick axis powers and blame who they want,commit and legalize criming and live on crime.They is no division but they have this good guy bad guy system but they all are the same but screwups.Christianity with Islam corruption and from Old testament.So many times Allah Mumm-ra{Allah's world and possessions with rules British are great at} setup the whiteman or Heavenly fathers Allah setup whiteman for victory domination and outer space even for earth.My birth shemale disorder ended and got in to cause catastrophe to government making of British.Disasters and destruction to set them back releasing systems of Allah in this modern world.Once buried to leave it but they openned it willing a member U.N. and UFP and allowed all what was gone to come back from past,Allah's systems.Fighting amongst themselves make openings.WW1 and WW2 so many screw ups for me to take heavy advantage to make my Empire Zarconia.Fill and feed Zarconia Transformer Gobot Militarization interest and knowledge and policies of being a builder and manufacturer and dealer goods,laws and military powers and what I want exactly.They used to hurt the feelings of family people.And animals turned into caring pets and were like famliy people.No military in them that is why they were quick to make slaves.Pets and family people as tribe.And they are more civilized than all of outer space and clean.Pets are small in size.I merged in evolution to pet cat and thylacine god.I retain the 18th century in the future 21st century and robotech generation.My genes are older than religion as my race from India.India had era where they spread throughout the Pacific from all islands off Antactica's coast,New Guinea,Northern Pacific,Indo China islands and to South America.They all call themselves Indian and mean India.Toltecs to Apaches to Canadian natives are Indian.White cannibals are Indian in heritage and baseball players.Americans are older than India in Pacific.They are centuries older.Indians came in after World War.Americans were there in 17th century in Pacific.India lived without any religions and were before religions.Indians are planet's oldest races.WW1 from Feroz as archive compete against Robotech and outer space.I am wise from 18th century.And they were practical people and scientific.Knowledgeable and experts in
KusoCartoon 13915453046616

Giant Pretender Planet

military. And my mind functions as that.Cycle mode my cycling ability past space mach.Flight reconfigurate in my green robe,metallic material
New FK

Queen Armada Europe transformed from being to VSTOL starfighter Superiority fighter

I can modulate in my fighter to alien hydraulic configuration,wings fold downward and compact and it looks alien but to retain my military spacefighter modulated alien and I have starfighter abilities.Military mode VSTOL space fighter.When I start to transform my face takes the form of a machine and I have plates in my face like a robot jinn and I enlargen and make the most advanced Transformation,I can make noise for types of operations as I will exist,I am very fast hydraulic electronic pressure not clank around.Not switch personality or a different.Aspect of me same me.I am modified.Dreamworld I travel in urban civilization where I am
KusoCartoon 13826399066235

Queen Armada

KusoCartoon 13865389991514

Queen Armada Feroz Khan

huge,my crown has space above it on the transit bus and complicated routes to train and shopping centers.Travels mach speed.Very far in hrs of a day.Superb mastery of energy power to do accurracy function consecutive.Routine to fly upward posture and at mach speeds to arc and fly down upright posture to streets.Legs posture to go up in arc or to land and hover and full speed or to slow down.Flight to space in Space KM per hour to alien worlds to catch their society offguard and to see what its like infiltrated.Fly upright at light speed,arms downward.Arms up my abilities in my hand and arms or fly.Configurate for flight ability and ride of wavelengths to

Queen Armada Transformers Pretenders 2070

space.Containment and control of unstable energy to its refined use manipulated in tranny witch muslim.My power cut down on hrs and time on vast distance.I am downtown for lunch.My power and my children transexual female's power psychic telekenetic powers.We are multi transformation Gobots transformers Militarization interest and knowledge and policies of being a builder and
2013-11-24 22.20.53

Venusian UFO

2013-11-24 22.21.46

Venusian UFO

2013-11-24 22.29.12

GAH Book

2013-11-24 22.24.05

Inside Venusian UFO

manufacturer and dealer.Lemuria I am to live in a new home and universe in Transformer Gobot Universe.I am going to pick a high society continent we got from Antarctica.We are going to live in Antarctica like continent but is closer to equator and is downward to South or North Pole.It is attatched to Pole being frozen over but outskirts it is 15C in temperature.It ia a booming civilization of 800 million people being robot people.It has electronics and corperations that construction electronics and add to society.Many areas that are dark like dusk with times of the day frozen in the continent.We are going to live in historic area which is 10C most year fluctuates to 15C but gets hot in summer to 24C.Cloudy and fall like ON.Cloud is kept in atmosphere but from seasons to hot disappears but reaction that makes the space sky see nebulae clouds
KusoCartoon 13865396942954

Feroz Khan GAH

KusoCartoon 13865395701837

Feroz Khan Transformer

KusoCartoon 13865398108365

Feroz Khan Gobot

KusoCartoon 13865391924695

Queen Armada Feroz Khan

and glistens with energy.See space much better and stars.Many temperatures and climates on a continent.All driving and comuting.We will live there as a family and this giant space city is our first home then Princess Armada will move out to the Tropical area of our continent.We will drive and use transportation to get around our continent.We will get to the Pole like city Subarctic and to Tropical area and giant space city.It is Tropical and faces Tropical oceans.It does snowstorm there in its seasons.Pole on same continent as all types of weathers and developed at the outer space Urban level.They will live in the best as I want and our home is the best for when we are beings,as we are using to grow up to military and thet will be within centuries at theirs and my timing.I want to be into corporations and factories.I will have a job and then go on holidays to journey around with my power and transformation.To stay within our continent will have everything we want.It is suburban with giant woods and jungel in arctic weather and cold woods.Lake giant and massive
KusoCartoon 13865559417641

Queen Armada Lead Guitar

and is in Pole zone to the thawed
KusoCartoon 13882802740583

Queen Armada Abigail McLaughlin

ou cold of 10C.And many areas have corporation factories and industrial park.Animals in woods and Jungle.Perimeter.Mountains have space highways built through them and on them and cities up in mountains.Princess Armada will have everything including tropical beaches but snowfall when hot season is over.Blizzard and minus 10 for cold season.Travel is for going over oceans to places tropical.But we are under equator of planet.And there is hot weather as polces Subarctic weather.Hot and cold and in center both.There are cities and urban life throughout a booming civilization.I will be a space Federal agent beginning over again in alien space Transformer Gobot Universe.I will be born with a suite part of my costume with GAH powers.Powers from UFO but in a Transformer Gobot symbol.Darker and have powers.I will practice my power and go to using the power and sciences being my thrusters.Mechanical into my power.And my GAH powers.I will be my own agent.I will drive around my dream world car.And to combat crime in
KusoCartoon 14054903852846

Queen Armada Feroz Khan and her parents afterlife outer space another dimension

space.Time blown away earth class and 20th Century.Dust and bones and rusted junk.Ideas all gone from being used and lousy confined to earth class failures.I will be a samaritan.Explore my civilization and my
KusoCartoon 13903465624310

Poles Continent Alien World Cities

rank thinking that I have free time and no work but am trained as a Space Fed.Space travellng at the airports.I am traveling on sidewalk and then with the cars on the road,going past them full speed upright and then goes upward to flight arms forward protect my head,above the highway and then VSTOL upward arch to my trajectory.And my place I live in a Condominium in dreamworld I fly to my apartment open door or window,land.I have severe mastery of my skills.I used to be in a train tunnelway and travel through this to many facilities flying and hovering through giant many miles long with many storeys high inside.End of tunnel facility and to explore,debris sometimes and to fly outside it surrounded by body of water and I do fly full speed over oceans freshwater in dreamworld.Sharks of dreamworld are 40ft but very dangerous as a dream Great Lakes of Lemuria shark was very intelligent prehistoric hunter,lakes were attatched to North pole,no land part ocean.Fly above witnessing it eating a freightor flying danger below me.Fly to the parkette which is bottomless below.Land on Parkette open doors to office building and fly when I open the doors and do not fall but fly downwards to outside of office building and fly to a door and open it.I started with Final Destination and had UFO alien
3-20 In Search Of..

3-20 In Search Of... The Diamond Curse (Part 2 of 3)

Interest Queen Armada,defenses

3-20 In Search Of..

3-20 In Search Of... The Diamond Curse (Part 3 of 3)

Queen Armada's life

and now I have Super 8 powers and Great Lakes Triangle,GAH touched.Hover from many storeys wall to wall and perch not fall.And then Acceleration flood of pressure around me and my stances of flight.Agility and able to manipulate gravitational forces momentum,I am faster and go to space.Open my townhome window of Lemuria and out to space.I am going to be a machine.But I'll retain as a being.I watch in Lemuria Peel with buildings and I am at my girlfriends{?} apartment and on her roof of her condo.And to go back to 1980's to show off and watch and to show her my power and massive secret.I am her dream..And I go to school with my power larger version of Peel,fly it takes time and into the school which is many miles bigger and take transit to her school.And my daughter to accompany me same gender and she follows and I tell her to compute the computer.We both fly.Grey coach dreamworld full speed up to Native zone darker and plush giant over growth reddish and dull bright colors.To dreamworld ocean great lakes up North and Grey coach terminal station.Get off and use my power to search for a town on the ocean historic and is huge on one of the branches of land from above to freshwater sea.Endless even to the Provincial park giant sized and predator shark.South to lakes and full of urban civilization.Closer to South branch downtown.American.My kids say I prefer to travel on road upright full speed.They go to their boards as they throw them into air and jump on them to fly in pairs.Our planet is Star Wars and made of white material above stratosphere of our massive huge planet and its American urban civilization ground,my power and {Extinction}

Queen Armada Space, space Panavia Tornado

and fed into me artificially by whiteman,Feroza and Gloria's transatmospheric boards and to jump down from hight of the planet on boards.Easy I taught them.Go down to city Star Wars.On the road to fly forward.And my family,transexual daughters following me and flying.Feroza and Gloria flying on their skateboards and in winter snowboard,jumping from building level and falling on their board,daredevils.And me and my mastery of my power.Change to being mode for full speed into space.And re-entry full speed flying above full speed of the urban civilization and slowing down to land on my boots and coat and body uniform prevents cold.Legs forward and upright on roads and streets travelling 100's mph.Change to my cycle mode.Fly upright above sidewalk.And use my power inside buildings to hide around ceiling.Facility is km huge.And to use my flight to get to areas from above.And my travels to native zone parks with very large deep lakes,seas.Many of my younger children Princess Armada are in dreamworld real in this universe souls are in tombs in alien universe wainting from Mommy Feroz.Guarded in space by elements souls are in space.Amelia is waiting and Azalea is waiting.Strutures for some and natural phenomena for many.Even Treleste is not earth.Sad story of how to assemble Feroza's family but they all will be born without a female because they are alien robot.Only me.Pass by these places or go to them they will as the creator system of Transformers Gobot universe will obtain them early and plant them on me for transexual female alone mother's process and power of these creators in a dream or like a sleep all done in a low creator voice.Power to over power Allah.We can change into bicycles from the Leader Mamma{in evolution process women{shemales}will be inside my body
Feroz Khan

Marion,Europe Queen Armada parent mode Princess Armada


Queen Armada Space pastlife being appearance,face shape shift change look of Queen Armada and from archive

.I will be able next time to reproduce Princess Armada{artificially fed into me respond from Dr.Terence Wynn,Mumm-ra and British whiteman,hospital}inside me as a machine.Picture of her inside me and is my young and my branching off from women as I am a transexual female.I am a female that retains characteristics and strengths from men but is a normal and straight gender as female and women in my ancestory to make me a strong and big female{straight and normal,Allah's systems and evolution process angels.Straight means gender is 1 basic gender and transexual females are women,that has what man has and more{Khan} in swim suit women,reproduction no marriage, Mom Feroz Y Khan. I am an extra feminin transexual female.I am big and strong for a tranny but am from men orientated family,old fashion,religious and family first,and tribal and pro-animals,pets.Princess Armada is from my body and is my responsibility and I have to conversion into a process and system for her.I can feed into her things to be out of trouble.Princess Armada will be born when I am reborn in the afterlife to something alien robot race and my continent homeland and planet find alien  and acceptable,normal.I will be first transexual female lead from male attributes to making my own shemales and put father in them or mother's side into them.They will be born as machines but people.Small in me as humanoid and less teen.They she will grow and they will grow at the most I can keep.Then I will bare them like a computer and their time will be ready single parent and I am their beginning family.My body and organs will go to a transfer from the Creator's system Transformers Gobot Universe.They will reborn me as a young adult but a brand new generation body.Sustain in male my  daughter same gender as me.She'll receive my qualities from my family.She will grow bigger and stronger.Having no female in our family.No females at all.She has no sisters being females,only shemales and transwomen.Stored inside me and my life has to be more safer than an agent.In laws from our Creator system making them provide for me about legal matters and my family.Stature.Titles.All of human society corruptants kicked the bucket in male and transexual female,it all failed miserably.Was a sorry excuse and legally.It sucked and needed to change.It was replaced.My children when I talk their souls legally there.I have bigger claim to them,Our defenses.She will become them,part of them.Princess Armada is started from my days in Ontario and where I lived in Peel and found more souls in Halton finish off our family.Now another creator has used a type of chemical and drug from drugging to mix with the grey energy in my genes and neurons.Drugging comes from UFP and they must find the creator from Gattaca that was a doctor and scientist to find out the formula with grey energy and it mixing with drugging,drugged.They have had a mixed effect.Grey energy mixed with drugged.They both drain energy but drugged drains energy like a sleep with no energy reserves.Not the same as grey energy.Drugged is from plants and chemicals of UFP.That doctor needs to know the blonde scientist creator doctor of Gattaca.Formula is in alien mathematics.They are earthers and Ontario and will be born in Transformers Gobot Universe Dreamworld Lemuria colony very far away in outer space another dimension.She was part of my body and is made from me.She is angels and heavenly ghosts world and she is inside me her defenses and I am part of that world.I supply her needs to excel from my matrix and to go into ancestory and my pastlives.I Feroz lead them from my bicycle skills to transform Princess Armada into cycle bicycle space ten speed

Queen Armada Europe Cold War era transformed cycle

and space mountain bike

space bicycle dreamworld

with your sister riding you or a holographic projection.Infiltration on paths and paths on my files from my past experience.Cycle at the dreamworld level with our power ability for bicycle and skateboard.We need to transform for when she goes mph then 100 mph frame has to be sturdy from power of flight.On a bike and 10 speed you can lean severly and I use my leg out for weight on turns.You can lean severly and is better in areas than a motorcycle which on roads.Sidewalk and pathways have advantage and biking cycling speed and weight monuverability.Leaning and weight and my style and moves.Pedal to stand on the pedals is one hunched up,stand and just ride off energy and cruise.Cruising.Work is on the hills.Fuel,Hills then can give you speed.Cat scanning works like a gem.Intersections and is great on animal wildllife cross.Parts of the path,center or right or left.Fuel previous speed going on cruising.Leaning at high speeds and turns and curves and emergency moves,slow down leg jack,out.You move around on a seat to utilize agility of a bicycle.Nature.Bicycles are meant as a transport in the woods and through and to get off and leave your bike a safe distance to survey,run back emergency,wander.Senses cat to judgement.Buildup history of skills and modes.Slow speeds leg off side to get off,stand on your pedals.Observe nature of threats or dangers and make it back to your bike to get at a high speed,acceleration judgement.GAH made bike part motorcycle for the wear the bike would be pushed to.I prefer a ten speed.Few pedals to high speed for bike
KusoCartoon 13738456560523

Queen Armada Lead Guitar backing vocals

effective.My level dreamworld pedal at the level of cars and vehicles on highway,each pedal on each speed level,tension.1st speed to ten and space 50 and more.Solar power bikes ride of cruising on road and conversion from path sidewalk,woods to suburban and dreamworld to road.Back to offroad and paved pathways and map of whiteman enemy world.They have them,sidewalks and pathways,network know what is joined.Complication,hit road street sidewalk.Warfare armaments on shoulder strap and hide from law.Law and roads and streets activated but even for bicyclers there are bi-laws and laws on alien worlds.Nightime comes street lights on paths on on everywhere.Haven been to fast food or downtown city mission.Energy and supplies on bike as stores.Bikes are meant to be placed in the woods in a safe hideout to go back to and in Princess Armada gangs of her sisters.Souls for my shemale children females in Transformers Universe Gobot Dreamworld colony.When I am born and reborn I will be educated under our continent and our planet and planet orbiting our world's alien education system better than UFP.I will be educated for 12yrs.And I will take classes to my graduation.And then to take my education and creator system teachers in my afterlife.Then when my daughters talk I talk and chip in on my education before them.And I'll learn a new system and upgraded to space to pass tests and to do homework on our continent's government.Being on a pole continent and another continent oribiting in space on larger world.Both are connected to the poles and that is where I'll educate myself and in outer space on orbiting facility.To achieve my degree and make it and come back for the graduation.All of my teachers succeeded in teaching me alien education and my favourite subjects.And to learn from sports in Ontario in my pastlife and the great NHL teams.Baseball to compete with alien sports.To go over the great late 80's teams in NHL.Princess Armada will learn to go to baseball games during year.Our new team in dark blue colors and for our historic city all of my children were born in the this city.And they are champions.Great overall team and have tonnes of awards.We did not have problems with baseball team as they over did the past and were in current day in afterlife great team with no problems.Championship material.Legitimate Transformer Gobot souls witch transexuals.Sisters after Firoz,earther.Numbers.Takeoff from hominids or animals.Space level or Alberta which is totally different,nature trails challenge.Momentum in dreamworld power on highway lanes.It will have to look like a cycle at such car speeds.Slow down back to bicycle.Modes.My daughters Princess Armada will do hiking and bmx race tricks along with what they inherited from me,cruising.Observation slow down and examine parts of bicycling skills,investigate and make get aways from danger.Leave your bike and investigate in a woods park.Bike lock for city and woods a place you leave it to come back.We are going to live far away universe near Stargate universe.We are going to live on a gas giant planet and a continent on poles.It has many alien poles on this continent our home.There we will do things properly and have our powerful military government and creators of corporations backings and them supervising us.We will be prepared for alien worlds using our powers.Miltary will when we are ready after many centuries of enjoying life and being civilians and government workers.Once our peaceful life of tranquility is done we will do military and our powers.Properly done biologically and ready for space by military.They will make our decisions as we as a family will have support and structure.Military has sciences and all of resources and to do things together as a race and people.Transformers Gobot Combiner white race muslims AI Pretenders.They are Transformer Gobot Combiners as people.They transform militarily to their giant mecha modes and vehicles from people.Transform to larger robot modes retain being people but mechanical and AI.Mom is cat family and Dad is thylacine to protect small house cat.Eat proper food from Tribal background to eat proper meats that are planteaters and fish that eat plants and to eat breads and cheese groups and veges.Transformers Gobot machine is cook for food products and deserts.Food manufacturer by robot or Transformers Gobots.End to eating cannabalism from our heritage.Eat distributed diet of Roman food.And in war I will do it and there is no eating for pleasure.Family people left U.S. and made their home tribal islands everywhere on earth.These islands became religious.

Queen Armada American with Queen Armada Cold War yrs Transformer Gobot

That night that takes place in evolution the night I am buried and from the Transformers Gobot Universe Evolution Process Angel to change me and extract my soul and change body and soul of Queen Armada Feroz Khan to Transformer Gobot Queen Armada.Many Queen Armada's with different seperate names were extracted and seperated.Feroz is the leader and is Queen Armada meaning the leader.They all have seperate modes and characteristics.Mine are multi changer as to the right and left are different.She is more militarized as where I am more of Admiral.When I separate{tranformation mode}combiner, from Giant Queen Armada,combiner I leave my military mode into her and

Queen Armada and my Queen Armada Cold War yrs{Europe}Multi Transformer Gobot Transformations

leave being.This is for Queen Armada American.My military fighter mode has transformed as Torso and left behind my matrix body.She and he will find my elements and sort out each type of skill and make Transformations for me as I have.When I am in a different remodulated reconfigurated mode that is the same person as being combiner 7ft.All the same reconfiguration for demand.I will to counter my enemies and adapt have my fighter mode VSTOL military in me and then when I change from that retain fighter VSTOL superiority spacefighter and am Military
Transfomer Gobot Queen Armada

Queen Armada American military

,a flaw Allah put in me and failure,then from Space VSTOL

Queen Armada Electromechanical Transformation Aerial Being mode


GAH instruction booklet

superiority fighter to my Cycle mode
Feroz reincarnation cycle

Victoria{Feroz's cousin} Lemurian reincarnated afterlife cycle Gobot Tranformers Universe dreamworld Lemuria

and this is for

Queen Guardian Combiner Giant Robot Being

my land travel and ability in riding as they viewed a skill but adaptation in bicycling

space bicycle dreamworld

.Creator in robots and machines power as Transformers Gobots then to my heritage of Cat family.From my father Thylacine and mother house cat.And search through archive and history of Transformers Gobots for types of Transformations styles for my afterlife and my level calls out for Queen Armada.Searched and viewed history and beginnings of Queen Armada and saw how many Queen Armada's exist past.Feroz when changed was an Iron Transexual female.The Transformers Gobot Creator
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GAH Instructions

2013-11-24 22.31.32

GAH Instructions Venusian Aliens

changed Feroz to Queen Armada and made her mechanical transformation for military.All of Feroz's dreamworld powers into machine and mechanical.Verniers and boosters to do in this dimension as a refined machine.Force Field barrier and transforming mechanical plates has Feroz's powers.I have these powers in carrying for Queen Abigail McLaughlin Armada.From Death to UFO alien to Super 8 into mechanical and
Sneaky Sound System - UFO-0

Sneaky Sound System - UFO-0

Super 8 Original Soundtrack - Letting Go (Closing Scene Score) - Michael Giacchino

Super 8 Original Soundtrack - Letting Go (Closing Scene Score) - Michael Giacchino

atoms.Touched by GAH powers.Compatibility with the GAH instruction booklet.It works for Queen Armada.It tell further of Queen Armada's
Stan Bush - The Touch

Stan Bush - The Touch





powers.Feroz cruises at mach speeds
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Star Armada Witch Transexual female combiner

Qn.Armada cycle mode

Feroz cycle mode

Queen Feroz cat mode

thylacine cat mode

and further in outer space like space engines.Transforms to this for war and travelling in my aerial mode.Power of mechanical of carrying on and doing the last part on magic and dreamworld powers.Powers as mechanical being ruler.My visors and flip up.Me as a jinn as machine and mechanical transformation.I merge with Star Armada Combiner witch transexual.She is fully powered up and has fusion powers.Her powers as a ancient soldier in future.I merge to make Star Armada more powerful with my attributes in her.She is stern and very smart.Battle she is very complicated.Fusion can turn hard alloy.She uses other mecha robot powers from her fusion energy.She has magic powers focused into modern weapons.She is very efficient.Principles she operates she has my smarts but grown into hers.She has alloy weapon and beams.She is a mystery.The Transformers and new autobot Queen Armada or Feroz.All of those powers final stages by Creator system of Transformer Gobots.They extracted and worked on Feroz to my limits.Potentials made it.Changed into mechanical powers.And in future of machine's universe of Transformers Gobots.My soul and body was taken from the grave to do the process in outer space to dreamworld Universe Lemuria of my ancestory in Transformers Gobot Universe in a colony very far away from Cybertron and Gobotron.Failures as humanoid being, and to make new adaptations and systems and modified in Feroz Y Khan.Found about my gender and witches,witches are type of alien race because of their powers and features in face,noses get longer and prettier,alien.And who manufactures me and makes me in a night and changes my body to metal as Creator's System process as it will change from being to metal grow to my transformations.And mode retain me as great Queen ruler but being adaptations as Transformer Gobot transexual female.Meaning I would compact
Queen Armada VSTOL fighter mode

spacefighter mode

space fighter VSTOL superiority,cycle and catmode into a 7ft being Queen.Star Armada is my combiner. so I can Cpt. my flagship{combiner as two combiner and for my being mode separation transformation}and be on Bridge,Queen Guardiana is composed of many 3 Queen Armada's.They formup to make the Giant witch Transwomen.She is made from vehicles and has a bigger archive from merger of Star Armada to matrix to make her able to figure out things from past and future.She has some old systems and strafe.Energized with a barrier system and attacking force field and law enforcer in her.She is very poise.She has magic power and witch powers in energy.Strength authoratative.Smarts and high rank.Abigail McLaughlin Queen Armada is the leader.left my matrix military body behind with her.Separation to carry out duties.And my dreamworld magic power and reveal true looks from dreamworld,open up my powers in this world and ability to go to dreamworld.Regeneration of my power and evolution process.I also had many possibilities in my maker,I solidly have my manufacturer and this is my type of appearance and model type.Few more.Fate and add up to events.Danger alerts and new defenses.Health and vital signs process.Blink of an eye process can happen,once a soul human queen and blink of an eye all of those process 1st model and brand new life ahead for Feroz.Pride and money and living and defenses,securities,shelter and leisure and society of Lemuria space civilization and my life systems inside being new prospective of world and new environment of dreamworld civilization and then done to each of my young my same gender as me shemale Princess Armada my own extracted from various parts of galaxy,hopeful they are close to Mom.Souls and in a tombs.And to change them into same a mom.Transformer Gobot shemale witch from Khan to new name.Grandma and my parents,my Dad of Series Circuit 1970's MLB .Corruptants destroyed and annalyzed and for my new people to be well ready and open their government as new citizen and family are brought in to far away colony planet.Rights and freedoms and Cybertronian Gobot Militarization interest and knowledge and policies of being a builder and manufacturer and dealer and to search for old comodities of historic from damned world for dead machines of war in other dimensions and outer space,dealings with warmongers and history laws and history.Family name new clan.Autobot.Securities.Supremace past.And my ideas and codes and Zarconian Empire and CBC Science.Religion of Islam.And for us to be made that when all of us as a family are in trouble we merge to form Giant Queen Armada,Princess Armada's and Feroz formup to make Giant witch Gestalt Heavy Duty Liked Series Combiner
Gestalt warrior Queen Armada

Combiner Queen Armada

.And qualities and attributes,smarter,faster and much more improved abliites and warfare strategy.Space navy warfare.And real space government openned from propaganda.And to make my applied.Teachings applied and make new machines thorough understanding,education applied that it works when making and designering to do with Zarconia.Transformers and Gobots are searching and exchanging commodities for proven ones they can't explain about damned machines of space war and history and are a dealer,Manufacturer and builder,Queen Armada requirments.Space military.Strategy and all of real and government.Anti-women gender Princess Armada is a leader and made the evolution process change and is fierce and ultimate combatant against whiteman.She can fight their military.Producer searching using Unicron to fetch them trained and proven historic machines of space empire glory.They want to do this with me.And want to know who I bring out and what machine entity is behind me,very little value of life or who you are,careless Government Supremacist policy to think for Transformers and Gobots and humans and commodities last as they are burned as fuel for Government and British and Mumm-ra Allah.Being clean and I am not the same as transformers for I do not have waste and that is out of my life,spend that hour and hours forever without waste,burned up in my systems.I and I want the Zarconians to not waste for in warfare they don't need it.But I wash my body outer and clean my insides maintainance as Feroz that I am extemely clean. Space battleship I would know how to utilize orders for every function and get the vessel to preform to every ability it has hidden.I am best space warship and powerful one that delivers heavy blows and destruction on the enemy.I guess during evolution process I will be able to beat draft and military rating levels and equalization.My abilities and attributes style will be boosted to higher level than military.Qualities are there and they will be boosted next time.I am very skillful on my bridge and know of the sciences.I am better than wise.And for terminator I have sciences adaptations in android.I have dreamworld powers in my weaponry like cutting tools change endless length and any length and hand and arm changes to electronics that can fire charge and settings fire streams of laser at every troop and enemy,cope to any situation.My fighting abilities is I am stronger and take on bigger opponents that are heavier and taller.Huge.I have great combat abilities to deliver and overpower and have a form of martial arts of Tribal Pacific and in cat gods,thylacine gods.Cutting tools adaptations.Kick,boot and boot to the jaw.And authoratative grappling.I deliver blows send arm back like a cannon and start bombardment with kick blow,boot.And then grapple authoratative and to try to destroy to send the body into the floor or head.Hand with bone hurts because it is hard,not punch and forearm and knee raised run.I have my magic power to change elements,as my magic power branched off from females and utilizes elements of nature and manmade,hydro and vehicles and historic and Dark Ages and Tribal Pacific in my ancestory and change modify them from my alloy but being like android.I can take a historic fence post and remove it without breaking it and fight with it.I can raise a fence with barbed wire up in the air and utilize it,make gases and play with them.I have rapid heavy power laser machinegun and hands are armaments.
Hand ability

Queen Armada abilities

exawatt,petawatt for weaponry and surging energy in my being mode.Surge fluctation in my body and hands and for flight.Fly through space at faster than light or warp.Nothing has a chance against me compact.If I fight a warship in space I'll destroy them.I'll fly to avoid and strike them in petawatts.Fire my arm changed into cannon as I drew.I use high powered weaponry.High powered sniper rifle.I can get rid of any military and fight with any empire.Current as weaponry and spread current attack.Beams.Magnified projecting beams and energy fire.I have 1000's of weaponry,physical shape change into,recking ball.Fly to attack.I am protected by energy barrier take being shot by sun.I have anti-military weaponry.Counter and attack military and empires.Psychic telekenetic energy to move objects and manipulate them.Control disaster.Control UFO alien death.My mission is to eliminate Allah and his family which are all of Enemies.All of them from whiteman empires to creatures and whiteman machine empires military levels with creatures.Then I will be reborn from the Insect robot world of Insectibots and Insecticons and Inbit and Invid of Cybertron and Gobotron.I will reborn Queen Armada of Insectibot Inbit Insecticon Invid.Process of my tomb my soul and ghost after episode of me on Cybertron to research the Inbit and Gobotron to research and know about Invid and history with the Quintessons.Insecticons and Insectibots history and my soul extracted by power of evolution to be processed by Insect Transformers Gobot Invid Inbit Computer Creator to reborn Feroz as new Queen Ruler transexual witch and a new name from Feroz to Aereal.The tomb in the Cybertronian Gobot universe of Admiral Queen Armada lay rest from the great war and service and then deceased old age veteran.10000's of years later as the Zarconia Transformers evolved and re-adapted after Queen Armada died from old age and went to fullest.Glorious Cybertron Gobotron is ghost galaxy after Zarconia wars.Then as like after wars Cybertron and Gobotron and Transformer Gobots were less and suffered to lowest value riches to abandoned.Just desolate.That is what made Queen Armada's tomb as Princess Armadas,Zarconia Transformers though some were around and scattered.Lesson to the Transformers not to interfere with time,evolution and break directives for space.Rotten attitude of the Primes led to their solace.Transformers and Gobots have left and gathered to where there is power and energy,changed where the Head Command.Many machines are out of date.Princess Armada died,to be reborn.Natural processes,systems and evolution summoned out Feroz's first life to be re-incarnated as Aereal and she is authoratative in yr.infinity.Tomb with my soul come from the dead not to be supremaced,soul from natural causes and it got out of the tomb to be born Aereal from Feroz.Aereal was when I was from beginning.The creator computer gave me properties and from me as machine Transformers failures and to hybrid me,make me authoratative and self sufficient and applied in science and to reform and re-route as a long process in a few days I am reborn.New adaptations and tap in records of past million years of robot insects and Inbit.Insect robots were more than survivors from evolution process as Allah's system made new creatures after Judgment Day.Well Inbit Invid Insecticon Invid are creatures and survive past machines.Evolution process energy power to restore the soul veteran of space war and her daughters.Evolution process and military.And from the "Battle of Allah" my dead Princess Armada.And new futuristic upgrades and up to date Inbit Insecticon Invid Insectibots.As a being I have my new magic power and tap into old traits and qualities and to power them up.Insecticon power to manipulate weather and elements,octopus storm.And old abandoned for million years area of Cybertron and colony of planets of metal that are dedicated to Insectibots Inbit Insecticon Invid and deep within confines of computer room,my soul to give life to Insect Robot world to rule again since Insecticons of Transformers.Huge explosion after wars with the Inbit and Invid history.How they have to do with the Transformers and Gobots.Annalysis til life in me
Insecticon Gobotron Inbit Queen Armada

Feroz Khan 5000AD

Queen Insecticon Inbit Armada

Feroz's modes

to then leave with my power fly through space to Rule Cybertron and Gobotron claim my throne and start Empire from Zarconia and Space Army.Sherryl Khan my daughter.                                                                                                                                              

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