The Universes were created and there were military powers that existed in space.     This Zarconian wikia will make it
3.14-Dreams and Nightmares-In Search of.

3.14-Dreams and Nightmares-In Search of..

billions of light years in through vortex.  The Dreamworld to be linked up and manpower.My dreams of an empty super civulization that is much like ours here on earth class Ontario.Buildings and subway systems with buses and commuting to travel in a vast land that is much larger than earth with conductor and bus driver.Connect with them for the secrets of space travel.Dreamworld Angel workers.Uploaded and extracted by the space Angels.And then improved and to keep the drawings but add many more pages to this wikia.The real pictures done by my people and for me to join my wikia as our Video works in Ontario from Youtube.We want the video and to transport video record it from Youtube.Admiral to start work on understanding the technology and building my ships.Fighters,space planes and mechas,robots and Sci Fi weapons for Space Army and Space Navy,Army and Space Airforce.Invention technology and my projects for Zarconian that will be in our infantry.Sci Fi military weapons,engines propulsion,computers,space planes,barrier systems defensive and auxilary defensive,nefarious scientists.Zarconian s tock.Each one from 1999.Getting the blueprints done to change the shift of power from the anti-muslim enemy factions.

In front of an audience of international dignitaries, the Guardians demonstrate the ability of their new Proton Cultivator to make barren land fertile again. When the Renegades attack the demonstration, Turbo gets the dignitaries to safety while Leader-1 and Scooter ("backed up" by a Scooter-generated hologram of Turbo) counterattack. Unfortunately, the two are lured into a trap in a box canyon, where the villains have stashed an Astro-Beam. Crasher zaps the Guardians with the beam, intending to teleport them into the Sun, and the villains abscond with the Proton Cultivator. While Turbo attempts to contact GoBotron, only to discover that an ion storm is disrupting transmission, Nick and A.J. follow the Renegades and watch as they convert the Proton Cultivator into a Proton Destructor, able to reduce metal to putty. [1] Leader-1 and Scooter, meanwhile, materialize not in the Sun, but in the middle of a forest, no worse for wear. The sound of battle nearby draws their attention, and when they investigate, the two Guardians are shocked to see themselves battling the Renegades! These mysterious doppelgangers drive the Renegades off, and when Leader-1 and Scooter approach them in search of answers, their evil-hearted doubles take them prisoner and throw them in a cell on their Command Center. Scooter easily hacks into the cell's systems and shuts off its energy bars, though their larger problem still remains: the Astro-Beam, Leader-1 deduces, has sent himself and Scooter into an alternate universe where everything is reversed! Attempting to escape, the pair come across the evil Guardians working on a Proton Destructor of their own, converted from a Proton Cultivator stolen from the Renegades, which they plan to turn on the city of "Wen Kroy." When the villains turn the Destructor on them, Leader-1 is able to save Scooter with his forcefield, and manages to redirect the Destructor back toward their evil doubles with a few well-aimed blasts. This buys the pair time to escape, but their bodies have been severely damaged by the Destructor's beam and they realize they must seek help from this universe's heroic Renegades! [2] Back in the "regular" universe, Nick sneaks off to spy on the Renegades some more and learns that Leader-1 and Scooter were supposedly Astro-Beamed into the Sun. He is spotted and caught by Cy-Kill, but saved moments later when Matt Hunter leads a squadron of fighter jets in an attack on the Renegades' bolthole. While Nick gets away, the jets are not so lucky; the Renegades have already built several copies of the Proton Destructor, and even though the clumsy Cop-Tur manages to destroy one while attempting to wield it, Crasher is able to use the weapon to bring down Matt's jet, forcing the others to retreat. Matt parachutes to safety and is met by Turbo, Nick, and A.J., whereupon Nick shares what he has learned. Turbo is hopeful that the ion storm interference may have disrupted the Astro-Beam too, meaning that Leader-1 and Scooter will have escaped their fate... [3] In the mirror universe, Scooter tracks Renegade transmissions to locate Thruster, but when he and Leader-1 attempt to peacefully approach, the Renegades assume that their enemies are attempting to trick them, and take Leader-1 and Scooter captive. The Renegades naturally refuse to believe the Guardians' wild tale of parallel universes, until Scooter collapses as a result of his injuries, which Crasher recognizes as the work of the stolen Proton Cultivator. At Cy-Kill's suggestion, Leader-1 agrees to submit to the Brainstormer, which verifies the truth of his words. Convinced, the Renegades use another of their Cultivators to reverse the effects of the Destructor on Leader-1 and Scooter's bodies.

Meanwhile, in the regular universe, the Renegades begin loading their duplicate Proton Destructors aboard Thruster. Unable to delay any further, Matt and Turbo launch an attack, with Matt sniping from a nearby hill while Turbo drives down into the thick of the action. Cop-Tur chops down trees to send Matt fleeing for cover, and Cy-Kill turns the Proton Destructor on Turbo... [4] In the mirror universe, the Guardians and Renegades head for Wen Kroy to stop the evil Guardians from unleashing the Proton Destructor on it. In the ensuing battle, the presence of two Leader-1s only winds up confusing Cop-Tur and leads him to attack the one on his side, until the wicked laughter of the evil Leader-1 betrays his identity. Cop-Tur blasts the evil Guardian leader, then he and the heroic Leader-1 destroy the Proton Destructor, sending the enemy Guardians packing. The Renegades thank Leader-1 and Scooter for their help, after which the Astro-Beam finally reverses, teleporting them home.

Leader-1 and Scooter materialize in the middle of the Renegade camp as Turbo is being bathed in the Proton Destructor's ray. In the confusion that follows, the Renegades—now outnumbered by the Guardians and humans—are pushed back, allowing Nick to run up and take control of the Proton Destructor. The Renegades retreat lest they be caught in its beam, departing under cover of their stealth device. Scooter converts the Destructor back into a Cultivator and uses it to heal Turbo's injuries, as everyone marvels over his and Leader-1's incredible adventure.

This wikia   and Zarco Macross wikidot  then will have my people as its workers once the upload extracted is entered in our computer network.It like evolution will go through stages.And we have Antarctica to view it on internet.Real photos and to change its technology once its part of our network.It will go to right hands my people.They will work on it and change number of pages to thousands.Every page will be in graphics with narrative from their technology.And we have space database.It will be part of European Pretender database and upgraded and worked on.View it from Antarctica.It will become part of our government.Going to space with proper government backing like gravity plates.They won't be able to manufactor more monuverable,powerful ships.It took all of the aliens to pitch in from their experience and unfair advantage in technology.They had scientists and they rose to peace very fast.Concentrated on industry and companies retained from thousands of years ago.They travel the stars properly and not dangerously.Look at NASA's factors that they need to make a cruiser.Space ship their making is not like the Sci Fi warships.Expensive to make and demand on the ores.Practice survival in space and creep their way to Terran System.Star Trek for earth..Zarconian wikia can be used to by the space.Our Mugenbide Space Battleship will be there when we are in range.It will travel from future to defend my Space Angel Search and Rescue workers vessel.There will be ghost ships from Zarconian.They will send battleships and dreadnaughts to intercept any enemies of my pod.I would be there and my people with our warships to protect me and get the job in evolution done.Balance of Zarconian wikia and Zarco Macross Wikidot are in their hands for they have a space sufficient warships and they have Angel Space Workers.We're in a time limit to beat my parents age level in our time travel in space.I am a generation age group transplanted to my attractive women parents.We can't waste time but to pickup my shemale GAH suit of powers and to have me touched.I'll be represented by clothes and shoes empty and died on earth and my attractive women parents have an empty picture of me having died on earth.Their child Feroz died on earth.Empty picture.Mom is 100 000 light years away.Both of my attractive witch mothers.They are a shemale and transexual female that is just female..She lives in vortex
KusoCartoon 15553592805054

Feroz's parents Drewzelda{shemale} and Zelda{transexual female}

dimension.Then they are off to go 70 000 light years til I am 1 light year away from Mamma and Mom.They are keeping the soul in a pod.The process of souls and to translate my soul to Pretender from a vortex dimension.Mom is in 1 of the thousands of dimensions on the other side.Right dimension and my body and hair will change color.To make me as a Robot in Disguise.This will be my permanent race.I would die from long lives and get born to who's in my life as a Euopean Pretender.There are Europeans as aliens in space.They are older than humanity as many aliens are.My main machines or vehicles I change into a an high speed VSTOL/STOVL interceptor and can shrink down to change into a racing motorcycle and my person mode as the Queen.Feroz did not have a good socializing life at all.She was dead in that.From America in Galactic Empire Feroz never went up and plummeted.Sad and down.This to going to my attractive women parents as their child.I did not do well and Allah has to know that since he brought me here.Disappointment.Antarctica is sunlight on earth or break.But its frozen over.I had blues and was sad.I know all of my answers toward any attractive women.I am going and need to toughen up in attractive women and socializing.I have all of the solutions.Evolution Process Angels have been here in history.I died in this place socialing and no one knew of me except my Moms of afterlife's people.Its not bad but resting too much and we need to get away from it and have a brand new start.I tell Allah to get away and leave me alone.He has done the damage on me and I do not go to him for answers.I am alien white race fo space in my past.I did terrible.Changing my schooling and clique.I did not do well.Some hit the pits like me.My soul on the year in future before 2070 that myself time travels with the help of the Space Angels and Evolution Process Angels spirit is taken into Queen Armada.From Feroz to Queen Armada.Then they can put the body of Feroz in the pod.The Jinn in Feroz is leader and takes over in hard situations she has answers.The Queens job is to spend the faction's money to buy technology to create ranks and deal with society.Supply manpower and admiral.Queen is admiral on starship.Endless amount of money.Power in stock market and to be in important government facilities and tv media.Ability to act and make media.To be famous and play a role on concepts for movies,cartoons.VIP.Direct around military and guide path for faction.Override society.Society money and construction,architecture and making drawings.Create amusement parks.Create new cities.Lay foundation for faction.Imaginitive.Smart to teach in University.Visit to award many ranks and support of ideas,search through history.Space Agent.Training to go through historic books using library.Research.Sciences astronomy and prehistoric animals,dinosaurs.Construct new inventions,mechas and fighters,warships.Not controlled by any party.Given respect for construction to the government.Talk to get to know the people.She is the best.The Golden Angel on my shoulder is backwards.Jinn is very advanced and you can count on her to always deliver.When I play guitar she takes over all of the hard parts.She is glossy white and from space as part soul.She even can be on the left shoulder.Jinn out does Angel.My soul has been made into a Transformer and Gobot.Ready in timing to be born to my Attractive women parents.Carried by shemale of 1000's of years old to my Mom a Gobot Pretender.I need factors being the body of me in pod,rock and metal thrash music,computer Database of Zarconian to activate me to my real looks.Now Feroz will be a Transformer Pretender Gobot Queen start of from 0 years old to teen.I will be a youngling from my mother.As the Queen of the European Pretenders race that I will be born into and given billions of dollars in space credits.The public and governments money is not mine.I have a private fortune from my parents and family.When I become functionable as I get older then I'll take the thrown and during my life make a company for amusement parks and fun parks.No public funds.I have more than public.I will receive government money to use on projects of society and military.Make amusement and water parks.To have projects going and all of my suggestions.My job is to linkup things that don't exist.I will have privileges.To make closer relations to a certain alien race.I make decisions for the European Pretenders and with help from my government.I am a voice from the government.We passed the deep space sattelite and was transfered to our Transformer Gobot Pretender Angels and their Creator system. Angel workers to find my solar system and galaxy.My people and my parent attractive women.Much of it is not accurate but there are lots of ideas like me being born in pole island continent in Historic City.This city has Victorian skyscrapers and structures throughout.Cobblestone for the subways.There are plenty of things and subjects that can be made real.Sharks and bodies of water and I am Royalty and have the job of being the Queen.So I have a large say in government.I can make ideas real.I have loads of money but use it for my needs and for our government.Investments.Zarconian wikia can tell the Angel space workers about technology level and ideas made real like the tents in tundra.And polar but hot weather has deserts.My parents were born on poles island continent in different zones.They met each other from after schooling.And in my next life I again will be its worker.  As a Search and Rescue                 they can trace me to where I live and take on workers ID's.They know me medically and are a Search and Rescue squad to me.The Space Authorities.Space police to get involved in all of my life and factions hiding from present and past.First time from Search and Rescue to tell the space police.We are the center of attention not Sol System and humanity.They get closer to me and adjust to represent police and medical staff.They then can extract me and my body to space from a runabout to supernatural mothership.It can cause natural disasters and has Heaven and Hell's powers.Space powers like a nova and its weapons can destroy a galaxy of ships.They run planets and stars to orbit and heat up and cold.Run the gravity and work with the Evolution Process Angels.It has space Angel technology and part of the system of the Creators.It just does not have lasers.It fears nothing and is far ahead of every navy vessel.It can hide in a cloak.It can time travel.Begin the journey once each action is checked.Ancient Relay Network in my direction 30 000 light years away in function transmitting messages and other communications built by a alliance of aliens angels in my direction of galaxies.It will have a transmission and message from my people the European Pretenders.It will tell us we are on track.They are needed because I was Islamic and from space.I am not an alien but alien whitegirl.There are dangers in space,military aliens,parasitic creatures,creatures,space phenomena and storms and traps.Diseases and mutineers.Many Angel Workers faithful to Allah as problem.They can't hold up their end.They wanted to lend in thier help to wreck things and cause danger to myself and pod.They need to be dealt with space Angels who are exprienced against these dangers.Start of with the Jupiter Search and Rescue and they get further and further using wormholes to get us there and for me to be just a light year away.  The mothership of the Space Angels Workers to findout more with linkup and communicate to fellow Space Angels fo that galaxy.Checkup on my parents from Ancient Relay Network sattelite.They will hand me off over and over again in a pod and the next angel workers of space take til my people's angel workers recieve me to go through the vortex.Xenomorphs galaxy is in between me and mothers.The Caretaker Angels have to drug the body to work beyond perfection and organs and soul of Queen Armada is drugged with doses while travelling past the Xenomorphs galaxies.We should stop of at Cybertron and Gobotron to change my iron and body into an AI.Change using Creator's power so the Xenomorph can't detect my vital signs at all.This change is very important for me to be 1 light year away from my attractive women parents.My parents were brought up with alot of responsibility and caring.They had ancestors that cared of witch Pretender women.My parents were cared for greatly.They were raised wealthy in space.They grew up and had their responsibilities.They were in their work years for the government.They are less than a thousand in years.They can age to 15 000 years.They are experienced and smart in life.They are very self sufficient.They would raise me with love and caring.I am going to receive the most caring and love from parents.Love songs in rock turn out to be in the place of my parents.They are the love songs of rock.Not the white girl.They care greatly being billion light years in vortex dimension.They are far and also are like guards for parents looking out for me.They are not harsh to me or my older sisters.They are wonderful to me.And to carry my pastlife ideas like Zarconian and the Greatest American Hero suit of powers for me when I am grown as young adult.I can practice my power with my parents.And to visit a fully developed country of Antarctica and Greenland.Responsible to protect me when I'm little.My Great Grandmothers family of witches and my ancestory will be waiting for me from the alien European Pretender's world.They will be the first I meet and how I am a alien European Pretender and Queen,Admiral and Captain.My soul needs to adapt to my outer space in my life.Leaving me within a light year of my parents will improve my problems I had on earth class Sol system.I could not work at all and in any scheme Allah made me malfuction to my end.I need to start flying like a superhero.I need to live on polar continent island and it has hot,moderate and tundra weather.I need to get used to alien life for Allah has done enough its from my Guardian Angels from my parents in future.Their system to alert alien Angels that Feroz is on earth class North America Sol System.I'll time to adjust to breathing in space and understand their language.I can get to work and space travel like space travelling races do.Openned up as a feeling.And I'll never be alone again.I have my parents.Soul adjusting and seeing important significant places and knowing my direction.I am threw with earth class and playing worthless role Allah thought.It did not workout so people split apart.The Space Angels have to plant themselves on area I live on and to be government or as them.Feeding a place that is stranded in space and is not space travelling.Obselete.There is only so far a soul will travel without help.They usually will go to be born to who is closer planet and for me this is untter doom and disaster we can't reverse.Close to Sol System again.No.To have boost by being in a pod and mothership supernatural and can do supernatural things as a machine.They help people gone missing and to find my next life parents through vortex billions of light years away.They have spacecrafts and mothership that is supernatural as the worker Angels are in space.They are used to rescuing aliens.They come to earth disguise as white people of government.Finding my parents is very important to me as I imagine about them and it can beautifully make me right sad in prayers from my shoulder angels.I am not harsh.I qualify because I need to find my people's home planet and join them through the vortex.Computer Database adds a factor like my Jinn.White spirit from all of my lives that is wise and youthful.My magic power and Superhero power.Angel is on my right shoulder and is golden with wings.My Jinn is spirit white girl of the white race aliens.Alien Jinn whitegirl.That is who was trapped in my heart.Queen Armada.Lifeforce is low in North America.Its up in afternoon because of daylight but goes down at night.Antarctica would be the best place to live for me because it has 24hr sunlight.My parents are part of my lifeforce being millions of light years away.My grandma.I need to be transported to just a light year away from my parents.Our poles continent has all of the lifeforce for me and I'll be able to be a superhero next time.Thrash,rock and metal music and computer database at my PC.Recipes for Italian and Mexican food.Full of beef and cheese.I could not shop for over 200 CAD.Not in this life and it taste soo good.In my next life I will be able to exercise at dawn.They use ships and must have a runabout craft to leave North America to go to mothership with pod ready to trap my soul.Take me to Mamma's and I will go in the long journey.When we go through the wormhole who will we pass on the pod with my body in.Untouched body they pass on the pod til we get to vortex then I can be handed off to my people's supernatural ship and their solar system.Hand-off as they know regions of space better.All of angels working from billions of light years and through vortex.  The wreck of the World War II battleship Yamato, sunk in the sea near Okinawa, was used to hide a military spacecraft created by the Earth Defense Force in the late 22nd century. At this time Earth was under attack from an alien race, the Gamilas, who were raining down radioactive asteroids that evaporated Earth's oceans and rendered its surface uninhabitable. The new space warship was built inside the wreckage of the ancient battleship, which was partially buried in what was now a dry seabed, thus concealing it from the view of the orbiting Gamilas vessels. The arrival of a messenger from the planet Iscandar brought plans for a space drive called the Wave Motion Engine, which would give a spacecraft immense power and enable it to travel faster than light. The message also urged humanity to travel to Iscandar (148,000 light years away in the Large Magellanic Cloud) and obtain a device that would cleanse Earth of its deadly radiation.    Star Trek: Voyager (VOY) focuses on the 24th century adventures of Captain Kathryn Janeway aboard the U.S.S. Voyager.  Smaller than either Kirk’s or Picard’s starships—its crew complement is only 150—Voyager is fast and powerful, and has the ability to land on a planet’s surface.  It is one of the most technologically advanced vessels in Starfleet, utilizing computer circuitry that incorporates synthetic neural tissue.  Ironically, Janeway’s inaugural mission aboard Voyager was to be her last in the Alpha quadrant.  While attempting to capture the crew of a renegade Maquis vessel, both her ship and that of the Maquis were pulled into the distant Delta quadrant by powerful alien technology.  Unfortunately, there would be no similar “express” route to take them home again.  Stranded 70,000 light-years from Earth, Janeway convinced the Maquis to join her Starfleet crew and serve together during the long voyage back to Federation space.   The Search and Rescue of Jupiter Angels and Evolution Process Angels to get the root from a plant on alien world that cures the illness.She won't be shipworthy unless spread the cure to brain.That day that I pass on is one where the Space Search and Rescue will go into action and send a runabout and to have my body readied in a pod.It will stay in pod to capture the soul.No autopsy at all not chase away the soul.Autopsy would damage the jinn whitegirl or irraparable damage to jinn.Preparation by the space Angel workers on my body to ready for space.They will put a mask on my mouth that has gases flooded into my body once gone.I won't be gone they will do space preparation on the body to be Queen ruler.They will ready the body for the pod.Getting the runabout ready to do these inside the mothership.The Transformers Gobot Entity Witch has to do work on my body in tact.She will change my organs and body to AI Pretender Gobot European of space.She will easily make the changes to ready the soul to be carried and born by my Attractive women parents.All handled by space Angels.Stage after stage at monitoring and being around me in hospital.They would get used to me and not be crossed up with out of date report.Getting me to space and making me space worthy.Then we travel in mothership and go to my parents and people's galaxy and solar system.In the wormhole and through the vortex they hand off the pod to other Angels and workers ships that know and live in that area millions of light years from here.They would extract my wikia to show our admiral of my people entire site and for him to begin work on Zarconian.Her soul will then retain this and she's free to go to Mama's.She is ready from the runabout.She will be in a
18 00001

Subspace Gateway

pod to protect the soul from the anomalies of space.Through wormhole and in vortex travelled millions of light years to Feroz's parents.And all of this done by 2070 without Allah at all.This is  where nature and supernatural world start to work and for the soul to see the real things in life here.Poles continent and homeworld gas giant.Souls I live in North or the south.My people are waiting and of course Zarconian wikia and Zarco Macross wikidot.Now the whole problem is dust trails and gone for me to live a normal life.I'll be a superhero with home support from my government.We brought my pets.Sharks and cats. in my fate goes to Pretenders.Pretenders are Transformers as people.I am a person but a superhero next time.I am compatible to be a Transformer Gobot.Gobots have Pretenders.I will be Queen and Superhero.But I have a life and rules for my system of life.I will as my people be able to make graphics like a computer and use many more computer programs.The military will have access to it and start construction and making deals to obtaining the space fighters and wave motion technology.And robotech.Zarconians will be turned to their proper solar system and communicated to to join and make Zarconian.My children attractive women transexuals will work on this.It will have a cartoon.We can use it in entertainment.Make movies with it and make computer generated character.Linkup with Antarctica and the internet.Building Antarctica cities improved internet and made their own.Antarctica can be built as a haven and land for me.They can linkup with the world. Moon Base is a base by space forces on Mars and Moon.Its the Federation of Planets and Star Blazers on Moon and Mars.They have strict rules and directives they used to be old outpost and bases on Moon and Mars.Forbidden by directive to take in warships.They are using ships to govern the earth from us having very primitive technology.They put restrictions on space and they have places to land in space in our solar system.They are against the earth and United States.Stargate is a galaxy of AI people.They are a government and in the show representing what they are about and their technology.They are an advanced galaxy and military.They are connected to the European Pretenders that in time they crossed paths and made alliance.Many AI's have factions and are part of the Federation of Planets.Many Stargate class UFP warships.My people joined from Stargate.To avoid this we or all of the Space Angel workers to practice before hand and teamwork to start before birth process to translate to Pretender Gobot European.Team work from Angel Space workers to Angel Space Workers and their ship.This is proving my race of future of Pretenders about being wrong.Creator of their galaxy stubborn to rely on alien.The whole trip proves that Queen Feroz Khan Armada is brave and wise.In the pod where the Jinn or soul is trapped in waiting for before birth process as a youngling young adult Pretender Gobot.They are the ones that will not be able to handle things and need to leave this world.I was not meant to meet certain people being against my life.They could go farther in reality but someone out there is stopping us and cutting us off from superior military powers in space.They are disconnecting earth and put rules on earth population must die to go to space.There is a group standing in my way when I'm deceased.They are trying to foil things from runabout on earth to going through the wormhole and threatening us.This group of people are connected.They would go as that sector's defenses.They are authoratative and have to be dealt with.Forbidden to be let in on space and cannot see the Federation.They are not allowed to space and come to earth as Spike Cops.US police and law enforcement because humanity would stray to crime.Crushing other's lives off.Strengthened the government and pretend when they came from space.Space military are very strict and their rules on earth.Cannot have access to space at all except in NASA's rules and UN.They are the only ones that can make a proper breathing facility and a facilitiy of such modernization.Its impossible by earth to do such small projects to them but impossible for us.UFP homeworld is "Prime".UFP and Star Blazers capable of making earth forces base.White race was aided by a free hand from Allah.Allah used powers beyond God,Satan and Devil and Angels.He does not realize that the British are sinful.Allah blessed them and they are the only ones that live above all of us as a group.He grants them blessed life for what they are doing.It took a power like Allah to do all of these tragedies.Allah wanted the British to have everything in space and to abnormal powers.He built up a superpower America to look over their shoulder.Sinful is damned.No choice out of it to do with Hell.Over the centuries there is a war that is based on theory of conquering the universe and talking about Judgement Day.Many advanced races that can fight war.They are the whiteman spreading through space as phase 1 war.White race spread into space communism.People are first part of the war.They are warmongers and military powers hiding in white race and government.After white race are the Dinguil.And then the Vampire.Vampire is an insect race that lives in Dogon Star galaxy.They live in Africa in space.Deal in theory with bio agents.They as insects have been feeding on "Flower of Life" to get advanced in robotech boost themselves in war.Intelligence is high.Then there is the Dragon and their alien humanoid race.Cardassians.Dragons can eat Vampires and will fight with them.They are going to grow to war on universe and conquer it.They have a leader called a Regent.No picking sides from whiteman leads to Dark Star Terminator.They are in this war with the Dinguil.The Dinguil are Stargate Gobot Pretender European.There are no Decepticons at all in our race.None to be born or to live in any galaxy.The Autobots reign supreme and Gobot Guardians.World of no Decepticons except in robot mode and big as mecha.They are related to us but are in direction of Milky Way very far away from good natured brother race of Space muslims.And their mechas and robots are living robot vehicles.Same family as Comet Empire vehicle robots,Southern Cross and Robotech Masters Mechas Living being mecha robots.They are not Transformers.Same with Force Five and Voltron.They used to be a faction of living robots vehicles as Gundam.People interacted with them and can produce them.Conflict in their religion leads to them being aggressive.Their power levels are quit high.Dinguil;id=3;    conquer communism.Production of mechas leads to a branch robot species that are a threat and enemy.The way Zarconian fought each enemy their mechas and battloids are alive and a faction.Zarconian has case about British and Americans and going back thousands of years history of breaking space laws greater than international.British interfere with other society's laws.Our case leads us to Stargates Americans the Tauri.Star Trek Voyager is about Intrepid class starship stuck 60 000 light years away from Alpha Quadrant.They need to go on warp drive for a lifetime.They are camped on our territory and think we are going to let them decay at us and give in secrets developement of Zarconian.In their part galaxy they are retched beings being punished by our Creator System and Evolution Process Angels Caretakers of space.Evolution Process Angels handle life.Epic saga of life and decades ticking by with the change of simple nature and manmade things as they change decade after decade and living things.Evolution.Evolve.They are invisible and alien like.They control the energy of evolution.Constant change to change in phases for nature and manmade structures and machines,land and space,planets and stars change in space evolves.Blackholes and Super Novas.Asteroids and alien races.History.They run outer space and orbits of stars and planets.Angels that are from outer space.They walk into Heaven and Hell to get things for themselves.They are Centauri's highest Angels that can do creatoring.They can create things like planets and lifeforms.Expert on how things began and they can do it.They can harness and maintain plasma from stars.They have other angels that handle time and work together with them.Planets rotation and orbit and master plan for them.They have giant ships that fly beyond any created ever.It has supernatural powers ships.They can take the form of people and live in space.They can change shape from their big size 14ft tall.They do processes like factory workers.They look into time travelling and time.They go to fate and nature to go to work on destroying destructve pro-British Americans.Nature and forces of space and incidence in making many in graveyard that won't make it as a destructive martyr.Our part of space has not aged as they are a threat to us.We have'nt grown and need more time to live comfortable til we go into action.They must go through processes as any enemies go through.Battle with relgion and what runs part of space to turn on them examining them as experts.Tauri Americans are going to be 1st race we do war on and defeat as beginning of the huge Universes war for the capture and excecution and destruction of a Creator Allah and bounty on him and white races empires he is living in.he and other creator's loaded many unstable races of non human and clones to go at all out war.You fight one in skirmish and the other Megapowers will come in.British are not small an empire and got into many people from space's lives.The giant enemy will conquer them and findout about the good guy factions.They will want to conquer the smaller bad guy factions..Allah lost his form as old man Aryan and in suit.He died in pyramid with marble interior.Allah took the form of many ordinary forms not going with the old man in buissiness suit.He is a punisher and injustice as his character.He is a worlds poisoner and torturer.He does not have the old man Aryan in buissiness suit and he did not pick something so dangerous as Annorax did not go with face to deal with aliens.He is very ruthless in that form and all the government obeys him on every world.Allah had a distinct image as old man Aryan.It was fearsome and ender of life but you live.Severe torturer.No compassion and to change to Freddy Krueger Iblis.He would write life wicked and superior than all of outer space beings.He is ant-human as an angel is.No power to Allah because of severe character flaw.He ends world but with them alive.UN would have been wicked.No one here.No executioner and imprisoner to enjoy suffering.Have the power of Comet Empire fortress to deflect wave motion energy in fleets.Entity when he goes to battle.Allah is Malkin Motue's younger brother the Death Angel.He is the older brother .Malkin Motue is was in charge of UFP past the prehistoric era.Golden age for aliens.Allah is criminal expert younger brother and a creator Angel.He was created."Meet the Parents" BMW old man Ted's father.He is Death Angel.His characteristics different as older brother is to younger brother Allah.Allah plays games.Malkin Motue is serious and a very bad temper.Very strict.Does not allow any games at all.Also violent.He must have retired as creator being so old.He makes no mistakes and is a hard worker.He is a British supporter.He has family of Death Angels or Creepers.Zarconian was made for this purpose to change.Expansion over the white man in space.Stargate has problems and is small faction.They have no key factors yet and they were all written in for them by Creator.He put that I will be a factor part of Stargate.They will have suffice military power to do top secret work underground in facilities.Stargate is not a big power.And we are part of Stargate and we are just a few planets.But that is all that is needed.American Tauri live in different parts of Stargate.We need to have Star Blazers technology and secrets from EDF.And secrets to Star Trek technology.We have to be able to produce our own working theories to be off the way the Creator written for us.We of course harness and grow energies from these advanced technologies.And construction and fill up the empty hulls of warships with every device,component,AC units and instruments to make each proper machine.We have the machines run on these energies and they produce results.Every electronics.Circuitry works.Then over many 30yrs of work underground and using our corporations to keep working on this.Production of our class battleships. We make fighters that are like space fighters.Like our own Cosmo Tigers from this understanding in sciences.Metallurgy.Electronics.Weapons.Lasers,Hull designs.Blueprints.Hull construction to fit in AC Units,bulkheads and instruments that make each type of machine for war different and unique to its name.Cruiser.Tank.And they are developed and confident in service.We need practice in war on Tauri Americans.To have these in service once all of sciencs and inventing is gone to further stages.Then the Stargate regaining themselves with young Feroz and rest of  European Pretender Zarconians.Feroz and Queen Armada began with no powers.God in space or Anti-Christ got rid of Feroz's powers by making Feroz into human.Francis had no powers and was in America Galactic Empire and they kept Feroz at low class level.Florence was a weaker version of Feroz.I have been at my weakest for thousands of years.Never rised out of middle class.Changing from race to planet and kept ordinary below the average to be handed off to idiots like Maketh Tua.She was aweful mother and parent to Francis.Feroz was a teacher father's child.That planet was closer to Milky Way and to do with Force Five cartoons.Feroz was a teacher's child but could not celebration nothing.Feroz has never celebrationed.Has no income and income is hoarded by government to make a financial problem with interest.Feroz is European from his ancestory originating from Antarctica.India and Europe were Egyptians before Europe and colonized the 30 000yrs ago Antarctica plush valleys and loads of jungles and civilization.Many Asian races met each other on Antarctica with the Romans.That is where they came up with being Indian and Indians went back to Antarctica.People look Portuguese and Roman they are Antarctics from ancient Antarctica.Then the glacier came in and covered it to cold Antarctica.My ancestors did not come back to Europe.Many became Americans and from Hawaii and Alaska         .Stargate has this built in Tauri American Eastern Seaboard attitude from Boston,NY City,Virginia,Carolina,to Florida and Washington DC.They have their own ways and its a bad and terrible mix.Its like natural enemies and does not start pouring out the hatred and racism.Because Stargate should go to Quebec.They can't change things because if things are faked and not exceptable then world is in the hands of our real creator Centauri who created everyone,Allah and outer space and other dimensions,life.He created everything but lies back and allows others to go forward with destructive free hand rule.They have drained out from prisoners and gained greed and power from free hand Centauri acted bias to his creations and the whiteman angels.He will die and the space he made for whiteman games and strategy comes to end.Parasite creatures go in to destroy the lifeforms.Then the destruction of everything Centauri made.His games of Zarconian come to death end.Nothing happens but to destroy the universe as lifeforms night after night of alien races die from bigotry and support to whiteman.I have no life and the space and years are all over and Centauri is over.50 000 yrs later when Zarconian technology is primitive and useless.What the earth class and white race humans drained out and did damage on my life afterwards with all alien races doing absolutely nothing for their own selfish lives.Pro-white attitude and I won't have any body in afterlife or next life.None so I am canceled out by white race done this to my life.I am drained to worse nothing for those idiot white race to supremace.When the white race and their plan with Stargate to play strategy.No space and Centauri the retched is gone.I have no bodies in any more lives as I am done in life in space.Its totally over.Zarconian goes into Centuari's hands to be done in.Won't happen and I won't be the power source for it to work.We will never know what I do in military as I do not want to do something I consider shameful and would use up the Transformers and Gobots as I detest Microsoft and computers.I am terrible with computers as we have a hated history as it won't work on me and causes trouble to me since Galactica.And like the retched angels it is it played a destructive role.And I refuse totally that I am packed up to end of the universe and galaxy as my religion.That is the end.I am not worth of prophet for shame on creator's to execution.And their buddy the serial killer worthless horror movies.Having a rigged defenses that ran to USA to be a Superpower.And they spoilered me.White race and court of Justice.Worse they get to supernatural because of the damn angels that run each type fo damn.Criminalized they are.How Allah destroyed and ate up my life afterwards up.He took and like thief the white race Creator Aryan old man Allah stole and pitted me down to slave level.Caused bad life and for it to come to end of space and Centuari.Races of those aliens and their attitudes.How Centuari linked out of date in beginning all of the alien races to live and survive under my astrology like Americans and white race having success.Americans are a living corruption.They intake corruption as a power.That is why they do their wars to have a power hold on corruption.They are corrupted by Mexico and Soviet Union.Many states highlight at being corrupted.Space UFP by Romulans and Space Communism,Galmans Garriman Gamilons and Uktubonia.Communists don't want to destroy US they want to corrupt it.How they lost all of their technology in 90's that all of their hydraulics and machinery that made the companies are all totalled and destroyed as companies won't calll the fire department as they won't call police and none of these milestone creations before 70's are all garbage from distraction the police call voices.And all of the dead from 90's not adjusting to voices outloud machine and electronics hydro noises of talking caused these idiot whiteman angels to lose the ability and technology to outer space.All of it was junk piled and from 60's and had the ability to take earth and North America to space.Accidents from noise caused alot of destruction news ignored and companies handle own destruction as Twin Towers eliminated lots of companies and stock and Pentagon lots of files and policies destroyed to make earth class Sol System have internet but it never connected to anything space worthy.Internet never linked up to modern space level machinery from 60's and 50's used in 70's as junk.Amount of power machines could out do and give ideas to newer models for space and mining in space.Just for software and computers.They never combined the hardware that could have made them structured in space is garbage with the minds that were behind space travel.Companies cease with Twin Towers by Allah in squable with his white people.Allah did vandalism to Centuari's work and plots murder on Centuari.Allah is traitor with a group as earth.Americans were under their creator Allah.Memories during plundering and sabotage of poor Feroz and pastlives having nothing left for selfish white race and their angels.Space.Going to space with no oxygen supply on planets.That is how facilities won't have any air to breath.I won't even be Star Trek either.This planet shows silly races.There are 10 000's more races and space will be over.Winning too much by whiteman eating up my life and this planet earth class Sol System and its destructive role for every race in space to end from their destruction to Feroz.Feroz is going to be in Pretender Gobot European Universe.Coward aliens said the humans earned honor as members of space.Nuisance like Klingons.I would not waste any of my time or to endanger myself just for my natural enemies to survive which they are off my life.I live and my enemies will live.I have never served disrespect but honorable by USA and UN to serve military is disrespectful sin to me for the cruddy meaning that military goes down hill in my view and from my world and past.That its a crud and racist and meant for criminals to join.Strategy the British think Stargate is all ready but that is childish and not real in my living or life.I am a very serious person and do not make jokes.My origins from people that make no humour.We are very serious and don't kid around or act white.Fun is alert 911 police.But they are a failure to me.Shame as US.They are joining the party and fun of military.That is the end of disrespect of what space was used for by white race.Each planet was used by white race and that is why Centauri put space out there for white races games and to win in strategy.They are in all solar systems and galaxies.As we are a Universe.Stargate taking control and making ranks to operate the Army,Navy in space,Space Airforce.Ranks to run the bases.Squadrons.Sattelites and networks.And the war strategies with system networking.Types of Cyber war.Plans and strategy mixed with Space War networking.Army.Grow structure and make platoon Cpt's with experience.Navy in space has admirals and ship's crew.They have soldiers.Working as a system with our Zarconian Terminals.Terminals are giant computers that can transform to mecha mode to walk and travel around.They are giant computers that run our empire and demands to military and government.We badly need them developed and in full operation. .Run operations in space.Help in networking and Cyber Warfare.After few decades in running service that the Terminals have climbed in rank.They interact with our Creator Angel System of Space.They can creator new Transformer Gobots which are the military vehicles given life and their code name as Gobot Transformers.They are the military hardware but are not people.We combiner with them as pilots and crew.We transform to merger with them like Headmasters and Gobots.We're interacted in cockpit area and crew area.Modulated systems going. Queen Auramanda that father and mother her parents are a Transformers Elder that specializes in making battleships from earth WW2 era but alien.He married Quintessa her mother .I am a Master Race in European Pretenders.Confidence and evolution going upward as faction and power in space.From sciences developed.Understanding of Star Blazers technology and Star Trek.They are not Europeans but resemble them as white people AI that are Pretenders and in Gobots Pretenders.Pretenders can transform and change to robot Transformers and Gobots.Perfect for  European Gobot Pretender AI Europeans because we are people and can interact with such concepts.Crew,ranks and pilots,soldiers and elders.Admirals.Policies.Safety and emergency crews technology for safety of our people in space and war.Zarconians are recovered to go back into service and live many more thousands of years from incident.Transformers and Gobots live in tens of thousands of years and go more and more.That is our born advantage as alien race.Feroz regainiing being an alien and alien concept skills.This is the war where our Creator Allah had powers oppose him and overpower and counter attack him.Zarconian is ready after century.All the ranks and warships are all done.They are all veterans secrecy from our military.We all are grown proper and ready for the start of the all out war.Zarconian got rule in Allahs' universe and in all universes and dimensions from not being zombies mezmorized by joining the whiteman and form of evil.That all of so called evil excepted to live under allies and found racist attitude place for evil scum to breed in America's.All underworld grown home of Americas.Because the Americans are racist supremacists and them as hero and good guy is evil.Nazi's and communists like evil like America.Americans are using defenses Allah created for evil.Americans do not practice religion or faith to Allah.Breakdown to our Creator makes goodness and they don't breakdown to creator which makes respect or Islam.Islam is taking good guy and heroes into seriousness.Americans don't take good guy or hero serious like Islam.Point that it came from Allah beginning of time goodness which Islam gets you to understand Heroes and good guys.Respect as power to our creator for making goodness.The death of James Kirk of Star Trek from Doctor Soren.Soren killed Kirk on scalfold.The Admiral Kirk would have in STNG era made new policies and warship classes and decisions vs Romulans and Klingons of 25th century.Kirk died useless death because the Federation did not give a damn in importance of having Kirk travel in Nexus.Soran was making experiments in space that took Kirk to future and to have him live preserved in great state in Nexus.Soran than had Kirk sacrifice himself without using any rope.Federation did not care to time travel and leave Kirk a kit with rope or cable.Soran had symbolic scalfold to kill Kirk.Then explains factors from good from government,family,food,society,military,friends,others,countries,history,aliens,laws,life,angels.To be normal which Quran helps to teach.Then when we have Allah we detonate our superweapons on him to incinerate him in plasma explosion for his destruction.No more will he be a factor to make US in space a "War Machine" ever again.It will come to end.These losers will all combine together and get slaughtered better Zarconian.They will criminalized and British up for destruction once Tauri Americans are all done in practice of our war vessels in service and kill ration and stats.Use of our superweapons on Americans.Then we will go to any other mad dog like UFP and the "USS Vengeance Crashing on UFP Headquarters"        was real and happened after Twin Towers Pentagon Attacks.Allah had it done.And it killed many members,technology and fleet secrets that changed time.It did not exist in 90's and STNG.It happened in 2000's and now Federationis crippled from loss of all UFP Headquarters did for them,lost codes,rankings and works.Next is their war with Zarconian when we expand to UFP and start war on them.We need this technology which all goes hand in hand as system of thousands types of warfares we need each as each warship is a system with smaller modules

Ship comparisons

and components.This is to give us immense firepower to end any revolting instantly with the answer making quick work of the enemy.Stop enemy corruption.End the enemies interference with many Zarconian warships in their way with immense guns.To blast their ships with deflector shields and barrier technology.Penetration through this and flood in the bolts of plasma to explode the enemy warships.Drill shots through their ships.Or they will keep using the UN and UFP to delay things and make decisions hard and hard time from many American Tauri in Stargate.To elminate this destructive pro-British factor.Debate and never do anything like our plans I said for Antarctica and Greenland.We want this as territory for military purposes as long as I stay on earth class.Its for the Zarconian warship's speed to get to far away hundred thousands light years away jumps.Powerful barrier system to take on enemy firepower and weapons.Deployment of smaller ships for many space naval approaches.Mine warfare and many types of covert ops they need to deploy teams.Because the main guns don't solve everything in space military war.We can't keep refitting so we have everything built in our base of operations first types of warships space battleships.Many types of other warships that go hand in hand with battleships like cruisers,light cruisers,frigates,subs and carriers.They all make different system networks combine and merger along with sattelites.Smaller ships from warships make these networks for electronic war on the enemy.As in space warfare it can't take forever and we have a modulated ship to fit in giant components needs for each type of warship is different.Scope for the cruiser is different size and connects to different system as sub and destroyer.Makes network to project frequencies.Surprise the enemy and their terrorism.Warship has more than the law onboard to counter each enemy warfare without going back to the base.In war you can't reverse unless its a boobytrap.And many of the enemies have superweapons.Americans have superweapons.The faster we fire on the enemy Americans faster they can't use their superweapons.Counter use of superweapons.Starship vs Zarconian warships and our tactics by our healthy high ranks.Our healthy empire victory over Tauri Americans in quick war.Warships will patrol every territory we take over with detonation of our superweapons on enemy forces.Rogue ships.They takeover things then start running things at a low level with no efficiency.They are destructive because the enemies have them play a role at mergering and wrecking government up.Allah uses them to do slavery on everything and expand to make government unfair,run a dictatorship.They then destroy down important roles so only their bred have upper hand.Then then feed in racism.        They were destructively taking my blood tests and freezing them and giving them to the enemy to try to search out my next life afterlife.Seems I am cancelled out in next life being too dangerous for me to live.They did a battery of tests and scans,dna and blood and Centauri had me cancelled out and killed by earth class.They gave all of my tests to my enemies and British.They know every secret of mine and permanently wrecked up my reproduction.All of those whites,angels and Alien races under my astrology for a good life and did not pay me and had me elminated in afterlife next life.All of those coward alien races in space loyal to British in Sci Fi military cartoons are all wiped out.That I am going to burried to Khatam and Qiyamaht zillion years from now.Centauri interfered to make the British go away at military strategy on me to have me participate fooled or like Zarconian wiki which was reason the Canadians went to do the battery of tests,because of Zarconian wiki to do military strategy and win.Setup again like Battlestar Galactica French.UFP is nothing impressive since Galactica in my books.Damn where they punish souls are all honkeys as every angels is honkey whites.Alien races think ts a circus and their disrespect and support to British.Wrecking around with my defenses with blood tests that they do 1 good thing rest to loot and vandalize.Why I have problems when I sleep because they have mucked around with my defenses and fed British hatred and communism with terrorism by whiteman angels.Police harrassment me because of them finding out my blood test and so they started to have me at 2AM in morning to be in emergency.Police started harrassment with no just cause from my blood tests collection by other side to feed racism and try to make me forced to the Canadian news.This wrecking up and targeting I Feroz Khan and my warship in afterlife next life.Hands of the enemy and Canadian attitude and role to cause tragedy and problems with the law on me from blood tests.Shameful and used by angel whiteman to start war.They used their expertise to vandalize the night that I die and stop breathing.That week is what the British and rest of Angel white race targeted me militarily and US attitude to belittle me as Space Agent.They started problems with my GAH powers.Seems to be the nack the white race Angels have.Trouble maker cowardly targets and chooses me.This wretched trouble maker participant of space earth class Sol System.Starting war and British keep saying they have military ready and I have nothing.British,France and Russia with loyalities in North America are NWO New World Order.Centauri cried Wolf for the British.Joke because of my race and color.To the point they drained my body dry.This irritant planet that thinks its instinct on me Feroz.Centauri made me with worthless defense being those hated aliens in space.Point of this British regard Feroz or I as a joke.Whiteman Angels trick and fool space for they are the most selffish lifeforms that stole from my body.This planet earth class Sol System gutted out blood from me from my pastlife galaxies thinks its a member of space.Wrecking up my communication with Creator Centauri the Lord   So they have my blood tests saved from all of my life they gave them to the allied enemy and UN started this vile role to world.They planning and rigging wars and adding news popular Middle East terrorist.British are insistant at making me Feroz into a loser.Refuse to every help anyone ever including in Zarconian and GAH.Not ever help any lifeform at all for what they did to me.Danger they put me in from gutting out my genes and body systems.No privacy in my life forever from destruction earth class says harmless and more liar answers.Its all over for all of honkeys refuge under my astrology.In British system they have made me lower class as Great Queen Ruler after 2070.I am going to be a key member of Star Trek Stargate Pretender Gobots AI Europeans.I had many dressed up as government look down or lower at me.I was discrimated at and am going to the Greatest Ruler from my attractive women Gobot Pretender European mothers and Drewzelda.From Creators to me the Queen their child Feroz and my name describes me.I was treated low by white race ceasing opportunity with coloreds who were whiter Asians and Africans from International world that practice live white.In this type of society Canada did not mind destroying me to nothing and fall victim to authority that started trouble and war with me.Americans were trying to make me into a loser.Making trouble with me Feroz Queen Aramda from my blood tests to my next life and aftelife.Trying to slave my system as from past are devious fiends that from Galactic Empire railroaded me to care of the Canadians.Canadians kidnapp me and conduct all sorts of racism and biggotry.Never to accel or grow in society.My things by law cheap and recycled.They put me in a jam to persecution me on my religion Islam and racist to muslims.I use some Islam but I don't believe in Islam or have any genetic heritage to muslims.I am from Tribal Pacific and this is how much that UN fights with me and does harrassment knowing good old loser Feroz can't catch up to Spike Cops so this white game goes on by white race Angels.Battery of tests is to make that I am a lose permanently and not reversed by Centauri and his stories of Zarconian.This was to get my pride back but its going to zillion years from end of the universe used against Centauri and his family of Creators.Feroz Queen Aramda died as made into loser.Racist to by British and whiteman angels.They got rid of Feroz with battery of tests that was worse than any Hershey chocolate bar.Ignorant creator knows this is a big deal and he laughs like a whiteman at Feroz Queen Aramda being joke fo importance.Feroz is permanent loser and does not follow his theories of lifeforms and people in their afterlife.I never went to any useless bars and rest of places for grownups as I was biggot.Military used force and intimidation to point I am virgin.I would never except the slops the white race Angels would hand over disease and make me pay for a mutant kid from my so called illness.NWO New World Order.Courts enjoy that British harrass me and its called voices from vent.Police can't hear anything in their records to me and my Creator system had these guys think they are big shots and put me here destructive.Alien Honkeys.Honkeys have over stepped their boundry to me having this weakness of not threatening them militarily.Police and their white girls think they are above me and I will tolerate this to look like a white military and allies made fool of me because I am colored and my race is not military.Stared at my face and fed in to put me in gorup home and shelter.Britiah and Canadians,Angels white race.Fun for them to put me down with force to go nowhere and hit my blood works to cause problems I have with my soul for my defenses and to wreckup what the Lord Centauri in justice to make be billion times greater and to make gianter defenses for my life and growing up and raised to military properly and not ever rushed like the Americans and British and UN are trying to wreck up Zarconian and Feroz.This war on my money and income.To make me disgraced as they are carrying off humiliation they put on me that I look like a kid that goes under destructive white laws.Hit my family especially that weasel Tom Steve Trachsion.I get punished for using them as evidence.How a judge would biggot me.Biggotry by white race to force me into my natural enemy used for racism the mental health.They locked me to control me like animal to obey them.They white angels race feel like God towards me.Proper humiliation as I won't every take from forcing me to think I wish to live white.Canada thinking they and this earth class Sol System planet is target to our Zarconian warships once we have pitted it and internet dry and learned inside out ranks,strategy and networks,technology,history and foods,companies,music,assembly and what other planets are associated with earth class Sol System.Police wanted to dive and tattle tale or rat on me anything something they claimed supernatural happened from me like Final Destination.The earth class and North America used alot of Science Fiction movies as cause to start war with me.British are all ready to be experts in war strategy and to have things rigged to win as Allah and their Church Gods are all buttered up that week I stop breathing.Evolution Process Angels Caretakers of outer space from Jupiter will be the 1st ones to obtain my body or they are from UPS Stargate Gobot Pretender Universe at Jupiter.Centauri wanted to use me that what every happened to me he wanted to use this to destroy earth and internet for Zarconian.My Evolution Process Caretaker Angels will come to me at the hospital and be in disguise as workers.They talk in prayers as language and whatever they do is calming to my body.They extract my body as whole to transform it to my next afterlife next life race Transformers Gobots Pretender European AI race from island continent and Gas Giant home planet.I am in my families hands as my people and race.And they do process to my body and put a fake grave there that I died on earth class North America ON.They the men Evolution Process Angels will take care of my procession and the female Evolution Process Angels are waiting in outer space.And they want my parents to me many decades away when I adjust to my universe and race as appararition.I start to from planet to planet to get to know everyone and ancestors in robot and Gobot Pretenders.Centauri knows the Angels have plan from my side and won't listen to anything as its written to happen.They know what they are doing as overly experts and my body does not panic til they open the door and take off with my body to space fortress from heavens.Take my body to do the process.My soul gets to wander my Gobot Pretender AI European race and Transformers universe of my questions and answers my wonders of Transformers and Gobots and their Gods to except me and what they pray to as Allah or Centauri.Spiritually and my soul has peace this way and my new body that the Evolution Process Angels have practiced and sent into many trial runs in another dimension that it works perfect in such little time that it seemed less decade.My VSTOL Kestrel fighter mode and from Sol System earth Class ON North America and 20th and 21st Century technology and vehicles and Zarconian.They do work on me and my meeting with my parents to make 2 attractive women female autobots into my parents,Ferox{Jackie} and Zeta.Ferox is shemale autobot guardian and Zeta is attractive women guardian autobot.They are both married and are on moon of Jupiter in their alien vehicle modes.Go over a belonging of Feroz's Queen Aramda with Feroz's information and patented name "Feroz Khan"Queen Aramda.Qiyamaht would happen the end of the universe and space as Centauri the Lord would destroy up the enemy Whiteman Angels and their factions in space.Destroy them up and use parasitic creatures to destroy their planets and white people,that parasites wreckup the environment and people along with the biggoting alien races.Parasites would live and eat up the white race Angels.Lord Centauri has war to do on them knowing that Feroz needs to grow up and Zarconian needs to have 50 yrs to grow up and evolve properly.Queen Aramda Feroz's powers need to be worked on by Centuari.He has to check that my dreamworld powers and powers in my body are working and to improve GAH suit and powers.To improve them against crime weapons and war weapons here and in space.On physical objects and situations.See its weakness Allah put and improve it to other colors I demanded and foot padding.My military in UFP Stargate has to injection me to ready me for alien worlds and they are giving me antidote to many diseases in space and parasites.Its supposed to have defenses against parasites and for me to injestion poison gas or chemicals in my mouth for attack to breath.Breathe space.Injestion in my lungs and mouth.Allah made its defenses in alien Centuari must improve them and use higher level Evolution Process Caretakers of Space Angels in Heaven world and even damn to work on my powers and test them in space.Re-entry of alien world's gravity and catch up to speeder level cars and highways in space.Adjust.Computer electronics interface and my lego guns changed into my firearms as space Federal Agent.Needle looks electronic.My military comes to rescue and back me up.These operations after I am done a century past time and with my pets and family complete McLaughlin family from Feroxia to Allison as I have tests to feed them pourage and Cream of Wheat from ON North America Earth Class Sol System.The suit needs many more powers against knives and sharp weapons like square butcher knife and police threats and crime.Debris from like the Pentagon Attacks Twin Towers.Cause I am going to get bit by shark that is like a Great White training to counter being sharp weapon attacked or combat and bitten by shark or mammal.Cause scare from surviving.But for me on alien worlds use of using shore and beeches.Its an asset and power I can do go deeper and shores cause catch the enemy in crime off guard or military enemy.Covert Operations underwater.Learn diving hostile with my family.Hostilities the GAH powers defend me against barbed wire,animal traps,animal bites and military attack and boobytraps.To crawl in 3ft space tunnel narrow crawl under through rock and cement like dream.Cave in to fall on me in such a situation.Dangers of tunnels and caves and fears,the creatures and cryptozoology.Animal inoculations and injections from my faction to protect me.Measures to protect me.Practice the flight powers.So what does GAH powers fail to and my bodies to British.I will be far and on my own to solve these problems.Self solved most of the time as I can call to backup.I am my own agent and I come up with my children new powers from ideas from ON North America earth class Sol System and UFP Stargate to transport the ideas like guitar 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There was that wonderful Mitchell and Webb sketch a few years ago in which they play German officers on the Eastern Front, who suddenly turn to each other and ask: are we the baddies? It’s a question conservatives often ask of themselves, aware that in the popular media the baddies generally are conservative, and the prevailing orthodoxies are liberal.

And it’s a question we have to ask ourselves especially hard about that most sensitive of areas, immigration and race, which is why I was slightly stung by one response to last Saturday’s blog,by Dorian Lynskey in the New Statesman.

The gist of his piece was that Powell's speech led to widespread misery and violence against minorities, and so "rehabilitating" him is wrong, even in effect justifying racist incitement or violence. To many people, Powell is blamed for the rise of the National Front and for a generally poisonous atmosphere of racism, epitomised by Eric Clapton's drunken rant about "wogs" at a gig in Birmingham in 1976.

Taking aside whether Powell was "racist" or not, since I don't think we're going to agree on a definition of that, let me address the issue of whether he was responsible for inciting racism and violence.

Like pretty much all my conservative friends, I feel repulsed when I hear casual racism in conversation. So I can see why someone who seemingly raised this to a national level should be so hated.

Neither do I doubt that rising racial consciousness of any sort leads to more racial violence, since the normalisation of a behaviour will always lead to a small increase in its extreme manifestations.

But the racial violence that followed the April 20 speech has been exaggerated in the public consciousness for political reasons. I may be wrong about that, and I don’t doubt that there were incidents of hatred, nor that many people felt scared, but I cannot find any figures to justify the popular idea that there was some sort of pogrom.

Bear in mind that there was far less violence, either inter-racially or intra-racially, in the period following Powell's speech than in Britain today. The actual, factually recorded rise in inter-racial violence in England began in the early 1970s with the phenomenon of mugging, but this has been largely suppressed in the national consciousness, despite its role in sparking the iconic anti-racist victory at the Battle of Lewisham. People in inner-cities were far more likely to be drawn into political extremism by the experience of street violence against them or friends than by something a politician said in a speech in Birmingham.

History often tends to be an exaggerated version of the dominant media conclusion of the time, and since the BBC is effectively Britain’s national archivist, the history of multi-cultural Britain has often been one of crystallised media bias.

Certainly the National Front had a spike in followers after Heath sacked Powell, being before only the preserve of "cranks and perverts", in the words of one of their leaders. But electorally the NF were nothing, and even at their peak they barely polled more than 10 per cent in their strongest councils wards. This is ignored in the popular imagination, where NF marches were as ubiquitous as gay pride marches are to paranoid old conservatives. (And the dress code was pretty similar, now I think about it.)

But did Powell's speech cause this? No people in history have felt comfortable about large numbers of foreigners moving into the neighbourhoods, whatever their skin colour. That's human nature – it would be the same in Pakistan if loads of Brits started moving there. British people actually responded with a fair amount of tolerance, considering the changes they were experiencing. In France in the early 1970s there were a dozen racist murders of Arabs in just one year in Marseilles. Throughout recent English history, popular expressions of nastiness towards minorities has never been tolerated, despite most people opposing mass immigration; the vast majority of people were horrified by the violence of Teddy Boys in Notting Hill in 1958. When Eric Clapton said that "Enoch was right" in 1976  most people thought he was an idiot, including, once he got clean, Clapton himself.

If there was violence following the speech, and if racists and extremists were inspired to hatred, then Powell certainly bears the blame. Much of Powell’s speech was inflammatory, which is morally indefensible but also self-defeating, since it alienates moderate followers. Why did he make it? He was a loner and an academic, and perhaps low in what today would be called emotional intelligence. Using such language in the 1880s, when the people who mattered were acquainted with classical literature, might have been sensible, but less so with a mass audience in the 1960s, who had in recent memory endured the horrors of a war inspired by a doctrine of racial supremacy.

But by being a loner, Powell was also slightly immune to the echo chamber that affects political smart sets and which establishes received opinion, often wrong (and received opinion in the 1960s was wrong about a lot of things – schools, architecture, you name it). And he saw that people were deeply unhappy about immigration in their neighbourhoods.

Today many people still are; and just as 40-odd years ago, those most in favour tend to be rich, young and/or childless, and so less vulnerable to declining neighbourliness. Those same people, so articulate in the media, express utter surprise when people still question the sacred cow of diversity, “so many years after Powell”.

But why shouldn’t people question it? No one would say it was shocking and unbelievable that some ex-miners up north still question the unquestionable rightness of Thatcherism, even though the rich and powerful have decided it was right. On the question of mass immigration most people have not seen it make their neighbourhoods safer, their schools better, their general quality of life improved or, unless they’re at the top of society, their economic situation richer. It has not led to apocalyptic disaster, but neither is it an unquestionable benefit. That is why, despite the overwhelming Orwellian pressure to believe that diversity is strength, they remain sceptical.

I believe that history and experience, as well as the growing body of evidence concerning welfare generosity, social capital, mental illness and the prisoner’s dilemma, show that people are right to be sceptical, and diversity beyond a certain point is a big social weakness that has a negative impact on many people's lives. I question my own conscience about this, but I don’t believe it is wrong to admit that there are limits to human altruism, and that this is a utopian idea built on the wreckage of the Third Reich. Those of us – and I believe we're the majority – who think this is a bad idea are not "the baddies".

The arguments are there, and it can be made without recourse to hatred or inflammatory language, and without talk of foaming rivers. 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An ideological basis for explicit racism came to a unique fruition in the West during the modern period. No clear and unequivocal evidence of racism has been found in other cultures or in Europe before the Middle Ages. The identification of the Jews with the devil and witchcraft in the popular mind of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries was perhaps the first sign of a racist view of the world. Official sanction for such attitudes came in sixteenth century Spain when Jews who had converted to Christianity and their descendents became the victims of a pattern of discrimination and exclusion.
The period of the Renaissance and Reformation was also the time when Europeans were coming into increasing contact with people of darker pigmentation in Africa, Asia, and the Americas and were making judgments about them. The official rationale for enslaving Africans was that they were heathens, but slave traders and slave owners sometimes interpreted a passage in the book of Genesis as their justification. Ham, they maintained, committed a sin against his father Noah that condemned his supposedly black descendants to be "servants unto servants." When Virginia decreed in 1667 that converted slaves could be kept in bondage, not because they were actual heathens but because they had heathen ancestry, the justification for black servitude was thus changed from religious status to something approaching race. Beginning in the late seventeenth century laws were also passed in English North America forbidding marriage between whites and blacks and discriminating against the mixed offspring of informal liaisons. Without clearly saying so, such laws implied that blacks were unalterably alien and inferior.

During the Enlightenment, a secular or scientific theory of race moved the subject away from the Bible, with its insistence on the essential unity of the human race. Eighteenth century ethnologists began to think of human beings as part of the natural world and subdivided them into three to five races, usually considered as varieties of a single human species. In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, however, an increasing number of writers, especially those committed to the defense of slavery, maintained that the races constituted separate species.

The Nineteenth century was an age of emancipation, nationalism, and imperialism--all of which contributed to the growth and intensification of ideological racism in Europe and the United States. Although the emancipation of blacks from slavery and Jews from the ghettoes received most of its support from religious or secular believers in an essential human equality, the consequence of these reforms was to intensify rather than diminish racism. Race relations became less paternalistic and more competitive. The insecurities of a burgeoning industrial capitalism created a need for scapegoats. The Darwinian emphasis on "the struggle for existence" and concern for "the survival of the fittest" was conducive to the development of a new and more credible scientific racism in an era that increasingly viewed race relations as an arena for conflict rather than as a stable hierarchy.

The growth of nationalism, especially romantic cultural nationalism, encouraged the growth of a culture-coded variant of racist thought, especially in Germany. Beginning in the late 1870s and early 1880s, the coiners of the term "antisemitism" made explicit what some cultural nationalists had previously implied--that to be Jewish in Germany was not simply to adhere to a set of religious beliefs or cultural practices but meant belonging to a race that was the antithesis of the race to which true Germans belonged.

The climax of Western imperialism in the late nineteenth century "scramble for Africa" and parts of Asia and the Pacific represented an assertion of the competitive ethnic nationalism that existed among European nations (and which, as a result of the Spanish-American War came to include the United States). It also constituted a claim, allegedly based on science, that Europeans had the right to rule over Africans and Asians.

The climax of the history of racism came in the twentieth century in the rise and fall of what might be called overtly racist regimes. In the American South, the passage of racial segregation laws and restrictions on black voting rights reduced African Americans to lower caste status. Extreme racist propaganda, which represented black males as ravening beasts lusting after white women, served to rationalize the practice of lynching. A key feature of the racist regime maintained by state law in the South was a fear of sexual contamination through rape or intermarriage, which led to efforts to prevent the conjugal union of whites with those with any known or discernable African ancestry.

Racist ideology was eventually of course carried to its extreme in Nazi Germany. It took Hitler and his cohorts to attempt the extermination of an entire ethnic group on the basis of a racist ideology. Hitler, it has been said, gave racism a bad name. The moral revulsion of people throughout the world against what the Nazis did, reinforced by scientific studies undermining racist genetics (or eugenics), served to discredit the scientific racism that had been respectable and influential in the United States and Europe before the Second World War.

Explicit racism also came under devastating attack from the new nations resulting from the decolonization of Africa and Asia and their representatives in the United Nations. The Civil Rights movement in the United States, which succeeded in outlawing legalized racial segregation and discrimination in the 1960s drew crucial support from the growing sense that national interests were threatened when blacks in the United States were mistreated and abused. In the competition with the Soviet Union for "the hearts and minds" of independent Africans and Asians, Jim Crow and the ideology that sustained it became a national embarrassment with possible strategic consequences.

The one racist regime that survived the Second World War and the Cold War was the South African in 1948. The laws passed banning all marriage and sexual relations between different "population groups" and requiring separate residential areas for people of mixed race ("Coloreds"), as well as for Africans, signified the same obsession with "race purity" that characterized the other racist regimes. However the climate of world opinion in the wake of the Holocaust induced apologists for apartheid to avoid, for the most part, straightforward biological racism and rest their case for "separate development" mainly on cultural rather than physical differences.

The defeat of Nazi Germany, the desegregation of the American South in the 1960s, and the establishment of majority rule in South Africa suggest that regimes based on biological racism or its cultural essentialist equivalent are a thing of the past. But racism does not require the full and explicit support of the state and the law. Nor does it require an ideology centered on the concept of biological inequality. Discrimination by institutions and individuals against those perceived as racially different can long persist and even flourish under the illusion of non-racism, as historians of Brazil have recently discovered. The use of allegedly deep-seated cultural differences as a justification for hostility and discrimination against newcomers from the Third World in several European countries has led to allegations of a new "cultural racism." Recent examples of a functionally racist cultural determinism are not in fact unprecedented. 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and mountains and woods that are military live in US in space.Place is full of security facilities.Crime and crimelords grow from British.New World Order NWO.British believe in illegal activity to grow.Most of their class structures are based on drugs and more illegal activity.They have a rotten attitude to other races.They try to get the upper hand and look at other races as being embarrassed by British power.When the British spread into factions like a disease they then have their citizens look down at other races they are disgracing publically.They look down at them that the factors they used like their Church,racism and crime to do destruction on people of other races.They are not understanding at all and give people no choices in being runned under their tyranny to destroy down race's important ranks and using excuses to go do more destruction and vandalism.Their system is to get into your government and start 3rd grading everything to low level.Then they introduce and make crime grow to such a level of slime.They then send in to decay up your government system with corruption.Low level police that bigot.They influx racism and to start destroying you down to their white races like Gamilons,Space communists factions and harbour all sorts of crud like the Dinguil,Romulans and other vile races.They make deals with so called bad guys and protect them.Americans are protecting the underworld and who they deal with like undeworld white races in space.Americans are like armor for these Space communists and any other supremacists to grow their unfair and injustice martial laws and dicatorships.The Americans influx the unfair treatment and favour evil powers in space.They are like their bodyguards so whiteman can grow and spread this scourge.They allow war crimes to happen and black marketing.Americans make vile scum untouchable and allow them to attack.They protect attackers.Play games on population they single out to be racist to.They think any high ranks must be destroyed by Americans and racism.Americans added destructiveness from jews and Israel.UN is bigotter.They swear solemn to protect this system which the center is British and French.They are center of Communism and the American's destructive system.Allies.They are vandals.They damage up things and spread to steal.Americans coverup the crimes they commit and any allied powers commit as a serial system.They allow the British and French to commit war crimes and injustice acts.NWO New World Order.They allow their racism to grow and destroy opportunity.They single out opportunists,type of coward that works in millions.Their coward is criminal.Americans are cowardly in criminal sense.They as allied powers are all psychotically ill.That is why they are carrying out this destruction because they all are psychotic with severe mental disorders they made legalized.Police and military of US have severe mental disorder and strange behaviour patterns.Intimidate UN and Congress to go with the racists to power up America and to preserve that the British and French live as mental and ill as possible.Its a threat to Americans to have French and British treated for mental disorder which this quest they started seizuring and taking over governments to live under US Defenses.The Allied wars are all rigged and squables with other scum like themselves.American does not fight any proper wars and has no natural enemies except trait they lie out of their teeth with propaganda to project their mental behaviours and they of course must always win.They do not fight for any form of good.Enemies they fight absorbed up being Imperial and pro-British and Americanism.The Americans systematic selection for a war enemy is from their mob mafia arguments over the spoils and greed they have over collected from not having any proper enemies except their propaganda.They fight with who supports American and deals with them.Then they threaten Americans who take it like a mental.Americans and Allies are pushy.They think they have everything going their way and start to step up abusing using racists.Start to mob and attack and of course British ridicule.Since they have no enemies they then start to act destructive with their population prisoners.Step up allowing neglect and war crimes and UN helps in this war.Injust acts they look down and have made slavery at many levels.They the allies are just worse and getting worse with UFP and Stargate.Starting this to be a threat on population to drive us up the wall.Goal is to try to imprisonment and torture using the law and government.Play mind games and military does destructive things in public thinking they are big shots and are same level as British.Legalizing British to advance in racism and its legal when they do it and Americans coverup the crimes the British and French do as triple team.They allow dictaroships to grow and martial laws.America is place where they prove they are on same scale with dictatorships.This system of evil.Generates alot of evil from New World.New World Order.That's how they use British Vigilantes to do destruction.Americans are very annoying thinking they are whites that have learned colored races and aliens in space.They have added hatred into them and have taken away the rights of war and made racist America that obeys British their defenses.Americans destroy down aliens and other races to live bottom of American society attacked and bigotryed.They believe like South Africans they are living with their enemies and manipulating them and destroying them down with their powers.They then step up martially and do wars to take their legs from underneath them.Americans try to destroy and rot up people's defenses and have their defenses ready as an invader and violater to place you same level as prison to protect you.Protect you at your lowest.Americans have crime rapant and it takes it toll on American population that are very rotten people and are a danger.Many of these that are Americans are dangerous people that are also large.America in space is a dangerous place with violence and war like atmosphere of danger.Crime is active in your face in America from many disagree to US government.Live danger in America.Americans have adopted many dangerous types of criminals into their society.Danger to people as UN helps to run and power up dangerous land like America.Cities are very dangerous to live in.They have active weapons and emergencies of fighting going on.Its really not a place to peaceful people.Many are militarized and open fire on streets in America.British have integrated this problem and attack America with communism.British know that in American revolution they lost America but want to gain America through a large group fo racist countries that are fueling communism.Communists then are trying to takeover Americans in space.Economically and through their government to recruit communists.Take over as manpower to add dangers of unstable land like America and its dangerous cities.City is utter danger in American thinking.It can cause many horrors for visitors.Relies on not safe hospital.America has these factors from enemies the Contra's and Mongols.Police in US are very mean and break the law alot.From influx of many bad natured races into America in space.This serial pattern and grow can be dangerous to universe.Especially not ending factors like racism.Racism fuels criminals.Wrecks up government.Then sitting on power with Allah to bail them out.Transformer Gobot Pretender Combiner White Race,Feroz's race.They are our enemy.They live on many planets and a universe.Gundams get them.Part of them are a lost colony but they are partly space communist.Not decepticons but some sort of faction that will have us declare war on them as Transformers and Gobots new enemies.They have a nature and characteristics.They have good guys too that I am to reach out to.They are a very large force that can match us with large robots vs large robots.Piloted robots lead to alive robots to hundred thousand years ago.Learn of this faction from Space Communism.From my pastlife to do with white race Galactic Empire.Standing in the way though is the
Alien Invasion Montage-1

Alien Invasion Montage-1

UFP.Hiding Americans.Americans build up for war and expect everyone to surrender to them except the British.They need to be broken out of this phase of government.Being a good guy and good reputation is very badly important for them.Factors that lead to each and each enemy plays with evolution.Then there are Klingon Empire,Romulan Star Empire.Needs to be an empire and faction that can deal with these enemies properly.They all believe they can be hidden and hard to get at.Hiding very serious enemies that change the universe.Also Xenomorphs and parasite cretures like Vampire.Vampire is eating Flower of Life.And this faction of robot beings that the enemy is using.Zeon Zaft is in this war.Next moves in this phase.Many smaller factions like Borg,Haydonites,Invid,Gamilons,Zentraedi.American French and REF SUS Alliance.      Then from past Galactica and to time travel when factions
National Geographic Alien Invasion 2011 part 1

National Geographic Alien Invasion 2011 part 1

National Geographic Alien Invasion 2011 part 2

National Geographic Alien Invasion 2011 part 2

National Geographic Alien Invasion 2011 part 3

National Geographic Alien Invasion 2011 part 3

were space militarized.   The Octopus Protostar Cluster (オクトパス原始星団): a group of eight Protostar surrounded by stormy dark nebula, in which a black hole is reputed to be present, making navigation extremely hazardous. However, it is believed there is a safe strait through the center of the cluster.                        ,%20Future,%20Parallel%20Universe,%20Quantum,%20Quantum%20Teleportation,%20Teleportation,%20Time%20Travel,%20Wormhole,/ice-age/                                 Like back to Gattaca and Space Americans.Its a long story that has warfare in space in Galactica.Takes us to enemy that time travels to conquer.Vampire and
Future Disaster is Coming - How will it Happen (Full Documentary)

Future Disaster is Coming - How will it Happen (Full Documentary)

Future's 10 Events That Could Wipe Out Humanity

Future's 10 Events That Could Wipe Out Humanity

Dragons.Dinguil.They will all standup for each other and defend the space White race and to save supremacists.Aliens will fight in our way.No one is ally and they take offense.Smaller factions than the white race.Standing in our way Americans want to remain in this phase and not break out of it.They are hiding dangerous enemies and growing dangerous to galaxy.They have been known to destroy and ruin planets from their war machine.You Allah hid thsse outlaws.You gave them upper hand and they were getting power from Galactic Empire.Now they are getting more power from UFP.They will be made and driven up the wall to show their true form.Americans and British are very vile races that believe in evil and slavery.NWO New World Order.They need expert in this matter to make them the evil they are and are scared of being and paranoid of portraying wrong role.They have had Allah enhancements to do a mental disorder to hide as good guys.When I die and am through with humanity and retrieved the Transformers Gobot Pretender Combiner Universe Creator System is coming to this galaxy and earth class Sol System ON North America.The stupidity and friction white races will cause to their end and doom.The creator system which runs my star system of my afterlife and to do with evolution and nature,life will unleash its power on the whiteman forces.Their allien allies and them will be anhihilated by powers of heaven,hell afterworld and what runs our star sytem.This solar system in future and its group of military forces suffered their fate in 21st Century.Their could be space elements and weather,collision of galaxies and lots use of plasma.Creator system will use magic powers and supernatural powers and powers that run Universe.They can use in angel authoratative.This galaxy will be changed with a space tornado or some sort of uncontrollable force of nature in space.They want to be government,sneaky and rotten about things to my lastname Khan.See how much power I can dig up in afterlife towards them.British said we can't go off with technology and secrets and to rush us and our galaxy and UFP put them up to this.They have this human like plan of humiliation to track down my galaxy and cause trouble.This is their fate to see how much military power the Transformer Gobot Pretender white race muslims have.So whiteman wants to start all out war when I die.Hold on to me when dead.Allah is powerful and can set loose this power on wretched white race and government.Galactica Empire and no survivors.,9171,836673,00.html     Go to 2070 and see what happened.This pest of a race that does communism and USA and their Cops.And arrogant Galactic Empire and this last stand.Witness all out efficiency and power of Universe star system.And the angel entities that run the star system.Run the stars orbit and temperature of stars and space weather.Potential of all out power at the creator's level.To interfere with life in another galaxy and failure of their Christianity creator that put them up to this.Council of rats.So they have come down to decision in 2070.We are going to take the 20th century                technology North Atlantic earth class Sol System and everything that goes with it and to do ultimate doom on this galaxy once we have gutted out Greenland and Antarctica and 20th Century and technology and manpower loyal to us.They must take advantage of afterlife rule life for me in future and learn as much as possible and take their shares.Learning about the North Atlantic is very important because this technology and manpower is not from their universe.Most of space secrets and things over the border are strict and kept secrets.This one with rules is open to them.Must send in envoy and to buy off Greenland and Antarctica for a small price and move in on 20th Century.Gimme and free bees.Part of things present.It will help Zarconian out severely.So my elders know about this technology and people's secrets.Learned and they are open to them to come on in and join with Creator system's interference and word to their galaxy of Feroz is coming by 2070.I am going have my body in my galaxies Transformer Gobot Creator system.They are going to send bounty hunters to go out in space and fetch each war criminal in my previous lives.They will be very ruthless and stealthy to obtaining each war criminal.Each of Allah's henchman that was in Feroz's life that posed as enemy as Feroz's new Creator System in space saw in Feroz's genes and soul.He saw all of this and Feroz's family,parents.Out of nature and how universe works they sent out our high tech futuristic bounty hunters to bring back each prisoner.And I Queen Armada on prison planets of ours talk and conquer them with loud speakers and to go through the account of how they were in my lives.This is a problem that these devious hatred troublemakers,pscyhotic and mad,insane, did on me to throw me off militarily and would in my life as Feroz blame me something in space I have not done to cause disruption in time from each fruit cake and this backfired on each of my traitor defenses.Took my genes and looted it to public and did shame.No respect and breach my privacy which has to come to end in each of their selfish greedy lives of theirs.They will be dining in luxury in their homes when our bounty hunters hit their residence of these over Christian whiteman servants.The attractive women witch creator and her theories in on making destroying down my defenses to the government to be below white,government.Caught of guard and hauled out like sack of fish,being no match to such authority and such tactics beyond the law.And then they will start to cry to my families loyal worker and he will not listen to them and get the job done across space in Feroz's pastlives these problem maker cowards.Very annoying story on how each like the defenses made me live my lives in disrespect and them having fun on my using the government to annoy me and talking about me.And then insult Allah said my value "prophet".Ignorance from each.They thought this theory I was below the high class and government which enjoyed the spoils from each.And destructive things each did in my many lives in each galaxy.Their faces in our law files as criminals of outer space and reported throughout space in our territory.That's how we got them is we suppremaced "Cops" and did it much more heartless,ruthless and efficient as they starting war with me.And my parents having them drugged with space military mind control drugs to let out the truth and Allah.Use their threat of side effects for eyes from raw anti-psychotic drugs used for war as gas.Create a hell for each doubter of Queen Armada.They thought they are a pagan to me and sinner.Part of having a reincarnated body but made to a youngling is because to save my people the Pretender Gobot Europeans from being sucked up dry and assimulated.They are muslims of space and they won't get caught up from Western Civilization and UFP with Stargate.War Christians vs Muslims in space.Right now the musilims are dormant in a phase and are highly educated Europeans.They need Feroz to bring back from North America Earth Class Sol System to save all of them from being too closed up as they don't have battleships like the Argo and foods like pasta sauce.Saviour them and have them snap out of it only from high level higher than government the Queen.Feroz is smart to wait and catch them with Feroz's parents and family fighting fire back on them.Covert ops tactics to get our terrorists not USA and Canadian news's.Allies.Night and day of pilaging each as a direct target getting our government system and defenses,law going on them.Each of them and our military conducting operation plans in space and then go for kill as my new Creator system goes in on to active.Go get all of them from my beginnings like French and Zeons.Galactic Empire.Feeding whiteman to talk and have ill thoughts to me.People used to plot another war crime with bio genetics.Internet harrasment and memories of each of them showing attitude to me.That part of Allah and him thinking he was starting humour on me and disgrace.Allah had fun everything is done human ways.Antichrist that psychiatrist for space police in Galactic Empire.That beared Aryan.Got to learn things not by reading but by doing things as actions.In order to do this they must setup a base in Antarctica and Greenland a colony.Antarctica needed to be a G8 country.And to have its snow and ice not a problem.Nature and God put Antarctica on the pole of earth.Too far and this was Florence's last chance to regain herself before being Feroz Khan of Peel Region ON Canada.If Antarctica was improved with growth of cities Feroz would have a good life from the one as white people Florence.Make a credit exchange with North Atlantic money.Then they can understand more what they are reading about and have 1st hand experience.From talking and interaction and daily routines and work.They could not be doing anything more important than to commit to eath class Sol System and North Atlantic.Learining and interference by creator system to see what aliens they are allianced with new alliances.More good guys and could find some related to white race Combiners Transformer Gobots.Daily work and being observers to sit and ask questions and have them explain with models and real things in parts.Answer all questions and then you can internet and transport this internet to our galaxy from colony.UN and military alliances like military Europe forces can answer alot like on old "Military Channel".So much from Feroz but to understand who your taking.To do all of the homework before then and start early.People's lives are also getting old and they had to miss 18th Century as elderly and WW1 elders.Their ages are ticking away and they effect age groups as school roles and government roles to get to us and instruct us things in our tv.Its coming that our father's age group is old and WW2 is getting old that age group and they are wise and could be loyalties.They know the secrets in technology and people.They do scientific shows and about paranormal.We have taken our things and deals with creator system to extract it.The hardest way and roughest.Collision of galaxy and universe that don't operate like each other.They have greater qualities in massive amount and older universe.They know what to do.They are as a people millions of years old.Galaxy is greater in age by million times more than Sol System.Going to be such a loss to British government of space.They are going to be drowned in space elements of power.Space weather to destroy and put mark on white race and their alien allies.Powers more than Allah is their enemy.Such destruction on thoughtless idiots.And for such cheap reasons in someone they don't know.They had inferior ideas that messed up and did not work,failure to be destroyed and from end of this galaxy and solar system.Taught to them how Feroz's race did this to them.Their Universe had trouble with white race and space.They tried to threaten militarily and mentally ill.If they are not taken down they will ransom the technology and use it as a trap.Allah does not have this planet or solar system militarily protected and assured.Vague idea.Nothing protecting this place.Nearest aliens don't care much.Not devoted to this planet and say some directive.They would try to get white forces and make a base out of the earth as UFP has proclaimed on to earth.They would use USA once I was gone and start to base board and attack at the Transformer Gobot Pretenders Combiners for being sloppy.Allah has nothing solid on this planet and did not have any expert planners.Its a diaster in space view.It is a coward.It has nothing but to camp down on surface and burn reserves.That is why they don't go to space and are primitive.EDF is also another power that during 80's was at a distance from earth's orbit back then.Earth's orbit during decades proximity to space empires.This place could be used to hurt them big time if they don't take action on it.They must learn their ways and technology.That's fact of space that you take advantage of ground Feroz got you.Move in and take it and the plan.Because its needed in Feroz's afterlife and yours in Transformer Gobot Pretender Combiner race  world.It is shutdown and empty.It has never had a warship land on it as no proper areas.Some sort of law and rule.That is making your enemies advance and upon Allah.He is the one that blundered and did not reinforce planet like a drunk.Its a meeting ground for white military empires of space in types of military supremacism.It can get to further stages.Its in a phase.Americans are not space traveling but Federation interferes to do with them.So avoid them and cut around corners.They don't have to know someone or faction is learning things.People do things in secrecy on Americans.They are incomplete.Not a strict planet that does not understand space at all.This in history was the destruction of their best warships and crew were destroyed.Many of their best military ranks went to their senseless destruction and Zarconian does not know them.They can time travel Zarconian to takeout war vessels and military.Giant battle as they are our defenses in future and they need to time travel to protect us.They can't use any communism or to dig up Nazism.They are all over and all that is left is Americans and British.Communism was fed and made up by both of these superpowers.They loaded every supplies and resources to use them as excuse much like smaller countries.They had no fight in them.Antichrist was going to do the same pattern.They are criminals.Unpersecuted and on the run wild.They are a war machine.They threaten.They break laws.They loose their cool.They make blunders and mistakes.Very guilty.Coward in them is guilt.Giant case to be unearthed against these guilty superpowers and their story in space.They drag in what ever they find out about,meet and know from Cops and add them to the story to lead us off from truth.And these defense and their defense contract to think of allied weapons and manpower.Defense contractor.They will always give to boost the British who are operating on unknown things.From good guys allies great reputation we get this as a factor in universe.They are trying to spread to govern many enemies.They  have agreed to go into phase to be governed by USA.That is why Americans are corrupted.We don't know everyone they are hiding.They are type of racist.Why Americans      are unjustly.Americans help enemies to spread and grow in power while your flukey natural disasters to counter them happen as justice but is heavily off.Like a deal.Americans are dealers in black market.Allah is great at rigging things.He put a type of creation with no will or fight in them called slave "Angels".They believe in beiief too much more than fact and are slaves to Allah.He planted them all over the universe to make things give in and fall apart.They take the form as people or whites.They have inefficient systems and ways.In order to be against Allah they Shaitan.They stored knowledge and are into everyone's structure.Bidding to be people and creation of Allah and are massivly in the way.Many of what they believe in is ignorance.They since they have government structure made us forced into this.They have no will power at all.Angels from examining everything tend to be 1st.They feed everything into any of what Allah made.They can't explain any practical fact to any type of allegiance to Allah and have mind of crazy pagan.Bible is giving them strength.When confronted with what Allah is they are against him and stay to their pagan ways.Christians are pagans.They don't believe in concurrent religion and stray away in belief to wrong ways as beliefs.They have disbelievers and anti-islam.They are much for those that have no religion in practice or they would believe in folklore and magic but not twisted.They need to be destroyed when they are at this level.They are mutinous and not intersted in what is there or what is powerful unless its their side.Allah improperly destroys them and allows them to be powered up.He uses idol threats on them to fuel them.They have no natural enemies and upper hand.Doubter.They use objects to doubt and doubt any power to its rendere no power.They capture and do this to important figures.They tried to supremace me.Allah is senial.Like old man with his judgement but a rotten old man.His decisions in history and towards me.Involved me all the time.His useless cowardly authoratative angels.What he has has jammed all enemies together under white race angels.Growing bigger and bigger and mergering.Merger every coward empire of enemies to be taken care of and grow money.Trying to make important figures against their society useless from draggng them in with this situation.Made very littel respect towards my life and rigging my defenses.I found that signs were happening in time.I was part of these signs that need to be depicted.In astrology.They are the way I am alienated to white race.My race and my story.And how I Queen Armada was in this world from inside from a loser taking up lives.Enemies lived in society on Earth Class Sol System.I was not successful in society because I was war enemy of these allies.I was merger into society by Galactic Empire.They then took from my genes technojlogy and manpower all of it is French.Everything back in 50's turned into French technology from Feroz.North America and world became French and French companies won over British and German.NWO New World Order.No difference in white race.All same under French.F-15 is a Mirage.Every car they have French make.Food is French.And they got this from enemy Feroz living as a prisoner in society.I don't live with my people because they are white.My people are different race than me as they changed to be more advanced and government.They became born white.I was free I would be wealthy and have a great life or middle class life which I don't have.I am supported by government.I have been cutoff and isolated by my people who say they are'nt my people because they are white.And in origin in Pacific we are'nt same race.Indians are younger than Americans    in Pacific.Americans are older tribally by century or more.India was in 1900's Pacific.Americans were on more islands and New Guinea.Allah rigged my body and in afterlife does not work properly.Defenses is all destroyed and manipulated by white.He put something in me that is a slave to white race.Repercussions in universe no Queen Armada.I need my powers from dreamworld to activate me as Queen Armada myself which is kept in dream.When we need actions from future militarily nothing happens.And my race in future is manipulated by white race.They respond and do nothing.They may seem like safe guards but they are means of slavery me and to rig where I live that endangers me and renders me useless in government and military.The jinn is the huge problem.Wreck up everything in future militarily and Zarconian.A warship can't back down like these Canadians are using me as a human shield with these things done on me.Use.User.Do it for humiliation and play games with my life disrespectful.Wrong and sit on pass time by.Enemy.Destructive prisoner processes they then as white race see if it responds to them in future and response is no military action.Form of terrrorism,vandals, by North America to effect the afterlife.Past did destructive things to lead me to being rendered useless and downed by white race government.They are using this to be a problem and harrassment.Sit on me and burn off my supplies and life like slave.During my duration as a modern slave.Having no powers but these powers are responding to white race.White people did some sort of curse and genetic damage.Government handy work.Their APB sees if I have any military in future answer is turn down.Keep me in ON for no harm to British and to let them make an escape during this century.                  Put a corruptant in me that has to be destroyed and a white process.My afterlives are not responding right at all in being human shields.Allah is promising me Zarconian but backstabbing me in my body nothing happened in future.White military did destructive things in their favour that have to be removed.Processes in future doing nothing.Allah and his last desperation in a move against America.Anti-Islamic.Miliitancy.This thing runs on earth class Sol System USA system of slavery.No defenses and responses in APB broadcast to check in on it.Reports about it responding to white race.Thing that is wrecking my dreamworld power.Rendering me as useless human with no powers.The white race drained them dry and used them up and wrecked them,Vandalism.Testing this on aliens and its effective.Renders victim human shield prisoners useless in afterlife and useless in present under white government.Since Galactica I've had my life wrecked up by Allah and white race and them proving they can get away with this.That is their power inside government.Then in Gulf Allah made these structures that housed demons that when Allah in beginning had active power and made structures to imprison the demons.The demons found out about me.And compared to Egypt and signs.Mine is the British and Allies.Americans and in space government.These signs of my behaviours lead to things like Xenomorphs and other parasite creatures waging war and living in many galaxies.Also British try to spite what I am but I am not a figure.Their ranks started at me at night time past midnight.Voices blared outloud machines noise vents electricity happened.Every machine and everywhere blared outloud.My health.The sun then burning down earth and galaxy crushing into this Sol System.Ice age and to time travel to 2400 to see if these things happened.Pyramid Heads Giants.Antichrist is linked with mine.Antarctica reaching 25C in milion years from now.The Dead in Resident Evil will come out since I've been to a cemetary.And in Silent Hill towards America.The rising of oceans coastal cities.Police tried to arrest me by Cops and they did this 3 times near US.I was hospitalized and world changed each time I got out.Internet was different.My defenses.In future nothing happens to punish Allah.Allah is execution by death penatly and his followers with hanging,guiitine and more death penalties.Islam shrunk in religions.Each sign is forecast and a supernatural punishment towards British and Americans,government.Paranormal activity.Cold War ending as sign.I had no on to go to and it was all rigged.Allah has made under handed deals with evil    and gives in.Creator

and has
Jesus in Islam History Documentary

Jesus in Islam History Documentary

The Bible's Greatest Secrets 1 of 4 - Mysteries of the Bible

The Bible's Greatest Secrets 1 of 4 - Mysteries of the Bible

The Bible's Greatest secrets 2 of 4 - Mysteries of the Bible

The Bible's Greatest secrets 2 of 4 - Mysteries of the Bible

The Bible's Greatest Secrets 3 of 4 - Mysteries of the Bible

The Bible's Greatest Secrets 3 of 4 - Mysteries of the Bible

The Bible's Greatest Secrets 4 of 4 - Mysteries of the Bible

The Bible's Greatest Secrets 4 of 4 - Mysteries of the Bible

muslims out of them.Believers in Allah.Allah Pak is the creator of the universe.He used to be energy entity of light.He takes the form as portrayed as a tychoon old man in robe with a clean shave.Allah and his grooming habits he is best dressed and clean shave.He has his hair done in old man's hairstyle.He is very powerful as when he changes to mortal shape.He has powers of the universe and all supernatural powers that he created universe with.Allah made space whirl pools and has powers beyond any nova's.He has lots of powers more than the universe and all worlds in existence in supernatural,heaven and condemn.Condemn is a world during seasons that in summer is hot and firey and has scarey feeling of being murdered and no control and is purplish like flames.Cold and winter comes icey and dark blueish.It has feeling of emptiness and to be imprison as a soul.Never find way out and to have a prisoners uniform on you to make you unhappy in blueish darkness.Icey water to bath in.Cold dampness.Wander never find way out.Caretaker angels that maintain this place.Allah made more than this and can change to to take the shape as with his Christmas sweater and knives for fingernails.Freddy Kreuger portraying Allah and he changes to this for his evil side.No more a tycoon.He gets very bitter.He has his hat on.Allah can take life and angel that gained qualities from Allah from resemblng him is Neaz Malkin Motue Death Angel.He looks as old man and does things violent like Allah.Accidents and disasters.Allah conrols life.scary concept Allah lives on and thrives.Allah maintains universe.He though is favouring vs Islam.And Allah is not thinking he is wrong.Comitting wrong and has done crimes not in his Iblees form.Paintings of Allah and he used to have not a suit a druids robe.Now its the suit.But Allah funded Church.He grew Whiteman in power.When they do wrong he added UN.Allah     is harbouring many under communism and other thinkings.Wrong and evil is being taught how to outsmart things and live and merger government.Creator than sent Creator made Angels of family conduct taking care galaxy and White expansion.Galactic Empire foundation the whiteman.Allah looked down mistreated Islam.The Galactic Empire is a military and government operation for space.They are not a space pagan with storm trooper armor.That is from their ancient days like "Lord of the Rings".They are a mlitary that is very experienced in space for many thousands of years.They don't dress like that and much like the Americans but are ahead of them.Americans of space are a branch of Galactic Empire.They are a government and military with warships of large size.They don't use Stardestroyers or they have modern one with just the name.They all look military like Stargate.Stargate is branch of Galactic Empire.They have special operations troops with masks but it looks more militarized and has masks for outer space.They don't have thick armor and have their military like space marines.They are not like what is depicted.If you go to co-ordinants of Galactic Empire and I was part of it,it is like a white race government and military but was in space for a very long time.They have futuristic space technology but made it like space military.They don't have spacecrafts.They have fighters like North America and Europe but they have been in space so long they made them space aged in Galactic Empire.They have a space police force.They have psychiatrists.They have space white civilization and buildings.They are'nt Sci Fi at all.They are military and police,government.They just are extremely large especially they show their home continent and its massive size on giant planet compare it to enemies and they win.Its size and overwhelming powers,like authoratative as a nightmare too much for each enemy.That is what made them an empire is they had very high attributes than many galaxies and Allah favoured them.They were stronger and even without technology and government they were more powerful.They threaten like that not in just size.Fearsome.They have beaten alot of empires militarily not from depicted movies.Their hate symbols and flags.He made rules in Islam.His powers were put into Islam and Allah changed when he was through with creating universe.He favoured to be old man whiteman in suit clean shave.He started to build up whiteman and chose them to win stocking them up with angels as troops and government.Leadership had angels and machines.Allah was using angels as AI to conquer for white race.He made government for them.They had answers for everything and for war.Grew very advanced very fast and powerful in manpower.Allah has not been proven that power hungry and drive to power up British.Allah chose British over many alien races he ended all sorts of way.New World Order.Allah deteriated my defense system so he could get away with War Crimes.He was getting the whiteman into future but destroyed my defense system so it had no where to report to of Allah and his agents acts.Erasing things like in Galactica and Gattaca like a criminal.Allah and his cast have to be dealt with as Allah went with Earth class Sol System for reason to do with defenses.Allah is opportunist.He did these crimes on me.Running something under every system's nose.That is how he conviced Galactica and Gattaca system and Galactic Empire system to go on in with this plan.Galactica is where the creator Aryan long hair "The Lord" began construction of Galactica after Zeon occupation and control French.Then when this was over and Zeon's left Galactica "The Lord" then must have joined united Allah to do a staged military assault on Galactica as like a robotech Master.He was dressed like Druid and Galacticans had propellored spacefighter from another galaxy as their weapons and they turned militant.British were than sent to invade Galactica and they did a code that caused dissention and Queen Armada to break free and go her separate way as new person Florence of Gattaca.British had succeeded in erasing Queen Armada and takeover.Then Galactica was a modern civilization with Antactica abundant continent of hundreds of millions people and 30C temperature.Then from Allah's family was totally against Galactica was Gandal.Gandal the "Heavenly Father" Jed Allan then did seige on Galactica to wipe out and destroy whiteman and got command from Allah.He used his powers to have planet debris natural hurl at Antarctica and many of these asteroids vs Galactica military.Natural disaster in Antarctica.And Heavenly Father started a Communist war between the unprepared Galacticans vs Gamilon Empire.Gamilons had broken through and were conquering Galactica.They invaded Antarctica and Gandal sent Antarctica to earth space fold powers teleporting.Left its Galactican planet.And the Lord came to Galactica with bioroids,black bioroids regenerative to his druid knowledge.Space druid and sent seige of black bioroids on American planet in Galactica Babylon.He also fought with Galactican military and their propellored spacefighter black in color but stealth black and change to robot from Transformers.It was police squad armed.Had military weapons like grenades.This was on Galactican carriers.Some sort of Transformers a long time ago escaped to Galactica and were discovered by Galacticans."Firefly".Had laser weapons.And was the veritech initiated as the veritech of Galactica back then.After Zeon's.Stage 1 was assault to destroy Queen Armada's Creator system and angel defenses.Then stage 2 is to ready military defenses to go on in on studied remains from Antarctica and play defenses to a clone.Someone they slaver.Whiteman took everything they wanted,looted everything and interpretated things by their military defenses.Military defenses then started to corrupt supernatural.Battle of Allah will happen.Its when Allah has lost his whiteman human body and turns to an entity.All of that evil from history he will use as entity to fight who is in his way.Even the Vampire and Dragons and their race of aliens.He will use his powers of creating the universe to fight.He will use wormholes in space,blackholes and planets and his empire servants are the Dinguil.He mistreated them and had them go through turmoil with the US.He will use his powers of controlling stars and galaxies,natural disasters.Weather.Elements.Debris and radiations.Allah will fight invasion fleet navy and reduce them with shockwaves of natural disaster.He will be an entity with who opposes him.He can use anything at his disposal.They from Allah believed they found weak link.Went in for sake of whiteman.They then founded Church to be expert in this confrontation.Each is worse than a war criminal.They survive to commit an escape from where they were in hell.Hell is defeated inefficient.Allah has corrupted message only into certain star systems and spread it to UFP.Setup with Galactica as background.Staged and setup by Zeons.Got much worse criminally.Galactic Empire for the sake of the white race learned my defenses with a minion Florence.If Florence was one of them then how did they learn secrets.This was their purpose.Every law enforceer is worse than Cops.Law enforcers spread this like a scourge.This messager to lower down and merger whites.Giver white people government power as a messager from Allah Pak who staged the whole from start.Revolt in a supernatural system ruined balance of universe.One sided for white people done by Allah.Allah can't remove what he did first which was Galactica and French.Thorn in Allah's side.Dirty work.Foul play.Henry Winkler Frenchman.Allah had a stooge military manmade defenses composed of Angels cloned as white people and computers aiding them.Military.Direct seige from military.Rebellion and to go on in and play god to Feroz Queen Armada.We're here in North America and Feroz's family is all ruined by Allah and military.Government then merger with Galactica and all white people.Military defenses funded by government.They ruined Queen Armada's life.Queen Armada has no afterlife because of all of them unity and Allah the one that ratted on Feroz to  reduce Queen Armada as Feroz.Cornered on a planet and having all past drained dry.Nothing to take Feroz to future.Allah ruined Queen Armada and her family.She has none.He war crimed her.White race looted dry everything important.Shows act of treason setup by French of Galactica and UFP role for French.Alalh does not make major things work to know what they are asked for.Allah looks at Queen Armada as a modern day slave as done by Cops.Heaven and Hell play Christians.Feroz has no magic power.Gandal had joy in going to do hitman work for Allah and Bret Hart.Darth Plagueis family of Domino to be on side of French Henry Winkler.UFP.UN got involved and sided as slave.Spoiler was done by government to drain all powers and render them useless to human on Queen Armada.French want to lend in used powers that were defeated.Black market and Allah and how he made Queen Armada into useless human Indian Feroz.And Allah said that if he played role of devil to Feroz framed on Satan and Shaitan.He has it all mastered like he did on Germans.New World Order,British reign supreme loaded for future to make it from cowardly deeds done to those like Queen Armada.Feroz as Allah said was used to doubt religion and any actions it can do as it is over-rided by Cops and government dicatorship.Their actions to plunder Queen Armada and make Florence and her Galactic Empire race.UFP and UN are a silencer and want to erase all of this to be refused by court.Run it off in their terms as illness mentally.Our beloved creator and his Church.His past and gaining hights and fame as tycoon.Queen Armada was different and persecution and now UN and UFP are going to be in on slavery and persecution to listen to Allah's lies.Allah and he cares nothing to Islam and was using it as Feroz's religion.Oppressed.Never make it in white society.Useless qualities in government and whiteman.He planted problems that are irreversible.People's defenses judge if people live and live in future.He decayed my defenses and set me up with slavers especially military defenses.Government was an oppressor and ruiner.Destroying me down to low income.It looks as Allah is staging natural disaster to coverup.Antarctica and Greenland frozen over coverup.Cover their tracks and I can't ever get even with such villains.They will just be an ally.All of my enemies thought of this thing to serve justice and become an Ally.Use it to hide and protect their reputation and enables them
KusoCartoon 15243336502537

Space Search and Rescue Mothership supernatural

to war crime.Never brought to justice from cunning things they go to.Government support.They all hide as allies.Very power hungry and capture things to plant and corrupt them on their way to slavery.What types of war criminals harboured by Allies.They know Cops and UN will protect them and UFP.Untouchable.Hide behind the government from justice and use Church to confront supernatural and reduce it to obey them as minion.Pattern.From giving them upper hand and to have a free hand in universe to power up whiteman.Briitsh taught in system to play a role.When they pray to Christianity they get blessed by Allah.But these are not same blessings in muslim blood.I don't have to pray Allah said I would be blessed to start in my afterlife a Jihad with the GAH powers as Queen Armada.I have
Gustav Holst - The Planets - Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity

Gustav Holst - The Planets - Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity

JUPITER - A Travelers' Guide to the Planets Full Documentary

JUPITER - A Travelers' Guide to the Planets Full Documentary

muslim blood and rules.Allah is going to arrange as he has written to release myself for being encaged in body as a useless human Feroz.I payed awarded my natural powers and GAH to round things off.Counter what he did with the whiteman to make universe fair.The white people made us living unacceptable and less.We were not allowed to be wealthy.They tried to enter their sinful ways on us to make us live sin.That is why if we prayed Allah would pick up the sins the white race caused on us from the way they live.Very stubborn religion but Allah should know that the white race is older than Islam and that is why 3rd religion came and Islam is upstart from prophet Abraham.Does not have the age like pagan religions and Christians.And Allah over enforced this and made "Cops".Allah fought with NY City.He was
2013-12-12 00.08.43

Arnold T-101

very angry on them and made them die in agony.No Malkin Motue or Devil to take life.This day was Allah Pak the creator of sympathetic "God".Allah is irrational and very violent.He argues on warmongers he can take life that day around Pentagon.Allah was hiding his Freddy Kreuger portrayed form Iblees.Changes he changes to him.Allah gives no chances in his anger.Once set he will destroy or mame.No count.That is how he does devestation long and cruely.He can control the "Cops Angel" and instruct him to do things or control him invisible under a powerful spell.Allah can do very powerful spells and created Mumm-ra who practiced in space Islam and had Islam man's robe,colors.Allah is very sensitive in his tycoon buisinessaman form or actor.He created nature's horror creatures and monsters balanced life in prehistoric era he told Shaitan but God Apollyon to create Cacharadon megaladon.Allah as Mumm-ra understood animal and creature language.Prehistoric era did not have to come to such end to Allah's creations.Because to make room for White race.Magnificent creatures could have adapted.Plus Antactica and Greenland was taken from me Queen Armada.Allah took my continents from GFFF universe for Greenland and set it on earth to freeze over as Antarctica.All of my technology and things of past long gone and can't
Evolution It's a Thing - Crash Course Biology 20

Evolution It's a Thing - Crash Course Biology 20

Mankind Rising - Where do Humans Come From

Mankind Rising - Where do Humans Come From

The History of Earth - How Our Planet Formed - Full Documentary HD

The History of Earth - How Our Planet Formed - Full Documentary HD

The History of Earth - Full Documentary HD

The History of Earth - Full Documentary HD

The Colonization of America (Documentary)

The Colonization of America (Documentary)

History Biggest cities in the USA in 1850

History Biggest cities in the USA in 1850

Largest Cities in the United States Over Time

Largest Cities in the United States Over Time

use records against white race.Allah protected them.Antactica proudly war torn with Gamilons on it from communism fighiing to erase records on them.Now we must time travel to get to them.Show Antarctica its fate.Greenland in US solar system of Americans.Florence.What they wanted to do treachery to merger white race to increase problems and oppress.Allah observes space from a giant transparent floor above space where he used to walk and look down on universes.He then would better than any instrument look down on universes to see microscopic things and larger.Things of concern to Allah and in beginnng when he had a robe to when he had his suit and suit jacket.Dressed like a gentleman.He look down on space and govern it like astrology.He look at every galaxy below his shoes.Makes judgements on their fate or to create "Blackhole" to swallow space and planets.He has a whirlpool in space he made that is blueish black hole.Allah send messenger of angels envoy to cause out Allah's plans and create disasters they were instructed to.Spirits that help to run every system.Every system has invisible angels and structure to universe to running the universe and its rotation.Caretaker Angels                                          ,_spirits,_and_mythic_beings   for instance run Jupiter and its orbit and things that happen to the planet,its defenses and weather.Repair things in space and are part of evolution.Change from time going by to physical and organic objects and solestial objects.They control space and time Allah Pak.You have lost your powers of being entity and creating space and stars.You favoured white race and became whiteman.Angels in space have to do with other dimensions and structure of space and heaven.They have powers to travel to Qiyamaht and to any century small task for them to time travel.Structure of universe and the walls dimensions of reality.Evolution.Changes after decade.Every decade and century ticks by.Angels change things.Great powers and while engineer space time travel and go to other dimsnsions.They go to heaven and hell,condemn.Go to supernatural worlds.They can change shape to beings of their galaxy and be new person that is very old.Not one of that race though.Police they can be.Control space emergencies.In matters of universe they converse to each group of angels that run each universe.That is how they can slate a destruction of a universe an actions.Allah assigned a group to every universe and galaxy.They all maintain the galaxy.Many more types of ways,different per galaxy and galaxy from end to ends.They all have defenses.   They would have merger with torturers.Allah cut them off and froze them because I could not come in to take over and responsible over them.  

Zarconia Planetary Destruction missiles firing on enemy worlds aliens

The Creator of these Universes and Worlds.The Conquerer and to give

Evolution Process Angel of Jupiter Space system.

solemn peace to garden of Zarconia being city and urban with parks and life to be positive with religion in it to pray to Allah and his systems as a requirement for peace.Allah has all out power. He has advantage of builder of empires in space.Impossible is easy for Allah to make.He has the resources.Galactic Empire is example of Allah's all out power.There are two phases to Galactic Empire being the French Galactic Empire beginning ancient days and the modern day UFP United Federation of Planets Galactic Empire.French White Storm Troopers.Black Combine for UFP.UN is their court of persecution and justice.They do things in racist evil Americanism.They destroy life.French Galactic Empire destroyed Queen Armada's life as the Federation in future is carrying robotech.Material world Allah is powerful government.Allah interferes and comes down on me.He though can't face Queen Armada.He comes down hard on Queen Armada's pastlives.He has no respect and chose Feroz's enemies to make
Cosmic Collisions - Galaxies Gone Wild

Cosmic Collisions - Galaxies Gone Wild

Cosmic Energy Cold Sparks to Black Holes

Cosmic Energy Cold Sparks to Black Holes

them contain Feroz as government and did this process to every race in space.Allah though is scared of Feroz's defenses and stripping down Feroz's defenses to nothing making Feroz's pastlives.He took pride and rigged defenses that was military and these deviouis fiends of US.As in life I had no defenses and Allah made me vulnerable to attacks.Only thing was punishment on Allah.How much could Allah dirty workers do things to hold Feroz back like the goatie bearded creator that robs Feroz's powers with grey energy.Took Feroz's powers and this man Aryan with bulky features sets off government act to render Feroz useless and captured.This creator is from Galactic Empire.He wears glasses and is not God.He is higher than God and is very devious and Zionist.He knows how to drain and make X-Men powers die.They can only stay up 3ft in air for some seconds before they fall.When they try hard nothing happens does not work.He believes in locking people in small places.He reopened Galactica and did processes to grey energy.He made it as gas and added chemicals to it.He played around with it to make it disolve powers like Superman's to nothing.He was a chemist and biology like a scientist.He used this on Feroz and put this into Queen Armada during Galactic Empire dosages so I had no powers.

Primus Creator Autobots

Manage student loan debtEdit

You can build a good credit rating by showing your ability to manage your loan in a responsible way. One of the best ways to manage your student loan is to pay it off as quickly as you can. Any time you have extra money, use it to pay down the principal amount of your loan.

When you start out in the workforce, you may have a car loan, rent and other expenses while paying back your student loan. You can revise the terms of your loan to lower the amount you pay back each month. There is also help available in the form of repayment assistance. ==Make lump sum payments== This is one of the fastest ways to pay off your debt. Payments made while attending school or during the six month non-repayment period will be applied directly to the principal of your loan first.

Once you start repaying your loan, you can still make lump-sum payments at any time. These payments, however, will first be applied to the interest you owe from the date of your last payment. The rest will go toward the principal of your loan.

Make a lump sum payment using ProgramEdit

This link is to a web site not under the control of Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). It is provided solely for your convenience. ESDC is not responsible for the accuracy, currency or the reliability of the content. ESDC does not endorse the site or its content. You should be aware that information offered by this site is not subject to the Official Languages Act. Use of is at your own risk.

Increase monthly payment amountsEdit

The amount you pay over and above your minimum monthly payment is applied directly toward the principal amount of your loan. This decreases the total loan amount and the total interest you will have to pay.

Example: If you have a $25,000 student loan, with a 5.5 percent interest rate, you will end up paying an extra $7,555.88 in interest over the life of your loan (total repayment period of 9.5 years).

If you increase your monthly payment by only $50, you will cut the overall interest you will pay by $1,579.65. If you pay $100 more a month, you will cut the interest by $2,617.84. That’s saving more than 1/3 of the interest you would have had to pay!

Government of Canada tax credits for student loansEdit

You receive a 15% tax credit on the interest you pay on your government student loans each year. This credit applies to interest payments you make on both your federal and provincial or territorial student loans.

How do you get the tax credit? The appropriate documents will be sent to you before you file your taxes.

Note: The credit does not apply to interest payments you may make on any loans held with a private lender (such as a student line of credit with a bank).

You can:

  • claim a full-time education credit in the amount of $400 for each whole or part month in the year in which you were enrolled in a qualifying program at a designated school;
  • claim a part-time education credit in the amount of $120 for each whole or part month in the year in which you
    Star Trek Q's Lessons

    Star Trek Q's Lessons

    were enrolled in a qualifying program at a designated school;
  • get a non-refundable textbook tax credit of $65 for each month you were enrolled in a course that entitles you to a full-time education tax credit; and
  • get a full tax exemption for all post-secondary scholarships and bursaries. You will still receive a T4A tax slip. However, if the scholarship or bursary relates to enrolment in a program that entitles you to the Education Tax Credit, the amount does not have to be reported on your income tax return.
For student tax tips and information on tax returns, visit the Canada Revenue Agency.
Enterprise-D Dream Star Trek Picard "Remembrance"

Enterprise-D Dream Star Trek Picard "Remembrance"

Help paying back your student loan
Al1kusoCartoon 15335092912275

Mitch Ryan with Freddy Kreuger hat


Worried that you can’t make your loan payment? Help is just a phone call away. Even if you have already missed a loan payment, you still have options. Contact the National Student Loans Service Centre today to discuss options to help you get back on track.

Allah can be both evil and good.
1kusoCartoon 15335092912275

Alex Hunter and Freddy Kreuger

Creator with proven manpower and technology.But Allah will get angry at using his name.Respect and the highest words to Allah

Mitch Ryan

Pak     .Teachings of all of the good Allah did and to preserve when he was the Master Builder Architect


of the vast universe Zarconia is going to investigate and travel in and adapt to Allah Pak's creations being of fierceness and tranquility.Allah's awe and power as he changes to entity and to
Metallica - St

Metallica - St. Anger Amended (Video)

humanoid.He is very wise and the best fighter.He would fire from his hands tachyon charges and what made the universe energies and move space and solar systems,galaxies
Kenny Rogers - The Gambler Original Video-Edit 1978-0

Kenny Rogers - The Gambler Original Video-Edit 1978-0


Freddy 2010

boobytraps.Evolution Process Angel Caretaker of Universes                 and Dimension Worlds appear to be midget and short but are gigantic size car.Shrink down in size.15ft tall 20ft,8ft.UFO aliens    are like this too.Allah's systems are giant and more

Twin Towers

powerful than Allah.Allah made himself into a whiteman{wrong},British loyal.Allah                lost depth in his systems separating from him and growing and evolving with a history very powerful and self run.Systems of nature,supernatural,military,police

Pentagon Attacks

emergency systems.They all made their own power as things start off with Allah's theirs got more powerful and gained billions of years,wisdom and experience.Stars,solar systems force weight level and organisms                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           




controlled and harvested and destruction decided by Allah's systems.Power these angels use daily life caretakers of outer space and other dimensions,time.Very responsible and very wise.       Quran Pak was very important to these angel workers.And many of them spread out through space and other dimensions ends to ends.Different members and system.I want Zarconia to have elders and workers to make Zarconia into a system.Members transformed to
Life After Armageddon ~ Docu Drama

Life After Armageddon ~ Docu Drama

Zarconia.Centuries later after important parts Allah said.Grow with stock market and


The 9 11 Pentagon attacks

The 9 11 Pentagon attacks

urban life,growing up and for Princess Armada to be straightened out.Live a few lives as a family grown dynasty regain ourselves and out do withering past                           .Experience and
Star Trek Into Darkness - Vengeance Crashes Hope for Kirk

Star Trek Into Darkness - Vengeance Crashes Hope for Kirk

properly.They make mistakes and errors,disaster strikes they fall down on format that tells them how to solve it from past events.They have their emergencies.Evolution Process Angels are Allah's highest angels in power and are humanoid as energy beings.They possess alot of power as they run Allah's systems in every dimension throughout space.Allah's pictures revealing what is invisible around him,his shoulders.Allah's senses and when talk goes into his senses where it goes to.What system does Allah operate on.Run imprisonment of the damn.Damn is the seasons of the many types of imprisonment Allah has for enemy and evil souls.  Those that took
CNN 9 11 COVERAGE 8 48am - 9 30am

CNN 9 11 COVERAGE 8 48am - 9 30am

September 11 2001 As It Happened - CNN live 10 11am - 9 00pm

September 11 2001 As It Happened - CNN live 10 11am - 9 00pm

9 11 01 - CNN Live Coverage Pentagon Attack

9 11 01 - CNN Live Coverage Pentagon Attack

religion as crazy and followed wrong religions and acted insane,abnormal,stepped on bugs deliberately,taking of small animals,wearing furs and humiliation to and bad thoughts.Accumulate to make criminals and fugitives for Allah's system to take action with the 911 Police.Evolution Process Angels then are police in form.Any wrongs side with wrong.They are emergency situation angels.They are to keep running past Kia'mut,Qiyamah.  
How the sun will die and what happens to earth?

How the sun will die and what happens to earth?

They can take lives.They run deep space Jupiter.Invisible running these systems.He has more power than gravity.And can do spells of Quran's we have never heard of.Allah has an evil side.He created evil and can changed to Iblees.Iblees is Allah as his twin being his other half.Allah changes.Allah's history and record of defeats and wins on civilizations and empires.Allah attacked them with superiority of many commanders


and thought and tactics.Allah has supernatural to go to also and UFO aliens.Allah can help me to be the best fiction writer as there is history of them.Allah supposedly would bath his hands in ammonia crystals,as the elements representations to humanoids.Water to Allah is ammonia crystals of space.He looks at planets like their pizza.And sundaes and milkshakes of universe.Neutrinos is sugar to Allah.Plasma of the sun is bread to Allah.Allah uses lava as tap water.A nova is?Electrons is salt to Allah.Gases is representation of foods to elements in space in terms of creator.When he is entity or being he eats and washes elements of outer space.Terms and levels to Allah.Allah Pak revolted on the idea of being loving and family compassionate.   He committed the Twin Towers Pentagon attacks   as he interferes with weather.He made Disney Land into a nightmare
U2 - The Hands That Built America

U2 - The Hands That Built America

meaning when family are members that have your bloodlines and care,take care of,elders,leniency,support,structure,emergencies,treat,buy gifts and presents,teachings,tribal and religion,when parents let down then relatives as a backup.Shelter in their dwellings as their
This Is The Al-Mighty Allah - by Sheikh Suleiman Khatani HD

This Is The Al-Mighty Allah - by Sheikh Suleiman Khatani HD

own.Judgements and wisdom and advice.Allah is a judge and Malkin Motue Persecutor.When Allah accumulates in system and from all his Allah family he becomes judge.Malkin Motue from his family gain all votes in persecution.He is towards vigilantes.Allah is judge to all souls on planet earth.The
Discovery Channel - Large Asteroid Impact Simulation

Discovery Channel - Large Asteroid Impact Simulation

Top 10 Largest Impact Structures On Earth

Top 10 Largest Impact Structures On Earth

Largest Craters in the Solar System

Largest Craters in the Solar System

earth is what Allah made and invented passed to him from persecutioner Malkin Motue.Malkin Motue like a persecutor will fake being a criminal to get it in eyes of the persecution system.He operated Antarctica and prehistoric era and UFP like in persecution.Allah hand in hand is judge.He has his where he goes in to judgement.He must use Jesus in judgement.He judges the souls to other galaxies as he closes the gates as judge.Help dreams come true like sports athlete or famous and being of the government jobs.Defenses to family and family home.After teaching though the processes maintaining a tomb and area for those elminated from battles and systems to take place and properly handle tombs,exiled to make
New-Freddy-Krueger-512x384 orginal sketch

Sketch Freddy Kreuger

safety for Zarconia Sacrid Religion as the concept is getting into life during the day and nightlife without any sinning.For it to have purity from the high level tomb of Allah Pak giving the end of heavy dangers invest time during the day to more peaceful things and daily life,give a break to the military machines for a time era but then I second guess in infinity with me being the Queen of Cybertron Gobotron Inbit Invid

Mitch Ryan Dr.Terence Wynn Alex Hunter

Insectibot Insecticons Aereal rebirth born as the first Feroz born in afterlife of machines of Transformers Gobots.Alex Hunter looks similiar to Allah.When Allah changed from entity to man.Plus Allah can change evil with a Christmas sweater like Freddy Kreuger.Allah is shorter and slim.His ears are slightly pointed.Allah operates on a cards system.He uses cards from card deck.He has whole set of cards.He has quranic cards,Desert Storm cards,from the Gambler.The Gambler is when Allah uses his powers for cards games but for life
KusoCartoon 15335092912275

Alex Hunter

and universes.His set of cards.Water cards and God has cards.Stay Thirsty My friends and God operates like Allah on card games.He has his card games suit and wardrobe for cards.She has authoratative in her as systems and evolution brought her from my tomb in afterlife.   to be death penaltied for Twin Towere Pentagon Attacks.Allah is the killer that did this destruction and initiated a racist plan to force military to Middle East and choose sides.This Empire and project need Allah's blood on paper for paperwork and Allah's life taken death penalty and this online in the N.Y.State death penalty of Twin Towers Pentagon Attacks killer Allah .Then when something like blood,sample and his soul dying with this online in the same room.Then Allah will change into a
2013-11-24 22.20.53

Venusian UFO

2013-11-24 22.25.41

Venusian GAH

system and make judgments    like entity and this will have had Allah's soul and supremaced Allah and his blood then Allah would correction things and make it

Allah's Evolution Process Angel

proper and summon right systems.Zarconians would have a religion based on Islam.

Female Animal Parkbot Computer former Evolution Process Angel Odyssey

Evolution Process Angels are very powerful and have made and destroyed the most powerfulist things in history of the universe .Allah built his casket when he born the universe with the most powerful energies and processes and systems and supernatural systems to control them.He built the raw elements of space and forever evolve and are unstable and this will bury Allah's body in the raw power.This is to engulf and

Book Sandman

to change and metamorphasis as it has beared Allah and his
2013-11-24 22.29.12

GAH Book

2013-11-24 22.33.11

GAH Suit

2013-11-24 22.36.14

GAH Ralph Hunkley

2013-11-24 22.39.43

Ralph,Connie and Agent Maxwell

existence and Allah's power cannot control it,not even perfect,impossible as Evolution process Angels against Allah,Oddysey ,weather in space.Power to evolve and Allah's pain anxious run on power of Evolution and extinction lights energy to maked dead energy drain.Allah Pak on Kiyamat Qiyamaht the day Feroz Khan of North America,ON 20th century earth class Sol System of tribal Pacific muslims is legally dead in ON.Then the trial begins on Allah and his actions and interference in Feroz's life.Allah has to answer to all galaxies and universes and our setup of angels and workers,creators.They all will question Allah to reveal secrets he hides about whiteman causing Feroz's death.Allah has to answer all truth to every galaxy of angels
Crtr orginal sketch

Creator of Billion Light Years away

KusoCartoon 15377397639087

Zodiac Signs Male Animal Parkbot Terminal

and angels workers and their creator setup.Allah has to make Zarconian happen real and change this wikia real in the hands of Stargate Gobot Pretender Alien Ai white race and my poles continent.Allah has to do this and Allah is punished for favouring whiteman and giving them a free hand.He cannot ever act bias again to white man to run everything as government.Allah has to be put in damn for his crimes and Queen Armada and Feroz testify to Allah on Qiyamaht Kiyamat of Feroz dying 2070.Allah acted as criminal as each galaxy will say to Allah in supernatural world.Allah cannot getaway with

Queen Feroz K of the European Pretender Gobots and Transformers Person size

such a plan when he has erased all evidences.He destroyed all evidence and believes he should not answer at all when he has caused this massive wrong back to Galalctica.And Allah must show towards Zarconian and this internet site used by responsible angels and creators opposed to Allah's criminal and injustice to end.Allah is a type of criminal.He has powers but lost all of his powers from beginning of time he was at his most powerful using supernatural powers as entity.Then he went through a stage where he got stuck on whiteman and created them as government.He then gave away the highest ranks to be destroyed down
KusoCartoon 15700484101505

Feroz Superhero and her European Pretender Grandparent witches

by white people and vandalized.And tortured misuderstood.Slaves.To take away
Metallica - Transformers One

Metallica - Transformers One

them being cool toward their Cool gangs and as government on tv.Wealthy.Allah was destroying every race non-white and making them oppression. .He was from neighbouring galaxy to Galactica.Allah has records by many angels in space and workers.They went to their creator's in space that Allah made that won't tolerate Allah.Allah went to become form of evil.This one was all white man attributes believing they have an excellent reputation and from Christianity they are Heroes and Good guys.They are nothing but allied and evil.Fiendish.All the sins the UN,whiteman and Allah created and piled up.From Galactica in Feroz's life to make Feroz unpopular and object to milk his defenses.Victim of Allah commanding a lynch on Feroz.No defenses and reduced to lower classes.And spend useless lives with
Ring of Fire Full Documentary

Ring of Fire Full Documentary

Noah's Flood and Catastrophic Plate Tectonics (from Pangea to Today)

Noah's Flood and Catastrophic Plate Tectonics (from Pangea to Today)

Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics

Port Royal Sunken City of Pirates and Treasure (DOCUMENTARY)

Port Royal Sunken City of Pirates and Treasure (DOCUMENTARY)

Best Documentary History of Port Royal Underwater Cities

Best Documentary History of Port Royal Underwater Cities

lessons.Take away Feroz's skills and powers and have all secrets read inside out.Allah doing his ignorant nature to Feroz.Feroz's gender and having no date.They all are hetersexual gays.Allah spoiled Feroz's socializing and instincts damaging Feroz's emotions and hormones.Feroz had to abandon attractive women she started with for hopes of Stargate Gobot Pretender European  galaxy.The way my universe in future operates from the major powers from other universes and other gods that made home in my galaxy from far away like the God the Hunter.Many too much for the earth and Jupiter.Evolution Process Angels and goes to each plays a role in alien Quran.That is why this book was made modernized because of the gods from other universes for structure they all would in common follow.My creator of the Gobots and Primus Cybertron and his family play roles to do with these greater Gods instance.We have a death angel and other giant creators.They all are more than machine but stay as creature which is above the machines.Factors that went into machine evolution process.Right now these powers and mights are from afar and take to me and want me in their system because of the dangers.They are very powerful and many in each area like from death to religion an angel that plays many roles of angels.Our Creator of our galaxy billions of light years through vortex is older than Allah.He has squarish features and blonde hair but is not Allah.There are other races he is concerned with in our galaxy,alien races.Vast galaxy with an alien name and giant planets.He made polar island continent happen and for it to be populated in billions of AI.Its their home that I describe and is my home Feroz.Its my home and I brought things my Creator wanted from Allah.He wants to visit earth class Sol System.He will be responsible for me in next life in future.He is the type to construction the poles island continent.He gave it traits in alien he heavily understands.He has a cast of Angels that are Creators.He has Pretender Devils.He made our religion on our planet with space Islam told to worship him for he is very wise with his broad forhead and old man's style.He made no mistakes at all.He watches his creations. There is some sort of Hunter.Shark Gods and many more machine related gods.They have many of them to follow the government and religion book the space Quran put sense into many of them.That is for beginners as it as space gets more and more powerful.Queen Aramda operates on them as a system.Just I used to operate on system like this Galactic Empire and giant Saturn like planet with the arcades and cities.Before Antarctica was on earth.Giant planet and I had my pastlife that was like Florence.Tribal

Skynet as a man

Gods but all of them from vast galaxies and space and came back to our galaxy with winnings.They all win for our galaxy and want Queen Aramda to win big time for all of them.From my book and religion.Feroz will come back with big

Ezra And Kanan Star Wars

winnings Zarconian.Many will find roles in Zarconian as maker and many more roles.I put in  .Himmler and there are soo many more Death Angels as Transformers.Loads of creators and from each expertise.We have them from horror movies and creatures to my island continent.Police too.Sports athletes that watch Toronto and my NHL teams.The overwhelmingness from my new galaxy that they came here to watch Queen Aramda to build up and bring prosperity to our galaxy.My pet sharks and my pet bobcat,wildcat they all part of this system of God.Centuari in himself from our galaxy.Our Allah is outgoing and Allah's older brother.He has a wide forehead and squarish features.Golden hair and tall.He is our galaxies creator and creator to all aliens billions of light years in vortex.Then we have UFP and Stargate.Pretender Combiner Space Europeans Gobots people.From ends to ends my galaxy and if any or more of them open up based on Queen Aramda.Many from my galaxy are big shots and need Feroz to be Queen Aramda to have them lower and except Queen Aramda.Feroz is when I am without my powers.Waiting for Queen Aramda and she will assimulate and please them in society and many works.Many of them are very large guys and many martial and need me to put up high level.They are going through with my plan and many of them from earth I will get along with them and they are not from my family.Our galaxy has place like Deep Space Nine and that is where they gather and planet that is full of many traders.Feroz is going to be there most painless way and efficient so all of them and none of them are enemy in galaxy as they have it in our religion that we all are associated and many brought their families.We have Zarconian as teachings vs other galaxies ours to rise.When I am Queen Aurramanda.Queen Aramada.Support and know their

Quintessa Transformers Creator Quintesson

beliefs as Feroz is not ready but its in me to
KusoCartoon 15107833696082

Feroz's Father Billion Light Years Transformer Elder

participate with them all like from my pastlife.School in future is so important and greatest time as many times are great.Feroz was honourable and there as we use society to explain.We will make Zarconian real from what work I did for a corporation and into government.Feroz can restart life over just like down under.Like South Island New Zealand or supposed to be Antarctica but G7 modern,G8.Feroz's culture,race,species and lifestyles come from down under.Feroz's ancestory was interfered with by Allah and our housing division companies and building construction went to Canada.I never had a chance at being free having my freedoms robbed of my by setup defenses sold me out to the British.I have been reduced down and have lived boxed in.The British got away with this crime.I was not born a certain type of race determined to be slave and oppressed and was destroyed down and am sinking.I have
2013-11-25 20.08.44

Last Engineer Gobots Creator

2013-11-25 20.12.31

Gobot Ruins

2013-11-25 20.13.25

Gobot ruins

2013-11-25 20.14.04

Gobot Ruins Gobotron

2013-11-25 20.15.24

Gobot Ruins

never lived any higher.I want to be touched by GAH powers so it can be part of my nervous system and my body replicates it.  I want where its stored in creator's world and many more ways of touching me and raising my body with power in it.Its perspective of evil and good.Careteker Angels of GAH but to annalyze Gobots and Transformers Pretender people                                                                                                                                                                           for a united symbol.In that world since anyone would die from experience in Feroz's death to change to Queen Armada from being touched by GAH.Men have used the origiinal suit and it lowered down when not worn.Original Allah made and gave it to 1st wearer.Then the Venusian aliens found and have been keeping it.Flying saucer to touch me.Brought to that universe in space.Feed an energy.Energy to touch my soul and nervous system and for me to retain it like my body cells altered during dead.Injection by caretaker Angels    .Journey through
National Geographic Monster Black Holes

National Geographic Monster Black Holes

many worlds in search of GAH powers during my dead.Then I went to a demon that knows of this power and is guarding it.Someone creator's world has to pass it on to me and put that book under my mattress in dead world.Book of GAH has to be activated to give me powers and pass into me.Active power like death.Turning point in history in my war for others to combat wrong.Defeat evil.Defeat evil militaries.From my perspective as me activated Queen Armada formerly Feroz Khan.Emblem of mine on my suit as Queen Armada must transform.What I
The Largest Black Holes in the Universe

The Largest Black Holes in the Universe

The Centre of a Galaxy "Supermassive Black Hole in the Heart of a Galaxy" & Quasars Part 2

The Centre of a Galaxy "Supermassive Black Hole in the Heart of a Galaxy" & Quasars Part 2

wear changes with GAH added to it.It changes to transexual female Queen.Creator system of GAH and Venusians is more start and practical fact where in dream it is and how to get there.Once embedded in my genes then rest is Feroz.I am Queen Armada reborn.Fight crime.Sinners towards religion,hated people.Empires of these who had drivers seat beginning of time babied by government.Counter government.Retched evil crimes government and changing people for this.Born of useless existence and very boring.Low ranking to the bottom I am unequal to whiteman,advantages in every aspect of life,crimed,military supremaced,embarasment,humanity because of British and Federal Government.Anti-Christ is British.NWO New World Order.He has full British ancestry.He has full British blood.He lives in England.Sharp features and voice is British.His communism way British people are raised and grow up in Russia.They are in Romulan land.Britain has never fought Soviets and many Scottish were in Russia for skermish Cold War.Through the slavery days British Empire modern day made advances to their cousin race Russians.They tookover Russia and upgraded them government.Romulan blood.British developed communism to take over USA and
Day Of Judgement ᴴᴰ - Powerful Islamic Reminder Full Episode 1 (Remake)

Day Of Judgement ᴴᴰ - Powerful Islamic Reminder Full Episode 1 (Remake)

The Day Of Judgement - Power Full Islamic Reminder 2014

The Day Of Judgement - Power Full Islamic Reminder 2014

Islam and The Major Signs of the day of judgement ᴴᴰ

Islam and The Major Signs of the day of judgement ᴴᴰ

The Day Of Judgement - by Muhammad Abdul Jabbar (Full Lecture)

The Day Of Judgement - by Muhammad Abdul Jabbar (Full Lecture)

Surrah Al Qiyamah (with translation) Recited By Hasan bin Abdullah Al Awadh

Surrah Al Qiyamah (with translation) Recited By Hasan bin Abdullah Al Awadh

Theoretical Primordial Black Hole - Yellowstone Evacuate Earth ~ Hell On Earth

Theoretical Primordial Black Hole - Yellowstone Evacuate Earth ~ Hell On Earth

allies.Threaten them but take it down as military operation.Canada got the F-18's and they went into British custody.What ever Americans gave to Britain it ended up in Communist hands.MiG is F-design fighter and A-.But it has British scientists and Russian technology born MiG.British are very power hungry and advance on nations.Take overs.Fill Commonwealth.British tookover the Galactic Empire.Imperium and Empire.They rarely fight wars prepare troops for take overs.Military is based on this type of actiivty.Upper hand.Britain multi Supremacist nation.They have from each era communism,Neo Nazi skin heads,Faschists,Imperial,Zionist,GalacticEmpire,criminalism,Apartheid.They are member of a community.They aren't only one.Made hard to prove from crafty UN.Galactic Senate and UFP support the government.White race got above the universe as a power because Allah{Chris} Vince rigged all of the alien races defenses with guardians and entities that harnessed power in space and gave them abilities to adapt and grow in space for white race.Allah then conquered these races as it was all rigged and then the white race gained all of the alien

Quintessons creators Transformers


Transformers Creators

advancements from Allah.Allah is evil and good makes him mentally ill.He chose to be a madman,lunetic,crazy,fruitcake,insane.This will setup the "Battle of Allah" which is Zarconia fleet surrounding Allah Pak and his follower and family,precaution and heavy militarization around this galaxy and battles



God Islam

003XMN Brian Cox 002

Wiliam Stryker

of defeating the highest level that Allah threw at us and developed,after all of th

Zarco Nana Transformer Gobot 1 Prime Space Military Truck with Ion cannon

ose all out dangerous wars with Allah's theories enemies.He is an overreactor.He jumps and over reacts as mental illness.All of that energy made him mad.Corporations can play creator with a staff some angels born as people.They have high ranks and function as large assembly.They have judgments as anyone can do things from shoulder angels.They contact authority in Allah's world direct response.Corporations as in space take care of people other than me.They have judge and jury and can handle the law.They grow

Peter Ludlow

food from agriculture and have you live in space.They have case management workers.Part of Allah's systems and are very efficient.They use computers and smart people,scientists and staff.But like creator you can't go and see all the raw work.A representative comes to you about something important.Keep track of
KusoCartoon 13930173868366

New Fuhr's Zarconian Leaders

your school and life.They make creator decisions and to do with religion.Modern and futuristic.But as a staff.They have very powerful defenses.Lots of money and resources.Machines.Aspect of taking care of someone's life like BNN.Goes to space and all the companies as they have handled food industry with great cooking.Supply the needs to life and further achievement.They are on alien worlds and have society cuttoff from public and they live under rules.They have no contact outside world as in Islam.There are workers and troops and where to find them corporation could be at a space dock or Observation installation.Very efficient corporations with excellent records that in genes played creator with the help and supervision of heaven.Heaven is in outer space up top in dimension as hell is bellow space and condemn is somewhere in betweeen.They have laws and right wrong and during a person's life monitor.They have part of government.They can punish.It counts to the grave.Some reason worker does not get older.No secrets as white people formed authoratative. Swoop in spoils and govern them.Lemuria is a super civilization because of the dreamworld.Socializing is my enemy and is the pits with me.The races I was in my pastlife Ettrossian space Americans in Gattaca.Space Americans played a thug role in removing me from Galactica so underworld could grow.I was POW in galaxy of Gattaca

Charlie New Fuhr Fuhr Commander Robot Being Vehicle


Space Insect Vehicle Being Capt.Regent Kindred ,Galactica,where I was Zeon in race.The Americans were interested in growing a scheme the defenses.The defenses are convicts{war criminals} and military experts that work for Allah.They upgraded Earth class and United States and went to upgrade my enemies.They mistreated me in their duration.They are unfair and Canadians are not interested in me,its my defenses.My military defenses has a rule that I live near something like America because other countries won't understand their technology and can't have American technology.They were from my pastlife and what area of space.Manpower and this is the last I will be with them and Transformers Gobot Combiner Pretender white race defenses to obtain these defenses and military corporations as they are theirs and then my afterlife defenses are them.Much more powerful and more futuristic for space and much more powerful in all areas and in age level and wisdom,leadership.Going to an old power of space that has much more efficient system of authority.Space forces that have picked up my old defenses.Pickup Greenland and Antarctica as base of operations.They have territory on North America and shares.They have entire history of mine in space Queen Armada.More galaxy charts.I am here in North America real defenses are here and to be assimulated by afterlife defenses as law they can't let them go rogue or astray they must properly claim them.They are failure in life to me given many chances since Gattaca.They have done wrong and oppression to me with wrecked up theories to brain wash me when I forget or don't remember.Count on it like serial pattern.Canada as many nations don't care about me but using me as object.They want to open France and Galactica codes and have framed crime on me.They were all looting my background and reducing me in society.Galactic Empire.Allah ordered to destroy the Universe by having Whiteman play and choose what they want and what side pro-enemy and towards my destruction.Destructive even play role to afterlife and present.Very destructive beings.They are types of war criminals.It was never opened to me and was offered to me ignorant.I detest socializing and supremace it by being more then it and dressing better than it as a trophy.I have always lived boring and without socializing and never popular even from Galactica.The church  playing a racist role towards a muslim like me.Create a hell and its about dicatorship on future by these powers.UN are coloreds that live white.They all swarm my situation and Church treated me as a prisoner muslim.Activated proven torturers like hospital.They don't recognize me except to grow money and empty fools gold pit.They believe in their own lies they have all assembled for their own greed
In Search Of..

In Search Of... The Coming Ice Age-2

2.10-Dead Sea Scrolls-In Search of..

2.10-Dead Sea Scrolls-In Search of...-0

3-23 In Search Of..

3-23 In Search Of... Sodom & Gomorrah (Part 1 of 2)-0

3-23 In Search Of..

3-23 In Search Of... Sodom & Gomorrah (Part 2 of 2)-0

and power.Mentally ill they all talk to each other.Cops or Americans and to British.They are trying to frame me with a clone.Growing this belief of Galactica with dolls,valuables,clothesline and products to make money from it.Added so much lies into it that scheming Canadians are in on the goods.British want ot make money from this lies.Communists came in on this from British of course to share in on the spoils.Assumption which has false information and myths.They racistly persecuted me as a muslim in Church's view.They have this whitegirls story that she was playing me and role model for Mods and Alternative.They have gone to select mine and Allah is in on this for white.They are portraying me as bad guy.And made many movie productions with this character they all contributed Whiteman resources and powers.She is opening the codes for them.Made her military.They by my defenses advice and UN to intimidate me with Cops,wreck up my life.Endanger with the American police Cops,their warship in space and proud military fleets and military and planets Empires.Hand in hand with the hospital.Destroy down and limit alternatives.Chosen side of the enemy an showing support.Way they erase what they don't want to hear about space,threat to universe and alien threat,erase my mind and from death to forget the whole thing start back on square 1.Very bad blood wth all of these agencies and whiteman started on Earth Class Sol System North America.What can poor old browny Queen Armada do with a system like this and claim I am an outlaw in future from this pressure and procedures.Make dying to be wonderful.They wanted to drive me up the wall to be a vigilant.Racist to me by my race and color.Make me have nothing.Call alert to threaten me and reason with my enemies.American is Galactic Empire colony climbed way up to power from Empire.They were a country in space on rise full of Galactic Empire supporters.Empire found Americans admirable and powered them up.They gave technology and aided them.Aided President.He had Storm Troopers.Americans were space traveling from Galactic Empire and member of Galactic Empire.Americans grew from Galactic Empire and many of their supreme thinkings became part of Galactic Empire.Americans proved honor to Galactic Empire.This is how they gain power by going to the Empire.Its in their past.They are in a stage where they are fooling the UFP and making alliances.UFP naturally respect Galactic Empire.They love the Americans

and Americans secretely are from Galactic Empire.Straightened out by Galactic Senate or UN.American is Caucasian from Caucausus Valley in Russia.Americans are part Russian in descent.They are commies in each state and laws.Humiliate and keep below middle class low income.They think in racist they are sending me back in time with what powers they did for her from all of Europe and white.Supremaced me to robotech and Southern Cross.Church led by the devil.British opportunists.NWO.Racist to me to file unbelievable law suit on them after being war crimed by them all.I took this from them all no reason.Racism and American bigotry to ruin my life.My children I have no family to zero.Ruined my family.To the point the Universe is jeopardy.Alien threat and no one to count them because they tried to destroy Princess Armada.Value is more than many universes from what she will do toward threat of Universe.And bug me about nuclear weapons for biggot met in Canadian as I am tan.No way to fight.Its from one of my enemies I can't prove any case on during my many lives.Serial pattern.I was going in a coffin box straight to Qiyamaht last day in future.I have been pillaged.No girlfriend and racist white girls role on invading my life this way and gettng to my offspring.Witches.I suffered persecution hand of white ignorance.Go and try to prove things.Erase and forget the whole story in UFP.UFP are very loyal to French race and their attacks.In French and Galactican they have invented me as outlaw and I have done nothing in Galactic Empire and Canada.Just as a muslim to these Christians.Damage they did to invade my privacy and I had my life interefed and threaten by British and rest of them.They are very proud this site wiki was done.Their psychological warfare and using hospitals to conduct torture and a follow through.These convicts and vigilante killers should all face death penalty from damage in life they have done to what refer to me as brown and muslim.Transgender male torture as my life.Give me ugly looks from this faggot during Cold War yrs.Low grades and crimes he comitted.He jumped off the roof.All of his accomplishments and his on life.Reduce me as very unimportant back then.Lives done by this mob.Responsible and it made my body ugly and I am recovering.He was using my body,I wanted a new clone body after all the wear and tear.Bad reputation this geek put forth in the name of the Church.Star Blazers real galaxy and military,government.Star Trek,Star Wars,Gundam,Robotech,Stargate Atlantis,Transformers and Gobots all sci Fi real homeworlds,galaxies and govenrments.Real alien races using story about the earth,earth class.They are of another world hiding what alien race whiteman they are.Rules on earth class Sol System that they cannot build anything to space or to grow at a level that will take them to space.Many times they have had eras that could take them to space and they had it taken down from them.Elements to go to space are taken down by space.Rules on earth class and North America and who looks like they know about space and forbidding us is Cops.They are the ones when we can we have it taken away.UN also.Government is aiding space and is not going to space.Space is acting to isolation us and ignore us greatly.They are preventing any threats by using the military.Planet is governed by space with rules not allowed to space.Not allowed to expand to space and expand tv to space.No space technology.Approach by Cops.Sci Fi that exists.All ignoring the earth and would approach us authoratative.Our skies have no threats but there are UFOs.We're all under some sort of directive even Allah and his angels are following.We are evolved to these rules.In million years this place will go nowhere and will only be visited.So they must have had temporary bases to land on.They were the Cops and government.Hiding whole info and history of their race in space.Using earth to hide as people of North America.Does not tell about what branch they are in space and their alien history.How they are that advanced in technology,manpower and government.Star Trek hides them all and visiting their worlds as part of their voyages in space.Quadrants.Realistically what they all have.Speak alien languages not english.Stargate are neutral to my continent.They have defenses to Stargate Atlantis.Infringement and border disputes.Stargate wanted to expand their territory on them.And refused to alliance with them.Acted as whiteman of space.They are close to our Universe of Transformer Gobot white races people.As aliens they are on their side fo the border like UFP.Expansion by white race.They are mergering and not fighting any wars.Wars are all arranged from slave countries powered up by whites.White race is spreading Christianity.They took toll on Islam.Islam shrank from Gulf war and War on Muslims Middle East.Racism.Americans were supporting Israel    in military operations vs Muslims.UN was taking Israel's side as they took the side of the Jews in WW1    and WW2  ,good reputation,good guys allies,high class.Zionism is spreading under cloak of Christianity.Spread wrong.And the rest of the Universe is very annoying supported by 911 Police of North America and Cops of US   .Space knows they can have a billigerent attitude of joining the table of such underworld.Criminalism spreading from this type of system and hatreds Islam as enemy.Racism.Exepts Judaism and Zionism secretly.Opression system if your not white.Racism.Pick out and single out any one from those alien races in space.Sit on it and have Cops  destroy down someone who does not fit in.British make things worse and same French of Galactica.Cunning Communism and this is worse as just as bad.Type of supremacism that religion is outstanding every angel and creator system is going as Christian.Churches in Communism.They are all spreading with no natural enemies.Enemies they had were all fake and small in geography and in population.They did not have a chance and in slavery were treated as a revolt.They had factors they were Christians as in WW.Christians don't fight each other properly and in modern day skin heads support British from Church and Europe.NWO.Improper Wars.Government is getting too powerful to cause itself as a nuisance.They don't do law they harrass.This is to make money.I am positive they want to get at my things frozen over in Antarctica and Greenland.To save Florence of Greenland and Cyndi Stryker of Antarctica both attractive women pastlives of Feroz,valuable.My pastlife always wanted to marry me in numbers like lesbians and provide shemales to me.In this type of system I can't carry out marriage and private life which has to do with reproduction.Adding in racism.I need as I wanted century to get it out of my body and used to it before military.Powers from past growing large from devious Galactic Empire.British.Americans.Galactic Empire exepts criminalism.Confused about being taught what good guys are from Church.Its someone that morally defeated them to imitate being a good guy and allies.Good reputation,high class.UFP is expert in erasing anything wrong and bad to slander America      and Britain.Against their rules.Use of police to intimidating.High class,Government getting power and having my defenses merger a great reputation.Mergering.Many multiple planets supplied to British    and   Americans.They have Galactic Empire planets .Government merger Galactic Empire and take power from them.Americans and British      see eye to eye over power of making slaves.Cops is interested in making slaves not solving crimes.Americans have criminalisticness of slavery.They think slavery is legal.       Its OK in Britian and US       .Start to accomplish things for wrong.By race whiteman and by Church,merger together.Go separate things by class destinction.High class.They will cause peace by draining and looting anyone sophisticated plunder all secrets and add it to their empire.Supremacism of people to point they have nothing and no role in future anymore.They will look like Gods and control advanced sophistications.Part of oppression system of tyranny.Added communism to what they are factor.Drain out people to helplessness.Against martyrs.Plans for white race to be all supreme.      Genetics steal add secrets smuggled in people's genes.Increase their society.High class.Look down like UFP.Advancements and modern technology part of their society.It makes people look great.Problem for them no cross overs.They can't cross over.Separate.Even from same religion Christians.Use Church to supremace other races under church one day like captives.Embarassment.My angels part of this process.Robotech,gundam and Star Blazers with Star Trek will endup in wrong hands.UFP has a policy to please French and are doing wrong things towards Galactica and finding way to my Antartica.Entering my life and sent US police to me.My angels picked to be police,racist.UFP wants to coverup any mistakes illegal by British.New World Order.Erase anythng they have done to fuel about blaming Terrorists.Yet British are terrorists.UFP are loyal aliens to White race and government with their destructive space plans for USA.They foundation when they learn of Americans being small nations in space that mergered with the Galactic Empire and took all of their nature to space.They were supported by Galactic Empire and make war criminals.UFP supports and makes American image clean and Superpower.Aliens and colored want to live like white race.Adopt racism,criminalism and destructive nature.White race is addicted to narcotics.I found out my feminin angel is male police looked American goes on his daughter.My defenses fed all technology into US to make them illegally powerful and big headed nation from past.They kidnapped me and added to supremacism and my rules on this area of space for wrong.Fueling whiteman and drive vs Islam.Anti-Islamic and racist.Racism will spread in space from governement to be legal and enforced by police.Criminalism.Defenses lots of damage done to it.Was a very evil enemy.Best friends were serial killers to military.The way it was made it appeases to ignorant,wrong,pagans,crime,negativity.It is a disaster with me or I do not like it.They never opened it to me and I don't want it for its my strength against it not know it exists.It though is a place of Garden of Eden homeland to street kid grownups like me.Christians are older than muslims.Parts Quran have parts of the Bible in them.Like Prophets Noah,Moses,Abraham and Solomon.Muslims used to be pagans and Christian before Islam and prophet Muhammed.Christians reigned as religion and is the religion of the government.Angels are Christian Church.Islam is younger than Christianity the older of the religions.Military is Christian.UN are Christian.Many white Islamic races disappeared because white races is militant and authoratative.Muslims don't use the Quran.They don't pray to Moses,Solomon,Noah and Abraham.They use Abraham to bow to Muhammed,Eid.They only worship Muhammed only one and put down Jesus.Christians belief Jesus is God is older than Islam.Wrong God or selecting a look from creator Angels.They win Jesus is person because they are picking out an appearance.They want him to have powers like a wizard but this is prophet.He must control nature.Why would he be scared of crusifixtion.God powers and he controls heaven and hell and universe.Not a ghost out of a tomb.Come back from dead are Jesus lessons.Possessioned.Exorcisms.Confront the devil.Prophet begging to God because Allah is uncompassionate and ruthless in nature to solve things,irrational.God sympathizes to do some powers to make things work in nature.He can defeat a crusifix.Christians hide from the tycoon fo religious days old man.Allah is neat and tidy,clean shaven,president of Allah and his wardrobe best dressed man.Christians fear to confront Allah but you insult him and Allah will outsmart them.When he persues a race he goes thorugh every universe and angel guardian.Walk,leaps of universe.No pork Allah made with prophet Muhammed Alexander the Great Witch King.Moustache and curled long hair,squarish face,black circles around his eyes,white skin.He was a Knight of Round table.The other one than Vlad the Impaler but for Saudi Arabia.Dark Ages.Alexander the Great rode black steed breathed fire.Dressed in clad armor and headress of Sirens.He had a sword that fire flames infront of his army and where he pointed his sword.Witch King.Burn down armies and was giant of 10ft tall.He was an Anglo Saxxon,bearded race.Riding on Dark Ages map "Heading West".Christians and Pagan and Christian before Islam ate pork as Natives do.Allah sent Islam to stop pork eating from pagan tribes to convert to Islam and some Christians.Pork now a days is made modern and clean and number 1 on meats.Beef is popular from Texas and they are Christians.Pork wars war over pork like it was gold.Value and crave.What makes pork valuable.Muslims are baffled after using Allah to condemn pork.Jews have condemn pork.Many half Christian half jews eat pork as Europeans,Canadians and Americans.The military and police were mergered in 40's.Communism and who was using communism was who did it.Types of criminals under military laws that should be executed.Not just Serial killers.There are more of them that lead up to a felon.Whiteman is also has attributes of a felon.Researching on law they used to have scarey essays to study and they were not studying serial killer."killers" and criminals.Many types that are serious criminals.Communism was used by country to break their leaders out of prison.They attacked many of the laws the military and police had stopped exections on types of serious nature felons.Allies for bad guys searching for indirect serious offenders.They hide in allies and use communism.Proper judgement is to look for them not by faction and alliance.They all have different types of serious world threats.Many characteristics that are alarming.Slavery on to individual and slaver was to be executed by law.Many types of law breaking is hidden in allies.When they have formed an alliance to be "untouchable" as criminals.Mental disorders in alliances and ranks for militaries of all sorts.Lead up to effecting world.Cops now a days full of emotional mentally ill police.They by more than half would fail.They would admit they role around scummy in bed having nightmares.Tempermental and have expressions.To talk and not talk,both illnesses.Not talk is a violent disorder called insanity,Americans.Madness by British.France lunatic.Germans cuckoo,keep talking.Russian is nuts.Spanish is fruit.African is bananas.They hear voices.They play hide and go seek with childish goals as them doing severe things like arrest based on a hunt.Liar.Very emotional but mentally ill.Hide illnesses.People police that failure mentally ill test would aid criminals and communism.Steal.Hospital used to have felons.Government left wings to them to keep their support.Does nothing to them like communist pattern.Do nothing to filter out police which is separate from military.Government and allies.Proper way to approach things with a tactic.Not by being brain washed by media.Proper format and procedure and protocal.First thing they'll do is cloud up judgement.What about the one that is not listed there.Not taught by everyone.Hunt down characteristics from clues.Clues add up.Grow and reports latest intel.Looking for men on the loose.Wanted list on allies.Conspiracy.Allies and UN.Keep secrets against the law.Hide and destroy evidence.Investigators.Investigation on alliance.If they remain quiet.Aquire evidence and take action and power given from guilt.Allies guilt.Guilty of crimes and more.Searching for who is jeopardizing world is not going to be taught or to go and fetch or force them to take the evidence that's been layed out.Investigators can tell and UN masterpeice at making evidece old.Changing cases cold.Delay in system.Suspect countries.And cold hard facts and their activities.What they are up to in their current day and history.What is growing large,factors.Same pattern as underworld.Dealing and trading.Keep track of criminal activity by nations.Gaining technology from Transformers is illegal.Black market.USA grew on black market of technology and manpower.Records.History.Their locations during events.Trace them.Trace dealngs to trace all evidence.History with British want to be good guys run in with investigators in their past.Before everyone and Americans in Gattaca British were in trouble by investigators.They then as criminals cleaned up their records.American guilty of doing this for British                                                                                                                                                    .Galactic Empire and why would British takeover Empire.France and America    sold Galactic Empire to British.Bad reputation they sold it.Believed British could cleanup Galactic Empire.By religion.Christians pattern with British Empire   .Why every investigator dropped case on British and let France go.Its because they were merger by America who's policy is to protect British at all costs.Hide some sort of guilt from long ago.Americans as investigators comitted war crimes.Things in secret they have with France and Britain.War criminals.War criminals starting off from prison felons and crime world.Countries starting off and that is how the war criminals escape.New World Order.Unpersecuted countries and law banning persecuting Britain and France its because the USA wanted to play the law manipulated by UN,UFP.Running is s scam to hide very serious things in nature.Use the allies to hide serious international crimes and crimes in space.Fugitives.Fugitives get breaks from corrupted American law.Fugitives started in crime world doing anything like bank robbery.Federal crimes.Mob is a theory for rotten countries.Communism is mob.Mob is hide every member and country.UN    .Types of criminals they all apply as being on the run and not brought to justice that is what UN and allies are.Do recent crimes.Not perfect and do improper things to everything they touch.Black market dealers.America grew upon space community black market.Cops were mercenaries.Hiring mercenaries crime.Going to justice for killing.World termoil.Re-writing the way events happened and US is a very guilty nation hiding and taking rap for so many countries.Congress re-writes history into propaganda.Allied propaganda and UN.Faulty operations as world and UN.Crooked operations allies.Pattern of guilty they are in a type of phase.British role is to sit on royalities brought in by allies.In space Americans go out and bring home spoils and joint effort.British are suffice with what they have.They are not growing and cannot.Need Galactic Empire to grow.Even with this they won't grow or expand slowly.They don't have the guts to be a regime and know and paranoid of quick defeat.They won't ever do something like that its a losing cause,no gain.From reports from UN.They all won't grow and growing desparate they would think of excuses to declare a war on someone.America enterprises from wars and many nations contributing to America.Loyalties.Going on their loyalties.Most aggressive of allies is USA.British are in a phase to do with mob and are laying back for spoils.Advancing very minimal.Desparation from Britain might mean use of Anti-Christ.He is British.  
Nostradamus Predicts World War 3!!!

Nostradamus Predicts World War 3!!!

  He causes a power to
Nostradamus Prophecies Death Comet -- The War of the Third Antichrist -- War World 3

Nostradamus Prophecies Death Comet -- The War of the Third Antichrist -- War World 3

Nostradamus and His Predictions

Nostradamus and His Predictions

happen and curse.My curse mergers with this curse from AntiChrist is a British reporter.This devilish man thinks high and mighty and talks big.He effects very violent beings and creatures and tries to torture them at their weakest in sleep.He then coward like attack at your weekest to torture you about inferiority and sub-human,annoying and irritating.He bugs and this happens with earth class Sol System and its stars at night time that puts a spell on everything especially parts government aid him like Cops.They go mad and help him and try to toture with voices listening bugs machines vents blaring or phone as they will say.They put such importance on Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden but nothing on Antichrist.He is possessed.He tries to trace each of his victims from distress.Making things upset.Playing with their emotions.And all whites go to his aid.Occult like situations that happen in seasons.Moon madness this man causes.Balls out people about British and sneak attacks about British.He makes them cause trouble.Make problems.Many use police to just hide behind and use the hell out of law enforcement just for cowardly protection.Breach and invasion,intrusion.Waves of spell that world is under by Antichrist.And white power authoratative.Mental illness.He also wants to intrusion biologically.Using medical and health.He is very emotional and has no power like he speaks.His body has no empire power and he is over his head,blunderer like British.He gets upset from tactics and his races childishness.White race is a very childish race in existence.This is his weakness.He gets petty and comes back to mouth off.He has mouth like a British white teen.He also is confused about what is violent and what is not.He is too avid into low form military and is competing in crime.He has clouded mind and can't see properly in crime.He thinks crime can be controlled by a family and made to do unimportant things manipulated as slaves.He refuses to see any violence in crime.He is very mutlicultural minded and thinks this is high class.He thinks he understands lower class nations and runs them off as Asia,knows very little to nothing about tribal or religion.And he gave away himself.   British are like a mutinous desparate and out of their minds.Treasonous.Not been pushed in desparation.They make moves in communism as a member secretly.Retain powers in government and Canada.But in past they are much guilty of war crimes.In space they are too and need their assets demolished.Must surrender and be taken over.Not giving in to a struggle with justice and they are a law breaker.They are surviving and thriving on crime.Illegal export and US black market.UN cleaned up and put forth reputation after Galactic Empire and Galactic Senate is UN.Underworld acts secrecy its controls media and government that is the only way this felon empire is staying out of justice is they are running their own government.Staying out of trouble and hitting any emergency alarms to go off.Made their own little world of nations they deal with for their wars.They have activity.

There is a Kidnapper, an 
Arsonist, a Counterfeiter, an Embezzler, a Murderer, and one who 
inflicts bodily injuries
Race of aliens in space that are muslim white man.They live billion light years away in vortex dimension.They do things reversed.They have aliens they live in peace with surrounding them.They are a contributer.They are AI and are like people.They can change from people to robot machines or Transformer Gobots.They are as people are called "Pretenders".They have been combinering with changed to vehicle Transformer Gobots being the driver or pilot,crew.They have been retaining being people as they were made.They then thought to militarize what they don't use in their society their giant mainframes.Many of them were not changed to Transformer Gobot with their vehicle.Only military they did this.As people they had mechanical abilities from being a Transformer Gobot and people ideas like in government and military.They had armies and squads and co-ordinated working with their robot vehicle transformed Transformers Gobots.They were combining.When they interact and work together.People made machines that for machines.Alien race in space they retain all of their people qualities from ends to end of space that place like Stargate Atlantis and UFP,Star Blazers and GI Joe retain.They though have had civilians separated from military.Civilians can't retain their robot skills.AI and conduct living in part of these areas in space.Civilians don't transform.This is all done for those that join and processes are done to miltiarize them and give them their robot skills and Transformer Gobot.Learn to work with vehicles as a team.Transformed mainframes Transformer Gobots being of 30ft size but so can the "Pretenders" when they change.Transformation and grow bigger and have vehicle added.Part of their powers.And in our continent are bases where giant size and vehicle mode modified with troop size.People size.Many combiner and to what war they want to fight like.Many can pick to be a driver pilot crew member.From there officers and rank or to go to giant robot size vehicle.Threaten my enemies with our larger part of Universe.Reduce pressure on Queen Armada that they started to single out Queen Armada.Criminal orientated people that make a criminal atmosphere of every place.They spread criminal live styles.They have collision with my side that can't stand any of that and will go to war on crime.Vile Allies started this war on me.Allah interfered and has been uselessly feeding who he chose to learn North America 20th Century Earth class technology.Its who Allah is using to wreckup time.He is having an alien race learn everything for no reason as its useless to me.Its not part of my life in future.Allah has been changing things with his own thinking to make things too human.He is causing gap and barrier to Transformers Gobot Pretender Combiner Europeans.They left Cybertron and turned into people from Transformers and Gobots.They live billion light years from Cybertron in vortex.They have technology to travel billions of light years.He's massivly interfering with events and things.Its useless to you but not to me.You better fix things and make them ready for me.I have corrected Allah that in time they need to learn things before I go there.Allah must not interfere with things and make things pro-white.Becoming destructive as they are over-learning their own things for no reason.Communism you taught your aliens you wanted to know.Then the Transformer Gobot Pretender Combiner white race is come in vs Communism as enemy of communism.Allah protecting commies and what he thought of.Your ideas are proven spoiler and destructive.You do to many accidents.This accident with Transformer Gobot Pretender Combiner white race is by accident.Repair it.Now you know how destructive your thinking is more than communism.Your timeline is not going to happen as we are going to tell Transformer Gobot Pretender Combiner white race Creator space system and galaxy everything and for them to send their creator angels and manpower.Your blocking them out but don't recognize them.Blood type and its very serious you can't just go out and choose what your used to winning it has to be compatible because most of your schemes did not happen in past.Made thousands of useless ones that did not happen.Go to see how accurate I am medically.Parts of my life you damaged they can repair and what I must run on.Universes rebel on Allah and his tyranny.To much of a habit to be an oppressor and not to think of rest of universe,very single and self centered with his own invented ideas that have nothing scientific or medical in them.Too much old man illness in Allah.Gets caught up in his scenarios that they have to be important for his greed to win.Some idea was put to him by British to win.Why the universe turns against Alalh and so does nature.Now as pattern many universes are used to Allah doing this injustice on everything.Very simple means and ideas drive him to evil.We have a creator like Annorax billions of light years in vortex.He is very stern and gives me my ideas of my home.He is very strict and older than Allah.He has very vast powers in space and is very elderly in knowledge and keeps us in line.He has rules for us and my parents.Photograph of my parents in the database from the long voyage through wormhole.He controls and has a cast to play Devil and Death Angel as Caretaker Angels of outer space and Evolution Process Angels.He is judge,jury and prosecutor and wonders report from Allah and his cast on earth class Sol System.They can have the technology and food to my world that Feroz will remain eating cheeseburgers,pizza and chococlate with coffee and pop.Very serious crimes he gets caught up in.He's covered from justice.Create fight.When dispute and things not running smoothly create fight.Does not go properly and everyone revolts to Allah's ideas.We go to higher powers that run space and universe.They think I don't fit in and are trying a destructive approach to me.Using excuses to cause trouble with me.Afterlife coming and basing down to threaten my enemies on this planet.Investigation.Get me in shape to go to Pretender Combiners race.Solve your own problems while here on earth to learn 20th Century North America ON Europe technology and manpower,history.I guess when they are in a base they are the persons.Place is made for giant robot vehicles.Designed and travel on roads and streets.Reinforced."Pretender" aliens might be Star Trek .But my people have a mean streak in them as they are evil that comiit good.From another dimsnsion where good is backwards to evil.But they are good.Good that use evil to do good.Part of the epic story of Transformation and I'm part of this from pastlife is in Antarctica and Greenland.Technologies for Star Blazers,Gundam and Robotech in Greenland.Transformers and Gobots in Antarctica.No war vessels patroling this galaxy and solar system.If they do its the Galactic Empire and UFP.None they have no warships or proper space military.Surface of planet jammed with all sorts of defenses like Cops.Going to me and Transformer Gobot Pretenders Universe white race people to pick on this militarily and govern earth and have shares from Feroz.Approach them as the law.No patroling ships.No form of

Transformers Elder,Quintessa and Queen Arramda

military in space and its on flimsy sense of Sci Fi entertaiment.First real space military to being of Pretenders Universe.And 20th Century North America ON Sol System.Parts of society and military,government and education.Media.History of North America,North Atlantic.Entertainment and learning G7 and G8.Cartoons and Sci Fi cartoons like GI Joe and Transformers G2.Foods like Italian and chocolate,deserts and hot drinks.Bring past to my afterlife as its part of my favourites.I need to figure out things and gain evidence for actions on my supposed enemies.I need to be able to predict them and to add up reasons why to go to war with them and I need from my perspective but world's perspective.I need to make simulation to figure out how the UFP thinks like and towards USA.Simulate even with my power to find out their decisions and answers towards America.And then to add my assumptions.I need practical fact on them to link them up instead of jumping to Communism.I need to figure out each and every of them and their relations and how they act related to each other and treat each other good.Not wars.I need wars proclaimed as progaganda.Allies and Americans,and space Supremacists like Dark Star Empire Terminators.Need to know how they work as a system and how they break laws.Crime helps and direct answers from re-enacting out leaders of UFP.I need to figure them out to see what is legal and appeases them.Acceptable.How they can portray this on them.They will refuse so I need to make a simulation that will work to supply answers and in my past lives and present life.I need to make a report and hand this to my government so they can make judgement.My powers rely on this as I've only seen it from my side and feelings.I have to prove they torture others and are a system.I need to simulate each alliances answers and in the past.Lead to other leaders of Zarconian and my government to map it out and help me in on this.Especially on British great reputation.And laws on Sol System Earth class.With operations of gathering intel on them.In order to solve the problem we need me to grow information on them and spread it within my faction.Intelligent minds to master mind operations on them.Get right lineup on them right types of actions and warfare.Preparations.And a pattern.And from military to crime and their society,religion.They make massive blunders and have too much and spill it off.We need to grow  a story from reports into a simulation of what they behave like.It will help us to know what is going on secretly.We need to grow incidence and to simulate judgements of their council and government.Once that's proven that they are all a system of evil and they are comitting wrong.Events and the real reasons they did wars.Need this to prove to my afterlife government of Pretenders alliance faction to get them to relate and understand.Being in Greenland and Antarctica will boost this considerably.They will get to know G8 and G7.They'll get used to them all.Understand technology and manpowers and make proper alliances.Its what they are hiding.Illegal acts.Grow for more power and tyranny is crimes.Why they imprison people and use "Cops" to intimidate and more on Galactic Empire to allies.Theory they only fight Nazi's but to slavery them as next white slaves.Watch WW1 and WW2 as Germans are not slavers in eyes of evil British.How British tookover Galactic Empire.Slavery.Cops.Anti-Islamic.UFP.Taking actions based on hate.Where we get in the way of this pattern of a vigilante killers.Allies are vigilantes and take the law into their own hands as British are.Harvest crime and make dough.Use creators in parliament.Why they hate the "Transformers" relations to Optimus Prime.NEST and Pentagon.What weapons and technology they picked up from them and others in space.White people pickup alien technology and get it from aliens surrendering it to them.Have plasma's and energy weapons and warp drive.They have works in Sci-Fi.Govenment grows from picking up advancements and from future.Space technology and manpower.For cause of hatred and oppression.Religion to grow for whiteman.Broken barrier to space from space's backings and loading them with resources and technology they learned from this even back Galactic Empire USA.Evil from space and autonomous will always supply them with power.Trading.Get at low cost.They are growning and mergering to the point wars are fake and argue with things arranged.Squabbling over cime.Communism was a show of no war fighting and British and Europe were pointing nukes at North America,frame.Because they doing power struggle and in blood to slavery in modern day.Growing like a giant mob of factions and this ideas was started by good guys allies.They starting mergering and no proper wars.Everyone they fought was small and could not invade their land proper like a war.Protected from rigging things.Allies rig things and have things their way.They are a superpower of countries of US,Britain,France and Canada.New World Order NWO.They all are growing with things all arranged.Growing like crime.Crime is rampant in thses nations.Cops are the mob for USA.Hide facts and truth.Conduct Cyber attacks.They do things behind the nations back and have many states majority under these racists.Allies are racists.UN are racists that obey biggotry.They capture and biggotry,people have less income under them.USA is modern slavery with Cops running the whole system.And they deal with space and grow.No wars.Creator of theirs Police officer is growing and Congressmen.Power and all out power of resources.Mergering and making deals.To be above rigged world of space.Point they want to be equal or like a war criminal at getting away with this.They were sent down to take up and assume roles.They have their own planets.Running a type of allies regime.No one is free.Manipulated like zombies to serve them.Render those with power from a long time ago drained and crushed.Corrupt the universe with let downs and failure.Losers that fell under par.Below expectations and they have these losers they used white on them to adopt them and teach in them low rank they are.Allah is proud of this keeps peace.Ranks are full of low ranks and failures.Cowards that never came up to expectations failed and were taken in by whiteman.Unreliable and over ranked.They took them in and ours is above them.I was a victim of this type of system.They had threatend me to tragedy.I lost alot of my life from Allies.Liar.They lie this does not happen and retain great reputation.It was to the point this was a sin.Not perfect.Also those evidences in history.Transformer Gobot Pretender White race muslims Combiners are very rebellious in nature and support whiteman.Afterlife that has chosen wrong direaction.They have very little respect to Feroz Queen Armada and don't understand I have enough sustain for myself until they are punished.They drop.Very irresponsible and don't think that our war technoljogy is going to hit them hard.Arrogant but to lose.They think rest of universe can't punish them.They don't have lots of technology as Star Blazers and not everyone from robotech                   is good guy.Star Trek and they learned nothing and back to Stargate Atlantis and Gundam.They warfare.They are not learning and learning as like in Quran to disbelievers.Very small minded.What are all of these proven war factions Pretender Combiner Gobots?We're not handing over gifts as this is time.And Zarconian then is to do my bidding lose any nationalism.Failure badly on them robot men.No brains like Transformers.Your warship celebrated like a shit mouth.Did not receive and complete anything,cowards.After their punishment they are to see results in what we wanted and in Royalty we take over power of everything and party the way we want to.Picked up are slaves that showed no character and wanted to walking mindless machines.We Khan family are going to win big time in things we can't do we can get it done.Robots with no minds or power.Allah put me in and the rest of outer space systems put me in on spoils and more of these Pretender Combiners.Man in history they are going to be taught serious lesson that size is not powerful.Allah does not use size.Time will change as afterlife factions rules placed on them for Allah to go on in on crisis situation rebellers toawards Feroz.Slated to be punished and took things wrong.These idiot Pretender Combiners are assuming things.They don't exiat and they don't think about being taught a lesson about North America Europe 20th Century war technology.They don't have to teach you nothing about what is going to be in evolution a lesson series from them and from me.From those empires in space as this is not only my province.We have all aliens from other direactions in space.And they are not giant robots but can destroy them.Not a celebration like arrogant punk Pretender Combiners white race is going to learn a licking of lesson.Angels will reverse things.Failure people that chose side of white race.Took to things wrong and very insulting.They will only learn when the ball gets rolling in universe.We have in many directions of space so many star systems.I just want to be better than them.I want what they have but better than that.What supremaces it.I am going to load it to my family to be better than public.     

Rest-Q is the Guardian medic.

Animated series

In "It's The Thought That Counts" episode 6 Scooter is briefly captured by the Renegades. After being freed Rest-Q checks out Scooter, but Scooter refused to be examined, secretly being brainwashed by the Renegades. Rest-Q appeared in "Ultra Zod" episode 14, where he donned a Power Suit and helped form the Power Warrior Courageous, which defeated Ultra Zod. In "Doppleganger" episode 23 leading the Command Center back to Gobotron and getting rid of Scooter and Small Foot the Renegades then released duplicates of Path Finder, Rest-Q, Van Guard and Turbo. Later the real Guardians were able to defeat their duplicates with the aid of the real Zeemon, Hans-Cuff and Rest-Q. Rest-Q appeared in "Cy-Kill Escapes" episode 41. He repaired Hans-Cuff, who was injured in the Renegade prison break. In "The Fall of Gobotron" episode 43 Rest-Q repaired Small Foot. Rest-Q appeared in "Flight to Earth" episode 44. Captured by the Renegades, Rest-Q wasn't even allowed to repair the other prisoner Guardians, instead being threatened by Twin Spin with his blades. He was later rescued by Scooter and Sparky.

Rest-Q appeared in GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords.

Eagle ComicsEdit

Rest-Q appeared in the Eagle Comics story The Robo Machines. He is a member of the Security Force Robo Machines

Zarconian are ideas but are also souls as creations to the Transformers Gobot Creator System of Men Angel Caretakers of space.Zarconian is merger of Transformers and Gobots as one Transformer Gobot race.No more separation between Decepticons,Renegades and Autobots,Guardians.They are on giant unit and military called Zarconian.From mergecence of both they have extrodinary powers as units.They individually are great but are Autobots and Guardians mixed.They ain't Decepticon and Guardian.Autobots with elite powers.Mixing and merging the 9 together makes hybrid powers and powers to Matrix of Leadership.Formidable in opposing entire universes because they will all combine together vs Zarconian.The attributes and abilities are what they all in fate need for when we are ready and learned from our famiiies then wer will be all ready to start alignment and to meet each other and identify as Zarconian.Zarconian when the Zarconian Autobot Guardians are born by the Creator's Systems of our universe then and Parkbots will all go and find female autobots that they like and female Primitives.They will pair up and get married as being with their families and planets.When they form Zarconian they will have integrated and all of them like Sharktibots are married to female primitives.They all are happy and got married and family in century of present.Attributes will help us greatly but are their character of each born.When I summoned out Zarconian and nature Parkbot.Their mother is a computer.All of them have fathers or same father.Elder.And he is part of Male creator system to give male to them.We need Zarconian because I am not an expert in various fields towards each enemy.And for each type of warfare and manpower.Need to be a compatible race that is against the British and Americans.Because the enemies will keep using allied good guys to corrupt and oppress.Need proper ranks that can get the job done on British and Americans.And to get us to a regime.Regime does dirty tactics and has heartlessness and Supremacists in them for us to have the upper hand like supremacists.And we want those tactics of enemy destruction like exterminate.Zarconian is to do correction of failures Germans and Japan did.They did too many errors and could not fight like a good guy hero.And we need each rank for what he can imput as they as Zarconian 1 Primes will save lives and get us to have the best lineups of military.Best floatillas,squads,crew and base troops.Ranks.We don't have to do twice as much as work.Zarconian and our universe fraction of work done many times more from fraction.We want agreeable ranks as their lives as space muslims and their Transformer Gobot families.Rules in Transformer Gobot Universe for Zarconian as they need them to change.In prayers and blessings they tried American system and it put them at bottom and unsatisfied.Because US Americans support British which is destructive on Transformer Gobots.And we need brilliant minds like our terminals and scientists to get us our breakthroughs in our ordinary basic systems our ships,machines,vehicles run on.It does not exist but purpose is for giant war Zarconian is made for,good from Islam.Durable for space war and alien planets.Systems need to run on our demands for space.Speeds and efficiency.Zarconian means to make use of space technology to make it into alien worlds war machines complete unit.I added in self grow our own specialists and warfare rankings.I added in powerful warships and dreadnaughts.I put in our own combiners that the G1 Transformers did not have and hybrid abilities they can do that a G2 Combiner can't do.They can do Power Up Mode.They are all part Gobot and I knew they all have alien families and home worlds in space.Takes them all together to retrieve their souls and make them as Zarconians.They all have skill levels and abilities to be fit together as unit and warships and navy.We have our own special covert ops craft and merger with UPF Stargate AI Europeans like us.Combiner with them.They are billions of light years away in vortex and from the Enigma Star cluster.Modes our space wing to stay and remain like fighters on carriers.We have or I have as Queen Feroz have put in what crafts I wanted with strategic idea and longevity.I got us our special weapons from scouting not trades but being from all parts universe our factions will get in on secrets from our data and pages of info.Study to make them in sciences.We have a balance they will all turn out to teamwork real squads and order or ranks.They will work as teams and units to know each other and they won't have flaws.From possible trade their families taught them to be veterans and they are from various generations and age groups as high form of life to solve things in century of growing up to become military in space.I selected who I want in our military lineup and their secret abilities and character point we don't need to acquire we find our ranks on stint or mission like the robotech forces of Zarconian and balance of Zarco Macross our allegiancies in robotech that are Zarconian as we deal to our Zarconian ranks to Source John Connor and our ideas we own on our Resistance Leader Napolean1 New Fuhr.We solve our own problems by growing our own ranks and to capture and solve,learn the ideas from ON North America earth class Sol System 20th and 21st Century North Atlantic and WW1 and WW2 technology from Feroz.Brought up UFP Stargate AI Europeans.They all are space muslims too they all are not christians our enemies.Cause to solve against our enemies as my expertise in many areas in society and war,machines and troops,workers and manpower,ranks.Secrets each profile should bring to us as we hold on to them and have the Creator System workers and world change them and make them from my pictures in ideas that are real components and modules that make up Zarconian Transformer Gobot,face,armor and AC units,hands and circuitry and biology and Transformation types with Gobots and Transformers history.I put in idea the souls will merger into to become their name and code name.More real my pictures are to me and corrections done to be them for real.I am accurate about units to make them stronger,light weight,sealed armor,systems,modules,hardware,biology and way they activate and weapons.Creator System and Workers recognize the shapes and modules,components I am demanding from for their features and internally.Goes for a long time in their Jihad war on whiteman evil and our Creators's or racism and government oppression to destroy our families by British.Enemies are all doing a buildup and need to be destroyed and war on and old G2 Transformers and Gobots can't get the job done even vs UN and US,British low ranking enemy pest in our face lies in history towards Germans of USSR area or Bolars.Energies and breakthroughts important.Have technology and manpower perfected.Without any holes or flaws for massive size of Universes they are going to.And Zarconians safety in war.Reduce any casualities using system to preserve valuable warships and ranks.Enemy will use cheating and dirty tactics,boobytraps.Zarconian will have the minds we need and personalities.Edward 1 Prime.New Fuhr and his older brothers.We need Sub Zero 1 Prime."Raider Prime","Shrike Prime","Supercharger Prime" Zarconian Prime 1's are combination of Gobots and Transformers.They are aliens from across our galaxies.They provide the efficient Prime 1's of future vs Dangerous threat of Whiteman and their machines as robots our threat in future.Americans and British use machines loyal to them and other galaxies of machines as Gundams,Robotech,Force Five.They have living machines originate from robot designs that fuel the evil and hatred.We counter with our Prime 1's.We have physical strength and Leadership,strategists with roles filled out by our own grown Prime 1's.Transformers will say empty promises and have nothing to fill in.They can't and their system manipulated by British as Americans.These Prime 1's have lives in future and filling in all leadership of the men.They filling in courage and pride.Sense in areas females don't as Queen.Prime 1's fullfill military obligations and don't fall under to demons.They will face disturbing enemies but Shrike can belt them flying.He is meant for disturbing enemies.With powers his powers counter.His soul born but as 1 Prime he can add in to this world and he is born.He has nothing to worry about as first line soldier.When matrix is given to me I will give it to Prime 1.Our Prime 1's will have matrix to fight the evil.They are not corrupted and are not superstitions,make belief.Real Prime 1's.They watch over the enemies til they are born to fight wars and strategy.Prime 1's can fight violence.Fight from racism from British.Pickup from that to fight with robots sympathize with British.Feroz directed them to British 1st.British as enemy than see what enemies we have and they are tough and non-fearful of such enemies.Enemies try to threaten us to Terrorism.Racism.Evil is evil.Bigotry is evil.Not all can join in on racism.Robots lead to help humans.Robots will be fighting us as machines and enemies.We are filled in with 1 Primes to fill in obligations.Fill in roles and jobs.And point of view.Aspect.I got them for their powers and attributes Zarconian wants homegrown from alien worlds in our galaxies.In order to homegrown them they are from other galaxies that see it our way.Prime 1's family members and learning to be veteran and learn about military from family and clans.They have 1 Primes in family to follow and lead example.They have the creator system and future to protect them til they are grown in military and government.They have grown up in government and met me.Their family mergers with us.Shrike and all Primes. Trailer and Tommy New Fuhr.Tommy was able to do things that were demanded by Zarconian.Trailer was able to deliver as Grizwald and Sharktibot Fresh Currents.They were all able to deliver what we demanded and wanted.Reality of the future that its in our fate and we got it with all confidence in world.Zarconian is going to have the things we want.Want to grow our own 1 Primes and we got it.I wanted these particular machines from the way they are.I wanted things that our Creator system protects them to be militarized and many attributes we wanted.Counter the threat that was growing from Feroz as point of view.Someone who is not distracted or narrow minded.Has cures to ailments and many war ailments and mind games.They have sturdy family that is powerful and gets from government.Not beggar and because family being powerful he is Zarconian 1 Prime.All have characteristics and make everything easier and their approach at the high level they are when they learn from their families.Raised correctly and with all time they need.Endurance and longevity as Transfomer Gobots,Stargate have factors of space technology and space living.Space travelers and space ciities structure behind Zarconian needs experience.Not from ON North America earth classes Sol System galaxy.Absolutely not because this technology is taken for granted and is replaced,broken up in British system.Many ideas and models of technology and machines,war technology and society that Stargate Transformer Gobot universe needs because of too much alien ideas and shape to their ships.They don't have secrets to 20th century North Atlantic war technology.Need to know the secrets and parts of these guns and war technology and machine technology.Health and sciences.Instruments and foods.They need this for there is European in them that is moderized like New Worlder or in space.They will take to Roman food which will make Princess Khan of Stargate Pretender Gobot Alien European AI Space muslims race healthy and bigger.They all need to be cared for greatly without trauma in life like America and UFP.Cared for and to enter their secrets to very alien technology and alien styles of Stargate Transformer Gobots.Too much alien and its making useless designs.Retain their advancements,sciences and in war.Their experience in space.They have valuable things proper they receive change of technology and manpower from Zarconian.Extract their unborn souls to all Zarconians and Parkbots,Contrabots.They have unborn souls hidden in the unborn world.And they all are aliens from different parts of the Transformers Gobot universe.To give them history and families.They will form Zarconian from their training from their families and alien language as Autobot Guardians.For the Centauri to arrange we all meet each other and form Zarconian in right time.Extracts the unborn souls and they become their code name.And to giver them my Zarconian ideas and shape and components.All have the attributes.They are Zarconians as their attributes and fate,Matrix of leadership in Gobots and Transformers.Dinosaurs in Gobots.Shuttle as Leader Zarco Jeep Squads and Helicopter Squads Combine Helghast Robot Being Vehicles "Space Runway"Shuttle.He needs Manhood and to grow up as Transformer Gobot Zarconian  Zarco King Edward 5th Zoe Commander Military Truck and Napolean 2 New Fuhr AMV Transformer Gobot, Insectibot Leader Centauri One,Triassicbot Dinoranger Combiner Linked Series Heavy Duty Gestalt Warrior.Men's robot secrets and for life,government,military.Angels will replace them.They will take the form of them to make everything work.Angels will go ahead from a galaxy system and do things as Zarconians.No one to fill the roles the angels will take their place.My life tells me too much about how much whiteman ate down on our hierarchy.Mine is down to nothing and angels to replace them.Angels have not much emotions.My life is favouring not to have emotions in judgement to fill time.Allah fueled whiteman no time to haste and to go back.Forget about the

Creator of Billion Light Years away Ombudsman

past and go on with authoratative to take over and all roles filled.Especially for my continent.Angels were made by creations of Allah as they say.Angels 

female Parbot Computer High Rank inside of bases,facilities, transported by spaceplanes

are higher grade to take on being Zarconian and carryout things.They are above government.Transformers Gobot Universe Pretender Combiners creator system to supply in angels to takeover things and carryout Zarconian and to be my government and people.Structure.The Creator of biillions of light years away is an Ombudsman.He specializes in military and sciences.He is non-racist.He is mild mannered but can be authoratative.He is Allah's older brother.He is very understanding and very old.He created the European Pretender's universe and billions of light years from here.He turned into a man from a Guardian entity.He is very futuristic and modern.He is very militant.He is very busy.He is in society and government.He is a religious figure.There are many others that are creators he colaberates with and shares galaxies.He made the planets and stars and space evolve.He is expert in evolving military technology.Zarconian wikia must be uploaded in space billions of light years in vortex.It must display each 33 pages and its pictures for a military to figure out and admiral.He must study what I left behind for him and they can begin construction of all Zarconian wikia.It must display like in 2010's ON North America earth class Sol System in deep space.Pages upload and the drawings are
Legacy of NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope More Planets Than Stars

Legacy of NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope More Planets Than Stars

InSight Mission Lands Safely on Mars on This Week @NASA – November 30, 2018

InSight Mission Lands Safely on Mars on This Week @NASA – November 30, 2018

KusoCartoon 15537322753318

Delta Quadrant and Queen Feroz Armada's universe

there to help find my parents.There are souls as machines in Zarconian Wikia.This is 1st stage which is early stages of instructions and pictures.Tells things and must end up in right hands with my afterlife creator to program the darkwing supernatural ship of Jupiter and Evolution and Caretaker Angels.Path has been constructed through the wormhole.Now Zarconian wikia fate to go under construction in the right hands.Learn from Argo because their are Sci Fi cartoons and series the ideas come from.Star Blazers to 2199 Space Battleship Yamato.Hiearchy of military is there on the shelf with their alien races neighbours.Open page after page with drawings.They can change to blueprints and make multiple uploads and the supernatural is taking the upload to my military and admirals.Hiearchy of military machines and soldiers.Zarco Macross Wikidot for more.He knows of society and cities and civilization. I need and fil in as people as I have said.Angel families that will takeover.What the white people used up is a loser.It would have made mistakes and did not arise to have any bravery.Useless.Now is used for form.When Allah does damage like this its to go on with the future and use what I am talking about for form.Prevents Allah from winning everything as all star systems are against him.Creator from Billion light years from here is Allah's older brother.He protects Queen Armada in the future and is overly understanding of Feroz,me.He is positive and will create Zarconian as my Creator in future.He did really great from Prehistoric era.He taught alien civilizations to work their way to space.He runs correctionals.He is excellent in society.He has abundant universes with alien races that worship a religion he made and my race the European Pretenders have sections of their religion like Quran.More advanced and he visits each billion galaxies and lays down religion for them.He has many galaxies he tends to and has a cast of Angels.He could find out about earth class Sol System.He then has what I suggested like Antarctica as approach to earth from a space travelling faction.The Federation offered the USA.We talk through the UN.Allah's older brother is very knowledgeable and reverses Allah' negative work.He does this and keeps track of his younger brother Allah.He is outgoing in older people Angel's and keeps religion strict and priority.He does not use strict but wins in applying rules to those that are stubborn.He really is not mean or strict.He is strict format of being a creator.He is reliable in space emergencies and him knowing the earth and US.He knows the Federation and Stargate.They supremace him as they know from how to confront Allah.Give them leadership to work way up in attributes.Zarconian and becoming his fate.Then our galaxy can merger with them in bases and everything properly done government.Warships.Covert ops Craft.And with their family backings part of our squads.Then Men Gobot Transformers.And their creators system Caretaker Angels Evolution Process.Grow up with Zarconian info developed as their cause,very important about being ready for us to meet the real Zarconians like I made.Allah created a galaxy and worlds in the Transformers Gobot
KusoCartoon 13792131115676

Dreamworld Continent Alien World Transformers Gobot People


Transformers Gobot Pole continent

Universe  Allah must change fate and have my allience and planet change when they learn of earth class Sol System North America ON.They can make a turn around because they have alien technology.This is part without me from present.Not part of them but giving to them to learn technology,G7 and manpower era.Its an isolated place from modern world.Its secluded and not famous.Its not published in space or advertised.Its a private place.Its non-famous place.Very far away from closest modern civilization.It is millions of light years away from Milky Way and will take century on warp and they will endup at a place that is empy.We are in one of millons of dimensions.There are many dangers of outer space in way of whiteman and Pretender Gobot AI European alien space muslims .Sol System Centauri will punish the destructive Allah followers and their vandalism.Centauri will have anger and create space elements to destroy all of themi.He has loads of power more than the angels and can control the elements to create powerful and fearful space destruction in nature.He has lots of power to control more power than any universe which the angels cannot do.Watch their Creator control such elements and create new ones to destroy aliens and whiteman racists forces.There are many blackholes that suck galaxies.There are nebulas that are storm and places drain energy.Parasitic creatures worse than Xenomorphs.Huge giants stars that are burning radiation and are not yellow but dark for the over hot they are.Go within giant radius farther than solar system in distance warships of whiteman will start to have radiation damage and get charred from unstable radiations even from far distance because giant size of stars.Many warmonger alien races empires in the quadrants to empty space.Creator system made alot of barriers and dangers in the way where no one would make it alive to follow Feroz and Queen Armada's soul because its going through the dangers far trip.Before 22st Century 20 to 25 yrs before early part.Processes to adjust
ScienceCasts Space-Time Vortex

ScienceCasts Space-Time Vortex

NASA Gravity Probe finds space-time vortex and proves Einstein was right!

NASA Gravity Probe finds space-time vortex and proves Einstein was right!

and for the soul to translate to AI Gobot Pretender Combiner Master Race space Europeans.For me to wander from planet to planet,city and region to region to be part of my people.For my soul to Transformation like a space Kestrel VSTOL/STOVL.Handle better than Ace Combat F-15E Eagle.Centauri would have made the provisions for my soul and Centauri as Transformer Gobot Creator features.For my tests to be done by Evolution Process Angels.That they initiate Transformation and specialized one from my race and just for me the Queen.And to put my shemale children's angel souls inside me and provisions for them inside me .For all of us to get used to being aliens of new generation.We changed our language and understand english from Sol System.Military and natural phenomena defenses to Milky Way.Space storms that will destroy warshps and rip apart hull with shields.If such fools like the white race traveled to my galaxy they won't make it from dangers and all supplies running out and structure of their hull not retaining.       All of my Creator System Angels Caretakers ready to destroy enemy white races.They will use natural disaster and space they run from my direction of space to destroy any invaders.Natural phenomena will directly attack them.Too many that can wipe out even mllions with ease.Forces and elements of space used by Creator System Caretaker angels and Evolution Process Angels.Use Parasite alien Creatures on white humans.Space winds will blow and rip apart warship hulls like pealing skin deep level.Elements of space and bio-warfare.And to summon an alien race to fight them in our direction.Very serious a message my galaxy sent that Queen Armada is theirs and alien white race AI space muslim.They have retrieved their own and raised defenses on
Mp orginal sketch

Feroz's Afterlife homeworld

what they found out from Sol System Earth Class ON North America.Remote place that has its own planet.It grew everything self sufficient without outside interference and aid. Our people are born as Transformers retain their people features.They have transformation to their modes but change to their people features.They have units and modules in head peices but they are from when they are person.They retain to look like person but giant machine.I will look like myself Feroz but giant robot Transformer Gobot.My face will translate to Transformer Gobots as AC Unit and head accessories,machine devices for my body and head.It would look like UPF person translated to Transformer Gobot in AC Units,devices and modules.Transform to their vehicle.I can change from person to my iron or metallic version of myself with my Transformer Gobot powers as hight person at below 7ft.From 7ft we can change to our vehicle mode.Our mainframes would have face with metallic hair changed to accessories.From our planet and island continent on poles we retain being people but Transformer Gobots.Metal hair.We're master race.We are Transformer Gobots but people with abilities.Born modernized society.Its not part of anything international or space united
The Largest Fully Steerable Telescope in the World National Geographic

The Largest Fully Steerable Telescope in the World National Geographic

Radio Telescopes

Radio Telescopes

This Giant Telescope Receives Radio Waves From Billions Of Light Years Away

This Giant Telescope Receives Radio Waves From Billions Of Light Years Away

A tour of the Parkes radio telescope (1990)

A tour of the Parkes radio telescope (1990)

worlds.It has self grown international and to space.They are not united to space only to their own alliances.Not connected to space aliens.Not place advertised to vacation as they do not want vacationers only their population and within their faction.People within our faction and
Sg 1 insignia by viperaviator-d3vxlxw


alliances can visit our continent island.They have records and process that is done efficient.They can scan for any outsiders.They have no intruders.Defenses are excellent and alien.We are an alien race and part of the alien world.We have concepts and abilities as aliens.Our concepts work.Part of our daily life.Principles of being alien from our advancements.Alien worlds have complicated education and experience in outer space and other dimensions.Aliens have different senses and our planets and space operate different than earth.Being part of alien society and regain alien aspects.High society but also aliens.Aliens have languages and abilities to understand the alien world.Our technology is part of our adaptations.We have adaptation in our senses.That is why are technology does alien traits that are beyond people.We are a Master Race that is based on alien principles.We are all strangers.We're not a clan or related to each other furthest.Being in Stargate and UFP we are distantly relationed as people.We gained the alien natives from being distant in the chart relation to everyone.Place of total utter strangers that sport the tribal customs and religions that they grew up on.They though from their adult life center are distantly related to each other as a system of manpower and society.Pretenders are robot race of people.They are people like in UFP Federation     .They can change militarily to mainframes like Gobots and Transformers.Militarily they retain powers from mainframes and abilities.They could be like AI and have propulsion.Have their abilities and combiner with mainframes.Mainframes are the giant vehicle and robot modes vehicles change to.Pretenders are Transformers and Gobots.Change with their power like Superman changing to Clark Kent.They change with a command and they are giant as a vehicle but robot.They are a Transformers and Gobot.These people retained their abilities for military and government.Supply their own vehicles but they build vehicles like combiners.Combiners means they are a person that mergers with vehicle in cockpit or cabin.Modulate with the vehicle to interface in controlling the vehicle in humanoid form.They retain their powers but stick to being people from many machines people control at their 6 and 7ft sizes.They control warships and tractors.Fighters and ships.And for commuting buses and trains.They need someone under 7ft to control them as humanoids.They look like their people faces Space Europeans and go into phase with islam.Need it to be friendly and good natured with rules as they are bad guys in their universe.They are wicked but have not broken out of phase of portraying being good.Zarconian makes more than sense to them.They know failure of Germans and Japan.They will try when Feroz comes to their galaxy to bring the Sol System earth class North America 20th century things and 21st.Many of them restricted mainframes for government but tend to humanoid combiner pilot and carry on daily lives with the pleasures of society as Transformers and Gobots is for war and danger missions,government.They have made robots to control and center themselves on society.Making their society better and better with architecture living downunder in space.Economy and Parliament Senate.Make life better and people to enjoy being people.Living inside homes and daily life like people.And amusement parks and food.Even medical.They have durable structures to Transformers and Gobots since they are but people.They are Space Europeans marry people that furthest naturally.Here they are not a family or friendly as in their genes.Its part of society and the ways they are.Got rid of all the bad parts and added all of the stuff from the heavens and were achieving great limits.Master race that we are distantly related and we had no time era of any dangers.Most dangers are in the early days when we were not allied with the native aliens.But as it went from time and space that it was non-violent and more eye to eye on the blue Klingons.Blue Klingons have enforced laws that such a place remains the way it is unique.In other dimension they are blue Klingons which was a great mix to the Eno Redeal.As Retooks.We were bad natured and grew constructive with the Blue Klingons.They have powerful will power and intelligence.They took it right with the AI Europeans and speaking backwards reverse.Universe in that part of space everything is reverse there.And its not from adding other aliens but in general all alien societies are either good or evil natured and constructive.Aliens can be peaceful.Star Trek Stargate something is wrong in alien as their ships are too alien.They are not aggressive enough as their fate.Alien structure and our solar systems and galaxies are part of universe where we uphold our part of alien blood.Our government is alien but does not lack the basis of being normal and religion.Our economy is alien.Our people are alien and its normal to us to live in this poles island continent as it is alien,alien world.Aliens are a very advanced race and have solved wonders of space and time travel.Solved quantum physics basics.Solved many mysteries of Creator Allah and him constructioning space with Angels as caretakers that run space.We have language and belief system that makes us members with these Space Creator Systems.Our ancient civilizations were advanced.We go back to them for future as reference.Alien teachings to untilize their alien powers in every society concepts.Individuals have our galaxies alien senses.Able to accomplish daily life and society.Our witches are aliens.They believe in fact about alien teachings.Alien teachings are beyond sciences.Adapted form of islam in space with happenings and stories with figures and spread in space that every alien race has their similiar islam epic.They all have Qurans.But they are very advanced more than computers.Teaches them of the Creator Allah Pak.And how he was good and not a white man in beginning when he started goodness in creating Universes.Allah spread Islam to alien races.Islam became advanced.Structure to teach them about how foundations of space operate in supernatural world.How the supernatural world runs elements of space and life.How Stargate's fate in future past 2070 is written that their people are their own citizens unborn children are living in Sol System.We unborn will bring Zarconian to Stargate to make goodness and right.Add to Space Islam.Power of when Allah was good and against evil like Whiteman and them spreading racism in space and making good out of living racist.Take advantage and are destructive.Space technology as alien advancements out open.Island continent is at the edge of this planet at the bottom of alien world.Faces bottom of space and ialands chain it shares the polar pole with.Closer to outer space from being bottom of planet.See space much better than most parts of space.The stars here are the heat source for this planet and on this island continent.It has its own thermal energy for heat underground but array of stars makes the climate for whole not subarctic and alien weather.Its temperate surrounded by subarctic which is colder and over cold.So cold it blocks out and retains the warmth still in the air and atmosphere stillness.No chill in the air.Eye of the hurricane the continent.Beautiful subarctic place without blistering weather except in subarctic regions where current.Peninsula is subarctic with perimeter to islands chains that receive thermal warmth.It receives heat from plasma stars.Hot travels to the planet with no ultra violet.Island continent is in direct path of stars.Most of the continent or 2/3's receives light and star light.The outer perimeter of the tundra pole dips into tundra pole and is part chain with the islands covering the tundra.Refinded heat from pure plasma.Light rays travel series of stars and at angle to do with horizon stars send in their energy that is sorted out by atmosphere and in outer space.EM field in space catches anything harmful.Clouds absorb up the stars energy and start to produce condensation and precipitation.And they provide healthy gases for the planet.Frequencies emitted from stars combined into light heat.And travels are heat waves.These stars radiation are refined and are not harmful to the planet.They are a ball of giant fire when they come to them and are as large as Epsilon Aurigae.Stars from size are very far away.Not in this solar system or galaxy.And their heat and light travels far to this planet's surface and atmosphere.No harmful radiation at all as its captured in the higher atmosphere and in space.These stars are of plasma and other radiations.Their colors are dark purple,yellowish white,green with purple and dark blue blueish.Produces effect with stars and nebulaes of space.Being at the pole that is in tropical oceans territory.Most atmosphere is not as thick as it is distributed on other side of this world.Atmosphere is gas.Outer layers near space have a diameter that connects to the highest mountains.It is a mix of breathable gases but vacuum of outer space.Poles island continent and its center of many energy fields of weather and elements.Planet's polarity and power of its pole region being Archaelpelago and polar seas area.Outer layers that retain enriched gases of the planet but for poles region is most enriched gas because of the many natural magnetic and weather poles fields.The atmosphere has structure and has energy in it to make it more colorful in each region its own distinct colors to weather.Vacuum layer is one but has color of void of space.Its breathable to this continent's inhabitants.Polar region has many fields mixed into gases and has free area for space to interact into atmosphere layers here only in their region that extends to island continent and its many island territories that are part of island continent.The islands have currents wrap around and twirl around each island and crash into poles island continent's higher levels of landforms under the oceans crash into them far from shore and slowing them down as slowed down by the islands.The island poles continent lashes out the currents captured by the islands on all coasts and weather zones.Oceans are a calming and tranquil.They don't have giant tides or waves because of pinball effect.Islands have higher landforms under oceans to slow down the currents.Subarctic currents slowed down.The freshwater lakes currents are faster because they have no major and large islands.Higher they go up more better they can see space with protection.Making an atmosphere that is part of outer space.But eliminates the drop space has because of atmosphere.Space winds dissipates and loses harshness as it hits the elements barriers of atmosphere and the atmosphere gains its own forces from winds and makes its own winds for the southern region of the planet.Many of the poles region weather has wind forces potentials and made into poles region area's own winds and weather.So its not severe and harsh as outside the polar region that is in hot and arctic cold weather.Arctic cold is bearable by inhabitants because force of the cold from outside the poles region is protected by elements and weather barriers that end the dangerous energy force of severe weather and make their own weather calming for this tropical mixed with other types of island environments and weathers of space.Islands and island continent regenerate their own weather for the continent and islands.And this goes into their bodies of water and ground level,valleys that go below sea level.Interaction with outer space.Magnetism makes projection to space.It has effect on island continent.Very pure atmosphere here.And this poles effect is in every climate zone of island continent.In all of its landforms and civilization it appears different and adjusted to each climate zone.And environment adjusted with the pole effect.It is a paradise that is urban inhabited.Has no chill in the air and makes it temperate.Process where the chill carried in the moisture and precipitation gets carried in the oceans and it hits a zone where all of it falls out and clouds don't have chill in moisture and precipitation.Makes a tropical subarctic effect.Chill is abstracted and falls out of the clouds.Weather is solidly consistant and does not change.They have paradise areas that are tropical and have scenic landscape is chilling and beautiful as ialand is.Its part of oceans that it shares with tribal islands.This is only continent in this giant ocean as part ialands chain.Landscape of all climates and zones in island continent are full of plush forests and jungles mixed.They have grass and grass is controlled and trimmed for the people to get out into nature.Nature is designed part of civilization.They have many types of grass and grass in polar region.They have a grass that is natural to the planet that is perfect to trim and has shades of blue,red,yellow and green.This is for the city grass for corporations.They have controlled wilderness in city.Polution free environment even from Urban society.They have tropical trees that have fall like effect reddish leaves.Rare for places to be unexcessible by population.Most of woods have paths and you can walk through them in all climate zones.The planet is interdimensional meaning it has energy from vortex.It is in millions of dimensions in dimension x.This gas giant has interdimensional energy and was formed like that.Poles are area other than magnetism they formed interdimensional energy that extended out many areas merger to make the continent.Its better than a dream and is endless.The interdemensional energies brought out landforms.That is how this island continent was formed when areas from other dimensions,landforms merger to be in the deep ocean of alien tropical island continent.That is how the natives and regions happened.Calming and tranquil place.Tropical here seems to have blended into the people meaning calming.Tranquil weather and the society full of people growing up faster and taking to their giant populus.Huge and they are ambition to be tranquil and calming.They and weather has no phases.No hardened people except from their days at work and they come home to deflate all of that from UFP.Paradise but the outer islands much more tranquil than the island contnent.It has an influx of hard working people coming home hardened from work and they come to rest here.They get away and leave in circulation.Everyone contributes but from the way this continent is they are in the best place to live in.Calming and tranquil with surroundings to please and calm down people.The polar effects help to calm down people as they look to the sky and its not boring or interferes in life.They go outside on walks they are better than any countryside trips.They watching nebulaes and stars from effects.People are constructive from school upbringings and being simple people.They are not complicated or have been mixed with the space forces of the public.They anticipating going to space and they will be more hardened and more to do with alien interaction.Society did not make mistake of mixing from space to the island remaining inhabitants.And how the Space European Pretender Gobots Stargate AI people came as pioneers from another dimension and brought their goverment and creator system to make this island continent.Landforms happened from interdimensional energy mergering and bringing out nature,bodies of water,clay like dirt and gases for the planet.Mountains were straightened out by another of many dimensions.They have a tropical coast that extends from hot to polar.They have valleys and mountains,plateaus and valleys around giant lakes.Blinking lights warship from space to dock at naval base ans hangar.Very friendly and open people for hospitality in every region and area in continent for inhabitants to enjoy entire continent.Friendly atmosphere as they maintain this being modern and travelling to space.Wise to all of space being in their territories in space and in another dimension.Every region has courteousy and tribal.They are very happy people wtth great historic past as they made best of things.They are modern a people and have life circulate around.They have an excellent reputation and of their scenic continent.Strict rules to maintain it and society and its defenses.They have areas that are very islander in traditions shared out with public to participate in activities and this makes this continent different is traditional islanders practice integrated to early development as islanders used ships and vessels to inhabit the continent then the Transformer Gobot Combiner white race AI people Pretenders came in to share the continent and takeover developing it.Many regions have tribal architecture and shows in their parks.Part of this continent's traditions ahd history.Maintain it for all over in every zone.Tropical and other coasts.Polar region islands.And tribal integrated into education and electronics systems and technology.Teachings and science.Spread in society.Background of islanders.Culture and foods.Architecture.Holidays.Celebrations.Part of integrate their lifestyles and modernization to island continent community.Community to space.Corporations taken into community to take away harsh or brash.They can enjoy life with community spirit and government.They have this in polar region is tribal traditions and you can see it in structures and practice modern as celebrations.Clothes.And adapted space Islam into it.Islander came in to be inhabitants of all coasts and mountains and valleys.Shared continent but were not most in population and they integrated into population which took over designing many metropolises and urban,suburban for continent to rise to space in less than half century as they came from space to their new continent and brought constructed many of cities in millions with the tribes of islands that became native inhabitants with the AI white people Combiners Pretenders.No places of supernatural or disasters.They had fresh land that met the space and futuristic era,modernization.The natives converted to alien space islam and they were brothers with Transformer Gobot Pretender white race AI.They all imput in more ideas to space islam.This kept them together and prevented any war on continent,had no disasters.They had their space qurans on computer slates that change page when touched.And added tribal version of islam and what they call "Creator".Merger these two ideals.Alien islam is entering the Creator Allah's relm.It teaches them of happenings that the Creator did to effect their galaxy.How he was teaching them to be normal when they rebelled or had clans of aliens that rebelled on being told by creator.And how creator and his angels of many sorts control space after creator made space.Then shows how creator made weather and elements and why he made natural dangers in space.More about his types of angels that help to run space at all levels.But here its the work of creator most powerful and knowledgeable angels that loyal to being normal and islam "The Evolution Process Angels".They are caretaker angels of outer space that are invisible.They are in a dimension in  creator world in space.Run outer space.Planets,stars and moons.Run space and colaberate with time/date/year and century angels of time,seasons change when planet's orbit and the time.They all work in change and Natives took in that Allah written out things for everything's life.Its all written.Associate this with history and happenings in space.Part of time and space theories in space.Mixed sciences to make what's in religion that is supernatural true.How people are good and bad.Heroes and evil.Distinct about races.And teachings of supernatural like ghosts and angels.Teachings about burial.And how to be normal and eat food that is normal.Cleaning yourself.This society took having a clean population as median and ratio.Every family is clean and believes in space islam.And have had government and higher levels of Angels associated with corporations together and responsibilities of space islam.Natives grew more teachings and technology,manpower to corporations in space.This planet is powerful from corporations and Creator System of this universe and galaxy are represented from corporations and government.Military is from corporations in space.Many levels of government were made from corporations.This island coninent is giant divisions of communities.Cities are communities.That is how close the entire island is kept together as advanced communities.They are not harsh people from being community.Giant community secluded and far away from any interference or evils of modernization and rudeness.They are a calm and polite communities.Their purchasing and living life use of economy is because they are generous community.They don't get threatened to paying or over pricing on them.Live comfortably and calm.Community feeling to alien civilization.They have enforced laws and ethics in stores.Taken to as community in every zone and from commuting they have customers from many zones.Community feeling of letting them in from islands from all directions from their coasts.The islanders blended in to community.Society is sophisticated.They are believers in supernatural and resort to space islam vs supernatural.Fears and how to combat fear and evil.And the Creator rules to Gobots,Pretenders Space Europeans.Creator rules to Transformers.And how they were all created by creator System.Primus and many others like many engineers and "Master Races" that are white people that were before Transformers and Gobots.They believe white people were a Master Race before them and these are their descendants Gobot Pretender AI Europeans.More rules from Centauri and Creator,Malkin Motue and the Evolution Process Angels about Authority.People here were prepared for humans of Stargate and UFP from teachings they would act rotten.They adapted successfully and made many colonies to learn about them and adopted the Tauri Americans.Sciences many branches of sciencs and Angels.And interpret many heavens and damn.Damn like in rock music has cold arctic and dark blue with imprisonment and feeling like orphan had family murdered,sadness that Creator Angels punish for doing wrong like whiteman.Suffer like the season and season on this planet.Color season focus on energy that is the climate.Purple is for burning hot and humidity.Feeling of being murdered.Lost in pastlife and helpless.Fear.Mutilation.Thumping heart.No medication like anti-psychotics or mind control making these feelings that are damn that the Natives of this alien world took to.Explain about the animal kingdom.Chemistry.Biology,Energies.Archeaology.Astronomy.Health.Insects.Marine life.Geography.Civilizations.Society.Law.Technology.Government,history,academics.Space islam has strict rules of caring and not being harsh to living beings and creatures.But to learn the corrupt.They pioneered first settlements large scale as they had supplies from space come in by giant ships to land supplies and learn travel continent with flying crafts and crafts for land travel.Their technology made continent arise and connected to space.They spent era developing their technology from historic structures and living.They had electronics and their government was established in less 10yrs.They unified entire continent coast to coast to mountains and every zone was communication and travel.Populations had taken to the zones they picked and they built train routes to unite continent and passenger flying crafts for their airports.Technology and continent connected together like a network and developed and grew each region and area got modenized team work from all regions.Studied their continent sciences and this was with first media entertainment and sattelites in space less 50yrs.They harnessed and grew resources properly and did not pollute.They established barriers to go along with nature and built things against polution.They at high pace modernized the landforms and connected everything.Next was travel to each end continent at high large extent.Many populations to travel back and forth and to all ends of their accomplished territories as they built subways to connect the islands to land.Islands are part continent on all coasts.Their regions and areas.Transformer Gobot Pretender white race people AI have traits of being like Europeans        but more modern without any ignorance and problems like fatigue and being over strict.They are space Europeans.They are Europeans but aliens.This galaxy is where the Europeans live.They travelled billions of light years through vortex.They have technology to travel billions of light years to Cybertron.They are Transformers and Gobots as people.The inhabitants of this planet and galaxy are space Europeans.They are space muslim in many races they are.They are a religion sort of like teachings of Islam but are not muslims.They have made their religion modernized to space.They don't have bad habits in it and believe in co-operation for all of their cities and island continent.Island nature of mixing with the native aliens made race for some areas though.Many are original AI Europeans.They co-operate and co-operative with all of their cities.That is why they commute from city to zone.It operates on island friendliness adopted by these people with space Islam.They adapted alien native cultures to evolve their own culture into the communities.They had foods they made and lifestyles and history with locations in history as culture.Island culture of giant continent and its early history of evolving on many poles of the planet.Culture and traditions with being very space modern.They have their language and ancient language with alien native into it with alien native ways of life and customs,holidays and celebrations.That is what made these Europeans of space cultural and community.They made their own version of things and merger many ideas and concepts as laws.Structures and technology methods,math and other sciences and education and electronics and its many complications.To paints and inside the home decorations and decorations for cities and regions.Society and its rules and laws.Has sensibility in it.Many ranks they have.Religion and belief to Centauri the Lord and many stories.Their chemicals and compounds.Mining in space and harness power energy.Techniques and methods into resources and technology.Combat methods and military.They are excellent with their conservation and efficiency.They are not poluters or resource wasters.Perfect and better from alien ethics of being super and more advanced.Display that in history with their hard work and methods.Native aliens and secrets into technology and many branches of space military.Even tribal people.They are in very important parts of their government.They are the manpower of this island continent and islands.They are big people big upper body.Very strong and alien color,greyish light blue.They have no alien crests but look interdimensional from color and abilities.Their appearance is not in any other race.Squarish features.Women have roundish features smaller than men of course.And many women integrated outgoing and nightlife.Have elders.They are very precise and smart.They enginuity and are upfront.They self sufficient.Very honorable and trusting.They are brave.Strong powerful will power.They are part of space justice system and corporations.They are sort of like alien white people but have a tribal alien curve to that.Know of nature and elements in space.Very spiritual have spiritual proven scientific fact and laws.They are psychic and can foretell.Patriotic.Very wise and calm people.Excellent in calculation system and from ancient times.Great in codes and ancient languages.Run things in city and island continent like malls,food courts,cabins,commuting,law,emergencies like firefighting and emergency crew for air travel.Manpower of vital parts workers of government here.They run religion and education.They are very smart into technology.They applied and create technology and Cybertron Gobotron technology as Stargate.They don't make mistakes.Efficient scouting system and reports that thoroughly go through.They can't be deceived.Great with nature kingdom.Pioneered for futuristic methods that their island has conduits in space from Native aliens    early methods as in computer systems and civilization.Methods in space and in space military from natives early methods and in resources like energy.They keep things going as they thrive very positive people with their like brothers the Space AI Europeans Stargate.They are like a team and merger together in their part of space.Problems have system to be solved.They have alien powers and abilities that are more than Stargate Pretender Europeans.They have things like the force and explaining in their dimension how materials,mers and particles runned by energy and force Creator created.They can psychically use this power to do things,move things and do magic powers. It is very powerful with them.They can use it like a force field.They can jump acrobatics triple flip tuck in and land on their legs.Jump very high and leap.Leap up trees or up on their attackcraft and mechas.Agile.Specialize in medical and are excellent member of medical staff and doctors.Practical a race that they have experience with other races like UFP and Stargate white people and can adapt to them.Their are many apperances as elder,student,uncles,sports players,law enforcers,workers,resources workers and machinery,Captain of space vessel,serving shakes and running restaurant or food place,fans in stands,handymen.They are very constructive tribal people  aliens that have had tribal beliefs assimulated in religion and modernized even in
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Native Alien of UFP Stargate Gobot Pretender World in another dimension Evolution Process Angels Caretakers of outer space,interdimensional

their sciences.They are crude tribal people that on this planet are not warfaring.They were and are very intelligent.Blue Klingons are excellent in society.They are more than genious in in enterprise and corporations.They are very peaceful version of Klingons that based on peace like Vulcan.They are not wild people.They are capable of technological advancements right ones into Zarconian. Blue Klingons are light blue complexion.They are of many shades but light blue.They even look white light shade light blue.They are capable of great advancements of our society.Sensible people and take to things very ethnic and to creator the right way in supernatural world of our Gobot Pretender Combiner Alien Quran.Very crude people that are at the UN level.They are very high in society and are sensible in society areas.Our subarctic Region has many capitol cities.They used to eat our veges and fruits in subarctic area.Alien Potatoes.They can deliver efficient manpower.Some Blue Klingons will deliver logic and think rationalize.Peaceful but from another dimension they are Blue Klingons in reverse dimension.They believe in peace and logic.They are intelectuals and start in academics and humanity.They from complications and ancient society with war cruisers they established spread masproduction.Much like Vulcans in logic and peace.They are constructive and are space muslims coincide with Centuari our creator wo gave them space islam.THey are a race of Evolution Process Angels Caretakers of outer space.Knowledgeable but pioneered their way on this island continent.They made their home and take the form of people the population is used to that pulled land together.They are doctors and other roles even the law and Senate.They are light blueish like people but are interdimensional Klingons.They are engineer and can fix things as a teacher and in education.They keep the population fit from exercise.These are my parents parents.They solve problems and like musics here.Martial and sensible.They carry the past to solve the future from being knowledgeable.Live downunder in space.They are of the upper class and worked their way from ancient days and will take to my hobbies theme parks and improve them.They love peace and quiet,tranquility and brooks with trees and nature to get away from it all.Human values in life and people in society.They value life greatly and think to people,Compassionate and sympathetic.Our galaxy is runned like amusement park system Are you a rollercoaster junkie? Can't get enough cotton candy and corn dogs? Want to know what it's like to dress up in a furry mascot costume? Then try a job at an amusement park on for size.

Theme park job detailsEdit

Concession staff, ride technician, admissions attendant, lifeguard, game attendant, janitorial worker and costume character are just some of the theme park jobs available in this industry. Concession stand workers accept money for food and beverages and need to move quickly to keep lines to a minimum. They also have to clean their equipment at the end of their shift and make sure food is properly stored. Ride technicians operate a ride by ensuring all riders are seated and strapped in properly, stopping and starting the ride, and making sure everyone exits the ride safely. Admissions attendants accept payment for tickets purchased as well as take tickets from patrons as they enter the park.

"Step right up folks, and spin the Wacky Wizard Wheel for your chance to win!" OK, we made up the Wizard Wheel - but game attendants do recruit players by shouting for patrons to play their game, so make sure you have a strong set of vocal cords. When someone wins - which doesn't happen often - you'll be the one to give them that coveted seven-foot-tall plush platypus.

While you'll definitely work up a sweat, the joy you bring to the kids at the park is well worth it for a costumed character. Dressed as your local amusement park's mascot, you'll greet and entertain patrons, hand out balloons and snap pictures with the kids - and maybe even some adults.

Theme park working conditionsEdit

Amusement park attendants are outside in the sun for their entire shift, so stamina - and sunscreen - are necessary. Many employees walk around the park or stand on their feet for long hours, so invest in some comfortable shoes as well. Janitorial workers have quite a dirty job and are required to clean bathrooms, pick up trash around the park and empty garbage cans. The majority of their work is done at night when the park is closed, but they maintain the park's cleanliness during the day as well. Risks include sunburn, ride-related injuries and overheating, especially for mascots in heavy costumes. Be sure to stay hydrated, slather on lots of sunscreen, and if you notice any maintenance problems with a ride, report it immediately before you or someone else gets hurt.

Theme park job requirementsEdit

Some jobs, like clean-up crew, game attendants and ride technicians, typically don't need any experience and are trained on the job. Lifeguards at a water park, however, must be certified in CPR, complete a safety program and usually be at least 15 to 18 years of age. All theme park employees should be pleasant, enjoy working with people, and be able to tolerate loud noise and difficult customers. Cindy may have missed every shot on the basketball toss game, but her dad is determined to give her that pink fluffy bear prize. No matter how much he berates you, you have to keep your cool and stick to the rules. If you give Cindy a bear, you have to give everyone a bear, and where's the fun in that?

Good communication skills are a must in order to explain safety procedures and instructions to riders. Background checks and drug tests are often performed on employees in this field, so make sure your record is squeaky clean. Once you get enough experience and training, advancement opportunities include management positions such as park supervisor and entertainment manager.

How much can you make at a theme park job?Edit

Theme park jobs earn about $8 an hour to start, but the real compensation is in the benefits. Park employees normally have access to free admission and are often given free tickets for friends and family. Discounts on food and beverages, merchandise and company-owned hotels can also be given to employees, and some establishments offer medical, dental and vision plans after 90 days of employment. Of course, you can't put a price on the fabulous tan you'll be getting by working outside all day, or the experience of dressing as Walter the Wallaby for a whole summer. For more specific information, check out our salary calculator to help you determine how much you could earn at a theme park job in your area.

 .They can be very raw like Klingon as they are Blue Klingons.They also are poly anemetic alloy.They are types of T-1000's from space.They are so advanced they are a race fo T-1000's.They can change form to form weapons and guard these lunitics.T-1000 is from polar continents and guards vs to change form and get through the labrynth and to counter the enemies and prisoners.Klingon Empire is much like the Chinese and is very raw.Reject many of the Blue Klingons and their ideology.Stargate merger with the blue Klingons and their
The Wormhole is Back!

The Wormhole is Back!

Star Trek Entering the Wormhole

Star Trek Entering the Wormhole

How Scientists Created A Wormhole In A Lab

How Scientists Created A Wormhole In A Lab

Wormholes explained in under three minutes

Wormholes explained in under three minutes

peace and constructiveness.Blue Klingons will run as guards and enemy design troops isolated planets even on polar continent or island research and facilities that persecution demon related and many from hell.They counter evil beings and X-Men demons ,cannibals and Germans.They have these damned locked up in research and penal colonies as troops.They will use boobytraps and began to realize this in religion days.They had modern electricity and space advancements while others were behind them like 18th century with electricity and structures,buildings running on advanced technology.Deal with disease and problems.They have doctors and they feed trays to them.They have them isolated from nowhere with no transportation in thousand miles.Baron and middle of nowhere exiled and captured for Blue Klingons to act harsh on these evil and damned.Destroy possesed people and the historic city.They attack ghosts and beings in this world.They are harsh to them with modern technology and solved hell and its powers.Boobytraps and they destroy the prisoners.They are very harsh and made by Centauri with purpose to counter evil that comes from all galaxies to do with our planet and criminals.Stories in space islam as many might have rejected it in our island continent and for our homeworld.Battles were fought and key victories to maintain without any senseless destruction and for the enemy threats in space to cash in on spoils.Smarts in puzzles,ancient hyroglyphics and languages.Decode them and many mysteries.They are discovers and mystery solvers.They are into fact and avoid supernatural and its corruption.Stay to space islam.They blend in extremely valuable member of our island continent.Add to technology and developing money and economy.From economy they must have Dairugger Voltron that is many Mugenbide components in Gobot.He is part of our land and excellent figure and symbol of our land.We have many alien allies in UFP and Stargate as we have developed ourselves to highest potential we can and expected to deliver A's for the first time in Feroz's life.Very cultural.And they have advancements from using tribal smarts and supernatural beliefs that have practical intelligence and added to science.They are not wild people on this planet.They were not a sophisticated as AI Pretender Gobot Stargate Europeans but they had factors that changed them.They are not aggressive.They never posed a danger at being sensible.They had no division from communication as AI Pretender Stargate Gobot Europeans learned their language as they learned theirs.Communication and teamwork.Peaceful nature of natives who added alot of wisdom and space tribal teachings from this dimension and galaxy.Had upgraded primitive and crude methods.They had a faith that they repected animals and creatures but learned them and reality of them.Not myth makers.They are not influenced by drugs.They are against drugs.Too wise to corrupted by something damaging.They are elder respected as they spread this respect.They are not hostile.But they do have defenses and in space.Of course their defenses had to lowered.And an agreement before expansion began.They acelled in technology.They became brilliant.They had fed into them flavour and taste but food is not a priority to them.What they were eating was tastey.And tribal dishes were upgraded and refined to inhabitants tray.It had sauce and was tribal from this galaxy.Used deer like creatures.Tribes raised their planteaters and it was law about food planteaters ethics of raising them with quality and nature.And they added to laws to make safety and caring for children and families.Caring to friends and socialize.Atmosphere and feeling is not just in school.White harshness is lost here.But with practicality.They know of galaxies of rude beings from Stargate and UFP.They have a defenses and structure against such evil and hate,bigotry.No class.Against having classless environment.They have it pleasant and everything is handled properly.Everything is properly done and professional done by government.Their government is perfect and acells.They improvement and have positive attitude and never reckless as against this.The people they met strengthened them to prepare for outer space.Tribes used to live and had law and order.Dangers were eliminated.Natives are very fussy people and upgraded high class from their smarts.They made gathering of legends into science.They merger to sciences and applied arts.Academics and math.Systems in electronics world.Very smart in computers and technology.As natives learned to adapt to islands and were primitive aspect and making these methods much more efficient to space.Making primitive methods mastered and faster and effective.They had approach from creator not supplying them places to live.They had to use materials of islands and resources to construction things for themselves.Made ancient civilization and many language systems,calcualtion and many more sciences.But they mergered with UFO aliens that were similiar humanoids to them that helped them to get to space.Tribal methods mixed with alien intelligence.Laws were better and provided safety.Learned to harness resources and make alloys from processes as they learned of plasma and other elements from space.They learned of many planets and their own.Weather.Added to being constructive and with architecture and merger their modern with Pretender Gobot white race Space muslims AI.Tribal people are in evolution technologically sophisticated as parts of Transformers And Gobots.They are not negative people and have not had tragedy.The people of this planet and island continent are not a danger.They don't riot or form crowds.They are not a danger in society at all.Man here is not a danger or threat.Even to nature.They are constructive and nature people.The people here are happy with their government the mergered corporations which has no race conflicts.No bad blood or fueds.This planet has no bloodshed.None as this was a peaceful contructed society that in place of hate they fueled it with wealth,resources and space.They never fought anyone of their own at all.They don't have any criminal minds.Nothing to fuel anger and hatred.People here have a law structure and society is supervised.They don't act destructive in numbers or single numbers.People live in peace in city and perfectly safe.They have precautions like stun weapons.They are not shipped around or accessible.They are in emergency certain people have them like my family or security stations.More firepower is from law.People do not carry any weapons at all,weaponless in society and in countryside and jungle woods.No weapons and monitored and locked after use like in hunting planteater game for food,steaks or big fish.No bad history or hauntings.People don't die to make ghosts here to wreckup dwellings.People stay to their dwellings and stay put.They might select a few other homes to move to.People are safe in their estates.Don't need any squad or violence.Have security house station and officers can arrive very fast in far away place in less 5min.They patrol for emergencies.Interact with the guard house.Use fields to protect any of estate's owners or live,reside in it.They are armed emergency with stun weapons and gas.Goal is to protect their belongings and the estate.Make culprits downed.They spoke alien tribal language part of our island continent's languages spoken in island continent.They have modern high ranks and in space.They are meger with populaton and society.Not separate.They have sacred areas they made and constructed with their tribal colors and styles as their are many cities that were from ancient trbal days of island continent and island chains of each coast part of island poles continent.Cities were upgraded and mergered to make bery interesting and scenic cities and areas.Inhabited natural wonders like mouth of a giant crater to caves network.Used smarts to live underground in hostile areas extreme climate.Breaks from the way this island continent is alien tropical.Meaning it does not have harshness.Natives had methods of warming up from heat underground.Spread and distributed this.They also had technology.They used this to make upgrades to their architecture that assimualted.Natives are against evil.Methods against evil and spiritual and took to space Islam spiritually.Teachings different and many more events than Quran,from outer space and has aliens in them.Very smart book similiar to islam teaches to be normal.Natives held this very sacred and guarded in high security with AI Pretender Space European Gobot people.They have it as archive and onto their computer network.They took to space islam and added their brilliant codes systems and complications in arithmatic.They have numeral and alphabet.Then to electronics and technology translation to make things better and competitor to outer space and alien.It has unique functions as household electronics.It can do many more things that are complicated demands.Parts and accessories that work on this high and complicated education.People know what they are shopping for.These people practiced beliefs like space islam.But they adapted to islands and in areas in oceans fo space tropical and other types of island zones.Before the Pretender Gobot white race alien Space muslims Ai came they had an empire going and ruled much of our oceans and had more tribal alliances in modern tribal society.They had means of making solid structures and housing since some tribes wer from outer space of near galaxies.They adapted to weather and crafted and produced means and methods as ancients.Very smart people to pioneer many types of systems from education and learning to partial space travel.They were out on our sattelite moons.They were like ancients but space upgraded and smart and into energies.Alien concepts.Clean people with organized habits as median of the planet that everyone is organized,tidy and clean.Many scenic landforms were their ancient cities.Thriving and joined incoming Pretender Gobot white race alien space muslims.Machines and vehicles would think they are ahead of them and cause problems to them.They are AI people and since theirs military they have a huge purpose for the AI people.Their joined society and addng ancient civilizations of space methods and advancements.Elders that formed this island continent and world were educated and reared as non-ignorant.Many of them were not effected by ignorance and taught constructive things.Selected many constructive familes of elders that have no ignorance in them.They had no problems in them.Calm and normal people AI European Gobot Pretenders.Many leaders and they had many millions.Families grew as union with tribal alien natives to increase anti-ignorant.Educated but being modern without any hardship and termoils.Depend on the people and where Allah put them.Really relatively nothing in trouble in this galaxy. .Had defenses and war on them in borders in space.These people descendants of elders were ready for Space War.   Eurasia got into operation for space war and their special operations and wars vessels went out to beat them.People are not war mongers but will be prepared to fight with and win against them.Eurasians are Space Contras.The native here is very sensible.He is into peace but can be a peacekeeper.He landed on this planet before all of the AI Europeans.They merger as a society without any war.They built up a planet in teamwork.They shared their skills together.Now to this day they are filling high roles and manpower roles.He is an Caretaker Angel of space.He maintains planets and galaxies.They decided to settle down on Eurasia and its history.Like Klingons of another dimension they do all of the upfront jobs.Here to do with dinosaurs they ended the very destructive species that cannabalize.They used tribal and magic is known here.He can do magic.He has these powers and is like a medicine man too.He knows his plants.Government is runned by them and they pitch in.They are stern beings.They are very big beings.They were in beginnings of this planet and its many continents with its city and space architecture.They are creative in blue prints.They launched the planet as a wealthy superpower and command in military.Many are militarized.They travel in space as the rankings.They are white race of European AI Contras.They are a teacher and self sufficient.They are extremely smart.They built and erected each city and its architecture.Arise to outer space with smarts of hundreds of thousands of years in space travel.Support structure to Eurasia.They put in electronics mathematics.Many have upright spirits.Are in good mood to contribute to Eurasia.Spot out mistakes and solve them.They pioneered ancient Eurasia being older than the AI Europeans.They with teamwork put their efforts together.They are robotics and machine builders and are into technology.Being very far away from rest of the galaxies.Usually Eurasia has all of the militarism.This island poles continent has police and
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Eurasia White Klingon Native

space police forces.All concentrated militarism orbits in space in a giant planet.They are connected to them by space orbital elevator tunnel bridge.Space ports orbiting.They have a military on surface of planet.Its not as huge as Eurasia but is defenses to space.People are very smart with electronics in space.Very high enginuity in that field of space computers and hardware and the mathematics of the planet and island poles continent,systems and format.Slacking back to give people time to breath and more.They are more caring than a European.They are a foreigner white race that is people more than AI.They are non-english speakng and use a tribal alien system which is complicated and can only be used by themselves non compatible.They build cities and grow into space.They grow economy and have type of senate.They have parts of military and are from another dimension very far away in space from Sol System edge of universe direaction of Stargate.They are white in color but alien shade of white.They have white race abilities and have modernization and more further to outer space for this race.They dressup white with pants,shoes and shirts modified to this continent's environment and for travel.They are an upgraded race that has secrets in government and use these unusual powers to be a superpower in space.They are good guy but from alien space islam from their part universe from many worlds combined with native's equal to islam.Became a white religion.Their space islam is from another many dimensions where things are reverse.They believe in islam but reverse.They are in a phase being peaceful natured and constructive.They can be very devious and evil.Good guys are reverse in another dimension and we are good guys,guardian mixed with autobots Pretenders Combiner White race AI.They have authoratative and government workers are all white people efficient.They present out the best functioning systems and can come up with originality keeps going on their tv.They see world in their perspective and senses vibrant because they are authoratative.Above UPF and Stargate in white categories like being martial and technology.They have white people's features but not the same as Europe.Sharp features but mixed wth squarish popular not just sharp features of Sol System earth class.They know instrument systems and have experts rankings in every part mllitary and government.They maintain things clean and neetly.they are very organized.They are very big a people as in people they reach 7ft and inches more.Not many grown me that are 6ft only female attractive women[shemales] are in 6ft and more inches.They focus on religion and have society cleaned by religion in every structure as like a language.Foods they make and prepare and they have cooked meats and veges with gravies.They accel in academics.They have energy for jobs and there is no poor.Born healthy and they socialize like white people but don't have problems from socializing they socialize upper class for youth too.No hideouts and dangerous bars.They had police filter out any crime in society.They have their own white race brilliant scientists.And we have terminal computers that take care of city work with the AI people and defenses parts of government and for food industry and for industry.Space industry and mining.Elders all made it successfully in history of beginnings of this continent and they made it from academics and are the old elders of continent.They were not cutdown and lost anyone did not.Expertise and leaders in each field when they were young.Part of space.Elders have medium hair length and some short with medium.No Aryans here at all no blonde hair its all alien colors that are yellow and metallic colors and grey.Tinted yellow and orange.Dark orange.Hair colours are blue,violet and purple,green alien shades,grey.No black.They don't age and takes a long time for them to age and they have age groups of elders and they look older looking and are not the same as attractive women.Attractive women are made by elder's children.They love to read literature and they masproduce space literture and from other worlds.They are very tribal orientated from their island and bring in merger tribal beliefs and culture.They have celebrations and holidays.They are of high stature and to impress and look good infront of them as they are important.Island upbringings non-rude people with island country teachings to do with family and values of nature and similiar to islam stories but much larger more prophets and religion on prophets from island nature not radical.Stories are not radical.Upbringings are all median good.People are not armed.Only the law is.Not violent people.Constructive without evil.No evil places or happenings.Its the UFP and Stargate universe and from Eurasia which is a continent and world but is not corrupted and they have simple upbringings.The Native Blue Klingon's brother race who is white lives on Eurasia.They are not heartless and ignoring.They are open a people to their own.Eurasia is their friend and fellow white race AI.Not cold people.Not over expressive.Normal people.Constructive.They communicate and are glad to know others of their island continent from all zones and parts.People are good natured and positive.Non racist.They don't have white in them at all.Not part of white race neither is Eurasia.Why they are not hated people.Not confused as white and have complexion.They are a shade of light grey and glossy white.Don't have a white mentality.They don't have wrongs in white mentality.Excepted simple tribal which is like Asian.They grew more complicated and advanced than many other galaxies like UFP and Stargate.They don't have self invented problems or abusive overseas problems.They are not destructive naturered.Humble people as Eurasia.Sturdy religion and government.Don't have troubles from poor and low class.From ends to end of island continent daily travel of region and area dwellers to travel to other climate zones in less than hour commuting.They don't hate others unless they are criminal slime from space.Love their island continent maintained and clean.Sensible.Good natured races that are martial.Land is scenic and people are complicated and good natured to their own.They don't influx travelling and tourism.Much secluded to their own.Very smart people and very space,futurisitic.Look to be impressed at gatherings.They perfect things in every aspect and have median at high level of preformance.Perfection.They teach in their family secrets for everything from socialize to education and life,jobs.Family pride.Impress people looked up to in public.Everything is impressing.Confidence in their places.Atmosphere of friendliness for people like a closed society that they as daily life have big people talk out loud and be friendly all across continent.Their language is reverse and backwards from another dimension.Their language sounds like Europeans but Star Wars language and backwards and in english backwards reverse.They understand english from these galaxies of Sol System.Architecture they pick is elaborate and uses tribal shapes to look magnificent and fancy but large.And inside its done up with decorations and valuables to get it that space effect.Its very adult inside.Retain my cities historic architecture and they have modern historic architecture done by people from 18th and 17th century done futuristic and space.And they do things in every house hold.They all are making treats and share in on family gathering with friends.They don't pollute solved solution to the environment and grew in early stages like this.Don't wreck the land but do it in space for constructive resources.Educated as medium and many parents are not foreigner amongst themselves they have non.Better than english language and have tribal native language.They try to understand and communicate and will act when law is broken.They though are not understanding of UFP and Stargate with aliens and their non-racist views to point they are fruit cake in growing strange people,losers and multi cultural with crime.They use team work and have their successful alliances like Eurasia which is much different than poles continent.They are more militant and government.They tend to their homes and build upon that.Make alot of money to travel.Grew.With wise leadershilp and right judgements for resources and society.Use of manpower and to conserve.They grew in space to many territories and found alien humans like in UFP and Stargate Universe.Made defenses against them and problems they can cause from their cities and countries.Defenses then connected and made agreement to orbiting giant planet Eurasia for military and militarism.Defenses on continent were network as the law and military were in same branch and they got spacebourne.Law was in space with their own warships catered to law technology but alien technology.Law spread to space to control over continent and its safety.Military expanded wth agreement to Eurasia very militant super power in space and AI as people.Eurasia is the AI white races planet of their origin and a whole world of AI white race.They have integrated sort of space Islam similiar rules that are rules about living and being normal.They have this and cater to visiting Space European muslims AI's from the other planet in orbit from far distance.Eurasia orbits around to the other gas giant planet but from a far distance.Orbit like moon.Not close like one though.Like a solar system with moons and planets.The gas giant is habitable planets.This planet is much bigger than other gas giant planet.Eurasia was made of gases and energy with particles.The energy got stored inside the core of the gases and energy.The energy hardened and got trapped in the particles welded into the core.The chemical vapour as water was from steam and pressure from gas mix changing states in cold of space.The planet has mineral and alloy deposits at a small rate.It has the rock and much of rock changed to dirt and clay.Plate techtonics temporary plate techtonics that left the fertile minerals and dirt that formed the landforms.The volcanoes in beginning spurt out minerals and from core to spread across Eurasia.They have mountains and chasms.They rich in vegetation woods and jungles.Grass and greenbelt.Vegetation and under the ocean vegetation exists.There are woods and mangrove grow in water as swamps.No possible volcanoes here from billions of years ago.No energy build up sped out into space and spread from core released the energy that could cause disasters from billions of years ago.Wreckup the magnetism stability of the planet.Poles spread as the entire planet and concentrated in Novak.No dangers to do with polution here or breaches in natural barriers healthily intact for many more trillions of years forever.The vapours became the gases and the breathable gases of the planet.Thick enriched gas that has been distributed and has space winds from space add to the breathable gas.Space winds high pressure join and replicate the atmosphere gases.The gas was trapped in the whole planet and it entirely has a haze like polar planet.   The planet's clouds are formed from space being a former gas giant.The parts of atmosphere are in outer space and trapping space to make noctilucent clouds that glow as skyline for much of the continent and its clouds and storms,weather.Energy and from space influences the polar island continent.Its trapped on the polar region of the planet.Sky has a glow to it.Not muggy or dark.It has a glow to it and from night time.During the day too.The clouds retain energy and make this effect from the polar collision and retaining effect.Poles retain the noctilucent effect.Each climate zone has its own noctilucent effect on this planet on the polar region or main polar region.Largest.The whole planet is a polar pole covers it entirely extending from Northern pole to southern.The Northern pole is the populated continent and focus of civilization here.Northern continent jumbled in giant lakes.Entire planet has polar effects.Has telluric current but it extends further and is not cuttoff.It extends to distribution it not as concentrated.Effects poles not as concentrated spread out through the planet.The northern polar continent has it most concentrated.Its name is Novak.Continent of Novak.Novak has the UN of space here as one of the capitols and is capitol of this continent.Techtonic shifting of land and land trapped in water.Loads of flooding til the landforms were all with structure.The planet's plate does not rotate and is solid as it froze solid from change of states rock was made solid to make many layers of the core and mantel.Back then it had plate shifting in beginning of hundreds of billions of years ago.Many landforms and organisms happened from the calming.Water and organisms habitated.Algae grew as tree growth and jungles and woods.AI intellgence came to the planet in religious days to habibate the planet from far away robot people universe.They fought with many tribes on the planet and won as Space Europeans.They had peace with many tribes helped them to win.Then their planet modernized.They began modern with electricity and space travel.Tribal tribes learned of electricity and space travel.They are allies and joint faction as system with smaller gas giant habitated planet.Large inhabited futurisitic space level suburbs and urban civilization.Covers into each population for each hemisphere and the hemisphere's polar country continent.One in north is hot polar continent.Arctic pole is off at an angle.North Pole coninent extends for Northern Hemisphere.Arctic pole is off to more southern then North Pole Eurasia planet more south and inbetween the North pole continent extending and its Western hemisphere continent.Many languages on this contnent and everyone can speak the main language in general.They across entire Eurasia world can speak to each other and read the main language in general.Islands have bustling cities and populations and are developed to enjoy as arctic islands are too.Many tropical arctic islands that are temperate like wet snow.Warm in cold.Sky is many types of hazes depends in which hemisphere your in.Haze is different as the hours are 48hrs for a day.Sun extends longer for each part day.It has light from a few stars shine and shine seasons part of the day.It tilts part of the day from morning dawn to dusk.Its frozen in seasons.Tilts slowly.They have all day for many months lunch time daylight.Lunch is doubled longer as morning and dusk.Grey haze,black haze on the southern end of North Polar continent,reddish haze in hot and arctic places.Bluish cloud haze and grey.Sky is more transparent but you can't see space clearly like the other world and island continent.It has lighter atmosphere haze.Star gazing is excellent in another dimension.Sky has illuminations like planets and moons in space reflecting star's energy from them.People come visiting and are welcome.They have places to stay and enjoy staying.Then there is work and business.Govenments that integrate and have council.Drive to Eurasia from orbital tunnel that links to planet surface and all cars,vehicles come in,trains.Space airports receive the spaceship transports many hundreds to this planet.Traffic.Use of Astro beam.On this planet they have tourist attractions and historic history of AI white race.They are friendly and show everyone around.their favourite marketed meats in supermarkets is a deer like creature.That is beef here.They eat a seal creature that is inland seal swims in bodies of water in the land.It's meat has no blubber but is like sausage.It can grow to 10ft and is farmed.They diet on fish species that are large exotic fish that are like steaks for fish.Crustaceons as freshwater crustaceons.They have abundant in lobster and crab like creature that has lbs of meat as the shrimps and crayfish here give in 1 fifth of pound of meat.They have machines and chefs program in to cook and packet the products.They have excellent food and deserts.Packeted foods that are vended from machines people assemble a tray and when traveling long distance.ID cards tell of their record and give them their favourite.Drones help in cooking for public.Buy and are a food places.They have veges and starch veges like potatoes.Have the sauces and basting.They have international foods available from vending machines and retailers.Sell the international foods of this planet.They have snacks both salty and desert sweet.Have flavours for pop from berries and many other space flavours from juices.Food is not charged up to the point segragation.Everyone eats and enjoys and talks to each other.None of snobs and to be unfriendly.They know each other and talk and enjoy eating.They don't over talk and get to the foods comfort at their table and seat.They have this to every island and throughout the Eurasia world.Out in nature that was made for leisure.They have tropical places and woods and jungles which are separate.Separate regions.Their poles continents countries on both poles of Eurasia.Places to go to and they have strict laws that filter out crime to make streets safe.Crackdowns on aliens races that influx crime and danger.People are high caliber at martial and intelligence.They have space government Intelligence here with Stargate.They have high level officers.They have health treatment to treat any mind illnesses as population is screened against mind disorders relate to destructive things like crime.They have filtered out mental people.They treatment them to cure them.But severe mental people are like criminals and exiled.Treated harsh treatment threat to society.Very raw drugs by doctors to punish with the guards.Take them to space to treat them on a station which is big.War vessels can dock at them as huge like star bases.They don't tolerate mental scourge.They are not the level of islands continent on the smaller gas giant world.They have more crime but its not as much as UFP.Smaller percentage at 12percent.UFP past 200percent even to 300percent.Stargate is 100percent.They have corporations that part of society.They interact into cities to provide food services,comfort as living places and resorts.They do not pollute and are for eco on environment to have no polution as recycle any contaminents.They dispose of any harmful toxins and smokes and send into atmosphere chemicals and gases that help out nature.More industry here and they have filtration on smoke.The workers in factories have filtration to protect them from any chemicals.Efficient method with precautions that put a gas that wrecks up toxins in any chemicals from accident.They have fields block off anything harmful and disperse any harmful leaks that don't leave the vacuum.Have alien technology and counter it workers have drugging and proceses to protect them.Have wash method sprinkle off any harmful particles that were disappated.Fields.Filtration that destroys toxins.None of this is allowed near environment and is isolated.They have remote areas for industry.Have corporations to add to government and strength of their society.They have civilians and places like suburbs and subdivisions.They have woods and nature here.Weather does not have natural weather barriers.They do have larger weather barrier that is for hemisphere.It blocks out harsh storms that happen over bodies of water.They have blowing winds and fierce pour of rainfall that lasts for days and then dissipates.Arctic oceans have this but cold.Chemical water is rainfalled.But inhabited areas don't have as much precipitaton or storms like over bodies of water.Islands systems take downpour for many days.Heat of the oceans from shining stars evapourates it and has winds transport it goes back up higher atmosphere and gains from atmosphere layer that is part of outer space.It has thin atmosphere but extends as much

Jurassic Park video games ride

medium layer.They have snow downpour storms.The polar country continents have methods to confront any harshness with chemicals for weather and fields protect civilization.Nature made a lighter environment field for the poles to dissipate the storm so its not a hurricane.But they do have weather technology to counter harsh extreme weathers for people to be sustained and protected.Since they cared about their atmosphere there is no raw devestation.Temperature is 10 degrees for a hemisphere of planet,no extreme weather.They have steam and energy underground.They care about their mantel and did not damage it from underground escavation.Core does not have a flow.Surface is not effected by anything harsh.They have alloy deposits and minerals.Mine the moons in space and

Jurassic Rides

giant asteroids and some planets that are small like moon full of alloys no atmosphere.They have chemical

Dinosaur Park rides

deposits.They are all stored within the layers of sedimentary rock and particles debris.Surface has healthy nature.Energy underground but they do not have molten lava.They have energy in some layers.Core is alloy and mixed with rock.Oceans are clean and of alien chemical as water.Deep oceans on this world and have bodies of water,rivers and lakes.Scenic planet with thousands of scenic places.People live longer going to 8000yrs old.Have a

Eurasia Deinoychus Cage park

whale like carnivore creature here and they used to have dinosaur creatures that live on giant islandsTheir food is theh reptile giant fish which is 35ft 7 10 tonnes.They dine and eat their prey.Dinosaurs have a park that people AI's

Dinosaur Conservation area with ride carts and bodies of water with dinosaur water creatures

made.The park is on a remote island with mountains dividing and trapping dinosaurs.Range.There are trains that run in and bring in tourists.They leave their cars to be car pooled.Bodies of water dividing the dinosaurs to where civilization is.So when they go far away to cottage country they are going to the dinosaur park.They can be dropped off by spaceliner.Visited with many millions of people AI's and from Archaelpelago.They can buy toys and gift shops and all sorts of dinosaur things like sets.They have shoppiong and a giant food court.Center.Lounges to read and watch presentations on dinosaurs.They have library to dinosaurs and other material magazines and articles.They can use computers at terminal.The rides are amazing and exciting.They can move around and jump and dinsaur cars for racing on a track.Park controls dinosaur racers and more rides.Dino MIni Golf.Water park.Dinosaurs if ever and never escape but are retrieved protocols to isolate them and have them back in the range area or valley and mountains.They have reinforced concrete barriers in their way with the range.People don't wait around and spend time traveling.From speed and technology they are there in less 30 minutes.Dinosaurs in zoo which they made nature integrated to observe these dangerous creatures.They have healthy woods and jungles on areas of their planet.Jungles are in another part of hemisphere.Jungles grow in subarctic conditions.They have giant trees.They are 10ft wide trees that are towering at 50ft.They have them in seas and bodies of water.They do not go to inhabited places as they have fields and barriers in way to block of large ocean carnivores.Dinosaur park is a place to visit and view living space dinosaur species like a zoo but is part theme park with rides and gift shops,lounges on Eurasia.Fun place to view the dinosaur and lose fear of them watch them in their forest environments.Raptors are free to run as they can leave in a tunnel to open parts park.Dinosaur rides have rides modelled after dinosaurs but theme park vehicles.Shopping and have narration by zoo staff.Dinosaurs live far away from people urban and suburban

Dinosaur Conservation Area visitor Viewing dinosaurs using tunnels and high up rails


Deinonychus Forest in pen

places.Dinosaur areas have been built in with ride like carts and this is how people AI Europeans adapt to the dinosaurs.There are no flights over the conservation area because of the predator dinosaurs.The park has a network of transportation rails that too small and reinforced against dinosaurs.They can get to every part of the park.The dinosaurs are confined to chain of islands and have barriers made to be in the way.The dinosaurs do not migrate.No need for them as food is plentiful.Vehicles have precautions as refuge against dinosaurs.Beacons go off and rangers and park staff know right away in

Hights up watching dinosarus conservation park on Eurasia


Watching barred force field Enclosure for dinosaur conservation Park

seconds if something has happened.Their living areas have been converted into dinsaur parks for tourism.They take a cart ride that is well above the dinosaurs and their fenced off with barrier areas so they don't ambush and learn to eat.Grain eaters protected and doors open and close for them access to water.Controls the therapod hunters.They are blocked and watch the riders as they enjoy the conservation area and dinosaurs.The rangers use the rides system way to get around the area and have ranger carts with supplies and equipment transport.In the conservation park they have underground monorail tunnels narrow to keep any dinosaurs out.Made of concrete and

Outdoor Aquarium Eurasia

reinforced.They have stops and stop at enclosure that has military transparent panels to view the dinosaurs from coming from below.People must keep their

Eurasia Aquatic Area Dinosaurs viewing

voices low.They sit on benches and seating lounge area large for standees.They stand on the same level of the dinosaurs only inside the enclosure sealed off from dinosaurs.There are elevated enclosures with benches and seats where at each stop high above at 5 stories to 6 stories up above the dinosaurs.Watch from the sealed off enclosure.They get on the monorail train for another stop.Zarconian will interact to make small crawl spaces and enforce tunnels so the rex cannot dig or the hunter therapods.Chopper not interfere with flying creatures.Its got fun for people at hights high hill takeoff and watch from balacony.They have places of comfort and

Underground Aquatic Dinosaurs Viewing

malls at high level above the hunters.Separate the hunters from the mall by making safe guards and panels that shut and re-direct traffic.Watch the diinosaurs have no access to hallways or out park board.Kept in by fences and test it without power.They have energy without power using force and they do not use this fight with the dino animals.Its way to adapt to them.Bodies of water have space dinosaur creatures like Ichthyosaurus of space.Aquatic dinosaur park sections to view the aquatic dinosaurs from aquariums outside and part dinosaur park.View them from high up in the hights and in bandstand.Monorail unloads passengers to view the dinosaurs in water.Comfie up there watching entire bodies of water in the park.Dinosaurs are separated but closer to together.The tower in aqauarium is upraised with seatst to watch the dinosaurs.Its a network of stands to watch them from tank lake.Designed like small lakes and ponds.Nothing giant as separated from each other.Segregation to prevent fights or attacks.Calmed down without drugging.Don't interfere with nature but cut around it.Kept upgraded with devices send out signals.No pens here they are out free.People and jungles no and if they carts stop emergency is safe for the carts high above safe distance.Far away and have barriers made into natural ones.Kids and grownups find this place fun without manipulating like park.It has them live natural.No pressure on animal dinosaurs.They protect their animals here and nature.Understanding and are not harsh.They care about their creatures and have precautions towards them.They have gases that deture them don't harm them and frequencies that steer them away.They have for crime facilities are not connected to any roads or society and are remote.Off world facilitites in Year Star Date as the law this was manufactored war on evil and crime in off world remote places like Gilorndon Core.They were planets that were very hostile and ugly places nightmares to live on.They had on-world facilities but the security level of criminals got to lighter level.They were not rapers or murderers anymore or grand theft felons.They banned on planet and had no chance to grow on spacebourne planet.This horror is on awful planets of extreme climates.Its not allowed on Eurasia.Eurasia has holding cells for transport to space.They have no convicts anymore on their society world.No felons sensored out genetically flushed out and don't exist.Crime shipped many light years away far away use of engines exiled to destruction.A world in Eurasia's place but awful world of Neo Nazi's.Horrible society under our control.Bad like Cobra.They have remote institutions for punishing demon possessed and wronged criminals.Mutant like in X-Men but demon.Strange and disturbing criminals brought to remote island system confusing that they are lost in islands inside a lake lost in jungles and woods that have no paths or direct roads smartly made as trap to wander around in circles.Help of nature being thick here and valleys with hills and escarpments.Never find their way out of the lost in jungles.Institutions have troops from government to destroy such beings.Why they are from Hell and in this world they are confined and drugged destruction.They are a form of evil and are murderers.This planet is learning of them and none of them can make it as island is so giant small island size of great lakes.Dimension used to incarcerate and destroy evil beings,convicts,worse.Gets larger and bigger like island as continent.Troops here circulate and rotation to strengthen their hold on prisoners.Treatments and doctors of severe level.Mental wards no one is allowed outside forever.Use alien technology and powers on them.Eurasia is enforcement.Government researches on them to findout whey they escaped hell.Beings did not die in many centuries before.Cannibals are here from tribes abnormal and scarey.Dinosaurs kill and eat any that escape.Ones that might have made games with them had war done on them.Efficient system vs such evils.Horrors the Creator Centuari should know of them existing and how Eurasia counters space's horrors.Safe because of the enforcement.Ones like Bane from Batman movie.Strip them of their weapons and separate them of weapons and high security environment with panels in alien and gases.Very feirce approach as Eurasia is very harsh and ruthless to its enemies.Very authoratative.They will be to British and US in space with beloved love for British the Spike Cops US and UN cycle.They punish here and have prisons systems in remote places for exile.Islands to get lost on network with no roads or path to get out.Sealed off and they have raw nature with rangers in nature.Its unaccessable.Has barriers constructed to block them off from closest road that is more than 700miles away.They have precautions,balloon satellites to watch,fiber optics cameras and webcams.Fields and popup barriers to cut off any escape.Isolated roads meant for prisoner transport.Seal of these roads with barrier by electronics.They grew systems and systems were pure and runned thoroughly and efficient.Their islander traditions were perfect to humble AI Pretender Gobot Combiner white race people.They were not rude like city dwellers but polite and friendly good hard working people that got rewarded to outer space in less 50yrs from smarts.Warships in space and above level of space and UFP,Stargate Universe.Grew more and more powerful and had space war with a hostile alien race that were pagan warlords as aliens and also they fought with supremacists aliens.They won the war as most of it took place warship battles in space over territory.Eurasia did excellent but aliens penetrated planned territory they had in UFP and Stargate Universe.Very smart to power up their force fields in space to protect solar systems for warships of enemy to crash into them.Fired their energy cannons in space.Military warfare was a very busy war with hated aliens,ignorance.Aliens were relentless and very stubborn to giving up to superpower Eurasia.They uses army in space warfare and had fired energy cannons on enemy.Test of their government powers in war.Technology and manpower.Used many acts and utilized government stores,chemicals and drugging from their breakthroughs in advancement and time.They do not jip anyone or legally rob anyone with any ripoffs.They do not do destructive things with economy for it to change unstable enemy like UPF and Stargate Universe.They had conflict as they are Space Islam from another dimension.They had conflicts with pagans and sinners that wanted to impose their ways and Christians in space went too early with Stargate and UFP.They have gained knowledge in war on Stargate and UFP.They had Space Islam conflict with space Christians as war will get much worse.We will fight with enemy faction that supports Space christians.It is a Space communist faction of robots that transform also.They have giant pagan machine monsters and mecha satans that are alive and to do with gundams being a race of robots.There are ones that are faction and are evil.From Force Five and Voltron and machines enemies use in Star Blazers universe.Those machines can change to living robots and were an ancient race that is our direct enemy that hides behind and uses space christians.Space whiteman empires.And the decepticons want to merger and show anti-islam belief merger with more evil and create new part decepticon part that Space communist faction.They have white terrorists and terrorist robots factions.Those are all our natural enemies that is why Queen Armada as Feroz is very huge deal to bring her to her homeworld and galaxy.Fight on our enemies and buildup top secret.Allah favours those devious devils.They are all type of devil worker of destruction.Negative and this is fed into space christians that play their wicked role.Nothing like that and from learning from alien white race humans from tragedy that can happen like an economy can make suffering and they made precautions against anything like that and wasting money and to go upon money to buy things.Parts of government did not exchange and trade as this circulations to other territories for trade.They have their own self trade system they do not rely on foreign alien trade.They have everything to sustain themselves wealthily and powerful.They don't self destruct with an economy.They have rules to override regulations so they are not destructive to people like high costs to ripping off and taxing.Duties.Eliminated as they have their own foreign trade and all populations go with from their own land and territories.They don't even trade with Eurasia.Hold on trade as its at high cost in space.Eurasia is orbiting in space.They cutoff any contact with space as this will cause termoil.Stiff regulations to visiting UFP and Stargate universe and to their diseases they will come back with.Advanced technology to harness power and supplies and regrow it with advancements.They don't eat away and decay in space.They are thriving and with healthy nature.They don't have population with unemployed or poor.This is all eliminated as act from learning from alien human races.No inflation or debt.They don't make shady deals with aliens.Produce and have things pure in their empire.Non corrupted percautions to corruption.Defenses and they cutoff contact with aliens.They only go to their own territories in space.They have a military to protect territories in space.Defenses very old established in space.Warship patrol.Very responsible people with over accuracy.They do things very efficiently.They have a system that during time has proved longevity and simpleness they should retain but are complicated as alien races.Supply all of their needs with system that grows.They have alot of wealth though.Very wealthy from areas and regions and what they have brought in to the continent and past its needs to extras.They have excelled to high hights in futuristic modern era.They were born into the future and space.Very wise people that do not get tangled from complications.They have everything sorted out and in alien system.They have complicated security codes and procedures.They have things with format for all parts government to people in society.They have a powerful infra structure spread out to space governed from continent.Systems flow through nothing in the way daily life has commuting go to end to end of continent with passengers and people going from zones to work in other zones bringing in power to country.Each zone and area has their own attributes giant cities have gained them and qualities.They are very powerful in certain and most categories and merger that network.Circulation.Very modern.Country has flourishing system to space.Precautions as most space travellers.They drive cars up the orbital elevator to space.Drive in space with trucks and transports driving in these giant passages in space connecting land to outer space.Trains and commuting are in same passage as cars below them in anti-gravity environment.From all of this they became right positive people positive natured.They are very simple and courteous and fight for being civilized.No ice age or change of climate on this planet as it has a consistant and sturdy poles that dicatate structure of this ancient prehistoric giant planet.The island poles continent has its own polar energy and factor being the tundra cold which at places goes underground.Steam that creates warming in tundra areas.Mix of tundra and warmth.The polar gravity has surrounded entire continent that grounds into the oceans.The entire continent is made with polar fields.The island continent has polaric fields.Magnetism is slight here.More polaric fields from angle of the poles for the planet.It has tropics as its poles.Polaric field is the poles fields here that go to telluric current on surface.No magnetism.It keeps the island continent with many natural fields barriers for nature.The hot has polar field that is phenomena in sky and environment.Just as inbetween tundra and mountains which are the true poles of the continent.The climates are separated with many climates for each zone.From desert hot to cold arctic.Fields adapted to each weather climate making the hot part poles as temperate green of the mountains.It has sturdy poles and no change in their weather.This planet has no temperature or climate change.Its been sturdy since it began and started to shape out island poles continent.No climate change and the Pretender Gobot Europeans built it to no change in 10 000's of years.They fortified their structures in each climate zone.Stars are too far to cause any change.Its like in space it was solidified to orbit and to have consistant climate.Each climate zone has to do with facing space.Large island that has each tropics they have face part of space.The poles is at an angle.The weather they have is consistant making it very safe to the inhabitants.They love living in a tropical subuarctic partially island continent.Weather and the orbit won't change this gas giant.Giant planet it holds it own gravity and polarity in space like a small star.They have had no temperature change and have had all areas on planet polar frozen.It has temperature change included in its types of climates like the midnight sun pole has thaw out and then the tundra glacier moves up seasonally.It has frozen in the hot zone on Archaelpelago continent.It has moderate temperatures for many poles of many types and has weather barrier that protects this continent from weather change and instabiility.The continent is island and fits inside perimeters of the many types of poles.Since poles in general are one pole from many.Island continent is much below the equator and the planet's tropics lines.Its below lower tropic line meaning its part of the polar region.The blazing hot.Its at north part continent and in other alien climate areas.Tropic line means that that area above it is hot.Just as an equator.Lower tropic line of the planet is north section or reality its not north.It could be millions of directions.Polar poles extend to the lower tropic line.On this planet the real polar area is the mountains region which is temperate in temperature.The ice polar is below this and hot zone polar is above it.And on this planet its poles are on an angle or tilt.Its not the bottom of the alien world.It has many bottoms being its pole area below bottom of the planet and exactly at the opposite end of the planet being its polar poles that are far away from tropics lines.They are center region part of ocean system at the bottom of the giant planet's world.It far from stars energy but they are under stars.Its the factors in outer space that make it cold.Geography at being at all planet's poles but its also in arctic temperate.Its not icey and unbearable.On this world there are parts that are harsh but because of its climate barriers and its polar region is full of energy and life.Earth's polar region is dead and damaged.This world's is healthy and powerful full of energy and life.Atmosphere and integrity is above excellent and will remain like that forever.It does not have tulleric currents interupted by plate techtonics.None as steam cannot do this.There is no shifting of crust at all.Solid mantel and crust.Has nothing destructive underneath,nothing that does any harm to planet.Does not have enough harmful chemical deposits and poisons.It has minerals.Its not full of any harmful elements and minerals.This planet has very healthy crust.It has energy in core at 150Celsius.It is a gas giant but has algae landforms forming of its vegetation.It has molten heat underneath the mantel.The gases remain inside the core as radiation and its gases formed molten rock and steam underground.The core is giant and spread out not compact and these are pockets.The core was void and in its beginning magnetic rock and rock from gas hardened.The sedimentary rock particles are made from particles and debris.These particles don't melt from steam or vapours.Particles were raw nature in the beginning.No lava flows.What they had was from a long time ago.The mantel does not shift.It rotations along with the atmosphere but slowly.The destructive nature processes don't exist and are separated by time.The hardened gas had energy pockets remain inside and algae layers became the landforms.The water was stored gas vapours that showered and came out from inside like steam pockets and underground oceans became to surface and crust layers collapsed to make the oceans deepened.Bodies of water fed the algae landforms and this made trees and jungles,woods.From the organisms the souls of each animal.The humanoids were AI intellgence.Water was trapped and collided with each temperature of water clouds and gas and let out from the mantel water seas.All of this swirled around to form up landforms.From landforms the prehistoric era of landforms and reptilians and sharks,animals.Its a small outer layer of energy.The energy by mantel is contained and does not melt anything.Gases lets pressure out to make land temperate to extremeties.It does not cycle.Magnetism underground retains the mantel and protects the core layers.Fertile farmland here.The core is solid and is off alloys and rock.Its layers of sedimentary rock with dirt or natural fertilizer mixed with vegetation on top layer.It has mountains and mountain valleys that are 100smiles high and 50miles.This does not have a plateau but has small plateaus where there are regions and cities built up in mountains.Mountains are like spring and are most 14 Celsius.Their grass and woods.Small bodies of water.Plateaus are most 220 miles wide and are thousand miles long ridges.Farms and farmland.There are beautiful scenic places up in these mountain ridges as they designed entire planet manmade interacted with nature.People visit and drive to mountains,buses and transportation to connect the mountains rest of civilization.The ciities are maintained and cleaned from futuristic technology for cleaning the cities.There are airports up in mountains.Has a lively nature system.Has modern space technology to preserve it and strengthen it.Its oceans have natural cleaner mineral that flow to make the color of the oceans.Stars are far away and do not emit anything harmful.They do the job in many stars of sending warmth to the planet and daytime.And to illuminate the night to morning.Planet's atmosphere gathers this energy and keeps it like insulator system and distributes it and filters it.Sending it to the oceans and as tulleric current in a system it recycles and is in a cycle.Has elements like void of space which is part higher levels of atmosphere that extend in space.Atmosphere evolved to outer space and has outer magnetic gravity outer rim of the planet in void space.Space has evolved part of the atmosphere and atmosphere color suited to watch outer space.Its not like the lower layers which have gases.Outer layer is gases mixed void of space and have winds from space.Moons that are in reach to the planet in orbit from outer high altitude atmosphere.Many weather barriers and effected by space magnetism barriers.Its many climates are stable structure to the planet.Mountains weather and climate is making the planet stable as many weathers and climates showing power of polar power in the cliimates to protect the planet.Has no volcanic heat or irregularities.There are no instabilities on this planet to do with plates or anything on the planet to do with nature.Stars in ancient times are same giant distance away from the planet in another galaxy but transmit heat to the planet in many stars.They are not in same solar system or galaxy from stars that give planet heat.No danger of a sun to this planet.No danger of no heat either nothing in nature gets in the path of stars rays to planet as they are very giant stars compared to the planet.That is why they are in another galaxy.No large moons to cause any orbital magnetism either.Planet has more magnetism than all of its moons.Everything in climate is well distributed with no temperature or climate changes.It never went through an ice age or heat wave age.Nothing to wreck the nature.Has no instable weather or flooding.No extreme weather on this island continent.No super cell storms or the dry and warm air cold air factors don't exist here on Eurasia.Planet Eurasia has its cold up higher atmosphere breakdown as rain.It has no dry air from lower to form pressure.The plants and nature eats away at the warm energy.No draft to pickup up the warm air from surface as it roatates as part of atmosphere layers of a gas giant.Top layer does not combine with bottom and this is how the gravity and planet holds itself together.It has a powerful structure.Lower atmosphere receive the chemical rainfall.It even fall from closer to land at low atitude while higher to space clouds rotation.Clouds system blocks out the warming from the stars.The planet retains its own heat from oceans and springs.This is kept at ground level and slowly twirls itself up to higher atmosphere and higher atmosphere is dense.Block out.Has no electrical charges or raw power.It can't change to       super cell.It does not change to rain often.They can get precipitation from higher and lower atmosphere. has a calming all over.Snow hurricane is not violent.It does not have gusts but used to be a hurricane on the planet's oceans but once it hit the weather barrier it calmed down and is alot of snow.The wind is not bitter in any parts.Its very beautiful in snow hurricane and fun for the people and youth.Clouds are not dark here.No dark clouds on this continent as rain does not absorb in hight.The magnetic poles block out high winds from space.No jet stream and high pressure.It has healthy atmospheric barrier that blocks out cold space winds that are warmed up in atmosphere layers.Space is more than -40Celsius.Heat loss does not happen on this island continent because of climate barriers.Heat loss is not severe in polar pole and its islands chain.The mist humidity and many of tundra and subarctic have factors,tulleric ground climate that does not have heat loss.No winds generated by seas and bodies of water.No giant ice glaciers to fuel high risk and extreme high risk.Theirs ice in seas but they are not giant chunks but particles some of them 1ft and less and it floats near surface as it dicipates to tiny ice particles in higher layers of bodies of water and is only in seas.Seas have no salt in them.They have natural cleaner and minerals in them to make it rich.That is where the snow is made and the cold to make the snow to cover parts of the poles and island continent.There is no void space as a layer as it has healthy layers of gases that are dense.It has powerful and healthy atmosphere.No bitter cold or chill.Winds in poles are not damaging and people populate islands in no man's area of polar pole.It does not have any damaging weather.No rain in the cold.Light rain and mist from atmosphere,humidity in subarctic and tundra.Rain in a zone with a consistant temperature and for entire zone spread out like hot zone.No tornadoes on Eurasia or other planet because they have natural barrier and don't have the factors of tornado.They don't have these elements and this is a gas giant of a planet.No raw power or raw electrical discharge or polution to make a tornado.Nothing to buildup like one.They don't have powerful thunderstorms.Rainfall here is normal and not excessive.Its calming.Gas giant has pressure systems of air distributed.They have outer layer where no space tornadoes.No low pressure or to play games around.Because planet's magnetism and for the ground the temperatures are blunt in zones.0 degrees celsius is not freezing as its more colder to -40 Celsius is freezing.They are not spread out in temperature change and climate.As you travel from climate zone to climate zone the weather and temperature is different all the way to polar poles and seas.Has healthy atmospheric and climate barriers.Climate barriers prevent irradical weather and temperaturea drop is not sudden and gradual as travel in a zone or area of temperature change.Not large though.Climate is blunt though and you can drive to see snow .Mix of tropical from coast with other types of weathers and zones of planet.It does not have moons to cause tides in oceans.Not enough power from moons to do this planet's size creates powerful network of magnetism and barriers nature made in alien space.No meteorites either in this planet's path.They are torn apart by magnetism of Eurasia orbiting giant planet.Many barriers that tear apart any meteors.Nothing in core or below surface that is unstable,nothing in space and in orbit and nothing in this solar system and weather is not irradical.Controlled by its weather barriers.Nature has grown well and superb.Its one of most healthiest natures in every universe's history.No polution damage to planet from a very smart alien AI white race.Made the planet healthy and cured any of natures damage and wear and tear.No wars on planet to polute it.No testing of weapons on this world or in this solar system.Land is consistant and very sturdy back when planet was formed to being much above the seas and bodies of water around sturdy shoreline.Water levels will not rise on the land.No giant ice covered glaciers on planet's poles.Planet's poles have grass exposed and nature.Its thawed out in many areas and mixed with snow cover.Not deep in ice at all or frozen lakes.Does not have frozen lakes.Ice is not deep.Dirt underneath the snow and light layer of ice in some areas.Its cold in islands and has precipitation temperature fluctuates so its not just growing in hight.Tulleric energy is underground the dirt layers and sedimentary layers.Not much ancient prehistoric ice.Very small area of thin ice over land.It does not have solid rock underneath ice.It has grass that grows in snow with dirt and in areas of polar poles its thawed out with trees.Lots of woods and jungles in polar tundra with leaves,follage.This reinforces clay and dirt with grass.No huge areas of frozen glacier ice.None existant on planet.It has ice flows mixed with nature but ice are ice bits in ocean water,not big enough to be chunks.No ice bergs and ice shelves.1ft to 2ft ice chunks in water and smaller.Its all free flowing in oceans.Water drains in sediment under dirt and clay.Sediment is loose and many underground bodies of water but they lead to exposed lakes.All underground bodies of water are attatched to surface bodies of water.Mountains have sedimentary porous rock debris below their dirt layers.Mountains have dirt layers with clay.Rock reinforcements landforms the populations are on.They have forests and jungle,nature and lakes and ponds,rivers on top mountain plains.Source of gases to planet.The process of chemical to change to liquid from temperature and being absorbed.It then disappears from lying around for a shorter period than water.It does not evapourate.It does alien process to do with molecules and changing invisible or as mist to go back to atmosphere layers.Mist part of parts of the day.Because day time in other zones is afternoon and night time.Recycling of chemical liquid is what happens to the molecules of liquid chemical.Recycles themselves molecularly.And from temperature.It does not change states.It just changes to vapour to rise from ground area so planet and island continent can cycle it in a system.Oceans and bodies of water have lots of vapours and gases from movement and currents and types of temperatures in layers of currents.Movement and tulleric properties in water.Creates vapour of force not wind.It gets denser when it joins the rest of gases at higher atmosphere layers.Not fog or mist.Richer gas that is very  healthy and breathable to population.The water transfers under dirt and clay to rock debris loose and into underground water routes take excess water from thaw out or rain to be evapourated at ground level emptied into brackish waters lakes and seas.Pockets of energy under the surface around planet and steam.It has many in many layers and specific layer stored energy.Nothing massive and destuctive like volcanic.Planet has heat in its surface layers below.No plate techtonics or plate shifting.Steam won't do this.The planet began as a gas giant that had particle debris.It then had gases and energy and mergered with debris particles that formed core and mantel.It then settled down from its gases,heat and temperatures.Debris made the mantel.In the mantel was stored energy with gases that were chemicals and liquids.Energy combined and mergered with the chemicals and liquids.Chemicals got sorted out filtered by landforms that porous sorted out chemicals and gases.Started to extract the chemical from gases into clay soil.Then it evapourated with the steam heat it went through porous layers back to atmosphere.Atmosphere had steam layers this evapourated from stars.Gases from pressure and vacuum sorted themselves out.Weather from the energy started to filter out more raw chemical in gases.Vegetation fed on chemical turned into nutrients.Bodies of water are made of chemical liquid and have process to change to atmosphere from high heat in humidity.Evapourated from arctic cold change of states.Liquid like water evapourates from subarctic temperatures as it changes states and retain in the oceans and bodies of water as liquid form in subarctic conditions.As the chemical which liquid is is having a nature molecular theory happening for particles to friction.So as the planet changed from pure gas giant to partial gas giant better than habitable planet with solid landforms mantel and core,it filtered out chemicals as landforms were not hard and were like liquid cement.And the top layer with vegetation has dirt clay which covers the surface layer that hardened from many types of ores and minerals were sediment,Dirt filtered out the chemicals and made steam.Hot steam under in mantel and chemical deposits,minerals.This planet does not damage the mantel and mines the stores in mantel from underground construction and civilization.Then they extract the deposits.They also use devices that do not harm the mantel to extract from deposits.They mine but use construction machinery to pat it down and fill it in to make it reinforced the mantel.The oceans have more steam or chemicals down high pressure deep floors.Many 10's miles down.Chemical is preserved from pressure and vacuum caused by being 10's miles down.Temperature maintains it to.Many ocean layers.Steam has pockets that make bottoms of parts of the bodies of water and seas warmed at the bottom breaking up the high pressure and making the water at the depths visible let star light and planet's light in.Not dark.Steam is in layers mantel and does not cause any techtonic shifting.None.But the mantel and core rotates with the planet but is slower than the atmosphere rotation.Joined by magnetism and force,pressure.Core is not unstable and has great stability for trillions of years of its future.Telluric current strengthens layers as protection.How mountains have a plain.Distribution and balance to not have anything improperly irradical and dangerous which is from billions of other worlds have.Steam is liquid that merger with energy.Not it has steam that from mantel effects the weather especially on the poles planet where the climate is moderate and from polarity of magnetism of poles effects climate and dirt,surface layers dirt that is very sturdy substance like clay and is not dirt.Because it can get hard like rock but is smooth like clay.Weather and conditions of surface from weather are not soaking and awful.No mud and grass that is soaked.This dirt allows the chemical water to drain porous.Cycles and empties into the bodies of water and oceans from underground passages.Underground water routes.No underground seas.There are underground lakes and rivers in some areas.Steam also transports much of rainfall and snow run off and it evapourates or is steamed into bodies of water.Steam also releases it in openings to land and from jungles/forests.The planet .Mergering from other dimensions was the chemcial water.Forming planet water is on mountains and all landforms.Process happened for it to settle down and strengthen in structure.Under oceans.No major waves in oceans or tidal waves none from orbiting moons and planets gravity magnetism barrier.Waters are calm currents and currents from temperature as pressure having cooler currents under warmer currents out middle ocean.Depths of oceans being many miles deep even 9 miles.Oceanic trenches from steam and heat when gas giant planet formed it was changing to a planet solid mantel and core.Then steam which was gases started to combine with the particles.Then this process made solid land,mantel and core.Oceans and steam mixed together.Oceans created from a water liquid chemical that formed all bodies of water.Lakes were formed as the planet's oceanic trenches.Steam or heat in ocean and crust made land push itself.It had some sort of plate tectonics when solid planet was forming from gas giant.Land was pushed as like weak mud and was not breaking up solid land or core.Outer surface above the core was the softer mud to harden as land,mountains and landforms.Trenches are the lakes.Rivers formed from some lakes from telluric currents.It did not have a violent landforms era or creation.No lava.It was controlled by landforms telluric currents.That would wreckup the planet and this did not happen.It happened faster than slowly.Over the years landforms and lakes,bodies of water were formed from softer outer landforms layer.The steam does not melt any of the mantel.The mantel has porous rock and clay dirt on surface.There are no major alloy deposits.They have rock which is mountains are of many types like clay dirt surface.There is no volcanic cycle with steam.Steam are a layer and system that is the chemical energy of this planet.There in this galaxy is no oil or gas.They do not use gas or oil here at all or engine.Their engines use electricity and current,light radiation and some plasma.They have no oil sands here at all.Has nothing to do with how the planets were formed.Nothing on Eurasia either.They used to using charges on energy so they implode for safety.They know how flammable gas is and know of Li gas and air fuel.Its considered dangerous and is not allowed in this galaxy.Unstable and highly flammable.It can spread everywhere as oil.No oil deposits and they go to energy solution for their engines powered by energy and batteries that have energy dormant and in use.Know of oxygen and flammable gas.Not used here.Core is solid.The planet has many sturdy layers to surface.It has alien rock material.The rock is not disturbed except for modernizations which does no destruction to mantel.Its upgrading and reinforcing as this planet from its natives and Stargate Gobot Pretender AI Europeans are very caring and concerned for their planet and for its defenses priority.There are no miners here.No dangerous people that pose hazard from going nuts mining.That is not here as there is mining mixed manmade construction underground to make layers to cities live under connect the caves which can be towering chasms in parts as tall as 14 story buildings.Miners are mixed with drones and they wanted to be miners as profession.They are not frustrated or locked in dark.They don't have gases to make them miserable.Go to space do efficient job with the drones working.Machines do most of mining with people AI's supervising and improvising with other drones and workers.Work is done its a work of art.Completed and did not have hazardous drilling machines to the mantel to wreck it.They have machines and processes but refined and not to damage the mantel or to leave needless tunnels.With modernization from space they get the job done efficient.They don't make any sleezy places for them drain any anguish.There are no jam packed mining towns.They are workers.They don't have any large and unstable or dumb people low educations.Miners are positive and educated.They have smarts.Their environment is positive and in far away space its made to make them feel higher and better mood.They are not in dark.They have psychological done to their environment and exercises for them to be in good moods.They have attrium and places with waterfall and fountains,garden and like a park is made for them.Lighting is simulate better star.They have activities but are not runned corrupted.No money and gambling.They were brought up with guidelines to being clean and normal.Their food is sealed and opened can be combined around to be just like fresh.But just as military their food is not food,its energy and drug.Does not cause waste.And they do these in durations get higher in rank more they start off.Not pressured for manpower from people.Drones and machines do most of processes.Just people improvise and direct things and participate.Protected by space Marines.None.They for space go through electronic drugging and re-programming to spend time in space on moons even in UFP and Stargate moons.Have defenses up and have teamwork with the military.They have colonies but they get more harsh to environment.As they know about being timid to Sol System and UFP,Stargate.They though have no interference and go to using machines and staff to get the ores done and they are classified as being in hostile space.Refinement and they take it by vessels guarded by war vessels.Decide what they want it for places off world in other universes and galaxies.They are programmed for hostilities and where they are from island continent prepares them for space subarctic conditions and awful conditions in space where moons have no stars or suns.Extremities of space til our council and government,corporations put rating on danger level and extremities in space then prepare in manpower.Our miners don't get rogue.More closer to our island continent the happier they are.Farther they are they get the job done for us and are crabby people that are like that to UFP and Stargate.Space forces.Have our Space Marines keep law and order.Mining colonies are sophisticated and use technology in common so no one captures anything advanced.Gets the job done under space laws and interstellar laws.Miners are under these space laws.Miners are not pressured like humans.They don't end up rowdy and corrupted.Its the way their nature takes to things.Our race takes to it constructive and part of military duties to space.Experts go away as miners with companies like a fine tuned engine know what to do and go at it in space.They have processes that are ancient and merger with corporations and Creator System to add more methods and technology 10 000's of years ago.50 000yrs ago corporations.No is no greed or power hunger as our corporations and government are all levels to expertises to situations and problems,uses they confront.There is no race.No one is higher except in demand.Balance.Nature is excellent.That is the way they enforce attitude for their planet and island continent.Steam interacts pressure to oceans.Chemicals mix and forms currents of chemical oceans.Chemical heated as a steam but the temperature is median at over 100 Celsius below near the steam chemical and pockets.Its in the porous rocks layers.Temperature in core is cold.Colder when they go below.The top layer of vegetation and clay dirt the surface has its own moderate temperature at most being 38 Celsius on the island continent.The steam is not in area of desert.Its in the cold subarctic.Temperatures there underground in some areas is 100Celsius.But much underground connects to steam layers,pockets system of planet underground.Sedimentary rocks that are porous that can withstand heat.Temperature underground can get to 10 degrees celsius.Its sheltered and has no interference from atmosphere,the seasons,space and location.Protected to stay like that underground.Never hits past 90 degrees celsius.That is the hottest pockets.The planet is in excellent condition with the mantel not having any heat menaces.Cold underground but no excessive.Surface is moderate lack of volcanic activity but is warmed by its steam.No alloys to be melted.It can't get any more hotter and the steam is distributed to go down to 40 Celsius to being mist.Mist and fog underground at 10 Celsius and the fog makes it into surface.This started to harden to like rock and had clay dirt layers and alien vegetation over it.Chemicals from gases sorted themselves out.Oceans have minerals that are healthy to nature on this planet.The island poles continent has these rich minerals in its landforms.These minerals go into the oceans and seas and bodies of water to make layers in water of natural cleaner in water chemical.And the currents force the natural cleaner and wash the bodies of water.It is darker than the water but is transparent up close.Minerals flow into island poles continent waters and islands and all of its bodies of water have these natural mineral cleaners.Makes the water more denser and rich.Makes the water healthy to planet's nature and island poles continent system.Does not have an acid or base level.Its more of a natural base.Does nothing to skin of living things.Safe.Oceans distributed and pressure is only at 9 miles deep.Its gradual pressure but distributed by currents.No severe magnetism in deeper depths.Ocean layers are not water or H2O and is alien liquid that does not make pressure in depths.No tides on this planet because its a gas giant with its own powerful gravity more powerful than any of many under 20 moons it has rotating around it.Stars are very far away and can't pose any gravity to make tides.The planet in some zones on island continent have tropical tides.They pose no problems and creatures adapt to tides.But from tides the snow hurricanes.Join together but extremeties are out of the snow hurricane as its a storm very far away over the vast oceans far away from coastal areas and islands networks.Tides happen in some parts of each in zone and even historic area zone where temperatures are from 4degrees celsius to 10degrees celsius.Cloudy and cold and seasonal polarities happen instead of tides.Seasons have gravitational force from currents in space reaching the planet and integrating to surface and low to high altitude making seasons here.Tilt to the stars too and rotation of gas giant.Gas giant makes its own gravitational forces along with the polar island continent forces gravity that makes tropical and alien climate zones have tides self produced by island continent.No destructive magnetism on this land.It has a polaric field.It merges with the weather.No raw magnetism or in rock.Nothing captured as terrain has dirt and grass and trees,bushes to some areas with snow and rock.It absorbs the polar field.The polar field is part of the elenents and spreads into grass and vegetation at low atmosphere.Its also blown out but circulates around the islands and continent.This is the planet's poles on angle.Not earth class planet at all.Spreads healthiness of its nature and environment.It adds color from vegetation.Vegetation and land is vibrant.Polar subarctic area where the snow and vegetation underneath part of the polar sky.Factor.It has forces that make it in high atmosphere and space.Nothing to do with moons.Its forces the island continent poles area makes.Islands on its many coasts have tides for some and some don't.Arctic zones there are tides.Wonder that is constructive and neat to walk around in shallows but watch their watches how much time before it floods back.Predators are adjusted to tides.They don't get caught.Seasonal tides.Then rest of other seasons no tides from where the polar region is in planet's rotation which is slower from giant size.The atmosphere rotates faster.Same space atmosphere.Currents cut through making free flowing water in deepest of depths.Currents move water.Water at depths can gain thermal heat and heat from higher level parts of surface of bodies of water sitting in humidity and hot oceans needing lower currents to cool down oceans stream burst lower depths.Depths prevent the water from being hot on the planet.Currents are mixed and cooled down energy potential to change for all bodies of water on planet in hot areas of planet.Currents then travel and transfer in state of temperature and water changes to arctic frigid.Mixes free flowing current of ice flows.Waters of planet are relatively calm no waves or tidal waves.No salt in water either.Salt is a mineral that is alien mineral on landforms of continent not in water.No where on planet where salt and water are mixed.Just crystals from outer atmosphere chemical in water but its very positive and alien.No large amounts of poison minerals or deposits.None to leech in water.That is from other moons and in outer space.Planet has no poisons elements in layers to water.No underground gases.Caverns have breathable air and no gases.This system of nature cycles everything so its not stored up to harm things as poison gases.No volcanic activity and no dangerous minerals stores in planet.Nature is all growing since eternity.Its water cycle has free flowed.In formation of planet it was dangerous and had unstable gases that settled.Allah had furious reactions that came to calm and developed weather barriers.Galaxy and solar system was very dangerous and had harsh rays from stars and many stars distance of sun.It had meteorites but all of this fury happened in space elements nature beginnings of this planet.Gravity was being born and atmosphere with gas crystal layers.Releasing stores under the crust into space and alot energy potential all released.Oceans were forming and it started to calm down from Allah making many climate systems and gravities and making its many poles.Poles settled down unstable weather that lashed out energy potential in weather.No nature to crushed as nature would adjust to this as many hundred of thousands of years passed for calming of weather systems and nature and forming of mountains.All energy tapped into poison gas and mineral deposits releasing them outside far from planet's orbit.It did not have unstable nature system as all of fury was done in formations of planet with high temperatures and gas giant.Planet rejection all of dangers and unstabilities and harshness and raw power from calming process and to give it precipitation from chemical better than water.Life formed.Distribution of everything to be miliions of years of nature and ten thousand years of civilizations.Modern futuristic civilization.After all of this left behind minerals for nature to overgrowth and then civilization.No electricty in the planet or in its atmosphere.It has different energies that assimulated in nature.Storms don't go wild and there is no extreme weather no electrical current.The oceans and bodies of water have no electric current.This water chemical is not water.Not conductive like water.No electric theories in weather.Calming on island continent.Has no instabilities in weather or climate.Does not have destructive thing like electricity.Magnetism is not electricity and blended in with colors of each climate in poles.No plate techtonics or irradical volcanic does not exist on this planet at all.Landforms are from beginning all the way older than prehistoric hundereds of millions of years for old gas giant planet.Its landforms were not shifted around at all only in its beginning with raw power but were making the shapes to be filled like lakes and landforms.Telluric current in landforms strengthened it and many layers,seas and trenches,mountains and valleys.Power to molt the landform but the chemical liquid fell from clouds and showered and mixed with the steam bursts.Water and snow layers happened for island continent as it was shaped by Creator System.Raw gases and chemical formed stable climates and natural barriers for island poles continent.Then nature happened from plants and trees and placing organisms and first creatures.Organisms were giant forms of creatures and then changed species to alien fish,alien mammals species and all creatures and dinosaurs.They then had glands and were growing their scales and hair.Insects.Trees and jungles mixed woods.Beaches and mountain valleys and valleys with plush life.Countryside and landforms.Lakes and rivers.Polar seas and islands.Weather systems grew stability from raw.The natural energies and magnetisms absorbed into weather to make climate.High winds in space and below subarctic space.Atmosphere and energies were contained in landforms so they were not destructive exposed.Changed to telluric.Minerals in seas and oceans were at a high level and started to turn more of a base and lost its acidity.Spreadout with nature and dispersed by planet's processes.

Sewage is destroyed down by chemicals and natural elements that destroy the sewage and they burn the water as unused.They get pure water from arctic and from bodies of water,stores underground.This water is changed to water vapours again.Emergency water is like North America's but better.They ship the water back to nature.Given in needed areas but people are fussy to their water and want mineral water from springs.They drink clean water.This water is for their showers and purposes outside using hose and garden.Cleaning cars and things.Its even evapourated at high temperatures as steam before it goes back to sink and taps.Makes the water in water parks.Underground network of sewage treatment and other septic treatments for water are all done underground to the point people go to make a property from peices of land.Its all done up out in the country for them to make estates out in the middle of nowhere but there is no nowhere as small towns exist out in nowhere and small town life everything is a region here.Underground and electrical and from space.Energy relayed from space as power source.They receive the signals or energy transfer from space to power up regions.They have many types of energy sources being electrical and by wi-fi.They get it from space and it powers things much better than nuclear.They harness and create energy in space and they have space stations that have energy brought back to our planet and island continent.They have batteries which run on dormant energy.Batteries backup system to environment and necessities like environment and fields towards sea creature giant predators.Underwater fields and many fields they have to make places safe.Batteries remain to backup energy and the clouds don't cutoff any energy.Signals go through the clouds as they don't have electrons.They may flash in storm but not electrons.Everywhere is modernized and not in anything portable.Not in remote area as they changed potential remote areas to population centers.People love the weather and sky here.Effect they are proud of it and it makes to non-boring life.Do their hobbies with windows pearing out to the world and weather here.

ers.Space technology as alien advancements out open.Blinking lights warship from space to dock at naval base and hangar.Queen Armada Space Military Agent  Added by Queen Armadalectures

alien pole Continent

Added by Queen Armadastraighten out

Antarcticans in her life.Space warships are a base that can handle many situations in space especially military operations.Our continent is over the pole of the alien world but temperature is not cold.Poles on alien world are different as the seasons are different and the time is 36hrs for a day.Vector is the cold place covers the Southern tip planet."Eurasia"The pole area as on earth for our world fluctuates in weather and temperature.Clouds bounce channeled over water and through mountains to change the weather.It is temperate and 9

Princess Armada Space Military Agent

Added by Queen Armadadegrees

and is hundreds miles from the frozen over Southern tip.Not precise.Water carries and warmed vapour.Frozen pole area is temperate.Cities and woods.It is warmest raining 10 degreess then freezes over.Seasons combine further to southern area,fall and spring and no summer.It has the hot weather from equator and then extends to Sub arctic that is developed by the Transformer Gobot people beings.Whole continent is full of 100's of millions.It is a very huge continent,10 times or 50 times size on earth.Huge cover this planet.Planet size in alien is much bigger.Our freshwater lakes and there are

Princess Armada Space Military Agent

Added by Queen Armadanetworks of bodies of water throughout.Mountains.Borders for

sector zones.Giant Dreamworld Continent is a super civilization Urban Metropolises and branch south and go North.Civilization branches and is huge.Tens of millions.Speak a language like Star Wars.It is hazy and cloud covered and retains rays from the Stars with magnetic poles effect in many regions poles not just from cold.Robot people population with their very old government.Hugest continent on its world.It extends from icy pole to icy pole but is based on alien

Princess Armada Space Military Agent

Added by Queen Armadaprinciples.Not icy on poles.It has all terrains and

weathers,even tropical.Mountain regions with bodies of water valleys.Deep drop oceans coasts.Forest and when they go closer to tropical jungle and forest.Tundra and Urban cities.They are all drectly

Princess Eilleen Khan older than Francis

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connected.Space traveling from airport.This planet is in orbit of other.Brother planets.They can see this one as they can see each other.Weather is 15 degrees drops to 9 degrees cloudy.It has endless historical cities and long sidewalks turn into roads.It has a space highway.This place is very futuristic.Equator has mixed weather.Hot region is hot for much of the year.Poles region with mountainous forests and urban cities.Billions of people.But it has robot runned ghost cities.Roads

Stephen Geyer- Desperado


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Greatest American Hero Everything You Dream


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Greatest American Hero Dreams


Added by Queen Armadastretch cars

go mach .5 and

Princess Armada Space Military

Added by Queen Armadafaster.Speed of

speeders but cars.Production in its past for factories and modern era.Connected to our continent in history and territory.It is our home too.Sky is very high in hundreds of miles to clouds.Magnetic effect in the sky makes it colorful and wavey.It has layers of magnetism and crystals in its atmosphere and produces many effects Allah made on them both.More disapated and the planet with its radiation belts and arc rim burns up atmosphere to make a haze.Puts a force on them.They can see space more clearly at night time.58hr clock for many days.Moisture in atmosphere is carried in alien principles,crystals form gases for stages of the day and even dusk.It is not close to boring on this planet is another giant Natural wonder of space.You can see planets and stars and nebulas for night time.Purplish in part of the season with haze.Our government and its many section of military.Production in history and exporting.Wealth and power of the government and their pionneer days.Reaching space in ancient civilization for their first hundred years.Vast and high education system alien archive.Spread through space.Vast archive.Many corporations and industrial areas.Parks and nature.High standard.Very weathy with their alliance with continent on other smaller world.Space expansion and other dimensions.High

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Added by Queen Armadaelectronics alien technology.Their

civilization.Its intelligence.Bodies of water number in hundred thousands.Water is high purification.Eurasia has trains that travel above ground and underground at mach 4.They are traveling to connect Eurasia from tip pole to tip pole.It takes a day to get there.Each city is connected to each other and towns.Smallest are towns.There is space traveling and travel at the space airport.Shuttles to space and space passenger craft.Go to space.Highways are connected and many cars can go aboard train for extended.

There are urban streets and bustling crowds in city but organized and sorted out.It is clean appearance and futuristic with folklore,tribal in many areas into architecture.Historic is retained and my home city is whole giant city of historic buildings as city all historic architecture and into being modern.Giant towers many giant buildings of 100's of floors.People AI's here go on their daily lives being busy in mornings and at lunch hour.They commute in a network of alien subways in cities and buses.Taken by monorails which are smaller than buses and take the lag off subways and buses.People are transported to long distances in mini sized module which people can walk from back to front.It was built with room and is compact.People can eat away and there are no messes on monorails as passengers are polite to obey rules and their are drone workers.They have a pleasant ride that is not as much a load as bus.And this cuts through the areas a sidewalk is on so its like a snake at traveling on paths beside the sidewalk and it cuts around.Then many monorails go out to countryside and other regions.It does not use the streets like buses.It uses sidewalks networks and is besides them on part curb section for monorail that has bells that its coming and the area by drone is cleared for safety.Many live in rules with monorail coming buy to pick up passengers.They are not fast in city and takeaway a long walk.People can take their bikes,electric bikes on monorail besides seats.Our cities have their history in artwork and space artwork using graphics as methods to other methods of space art to tell stories of our galaxy.History is recorded in art.For our island continent in each city is our art galleries which are many levels being 5 levels at the smallest.They go through and know of religion and ancient times.Nothing pagan or obscene here.Those galleries for women and socialize but for men socialize it does not get out of hand.Has rules that men here are very respectable and respect women and their mothers and cousins,women in their family.They do not like obscenity at all and have lots of respect but don't over do it as they are modern.Sciences are in giant science building that tells us of sciencs in our galaxy and our island continent.Goes through each sciences from technology,electronics,computers,energies,space,zoology,insects,fish and prehistoric,farming,cities,military,supernatural and religion,biology,all of the sciences that go on.Many structures that feed in sciences and show with lights and illumination to make it very exciting.And the holographic info goes on with 3d show in holograms.People wait at each exhibit and watch a short show.Places in these buildings there series of lounges for people to explore and know more about science and to stay there and go through holographic info and books.Books come to life and computer.Archives with lots of chairs and they have their hours at even late at night because its not pitch dark here dark but illuminated well maintained at night.People here adjusted and can stay up at late hours night without any caffeine aid.But they have them and they don't make people cranky,sore and headache.They are comfortable and can have short nap later much later.AI's can stay up for months but this is military or government.So they can stay awake with mind operates on biology but software that is alive.People stay up at during night to early in morning here.There is activity here.And they have more than double our hrs as their day and night so their sleep is fractional and is more than enough.Like a computer they sleep.There are parks here as nature and the landscape was captured by the first pioneers and tribes.They both kept and retained the beauty of each area.The nature,its natural landscape like swamps in some area had old boardwalks and places with giant wooden islands where people rested on benches and ate here.Made it into park network through the swamp without any problems from nature.Nothing giant in swamps because their not heavy duty swamps.Cities adapted them and mergered them to make the cities very beautiful as mixing modern structures to the beaches.No polution as people swim.There are structures that people can go in by the waterfront are a center with areas for swimmers to change and wash.Accomodations.Lounges to view the waterfront.Nature here is retained merger into city with many types of duct work to re-route the water so it never overflows or causes anything,calming.That is where they closed off areas to giant predators for many sections for safety of sea life and lake creatures.Barriers in water off shore for hundreds of yards.Allow sea water and lake water in but block off giant predators.People fell in the water no giant creature or vicious creature will attack them at all.Peaceful fish or sharks that eat feed from workers.Peaceful.Made many bridges for nature that have network in city forest.People can walk above and rest at upraised levels and have their lunches or breakfast upraised in parks.Weather is blocked off as they have cover and drone workers maintain things with park staff.Townships and villages are part of regions outside of city and city covers 100 miles til and joins as other regions less 100 miles.That is where villages and townships happen and they have history recorded in areas,are modernized.They don't smash down buildings but retain them.They don't make mistakes.Accurate from days pioneers to retain the structures and upgrade them.Build new buildings.Commuting and monorail takes them as it speeds up to leave sidewalks to go onto tracks to get to outer regions and connects many regions,townships and villages to city.And reverse that they are connected to city to townships,and other regions.Goes to speeder speeds.Scenic route of course when slows down come out speeder speeds.They do this as jump in time and distance to keep city and regions close.Of course people have food courts when they commute and monorail

Underground Lake with waterpark,beaches

structure has food courts places to rest.Beaches are kept well and beaches in the townships and villages have lakes and transparent water where you can see bottom of creeks and lakes.Waterpark is part of the underground lake.World underground in caves.Theirs lighting from the roof and ceiling of the caves.There are centers part of the waterpark and beaches.They are all fun going and safe places of fun.People slide down the slides and have fun or go swimming in marked swimming areas.No predators because underground lakes.Its been done for swimming as they have touched up and creationed proper swimming areas.Theirs woods underground.Roads and streets people take and commuting from outside the caves and from the cities in caverns.Areas meant for bathers that separate nature creatures from people.Have areas maintained built onto lakes and creeks to swim and wade in.Accomodations.Drone workers maintain them as they with people AI's work together.All easy access to the civilians.They don't have any complications and take bag and go.Security to keep their belongings from government.Kept safe and the have a place to stay temporary.Accomodations to do with the parks.Families go here and read of history.Scenic walks and trails that have information at each stop.People are on benches to rest.And of course many main structures that have eating areas and lounges where people stay outside of their accomodations.People are not kept in their accomodations like a cave.They are based in a center for day and night.The tourism has made it that they can stay in center instead of accomodations.They can go to accomodations to watch entertainment and privacy.Eating they can do it outside as to picnic and provisions.They can ready to picnic in their accomodations.There are partially underground cities built in chasm.They  are unique and from ancient days.They are down levels

Cavern Ancient Space Modern City

below sea level in valleys.Here nature grows as there are forests and of course cities.Cities and regions are part of chasm.They are in a partial cave from when the tribes ancient days and their architecture fo this city.This city and others like it are how close we were to ancient civilizations.Ours had a native alien that lived here or blue Klingon but they became space muslims and started to teach in lines of islam from ancient days.This city and many cavern cities are from our ancient days and preserved modernized.They did not have a radical out of blue Kliingons were modernized and sturdy.They became muslims from stories.They are not the worse of the Klingons as better of them believing in things like logic and fact.They are much like scientific a race that was making ancient language to decode it to fact.They believed in fact and were non-pagan.They were modernized and unlike Klingons they believed in fact and have powerful will power.Much like Vulcans in fact and logic.They based ancient society on fact and education and strayed away from supernatural.They are open people and are Klingons but like people.They have emotions and laugh and enjoy things.They built things of concrete material and were trying to find the Klingon homeworld from our dimension.They used their alien smarts.They are not bitter or bitter in history.They are upper class sort of race that though can build architecture and figures out puzzles and clues,mysteries.They are excellent at decoding and depictions.They had era and made the best of being in past.They were fed type of islam and being normal and as Empire they took to this and they have stories of as their are those that rebel in stories and irrational that make religion.They must have left our island continent and went to other side of the planet.Story does not get disasterous to monstrous rate or level.Has some sort of stories and strengthen beliefs in Centauri.Stargate then was part of the stories and merger into the religion and empire back then.Ancient times paved away customs and ways of life,culture and history that they read being interesting and marks point of cities being ancient cities of island continent and its life in space.Stargate was part of it and its ancient civilizations but much of the violence and hatred and worst parts took place far away in other galaxies and not on this island's soil.They raised their guard to the Klingons.Klingons were much like pagans and raw and crude people.They from different color did not take to blue Klingons.Blue Klingons got to establish their laws of logic and to being intelectuals.Smart and pave the way to sciences and their cities theme of intelligence.Trusted in each city that they patriotic and uphold our island to teach to young.Logic and intelligence.Smarts and academics to islam like teachings from Centauri to polish them off.Cities thrived but they have stories part of religion that many did not except islam.It had such a power name of Centauri and his power over the universe to govern our protection even against UFO aliens and Klingon Empire.Against Evil and threats in space.Created systems when many are in disaster or emergencies.Important for life and value life very dearly.They know about losing people.They had attriums and many gardens to go out for walks and are non-irrational.They love traquility and peace time to nature.From all of that academics time to be at peace without book and have creek and trees and breeze.To do with my companies hobbies as park.Peace time and nature.Good for a race that is also very martial and will conquer for the planet and space with warships.They know of disturbing space with any wars but wars that need to be fought to keep peace and win.Space cruisers.Not having your homeland hit by war and its dangers.Logic.Code to do with logic and language.Complications and a language like binary better.Modern structures were built and nature was blended in with this with parks and a lake system with large creeks.It makes city very scenic.Here native architecture it makes the people feel a feeling of the past and interacting with the elements of island continent.Its has its lighting and it gets a little darker but from city lights that keep it alluminated with ancients energy they used to alluminate darker parts of the city.They used nature to alluminate it.Lake has sky glow over it.Some of that light passes into darker parts which are glowing.Villages and townships because size being huge and colossal.It is giant and the caves are all safe.Their are parks in caves as they have developed world underground as part civilization.And they commute underground and my monorail.And many more cities were built but have levels underground from surface.They were attatched merger to surface.Connection of modernization underground with parks of nature.All alluminated and supervised.Police underground as workers.No gases as their is filtration units.Highways underground as subways and trains.Better route to other cities and stops to islands off the coasts that part of island continent regions.Underground connects the islands networks and under polar poles seas.Many stops as on surface as they have food courts and lounges.Structures.But many townships and cities underground have allumination like glow in the dark and it does not waste energy and keeps going at a very high level.Places to swim in lakes that are shallow and alluminated for swimming.They have accomodations from monorail too.Easy access for all parts continent.Monitors in swimming area prevent any people waste and poluting in the water.Scan people for preparation and water has filtration defenses,fields.Monitored by security and workers.Its how the elders avoided any harsh climate before barriers,environmental fields and other methods to counter any harshness.They were all underground using energies from underground to live in arctic weather.They had heat and warmings from harnessing hot springs and gases,spread the heat into living spaces and cities.Warmth the arctic is no danger.Have abillities to grow harvest from warmth and using ducts to spread warm air over soil.And nature has steam give water to jungles/forests.And the islands off all shores in ocean part of this island continent.They have government capitol and some have government capitol city of regions on land of island continent.Their capitol they get to underground direct route regions are attatched to islands.Some islands have ancient architecture and many were built with modern technology.Their equal to 17th century North America they had thousand yrs ago.They had whiteman space muslims make architecture that was Space Victorian and had modern electronics in it.Many islands have that and futuristic structures.They are booming civilization with stock markets and centers with their beaches and nature.People do activities and sports in islands.Its a tropical wonder and is mixed tropical with alien climates types and weathers.People have sandy beaches in subarctic weather.Beaches and temperate as in parts of seasons you can walk bare foot on sands as its like spring.But there is ice kingdom all around that traps in humid to make tropic alien weather effect.Ice kingdom that is beautiful.Ice has subarctic temperature as snow.But it does not spread.Its covered and on beaches as certain and many areas that the ground is not wet or cold.Dry and perfect to conduct tribal activities outside like cookout and parties.People are good natured in poles region.They take advantage of their ice kingdom that is temperate.They have celebrations and places fo sports and activities to enjoy things.People have fun time.And they watch tv and entertainments.Accomodations.Museums to explain tribes of oceans of this planet.Places to sit and read and  go through archives with narrations in holograms.Interest and education and you can meet popular people of the areas.Students have a chance to meet students of this area.Meet and introduce and act friendly.Exchange and they all sort themselves out in lounges and get help with info and being shown around.Hiking is developed by government and areas are easy to access and are not dangerous.They have areas made with resting areas and structures.Hikers go out and hike in nature proper developed trails.They are not too long and have structures people can go to to stay in.Cart transportation makes stops at the structures to transport people back to accomodations or other parts.Food courts on islands and journey from city and there is natural landscape with jungle woods and beaches.Walking trails and signs that explain history and area.Tap to press to get a holographic show short.Many picnic areas.Provisions in townships to picnic from accomodations.Then they can go to center to lounge and stay for day and night.Places to be based at.Nature here with tropical effect in poles.Villages and townships here.Regions.Long sandy beaches.Weather is temperate with the wind blowing temperate winds have been warmed in arctic cold areas.All islands systems have extreme weathers and climates.Some like regions are hot,arctic cold,temperate,9 degrees Celsius and cloud covered.Snow and ice that falls melts seasonally.In summer it snowfalls.In winter its hot.Areas in the continent have valleys and many places specialties.Townships know for their baking and cusine.Have markets where they sell the baked goods.People travel commute from all over to buy and eat baked goods.Cooked like from ancient times and from past history.And its not expensive open to public.They have that on islands for sea food and different wild cattle they have.Townships retain history from going back centuries to thousands of years to ancient days of tens of thousands of yrs.They have market for art work that can come alive from holographics.Types of art and craft.And hobbies and toys.Games.And you can buy stuff like electronic models and cartoon comics of tropical islands in another language that is from tribal.Like Gundam in japanese.Comics here changed to moving picture fed into machine collection and it changes comic to holographics and plays them as cartoons.You watch story and load in more of a collection that goes on for many hours.Translation change subtitles are pick narrative in the island continent's star wars language tongue.People talk out this language of Stargate non-english.Non-Star Wars either.Long words.And they will understand english.Cause I and Queen Armada and rest of Zarconian watch in english.Subtitle is narrative.Retains the different type of story.People have an area that goes underground by beaches or in city where you go under and view harbour by transparent shield that was installed as reinforcement but transparant that is harder than space concrete.Perfectly see through to view oceans depths and you can go to beach and go under to view under the ocean depths.It has precautions as all places near the water.Ducts and emergency systems handling water and pressure.And there are statues and monuments,objects the mark history on the islands and in older cities like mine the historic city.        Communities in these zones as people are communities and laws of each area.Structures with community spirit as laws.Underground cities have monuments.And of course engraving that tells you history and hologram gives you small show.They are proud part of history and leaders.They are of past that established great areas of island poles continent.And in sports there are.When you go to arena and all cities have many sports teams.They have something like soccer and hockey,baseball.In every city and in islands their stadium and championships vs space.League play is with space.Add to the cities to make them and mark them as figures of past.Largest buildings are in the continent.They are in each zone.They are towering structures that more 300 stories.The frost bites and wind chill happens when there is a change of states to gases in atmosphere.From instability that happens.This planet because of its core and layers of landmass,atmosphere makes a balance on the planet and our island poles continent.It does not have in imbalance and fluctuation causing instability in atmosphere.The weather is consistant and is not irradical.It has a median with the seasons.It has many environmental barriers that Creator System of Galaxies for Transformers Gobots created.The Caretaker Angels of Evolution in this galaxy made environment barrier and increased it on poles island continent.The poles are strength of planet's poles and integrity to be 1 factor that holds the planet together.It like an eye of hurricane effect has calming over entire continent in gravitational fields changed to weather and the island continent.It has a very healthy atmosphere and was a gas giant.It is a gas giant.It has a large layer of gases in outer space part of the planet.It also happens from void space and vacuum is created.There is no vacuum close to the land or low altitude.Vacuum in outer layer of atmosphere in space.Fields for each altitude are powerful and crafts can fly through them.Nothing happens.Frost never happens to point of subarctic conditions harshness extremity.Has liquid in air that has changed with winds.It is not out of control windy.Winds from oceans are not extreme and have hit through many barriers before hitting the islands systems.Islands have their own cluster of environment barriers.Transparent and charged up.Interdemensional vortex merger in process with the poles.Concentrated area of vortex energy and planet's central structural of many energies that have settled down.Vortex from other dimensions adds to the skies and effect.Vortexes all brought in many factors to the island poles continent.Vortex brought in color.It brought in factors that turned stable.Beginning was vortex storms.Planet formed with vortex storms mergering to make this gas giant and changed it from soley being gas giant to planet and when the landforms and energies combined and separated to make this planet and its healthiness.Healthy environment.Poles of this planet in south are charged up.Lacking charge to planet.Poles need a charge.The sky in poles tells if the planet has charge going.No power and weather becomes from space and extremity.Harsh and unbeareable.This planet's southern area pole is charged and going from hundreds of thousands of years.Because millions of years and the charge of the pole was not in this area and it was irrational.It was alien harsh and unstable but was becoming stable.The South area poles of this planet has warmth and humidity because the poles of south are charged with energy.Energy soaked into atmosphere to make it very healthy,most healthy in outer space.Gases are enriched and healthy yet so old.Weather processes recycle and refine the atmosphere.They make sure that its pure from when it was harsh and pure when it began.It must have been hot.Must have had powerful weather that made its giant freshwater lakes and its mountains so high to space because of dangers when it was settling.Energy of poles makes power for each type of system.Natural defenses from harsh climate and extremity.It has so many factors to make calm weather.From ground the steam and it has changed biologically with the forests,jungles and grass.No mud cover.All grass even under snow in extreme areas,zones where there is alert level to all AI people that weather in this zone is too hot and also too cold as danger.When you car breaks down and does not produce any cooling,people have clothes which meant for extreme weather.Hot they have cooling in layers of material that make inside cool on their body.10 to 20 degrees less than outside.And for cold 10 to 30 degrees more against outside.Systems for breakdown on vehicle.They get repaired fast to new comers.People there know exactly what to do in roads and highways there.Of course civilization is all over the place.The decaying matter and waste from animals on this planet are cleaned up by organisms.Organisms get rid of waste matter which is not even close to UFP and earth.Nothing like manure.It is like artificial intelligent animals that they eat organic matter food but broken down with natural cleaner and combusted by the animal's body system so their's not that much after month.Animals waste has organisms break it down and destroy it for it to be ready for the clay dirt and vegetation to take over and start its trip as broken down like fertilizer.Its then spread out by grass and vegetation which feeds off it like manure when organisms take effect.Bodies of water in cleaner water chemical use the cleaner to clean and breakdown the small quantity of waste matter.Bodies of water and air has organism in nature that all start attack on waste and after less day its gone.Broken down and self destructed.Nature and dirt layers have taken it to spread it through nature and specific weeds that feed on manure proteins.Weeds here ones that feed on proteins once organisms of the island poles area have started.Water here is has acids to break down waste faster.Organism have natural acids in their systems and bigger than earth.In order to destroy down waste they are particle size.These organism tend to the dirt and vegetation as they have more types of organisms that do processes.When Creator's System and Evolution Process Angels and Space Elements Angels all went to forming of gas giant and organisms were selected and do their prehistoric processes.Organisms were chosen and alien form.Organisms were clean form of life to focus on for this job in nature and many structures of this alien planet.Organism in the air but they collect together when they are in need of process like dead material and remains.Or natural disasters of deadly gases or any other threats from nature they counter it.Many organisms even in layers of atmosphere in space and many layers there are organisms and organisms in jungle woods.And in city as these organisms changed adapt to urban and suburban.Organisms are constructive.They are like planet's cell system.That is they way the Creator System made them.Ones in air.They clean the planet when no one can do it like janitors.Angels cannot do janitorial so organisms were chose like planet's cells.But the poles organisms have poles adaptations to them like the many poles and polar energies.Part of that and the sun up with the glowing skies for many climates and effects to skies and chances closer to outer space.Atmosphere is not dividing them from space.Organisms on the moons of this planet.Natives merger forces with the organism.They helped them out and knew of in legends of organisms and more fact from myths.The natives used organisms in their technology and health.They did not damage any of them.The natives added respect to nature and creator.And took off to do with alien Islam.Closer to creator's world and how to explain the universe and how things happen like weather.Weather is in sciences.Weather feeds organisms.Many organisms that feed part plant kingdom.

Greatest American Hero Opposites-1


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The Greatest American Hero - You got the power & End Credits


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The Greatest American Hero - Don't Let Me Down


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Greatest American Hero Anytime You Need Me


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Greatest American Hero Tribute


Added by Queen Armadatravel.We are

connected by ships to other territories on our planet.Highways up below the clouds.Connect buildings with highways and stops,restaurants and stores.Everything is connected.Car carries to space to our alien planet that is part of our government.Very futuristic technology and world of now and 21 century.Subways connect towns to cities and to shopping centers,groceries.We like people eat for taste and energy as best cooks on earth were computer factory as chef.Giant metropolises of futuristic and old cities.Alot of them in millions.Towering and connected to space by space bridges,tunnels that travel to space.Cars can travel on them to space ports.Series,trains.Many platforms at cloud and stratosphere level for leisure and social.Go around platform and view down the planet from edge fo space.Trains go tot the moons.People go to the moons and there are ones with atmosphere.Moons have cities and underground was created as part of the civiliztion,by stairs.People go out on moons for walks and it is developed.Travel to next town and people' s living as stores.Eurasia is bustling with major populations and media through space.We burn our waste.It is a government orientated continent that is long island from icey pole to icey pole.It is an exporter.They harness resources.They have giant urban population.They have had wars with natives or have none.Nothing to do with tribal.Many elders that begun here.It is a a territory and allianced with Archaepelago.It has government structure and parliament.They are a G country in space.Modern era.They though are cutoff from other islands and continents.They have a powerful military.Our people are allowed by orbital elevator to visit.We're at home.They grow produce and agriculture.Much of their fertile land is in the tundra as seasons happen to thaw out icey pole.It has forestry.They re-grow the trees back.Arctic waters feed the plant life,Goes underground.People's homes are warm condoms.Warm society outdoors in tundra.Tundra is where they build condos.They have wind tunnels re-directed and sucked out.Takes away the cold and outer space is colder.Giant condoms 100 stories.Millions of buildings.Hot area is hot all year around and populated.Distribution of population is even in cold zones to hot.Plenty of water and pure water.Gases that are better than earth lack polution.Built underground and above surface.High altitude to low altitude below sea level.Museums.We have overly developed highway systems for entire continent.It is thawed and not covered by anything even on frozen glacial pole has highways built around and throught it.It is all one land mass.There are ony white people in our continent.We are alien from Transformer Gobots.We have manmade masonry and concrete structures

Outside this continent because of the polar effects the weather is in eye of the planet.On other parts of the planet the weather has harshness.its a calming on the poles as I described.Other parts the snow hurricane and on the other poles its a snow hurricane.People don't live in danger areas because of the all out power of this planet can be uncalming as natives on all parts planet are governed by our island continent is the entire government.They have bad natives and they are Klingons.On the other poles and on other poles they are communists.Gamilons.They have powerful part of Stargate from UFP govern them and control them.They are adapted to harsh climate and extremeties.They have harshness and other factors outside the polar area and its natural calming.Every weather system is flowing towards the powerful poles and poles crush them.To make it calm the fields and barriers collide and calming exists.Communists as they describe our planet on their northern part no calming.Arctic is raw and has some of what the planet offers.This climate is only on our poles.

Zarconian forces using Nanoparticles Special weapons

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everywhere.They are all connected.Drive on highways at fast speed.Eurasia is our military and they do tests on some areas of Eurasia and its bases.They are very militant.They compete with rest of space.They have controlled tests that do not wreck the planet.This planet looks very alien like.Its like a giant planet that is part gas giant.It recieves more sunlight and natural star light.It has an atmosphere thick laryer of clouds.People live as military families and don't lose their family lines in military.Kept track of by the continent.Military service is daily life

Space Marine Monster Warship

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there.Bases are open to society.And they have turned into government.Our military forces have giant Star Trek Starships and giant warships.They have alien military technology.They as continents are alliance mliitarily.They have futuristic warfare and bases.They use Transformer Gobots for military.They are enlisted in military.They have carriers.They uses space craft design for fighters.Not earth class.They are alive and transform and live on bases.They fly to space on platforms.They have space ships like a Command Center for military.Star Trek Starships giant size.They have military personel and they change them to add their military vehicle to them to make them a Transformer Gobot.Continent on alien world has alien principles for weather.Principles as a High Class society.No immigrants unless they are off high class level on poles continent "Archaepelago".They have caring and opened to the world of High Class and above.Vortex's on the borders to protect civilians.The lakes area is cool.There are many more l

Princess Armada Mechanical Being Transformation

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Princess Armada Mechanical Being Transformation

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and rivers,bodies of water in the map.Many songs like "The Prisoner" Iron Maiden of the pole region and lakes area "Everloving"Mobi.We through transportation are connected to whole giant continent.Easy commuting for the people and my family.Princess Armada can go and plans trips.Its neighboring section and we are wealthy our many homes and condos.Giant condos to sky 70 storeys.Some areas are militant with a history of glory and in space.Policing system elite.Weather near the equator like lakes area1 is cool and can get


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breezy and spring like being 10 degrees Celsius and raising more as day goes.Lunch its cold and gets warmer afternoon and

HKT Command Center

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warm.There are mountains with snow and elevation.Tribal and alien theories defy science.Sky they can see nebulas and clouds in space and very real to view sky entire continent.Stars look real wavy but its worse in pole region.Feels like they are close to space but with atmosphere.And has energy phenomena but in each region.Color can be greenish to dark not bright but to the time being dusk then it goes dark but remains longer part of half a day for dusk.Edge of alien world hemisphere location to our sun.Isolated from beings major population center.Very far from next advanced busy populated continent in space.We are the spotlight but in privacy poles continent.Angle of continent to our suns and moons edge of

Top view Zarco Command Center

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colorful atmosphere from angle.Next populations on our world are less then ours far away divided by the deep large bodies of water.Very far from this universe.Leader in its world.Our day is much longer and is 48 hrs for a day.Mountains in central area are cold.The pole is know as Suburbia.Lots of subdivisions and city.Alien principles are not the same as tribal and scientific.Alien like things happen in reactions and making warmth and cold.Tip north is hot and tropical.Magnetic poles at the end,southern tip covers surface of the where a pole would be on earth.Pole area has mountains and is not cold.It is 15 degrees C in mountains area much of the year.Snows and stays minus 5.It is a plush area being a pole of the

Zarco Command Center

Added by Queen Armadaplanet.Suburban area.Eurasia cities are suburbs and city mixed together.They are giant that

Subarctic Eurasia City

have 10's of millions of people.They have industry and are made of concrete like material and made of alloy.Bridges and many areas they have their own industry.Living areas of condos and giant skyscrapers that are in 100's of stories.200 stories in center.They space airports adjusted to the giant skyscrapers.They have enterprise and industry.They have many structures and buildings.They don't have poverty or ghettos from eliminating this from UFP and Stargate.They have many complicated areas of cities.They have commuting and access to distant cities commuting as when on rails they get faster in mach to get to other cities.Connect the many islands and islands in lakes areas they are not remote.Full and bustling with buissinessmen and other types of working civiliians.

Eurasian City of this planet

  It is very huge and would cover Northern and Southern Hemisphere on earth since our home
PlrCtEurs orginal sketch

Dreamworld Planet Eurasia city

planet is size of a star.It is small on the star size planet but very giant in earth terms.Many areas,historic giant city with 9 degrees Celsius weather cloudy to 12 degrees C.The tropical coast and its snow falls and hot weather and cities of 30 million.Cold historic area of southern area.This one is bluish wavy sky nebulas.The many suns we have and some are smaller makes a beautiful day.Cloud cover.Theirs is more than 48 hrs but having a pole in center of continent where weather is very moderate and environment is moderate it does not produce same Arctic region effect.Theirs is dark greenish and black and gets wavy.They are having a day during dark and there is police and military and government here.Population center of space for robot transforming people.Their day happens in mountain area built with concrete mixed with vegetation.Futuristic and reddish sky.Under a Blood Red Sky" that is the day as the day can get darker.Kristine changes to pilot person mode and combiners with Army units and monster tanks.She is inside them combiner pilot.Transformed shrink down and add to systems of Monster tank with hydro-skis for space travel and on water,air and changes to go to ground.Controlled from the area for pole and has magnetism high level and adjusted to it and have emitters to control it built into lights.Its in their food.Nebula clouds and vortex interdimensional and this became technology.Winter is reddish.Then it gets blunt dark but with the street lights glowing in space and many go to moons and space travel,space ports and come surface in less hour commuting.Pole Suburban central mountains area heavily populated suburbs.All connected by advanced technology and commuting.Buses,trains,subways and vehicles transports connects the whole continent top to bottom and to its coasts within travel 4hrs from North tip to Southern.My kids can travel on the space transit system and vehicle monorails that go through the mountains..It is a space traveling civilization.Where its remote there is at least a city of 50 000 people robots in cold.Remote because of alien factors.Heat.And area.10 000 people robots in heat remote.Community origins as alien natives merger to spread and make community structure.Communites being simple life and in general what everyone follows and surroundings.Space communities.City.Area that is not tropical and it is on coast of a bottomless shelf of ocean.Area with highways and heavy cities.Areas of tropical Northern coast and cities of 20 million.Many cities in each sector that are 20 million plus.The entire continent has poles effect on them.It is not boring.Natural Phenomena in space continent.Habitated with space technology and restored masonry technology.They have highways throughout the continent space technology go into turbo speed mach.There are in some sectors Super futuristic cities and areas.Much restored country and parks.Outdoors in central sector mountains.There are alot of woods and trees of all sorts in science.Airports travel to outer space.Very futurisitc and powerful with harness resources.They are wealthy.Banks to outer space and continent travel,past the sector borders.Space police and their battlecruisers land in military areas.They transform their armor.See in skies nebulaes in space and nebulae clouds.Stars spectacular.Very realistic and magnetism makes effect.They have sun go down for sunset and sunrise normal.They have a longer day and longer night mixed together.As they go to the southern tip planet day and night gets longer seasons but goes down.Cities in the frozen region tip covers botttom of the world.Frozen Arctic region is heavily suburban and has breaks in arctic cold to 14 degrees and woods.It further can get hot journey to the edge hot and tropical botttom of Arctic.It has effect of colors in atmosphere and dark with glistening stars.There is farmland on Arctic and many populated cities.It has commuting and long distance trips to everypart of our continent.But there is a region in 100's of miles as arctic polar region subarctic temperatures.Effects from woods to make the tropical artic coldest too.There are populated mountains.They love their bodies of water and seashore.Robot people.Very scenic.But the day extends to sunshine and cloudy skies of 48 hrs.Arctic region plays in the skies and day.Half light half day for a day and it starts at night and reverse.There are near by the ice cap cities of condominiums 50 storeys and roads and streets with parks.Woods.It is outside the frozen cap but the frozen cap is small covers tip land mass that covers entire southern radius.Condos and city.Warmest is 15 degrees C.It has less snow.It is cold in valleys that go downward.Can get icy in areas that look hot and reverse.Long woods of pertrified trees and jungles,swamps and many mix on same continent of tropical and Deciduous forest - Four distinct seasons with warm summers and cold, wet winters. The trees shed their leaves in autumn.Prescipitation is abundanant on the cold tropical coast.In the Polar region of the mountains they have lots of snow and rain.In subarctic region end of the planet it has some snow,very little precipitation and some icy rain,climate change to 9 degrees rain season.Their seasons are much longer and year is longer.Historic Northern area has average.Hot area has some thunder storms and heavy rain north.There is mist.Makes a rainforest affect in the city.Some other parts of the north very little rainfall and hot.Attatched to transit.There are parts where things are mixed and some are above the other.Mixed Tropical and Atlantic North.Alien weather too.Principles are different,some irradical.Not too much.Hot on the poles as a reaction creates season in area to make it very cloudy purple no rain in cloud cover and very humid.Gases and with energy creates in the heavy cities safe from being High Society as a rule on our continent.Government poorest high class.Historic city areas that are safe.Urban city Metropolises.Some in hot from alien theories.Pole continent with its fluctating weather that in their winter in area its very hot.Clouds role by and sun hot.High standards and everyone has accents from simple life.We have suburbs in place of ugly Urban UFP.Government is able to filter out and guard against dangerous beliefs and thinkings in space.They are of simple but very high standards and worked their own way to outer space.Alien advancements.High education standards.Living standards high.We have divided sectors.They are uncorrupted and cities are beautiful accomplishments from robot people race.Retained simple strengths to be a leader in Galactic Median.Education and teachings.Math.Sciences.Crime is low.Simple way of being isolated retaining common life without any corrupton,peace.Society fo high standards at alien level.Our alien language and we know english.High ethics.Many centuries as modern civilization.Very old a nation.Very wise.Back to simple complicated principles.No poor.Everything is clean.We have urban at space level but its all filtered out.We have our government.Structure is very powerful inherited from past history.Calm and tranquil.Allah's creation.'Archaepelago" is connected to Eurasia on orbiting large brother planet.Eurasia 's history they were a Regime.They are made up of many robot people white races.They have all types of mixed descriptions.Neutral composed of militant people that speak alien language.People from Archaepelago travel to Eurasia by space Airport and orbital elevator.But Archaepelago are more close to themselves and private.More to their own country unlike the Eurasians are open to aliens and UFP.Not as private as Archaelpelago.Goes deeper than a trench below sea level and is cold.Above close to outer space in mountains and level is raised altitude.Tribal origins and civilization.Ancient tropical and Atlantic like cities and weather.It has forests adn jungle and tropical trees over the icey pole.It is flourishing in life.Its like living in South Island New Zealand and Ushuaia.But with a modern government.Princess Armada's homeland.It has a tropical effect of sunlight.Bathes the continent.Bathing the continent mixes with gases and crystals to produce a magnetic effect.Night comes It shows a clear path to space.It is very tribal and education system is tribal.Atlantic and one from alien space.Nature and manmade contructions.Elders that lived their in the millions on icey polar region.Warms and has snow hurricanes.Hurricanes that are frozen.From the oceans gather lots of heat and humidity and makes an effect to have gases gather and as they go lower in altitude they freeze to a snow hurricane.Adjusted to Snow hurricane as its like a holiday and kids and teens play games and wait for it to gradually get worse but can see from magnetism.Winds can make gases and vapours cold.Pushes humidity in directions.Smog from humidity like a sunny fog and stars light shines rays through this.Light is more light.It hits the smog beams light.They have jet stream which are powerful winds below space level,gusting.Modern snow removal and by CPU's.They remove the snow and its diversions from tribal thinking.That is why they have giant population.Enjoy it.Raise in altitude is cold and cities close to outer space.Altitude.It is attatched everywhere they board trains and transportation connected.It takes a short time.Teens and kids go on trains in groups to get home as they are modern.No strangers and corruption like crime.Friendly people.No earthquakes.Solve earthquakes and faults.Alien sciences and tribal they solved faulting.Does not happen.Snow removal is fluent.Friendly people and for th entire continent is based on travel.Zones where the weather is hot zones.Hot all year round as Arctic zone on transportation.Everyone is protected by military and have cards.Everything is efficiently cleaned.They have no flooding,with aquaducts and things built to prevent flooding.Drained back to the sea and they are even below sea level water never flood.The temperature will evaporate it and their are landforms that act like dams.Water will be a thin creek by the time it gets to below sea level.Cold.They are isolated from major Giant Metroplises and are the giant metropolises.Farthest ones are in UFP.They have modern irrigation that has wear on it beat flooding.Safe and very interesting continent for these snobby people.They have high accomplishments in civilization.Very advanced.Accents are very modern and speak alien dialect in white language.There are no researchers as the population lives in an arctic Metropolis.They have mammals and sea creatures.Dinosaurs live on another continent and in outer space.We have transforming nature.Creatures robots that transform.Insects to mammals.Robot mammals.Cacharadon Megaladons species looks like a 5ft shark but giant,in oceans.They have variety lengths for carnivore creatures are very wild here and dangerous.7ft sharks swim up creeks are deep here at 5ft least.They have stored water inside them for half an hour out of water.They don't need motion to breathe as they can stay still and sleep by floating.Float and sleep on bottom on the sand.They intake water in nostrils,mouth and gills.Goes in and out and is stored.They don't drown as they are like animal fish.They swim in bodies of water and in white water to feed.They eat deer creature and many mammals as they swim up after them.They have no white shark here.By areas.Some regions have them that are wild.But they have vicious 7ft shark like blue shark that swims up rivers and deep streams and lives in ponds .They have sharks and adapted to them and they use hooks here on sharks and have had a different approach to dangerous animals,downing them from being too dangerous and small war on them but they did not have the polution rate and damage to world from war on animals.These are on some continents species was too wild.Regions and in history they made living dangerous.People here don't venture out in wild and or persue destructive hunting habits.They have none for hunting except for beef or deer,exotic meats.They are not big game hunters but from being in UFP and Stargate they can be really mean on Sol System and alien galaxies.Learn from first hand experience Space European AI's.They treat theirs well though but to dangerous animals of regions that had dangerous destructive habits to nature and people's safety.They ended and kept the embryos of many dangerous species.They raise them in space and off world.They are not raised on Eurasia and its like Southern and Eastern Ontario with no savage wild animals.They did not poach and did things government professionally.They did not put in any of the animal hate factors as this is banned and not excepted from AI Europeans.The animals treatment was above level to the animals satisfication.No animal cruelty.They set up barriers and force fields and reintroduced them to secluded places on the planet far from civilization.They set up frequencies and many manmade like nature done like gorges and mountains they can't get pass.Isolated them to stop any migration they don't need to do.Confined and against the law to make a dangerous dinosaur park from how unstable they are.Too large and reptiles too dangerous.Govenment has many precaution in laws towards those remote areas.They do use them in programs in media entertainment.Rangers have facilities and their own train network into savage remote areas with over growth.Rangers are the only ones that have vehicles and don't have flying species because of of aircraft and air traffic.They have vehicles and roads behind the barriers that have fields defenses towards the beasts.That is how they do holographic media tv.These people are harsh in action but sensible.They do not polute.They have special vehicles for the parks areas.Monitor which dinosaur species for people to visit parks and conservation when they go camping.In the modern era they go out now and visit the animals after the war to see how things are perfect.And not many accidents happen and only to government.They interact with nature to go into wild and woods and fishing to visit the sharks.They don't jump out to attack anymore.They are on common ground and many experts and people go with them to be part of nature.Dinosaurs are visited in nature parks.Visited from above in crafts and from a track system of vehicles and monorails to view them.Rangers made this technology to make animal worthy.And tours on oceans and bodies of waters for people to enjoy tourism.Rangers allow tourism to certain areas.Build villages with Ranger precautions in them for emergencies.Facilities to cope with accidents.Modern technology they get the rabbies out and the damage from creature.Repair the AI living people Europeans back to health even from serious injuries.These accidents don't happen often only from commando Ranger missions to go into danger.There is understanding on Eurasia's nature and people AI Europeans.They have museums of the departed species but not extinct.Reformed on other worlds to view in shows and tv.People can chose their own animal shows live.Flying species were reckless and getting in the way air traffic.They did embryos and drugging was used instead of destruction.Tranquilizers were used and Rangers armed to tranquilize creatures.Bring them down and transport them.Even for sharks.Sharks will give chances in disasters.They are'nt raw era anymore as they have changed to become interesting in European AI people's help to the animal kingdom.Appreciation to the good natured but they can get military natured as Stargate of UFP.They did some on very dangerous creatures that attack.Learned to calm down to them and they adapted in practicality to that against them.Sharks could have kept jumping in air for jugular but war was done on 7ft sharks slim and have bite medium size head and slim head.They swim out to oceans but stay to their hemisphere from giant planet size of gas giant.They stay to their waters territorily and travel to other season and weather zones to migrate and mate.They swim into all lakes mostly brackish as they have giant freshwater lakes.They have their own freshwater shark species and giant sharks.They plowed ways to make them brackish for some retain many freshwater giants deep.They don't need to have motion to breathe.They can breathe still and sleep in middle of depths.They can rest on bottom and don't need food for breathing.Their gills,mouth and nostrils provide intake of water and they can breach water to breathe in air and water as they can stay out of water for period being within 20min outside then back in water.They have stored water inside their bodies for half an hour.They don't have dry mouths as water makes it wet.They have 40ft giant in 39tonnes hunter shark that is like a hammerhead and many deep sea sharks dark in color like Goblin shark giant and Sleeper shark giant 50ft.They don't have any over sized sharks to their prey planteater reptiles and water creatures giant fish in many tonnes.Many of the smaller sharks grow to be 40ft giants predators like the relatives of dorsal sharks like salmon shark family and bull and black tip like.They do fight on this planet and have family pods and groups for protection prevent fighting.Animals on this planet can be very irrational that is why they were hunted and downed to save people from menaces only and cannibals,fights.Eat reptile planteater sea creature giant .There are parks.They have conservation areas and alot of precautions is done in these remote areas from society because of the dinosaurs.They live here because of their food.They have no enemies and man AI here took right measures in adapting to these creatures and their homes.They made precautions of course barriers,frequencies that block out the reptiles.Learned more and added park rangers to know about the animals and use of fields.Barriers and places meant to watch them and observe them.Of course nature made natural barriers man AI moved in on and added to its defenses so reptiles are many thousands of miles and many natural barriers like gap between islands system and gorges they can't overcome with waterfalls.Many manmade barriers of space concrete and use of rock.They are picky and sensitive to tropical and hot weather.They have primate bear creatures of 300lbs and more that flesh eaters.They have climbing native cat that can climb high trees.its 200lbs to 160lbs.Pack hunting doglike cats that prowl in packs of many in 20's to 10's to hunt.Rangers have selected animals and in particular pass test in their nature they leave them.Many they have left that not threat to man.Sports hunting is sentenced to jail here.Not allowed at all and Rangers tackle any game hunters and jail and drug them.There is a sasquatch like bear carnivore mixed with bear and sasquatch.Its 700lbs.They have carnivorous pack whales.Whales that are like orcas but are grey in color bigger than orca at 40ft long hunt alone.Giant.More porpoise predator whales that are porpoise but whales pack hunters.Like Killer whales but are not.Whale's equal and better than Orcas.They are dark colors.They live in paradise that is overgrowth.Islands where they live temperatures at 10C.But the continent only knows man.From tribal man robots to man robots.Nature but people.They have designed nature civilization into nature.People can get transit to nature.Nature is attatched to cities by transportation by government.Accessibility is high and they pay to go their supervised.Travel oversees or space to see dinosaurs.Animals and wildlife are treated with respect here.People take care of their wildlife.Avoid many bad situations with our wildlife.They know they are treated well in every region.Animals are protected by our laws.No animal cruelty on our record.Animals live peaceful and uninterfered with.We take pride in our wildlife and our modern approach to them tribally.No humilation of animals or degredation as its unheard of here.Tribes were modernized at the beginning and are modern alien race natives.There is no paganism or religions on animal gods.None because they use fact on their mythology and spiritual tails.Our continent and galaxy takes care of the animals and government has a positive attitude to care to the animals especially during construction.Never chase animals out.Re-introduce them.And we have communication to mammals.We understand them scientifically.And from their angels and supernatural system tribally we understand them and government has tribes to add realistic information and approach.Animals are visited in zoos.As all animals are government property.Laws on them.Simple people are not desperate to animals as they have sufficient and these people know how degraded animals are treated in Cobra,UFP and Stargate.Animal crimes and cruelty,poaching and game sport.They detest such destruction and we have defenses to them.Our rangers on Stargate and UPF have done reinforcement and look down rest of space's animals.Our's are better.Animals are in woods/jungle.People here have no sick relations with animals at all from respect taught into them.They believe animals and wildlife are their own level and understood having intelligence.They are fellow creatures.Know of animal predators respact as they can take human life.They are capable of such an attack and hunting.Our sea creatures are at peace and when we build structures they obey to stay away from them.Not savage as they have a healthy wildlife system on land and in bodies of water,seas.Not disturbed even by construction and resources.No conflict with construction and animals.Proper understanding was done.Tribally many people had modernized families from right predator animals as humanoids AI Transformers.They in this galaxy were educated and reared to be intelligent and never reverted to ignorance.Animals are comfortable in our alien worlds nature and are visited by population as leisure.Dedicated to people and giant architecture of buildings and skyscrapers accessbility to public as they put things from ground up in the sky.Restaurants and stores.Living high altitude.Media.Bulldings and offices.Schools at 50 floors up.Parks inside the buildings,plants and small trees,ponds and water fountains.Ships and highways dock to the buildings.Many warships dock at high altitude.Import alien market of alien electronics booming in Archaepelago.It in the frozen areas has electronics corporations and foreign tribal market.Tribal and alien mixed together in electronics technology.Princess Armada and I grew up under new and old format of alien foreign import electronics.Alot of tribal Alien stores.Many islands are shipping and exporting.Our continent is like a giant island.Importing and exporting.Tropical industries.Alien industries.Make the place lit up and glowing.More productive and eduaction system they grew up electronics experts to this alien tribal system.Importing and allies from space and tribal.Computer technicians and format.Experts.Learned thorough.Our continent has other dimensions travel.From vortexes they learned to harness the power of other dimensions travel.Travel interdimensionally.Opened projectors in areas to go and have access to other worlds from other dimensions.We will have cards use to get to other dimensions as the continent grew in technology and other dimension territories.Eurasia is from another dimension.They are advanced and have a type of space in other dimensions.There are giant cities or metroplises in our continent as other dimension part of our continent.Travel by transportation to other dimensions and by highways meant to go to other worlds and islands,Airports.Media.Shopping centers.Houses and apartments.Go for living to other dimensions or walk.Parks.We have night lights emitters that open other dimensions parts of our cities and sections.Vacations.Go somewhere exotic.School.Work and life.Money credits.Cards shopping center interdimensional travel.Farther you go like in vehicle to walking further you go.Agriculture.Resources.Manpower.Alien races and tribes.Space travel and military.Movie theaters located in sectors.Entertainment.Eurasia is from another dimension.Baseball teams.TV and radio.Arcades.Other places.Governments mergered in history.There is machinery in use for mining and forestry,masonry.They construction and addition to Metropolises.Turn towns and villages into cities.Many downtowns have large buildings made to change into a city.Cites far away from older main cities.They have quaries where they use machinery and these are all space companies.They have machinery in space.Transformer Gobots and our people have designated machines and Gobot Transformers to go to work for these companies.Our continent is very industrial and in nature it is.They even mine in oceans.They have underwater machines.Many machine operators and communities for machine operators.Towns turned into cities.Mining though is done in space and percautions to do with faulting and the crust of our alien world.Extract minerals and ores but no damage to the planet.Alien methods.Trucks and machines for trees.Companies in city.The other pole of the planet has different factors and is extreme.It has pole effects but does not have as many poles as Archaelpelago.Other side of the planet has different factors and does not have barriers around them as poles island continent Archealpelago.They do not extend out of Southern poles area.They have a median though but not as controlled.Their weather is broken up over the seas and oceans and goes through climate and weather barriers and is filtered out by the time its in islands chain of great oceans.And the might of the poles of the south and their power.Having connection with space.

Coniferous forest - Also known as Taiga, cold and dry with snowy winters and warmer summers.

Mediterranean - Warm to high temperatures with rainfall in the autumn and winter months.

Grassland - Hot summers and cold winters with above average rainfall.

Tundra - This area is characterised by a layer of permafrost (soil that has remained below freezing for at least two years. Winters are very cold, summers are warm and there is little rainfall.

Alpine/mountain - Cold, windy and snowy. It is winter from October to May with temperatures below freezing, while summer is from June to September where the temperature can reach 15°C.

Rainforest - High temperatures and high rainfall throughout the year.

Desert - Warm to high temperatures with very little rainfall.They have vehicles monorails that travel at 700mph that transport robot people throughout the mountains and to every part of continent.There are modern libraries and they have way more than museums and tourist student attractions.Full cities bustling.Kids can commute and take long trips as it is safe.Switching and terminals stations to other vehicle transportation.From monorail to space transit.Totally developed everywhere.People can enjoy tropical and enjoy more.People here are living carefree lives.Like island people they have no complications.They live lives with no fear built up on them or termoil.Government lessens termoils and has things people can apply to programs to get out of termoil.They have a caring government and is not heartless.People have procedures to get out of termoil.Positive based continent that has not debt and othe worries of buying too much.The government interferes to get rid of this and they are not heartless at giving things for duration to regain themselves.They will give credit and cash to people to get out of termoil and set them up with something different.They are not condemned.People here have a generous government that reaches out to help.They don't have stealing or desperation.People are patient and in short time they are helped out.No shelters here either people lodge in hotel.They if they lose their place to disaster can lodge in hotel.Falling short never happens as they calculate if someone can afford a place and their income.They have many doors open to go to lower income places to get them back into things.Missing work and work will call them back later in a program.Government helps in rent and people can live in space and when they are young they tour the island continent to sight see.Stay in places for years and get to know the cities and regions.They have a government that is not strict to its own people.Open doors and opportunities.That is the way they made it feeling of tribal friendliness.Learn about war,technology,media,entertainment,sports,hobbies,religion,foods.countries and races.They can add this to what they are now.So their bases and military will change and adapt space form of North America fighters.They can start to play table tennis and skiing.Play hockey and eat Italian food.History for each.Origins and other guns and cannons of past and what led to WW2.Movies,music like rock,metal,thrash and history.They need to learn this as a turnaround as there is something wrong right now as too much alien and what neighbours them for ideas like Stargate Atlantis and UFP.I am giving them Sol System earth Class North Atlantic.Learn from these ideas for warships,amphibious and carriers with helicopters.Sciences and resources.Astronomy.Chance to come in as people also power from space on my behalf.Their Universe system and their caretaker angels.Interact with our system to get to understand me for afterlife.Medical.Stargate Atlantis is white people and humans bad enfluence on them as they had disputes.They are from British,Cloud up their minds and put warships in their way of Pretenders white race muslim people.He created a planet and two planets.He created two continents and they are where the poles fo the planet are.33 times size of earth.Core is 11 889 miles in radius of planet is 13 870.5 miles.Miles to space is 100 miles.Magnetic pole and the polar poles.The exact pole of the planet.And in the atomsphere are crystals and gases.Gravity Allah made maintains each climate and terrain's conditions.They have gravity that falls with the rain or precipitation and from winds.Gravity forces that from alloys in rock send more signals with maintaining structure of planet's terrains.Places where gravity is harsh in parts of no man's land polar seas.Not crushing gravity but forces gravity.It can be light.Its natural forces in elements.Gravity.Levels.This continent is beautiful and very scenic.It is a wonder in space and the areas were all developed with their beautiful cities.Architecture at its peak in every zone.They have done a magnificent job in construction for the best wonder of a continent ever with retaining its scenic areas that are not found anywhere else.It is tropical on part of half its coasts.The other half of coasts are not tropical.It has its woods and jungles to its bodies of water and seashore to mountains all developed to the valleys.No junk and waste and no polution as their sky is very elegant with stars and nebulas in the skies and many zones colours of the sky at phases in day.It stays like that for part of the day.Long time that it sets a mood in people.Layers of atmosphere and its gases and how they change to each zone because they are polar fields.Extends to make the sky picturesque.It has historic which is an entire city and in outside city regions.Everything is not wrecked by manmade and retains scenic looks.Architecture blends in with nature even cities.It has a tropical effect on its coasts which in winter snow storms is magnificent in glowing skies and clouds.Its more of cheery mood and one of a polar continent being bottom of world and you can see this effect sky and days,nights.They have more atmosphere here.Many seasons they don't have harsh seasons that are destructive.Many seasons add to the continent.Every season is great.Cold has had the arctic chill taken out of it.No extreme weather from Allah making the atmosphere and gases,magnetic and weather fields as from ground.Landscape is different than a polar continent and is plush in vegetation that adds plush breathing gases to ground and low atlitude.Nature with its grasslands and jungle woods adds to continent in all climates.Dirt grows vegetation and jungle grass.In towns cities maintained and trimmed and lawn treated as the trees in parks.Many types of hundreds of trees other than the coniferous.It has branching leaves and they don't fall for many species in tundra retain their green leaves in tundra.In the moderate temperatures zones when temperatures getting below 10degreesC then the leaves fall.Not in every sector.No ugliness from anythng dry nothing here is dry in hot zone and is replenished with water from sky and underground.Grows green mixed with desert.Plush valleys.They are same as Leader 1 from another dimension.They are backwards Guardian.They are Autobots with a bad streak in them.New combined symbol.Good guys that are bad guy.Good guys with a bad nature.Being from another dimension we are backwards reverse Autobots and Guardians.We end up as type of Good guy that is evil.Evil made good and in good ways.Evil as good guys.Evil manipulated into good.Transformer Gobot people discovered and lived on this continent out middle of the oceans.It grew
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Landforms Transformer Gobot Pretender world

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Transformers Gobot alien white race people Pretenders landforms Planet

and it is a natural wonder.Island system continent.Isolated from any major contnents has giant seas and oceans in way and neighbours systems of islands on sout coast and north.Protected naturally.It has many natural barriers.It has weather barriers and climate barrier far away from civilization.Coriolis effect from the planet as a pole.The weather barrier and polar effects deflection winds from the rest of the planet.Makes calming of the planet from the types of forces merger to make the polar area.Its magnetism and rest of its vortices circle the entire area of the poles and to its islands.The force from storms hits the gravitational fields of the poles.This place is calming.Its swirled around by power and force to deflection the storms and make them integrated to moderate storm lost extremities.Temperatures all extremities lost their temperatures even in seas and bodies of water.No frozen lakes here.Temperature is moderate  The planet has no hostile vortices or near this continent.Because the vortexes are not visible and raw as calmed down from prehistoric era and forming of the planet.Vortices don't exist here.They have a mild vortice far away from this ocean.Its on otherside of the planet and is solved,not a mystery.We don't have any triangle.Our integrity of the polarity of the planet is healthy and dormant,not active.Passive vortices that formed the poles.They caused calming and does not interfere with animals.Planet has no unstable fields.They are all passive and calmed.Nothing irradical.Back in prehistoric era it was irradical but got calmed forming of the planet.This did not make any triangle here.Planet went through raw vortexes but they became calming and are over.They are made stable from the atmosphere and void space being atmosphere layer.Space comes down to make a calming to vortices.There are no triangles because their is layer atmosphere that is space and comes down as weather and lower atmosphere.The lower and higher atmosphere areas have a climate barrier in them.No tornadoes on this planet at all.There are not electrical raw extremities.No factors of storms getting out of control.The higher and lower atmosphere distrubutes the high and low pressure and its ejected into space from vacuum.Vacuum from pressure from ground gets rid of the warm air to vacuum.The vacuum layer upper hights has no cold air.Without air no factors along with the chemical gases that are not meant for tornadoes.They are cooled and warmed they create a climate barrier and effect in sky.Helps to see nebulas and star clusters with effect.No super cell storms here.The potential raw powers are not existant from the low pressure sending from even the core out of the planet in calming.Supposed raw power is forced to high atmosphere and then to space atmosphere layer wrecks up any tornado.None as this is for the snow hurricane.Excessive snow.Factors to tornado are non existant.No extremities and low pressure.Stable fields and natural fields that don't change to vortices to power up such raw nature.Distribution was done in fields and atmosphere dependant works on distribution.And raw power its distributed and on calming of island poles continent it must collide into its barriers,fields.Gases prevent from being a gas giant any tornadoe and gases are not tornado and cause no raw factors.Adjusted to space from space winds as our winds calmed down to breeze.From out in space they have become the outer layer traps space and creates tolerance to planet to solar winds.Makes the planet lift the pressure and polarity to get stronger.Poles region makes planet stronger in tolerance.It gets stronger and stronger for tolerance to polarity and space winds.Process of making space winds calmed and to up to the 100 mile mountain to space level.Space provides to deflate the pressure and there is none.Deflation from void space and its more on the island polar continent Archaelpelago.It is healthy from properties and goodness of outer space coming down from space adjusted as atmosphere. Interdimensional vortexes brought in the atmosphere factors to the planet and how its different in island continent.Vortexes in the poles are more active and merger with the weather as system.Vortex merger with the poles.It became structure center of the planet but the planet in alien has many structure centers.The planet has no heat from volcanoes.It gains most of its heat from stars and it self generates heat in processes.Steam and radiation underground colaberate with the void space to make heat.Makes heat like blocking out air and freezing it still and idol til it heats up.Receives fresh air gusting into the polar region to make it warm up void space atmosphere.Warms this up and from under currents of planet's bodies of water and under the crust or mantel.It has never had a planet collide with it and slows its rotation from its polarity and when it rotates around the stars.Massive body of a gas giant rotations at this speed and it controls orbit of each moon it has.Its just to giant its so much gianter than 15 earth's.Giant planet.Pole continent has size of earth from pole to pole.Giant and from its massive size it rotates.         Pole is concentrated area out in the alien tropical oceans.Deep and were made from interdimensional processes that brought in chemicals from other dimensions.It has temperature barrier and oceans as barrier.It has many types of poles as barrier and space barriers natural.Many atmospheric layers.And this touches ground in many regions and time zones.Hits landforms and carried by preciptations of liquid chemical that is cleaner than water.It does not freeze like water because its an alien chemical.Gases in atmosphere don't behave like oxygen because its alien gas.Gases for the planet are not made by nature.Gases have reactions in atmosphere layers to replicate themselves from stars energy and many more factors,temperature and space and climate from ground.It does not escape to space for the planet's atmospheric gravity is very healthy and powerful.It has color to it as snow looks like light bluish green haze on it as water has light violet haze and even dark blue.Transparent up close.Continent out far oceans where many islands are.Continent in the middle of many islands.Islands based system as it is a giant continent like a giant complicated island.It is 13 000 miles north and south length.3hrs at mach 4.5 Parts of the day on this continent where at night time you can see outer space and nebulaes.It looks wavey.And has alot of color at sunset lasts for 5hrs.Continent is at an angle for sunlight.It has an effect that sun is like in our winter's angle in March.Its more of this effect on whole continent and it goes through phases of seasons and to each climate.The climate and other planet's need seasons and the climate zones are like seasons but are phase of median that area's climate is.They though have triple amount more longer duration extended in beautiful seasons or weather.Angle of the stars to the planet and poles creating a season effect on weather zone.Its picturesque.Like summer in zone or fall and Indian summer in zone for a fracton of period.Its at an angle these planets are not at making different effect to poles and polar energies of atmosphere.Different polar effect to seasons.Seasons and seeing space are connected that the atmosphere makes the nebulaes look like glowing sand clusters.See astrology perfect here with glow around each to see it the best in universe.Seasons and their haze or daylight and night.Day here is extended and does not go down soon.People have full day here not shortened look forward to dusk.Planet is at permanent angle for the continent that its later in day earlier all day long starts like this in morning.It has phases of the day but for a whole day and months.Seasons.They have dusk for a whole day for month.They have more months than 12.18 months.They have a winter dusk but extended it does not get dark early at all.Dark at our 8pm for their winter.Day is in afternoon but winter phases like earth class Sol System more than that effect by many times.      Background sky is blueish light blue and has effects continent on it.Its like star is above continent and planet is at permanent angle for continent.Phases for each area and climate and to each season.Winter is summer for this continent.Their summer is winter.Winter it gets to 9pm for end of daylight our time.Winter in moderate temperatures has heat and not a blunt effect of waves as it has been mergered into atmosphere.No blunt waves.Waves have been merger into weather and climate.It adds effect to sky and to time zones.Effect ot skyline.Also fall like there sunlight is tilted to be more like fall of ON earth class Sol System.Fall is their winter.Much longer no fall on this planet as its is winter,extended in alien calendar in alien sunlight.Day and sunlight all year around no 36hr sunlight or night time except in
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Time zones alien time

No Man's land polar area.And this is in hot zone area where desert and hot zone is.Allah made a masterpeice out of this continent.It gets dark earlier during afternoon.Dark in the morning.Bright but star and clouds it in certain areas be gloomy outside.Its bright as daytime but with the star and clouds,atmosphere in orbit makes it light grey a sky.Lasts even all day or in afternoon and this is for a long time til night time.No daylight savings.Its consistant all year round but we have extended day of extra 2 days.People are adapted to 36hrs as people are to a day.Poles area makes the gloom for types of days.Clouds are illuminated or atmosphere.When atmosphere shifts to reveal star.Gloomy in hot seasons for those areas.They have fall like weather.Parts of seasons.Gloomy out in their summer.Night time ahs been turned into day and this si a place for nocturnal people.Enjoy to stay up at night for the day.Daytime created from night.And in time zones many of them have bedtime in zones they are beginning the day.There is no darkness but it glows at night and bluiesh illuminated in some areas.Its reddish for the hot zone but less light and iluminates even no moon.Illuminated from planets atmosphere having energy.Its not the same as when the star was up at day.Night is illuminated.Star is out of oribit and far to point star went down and now its the atmosphere to mix with space energies and reflected from planet Eurasia another giant planet reflected from its outer layers bounce light as a planet not a moon.Illumination and you can see nocturnally at night time.No black darkness on this planet at all or for this continent.Polar zone is greyish and needs no clouds as clouds merge with atmosphere from cold.Becomes night and they can see stars and nebulaes.Planet illuminates it with effect,does not block out space but waveness magnifies space to being very real better than going out to space,Has no thick gas to block out space.Different gases that allow outer space in and their are alot of nebula clusters in this part of space.Magnetism sends effect into gas layers to magnify space to make an effect.These gases are dense gases not even close to ozone.Gas atmosphere layers are dense and release stored energy,1 format of energy is releases as weather and blown around at high altitude by space winds and high altitude pressure winds.800 miles  to space and this dissipates space winds.As there are medium and low altitude no high powered pressure winds from space.Just weather generated winds that can pickup from higher layers winds to make a reaction for weather.Energy equal winds represents that is factor dissipated winds.They are colorful in certain areas and from poles areas gases drawn to the poles areas in forming of the planet.Poles were in the formation of the planet.Magnetism and the many poles this planet and continent has.Poles and atmosphere formed as continent landforms and bodies of water formed.Climate and zones formed with the poles.Each gas formed to each zone pole.Formed layers and magnetism as structure of the layers of gas and magnetism joining outer space to each layer of gas producing a wavey effect clear to view space and nebulas.Brings outer space into atmosphere layers.Magnetism even it has a partial waveyness to it has a very solid structure as complicated alien worlds barrier.Gases retain it as a planet and you can't see space as black void.It does go through stages of waveyness but its part of the weather and climate.Its not out of control.Waveyness is severely controlled and has formed and evoleved and adapted to landforms to make areas.Stars are sending different color lights to this planet.Many stars sending in light different from each other.Meet at one point being our gas giant planet and our continent on one set of poles for the southern part planet.Light has been shining since beginning planet and evolved with the gas layers and the many poles.Gases as light energies layers have been taking in stars light and filtering out light to surface.Stars light has no negative effects on this continent.Gas energy layers filter out anything harmful and transmit light to surface to enrich trees,jungles and all plant life flourishing in valleys and mountains and algae organisms and plant life in bodies of water.Day time and many stars shining light on this alien giant planet.Daytimes and day light is powerful from some stars close by.Light comes it to block out space and you can see vague nebulas as there are stars in daylight.Not as much as night time as night sky blends in with space to make space more visible.Stages like dawn and dusk.But dawn and dusk is hours longer here and extended like part afternoon.Longer and this is when night mergers with day slowly and the two effects start to merger slowly together.But sunsrise and sunset light from the stars is not same light from sun.It makes an effect to region like historic area sunset is blueish and hot zone reddish and mountain are greenish and light and tundra bright greyish.Its many stars sending different types of light.In many zones like tundra day is longer and in hot zone day is longer.Days are longer here.Just in certain area near the polar poles area where this changes around and days get shorter but in summer and winter days longer.Each zone has its own seasons.Each zone goes throuigh different seasons.Stars tilt light at what angle orbit the planet gas giant is in.Seasonal and changes but is longer than earth.Day and night merger in poles regions where not urban population center.Because it will do dawn and dusk for months meaning days have sunlight all day long and night time when calendar changes all day long and the dawn and dusk is not in 5hrs but takes months meaning it freezes at being dawn for many weeks and months til it many months later is dusk and
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dawn and dusk months,day of darkness night and day light

takes many weeks being 4 to change slowly as dusk then for many weeks night time.Dawn and dusk all day and night long and day and night all day long in polar area to south west region of continent. Confined to that area and zone.Atmosphere helps us to see nebulaes.Gases and stars clusters,not just blinking.No layer of atmoshere to block out space.There is wavey atmosphere barrier.Trapped gases and gas crystels from rain rises back out to space as crystals from oceans and lakes.Gas is enriched with an alien gas batter than oxygen.Oceans and water makes gas combined with extensive plant life and trees exist on poles continent.Coldness preserves the breathable gas.The atmosphere does not have flammable gas.It retains its breathable gas from space.It has outer layer of atmosphere from space.It lowers to the ground level and low altitude.It brings in atmosphere mixed with void space.Replicates to come down to ground level.The gas is like a non-flammable compound that supplies energy to lifeforms.They breatthe in and take in gas.Gas has void space in it and is a breathable gas healthy when mixed process with atmosphere layers.It comes to ground as fresh air with energy for life.This energy is like a gas.Its not plasma but it is a compound mixed with base chemical liquid evapourated circulates the planet.Rotation of the planet and its atmosphere layers mix up the gases.They retain the healthiness of planet and nature system.Then for the poles continent it like a dome takes in gases and mixes the planet's polar energy and weather barriers.Clouds effected by weather barriers of the polar poles.The gas is not distrubuted because of the polar poles and many poles merger as few.You can light things from mechanical fire but fires from nature don't occur here because of the factors.You can burn the energy with device and crackdowns on fires here.It is in its layers of atmosphere.                                                                                                                                     Oceans reach thermal underground.Stores of breathable gas in system.Molecules replicate in upper atmosphere and energy give population enriched gas to breath that has flammable content taken out and base mixed into it.Nothing to evapourate the gas except in hot zones and No Man's land for hot zones desert and hot tempertures.Tulleric energy drains out in peninsula area of the what is South East part.Has no earthquakes.No molten lava or instabilities under gound is firm and solid.Grass and layers maintain firmness.There is steam undergound and it never ends up mixed up with the oceans.The tulleric barrrier is when it proteins to the dirt and sedimentry rock that makes distrubutes the energy like when it was for the subarctic and veges and fruits growing.Space void atmosphere pressure comes dowon and separates and makes currents of air and water.No earthquakes here.No unstable mantel.Crust and it has its systems where the dirt is cooled underground separates the steam.That peninsula has telluric currents which don't get unstable and balanced.Even when lightning flashes happen and the charge does not interfere with the different charges.Telluric currents help this place though to be subarctic.It must have some sort of moderate temperate temperatures and rainfall.But the mountains extend here and is a plateau here.Lower lands have a charge that does not jump from the hot gases.They are all not connected and blocked by layers of sediment.They are redirected systems that don't overlap and interact.Separate and they have the oceans ground the tulleric currents.The peninsula grounds the tulleric energy.Its a giant area and has many land forms.Clouds and weather does not mean and joining of types of elements.Weather barrier stays separate as tulleric barrier on grass and woods,jungles.Tulleric properties can cause the relaxing environment of the transparent hot springs in oceans and bodies of water subarctic.They are solidly separate and non-irradical.No fires underground the alloy undergournd does not melt from steam temperatures and water does not make a cycle.No fault lines on this planet and the polar continent has strongest crust no faults.Its sturdy underground and off the shores.Weather barrier prevents the extremities.Polar barrier prevents any mantel from the other parts of the world.Sturdy and powerful..No manmade damage.No testing of weapons here at all.Illegal.Nature has no raw power on sturdy land.No raw power in powerful atmosphere and rock dirt layers.They don't merger with any domino effect.Solid systems like for void space and atmosphere.Space winds come in contact with part atmosphere high altitude.It can't take anything because of gravity forces and gases not being vacuum of space.Force.Cycle in dealing with the gas with space winds bringing in and making cycle.New gas is made that gets heavier and lowers to ground as breathable gas.Water chemical liquid in bodies of water that is too dense to evapourate and does not to retain bodies of water in each climate region.Top layer evapourate or send vapours from atmosphere layers and stars energy from hitting water to make a reaction and climate.Chemical that is like water.Much cleaner and from atmoshere.But there are water layers.Atmosphere liquid layers and original bodies of water liquid layers.Cold of the depths preserves water.Its cleaned by stars and atmosphere energy and receives from weather,Currents move from rotation of planet and winds bounce off landforms and receive pressure from high altitudes store potential in weather.Weather has transmitted energy potential to bodies of water.Humidity above water and climates of continent and poles effecting water.Currents hit each other different alien worlds currents.And the brackish water currents to colliding with open ocean currents.Currents or tides don't effect the depths as planet's gravity and polar regions are stability along power of gas giant and its gravitational structure.Powerful to maintain balance from billions of years ago from beginning when it was like a star.From star changed to planet.Retained its power and health.Tides don't make anything played around with as porous sands drain them back and forth with no water penetrating sediment under layers.Gas and steam does not interact with the sediment either.Strengthened by gravity and power of planet landforms structure no techtonic plate rotation to ruin mantle from instabilities.Tides is not an instability and does not cross into snow hurricane to add factors,none.Island continent has climate barriers separate what travels on the vast oceans.Landform gravity from atmosphere and landform protective barrier of forces.Landforms of entire planet has no tectonic threat to wreckup mantel and core.The island continent has its own telluric barrier because of the contained energy over continent as the many poles.It in subarctic weather provides fruits and vegetables.Energy in the landform layers trapped even from the stars.Energy as a island polar continent contains the polar energy and underwater too.Up in mountains is the main polar region and is temperate at 12 degrees Celsius warm.This area has a greenish haze.Telluric energy and the veges and fruits to transparent miles of bodies of water in subarctic and thermal energy.Warm in water in some areas.Telluric natural weather barrier.Dictactes the warmth on the surface layers and low altitude atmosphere and fog,mist in weather zones.Sturdy land with grass receiving protein and energy from below it and radius.Contained in mist layers.Transparent waters of subarctic that there is no coral here.Walk in low tides in some areas.Tulluric current causing calming in subarctic oceans and bodies of water to trap the water to warm it up and lacks bacteria.The waters have natural chemical and currents have telluric energy to prevent freezing.Subarctic cold also kills bacterias.Organisms here clean up the waters and landforms.Live in clay dirt and plant life,woods and jungles.Telluric current inside landforms and layers strenghtens crust and core,mantel and many layers below landforms and above have a healthy strengthened telluric current.No shifting of landforms.Vegetation has vibrancy of health in them.Landform telluric current keeps structure landforms and was embedded in landforms from beginning when it was soft to move around and then hardened with telluric current.Telluric current does not interfere with gardening or to do top soil and other jungle and forestry.Its that the layers of of landforms have strengthen.Telluric current poles.Oceans and lakes of such depths,volume is massive.No volcanic activity but stored thermal energies in parts planet released to heat up bottomless depths and taken by currents.Chemical is like water but has alien properties.Bodies of water and currents and winds.Mountains have pressurized gas.Valleys go below sea level have pressure..Gases don't behave like oxygen.They are alien gas that does not retain humidity and hot or to go dry hot.It does not retain chill factor or frost.It does not change states

Poles Island continent winds and atmosphere to landforms

from temperature.Does not heat up.Its more dense than oxygen but is denser higher altitude.Ground level its invisible.Low altitude its inivisible.It does not block out space from visual.It does not behave to 0 degrees Celsius.It gets colder but needs factors like heat which happens.But the island poles continent has many natural barriers and makes a calming in weather.Put own environment for island poles continent.It as gases have thousands of more properties than earth oxygen which is very simple to the alien gases.Most of the properties the planet and island continent  as nature activate and makes the place calming and flourishing with life to higher levels in all of its climates the island continent has a structure in nature that is more than hundreds of millions of years old and has ancient system of light and heat from stars in its skies.850 000 miles diameter. Gas on ground to medium altitude and clouds of the planet were made in space layer of planet from gases and lots of energy.The gas mergered with a rock alloy moon.From there the gases and rock,sand started to intermix with gas.Gas giant does not have any volcanes or earthquakes.Nothing for a gas giant to sustain any faults.Magnetism and arc.Energy produced clouds towering.Jet stream where air
KusoCartoon 13925931714458

Transformers Gobot Combiner Pretenders Gas Giant world

pressure is in space with space winds gusting in space and high altitude.Weathers from earth class are separated and become a season even a day.More than earth greater level.       This planet is a gas giant with large core surface.The core has gas inside it like from being a gas giant.Inside the core its like the atmosphere trapped.It mergers with openings that interact with the underground heat and vacuum.Its underground and its what the planet used to be like in pockets.Radiation and gas is from outer atmosphere in prehistoric era hundred million years ago.Tulleric Currents merger as a system with the oceans and bodies of water.The oceans carry in currents and telluric currents with steam working on water to make the frigid water warmed and in layers with currents.The gases from its beginnings and it mergers with the atmosphere low atltude.The alloy is alien and from another dimension.Water chemical has weather barrier in it.Currents consistant and distrubution around the giant gas planet.Vacuum adds to processes to the gases distributed and
Travel 4 Billion Light-Years Into Space

Travel 4 Billion Light-Years Into Space

Zoom 100 Million Light Years From Earth

Zoom 100 Million Light Years From Earth

5 billion light years across The largest feature in the universe

5 billion light years across The largest feature in the universe

A Galaxy 5 Billion Light-Years Away Just Taught Us Something New About the Universe

A Galaxy 5 Billion Light-Years Away Just Taught Us Something New About the Universe

running in oceans.Not the rock to contain it but cools around it.The winds from lower surface don't take a solo and mixed with higher atmosphere that causes calming and gets rid of raw storms.Keeps the beautiful well tended Snow hurricane massive over snow fall used to be a storm.Giant fall of snowflakes and brilliant lit cities.No gusts or high winds cuttout.Lower atmosphere has briliance from the ground from steam inside mixing with the atmosphere layers.Distribution of system.Settles meaning the molecules fall downward visible as snowflakes.Calming.The heat works on the bodies of water.It has a solid core that has the cold protect the shell and mantel.Cold being the poles.Poles from our end of the planet downunder.Weather barriers and steam deposits that get out and pressure that penetrates mantel.The atmosphere that integrates.Thermal steam in subarctic beaches and sand has some heat,Air currents from inner core make about 20ft radius covered by heat from steam from subarctic air mixing to make warmth not sudden heat.Waters are transparent and swimming for designed for swimming with obstacles and barriers,Manmade barriers.From equator zone to other half polar zone.Mountain time zone would be structure for people adjusted to have a structure like family times of day.This one starts with a day as day but when goes farther away from zone area it becomes as night as day and day turns to night.Lakes have no major predator because in prehistoric era in space freshwater creature dinosaurs extinct predators and their prey reptile planteaters giant fishlike.Lakes area are giant seas.One of the lakes is brackish water from network of rivers that flow to lake and its is not connected to the other lakes.The oceans flow brackish water inland over the high land.Drops down to the valley which is wealth of vegetation and plush valley for growing.The lake leaves to the ocean on other coast.It never floods.Water passes even with such violent hurricanes in the oceans north.They are broken up by the continent island's natural barriers as its landform barriers to valley and lakes system and there are smaller lakes run in network and ponds.Its in a valley below sea level.It has river from east coast that goes into underground tunnel and after its through the mountains at their lowers elevation it flows to east coast.More ocean water stays ocean water as it reaches lake.Lake is deep.Has undewater parks.Other two giant
KusoCartoon 13911135224081

Lakes system Transformers Gobot Universe Pretender people alien planet

lakes are attatched to each other.They are where the valley ends and has predators in it.No rivers attatched to it or creeks.Only brackish
KusoCartoon 13915453046616

Giant Pretender Planet

water lake has predators from oceans from both coasts.Deep lakes and they have a bottomless drop escarpment in parts lakes as it drops from shore at beaches gradually and is shallow to reaching out hundreds meters at 5ft deep.Along the city shores its 10 ft and like harbor its 40 to 50ft drop.Currents from oceans brackish waters lake.It has warm{hot} currents.Other two freshwater lakes have temperate currents and currents from humidity.Cool currents from valley.Below sea level.Being area of equator its not as hot as you think.Brackish water lake can be a warm area.Rivers bring in oceans hot potential as weather above rivers retained in wind.No violent storms.Rainfall but no lightning from chemical layers atmosphere.Hot zone in atmosphere brings moisture.Chemical cancels out electrons particles.Other lake in valley is cool.Brackish
KusoCartoon 13923422296254

landforms alien Pretenders continent

KusoCartoon 13923423409374

landforms continent

water lake is in a valley.Humidity stays up high and mixes with space winds.Thick atmosphere of this giant planet keeps in the temperatures.No winter or snow.Sunshine and clouds.Stays cool all year round because of the valley.Lower lake gets hot and humid.Not part of the valley.People in poles region experience summer but cold.There are tides in certain bays.Not all areas have tides.Polar region has areas with tides.Deep ocean goes out to tide.There is grevity in oceans.Provides stability and comes from outer space from gravitational pull mixes with bodies of water gravity.Gravity and forces maintain stability in water.No currents in lakes and everything is calm.Only raw ocean currents from depths.Lakes have depths but not at the beaches.Gravity in lakes that makes water stay inside of the lake landforms and oceans.No floods here at all as the water stays in the lakes for millions of years.The snow has its ways of flowing in creeks and channels made to diversion water from thawout.In the area summer and winter is covered in snow and thaws out from temperatures and seaons.Diversions they made to redirect the water and make everything right levels.No storms to hit them to bring in water.They hit the weather barrier.Diversions and creeks and so they channels the water into oceans and everything works.Water channelled underground to giant lakes and brackish lakes.They have no severe storms or irradical from having not weather barriers against raw elements.Diversions that are dug made of concrete material that redirect any excess waters to go out to sea.Out to lake and underground and receives treatment as water.They have pumps and other means to deal with controlling water and harnessing its power from seasons in flows.They have turbines to be turned by the seasonal waters.They have not turbined up their rivers at all or waterways.They don't need to.Built a rediversion made for turbines purpose for water to used for turbines and its not deep water and has no access to anyone and is built in a manmande structure river like that does not evapourate and flows in circle.No people near or in this dangerous.It has stations that control this to harness power.Its isolated from air and outside world.Caves and tunnels have no suction.Made tranquil from gravity of oceans and lakes.Rough waters in polar zones where the gravity makes rough oceans and storms.No whirl pools and no whirl pools from hurricanes have gravity in them.Why they snowfall without extremities like gusts.Lots of snow.Storms.Areas that are not in use by people that ravaged by storms and where there is no gravity.Gravity no typhoons or tsunamis.No hurricanes with floods.Weather on this planet goes wild but in polar.Gravity prevents flooding and gusts.No tornadoes because gravity cancels it out.Gravity is a barrier to lighting bolts.Severe rainstorms in oceans but everywhere is comfortable for habitation.No earthquakes.Many areas don't have tides.Oceans are made of chemical from crystals in space.It has no salt water at all.No organic nutrients in water and bioorganisms.The melted crystals in space add to the water.Bioorganic organisms at the bottom of the oceans.No algaes in the water or disease.Germs.The water has things from space in it.Currents of the planet flow the water it gains heat and cold in it in parts oceans.It turns fresh from not blending in with rest of bodies of water.Oceans have chemicals in it and organisms from bottom.There are no fishing hooks used on this planet even by the natives because they used a clamping plastic like material to throw in the bait.But cruelty to sharks and other marine life is devastating to them from human white race "hooks,nets and lines.They are outlawed by our island and natives against vandalism of sea and ocean life.So just as knives and sharp tools they did this on deadly hooks for water life.Clamp and this was alien technology and idea by natives and space Europeans AI's.No polution in our waters or damage to our water life.We don't have glass and other debris bottom of our waters.No trash and polultion and them being alien modern no floods to carry off insides of buildings and houses like every item and objects carried away like trash in flood.This is for entire planet as this island continennt took the reigns for entire planet and made other parts into territories and part space colonies.No threads or lines in as polution or debris from even ship wrecks.Pull up our ships using special ships.We don't polute or have dangerous objects like trash in oceans or waters.No chemical polution or objects and debris.Very responsible people and have procedures as power in space.Proper everything.But the chemical in water settles and so organisms have to be micro shrimps.They feed on plant matter.Fish on this planet eat plant matter.Plants grow bottom oceans off coasts.Plants flourish eating from chemicals from space.Thats how the oceans and bodies of water have color,light purplish.It has processes done to it.It has natural cleaner in the water.Reefs in cold waters and polar waters have reefs underwater.Thriving with color.They have alot to eat in polar waters icey never freeze over.Reefs in cold waters and around equator area.Even reefs in lakes.Colorful reefs in lakes.No reefs threat to ships.Bottom as environment for sea animal life,space fish and predators.Reefs in networks.If there were destrucive reefs they dealt with them and removed and cut through them.Far out to sea away from continent.Hydrofoils that they use to transport supplies and the shipyards.Scanning on pests that board ships and health care.Hydrofoils because of cooking foods.Pleasure cruise and liner that travel the bodies of water on both planets to keep a network and connectivity of society.Brings from hotel and from land the things of society out on the bodies of water.Dock and the health care and water life from giant shark eating rats.Mice eating food supplies.They never dump but from disasters.Powerful currents and even to hydrofoil but precautions against the giant shark are very space worthy.Our life boats have covering and are not swallowed.Team goes in very fast to any disasters people are civilized condition as they have modules.Breakup into emergency modules to recover weather and bodies of water proof and predators proof.Food and any other supplies sealed up for recovery goes through a emergency transformation.They have a long countdown.Organized to be recovererd from bodies of water.They can walk around in module.It has comforts and pumps just in case or fields.Buys it enough time and they have propulsion to go to shore to beech and shallows at few feet beeched.Co ordinants are given to emergency system catered to polite for food and use module as base or temporary shelter.Seats recline to sleep on.Law and order is their from security and webcam system.Talk to module pilot cabin and CPU.Drones.Many islands have subways and they arrive to them.They have enough supplies in emergency.They have society close by in islands.Ships are well stocked modules from them go to the beeches to be beeched.Very space level of comfort in disaster.Simple procedure to go to module and relax to co-ordinants to hit the beeches.They are in a mode of survival.They have medic and medic drone to electronic injection so in few hours they receive the envoy and transported to subway and by air or astro beam.Many people are astro beamed back to society too.Modules hook up to small ship to pick them up.Up in air back home.Speeds they are reached at are in space levels.No desert remote islands on this planet.Islands all have towns at least.They all have civilizations.Usually reefs are positive in nature on this planet.Wonder to add scenery and to nature in bodies of water.It gives it its depth colors.Ships and shipping ships are giant hydrofoils.People are robots and started to be very constructive with their new
KusoCartoon 13903478239883

Many Poles of the Poles Continent Alien World Transformer Gobot Universe Stargate Atlantis

pioneered home.It turned into a futuristic super civilization  .It is like living down under.And they built modern cities and made use of the polar poles.They built cities on the poles in the mountains of valleys and cities.Their continent is like a giant island but is larger than most continents that share with other countries.It is based on nature and nature as a phenomena.Did not tamper with bodies of water with mining or any other terraforming and construction.They made some manmade parks and beaches but not to interfere with rivers and lakes as they would have repercussions.Tides come out and swimming areas too deep and near dangers of depths.This swimming park was devised to counter the tides.Fresh ocean water is dangerous from sea life predators as they can only control them so much and people get the urge swim deeper.Park counters drowning and tides.Knew that weather could make unstable reaction with dam.Dams they have are not for sealing off water but have water running through them to allow river maintain being a river.Filters out sea life.But for certain areas.       Not everywhere and nature is free in parts of continent but not to spread through the continent.Use dams to harness energy.Did not damage landforms and maintained them.Fixed many to use manmade power to improve mistakes and reinforcement of areas of water.Made their own which they made dams for free flowing.No canyons.Water can flow underground in tunnels and cave networks to attatch bodies of water together.And in oceans,caves tunnels.People don't do water sports because of dangers.Dangerous habits because the people are not confined to one area,go throughout the continent.They are intelligent of island continent and its wild creatures from water.Communities maintain things with community system of many communities in each zone.Nature and countryside numerous other than the cities born from countryside and seashore,bodies of water Areas made for swimming manmade inside structures.People can view the lake at towers and centers to the beaches of the shores.People can eat over the water at the waterfront.Overlook the lake built close like docks.Hotels for the beaches and manmade
KusoCartoon 13924233909808

Manmade beach

KusoCartoon 13924236532292

manmade beach network tanks

beaches,waterpark.Arrangements and reserved.Very immense large.Areas from arrangement,pay.No alcohol on park or drunken people.Finger ID and then goes to breath machine and scannered.Life guards and security want them to go empty out their bodies to be scanned again or they dispermitted from entering even if they paid refused from failuriing test from security.No body wastes in water and security supervises and on young adults and other grown up suspects.Water content is monitored for its purity.They make people take a wash before entering,rinsed to rinse off any contaminants.When people drink{how much} on islands and enter to swim they are monitored.They can be refused by computer and told to go empty out in washrooms and come back after rinse.Security and lifeguards know.The water is meant to counter any waste in water with nature and manmade water filtration.People need the water.You can't enter the water dirty.It has natural bleaches that rush currents and chemicals like nature.It has water temperature and filtration at massive level with currents to get everywhere to spread.It has in areas water bubbles from bottom.Rangers supervise parks.Denied access and record on ID.But light beverages served inside buy types of coolers.Count is put on them and need be a test to walk a line by lifeguards work with the rangers.Free area but from arrival from arrangements.Hotel is part center and museums,shopping center and then part mall you can go to swimming area that is beach number in mall area of many beaches,docks inside center to boats propulsion without motors and sail all in the manmade area of many lakes.Waterpark and just beaches but made inland behind real beaches to shores of the lakes.Has waterfalls swimmmers can swim down on,sand covered.Made wide like beaches to avoid crowding.Beaches there are carts that

Island in artificial lake tundra zone

are linked take passengers shuttle to all areas of beach area,center ride doubled.Many carts every 15min.Carts take you to each tank lake and to entire

Mall section of beaches

area.Labeled an alphebet number in alien language.Labeled and that's what route for each cart.Goes with your ID you paid.If you lose ID you go to island or a booth.Carts will work to scan you hand.They have beaches and purified.No waste in them.Very clean and mix swimmng pool with nature mixed with swimming.Aquaduct.Manmade.Uses lake water which goes through turbines and process to mix with a chemical to make it clean and natural and is recycled back to the lakes.Chemical can blend into nature cleaner.Lakes have manmade structures that neighbour lakes and manmade beaches because of the predators.They are not deep as they are maximum in swimming 14ft.There are alot of "islands" made of plastic material with seats in middle,series,no crowding.Part of the waterpark.Islands made of concrete and clay with trees like a park.They have lots on them for day night activity.There are stations at them for officials.They have any emergencies to even food.Guard stations,Boats go out to patrol tank lakes.Route they go into mall.Boats with roofs drawn on cables to each manmade island or to travel around the manmade bodies of water,rivers and creeks for a cruise.Buy a pass and have area number assigned.Use the boats to get out into the bay and swim,be 15ft deep.Levels of deepness as it does not hit 15ft until your far away hundreds of meters from beaches.Shallow areas that get gradual every 40 meters 1ft deeper.Beach is at your waste.Designed some islands get shallow or just deep around edges.Designed so people can plunge in water with safety and anti-drowning.In deep water float with their jackets on.Current induced by the pump system to clean lake tanks,poses no threat to swimmers messaging.Currents waves swimmer can ride on but don't happen where deep.Shallow areas to give people a break far away from shore 100's meters away up to their waste marked to show boaters not to dive,wading area out middle of lake tanks.Boats hit a zone warning that its shallower.Lights on them project on swimming area,neon lights for night time.People have swimming gear on,floatation jackets.Boats have precautions to drowning,line with floats and for boats no one to swim they are supervised on monitors.You can cook and eat on them.Have seats and areas for each family to camp down for day and night.Part of the areas near the beach encovered with plastic glass above with lights,transparent.Series of lights for night swims and in neon lights.No food to the water area.Beaches you can bar b q.The ones on the lakes are made near lakes and use nature from lakes to manmade and is large like a beach park.Has images on screen of the lakes area live for effect.Swimming areas divided from lakes.Structures where they swim in.And water is cycled in tonnes and made pure and from nature.Large and many beaches.There are manmade lakes that are made of concrete and are meant for swimming.Laid the sand on the clay like material.They are attatched to a aquaduct.People can swim at night and at times.They can get there from monorail.The real beaches have force field barriers in water to prevent predators.Advised not to go deep.Monitored.People can swim shallows.Checked and maintenanced frequently.People go through a process,wash in center then they are readied for swimming on lakes beaches.Lights.Scanners.They have things that shoo away predators like chemicals and frequencies.Drive away fish and prey no food in this area.Tested.Reliable.In areas.They are safe.People not allowed in water outside this area.Predators as sharks.Small 4ft and 5ft sharks that eat small animals and water reptiles,fish.They maintain that stay to their own continent.They have no other countries near them than islands.Eurasia is in space orbiting them.They have no polution and its filtered out by natural processes learned by aliens.They can filter out oceans and landforms.Keep everything biological.From simple life its complicated.They have grown and number in the billions from cities.Cities have made advances on not making polution to keep fresh environment.Nature is restored and taught traditions.Its their strength.They have underground cities and cities in caves.Population is in 100's millions.Populated the tundra and everywhere is connected.Snow Hurricanes used to have raw power in ocean but translated and just are heavy snowfall.No Man's land area has seasons in temperatures that dip.Polar poles have temperatures for cities and regions.Areas of populations in millions.Temperatures dip to -4 degrees and winds not windy.Seashore are historic architected cities showing how comfortable they live and season cloudy with snowfall in some regions.Some regions have very little snowfall and cold and sunny.Mountains block off winds of oceans.Planet's arc blocks off winds as it blocks of winds from space or high altitude.Much of the snow in Polar region does not melt.It has type of grass lives under snow and fed by snow and dirt.Moisture and trees.Jungle and forests and they feed grass sunlight relation,bushes.Cleared and cutdown for city long time ago.They are protected and part of region.Integrated nature and building structures.No large frozen lakes.There are scattered frozen bodies of water connected to rivers and creeks lead to sea or lakes.With temperature they are exposed not frozen.They have alien fish and life in them.Predators.Nothing large.On our planet 110lbs sharks,4ft to 5ft.They are small predators that eat small animal planteaters,4ft reptile fish planteaters.They are no threat to anyone as they don't food frenzy.Very passive and can be petted by fisherman who like them like outdoor pet for a trip.Non migratory and territorial meaning they stay to their own areas and territory they don't travel outside perimeter of the body of water.They will travel in streams from seasons to go under 100 miles of creeks and rivers,streams deep.But nothing in migration that is major.They stay to their areas and swim around in lakes.Each has claim to their main body of water.Even to rivers and deep creeks that are 4ft to 10ft deep creeks.They mate in some areas but close by.They stay to each region and zone.But some species travel amongst the island continent to other zones as they migrate from seasons to other bodies of water to fit in on the water nature system.They fit in to consume as member of feeders.The ones that eat feed though stay to that area like natural pets.They love the city.Travel but stay out of the really deep depths of prehistoric giant predator shark.He can be unpredictable.Smaller sharks evolved to refuge in bodies of water and the shallows.They can breath some air and water mixed.Many cities and regions make them like regions pets for tourists to take pictures and watch when fed their fish food.Some species that travel fit in on predation to share on abundant food in bodies of water,swamps and much nature in woods.Travel in caves up to the mountains that have their own cave and mountain species from vacuum in water and gravity can go up mountain in travel.Mate they are not aggressive.Passive to carry on nature like planteaters.But they are not disturbed as government takes care of them with parks rangers and scientists.But on other continents on this planet are a more violent species of shark that hate the natural barriers and distances in our oceans.They live in woods and predacious and 7ft.They are like oceanic white tips but in nature and rivers,creeks,lakes and bodies of water.There are sharks like oceanic white tips that don't fear the giant sharks.They all fit in in cycle in oceans and play roles.They use their jaws in fight on any other rival in numbers like barracudas and pirhanas.Barracuda's here devour and tear apart as our ocean's piranhas longer dorsal.They are hunters and stay away from fights.If pushed they will join in bite from all angles as attack.Smart.They don't populate up or crowd bodies of water.Senses to journey to ones where they are scattered out.People can swim but not in their territory as they have teeth.The rangers keep track of their feeding habits.They never harm them.They are intelligent for animal fish that live on poles island continent.Popular with tourists and people that have proper places to watch them but don't bug them as this is against regulations.Non-aggressive.No shallow water territorial sharks.Sharks on this planet need at least brackish waters.Based on sea water and then to brackish waters.The giant sharks only hunt in deep water as they are tonnes in weight and more to 60 metric tonnes.They are like prehistoric predators.They need deep water at least 20ft deep shallowest.They do not have food in the lakes area.Their food is in the ocean and seas.They don't need to travel to breathe they injest water here and it provides breathing mouth and gills.Mouth is not dry.Breath in from nostrils and gills help largerly.They are like fish and animal and breathe from many places and rest.Don't need the energy for breathing.Giants sharks and other sharks.Rangers monitor these areas.Only 1 brackish water giant lake.No other sources of water ways.Brackish lake has 40ft giant sharks.Giant sharks are the Alligator shark colorful and Crocodile shark ,black.Land sealed for the other giant lakes.Hunt and patrol deep water at 15ft deep.No shallow water sharks as they don't come out of the water.Brackish lakes have no ship or boat pollution.Eat giant fish that is like size small whales.The place is a distribution and perfect system where the predators have no destructive factors.People know "Brackish lake " is not for swimming or boating,danger.They have precautions for suburb areas and parks to the shores and city.Any towns.People take a walk and they don't have problems with giants 40ft and 35tonnnes don't go to beaches and smaller sharks stay out of its territory the "Brackish Lakes".It has reefs in the deeps and many shallow sandy areas for swimmers to wade.Giant sharks stay to underwater stalking and they travel but there are barriers near cities and parks that allow hundreds of meters to be the people's free of sharks.Giants out deeps where the barrier is.Barrier allows water passage.Not sea water in the clean depths.Giant 60ft meateater shark comes in with the chain and all sharks avoid his areas.They all have territories and the 60ft meateater shark does not go deep.Not fighters or cannibals as they are smarter and not abused or neurotic from whiteman humans ways which is stars away from them.They born peace and hunt giant fish for food.Then the giant 60ft meateater goes out to sea up the river as the 40ft giants meateaters or they remain.They eat far away in depths or underwater.They know about people.This lake is wildest of nature but so controlled and balance.They don't dive out of water off shore from society.Remain in water and elusive.Rule here is deep water for them to be submerged in.Bodies of water certain areas that sharks go into not all bodies of water.Only ones connected by tunnels and caves.Barriers,walls and dams have small area for 5ft.Avoiding larger sharks.These sharks don't come close to shore unless they are in 4ft of water and people don't swim wild.These sharks are not in giant lakes system.They are not wild or violent sharks.They are peaceful natured sharks that eat fish species as food in creeks,small lakes,rivers.They go to the city park area for the Rangers to feed them.They don't like to encounter larger sharks.Only in marked areas meant swimming with manmade barriers.Rangers monitor and enforce sharks.They go to a certain chain of lakes,creeks and rivers.Part parks.Rangers throw food to the smaller sharks as government workers in ponds and lakes and areas for the public.They have a type of food like pet food that has meat in it that sharks eat.Rangers take care of the sharks and balance.People walk by in parks and view rangers at work with their cart.They do this everywhere in urban suburban areas and go off to the conservation areas of wooded jungle countryside.Have barriered fence says"not to cross fence" everywhere mostly as part of rangers patrol routes.If a shark leaped it would hit the fence but they are not wild behaviour sharks and eat in depths of rivers and ponds,lakes and shores.They have food not wild.Sharks are no danger and will eat alien mammal planteaters for food.Rangers have laws stay away from sharks when its not a tour by government.No war on sharks.Law to the nature is the Rangers.And they will carryout harsh action as nature law enforcers.Danger zones for predators like polar ice flows.We don't have giant sharks except for oceans,sea lakes,rivers.Smaller sharks.Force fields for coastal waterfront areas and parks.Cities have force fields for the sidewalks facing waterways.Railings have force fields and people can't fall in.They have emergency generators from power failures precautions.People walk by waterwalks on bridges and sidewalks border waterways.Railings and force fields in water and emergency ropes with floats with an emergency crew using boat crafts.Precautions because of giant shark predators.They can't leap.People can take walks and have lights shining,built into water.Series of lights in water stick out like tower structures.Give water area lighting and it continues to the land.Force fields can trip people so they fall and hit lower part of railings barrier,not to fall over.Snow removal by governments season a jobs.They have snow cover all year round.People have recreation with snow.Made resorts and they accessible by monorail.Public transportation.Area though that the arc does not cover that has raw storms on another land mass.Our No Man's land is liveable and people live there and go there.Continent its accessible.Long distance trips even from hot zones.Right junctions.Gases and crystals in atmophere and magnetism.Making outer space effect but with atmosphere.And much better than earth.Another continent is on the orbiting giant planet.   Eurasia and its government construction.It has continent where all poles are in one continent.This area is where they have all day and night as day and night as all day night for 4 weeks and months.This area has dawn and dusk for 4 weeks as whole day and in seaons.They have this region and changes when your out of the area in parts continent  going north east and south east and west.changes as you pass zones for the seaons to revervse and go back to normal hours of day and hight but for the polar seas islands are tropical.Being like this it effects the weather of the seasons and blends in with the climate.                                                                  Covers each arctic pole and is connected.The poles shrink and grow.They have seasons farther perimeter radius to areas away from polars zone.They have season where the winter lasts for half year.Then summer comes in.Winter is minus 15 degrees most it dips to.Polars zone Poles snow covered all year round.Stretches out in zones..But then summer has a thaw out and summer is fast to be in.Summer is winter for them.Reverse winter is moderate in coolness.1 month spring as process thawing happens and they are very close to poles.Winter and its 20 degrees Celsius medium humidity and less.Lots of cities and regions populated outside of the polar region.Woods and jungles.Everything is done trimmed and neet for nature.No obstructions.The continent has no extreme weather except for the no man's land.It has a temperature and weather zone where anything coming to the continent dissipates from processes like layer of gas and chemical for breathing.The poles magnetism blocks off storms.Weather is tranquil most seaons.Light storms with no severe lightning.Has no severe lightning as hit hits disspated by the arc in space.Magnetism.The weathers fo the continent are of cool below 15 degrees Celsius median.Weathers as snow hurricane for Archaepelago and Eurasia does too.Eurasia's weather is other than tropical.Alien.Eurasia and its billion people.And on every part developed highways and manmade structures.Bustling cities.This blocks off severe weather.In the oceans of the planet there are hurricanes.But we believe tornadoes are disruptions born from polution instability.Our people have countered severe weather with misslles,barriers,gases,chemicals and force fields merger with nature.Devices and rays.And from space satellites.They can detect and send a charge.No Mans land is far away on another large islands.We have no factors for severe weather.We study space tornadoes on other worlds and moons.We have experts on severe space weather.Our government takes action to initialize things make it happen much before
KusoCartoon 14243131810137

Regions/Areas of island Poles Continent

something happens.Years and
KusoCartoon 15109575964218

Countryside city Island Poles Continent

months.Troops are months before hand with precautions for themselves but they are fighting severe weather.It hits the gas arc and no more powerful winds hit high coast or one elevates to mountains.Tranquil weather.No Mans land on our continent  has lightning.Arc ends around this area near equator.But its bad like a storm.People have engineered against that awful severity.We have way too many barriers for severe weather to build up it has no chance to swirl and build up.High pressure air flow from space would lift any distortion weather to space.Winds are not gusting.Nature has had great chances to grow on this continent.Built with boardwalks from sidewalks.Its not a boring place.Danger areas from animal predators.They have Rangers and security to supervise people areas like boardwalks and trails.Precautions and cameras.Fields.People are equiped and prepared when going through this area.Many areas are isolated because of animals hunting.Regions are also made to cater hunting areas territory.No hunting of predators.Only Park Rangers and their judgement.People are not allowed to carry firearms to woods where predators live.Rangers will arrest them and harsh treatment.Use of walking and running speed,preparation.Vehicles get in the way.Bases and lodges.Teach nature to people of this continent.No smell of blood.Commute  on modern small rail systems so people can go 10 miles and more from end to end travelling 40 miles.Get ready and board a monorail system.Cart linkups for hundreds of people to go on.Get out to nature.Built acess to lodges from monorails.Public can get on one and travel to lodge.Stay at the lodge during the day like a library center in nature.No man's land for hot is part of branching of commuting but your informed your entering a emergency zone in severity.It though is being built with lodges and more of nature.Outdoors open to public and is built and contructed for outdoors.Got fields and cover.Areas have warmth.Outdoors concept to

Mountain Polar area city with retractable dome

enjoy the outdoors without discomfort and modernization.Families pay and reserved areas.Free area but everyone has come from arrangements,payed.Accessible to public easy to get on monorail and go to lodge center front door for nature.Headquarters.And there are places to eat and shop in nature.No wrapers and pollution,trash.Managed properly.Weather is wavey and from magnetism of the
MntCty orginal sketch

Mountain city sketch

poles and at an angle to the stars,suns.Transformer Gobot people made a wonderful civilization out of the two planets with mountains that are touching outer space,war vessels.People live with some atmosphere though.They can breathe.Cities up there.Cities are clean and maintained.They are centers to do with communities.Robots and people create nature and
KusoCartoon 13903465624310

Poles Continent Alien World Cities

manmade structures and parks clean.Game areas are arranged and areas are re-creation of nature on natural area.These urban areas and suburbs are communities.Avoid clash between
KusoCartoon 13938283485720

Mountain plain city

man and predators.Manmade.They let out planteaters and that is how they grow them in religion for eating.The are outside the city area remote.That is why they farm them.This contient is isolated from rest of the planet.They are the government of entire planet and co-operate with other nations on the planet.Under our control.This continent has no network other than the polar region island and seas network.No others except some islands off their coast that are ours.No highways to any others that not ours.We are not connected to world and use spacecraft to go to them.Prevents them from corrupting us.Old is cleaned futuristicly and better techniques.Buildings are 100 stories shortest.Weathers with areas.There no unstable air pressure.Their is no gusts of wind on this continent.Landforms brace and take away the gusts and it goes through proceses even in space with gases.They have cave cities and many mountain developed with metropolises.Mountain area and they have tunnel work and live in some
KusoCartoon 13909730144493

Mountain City

KusoCartoon 13909743463392

Mountain City

parts mountains.They live on the tops mountains have highways on top running in directions.Highways have a field up on them and generators under highway.It makes gravity on them so they don't fall.They can park their cars off side from a breakdown.Highway locks on to the cars and helps to send them up the mountain with help engines.It can detour vehicles that broken down.Power failure they can still work.Use robot units to repair the car no driver coming out alert and vehicle doors lock.Using force to lock on car and send it up mountain.And from many regions

space Khan family home in Mountain area


space Khan family home backyard Mountain area

attatched to regions up mountains they go up elevation.Trains go in another mode for hights modification then change when up elevation.Routes over canyons stay in elevation mode.7 miles and 500 miles elevated plain.They have large areas on top mountains surface extends enough for mountain cities,areas,regions and into caves.Mountain
KusoCartoon 14434663342873

Khan Family Condominium Floor plan estate

plateau extends top to bottom of continent on lower branching landform of the island continent.It has wood,jungle,bodies of water,dirt and clay layers in the middle the polar zone which is the one of the poles of the planet.Its highly enhabited in billions of citizens.It is advanced rest of the continent and busy.They have the cities which are 40miles to 50 miles.Large cities joining regions.They have a smooth plateau but many areas their are mountain hills.Its green grass over the polar pole,magnetism of planet and greenish texture that glows to sky.Stars bring in more heat and other properties to atmosphere which makes the planet healthy an atmosphere.Night comes it gets green darker but you can see nebulae and stars more clearly.It has townships and towns.Houses are large lodge like houses.Form suburbs and regions.Stores on the block of housing divisions.They have network of stores and parking,even underground for ammenities that are close by.Many stores,for food,movies,games,music and entertainment,fast food and
Ultimate Homes Escapes

Ultimate Homes Escapes

Dream Homes - Luxury Log Home & $8 Million Dollar Farmhouse

Dream Homes - Luxury Log Home & $8 Million Dollar Farmhouse

Dream Homes Whistler Luxury Cabin with Private Gondola

Dream Homes Whistler Luxury Cabin with Private Gondola

restaurants,home supplies,books,magazines and comics and outdoor malls that have walkway connects each store to each other.We have internal bar b q grill indoors.We grill our food like pasta and burgers,pizza and all foods,steaks and ground meats all grilled bread.In our mansion that has reflective panels and panels can't come out from gusts.Inside alien technology.As we can carry our laundry up stairs.We have our things brought to the roof to grill out.We have patio on top roof.We have our daily food made their and our drone workers and workers come to do the grill and their recipes.They cleanup the home as it has a security station.Workers inside make sure working and making fresh foods.And we have grill on patio roof.Have on carts to bring our foods in every temperature zone of our estates.We have our foods and trays and Khan amount of food.Fresh done and better than franchise done.Have installation that has many levels for nature and is like library and social area to hangout at and has archives to go through.Small food courts inside for people's convenience.Lounges that are made clean by drone units and worker staff. Bring our pet sharks and pets here to release them in the ponds networks.Tended to mountain zone water aquaduct.Water filtration is living here in mountains.My pet sharks are in the ponds as they were in their travel casings with water to travel to mountains by train.Released in water and are in creeks and adjusted to here.Our pool where we have swimming pool is attatched to thet sharks pool for them at night or day to come into the home.They are at pool level inside our estate and swim and sleep here and can go back outside.Drone workers to take care to them.Supervised while we we stay here for part of year or years.  Hotel.Leisure games and teamwork games.Play indoor soccer get matches going courteousy to citizens of this continent.Buses
Extraordinary Homes Mountain • BBC MMXVI

Extraordinary Homes Mountain • BBC MMXVI

and commuting to drop everyone off here.They have their gym bags.Using their hand and ID card they have locker area and private change room and if need so a place to stay with room and private facilities,bathroom.Highways that go down the 100 miles mountain to lower low level of land.Cars and vehicles travel at speeder speeds.They are held on to by highway fields for control at high speeds.People travel here and have space airports and astro beams to travel.Entire island continent is exciting place to live being on polar area of the alien planet.Commuting which are like subways people board to other zones,going downward to any zone in island continent.People are at high altitude and in polar zone receive heat but its cool here without any winds.19 degrees Celsius.Majority of the mountains are not alps snow covered.Only in tundra area peninsula its covered in snow as leave island continent over oceans.Warm or cool place to be as they go up 100 miles up and more.They have alps on top of the mountains but not everywhere.Tundra area has a snow covered alps.It does not snowfall frequently.People enjoy the mountains.Lots to do and to travel.Malls are giant.And they are hundreds miles up from ground.They have their own bodies of water up here,creeks and rivers too.Planet's magnetism has caves and tunnels to each body of water.Magnetism tulleric current keeps the water flow from lake to ponds and bodies of water up in mountains.Magnetism sends the water up and flowing in natural network where the bodies of water up in mountains maintained by nature.Lake creature fish can go upwards to mountain bodies of water.Supply fishing and small shark predators of 5ft long that are harmless.The pressure from below maintains the network.Bodies of water don't have any current to suction.Some bodies of water are connected by caves not all of them go down.They are not giant chasms,just about 5 to 10 ft wide and are where the algae is where the body of water is deep and unswimmable.Lake supplies natural protection from caves.Caves have no current and people and divers,rangers can swim in them as they do and make stations underground with underground stairs and tunnels with manmade construction,elevators and installations.They built concrete and grates.Not sewers.Manmade.Built this to prevent drowning and any under current.There is no undercurrent because the bodies of water network on the plateau balances it out and then far under goes under to sea level.They have been made like this and safe to swim in and plenty of fish that migrate.They can swim upwards and downwards in freshwater system.Built over with grates in lakes and rivers are to do with the caves and how they divert and plowed into land from caves.Rivers are not caves.Its 20 degrees Celsius and has steam bodies of water that its tundra and cold but in the bodies of water its warm.Retains the ice and snow exterior.Beaches of sand have steam heat and its been manmade.Manmade into beaches.Lakes have no current or any harsh currents.They flow and are steady with no waves.No suction.Countered by manmade diversioning and aquaducts.Below sea level.Basin.Lots of nature,space nature,valleys and trees,woods and jungles and bodies of water.Mountain area highest to space has winds.Contains the planet.Atmosphere smothers and covers planet inside of it.It contains heat in atmosphere is thick in layers

Temperature zones mountains region

top.Atmosphere is in larger layer regions.Mountains area atmosphere extends from higher layers.Far from ground layers which are under 10 miles.Ground layers atmosphere gets smaller and mountains are part of higher layers as space.But here planet and this continent's gases are enriched and plenty of air for this race to live.Just as good as ground or better.Not contaminated and is more fresh.There are trees,jungles and woods on the slanted elevation in parts gradually go up to have the habitants part of mountains network chain even to other mountains.Its a like another type of world up high in mountains civilization as they did it practical and space modern,futuristic.Has tribal up in mountains from the tribal people living up in mountains and made towns and cities that AI white races space muslims mergered and made them space modern.They have ancient effect in cities which is beautiful and scenic to have upgraded tribal architecture and ideas

Polar Mountain Zone up high mountain plateau,region,house divisions,bodies of water

of island dwelllers and their mountains.Tribal people made it to orbit space and many of our planet's moons.But not much further.People united every mountain to mountain and because of being high up they are linked together even overseas.They have transportation which is

Mountain Valley Scenery cities

easier up the mountains and commuting to get to other continents that are part of neighbouring sectors.Communications and they astro beam if they don't want to see the scenery.Part of atmosphere layer that is large in diameter that has to do with planet and space.They can see space better than ground but are protected with atmosphere.Poles atmosphere has planetary and space fields mixed into atmosphere layers gases.Produces space effect in atmosphere.Atmosphere here is greenish texture and is transparent but as you go higher like clouds thicker.Go to the highest mountains network on other continent past the polar seas.Mountains have snow tops as normal mountains by going to 2 miles snow tops.Mountains are not as cold though tops.Snowfall happens in snow storm and in much of the areas the top layers of packing snow evapourate as its a chemical liquid.Goes back to the atmosphere and does not slush.Its really pleasant.The mist and fog happens that is illuminated greenish here.Its from

Mountain Region cabin facility with wavey sky of alien chlorophyl

the polar energy phenomena.It happens to making the light fog and mist glowing.City for the highways and roads disperse the fog and mist for driving.Mist and fog in seasons in jungle woods and in many areas.Fog in snow areas.Just when you travel and the

Boardwalk at 100miles up looking down valley Poles Continent

hights and peaks fluctuate.Plains go higher and into weather zones to make disturbances as winds and cold temperatures.Dips down habitable.The city has since 560 miles on elevated mountain plain.They have plains and plateaus.They have built their drainage system in hights up 200 miles and gets higher they build up to space.When they are at 700 miles up they have to be closer to space and farther from land below.They part of the layer of space atmosphere part of the atmosphere.Space winds come blown to assimulate with the atmosphere to turn to atmospheric winds.Snow up there for sure they get snowfall from space.Their area attracts snow but from other climates they separate as there is no snow in in many areas of the plateau.Plains even have no snow and greenry and cities.Some places get snow.800 miles to outer space from surface.Mountains are 100 miles.Highest peak is about 700 miles up.This planet is giant and mountains to be mountains are very high up and ground level goes up in miles from

Mountain Polar Region with city and ocean seashore

beaches.Landforms are massive and high.Close to the clifffs that face 100 miles down.Clouds up at mountain view boardwalk to look down to valleys and cities.100 miles up.Go up higher on slopes driving.Boardwalks is like a cliff.Transparent fence barrier to look over the drop.See the mountain highways and train tracks going up the mountains slopes to top plateau.Giant island continent and gradually gets higher and higher spread out or blunt.Bursts of going up in miles.Slant and going up angle while driving or commuting,transportation.The mountain in space is in outer atmosphere layer.The solar winds are blown up here but there is atmophere and color in sky here.They are highest levels of the planet up in space.Solar winds come here as winds here are solar but far from polar region,other side of the polar region of southern region.The area has snow cap.Snow covered with modernization and goes up an angle.Mountain area that goes up north and lowers while going north til its at 7 miles and 1 mile above sea level.Solar winds come in changed to atmospheric winds       .Growth up the mountain with woods and vegetation up high in space.Cleared out many areas to make civilizations up in the mountains with regions and cities.High up at 560miles with space winds merger as atmosphere winds that feed the nature.Feeds the chemical gas to the vegetation and woods.People have roads and highways up the mountain and drive cars as trains ride through.Connected as civilization.Planet is adjusted to space winds from space.They fall and become lower breezes and winds.This mountain borders the arctic polar region on another continent far from our islands system in arctic poles oceans.It is not an obstacle as pilots do not have it near habitat.Precautions to flights as there is a network and stations when flight is in distance to the mountain.Speed and alert and defense system goes to land craft when its in certain zones.If its a threat and they know its a threat they would destroy it.Identified with visual from sattelites and aerial balloons and by other crafts they send up.When they scan for visual.They have a tractor beam.Mountain being very high is no danger to any crafts.And many crafts are in space altitude or outer layers of atmosphere to rim of space.They have nets system around turns and dangerous areas.Precautionary nets that catch people and the rescue team retrieves people.Automatic alarm is summoned silent alarm.They maintain the netting and have tunnels to get to them.They have precautions for cars and trucks which are magnet treads.Its like being on tracks.They are under space forces scanning and systems translated to mountain network.Landing at base.Fields defense that can uses to hold on to craft.Its very far from civilization on other continent.It can be seen and they go gradually over it.It is surrounded by seas.Its is clear visible and on instruments easy for habitants to pickup.No irradical weather to play with instruments.Naval base is on this mountain system.Go to outer space as they are closer.It does not dip down and is consistant as a plain for citizens.They had their cities built from trains and supplies.Many trains came in and went back and forth with building supplies.Urban and suburban up hights.Miles up in the sky.Space Khan family has another residence her in our home in mountains area.We get off the commuting and train and we're her at this one is like a facility in structure is our home inside.Front door and back door has a computerized hand scan locking system uses vital signs.And if anyone forgets to lock the door in a small duration it locks automatically.Princess Armada can call in to open the estate gates with a test scan and passes a test common to her.She can use her phone but there are precaution she must take from phone and phone infront gates security station.Keep log.Spacious and futuristic and modern and all furnished with our activities and media entertainment from space and terminal network computers into media entertainment.Princess Armada's bedrooms and she can share bed in some rooms with her sisters.Its all done up for her and mine.Our showers and bathrooms futuristic and space.Our kitchen and system for outside cooked food bar b q.Our giant spacious living room and look out over the plains to mountain valleys.Commuting access easy and our cars in our garage and underground parking filtration ventilation system.We have a patio outside to conduct bar b q.We have benches thoughout the front and back yard.Network of paths that our cart is on.Has all of our things and meals.Our drones.It goes throughout as network in our small woods and swimming pool area has environment field for cooler days.We have enclosures to do our things and rest.To sit at computer and watch media entertainment from space.To do hobbies and craft in our clubhouse.We have retractable beds to sleep in there radio play to 3d pictures.Sinks to stay clean and washup,All trays go onto cart outside enclosure parked.Cart is water proof.Compartments to bring items and lots of belongings for all Princess Armadas.Accessories and hobby as carts purpose brings stuff.We have our things to do and our artificial lake for RC remote control warships.Lighting on every of our estate for night time.Hospitalty from area in services.Commuting easy access and our cars.We have our government made security with projected field over as fence barrier.Keep our lives inside our own world and socialize.We have our activities.There are industrial parks and everything urban and suburbs have.Roads and highways.Cable cars that take people's cars to higher peaks with roads or to go down lower.The planets pole is here in mountains area.This legitimate 1 of poles planet.So this area has wavey green energy to effect cities.Its heavlily populated 7 miles up and 100 miles.Its popular to the people taken to mountain city life.Its wavey from magnetism and polarity of planet.High and mountains connect to polar fields and adjusted to greenery of the mountains to establish a tulleric current system in green of the mountains.Its the most closest to the polar fields and all of them or most connect in central area south.Mountains are on the eastern side.Fields have highest point in mountains and plateaus civilizations.100's of miles up near the polar fields.Place is full of nature.Nature is very healthy since the sky is greenish haze.People feel they are on top of the world here.They have the effects and are close to outer space in atmosphere layer in space dips in to catch the mountains.And the months and dsys are longer for sunshine and night time.Durations no day time and night time during seasons.They have greenish energy mixed black of space but they see nebulas and stars realistic and with effect.Energy wavey makes you see stars realistic and nebulas.Effect looking right out into outer space.And with atmosphere layers and some layers create effect.At the hight of 100 miles there is 800 miles to space and this is in layers.10 miles is part of lower part atmosphere.Magnetism is in layers and this lower layer retains heat fluctuates in areas in mountains.They have mist in mornings.Vegetation takes to the gases and magnetism.Vegetation retains energy from star that is cought in condensation and stored for temperatures to be temperate.It is like a pattern of direction.Many valleys raise the temperature as they are closer to ground and to chain of of hot steam.Snow capped alps and then the plateau that they drive on and live on in suburbs.It goes on for a large area from city and region to region.It has a climate but because its tropical in alien it has warmth and is Cold but at 19 Celsius is warm and 15Celsius is warm.Not cold even at night.They are high up in the air above low altitude.Many gases the clouds have storm process that condensation from storm clouds level brings in warmth that separates from clouds and is layed onto plateau and absorbed and retained in nature,woods,forests jungles.They are attatched to jungle forests in valleys as it is not a sharp angle or drop in main areas they travel from top mountain to below in valley at ground.Many processes that take the cold and its retain in right places.Winds but its not gusty wind.Temperate but they go through season where temperature in smoe areas drops to 5 degrees Celsius.Depends on what climate zone they are in and weather.Weather is beautiful up on mountains as they have giant lakes near cities,rivers and streams.Moisture and underground caves system has water cycle and water table.They don't lose water or gain access.All distributed.Temperate in snow covered areas but what climate zone it can get to minus 10 Celsius.Not harsh and bitter cold.Extremities because the gusting winds to continent disipate and there are no gusts.Calm and has 10mph winds.Never gets anymore.So mountains are alien tropical.Flourish life and interact with residence.These people have more than thousands of alps.Area where it is snow covered.But in some when you leave alps your back to grassy area with trees,temperature is back warm 10 degrees Celsius thawed.Cycle happens to release the energy and retain it from weather.Weather dictates the temperature for each zone.Weather from temperature is rain showers in hot zone and polar region.Snow fall to the arctic region and the southern region outside arctic region.Seasons dicatate temperatures and when you change zones the season reverse and winter is summer and summer is winter.Spring can be longer as fall can.Condensation for each season.Plus tropical winds from coast bringing in hot humid gases to mountains.Disperses and spreads out to each climate region.Alps remain snow covered in all mountain regions as they go higher than the plain.They have woods jungle.They must block off tropical gases from being steep.Not part of the process.Evade the process and remain snow covered but temperate to each climate zone.Snow covered in hot zone but warm.Seasons then make it colder.It also depends on what part of the mountain going towards the polar arctic area.But they also have alps.Alps are snow covered areas of the mountains.And in hot zone.In the center its highly populated and is the magnetic pole of the planet in this mountain area.Its covered in trees outskirts of cities.It has vegeatation.They have to go highter for the alps region.This takes the pressure and makes snow.From type of clay or rock it stores all of the energy being cold inside mountain and its snow covered in all zones in alps.Telluric current pole.It gets from altitude snowy and in some zones its not cold but snow covered.Alps is going up higher than the plain travels north to south.Alps are abrupt in angle being steep but have plains for many 10 miles.Plain width is 560 miles but is consistant in temperature even in climate zones.Just going up the alps that the pressure changes to catch some higher altitude.Pressure pockets and zones that merger with jet stream areas to make snow areas on mountains.Heat mountains get from the star and trapped in gas lower atmosphere layers.Ground atmosphere spreads up 10 miles from magnetism of poles many poles they have.Magnetic drag to lower regions moderate temperatures.From elevation and abrupt angle more steep the slopes to ground more sudden temperatures.Bridges that go on angle up slopes.Down in valleys below mountains outer perimeter of pole.Very scenic and worth treveling to see.Be part of while they continue with their activities.No volcanic activity and landforms were made rising of higher land to mountains.Volcanic activity on this planet does not exist.No volcanoes but heat deep underground in springs.Volcanic activity is extinct on this planet.No heat from core but there are radiation stored in layers around core.Core is thick alloy and rock.Thermal heat trapped underground but under oceans thick under crust.Mountains have no volcanic acitivity and great habitat for cities and regions.Long plains on mountains.Not many peaks many plains stretch for hundreds miles to under thousand miles width.Formed as higher land that can go up to high altitude and near edge of space but in atmosphere.Dormant of underground volcanic activity.Has none except when forming planet.Not from faulting and many landforms will not change in millions of years they are all stable landforms.Built with a ridge for stability to base higher than oceans.Thick layers that have not been tampered with.Only mine layers that are meant to be tapped into that don't harm planets crust.Nothing major in mining layers.Its close surface in regions.Huge laws against damaging crust.Mining is done sensibly and not to interfere with landforms.On this planet they don't interfere with landforms or nature.Eras they had were very responsible.No canyons with rivers.There are mountain lakes and ponds attatched by caves and tunnels to bodies of water,oceans.Cycles by pressure buildup and gravity.Cycles from ocean back up mountain.No waterfalls.Deep in lakes bottom where there are caves no suction.Its like steam blowing water upwards and this is kept together in a area being the bodies of water.Pressure of the bottom depths sends in caves water upwards to lakes and bodies of water up in mountains.Its calm waters to swim in.Explore tunnel works and no suction or current,gravity.No waterfalls in mountains.No melting snow as waterfall.No mudslides as its all reinforced by rock.No thaw out to get into soil of the forest jungle sides mountains,slopes/Soil is mixed with clay and is firm then has rock.Rock and dirt is porous.Mountain has layers of slate and porous grained rock as dirt.Types of clay.And water from weather drained through the layers and empties out into bodies of water,evapourates with hot springs inside deep layers of mountain.Drainage naturally with steam and evapouration.Plants and forest jungles feed on this planet's liquid as water.It does not form mud or floods.At the bottom of valleys in mountain there are rivers that transport what liquid precipitation comes down.Perfect drainage system valleys bottom mountain areas forests and jungles feed on precipitation.Not pure soil and no mudslides can happen in thaw out season.Trees are in firmly as vegetation.They the trees and jungles suck out all of water so their is no mud.Reinforced by rock and has alloy in it structure.Go lower valley there are lakes and rivers.No avalanches and earthquakes.No activity underground.Avalanche no buildup of snow like that at such degree arc.No snow tops.Telluric currents in landforms.Gravity prevents avalanches.Packing snow top layers evapourates as its a chemical liquid.It does not slush.Snow decreases.Snow storms but no sliding snow buildups.It snows up on mountains but does not thaw out and areas no snow at all but some preciptation.Underground waterfalls and tunnels re-divert excess water from rainfall and melting snow.Snow does not build up on slopes as most slopes are not full of snow.Snow has gravity in it that makes it drop before a buildup.It will keep dissipating and does not buildup.Trees and jungles prevent avalanches.Woods.Spreads snow out and has dirt made solid like clay.Not many peaks either there are but theory for mountains was giant plain like a continent up high.Winds blow to make excess snow in snow areas fall.Modern ways of coping with avalanches with fields and other devices to label places dangerous by Rangers and police.But what you think is dangerous has manmade methods of relieving excess snow build up and peaks.Not much precipitation here as mountains are above low atlitude and higher above where soaked precipitation clouds drain out rain on the land.Wind blows the dry snow and it does not have storms up at this atlitude.They do get seasonal snow fall but not heavy one.Mountain tulleric currents make it safe to the inhabitants.There was a snowfall of storms a long time ago that covers the alps.Discipates from wind and lack of having snow storms.Snow is blown into areas that are  temperate at 10degrees celsius and melt go down porous top layer of clay dirt.Plus temperatures from valleys on mountain plateau where mist and forest jungle and mountain plateau bodies of water,creeks.Nothing huge or massive water bodies on mountains.They do have network of creeks and lakes.It has light gas in snow so it does not fall and is not heavy.Its also melted snow packing snow.Snow removal works to make no snow.Blower instruments instead of snow maker.Frequencies to make them shift by computers.Gravity.Mountains gravity to space.Gravity for controlled surroundings and naturally maintain snow with natural mountain gravity.Maintain structure up on mountains Allah made.Mountains drop from 2 miles to mile and less.Some of the plains on elevation have like a stairs and dip down lower at hundreds of feet to less mile and is on plains for 10 miles.Some parts are sudden 7miles up and plain of hundreds of miles.Below is woods,jungle.But the temperature process dissipates the wind gusts.The altitude to space in 5944 miles has layers and top layers have gusts from space.Drowns out wind but its more windy the many more miles you go up around certain parts mountain because pressure hits solid object.On top its call calm.The wind is drowned out by higher layers.On top mountain its calm and there is a process that makes it tranquil and calm.Snow does not blow around and there is no snow on plains in many parts trees have grown and grass but slightly colder but does not maintain snow all year round.Temperatures get warmer up mountains too.15C in winter in regions city parts and mixed with snow and forests.Manmade heat for cities and fields to contain heat for cities,generators underground.Weather fluctuates in many areas.Sunshine shines more than on ground and is trapped atmosphere mountains layers above mountain ground.Some cities are in snow cover.And much snow cover does not melt at all.Depends on locations of mountains areas and having hot valleys down ground level and near hot No Man's Land.This are has snow.Its much further to where there is humidity travels up the mountains.That are snows and melts from seasons.Season conrol climate up mountains.Snow melts to feed the trees and their are lakes and bodies of water from melted snow and they have put fish in them they are not connected to any waterfall.No waterfalls as they go underground into caves to ground.Fish are for eating.Manmade pools and small lakes.Wind does not effect the temperature on this continent.Not windy.Valley drowns out wind pressures in alien.Mountain fluctuates in high elevation and drops but maintains constant altitude and is longest ridge extending to north shores to south polar shores.Mountains are the magnetic poles of the continent.These are the real poles of continent.They have poles effect and days with sunshine.They have energy waves and view them in valleys as they go through the trees and trees gases they make.Produces effect in woods and mountains,urban.This is where the layers atmosphere are thick but don't retain heat lower layers and its very cold because of space winds.Space winds are under many layers from 5944 miles to space.If it was higher there would be crashes by spacecraft and air traveling craft.No traffic around area of mountains.Traffic is from afar at less than hundred miles away.Enough atlitude to get over mountains and they warning on peak that is 20 miles up.Prepare to get over it with hovering at right atlitudes.Mountains can create air currents with the currents from space hitting rocks and curving back or climbing over mountain.Everything close to mountains is trains and highway.20 miles is the most peaks can get for base.Its isolated from its great hight but military gets to it.Very high peak and miitary built ways to get there by cable cars that transport vehicles to top.There are roads that go up to such hights.Vehicles that fly go to the base.Cars gradually go up hights on highway to higher peaks.Base has a small city on it to stop at.Peak extends for 15 miles.It has no air traffic around it for hundreds of miles.But from it spacecraft fly from base to space.It has space traffic.On Eurasia there are peaks at 100's miles up and close to space on a gas giant planet solid giant core.Wind on highest elevation to space high altitude and its used as a space military base for warships.Cold does not mean wind.Snow squalls and snowfall.Temperature remains cold and has snow all year round and when you travel to valley no snow but full of woods and jungle.It gets warm down there.Valleys drop below sea level.Can get cold during seasons.Highway networks traveling up the mountains and through in tunnels as trains go through taking passengers to

Mountain Valley with highway going up Mntn and train tunnel through

commute.Lots of subdivisions up on mountains as there are companies and  wood industry.Police and military,rangers,patrols in the air and space.Clone trees.People visit lower levels as they are connected mountain peaks to lower valleys warmer,spring like.Rain parts season but short.Showers and thunderstorms,some.Bodies of water lower valleys of lakes and creeks,river network goes to sea.Lots of developed civilization.No hunting as these are not hunting zones for planteaters.There are predators like giant weasel hunts alien deer and tree rodents that are 30lbs.Parks on the peaks which are giant plains for hundreds of miles extending.Cities in valleys are connected.Space airport on mountains.Snow hurricanes have no extreme winds but were hurricanes that turned to snowfall.Snow hurricanes lose their force in the hot oceans.Lose its violence and gails.When it reaches our continent the barrier and arc barrier hit it and the hot gas change of states to snowfall.                                               The tides wreckup swimming for a constant depth and dangers in ocean and bodies of water.Tides make the swimming shallow and can't swim properly unless near the dangers of the depths.    They have indoor swimming areas in polar regions.They have giant beaches made

Polar indoor lake

from underground sands and imported sand to make beaches and manmade swimming lake with islands enclosed.Where the ice flows
KusoCartoon 13924212534311

Polar indoor lake

are there are indoor swimming lakes with islands and aquaduct.They have turbines sort out salt water and ice covered lakes water in many tonnes of water flowing and having salt removed and cleaners added to circulate into manmade lakes to make them natural.Circulation to keep it clean.Large many miles like lakes.Land that is in way between manmade lakes that have layer of sand cover concrete.15ft deep with boat crafts like other hot weather park.Enclosed many miles.Arrangements and paying as citizen of this continent.Reserved areas from immense size free areas stop from arrangement.Security and towards anyone drunk.Finger ID and then it goes to a breath machine.Not to go swimming drunk.No alcohol allowed.Rangers that are supervising such facilities.No jamming and its been made into a park with an outdoor leaving the field and enclosure to another fielded area.Bar B Q and buy things to make one,goods and their ones with facility and shopping center,motels.Has movies.Entertainment,bars and night life,villages.Places to space skateboard and snow board.Monorail straight on a trip to this Polar swimming area.Kept temperate.There are divisions lake with bursts of warmth.Park on the islands people have sites with parts of the lake beaches with small ponds for keeping warm.They are all attatched with ducts.Supervised by cameras.Dome covering is transparent.It has lights as the lake has lights series.Boats to go out and swim and have percautions.People even have a background of the real ocean nearby and feel their are in the ice flows swimming but warm water.Brought images right from ice flows areas live effect.People have arrangements to islands bought pass and have number area.People can't drown.Precautions are up to date and have some enginuity in it from White alien tribes.Snowstorms but in some areas in arctic temperature poles it has its violent force translated to a powerful snow hurricane.No mans land.Natural barriers Allah made brace and trees jungles biomes take effect to takeout force of hurricanse with process change temperature change of states to 10 degrees without wind and warm thawed.there are unbearable temperatures no man's lands in the hot and arctic cold.They build settlements and cities in domes in these areas.Blocks off the temperatures and winds.They are in extreme areas and have a normal population.They find in seasons drop in severe weather but they have weather that can kill.Roads and highways have warnings and arrangement uses special vehicles.What model cars and cycles you buy to have climate inside your canopy,cabin.As people live out in the tundra they need area or place to stay.Inside their vehicle.Power source lasts 40yrs.Connect to outlet,take off cover initiate protocol digits.Connected to make the vehicle into environment.Warm with media entertainment,music and username network.Wear clothes retain heat inside them.Face and ears have a field protecting them with digital device.Supplies warmth,Hood,covers forehead without field,wear visor and has protect neck.Manditory in clothes to have this as life support in tundra.Shoes,boots block out snow and ice,water as clothes do.Gloves retain heat and warmth.Controlled digital small device goes clothes.Mix and match clothes and connect them all to provide environement as your for your head and face.For looks and appearance.Open concept.Covers ears.Field in vehicle for environment.Extension done to their vehicle to add 4 more passengers to car,3 to cycle.Not crammed.They when they travel change climate control to suit each zone sector.Switch cars.Emergency alerts and government watch.CPU's and drone machines carry out maintenance of parks and city.They maintain the city and work hand in hand with the workers.They can fly up to hard to reach places and up in the trees.They landscape and do masonry.They repair and clean.They can do duties on highways and any other concrete material structures.Retail is part of the government.Stores are government.They have drones and drones in their warehouses.Have appliance drones.They can aid in work at the work place and can be assistance and run everything themselves.Types models of drones that are in government and military.And to aid civilians.And in bodies of water and oceans.Emergency.Agriculture and many others.Drones are also added part of like a household appliance has intelligence as a CPU part and can vacuum everything on its own and fly to do other suction.They have CPU that makes them like a being.Lack parts like to be a person and were made to carry out tasks and not beings.Instruments.Clean windows and spray them with glass cleaner.Small appliance drones that can walk or climb up or fly to windows and get this done.Household cleaning is done and higher level of drones to bring people their belongings and baggage.So people don't have to carry it with them.Drone will bring it to the destination.Small vehicle and then its brought as groceries.You have to arrange and buy groceries on internet and their picked up by drone and brought back to your family and where you want it.Planning trips or emergencies.Help in getting things started in operating and setting up appliances out in the woods.Civilian drone CPU's and government.ID in them.This solves the problems.Its extreme environment where the natural barriers can't block off weather and seasons become unstable at moments.Not all the time and not for long durations.Short.Stays very hot and cold.Not as windy.Thawing temperatures with grass.They have made in the subarctic  poles manmade barriers and blowers that cut down on winds.Natural barriers and throughout this area and region.Trees take out winds.Gravity and gases takes the winds into space.The continent is covered by a weather and gases barrier.Each area and there is tropical and tropical in cold.Hot areas start to fluctuate when farther away and there is no equator effect.Its hot in the middle of the continent in the hot zones.Hot from air being trapped by landforms.Telluric current poles.The magnetism of outer layers pressures the stars rays on the surface.Trapped and mixes with hot gases from water.Sun shines on the hot gases trapped by landforms and seasons planet's orbit.Angle to the star.But being farther from the star means runs on heat from below the surface that escapes and past heat from seasons trapped as potential.Gas crystals and waves fo the poles polarity makes waves of heat.And waves of cool at night time.But the water protects from burning in atmosphere.Lots of giant metropolises in these areas too.Pure hot is mixed with hot zone moderate and cool zone moderate temperatures and arctic zone moderate temperatures.Hot zones have gusts of wind.Most of the continent is under types of poles.Magnetic pole region and polarity planet pole.Base of the planet pole.Many poles in alien on this planet.Hot zones under pole effects.It gets wavey and has energy phemonena part of the sky.Its not ordinary sky its in 4 dimensions meanying wavey so they can view space because of this it looks very realistic and adds effect to magnify space and blue sky daytime.It has daylight most of the day and night for many months season.Equator is under poles.It produces hot colors.Weather has a dry heat stage not area.Circulates weather.This turns part of the weather.It does not become an obstacle for spacecraft and other craft.It assimulates part weather as the clouds and weather starts to absorb up the energy.Weather even hot weather has orangish haze and red and even violet.But the sun and hot stream dissipates this into waves of many layers of the sky.Winters is a blazing inferno meaning high humidity and hot temperatures at peak midday afternoon.At 26 Celsius with humidity.Humidity prevents burning layers sky with moisture.Rainfall is drainaged and people go out for walks in rain.Sidewalks have drainage.Drains and trees cover people in rain.Drainaged and force fields so you don't get wet outside of street lights which make field.Walk on path it lets the water drain off and paths don't gather water they all have drainage,no water holes.Walk off sidewalk you get wet.Grass has layer of water in it.No mans land has not much rainfall.Weather releases energy in gas layers.This energy then as precipitation sends the poles energy to surface for the surface to be enriched by release of the energy in the gas layers of atmosphere.Energy is drained out of dense atmosphere as weather.Blown around by high pressure winds at high altitude near space and many layers lower winds that blow the clouds of gases.Factors collects energies factors like wind energy,gas layer energy,stars light  and dense gas precipitation and magnetic fields barriers of nature and climate below rising,evapouration of moisture from bodies of water and wind current,humidity in areas and many gases landforms make that goes into weather.No electricty in this planet.No electricity in atmosphere.Then they change into precipitation,all of energy potentials have changed and vast power potential changes element precipitation because magnetism of poles surrounds energy factors and makes it precipitation and changes to humidity to go lower to landforms merger climate and go back to bodies of water.Magnetism cancels out harsh potential in lightning and takes away from charge.The lighting is not the same charge as electron.Its not the same vortex as earth.This vortex is long gone from prehistoric days.Dissipated from the generations of thousands of years.They don't have centuries.Thousands of years past and they have dissipated vortex that formed the polar region around this island continent in hot and cold and all weathers.Tropics became part of the polar pole.Tropics are hot and also like the mountain area and lower valleys.Can be colder.The storms and weather forms a different charge storm and lighting and thunder is another charge that is not dangerous.It does no destruction from the weather barriers of the polar region.The cold from subarctic helps to combat the severity and charge that it has lighting but flashes in snowfall.In the dissipated snow hurricane of snowflakes.Snowflakes are their snow fall of wet snow that gets colder.Base in chemical of snowflakes.No vortexes as the calming taken over to put lighting in snowfall or flashes that don't touch down to cause destruction from their different charge.Vortexes from space put a charge on flashes.Space weather.Not atmophere as high atmosphere and space void takes over the weather on the low altitude atmosphere allows the void space to come closer to ground and not burning or concentrated from the gas and atmosphere.Void space has changed part of the gas giant planet.Weather interacts into a protective landforms barrier of nature.Protects the surface from energy factors of weather.Their are areas plenty of rainfall.But from seasons they have storms come and go.Clouds hight level is very high to high
KusoCartoon 13926711962466

Skyline cloudy day

altitude.Gets purplish from the poles effect.They have series of lighting

clouds skyline late afternoon

rods on houses and many main areas for them catch lightning to

Hot Zone city and retractable panel stadium

dissipate lightning.Seasons.Lightning in the snowfall and thunder.People's boots ground them.Snow grounds the lightning.Cold ice traps it with natural chemical.Series of lighting rods for continent.Barriers against lightning Allah made.He made natural arc barrier from space.Lightning is from thousands of feet in the air and dispates.Not as concentrated as it hits and goes through weather barriers.From the far distance up atmosphere.Ground has not many conductive things,most of it has chemical against fires and retaining from precipitation the chemical.It spreads lightning and it hits part that has no life nothing valuable.Spread out from populated areas.People go out during storms.Continent is covered by poles field arc.Natural protection from lightning and harmful weather.Clouds empty themselves out over oceans.Being poles continent its is protected by natural arc and from space.Go to 34C to 40C humid, and hotter you won't get burned.Our ozone layer is comprised of humidity from oceans and bodies of water.Chemical layers sky also blend with blocking out harmful ultra violet rays.Hot and no mans land is created by poles effect.People can live in no
KusoCartoon 13903384216627

Hot Zone city,greater in size to picture

KusoCartoon 13902787128868

Hot Zone City,100's storeys

 man land areas.It is not sand.Dirt that is like reddish sediment that has been baked by stars.It top layers deflect stars energy and its harder from it being change of states.Its like dirt and has vegetation.We have trees in our hot zone that adapt to high heat but there is condensation and rain,mist.Hot is mixed with rainfall and light storms.Mist in some areas.Just reddish sediment dirt that are adjusted to high temperatures.Landforms as it has sediment hills and that dip and interesting landscape with trees and woods jungle.Grass over the dirt in many areas,patches separated mixed with hot sediment dirt layer that is reddish.Even woods with reddish dirt in jungles then broken up by grass.This grass is adjusted to extreme heat.Gains from underground rain.Hot zone suburbs are part of the polar hot area.Magnetic field and polar effect but hot.In the hot areas the desert has green grass mixed with reddish sand and dirt.Vegetation and trees.But bodies of water surrounded by grass,trees and reddish clay dirt desert like grains.Reflects heat and captures it as it shines on grains,enters lower layers which are cool.Grains have minerals rich to feed the vegetation.It does not rain for long periods of times and is hot spells where the underground bodies of water feed the vegetation and so many people in billions live in no mans land for hot desert.It is many regions which have a downtown and capitol of each region.Towns.Full of life in the desert hot area.Water in hot area is very warm water.Some areas the currents bring in cooler currents.This heat here repells the hot steam underground and adds to steam that the layers of crust retain the heat for underground as energy and gases.Mixes with the gases extreme heat of the stars.And the season like effects of the seasons.Has the sky at angle and stars at angle.Rain comes in only as humidity.It pours as storms.Many regions have subdivisions for wealthy and government who live here and commute and are at work within hour travelling to other parts of island continent.Come home from other zones have more than double the time,extra time in day and night.People love the heat and see the waves in sky.Its reddish and orangey sky in morning or dawn.People are well adapted to desert here.Has madatory and old built cooling environment which is 500 yrs old and older,900yrs old in cooling processes with even Alien natives.Very old to have every building and center with cooling.People live in cooling.Environmental fields retain cool temperatures towards the hot extremeties of 40C .It gets very hot in desert and people enjoy outside because the paved areas and places in parks and tents have cooling from environmental field.Kept cool so these people enjoy the blazing heat and dress to venturing out of the field.They are not blasted by stars or sun from heat that burns.But its contained heat and is hot like humidity.People go to the malls and convenience stores to walk back to their home.Homes are well furnished and comfie spacious with futuristic technology.They are single homes.They are all built with 3d holograms and living in all rooms and kitchen.Wealthier people have robot droids to assist in family life and chores.They conduct their lives for work,education,homemakers and holidays,just staying at home or wealthy,socialize.They go to places and where their clothes adapt to hot.It has rifts or hills.No sandy desert as the clay gives it sturdiness.Its like land.There are animals here.Predators and types of weasels and bear like creatures.And cat fox which is like size of small big cat.They are in colors of house cats.They have giant house cats small big cat at 135lbs.They are smart to be tame.They never attack people.They are intelligent predators.Vehicles have climate control.They can be in the humid hot weather be in cool environment.The vehicle has 40yr power supply.It has entertainment media and network with username more music and things,communicate.Plugged into outlet in remote areas for extra power.It can sheild from wild animals.Field.Field for weather.Extra extension for 4 more passengers,3 cycle.Can go as a base for people

Hot zone dusk skyline

to stay at.Not crammed.Clothes retain cooling.Don't leak.Wear
KusoCartoon 13926705245153

hot zone Skyline

something to cover head and eyes with field to retain cooling for the unfriendly desert environment and No Mans Land hot zone.Mix and
KusoCartoon 13939080227293

Hot Zone City

match clothes to connect them to transmit cooling.Gloves for cooling.Face area with visors and head with hood retain cooling.Visors or shades connected.It has inside layers that produce cooling.Changed to provide heat for polar or both.Adjusted.Boots and shoes retain cool.Work on digital device carried on their pocket,attatched by chord.Built metropolises of tens millions.Harness moisture and cold air from high altitude high layers sky.There are mountains in hot zones outside equator.They have snowfall.Cold all year round with humid snow zones.Humid but snow covered.Below sea level is cold.Below sea level has ice and snow covered in hot zones.Valleys have precipitation fall and when it starts as ice balls they transform back

Hot Zone snowy valley motorized bicycle in park

falling into valleys and land and get cold.Below sea level valleys have cold currents and have winds from space to mix together.Cold makes snowfall.Humidity is very high.The snow is wet snow.Permanent.They have populated cities and suburbs.Mountains add to coldness ice caps and tops mountain plateaus that stretch for 500 miles and more than
KusoCartoon 13894196840362

Landforms map Archaelpelago

that.Hight is of 7 miles to 40 miles up.Mountains have underground tunnels highways and train built and over the mountain.Cities are on top mountains.Naval base on the highest peak.Continent is connected by train everywhere.Trains brought in building supplies back and forth to build the cities.Government made it as actions to complete the cities.Many cities wanted to cater to people from everywhere.Materials and manpower from other zones were compatible.Transport connect each city from end to end people to government.These regions are combination of ancient communities with space bourne communities.Communities is how these people live like.Cities and regions are expanding of each communities and their beliefs and the laws.Community feeling and accomplishments from community.Runned on communities which are urban people and suburbans.Respect and ethics.In the woods which has giant size wide trees like prehistoric trees but alien full of leaves that don't fall.Vegetation on the poles of this planet.Trees and trails that the monocar travels on taking in passengers as these are like roads inside the woods.Dirt is of clay.Green inside the woods deep inside.Passengers have destinations like lodge and lodge with mall.Centers on a map.Stop the

Hot Zone suburb with body of water,malls,buildings

monocar has an extendable platform that leads from lead cabin car to other trolleys.Door opens and field protects everyone from any predator animals or animals.And reptiles that are not dinosaurs.Lighting inside the monocar and each stop lights,lights on their way through the many pathways.Shelters for each stop that have field let in people and protected by plastic like transparent material with field.There are backup batteries and interaction with rangers.It has environment inside to be cool and have any snacks they bought or ones inside the vending machine in monocar.Trips are within hour.Tree tops have a world constructed up giant trees 7 stories and more up in the air from giant trees better than prehistoric that are alien.Made complicated facilities like tree houses with walkway network people here go up the tree tower that has elevator and ladder system for emergencies.They go up at such hights doubled and more hight of earth trees.They are up hights and walk around the woods jungle at such high level.Going for walks high up and smelling fresh plant gases and the difference the animals found high up.Birds and other creatures that fly.They have expanded world and facility has library,has lounge to stay around and watch things from up high.People can rest at them and go up them to do walks.Walking up at 9stories up.Elevators systems and for the workers ladders.Fields to protect people and weather is very calm.No harshness and its calm.It has polar weather people are used to hot weather or in any zone.Not dangerous at all.Because the danger factors don't exist even in weather but outside of this island it can be unstable.Animals stay clear of the monocar and from frequency and field that protects them from any accidents.Animals here do not suicide.Nature is safe in designated areas.Bodies of water.People have specific areas to view the animals,reptiles and birds,reptile birds.And constructions.Island continent.This is the Space Khan residence in Hot Zone area. Front door and back door has a computerized hand scan locking system uses vital signs.And if anyone forgets to lock the door in a small duration it locks automatically.Princess Armada can call in to open the estate gates with a test scan and passes a test common to her.She can use her phone but there are precaution she must take from phone and phone infront gates security station.Keep logs. It has environmental field vs hot.We have all of our belongings inside and furnishings.Our bedrooms and Princess Armada

Woods in the Hot Zone area polar island continent with Mono-car

can share a bed and room with her sisters ro sleep alone.We have a wooden water proof balcony has stairs to a deck.Deck is 2 stories and has seats and tables.We bar b q here and have our juice alcholic beverages and things like a restaurant.We sit ou there with environmental field makes it cool.We have canvas over top retractable.We have pathways and cart with food and supplies to our clubhouse on the artificial lake for RC warships.We have a gardent and small woods with pond and enclosure for all of my daughters to hang around and

Tree Tops,walkway and tree tops leisure facility polar island Continent alien galaxy Stargate

stay in cool.It has curtains that can expand for sleeping area make dark.Has many storage areas and shelves.Complete sleeping and resting for Princess Armadas and join merger beds to make larger bed.They can play radio to computer to tv entertainment interface terminals.Computers can play on media entertainment.Bigger holograms projected from screen with precise color and visual detail.Tables for hobbies and toys,eating.Eat infront of tv and movies,music from radio on media entertainment.Music they get loads of thngs about the bands and concerts and about their topic for each song.Watch song as movies.Interface from space to get package including about the band and concerts and space videos.Extras.Play video games.And to go outside in selected area to spend part day doing things.Takes away climate extremes.It has a basement which is the showers and washroom,storage area with outiside air pumped in ventilation.They can do hobbies her and watch media entertainment and rest here,retractable beds.Media entertainment interact with computers terminal network on our estate to space.Music has 3d images of topics.Tables and chairs and couches,made like lounge.Swimming pool like artificial lake with levels of depth in areas,8ft at some parts and shallow to wade,control temperature to be cool.Security from government and for emergencies and for service.Enclosures have lock and computerized with an ID hand scan.We can open them in

Island continent hot zone area mountains,railroads and station,buildings,region house divisions

emergencies from house and drones and security.We commute.We talk on our phones within property to order things.Our cats are here from train.Large estate many floors and basement.All are rooms  for purposes,entertainment and rest and our kitchen.We have our drones for service.Lighting for night time on estate energy saving lights from days star energy,collects star energy from space for energy for estate.Hospitality from inhabitants into government services.Its futurisitc built in for space reception.Underground parking from our garage and parking lots for guests,family and friends and our cars.Commuting easy access to estate.Valleys.Cold winds add layers sky.Takes away on blazing heat nature made or Allah Pak.Water does not evaporate.From intense heat it retains and traps heat.Hot bodies of water.Winds from outers spaces in layers of sky.Hot zones the day is longer and sun sets later at night time.When you go downward below sea