Creator of a Billion Light Years Away


Space Airforce

Zarconian Space Airforce needs to be runned by Generals and Admirals.They would use practically in what our wars are and what to use to use effective bombing runs on the enemy.Stage post for fighters and bombers.What type of explosive is effective.There are the many 100's which one would bring down an enemy faction and ability to cause war.Our Generals and airwings and bomber squadrons to go to service with bombing runs and carpet bombing.Balance of war in space to pick out practicality war and battle using the Marines and Navy. technology from Transformer Gobot universes has self destruct meltdown on all technology avoids capture and they have a chip in them prevents them from firing in enemy hands,has a lock.Feroz Khan got made and does not look like from ON North America,earth class Sol System.She was trapped

Fighterbot/Deceptibot arms/legs Merger combiner Power Ups Power Mode

inside and went through the transition of species to European Gobot Pretender AI Alien White race and new homeworld and continent as Queen Armada.But two families are separate as Feroz went back to her origins to Attractive women Gobot Transexual female Autobot Pretender AI Alien White Race Stargate.Now Feroz had her powers repaired and problems sorted out
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"Colten"Sikorsky S-67B Blackhawk Zarco Gamilon Uzbek Roman Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14308663414526

Zarco John Doggett Boeing FA-18EF Aggressor Tom Gun Transformer Gobot

to be much better and compatible again.Problem.My mother being the one that is my dominant parent.In our galaxy she is a mother but she did not born me.She reproduced Feroz.Her name is Drewzelda.Drewzelda is a space Kestrel.She has thrust but can
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Zarconian P-51 Dwight Equitz Transformer Gobot Ranks

hover with monuverability.She can fight and combat as I will inherit her akido like martial arts.She is big for a shemale.She is very strong and has a powerful will power.She is competitor with man and is tough and holds her ground.She

Policetrn/Combatron Combiner Arms and legs mergering Power Mode

has a powerful will power.She is very commanding of sitations.She was in a time era of female autobots/female guardians where she fought war and
KusoCartoon 14392613786354

"Falcon Raptor" Aries Beta Combiner two fighter/fighterbomber Combiner together in robot and Aerial modes

crime.She did really well against her enemies.She as Kestrel has hybrid weapons and can transform very fast.Its how modulated my Mom is.She has acceleration.Her parts transform fast.That readies her for battle.She has alot of strength she uses her tactics to surprise her enemies with her weapons and uses her magic and supernatural powers adjusted to speed of war.She is very effective.She has endurance in time as she has surpassed many Transformer Gobots and because she is meant for the future.She gets older but is Atlantis young.Because she did not commit herself or tie herself down.She was on the go.And my mother joined her Zeta.So Ferox married Zeta and made my older
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Zarco Mugenbide Raptor and Assault Launch VSTOL STOVL Shuttle

sisters.Many took charge and are veteran. Then Drewzelda is waiting for Feroz from ON North America earth class Sol System 20th Century.Waiting for hundred yrs til Feroz added to her family and Feroz makes it through evolution to Mamma.Both Moms will have Feroz addition to their

Zarconian Omega Fighter

space Khan lastname.Feroz traveled very far and is valuable and important.Feroz or myself will prove myself to my parents in my changed personality without troubles of past.Begin brand new the way I want it and have former soldiers as parents.They are ready as they are a military family that will evolve to Feroz.Feroz needs Moms to be government members to support Feroz's powers.Now you 2 have gotten older but are young but Feroz and Feroz's family takes spotlight for reason.Princess Khan of Stargate Gobot Pretender Alien AI white race.She supports Feroz's cause as Feroz's young but with no mother.Feroz is only parent as Feroz's sexuality brought a family to Drewzelda and Mageline.Feroz's ways and Feroz got jackpot.Feroz waited and changed her soul to something powerful and magnificent.She has grandmas.She is part of attractive women who have pride and play roles in Feroz making success in industry and space stock market.All out power brought to our family from Feroz.All of that Feroz represents being from ON North America earth class Sol System 20th century.Drewzelda is sole one.And all success as Queen agains of this universe.New race of people and to play out my skills.Our family to grow ideas and grow our money in trillions and more.We get powerful as Feroz is Queen.That is who Drewzelda and Zeta were written to have Feroz Khan as Queen of European Pretenders of space and born to my home poles island continent.Success from getting soul and such small price.It all worked.All the constructiveness happened for Zarconian.Our government grew and took control of Zarconian.Properly built and went into service.Feroz grew up properly and had all vacation time and holidays to get into groove without force.Grew a family as the time went on.Drewzelda has changed more as Zelda to Feroz.And Feroz new name that has to do with Feroz but is in a Star Wars like language.It is my real name and my characteristic after Feroz.My attractive women clan and family everything was solved by really super caring family that cleaned house on my past.They cared.Attractive women and to be witch from our galaxy.Not same as human whites.Raised in alien that Drewzelda and Zeta fought for being normal.Then they will change more as Feroz is their biology.They fixed and repaired things while Feroz's soul changed in this galaxy to adjust before birth and to meet her children Princess Khan's.Ferox has stealthy approach.Zeta is like an officer that responds to Drewzelda.Work hand in hand to teamwork and takedown opponents in our families list.They both have agility and acrobatics to batter around enemy and deliver the blows from firepower.Ferox[Jackie} is bigger and uses her size and combat effective.She is greatly intelligent to her name Ferox
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Feroz's Ancestor Great Grandma Transexual F-2A

KusoCartoon 14187713198738

Drewzelda Pretender Alien AI White Race


Princess Eilleen Armada Cosmo Tiger 3 Spacefighter


Princess Kari Armada IFX-35D Cygnus fighter

.He intelligence.She and Zelda are smart like scientists.Drewzelda is further and more applied.Drewzelda has talents and is a leader.She is very self-sufficient.Does handywork and repairs.She commands around ranks.She puts order.Then she does her job to be an Attractive Women Pretender female Guardian Creator and her fulfilments in governments and order in religion.She is part of the backbone of this galaxy as member in its elders and structure.She proved when she was young she was descendant of elders attractive women witch Stargate Pretender Gobots.She did well.And is wise form her life.She will go in next half when I am cut into her life of hundred years.We both are persistent and I am going to impressed by space Kestrel and its thrust and performance that its perfect,Mamma.Mom can re-write the flight

Queen Aramanda F-15 S/MTD Superiority STOL Fighter

combat as veteran over many centuries.She re-entry but I'll bring new tactics and methods.And my irrational part.I am perfect match but must wait.Nature to to effect and what Allah written.The power is more power than universe.Orders in my life what is to happen.And Allah written in Ferox and Zeta to have Feroz.But she got her family done in someone that is not a mother to kids but to grown up naturally women transexual female Stargate Gobot Pretender Alien White Race.These are my youngers who are stockup our Space Wing in space as experts in Spacefighter war and combat in space and on alien worlds.They will graduate from Gobot Stargate Pretender
Ace Combat Assault Horizon (Mission 3) Red Moon (HD) Difficulty Ace

Ace Combat Assault Horizon (Mission 3) Red Moon (HD) Difficulty Ace

Macross Zero Top Gun Theme Mighty Wing

Macross Zero Top Gun Theme Mighty Wing

Alien White Race militaries combined with planet Eurasia giant of military power.They will know everything as Stargate Gobot Pretender Alien White Race militaries and be ready to find their carriers for space.Now adding the 20th Century and to what worlds and galaxies make 20th century earth class North Atlantic war technology.And they will be Queens of Stargate Gobot Pretender Alien White Race to lead us and our empire with Eurasia and our planet.We have Zarconian Primes because the modern day Primes and 1 are inefficient.New Zarconian Primes are "Raider Prime","Shrike Prime","Supercharger Prime".Raider is F/A 45 Angel Shark fighter.Shrike is an F-14D Super Tomcat Razgriz,Supercharger is a Hunter Killer chopper.They are all the Zarco Primes.They are going to be great leaders with attributes many Primes in past have a heroic and smart leader.They all can take the load with their characteristics.Raider is very persistant and perseptive.Raider is outgoing and persistant.Observant.He can stray out of rules and bend the rules.He makes up things as he goes.He can trick many others.Raider gets his work done and is complete,organized.He is mild mannered and takes to situation calmly to go over things,procedures.He is responsible.He is leader on battlefield.He has fierce and special weapons.He is a tactician.He was like a youngster before being Prime.As a Prime from draining the energy from the real matrix to make more real copies to satisfy the demands to many Zarconian Primes.They all are Primes at higher and greater ratings then the rest of Guardians and autobots.Raider is a great fighter and is martial powerful.He is unusual from rest having such high attributes as a commanding leader.He carries burden to share with the rest of Zarconian PRIMES who are the future of Guardians and Autobots.He also uses his armor and inside him he has resilience.He can over come damage.It does not bring his levels down.He has raw power to counter any creature powerful enemies he has.He can brawl them.And use his senses on them.He is very intelligent at using reports and scouting.He is a memorizer.He has perception.He can't be fooled.He can uncover mysteries and solve them.He is a tracker.He is very careful and takes precautions.He is very stern.He does not joke as he is serious natured.He has nerves of steel.He has a powerful will power.Does things himself but when its too much he will command to merger.He is courageous and takes down errors and mistakes as he can detect danger and is a teacher.He uses space combat daredevil moves but organized to plng off enemies consecutive.He can beat around others in many numbers.He will be very wise.He can take on huge load and does not give in to emergencies.He
KusoCartoon 14767508258765

Zarconian Spacecraft carrier

picks up on others and learns them.He is very organized.Shrike is a daredevil.He is very militant.He is like our President's in being upfront and to lead the
KusoCartoon 14906552945580

Zarconian Monster Lancaster Bomber

autobots/guardians.He is not at the back but up at the front.He won't tolerates his enemies and takes offense.Much like Horatio from NCIS.He has hybrid powers and is open to newer concepts and future.He can predict things like a psychic and prophet.He is a daring warrior that fights with perfection to do heavy damage on enemy.He does not fear the enemy.He will take them on.He has his proven abilities and will use his abilities further to think of others.He is a team member but at heavy weight level.He uses guile and stealth.He can fool enemy.He can make traps.He can is controlled and can make the enemy lose their cool.He is very strong and sturdy.He bares being Prime as a martyr and a soldier.He combats and uses his weapons and his strength.He will use his agility.He can fight out-numbered.He is type to dish out fierce and damaging damage.He can do malicious damage to end enemies that he fools and underestimate him.He is predicter.He will form up and do things ahead of the enemy at a harder level.He is expert at being best at harder levels.He is like a board boss.He is very intelligent and expressive.He for war can be silent to issue out commands.He is a strategist.He equips and well prepared.He is very effective.He does deadly damage.Supercharger is accurate and has high levels.Supercharger stands for justice.He ranks highly as an investigator.He is very mature.He is like Michael Knight.He is a council member and leader of negotiations.He is for good and is insistent.He is careful.He is perceptive and outgoing.He is outspoken and calm.He is a thinker.He stalks the enemy and can level enemy with damaging danger.He can cause damage and danger to his enemies.Nerves of steel.He has formidable weapons as a power.He fights using powerups and martial arts.He combats to deliver blows.He surveys situations and acts to overcome the enemy when odds are down.He is very smart and invicible.He can make traps and to play games.He tells of real account of things,first hand experience and is like experienced veteran and more older than he looks.He is very grown up.He is serious natured and will call a APB on any dangers.He recons and surveys the situation and acts in times of crisis.He is a thinker in crisis.He has strong nerves to get by each objective.He never gives up.He has things to go to in cases like that.He deals out deadly damage.Supercharger is like a special investigations officer and undercover.He is upfront.He is responsible and does his work.He can be silent and on his own.He used to working on his own.He is solid inside.He is very tough.He has a sense of humor but very grown up.He is very grownup.Must put a power in effectiveness of his weapons and instruments.He can work in teams with his Guardians and and Autobots to deliver a punch.He can break from them as he is feirce.He acells.He gets better when things are prolonged.He is sort of like special tactics expert and is armed like one.He can calculate out numbers when in action.He has a fierce side to him and enemies are scared of him like danger.He can be hazardous.But he is controlled.He has excellent choice as a decision maker.He has great judgement.He is very sturdy.He is a great judge.When he says action must happen he does not wait back.He can make things happen.He will figure out ancient mysteries and codes as codebreaker.He is great at code games.He has smarts and skills.He is fearless and will down enemies with no mercy as the mission is more important.He won't spare anyone and will prove they are to be downed.He is a sharpshooter.When odds are greater he will take them on and shrink down problems achieving goal after goal.The Zarconian Primes study history and education.They take knowledge seriously.They are all interested in sciences and alien space.Fill themselves and are readers. Comet,Proctor and Heavy Salvo are the Commanders of Zarconian.They all have strong will powers.They are our commanders.They specialize in part and aspects.Comet is very sturdy.He is intelligent and responsible.He is will turn into a veteran and know it all,handy man.He can pitch in on experience.He can be authoratative to enemy.He is open minded.He is
KusoCartoon 14182604760078

Queen Tessa Khan of Stargate Gobot Pretender AI alien White Race

KusoCartoon 14182701908504

Queen Xanxia Khan of Stargate Gobot Pretender AI white race Mc Donnell Douglas F-15S/MTD

KusoCartoon 14184337578142

Queen Korinas Khan Stargate Gobot Pretender Alien AI White Race F-4E Phantom 2


Princess Khan Combiner Pilot Endo Transformation

very brave he has courage and sensibility.He re-fits himself as he knows his weapons and equipment.He goes upon his teammates and uses them for knowledge.He is a soldier but high rank.He is a likeable rank.He is not extreme or irrational as he is against that.He is not one to trick others but can carry on commands and even covert ops with a team.He uses special weapons and his enginuity.He is crafty.He is a great commander and is on his space carrier and lands at a base.He can sense out and calculate odds and if someone is telling truth.Proctor is VSTOL Superiority fighter and can be fierce.He approaches from an angle.He comes down on things.He collects archive of data and he stores what happens and uses it in later causes.He can trick enemy and use boobytraps.He is brave but uses cunning.He won't back down but will fool and ambush.He is knowledgeable in electronics and technology like a scientist.He has smarts in every field as handy man.He is very intelligent and excellent in commands.He will create traps on enemy and is like a police or type of officer.You can't deception him as he can figure out everything.He has guile.He enflicts on enemy.He can do hack work on networks and knowledge in computers.He does not back down and keeps his figure up as he has a front.He wants to look as a commander to his colleagues.He upper class.Smart like that overall.Crafty at reconfigurating things to cater to himself.Smarts in leadership.Heavy Salvo use raw power to solve things and is redundant.He is very smart using his instrument sensors and is smart in military warfare.He is militarized.He is a leader but a commander.He takes charge of things and will use guidelines and format to his advantage.He can combat and send enemy flying and use his technology.He is very perceptive and is great in emergencies.He is a thinker and go to his skills.He is very courageous.He can carryout tasks.He has confident fighting skills.He will fire rockets at enemies and hit them with direct hits.He is martial.He does action and follows and makes up commands to format.He prepares before hand.He can be very stern.He can destroy enemies and targets.He has smarts from uploading from dispatch and APB.He will comlink and find out things.Has a strong will power.Uses his team with preception and was trained in Cybertron Gobotron Universe and excel."Pulser" is Zarcnian Commander.Ace Combatbot Turbothrusters,Darkside leader Spacefighterbot squad,Hornet AceCombatbot,Naval Assault Naval Airwolf.Each of them is backup Prime and enforcer high ranking leader.They possess skills like a backup Prime.They are to their fullest in rank.They are all stern and wise.They are great fighters to take on the enemies brawling bruiser combatant.The Zarconian Commanders each have a quality that they can be pushed in pressure situations to come up with proper format and policies."Pulser" is very martial and has strength but agility and sense,very sturdy and holds his ground.Experience and is not a Prime but a Zarconian Commander.Very craft and makes use of things.He can't be fooled.Brave but non-foolish to be suckered he can't.He is like officer at going over format but will charge out to make first blood on enemy.Quick reflexes and on field smarts battlefield."Darkside can use advanced technology and is great in understanding alien dialects.He understands aliens and can figure out things as other Commanders.Darkside has effective technology and use sciences in his duties to use against the enemy.He is brave.They are all courageous but thinkers.They think and solve things and can guess danger with instincts.They have power from beyond.Sturdy commander that takes to aliens like a leader in space.He can't be crossed and can figure out alien codes and traps."Hornet" is very fiesty.He is sturdy and courageous.He can't be fooled and will charge out to make damage on the enemy instantaneously.He has his instruments and is very organized.They all are organized in commands.He is commanding.He is brave but can figure out the enemy and fight them back.He will be patient.He then strikes the enemy and know it all of space.Uses this in his assaults to bring down the enemy.He is like a sturdy Prime but commander.He is high generation.In emergencies great thinker to take actions first.He uses codes and commands to his best to outsmart the enemy.He has loads
Yamato 2199 Rainbow Star Cluster Battle fighter scene

Yamato 2199 Rainbow Star Cluster Battle fighter scene

of strength and martial arts to use momentum on the enemies.He is fearless.He is smart though on boobytraps and traps.He won't fall for them and has precautions towards danger.They all can sense out and smell out dangers."TurboThrusters" is very strong and has a will power and knowledge.He gets this into AceCombatron.He makes him a Commander.He is very cunning and will use advanced tactics on the enemy.Turbothrusters will be a daredevil.He will do stunts to bring down the enemy.He also solves enemy invicibility and enemy massive weapons and devices.He can figure out to find the weakness and to let in other squad members on mission to bring down a secret weapon.He will sacrifice no one but use non living drones to do it.He will never hurt his own.He will to point stay to his comrades.His on his side and he can figure out calculations very fast and codes.He is a codebreaker.He is very tough in battle physically he beats up the other Megatrons and throws him around with martial arts.He stands toe to toe and better vs enemy leaders.He will boobytrap the enemy and use traps against them and their own weakenesses vs enemy.He finds weaknesses and attacks them.He is a thinker on battlefield aquisition and using his instrument systems.He is smart in technology.Naval Assault is smart leader and uses his technology but is very sturdy a leader.Honorable.Uses honor system has the strength when all strength is gone he has strength and poise.He has nerves of steel.He can carry out assault or mission with intelligence from reports.Responsible and fearless with smarts though.He has strength to take on enemy leaders to bounce them around and use his technology to this advantage.He uses military weapons like missile launchers and re-fitted to combat.He is a very smart strategist.He uses strategy to formup and commands.He fights as team worker and pitches in heavy blows on the enemy.Much like a type of MP officer.He is expert in new fields and new ideas.He uses them and is like a martyr.He is courageous but planned out to his advantage.He goes with tie vs enemy is many victories and heavy blows on enemies.He is a commander.He is very tough.He has excellent skills.He is courageous and sensible.He holds men back from danger he uses his commanding Zarconian Autobot Guardian ancestor instinct to use.
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Zarco Batwing Transformer Gobot


Himmler Zarconia High Ranks Robot Being fighter


basebot verniers system and combat moves attack and enigmatech systems,launchers

KusoCartoon 13630499180485

Princess Nova Khan Armada


Emily Mirage Armadabot


Princess Firestorm Armada Assault Gyro Arc Chopper


Princess Armada Amelia Khan and Superiority Space fighter mode from combiner Cybertronian Gobotron


Autobot Leader Metalhawk


"Aerial Sadist"Zarco Uzbek Galman Oceania Native Roman APTN with Phaser which can teleport many bullets fire.Fire them guided phasers operate,fire in swarms.


Special Guest "Heatseeker" expert on Zarconia Space Airforce


Zarco Space Battlecarrier miles long module


Attack fighter Interceptors


Zarconia King Edward Zoe General High Ranking and Vanguard

KusoCartoon 14376084052116

Zarconian Mobile Suit Alpha Fighter "Fighter"


Armadabots Feroz's people




Wedge shape space carrier enemy base planet destroying

Biohazard - Punishment

Biohazard - Punishment

Edge era metal,Thrash

Cheap Trick - Mighty Wings

Cheap Trick - Mighty Wings


Godsmack - Straight Out Of Line

Godsmack - Straight Out Of Line


Transformer Gobots change to their robot mode in Zarconia
Macross Frontier Episode 15 online!!

Macross Frontier Episode 15 online!!

Macross F


Samurai New Fuhr Japanese Comet Empire,Uggy New Fuhr Cybertron Gobotron Inbit Invid Regime

C130Transportgunship Lockheed YMC-130J because it gives them added abilities and is in machines more complicated.!/QueenFerozK. Princess Firestorm Armada is Cybertronian Gobotron model Arc Gyro Assault Chopper.She is a spacecraft that uses the internal antigravity pods to do chopper like handle and abilities in space.Retractable laser cannons wing tips with weapon pilons for re-fitted with pods,rockets and laser chain guns.She is armed with missiles and phaser gun that
KusoCartoon 13630489998580

Zarco Macross Nova fighter

fires ammo.Ammo is not ordinary as it is summoned up and made guided with phaser tech advancements.It can go back to phaser setting.Firestorm can time travel like teleport.She has smaller missile projectile warheads in her wing launchers.She is a commander on battlefield.Utilize this for her covert operations.She has her magic telekenetic power.Cybertronian Gobotron design is
KusoCartoon 13630491046737

Grey Arial space VSTOL fighter

neccisary for there are models of each Zarconian Transformer.Twin and of same name for Princess Armada.She then can combine some ideas together when
2014-06-26 14.50.30

Ace Combat Queen Armada stats

2014-06-26 14.52.20

Ace Combat Queen Armada awards

compatible.Its because its their alien worlds model on Cybertron Gobotron as Zarconian.Their vehicle mode gives them speed and monuverability,module complicated machine but this is openned up in robot.Do humanoid authoratative actions and moves.Their systems are also modulated and are in another mode in robot.Systems in vehicle are compacted.They can hover or slow down and when they run and walk over
KusoCartoon 13630343619627

Zarco Macross Module space chopper

obstacles,tires and in flight mode to get under radar of enemy,infiltration.They are more monuverable and agile in robot and can attack many more enemies then vehicle.Their vehicle is setup to transform into

Deep Space Buoy robot being probe

robot.Have extra intelligence and complications as beings.Transformers and Gobots are beings and robotech
HK Bouy

Deep Space Bouy Probe Terminallike


Galactica Wedge Cruiser Carrier Haydonite

is not.They don't have the abilities a Gobot and Transformer has,they compete vs.The veritechs are piloted by hand and may use sensor probe system{Headmasters}.But a living being machine's existence and robotech does not have the technology and authoratative as Cybertron and Gobotron.When they are beings they do more than robotech.They can do things as alive things,so they do way more than Force Five and Voltron .They talk and are aliens.They also are expert what

"Resistance Corps"Napolean 1 New Fuhr Alien Zarco Cybertron Gobotron Transatmospheric fighter robot Being

robotech and Macross is.But then Zarconian is made to answer that.
Gobots episode 18 s

Gobots episode 18 s


Gobots episode 18 2

Gobots episode 18 2



Zarconia High Ranks

This is the Zarconia Space Airforce.It is an airforce that is connected and has space travel and adapt to space.It

Zarconia Cyndi Stryker Galacticabot Cybertronian Gobotron Transwomen F-18


Queen Armada's people

comprises of spacecraftSpace airforce is of space planes and then to vehicles.Space airforce is a branch of its own and is connected to the navy from the space wing of fighters and planes.They can come back and circulate to the space airforce as its own army for
KusoCartoon 13630362501506

ZarLink titleco Macross Space plane

the air and space.The fighters and space planes use a fusion design into a modified powerplant.Verniers/Engines Powerplant is of alien design and technology and it intakes force and sends out fusion which then recycles and does not send out polution retains force.This is the propulsion system and it has fields to maintain integrity.Pilot cockpit is module of sensor and is part of complicated systems of fighters and planes. These fighters BETA Strike and Mastiff are the F-15 Space fighter and the VF-1 Swing Wing Zarconia

robotechnology as Combiner Zarconia "Overtech"

interceptor.They can be re-fitted and armed with moving hardpoints and moving weapons pilons.They can operate in their robot modes.They have weapons racks with missiles and space munitions.They have space payloads.They have fusion and radiation powered

Zarconia battleground Space

KusoCartoon 13870598212690

Rotor Chopper Monster Transport Helicopter

KusoCartoon 13870599437421

"Bombard"Stealth bomber Monster

KusoCartoon 13870601009780

"Reaper" Gunship Transport Plane Monster Robot

carrier,Haydonite Wedge carrier assault space wing on SUS REF enemy whiteman forces

powerplants,engines.They are armed as fighters of Zarconia are to their missions and demands in battle to carryout types of attacks from carrier.They have laser firearms in robot and carry on his belly BETA Strike.They carry torpedos to knockout enemy warships.They are gyro superiority fighters.Space gyro for accuracy and handle in space,pitch and automated pitch from being CPU.Space battlecarrier is Zarco King Edward 5th Zoe Scarecrow Canadian Leader's command space warship.It has giant size weaponry,100's foot giant shock cannon lasers and gianter sized projectile munition,space torpedos,space missiles.Delivery of bombardment and is a module complicated design inside,hangars layers levels stations,Going into light speed is vulnerable to fighters.No support or hangars to protect them.No warship to contain them but attacking from bases to make the jump in squadrons.Energy stores and wrecking the engines to gianter warship engines which have more endurance and power.Space warships carrier mag.Stations inside.Officers.Repairs bays and upgrade technology.Base of operations in space.Runned by manpower officers crew,pilots and troops.Delivery Space WMD Superweapons.They
KusoCartoon 13867933672034

Aerial Drone

are fitted to carry out space military purposes.Fusion is from the reactor and is sent into the stream of the powerplant and fusion replicates and the powerplant system is a cycle from instructions from cockpit module.Powerplant can speed up to generate distortion and then to send fusion force into warp speed.Zarconia technology is Dark Nebula Empire Terminator Hunter Killer technology,Borg technology,Haydonite technology,Comet Empire technology and manpower assimulated into Zarconia Gobot Transformer from me Queen Armada and my afterlife race.Every part of our military and resources and manpower to start off with the first soldier,pilot,crew,officer endos.All of our high
KusoCartoon 13868258684967

Zarco Gunship

rankings and build up crew and bridge officers and stations.Troops and Emergency Repair Crew.Secrets of each technology for each property and element and systems for our advanced machines,resources.New Fuhr Japanese Comet Empire is an excellent
KusoCartoon 13889490638976

Monster Propelored fighter

KusoCartoon 13889501331721

Monster Propelored Interceptor

KusoCartoon 13891527031002

Monster Helicopter Gunship "Fierce"

KusoCartoon 13891545117545

Space Monster Superiority Fighter"Combat"

KusoCartoon 13899079258894

Space Maritimes Monster Space Plane

bomber and transport planes terminator like soldier and he puts soldier into those under his command.They are all soldiers like the New Fuhr who uses specialized suprise booby traps.He will bust in and seizure things and is a demo squad specialist.Martial approach.Covert ops warfare of sabotage and destroying power cores.Laser firearm.Armor peircing and lasers.Laser strafe and energy manipulated physical weapons,staff.Uggy is Cybertron Gobotron Invid Inbit Insectibots.He is stern.Stealthy approach.Basic combat monuvers and
KusoCartoon 14132451041501

Queen Andrmeda,Queen Armada Lemuria pilot endo

roles as soldiers leaders.Martyr.Goes for weaknesses.Heavy firepower.He fights slamming armor into enemies and objects.He has his sleek style with his laser phaser gun.Transport Attack helicopter can travel in space and carry terminator clone endos.It has Space BETA and PARCS systems,imagery.It has some forms of armor and

Zarconia Transport Space Plane "Hyperion"

barrier.It can boost itself to SpaceKM per hour speeds with twin fusion booms lower.Robot being mode and he can pull out his laser firearm.Re-armed and fitted with weapons packs and pods.Armor

Twirl Turbine Transport Attack helicopter

specialist.Anti terror expert.They are leaders in their own style as their transformation is the way they are.He can really powerboost and shoot down with energy fire.Carry muntions and rocket pods,missiles and payload.Guided munitions for their laser gun.Resistance Corps is a liberator master mind.Thinker and takes this out to battle to be re-fitted.He is a scientist.Scientists and Zarconia Space UN out of Lemuria when we find spacebourne space travelling continent of mine.How the ranks as their t.v.series Sci Fi military cartoons depicted them and now reborn as Zarconia in war vessels they deserve and mix technology and clone them as endos.

"Sky Hound"Superiority fighter ranking


Zarco Planetary Destruction missiles

Feroz Khan Queen of ZarconiaAdded by Queen Armada[2]Princess Armada A.Khan weaponry bridge space flagship warshipAdded by Queen Armada[3]Bridge crewAdded by Queen Armada[4]Zarconian Spacebattleship energy barrier and lightspeed and warp capable combined impulse fusion main engine wave electron gun heavy shock cannon battery Ion cannon AA laser and VLS MLS special warhead missiles launchers hydraulic launcher underneath,guided rocket launcher Aft.Added by Queen ArmadaSpace Airforce has warp drive modified to its fighters and planes. Enigmatech systems are the

Battlesuit robot being troop clone endo enemy design

force field defenses of the mechas,planes.Generated and transmitted by emitters.This is the fighter and planes defenses which can re-calibrate to enemy being very hard to with take being attacked in warfare or a natural disaster and phenomena and elements of space.If that fails it has its armor.Circuit
Ace Combat Assault Horizon (Mission 15) Hurricane (HD) Difficulty Elite-1531855947

Ace Combat Assault Horizon (Mission 15) Hurricane (HD) Difficulty Elite-1531855947

breakers as a system goes online again.These are beings,not hollowed out machines.Battlesuit Clone endos enemy design are robot beings with verniers system of going Space KM per hour.Mach 10 and more,hover monuverbility.They are agile and arm up with space M203 and space bazooka fire space guided munitions and rockets.It go around the shoulder like a hydraulic attatchment strap.Then they can combiner with Gyro copter assualt with AA
KusoCartoon 13864604708094

Vortex class Naval Space Plane Gunship

lasers and rocket pods.They think and combine with pilot endos.Space sensors and a system of sonar/radars of space and subspace sensors inside the fighter and planes.Alien technology upgraded and modified for adapting to situations in outer space.Any range as fighters are smaller machines their range is not as powerful as space carrier.Recon which is how our fighters and planes conduct war they extended range from the base and space carrier.

Zarconian space plane bomber


Space carriers and space planes


Zarconia space carrier warfare

The space airforce comprises of a network of bases in Zarconia and has bases in space.Base is strengthened by its defenses,structure,its manpower,its weaponry,its planes and fighters,shuttles,systems and bigger

Zarco Space Carrier attack destruction of Dinguil whiteman forces.

than a warship,carrier.It can pulverize anyone who comes near it as it is solidly powerful a structure with very heavy weaponry.Resistance Corps is New Fuhr Napaleon 1.He is a Cover Ops secialist and has smarts.He is sturdy.He has makings of One and Prime.He is a great Fighters/Planes commander.He is good at infiltrating and taking out the enemies strategic points and obtain intel.He is brilliant and strategic a planner.He is a great fighter and uses fundemenals of alien warfare.He was created in Cybertron Gobotron Dreamworld universe.He is going to be made by Gobotron and Vector Sigma Quran.Specialty warfare.Thinks of strategic points as power sources and hittng the enemies strengths and top secrets.Cripple the enemy by gaining access with heavy firepower.He has armaments and re-fitted.He gets his hands dirty in the field.It has runways where

Underwater facility base

with early warning the bombers attack and fighters and supported by space carriers.They have covert operations craft that can do sabotage,recon,attack,infantry carrying a squad. HK

Zarco Space wing space bomberfortress assault from Zarconia Space Battlecarrier/Attack carrier on Whiteman Galactic Empire forces

Warfare Sattelite is like a power source that is part of grids.It provides and boosts networks,barriers,types of infantry warfares used on enemy using energies,force fields counter superweapons,Space WMD.This sattelite has power and powers up network in computer advancement

"General Beta" Shark fighterbomber

precision.Upgrades and makes a new warfare with weaponry.It can spy for intel.Interacts with Firoz Khan Princess Armada and Antivirus Soundblaster.It is like a terminal.It has weaponry HEL and launchers that can obliterate a fleet and burn its way chain reaction past any thick laser proof ceramics.It connects to space warship

Space Plane linkup with Princess Armada

fleets,interacts with what the space warships want as adaptations and upgraded enhancements to their systems.General Beta is a fighterbomber high monuverable attack and variant.He has strength and strong
KusoCartoon 14043390158870

"Avenger"Cosmo Tiger 1 Spacefighter

KusoCartoon 14043391677729

"Pulsar"Black Tiger Fighter


"Pulser"Zarco Cosmo Tiger 3 Spacefighter Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14116012406018

"Peacemaker" EDF Cosmo Tiger Zarco Transformer Gobot

alloy,structure.He can deliver strength and
KusoCartoon 14051887730768

"Smoke Trails" F-14A Kai Tomcat Robotechbot Zarconian Transformer Gobot

strength to his weapons.He has atomic cannons laser guns internal in all modes.He can hover and has verniers system
KusoCartoon 14060688673019

"Delta"Zarconian Transformer Gobot Mirage 4000

from design.He carries
KusoCartoon 14070186823655

"Viffer"MiG-23 Flogger VSTOL STOVL fighter Zarconian Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14070187726277

"Jumpster"Zarconian Yak-38 Forger-B VSTOL fighter Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14070188199117

"Swept Wing"MiG-27 Flogger Zarconian Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14070188712845

"Supersonic"SU-24 Fencer Swing Wing Zarconian Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14070189193894

"Space Wind"SU-15 Flagon Zarconian Transformer Gobot Fighter

munitions and is armed with automatic laser gun switch modes to powerup charge.He can fire his munitions

"Air Shark" Conquest X-30 Zarconian Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14132353392186

"Aerodynamic"Zarco F-23 Black Widow 2 fighter Transformer Gobot

in all modes.He has force
KusoCartoon 14050255710386

"Storm Thrust" Rattler VSTOL STOVL fighter Transformer Gobot

field barrier
KusoCartoon 14051197944227

"Sky Flare" Zarconian F-203 Dragon Fighter Transformer Gobot

system.His gun
KusoCartoon 14069238095847

"Fusion Burners"Zarconian Northrop Grumman FA-375 Talon 3 Transformers Gobot

as others goes into a stores in transformation.He links up with Princess Armada or the types of Space planes and F-15 then they are one Space plane.They transformed together to formup more powerful weapons and thrusters.More better defenses and can attack delivery for
Robotech Macross

Robotech Macross


sorties.They can launch and transform together.Lead
KusoCartoon 14038361663940

Zarco Ace Combatbot Combiner team leader "Turbothrusters" F-15E Strike Eagle

KusoCartoon 14038356012702

Zarco Ace Combatbot "Skyflare" Panavia Tornado

KusoCartoon 14038359179622

Zarco Ace Combatbot "Stratos" SU-27

KusoCartoon 14038360511553

Zarco Ace Combatbot "Strike Force" F-18 Hornet

KusoCartoon 14038359937939

Zarco Ace Combatbot "Xlar" SU-37 Terminator

KusoCartoon 14038362382010

Zarconian Ace Combatbot Combiner "Air Combatron"

KusoCartoon 14074755133814

"Super Nova"IFX-35D Cygnus Ace Combatbot "Ace Combatbot Team 2 Zarconian Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14074755901272

Zarconian "Y Wing"IFX-25A Archer "Ace Combatbot Team 2"Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14074756890070

"Stereoscopic"QFA-44 Nosferatu Ace Combatbot "Ace Combatbot Team 2" Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14074757666848

Zarconian "Raider"F/A45H Angel Shark Ace Combatbot "Ace Combatbot Team 2"Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14074758631566

Zarconian "Retro"FX-45R Advance Aquila Ace Combatbot Team 2 Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14075236610253

Zarconian Combiner "Combatron"Ace Combatbot Team 2 Transformer Gobot

fighter adds its abilities to one space plane.Rear plays the thrusters and body.Systems are joined to activate a new system.Lead fighter can change stay linked.It controls electronics to
KusoCartoon 14133451631304

"Cosmic Alpha" Lockheed XF-70A Panther 2 Zarco Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14133452412562

"Quantum" Lockheed F-70B Panther 2 Gray Knight Zarco Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14133453135860

"Darkside" F-70A JSF Stealth fighter Zarco Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14133453837825

"Stratosphere" Zarco Lockheed FA-70 Panther 2M2 Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14133454544187

"Module" Zarco Lockheed Martin T-65 Crow Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14133482175178

"Spacefighterbot" Giant Combiner

munitions when it is automated and
KusoCartoon 14135853842984

"Blue Angel" Zarco Lockheed FA-70 Panther 2 Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14135854691815

"Stratos" Zarco Lockheed XF-70 Panther 2 Blue Angel Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14135855489054

"Omega 1" Zarco Lockheed Martin T-65 Crow Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14135856239347

"Void" Zarco Lockheed Martin A-33 Horntail Fighter Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14138357288180

"Ravager"Zarco Lockheed FA-33N Timber Wolf Multi-role Jet Fighter Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14138463606178

"Galvanite" HTV-3X Blackswift Zarco Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14138464333708

"Target Master" Zarco Lockheed Martin FA-59 Mako Transformer Gobot Fighter

manually with station officers.Its decisions are with policies and High Ranks and Bridge.It grids together and is impossible as it can generate enough power to over power a planet EM.It can be re-calibrated to play with energies and systems.Computer archive to the Zarconia military is instantaneous updated and past historic data and info.Mechas as the
Top Gun "Mighty Wings"

Top Gun "Mighty Wings"

Reba West - We Will Win (Robotech Last Battle Mix)

Reba West - We Will Win (Robotech Last Battle Mix)

mobile doll battloid droid are enhanced with their wireless linkup and adds to their Terminator warfare as it does to war vessels.It can enhance imagery to warfare and does micro second chores as

Zarconia Battleground Space chopper,helicopter deployment on enemy Whiteman Supporter Alien

a modulated system for mechas and fighter being robots,space wing and dropships.They can switch to modes and settings and it reports and maintains Zarconia space.Spikes are easy for it.The simple alien technology instruments are simple on their own and then modulate to vast advancements to their systems.We Zarconians led by Queen Armada and my expertise infiltrated from war and from alliances gained many outer space designs of fighters and space planes,choppers.We strengthened our space aerial forces.We then took them to our Terminal which works with our Transformer Gobot Creator System of Space and our Evolution Process Caretaker Angels of outer space.We put proper life in their mainframes.It was all done to make them Zarconian Transformer Gobots to counter our enemies the Faction from Enemies in Star Blazers,Star Wars,Star Trek and Force Five,Voltron that are living robots that transform to do with Space Communism.They are a great threat and we had to work fast and transport them with our Zarconian Primes sending out many squads of Zarconian Transformer Gobots to gather all of our forces.Brought them and had them born type of Autobot Guardians.We gained 3 Combiner giants,squads that combine and have many future commanders and leaders in Space forces.They all have specialty and qualities in fields and for us in Transformer Gobot universe to learn them and their families.They were made because of enemy having vast aerial forces and Decepticons.Autobots and Guardians got the Space Air forces they needed.They have advancements and futuristic and alien space technologies.They are all adding to manpower of mecha robots to our empire.They know of the many modes of warfare to being fighters and space planes on carrier operations in space to flying as teams in our Zarconian Command Center warships.We gained in the war.We were going to make them trained by Transformer Gobots during these years to learn their abiiities from their veteran family.Ready for Zarconian and top secret operations.Princess Armadas and the Zarconian Primes went to work to gather them.Our high ranks in battlefield went out to get them and they succeeded.New teams and squads new faces change as usual and old ones.Old ones are hybrid.From various parts of alien space to gather fighter designs from Cold War North America Sol System.And they go to further and further designs.Epic saga of Zarconian in early stages to build up and when they transformed to robot they had their Zarconian emblem which teaches them correction of Islam and loses wrongs and strictness and corruption Allah put in space Islam that he wants them to live modern as choice and normal.But division amongst in space between races and religion as wars as Islam has many evil enemies in space that want to be pagans and live criminal or Space communist like that enemy faction.Wrong doers and we counter them with our souls and will power thrive on being good natured but can be evil from being inside another dimension where good guys and space Islam are bad and evil minded because of another dimension.We are in a phase that we don't want to be broken out of being peaceful.The Ace Combatbots are a team of Zarconians that were made from Ace Combat planes made into Zarconian Transformer Gobots.Each is was a design for type of Autobots.They are very fast and can do military monuvers.They have firepower with laser cannons.They have jump and are stern.They are very effective and deliver firepower.They are relentless and complete things.They are thinkers as they share and communicate to make decisions.They talk amongst themselves as a team but go to reports.They are not ordinary fighters.They are really fast and powerful.They can do stunts and acrobatics.They have nerves of steel.They can issue out and follow commands.They are team workers and can carry out any sorte and covert ops.They are specialists.The leader of the Ace Combatbots is "Turbothrusterss".He is their leader and gives them the orders to formup to make the giant Combiner "Air Combatron".He is confident.He has his weaponry and is a combatant.Nerves of steel.He can do stunts and acrobatics high velocity.He has instrument sensors and specialized instruments for space and air warfare.He has instruments to his weapons or defenses.Has his defenses.He can use memorized commands and orders to his advantage.He also is fast and agile with effective weapons and combat.He can physical combat.He is the Combiner Zarconian needed to backup Deceptibot.He now can rely on Air Combatron.He is very militant and in space and air warfare.They all are born spacefighters with spacefighter design.They are superiority fighters.They have special weapons as Air Combatron has specialized homing weapons.He holds his ground and is a thinker in battlefield anywhwere but is used in space and will fight in atmosphere.He can do ground attack and change modes to naval assault.He is well equipped.He can further and further to compete with enemies.He has policy and will bail out and return.He is very strong and powerful conditioned.He has boost like the Ace Combatbots have added boost to them.They are all soldiers and play their parts til they formup up to add as a network and new giant existence is brought out.The Ace Combatbots are added high caliber Space wing soldiers.They added to our carriers and bases for air war.They all are high ranks as soldiers.They are experts in Space Airforce warfare and Naval space wing warfare.They all have alot of attributes and high rating levels.They all have their own personalities and traits.They are Aerial guns high caliber in technology as a steal for Zarconian in going to their universe and planet and to have them changed into Transformer Gobots by our Terminals Computers and Transformer Gobot Creator system and Transformer Gobot Evolution Process Angels caretakers of Transformer Gobot Universe outer space.Changed and all of them upgraded to space and Cybertronian Gobotron.They have armor and force fields defenses.Thrusters that use fusion and plasma.They can go light speed ands space fold,warp.They can use military tactics in types of warfare.Well equipped on carriers and merger combiner with pilots transform into cockpit as interface link as pilot endo or to stay humanoid
Transformers - Autobots Arrival To Earth

Transformers - Autobots Arrival To Earth

pilot.Modified and hybrid.They have their military technology changed to space warfare.Ace Combatbots Team 2 are Combiners team of Ace Combatbots that are highly technological and space fighter designs.They have space technology.They all have attributes and characteristics from their rankings and experience in battle in space.They have enginuity.They are all soldiers and take to matters.They can do special operations missions.They all by "Raider" the leader says for them to "Form up!" and they make the giant Combiner Combatron.Combatron has hybrid and space technology atilities.He is very strong and has space flight powers.He can fly and can retract out wings.He has use as network of all of Ace Combatbots Team 2's abilities and joint network attributes that powers Combatron.He has weapons of laser guns internal.He has more weapons that popout and combat tools.He has barrier system defenses.He can combat hand to hand.He has energy weapons and has blasters as Gobots.He has weapons that can finish off and enflict alot of fatal damage on enemy as all Zarconian Combiners do.He has his giant strength he uses and many purposes and operations he can do.They can have Combiner teams in covert ops craft.Formup for more fire power and heavy duty power.He has space technology powers.He also has smarts of terminal and judgement.He is on the battlefield experience and combatant in space.He is great in war and is quick thinker with solid decisions.He does not make errors and can predict things from calculations.He is not reckless.He listens to his orders and policies.He can use his systems to avoid dangers or traps.The Spacefighterbots are a group and unit of Zarconian Spacefighters from alien worlds in the UFP galaxy.They were spacefighter designs advanced white race planets were using as their military.We found them and these designs and Queen Armada initialized and gave designs to Zarconian terminals.They made them into Transformer Gobots with powers of our Transformer Universe Creator system.They all were made."Darkside" is the Leader.The Spacefighterbots have advanced powers and sensors.They are very sturdy.They use intelligence in warfare.They use protocals to their advantage.They have rankings amongst themselves and work as a team.They use smarts and are organized.Efficient.They are smart,observant.They uses
KusoCartoon 14194509773814

Zarco Troop Transport Spacecraft

KusoCartoon 14194511249894

Zarco Troop Transport Space Chopper

sciences and their knowledge of space.They are alien of space.They all are colleagues of each other.They are of a very advanced society and merger in Zarconian for that.They are able to figure out things and deduction.They can solve mysteries with analysis.Use procedures to be effective and are space military,martial.Home in alien space and outer space and discover new things.And they have properties like shields and photon torpedoes.When they merger to form the giant Combiner "Spacefighterbot" he has advanced systems and sensors united.He has shields and phaser banks.He can use strafe beam saber.He is very intelligent.He is very monuverable and can fly very fast to warp.He is heavy weight level and in powers.He has strong armor and is built in.He uses his intelligence in combat and missions.As he surveys and analyzes the situation.He then decides and acts.He will do covert ops.He has advanced weapons and computer core.He makes deductions of places and situations.He does things with procedures.He then can solve mysteries and figure his way out of any predicaments.He has wide knowledge of aliens and is at home in alien space.Discover new things.He has immense strength.Hybrid weapons and energy weapons.He has solid combat weapons that with transformation flyout and join into weapons he needs.He makes no mistakes.He does not go into danger.He uses smarts in sciences.The HK warfare sattelite can be
549dd51d331ce082dc518114a6c75 3401

Princess Armada Space Wing cover magazine

transported to transform to be compact in flight bays as orders and preparations.Its like a power source that re-calibrates to flexibility on high demand of power.Fighters and space planes have defenses projected EM fields to protect them in

Wedge Tech and Aegis Zarconian combining warships

warfare and their instruments in the module cockpit upgrade their warfare like from 20th
KusoCartoon 13861239762628

Monster Space Maritimes Giant Chopper

KusoCartoon 13861241192272

Space Maritimes Chopper

KusoCartoon 13861238469771

Space Maritimes Chopper

Century to 20 000 AD.Captured equipment and RC commands enhanced nearest HK warfare sattelite which can re-entry and fly with his verniers.Combining warships can join together fast not steadily.They attatch and join like transformation modulation and are like bases with launchers,mag and catered to space planes.Aegis is armored ship that can be a minelayer.He is a covert ops Naval ship with space planes and hydraulic deck with EM launcher system.He can transform and both Wedge Tech and him can transform to combat and fight.Wedge Tech has his particle beam cannon.They have their abilities and are beings.Aegis joins together to join
KusoCartoon 13850769622124

Firefly Fighter

systems.Compliments are in a system joined together.Seperate to combat and use their armor.They have combat moves as beings to firing their weaponry.Aegis has an HEL.He is expertese
Fat Man Internal Components

atomic bomb




nuclear warhead

Nuclear weapon size chart

nuclear weapons


Nuke Missile

Zarconia.Project ECM jammer field to help operations and stealth to and space subs.And in Covert ops.The Deep Space Bouy is intelligent as a probe and is specially designed when Zarconia does warfare on enemy territory to move in on enemy territory and expansion.Sky Hound is a character.He has his abilities but his personalty and rank.He has powers and special instruments.He can detect things and project things.He also is a great space fighter.He is on Zarco Macross.Deep Space Buoy has some characteristics as HK warfare sattelite but is more into enemy warfare at the front so its into boobytraps and networks bakc to HK warfare sattelites.Deep Space Buoy can commence attack and probe and linkup in enemy territory to give the networking powers to the forces of Zarconia military and their needs as in archives and data.Military space powers as projected field and over ride in danger for protocals initiated and nearest Naval base and hangar to cope with the emergency in hostile territory.It also spies and learns of the enemy and will attack them.It

Crow Bomber Robot being stealth fighterbomber

"Crow Bomber" is a stealth fighterbomber that can be re-fitted and armed for sortie.It carries electron bombs which propel as energy.They are in all modes.It has laser GU cannon.Twin laser cannon.Force fields barrier.Stealth jammers.It is a being.Electronic hydraulics wing flaps tilt.Electron fusion powerplant.Uses antigravity treated electrons to make things lighter and faster.Energized electrons then if charges once.then becomes a pimint or a structure for networking,projection warfares.Teleportation warfare is done by these sattelites and probes.Used for types of warfares and emergencies.It can act as a generator and guides space warships,mechas and fighters,space planes back to safety and judgements and records sends out undetectable emission.If ever captured it as the sattelite will have a planned protocal and procedure at a level then it will happen meltdown or self destruction or retrieval,policies.Base in space on hostile enemy territory or unknown and can help in natural elements in space and to chart space.Weathers in space and storms,black holes,novas and the works.Alien planets and it has thrusters and of course contaminents and creatures and bacterias and organisms.It is a troop on duty.

Princess Armada being pilot module mode

Elysia McLaughlin being witch tranny mode pilot Cpt.

These are the high rankings

Module training course

of the Space airforce being Princess Armada who is into fighters and this is her army support for airforce.She then is part of the Space Airforce as she can land on space carrier or travel by her own to the base and transform.She recognized and is part of personnel and will learn her skills massivly and Elysia is Space Airforce and Younice is Naval Space Wing.
Comet fighter

Comet Fighter


Transformer Gobot being fighter and mecha production


Comet Fighter

The Comet Fighter is one of many fighters amongst that protect and support the bases.Module training course is a physical graphics simulator with probes in a park in space.Supervised by

Princess Armada piloting armored uniforms

commander and setup by HK warfare sattelite archives,uploaded secretly and its in the base to judged and used to upgrade training.Station officers and CPU supervise and module creates all fighters and space planes.All commands,moves,powerups,alien worlds re-entry,operations.Crew and pilots and when it passes antennaes to probing system graphics go off and safely.Trains in systems and weaponry,defenses creates realistic enemies and all altitudes and Interstellar space.Train space fighters in module in park space.Many selections and rankings.Space carrier,spacebourne.Use of warp,space fold and light speed.Types of torpedo run,payload and all types of space Naval
2013-11-26 20.48.08

Pulse missile

2013-11-26 20.52.05

Pulse torpedoes

warfares.Roles.The module hovers and at such slow speeds,10mph or 30mph at most in space Space KM per hr.Safety and boundries creating many boards and levels safe military training.Situations,disasters,attack,space maritimes cloaked vessel warfare,teleportation warfare.Simulate high speeds variant crafts.Mach 5,mach 15,mach 30,mach 50,mach 70,mach 90 Space KM per hr.The fighter wings shuffle to the space carriers to strengthen and modify the Space wing.
Heritage Flight - CF-18 & Spitfire - Toronto Air Show - CIAS 2008

Heritage Flight - CF-18 & Spitfire - Toronto Air Show - CIAS 2008

Star Blazers Season 2 The Comet Empire eps 20 part 2 of 3 remastered

Star Blazers Season 2 The Comet Empire eps 20 part 2 of 3 remastered

Andromeda battle Comet Empire


WASP,barrier system and warp,mecha,lunge attack,rockets and munitions,strength.

Elysia Khan

Princess Elysia McLaughlin Armada transform to her pilot being size of under 7ft

The base though does not remain on a planet when its over into territory far away. / They can lift off and fly.They have systems which are heavy duty for space warfare and adapting to space.
Comet fighter VSTOL

Zarco sueriority fighter


Nova fighter


Mobile fortress vernier system base of ops.Electronics and countermeasures system basebots.


Ninja Fighter"Torpedo Bomber Space turbine Prop multi role fighter

Japanese Comet Empire carrier

Zarco Japanese Comet Empire space carrier

Antarctica and Greenland are continent mobile fortresses being built into a solid space fortress with its own engines for warfare in space and Space Airforce branch is on Greenland and Antarctica.These two were from my pastlife as Greenland was Space American of GFFF universe and Antarctica of Galactica planet Eurasia.

female of Transformers Gobots?


fighter mode



Queen Armada as Veritech Action

Queen Armada Cyndi Stryker


base surface,bellow

The Space Airforce has munitions and missile launchers as defenses and extended range secret technology.Live munitions contain more kinetic energy inside than laser.

Rangerbot "Chopper"

File:Princess A McLaughlin.JPG [WWW] Terminal of my Empire.Our Space military Empire in the battleground battlefield of space pictures of war shows Zarconia forces of

Leader Zarco Jeep Squads and Helicopter Squads Combine Helghast Robot Being Vehicles "Space Runway"Shuttle


Zarco Helghast Combine Robot Beings Vehicles Helicopter Squad

Helicopter Squad Helicopter is Wind Jammer and jet engine VSTOL chopper is Vector Climb. each branch and section attacking our enemy.Begin seige and warfare.Our many types of infantry and re-fitting and re-armaments of our Robot fighters,mecha,space warships and

Zarconian "Flying Foxbat"Robot Vehicle Being Deceptibot


Deceptibot "Terminator Zarconian Robot Vehicle Being Leader


Zarco Deceptibot "Marine Aerospace"Robot Vehicle Being


Zarco Deceptibot "Firefly"


Zarco "Bombs Away"Robot Being Vehicle Deceptibot


Zarco "Deceptibot"Combiner" Giant Robot assembled from leader orders "Terminator" to formup.

The Deceptibots are a unit Queen Armada had institutionalized and in action from the Evil robots and Decepticons.Counter the Decepticons of every type of vehicles,computers and robots.They counter them and are good.They are all of type of hybrid fighters assembled for their air combat as a team and to formup making the giant "Deceptibot".He has aerial powers and powers of MiG and fightercraft.He is very Axis and can counterattack.Covert ops and operations as their superior abilities.Military powers.Backup the Aerial forces.They do daredevil stunts and terror attacks.They are all military specialists.They each specialize to combine their teamwork.They can fly throughout space Space KM Per Hour.Mach 40 more.They can travel to other galaxies as they are Zarconia with state of the art in alien technology.They can be rowdy.Tactics will work.Air Circus acrobatics.Out do the
KusoCartoon 14371127806468

Zarconian Raptor Fighterbomber

opposition militarily and to bring down enemy units in covert ops.Counter terrorism. space carriers,infantry special weapons can't be jammed into the small picture.There is in the space numbers to 10 000's of war vessels.Space mecha and fighters in 100 000's and more and in divisions and squadrons,not bunched up at that number.they have their formation and commands as to the fleets.Fleets defenses from attack of all sorts in space.We have begun war with our enemies and would utilize our weaponry and we have variants and different classes of mecha fighters,tank mecha and warships.They are all beings and talk in military to each other.Some are higher ranks and are interfacing with soldiers and pilots that have modulated into a slight transformation

ZArco British "Narko"Space F-15 with New Fuhr "Valkyrie Antarctican VF-Zarconian

linkup in cockpit as modules,Florence or Princess Armada in her mobile doll droid battloid

"Space SWAT"Zarco British Zarco Alpha space Plane robot being

soldier robot mecha.They have their systems of warfare and electronics adaptation to space.They are firing their shock cannons but in war they with their commands and upper level leadership on their bridges have weaponry and methods,policies to go to.Wave motion gun and torpedos,missile launchers.Their many types or joined together force field defenses barrier systems armor in Army,Space Navy,Space Army,Space Airforce.They have their special weapons for
KusoCartoon 13878610430032

Zarco Bomber Monsters

immobilizing super weapons of the enemy and Space WMD.We have countermeasures to knockout their super weapons as Enemy HEL wave gun or Super lasers or bomb and missiles,proton missiles.We can project barriers,force fields to protect fleets and space wings,space carriers from enemy dangers.Secondary and 3rd and 4th measures to the armor.They have defensive policies evassive monuvers in enemy situations.Values to crew and space warships and on space carriers their space wing and mechas.There are more war vessels and support and in

Gobot and Zarconia Robot Gunship Helicopters

enemy conquered territory.Each page represents a section of Zarconia military to cope with and adapt to the warfares.High Ranks.Space warships have their electronics and systems then to their weaponry.Space fighters from basebots land,repair,re-adapt,re-fitt as their purposes of Space wing is and space tank platoons and squads and armies.Ninja Fighter is Zarco Japanese Comet Empire fighter with monuverabilty at mach 50.It has mini warp drive in powerplant as
2014-06-26 14.47.09

air to air homing missile

2014-06-26 14.48.08

air to air homing missle

2014-06-26 14.55.44

SAAM Semi activated air to air

2014-06-26 17.22.28

Long range air to air

2014-06-26 14.59.05

BDSP bomblet dispenser

2014-06-26 15.01.13


2014-06-26 15.00.43

SOD stand-off dispenser

2014-06-26 17.17.42

unguided bomb

2014-06-27 13.57.18

large unguded bomb

2014-06-26 17.18.17

Napalm bomb

2014-06-26 15.03.30

XAGM air to ground missile

2014-06-27 14.02.21

long range air to ground

2014-06-26 17.19.33

Anti-ship missile

2014-06-26 14.54.57

rocket pods

2014-06-26 14.59.47

ECMP Electronic Counter Measure Pod

SpectreGunshipweaponsZarconia Space Wing.It intakes in space feed into turbines and withdraw electromechanical popout tubine system propellor for mode in space or mode.It can STOVL and do some viffing.More monuverability and has weapon pilons for space munitions,space torpedos re-fitted and armed to their demands.250lb,500lb,700lb to 1000lb.They can carry payload of space Airforce and Naval aerial bombs,Space Airforce bases can launch fighters to attack neighbouring territories in space.They have troops.They have manpower.They are allowing strikes on enemies and enemy fleets.Fast air support and bombing runs.Assault warships and
KusoCartoon 13808372262805

"Typhoon" Superiority fighter robot vehicle being.

delivery of missiles and HEL.Firing them in orbit.Direct hits of superweapons,.Style of weapons is in airforce of space and anti air.Firing munitions in On antigravity.They have carriers to shuffle and land on spring board.Stock up the carriers.Leave planet as basebot ignition to space.It has fusion engines that run on light as energy retained inward,set of force fields and its barrier system defenses.Zarco Japanese Comet Empire utilize HK warfare sattelites Deep Space Bouy for Teleportation warfare from emitters and projectors.They for attack or anti fighter anti mecha warfare fitted with space rocket pods that fire robotic computer tech rockets propelled by fusion
KusoCartoon 13738404317953

Zarco Macross Battlesuit being robots

with CPU intelligence{instincts reactions war space} gives the rockets that fusion to destroy space government level machines and Star Wars Star Trek technology.Guidance.Pods,laser cannons.Live munitions feed but these are for alien worlds multipurpose use.More advanced and is better than lasers live munitions feed effect.Stores.Live munitions burn radiation past barrier defense armors and super alloys.They with ballistics as laser cannons retain some ballistics theory with munitions does its share of damage to lasers.Puncture and down enemy machines,land forces and explode within.They have their bases and their and re-load and cool down processes for all.Chemical and liquid compounds for repair and send them back out,computer scan percentages fo go back out and Higher

Zarconia space missiles,ordnance, torpedos,rocket


Princess Armada,helicopeter gunship expert,tactical space naval warfare


Princess Gloria McLaughlin Armada 2nd eldest


Queen Andromeda of Delta Quadrant Andromedabot Co-pilot Airwolf

Ranks.Missiles,munitions,payloads,rounds and types of warfare secret,top secret but in use.Then for the special weapons to switch modes to HEL or rapid

Princess Armada Gloria Khan 2nd Eldest Cybertron Gobotron Zarconia upgrade

fire.With our armor we can ram and crash up enemies sensitive design electronics,the bridge and their innovative decision to warship,wisdom and regulations and archives. Different sections of Zarconia military have their own types of technological adaptations,attributes,qualities,levels in areas and characteristics,different types of military required for

Zarconia Cybertron Gobotron upgrade Princess Azalea McLaughlin Armada

Zarconia.They all have basic formats and are growing.Space Navy and Space Airforce delivery of munitions,space wing,space planes,covert ops craft,missiles,rockets,torpedos,rounds,shslls,space carriers and magazine,basebot. Quran expert in military technology [WWW] .System Tranformers Universe Gobot Evolution Process [WWW] angels.Battleshipbots.Technology Metallurgy and ship building of [WWW] navy attack and conquer whiteman and their alien allies of Allah's tyranny ss s [WWW] Federal Government captives are over on Feroz K.Ideas are put together as a self explaining story that is real,dreamworld dimension C [WWW] {C}{C
2003 CNE Air Show - F15 Eagle

2003 CNE Air Show - F15 Eagle

Toronto Airshow

23393-oz 07ams romefeller large

Aries alpha fighter

OZ-07AMS Aries Side View Lineart with missing arm

Aerial mode Nova fighter


Princess Armada Elysia Khan


Princess Armada


Zarconian Space Army spacecarrier


Cybertronian Gobotron born Princess Armada


AA Lancer Contrabot spaceplane


Kahlest,Firestorm and Mylene Khan

Bye Bye Mars

Bye Bye Mars

Robotech Mars base

Black Sabbath - Neon Knights

Black Sabbath - Neon Knights


Filter - Where Do We Go From Here

Filter - Where Do We Go From Here

Edge music

Van Halen - The Rover(Led Zeppelin Cover)

Van Halen - The Rover(Led Zeppelin Cover)


Megadeth - Crush 'Em(Music Video)

Megadeth - Crush 'Em(Music Video)


The base is a large facility that has manpower for Space Airforce,weaponry and greater space range systems.It is built underground from the surface as the war vessels,space carriers land on the launch pads and landing pads and elevator pads to lower part of the base,hangars.Structure is
KusoCartoon 13894749167567

Wedge Stealth Carrier

KusoCartoon 13894756862123

Zarco Inbit Regime Raptor Space Plane Carrier Warship

reinforced and has heavy defenses and barrier system from the radar.It can do SMITE FIELD warfare with its fighter and plane attack.This has magazine where production and assembly of the munitions is done and fuzed.This makes the Space wing and bomberfortress deadly Zarconian officers and stations of base.Heavy firepower and long range from its Space Airforce
KusoCartoon 13839467573376

Mini Carrier Covert Ops craft

abilities.It can detection enemies and contributes as a system to destroy threats.Robotic cybernetic hydraulic robotics of high level of machines to get these processes done.Assist the machine officers.It has policies to the demands and situation of Zarconia.Sends them transmissions part of network systems.Basebot transforms to robot has heavy thick armor and like a being military attack and destroy and fire its base weaponry,laser battery and missile launchers and has a laser strafe beam saber

Sol System battle of earth Class Zarconia space wing assault vs Invid 3rd War .Runways as the arms,launch tube runways of accelerated speed to fighters with vacuum and

Autogun Zarconia Transformer Gobot VSTOL STOVL gunship

replace with launchers and laser battery.Attack with a force field attack.

Space WMD on enemy solar system

robotechbots squad

Moon Space IBM

Moon Space IBM base for Naval and Space Airforce linked to Greenland mobile fortress continent

The Moon is a Space IBM base for Zarconia with hangar bays for fighters of the Space Airforce and elevator landing pads for
KusoCartoon 13630374226991

Pilot clone endo troop

KusoCartoon 13630477878345


Space Navy to land on and has massive defenses and AA laser battery,missile munitions launchers and railgun fires electron energy fire.It has enigmatech defenses force fields and can attack extended range bombardment support.It links up to Greenland mobile fortress ]]continent and is flexible.The mecha and trains travel

Florence Smith Space America Gattacan Zarconia Space F-5 Freedom fighter witch tranny

through the link being a tubular flexible retractable bridge.Moon is connected to Greenland base.Their are the fighters
Macross Airforce

Macross Airforce

Macross Airforce

Harrier AV 8B on Garibaldi carrier

Harrier AV 8B on Garibaldi carrier

AV harrier

Star Blazers - QFI Ep

Star Blazers - QFI Ep.20 (1 3)

Black Tigers

and space planes,Space carriers and

Autobot Triple Changer Guest on Zarconia "Broadside"

Space warships land and go underground to naval hangars.Facility on surface and underneath with many levels for space
KusoCartoon 13630373177864

Zarco Macross Chopper troop clone endo

warships.There is a space runway with tube runway opennings,moveable panel shutters with vacuum and field.The towers generate and are system of Space Sonar,sensor system and RADAR.The tracks were built on the moon for the railguns and to turntable underground elevators secret.ECW jammers.Time travel warfare for Zarconia is what Queen Armada thought of.I wanted types of
WOW!!! f35 Lightning II RIAT 2018

WOW!!! f35 Lightning II RIAT 2018

machines to have built in projectors to teleport and time travel for warfare.Fighting war on the enemy and our time travel warfare would fool them and throw them off and give us the upper hand in expansion.Send them in the past to fight warfare and armed with phaser weapons that teleport ammo to fire in streams and swarms with guidance.UFP technology outfirepower and advancements.Phasers fire ammo with their technology.

Zarconia Panavia Drone multi role attack fighter interceptor


Zarconia Time Travel Alpha "Time Machine"

systems and thermal imagery.There are missiles.Camp for extermination of prisoners disarming all enemies merger as the government to house the enemy that has been de-militarized and disarmed for destruction and torture.Zarconian troops.

Nova Khan Princess Armada of Gobotron Cybertronian Universe alien


Armybot Heavy Salvo attack gunship


Mylene Khan

Mospeada 12 1-3

Mospeada 12 1-3


Mospeada 12 2-3

Mospeada 12 2-3


Mospeada 12 3-3

Mospeada 12 3-3

Legioss Armo

Robotech Qn Armada stardestroyer cruiser

Zarconia wedge shape stardestroyer carrier


Space carrier,fighter warfare

Stardestroyer wedge shaped carrier is a base of operations with series of hangars for fighter wings and mecha,carries fighters,interceptors,superiority
KusoCartoon 13630342685795

Zarco Macross Spacefighter

fighters,fighterbombers,attack fighters and mecha.It has munitions and a magazine.It has energy weapons and lasers,HEL.Force field barrier defenses.It has light speed and space fold.It is monuverable from wedge shape and has space doppler sonar systems and tracking,countermeasures.Hydraulic robotic abilities.Computer core.
Air Show YF-22 Raptor

Air Show YF-22 Raptor


Ravenbot intel and attack.


DinoRanger "Snap Thrust"Gobot Dinobot Creature Robot


VQ Shadow Drone


6"5" Pilot terminator Gobot Transformer endo


Terminator space warship and Space carrier


VQS Shadow Drone


Zarconia Drone fighter being in its modes,compact Gerwalk

Mospeada 4- a

Mospeada 4- a


Mospeada 1- b

Mospeada 1- b


Mospeada 1- c

Mospeada 1- c

This is my Drone fighter which is a Transformer and Gobot and a being.He is a Drone.He can be armed and re-fitted with rocket pods or laser cannon pods on his weapon's pilons.He can be used in sorties to attack and torpedo war vessels.He has a reflex system from military systems for rocket pods targeting and his laser designator head unit in Robot.He has a special pods targeting system at any range.He is able to transform to a Gerwalk to compact himself and delivery of weapons.He is strong and has enigmatech systems defense fields and primal armor.He has rapid fire laser cannons in all modes in

Zarco Exo Suits and Covert Ops Space Plane


Zarco Comet Empire Fighter bomber"Syrinx Bomber"


Broadside spaceplane mode


Autobot Broadside carrier mode Triple Changer

the nose and laser turret.He can carry his laser firearms.He can emit jammer waves.He can be used in Covert Ops.He can travel at mach 20 to mach 40 to light speed or warp.He is highly monuverable with verniers system.He has no pilot as he is the pilot as built in module as cockpit.He can carry out bombardment or attack the ground and mixed.He has his weapon's pack.Space wing of "Moon Space IBM Base and Greenland Mobile Fortress Continent".Fighters
German Air Force Panavia Tornado

German Air Force Panavia Tornado

Panavia Tornado




CF-18 Hornet - CIAS Toronto AirShow 2009

CF-18 Hornet - CIAS Toronto AirShow 2009


Macross squadron battle Cpt

Macross squadron battle Cpt.

Macross squadrons battle


Darkstar VSTOL superiority fighter being


Space Fighter seige

and space planes as he is are in demand to satisfy Zarconia
Assault on hive

bombardment,assault attack by Space Airforce on Inbit Invid

forces,millions and bomberfortresses in 100'000's into bases and squadrons and on space carriers to the demands of space carriers of Space Army and Space Navy.The fighters can are re-fitted for their sorties and missions.They can

"Doppler" F1 Mirage Robot Being Vehicle

carry rocket pods with guided and programmed rockets with special warheads.Space rockets with fusion propulsion with missile force fields defenses and speed,monuverable,targeted by laser designator and in their CPU head with any range.Re-fitted with missiles and munitions.In their robot mode they carry laser firearms as all Gobots and Transformers.The Zarconia Transformer Gobots utilize their weaponry in all modes.The F4 Harrier name is Darkstar can VSTOL and attack better than F4 Air Base Ground Defense (ABGD) is the operational term used by the United States Air Force to denote ground combat operations in defense of U.S. Air Force bases. This specialty is filled by members of the Air Force Security Forces, who serve not only as Police/Law Enforcement officers, but also as ground combat troops in defense of U.S. air bases around the world. In this capacity, their duties are similar to those performed by the RAF Regiment and Royal Air Force Police of the British Royal Air Force, namely, to conduct ground combat operations as highly trained infantry troops, law enforcement and security in defense of U.S. air bases. Camp Bullis in Texas is where all levels of Air Base Ground Defense (ABGD) are instructed, the course ranges in length from 4–6 weeks. In these weeks of training Air Force Security Forces are taught to operate the following weapons: M-4 Carbine, M-9, M-203, M-240B, M-249 (SAW), MK-19, M67 (hand grenade), M18A1 (Claymore mine), and the M-72 (LAW rocket), M-60 as well as other base defense weapons and tools.

Under the Interservice Agreement between the United States Air Force and the United States Army, the U.S. Air Force is responsible for ground combat operations to defend U.S. air bases. Air Force Security Forces fulfill this mission, and, as such, are trained in the whole range of infantry tactics, to include patrolling, close quarters battle, defense in depth, crew-served weapons, and other ground combat tactics.

In the United States Marine Corps the role of ABGD primarily rests with the Low Altitude Air Defense Battalions and Marine Wing Support Squadrons. The Allied Air Command (AIRCOM) is the central command of all NATO air forces and the Commander Allied Air Command is the prime air advisor to the Alliance. When directed by the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), it provides the core of the headquarters responsible for the conduct of air operations. The command is based at the Ramstein Air Base in Germany. Contents

   1 Post Cold War
   2 NATO expansion
   3 Role
   4 References
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Post Cold War

Originally established in 1974 as Allied Air Forces Central Europe (AAFCE) the command's task was to provide centralized direction and control for NATO air forces in the European Central Region corresponding to West Germany south of the river Elbe, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.[5]

During the early 1990s, following the relaxation of the tensions between East and West, a major reorganization of the NATO command and control structure was undertaken. As part of this, and to take account of the decrease in the number of allied aircraft in Europe, a rationalization of the Central Region air force headquarters occurred in 1993 with the closing of Second Allied Tactical Air Force and Fourth Allied Tactical Air Force and the expansion of AAFCE to meet the new increased task as it absorbed functions previously undertaken by the two subordinate ATAFs.[5]

This change in structure was marked by a ceremony at Ramstein on 1 July 1993, when the headquarters was officially renamed AIRCENT. A further consequence of NATO's reorganization was an increase in the area of responsibility for Allied Forces Central Europe by the addition, on 1 January 1994, of Denmark and the northern parts of Germany, both of which were previously under NATO's Allied Forces Northern Europe command. As a result, Denmark joined the six nations, which staffed the headquarters since its inception: Belgium, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States.[5] NATO expansion

With the accession of three new members, Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic to NATO in March 1999, Poland's and the Czech Republic's airspaces and air forces became part of the AIRCENT and have since contributed to AIRCENT's task and mission.[5]

On 3 March 2000, AIRNORTHWEST (High Wycombe, UK) and AIRCENT were amalgamated. The new command was named AIRNORTH and also took over the air responsibilities of the former HQ BALTAP (which became JHQ NORTHEAST (Karup/DA)), and HQ NORTH (which became JHQ NORTH (Stavanger/NO)). HQ AIRNORTH now included also personnel from Norway, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy and Spain.[5]

With the accession to NATO of seven new members (Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia) in March 2004, the Baltic States Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well as Slovakia became a part of AIRNORTH. On 1 July 2004, AIRNORTH was renamed Component Command-Air Ramstein (CC AIR) and a new internal HQ-structure was implemented.[5]

With effect of 1 March 2010 the command was renamed to Allied Air Command Ramstein and with effect from 1 January 2013, following the deactivation of Allied Air Command İzmir, the command was renamed Allied Air Command ('AIRCOM').[5] Role

The Commander of AIRCOM is currently a United States Air Force General who also serves in the U.S. national appointment of Commander United States Air Forces in Europe - Air Forces Africa. He is the designated Commander Allied Air Command for all air missions ask tasked by SACEUR and the Air and Space Advisor to SACEUR. AIRCOM has a multinational staff, which may include liaison elements from other NATO headquarters and national commands as specified in agreements. The Deputy Air Commander is ordinarily a French or a British 3-star,[6] now appointed by rotation.

One of its previously subordinate activities was Combined Air Operations Centre Finderup, in Denmark.

Subordinate activities of AIRCOM Combined Air Operations Centre Uedem, Combined Air Operations Centre Torrejon, and the Deployable Air Command and Control Centre at Poggio Renatico in Italy.[7] The CAOC in Uedem's primary peacetime role is the tactical Command and Control of Quick- Reaction Alert Forces used to police NATO airspace above the Benelux countries, above Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Baltic States (Baltic Air Policing). There are also over 50 Control and Reporting Centres and Points, plus linkages with civilian air traffic control networks.

Baltic Region Training Events (BRTE) are held designed to offer training opportunities for enhancing interoperability, building capabilities and continuing the integration of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.[8]
KusoCartoon 14039008055125

Zarconian Ace Combatbot "Thunder"A-10 Thunderbolt 2

KusoCartoon 14039009599301

Zarconian Ace Combatbots "Dynamics" F-22 Raptor

KusoCartoon 14067605066184

"Air Strike" Zarconian Ace Combatbot F-4 Phantom Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14067606175843

"Flap Jack" SEPECAT Jaguar Zarconian Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14067607378950

"Doppler"FRS.1 Sea Harrier Zarconian Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14039027434880

Zarconian Ace Combatbot "Blue Flame"F-15 S/MTD

KusoCartoon 14039091171356

Zarconian Ace Combatbot "Skylark"F-35 Lightning STOVL VSTOL fighter

KusoCartoon 14039917790997

Zarco Ace Combatbot "Hornet"F-5E Tiger 2

KusoCartoon 14039919176740

Zarco Ace Combatbot "Diver" EA-6 Prowler

KusoCartoon 14070189639723

"Jet Wash"F-9 Crusader Zarconian Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14066203857602

"NATO"McDonnell Douglas CF-18 Hornet Zarconian Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14066204424509

"Intake"A-7 Corsair 2 Ace Combatbot Zarconian Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14039920460980

Zarconian Ace Combatbot "Sonic Boom"F-1 Attacker

KusoCartoon 14039922088204

Zarco Ace Combatbot "Split S"Mirage 2000

KusoCartoon 14039923736618

Zarco Ace Combatbot "Boost" MiG-21 Foxhound

KusoCartoon 14045043370168

Zarco Ace Combatbot "G-Forces"AV-8B Harrier 2 Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14045044708510

Zarco Ace Combatbot "Vector Thrust" ASF-X Shinden 2 Multi-role fighter Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14045045939192

Zarco Ace Combatbot "Shrike" F-14D Super Tomcat Razgriz Transformer Gobot


Zarconian Ace Combatbot Euro Boost EF-2000 Eurofighter Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14073577378326

"Lightning Flash" Ace Combatbot X-02A Wyvern Zarconian Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14074753657963

Zarconian "Strike Fighter"IFC-35C Cyngnus Ace Combatbot Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14074754340784

Zarconian "Plasma Thrust"IFC-35C Cygnus Ace Combatbot Zarconian Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14108990484220

"Blackstar" Zarco IFX-35G Cygnus Fighter Ace Combatbot Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14111752428252

"Tracker"IFX-35M Cygnus Long Range Maritime Patrol Tactical Fighter Zarco Transformer Gobot Ace Combatbot

KusoCartoon 14111753365233

"Astro"YFX-35E Cygnus Heavy Fighter Bomber Zarco Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14111754096297

"Might Wings"IFX-35V TNI AU Fighter Zarco Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14110699175888

"Moon Patrol"KFX-01A/IFX-01A C-103 5th Generation Multirole Fighter Zarco Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14109912879318

"Sirens"KFX-01A/FX-01A C-203 Models 5th Generation Stealth Multi-role Fighter Zarconian Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14112565433997

"Flacker"SU-53SM Frigate Strigon 1 Fighter Zarco Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14114279368861

"Termiantor"SU-55M Frigate D Russian Knights Zarco Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14114280015384

"Nightmare"IFX-45R Yukikaze Advanced Super Aquila fighter Zarco Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14115138730269

"Sandstorm"Zarco IFX-45R Razgriz Ace Combatbot Zarco Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14108989445132

"Twirl"YMC-130E/STOL Special Operations Military Transport Zarco Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14045473469091

Zarconian Ace Combatbot "Bomb Bay" F-117 Nighthawk Stealth bomber

KusoCartoon 14045473940131

Zarconian Ace Combatbot "Smoke Trails"B-1 Lancer Bomberfortress

KusoCartoon 14073576765593

"Incendiary" B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber Ace Combatbot Zarconian Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14138357945879

"Fragmentation"Zarco Lockheed Martin A-22 Vigilante 2 Transformer Gobot Bomber


Zarconia Systems Network

Phantom in space.Mastery of momentum in space and excellent
KusoCartoon 14052936088879

Zarco Ace Combatbot "Torque" AH-64 Apache Transformer Gobot

control.Re-entry in VSTOL.He flies at space mach and Space KM per hr.
UK Air Force British Aerospace Harrier Gr

UK Air Force British Aerospace Harrier Gr.9

British Harrier

Monuverable and by higher rankings strategy in attacks to put out enemy war vessels
KusoCartoon 14253532752531

Princess Janine and Inga Zarco Stargate Space Airwolf pilots enemy design

KusoCartoon 14253535470850

Princess Tessa and Jennice Khan Zarco Stargate Space Blue Thunder Pilots enemy design

with space munitions.They can bombard enemy ground units and in space on moons.He has internal laser mm cannons in the nose rapid fire

HK warfare sattelite

atomic cannons and on wings.Rockets are compact and deliver
KusoCartoon 14053652501646

"Mach" Airwolf Helicopter Gunship Zarconian Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14073654323853

"Torsion" Airwolf Russian Wolf KA-100 Gunship Zarconian Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14073655006286

"Phaser"Zarconian Airwolf 2 Redwolf Gunship Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14053653846750

"Turbo Fusion" Blue Thunder Attack Chopper Zarconian Transformer Gobot

with accuracy damage and blows.Utilize policies higher ranks orders.They are of the highest level of veteran to combat on duty service.I only want above space government level and invaders.Warfarers that can
KusoCartoon 14055785128943

"Firepower"Tiger Eurocopter Zarconian Transformer Gobot


Zarco GFFF Greenland the Moon linkup base

KusoCartoon 14057118207123

"Assault" AH-1 Huey Cobra Zarconian Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14057119293237

"Combat" AH-1 Super Cobra Zarconian Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14057120326660

"Supercharger" Hunter Chopper Zarconian Transformer Gobot


Kari Khan and her Chopper Pilot

KusoCartoon 15498292088351

Princess Marion Khan Armada Chopper

KusoCartoon 15498292624876

Princess Villagra Khan Armada Chopper

KusoCartoon 15498293071866

Princess Alixia Khan Armada Chopper

warmongers.They and their skills vs any enemies keeps them at high level at they know what to do in combat and
KusoCartoon 14132354425607

"Flare" Sikorsky HX-1 DAVSCO Zarco Transformer Gobot Helicopter Gunship

KusoCartoon 14069273309758

"Fulcrum" Zarconian RAH-66 Sikorsky Commanche Gunship Transformer Gobot

in squadrons for commands and orders and their technology is above the enemy.When in function it can destroy the
KusoCartoon 14070373648139

"Creeping Death" Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King Zarconian Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14169811502833

Zarconian Sea Patrol " Sikorsky SH-60/MH-60 Seahawk Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14073833276037

"Naval Assault"Zarconian Navy Airwolf Gunship Transformer Gobot

enemy,little casualties.They are very hard to damage as they attack and go to policies taught to them by their commanders and trained.Training is meant to upgrade them to real enemy and is no
KusoCartoon 13630479220618

Module spacefighters

KusoCartoon 13630480238667

"Andromeda Space bomber

KusoCartoon 13630481836059

Zarco Macross Giant shuttle

threat to them as I value my troops,pilots,crew,manpower and soldiers.The technology will be of alien technology and North America earth class helicopters
4K Spectacular Flares Show APACHE AH 64 at Sanicole Airshow 2015-0

4K Spectacular Flares Show APACHE AH 64 at Sanicole Airshow 2015-0

KusoCartoon 14185133774753

"Stealth Commander" Zarco Transformer Gobot Sikorsky MH-60 Stealth Black Hawk Helicopter

KusoCartoon 14185134436624

"Alpha Chopper"Zarconian Transformer Gobot Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk

technology as its my background.Alien to make them adjusted to space and automatically go on processor for settings to environment as when they are from space to planet and other elements.Rocket
KusoCartoon 14319686763615

Space VSTOL/STOVL Helicopter Shipcraft Spacebourne Early Warning and Control

pods attatch to conduit inside as a device and the whole mecha is units and systems welded to module which is the life and thinking.Welded.3 and 2D system as the pilot will see data and targeting info and tracking
Star Blazers - The Battle of the Rainbow Galaxy

Star Blazers - The Battle of the Rainbow Galaxy

Black Tigers action

British Harrier Jump Jet Aircraft Tribute

British Harrier Jump Jet Aircraft Tribute

Farewell to Britain's Ark Royal and the Harrier Jump Jet

Farewell to Britain's Ark Royal and the Harrier Jump Jet

Jump Jet

Harrier Jump Jet & AV-8B Harrier II In Action

Harrier Jump Jet & AV-8B Harrier II In Action

BAE Sea Harrier at CNE International Air Show 2013

BAE Sea Harrier at CNE International Air Show 2013

Sea Harrier at CNE Air Show 2013

Sea Harrier at CNE Air Show 2013

.He has modes and imagery and alerts.Rockets fired and hit the enemy and if they are guided or program to be guided then they will follow and hit. We have defenses for missiles and rockets to reach their target without being destroyed.System.

Princess Armada Younice Khan


Younice K Princess Armada change to her pilot being size 7ft


Armadabot Princess Armada of Gobotron Cybertronian Universe

The base has no terminal and works on manpower.It works hand in hand with beings and macnines.Princess Armada gets readied properly to engage any type of enemy to Zarconia.She will re-fit to the mission and enemy.Production of Transformer Gobot beings machines is done on assembly line and labratory.
Mars base

Zarconia Mars Space Airforce Base


Zarconia bases


Assembly plant


WWfighterbots Transformer Gobots unit


HK warfare Sattelite Euro

Blue Angels F A-18 taxi past for runway 05 at YYZ

Blue Angels F A-18 taxi past for runway 05 at YYZ

Blue Angels at Lester B Pearson Airport ON

Macross battle

Macross battle

Macross veritech battle

Collings Foundation's F-4 Phantom II - Entire Aerobatic Performance - Thunder Over Michigan 2009

Collings Foundation's F-4 Phantom II - Entire Aerobatic Performance - Thunder Over Michigan 2009

A-4 Skyhawk Aerobatics - Northern Illinois Airshow 2017

A-4 Skyhawk Aerobatics - Northern Illinois Airshow 2017

A-7 Corsair Arrival And Departure At Fairford 2014

A-7 Corsair Arrival And Departure At Fairford 2014

Beautiful Departure Volkel Airshow 2013; 2x Corsair II Hellenic Air Force

Beautiful Departure Volkel Airshow 2013; 2x Corsair II Hellenic Air Force

Robotech - Danger Zone Video

Robotech - Danger Zone Video

【daytime】VX-9 F-14B (UPGRADE) DEMO NAS Point MUGU Airshow 1999

【daytime】VX-9 F-14B (UPGRADE) DEMO NAS Point MUGU Airshow 1999

"Gunfighter 161" Demo (Shock wave vs F-18 Race→F-14D Demo→ Legacy flight)Oceana 2004

"Gunfighter 161" Demo (Shock wave vs F-18 Race→F-14D Demo→ Legacy flight)Oceana 2004

Assembly plant has chemicals and alloys.It does a process of assembling Transformer Gobots,make outer casing and panels of

Queen Armada Space Panavia Tornado

Harrier Jump Jet (AV-8B Harrier II) - Spectacular Action - 2014 Stuart Air Show

Harrier Jump Jet (AV-8B Harrier II) - Spectacular Action - 2014 Stuart Air Show

AV8B Harrier II Demo 2017 MCAS Miramar Air Show

AV8B Harrier II Demo 2017 MCAS Miramar Air Show

fighter,put together the circuitry and cables network and mechanically assemble it inside the casing and attatched to each device as powerplant.Modules are assembled and put together by robotics which laser seals the veritech and then its put together in a vacuum chamber and vacuum chambers for assembly in robot modes and then the modes are tested out pressure hydraulics and computer probes intiate transformation.The hoists are a network with the robot clamps of holding and transporting.Labratory has the chemicals and bases to the circuitry.Veritech or Transformer Gobot is a series of devices,components,systems and module as assembly and the head unit.Make the robot,fighter and mechas strengthened together and laser sealed.Precision.Working and systems works.Vats with chemicals for mechas and fighters and planes.Circuitry and main conduits.Machine robot units reduce the time within
KusoCartoon 13630482655543

Zarco Macross "Space Bomber"

weeks of 100's made with their precision strength and tools and electronics.

Altranator Combiner Gestalt Heavy Duty Linked Series warrior WWfighterbots combined

WWfighterbots were named this from a mission I had to time travel and Princess Younice Armada and Elysia Armada were in on the mission as Armadabots.We went back to WW1 and WW2 and I reckaged WW
KusoCartoon 13630484994244

X-wing fighterbomber Knight Night

fighters and the ones I played in video game.This was real and my belief of finding machines as beings.I put them together and Vector Sigma Quran created
KusoCartoon 13630485974337

Zarco Macross "Trilium"fighter

them as I brought him and I named them WWfighterbots.They then with their leader "Bomber" command to combine and they have large internal CM cannon,munitios stores and launchers and heavy laser maachine guns.They have military weaponry and systems of WW modernized and alien modified technology.Propellor blades can spin out as larger and as a weapon and they have electric arc.They can double barrel role,Split S and alot of commands.They can go through weather and propellors popout as propulsion.They are military strong.They can retract out a shell cannon extend as their CM cannon from
KusoCartoon 13855227150386

Stealth Space Maritimes V Wing spaceplane

KusoCartoon 13855229032115

Space Maritimes Shuttle

KusoCartoon 13855231081711

Space Maritimes Propellored VSTOL Spaceplane

their fists and fire shell and energy fire.They have HEL in chest cavities.Propellors can spin to make an enigmatech force field.They have the laser guns as WWfighterbot Transformer combined Gobots.They have acrobatic and can divebomb.They have wing extension as Altranator and he has laser mm cannons internal wings.They have a laser strafe beam saber.And propellor can spin as energy barrier shield deflection and block.Kinetic rounds armature.EM cannon extension.Ejection out payload pressure hydraulics bomb bays openned or to do an attack to bombard as fighters of WW could do.Agility,systems and speed and militarized.They are stationed in the basebots and can fly in space and take out retro rockets.They can be armed with rockets and pods and use in Combiner Altranator.He can punch and fight with military combat moves and go to his technology.
Transformers War Dawn 1 2 HD

Transformers War Dawn 1 2 HD


Transformers War Dawn 2 2 HD

Transformers War Dawn 2 2 HD


space bomberfortress

Space bomberfortresses use turbines to spin in outer space to mach 20 and any speeds.They are armored and highly monuverable as propellored Zarconia fighters can STOVL and even VSTOL.It can carry out bombardment and carry LGB and space Cluster bombs.They defy gravity
KusoCartoon 13630488595707

"Doppler" Propellored turbo booster fighter

and hit targets anywhere in space and they have bomb bays series of carrying weaponry and have ECM jammers and alien modulated systems as RADAR.He
KusoCartoon 14414908026048

Zarco AC-130H Spectre Gunship Monster

is a robot and carries his laser armament.He has internal laser machineguns defenses.He can carry anti ship missiles Space WMD,CS and superweapons.He is fast and can fold to carry out sortie,conduct other purpose for Space Airforce,land on space carriers.He carries munitions and fitted with guided munitions to conduct Anti interceptor,drop a cluster of Anti interceptor missiles.He has armor system and can deliver heavy blows.He can transform to combat.He can fire an electric arc burst from his turbines.Carry pulse torpedos and from

Zarconia Qn Guardiana Space Police car and Kelectra Huey Cobra Transformer Gobot witch tranny being robots


Space Nuke Missile

?Carries out bombardment of alien worlds and breaks off squadron to hit targets.Special weapons high technology and are adapted to space war,other dimensions,alien worlds,they have navigations and chipboard systems that put in a power to them as activated by space plane.Pilots are robot endo beings and I will
KusoCartoon 13630493031425

Sky Raven fighter

KusoCartoon 13630494766056

"Wing Rotars" Space helicopter

manufacture them by their bases and they interface and expand systems of battle in space.Cockpit is module better than any probes.Pilot is a warrior that can summon without mistakes and guide the space plane to battle.He has his visor with data as a machine being and works and doubles the output of module interface.Module cockpit can think and is a station of systems that can be changed to operate manually.He has armor and force fields interface of the space
KusoCartoon 13634688966589

"Interceptor" Module Attack Space Chopper

planes's systems are his attack
KusoCartoon 13828998589587

"Talon"Talon fighter multirole robot fighter being

KusoCartoon 13829016080054

"Metcalf"Metcalf fighterbomber robot being

and defenses.He can fly.Module as a complicated higher generation machine is the cockpit area and is more advanced with the endo working it and interfaced to perfection of the policies of his higher rankings and Terminal's decisions.Higher ranks command and strategize warfare with data and reports and follow and add policies.They manually run as beings contributing in a warehouse as a computer.Manpower as ranks to a Terminal.They have galaxy maps ,ready room,3 and 2D graphic display they design and archives data and history.They are investigators.They are

Zarconian Robot Vehicle Being "Sky-Jack" A4

researchers and utilize Science officers.They are experts in having systems modified and co-operating as an attack with other branches and sections of Zarconia.They have the safeguards and security defenses.Zarconian British are our own British that serve Zarconia and are types of fighters to manpower Greenland the Moon linked
KusoCartoon 13630496347690

Module spacefighter

KusoCartoon 13630497124089

Module Space bomber Zarco Macross

base network system.They are fighters for Covert Ops and special operations.They can be armed and re-fitted with weapons packs and use of instrument equipment in basebots and on the moon on our base network.They have energy weapons and upgrades Zarconian territory in space near Transformer Gobot universe dreamworld in real world.Zarconian module spacefighters are complicated machine fighters and fighterbomber that are a being that interact with a Zarco Macross clone endo pilot.They in design can preform in space and alien worlds.They go space KM per hour and can carryout many roles.
KusoCartoon 14380230665533

Zarco Monster "Dive Jaw"Grumman F6F Hellcat

KusoCartoon 14380231237590

Zarco Monster Grumman TBFAvenger Torpedo Bomber "Curtails Raker"

KusoCartoon 14380231749924

Zarconian Monster Fairey Swordfish 2 Torpedo bomber "Chomping Waves"

KusoCartoon 13969390966460


KusoCartoon 13973418520951

Space Freightor Space Passenger Transport

KusoCartoon 13969389776870

Salvo and Exo Vehicle

KusoCartoon 14425491618012

Zarconian Monster SU-27 Fighter

KusoCartoon 14425497695279

Zarconian Monster SU-37 fighter

KusoCartoon 14426011088618

Zarco Monster SEPECAT Jaguar fighter

KusoCartoon 13650229988028

F/A-18 Space Hornet fighter

KusoCartoon 14374256444305

Zarconian Monster"Twin Gun" EA-18G Growler

KusoCartoon 14414896912627

Zarconian AFX YF-24 Monster Fighter

KusoCartoon 13630342685795

Zarco Macross Spacefighter

KusoCartoon 14400374370882

Zarco Monster McDonnell Douglas F-15S/MTD "Sky Trap"

KusoCartoon 14400436203534

Zarco Monster ASF-X Shinden 2 65 Aggressor "Radar Warning"

KusoCartoon 14402217279916

Zarconian Monster BAE Systems Sea Harrier FA2 SHAR "BAE Tracker

KusoCartoon 14402224708225

Yakolev YAK 149M Freestyle VSTOL Monster Fighter

KusoCartoon 13650234999775

Space Kestrel

KusoCartoon 13650236629760

Space Phantom

KusoCartoon 13656555948607


KusoCartoon 13653538973141

F-5 Spacefighter

KusoCartoon 13656522305058

Space Tomcat

KusoCartoon 13667858647866

Space Eurofighter

KusoCartoon 13949553155720

F-2000 Space Monster fighter


Zarco Combiner vs Drule Fleet


"Hell Vortex" Vampirebot


Zarconia Haydonite "Steel Weeper"fighterbomber Robot Being vehicle


Retro Rockets DinoRanger Dinobot


Space munition payload Zarconian

F15 Eagle - CIAS 2006

F15 Eagle - CIAS 2006

Toronto Airshow


Queen Armada reborn Galactica F-15 Zarconian


Princess Armada Gobotron Cybertron alien fighter


Science Team Zarconia Robot Beings High Ranks


VSTOL Gunship
Macross Frontier Episode 7 Battle clip 2

Macross Frontier Episode 7 Battle clip 2



Blue Storm Heavy Duty Assault Space chopper robot Vehicle being

KusoCartoon 14011350953620

pilot module transformation interface combiner cockpit

KusoCartoon 14011361494375

Pilot module endo troops

KusoCartoon 13958902159179

Princess Armada Harlequinn Khan

Harley Khan changes to her pilot combiner mode to fly in monster Space fighter.She interacts systems and is more improved pilot as she is in cockpit and can change to module for piloting.Transform and transform to pilot and shrinks to people size.She is carrierbourne and can land on base temporary stop for her and carrier or alone.Shuffle.
KusoCartoon 13960396297137

F15Space Monster Fighter

KusoCartoon 13968492811274

Princess Armada Sharona Khan

KusoCartoon 13990976052306

Princess Armada Trelesta Khan


Vector Sigma Quran Terminal

KusoCartoon 13630339620197

Skylar Computer Terminal

KusoCartoon 13630366804985

SAT Contra Supercomputer                                                    

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