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Zarconia is a story about an empire that will do everything Sci Fi

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Zarconia space fleet vs Enemy Galactic Empire government

military space cartoons and topics won't do crossovers!/QueenFerozK  .We cross over and and built in with cross overs to make a new Empire.As a planet we need defenses vs superior UFO aliens.They have the fear factor and are race of beings Allah saw race massivly ahead of all lifeforms.They are very scarey.The way they live on their planet is horrifying to people.Its not sane and to horror they are a horror.Their saucers and warships will cross over onto earth and ON.They need to be intimidated by a machine that fought in WW 1 and WW2.Not interceptors except for space interceptors from Spacecraft Carriers.Larger warships can fight with UFO aliens and send them out of this solar system.They are wiser and have much more power than people.First people ever to have a system and our space warships will be UFO's too.Space warships of WW1 and WW2 and Cold War design.Back in a story in World War.The part of war in space Space Army Japanese Comet Empire and Invid Regime Comet Empire both Kamarthian Imperial Forces.They will participate to load in space warships and broken up fleets mixed and matched.They are not pure fleets and infantry of armies.Demand to put in class warships and army invasion ships.They are manpower.That way the Allied Enemy Forces don't get the matchups that they want.Its all mixed up and they play roles.Called in and strategized,ordered to go to a quadrant and support and any other orders.Terminator warfare army warfare outer space forces.They can even supply pilots to mecha beings,manpower.Zarconia won in time travel warfare for the universe and Earth.We had won and won the rights to many warships of WW1 and WW2.Giant project was made where the allies of outer space were the enemies.Many class ships were born from the German Navy.They were going to be born Starships.All of these magnificent greats were being designed before the sea to secret space warships.The world was united under Zarconia.Their goal was war on alien races who were hiding behind allied fiends.The US sent all class warships partial commitment.Canada committed.Many countries then with victories in Cold War the star ship the Frigates changed to space ships.Destroyers.Carriers of certain countries that fought but gave in and entered and thought Zarconia's plan merging and keeping new class endo clones as troops.Many shipbuilders then were making these greats in space and in secret bases to launch off to space with Zarconia crew mixed of Zarconia races,machines.They were all going to have more than Star Trek and Star Wars with wave motion tech.Ancestors in the past entered machine era.Their ships were to play roles and giant roles as our most powerful class warships in space.They would have fought enemies from Bolar Federation to Galactica,UFP and EDF Federation,European Federation Macross to Klingon Empire and Vampire Quadrazillian Empire.They were being built in bases in past and in present and future major projects.These military secrets translation to modern alien space technology.Building and huge factors of making Germany GFFF universe to evolve and to have Reich change into a Star Wars and for us to have them enter this new factor of Star Wars Germany of past.WW1 ships to WW2 were all for the greatest cause.U.Boats.New Radiation powers implanted in the ships before construction.The conduits and systems and stations and instruments embedded.Newly exterior intakes outer hull with alloy outer space.Space alien instrument systems,RADAR sonar and sensors.Fusion engines and weaponry to energy technology and upgraded highly from the instruments machines.Greatest minds with the most inner peace Allah Systems bought us time for centuries to build up and spresd Islam and word.Evolution Process Angels of the past and WW1 and WW2 era and based in outer space back then,descent of alien ships before these battleships.Rebuilding Queen Armada's defenses to brand new Amelia Queen Armada.Take control and build something the universe disaster lost but secret and protected to grow as its own defenses and power.Connected to Cybertron Gobotron Dreamworld universe civilization.Factors as this.Manpower of high ranks back then to be Zarconia.They will be UFO in order to make the aliens back off or we will live manipulated and brainwashed by alien races.These alliances the whiteman have done there is an empire bigger than Galactic Empire,Dinguil.Centauri are UFO aliens too.They fear less things and have no military systems confrontation.Proper system to engage them by the Evolution Process Angels at Jupiter and Venus.Angel caretakers who are humanoids but might have their own race that is on the same ground as UFO aliens.They are horrifying and full of fear.They fear very little and live to us people bezerk to jolt our hearts.They live with the dead and don't have people concepts.We are avoiding them.Higher level of defense systems that are state of the art vs evil.Defense system of space warships.Space warships then can send in Space carriers to send in proper interceptors of earth design 20th Century.Their beliefs and religion is worse than Satanic.Prophet to them and they make Allah panic.He says they are capable of going wild rage when they don't know things and photo showing a short UFO alien he is gigantic.Under 20ft tall.Allah made nature to counter UFO aliens and their vast intelligence along with Angels who turned into UFO aliens.People don't know about them and are very scared of their mysteries.Frightening.Concept of their mind.Horror movies do nothing even real to them.Their children grow up very frightening.They though believe in a form of Islam on their planet and obey the laws in UFO alien.We don't show the surface of their civilization and planet or we would be extremely frightened and that is daily life.Representations to them.We in the early stages went from inventing and looking for inventors companies to go to.Then I built their ideas as I used my sciences to build ideas and change things and to start off their infantry with enemy design.Then to add Terminator to them,{Dark Nebula}.I found out the real names and demanded factors to our empire.Factors were in the Borg for our Star Trek technology,Comet Empire to refine out the Space Army,Japanese Empire of my tribal origin in history and Invid Inbit which had more help to be added into Cybertron Gobotron and Insecticons Insectibots insect robot beings.I added Haydonites as they all sent messages to me allowing me to take technology from

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Zarconia Planetary Destruction missiles firing on enemy worlds aliens

Haydonites joining adding in their technology for dampening beams.Dark Nebula was for Terminator Hunter Killer technology.Galman Gamilons as Uzbek Romans to upgrade the military.And then for me and my family Armadabots to be changed for military authoratative powers martial warfare powers me to pioneer the Khan's to Cybertron Gobotron born as Transformer Gobots and that night of my first week and seasons in my afterlife made the deals with the Evolution process Angels.Now we are pioneered and I added more Space Nazis to Zarconia being Helghast,Vorgon Combine,GFFF Germany began to Star Wars universe Germany with a space fold to that universe for evolution process change.This would give me Imperial Storm Troopers.Build up troop hiearchy,crew,pilot and high ranks officers.We started with the New Fuhr and I thought of him to guide us to success and marshal soldier improvement of Fuhr to do with Pathans.This Empire to refine them out would have muslim laws in them from Allah Pak and Quran to be merged as Vector Sigma.Quran into earth military technology and space.Empire grow and build up and next part was to be recognized as a Terminal,Red Sector A being a domination and Canadian.Red Sector A to building terminator troops and victories.Adding value and credit grow more and more til I could help myself from afterlife to be based in present day ON and Canada.More things towards my advantage and leadership judgements made.My position change to Cpt's role space battleship new giant machine for Queen Ruler to control when I am a transformer Gobot.Investing my time in inventors building up my ideas sending letters of projects,archives,data,info to Science.Change to stock as I was told.Zarconia started land based to outer space.Interest in my favourite topics and wiki's into my topics.Popularity of watching police shows as part of sciences,law.Factors entered being the UFP United Federation of Planets adding in for me to make a space UN out of Lemuria.Mobile fortress continent for Zarconia Space UN being United Earth Sphere Fed.,EDF,UN Spacy,Earth Forces,Kamarthian Imperial Army,UN,EDC Earth Defense Command and Gobot UN a united Space UN force dealing with Science Team,policing and law and martial,high ranks.Manpower hand done as a terminal but by a council.Growing imaginarily with new powers and factors.Heroins like Princess Armada developed my child to govern and control the Empire and counter its enemies.Teamwork and filled my bridge.I then could have my flagship supership developed secret project.Not on earth capture poor quality but in space in my new afterlife people race of robot beings.The Battle of Sol System has to take place and many space warships cannot function in hiding and need to be live active in order to deal with problems and work.They are space ships and have laws applied on them.I wanted to work on the guidelines bare essentials of space warships and space metallurgy.New Fuhr's into this problem with his father the "Vector Sigma Quran"then I had the South American Terminal developed as we waited past 2010's for big impact members and ones of the beginning to comeback.Col Ironhorse terminator.Our loyalities.Adding here and there to build up and have the ideas build themselves.Jinn as machine endos then take it to my universe afterlife.Zarconia though will make power moves and when their practice and build up to enter all machines into service for experience and how to work them in a war.The alien whiteman Forces are counter racists and murder killer like.They are monsters and scum that sat on the British and the government as a mob.They had Allah Pak's advantages as Allah rewarded evil beings.My evolution process blocked Allah off from me.When we have everything safe in a old universe full of energy resources under our categories and to get the spacebourne forces built many parts of Zarconia.Earth will go through many disasters,burned down by an overcharging Sun.Sun then will blast the earth with solar prominences inferno and then deep cold baron surface.Then the Andromeda system will colide into earth so tech and manpower would be lost as enemy aliens will setup traps to prevent escape into Allah's boobytrap.If our warships come from our galaxy to save us and setup a system connection as they are saving ourselves.Zarconia will ge a "Giant Power" being giant in landmass,planets and solar system and giant in military and superweapons.Giant leaders as I Queeen Armada.Once the problems and complications are over then we can sit and council about the universe,our territory and what moves we can make.And what moves internally to concentrate on building then after a century we'll be ready,building in endurance and our own exercised power built up for outer space,achievement of outer space rank on society.Militarism and actions applied by

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Zarconia space fleet battle use of particle beam cannon on enemy alien whiteman forces Zaft Zeon.

Queen Armada Feroz Khan.Function ourselves as a government to build and supply,function as a system like Allah's in space.We are a space government and have our allies we picked like Dark Nebula and Comet Empire,Borg and Haydonites and Invid.Invid was to build our own or my meaning of Inbit which is robotic insect being creatures not parasites.Mecha as a creature towards insects.Insecticons of Cybertron and Gobots who are bugs.Then the inventing of categories as Outer Space Navy,Space Army,Red Sector A ON and Jupiter,The Source John Connor branch and relition for youth and elders in Zarconia,debate and settle.These would grow and without any corruption.Their earlier days downfalls to add them to Zarconia.Japanese failure,Comet Empire failure,Borg and Haydonites defeat and Space Nazis.To regroup as Zarconia for success,to add Canadians and our Space UN Toronto.Add things from my past as Antarctica from Galactica and GFFF Universe Space American Greenland and then the moon,bases.We have our own races as AI clone endos as British and British of state of Navada,South Carolina,Pawns as position,Virginia.To make the heads of Antarctica concept the position the "Valkyrie" which

Zarconia space fleet battle use of particle beam cannon on enemy alien whiteman forces Zaft Zeon.

has long hair dark hair slim and the "Army wich Papuan Pathan

Space Fighter seige

people.They both in charge of Antarctica.Divide part power of 1/3 of Antarctica Japanese Comet Empire.Greenland is under Zarconia British and linked up Space Airforce bases systems.Mobile Continent fortress is making a continent into a base machine fortification vessel.Remove from earth to avoid disaster reckage everything to prepare.Preparation to merge with spacebourne Zarconia.Upgrade process and assimulate and shuffle.Then the council of High Ranks can make more decisions using the law of space input military space bandwitdth with machines and instruments with functioning navy in space,get the systems in function everything at half a century length time.Then we can plan to conquer an enemy target in directions in space for every quadrant from the Galactic directory.Then we declare war on them and breach their borders with full support as the government and law,accumulated reasons then to set loose the Navy on them with strategy and policy in work.Then a chain reaction in racist alliances then all out war on all of them,green light to all forces as a functioning warfaring Empire.Galactic Empire is on hit list bounties to Zarconia,Galactic British space Empire Imperium government.Our flagship Supership is in on warfare to conquer the Imperium.The Imperium will have us cross the border when their defenses are down.We have explored some solar systems and fortified them up keep a hold on them.Now we are using our High Ranks.We then expect a space military battle.We think the Imperium British Empire has over alien advanced futuristic technology.Our battlegroups are split up making a network and using powers.The Space U.Boats have crossed into Imperium space to explore things and crossed back with success intel.Subspace U.Boats will help to bring down Imperium defenses.They have put charges all over the Imperium.Demo Squads in the end will leave charges before we overrun the border.Ship formations and for British to take on Space frigate and Princess Armada Kehlest K.She will be in charge of a group assault in 10'000's.Split up and composed of Space Destroyers will form up a line on the Imperium measuring them in range.With the Subspace U.Boat communicae then the Formation quickly and start firing on Imperium.They then from Heavy Space Cruisers,Starship Destroyers,Space Dreadnaughts are being hit by shock cannon fire that has hit into their bridge and front dorsal section of Imperium British ships.Hit by explosive thick energy beams bolts.Destroyed done in many first British forces.Now our Cacharadon class supership is on it way to penetration Imperium to fortify on them.Charges gone off when we're past a certain point.Our flagship with Queen Armada's orders cruising speed and to turn the ship sideways to have all guns pointed at Imperium as a platform bombardment on the enemy.Keep firing then re-join a group before us.We get this done to level them with extended range bombardments destroying,casualties.Space carriers will cross into fortified territory and arm the Space bomberfortresses to delivery of Space Atomic bomb on British.Network will be setup.Starship destroyers use of shock cannons and speed level to bypass the British ships and cutter beam them.Space Cruisers fired photon proton torpedoes destroyed up hulls of British ships.The British had a minefield boobytrap with the intel the Space U.Boats luring the British towards the field and into their own boobytrap.Then space warp out of the area.They then warped and Queen Armada ordering Feroza "Fire shock cannons batteries on space minefield!"We within range of our guns,Pirncess Armada quickly readies the shock cannons firing phased energy on the minefield.Gloria re-checking things then the batteries moved hydraulic in position and angles fired with recoil sending the energy bolts to their targets.Imperium space cloaking warship and fleet stuck in between the minefield with the shock cannon fire on its way and a huge explosion wiping out the British with their own weapons.Minefield explosions success from Queen Armada.We are on our way to planet Atlantis as Princess Armada says.Queen Armada agrees and their ship is in warp with a battlegroup of feirce dreadnaughts,cruisers and Starship Destroyers on their way in warp speed to Atlantis.Then come out of warp to engage the enemy Imperium and guarding ships of this solar system.Warped in a spreadout formatation.Shock cannons charging up with Gloria aiming them,Feroza preparing.The shock cannons are on their mark,Gloria to our battlegroup all ships Fire!Shock cannons have fired with direct hits and explosions in major destruction chain reaction within the enemy ships."We are going after Atlantis" and then the Bomberfortress attack will procede.Group covering the bombers.Space planes left the deck and are in a major area of the Imperium.Battle at Planet Atlantis with energy fire cutting down Imperium.Next blow is level the enemy with the use of such power and energy.Space bomber left and within radius of target dropped the Space atomic bomb and is on its way back.The space atomic bomb jettison into the solar system of British and a huge explosion happened with an atomic chain reaction with space particles making the energy much billion times bigger to size of space and the clouds of burning energy chain reaction and sending fire through space to engulfed many solar systems with all out power.Energy shock waves and all Imperium forces were engulfed by burning chain reaction clouds and the shock waves sending out pulses wipe out any enemy and destroying the Imperium.More than a star but in a HE explosion in space.Red mushroom clouds below each other size of a solar system spreading awesome power.Metal turning to like sinders and leaves.All delivered a destructive blow on Imperium.The assault on Atlantis with secumd forces.We now with Space taking out Imperium ships hit by photon proton torpedos and HEL fire then cloaking hiding in subspace.Guns blaring firing Shock cannons on the targets.We then change course replace with more ships in our place.We'll assault Atlantis.We then were around their moons which had bases that had to be taken out.Send in fighters from warping carriers to end Atlantis.Bombers ready to attack Atlantis.We will take out the planet Atlantis.We now in orbit and the bases occupied with fighing fighters.Mylene and Younice with Elysia and Nova and Firestorm Princess Armada's fighting with these bases.Their warships were trying to get lift off when they were hit by fighters releasing their munitions.We are in orbit being covered to firing bombardments of shock cannon energy on the planets surface.Stay in orbit bombarding them will all turrets and front turrets.All ships now were alerted of the use of the wave motion gun after fighting with the British forces.Space fighters were to withdraw after fighting and many of them carried out their sortie.Elysia had destroyed many enemies,Firestorm,Mylene and Nova had brought down many ships and changed to their robot modes fighting as soldiers firing their rapid fire and heavy power energy weapons on the enemy British and their interceptors.Their interceptors were engulfed by the Space atomic bomb.Many destroyers were shock cannoning their British carriers.The fighters withdraw and then all the ships were aligning use of the wave motion gun on planet Atlantis.We withdraw join the battlegroup in the charging of the Odulation gun.Countdown with Princess Armada Feroza K controlling the wave motion gun.Countdown with the orders by Queen Armada.The Zarconia wave motion guns were charging up to ionize in the firing.Zeta placed the Supership firing on Atlantis.The other groups were aimed at the bases.Countdown then Feroza pulls the wave gun trigger mechanism with target aimed and the mouth of the wave gun charged up,ionizes all wave guns firing a wash of energy phased through the mouth.The engine connects with the gun and the recoil mechanism stays connected.The energy wash fired at the targets travelling at more energy than the plasma of the stars manmade technology and machine.The energy wash is unstable with a surging current sound and energy flow hitting surface of Atlantis and right through the bases bunkers outer exterior.Then into the core and a huge chain reaction explosion of more than hydrogen happening.The surface of the planet was going into space with the destruction of Atlantis.The planet broke up and exploded with the moon bases and explosion afterwards with victory.Energy wash was absorbed up and exploded the targets.No more Atlantis and its bases,moons were destroyed asteroid bits.Now the last part was to take out their interceptor fighter forces.Our carriers were out to hunt the British government forces.Elysia,Mylene,Nova,Firestorm and Younice were out to get rid of any more enemies.British were close to end.Now left over Pirate forces.Many months later the Space carriers Princess Armada was on as attack found the co-ordinants of enemy carrier force.They had lifted off their carrier with teleport warfare and were on their way to munition the carriers.They then did their torpedo assualt patterns,Younice,Nova with Firestorm,Elysia and Mylene attacking other side of enemy forces.Suprise blitz and they transformed afterwards and engaged the enemy with terror as robots.They were firing their energy weapons on the forces of British space planes and robots.They were being out monuvered and outclassed even though from the vast future in upgrades which did not help them for battle is battle.Younice uses a veteran space assault then changes to herself.She fires away hitting targets with precise aim.Potential she is hitting them with is destruction.Mylene and Nova were both firing their cannons and nailing enemies with HE.Elysia going with guns and creaping up on enemies launching and firing away.They all re-group as a family.These evil Romulan born Spawn British.Romulan heritage of British Imperium.They then all left the battle to let the carrier finish off these forces with firing their launchers.With all space wing landed they did the short preparation and countdown then fired launchers and the whole enemy forces were destroyed.Warheads have hit their mark gigantic level size to destory enemy Carrier force and their groups.We built in our own allies now to conquering of UFP and Alpha quadrant.Cross the border and to form up broken fleets in firing of shock cannons on them.Use of special weapons craft to fire a charge to wipeout resistance.Then the Space battleships can do policy to break up and conquer as many enemies think building up on Superweapons,space battleships warships to liberate and conquer for expanded territory.The next enemy is the "Warriors" Klingon Empire.The Klingons became big mouth in their policies for the whiteman and to be offended.The Klingons made the first move travel and fight with a convoy of our Warships.Our space dreadaughts engaged in battle with the Klingons.Their cruisers and Birds of Prey de-cloacked and were firing on the dreadnaughts.The Dreadnaughts returned fire on the Klingons with many direct hits ripping off the wing and drilling shots through their hull.The then cloaked and hid in this.Our High Ranks then declared war on the Klingons and out thought the Anglo Saxxon Englander Klingons.England and Klingons meant war on Zarconia.We sent in space destroyers specially armed,their crew and special equipment was emphasized.The special equipment was meant for cloaked vessel hunting,detection sensor modified.Not like the dreadnaughts.Dreadnaughts were equipped and ready to deliver damage to the Klingon Empire.The Starship destroyers were very fast moving past the border and gaining territory in on the Klingons.Moving in setup the dreadnaughts.They the dreadnaughts seperated.Space warships,heavy cruisers were now crossed the border and engaging with Klingon Cruisers.The shock cannon batteries charging up to firing Zarconia battery on Klingons!Direct hits as our bridge crew and vessels AI crew were team working.Long shots of shock cannon beams were hitting the Klingon cruisers,breaking formation.Klingon warbird was off the bow and Starship Destroyer fired its space torpedos with direct hits on cloaking vessels.Starship desroyers broken off setup in space and were shining a spotlight floodlight beam in space til it shown on a Bird of Prey revealing it visible.Shock cannons charge up firing on with direct hits on Bird of Prey to destroy them,shields off guard.Cloaked vessel hunting.Space carrier let the Special operations space planes take off and search for cloaked vessel AI crew.They lift off space bourne.Their special equipment could detect Birds of Prey relaying it to dreanaughts.Dreadnaughts uploaded the data and program their guns.Crew on bridge men calling out codes and changing positioning battery.Charging up the shock cannons with High Ranks Firing! shock cannons beams fired with direct hits and chain reaction,drilled through the shields making a laser heated outer sound til they give away to the shock cannon HEL,go through the hull and chain reaction like hydrogen.Many of the Birds of Prey were hit badly.Space Plane then went off course for an attack detected Bird of Prey.It openned its launcher on a run and fired all projectileds which curved and hit their target warheads explosion with wave motion energy.All Birds of Prey damaged,heavily damaged Bird of Prey was saying on channels surrender.The Space carrier heard of this and sent in Nova and Elysia Khan and Younice,Firestorm and Mylene were on their way.They had teleported with extended range they were to engage the Birds of Prey and cruisers.Munitions were loaded and ready.Younice then took out the Bird of Prey lieing about their weapons system but with a projectile HE the Bird of Prey was crippled and ready for targeted for capture.Fighters would cover and transform.Now a Space plane was to tow it in.With their guns out they had taken out the systems and agree put out the fires once crew Klingons surrender.Surrender with robot mode with laser guns out.Fighters were in monuvers flight persuit and to torpedo run the Birds of Prey.Then the wave motion munitions sound direct hits.Klingons werer relying on these to boost the Emperium.The fighters then landed on the Starship Destroyer with a Zarconia name in space service in alien.Elysia,Nova Khan had landed in the hangar bay of the Starship Destroyer.They reported to the destroyer before their communicae to Destroyer about code of cloaked vessel hunting.There were other squadrons on the destroyers and Dreadnaughts.They were going to lead them as huge wave to breakup into squadrons and return to their carrier after.They were briefing for fighters part of Captains briefing which was the assualt using the fighters.They then were going to their fighters,Elysia and Nova transformed to modulation interact in cockpit.Setup to the launch bays and full mach 10 and more off from the Starship destoyer battleship and off to war.Starship destroyers loaded a munition projectile change of weapons after theirs were all used.They were going in with the destroyer relaying co-ordinants then the space wing yaw to attack assault.They found the Klingons and were on run firing their projectiles and changing to robot to use their laser arm and launchers.MM laser cannons were firing away,explosion chain reaction sound of direct multiple targets hit.Nova was firing energy pulses charged up firing on the Bird of Prey destroy its shields,Elysia rapid fire on the shields and both fired their launchers.Bird or Prey was out on this savage war.Destroyed Bird's of Prey.Nova had some damage as Elysia.Younice came in support after they left and all back to the carrier.Starship destroyers were charging up the wave motion guns,fleet alignment with the dreanaughts in orders to charge up firing of the ondulation guns.The device in the engine core setup for the chargeup and firing.On the bridge with all visors over as command.Captains with a complete victory for Zarconia.The mouths of wave guns were ionizing and the reaction to make an energy wash with the stores.Then to phase invert this wash of plasma like a star.Charging up then the reaction took place recoil device separating.The energy wash combined as a full energy wash and engulfed the Klingons,surging unstable controlled power then hit their mark dissintegrating the fleet of Klingons,with a atomic destruction of the fleet.War was over and the Space fleets of Zarconia won.Klingon Empire with massive naval and armed forces losses.Plan was failed.Space carriers with a distance did some fighting with some birds of Prey covered by Destroyers picking them off.Bases of the Klingons had to be taken out,space planes were ready to hit them with a bomberfortress attack covered by Younice,Nova and Mylene Khan.They were to engage the Birds of Prey and get the bombers to completion hitting the bases with missiles.More Destoyers and dreadnaughts,space Cruisers,space warships were on patrols on the victory gain of territory.They were in unfriendly space and capable of attack caught off guard.Getting use to the skirmishes.Klingons were desperate.Their outposts were bases.They were ready to engage the space warships.Fighter attacks were able to fight with them.They were fighting with them in robot mode full warrior battle.Their MM laser guns and pulse guns charge up and fire on shields.Fleets coming in to Klingon Territory and the danger alert of a wild enemy desperate and not beaten to last Klingon.And they Zarconia became to counter the Klingon philosophy.The Klingons were making boobytraps on their systems relay and loading HE inside their Bird of Prey as traps to get a ship filled with HE to catch a force off guard.Then they would make an attack and to do these traps.But many would not go near areas of traps.Some worked as attacks but they knew to warp out of there!Trap!Nova,Mylene and Younice knew of this going through as a fine tooth comb.Klingon British Policy the HIgh Council said had to be defeated.This policy was when Klingons lived in Space England on planet Atlantis and they took to England as Klingon home.In Klingon they must have this policy defeated by war and we will lower down many.They said this to Younice,Nova and Mylene.They told them of this and many High Ranks with meetings with the Klingons,being covered by infrastructure Klingon government sending fleets to cover them for the talks on the home world and about Parasitic creatures,Xenomorphs,Invid.The High Council then acted Klingon and said for the Zarconians to leave and no more to do with convoys.Younice gave code to Nova to ready their fighter robots.They did not trust them and made a covered escape to safe territory by getting to their fighters.Then dreanaughts covered them with shock cannons in range to Klingon enemy.They have the intel they need back to war and winning.If the Klingons don't surrender the Space nuclear weapons used delivery fired by bases and fired from bomberfortress space planes.They were all in action as High Ranks delivered the more destructive space nuclear weapons.The missiles fired and detonation causing a space particle enhancing nuclear reaction to a space level.Nuclear shock waves were changed to energy pulse wiped out targets.Inferno many solar systems size and the blast of shock waves.Blueish and dark blueish explosion up to down mushroom clouds from afar space energy delivery on the Klingons.Space plane bomberfortresses taken off in many locations with such power they fired the misslle from the bomb bay.And the fortress took off in evasive course back Space carrier.Basebots had fired long range space nukes,changing and transforming on remote asteroid moons platform.Zarconia' fleets with a military war campaign with utter reports and victory over the high ranked Klingons.Birds of prey were carcasses to the space warships.Gone veteran war.Use of their utter power Space WMD.All of our empire Veterans and won vs Federation.Then the next wars on enemies.Fighting with the Dinguil Emplire and resistance fighters of Borg,Haydonites,Comet Empire,Dark

Alien world base Zarco Space warship ground warfare


Zarco Space wing space bomberfortress assault from Zarconia Space Battlecarrier/Attack carrier on Whiteman Galactic Empire forces

Nebula and Gamilons.Then the invasion of EDF Earth Federation.Then after them Robotech,Macross,Southern Cross R.E.F. Tirol warfare.Our special secret weapons in full service would be the difference.Their tactics already learned of what they will do in warfare.Then the Klingon Empire and hunting cloaked Vessels Space Maritimes operations.Then to go after the Drules,Vegans and make our way past to Galactica with full experienced infantry to unload and destroy Galactica.We transform as more than war experience veterans.Galactica conquered and fighting with the Vampire Parasitic Creature Quadrazillian and Inbit Invid,Alien.Defeating of the parasitic creatures to fight with the Cardassians and reptile race aliens and dragons.After all of Allah's henchman,cronies have been defeated to end to invade and destroy Allah and his family in the "Battle of Allah" which Allah wants to live in his galaxy with radiation past million kelvin and change of states when all fleets break off and re-formup to trick Allah and fire millions of wave motion guns at

Zarconia Space Subs/U.Boat cloaked battle,battleground of outerspace

Allah Pak.He will deflect it with spells to counter attack.Boobytraps in space Allah used and utilize his creator powers as he must not win or escape.Death to Superweapons Space WMD.Power and fury of radiation and for Allah to play back with such power.Play around with

Sol System battle of earth Class Zarconia space wing assault vs Invid 3rd War

power of charged phase inverted plasma stores into beams that spread out and explosion hydrogen.Heat and galaxy of Allah will change after the fleets under High Ranks command to outsmart Allah and to see Allah's power.Allah on surface of the planet knowing he'll be target to space warships,fire shock cannons at him in sight.Direct target with nothing but maddening military space APB as language all around surround Allah and his family.Allah then desperation as creator declared war on Zarconia as obeying muslims.He wanted to be a sinner.Allah wanted to use what was after the Dinguil machines warfare.Then next part was Allah to meditation and control objects in space.Use his power as mighty creator to fight war on Zarconia.Allah then made asteroids,planets and heavenly objects in space to his war.Space storms and Allah was insane and and at all out war for Allah wanted victory.Allah can fire tachyon charges at enemies through space and made Mumm-ra who desciple can fire these as Bret Hart plays roles and bearded goatie of Christian Bale Daedeleus Allah.All of Allah's family but Allah lost the Heavenly Fathers from past.Both Allah and were faithful and ruthless using nature as warfare.Now Allah Terence Wynn Lingard would attack and show who the master of using nature in space for war on Zarconia.Allah wanted the destruction of Zarconia as they were good courageous following muslims.Queen Armada played a role and was not an all out leader.Zarconia High Ranks were to sensibility.Allah had prisoners from Thundera and as Lindgard.Allah was setting up the battlefield of space in his quadrants and outer universes.He sent energy from his fingers scatter through space to hit every space phenomena and element.Weather in space,the Stars,suns and space were activated by Allah.Allah said he made Islam and will destroy any muslims.He will use the all out power of creator and try to out do when he created the universe.He would do this stubborn as a being not an entity which made all of the good and Zarconia,systems in space.Evolution Process Angels were divided and were aiding Zarconia in the weather in space and teleporting.Allah showed no family behaviour nothing but to a felon.He was verbally abusing which non-muslim and his own madness could be used against him by Evolution Process Angels.They have stopped Allah's terrorism and mentally ill laws before.Stopped his reign of insanity in past as law enforcers.But this was war and very serious.Allah's last was Dinguil.Nature was second being the giant parasitic creature mecha.They were defeated by Zarconia.Allah sent a Asteroid showers.Set loose ammonia crystals and space storms.Storms and weather on planets were traps.Allah will fire in his range tachyon charge as they call it to dismantle and jolt in creator for war.Powerful charge of Allah could decimation Zarconia fleets when he concentrates it to plasma of stars.And Allah can open Super Novas.Allah can throw asteroid debris and destroy planets for debris to throw with the "Force" of Star Wars.Allah said to destroy any invasion fleet and Empire as mistreated prisoners,warcrime them and forget about Quran and religion and go nuts.Use hell to burn them and damage,damnation to damage and cheat on Zarconia.Their deaths would be overkill by Lord of the Universe gone treason,mutiny on good and Islam,gone mad.Zarconia must destroy Allah Pak as he will terrorism with tachyon charge.Send the power of the "Elysian Fields" lava in space beginning of time to use the "Doom Book" spells and beginnings of religion spells and what the universe does not know about in any time,past or future.Machines had a fright in all Zarconia but the job must be done as they all had a secret last time,nod their heads in a long prayer as this is the one.Allah's destructive power and cutting down their colleagues,fellow muslims that got them to future after the future before Judgement Day,star date.Gravitational forces to tear apart machines.Strategists High Ranks vs Allah.Allah though is fighting the military of the Universe by then.Gone to this as Allah's Midi Chlorians,Invid,Vampire,Vajra,Xenomorphs Empire is all dead and surpassed.Now Allah being smarter set forth boobytraps and extra intelligent than parts of our empire he was choosing.Allah can read their minds and make traps and events he wants.They though had very powerful thoughts in their belief to believe in the good of Islam and in Allah respect.Uphold this for strength now the Evolution Process Angels have merger their beliefs and into Zarconia for support against Allah being Allah's wisest of Angels and family and caretakers of the Universe and space

Allah's Evolution Process Angel

.Allah though does not want any followers but will build up minions to torture.This was all Allah Paks and his family were to show how each Allah's skills and power use.From Darth Vader Darryl Hummer to Christian Bale muslim,Art Galt and Overseer family Iblees to Deuce to Mumm-ra.Evolution Process Angels and all of what Allah has.Alien Space whiteman Forces Civilization Galactic Imperium Space British.Machine giant vs Allah Pak.Allah to retaliate vs giant machine.Allah's counter attacks and spells and powers to fight science and what he made the plasma and

Zarconia King Edward Zoe Commander Space Battlecarrier battle on Cardassians Reptile aliens

radiation of the stars and space.Phenomena's of space as weapons.By then Allah wants to cutdown the sizes of threatening space Warships.He does not want the strength of millions in numbers and is assassinating at them to chop them down so they don't have strength to fire in millions wave motion gun.He is trying to counter the Zarconia High Ranks in decisions and to out guess them receive scouting reports from desperation.Lousy scheme to the universe but that is how it will work out

Zarco Subspace cloaked warfare on Federation

like a bout.One after the other finding out the Dinguil are more powerful than the Invid Inbit,space Dutch and galleons.Immense power and clashing of such powers to unleash their military machines,war forces,troops and threaten with government and police.Superweapons and military traps and boobytraps.For them to make first blood gash with their weapons and try to keep them ineffective throughout or they will cutdown ships and

Battle colorful galaxy Galactica loyalties vs Zarconia battlegroup

forces I want.Our mechas as the soldier droid mobile doll terminators verniers out do the enemy and destroy them.Dropship attack using robot soldier mecha warfare.Fighters and sending out Elysia to destroy their navy and buildup of technology.Co-ordinated attack with Younice K's carrier near and in distance of striking cooperation of space warship mode of attack.Our use of fighters to take out the enemy munition space torpedo runs and dive bombing in space.Proper infantry attack.Then bombardment supership Space Warships to space shock cannon batteries firing under Queen

Zarconia Space warship Covert Ops Counter attack

Armada's command to lasers expert Feroza Khan and switch around to each expert as Gloria K in HE and Azalea K in CW and AA and specialty weapons.Enemy can predict and guess secrets in space warfare.Scouting reports to their monster weapon machines.We avoid losses to these.But we have all out hatred to them all and must take this out to space and huge main guns fire,lights and then outcome of aliens

Zarconia Space Frigate special weapons on UFP Andromeda fleet


Zarconia Army warfare alien world

and my dispise to them.911 Police and more Space Alien Whiteman Forces{fear and scare tactic using marshal and authoratative to leave} as I am not something they abused as this like and Alpha and they must pay bitterly.I will declaration war on all of them because I am a big shot that can do this and will be in space as a battlefield as I retain my strengths of 18th Century and some British who thinks I offend them then we take my coward slaver and get rid of Imperium til they are a zombie.We are much more powerful than all allianced together to try to be a good guy when there is a purpose to such a tactic.They will overdo this to their end when they donot know what a good guy and bad guy is and what for.I know and am going to use bad guy that wins,arrests and smashes off competition out of control to their end in this competition of life to the winner the finish line.This battls and war has yet as hate to come out using religion and race.To take it to the battleground of space.Race to build and construction and accomplish.My Ranks intimidating back to prepare for war on Alien whiteman Forces and Space Government.Growing big and popular and throw out laws of Alien Space Whiteman Forces and their ways of life and hanging on to life neccessities as a hostage to use.Allah's oppression is over to prevent Zarconia to bust through Allah's control and his Evolution Process angels.The Zarconia navy which has compliment of mixed Zarconia race Zarco Macross half Zarconia many combinations to make officers.The bridge has original High Ranks command the warships,space cruisers and

Zarconia SWT space infantry warfare

all of North America and Europe technology military ships.Space carriers find their missions and roles.Specialty units to take apart the problem developer enemy.Special equipment with sharp shooting of Starship warships.They will have alignments to bombardment as warships will do in outer space.High Ranks will maintain the war with key decisions and by Mobile Fortress Lemuria Continent.Space warships will play defense and of course to seek out and destroy with their networking systems projected in full power.Then to take on the Imperium.Best and deadly space warships to eliminate infantry defense of Imperium.Covert operations and intel warfare revealed secret access codes to our navy.Warship for warship we have the upper hand in my demands built to my exception.I will be further military educated real from real wars.Some wars I go out and some I don't.We re-alignment and some powerful warships take my place.The enemy cannot tell what Zarconia's powerful warships are.They are unpredictable which combo of crew and officers make what threatens the enemy and destroys them instant kill.Efficient weapons and command.Evassive monuvers stay alive and delivery of damage and survive and repeat this to against Allah Pak.Allah challenging Zarco Fiercist commanders and crew.We will have million of them in each class warships.Crossing the border on Romulans to conquer them because of the British,Imperium.Home solar systems have been defeated and delivery of Space Atomic bomb and Space nuclear weapons a deathful defeat and demize of the enemy by being totalled from fighting with Zarconia.We deactivate,neutralize and Covert Ops.Special tactics is excellent.Boarding party away team to dismantle enemy super machines.Zarco Army to spread with victory premier space military.End of killer improper gore military warfare taking out of sharp weapons.Reason using cutting tools.Overboard to criminal purposes and gore.We will be at more than 911 emergency but warships.Assimulated many police loyalties machines to give us that police factor in our military upperhand to fight abnormal.System fully functionable,bases where we want them and everything planted in place.System of space warships to sattelites.Being fightercrafts.New and better hybrid and old design heavy duty fighters of North America and Europe militaries earth Class.Missions for Space warships to go on sorties to find out things and investigate and bring back evidences and knowledge in environment in space space warships.Creating habitat and adaptation to space.Make it back without "Alien" contamination or any other parasitic creature organisms.Deal with control and neutralization,our chemicals to have effects on enemy.Effect in action.Dock at lower area for the shutter bay doors and enter as Space warships to go to their hangars through the launch internal.Land with landing gear and fit into their hangar station.For Naval stations as a system.Success.Resources and protected in war.Newly invented secret weapons but the enemy will know how to neutralize them in alien.UFP had recon done to them.Intel and access codes were gained on the Federation.The Federation and EDF are in the same galaxy and are aligned.Federation is a battleship maker.Their technology is in EDF designs.Phasers and shields for warships.Star Trek technolog for EDF of Star Blazers.Intel told us to cross the border using jammers onboard systems of our Space cruisers and Space heavy cruisers to pass into the Alpha quadrant battleground .Use of Space CW by Zarconia with success.We invented our own CW that used laser gas.We then had this delivered by all death messengers,being fighters and Space Airforce,Space navy and Space wing,Space warship bombardment main way of delivery and by the Army.Space warships would be in orbit of the targetted planets and let loose a naval bombardment of targets firing shellls in outer space at this range.The shells would land on the ground intact and split open sending out a pressurized gas spurting out.UFP and rest of the Alien whiteman forces and allegiance would go to or be in the radius of this gas which in a few minutes entire radius within many 100's of miles covered with deadly laser gas chemical.Their gas equippment,suits and breathing apparatus and more of their countermeasures would faulure them,it would do osmosis and penetration their suits and penetrate breathing and then the soldiers of the enemy would be downed and dead.Laser gas has no cure for the enemy side.No antidote and works even when fightercraft fly in and drop over low altitude payload and gas spurts out.Effectiveness since WW1 with wind blowing on alien worlds effect.Tanks that can deliver shells firing them many 10's miles and more range in space.Gianter level Armies Railgun positioned on a moon and in orbit firing gianter rounds that land with more potential.No cure and antidote success of this type of warfare made a comeback to Zarconia.We dominate vs Federation and evil Whiteman alien Cronies and evil government.Their armies downed and cannot fight our weapon.Success to sneak in and in military strategy use of this weapon.Space delivery.Army delivery to seizure enemy targets to control the movement of the enemy and manipulate them in attacks types fo warfare.Where they have Empire numbers and manpower to destroy them with laser gas.Militant authoraratative will be broken by gas.Many alien worlds will be battlegrounds with the gas clouds.Many of the UFP armies will be destroyed as Galactic Empire as both sides leaders.Launching by missiles and they then hit the ground with reaction release and open spurting out with a molecular reaction.Contact with the atmosphere and spreads fast.It transmits through anything and when they come out of their vehicles or it seeps inside as it has ways of trapping them and seeping in.Damage in warfare then by our types of military space forces.Shells and laser guns fire to destroy way in for the gas to flood in.Their bases as target by this strategy.Flooded in installation being held as ground and territory by the enemy evil government.I guess UFP government and led by Galactic Empire by both sides vs Zarconia.Stikes by fighters for their quick and fast speeds.We then would send in our military with tanks which are properly adapted to such warfare meant for this.Mechas as beings.Scattered fighters to re-deliver and ejection their payloads.Army has proper breathing apparatus and all sorts of equipment to deal with hostile space and this type of warfare.Enemy has malicious warfares they have adapted to.Space Bomberfortress striking with variant sizes.Tanks would change to their robot and many to their tank and fire away and orders to destroy and defeat the enemy.Tiger tank being is a great fighter.Fighters to cover the army in attack.Advantage and to be better than the enemy.And a missile for the enemy target UFP building of trouble makers,Pow!Tanks would be great fighters and trained to formations.Better use of smoothbore laser guns from North America in descent military 20th Century.More monuverable and fiercer leadership and they are not daredevils they are all very desciplined.Firing of the laser gun firearm and adjustments in war.Extra range and systems types of imagers,sensors.They have their own airforce.Failure to intercept frequencies.Faster and better living decision makers authoratative as robots think with bigger brains and fall back to protocols.Pollcies.And their Primes and Ones.Live shells destruction of hitting the enemy.Robot races from serving the enemies forces.Evacuating boobytraps.Surprise infantry.Humans and Headmasters as enemies and robotech.This CW gas would be excellent to destroy this system.It would seep and the enemy would falter to it with success in war.Tanks perfect squads covering and firing weapon to smash down the enemy takeout any suicide cooking of HE.No accidents.We will sneak in fleets that will form up in 10 000's gotten through.Spread out in 1000 and form up to firing wave motion gun at the enemy.Then part of the fleet will combat the UFP forces shock cannon battery leveling the enemy.Special weapons will come in to obliterate any resistance.Then in the latter of the war outer alliances the Space U.Boats will cloak and handle destroying their main vessels.Subspace and fire offguard on enemy and fire HEL gun.Fighters will patrol and carry out bombardment of the enemy fly back to Space carriers.Battles formed up and they were impressive battles as it was space government starships vs Zarconia space warships of earth class military.Sol System and hybrid ship class were engaging the starships and many starships were bracing in alien to the beings forces.Upstart Zarconia and key point at being a power go over the top on Federation and their wise strategists and alliance RDF.Many of starships were being cut down by shock cannon fire by battlegroups of dreadnaughts,Space Frigates and Starship battleships and some cruisers and mixed with destroyers.They were forming up and firing long shots on Federation.Federation used saucer monuverability and warp engines in full function.Starship destroyers had long shot shock cannon many ships damaged and unable to warp out.The Federation was being confined within their own territory.Now the infantry lineup formations taking effect at destroying and cutting down the Regallean feirce Federation.Andromeda class warships EDF were having their antiprotons system figured out,shields.Their wave guns were all damaged by attacks from space wing planes to other warships of Zarconia direct hitting them.Desperate force EDF/Federation.Co operation and mixing of class warships by Zarconia was superb.They were getting what the Zarconia High Ranks were aiming for to defeat the Federation/EDF.Now the firepower was being dished off from far range and making direct hits.Monuverability of Starship destroyers and large Space Dreadnaught battleships was incredible on record at avoiding heavy enemy damage.They then came to haunt the RDF-Federation and formed up and fired barrages of charged up shock cannons variant of Zarconia.They were cutting down the ships,alien warship of EDF was being destroyed and outnumbered.Supberb leadership and grit of Zarconia bridge crew and Commanders and Captains.Excelllent chemistry at having the enemy on a line and retreating.They are not beating them with super giant weapons and cheating with alliances.They are beating them with a few qualities even the Federation had but made very little importance.Skills and machines as space warships.Leadership and veteran.This war was going to make Zarconia crew of everyship wise.They won't be the same upstarts and are carrying a giant as Empire.They new how to make use of their weapons to be very effective.Shock cannons were destroying and decimating enemy Federation ships and EDF.They could see the cross over problem between the two and send a blast before they could know it they were hit hard right through the center of saucer section and hitting the bulk of the engines.When the Federation and EDF lined up their shock cannons and phaser banks missed and skimmed their barrier systems the Zarconia networked in fleets.They then recalibrated and counter attacked over and over,out guessing Federation EDF.When these major ship formations as a line broke up to Creeping Death hunt of ships colaberation of other special space Navy infantry and tactics,boarding team covert ops to hit the ships and bases.One on one starships of Federation were caught off guard by the sailing in space by Zarconia.Their warships were like in a sea in space and warships with systems catch the Federation off guard with a hammering of variant shock cannons.How much can their shields take from heavy powered bombardment?They must then fight and can't flee as the space Warships will go into warp after the Federation and destroy them.EDF was outmatched by systems activated in space.Battlegroups and our ships anti ships.Drilled by HEL hydrogen phase inverted fire.Out powered by a more powerful empire with Expertise in strategy and traps.The more they conquered the more knowledge of space.Federation was to go on their alien background and backing.Explosives as torpedos had a huge impact on burning their hull and interact with shields.Missiles with direct hits and modified to space.Tracking systems and direct hits by HE modified alien,upgraded to destroy.Being Whiteman Empire with alien structure,fundemental beliefs were taking on Zarconia and their ON of Canada Sol System human beliefs from WW1,WW2 and 20th Century.Range to catch their ships off guard and striked by missiles and payload by space planes.Zarconia had wave motion gun the Federation starbases.All instances to make their way up space by breaking off and using monuvers then lining up to what they found.Charge up on Space Frigate and fire electron wave gun.Heavy losses of bases made the EDF desperate and on the run,spreadout and Zarconia could spreadout and formup solidly and fire on EDF making destruction.EDF and Federation tried to kamakaze they cut them down to shreds powering up shock cannons variant.Ship for ship warfare and a heavy test the Zarconia proved themselves against Allah Pak and some commanders broke the will power of EDF-Federation impact news to Allah Pak and his family.Now destruction of bases.We the flagship have come within range of a planet on a Federation Solar system.Space anomolies we must conquer and use our jammers to get past these defenses to ambush the Federation EDF base.We will be radius of range out of their moons then to outer rim of the planet,Ionisphere.In orbit we will send a bombardment of shock cannons at the planet's surface to level the cities flat.They will be taken out with shock cannons HEL.Then direct shots at the base and then Zeta will have us re-entry.Propulsion match the alien planet's gravity and then from high altitude in a time limit then to found a body of water to land in.Then from there we stay afloat and fight with the naval forces coming in.Being the Federation the space forces and space technology defenses.Covered by a fleet and battlegroup which will make a trap out of fighting with the EDF Federation Space forces.Space Destroyers with Cruisers and Space Dreadnaughts engage with their networking against UFP EDF.Then the flagship Supership will fight with the water forces,marine forces.Attack subs and interceptors with naval ships.Gloria K is readying weaponry to fight with the enemy.Feroza and Azalea K are preparing the HE to fight with the enemy.Readying systems on intercom to busy stations prepare for war Azalea says.Station officers respond that what is ordered up is ready.Azalea then computations and then with my command and I prepared the strategy Queen Armada says order to start war with the forces Gloria.Gloria then readies launchers system and torpedos.Feroza K has the co-ordinants locked Gloria controls firing on enemy naval forces.Zeta has submerged during the plan.Torpedos have struck the enemy.Evassive monuvers.Re-firing torpedos and side assualt missiles.Then Gloria has it ready,Fire!Side assualt missiles hit their mark decimating the enemy forces chain reaction.Feroza controls the auxilary defensive in the attack.Surface now the underwater forces dealt with deadly destruction.Surfaced on Queen Armada's command.Ready shock cannons.Launcher Gloria fires.Launcher system retracts out and fires fleury of projectile rockets with warheads hitting their programmed mark and chain reaction explosion of the caught off guard naval forces.Then Queen Armada says to her daughter Azalea to "radio in air support".Azalea says "alright".Azalea sends a message communication to moons of the planet and with the plan the Space Carriers with Niriyuh K "Firestorm" and Elysia K are on the attack.Mylene K is coming with Youhice Khan her sister for Mom.Queen Armada fires main shock cannons Gloria at the enemy on the land targets.Gloria controls the stick,machine operating the turrets in degrees.Then she pushes the switch forward and thumb button.Afloat in the alien sea Shock Cannons charge up and recoil back with energy phase inverted thick beams HEL to hit the mark of the base.Base hit by shock cannons erupts chain reaction explosion,Queen Armada watching on the viewer."Take us up to high altitude Zeta K".The giant machine then lifts up with thrusters to high altitude.Azalea K is preparing on orders to engage the enemy interceptor forces.Gloria is going to cleanup the ground forces with preparing the launchers.We are at high altitude hovering at cloud level."Gloria says "Launcher system is ready.She's baked the HE and readying stations to firing of launchers.Programmed in station officers respond."Launchers ready Cpt."Launchers ready fire launchers at ground attack forces .Cities being drilled by shock cannons the ground units and heavy forces attacked by launcher fire.Fired!HE go in guided direct hits on ground forces chain reaction explosion to spread on ground units.Taken out with efficiency state of the art.Projectiles loaded it to destroy land attack units.Hit any cannons they have and are doing evassive monuvers to cannons.Fire Shock cannons Feroza at enemy energy cannons."Co-ordinants Firing Shcck Cannons.Feroza machine operated turrets degrees.Then she puts in cartridges then pushes switch stick forward presses thumb button at once.Charge up recoil back with energy phase inverted wash laser.Direct hit on the energy cannons."We must not be pushed out of our trajectory" Queen Armada says.We must do evassive monuvers and hold our ground.Azalea tracking interceptors and she has all AA lasers programmed."Charging up AA lasers...Fire!Then Azalea K lets loose AA lasers chopping down enemy interceptor forces.Direct hits and charged up rapid fire.Azalea controls shock cannons on interceptors with HE and she targets controls the shock cannons change angle with batteries 3 and rear 5.Azalea has a programmed lock.Zeta has changed the angle of Space Warship and its sturdy from Queen Armada's orders."Azalea shock cannons Fire!Azalea has destroyed a group of targets destroyed by shock cannons direct wash of phased energy,recoil.AA is precise destroying all survivors crashing.Now to take out the base.Ready shock cannons.Keep firing shock cannons Feroza at the base.Program and directing turrets main guns,2,3 and 4 batteries.Charge up from Queen Armada's orders as the base is in sight high altitude orders to Zeta to warp from the chain reaction.Azalea talks to Zeta about the warp,prepare."Feroza readies shock cannons to Fire!Blazing energy wash recoils back firing phase inverted energy with thick beams from the guns twirling hit the base.Silent as it has penetrated the armor of the bunker and shieids.All shock cannon beams gone inside the base lodged and chain reaction explosion with severe damage to the planet as UFP and EDF built it to the core of the planet destructively.Chain reaction of reactor destroying then Zeta does a 180 degrees turn outward to space and then we brace for a warp.All fighters withdrawn back carriers long time ago.Turned around and Zeta warps giant machine to outer moon area to warp beside our own battlegroup.Zarconia battlegroup prepares for a warping flagship and communication after done.We disappeared and re-appeared past the moons in space.Battlegroup miitary dialogue to Zeta,Azalea and Gloria.Then they inform Queen Armada and our orders to go off with the battlegroup with the mission of the base taken out successful.Great fighters out of Princess Armada.Firestorm explains she was fighting with the naval interceptors and beating them with g-forces monuvers turbo thrust then guns and into her transformation.Younice was behind her sister after destroying an enemyThey were taking on interceptors and taking out any left over naval forces.Change to fighter and deliver munitions direct hits on war vessels.Radioed to Azalea who told of Firestorm and Younice.Elysia and Mylene outer edge dipping down to high atmosphere to make the coast clear at clearing out enemy forces.Mylene had some damage but minor and destroyed alot of enemies and they both covered each other and had their squadrons with orders into battle.They changed to robot mode as themselves and were destroying enemies,doing space mach and evassive monuvers to get many get caught in between re-entry with squadrons firing away on the enemy.Elysia proved she is more than a Captain and Mylene Khan is more than a commander.Planets will be damaged from the wave motion gun.Then to make the Space Americans surrender is to level them with the space Atomic Bomb.Space Nuclear weapons used.Aligned warship battlegroups and fleets invaded brought down the Federation.Next on the list is to fight with the closest enemy territory cross and fight with them and conquer them."Battle of Sol System" was that a top secret space warship was under construction in Antarctica and Greenland.I was in my afterlife and was brought to my flagship manufactured in a top secret hangar.It will be ready to go to space.We will board it to go to battle in Sol System.We went on board in the metal build hangar with concrete.I looked at the whole warship and from bow to stern that the stations were high level efficiency,Zarconia officers crew were the best at their work and well maintained machine such giant.We were in the state of the art Bridge counter open concept or your allowing enemy ground in bridge.Not small but has a main viewer and each station was excellent.Chairs with safety precautions,panels cover them in emergency.My station Cpt's was a supervisor station with the final word say of firing with policies.Hydraulics inside the bridge,chairs.Control sticks and buttons.Locking for buttons.Stick can be taken apart in case stuck and secondary control can be device.Feroza and Gloria were talking with Azalea as they are sisters.They were going over things as Zeta Khan.They were talking back and forth about training and real thing.We were going to space for combat and Queen Armada as 18th Century,wise and archive and a soldier.Strategist.I said prepare to take off!Zeta flood the hangar with water from the Great Lakes.Water flooded and I went on bandwidth to initialize take off to join the fleet.New class Zarconia warships will get rid of the Galactic Empire out of Sol System.Take off and we submerged to travel past the airlock leaving the hangar in the tube launch shutters open under the Great Lakes lift off all fusion impulse engines started by Zeta Khan,Princess Armada shouting out military codes to Feroza and her initialize,Azalea backing it up.Gloria saying we are at mach 3 and going faster to mach 4 to Space Km per hour.We will be out of earth classes atmosphere and the mighty giant ship is space bound.We're going to the moon then past the moon we will make a warp jump.Moon area the base sent out Space carriers with Younice Khan Princess Armada and Elysia Khan.Moon area and we can see the Space carriers in distance with Space destroyers.Space battlecruisers are in combat with the Galacitc Empire past Jupiter.Space carriers visual on bridge on view screen.Gloria saying a communicae to Elysia and Younice Princess Armada,Space carrier replying that they will go with the warp and send out any support Space wing fighters to the demands.Past the moon warp.We all disappeared and re-appeared before Jupiter.All systems ready as Mars Space Airforce base in horizons battling with combined Alien Whiteman Forces.Fighters had delivered damage with attacks by Space plane bombers disallow space bombers as a tactic.Fire from the base to space direct hits on enemy.Now the Space navy and Space Army is here from warp.All ships Queen Armada says,ready and split up first we will when in range as they were spying explosions and lights,call off fighters from the base to teleport back.Ready main shock cannons Feroza.Gloria calculating and Azalea getting the preparations ready charging.Feroza a lasers expert controlling the turrets to aim at the enemy ship sideways,machine operator turning turrets to degrees angle.Fire shock cannons!Feroza pushes the stick forward and presses the thumb button.Shock cannons fired direct hits on the Galactic Empire .Cut through the shields and chain reaction.Fire more shots!Zeta take the ship and fire forwards shots at cruising speed.Drop out of high speeds.She then took us and the giant machine.Fired again shock cannons destroying the star destroyers.Then to program shock cannons as Princess Armada at her station.She got them ready now Gloria to fire shock cannons.She control stick the turrets and adjust their angles from Feroza and Azalea.Military jargen.Degrees all cannons ready fire again.Hot thick beams recoiled firing on the Galactic Empire with direct hits to take out their bridge,beam through their hull and few more bolts hit their engines.Fire shock cannon bombardment.And space destroyers joined in firing.The Space Carriers ready to launch fighters online with bomberfortresses.After the shock cannon fire then the fleet broke up.Fighters and Princess Armada ready to launch with teleport warfare and the Comet Fighter and Nova fighter,space F-15's launching,F-4 Harriers on attack teleporting warfare to fly in catch the Galacitca Empire and Space whiteman forces off guard.Torpedo pulse munitions under wing.Commence the attack by Gloria from our ship as I gave the orders to hit them hard.The Space fighters lifting off the deck and all squadrons with some covering the bomber fortresses last.Now the attack commence as the teleportation bubble openned suprise on the enemy forces at Pluto.All fighters and Princess Armada commencing torpedo run and firing space munitions on the Space whiteman alien forces.HE explosions as the munitions crash through the shields are past the hull chain reactioning.Many fighters are in robot mode covering other fighters with munitions plunging into the enemy war vessels of monsterous size.HK warfare sattelite has networking as I order our fleet to leave the area snd split up to go outer rim of Sol System while more heavy cruisers and Space battleships come in support Mars and land on the base.We at full speed did a light warp and now we are very far from Pluto and HK warfare sattelite did a presentation in 3d for us to get us into a plan.I am in the ready room and map room we are all discussing the end to the enemy control on Sol System.We are going to hit the enemy again at Neptune.Now we will catch them off guard Neptune while our fighters are hammering munitions on the enemy size of 1000lbs and 700lbs munitions.Then plan works to intel the fleet new orders bomberfortresses carry out bombardment to finish off the enemy.All ships full speed to Neptune.Meanwhile the fighters and Princess Armada have hit the enemy very hard.Younice regrouped her squadron in robot mode and this robot being was talking and talking in military language.Younice ordered to withdraw the next stage.Projected and teleported out of vicinity to land on the Space Carriers.Elysia wanted to land on our ship with few of space wing land on our flagship her mothers Feroz.Within Neptune.Feroza again readying main guns when she has them in sights.Range.Fire main guns Feroza Feroz said.Maintain our speed and monuver downward and then fire torpedos Gloria.Shock cannons fired with direct hits.Star Destroyers fired their super lasers on our ships but made very little and could not hit any,force fields defended them.Torpedos fired by Gloria.Azalea readying shock cannons.Feroza computations and calculations help to prepare.Firing of shells on the enemy with direct hits by live munitions.Monuvered in cartridges and embedded into the enemy.Then a squadron of fighters mixed Zarconia group came flying in past and behind our flagship.Feroza saying to allow Elysia aboard and Elysia landed in the landing bay to her hangar automated systems decontamination passed.Elysia was to the bridge and I her mother was there.Elysia sit down.Princess Armada's happy about Elysia aboard.Re-fitt and equip Elysia to fly with Florence Khan her sister.Gloria communication that the Bomberfortress space planes ready to commence the attack and have teleported.Fighters covering them as a distraction for the space planes to drop space munitions and space payloads explosioning above the cruising and crippled,distracted ships explosion carpet bombed and dropped charge leveled the enemy Space alien whiteman Forces.Heavy damage and to withdraw.Our ships then persued.Ready the wave motion gun on the enemy regrouping.Wave motion gun Zarconia Ondulation gun charging up with visors transformed over our eyes.Ionization glowing charge up of the wave gun mouth and then Feroza to ready the engine to gun linkup barrel to firing the wave motion gun as a fleet obliterating the Star Destroyers and Galmans and more whiteman forces being burned and explosioned by burning phase inverted energy wash destroyed explosions.Part of minute the battle is over and all ships withdraw the "Battle of Sol System" is over and won.And enemy carrier was fighting and out of range to Mars Space Airforce base,our ship would handle it warping back and then Florence and Elysia both sisters went to their mechas,robot fighter and they flew off the Space supership flagshipThey are to engage the enemy interceptors and to hammer the carriers.Younice's carrier range and her squadron flew out to support Elysia.Elysia had transformed and utilizing the fighters monuvers and weaponry,master of her systems destroying out enemy after enemy in robot.Younice was slaying enemies and rushing in to releasing space munitions on the carrier.Direct hits and Younice and Florence with her Droid Mobile Doll battloid soldier mecha was Terminating and laser firing the enemy and strafing them.She had a staff out on her tranatmospheric board and hit many enemies.Baton clubbed an enemy with a charge.Then went to guns on the enemies destroying them flying around like a machine space skateboarder.Withdraw and Elysia left to carrier with Younice and goodbye Mom and Gloria,Azalea,Zeta and Feroza.Gloria readied the main guns when Florence returned to her bay.Main guns fire!The curving HEL thick cutting beams hit their targets in orange and yellow energy cutting through the enemy hull and Chain reaction explosions.Both Carriers gone and the Zarconia Carriers landing on Mars as we are going to Mars.Battle of Sol System over and won,liberated from alien enemy oppression and free as Sol System is part of Zarconia building blocks.Land at Mars Re-entry from the powerful giant machine.Land at the Space Airforce base to celebration the environment and living in space on Mars,habibat and more.Mars Space Airforce base was

Cyber Deep Space Bouy Probe

celebrating.Fighter pilots and crew and officer cheering and planning meeting to strengthen Zarconia with communicae to outer Space Zarconia to linkup territories to make a structure.Infiltrating the Federation was scouting reports and latest updates and intel on them.Then it was to cross the alert boundry silently in huge numbers and setting up fleet formations and firing their shock cannons at the starships.Penetration through the calibration of the Space Government starships.Their phasers are out of range as we Zarconia have greatest extended range.Shock cannons thick beams twirling to penetration and HEL causing chain reaction through the shields.Like hydrogen.Continuous battles won and gaining territory til its down to their last quadrant solar systems holdouts.They have lost too many battles and to special weapons.Their range and direct hits with such high powered hydrogen HEL like charges.Recoil charges this up,pow.Now at the mercy of the High Ranks of Zarconia and strategists as they have no giant targets at all.Fighters go off from the Space carriers to catch off guard fleets of starships and attack bombard them with space naval munitions.Counter every attack and counter attack from the Space Americans.Fighters let go of their munitions which burn through the shields and send a pulse wave to knockout the shields leaving the cartridge to go through the hull and chain reaction.Fighters are very fast and can warp drive attack.Space planes bomberfortresses have levelled bases and space warships have weeded out and pitted out bases on planets as platform of delivery of bombardment to cope with every answer the Federation counters with.Federation [1] thought and knew of wave gun.But it was not the one to defeat them.REF being the robotech forces are the all out enemy of Zarconia.Queen Armada found out that from her brother Rick Hunter{Faiyaz} that the robotech people made the Southern Cross to over do get carried away about Faiyaz's older sister Feroz Queen Armada.There with the High Ranks wanted the REF and Micronians conqured.We would then send in ships.We also had the Supreme High Commander of the REF as a traitor to his own.He did not get the weapons he wanted on EDF.They all rebelled on him and he was an informant.We Zarconian informed him of what he could have had.Southern Cross was an enemy of the Supreme Commander.He gave away all the intel on Tirol and weaknesses to all machines and military.He wanted us to retrieve it and upload from his computer.We then sent a mission and force to invesigation.We had Space ship class ready space battleship USS Iowa was ready to take on mission.They had their crew and Captain loyal to Zarconia.He was to journey to a far away quadrant and to enter one of the moons base.The ship was at its space station naval hangar and was ready to blast off.Clamps releasing with pressure electronics.The ship's orders was to blast off full main engine and the hangar shutter was openned.The ship in space travelled out of the hangar and was to warp distance from the station.A battlegroup was to accompany.They then were going into warp past the 5th planet in alien space.Closing off the moon.Captain ordered a warp done to rendez vouz with the fleet.Warp was done and they were visible in a far away galaxy to Tirol in a remote area to make a journey.Fleet communicae and and was ready to make the journey.Space carriers were warped too but at a different angle and location later as support.The then made their trek through space.The fleet was journeying for a while and a communication to the Commander.Commander responded and it was the Supreme Commander.He said he was ready and upload in a map.And it led to the base.They were going and on course.They were in the robotech universe and were on guard.Many moments later they were told to adjust their ship to avoid patrols.As the the base and moon the base was on would be clear and on viewer.The fleet then stayed in orbit while the lead ship USS Iowa space Battleship lands at the base.Access code and clearance.They then started their reverse thrusters to land.They had just landed and set away a team in covert ops craft.The craft carried some tanks.The covert ops craft then travelled in the base to the point where the Space Marine Corps had to wait and let their Commander and lieutenant go retrieve the computer.They were told to bring their equipment to load the computer.The small buggy module then went away and the Supreme Commander said "greetings Zarconia"Here is the computer you need with everything on it.After you take it you must get out of here in a time limit so take this fast.What they would do to me,Space Entente is I would fight with them to fend them off from the base.My loyalties though are in distrust.Admiral's are against me and to their doom from the enemy.The computer frames were taken on the buggy.This device for the countdown and to show you the enemies.Door shut and they were off to covert ops craft.They had made it and had many minutes to get to orbit.Space Entente REF will be on their way.Rush they travelled with the vehicle in the tunnel ways and the bridge retracted to USS Iowa hydraulic and Captain their here!The Captain had the covert ops craft aboard and communicae he's coming to the bridge.The commander than said Captain to get out into orbit.Time limit Space Entente REF will be coming.So their thrusters went off and they were zero g's into space.USS Iowa was on its way back to their universe with the frames.As they travelled their was flashing and a battle.Then the USS Iowa powered up shock cannons to fire warning shots and direct hits.Shock cannons by Commander to Fire! The shock cannons from the station were readied and fired.Cannons short glowed and twirling curving HEL beams hit their targets with explosions."Order in Fighters".Are they here and yes Captain they are here.Fighters are on their way.Fire another wave of shock cannons and re-direct us out of this quadrant.We need to warp and not to fight as priority.Many REF warships were hit with direct hits drilling through their hull with chain reaction destroying many ships in half within seconds.Speed of destroying the ships and so many with such power.The REF Supreme Commander is not a trust worthy character though.Studied the frames.Captain.We had a team with the Supreme Commander but had another team successfully infiltration the base.We took the real mainframes behind his back.These are the dummies with a tracor beacon.Its left in a location on the base on the Supreme Commander's ship with tape recording of treason.Colonal had done well.The fighters warped and are off the bows of the enemy delivering munitions.Dropped their munitions.Nova and Mylene were attacking releasing their payload catching REF Space Entente off guard and their ships hit by heavy wave motion munitions.Penetration and chain reaction and blow sound.Nova said for the Iowa to make distance.We have the REF.The Space carrier did not want to be caught up in a war and so carried out the attack.The fighters were transforming.They were talking military to each other and preforming destruction on theri opponent Shadow and Condor fighters.They had more hybrid weaponry and were not as heavy delivering much more monuverable attack.Nova fired away at the armor outside of the Condor fighter and Mylene had fired missiles on many Shadows and fired her laser cannon on them.Rubbling them and changing to fighter and firing mm laser cannon fire on them.Penetrationing them and explosion inside the holes.Out mounuvering them and going on vector thrust and stunts daredevil flight monuvers obliterate so many as Mom Queen Armada taught them to do these monuvers upside down twirl,split S double barrel role yaw and transform.Better than Imobius 1.Firing special warheads from their weapons pilons on the enemy with destruction.Now to get back to the carrier.Destruction and smoking.Carrier with the last fighter landing on the deck and in the vacuum tubes runways.All count back time to warp out of here.Disappear.All ships had compliment back and warp back to re-inforcements.USS Iowa was long gone.Warp and all carriers though wanted something for them to remember.Before the warp fire giant missiles from launchers.They then fired missiles on REF and there was an explosion many moments later warp and the missiles on their way and nuclear.The REF fleet was destroyed and Supreme Commander off balance as devious a fiend he and Tirol are.High Command had the frames.Examined all out and made strategies and got the proper alignments they wanted.They wanted their cruisers to match them up to the enemy.Deep space to attack the Southern Cross and Gloire.The Machua Ant Insectibot giant walker was deployed.Many in a fleet were on their way to Gloire.Southern Cross was off guard from the jammers.Machua walkers were in their modulated warship mode and had made it through stealthily and undetected.They were doing re-entry and situated exactley where these giants wanted to be.Machua's extension and transformed to their ant walker mode.They had touch down and were hunting Southern Cross bases.Walking forth.Some walkers were all spread out.Southern Cross was busy and then a giant explosion.The Machua was firing its missiles from its launchers in a fleury.Firing giant size cruise missiles.Deploying robot tank squads.They were being bridged to form up squad formations and receiving a connection to HK warfare sattelite in orbit.Force fields and attacking defenses were up.Southern Cross was being jammered stealth.Force fields powered up in windows.Tanks were getting their energy cannons ready and to fire in 10 000's.Firing.Changing to robot and firing their guns cutting down the offense.Giant cruise missiles had hit their targets demolishing the Southern Cross.Machua giant ants were marching forward,bigger than apartment buildings.Firing their HEL laser on the base with direct hit.This was lowering the Southern Cross defenses.The fleet in space was on its way with all class Zarconia space warships.They were on their way past the border and destroyed many Southern Cross ships firing photon proton torpedoes and phasers destroying them instantly.Shock cannons were ready.Southern Cross deployed a fleet in space and Supreme Commander from Tirol was there.He wanted all out revenge.Some of his own ships had fired on him from the frames.They then deployed their veritechs.The Zarconia ships powered up shock cannons and fired AA lasers charged up rapid fire.Veritechs were being cut down.On the Gloire planet surface tank squads were punching out and destroying hovertanks.The 120mm laser gun in robot mode was direct laser designated hit and destruction of Southern Cross.Then the projectile weapons were fired and casualties.Machua was destroying base after base and firing more missiles.AA lasers were destroying up Southern Cross was totalled as the tanks were destroying the Hovertanks.Armor was wacking them and sending them flying as they were all talking to each other on the enemy.They were alive and destoyed all humans.Humans surrender to their military squad.Gloire was devestation as many Machuas hitting urban targets and levelling the bases they were.Smoking and destroyed with series of missiles fired.Laser cannon was heavy battery destroying the enemy as a base station attacking the enemy.The Zarconia forces had destroyed the Supreme Commander and now the Machuas were leaving.Tank squads were evacuating and leaving back to Machua.They were transforming and leaving to space to next phase.The many warships were in orbit last Machua was gone.Now to charge up shock cannons with a naval bombardment from space.Shock cannons firing on military targets.All of the the thick recoiled energy fire beams have hit their mark like hydrogen destroying everything.Gloire was defeated with missile launcher fire from space.Plan was a bombardment from the fleet in orbit.Base on moon Aluce was taken out by a cruiser and heavy cruser destroyer fleet.Space subs were cealing off the border destroying any escapees.Space subs were firing photon proton torpedo banks and live munitions suprise and destroy ships.They were like flooded with space in their ballast tanks.Zarconia Empire with giant fast blitz victory of power over REF Space Entente loss to Zarconia and much of their terrritory to desperation.Hunt them with subspace space subs.Satteltites were setup.They have no chance against the force fields as like a window that can be crashed into by a moon and stability.Power EM.The space warship and infantry Space carriers defeated them with patrol attacks destructive hammering.Potential of our new munitions missiles and payload.Fighters and fighterbombers were awesome fighters,Younice Khan went as Cpt.Princess Armada and Elysia transform and decided to use themselves or team work,combiner.Space military tactician and equipment.Conquering one highest levels of energies and technology.Breakoff to attack seperate chores once the large line of defense of the enemy is knocked down split up and takeout targets.Then to form up and charge up battery.Firing.Re-charge and shuffle with a new fleet to come into the zone of Alpha quadrant.Genious King Edward Battlefield Commander and New Fuhr,his bro Napolean 2 Sargeant Stealth.Space warships and Zarconia mecha beings made most advance and intelligent decisions.Federation after the solid part Alpha quadrant is over then outside resistence to deal with broken up and gone to loyalties.Send the warships and Space carriers to hunt them down end anything destructive,liberation of their fighting.Powerful Zarconia special tactic,covert Ops craft,mighty battleships proper Space cruisers and destroyers in a new battlegroup network.We have captured the infrastructure and they can never have it back,gone.Left to rogue in space.Loyalty EDF cutoff and destroy upon tactics and ship for ship our ships can dismantle vicious use of superweapons by Federation and EDF,Wave motion technology counter them neutralization and change of states dampening beams.When they are charging up their subspace weaponry,wave guns and any other superweapons we fire a laser to change the state of the radiation to rob it of its MJ and kinetic energy.Retaliation and emergency to firing this before the use of destructive danger level weapons and traps.Precautions and secondary plans.Stop and dismantle the firing process and processes change the states defenses up.Firing shock cannons at superweapons targets.Proper disposal of explosion and shock waves radiation aftermath.Proper chemicals and energies to put them out stop their destructive power.Emergency Repair Crew experts Marines in this and Zarco Uzbek Roman Gamilon squads cover them.Their hunting of these weapons.The Federation and there are factors after the Federation.War is not over and its a universe near the Alpha quadrant the home of the Bolar Federation the next enemy of all out warfare.The Bolars are warmongers and an enemy of Zarconia.They will try to negotiate as they have done with the British and UN as government before,approach.War vessels to form up in a spreadout formation then cross the border and attack first on Bolars.The Bolars and war but war with losing.They are like German communists of space.They would destroy and capture some warships number will be up in warfare on Bolars as there are losses vs Federation.Their boobytraps,strengths,government advantage and experience and rating level taken out on the Zarco Navy.Heavy losses will come further towards Galactica.Fighting with this side of the universe and Milky Way enemies.Frequency emitted out on indestructable ships being a code to aim the main guns at the hull and drill shock cannons through them from the frequency emitted.Weaknesses of the Bolars as Federation will give victory to Zarconia.Next Wars will be after Bolars,Klingon Empire.Klingons are fierce warriors but we would beat them at advancements and powerlevel.Our machines are bigger and our Navy forces are not tricked by Bird of Prey Cloaking.We would start Space cloaked vessel hunting Maritimes operations on Birds of Prey shine EM floodlight on the cloaked ships and shock cannon them to peices and then search out more cloaked vessels.The Klingons did not know that our U.Boats destroyed up Bolars.Subspace cloaking and we fired munitions on Federation.Klingons had trouble on our Starship Destroyers.They were very fast and heavy firepower and perfect in Space Maritimes Cloaked Vessel hunting.We breakup and ships to be destroyed live longer and beat death.Then warfare on the British Galactic Empire and Galactic Imperium.A shootout with heavy firepower as Dreadnaughts heavy firepower and range snap in half useless Imperium ships and destroy out firepower the Star Destroyers.The alien design secumd by earth North America 20th Century WW1 and WW2 design battleships.Out monuver and survive the turbo lasers and super lasers of Star Destroyers.The Star Destroyers would be a wedge with shock cannons drilled right through it.Force field system would overload and be crossed through like a thin material taking a thick HEL bombardment like blasting phased hydrogen on outer ship.Then the military operations on hunting the Star Destroyers design obscelete vs modern and more powerful design.Armor on Starship battleships is more powerful than alien material and the Galactic Empire gone.And the use of space nuclear weapons on British Imperium its toast for our good guys too much.Their ships would not stand a chance ship for ship.They have copied so much.The military government warfares of Imperium out of date and easy to figure out boobytraps set by the enemy and turn them against the devious British.Then they are much lower than us as all of the gathered enemies to be fired on by ondulation gun and by Zarconia superweapons.CW would be very successful as our chemical weapons gas has no bio agent and is a poison chemical as ammonia and penetration and osmosis through any suits,no known cure and threaten these enemies bunched together about their good guy days as allied and UN.Racists as government opportunists that are receiving a beating from a giant power with giant a military and giant superweapons.You don't attack a giant and that is what Zarconia is going to be a giant power.Our navy in space is bombarding British planets with shock cannons.They have taken out planetary bases and Space carriers formed patrols on everything from cloaked vessels to British goverment forces.We have tactics from warfare and go further after crushing British,Galactic Empire onward to the Dinguil Empire.We will see what the Dinguil space Dutch       are made of.What weapons they have.We know they are looking for big ships as targets like Dreadnaughts.Looking firing of wave gun.Send in our Frigates to do special warfares on them with our special cannons.We first started war and attacked on Dinguil.Dinguil use bio weapons.Space subs and scouting on the Dinguil and blunt firepower on them.Our warships and technology have terminator in them Hunter Killer Terminator as their armor and military systems.Making damage on them and they will re-generate together stalling moments.The Dinguil are more powerful than the Invid.There will be casualties as we will be forced to attack.Dinguil are very advanced and have monsterous size vessels.Their smaller vessels are very powerful and do heavy damage.Out of these enemies many have threatened to capture a Zarco warship intact with laser proof ceramics and cutting tools to saw open a pinned down and neutralized ship to learn our technology for a turnaround.Spread it out to their alliances as government.Learned weaknesses using a giant ship to do this.Boarding a ship as a trap.To assassin a ship and its crew.Firepower of our space battleships and warships will make damage on the Dinguil hulls.Drill them through their ship from a signal from a traitor crew member with a space IPOD procrastinated on as life to upgrade as an above being.This signal to the main guns drill shock cannons on these pagans.They all are pagans that manipulate god and his religions.They were slaverying the religions.Then the use of wave gun to wipeout the massive fleets when they catch all enemies building up as British and wave motion gun them.Firing of mortar gun of Space frigate lodge fleschettes into their hulls and outer ship to tick on a detonator then extended range blow mini nuclear which will get the Dinguil.Same infantry tactics and war tactics and change them so they are not predictable to the weapons used in the plan.The Dinguil are Allah's machine Empire power.For Allah to fight using machines and military.Dinguil must be surprised.Entering Allah's Empire Dinguil at very high power level amongst enemies.The Cachardon class flagship then does exploration and the borders of Empires,being the Dinguil.First attack but without alot of attention of giant invasion force.Battlegroup that will separate.They will enter the territory then separate.Dinguil cannot be permitted to violate and must be cutoff from Galactica.In this race to Galactica,Dinguil war vessels and battle was done on Dinguil.We the flagship and many Starship warships summoned an attack on Dinguil.Our space Carriers were entering the space to setup as platforms for the space wing to conduct a Blitz attack on the Dinguil.Mylene Khan was ready first attack Firestorm and Younice were to assault with Elysia and Mylene.Nova was in on the assualt on Dinguil warships group and it was to attack them from behind.Space carriers then haulted or went into slow cruising speed.With our battlegroups spotting the Dinguil.Next was the delivery of munitions on Dinguil.Space wings launched off from their carriers in Space Wing formation of 10 000's.They were going to suprise attack with teleportation warfare.Fighters then teleported off the stern port and Starboard.They now as fighters going in to launch their munitions on Dinguil.Direct hits and next waves with Elysia, and Mylene going in.They then with high speeds were going in and evassive pull up and downward torpedo run on the Dinguil ships.They were hit while Nova and Queen Armada Galacticabot going in launching another wave of munition on course direct hit the Dinguil ships.Chain reaction explosion and destruction of many Dinguil ships splurting out smoke energy floods and sounds.Dinguil and their war fleet have been hit with their Star Trek technology.Now they got out of there finish off Nova K. was fighting with teh Dinguil forces interceptors,transformed and were fighting in the fighter to robot modes.Elysia was fighting.They were taking out their interceptors with battle.Their heavy duty laser cannons and laser guns taking out with monuverability as these soldiers were fighting cutting down enemies.Nova went to her launchers and all sisters Khan Princess Armadas were APB'ing and talking military while fighting.Allah's forces with the first stage in machine military empire defeat.Next part were the exploring battlegroups to form up and begin a direct bombardment on Dinguil.Withdraw order to Zarconia space wing back to Carriers.Now the Dinguil were being cuttoff from communication from the attack.Zarconia High Ranks and their strategy.Next part was Dinguil were travelling.Then they were hit by shock cannons fire losing many ships.We were not going to allow the Dinguil to use their heavy laser cannons.Flagship firing all shock cannons by Gloria.Many series of battery were being fired on Dinguil being many streams of thick HEL hydrogen like unstability.These beams were being absorbed by Dinguil then explosion of their ships.Gloria controlling the shock cannons.Feroza going to calculations and aiming adjustment then hands over to Gloria with Master control and firing!Supership was firing 3 giant batteries with normal size in rows of 2 shock cannons.3 to 4 rows of shock cannons and our extended range was not predicted.Dinguil were too late taking out their heavy lasers.Starship destroyers firing main battery.Space Cruisers and Missile cruisers were readying to fire their missiles.Dinguil were firing heavy lasers off course with casualties in this beating on Allah Dinguil machines as power.Taking out ship after ship and taking a heavy energy charge.Based as platforms sending out bombardment on Dinguil.Keep our distance from the Dinguil.Dinguil fired their heavy lasers and damaged first group of warships.Some Starship destroyers were hit and needed to withdraw.Our flagship will cover for them.Sending out missile cruisers to open their hatch doors firing missiles teleported and missiles openned up infront of Dinguil to hitting them with HE and the Dinguil fleet was destroyed off.The ships of Zarconia got the time to withdraw without dealing severe damage on Dinguil.We were hauling in damaged Dinguil ship carcasses to learn of their technology.This type of warfare was successful an operation with Queen Armada and her High Ranks.Took out their anchor fleet and got victory with our speed levels and monuverability.Dinguil have deadly weapons that is how to knock them out.Retract out that cannon which deals heavy damage.Missiles got in between and knocked out these cannons and their ships.Dinguil were behind in the race to Galactica and to take out the Galacticans.We have emergency panels to shut and seal up our ships from crash and invasion,breach.Pods of escape ships go to light speed co-ordiants of escape pre-programmed but in a boarding or spying they cannot cause any damage and cannot spy on our Empire without being a prisoner and not finishing the mission.They have to alter their behaviour and get through our scanners from all of the tactics in spying technology they have.Our spies are the CDbots and Disketttebots.They are better and more modern warfare of spying without any problems.Spying on us comes down with millions of problems and suicide attack.Galacticans was our strategy to not except a surrender on Galactica.Queen Armada and her family of Princess Armada's homecoming surprise.We were using sattelites and recon for gathering loads of intel and communication with deceiving Galactica.Galactica was not sure even though but as our high council Zarconia we were sure at knocking out any help to Galactica.Next stage was to approach them.We were going to barge into Galactica with many groups and fleets of warships.We knew of the boobytraps the Galactican had and natural boobytraps.We got in our Starship destroyer to wave motion gun the boobytraps.They travelled in outer edge of military Galactica.They then fired the Space Frigate and Kehlest K fired Electron railgun ondulation gun on natural phenomena radioactive asteroids trap Galacticans wanted to send in a ambush in on boobtraps.Then the surging surge and explosion after absorbs the shot.All ships then ordering in military APB throughout Galactica being warned by Zarconia of invasion and no surrender.We then got our infantry readied with Special Weapons transport.SWT x-craft Transport getting ready as the Space Destroyers and Space Frigate separated out of range of Special weapons.The Galactican sent out their all out forces.Waves.Special Weapons Transport got setup with Giant Queen Armada in her giant bridge.She sat down on her chair and calculation and preparation of SWT antennae dish.This dish then was heating up with Zarconia invasion fleet behind in a formation of Starship Dreadnaughts and cruisers formed back backup.The dish was retracted outward and hatches openned.Then it started to heat up and chargeup like an element of antimatter.Then its charge disappeared.Galactican French forces then in very far extended range were hit by invisible charge.10 000's of ships errupting in chain reaction explosion from the center of their ships cracking in half destroyed.The Galactican leader of lead ship was hit and destroyed.Again it charged up and more 10 000's were errupting in chain reaction explosion.Panic the Galacticans were trying to figure out what was happening.Zarconia High Command were delighted to their strategy at giving Galactica a beating.The SWT then started after the Galacticans and fring a charge after charge.After each charge 10'000's of Galactican ships were destroyed.Then SWT was called off and the Starship Destroyers,dreadnaugths proceded in Galactica.Battle of Galactica in favour of superior Zarconia.Queen Armada's flagship supership gone in on the hunt with their orders of takign out bases.Weeding them out and dealing with fighting Galacticans.Queen Armada was interested in planet Eurasia and Antarctica.We then had our carriers ready from Queen Armada's command to Space Carrier from Azalea K.Azalea then had squadrons and Elysia and Nova K ready to attack.Younice and Firestorm ready to engage and fight with Galactica interceptors.Mylene and Queen Armada Galacticabot were ready to go to battle.Space carrier ready sending out teleportation and without teleport assault of space wing all on their way to fight with Babylon.Elysia and Nova were on their way to planet Eurasia.High speeds of space fighters Queen Armada is going to Eurasia with a fighter escort.Younice and Firestorm were fighting with Galactica and they were all out veterans from way back early enemies of EDF UFP.They were transforming and out G's and monuvers taking out interceptors and dog fighting.They go to robot mode and destroy the Galacticans with their laser guns.Flagship supership past by Babylon and was warping to Eurasia.Princess Elysia and Nova Armada were warping rendez vouz with supership flaship.They all were there and Supership flagship was there first.Then Elysia and Nova came out of warp and there in far away background was Eurasia and we had our jammers on.We were calculating where Antarctica was.Elysia and Nova came aboard their mother's ship.Meeting with other older Princess Armada of the bridge.Meeting and planning room.Rest and to the fighter outer frames of Elysia to cool down and restore fighters and re-fitt and arm.They then combiner seperated.All talking about Eurasia has a barrier system that needs to be knocked out.We then will utilize our special weapons to take out hostile forces.Queen Armada and Princess Armada with station officers of Supership.Galacticans in this war have a severe attitude problem.Take away their powers.Supership in space was ready for the operation.Elysia and Nova combiner transformed to their frames again and had launched from Flaship.They in star speeds preceded to Antarctica with the flagship following.Elysia and Nova's squadrons were beginning their assault patterns.Nova gone in and was finding the emitter points of the barrier system and was going to take them all out.She had re-entry and transformed to robot..Elysia engaged Antarctican Eurasia forces.Nova separated with hers and was cruising around with intel in her CPU.She had found the points and fired her laser gun on them destroying the emitter and firing her launchers many miles away in outer boundries of Antarctica.A space bomberfortress was on its way from the High Ranks transmission received on Flagship to Elysia,Feroza telling the squadrons.Nova had taken out the emitters their barrier system is down.Now in orbit of planet Eurasia a bombardment of neutrons by Azalea K.She got the rounds prepared,Gloria doing calculations and Feroza setting up prepare rounds.Azalea aiming the turrets in a different mode firing the rounds!Rounds fired and hit many of the points sending out neutron bombardment to taking out the rebelling Galacticans.Their soldiers and manpower were all down with some damage to structures.Finish them off was the bomberfortress coming through space.And it was there.We were in formation and Nova and Elysia had greeted Space bomberfortress which was with their fleet deliver a carpet bombing taking out strategic points with carriers coming in to form up with Space supership flagship.Bomberfortresses went in on their run and delivered a bombardment escorted by Nova and other by Elysia and her space wing.Antarctica was defeated with special assault.All of Antarctica was ready.Meanwhile the High Ranks Zarco were conducting similiar bombardments on Babylon,planet.They were ending the interceptors and bases were being destroyed by Space warships.End of Galactica to Zarconia.No surrender but the High Ranks with victory over Galactica.Galacticans loudspeaker intercom that Queen Armada has conquered Galactica and is not Galactica's defenses after thousands of years she has come back and conquered Galactica.They now were upgraded to situation of enemies and Dinguil.Brought down by a more powerful military.Interceptors on patrols by Zarconia take out and engage Galactica.Antarctica was upgraded and disarmed,power brought off line and central computer to be re-processed.Victory.After the Dinguil onward to Galactica and warfare with the Invid Inbit .OUr flagship Supership was on its way through the Beta quadrant and close to Invid territory.Invid live outside of Galactica in area of redish universe the 'Beta Quadrant".We then were on alert as Azalea and Gloria were doing sensors while the war vessel was in warp.Exploration was our assignment.Then we had bogeys incoming.The Invid did not use any transmissiona and sent mechas to fight with us.Azalea then put an alert on for battlestations.I came to my chair through hydraulics to my Station as Queen Armada.I ordered the set of main battery on standby.Ready the AA lasers system Azalea.Azalea then got the AA ready and was firing at the mecha destroying them in small waves.Feroza readied the shock cannon to fire a shot at the Invid war vessel.Shock cannons charged and fired with curving arc of burning energy.Direct hit and destruction of Invid.The Invid Regis then made a communication and said that "we are unwanted in this galaxy and to retreat or it will get more severe".Queen Armada said to the Invid that we are exploring this sector and will not be intimidated.Then a code to Azalea to bring in re-inforcements.Then the Invid Regis ended the communication.We knew the Invid and Vampire were working together in some sort of alliance.We wanted intel and data on their history.Alien races along the Beta quadrant to give us info.We could not have this Regis throw us off course."Fleets are arriving behind us in a few days."Then Queen Armada said we'll go off to the alien world that invited us to some data".We had come out of warp and now "Zeta to take us back into warp to this alien planet.Zeta with the helm controls and stick full propulsion back to warp speed.The alien world then was in trajectory coming out of warp after a while.Now the alien world invited us to land.We then had our Supership do re-entry,Zeta firing off verniers for re-entry vertically landing on alien world.Landed on the land with some space jungle.The aliens were humanoids wtih red eyes and long arms and legs with UFO alien faces.They said "greetings to Queen Armada and the Space ship Notradamus."This warship landed and the crew sent out on covert Ops craft with Droid mobile doll battloids and Florence Khan.They would cover us and left the ship out of the launch hangars using their verniers for flight in 100's.We then met the aliens in a giant structure of alien material and rock.The Aliens wanted to see Queen Armada but a transmission was sent with the away party.Covert Ops craft landed and the crew with Princess Gloria Khan Armada out to greet and learn of the aliens.Gloria got the intel and in the communicae I talked to Gloria from the alien building.The aliens were happy and excepted to be neutral as the High Ranks got alot of alien powers to be neutral in their vote before wars.With their help the wars were easier.The information tell us the history of the Invid and Vampires and was for free because payment was defeat the hated Invid.Azalea then relayed the fleet of ships are in the Beta quadrant.Then we were to takeoff and share the intel with Zarconia.Our job was done.Florence and covert ops craft were all back.Ship then blasted off to space vertical upright with propulsion fusion speeds faster then the gravity and out of atmosphere with the best engines system.Turned to face away from the planet and back to warp.Emergency was happening and we then sento Florence Khan out to confront the Invid attacking at the fleet support.Florence scrambled and transformed into her hatch in her droid mobile doll.She then launched fusion verniers going off to outer space from launch bays and was riding a transatmospheric skateboard for the mecha,foot had attatchments like magnets to the board and they were off and gone in 900's.They were off to battle.We then will come within range.First the our mecha robot beings were to take on the Invid.Thrustering full speed.The invid were just off,see the attacking and they all lunged to the Invid.Florence was all probed up with the very best.She then withdrew her rapid fire laser machinegun and started to make damage on Invid downing many and firing rapid fire right through many mechas enemy.She fired missile launchers and destroyed a pack of Invid.Invid mecha lunged claw and she blasted the claw off with pin point accuracy.She then grabbed it and slung it into the bunch of Invid with a projectile HE following.Then the detonation.Using one arm to firing away rapid fire charge ups energy and live munitions.They were all firing away the robot being and Florence were talking military.Codes and formation orders.The Invid were all damaged."Withdraw!" order from Azalea to Florence and they all retreated into dropships that were sent out to retrieve them.The were all back in the ship and Gloria was readying main guns with Feroza.Preparation in trajectory,main guns making the hydraulic machine sound changing angle turning machine.The right type of shock cannons energy reserves as they were talking military.Then Gloria ordered and ready aim at Invid forces.Queen Armada initiated Firing! of the battery.Shock cannons energized and the plasma flow was recoil shot out in thick HEL stream to curve into the enemy and destroy the targets.Chain reaction and all ships "Gloria was saying reporting all shps hit".Feroza reported data to Queen Armada.Then the fleet communicae and said "They needed the help and relay the data to us and we'll upload it."This was done and data was uploaded and given to them.Now Zarconia had upgraded targets and history of both Vampire and Invid.Mixed Vampire and Invid are black Invid the "invis"The Invis are our new enemies.We want to destroy the Invis with the convcy.The carriers relayed orders from Younice,Mylene and Nova orders that they were here and ready for warfare.Parasitic space organisms beings was auxilary defensive.Chemical gas and protocol procedures so not one molecule of them aboard and to live.Flushed out.The force had done their job and now were going to the Vampire.We could find distortions of some sort and new this is a black hole.We are venturing into the black hole to do war with the Vampire and Invis.All ships were there in 20 000's.All ships ready to attack at the black hole and enter it.We were in the middle of the pack but broke free.We warped to the black hole and came out of light speed.We were in cruising speed as we would travel much more faster in blackhole.Outer blackhole and first set of cruisers and dreadnaughts entered safely but fast to form up and make a fleet structure formation.Our guard up.They did not want to fire until they were setup.High Ranks wanted us to get further.Once we entered the blackhole we were in a black vortex universe with no stars or planets.We were inside something solid partially and had some sort of gas,environment.The plan was to attack the marked hive.Then a swarm was coming through the black hole and we hid our ships,breakup formation and spreadout watch from afar.Swarms were entering and re-entering in millions.We could see the hive from afar.Not to attack til we had all hives confirmed by fighter recon.Younice and Mylene went out recon from the carriers abilities.They went out full speed and during their recon they found the pinacles.Their cameras and beings robots were talking about the recon.Then said there is a trooper Vampire,eye's glowing red and is going to alert the hive.Younice transformed and fired laser shots along with Mylene and a small grenade shot from her gun downing the enemy.They then stayed at the hive and said to conduct the war.Transmission sent intel.The fleets were breaking formation and readying the wave motion gun on the swarms."We want to be infront of the Vampires and Invis"Then they broke off and formed up in 10 000's forming up charging up the wave motion guns.The Captains lowered their visors and the ionizing charge of and reecoil of the energy wash phase inverted sent out of the mouths of the ships guns.Energy wash joined and mergered and the swarming parasites were travelling into the ondulation gun fire wash and disentegrationed,Energy overpowering its way some of the hives with a huge explosion.Huge amounts of gamma rays were explosions.Now to commence the attack.Space carriers had Younice and Mylene land while the space warships form a formation to firing shock cannons.They in rows were firing over and over shock cannons beams in streams cutting down the forces severly.Many hit their targets on hive with explosions and penetration.Long range and any range.Invis were outmatched and destroyed to peices.Their attack on the outer hulls made very little damage and many ships regenerated any damage.Their AA charge up fire precise in destroying any mechas from afar.Now the Space wing was sent out to attack at the Invis hives and Vampires were being taken out by space warships.Their shock cannons would be in range cruising to another hive and firing the curving beams hitting their targets and destroying the enemies defenses.Fighters left the carriers on full assault.Many ships also counter attacked sending out their droid mobile doll mecha soldiers.They were all assualty waves engaging the enemy enemy hitting their defensive force fields.Outer armor and fighting was cutting down the Invis Vampires.Their swarming was making not as much damage as the fighters and droid mobile dolls.Mobile dolls droids would fly in and fire away laser machine guns in soldier formation.Space fighters were working along side trapping the forces with shoot outs in the hives.Many fighters teleporting and firing their payload munitons on the hive destroying chain reaction.Princess Armada's Florence,Younice,Nova and Mylene were all fighting and reloading and firing laser fire.HE projectiles down many squads of the enemy.They were great fighters that they knew defensive monuvers and procedures as soldiers.Their attack was driving the enemy back.Nova was infiltration and spread fire on all enemy forces and fire grenade projectile.They were all firing their projectiles behind sheets of the outer hive caved in on explosions.Vampire troopers were frustrated and hated the chemical gas and HE.They were all downed.Dropships would pull out and attack violenty on the Vampire forces hitting them missile fire and ion cannon fire.Fire HEL stream to destroy targets.The mecha beings robots were thinking with their modulated transformed pilots better than Headmasters.They were all working out thinking and out move the enemy and hit them with heavy fire and accurate downing fire.Younice was in her fighter mode from robot to conduct a bombing run on the enemy,then to transform and fly lower backup her sisters.Florence was wacked by a claw but ducked and punched the enemy then fired her guns on it.These creatures were trying to swing their tails and parts as weapons and were missing with defensive move back and fire.Many groups of fighters and droids moblie suits did the damage on the fires on the hives.Now to with draw into dropships which then fired damaging cover fire when all robos were in their hangars and all fighters rendez vouz with their carriers.Now its up to the warships and to firing as the order the charging up shock cannons on the targets Invis Vampire.Hives were in sight and the shock cannons of Notradamus charging up being setup by Gloria.Feroza pushes the switch forward orders from Queen Armada to fire at these targets being the generators from the fighters and mecha droid mobile doll reports.Schematics were on our viewer in ships program.Fire!Shock cannons glow charged and recoil back sending the phased HEL beams to their targets.They then hit and smashed through the hive and hit the generators starting a chain reaction.Fleets were firing their last shots before withdrawing out the black hole.The chain reaction and dark energy colours with the destruction of many hives pinacles destruction implosion explosion energy.The hives were levelled.Ths ships left the black holes with victory.They then wanted to charge up the ondulation gun on the openning of the hive.They started the countdown on all ships leaving and withdrawn.The countdown begun with visors down.We had our stores ready for firng the wave gun on the openning of the hive.The guns charging up and then Feroza press the firing mechanism with the targeting system dead on viewer showing the target.The energy flow surging unstable flow wash fired from the engines recoil.The mouths of the guns charging up and firing the wash on the Vampire entrance.All wave guns hit their targets merging to an explosion.Then to turn the ships afterwards and warp out of the dangerous area.Orders from pre-plan by Queen Armada as I knew this would change unstable.Explosion of energy and now an unstable storm.All ships turned around perfect and went into warp drive.Safe distance many light years.The first battle but a crippling battle on the Invis Vampire.Lost their key generators and hives impact on the war.REF forces and Gattaca.But back in Alpha quadrant a branch of REF.Fire shock cannons through the REF with brute military tactics and force of crew and weapons to defeat them.They carry alot of explosives and fire our lasers through them and shock cannon plasma bolts.We are faster and more monuverable and use of the wave gun on REF.Zentraedi being destroyed by large intimidation warships size better navy.Alien design will falter to our design.And fighting ship vs ship is EDF which is more alien like design vs Sol System Zarconia classic warships space design.The Bolars would show the bread and butter of Bolars and takeout weaponry as laser cannons,fighterbomber attack and giant fortress ship attacks.This is the horror of space as all empires have Star Trek technology,giant fortress ships with heavy armor and fields,giant laser cannons more worse than the wave gun for all Empires but for the premeditative minds of warmongers who are killers in warfare.They have functions and systems as a missile launcher system from small ships with efficientcy.Efficient weapons they have not taken out which is the weaknessj.They have to have made a solution for these weapons to be defeated and defeated by other aliens and a hand book on defeating these monster weapons.Make up solutions by smart Zarconia Cpt's.Invid would be shock cannon bombatdment and all Invid Inbit troopers cut down by AA laser cannons.These stations would take out anything robotech and destroy any mechas and veritechs.AA's can power up to the shields level of mecha and to other giant ships.Aim is perfect with the Zarconia station officers working as a team using instrument systems and firing direct hits and far range to warship.Use of rockets and missiles,HE.Azaleak Khan's job is just starting with AA fire and munitions.Our fighters Comet and Nova Fighters are very hybrid and dangerour as they have the ability of being anti ship and mutli role.They can lift and fly off with 1000lbs of munition for destroying warships of the enemy,British Imperium and a missile and torpedo run assault to decimation the fleets.Federation and the saucer being a muniton target and engines hit crippled.Phaser fire and evassive monuvers used to the phaser HEL fire beams.After delivery of their attack then change to robot and deliver in any other transformations.Robot mode he turns from a vehicle to a soldier robot being better for space guerilla war.Form up rifle men and formations in army in space but need asteroid belt and to flank and with draw from a bombardment from bigger machines.Anti -interceptor warfare tranform robot vs interceptors enemies.And transform of robotech vs Zarconia.Our fields systems and maintain home turf on enemy territory is working like crazy setting up networks to give Zarconia forces many powers and elevate their ratings levels and powers.Delivery of warship size munitions.Fly with such efficiency and long range.Invid would have no chance vs Comet Fighter as it is like a better variant of Cosmo tiger and has much better monuverability and transformation dream to EDF.Soldier it has jammers and sharp shooting firepower.Faster and more agile and attack runs as it is better than a torpedo bomber.High G monuvers in space give it mastery and control.It is a master fighter of powers to mastery.Our fighters don't have restrictions on them in control and because of their intake design are much better than halberds.I did not want halberds so I built the Comet fighters,VSTOL comet fighter A-10 and Comet Superiority fighter.Heavy anti armor modes firing.It can do alot of damage very fast.It is like a covert ops which it can do as a mode and can be re-fitted and is dangerous from its magazine from its carrier carrying its munitions station protected and armored with emergency precautions around it.We have more precautions to explosions so they are not a chain reaction and are smothered.Radiation can destroy an area and heavy damage.Invid would attack but we would stop their seige with veteran war experience formations and to do war on alien Xenomorphs as Empire unless the Invid have connected.Fire power bombardment and use of bomberfortress space plane runs on the hives and carpet bombing.Carpet bomb the Dinguil and British Imperium Galactic Empire.Carpet bombing with anti gravity space design payload.And firing of specialized missiles in loads hit their targets.SAMS.We Zarconia have a newly formed Space warfare tactics and strategy.That is why we have alien like weaponry.It goes with the newly invented types of warfare as the launcher systems.They are of alien hybrid earth class WW1 WW2 and Cold War 20th Century military North America and Europe technology.We would send in our specialty units which would generate a new type of network with sattelites and dish reflectors.Then we would have space SAM spikes.And utilize these and more nteworks for warfare.Space warships have a variety of powers to re-configurate networks from our CPU programmed.We can improvise the powers of our technology.Our propulsions and navigations are improvised and to Emergency Hazard repair warnings alert.We can demand for extra and variants of force fields barriers and manipulate them against enemy kinetic energy MJ and Superweapons.Sonar and radar are a system.Space torpedos firing improvised and to make everywhere home territory like.With these projectors our technology for warfare has powers for every category demand.We will need it against the Dinguil and the Space Government Federation and when we attack them their counter,to go to their alliances.Then the next steps and this is like WW3 but for outer space.WW3 will be Zarconia warfare on conquering of space.We though are good guys and using our tactics.We are using some bad guy but to win against the enemy.Being too soft and the enemy will utilize coming back from being downed as Terminators do and horror movies.Warfare on Zeon Zaft after defeating the Federation onward to Zeon Zaft.Alien spaceship warfare and their landships which have special weapons and all of their machines are for space.Warfare setup network and start striking with a fleet in many directions and broken up in 1000's.They form up on Zeon Zaft and fire shock cannons on them.Penetration them with a time limit as fast as possible blitz warfare in space warships and Space carrier attack assault.Zeon Zaft ship for ship firing their special weapons HEL which is meant to take out ships with 1 shot.Landships fire and have launchers and atomic like cannons,do alot of destruction.Our range on Zeon Zaft which is more powerful than Galactic Imperium.Imperium though would go to their fullest as bad guys and lay mines as boobytraps in the place of Gamilons.We want to takeout warfare on ending the Comet Empire,Invid,Haydonites ,Borg,Dark Star Empire,Galman Gamilon Empire must be destroyed as rebels as taking out these enemies so they can't rebuild themselves from alliances.Once gone crossed out of the race.Zeon Zaft uitilize their space carrier attack famous with USA.Zarco Space Destroyers closing in on carriers Zeon and Zaft and hitting them arcing shock cannons direct hits.Carriers can't take the speedy delivery of heavy firepower of Space Destroyers.Our AA lasers takeout and power up on mechas and robots.Go through force fields with radiation burning the outer field through the armor reaction pulse.Huge and big in size to mechas and we have laser heavy machine guns manned by some station officers.They do covert ops to takeout enemies.Our Space demo squads to invade these fortress ships and destroy and dismantle the power core cripple the fortress ships.Hit power supply and are attacking from Zarco Space warships.Covert ops craft infantry support to their control.Intel officers as Firoz K Princess Armada and Antivirus.CDbots and Diskettebots and their originality even in large numbers of 100 000's.Conserving for war for Giant Zarco will master.Zeon Zaft and range is not as great as ours and direct concentrated hits and teleportation warfare.Delivery damage use of munitions destroyed many Zeon Zaft who are in WW3.They are enemies to do with Zarco policies and downing growth of enemies and Allah Pak and his terrorism.End the Space government.Imperium and their military English tactics and communist tactics in warfare and each enemy territory natural elements phenomenas of outer space.Novas to Rainbow galaxies,space storms,asteroid belts,natural radiation and their neighbouring alien races who we are fighting for the innocent and know that Allah will make fake innocent as a trap and treachery.Contaminate them with Invid Xenomorphs parasitic organisms.These enemies are diabolic to utilize low blows as criminals.End their underworld Empire.As we have Zarco Space police forces and station officers.Federation police are corrupted American that were oppressor henchman racists.Zeon is a a very military adversary with military history of generals and military rankings.Zeon though is fighting a giant and would have lost all of its allies from a quick warfare of WW3.Federation lost and was beaten in tactics and technology.Zeon to put forth and only Dinguil fought hard but lost as they are more to Galactica.Dinguil then the Drule Empire and robeasts.Warship warfare and then our Zarco combiners to fight with the Robeasts.Armybot,Contrabot,Sharktibot.Altranator.Overtech.Cyberanimalbot,Insectibot.They will go to battle verses the Drules and confront and destroy the robeasts in war.Brought to space by their transports guarded by a battlegroup.Warfare on the Drules on their galleons being cut down and destroyed by our proud range.Shock cannons til they release the robeasts and cover our combiners in battle.For us to send out our combiners to level and destroy the Drule fleets outer of Gattaca.Conquering Gattaca and destroying imobilizing their fighting ability being my pastlife.Zaft of Delta quadrant.Combiners used to combine giant robots 12.930909090903999 storeys giant robot.With original very powerful properties and powers,abilities of each and their innovation.Their systems and networking.From a Giant the giant robot Combiner beings.Destroy warships,destroy giant fortress ships attack assault them.Transform to a team to squad covert ops them formup destroy their Superweapons.Get away from the danger zone safely with Zarconia technology.Mastered this as a technique.When we form Giant Queen Armada Zerofzumnertettli from our warship for a stage of warfare.Bridge then is runned by the Combiner Space warship.Then we go to battle as Combiner Queen Armada to confront and destroy the enemy and the situation.We go to her as she is an option and her powers and destruction.She can cutdown robeasts and defeat enemy Combiners and giant creatures.We have our process of degaussing decontamination process to get back in bridge from combat.Enemy will leave bio agents and the battlefield contain parasites,creatures and residue radiations,pollutions.To be washed down back to being on the bridge again without anything inside us.Enter the hangar as fighters and mechas.She is fast and has very advanced antimatter systems,uses current refined phased weaponry.Laser weapons change to solid weapons.Systems space PARCS,SPADOTS,RADAR,BETA.Imagery to see things.She is precise and can predict things,she is very strong.She has magic power and death powers of space.She can fire diamond curse.She has dreamworld powers flight and imortal powers.She has her cutting tools from antimatter.Short ones to ones she combines together.The two twin swords taken out of her stores antimatter then fits them together activate twin ended sword,takes it apart and puts it back in the leg store and extensions the other sword so it is larger for combat beat the enemy.Antimatter energize as powers.Fire current energy from hands.Arm has extended series of CM cannons,laser guns extension out as Space fighter guns enhanced by systems linup to have greater powers than separate fighter.Extensions out 4 or 5 cannons.Rapid fire or fire a kinetic charge.Fire Atomic cannons fire and fire HEL.Magic power to deal with the elements,use a charge and focus this magic into sciences as a sciences cannon.Yettawatts energy fired and splits up into streams as alien device.Many functions.Verniers system and power for flight.She has precision of advanced female smarts and co-ordination and thinking.She is like combating giant model.She is very fierce.These are all covert and silent to the warfare.Meant efficiency.It can be loud in a situation when we want.And she has from the other arm HE projectile launcher explosives that high potential damage to the enemy.Destroy fleets with this and re-arm it.Armor exterior for combat and martial arts,police fighting.Grab and pull apart and swing and predict leave an explosive for her to grab extra intelligent trick her.Barrier system exterior.HEL magic power blast and powers.Supership flagship in action patrolling and call to disturbance.Full speed ahead Zeta to the area and first call she puts the engine thrusters to full speed on heading holding the steering control sticks and pushes buttons on a spacious but military econimic size counter invasion intrusion and reinforced.Viewer at the front but not as high up.Chair with panel defense system that lowers to a launch tube emergency using codes for a breach,abandonement hazard the warship is to escape ships.Zeta intelligence and structured mind strong will and aiding the CPU in precise monuvers.Strategy book I summon to her in codes she knows procedures as propulsion driver of space Supership Cacharadon class.We are going to scene of could be trap by Zeon and their landbattlehips,space destroyers are far off,Azalea and Feroza relaying as any of them communications.I supervisor and go over check over what they did and have dispatch through space.Zeta makes comments and control operators the warship to halt at cruising speed.They then start up sensors systems space Radar Sonar sensors at the enemy.The enemy is powering up to fire as an ambush.Ready shock cannons standby Gloria.Go Full speed Queen Armada instructs towards the enemy so they won't fire atomic weaponry.Then make a pass and I will compute and manually control all batteries,Feroza,Gloria starting computations with Azalea all in their fields.Ready set as a tactic.My controller main override buttons.Within range and all buttons pushed by my hand and all the battery raise and lower programmed aim.Fired!Phased energy wash HEL thick beams of like hydrogen firing at a distance in space hit their targets all Land battleships and Destroyer hit and destroyed.Machine operator next wave to be fired by Gloria taking control of weapons.Specialty knock out the enemy using HE.Aimed in degrees manually operating the battery lower raise to trajectory.Programs in pushing buttons,speaker to stations turrets then push the control stick forward thumb button and blazing energy phased wash recoil fire HEL beams to hit their direct targets and this battle all Zeons smoking and chain reaction destroying.Another is against the Robotech Masters and,"their in range from afar"Keep scanning and we have them Feroza says.Gloria says ready the shock cannons is in action.Feroza is aiming the shock cannons adjusting the angle and playing with her mix of energies.Made her actions,intercom to turret stations.Gloria pressing the buttons to add to this,Azalea on communications tracking.Setting and then orders from Queen Armada,Fire shock cannons at Robotech Masters.Thick streams of hydrogen recoil as thick beams from the guns to hit their targets at energy speed direct holes hits on Fortresses.Explosion chain reaction.Azalea calling in space dreadnaughts to counter attack from another angle in this alien solar system.Feroza and Gloria again readying more than 5 batteries for firing within moments and ordering up cartridges for shock cannons.Talking to the stations.Feroza yelling Fire.Gloria pushes the switch after the adjustments operating turrets to angles as machines.Precise prediction Shock cannons fire drill through the hull of the Robotech Masters who are out of range.They are smoking badly and can't take anymore blasts like this as it put out their particle cannons.Masters fire particle cannons at Zarconia forces.Many Zarconia fleet was ready and countermeasures the attack.They then charged up shock cannons and fired agains destroying one of the ships fortresses exploding being drilled channeled through by HEL thick beams.Supership Cacharadon class flagship persuit of enemy Masters to not allow them to escape.Masters release some attack cruisers but the Zarconia Dreadnaughts openned fire on them with armada of streams coming in with huge impact.Destruction and smoking.Direct hits.Supership then powers up shock cannons and drills them through the hull.Next battery bombardment.Masters ship though could fire particle cannon if it was online.Fired at us and hit us on our shields but explosion rock our ship sideways.Zeta to regain the ship control.Masters are damaged but able to fire their particle beam cannon.They though are being hit by batteries.Masters made distance and ordered bioroids to attack.We countered calling our carrier to launch a space wing attack.Younice coming in Azalea is saying,she'll wait.Rocket engines coming out of teleport and laying first hit on the bioroids and transformed firing laser submachineguns fire giant 35mm gun in hands of the robot.It has destroyed bioroids with ammo fire.Bioroids engage the Zarconia Space wing.Younice is in battle destroying bioroids.She orders Elysia to attack the assault corvette and Elysia knows takes action dropping her munitions guide themselves to hit the corvette out monuvered by hybrid Comet Fighters.They now have formed up a line and in robot mode firing away to waste the flying infantry of bioroids.They are clearing out.Supership is going to fire on the bioroids.Azalea is readying the shock cannons and AA.Fighters now ordered by Gloria to leave.Now the AA bombardment and biroids are fighting for their lives against supership's AA and launchers.Heayy AA firepower they are being destroyed by a bigger machine.More heavier firepower their engulfed by main guns shock cannon HEL fire.Bioroids and transports are all gone.Ready shock cannons fire on the Masters.Turn the ship sideways on a pass out of range on Masters and charge and prepatory all guns Queen Armada orders.Zeta to cruising momentum and then orders halt and fire all battery Gloria.Feroza readied them with computations and intercom ordering up and mixing.Software then control stick thumb button Fired!All beams blazing and its over for the Masters.They can't take being out monuvered and blasted by high potential arcing thick streams of energies.Guns recoil over and over til battle is ended.

The destruction of the base earth class Sol System.The mighty battleship was in its naval hangar on planet Eurasia.The crew all got together to the bridge,Khan family and Queen Feroz the Commander of the battleship with Captain Vittorio Veneto was on the bridge with Feroz used to be his WW1 daughter Florence.Back together.The Captain went to Amanda Khan.Amanda got the ship ready and all of my children were wearing their Space miltary baseball caps with the our galaxies emblems and code on their caps.Feroxia was main guns with Janine Khan on AA,anti-air.Inga propulsion and New Fuhr's brother and my younger brother Rick was on bridge at his station.Feroz gives the orders to start preparation to powerup.Vittorio Veneto with his horse voice said for the orders to start launch when all the water from bodies of water on Eurasia was flooding the hangar for launch.Inga then started the warship and gates openned and we were under giant freshwater ocean launch.Inga had the engines going and we were off to space.Giant ship arised from the water nose first bow and upright giant 4000ft battleship was at high altitude.It was going to space the way expertise designed it as new ship builder companies in space here.The ship was in space and was going to be farther out of many moons gravity to go to light speed.Vittorio Veneto then had all weapons prepared to talk to Rick.Then preparation done by Amanda and we were ready to go to light speed.Giant ship was powering up as I commanded the warp.Gone instantly at light speed and our course was for Sol System.Many other warships were in warp to from other parts of our galaxy.Then we had come out of warp from near Venus.Then the Captain Vittorio Veneto said to check for our warships and fleet and Amanda told him they are coming out of warp and their are thousands of them.Vittorio Veneto then said commence but to earth class.Laid low in radio and off to earth with Inga propulsions.We then were coming to earth and we saw the moon.Amanda said another communicae and Vittorio Veneto told her no.Then he said to me Feroz the commander to start weapons and to orbit the earth.Then he said Feroz to destroy the earth.Feroz said ya I remember my bitter history living in North America and ON.Its about time justice happened to this evil planet.Feroz told Janine to ready systems,Amanda to get her station ready and Feroxia.Dora was ready too.We were in orbit and I Feroz said ready shock cannons.Amanda readied shock cannons and was calculating out things on the machine.They were turning to port.Ready all guns Feroz said and Fire!Fired the shock cannons on America.Direct hits.Destruction to level the US.Then ready the main guns on Britain and France.She had fired main guns and the HEL stream hand hit its target and exploded while cutting into mantel of the core.Direct hits.Then I said to aim at area of where the bodies of water meet with the land.Ready main guns on area near the Great Lakes.Fire!Shock cannons HEL had hit target and the land was eliminated allowing the water to flood the land.And more shots programmed by shock cannons by Amanda on targets on Europe.Flooding as the land was caved in and water was pouring on the land.Then to target the volcanic areas and parts of US where techtonic faults.We were going to fire shock cannons to get to the core of planet.Feroz the commander readied the shock cannons and Amanda fired on the areas were lava and straight through the mantel.Beams of HEL had hit their target and the core was shot by shock cannons.Then Janine found that the earth is sending in fighters.She was ordered by me Feroz to do AA.Janine started our AA lasers to power up and blast the earth's F-18's to peices.I kept up in orbit of the earth and we hand nailed every fighter.Now Janine controlled shock cannons as my orders to switch to her.Target was earth fleet ships and bases.Janine put in modulation to AA mode to shock cannons.Ready the guns and fire on targets.Fired shock cannon HEL on battlegroups and bases direct hits destroying them and burning and exploding them.The earth tried to fire nuclear but AA mode blasted its engines to fall back on earth.We were far out in orbit.Captain Vittorio Veneto remembered earth and WW1 and WW2 and Princess Grace his former wife.He was glad with what Feroz was doing to earth.Targets eliminated.Fighting with the earth forces and they were all destroyed.Shock Cannons HEL started chain reaction in core with the lava.Much of earth's forces were destroyed by flooding and by earth quakes splitting the land and engulfing military forces.Janine had destroyed every forces.They were all dead.Decloaking were Klingon Birds of Prey.Feroxia took over shock cannons and Vittorio Veneto readied shock cannons on each Bird of Prey.Order to leave orbit and engage the Klingons who were saviours to US and earth.We had monuvered from many shots from Klingons then Vittorio said Fire!Shock cannons had drilled into Bird of Prey before it could cloak and HEL wash explosion the Bird of Prey.Then the other Bird of Prey cloaked.There was battle going on as Amanda told Vittorio the fleet was doing the Battle of Sol System vs Galactic Empire.Star Destroyers here.Vittorio had Inga engage the engines.Rick had data on the Galactic Empire.Vittorio Veneto fired shock cannons orders to Feroxia.She fired on Klingon and direct hit with it cloaked and it exploded from having the HEL drill through it and explode.Next targets we were going to align with a fleet of our own ships.They were awaiting we were going full speed and they were at Mars.We were going to warp and I Feroz gave orders to warp.And Inga had us warp and Rick and New Fuhr's brother said with success we're out of warp.Now the Men got together.They were all readying things and now Rick had the shock cannons and New Fuhr's brother Holden was Lt.Commander.He then was doing battleship to find the enemy on co-ordinants.Charting and Rick found alot of targets.Star Trek Stargate Captain called to us to align and get into position.Vittorio with his moutache and horse voice as he was giant man at 300lbs and long hair as he used to play session work guitar for Led Zeppelin,Aerosmith and more groups.Now he said we're in position to halt engines.Holden was at the helm.He had us stop.Now to charge up shock cannnons Rick.Charging them up and the Stargate Star Trek Captain with the rest of Zarconian technology Warships all fired shock cannons on the enemy Galactic Empire and from long range direct hits on the Star Destroyers.They were all nailed and drilled into their hulls with concentrated HEL wash and explode internal under the hull.Many Galactic Empire ships were detroyed and they were smoking.They were going to counter attack and fire their turbo lasers.Now each Captains said to disengage ships and break off.All ships in many thousands broke apart.They were going to naval warfare on Galactic Empire and Klingons.Ships were split up in 10's and hundreds.Far away from center area they had gathered.They were all going after the enemy and aligning.Team work as many ships had the main guns pointed at many targets and 2 or more ships fired on few ships destroying a Klingon and Galactic Empire protecting earth class.Destroyed them.Now naval war was going many ships were traveling outwards and aligning the enemy in their gun sights and fire shock cannons.Drilled and hit the enemy hull and penetrated burned through the shields of the enemy into hull like concentrated wash.Zarconian Star Trek Stargate Captains and crew vs the enemy Klingons and Galactic Empire.Ships were in 10's and making a gun firing formation and many of them were doing shoot outs on the enemy burning into their hull and exploding.The enemy was nailing others ships on their barrier system and it took the heated enemy kinetic energy shots and held up to it durably.Then another ship had the Klingon and Star Destroyer in sights and fired many of their battery on the enemy destroying them.Many Star Destroyers were smoking and crashing downwards as they were badly damaged.The giant ships were highly monuverable and aligning the enemy in gun sights and firing shock cannons to effectiveness.Fired their torpedoes nailed Klingon Bird of Prey in cloak.Many of them came out of cloak and had shoot outs done to them,destroying their wings and crippling many ships for other ships to finish them off with direct hits.The alien waships were having trouble with our Zarconian Navy.Were were patient and using our formations and strategy to effectiveness.We were going with all weapons except the wave gun.They were destroying many of them with missile hits.Cloaking but our ships are giants with formidable firepower.Klingons and Galactic Empire did not respect anything and were challenging Zarco Star Trek Stargate AI crew members.With the battle about over and our warship had made impact to destroying many ships with our reconfiguration as crew.Rick on guns with Lt.Commander Holden as men had destroyed many of the enemy.We had captured past Saturn to the dwarf planets.

Star Trek Stargate Universe was bustling on cities as alien technology and warships in space were starships of alien technology.They were in service and many crew had merger Stargate under Federation of Planets.From Sol System earth class North America ON they had found technology from internet from their Queen to be Feroz it was Zarconian.They took this and it was secretly under development.They were arranging parts and shifting around bases to get the giant warships done with their space tools of soldering and they were getting the terminals ready to go online.They were busy secretly getting everything arranged and to understand these rankings they wanted to change to.They wanted to be Airforce ranks,naval and Army ranks.Different from alien ranks.They had new space fighters and carriers under way.They were making space tanks and tank crews.They had artillery and all of the firearms figured out and could dismantle a 20th century military technology and re-assemble knowing inside out secrets to electronics of 80's.They had learned and their many teachers were experts on all assembly.Many new leaders came out that were not important to make Cpt's from Star Trek Stargate.Many of them like Main Engineer was among the staff from alien technology.Zarconian went to fetch and find all of the hidden ranks.Many were Col.and Capt of Space Wing and the fighters and bombers.They learned Maritimes operations during WW1 and in Cold War.They had found group of solar systems that earth class's technology was amongst.They had found the whole thing and figure out this technology.They were using radiations.Learned secrets of wave motion and cosmic energies.They were working on light speed,warp and space fold engines and warp engines of Star Blazers.They had gathered and learned inside out things.It was now confrontations with someone very paranoid.They were going as British and had taken ranks being Feroz's blood tests and tests and were getting jumpy alerting the Americans and Spike Cops to start search and begin to harrass them as whiteman chain reaction to all space dwellers.British send war vessel towards them and to Sol System as the Americans did.They were in future crossing the border and then from future a superb warship had tracking systems found the violaters.The Star Trek and Stargate warships had gone to intercept the British and Spike Cops ship.Galactic Empire had send in warships to sneak up and fire on Federation.They were all in trap.Then the warship from future being Zarconian Dreadnaught opened portal to present travel back in past.The energy opened and they were far off from the sun.Crew of the warship were all Zarconian Ranks.Col.DeGault was the Captain of the Zarconian warship with his Zarconian Crew.Star Trek Stargate's Lance DeGault was there.He was ready to take on the enemies once all of the computations and calculations were done on the enemy.Then the Captain ordered the warship to go on it intercept with engines to space KM per hour.They were full speed.Then the Captain radioed that the enemy ships were violating space.Another radio to the other ship the Starships to haul back and go back to their space.They all found out who radioed was help from the future.It was the mighty battleship that was from future.Amazed at how alien it was and from WW2 and Cold War.It was amazing giant they all changed course.The Captain ordered the main guns to fire on British ship and direct hits to their engines and bridge tower demolishing weaker British ship.Gone exploding in sections.Captain DeGault is crafty surgeon at enemies weakness.Next shots said to his officer to lower the angle main guns and helm direct the ship at the American."Fire! Main shock cannons drilling shots into front of Spike Cops American shipt which fat like whale.Shots breached hull and were loading the HEL wash concentrated plasma to explode the American whale ship.Destroyed to and exploded.The battle was quick and not they innitiated more rules on border and left a probe to warn.If anyone does any violation to probe they would be back fearsome.They then turned warship and back to territory and through energy portal and was gone.Many Starshp crews were amazed and celebrating that they were better.It was the first time those enemy alien ships met more than their match.They were not match for Zarconian.They were all saluting them and were back to their part of outer space with a story but a secret story to take back.From future was protecting them with their weaker ships.It was greatest for them to see it real and it looked like giant with guns on Zarconian pages.Was so fast and cutting through space better than water.It has so efficient and when guns changed direction you could not hear the machine noise of them because hydraulic technology.Energy firing bolts from guns.
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Warships were coming out of quantum warp from billions of light years from Sol System.A military was constructed when Queen Aurramanda died from Sol System and was taken on long voyage home billions of light years in another dimension.The military kept Zarconian wikia and construction and thorough knowledge from the Zarconian wikia.They understood everything and the technology was in the right hands.Aliens were part of crew as built up each war vessel in secrecy and every carrier and fighters were all constructed with part of manpower being alien humanoids.They over century were under way being constructed and used to battleships and dreadnaughts.Used to space fighters being advanced.They had been constructing their small military to a veteran large faction once all the technology was constructed from Zarconian wikia.They had constructed all of it.They had quantum engines that could jump billions of light years to Sol System.They were going to make Antarctica into a futuristic country.They were out of quantum warp and supervise this Sol system.They would engage any enemies to this quadrant as the European Pretenders and their alien races lay claim on Sol System.They were in control of it.Jupiter and Caretaker Angels and Evolution Process Angels were merger into our Empire.They had won many battles as a faction and grew with each win.Waiting for the Zarconian technology made them into empire.                                                


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