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They use their computations in being better than UFP and Stargate Atlantis.Make their society better and for us to visit.Many of their people live there.Growers that they grow in evolution to modern era and space.Make and build a solid structure.Infra structure.Structure of economy.They are a community.Community that uses the trust of each zone of people.They lowered down the brash and harsh treatment to knowing and understanding of modernize alien communities.Corporations have island continent spirit from communities mereger with the alien natives.Community feeling and laws.Enterprise merger and grown into communities of the island continent.Humble and thoughtful communities are.Their money system is unuseable in rest of space.Its credit in digits and has no value in rest of space.Amount in digits on chipboard.Chip cannot be erased and can be recovered,meant to.Runs on our system of electronics alien.Won't work anywhere else and if chip is in wrong hands it will summon an alert that goes off in chip.Chip recovered by authorities they can detect the lock and alert.Separated and isolated.Chip has homing.Chips belong in the mint which is guarded by defenses.Even police will go to them.Chip is not the money and needs a process to make it active chip in bank.Bank has no notes or anything physical to barter no tellers.Drones and some people supervise behind scenes.Our places like this have military and police with secret entrances direct route for emergency.Banks are well armed.Trap off any felons with city's defenses,fields and gases.No physical paper or notes.Treasures and valuables are changed to credit and military knows how dangerous treasure is and has it in their custody.They pay on ID.ID has all of their money from their work and jobs they have done and money from government.They have a bank but it uses an ID card as money.And another has your credit.The card uses your fingers as ID number while you are holding card alive and your vital signs towards crime.Making money here is easy for these people as they don't refuse their own.They hire their own and income has to do with their demends or the government pays them to cater to their demands and extra money they earn on points system.Family system of banking that links family in banking on this planet and faction.Families link their bank accounts from brothers and sisters,mothers and fathers,aunts and uncles to cousins and nephews and close friends of family.They are all in your bank account network.You can contact them by a call to their computers and phones.They answer and you can't ever get bankrupt or poor from family support economically.You can avoid disasters as a family circle and network to earn you interest money from them to build up your money.People have this family interest added to their money.And when they bank they contact each relative as economic support.No one is kicked out or short of cash to a speeder car.Going bankrupt and poor is none existant from space islam law done modern in AI alien white race.Family can build up money for you til you have a job.Your not pressured to waste yourself as young adult.Everyone because of being linked to space has these precautions to avoid small income.They as medium are all over a high limit for young man.Not refused and pressured.Government will give them an allowance if they need it that has interest as extra money.Emergency allowance to when they have no job and are on waiting list.They are called up to do a job all around the Stargate Island continent.They make plenty of money for their points system.They make for their jobs at least 20 000 dollars in months.Their utilities and costs are all covered by income.Maintain their place.These are basics and transportation that are covered to increase they get and some money to spend.In turn they do jobs and are part of society.Make extra money for houses in different sectors and visit space many times.They don't visit a far place they go their as part of seasons.They have a break in commuting costs.They have 2 to 3 smaller homes and a cottages for middle class.Money is doubled and they can afford things and maintain them.Save alot in solar and planet's energy rays.Show excellent record and responsbilities they can purchase such homes.Event tickets their money is doubled to pay for things.Jobs in space and they get much more than normal.Graduating is not a pressure as they have requirements done as young adult that is what matters.And by family lastname amount of money to Royalty and heads government.Their income is trillions to maintain their things and system,buy corporations to make more money.Double money is something they can have as a coupon but for events.Work and they can achieve to double their money in areas rewards.Depends on type of jobs and rewards.Trade awards for others.                                                                                                                                               .And in space economy.And its part of Eurasia s their loyalities.They could conduct military on their own but have not been pushed and will stay in this phase.Corporations in space which are our government.They have resources in space and far away territories in many universes and solar systems.And Sol System and Milky Way after Feroz is born to them with Zarconian.For our economy to enterprise corporations from North America ON earth class Sol System.To own stock in stock markets to understand the technology and society.Foods and to know the secrets on everything in society of 20th century.Learn of cars and vehicles,electronics and rest of government.Planted in Antarctica and Greenland they can visit the stock market to be part of it it.Answers in archives from past to WW1 and 18th Century.Teachers will understand once our industry in space makes decisions to invest and own stock and franchises.Understand electronics to home and city to even old military.Corporations are all balanced and are at high levels for other do roles like policing and need to be higher in areas than farming.There is no race at all as they are all mergered island continent and government with alliances.Corporations many 10 000's years ago brought in Creator System and their powers and methods.My family from Creator System.And they all merger to fill in needs of this world and alliance and for space exploration and enforcement militarily.Space Marines protect and go hand in hand with the resources.Space Marine warships that have compliment of vehicles and troops with mechas and other spacecraft.Marines are soldiers that adapt to space and their elements.They are not navy and their warships have vehicles and other methods or tactics to go to for situations.Satisfy demands to outer space for any matters.Even in terrorism or other hostilities.And they are space troops to our resources.Protect things and establish our grounds in space sternly on UFP and Stargate.Warships have sufficient firepower to threaten off any enemies like Klingons and Haydonites.Proper needs and they can go to what ever they have to from policies from government.Why our worlds are flourishing and are excellent as wealth in society.We live at basics wealthy and sustained from space environmental conservation.They are expert in recycling and not wasters.They make use of energies here and there and have access supplies.They are great at using their supplies.And they can get hostile to hostile space.Right decisions from them learning and adapting and staying up to date.Society is thriving.Economy is excellent and in outer space territories.That is why our resource workers good natured.They have been part of many wars.Flexible mentality that adjusted and won.They have all protocols and methods to space and extreme environments in space where resources are.We are excellent at adapting to space extremities.We from corporations get military towards our objectives.Handle things with the answers and at high level complete their jobs.Very efficient and in teams they work and go to their trades from companies.Provides balanced wealth lack of greed.More to neccesity and needs,demands of reality and survival.And compensate and predict disasters which are on alien territories.Not to lose and if they lose it was all an operation.Very responsible government with huge council of wisdom and decisions better than any computers.Elders to contribute to giant faction of space.They have conquered space travel in ancient days and in native's days.Not just space travel which is like a car drive for them.Its going to future and end of time successful.They are not warmongers.Retain to being peaceful and their ways in society.They grow with alliances but stayed to what they are current day which is suffice to them.Enough as they have space traveling not to add Queen Armada to them and Zarconian.Developement in agriculture.Sciences and in nature.Forestry.Corporations in cities.Electronics.And hobbies for people to toys and games.They are creators in architecture and masonry of highways and structures.They create in space.They are discoverers.Exploration to expand their construction.They have economy started to make power.They have stability in economy as they have reserve to run on.They can make economy free but when they need the credit and money they for important areas can override and force in moves from their government.Emergencies.Other than that they can run on economy what it brings in from space.They have a clean history.They were building this continent and had very little violence.Getting main cities built and get supplies from space.Each city grew in age as decades and centuries past by.Then as decades past beginnings of continent they were in outer space.And it was a plan to orbiting planet Eurasia that they get into space.Two in alliance explored space and got into a space war with alien race that threatened their planet.They took military action on them and won.Next on but many thousands of years later.They had technology levels and phases in technology.Populations grew to today.The explored continent in exploration and used modern electronics in discovery planet.Many natives of islands were helpful allies and liked idea of new continent.Years in each network went on line.Society grew over the ages.Expansion to outer space and discovery.They achieved space because the Transformer Gobot Evolution Process Angels caretakers of space merger wtih our race of Pretender Gobot people and they knew secrets of space and had everything real like particles.They had what was running orbit of solar systems helping them as part of government.They have creators come out with active roles as people they became AI people that militarily can transform.Use transformation to modulate themselves and make themselves compact.Grew in being modern gaining from alien space education system and format they learned in electronics.Many franchises under government grew stores and malls were built collossal in size beginning.They also lived like 17th Century earth class but with modern electronics and computers inside.They were modern mixed style.They had vehicles and technology.People used to watch tv and media.Modernized.They explored the planet and other continents other races of white races became those continents on other side.Continent is much different and has thinkings and not AI's.Weather has nothing poles into it.Have from planet but that is it.And as like white people though they were not as friendly in thier history but maintained a peace for entire planet.They had skrimishes in their history.Continent had eras.When they build a city they look at all aspects to make it high level to compete in space.They can solve problems.Thinkers.They discover places in space and discover new technology and living in space.They though keep to our continent.From circumstance they go to space.But in many sections growth and they go to space.They think our continent is simple place to live and get complicated with space.Discovering new ways to future and living.Society and its growth to space and modifying it.Shemales and tranny's are treated better here.They are more understanding of them and have them live respectful like on an isolated continent out in the ocean like an island life but very modern.They are acknowledged more and all of them like other women and each other.They are attractive women that stay to themselves and because of their bodies they keep it privacy and not to shame public.They are in public eye as in goverment and acting,media.They know their limitations and don't get caught to far.They are not equals with man but stay out of their ways and have brothers,fathers and other men in her family.They are more upgraded and did not want any equality as men are first but in martial things not in women's area things.Like socialize or pinball.They stay to their area of things.They stay to their limits as guys can go way over their limits in endurance,longevity,strength and body size,power and anything violent and as corporate or like a president,high ranks that men have as their jobs.Respect in this continent to separate all gender groups that are all normal and will remain like that forever since I'm coming.They in laws and they live on their own so they have provison laws to sustain them on their own.They can have expensive things with lots of physical work.Drones and workers can help in furniture but not to overdo furniture like earth with men.Reasonable.They are treated with nnowledge by the public and treated as they are normal.They can be proud.They have high esteem.Not anything rude and anything towards enter adult public is absolute no.Movie's its rationalized and not over done as they separate attractive women from males and have them live with their own.Men go to plain features women and other appearances.Mixed up plain features and straight nose.There is peace and not a build up of ignorance as they are going up to future and advancements and understanding in past because they make them.Handled it better.And socially right things because of space Islam.Knew that they are a type of female.They are separated and their own gender with attractive women.Have no history to cross over to man.None.They have men as family members stay separate from them so they don't get confused.They are muslim in religion but its been made white and some alien.It goes to other planets.They are some mixed into tribal as tribal islands people began as machines and tribal AI.They mixed to make some sections in our continent.Natives look slightly like oriental,tall and huge and of many colours like light blue.Tall and big people that lived tribally and are meat eaters.Some islands have aliens from Voltron Dairugger Force blue in color.Nebulars.Some that are like Klingons on islands.They though lowered down not fierce.They liked the system of the oceans and continent.Mixed as machine AI's can marry into each other and make AI's or machine people.They have simple upbringings and background with structure and caring of space Islam.They are against any adultery and passing around when young.They stay to 1 wife and spouse but some need to know a few.Shemales marry attractive women and have more than 1 keep things private.No sexuality and explicit suggestive things in media.None.Religion in government made none and this protects attractive women{shemales}.Goes against tribal and island upbringings.And its a powerful strength for each family.High values and grow up honest and kind but aware of humans in Stargate and UFP.But for men they stay to 1 or few in entire life.They are taught respect and their goal since night lifers don't exist here.People stay up at night to party but it all does not have rowdiness and lose control from drugs and abuse of alcohol.No cigarrettes or smoking.None on this planet and faction.No addiction to smoking at all.Natives caught on to smoking from UFP and Stargate and against it.It induces drugs and goes hand and hand with narcotics.No smoking or selling of cigarrettes here.No production of smoking anything.No smoking as they learned of how destructive it is and what it can do as problems.Its destroyed by immigration in outer space.Not allowed as a foreign substance.They are dead set against smoking here.Learned from UFP and Stargate how gangs and night lifers and adults abuse cigarrettes and destructive disorders they cause.Mixed impairment.And its history of being sold to bad natured Klingons.Islam smoking is form of evil.Substance that makes chemicals.This with the natives here is abolished.No plants here to smoke up on.Attractive women stay to their own and public they see them together many most parents have shemales and understand.Attractive women here have no natural interference from man at all.They grow up to marry amongst themselves,have no sister that is plain looking and meant for men to marry.Not outgoing.Beautiful in men's sense.Not attractive women lesbians that are witches but make themselves.From religion they do not have anything to do with man because of being married amongst themselves.Marriages here from their elders as attractive women make themselves.There is no embalance of older and larger people,like old fashion crossing over to attractive women.No bridge for glummer parent.This is problem in UFP and galaxies near earth class.They have breached attractive women witches privacy with non-compatible elders as their parents crossing over brothers and men makes type of ignorance this galaxy is against from power creator system and nature.Allah left rules on attractive women don't have any Lilith.No desperation for simpler AI people without any criminal neurotic in them from their elders.Cleaned out structure of race.They are only related most as 2nd cousins.From Primus's sister and her transexual woman sister they created these attractive women grow up with no threat to them.They have routines protected in society and enjoy themselves with outdoors from technology to be in poles environment,travel and commute to get to climate barriers in 20min to 45 at the arctic poles from ends to ends.They don't have night life outgoing people.None of them that hit the bars and problems of them having mixed up sisters who socialize with their brothers,sin to Allah.Allah has everything seperated from more Evolution Process Angels that caretake this part of the universe.Help from my parents and much of the senate to this part of space creates law and order and advice from nature and Evolution Process Angels caretakers of this galaxy and Primus and his sisters.They have exceled ahead as futuristic and space travelling dwellers of future world.Like a extinction of night life outgoing people as same for blacks.Nothing there to interfere with them and corrupt them to wrong path.Grow up and socializing is not emphasized on them as pressure.Not pressured to marry anyone.Men take this burden from them as simpler tribal space Islam raised AI white race people will be.They enjoy their island continent and its dusks that last long for more doubled normal time.People upgrade themselves high class mixed tribal and space islam for education is easy accomplishment here.Very constructive people.Found out about UFP and Stargate studies that teach them about rowdiness of Klingons and drugs from blacks.They are all taught.Don't go inside religious structures without family and support.Not something go alone or just wander into.Society enforces this structure of being normal.More normal then this galaxy by millions of times.No prostitution and no need for something human corruption.People here are simple from living on a giant island and take it like island tribal people that are futuristic and modern space traveling.They have values from space islam.Machines are like people and marry.Date and marry.They are not a playboy orientated people.They do not build for socializing as they have bars but don't over do it.They don't have adult areas.Religion and ways of life they are dedicated to buisiness.They have places to take the mind off from work and peaceful.They though don't have dating and using government for dating.They don't have romance areas.That is against they rules.Everyone here is a builder.And like old fashion people they have no time and are too modern for romance.Construction and to space thrill of construction in space.Jobs and work and ambitions to building society keep them from romance.They have family areas and family recreations.They have singles night life but night life is temporary from them not having romance couples at all.Everyone is of the 10 000yrs elders and government being of old age.Youth are enfluenced and are elders in young age as well as from their families.So they are making for life not old fashion.Cut out romance in this continent.Dating is not encouraged and many relations are done by arrangement.Arrangements from families talking to each other modern.Use library and many centers to talk.Then go to bars and they have hotels.They can use the outdoors but not to interfere clashs with work people and families.They have to reduce in open emotions and showing it in public places scenic.Don't embarrass others public or Ranger will have this on their records.Holding and stereotype that fits continent not attractive women with man,No No.No prostitution from it being raised with them against their religion.As in socializing they won't do it.They have no history of practicing this and would report it.Prevented attractive women and man from being heterosexuals.No male gays in this continent or ugly people gays.None in existence from the screening the government does against such problems and criminals.They don't exist and men from this continent are stronger in will power even when not paired up with does not make them stronger from such ancient race.They are very commanding and don't break down to factors like attractive women and heterosexuals as they don't have UPF and Stargate galaxies corruption.Men just don't do any of that has no appeal and does not belong in such society against their religion.Men here are not weak and tempted and don't share girlfriends.From arrangement.Socially can't effect them.Men here have defenses.The way they are raised are defenses.Parents are not destructive.Against the median of society.Know it comes from UFP and Stargate galaxies.They are very humble common people and from their upbringings of non-corrupted a life it does not fit in.They are not vulgar or rude,obscenity.They do not use this to reproduce.They do not get hostile or have any criminal activity.Here people are not destructive and don't have any drug problems.They are resistant against such acts as they are not ignorant as white people of space are.They are advanced and take their resemblance of Islam very futuristic and modernized.It has fact with proven supernatural.They expanded on Islam with tribal intelligence and folklore legends that added to supernatural giving it powerful strength and this went into the way ancestors reared their children of this island continent.It made them very sensible and constructive.They made socializing very cleaned out and in good fun.For young grown ups out of young adult to get to know each other in lounges as activities to pass the time.Talk and activities.Start up on friendships and to not waste their income on things as there are no comodities to entice people to spend as its against islam the ways of the disgraceful white race of space that extends from UFP galaxies to Galactica where they practice this as destructive and shameful sin.Here its not a priority that gets out of hand and people don't go out of their way to buying luxury items to show class difference with old fashion.No conflicts as people here from their upbringings and government reinforce against Cobra the Decepticons as people even from another dimension .This area is not focused on with a spotlight but is aspect for young adults to get to know each other so the island continent can connect city and climate region and islands.To make friendly atmosphere without any disputes.People that don't get along separated and made to understand each other and what makes them quarrel.People have a median for they grow up to not be isolated and need to be polite to commute to each city and region.Take it like how a bussiness is polite to customers.These people are futurisitic space modernized island continent dwellers.With sophistications they can communicate and get to know people in every area and islands that part of island continent.Not pressured on them to do so as its very comfortable to do.They gather proper structures and adaquate facilities and lounges for them to know people from other schools.Visit the other cities and start to know people and in space at space ports orbiting the planet.Travel to space and during education communicate with people and get to know them.And they get to know women both genders.Men properly find women that are available to them that make men orientated family as this is significant that family makes men because men can do proven things in galaxy.Accomplishments and their strengths and attributes acel more than women.When couple is like an old fashion couple that make men and of course they will have a sister.They are not the same as female family where attractive women make their own.Shemales and females.They don't invade privacy to make everyone uneasy.They have respect as they are simple island continent people that are very advanced and are their own community for entire space and galaxies they live in.They have understanding that is space modernized.So many normal types of couples are understood as what they reproduce is constructive.Here the witches are constructive and stay from the men and their families.Their mothers don't cross to attractive women.And if their sisters of couple that is like old fashion people but modern as ancestors make men.Sisters will go to the attractive women though because they are attractive women but have men's genes in them.They are not shunned aside and have a wanting to go to attractive women to blend in.But they usually have a sister that is not attractive women and she is like her mother at making men.Government based on modernized provisions to keep things normal.Attractive women are normal as in nature it works out here they are making members and people of society.They don't focus on shameful things from UFP to Galactica and Stargate.They do work and have crafts and arts they are busy workers.They do not breach privacy and keep to themselves.They can socialize with ancestors men children and families.They are perfectly safe as understanding they are divided in part they go their own ways and are on same ground.Their attraction is to what is constructive to them and society.Not a destructive and odd affair that has factors as in white people and their Soap Operas that are real.Their is no race of rank here and trajedy.People here are orderly.They have it in them to keep order as being modern.They use this chance to teamwork.Many future military get to know and respect each as different ranks.They don't mix pleasure with chance to know future members.Friendships in island traditions.They got to know people that on other worlds is impossible and it came out excellent.Good feeling in them they made friend.They visit their cities in other climates and know people to go to them.No ties to it or any agreements or any obligations.People normal and simple to invite people and to have food like they went out to food court.Trust people and have that.People are not gross here.They have different tastes or menu for each home.When they have friends

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they futuristic prepare foods modern.People eat there.People have files they go over people to see what level they are in society and their achievements.Reputations they have established.As lounges separate and have many more structures for many types of reputations.Society median they are all good.Safe from crime and mental people,unstable as the government goes after and cleans them out of society and their accuracy is great.Its a safe place mostly.People have checks on people.And then they are at the structure to meet them.Friendly.Many people are not overly social.Use it to know people.They don't spend hours like parties.They may choose to go to a                party and have plain and simple fun.There is no pressure there.People can stay to theirs and do work at home and home life.They have options to call up people like list of online friends.This lasts as the government wants this so you can go to each city.You don't lose people because your busy with home life.People here do not express themselves to talk like UFP.People know of that and can pickup on it.It displays some sort of slavery.This act from Federation is abolished.Need someone to go and do a talk.Nothing here like that from being in another dimension.People don't brush people off here.And the games are here for them to arcade and lego games.They are against rowdy type of lifestyle that is reckless and is hazardous to themselves and others.Nothing gets out of hand.They are very intelligent and simpified race of AI beings.They enjoy their island continent and its simpler ways of life from respectful tribal teachngs and space Islam.Parents care and the rest of country and island has a caring attitude of being friendly and courteous to others.They know each and introduce themselves to others.They are not narcotics buyers and their govenment cracked down on this in space.They are paired with matching couple and that is where Princess Armada makes her debut.Responsbility and using areas right.Use bars and not to over do dancing as law crackdowns on dancing cause they drink.They have alcohol that follows the law in percentage for driving but set cars on auto and finger id.Can't take it off auto driving and government knows.Interface into streets.There are trips that are grown up and adult that
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bar and lounge


Adult life center

people can take couples and go out to scenic areas.But outside of the home and they are at the public ease.They can cabins to rent but it must be inside.No romance areas everything is inside structures not in public centers.Courting at restaurants that are like bars in socializing.They don't get married using religion.More society.They are not weighed down by families.They have freedom and logic to select who they date and socialize with.More to do with interacting with society and corporations.They use the government to get paired off.Government uses religious buildings for format and structure to their laws.Their space Islam that is futuristic.They are not monitored or supervised in relationships.They reproduce like people but are AI's.They make a youngling that is born in a hatch bay as they grow to youngling or short young adult.They grow from eating.Here other than the autobots is that European Pretenders focus on being like people and are.Not empty walking vehicles.The military and companies
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have their configuration when they want to leave the country for military service.Vehicles Robots in Disguise.They grow bigger in transformation from a mental command to "Transform".People size is in urban life where they don't need to be a vehicle.Born with having their vehicle attatched to them for transformation.They commit their time to the island.They meet people and this place as 1 of many halps for them to takeoff.They are not over adult places at all.Their in good fun and have no rowdiness.All in plain fun and they go in and eat and socialize.Next time I'll have a place where I am number 1 and treated like that given the royal treatment.Eating from a bar to have adult specialty food done.And tribal aspect of being friendly and from billiions of light years in vortex treatment from aliens.Polite and understanding.Protective.Understanding.No one forms a gang on this planet.No gangs or threaten or embarrassing,threatening.People come here for purpose to hangout and talk.People here breakdown so they don't have hated people or enemies.Its a friendly environment that separates age groups.People like attractive women bring their attractive women transexual parents.Women are kept with attractive women.They are not bound by religion except that when they show up in religious buildings they are sided and attractive women are with themselves.Rules of the government.Witches stay together and are not bought off with skills.The island and corporations provide to them so they don't have men's qualities to barter them off.Provided government's qualities.They do all of physical power to give them further.Being modernized and futuristic the drone robots and manpower from that section of government that moves things around or for stature.Women are given stature out of book.Kept track with on their ID card and socialize card.It keeps records down and behaviours.They ask by first name to go to women.Causes no diseases like earth class and Federation has man and women diseases.As a family they are a table and eat and have fun.No rudeness from interuptions.People talk to who they want to and can talk from tables.Tables have a tablet they can communicate socially and like visual phone.Get people there and they start to have fun.Food is great quality best in space.People are in calm environment.And there are thousands of these places in each zone in the island continent.People have friendly tribal history and some are made with tribal architecture,wooden.They are safe places.They have security and law efficient in any emergency.They don't have anything to fear as people are sensored out and selected must pass through a scan.Watched.No one can cause any damage.No one comes here for any quarels.Not the idea here as it has tribal beliefs of friendliness.Intelligence to interact and socialize as activity.It has things like games to do with socialize.Sell things here like phone's,other social items.People go shopping for social items.To communicate.And remember,memory like ornaments.There are many things they can do from socializing like to play sports and teamwork orientated hobbies and games.So never board.Its like a lounge atmosphere better than any bar.It has the climate excellent and lively with lights and the way they did the architecture.FIlled in with customers.This is a place where friends meet at and can stay to eat.They always do.Plan to hangout in island continent to take commuting to another zone.Their conversations are all made private as customers want.They can't do codes in crime language here at all.Security will have it.No does any crime here.To plan from schooling area as they provide to every age group and what they do all day.It provides to them so they can go to where everyone has things in common as adults.They don't have "talk".No grown up adutls talk in code or dialect.Snubbing people does not exist here.They talk simple and broken down.They don't use objects or subjects to snub talk.They are basic all their lives.We are in another language.Area for people that have grownups and parents in their classes or sessions they go to that area to meet other people's parents they met and their family even.People Arcade here is space technology from other worlds.It will be expanded by Queen Feroz.Arcade here will be holographic and retain the 90's in it.It will be exciting as it was in 90's but with space technology and retain the game and special effects.More games on arcade machine you get to choose.Youth and grown ups and video gamers of all groups play at our arcades.   can leave this place after few hours at least and go to other destinations from plans.Even to go to outer regions to countryside.Make arrangements at their tables in privacy as a friends group.In this society people are protected from dangers friend can pose as.Even wrong judgement to accidents.Prevented.Precautions and supervision in this area by government.Then if an accident is planned they can be interupted to advert an accident from the government and they tell the law.They have a very modern sociializing areas in each city.It can get things going and is lively.It is scenic in city and countryside and is for specific age groups.Party legally without any destruction and breaking laws.ID to be part of parties arranged by government.And people have name brand and franchise at them in these grown up life socializing centers.And they have loyalties to library and other centers as hang outs.Laws are set down and name brand brings in law on

Cabin adult life lounge

foods.Order.And against fighting and

Arcade Center

brawls.Security to subue any crowding measures as they don't have any problems.Severe penalty on ID to be involved in this.The place is devised to socialize in rooms and up stairs.In lounges they talk and safe to public.Have no crime in them.Law and order is so instantaneous.Security is high level branch from law.Spread out and have types of seating to sit in and secluded to talk and use them for the night as paid.No hogging.They do studies in these centers on sociializing.They have many more levels.Pay for private parties with arrangements.They are hangouts from boredom.People from groups population like to get together and imput about days and then hit the road for trips.Offered to go swimming.Swimming pool is clean.Swimming and there are muslim rules they obey here.Proven fact that men's eyes stray away at at bikini and swim suit.Women here have a bra in their suits and are like spandex cover the legs from men.They are enforce this as its obscene to wear swim suits except on your own estate.In privacy and not for gay for attractive women which means to pair them off with man that is gay.Attractive women here are transexuals.They cover their bodies and wear colors that don't attract men.Gives men's defenses chance and they have their own women that make men.They are not attractive women and people say they are beautiful.They are plain looking and with a body.Mixed with old fashion muslims.They are not flashy llike attractive women.Attractive women go to beach to swim and not start any videos or pictures.They are swimming and taking to it like camping.To get it done to enjoy nature.Men are polite and made arranged marriage with the plain looking bulky features women with sharp features.They are not related to attractive women here.Separate and have same sisters as themselves cater for men.Type of Princess or lady.They dress with no romance at all or to seduce here.No flirting at the beach or any other wild activity.They stay to calm atmosphere for people to concentrate on out doors.To relax in nature.Added respect here lack of flaunting.Because they are raised not to fluant and their government has crackdowns on it thousands of years ago.They stay to their own and keep privacy inside their estate.Take the shemales are on the same scale as men.They though are not as strong but from being kind and system they do the heavy chores with the drones.Shemales can contribute.They are not females at all and taught not to be females.They are like girls but cover bodies and do things like RC warships.Collect Transformers and legos.They have boy like aspects to them but from bodies they are lady.They are not tomboys.Many using the toys as like dolls.It has defenses to think of everyone.Dancing.Strip for them with stores,restuarants,centers and dedicated to adult life.Its a law abiding enforced area setup by government.Security for groups that make up city.Separation for main groups.Security check what group your part of that city,region composed of.Trouble is handled by security.And then goes on ID if they find guilt.Places are large lounges.And there can be places up in hights of buildings.Buildings are holding party only to certain corporation.Access to only by invitation and from employee ID.They must take adult things home.Must not do it in center.Center does a party and gets things going in space but under laws they have paid to party and take it home.Touching and physical contact.Grownups and teens have areas to hangout.Crack down on smoking.Smoking and drugs related.Their cigarettes are not organic smoking chemical from a cigarette device that you never throw or

Mini putting course


Mini putting


upstairs levels mini-putting

you have to buy new one.Change filters and wash them.Amusement park has rides and they have 50 rides.Loaded with rides and has games to do.They have rides in space amusement park on their moons.They have their version of roller coasters.They have alien thrill rides and they use forces on them.They swing around full speed and go up and down to modulate and transform slightly.They swing around and have kiddie rides are rides for adults.They made them not so slow and are like a fast ride.They have no kiddie rides as young adults will go up on roller coasters of space.They have traveling rides and rides that take people throughout the park uprights and it comes down to ground.Takes people to view the park at moderate speed.     They have a car ride on rails that goes along a track full speed like cars on railed highway.Send out many cart cars.The cart looks like a car.Rides off underground tunnels and over bodies of water being rivers.They have the hydraulics and robotics to get the rides to twist and twirl at all angles and transform.Generate force and monuverability.Whip the people around.They are extemely safe inside.The riders have a sponge like padding to reduce them tossed around.Safety is emphasized.Greater at a higher scale and focus on the smaller roller coasters made giant.They have these in space.Loop to loops and twirl around in circle to go lower and lower and higher and higher at high speed.Transform to raise upward the ride and it extensions upward and downward part ride.Extension hydraulics.Carts that have the people twirls around and they transform partly use of our technology to have a flying ride.Change they spread out hydraulic robotics and can do more monuvers.They can demanded to do many things like spread out and extension out and twirl around and transform back and all modules where crowd is in back in close and and going for extension transforming again.There ones that roll up and down and not propulsion too much.They go upside down.Fightercraft ride flies on rail and they are in fightercraft carts.They go on flight path and twirl around and go faster like a fighter.They do monuvers like in air show and then fly down on tracks and land.They do fighter monuvers on tracks.Roll and yaws.Change modes in park.Twirling downward and have people slides.Giant slides as ride that push the people over the humps and up a slope for them to slide down a giant slide protective with fields and padding.Swings tht go back and forth at a giant scale to back and forth.Then it lowers once they twirl and come down to ground at being many stories up.Slows down and flies like a jet.The water roller coaster is a roller coaster carts that ride on water.The tracks even upside down on a water flow.Roller coaster travels on the water like boat.Fields used and water does not splash much.Water roller coaster.Water boats thrill ride are water boats speed boats racing against each other and switching infront of each other in race or ride.Imitates a race and is on water in canals.Their are tracks and boats float on tracks and they link up to tracks once done to do a round and then they detatch from tracks.Its got them cut infront in 5 boats filled with people.Zig zag and then they curve around a turn and even cycle in circles and go to the main map track.It is in part of the park as racing boats ride.Transformation and partly when raised higher slightly and at speeds.The Tornado is a ride that boosts upwards spinning and then the ride modules separate and ejected from main compartment to twirl around and extends itself upward and then goes downwards swinging everyone..Amusement parks are in every city and every climate zone as they all have their own.Get to parks by commuting.Cities in our climate zones that operate on amusement park system.They make calls and sing.They operated by government in system.The military and police are on APB for amusement parks and as a system.Our tribal alien native blue Klingons operate as staff amusment parks.I intend to make up new rides for them to have.They will learn our rides here on this planet and make new rides to enter to their park.They right now have alien modules and non earth rides from North America of 20th and 21st century.New rides.They make money at parks which have them go to hundreds of rides and in each climate zone and city has their own parks of hundreds of rides.People have season tickets and go in and many parks runned all year round.They use excess power they harness from nature to power up the parks all year round and if some close they go to ones open from commuting.They have space orientated ideas for parks and rides.People pay with their cards and credits and they get in and many people stay at hotels part of the parks have admission to parks for elite people of government get to stay on park property.Other hotels off property and they provide hotels.They feel like they are flying and whirl around.They go through light g-forces.They have water parks part of amusement.They have foods and food court

Waterpark Poles Island Continent

system.Never crowded as they sort out the crowds for them not to be unhappy from crowds.Satisfies to demand.Their rides transformation for extra abilities other than the hydraulics and machine hydraulics.Electro mechanical.People have on their arms pass stamped on them.Privileges.Our family the Khan family will comit our lives to amusement parks and rides.We will think up of new rides.Other thrill rides than coasters.Like a coaster but is a thrill ride.We have foods of the parks.They play laser tag with laser guns.Rides in subarctic have an environemental field to protect and make different temperatures for the people.They run the rides and in subarctic guarded by field that makes climate inside the field warmer to 14 Celsius warm.They have devices that raise a field people can pass through.That is the way they have these fields.They have the park going.They have waterpark going.Its warmer from springs to 20Celsius.They go up and down on slides and have fun.Environmental field that makes warmth and retains it.Energy source makes the heat for the parks and cities.They have battery generators to them backup system.Environmental field stretches in radiius to park and can be re-adjusted to each ride to keep the people warm.People can have areas to wander out of field to go

Quantum Roller Coaster

in the cold but the retail is inside the village with the fields.They have seating here places to lounge around.

Thrill Ride

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Alien Poles island Continent Amusement Park

Arcade center is a place with classic arcade and arcade from space.Arcading
2015-10-08 19.31.50

Canada's Wonderland map

to play your favourite video games with credit.You can buy double and more and win from your score coupons for more games so you keep playing and inexpensive.Buy a pass and start to go away on arcade machines and play gambling in arcade.There are giant screens to play virtual reality games that are so real and are like moving cuttscenes as game.It has graphics to look

Polar Island continent Village Amusement Park

very real.And numerous players sit and use a conrtol to play and there are shooters,adventure games,racing,flight combat,robotech,action,role playing action and sports.Many versions and variants of a
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Top view Polar poles Island continent amusment park,park ride

game.Merger and combining of many video games like small men in Ace
KusoCartoon 14444207347993

Alien world Europeans poles island continent Amusement Park

KusoCartoon 14444230223002

Fightercraft Thrill ride

Combat as Call to Duty.Then Naval Ops in Ace Combat and Call to Duty.When people play in interface their games merger separate games like Call to Duty goes into Ace Combat to supply screens and missions.They have a networking of games that go with the story and theme.Shooters in the flight simulation and
Extreme Waterparks S02E05 (Xtreme Waterparks)

Extreme Waterparks S02E05 (Xtreme Waterparks)

Extreme Waterparks S01E05

Extreme Waterparks S01E05

Xtreme Waterparks S05E04 Tallest in America

Xtreme Waterparks S05E04 Tallest in America

in warship simulation as warship interface into shooter.Missions are unlocked.More than 20 games of number 1.Many variations and from each region a new altered version.Import meaning their version with different actors to the story.Play pool as game.Play games.Computers here too for gaming,goes to giant screen.Arcade like and computer controllers,set.You take your control out of a unit and workers that maintain and signs say "put controller back" and it will do automatically.In every city and zone there are many level arcade

Water Racers Ride

centers.Go out and be part of leaderboard and keep track of your score and your record,profiles.You can take this record of your profile on card and feed it into your home arcade center.Home video games.It does not have the power

Amusement Park Island Poles Continent

as government's but is the one for home.It has all records interaction with Arcade Center station.At the arcade center is a mini food court and lounges to sit and hangout and talk.Buy things from Arcade center levels{stores} like
Flight Deck (On-Ride) Canada's Wonderland

Flight Deck (On-Ride) Canada's Wonderland

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Baseball Ride

things to do with video games accessories and buying shirts.Buy hardware you can't find anywhere else and international.Imports.Gives you to buy all accessories.Access to commuting.Security.Kept clean

Baseball Thrill ride

by workers.Mini Putt Park has a park full of challenging futurisitc and classic courses.It has more than hundreds.It has a 2nd level and more levels with courses upraised.They have bumbers that spin around to help the balls.They have
Fly Front Seat on-ride POV Canada's Wonderland

Fly Front Seat on-ride POV Canada's Wonderland

architecture ball goes travels through and you can putt the
Shock Wave on-ride POV Canada's Wonderland

Shock Wave on-ride POV Canada's Wonderland

Night Mares on-ride HD POV Canada's Wonderland

Night Mares on-ride HD POV Canada's Wonderland

Wind Seeker (On-Ride) Canada's Wonderland

Wind Seeker (On-Ride) Canada's Wonderland

Psyclone (Off-Ride) Canada's Wonderland

Psyclone (Off-Ride) Canada's Wonderland

ball and there are ones that travel like marbles on a track and ball is highlighted and twists and twirls all around and is helped by anti gravity.They travel in structures and you can't tell what hole it will

Amusement Park ride

popout.Unpredictable.They have mazes and puzzles.And many water barrier and golf course but mini putting.They have garden holes in upraised levels.Water fountains.They have a toy world courses.Space world.Architecture world with famous buildings and structures that participate with the ball and pinball like course.Off bumpers and you got to play a game to complete sink in many holes.The place uses same as ID and to pay.You go on it and there are buildings to go inside and leaderboards.Each group has score taken.You get to play a game in structures improvise.Helpl you out to look and buy things from mini putting to souvenirs that work.Even a museum.Many tournaments are held her like a holiday.Keep your scores on record.Lounges and restaurants.Places to sit and hangout.Commuting and every zone and city has their own type of mini putt parks.Lights of courese.Give something legal.Movies are 3 dimensional projections in a plenetarium.Huge and sections.People sit to watch it very real and done in computer graphics and mix models with computer graphics.They can make people that don't exist.They take a story from

Mini Putting Park

a book and put it into action and music songs.I want them to do earth class Sol System 20th century rock music,metal changed into a film.By putting it in a device the CD or cassette change music into long movies.Many versions of a movie.And genres.Have a movie with alternate story in it and to have more than 10.And from move tv program that is for many decades.Many versions and you can select many variants to the movie and story.Import version meaning from overseas other regions their own version with their own cast for the story which is catered to regions.Real story for movie made real like documentary as movie and cutout harshness and illegal to make it for viewing.Make more space military movies with warfare and types of warfares for movie instead of too much
KusoCartoon 14197229816471

Outer space Board Hockey game

KusoCartoon 14197230591334

Outer space board soccer game

KusoCartoon 14197231332068

Stargate Pretender Gobot Universe board sports area faciity

of a story.Action to takeover with story in it.They take stories and its vibrant and is like film but 3d.And they have thess for home as they buy movies for home as well as songs.Pinball video game hall mixes video games in 3d and 2d projections with their game in pinball.Cutscenes and when playing the game its
Riptide on-ride HD POV Canada's Wonderland

Riptide on-ride HD POV Canada's Wonderland

better reminder to finish the games and Ojectives are easier because of video games.Your playing
Table hockey-SWE Championship 2013-Final Game5-ANDERSSON - ÖSTLUND

Table hockey-SWE Championship 2013-Final Game5-ANDERSSON - ÖSTLUND

Singles Bubble Hockey Championship Dec 28 Buffalo - Game 1 of Finals

Singles Bubble Hockey Championship Dec 28 Buffalo - Game 1 of Finals

pinball and you can have a shooter as part objectives but a short scenario.Filled with short scenarios of video games part of pinball.Displayed your in video game for sports.Figures walk around army men pinball video games.Fulfill the objectives in hall with the video game arcade..Board sports are board games like hockey and soccer with controls that move players around by signal built into lego arean devices.Small mini keyboard which colors to make it easy.Enhancement is that the players can do moves like in sports.Like in board hockey the players can move and do skating,then do slapshot and plays.Play make and do movement like play doh moving players.Goalies can do saves you pick for them to move around and sprawl and many stances,butterfly and standup.Stats and data are take with

Pinball video games Hall

real holographic effects for stands,fans and arena effects.Refs and linesman with benches and coaches.Line changes.Lively and you can play for 5 to 20 min periods.Play book to select for your team to do.Bring in your game card program from home to load in your set team,your record.Has your profile and your selection.Favourite teams in
Hersheypark Walk-thru

Hersheypark Walk-thru

outer space to earth class Sol System North America and Europe.Soccer the players move around and do many types of plays and handle the ball,dribble.The players come alive to do jumps
Theme Park World Part 1

Theme Park World Part 1

with shot and headers.Goalies can jump and do many types of moves.O course the soccer/hockey relations in plays and players.Come alive and moves and plays.You control and can command players to move when your not controlling them.CPU takes over and follows your coaching.Has small mix of computers with electronics.And the front desk has view of all games to have you on rating system.Players for parents and ancestors games like tennis.The players come alive and do moves.They use controllers to move their figures using RC signals to players.Stadiums of lego have built in devices to enable manipulating your figures to do sports moves.Wrestling has the lego wrestlers you choose.And you have move set programmed with your prepitory.Have moves from 80's from North America earth class Sol System galaxy and 90's.You select wrestler and then a show goes on with each wrestlers intro.The go out and do the stances for each introduction.Then the referee summons the bell and match goes.You then put in code to do each moves in ring.Crowd has boards that say things and cheer to the match.Lego figure wrestlers do their moves.They throw people out of ring to ram them around and bodyslam.And your meter of energy is there to show your wrestler.You can do air attack off the ropes.Air attack from top rope to outside padded area of ring.Commentators are lego figures doing play by play.Camera's are lego devices with lego camera device in it.Screen is showing things.You get points from each move.Points you get for how you achieve and ranks,grade level.Then when you play next times you come as you gather a record you can get first title shot at intercontinental title or US title.There are many types of matches as TLC,Hell in Cell,hardcore,rules and regulations like iron man,pinfalls anywhere,no disqualification,I Quit and ladder match.Cage Match.This is when you have a war on a wrestler.Then you have a feud and go to the cage.Events every month from achievement.Your to send a text to be there at the games facility to participate in event.You can practice before hand.Recorded and you get copy of event.And there is just event mode.Meaning in a season you can come on your own timing and do an event when you play.Crowd cheer with special effecst and to the way each match goes.They do different types of celebrations as game goes on.And you can play the CPU if you don't have a player.Then you can play the leaderboard CPU from the front desks.They can get you to match without anyone.Lego figures move to do sports moves and actions.Controller has programs and for these people its easy to do.Buttons and have small miniature PC keyboard with colors.Then they tap in instructions and prepatory countdown goes for most 7min but you can get extra time added few more minutes til ready to play.Your game card from home should get you prepared to go by inserting and front desks charge you in credit system.And its like dollar which is change here.Inexpensive.All day
Rollercoaster World (PS2) Gameplay Part 1 - Making Dismal Land

Rollercoaster World (PS2) Gameplay Part 1 - Making Dismal Land

would be 20 dollars.Credits.The games at the halls and complex has more gianter computer to make bigger effects and these halls and complexes are very safe for young adults and rest of public to go in on and have fun.Security in these places is secure and everyone has fun here to hangout and use the lounges.People take interest in making board sports work.At their station of board game sport they see whats on main viewer.Many workers watch through security and maintain each board sports game.Maintained excellence and cleaned.Kept in perfect working condition.Pucks and balls for each game kept in the playing area.Game alarms will go off and security is viewing them.Worker walks by and if neccessary takes a card and puts a record on them by security and they cannot use the food courts and are put on level as offender.People with success play at these games and have many stages to compete in tournament.Weekly with interaction with your groups and school.Peers.Come in and in lounge listen to metal,rock and thrash from the complex.Eat food from what is small food court.Our version of foods from earth.Game play has events like ceremony like in sports.When you climb higher as your data on game card.And games at home count.You can make the games count.Video games are progection in many places.They have multiple players that wear visors for interaction with games.Holographic and realistic to arcade like graphics for a story.Many types of games like real games that use cut scenes as a game.Gets more real it looks like real environment like a race way or airport and you play it as a game.Holographics to make realistic games to video games enhanced.Huge selection of sports,action,shooter,adventure,games,role playing,horror.They can adapt games from Antarctia and Greenland 20th century Earth class Sol system for their archive of games.Many systems that are unused.Like from nintendo to sega to PS.Turbografx,Neo Geo.Arcade.From 80's to 2000's.Wide range of games and concepts not in space.Sports games,adventure,shooter,action many role playing.They can buy the copyrights and make newer continuation games from titles.Ace Combat,Bionic Commando.NHL Breakaway.Sherlock Holmes.Terminator but role playing.Silent Hill but arcade graphics.Make the games they never made from series.Use types of graphics and enhance them                                                                                                                                                                                                           .They sure could make a revival from unused video games that they have from popularity.They really have some good titles that don't have a series.Terminator is great one that never made it as a role playing.Guitar Hero as adventure game.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Motorized bicycle path uses lights and fields.It says to the driver how fast the limit is and has areas on paths where walkers stay away from motorized bicycle path and are protected by field and many hidden barriers that can popup.The bikes can slow down to almost a stop for crossing area for walkers.So the motorized bicycles in areas no walkers can go full speed or at 40 mph to 30 mph.They must slow down for turns.Motorized bicycles can use the paths and must be bicycles that are have been made motorized,no motor bikes at all.Because they can have slow speeds to stopping.Monitored by laws and cameras.Bike police force on patrol.They are motorized police and security bikes.When law is broken all walkers are alerted to get away from path and defenses go up.Early warning from hundreds of meters.Sensors.Many can use them and take them to public places where they need them and integrate on to the rules and laws.Pay and bring their bike in.Medical force for bike paths.Speeds increase in areas no walkers and signaled no walking in certain areasa and zones for increased speed to go to another region and city.Rerouted areas for walkers instead warnings of high speed motorized bikes area.It just allows the motorized bicycles into parks and uses how they have traits as a bike.Switch off motor or if its hilly they use the engine to travel in park at slower speeds.Cover distance til they get to a bike path side road which motorized bicycles use bike paths.  They have gambling and they use credit.Credit can be earned by extra work and fulfulliing goals.Extra work after work for few more hours for credit.They can be awarded
KusoCartoon 13972598422599

walking path and motorized bicycle

credit for how efficient they are in society as award per month.Weekly they get credit from daily lives like school.When they do a goal government recognizes they get awarded credit.Like a drawing or art they did.Hand in work like project.People for small jobs can offer credit.This credit also can be bought twice and half amount of money from stores.They can use credit to gamble.They are not using money.Credit can be used in parks like amusement parks,RC Remote control Toys Park when inside or zoo and aquarium or historic places,tourism.Its like getting discount on things.You can buy things for free like points but more efficient like money.Zoos are made with nature.They have jungle woods and bodies of water that are all

Bear exhibit Zoo


Bear exhibit forest jungle

manmade.They re-create their environment in many acres per exhibit.They have enclosure transparent that uses fields and type of petrified glass impenatrable from animal force.They chase down their prey when released from pens.Large to be like jungles and woods,mountains in wild with pools,rivers and lakes.They have park enclosure area of woods and jungle in swamp.With decks to walk through and watch exhibits in their

Animal Park Monorail System

habitat.Indoor park transparent enclosure.Have a wooden walkway so they can walk and watch upraised at hights above the animals and to walk down stairs to look at ground level.Monorail takes people to consessions and village.Village is where people eat.They have vending machines which are stands.They supply so many a variety from the vending machines that its a serving stand.People pay and receive their items and fast food from vending machine.Same with their drinks and they have bigger variety food from 20th Century North America and Roman Empire.Asian,Mexican.They can get fast food vending stands that have it all warmed.When they put in coin food is warmed but the workers take the food directly out of the vending part with the food items.They do things to it to put on sauces and whip it up like space.Their are deserts and frozen deserts vending machine stand.Workers go to work and do food from each zone and area.Stands that make fresh food like pizza and breads with meats and sauce,cheese.People have tray taken by drone units to lay them out as they are eating at high class level outside.Workers are trained in courses in franchise professional chefs.They can do alien methods of cooking and are very clean and efficient.They are competing with drones or teamwork with drones.They are very trust worthy on this island continent good attititude public.Served with excellent and organized service and they use carts to bring out people's trays.Have extra food.People are at the hotels here.Where they stay and
Views From The Zoo Ep 2 Central Park Zoo

Views From The Zoo Ep 2 Central Park Zoo

monorail can get them close to hotels area.Stop for hotels and part of the resort.Monorail is for visitors to travel in bubble shape cart tht has bars inside covered by padding.Bubble cart has transparent panels and has roof top.It take the visitors for a visit through each animal exhibit pen and through the nature landforms they contructed like their small mountains and water falls.It travels and is high above the animals and slows to 1mph to watch the animals for 20min and then goes off at normal 20mph speed.Stops as the

Zoo Consessions,village eating area

monorail system is quiet to animals and they can't tell anything.It goes to all far parts of the park has stops and pickup areas zones.Precautions that its too slippery for animals to get up to and is isolated from animals,fields.Then to finish things off it speeds up to 35mph and to the station loading area.The visitors see things from up at 30ft, 40ft and 50ft up in air passing through the animal's exhibits.People protected by pods in any accident that won't happen.Protected from elements.Modes as they can go on a fast run and a slow run to take pictures at 30ft up and higher.Tourist run slower and faster 20mph to 30mph run.Things are too reinforced like space.Stuck up high protected.Get things going rail system has them do tourism.There are lots of outdoor rest areas with environment fields and areas with seating.People have a transparent view of animals and predators.Watch them up high view over thair jungle woods.All of the animals of this world and continent.Other zoos with more exotic species are on planet Eurasia and on their colonies in space.They then graze and get stalked in the predators pens that are many acres in size with a woods and habitat like in nature.People view them from wooden bridge and platform walk up the stairs from the carts.They get out of the carts to view the exhibit animals treated like zoo is the wild.Rangers that are here in a station.It has manmade

Continent's zoos


continent's zoo map

lakes and rivers,streams and jungle woods to each creature has acres at the least.Small ones have alot of room.Not caged up in aquariums.They made it like their habitat even for insects and there series of cameras to view them when they sit down for each exhibit in viewing area for tv.The creatures are alien species that does not have a primitive waste system.They don't create waste as they have acids to dispose of waste and they go within less month.Hybrid waste system efficient breaking down meats in their diet and disposes of manure.This is broken down

Monorail system inside Animal Park

and made into dirt.They are fed a wild diet and are maintained in clean environment with filtration systems and lighting for night time but dim so animals can sleep.Well lit where people are and walk.Nocturnal animals are on type of lighting that does not effect their behaviour and lets our people see them.3000 acres size.Have a carts system in cars.Wait for cars when check in.Live with workers in park and from end to end park.Viewing screens in zoo per exhibit giant screen to view them in a lounge and cinema.Zoo has stores and mini-mall with places

Predatory cat and doglike cat in zoo pen tundra area

to eat,food court.Hotels to stay for many days.Has a museum.Lounges in mall and thorughout centers.Commuting.Same as aquarium.It uses live sea as exhibits when animals have territory to certain areas of sea.They can see bottomless drop.Ice flows polar area has hundeds of exhibits main exhibits.They have made natural environment for them making lakes into tanks.Many sea mammals and

Giant sharks in manmade lake tank aquarium


map of aquarium historic area seaside

fish species alien.conveyor belts to travel from exhibit to exhibit.Hundreds of hectares.Aquarium also does this,large tanks that are like lakes and you can see the creatures underground and surface.Aquariums of all zones and places on this continent fore each city and regions have their own methods of making aquarium tanks as lakes.In mountain cities theirs are all no the


Osaka Aquarium walkthrough - Whale Shark, Rays, Sun Fish, Squids, Penguins..

Osaka Aquarium walkthrough - Whale Shark, Rays, Sun Fish, Squids, Penguins... etc etc!

Views From The Zoo Ep 1 Toronto Zoo

Views From The Zoo Ep 1 Toronto Zoo

same.Have these tonnes giant sharks to view from open bay in historic area aquarium.They can use a signal to signal many

Polar Ice Flows area Megaladon alien species viewing open sea

of these territorial predators to be watched by an aquarium.Pens for these intelligent giant predators.They have water breach precatuation and slightest damage to petrified transparent alloy and the exhibit is closed and water tight shutters go down.Pumps to pump out any water high speed.Safety public that when with scanners and visual is done,security and pass codes that every section that has breach panel doors co down to seal off sections.Maintenance then goes into action.No harm to exhibit creatures or accidents.Fields to maintain safety and signals in water to keep them calm.They all have precautions and have emergency pens to keep them in.Not circused animals.They are free.Get coralled but let out and they substitue from their creator of sharks humanoid.He works with the Rangers.Keep them as visitors.Water is transparent to view the predators.Made as much to do with the wild with pens that are large to sea bottom.Parks in oceans and seas and lakes.Treated very well but not too well or they will eat them.And they feed in bay from the viewing windows for the bays.They have pumps and petrified material with fields.Transparent but can withstand any collisions they make as giants.Predators are to do with locations.Aquarium can raise young but not giant sharks as the Cacharadon Megaladon.Up in mountains they use their mountain lakes

Ants exhibit casing


Ants exhibit,ant manmade ant hive with lights encased


Insect section zoo ants exhibit encased garden habitat

and streams.Watch at night with lights.Zoo but for marine creatures and is in the polare Ice flows area.There is center,museum and hotels.Lounges to hang around.Viewing screens to sea and live with workers on ship and through the park.Mall and commuting.People come from all parts continent transfering to train to stay here for many days.Insect section of the zoos has many types of
KusoCartoon 13976112234313

Insect section zoo map

structures like some have transparent enclosure like a green house.They showcase predatory insects and many of insects that people have come to see.Its a garden habitat that is large for hundreds of meters in length with many wings and branches to showcase many

Insect Aquarium map

types of insects and they are on webcam.They are on video and on

Insect aquarium with manmade pond


Predatory Insect tank

viewing screen per exhibit in area sit down and watch.They have lighting well lit at night time to view rare insects and create predatory area for them.They divided from each other prevent fighting.People view them on case and not allowed to lean on it.Get a great view of insects as each case branches and has walking area.They have made a woods and jungle for them in case which has air filtrations and filtration system.Insect aquarium network that gets you to have a closer look at predatory insects at work.They are separated and swim into a manmade aquarium pond.This gives them alot of room to swim in giant size aquariums connected for them to then make a swim into the pond to be viewed.Pond is transparent and simulates biome that they live in.Its just like their habitat and has their food fish.They have logs to go live inside and burrow in the sands.They are enclosed and have cameras and webcams inside to view them.They have feeding time.There are currents as aquariums are connected to each pond for the fish and predator insects to swim into.People walk all along to view them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            The wildlife are on parks.Since space modern we put our animals on parks where they can live and thrive.Maintained by staff and rangers.They have scientists and animal doctors that maintain the well being of the animals and to keep them on the park large sectors and areas set for animals to live on.All woods and jungles are watched and maintained by government and rangers.They monitor all forms of life as many woods jungles out in the countryside have smaller wildlife.Vortices don't effect animal behaviour as its brought to calming.Animal migration and animals here are not migratory.They don't need use of the planet to migrate as this will wreckup the animal's mind to use migration compass in mind.They don't have this at severity as its not a neccessity.They don't need to migrate.They have giant territories in oceans and on the land since everything here is on giant planet where our continent extends from south and north poles on earth in length.Long and giant and is only size of our continent.Animals don't need the ability to use space or compass.No migration so they don't interact with planet and happens from triangle vortices cause madness.The animals have calmed place that has no natural triangles on this planet.Animal life is calmed from the space effect of higher atmosphere.Animal behaviour is normal and above average.They are very healthy mentally.The planet and island continent does not effect them.They are very happy creatures.Vortexes happened in prehistoric era meaning building of the planet and that was what they had many millions of years ago in formation of the planet.Animals use a small scale mind compass or mental compass.Smaller and does the job for them to wander and go to terrritory but from their adaptations and physical outer that they remain in their climate zones with no migration.Cars and highways,trains are in their ways.Adapted to modernization that there are highways and traintracks.Vehicles and cities in the way.They are happy at home.They can on conservation areas wander from area to area but not to change climate.Don't shed their hair.They don't need to and have solid weather structure last for millions of years.Insects are on parks where they can hunt in nature.Suburban areas have no animal problems,no conflicts with animals here as their safety is insured.Fields keep the animals confined with many physical barriers.Frequencies and signals which have our universe and island  continent's battery backup.Same applies to bodies of water.The giant prehistoric sharks and many sharks live in parks in bodies of water.City areas and population areas have physical barriers,frequencies and fields to prevent them near the populated areas.100's meters away closest.Many parts made shallow so the giants and predatory sharks can't swim in shallow manmade areas with barriers.Blocked off with animal safe fencing.So the predators situated in parks as they created predatory areas of nature here as parks.Parks up in mountains.Predatory sharks have rivers and creeks to lakes that they hunt in,in park area monitored with precautions.Parks have predators and rangers made areas for viewing nature properly where groups escorted maintained by drones.They have precautions they can activate to divide nature from AI alien race Stargate Europeans.Many precautions for jungle woods as they made reinforcements on the paths and trails so predators can't attack anyone.No one goes alone and must go to ranger office.Rangers and staff make decisions to go on trails.Have commuting vehicles to transport people throughout the park or woods jungle areas no matter what climate zone they live in.Transports them to destinations where proper facility lodge structures made which have provisions like mini-mall and places people can rest and watch media entertainment and to do their activities and eat.Its all clean and has excellent transparent panels to view part of the nature.See animals.Its done to let in sunlight and viewing woods.Sit in their commfie chairs.Have references to read and watch about nature and its history.The animals in wild have their berries and wild veges maintained by workers.They keep them maintained so they are well fed.These wild fruits and veges self destruct and don't rott.The predators and many that would go to farm have their own in wild.They don't need a farm at all as they are well fed.Their wild version satisfies them.Our predators don't grow bigger than 140lbs.Not pack hunters.They will use small pride.No large bears to eat people or attack.They have doglike cats.They have a weasel creature.Avoid people.Stay away from people.Stay to their smaller deer creatures.On some islands far in subarctic there is a sasquatch creature that has mouth like a bear.He eats and kills giant deer creatures.Very far away from continent on other half of the polar poles.Planet has bear creatures that are like primates and hunt giant buck creatures.They have small chimera squirrel small predators that live up in tree tops.They have their hands but are not related to rodents.They are their own creature and live up in trees and come down.You can see where they were feeding with the bones.They have native cats of 190lbs live here in wild.They go with the doglike cats.They all live out in the wild with the weasel that is 200lbs.They do not have encounters with people from the way the island continent made venturing out to nature.Safe and very safe for the people as the animals don't attack people and in some areas people are not allowed out in woods jungles.Supervised by rangers.Rangers are not killers.They prevent emergencies and do not put the animals through trauma from idiots.They will charge people if they were causing nuisance.That is why these people are modernized take to the facts when they venture out to the woods well prepared.Part of questionaire they must take to go out to the woods.Submit this and get service like commuting in woods jungles.For their own safety.More bigger the animals more the tests and appointments to ensure their safety and they want to know why you want to go to area with giant sasquatch or the native cats.Some animals are more predacious than others as cats are meat eaters even though they are appeased by the rangers and workers to reduce them to resort attack on people.Prevented from migrating and spreading their areas created into parks and conservation areas they have isolated by nature and by manmade barriers.They can't get out and from fields setup with camera systems.Cameras and balloon satellites view the animals and patrols.Isolate off society being hundreds miles away from the wilderness areas.Towns near the woods in same region 20miles away have roads isolated replaced by barriers.They prevent the animals from digging and will use workers to work on reinforcing the dirt layers in many areas.Underground measures to wild animals.Made underground structures and barriers,walls.Animals are confined to conservation areas.Far away from regions with barriers in way and small towns and regions protected.Lights keep out the animals and frequencies setup.Precautiions in favour of the animals with corporal on patrol that can send the animal back to the conservation area.Water is done like this too.It has barriers and enforcement in the lakes areas.Done to maintain beaches.Prevented from having deep areas using construction machinery to lay down layers of sand and to make area shallows for hundred yards from construction machines laying in sand beds to make it 4ft deep most then the field is layed in to protect them.Wading in water not swimming as this is dangerous.Deeper they go the giant the shark predator.Harder to protect the shallows from deep parts because deep helps larger sharks and predators come close to shore.And in subarctic where naturally has sandbed layers. They were very supportive of continent with positive people as the main people of continent.Teachers and a great celebration to get to know my afterlife teachers.Use celebration to get to know them and each of them female and male teachers.And as a combined unit in teaching me about Sol System Earth class North Atlantic technology.I need to get straightened out on the types of guns and mishaps that might have happened in me not knowing proper parts of what I am using in video games.Like suppressed gun and take it apart.Hedgehog weapons.I need a class to teach about what battleships are and science in drawing use of torpedoes.And anti submarine Maritimes operations on chalk board and holograms.Use text to get into measuring calibers and math to do with military.Naval ships instruments,sensors and tracking.Main guns operation process.Ramming.And AA guns.What about grenades and types of them.Applied sciences in that area the compounds.Cars and vehicles,engine and instruments inside them.Police and Army tech.Troop manmpower.Medically in history.And afterburners.Powerplant.Reactors.And about gunpowder and what is happening in ballistics.I go with and refer to bad habits in Zarconian proper format in education.Proper types of field cannons and artillery.Uses in history and what each is meant for.To get to railguns and reilgun they talk about as energy weapon.Then atomic bomb and factors and what it is.Eduaction better than Military Channel but for class.Missiles.Munitions and cartidge.And the guns of navies that they are all different.Power source and propulsion.Rockets and types rockets for choppers.Covert operations and use of vehicles.And many types of guns in history why they need them to be rapid fire.Jamming but why to european firearms.How missile launchers work.And aircraft missile launchers.Plasma uses and radiations in space.Void space and atmospheres.Geography of alien worlds.Gases.Types of planets and moons.Types of continents and societies.Then when I write the tests and do all of my years in school teachers know me and we get to know teacher that left imprint on me to correct me out with some homework.I will be grown up level in classes.And a day teachers want to share food and celebrations afterschool is done and on holidays when we are at school.Homework on holiday and like afterschool best interests drawing on chalkboard to gather a group.To get me to universitpy but to adjust university to senior school.Not to get me to know things vague or brief.And reserved food for my table.Talk.Teachers will open up to talk about things but not to get personal.They act for buissiness.Spelling gramars tests.What my best class is.And those classes I can improve on.Teacher's talk and advice.Parent teacher night.I will bring in my elders of space Khan family.My artwork on Paint.Once drawing fed into me.Electronics as classes and computers.From my years and Princess Armada's years.All of our teachers per era.People aspect will be kept forever in Pretender Combiners race.Its because of military and working team larger frames.Militarized co-operation and troop squads M-16 laser guns can go through enemy.Peeple's military effectiveness from learning from our vehicle mainframes.Learning from Transformer Gobot world as Transformer Gobots.Reinforcement our society and its architecture for giant robots mainframes and war.Withstand being jumped on and sliding down a building has no damage.We built everything and its 100 000 yrs old and more.Makes us resistant to giant mainframes robots attacks.Infiltration to end wars and go into power source with a demo squad.Bases infiltration and covert ops.People size beings go to 10ft most can be infiltration and get into their hallways and bases to capture intel and gain destruction of power source,disable.Add war machine powers military to us and interaction using APB and talking devices.We would'nt if we we mainframes on a walkie talkie to call and laser designator.Military format.Our military bases and carriers are resistant to Decepticons.Military soldiers and Army,Navy and choppers.Unlike terminators.But its also about peace time and lower down our vehicles when we don't need them.We larger have our people attributes and descriptions enlargen to mecha robot.Now as Transformer Gobots from type of Pretenders.And our mainframe robot
KusoCartoon 13928407500981

Transformer Gobot Pretender Combiner white race people

KusoCartoon 13928408585570

Space Fighters schematics Transformer Combiner Gobot Pretender white race people with mainframes vehicle robot mode

vehicle mecha bodies are on a base in subconscious state meaning the other half is awake like in dream on a trusted government base.Never to fall into enemy hands as they will fight or escape most or remain on government grounds,territory.But no dogs.Their are cat origin people robots.Continent mostly person origin people in ancestory.They are very advanced.Begun advanced.They were given same basics but
KusoCartoon 13929195579703

Zarco Crew clone endos enemy design Pretender Combiners

their luck was better and they could make most of having resources and are aliens.Aliens have advanced technology.They made the best of their 21st Century technology and things given basics for society and were space travellng in 20yrs.They made the best of things they had better strategy and thinkers,authoratative and mergered to orbiting planet Eurasia.They had better thinkers.Made better decisions.Its not having advanced technology as like in sports what it takes to win it or space are their decision making and judgment.They don't waste ores.Better minds that focus on things like craft designs that will be compatible to space that were city and country design transports for space use.Sciences were better.Used underwater vehicles for space.Not wasters.Their 17th Century was in space.They have government   powers and things in government archives of history to use like drugs and technology.To do with upgrading body for war.Use government act and powers for situations.They have in government what to do for every situation.They have their technology and manpower at government level.Miltary medical to increase and decrease them for military and government.At high levels or even play around with their levels from info from past.Use past in modern day for them.Answers and space was era going to outer space in first 50yrs.Nobody aged badly like on earth as they live for 25 000 yrs and longer.Government was stocked up and smart and knew what it took to do something easy for them.From effort and right moves.Picking right vehicles.They inherited colony from white native tribes.Aliens live on other continents.They all live with a great history and did not have any war.We use spacecraft as transportation to space to not bring in any large corruption.We have them at our space airports and customs inspection.They inspected when getting on.Isolated and can't do any damage.Keeps our continent free from problems of being connected.Easy to filter out.Agreements and treaties.Troops like PC's don't need sleep for months and do shutdown for sleep like a PC.They can take a restart to refresh themselves.They are also like people using military drugs to cope with sleep.Government powers and drugs.Aliens that are hostile to us are very far in space and did war on Eurasia. .Reverse of us and our enemy.War act was done to ready us on Multicultural and aliens as war          .Our defenses on war on invaders wanted to invade our galaxy and were stopped.Military dealt with them.Distance prevents many wars.But hostile aliens will travel until defeated in war.We have had many space wars.Unity to the White tribes and our islands system.They integrated as elders and pitched in on our government.Tauri Americans and their system of allies like all Americans are going to be at war with European Stargate AI people Pretender Gobots.When Zarconian is ready we can go to war on Americans in Stargate the Tauri.Flush them out and get rid of them as stabllity in our galaxy.They are threatened by Zarconian and this is not toleratable by anyone British.This is punished by war and invasion.They are discipline in war and are not war torn.They are wealthy and behave on a abundance system that they don't cout or do takeovers.No mutiny from them as their system smooth flowing since tens of thousands of years ago when they were pioneers.They race is not vile or savage and is very modern.Native aliens are passive but very responsible and take command.They were enforcing a peace alliance and peaceful way of life.They had only wars overseas over space in outer space.They will have Zarconian once it has structure from them.Then Zarconian Primes will be ready for each to take their placesWe as Space Europeans neutralized Americans and exterminate them.We don't except any British spread by people gone nuts like Americans who lye like jews.They keep propaganda which has mental illness.We are a normal people and don't except anyone in same category as Cobra like US people or animals.These allies come to end when under their noses Zarconian is century old top secret.They are threaten and they are terrorists that obey the muslim Allah.This is start of war on capture and execution and destruction of Allah hiding white races governments.We will detonate our superweapons on Allah captured to be sure he is exploded and incinerated by plasma.End of Allah and all evil he does in form as Iblees Freddy Kreuger 2000's.That is when Allah changes and he is uneffected by day light.Every American will be brought to justice by Zarconian growing and initialized in war with fleets of millions vs Allah and white races of space as giant space war is set to go through with beginning the invasion and out military the Americans in blunder living near their enemy Space Europeans in Stargate.We will contain them and use our Zarconian class space warships and fleets to defeat them.They won't have a chance against our ranks and Zarconian strategy/technology.We are better and superior and mark conquest of every galaxy and universe to make giant empire from Space European Stargate to expansion as the largest empire in future in hundreds of thousands of years in future.After my death or dormant this will begin building blocks for Zarconian.We then in Feroz's predictions that we will expand to friction to Vampire Parasite Creature faction and their troops and navy.Changed after fighting robotech.And the Dragon Empire from small faction to highest empire and Dinguil our brother race to Stargate Space Europeans.Dinguil are our evil brother race.They are our enemy being higher level than Invid and replacing them by fighting them.Universe from Milky Way opposite from Stargate will change in wars like Vampire,Klingons,Dragon and Dinguil.Bolars.All of wars to change map of universe and Allah.They prevent invaders from UPF and British loyalist "Stargate Atlantis" like Multicultural and Black.Gangs and mafia world,drug lords and oppressors with a rotten system.Uncaring and a problem.Not human beings.Riches and to train to kill for luxury and to be a destroyer.Just to make mess of things and destroy.Threaten and martially and spread scourge of crime and danger.Class division from night lifers who live destructive lavish and sinner.Spend to have distinction in fashion,cars and lifestyles. .Segregation and spread history of problems.Use of ghetto in this system.Met with our miltary and government in space.No enemy thinkings in our society at all or communism.No equality and like metling pot effect to make everyone the same.No replicas or clones under Galactic laws and our police are too powerful for old news and garbage like them.Not allowed in thousands of light years near us at all and declared war enemy in our society.We are against them and won vs them.They are vile and are not Decepticons.They are low lives that supply to underworld and policing.They can't get into society with exchanging relatives as their war on relatives ande family.None of these enemies in any families at all.Controlled by law and military forbids them by laws.That is why Zarconian is going to war on white race aliens and white government.Zarconian was created to counter these slime balls and their society laws.They are not laws in our eyes and disposed of.Dealt with by the law.Not allowed on our society and reinforcement Zarconian which is vs them.Counter them.Eurasia is meant to be cruel to enemies and over seas in UFP and Stargate and any more human white empires.They are illegal and meant to be brought down with extreme force by Galactic laws.We and Feroz will imput in Galactic Laws to destroy the Tauri and Americans.Leaders of white race slime and our history of Anti-Islamic and normal.Adding in Criminal and mental with drugs.They are all problem to be put in Enemies in Zarconian prisons to therapy them.Feroz is going to as Queen write in Zarconian as laws and policies and will get from many government areas of my faction and Universe Zarconian Primes that will reinforce our legislation for Space and historic laws to protect Feroz's people AI Europeans.Commitment to Jihad against the Whiteman and its end of this Centauri Government favoured pest of human.These people had their eyes open from Sol System Earth Class North America ON 20th Century  21st Century overboard an enemy and friend like white race can get with their hypocrite laws by UN.What growing menace they are and threat to everyone with racism spreading with crime and dangerous British cities.Supporter to British the US and Americans are in killing those to these British who Centauri is bias in history rampage of disrespect to society's and hiring henchman and hitman on normal people.British and racists history.India and their laws on India and white people like Feroz that were tanned.Attitude spread across US and space.UN backing racism.Embarrasssing planet earth class and what trouble maker every earth class is in Star Blazers,Star Trek and robotech.Earth class and its history of belittling animals like Primal Klingon that counters with destruction on hunting as racism.They use their jobs to disguise racism what they do on animals.They are allowed on their territory for free hand from Centauri.Centauri wanted this cleaned up by UN reputation so sucker aliens would join them and think they are with kind people whites.Disguise their rotten racist wars history by UN.UN makes unfair tyranny laws on Feroz too.Feroz carried this to her people as Queen was racist to by earth class Sol System as crime.War crimes on those don't give in and fit in in British.Black market and schemes using the mob and mafia to do more bigotry and attack.And anyone in right mind that fights them is by UN declared "Terrorism".They have comitted terrorism and are to go to prison by UN in US prisons and threaten to be losers by military.Police support for British continue this evil cycle of Christianity and their alien loyalties.They are denied.Our continent and planets neighbouring have a successful system going and public.Economy and no disruptions in society.Filtered out by our society and in space.Many islands would immigrate.We had a unity with our alien islands.Keeps upgraded society.Keep it from dropping with debts and bankruptcy,poverty and crime,unemployement.We don't have to race to exist with jobs.Pressure is not there.Stargate Atlantis and UPF capitolism is a threat but very far and met by our defenses.No corruption and Supremacy thinkings from far in space.No enemies except for deep in space.We've fought space wars and in those eras continent and alien world was prepared by government.Great defenses and handled well by Eurasia.Eliminated and was not a problem for a wealthy begun continent and alliances.Begun at a high level.Filtering out.They did not have Stargate Atlantis and  UFP Multicultural and Black.Stargate Atlantis is a whiteman corruptant threat to my Universe.They have fought and there is disputes settled.Stargate Atlantis did not except them as part of alliance or support.Eurasia new of this and countered Stargate Atlantis as more of a threat than what they are.British.This does not exist to Island dweller dedicted race Transformer Gobot White race.They have a large movement of Space Islam which is meant for Alien Transformer Gobot White Race to believe in.They are very much to do with island life as a continent.Island methods on large continent.Its like a large continent Island.Our society is filtered out and enforced.Does not allow immigrants of colored and hostile aliens.Only allow within their own family.But they stay to themselves.We are and have many hundreds of islands network for our continent and island customs to make travelers feel at home from white tribes.Simple people that got compllicated.They are of the upper class and have no lower classes for crime.There is no graffiti.They have the government in the way of bad places like UFP galaxies and Stargate Atlantis.They have not picked up to being gangs and never will.Law and military is in the way combating this in space.Cities are clean looking and maintained.They have no bad habits in them or gangs.Society is based on theory against gangs being higher class.If anyone does this its on record and cameras catch them or space.They are watched and police will come and take them away and clean everything.They have taken in robots and mechanical as the mammals of our continent.There was robots before us and in mammals.They looked prehistoric era realistic but from metal.Futuristic laundry.Much shorter and you can spray gas your clothes and dry.This type of environment will help my powers from pastlife being dormant.It will make my powers active on a new continent.Poles will have effect to my powers Dreamworld,death,UFO,Super 8,train,Diamond Curse,Great Lakes Triangle and GAH.It will send in chemical into my soul to have my nervous system activated.Injesting atmosphere alien world is very postitive therapy to my body and soul and powers.Exercise them and do training to more then get used to them from them being trapped human body pastlife Feroz.Now powers will have freedom and secrecy.Privacy from UFP galaxy,Stargate Atlantis.Medically very healthy and may children very fresh air and freedom to our body.Getting used to powers and study and find out theri secrets.Travel from Eurasia to Archeapelago.Antarctica and Greeland would be a lesson on laws on Earth class Sol System and North America ON.Nothing happens to do with wars.We all are safe her.Galactic laws need to be studied from where I said to live.We don't have these as threats,capture and things problems that go along with it.Allah made some sort of guidelines.This can be picked up from from Antarctica and Greenland.Advanced technology they can leave from Antarctica to ON.War acts and the decades past to WW years and Cold War.And they don't have even close amount of law and security like we do in afterlife and military
KusoCartoon 14338863792514

Poles Island Continent Board of Education School

might.Peaceful.Visit from Greenland to annalyze and study in ON.Study space and Allah's Galactic Laws and space continents like Atlantis,Antarctica,Greenland ,Lemuria.Enherited laws from space from these continents.From planet to planet.Non english speaking alien language and white races.Everything on Archaepelago is imported and tribal.The skies in this continent are different per region.They see star constellations at an axis.More than earth to see like north and south areas of space and west and east.They merger and change as continent is large.You see a different side of outer space per region and axis planet tilts to face another star constellation.I wonder on earth class Sol system ON North America where to view my star system in sky.Which constellation is this galaxy?Its is one of many and to look at Antarctican skyline stars to Greenland.But for the whole planet you see on parts world other star sytems and constellations and on colonies.Wider perspective of viewing space and in outer space.Their regions.Changing star constellations.Before the white races Transformers Gobots were tribes and they lived on this island continent.Types fo climates.Equator is not the only hot zone.It has other hot zones from reactions not just star shining on the surface.Equator runs through and is effected by pole.Its hot all year round with change in our winter,its more hot.All of the water evapourates and stores heat and this gas of vapours comes to the equator .Equator is closest to the poles and on the same continent for effect.It is not disconnected and brings effects of energy and 
2013-12-01 15.28.46

Antarctica skyline

2013-12-01 15.29.46

Nebulas and stars skyline Pole continent

weather.Alien principles in climate and weather.Vortex was from energy but is no harm to anyone.Allah had raw proceses on the two planets.It was dangerous when raw and refined as process.Stages and its history and baseball teams,hockey.They have highways system with space motorcycles at speeder speeds or slower because of the slippery so they are going 300mph.Highways are treated for the grip slower speeds here less than 300 to 100mph at times.Go slower and they have environmental field for the highways to maintain no ice and snow on them.Scenery when heavens are snowing in sky glowing purplish.Travelling on highway.Space motorcycles have a field to protect them from cars and segragated in bike lane.Protected and even from their own machine a field for balance interacts with the highway to strengthen.Speed and there are no bikers as those types of bikes and gangs don't exist here at all.Peice of technology and people's transportation.That is the way its taken and police have motorcycles on patrol in tundra.Cross highways over bodies of water from island to island and underground tunnels to islands and snow fall and snow flakes.People on bikes are warm and warm over face everywhere from clothes and technology.People are tucked under canopy or have heads up with wind blocked by field.What they wear against the environment.Their ski mask visors and warming clothes.People look in style with practicality.They have area outside bike that is warm from generated heat from engine plus their wear they are wearing that is meant for highway and bikes.From zone to zone in travel.They have computer systems in their canopy they are inside module and can talk and go on tablet and phone for a while on autopilot buy the highway system.Highway system blocks off the harsh weather and winds.They have all of those factors from island to island and from tundra zone tip to every section.They can exit and go to a stop and room and hotel with their card and hand ID for long trips.From zone to zone meaning weather change because of the island poles continent and mountains being the actual poles.Weathers different in regions and effects sky cater to the weather.Wavey during weather or times of the day and night.It was all disipated properly by nature.It has an effect.Makes it 4 dimensional.   Wavey but for cloudy it is towering.Gases.Crystals make effect everywhere.Has a natural barrier
2013-12-01 15.32.43

Daytime Poles continent

covering the continent
KusoCartoon 13915456544043

Pole region of Pretenders Alien World

extending from equator to subarctic pole.Extends into bodies of water, and dipping down into oceans invisible but clear see the natural phenomenas as waveyness and crystal clear skies with nebulas.It extends this to the equators and throughout the continent and it goes into the trees areas and jungle areas in Subarctic poles.Habitation and star light reaching area with no wind currents even from sea shore.As currents hit the shores contain the temperatures to thawing at above 4C.The place is snow covered at -9C in some areas.Thawed at the
KusoCartoon 13915484886785

Polar zones

shores extend.Glacier extends from mountains.Glacier is not tremendous.Oceans for glacier are icey 0C.Glacier is extreme from mountains.Land hight effect temperature and glacier ends.Entire south are is in millions of people per city and hundres of regions and more.Trees and jungles grow in thawed shores.Extend to glacier of
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Polar Ice flows area

mountains.They get food from icey waters.Horizon has vibrant in hot zone and sparkling in the historic area Metropolis.Blueish and dark blue you can see stars and nebulas from the weather and atmosphere.Snow hurricanes and thawed out condition.10 degrees warm with grass on arctic poles greenbelt and changes to light covering of snow.Natural weather barrier to traveling storms from alien space.Polar oceans are not frozen over.They are full of natural chemical making it enriched.It can get deep.It has icey temperature.Subarctic temperatures are not unbearable like on many other planets.0degrees Celsius is not freezing on this planet.Everything in polar area is below freezing but not subarctic extremity.-15Celsius is like -3 degrees Celsius and even like 2degrees Celsius.Some areas,It colder than -10 but retains being liquid.Chemical rich in water keeps it liquid.No freezing rain that freezes because the chemical from oceans carries over the land and is in the high atmosphere trapped.Rains the base chemical instead of salt and this prevents freezing rain.It cannot because the molecules are aggitating.It only freezes as snow and snow fall and won't freeze as ice and rain.Snowfall and snowfall has rules.Its alien principles on this planet.Not freezing rain in any climate zone.That is why subarctic waters don't freeze.Does not freeze like water.It has a mineral in it being like saltwater and this prevents the water from freezing.Water as precipitation comes from

Tundra zone All the Trimmings downtown

the seashore and brings in the mineral water and its not salty.Bland mineral that is found in these oceans or on the polar ocean.Its is like salt for the planet and the water because of the acidity and base does not freeze even at minus 35 Celsius.It won't freeze stay icey.This mineral in subarctic does not retain the icey molecules .Mineral that makes more to warming.But without something warm it will be icey cold as chill factor is robbed from water.Gets deeper its icey and colder.Currents from below have been assimulated as part chain of icey free flowing currents.Nothing frozen it has fast current in lower parts.Current speeds get slower to surface and faster underwater.Thermal current will get chilled leaves the thermal area.It stays temperate and does not retain icey cold.Change of states causing like a warming for icey liquid like water to evapourate.Cause its from type of chemical it evapourates as process that bodies of water circulate and bring it back.There are areas and regions near the bodies of water and ocean where it is arctic waters but transparent for hundreds of meters away.The subarctic oceans of pole and islands has shallow 20ft areas with coral that is like plant wood.Its not rocky.It has all sorts of subarctic fish and creatures life of subarctic on this planet.Tiger shark like shark eats and feeds from this coral.Transparent and shallow being 5ft to 10ft deep and 15ft deep further you go.Arctic but water chemical that is transparent water slight transparent purple tint to water.Transparent and the ocean and bodies

Subarctic beach area Transparent waters,sands,thermal

of water life.Coriolis effect that keeps extremeties outside of the generated heat as barrier mixed
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Tent Camp

cold as outer force.Cold winds do not gust because of coriolis effect.Temperatures moderate out in subarctic.People swim in water protected by fields in water and barriers.The temperature as gusts and winds with storms had coriolis effect counter it from temperate poles effect.It has force and force circulates to maintain area temperate in subarctic.You can see them.Many areas have hot springs that part of the beaches where area made that people can wade in the arctic waters in hot springs part of the sands underwater.Radiation underground is of a radiation that is more to thermal.It does nothing but keeps the pockets in mantel going with hot springs and steam.Steam process goes and on this
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Kitchen tent

continent island it has powerful terlluric current that is the dirt layers giving solid pact.Solid pact everywhere here.Top layers are from sedimentary.Thermal temperatures radius over the beaches in the tundra.The water is warm.It extends for hundreds of meters and there are sharks and predators.Fields barrier protects and sorts out the predators that swim in towards beach area.They have rest of hundreds of meters to swim in and hunt.Usually its the smaller sharks that only sharks that exist here.No great whites here.Bigger 200lbs sharks at 7ft length then they grow to giant in 40tonnes predator far away from this area in depths.7ft sharks are the ones that will prey and feed here but the barriers keep them out.Lines that project the barriers.Lifeguard station with tower to watch on every level.They change in the changeroom area and they walk out changed.Wash stations inside and people have areas to camp down on and sit on the largened porch that people sit on and watch the ocean.Camping in the tundra is series of pressurized air environment and all set down by drone robots and workers.They have setup series of tents that have warmed environment with a switch to control environment.It has bedrooms tents,main living room tent with chairs and table made of plastic and cussion on chairs.The kitchen tent has environment.It has portable ovens and micro like oven.It has a fridge and feezer with food in it.It is partially outside and is part of the tent.Sealed to seal the air inside from outside.It has shelves.There is a kitchen tent and we get to each tent by crawling through a tunnel of tent material.Well lit with lighting.We brought all of our entertainment with us that we can transport.We have transparent windows of tent material to vew the tundra.We have our shower tent and waste disposal as our bathroom tent.Tent can withstand a storm.We search through to avoid storms and best time to go.We watch tv.We dine on delacacies.We are well fed as royalty.We have access to ranger and ranger station.Then when its all over we call an our tundra transportation comes for us and tent is disasabled and put in our locker storage to be used again and its our property.They have areas to sit down on and talk and lounge around.Then they can camp out on the beach for day pass.Hotels for people to stay for many months or to even tryout and live here for few years.Prevents any bursts of cold at all as they have in poles devices that raise the temperature and they are in every cold and hot zone for environment.They have batteries for backup power based on plasma dormant.People picnic and have days near the ocean.Commuting to get on the transportation which has for picnic baskets and coolers.They go all the way home.People sit on benches and made at home here.They from the structures have tunneled in attatch the thermal to the environmental fields so people can be in swim wear on warm sand beaches of tundra sedimentry rocks as sands.People lye on the sands as they are warm.The air is mixed warm and cold.It gets colder higher it is.The steam under sands provides warmth.Swimming areas are designed for swimming and swimmers.They have made sauna like attatchments and modified pools part of the beach.People walk on the board walk which has environmental fields that retains it warm to walk throughout the park for swimming.These are areas marked out because if its not government place they will feel cold arctic current into natural warm.Government area and they have tunneled vents in the beaches and in the water to current only warm water.No arctic current blocked off from fields and directed thermal that warms up the arctic current to warm temperatures.Watched by camera systems with drone workers and rangers.Layers of transparent water with fields in them.They have made manmade barriers to get in the way of nature and the used beaches.Solid concrete like material that prevents any sharks from getting to the swimming areas of the hot steams.People can hop on the plastic material islands to jump into the water.Easy to grab hold of and to hold on to line.People can go swimming in hot spring beach waters in arctic temperatures.Sandbeds that layer it shallow for hundreds of yards continuous naturally done shallow up waist.And rangers made with the workers fields and maintained barriers from the sea life.Use

Swimming thermal beaches Tundra climate Zone

beach construction machinery to lay out and round off the sandbeds.Area for the jackets and jeans,sweaters and go swimming.Waters are warm for hundreds of meters bu they are contained in swimming area because of the barriers,fields.Snowfall and snowfall can be packing snow giant snowflakes.Does not slush.Lands in subarctic oceans and bodies of water blends in with bodies of water which have a tulleric current in water to make things evened out and not get irradical and flood.It can be -15 and the seas and oceans being deep are not icey.Constant cold and people are in humidity in cold.No glaciers here.The areas of the subarctic island continent are of rocky shores and sediment particle rock beaches.Its adapted to freezing cold waters and the water changed color from its icey temperatures.Water's icey factors are less,steam in current and the open ocean water and its mineral content makes temperature icey but moderate as it fluctuates.On whatever day or season its warmer but ti will chill up.It extends along the shores of the subarctic area and gets to be temperate to 14 degrees Celsius.Built space highways meaning they are adapted to high speeds as cars have excellent control at high speeds.As any cars though they slow down around turns.Slow down leave on ramp or exit as highway system of highways and roads in subarctic.There are regions and areas highly populated in millions per region.Townships of 10 000 people to thousands of people in village.The sand and rock is visable and is icey and inside the land temperature drops.But the tropical and alien climate can get the shores to rise to 6 degrees Celsius.Steam and mist,more vegetation as grass and trees,jungle woods in subarctic area and shores.Rock has dirt in between the exposed rock and hills of rock like small mountains.Mountainous to go up to hundreds of feet under thousand feet up.They have made towns and villages,regions up in mountains.Everywhere here is government and law.Police cars patrol the shores and watch highways.Rangers here to to do with nature and nature laws.We go camping in the tundra and subarctic.We have thermal tents that retain warmth.We have buffet food from a caterer to last for months.We have a shower and bath tent.We have a water tube system of filtration.We have magnetic field that protects us camping.We watch our media and tv,radio and entertainment.We cook our buffet which is in thermal containers and pressed buttom reheats it fresh.We have a skylight tent and connect the tents to a large network of tents all blown up by pressure.And it all can be packed away by the park workers.We have benches and chairs,retractable beds.Everything is setup with outlets in each lot in the park.Power outlet and filtration outlet with running water and heated water.Connect to the tents.The giant prehistoric carnivore shark is here,52metric tonnes,60ft long.Measures of safety against them.Barriers and permanent frequencies that detur them to people.Safety precautions to everyone monitored in nature by rangers who watch them by balloon satellite and by webcams hidden.The regions have stores,malls and shopping.People live in house divisions and condominiums.Their backyard has layer of snow.Not deep from snow removal.Snow removal here is highly efficient.Counter any snow fall of snow hurricanes.They have atmosphere and evironmental fields to protect people.People are adjusted to -30degrees Celsius and it feels like 4 degrees Celsius from measures the goverment and natives took against the climate.Temperature is extremely cold extremeties are all out.No chill factor,high pressure or any cold in the rock.Here are the steam pockets under rock layers.Rock is not subarctic.Takes off from ice factor.Atmosphere warms up things.Weather here is not consistant.It fluctuates to get warmer on days and seasons.It will dip down.There is far away from here where its ice all year round.People here have a type of snow hurricane that is calm and has snowflakes.It snows but has no dangerous winds.Its just alot of snow that falls as a storm.Has a calming and is beautiful and people have fun when snow hurricane happens.No dangerous winds and it used to be a hurricane but is no more from blending into this polar area.Forces of poles here.Protective telluric current helps in evapouration proces where the snow decreases in amount not fully.Snow can be like packing snow and evapourates to reduce the amount of snow,as its a chemical.Regains going to atmosphere.In the subarctic pole snow heaps evapourate to lessen amount but underneath in some area its frozen solid with alien plant

Archaelpelago Subarctic Area Shores housing divisions,region suburbs ice kingdom

life.Many areas there is grass and dirt underneath the snow.Plants break through as woods and jungles.Vegetation breaks through the snow.Some areas its layers of snow cover clay dirt.Thawed the clay dirt is porous and the thaw out process under porous land layers.Circulates and has evapouration to distribute it.There is snow covered in less ft all year round but has nature and jungles,forests with smaller bodies of water like streams and ponds.There is mist and fog in arctic areas of moderate temperatures that with atmosphere pressure surround colder surroundings.Humidity level in arctic areas is high.Lots of humidity here in subarctic.Fog and mist in woods jungles.Katabatic winds come from the peninsula and surround the tundra.Air blows and makes cold effect especially in peninsula tip that is over polar poles.It happens on the polar islands but some.Many have temperate island.Land forms to block it off.Katabatic winds travel but ones side with the peninsula has driving force of Katabatic winds.Coast on the other side has no high elevation.Altitude of the peninsula is very high to space almost.Plateau in southern part closest to the polar seas is high with snow cover.Rest of the the plateau is temperate.City has methods of atmospheric barriers to deplete and disperse the fog for driving conditions.But they do have mist and light fog.Not thick.Sunlight in fog.Sunlight shines through the fog on many days.Aluminated fog and mist from the polar phenomena.Not dull looking.Its glowing to each weather zone.No long cold winters.Cold or subarctic is short.Warm humidity in climate
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Tundra City


Poles island Continent Tundra City

that robs subarctic severity.Its cold and subrarctic and without environment barrier of suburbs and structures you need winter jacket,boots and gloves.People go out to wander away from civilization they are dressed well with thermal clothes and boots light weight and not bulky.Its like a pair of jeans and boots that don't leak.Not tough to get on foot.Slips on comfort.Don't wear bulk.The houses inside are spacious and comfie and people buy their dwellings.They have droid robot units to do chores part of the housef for wealthier.They have rooms and living with connection to space and 3d holograms system for entertainment and phone calls.Environmental fields attatched to home with a line.Warm inside and the rooms are comfie.They have breakfast in mornings and meals in days.It can take tundra temperatures because of a chemical bag inside material.Insulated with this material even for shirts.Socks.We can take off our jackets and have our specialize shirts that have warming layers inside to make thermal warm.But like playing ball hockey we get hot and take off all jackets and are at our t-shirts because of the hot.When they venture out to the tundra they cover their face ski visor and have head covered and every body part is covered up.Our Khan residence is in the tundra zone which has the ocean and sea near it the shores.Our house is in walking distance of the shores and shores life of eating seafood and to view the shores from walk and through the subdivisions.Place is full in millions and more.Walk is not all packed up here.Light wear.Our backyard has a fence and fields.Protect any invasion or for anyone to throw anything.Our roads into our estate is protected against weather with a light field that brushes off the snow fall.Keeps it clean for driving into our underground parking.Go into garage which can hold under 10 cars and go underground to our parking lot.We have parking on the surface parking lot part of the road to front of our estate.We have carts that drive on our pathways to carry things to our enclosures where we are spending time or the day and night.We have our sunken in theater where we play games and watch tv and media,movies and music.Everyone goes outside and supervised here because its out in the tundra and drone workers with security guards watch people to do with weather.Camera's.Just in case.Rock here is covered with snow and safe to fall on plus their clothes and weather wear guards them against the rock.No ice on the rocks.We go out to go driving and shopping.Go swimming at the manmade lake enclosed for swimming.We have indoor lake and pond artificial and pools.They are decorated in some with sand.The pet sharks which are like Bamboo Shark and Salmon shark but from our world,more predator like person but sensible bigger mind,fish as animals.They swim in the pools and we have pool or artificial lake where we have a cement layer area to swim with steps to sit on and wading.We have sunlight shine through plastic material panels which are very strong.Sharks have secret areas to go to pools to be in they need for waste and not feeling well.Other than that from station pool they go out and we wade in deep pools which are as deep olympic pool.Gets deep but the sharks plenty to breath in flitration ducts system.We go out and we have our rooms or enclosure to be with our predators.Khan family of tranny's goes in and we're with our family members,pets.They like to come to shallows swimming area to be with us and we have rules not to plunge deep,hit the sands we put in that is not sand but material blocks off the cementing.We have our swimming pool which is covered separate from pets area and we visit them in our park on on property in backyard with lights at night and they have panel door they can pass through to get to outside retains the warmth they want.They can go outside.Pools have a jet system to make warmth like springs the rest of pool is their temperatures.Some pools are warm.Pets get used to us and learn us and we go to enclosure to study and be with them past time during the day.Pet sharks get to visit us inside the enclosure to know us.Get used to our hobbies and my daughters are like me aware of the pets or relatives.They taken in responsibilities and want them with pets atmosphere with our exotic cats.They all are a family and cats lye on their pillows on floor tucked legs near the tanks to their family the sharks.We pet them in the tank that's why its open for a swim by to pet them.Lower their plating and its feels slightly soft and tough.And they eat there for them to be together feeding time or our dinner and lunch or breakfast our meals with the pets.My kids talk together and of age past young adult to go in and swim without mistakes to the sharks as me.Not to over do things or splash but to adjust to them and get ones in from our view point sharks come to us.Our talking.We feed them and snacks and Khan we observe our pets behaviour and adapt to them as Khan.Live food like fish keeps their health but we found out aquarium fish are wild from raw food.Pellet fish food is keeping them from being wild and supplies them snacks and everything as they are big pellets they can break down and they get their version of milk and juice in feeding tank.They don't let any food leave their gills they retain food and burn down their waste as us like AI artificial intelligence.Breathe out gas lesson quantity easy to clean and smart to go to waste area tank.They are not discipline that makes anger.I am very passive with my pets react excellent with me as my kids.We leave from here to do activities and to just stay at home and talk and do things,eat and watch and play games,do things like pictures and to make them in 3d graphics.Estate is warmed by thermal energy.Continuous warmed with no major bill.Because of conservation of energy we because of me and my family and I am Queen I receive energy like a franchise or store or building,facility.And for my home.Bill is not overwhelming and has manditory heat supplied to us at a temperature that is given to tundra zone and is not billed.Every structure needs heat.We lower our heat to make it temperature lower with opening windows here and there to mix with the heat fresh air cause that's the way I do my home's heat.Mix it up outside air as my daughters do and we make more heat than there was from fresh air.Our conditioning system for atmosphere brings in fresh air from ducts and vents too.We never lose heat because of environmental field by the windows brings in air and retains the heat.I don't like tropical temperatures at all and like my place in 20C and lower.I like it cool.Our garage has heat that is recycled and taken extract heat from tundra.Tundra is -12 Celsius without any wind chill or frost.We don't have the oxygen causes frost.Nothing bites the skin here.No chill factors or jet stream destructive and harsh.Night time the energy of humidity takes over from stars rays.Many areas have tulleric energy that makes ground not icey even from light rain and mist.Mist is a weather from atmosphere.Mist is subarctic humidity.This is what makes it warmer.Ground does not contribute or trap the cold.Water does not soak in ground as wet ground is gone by next day and is evapourating at night from tulleric energy from underground.Not warm but it does not keep icey cold retained.Currents and off the shores.No mans land is one of those smaller continents.Polar ice flows area has ocean water mixed with ice flows.It is tundra and has jungle woods.City in bay area.Deep ocean close to shore.Ships that travel on the ocean.Trains come in from continent and they have traveled a few hours to get there from Hot zones.Come from all over.Its an area by ocean and is seashore tundra.There are warmer currents that raise temperature to 0C.Temperature is not dicated by location.South to North means nothing.Currents and air currents along with alot of other factors and in alien can effect the temperaturs of the currents.No molten activity.Stars light on planet is taken in layers of atmosphere and sent down to landforms that can effect the currents.No Mans land smaller continent is the coldest extreme temperatures at minus 30C and having minus 15C currents but not frozen over,in ice glaciers.Has arctic desert.They

Polar ice flows City in tundra of island continent

never have leaves fall.Very bushy and branchy,tall large trees.50ft tall to 40 and 30ft trees.They grow in tundra with bushes.Bushes.Woods and jungles cover landscape to share with regions.Alien species trees.Bigger than earth's and larger.More healthier.Types of trees that grow in arctic climate.Their roots get from underground thawed water.They thaw snow to make water with the dirt.They are like coniferous trees,Jungles and forests.Rich in natural chemical that cleans water.Makes density of water thicker but like water.The time of day in polar seas islands are reversed here as seasons.Summer is winter and winter is summer.Long summer and shorter winter.They do not have extended day or night or longer dawn and dusk.Its gone back to normal day but tropical day and night.Its all reversed in seasons.Past by a zone on the continent Archaepelago in its polar area.North zone and outer of it its all normal for continent except that area.There are a chain of islands or continents that share pole with the poles continent.The highest mountain system is 700 miles up and our mountains have plain and plateau system so we can live up them.Neighbours the lslands of polars seas.Its on another continent.Naval base on the mountain for them be closer to space.But when you go this high up

Khan family Residence Polar Tundra Arctic Zone

the vegetation is not abundant in some places like on Archaelpelago and flourishing.Its more harsh near space as temperatures are merger near outer space and space winds make effect on these high mountains.Places because of the atmosphere that these bushy large alien trees of this planet grow as woods.Regions have them adapted to

Khan Family Tundra Estate backyard water system,pools and for pets park

their parks.Have force fields and barriers for any slanted drops.Get rid of trees in areas so people are not fooled.Made for safety.Not snow covered.Some parts do.There are small cities and towns that are part military chain of habitation.They have same things as towns and regions but have a military population for them and their families and any citizens that take trips there.Military needs to have their own regions because of the bases in mountains.Citizens have regions that get them to space from here as there is spaceports on this mountain chain for civilians and any inhabitants of this

Tundra Khan Estate Swimming and pets Pools,artificial ponds/lakes swimming

continent and Archealpelago.Regions mixed with and share with military to

Khan family Estate tundra shark swimming pool enclosed

make the cities pleasant and tourist place for them to enjoy themselves and go to outer space.They can see outer space more clearly here.It has breathable gases here.Within hundred miles of the planets atmosphere.Trees that grow in regions and areas as they receive sleet as food and woods.Some areas have no water frozen and the vegetation and land is exposed.Not covered in water.Rain sleet.All developed even No Mans Land smaller continent.When people go there lots of things to do.People vacation there and stay there to do outdoor activities.They do indoor activities and swimming.In such cold cities spring up.They are built from the trains.They brought in supplies to build the city to foundation main ones.They used resources to build the cities.They got the materials they wanted from all over the continent in network building and upgrading the city to cater for everyone.They have industrial parks and areas like suburbs and urban                                                                                    

...continued in Sacrid Religion of Zarconia Part 4