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At the tops of skyscrapers 200 stories and 100's stories up are scaffold network that makes a park that is spacious.The corporations and companies use parks to hold events and for workers to go up and have a time in the park.Its decorated with small jungle trees and woods trees.Plants and garden and each region and city decorates them differently in many styles.They go up on roof and there is park.And they sit on benches and eat there and get pleasant.Walk from building to building and they can look down or at the scenery.Fields provide safety and get rid of any claustrophobia.The danger of falling is this fear of hights that is eliminated.They can use the parks to do moving arrangements.Use small vehicles to pully cart items and supplies from buildings to other buildings.Scalfold bridges are big.Wide for groups and small buggies to cross on.And many have stores up top skyscrapers to buy food and snacks or other things,supplies or small items.Climate has a environment control with device that translates power of environment in building to outside to eliminate any chills or cold temperatures or burning hot.Climate fields with device generator on roof tops.Antennae's to watch,listen to media entertainment.Things don't fall off the park.Drones and worker staff for scalfold parks maintains security and cleaning.People don't wrappers here.No dirt or garbage especially this high is absolutely not.Place to relax and go to other buildings.Its warm in streets and their are no allies.They have places of interest like facilities,libraries,shopping centers and parks.They have stores and entertainment.Go out on landscape to enjoy yourselves.Drive space cars or bring your one from continent.Trains come in passenger and commuting trains.They visit or stay or bring back ciitizens.They are connected are of cold regions of planet.Connected in network.Jobs and tourism.These cities part of cycle of large communities.Modernized and have the laws of community.In joined and in many others.Groups and lower down harsh and brash.Understanding of laws and society.Couple hrs to get here.Made scenic cities that have sector's capitol cities.Then larger populated cities.They connected and use space highways to each region.They are always free of snow.Go high

Skyscrapers Park Network Up in the Hights

speeds to each region and to cross over to No Man's land polar seas region to islands.And have trains and transports bring in their cars for visit or a stay.Transport from island to island or take the highway.They have done manmade things to raise temperature in populated areas and areas where people go out to.Areas have modern technology in raising temperature and using nature like making own steam and hot springs from reactors for warming.Ducts travel in networks to distribute hot air which is not blown or gusted but changed into temperature slowly ventillated into system.Full of life in poles seas.Water has ocean content of the water straind out from icey temperatures making it pure.Polar cities extend radius of 40miles.They have regions that merge as giant cities.They are in tundra and have woods jungle in parts of them.They are frozen all year round.Temperatures dip but remain minus 5C.Snow never melts.Its under a polar cap.Seasons make it dip in winter.Summer its at minus10C.City has vents that intake air and make it warmed.Blow out this air trapped in field.City area has no wind tunnels.Entire city is space technology and innovated to block out winds.Its in an area that dips below the snowline in alititude in valley.There is exposed rock and snow with woods.Parks out of the woods for a walks with commuting to take them far in less time.Facilities for outdoors.Adapated for tundra.Heat below the city thermal.And city generates heat from its powerplants.Generators underground maintain fields contain heat.People and objects can pass through

tundra polar city with retractable dome

them.Transfer through the field.Everything is plowed free of snow.Use chemicals on roads with fields and on sidewalks.People bicycle.Skateboard.Go out in regions of city to snowboard.Many slopes near the city in regions of 700 to 800ft 1000 acres.People enjoy outdoors here.Polar region is habitable and
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Tundra Zone City,100's stories tall

active place for people of this continent have done the place with outdoor shopping in a dome invisible barrier.It has villages,recreation sports like skiing.They have every trail plowed out after snow fall and they have fields that protect trails from snow.Fields takeaway from
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Polar zone skyline

drastic temperatures.Lots of developed places in every thousand regions.Trails go all over mountains and people can enjoy harsh weather and climate.The polar region is not ice covered.It has nature and plush life in water and landforms.It has jungle mixed with forests.Forests and nature provide a type of replenished gas to planet.Not the major source of gas from nature.Many areas that are not snow covered but just cold.Every lifeform to people has adapted without any severe extreme climate.Its because of climate barrers that make things calm.Higher landforms that can block out any gusts from ocean.Snow covered areas and its not extreme weather there.No freezing rain in this island continent.Does not have frost in air.People do not have frost bites here at all even in coldest polar poles which is the hugely inhabitated civilization of No Man's land sea area of the planet's pole.Islands have life abundant without frost or chill.Temperature is low but it has no extreme factors like chill and frost or jet stream.No gusts of wind.Calm and tranquil and snow hurricane has humidity in it and snowflakes do not melt when fall and accumulate but controlled by each island as they are futuristic.Water life has alien fish species and carnivores.Small lakes have fish and plants underwater.Places where grass and woods are exposed.It rains there to get rid of the snow in polar pole.Light rain.Mist.Then goes back to below -10 Celsius and -5 Celsius.Grass and vegetation grows in tundra.Under the polar pole is huge network of hot thermal energy.  The thermal energy tulleric energy that is part of climate barriers.Thermal energy is enough to go for more hundreds of millions of years.Its under the polar oceans and seas.It warms up the water in areas so its not icey.It effects the landforms telluric.It makes mist sometimes in weather,in mornings and on some days.So it takes away the extreme weather.It effects the snow hurricane and changes its chemistry so it snows rapid but not harsh with cold.This place is polar cold but it does not have extreme weather from factors to its weather and climate barriers for the island poles continent.Things are frozen as ice and snow in some areas.Some areas snow amounts disappear to light rain and thaw and replenished.Temperature is below -5 Celsius and in areas -10 Celsius.Its inhabitable and people travel outdoors and are outdoors people her in these islands and island continent partially in polar poles with the seas and ialands as it shares polar pole.Animal and insect life.Many scenic valleys with medium heavy vegetation and parks which have been done for people to have easy access without any remote areas.Its not soak and wet but dry.It has moments of rain for a day drizzle.Its not a place of mud and soaked grass.Dry.Steam from undergroud effects the grass being exposed and trees flourish many giant species of healthy trees more than any tropics.Trees here don't go into any phases and remain green,blue,red all year round.Steam feeds the forest jungles.Grass is exposed or mixed packing snow.It takes off from ice box effect.No temperature or ice from ground.And in some areas has snow and ice but it melts,Hot springs then have thermal currents underground from rotation of planet.Different times of years and seasons bring hot springs.And pressure winds hit the ground and interact with underground springs that are exposed as entrance to atmosphere.Causes movement underground to rotate.Tropical effect to weather only on one side of a coast.Means it is temperate during snowfall and its snowflakes but in bunches like a snow storm without wind.People can take out carts

Polar area dusk skyline

on trails to go very far in miles and hover bikes.Hover cyles out into nature.Hover cycle paths.People like youth and their hover boards.Trails and parks tended to to enjoy nature.Facilites even small facilities for smaller regions.Every park has facilities for living,to take a class or group into a kitchen to cook and for public to buy and tryout cooked foods and deserts.Buy foods like fast food but cooked by chefs and women cooks.They make food.They
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take a walk out tundra woods,ride transit

have hotel like features for rooms.Library and archives to computers.They have stores and movie cinemes.Take transit back to civilization.Places to hangout at and stay warm,Chairs.People discuss and lobby chairs and benches.Relax and read.Environment.Look out windows scenery.And to go out to nature,get up on the mountains and listen to music while at a stop on a
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Polar Tundra City

trail.Sit on benches and be under cover partial cabin.When you go far on trails there are places to stop at and take a seat in a cabin.Take your favourite media and entertainment and stay outside field seats or go inside.Series of cabins that are not crowded.Some people can get a buzz from drinking and commute.They can take walks with aid of transportation and in the woods.Take a journey with finger ID saying they purchased liqueor and under level.Responsibility is awarded and its taken that its just a walk and they can drink but their's a limit and driver can tell from his instruments if

Tundra public facility and park


Tundra Park

its a bottle and how much.Securty can confiscate bottle.Rangers are the law out here.Not illegal to go out for a walk buzzed.They are at the mercy of driver and are supervised til they get home.Public enter from paying ID.Small charge but registers them.Rangers and workers are in cabins and taking care area.There are enclosed carts that come by every 15min and have routes on trails.They have field for retaining heat.They visit every cabin as a stop and people get on them scan hand or ID.Routes go back to center mall.It can take you very far out in woods which is a thrill at even

tundra region park motorized bicycle

late at night.Workers and guards APB back to dispatch as a system.Security.Vehicles meant for terrain.Smooth light bumpy ride for passengers regulations.Many afterschool go to thses places and ones finished school don't get board and come to places openned to them.Easy to get to them.No problems.Active place for outdoors and living there or being citizen of this continent its easy to get involved.Let in and participating.Many regions from polar area.Even No Mans Land is used a habitat and is popular to them.It has emergency precaution as
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Polar City,larger greater than picture

people not monitored in activites and landscape can be their enemy.Properly runned even in a predicted breakdown.Power sources in Polar poles.Powerplants and power sources.Harness winds of coast

Space Khan family estate Tundra area


Space Khan family backyard Tundra region estate

and mountains areas and have some large towns.Houses futuristic.Our home in tundra region is estate guarded by defenses and has field for the high fence.Security from government.Our dwelling has solar construction to allow sunlight in for warmth.They have a field and defenses to weather if it ever got extreme.We have generators from cities and regions power.We have inside all of our belongings and each area being kitchen,living room and rooms in attic which have transparent shields.The home has dish system to bring in from space for media entertainment and security and other parts house.Very clean and Princess Armada loves this area and coming from commuting and train that she is at her other home.We enjoy life here connected to the poles island system.We are on the polar pole region for our home.Nice and warm.  Front door and back door has a computerized hand scan locking system uses vital signs.And if anyone forgets to lock the door in a small duration it locks automatically.Princess Armada can call in to open the estate gates with a test scan and passes a test common to her.She can use her phone but there are precaution she must take from phone and phone infront gates security station.Keep log.They can share beds in large bedrooms for the whole family and basement.It is connected to other
Extraordinary Homes Forest • BBC MMXVI

Extraordinary Homes Forest • BBC MMXVI

structures by corridors.We get out and have activities.We go swimming in green house.Enclosure side house for bar-b-q.They can stay in our small woods jungle and just stay near our pond.Go into enclosure which has a variety of activities for Princess Armada she can stay out at night and sleep out there.All of space entertainment and has a basement.They eat huge trays of whatever Princess Armada wants brought in on cart to park outside.Doors automatically open to allow thins in,field to keep out any small pests.Sleeping and rest area for Princess Armadas and they can join beds.Eat and watch media entertainment and they all terminal with music play,radio and computers.Interface to expand to make visual out of radio and music play.Computer goes on tv which projects it as hologram detail color and picture.Princess Armada can spaceboard around estate grounds.Take the cart.Enclosures are maintained by drone estate workers,clean.Princess Armada's manners and responsibility.Dishwasher unit on cart,drones want dishes done.Well lit grounds.Meant for all of them and has retractable beds and is like lounge and has tables and chairs for computer and to do hobbies work.Or to be done watching movie and playing video games,media entertainment.Terminal through our estate from space,music 3d image topics and computers into media entertainment interface.Basement of enclosure has Princess Armada's showers and washrooms with storage and ventillated with outside air treated to be warmer.It has a computerized hand scan lock and in emergencies openned from home and by security.Lighting for night time energy saver from stars in space energy for estates power and backup power.Hospitality from the inhabitants of the area and islands and government services.Commutings is easy and our cars.We have our arena for estate to go out plush green and sit around and play around on the field or take walk around it and hangout in it.Environment that has warm climate with greenery like a park.Has an area for lounge and place Princess Armada can do activities and eat.Cart can be driven on path to bring in food and supplies from phone to home communication,drone or Princess Armada can drive it in on path with environment field to protect from harsh tundra.We can do tundra activities dressed clothes that retain and produce heat.Sports.Lights out on estate.They have cities in millions.Temperature in many regions comes down but is remained snow covered.Winds come down temperate.Most of polar area temperate moderate winds or none.Just in No Mans Land has gusts,tundra.Leads to island of harsh brutal icey weather.Poles have large jungle forests.Nature is done and maintained well as parks for people.Made barriers to block out harsh weather.Physical barriers.No Mans Land underground sidewalks.They have lighting and are safe.They are warmed by thermal energy under some poles regions for heat.Daily life people are more outdoors.They have environmental field over sidewalks that keeps the temperature warm.They walk to the convenience and outdoor malls.They have a walk with their clothes to venture outside the field dressed warm but not loaded up.Winter jackets or people that don't venture outside of the benches in park with shack from sidewalks.Having comfortable amount of money.They can go to the seaside and watch from the round dark rocks that align the beaches from 15ft to the water depths.Viewing from poles island continent.And scenery of viewing the sky.People have astronomy and telescopes.Weather and climate is enjoyed and is controlled with the environment fields.People live a pleasant life.The parking lots part of the field area.Everywhere paved to buildings.Lawns are not and backyards not with the parks with snow and rock.There are millions of people here in the cities and suburbs.Suburbss are old with townships and villages far out with history.Part of the environment fields system that keeps it warm outdoors.Commuting and places to stay from commuting and sit down in lounge having ventured out of the city.Kept in by field for public and parks.Sports in polar region are in stadiums with retractable roofs with fields.They play space hockey,baseball,indoor soccer mixed with hockey play.They play like hockey but indoor soccer transparent walls,nets leaning ball to fall back.Field blocks out harsh climate.Its warm.They have regulars season and playoffs.They put the competitive clubs in same league for rivalry not geography.                                                Space hockey means made modern futuristic upgrades faster better play.Baseball they have that compete vs UFP and many galaxies.Championship.Retract the roof for baseball in polar climate.They can practice outside with fields.Many stadiums open concept fields polar region.Grow up to baseball diamonds have fields covering it.Pass through the field,take your jacket off.Many winter wear are made in summer climate hot zones.They put heat but have spring jackets upgraded for heavy duty weather and summer wear in winter.T-shirts.Jeans worked in winter from summer.Don't get wet.Retain heat field.Shoes upgraded for winter wear keep out slush and snow retain lightness of shoes.Runners.Runners for winter.Retain heat in tundra keep snow out.Summer relations to arctic winter.And to withstand it and cope.Heat in the body retained.People from hot weather have no snow areas yet shovel their driveways.Wear lightweight now wear properly done to go out to the climate.They get hot in the cold weather.Hot zones people coping in subarctic area.Adapting to polar climate,tundra.They have share in polar region,are and region.Shovel snow from experience in mountains and below sea level.Many defenses Allah made to take out impact.Atmosphere is very low to ground level without clouds.Arcs touchdown to oceans and on the magnetic polar region of mountains interior.Mountains altitude to space have wind arc storms on some.Some are calm.Effect.Pictures are vibrant outside.Allah made the two planets part of like heaven.Eurasia has dreamworld as its reality.Gases and Allah put form of heaven on each planet and continent.Part of Allah's system and has Allah's angels and Guardians using the planets and civilization.It has things moody for guardians and angels.Evolution Process Caretakers of outer space and the Transformer Gobot people have assimulated with the angels and guardians are robotic AI.Part of their world is Eurasia circling planet in skies of Archaelpelago.It has a dimension of heaven created by the effects Allah made.Very moody planet Eurasia.Alien language and english from North America because of Queen Armada on Greenland Antarctica colony.Created effect to bring out part of dreamworld and heaven.Guardians made their homes here.Archaelpelago is very brilliant and for cold seasons being summer that it is vibrant.Cloudy is violet and glowing.It has dark clouds for snowfall dark blueish.The air on this planet is very pure gases.Not contaminated and can clean themselves naturally.They have a chemical in it.It is better than oxygen but is not as flammable,it has a chemical like pure gel water oceans on this planet are.They natural cleaners in the water and air but this evaporates and mixes with energy high atmosphere or many levels to low altitude.We have clouds at low altitude.Air is a gas that has mix of color and gets transparent or blends in with the atmosphere.It has a color though when contained and is like of bluish and purple colors.Many blues and purples.This add color but when energy passes through it it does a process to make transparent air but goes higher changes to gases.The arc rim planet in space burns this and contains it as it has powerful gravity.Very refined for a giant planet and gravity orbiting planets and moons.It has many radiation belts and gravitational fields.These refined the energies and gases together separation for the layers to the ground.Allah made interdimensional energies.When creating this world he made other dimensions and even in early phases.Tribes and aliens would travel through the vortexes.Transformer Gobot white race people  found this and built their continent and in orbit is Eurasia form another dimension.Governments united and daily life is to go to the sectors which are part of the continent.Agriculture and resources and manpower form vortex and other dimensions.Allah created a very powerful and of the planets the best arc radiation belt.Its arc has energies refinement.Refined from being raw.Its all naturally rounded off and provides planet with a very strong magnetic rim.It has all of these energies made into parts of the sky and layers of clouds and atmosphere.Haze.They are contained into weathers and parts of the day like dusk and sunset.The day is extrodinary.It has an effect in each type of climate in Ontario and phases of day.In the hot it looks more brilliant with detailed color and makes light reflect to cause it to be bright but it is not too bright,dull aspect to it from atmosphere and is picturesque.Naturally contains the light from bouncing off objects but partially dullness from atmosphere and the rim,makes it briliant.Phases of season it has shadows and bright.Islands and other worlds in the many dimensions.Gases and interdimensional energies are the planet's arc.These contribute to the skyline of this planet and continent.Planet's existence and continent of the poles evolved from interdimensional energies that evolved stable.Allah's processes.Nature.Another giant planet was in orbit neighbouring as a moon would.Historic area and historic area in hot zone.Giant cities.Cities are giant communities and living as communities.Communities formed up this island continent.Community laws and areas.Alien and modern space level communities.Friendly feeling and mutual feeling of communities from all zones and regions.Community participation on events and holidays.Community goverment.Community cities.Cities were structure in communities.This city is part of the government capitols of this Island continent and its huge senate and legislation in outer space.Its old city with parliament and corporations.City is futuristic with 200 storey buildings and many historic buildings 50 stories.It has futuristic city mixed with architecture fo historic area.Cobblestone walkways and on the ground brick sidewalks and lots of 17th Century like buildings with futuristic upgrades inside.No power failures from efficient system of resources and technlogy.They use plasma in power sources as chemicals found in mining in space and deposits like deuterium.There is natural deuterium chemical.They use radiations to make energy that goes for 10 000's yrs.They have powerplants and underground power facilities and ones in orbit orbital power stations.Ones on moons and in outer space.Convert this radiation fuel as easy power for all of continent and its overseas demands.Power is no problem.And power failures don't happen in hundreds of years.They have systems to cope with it and emergency crews.Plentiful in power but its unuseable from its charge and alien current.It won't work unless proper complicated outlets.They were made to go into a type of region technology.They won't be compatible and you need complicated alien parts.Every place that in the island continent have backup batteries which don't run on chemicals.Reserve dormant energy goes online when there is a power failure.Fields are retained and emergency safety systems.They go back on in less minutes everywhere.Each city has their own network of power and can interface to network with other zones and regions.They have many precautions including physical structures as defenses.They even high hights have bars and fence at higher level so people are not in danger.Many of the dangers are eliminated with hand in hand with fields and physical barriers.Battery backups fields are online.Batteries are in a system network that merger powers to make longer power til the workers fix problems.And they gain their energy to devices and component instruments transmitted.Invisible frequencies like chord to components.Batteries have motors that slightest charge generate their own propulsion energy.Motor's system network.Buildings and suburban places,places out in woods have backup precautions.Dangers near bodies of waters and the water creatures.Underground generator systems with sattelites relaying energy from signals.That is why they made paths and routes.Accessiblity for workers and drones to go underground to the generators out in woods and countryside.And under bodies of water.Divers.Have have vessels and modules that protect them against 52 metric tonne predator shark.You need to live under Archalepelago.Power won't work.Needs proper system and parts,right current.It has levels in alien.Heavily guarded.Military.Useless to any thieves.And military will capture them.Energy has to do with outer space.They are expanded in space to far galaxies.Make energy stores and storage.From their continent and nature they harness from water,from space and mountains winds and from stars energy.And from natural fuels and deposits.Generated power and from space.Underground power,imported power from storage.Distributed properly and protected.Military uses.Parks and libraries.It has subways and commuting running through it.Fire fighting has ships drop off and transport equipment like large hose machines taken and full speed down streets hovering and cutting around buildings to destination.They then setup with firetruck space vehicles.Fire men have fire proof and prepare for explosions precautions.Fields system fire suppression systems which means to flush out with fields chemical retardant using pressure.Have tools for cutting parts buildings.Machines for carrying out tool functions.Endo suits large robot exo suits for fire fighting.Devices and instrument machines for flushing out fire gases so area has zero percent gas.Water and chemicals for radioactive fires.System shuts down radiation in buildings and anything they make.Radiation particles stop flow.They also go in to a computer specs map and to the areas to take out the power supply.Protocol and initiate the fire fighting stations to combat fire with added manpower from firefighters.Stations are explosiion proof and fire proof from radiation and plasma fires.Computers to fire fight.Shut down power core.Offline.Cut off redirect flow,patterns.They combat in space and have fire engine craft.Gravity systems.Exo suits.Protocols.Computers.Pressurized.Chemicals.Destruction of unstable damaged instruments.It has streetlights and is near body of water on the alien world.The schools here are done by experts and the Native aliens that do lecture and have homeworks all sorted out and from media streaming.They all print their stuff and have it on computer pixel paper.They aim is to know and understand their students and they know the phases children of this island continent go through.Work is priority and is rewarded.Teachers here explain things fully and people don't have questions.They get helpful hints and many things are improvised not secret.Many levels but hte median is advanced level.They do trips but based on education.They all comuted to school or ride motorized bicycles which are perfectly safe in a lock with a field.Snap sound the whole frame and bike is alright anywhere.Security on it and staff do security.Their year is divided into sections and they get the spring off and fall.They center of those seasons and are at work during winter especially and summer is cut into half a day and is optional and full sch\edule is winter.Many take courses and complete history and war in space.Some religion classes and their mathematics and its history.Many take electronics and math which has them know many types of circurity as math.School is safe place.Everyone is open and friendly and people are up at after 9AM for school and in our many more hours than hour they come home for double long break and get back for a last class.Many people can graduate in summer when they take the half a day.People can graduate from home and go to the education center for school,that is what the lecture study hall is for.Use of computers and interaction to space that everyone from school has gone to space and spent a vacation on a moon or space dock in space.It was not boring at all or anxious as fresh air they produce out there with gases.People go out for space walks in light weight suit and face visor.School is open to every zone to go all over island continent for education and classes they pass a test and assemble what classes and where proper place for them use commuting to get there.When they are young adults.They are not pressured and stuffed with work as they have lots of hours on their own and hangout and school is dedicated lowering pressure.Everyone places to relax and take advantage of leniancy.Leniant rules that one makes their own rules.Parents and family get copy in parent of their report cards.Report card presents like celebration.People here are smart and used advanced level school.They use their libraries in place of class as they can exchange classes like a stamp that is pixels.They then do equal class in proven homework in library.They don't have to be exact but rough precentage into grade they get stamp for it electronic.They get stamps all year long to accumulate to get rewards from school career.Trips and food at the caf and tickets for commuting.They get achievement stamps.Stamps from their report cards.Report cards have a special test on it for half year.The regions bustling with students on the commuting and using their electric bikes,walking and all sorts of drives and free tickets to a transit bus for school.Life is less pressured and they will fill in roles when they grow up to manpower our society and land and planet and in space.Space and they get into alien aspect of education and interact directly with space.They have their quarters while stay here like hotel that the government pays and they stay here on their hours and get to explore around small moon but space platform.Nature and parks inside manmade and aliens.Each section giant in many miles and they have vehicles to drive them around inside.They take elevators and their is a mall inside.There are places of excitement in space and close to planet Eurasia which is giant to Jupiter and bigger.They are in space and many flights dock here.Many comers.Their stations of government here and theirs city inside and towns.Manmade and made of alloy cement.People study society and learn space and get to wait around and add to their education.They can dock to Space elevator to drive back down to surface and catch the train or ride to surface,transit.Their in this galaxy and teachers in small section of many miles fraction.Schools have libraries and they learn all education like english and sciences.They learn society and even military and sciences in military and technology.They are able to withdraw credits and socialize.No no heavy duty bars here or anything scummy as government won't allow any such from either planet.Aliens segragated as this is not a port just for Eurasia and our planet and its moons.Part of galaxy.People aliens and natives from our planets not wanderers.No place here for them at all as warship will capture them and take them to a star base.Schools know they are raising people to fill in manpower and they get older and better in future full of new faces.People in their academics and fun later.These people are self disciplined.After school they have a layoff period in many years to search and land a job.Government sends them credits on their card or ID.They report to these offices.Its like a holiday before they are bread winners.When they fulfill job and jobs are not sensitive to letting people go as they don't act bad to let go of.They keep them and make good of them,VIP.That is how work is done that employer is happy and employers are part of year of education to get to the students about the work force and the ones that apply to people jobs they come to them for few years and half a year to get them into workforce and they have a temporary job for training.Job training is part of school.Get them in right area as they go to their lockers and spent job training.Gets them to know what to do in job.Growing up and classes when young adults have psychology in them about lessons on adults and mix parents level people and ancestors to enlighten and be part lectures at lunch time or past and movies.They get to make friends and know each parent and ancestor.Health is mixed into education.This is how they use the adult life center to improvise and ladies meet older ladies,attractive women stay to their own witches.They have bridges opened to know and meet others.How good a worker they are they put in drone unit and boss can cover up here and there.No pressure situation at work.They have backup workers from other places.Seasons has an Indian summer as summer.Fall as our summer.It has 30 miles of historic area combined with futuristic city.Highways they go laser speed or really fast.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Towering structures of futuristic modern buildings with the old architecture of the past centuries of to body of water coast of the poles continent.Next time I will be in on a new people of white European muslims.They won't be rowdy and I can interact my life into theirs.I will have a family like relations from school like in tropics.In all types of zones.The schools have spare classes for grade school catered to young adult younglings.They will invite me over to their place and I hangout with them at their places and I have a place in their parents or relatives places to outdo any Federation.Danger and breaking things is out.We have things based on what we want and not overcrowding.No black people here at all.I have
Queen F

Queen,younger sister Superhero

my place to study and be isolated.School rules that make sense that their is no emphasis on dating here or to be out their with friends because this causes overcrowding.We go to the adult society center.Hangout there and we have darkness early here.Those years at space Khan residence and my belongings to have my possessions and not scummy.I get to pickout my crowd from fellow islanders.Our land we live on.Introduce and learn things at our rate and more.Go to suburbs and for me to look for attractive women in relations.Next time I go out for walks and using my powers for friends.My parents and Feroz's grades being highest in history and sciences in space,geography.Some B's on english and math and health.No snubbing people in "talk" here or grownup adults talk in a code.They don't use an object or subject to go on and on about.I on earth class Sol System had mediocre grades at just average and have grade 11 and rest grade 10.School will be on this planet in Historic City fit for a Queen.My parents will born me and repair the areas that I did not excel at.I will be able to graduate from home and recieve education from my home.My parents will come home from government there and be happy with me.My grades will be a dream come true.These things in earth class that I am intelligent but did not do well in secondary school and had no try at University financially and with luck.Nothing.School will be more exciting for the young adult Queen used be Feroz and was Feroz's Jinn soul.School won't be a problem like back then from the 80's.Gathering to be a scientist.They are taught to talk simple all their lives and have no coded language.I can ride my bike to school.I can switch to electric bike mode and I come to school and park it in privacy area just for me.Bikes are safe here.People here are not rude.Very friendly and things are safe and when or if you drop something you'll get it back.Simplified everyone knows what who is talking about.Its not mades so valuable.It is on shores of bodies of water the oceans.It is positioned below the equator on this

6 story Island Continent School in Gobot Pretender European AI race

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Diagram of Poles Island Continent Young Adults school Gobot Pretender AI Europeans

planet where the temperature is moderate  at 4C.On this planet Historic city area has no snow at all.All year round with fall like weather.Cool weather when temperature climbs.That is the spring.Goes to 10 and under degrees Celsius cold to 0 degrees.Fall is where it warms up with sunshine.Winter is cloud covered and climbs up to 10 degrees and under.Warmth makes it colder for snow.It feels moderate.Not windy.Not a windy area at all.It gets coldest at -4C.That is for a short few months or more.Lots of months on calendar.20 months as days longer too.Shores in bay.Bay area has been built shores.Manmade for public. No storms there all year round but they have snow light few cm of snow at the most.Stay there for months.From season to season showers are in summer.Summer has spring like warmth and people go out in t-shirts and don't worry about precipitation.Light breeze in summer with temperatures in 20C.Plush blue and green,red and mixed valleys in temperatures in subarctic scale in 20's Celsius to subarctic cold.Place retains mosture and well fed plant life and woods with nature in jungles.Has many types of alien tropics and climates types.Has tropical in cold.The 36hrs of day they have partial darkness and partial full sunlight depends where you are.The day in many parts are parts of the day frozen.They have dusk all day long.Another part they have lunch all day long.Rotation of the planet.They have a dawn all day long in the seasons it rotates and consecutive.Lunch and afternoon in order but different zones.If your on the polar poles on peninsula it is sunlight all day for seasons.Just as its darkness all day long for season.People are used to covering windows with blinds and curtains for darkness to sleep.No parasites here at all.They did war on parasites.The poles does not have imported from airport either.Travel inside their own faction and territories.They cultured their soil and maintained it well.It had chemicals natural that eliminated any parasites.Does not have parasites tropically.No major parasites here either.They can't live in clay dirt or the environment has natural chemical in it.Nowhere for them to survive.Being the pole its cold and surrounded by magnetic fields that wreckup such creatures.Place is free of biting insects.We have a subarctic desert area in tundra.Researchers here and in tundra go to UFP and Stargate worlds to research on their clusters of planets.Research on their planets and effects of ecology and all sorts of things they need to know that destroy people and planets.Island continent on the poles had its resources by both parties merger to power up and create each city and connect them by long distance.They harnessed the power and created it into other energies not natural gas.This island poles continent has a vortex theory dimensions.Things are reversed here the day and night time and seasons..Changed it into gases that are greater power source.They also used energy from orbiting smaller star and its plasma.The light for the island continent comes from many far distance stars concentrated rays that make the night glowing.Not pitch dark as when the "gas giant" rotates it goes to another star that like a moon provides glowing light at night time.Stars are watched better.Many colors of glowing sky for night time.Each zone has their own time zones and stars from angles reach them.The gases in atmosphere retain energy and more of an angle the light reaches them far.You can see yourself at night time.And they have networks of street lights throughout the island poles continent.City and countryside.They combined and formed members of the government here.It began inhabited by clans of Pretender Gobots which are people that can transform to robots.They keep their people conversion for as a people they can explore by foot.They retain their people side.They did not start out with research.They were a land that had heat and they could build a land that was not boring with the blue Klingons who have very little crests and markings.Much like white people but they are Klingons from another dimension and far away billions of light years.Sensible people and as modernized people Blue Klingons did not have conflict.Place was a home and people's home as they joint together to construct a home and invent ways to protect their planet from other planets that were inhabitable that are gone from polution and other destructive things to their planet.They have a healthy planet and in Transformer Gobot years 10 000 years old for people's age to milions of years as a race.They are a government race.From higher and lower levels.They all are government workers.No citizens or civilians.Being of the Pretender Gobot race they inherited military from the Transformers and Gobots.Being Pretender Europeans and they are not extremists. Sharks in water.People see sharks and photograph them.They don't see giants but the 5ft sharks they see once in while.Dorsal fins.Sharks to people are animals of wild and their creeks are wild.No food in water.Laws against animals sharks having any food.This area does not have shoals of fish,sharks diet.These sharks are like harmless fish eating sharks.They are not pack hunters.They eliminate the potential pests like aquatic rodent which is many pounds.lbs.It will eat them and birds.Eat small mammals and small reptiles as food and other small animals.It eats and does not attack man.It makes friends but is isolationist type of species that is life in lakes and streams,creeks and ponds.It is life in ponds.And they are at the bottom or cruising in water for small mammals.They are intelligent.They do not form packs at all scattered in numbers.Out in countryside there is fish in lakes and rivers.Leads out to a deep bay where they feed.Barrier area has small fish not for sharks.Fishing but not shark food.Area out to sea along banks for the giant sharks.They don't come out and stay underwater.They adapt to a civilization around them.Sharks on this planet don't have to move to breath.They can rest at the bottom and not at all drown.They are from fish family but animal.They breath water and use their gills to suck them and send it out as their mouths.They don't eat garbage too intelligent and would get sick from garbage instead of food.Larger sharks don't come to this area and there are fields for water.We have dams and concrete barrier made from shore.The barrier is meant to block out giant creatures.Makes the shores safe from giant creatures.The giant creatures cannot get by this at all.It keeps them out and has a walkway on it for public or workers to use to get to the ports built on them for crafts.People walk on it to view the ocean.It keeps hundreds of meters as our waters not ocean creatures.Allows us

Monumental Garden Poles Continent

to farm crustaceons and fish without any predators.Its very old many

Historic Garden Area,greenhouses

thousands of years old.Has a base built inside structure.Workers inside the manmade structure.Does not harness energy at all.Has battery backups and uses fields to protect area.Its also defenses for military and enforces laws on ships.Filters out the oceans.Takes out the mineral out of the water.Not as heavy the mineral in water as oceans.Filtration system.Has pumps system inside that keeps it free from water.Its sturdy for millions of years.Sharks can't get past that.Concrete barriers and water gets shallow from afar.Concrete like material is porous design.It lets in water from both sides.It gets in between nature.Tides

poles island continent manmade concrete like material bodies of water barrier,porous

happen from polar effect of poles.The gas giant

walkway feeding sharks

planet's gravity self produced tides in certain areas.Tides can introduce the depths and sharks to make things deeper each time but gravity drains it.Time limit in the day to get away from there.Predators from billions of years caught on to the tides and adjusted to it.They wait for the tides to get them used to shallows.So tides are partially dangerous because of other sharks.But the government made barriers that are porous to counter dangers of the tides to make a balance in system and to do


with the nature cycle and predators in oceans and bodies of water.Tides could have been destructive but Gobot Stargate UFP Europeans AI's counter tides and to their polar island continent.Built barriers when land surfaced in depths.Reefs too.It was only 15 feet deep from afar and gets deeper to shore.Its built for ships to get passed.They dock at ports.Some areas are not for ships.Specific areas historic city for ships.Deeper near shore.No shallows.Goes off to sea.That area that has dam and wall in water has shallows and is a park area.Look out hundreds of meters from shore horizon extending to swamp.Woods and jungle.Leads to swamps that have been made into park.Place is very safe.People walk

Swamp area walkway boardwalk Historic area

there.Lakes inland on a drive.No tides here at all.Lakes
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bodies of water,jungle woods,cities

connected to creeks and rivers and have underground caves connecting them all network.Creeks can get 5ft deeper.Cities are from 100 000yrs old and younger.Many are 25 000 yrs old.Fields to protect us.Futuristic buses and subway.Monumental Garden is a historic place that has flower beds and trees from the past.It has plaques and is a young adult grown up place.Lights on and woods.People go there as it is a giant garden to the past centuries being historic and historic trees.Place to relax and stay up in evenings.Plaques marking centuries with info.Space Airport is far from city but easy distance because of being futuristic.Connect the cities from end to

Historic city dome stadium,parking lots

end.Through people and government.It is one of the best looking cities in the poles continent and going to be where my home is next time.It has never been through a primitive era.Modern electronics.People were clean because they lived in modernization.Inside its modern.They had early stages of our city.Then in a space traveling boom they  built modern buildings the sky.Stretch farther.And well maintained.Power of space
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Alien Worlds Poles Continent Historic City

and its commuting.Transit in space is
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Historic City,gianter than picture

futuristic and they had this in their first 50 yrs future and space.Very complicated a place but from its upgrades and races of AI they always had it at levels of complication to get around.Wonderous like a dream when they got used to it.Many regions and cities connected all over the continent like a network thriving.Towns and countryside are connected to cities with commuting.Countryside with jungles and woods is modernized.They value the countryside and seashore and developed it to preserve enhance nature but modernized.They have up to date government and branches out in country open to visitors.It has facilities that are clean and open to public.Our countryside on their own are very modern.People become a member of their home city.It means they get easier access to the city.Commuting and other means that make updating their vehicles to take them to the city.Many cities they go to in commuting.Food access and access to centers.Places to stay and lounge.Hotels and accommodation.Buying groceries has coupons and points.They are accepted more than tourist.They are at a high level in city they can go up buildings to their parks up skyscrapers.The Historic City is Victorian in design with skyscrapers in Victorian design as all buildings in this giant city.Subways have cobblestone.Members have government backing and access provided by government.They have constructed area as a peaceful and scenic area people live in.There are shopping centers and all ammenities in all regions.Their roads and streets are all connected by transit and commuting

Feroz's home

monorails.Sidewalk networks to ride your motorized bicycle on.Same thing as a bike path which is meant for motorized bicycles.Cut through parks and are paved.Not allowed as motorized on the unpaved pathways for everyone's safety.People walk on walkers path for pathways avoid motorized bicycles and their speeds posted.Field for safety and cameras to supervise motorized bicycles.I wanted a continent that provided love and family security to my beloved children Princess Armada.They ahd in any disasters like financial,defenses so Princess Armada
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Historic City

will always all her life have things as hers more million times.Everything is her belongings.Security.And we are a family forever meaning 10 000yrs and more as

Historic area skyline dusk

Transformer Gobot race people.They have family securities and defenses from their continent.You won't
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Historic area skyline

leave early in fate we demand Creator but outguess him in life with a continent with experience,government,wisdom than any empires,caring,compassionate,authoratative,smart in civilization,expert in financial disasters.Emergency.Thinkers and ranks take action to change things from a backing structure,right religion.Not self-destructive.As a government their factors in safe environment for my kids to grow up.And I can put in that family caring I intend to enforce in them rules hand in hand with their continent.They grow up responsible and join mliitary.Home is historic area and its abandoned places teachings into religion.We have things going.We have no worries and in medical we have no AI worries she can go on duty with GAH powers and more.Queen Armada was born in Historic City my parent and Grandmother were there in the hospital to see me born.None of curses to come true.Daily life people travel from different weather zones in less then hour are there.Circulation.Get to your destinations and provisions for each person citizen part

Space Khan family home Manson Historic Area

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inside Khan Historic Mansion,modern and Space McLaughlin family

future.Get farther and further.No barriers as they pass through sectors,alert on passenger and commuting.Cars go very fast.Highways at building level.When I travel on the streets and space highways I travel in my cycle for all weathers and climates.It has a canopy build to block out cold and weather.It rides at mach.4.It can adjust speeds.Canopy

Backyard of space Khan historic area Mansion

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backyard of space Khan historic area Mansion

has storage area behind me,extension for 3 more passengers,re-fitted.Our cars and motorcycles,cycles fitted with emergency countermeasures like coolants,redirect channels for fields,retardant supplies.Emitter beacon.My people need to look at my pictures in order to construct my estate and all of my ideas.They need Zarconian wikia.They will make blueprints and have acres of land part of Historic City my birthplace in future afterlife.Our space Khan family Mansion in historic area is modern inside or futuristic.Its meant for 24 of my daughter transexuals and me 25 people.Its a home for us transexual females.Each room upstairs is individual room or double rooms to share with their sisters.Have tv's in each room and media entertainment.From space and terminal for our estate.We have our computers,media and entertainment,music all terminal and have configurated

Side View of Khan Historic Estate

portal on all appliances and in enclosure for modifications and extra hidden properties.All precise from touch and they have things going.My daughters Khan family are briliant in electronics,games and

Khan Family of Billions of Light yrs from here

computers.Computer interface media entertainment and music 3d holographics topic images.They have it all done modern with beds and computers and their cellular phones.Phone within a network and smart for security.Security as it has city field over the fence to keep out thrown objects.Angle someone throws it and will be camera from us or space.Charged on ID.Guard house Security Station is where the manpower for estate have a headquarters to meet for every space Khan family estate.System with the law.Office and has

Theater living room

lockers and storage for equipment.Guards have a belt with accessories.They meet and plan and go over reports,logs.They have computers and holographic imagery projections and archives.They have the houses defenses.Fire precautions built into estate even to electrical on this planet which has no raw open outlets and current is more like batteries in energy use of energy not current.Attatched like wireless.Works on alien principles.Safety against fire hazards.Workers have firefighting and linkup to our cities fire department.We have fire defenses from vandals and our security like officers will patrol and jump people,imobilize them with tazers and put on energy restraints.They have fire fighting methods and precautions all over the estate to smallest cm.They have firefighting vs vandals.Our protective security barrier where people can throw objects into out yard at all,knocked down.Outside of the property to supervise for fires.Precautions that we firefight with our water supply and chemicals and fire department gets there.We can cut off power to fire areas.We have computer networking and terminals on property.Our security stations can activate fire protocols on fires or dangers.Drone workers can restraint and have supervisor with them.The pets are protected well against such and have precautions to our tanks and water their in protects them.We have to put them in another pool

Queen Aramanda Suit of Powers

to protect them from energy.Workers can initialize that to protect them from a current.Fields and cameras.Imager from eye in sky.Its termnal to police and police meet to be satisfied part defenses.They can communicate to government by holographic imagery.It has their equipment.Have a phone system.Houses and estates electronics and emergency protocol for office house can go to.Protect enclosures and all parts estate and estate perimeter.They can make arrests suspicious behaviour.They take in phone ins from Princess Armada and Queen Armada for our secure whereabouts and when we leave the home for trip or far away.In charge of secret roads for our cars and secret off limits commuting.And they are contacted in emergencies about space Khan family.Very trusted and do their work on any phenomena.Take in strage phenomena and counter it contact government.Security check our cars.Check up on all things we travel on,Princess Armada's spaceboard.They are there for emergencies.Front door and back door has a computerized hand scan locking system uses vital
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Guard house Security Station Space Khan estates

signs.And if anyone forgets to lock the door in a small duration it locks automatically.Princess Armada can call in to open the estate gates with a test scan and passes a test common to her.She can use her phone but there are precaution she must take from phone and phone infront gates security station.Keep logs.Mainainance security fields can stretch higher toward angle of throwing.Part of city.It has all of the electronics we want and our fridge has all our foods.Our rooms and main bedroom.We have basement that is done and re-decorated.Our bathroom can provide to my 16 daughters.We have series of bathrooms that are space modern.They are clean and use ventilation and filtration.The showers sprinkle a rain shower on me or my daughters or our guests.Bathroom has many waste desposal wash units that rinse wash body after gettng rid of waste in small amounts from a duration of 4 months.Our bathroom is place where there is very little disease as a family we stay to ourselves and no diseases come into our very home is place to eliminate diseases.It will be very hygene.Our home no venerial diseases from outside world.It spray cleans body with wash after removing small amount of waste with suction to clean.Then showers.They have sinks that wave hand to start and change temperatures.Showers have temperature valve hot and cold mixed for warm and warmer.Makes steam from showers and has ventilation system.It remains warm in bathroom but fresh air with our windows in bathroom for lighting.Shelves for our things for washroom like cleanser wipes and cream,lotions and makeup,mouth washing and scrubbers.Large and spatious.Take in air from outside.Transparent walls.Many bathrooms in our estate to serve my daughters.Comfort.Expensive space tiles and carpet.Towels and in shower turns on body dryer.Maintained by drone and Princess Armada.Princess Khan is very clean and uses this place to clean herselff as I clean mysefl.It in the home has religion and cleanliness.I am taking how clean I am now to my new homeworld.We are a family of hygene.Rennovated.It is another room.A library and divided into places

space Khan family bathroom


Frontyard space Khan Historic Area Mansion

indoor golf.Front yard.On our property tennis courts{to do other sports} and mini-putt courses.Our backyard has pond size swimming pool that is 14ft deep most and gets shallow at 4 and 5 ft.Has island in middle you can rest on and have our things there like food.A line attatched from island center.Taken by a small raft that uses that keeps balance.Everything is containers for us to pour on island.Deep zones in pool and shallow.Around the island it has a path that is shallow to it at 4ft.Marked where to dive.Bottom of pool is clay.The backyard has the RC military warfare boards course.Its in backyard and there is a cobblestone walkway to ride cart on to get to places.There are the use of carts and carrying transport cart for things.Drive on walkway.We have a transparent enclosure over area of concrete to sit inside many of them around the backyard.Comfort plastic space material chairs and tables with shelves.They keep their belongings outside in shelves like these.Lego kits and more RC and crafts.They do outdoor crafts in our backyard and activities.Like outdoor rooms to stay in and they can watch tv and music,media entertainment and with their sisters and eat.Feroz plays video games and the Jinn excels and takes over winning Feroz's favourite games.One of their sisters brings the food on cart from deck or what they want and they bring it themselves or drone
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Enclosure backyard frontyard with buggy cart

by cart.Each of Princess Armada's
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estate drone staff workers

things,accessories and toy hobbies storage as cart meant to bring their stuff,supplies.It has trays area for half extra and keeps it warm in a storage with a door and keep it frozen in freezer.Dishwasher unit and drones staff estate.Meal hour call from Princess Armadas phone.Princess Armada is Eilleen eldest,Janine and Inga with Florence.What they all want,her beverages.Stuff for outside because of security law deemed safe with ID locks hand scan.Drone estate staff workers take care and maintenane the estate.They are security for estate to work with the government and backed up by manpower.They have devices in them to communicate.They can extension to do chores.They also cook recipes.They don't messup or pollute food.Very trusted.They can do what a chef

Enclosure basement washrooms and showers,storage

can do with government secrets and from computer.There are the branches of workers that all do each category and head each part of house like garage.They tend to estate yard

Khan deck bar b q lounge backyard deck

care and conduct repairs as handymen.Keep everything working and clean.They take reports and data of their days work.Keep records.They because of seasons has an evironmental control,warmth for each enclosure.And monitors,do telephone and computers,media device hand held to stay in contact in their cart.Carts enclosed canopy and warmth, and cool for winter,hot.Picnic areas and picnic tables in each part backyard.Our 2 level deck with tables on each level and decorated for party but every week.Make things pleasant with bar b q food.Robot drone helps in bar b q.Our decks for all year round surrounded by field we turn on to do season encloses warmth to eat when its 10C and lower.Covered by canopy.Princess Armada goes out there in her slippers.No people for what they bring from outside,private even friends.Its not a bar and does not have outsiders come to sit at it because that is not the idea.Loads of things outsider won't like about Khan family diet.That is why its just for us as a family.They can bring friends here and there but trustworthy people.Family daily routines and special occasions to sass them up and jazz them up.Daily life and her choco milk.That is where she gets it as its like a franchise and maintained by drone workers and workers.That is where Queen Armada goes to get her daily drink or beverage.Get our dinner and in other mansions we have other versions of bar b q even indoor one in the mountain zone.We have other types that are indoor.This one is our main deck and its beautiful to us.Great to have that we don't have to run to the store for small drink or beverage.We can make them at home.Our security brings from their home as they are working and can make in the security pantry where they make dinner meal or work meal or breakfast for work.Its like a lounge but outside as deck.Our deck and inside has fire grill done by energy.It is an energy grill and our kitchen was done purpose of using fire grill as our deck like lounge outdoors.We have an elevator system trolley that brings our cooked trays to lower level to carts.Loaded in carts to take bar b q food to everyone in my family.My children the Princess'.They have their trays.Brought them a bar done soft drinks and other beverages to each of my children.Their favourites done on fountaine.Doors to our deck where we can enter from house to deck and double doors to bring part of cart.Bring the carts to club house and enclosure rooms for dining.Cart is like main table where we don't have tables.Anyway it opens up as a main table transforrms with tray units.She gets as much as she wants loaded on her tray with cover keep it warm.Beverages to her coffee to coke.We dedicated the fountains to beverages 1st and then beverage orientated alchohols liquors that have juice and pop in it.Monitors her driving from the security house and how many to program autopilot or rest on the monorail.Not too many liquor beverages to switch to beverage.Enjoys loads of her pastas and hot dogs and my proportions as Queen Aramanda, .Distrubute and cleanup done by our drone units and workers.Workers stay to supervise and participate as part of the government their jobs in my manor.We do pastas on fire grill and many fire grill seafoods and hot dogs,hamburgers and many tacos.Fire grill foods for the Khan family.Our drone units with a chef watch over the cooking.Done with techniques and effective.          And when she wants bar b q food she goes out there and so do I.Princess Armada's home.Communications and media,her belongings at the tables outside.Watch holographic tv to when sun goes down.Lighting in backyard.Lighting in ponds and lake for RC remote control and mini putting,tennis courts.Front yard has a picnic area with a small woods and manmade creeks and pond.Boardwalk and trail through it with series of enclosures on property with table and chairs to pass away the day.Lighting system.Artificial lake.They do not have tunnels or underground walkways because it will make the estate colder.It will be too far and this will cause cold in estate.Better because of our environmental field to go outside with their toothbrushes and toiletry bags to go out and cleanup from walking out side doors of estate to spend their time in enclosures.Too much useless room and cause coldness not a neccessity.We can leave on ground floor and walk to them.Inside and have comforts provided to them by cart.They don't need any jackets.They can go out in pajamas.Go out to enclosure in pajamas.The estate security don't stare.Daily activities on my property.That is how the ducts system won't get colder for the pools.The sharks pools conserve heat and be much warmer.They won't have problems with weakened structure or land weakened by tunnel.Firm and hard to build in the room area of enclosure.It will have many rooms designed into it with lighting and have tables for eating with lounge and their furniture.Has many bathrooms with showers.Extremely clean place with provisions.Sinks for dinner and meals.Temperature is adjusted by me and from our security stations house.Temperatures of each room is monitored by me and my family.Pools will have structure without any tunnels weakening the land around the pools.Retain the heat in tundra area and mountain when its colder.There are transparent  enclosures out on property for Princess Armada and I when they get tired.Environment against any harsh climate.Lounge and place to do hobbies and work and to sleep,rest.Eat catered food prepared on their meal hour call from phone.Princess Armada asks what she wants.She eats as much as each Princess Armada eats and her beverages .Our Roman food.Has entertainment media from space.Interface terminal from music and radio play to computers and tv holographic projection clear detail picture colour.Computers interface into tv.And they get download from space archives.Chairs and tables and from setup computers.Basement is Princess Armadas washroom and showers.Has a hand scan locking system that in emergencies openned from house and by security.Lighting system and paths in mini golf and challenging space course.Architecture structures and mazes,games.Working mechanisms.Sound effects.Combine these.Avoid water hazards network of small creeks.The structure of the pools,ponds and lakes that its not attatched to anything at all or waters.Its all on my property to sustain more than a great life to my pet sharks part of our family.It has for pets and some aquarium.Not connected and sealed off on my property underground.Ducts network that cycle back on the property.Dirt is not soft like earth.Clay that is firmer.Not hard like clay nothing can dig into it without machinery makes no sense.Sensors but in this life for century we are not military and venturing out to endanger our family.We later will with the pets become militarized together.But then we get to know each other in our time and years.Our city has precautions to any tv and movie ideas.They can't do any of that in a city of space.There is sewers but they are far away from us as we are edge of the city for the land.We border the city and are close by bus not sewers.We have our own space sewer smaller than normal one because lack of waste our race makes.We use water but not the waste.Sewers are controlled and compact and they create burning the waste to compact them but they are there from cities and regions.From weather.We have it professionally sealed off though to maintain my property.Its better than peace of land near the giant city.We have our own systems on my property for sewer and have nothing to do with water network except the water demand comes from them and we use taps at hose pressure from the city to keep the water levels up and liquid in water prevent evaporation slow it down.Water per month comes in slowly per week to keep the water fresh.Hose level like a pressure of fire hose lightly and in quantity to fill up the water network on my property.From a tap for my pet sharks the quantity excess for them as city makes it legal for Queen Feroz.Feroz's endless power to have proper things and nothing wrong in animal kingdom.I am like a scientist too in maintaining them as pet view point.Each of my daughters too like Inga.Structure of transparent material like a dome enclosure to put through.Anti-gravity.Pinball bumpers idea.Garden idea.It can tilt and swirl around the ball.Go up hill on a track and spiral like marbles.Many scenes from North America and space ones from other worlds and ours.Complicated.Courts or tennis courts.Lights in lake and around it high above light poles for our backyard.We have pets like our bobcat and European wildcat males.The Creator needs to extract each factor and make them real from this wikia.Needs to assemble and change them to their new alien race,Evolution Process Angels Caretakers to extract us from our 20th Century earth class North America Sol System bodies to translate to this world and new home.I will be a young adult starting off in my parents attractive women's home.My many estates and money and start construction.Assemble my pets and for my daughters to be born take up their rooms and mansion.Have everything I want and process that the home is created and estates are created with pets main home but different species in other homes.We're going to be based in historic area.Creator of billion light years Allah's older Brother to use his power to make my income infinity in credits and used for these factors.They need to be part of family to learn about housecats that are

Khan Shark pets Activities pool

meat eaters too and get tame from being with them.Our other pets are small carpet shark like sharks.We have pet sharks as I want Princess Khan to raise her pet sharks as Janine Khan.Pet small sharks at 3ft to 4ft,5ft long sharks.Pet sharks are playful and have moods.Their teeth meant for small mammals,fish and crustaceons.They have rows sharp teeth compared to the bobcat and wildcat that they are similiar at being safe pets with their teeth as we put our hands in their mouths important to the pet sharks to show to the Khan family how we are to them playful.Bodies are smooth and you can feel the fish scale minute amount of cartilage.More from scales and you can feel their muscles.I got them for petting them too.Salmon shark like shark is dorsal.He comes into the play pen and changes to play like a pet dog but is a shark.They will swim around and change from dorsal from other tanks.Attitudes change from tank to tank and during the day.They are close to being AI in animal fish

Khan family shark aquarium

species.They can like all life transform for military.Either when that does not happen they stay to this pet mode in our home.Plans for their future as a family.Messages.Only we're allowed to put our hands in their mouths.Moods from early in morning to end of the day at night time where they are quieter.Changed modes like their relatives now at night time.No eating fish in aquarium.No smaller fish.They are friends with giant gold fish.They have food pellets and they eat these worker drones come out to food pellets them in a feeding tank.They send a signal with the pellets and they follow this to tanks.Snacks time for them and we some times feed them small mammals like mouse like creature not all the time in feeding tank.Keep up their health but is avoided in them going wild from raw food.Once in while a mouse like creature.Meat mix is given to them and from the supervising security
KusoCartoon 14362385705159 KhnShrk

My entire family and our pet sharks

house scientist.He adds in on raw food feeding and behaviour.Food pellets but all of the time no.They need some meat mix food.Health.Scientist calls them their names.Works at the security house but is called on his phone in emergency.Most of the things we can handle.He donates his few hours a week here.Checkups.Checksup on on the tanks and pools.Takes walk around to see it working and sharks behaviour in few months test to yearly tests for their health.Scan for the scientist or doctor to see how they are doing.We have station for medical equipment and the pet sharks.Scientist brought in instruments by car.Pets they have no source fo wild parasites.They have that to zero

Close up of Khan frontyard garden and pet sharks,cats

percent and wild meat mix is from the store.Nothing from wild.They get vitamines in their food pellet vitamins.They are healthy and watches them in portal port window.Lighting and then the doctor sees little trouble then he comes back much later.Checkups to come in and see how things are with these wild sharks from the public as pets.Sharks behaviour and we relate to them to keep swimming with them per week as its fun to go to the shark pool and swim with them.They are calm at night time and rest on the bottom watching in the room enclosure.The Salmon shark like shark travel with his dorsal fin in 19ft water above the water as his instincts.Female sharks are passive and support the other sharks.They are all like a family and swim around each other.They go to to each tank to see everyone and swim with my family members at the pool to interact with our sharks.They rest in the reading room enclosure and watch movies and tv there.Absorbing up what the Khan family is like and Feroz.We can go to them at night time in the pool or at 7pm.See how our other family members are.They are not rough animals and are gentle and at home with us.They used to be wild species.They are pets and in emergency they can leap to attack intruders.We won't have such emergencies living far away and in historic City and other climate zones for different sharks that are taken care of.Workers love to be with the sharks and the drones love to be with them and call out their names.They respond to their names called out as they are pet intelligent.They are from our planet which has peaceful origins and beginnings.They took to feeding these sharks and taking care of them outside.Interacting pool we pet them and make them feel part family to play with them and they go through their rubber plastic tunnels,puzzles and rings.They have fun travelling through them and swim in castle to get closer to use when we are inside the castle which is like aquarium ornament.We have the log they can travel inside of.They can travel outside to the garden woods area on our property and we see them on the calm stream that is 4ft deep and gets to 5ft and we can see them as its not a rushing,its calmed for them to swim and and lay bottom to rest in garden woods.Get to go
Longtail Carpet Sharks SHARK ACADEMY-0

Longtail Carpet Sharks SHARK ACADEMY-0

Alaska’s Deadly Sharks Alaska's Deadliest-0

Alaska’s Deadly Sharks Alaska's Deadliest-0

outside to outside pond tank and swim around as in the tundra zone which feels moderate outside but is cold.We can wear our t-shirts in tundra like playing ball hockey take off shirts and coats.We're warm like that.Bottom dweller and harmless sharks as our pets and we have the aquarium systems to sustain them as like nature.We have many gallon pools to keep them like nature.We have a network of ducts and water ways we had
KusoCartoon 14363281122029

Water network Khan Family Estate pet sharks

manmade and reinforced as artificial ponds and creeks that make our way through our garden in front yard.The pet sharks can travel to the front yard garden and are in waterways
KhnShrk orginal sketch

Feroz's Pet sharks

on our estate.They have lots of area and depth of the ponds gets to 14ft.Observation window panels portal to look to keep their privacy.Not mirky at all transparent.Deep for them and we go to our enclosures to watch the sharks and to be with our pets.Females are few and travel on creeks and in garden on our estate property.We have fields to protect them.They are not huge and we have a scientific built aqua area for our pet sharks like aquarium with workers.Stay with us and through the day and night they travel to where they want.They can see us inside in few enclosures with a shallow 4ft tank in our room in enclosure where my daughters do work and hang around in home.Its part of our house and they are there and eat with our pets.Keep close with our pets and to be with them.We have them on all of our estates in each zone different species we see in commuting or when we feel like changing homes to seasons.See our other pets that guard our property too.Workers and scientist worker and drones observe and take care of them and maintain their aqua home on our estate.We have outdoor park staff to help in on care for my pet sharks.They are part fo the family my Khan Family ancestors and the Shark God.Our pet sharks are intelligent and in
KusoCartoon 14362385705159

Khan Family Estate Shark Tank Room

many zones like native arctic.Our pet sharks are very intelligent and tame and

Shark Pond and creek network to garden front yard

from my home island continent.They don't have platelettes.They have type of soft scales as bodies feel plump and have type of scales outer.They have teeth some of them for crushing feed on crustaceons.They eat crabs.Other like a salmon shark has half inch widened blunt fangs.They are a family and their teeth can't cut on anyone.Crusher teeth and blunt fangs less half inch teeth small for hunting small fish and to eat some small mammals that are planteaters.They swim in the olympic pool depth pond and lake they watched through portals by us.Swim to swimming area for us and pets.We pet them and Princess Khan does cater her life to them and her behaviour.She will never date infront of them or the cats.She goes in privacy with her own sisters and me Feroz or Queen Armada's family.I'll need my powers activated to use them in daily life.Like going into deeper parts of the tanks pools.Problems staying in water deeper I can't do now.They are used to us tranny's socialize but with ancestor like animal pets.Teeth and we put our hands in their mouth sign from sharks family affection.But when my parents attractive women  {Amalie} and Mageline have a swim in one of the pools to get to know the pets and his swim.Our pool told them is clean and prepares for swimming.Pets have us tag along and do everything with us to play around to feel as family.Then my filtration system takes place after a family gathering to retain it for the pets back to clean the way they want it fresh.But moment to spend with my family and not in huge numbers to come to Feroz's place to swim because they are linked with public on other worlds.Our swim and they all get to pet my pets and they are for visitors and explain how harmless to family they are.Visits are within the year.And we feed them a mix of raw meats from wild they eat with planteater reptile and large mammal mouse creature they eat.Meat mix made recipe from the pet staff.They eat in separate pool to feel heatlhy as they need meat.My children feed them their pets.Pictures in our family holographic album and tablets.When we're in pool with them they will not scrub us at all.They are not from wild and are tame and for wealthy people or just me because I am the Queen with my royal family and my royal Creator parents.My family has fun being in the water with the pet sharks.We all are very clean people and family when in pool.We're not white.Europeans but very clean from being muslims.Spend time in water and pet them and get to know them and territory.And we ever have accident to fall in water they will know its us and protect us and go to us.They have mind size of grapefruit.Smart and intelligent and can obey commands.We hate dogs and have sharks in their place.They grow obedient and my plans part of our family and when my children are studying.Have fun to interact and play with the sharks and our females.They might not want sharp teeth or can control their bite to be pet bite.Then in castle which is for fun like aquarium the way I want it and gold fish but large at 10lbs.I always liked goldfish.Sharks and goldfish are all family and cats go to the aquarium to play with their family members everyday.Castle is inside the aquarium and at the couches part of tank.We have seats at the othe side of the tank.Climb up the stairs in the castle and go inside and they are inside the aquarium partially to feed them and interact.I have had the aquarium decorated giant decorations for aquarium but for my sharks.They have logs and plants.Bubbling ornaments.Real plants with plastic plants.Wood and decorative rocks.They can swim inside them and in back to front.Bubbles come out of some of them.They have decorations in all of the tanks mixed with plants and fake plants,artificial.Decorated for the sharks to have fun and our castle is a decoration for feeding and interacting with them.We call out to them in shark calls we made up they listen to.Meant in some ponds to look like their real scenery to ornaments for fun fish scenery.The arificial lake has like reef like bushes and are artificial and real reef bushes.Bushes or plants under water and groves.Places and objects inside their pool and we have pools for reasons.Their lake pool for them to feel out in the wild,feeding.Pond in front is to be in woods and with us and to feed.Roundish pool is interact in wild and we can see them like an olympic pool.Transparent to see them see through water.Travel for fun up the duct creeks which are made of material not concrete.Hard material like plastic.You can't drain the tanks and pools.They require if ever needed but it isn't that uses pumps from outside from a facility.It has countermeasures for impurity if ever.We watch our pools as security and filtration flushes it out any threats.And our workers and drones.Scientist will come if any emergency happens.Small vents less than hand size vents,many inches allow water in and out filtration.Keeps jets going to make current and water flow.Operated by turbines and area for the workers.Stations in each pool section help in taking care of them small isolated area we can have panels to make area to go in water to take care of them medically and scientific.Workers and scientist take care of them to keep them top of their health and safe.Not grouchy.Study them as its important from their size.Observed.Interaction to care for them.Go into water that is shallow to their knees to take care of the sharks and give them neccesities they need so they are'nt grouchy.Healthy pets exotic.Workers have boats to row into artificial lakes and water ways.Small canoes that row to get to various operations of waterways and go under to turn things on or off or to get to the shark pets.Camera system watching them in every area for the well being.Arranging the tank plants and objects inside tank to make them feel its real in the lake.The tank inside enclosure is where the sharks can swim up a channel and enter enclosure part of the estate inside where we the Khan family are.And they come inside like pets to be with us.We give them treats and they eat pellets fish food diet to take them off raw diet.They will act wild and eat some times raw meats like steer.They will eat bu the scientist says they are in artificial lake for time from them eating raw meat and crayfish.Happy they go back fish pellets feeding in the lake and in pond in front.When we study and go to enclosure to be close to them.Lighting goes on for the sharks that we have lots of lights for them when they are swimming for us to see them and then workers have them go to sleep in whatever pool.They don't make waste and burn it.They have a tank for waste from eating.Burn it but their waste is recycled and made into dirt as they waste in pellet that is retreived process to make fertilizer from them.To clean it up.Shipped out to government that collects fertilizers.Pool inside that is for waste in a structure on its own and they know from scientist this is waste pool.Has plants to eat at algae they have limited.Filtrationed specialized as they have a panel they can travel into that waves up and down back and forth.Push through the panel front entrance to their waste pool separate from rest of their environment.Filtered to prevent it as mess.Precautions.Feroxia loves them as Dora and Inga reads near them and studies.We have some females.Our pet sharks behave smart like members of the family.They are very clean and
2014-01-06 19.50.54

Black cat

2014-01-06 19.53.07

Brown tabby

2014-01-06 19.55.43

Orange tabby

hybrid.They are not wild but calm and they want to know me Feroz{Queen Armada} and my parents and visitor family.Jinn is space term from Allah's relatives.Not Arabic meaning.I would trust the space for the things the jinn has done and is white race in appearance white girl.They are used to us and love swimming to garden where we touch and pet them as talk to them in messages.We have a swimming area to get in water with our pets.They are calm and swim up the channels and catered to them and their safety and home.They love home and swim inside at night to be with the family.They are visited by Princess Khan.She and all of them Dora and Villagra,Marion love them as pets and family.We talk to them and watch baseball with them and media tv entertainment.They have habits to stay up at midnight.Garden and we
European Wildcats-1

European Wildcats-1

Gucci My European Wildcat-0

Gucci My European Wildcat-0

Benji the bobcat being his lovable self-0

Benji the bobcat being his lovable self-0

Bobcat Stalks a Pocket Gopher North America

Bobcat Stalks a Pocket Gopher North America

walk and find them and call out to them or go to enclosure to see them at the tank inside the room.We have our furnishings and our actitities.We interact with our pets who will model as changed to autobot guardians to join us in war later in our lives century.We pet them and feed them treats and they are being their own doctor and scientist with me making under 100 feet width ponds and artificial lakes with ducts network and filtration water with slight current of jets to make running stream for them to be in our garden woods on our property and for them to go outside on property at night.Leave the inside to go out.We have our seating and tables to spend days with them with shelter and for the zones environmental fields.But they love the arctic cold waters.Icey waters they go to mode and love it.We stay out for our survival and only go in temperate waters.I guess we will have like a jets in a sauna like pool for the sharks to come in and relax from the icey cold and interact with us in pools inside our home with the warm water
Grwl orginal sketch

Feroz's Pet cat

Saber1 orginal sketch

Feroz's Pet cat

from arctic outside to warm up.We will have olympic size pool for them to swim in but made into a shark pool.Not for swimming at all.Princess Armada is very understanding these are our family members as changed to Transformer Gobot robot AI mammal cats.Mammals look real but in robot as they have been changed by creator system as our pet cats.AI and have fur but a material.They can't get lost on estate and can talk.Our cats eat giant shrimps and crawfish.They eat cat treats and cat food.My daughters will feed and maintain them.AI cats.They are beginning again very civilized.They are very intelligent like beings.I want bobcat and European wildcat as our cats for Khan family because I want a fierce predator that can be domestic.They roam around our
KusoCartoon 13804949256444

Feroz's pet European Wildcat

KusoCartoon 13804949810411

Feroz's Pet Bobcat

home from room to room

Feroz's younger sister and Feroz's pet cats in next life

to show they they have their home in our estates and our island polar continent.Look out the window and roam on estate grounds.They have food room of cat food of many flavours and canned cat food.They can eat outside and have a drone to help take care of them.They have a room with their litter.They can go out around the estate in the garden or mini woods in historic city.Interact with the pet sharks as a pet family.My chance in next life to have pet bobcat and European wildcat.They can be intelligent and caring as being predators.They will obey and for security on our property.For us to relate to cats.Cats while we're sleeping or recharging roam from room to room and Princess Khan's door is open for the cats.My parents take to the cats and will visit my estate and she sees these two males and female housecats.Cats are a team and anti-dog.Last time for me to be with dogs on earth class Sol System.My pet cats are anti dog.In religion they are filthy like pigs.My parents and their visits to my cats.How they take to being furry creatures to my parents.We take pictures of them as they would be expensive and with the right people being Princess Khan and my parents on visits.The cats have a sand blended in with the garden.They have an area to go outside in our park and use the sand.Even in rain its there and tended by robot drones report back to supervisor.Next time they will be used to us and our activities.New home and they deserve to live here

Entire Family and our cats

permanent and come with us commuting.We have privileges to have a compartment for our pets.Intellgence he'll stay with us to go to our other homes and can act as defenses.Males will be treated well and not like female cats.Its a great family experience.To maintain them well they are AI and its less mess.They were from Sol System Earth Class North Atlantic and US.Now they are very safe with best chances for them to live intelligent to go to our many homes.See continent.They wander on property as like us machines but realistic AI.Clubhouse we had made part of

Artificial lake boardwalk,benches, transparent roof


artificial lake with clubhouse and enclosure

backyard.Field, environment control for the seasons.It has their outdoor coats and change into a long sleeve shirt and jacket,track pants for emergency soakers.Change of clothes emergency clothes.Hood and spring coat for rain.Go out of field enviroment area.We can eat in it and feel at home.We can get into the game and other things.Prefer the clubhouse.And its desks to put supplies on top ocnduct repairs and upgrades.Electronics.And our drawing board in graphics and chalk.And our holographic screens to interface with video game units and RC controls.Goes to main holographic screen.Many in number for each hand held.Couches,tables and room.They have a phone system that they communicate the temperature and environment.They have sinks and bathroom with showers and they can clean themselves during the day.Sinks for their meals.They have micro like devices reheating things and the cart is like fridge.It has temperatures to go and get ice creams,deserts.It has lounge with lighting and they can watch movies and tv here in clubhouse.They can gather here and stay together.Do crafts here and have many tables they each share to do crafts.Supplies and cupboards.We have supplies to models and toys,legos.It has loads of room for finished models that move and walk to RC and are like toys but real.Comfie place for our Khan family.Loads of room and they can stay there at night time.The workers will go through the estate and use the lights from room to room.Clubhouse is a room like enclosures are rooms of the estate.Walk or ride the cart to get to it.Windows transparent materal that can be opened to enjoy warmer seasons.They can bring their friends and family here.Its their hangout.They have reclining furniture they can relax on to recline and to sleep on.Get up and go to washrooms and cleanup and shower,brush.Their moods and who feels like going there part of my estate and is their home to go to.They can play RC battleships at night.They have media entertainment and music from estate home linkup and our own terminal.They all can go camping in our backyard but better.Have city security.When we're playing RC miitary warfare game.Artificial lake pond that is for RC Remote control warfare and subs and ships.Deepest is 10ft goes to 4ft shallow.Setup for each type of warship like and cruisers.RC U.Boats.Larger lake connected to network of ponds for RC remote control naval war.Carriers can go to the larger pond,artificial lake.It has been constructed and manmade of type of concrete and clay.Decks were made into them shores so we can play and rest on our chairs and chat.Carts,walk around for a better perspective.The pool for seasons has field to block out colder climate of summer and spring.They wear over coats into the house.They take it off when in pool area with an environment.Pool temperature can be raised to warmer.Pool is surrounded by wooden barrier for privacy.doorways on each side to go to the picnic area of trees on property.We have 2 level wooden deck for our summer time{winter} time outdoor parties and cooking we have as a family.Keep our backyard private as it has a pad which has chairs.For RC Remote control in rain.We can go into the enclosures.It is a weather proof backyard to rain.We can stay out all day.Our fence has field.It has a partol of security and cameras,sensors and protocol to law.Field can zap intruders and spasm their body and is physical obstacle.Ponds and lake and pool connected with aquaduct in filtration of water passes through turbine and engine room.Rain water levels rises and distribution rest goes down the drain.Emergency precautions.Emergency boat raft life floatation jackets and call maintainance workers.Have a line attatched to floatation jacket.Pond,lake has precautions like shallow way built.Rule we don't enter the lake.Outdoors and no one needs to come inside our dwelling.We have a pool filtration system and its changed.Its in part of the historic city.Communications.Environment in emergencies and to recover your possession.Locking mechanism to your code.It can be used hangout for day or nights,has entertainment and media,games,music from network under your username.Climate won't effect interior,power supply recycles and provides long life,40yrs.Connect to outside outlets provide more power for more systems.And out in the countryside and remote areas,polar region this is the emergency.Our home is sealed off area that imitates streets but is meant for off limits government.We have defenses that when we go famous and do things infront of the continent and space that our home and belongings are protected.We live where a house,park and buildings block off as camaflage of sealed off area being street to our home and is opened to a different route that takes us to other regions,Secret roads.People cannot breach our houses street is private and off limits.Guarded and protected routes by sentry and government security to police,military.Road and routes cannot be accessed.Only respond to our codes when we need to go to the city.And commuting private trains and buses.Off limits to public.Public can't recognize us from computers and propaganda protecting us.Its just intercept public from being alarmed and police can provide security to any walks to public places.We can access their areas because their ours

Queen Armada Lead Guitar All Guitars,backing vocals and keyboards

but they have no access to ours at all.Our house has defenses inside.Lead to capture of anyone who breaches.Even from us the Khan family.We have

Queen Armada

drones and guards and law.So my kids can play on the street and sidewalk to our home.They live sealed off part city.Supervised and most playing is in our yard.Well my life changed and I used to have occasions living with my parents and our tundra city.I grew up there and used to play in snow to see how my body adjusts to minus 10.Playing in snow and having parties.And my parents provisioning for me Queen Armada.I have sisters from an attractive women family.We play out in snow and practice for our night ocassions.Practice our instruments and I
ECV 00001-1

ECV 00001-1

ECV 00006-0

ECV 00006-0

ECV 00005-0

ECV 00005-0

ECV 00004-0

ECV 00004-0

ECV 00003-0

ECV 00003-0

get my guitar playing.Then we show our talent.And eating appetizers and I have had already appetizers.My parents are expert cook.They can use being witches to cooking at expert level.Night in our poles

Queen Feroz and her present day self

continent island gets through and many dressed up for the ocassion being the Blue Klingon and rest of the family of our island poles
KusoCartoon 15700484101505

Feroz and her Grandma of next life million light years away in another dimension

continent.I have family as friends and my friends are closer to me and play a great role like a family.This is what I'm to integrate to that my parents provided our family friends.My mothers are both very caring for me and loving.They protect me when I was born youngling young adult.They are protective of me.My grandmothers taught my parents to be caring and they cook food for Queen Armada Feroz.They make deserts and sweets,candies for me.They are getting me to grow up and to have cookies and cakes.I will have cake for breakfast and for many other times of our planet's times of day.Transformer and Gobot Pretender world of life.My mothers take to me very greatly.She believes to reverse what Allah did and have me as embryo in her by Supernatural workers of space she would be very happy to have me inside her.In this galaxy my genes were fed ignorant and could have gone to ignorant people when I died.This is how to reverse genetics by at the end of the long journey from Sol System to this galaxy and solar system to implant the embryo of me which they did with the soul.Planted by Caretaker and Evolution Process Angels that made Feroz into embryo,soul to be put into Drewzelda.Using

My mother and Grandma

supernatural to reverse the wrong

Feroz and Attractive women parents European Pretenders of 100 000 light years away

God and Allah were doing to the universe.Effect the Queen you jeopardize the universes.Be within light year of parents.Allah made my soul go to elders.Father and mother is wrong that is not the way I began.Too much of Queen Armada's genes were fed into my soul that made me have a father and mother.Not shemale and female attractive women of government of billions of light years in vortex.In the dead world this has to be reversed and this is the way also bringing Zarconian wikia to our planet and in the right hands with our military and admiral.Each page is like in ON North America earth class Sol System.Its like the internet of 2010's.It loads pages

Feroz and her mother and grandmas

with the pictures and as a upload to space.For them to look over this..Carry out reproduction and its process with Queen Armada or Auramanda.All completed by 2070.They as AI's

Feroz's Grandma's and younger sister

reproduce like people and couples.They can use robot cloning but in their society they reproduce like people but in computer software that is AI.They have feelings

Feroz's younger sister and Flying V guitar

and emotions like people.But what they produce is AI.Youngling.Feroz fed into Amalie.My dominant mother is older than my mom.Amalie is older an Autobot.They are less than 900 yrs old.My mother is less 500 yrs old.To see video of my parents when they were in 20's.Both of them when they were young and Grandma.Grandma was there when I was time to be born youngling small young adult.My ancestor witch

Mother and daughter shemales million light years from here


Grandma Pretender Eurofighter Typhoon

Grandmas.She will show me when my mothers were young.I would see this as both of them's child.My ancestors are all attractive women and shemales.They are wise and look like their in their late 40's and are in Transformer years of 15 000 years old.Marion looks like our grandma her great grandma.My ancestor when I was little had me stay over with her in our poles island continent.We journeyed to another

Feroz and her sisters in next life.

city and zones.Grandma cooked dinner for me from Pretender alien recipes.She found out about the planet I used to come from and makes a hearty stew with crackers.She loves to have me over.She plays board games with me and we watch movies together.She takes me around town and shows me my parents when they were young.Grandma and Ancestors loves

Great Grandma and Great Grandaughters


Great Grandma and Great Grandaughters

me and she does recipes for dessert sweets.She has me there for weeks or months.We go around her area from the shopping malls to trips to go camping.I and my grandma travel on highways and I am little in the passenger side.She is driving long distance.We make a stop to have ballpark hotdogs.We eat in the space car and then resume our trip.We don't

Great Grandma and Great Granddaughters

talk because I don't disturb my grandma.She is to visit my Mom or aunt.Drop me off at home.But then my mother would come and parents.I am close to my grandma from my dominant shemale parent.Then I'll visit my mother's parents.They live in a different part of the island poles continent.They have tv

female Greatgrandma and Great Granddaughter

to watch and movies.Play board games.And delicacies.They have me there to meet my family when I was young.My cousin sisters.They lived a time era but futuristic and modern.They are not primitive.She is not allowed to pick at it and does not have any memory of what the Caretakers of space Evolution Process Angels did as hospital staff.She was brought in for a medical treatment the angels told her.No picking.Hold embryo of Feroz Khan but in Heaven world in space.I am going to be a light year away from my parents.When getting born my mother will go to the hospital and born in hospital.Doctor to help deliver myself.I'll be born but a youngling young adult but a very short one.Doctor will do tests and my ancestors will be there.My Mom will be there Amalie.They will be happy in starting this epic story of future when my parents give me the GAH suit when I am grown and ready.I then will go home under care of my parents to take care of me by two moms.They will be representatives of my family and will make parent faces to communicate to me when I am in my first days.All the caring in world from my best parents of all time.They are aliens as I will be.Living millions of light years away from earth.Sworn in my religion.Then the soul will deservedly be inside my attractive women mother.I am not an AI now.My parents are AI's.They have no men in their family.Only males are our pets.I am a person from Ontario North America earth class Sol System.I am not in the robot world.Having a link with my parents and my best parents I ever had.In order to live that far she and her race are AI's.I need a Creator to install changes on my soul.Find a compatibility in my genes to AI's and Pretenders.Awake and sleeps with her.End of a long journey from the Darkwing Heaven and Hell ship and through the wormhole.My parents and some ancesotrs love me alot.They all care about me.That night I go home faster than light speed and warp.Million times faster than warp.My dominant parent is from where its hot in hot zone.My mother is from tundra and from polar islands.She will know what I'm all about in her family.My mother Mageline would be happy to carry a youngling Gobot Pretender Feroz in her.I will be born in Historic City with my parent and her mother my Grandma there to be the first family for me.Grandma.They just don't know as Angel systems protect them from having extra information from the future.Only they use talking to the future.I look at them as two people that are exciting and bring up my spirits very greatly.They want to learn about me and school.   They used to ocassions and I'll go skating at the rink uses nature maybe outdoors on shallow river meant for

Feroz's sister Pretender European and her Attractive women parents

skating.My family and aunt when I am a youngling comes over to pick Feroz up to take her skating with my cousins.My aunt my mother's younger sister will be living with my Grandmas and she is attending High school.We play card games and games and I am a young 8 year old.I have from my software robotech coloring with a coloring code.I have all of the colors on my software and it will project my veritech cyclone and Contra Grey Alpha fighters in projection as I am coloring.To do the Sylphid fighter and Ace Combat fighters coloring.Go out and my daily life is like this.We have peace and tranquility til my responsibilties from school being finished then I make money for the toys industry and theme parks.Then they go to a

Gobot Pretender birthing of youngling attractive female

car and merger cars to have longer car to favourite tourist attraction and outings.They have security in their car go over operator talks to them and monitor them.Classify what they are doing as they don't have to go into detail.Know where Princess Armada who just reports on a device or phone.Their Grandma's both care greatly for her grandchildren from me.They are a unity and she guides them.Both teach them things like to cook and work for the government.They gain ideas from my parents and bring in my attractive women ancestors for a visit or to stay at a while.Get to know and utilize the family.Grandma teaches them wrong from right and she is very responsible to them.Princess Khan Armada is Eilleen,Janine,Inga,Villagra,Kari,Alixia, Marion,Francis,Zelda.They all will be born in hot desert,mountains region,Historic city and tundra of the poles continent island.Then I'm contacted at home.We have commuting extended to our area in historic city and its private and we can call in for commuting.Our family car will be a futuristic car Taurus space car with 4 doors.We then go out of our yard front gates to sidewalk and board commuting to take us to the main commuting and our own

Feroz Naval and Attractive women parents

private areas always on all commuting and trains.We are checked by security that makes arrangements for us.We're severely safe and can travel in pairs long distance.Make a protected reserved area for us.We wait for special bus and
Happy Holidays from TSC!

Happy Holidays from TSC!

transportation "special".Protected in emergency accident in canopy.Has heat for tundra climate,fields for environmental control.I can put it on auto CPU navigation.Follow the highways and streets to navigation it,take control wth EM force.Highways and streets have suppression systems to perimeter an area of accident divide on going traffic from accident.Roads and streets,highway have defenses and station watching many areas to regions.All supervised.EM force take over the vehicle in protocols.Firefighters and police have emergency built routes,space bridge and tunnels to highways.And travel from above carrying units.Ambulance.Supervisors on the scene from their stations.Initiated actions.Allowed retardant and coolants.Re-directed channel re-routed by CPU.Activated with fire fighting and life support emergency til ambulance comes.It acts as a station to get the rediverted traffic going.Emergencies they have emergency routes for highways and to activate network of routes.Space police with supervisors,workers.They have miitary and police.Guardians are vehicle sizes to robot.They are very big.Leader 1 is a type of F-14.Changed to robot F-14 reconfigurated into robot.And they work hand and hand in teams with vehicle changed military.They are Feroz's new people.   They are the same generation and older and younger.Manpower to their new war vessels in idea of important "Star Blazers".Their navy is going to make a turnaround in history.They will learn top secret class warships from Sol System earth class North America ON.Antarctica and Greenland to give them edge on things.WW1 and WW2 technology.Warships to Cold War years.Patrols to enforce and buy time for my class warship and their components.Guns from earth types of cannons.How they work.10 gauge.History of Firearms to European suppressed firearms.Gas,WMD,CW.Cold War and WW.Change and ideas from outer space.Artillery.Measurement system.MM to CM and
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Feroz's Attractive women Parents female Space Cat

Kinetic,Joules,calibers.Sciences.HEL.Plasma rifles terminator.Changed to vehicle and robot modes from person.And they are vehicles in parts
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Feroz's mother Attractive women

government,Tranformer Gobots.They have government.In hot zone with jet stream gusting winds in space above.Hight to space.Isolation from UFP and to grow on their own and original.Education system of space and classes in orbit.Alien knowledge in education.Appreciated adult to go outside and to be part of the atmosphere of the scenery.Involved in places with concepts for windows allow sky into their homes and centers,facilities.It add to hanging out and yes getting drunk.Go to the library drunk a little bit.Go to social hangouts and have a day of work and its memorable from the background and sky.Cloudy days to enjoy by getting on the railway system to go to an area and sector.Classes to travel.And in space.Moods and to do with types of homework,projects.Daily life of people.And enjoying the environments.Holidays and celebrations.Utilizing areas for memorable celebrations.What is going to happen to Antarctica in millions of years to reach 25C in temperature.Its normal weather that begun in its prehistoric age and catered and upgraded by AI man.Built by government since religious days.Space.Has the works done on it.No very few problems to none.We don't need it in our daily life.Work is already a commitment.Areas from age that were abandoned as ghost towns. Their approach to them as like in Silent Hill they have things wrong with them.This city and area specializes in space in mental health.This city was built by Allah to help learn about light supernatural and counter them with making defenses by living in area of them,being historic.Here is where they learn to counter supernatural as fear and research and government paranormal centers here for massive support against fear light supernatural.This city they do not carry out sessions with the dead at all.The city based on growing and its not for the psychics.It uses some paranormal researchers to put end on evil and the supernatural.The city based on putting incenscense in the lights to get rid of spiritual and ghosts.The city retains the goodness of historic and every day life.Get rids of the paranormal.They are not generating any phenomena at all.If people die on the planet they know people take up homes and space in regions.They don't cater to the dead taking up space everywhere.Places are in demand and they don't have ghosts everywhere in years everyplace.They found out in tribal Native alien how to not have the dead take up regions and places by making it haunted.Paranormal researchers made the Historic Area in ways of getting rid of paranormal phenomena.People here live life based on fast life without problems and troubles like supernatural.They have regions and areas that out towns they have historic and like museum.It has neat places and historic with age but without the evil and phenomena.Its a place that is modern fast life place.It has beautiful large historic buildings to 50stories and bigger.Giant historic buildings for their architecture.They here have solutions to ghosts because they needed to understand and defeat phenomena.I am going to place that has nothing to do with lingering on problems to point I can go off and do my constructive work and plans in my toys and hobbies.To grow in enterprise and to run places with resposibilities.They have the problems phenomena can cause and its none existant for people to go on with their lives and to do constructive works and plans.People wanted apartments and places to get to work and proceded with technology and more.Phenomena gets in the way of great works and slows down things to hand over to the dead places they need to construct and even places take them to space.They are being hogged by evil going on and on about scare and they could disrupt institute and banks.Places that need such things that could do the work of enemy by using ghosts.Get to facilities and places but this place has what it needs to get rid of such pains and worries.Worries to be over good nature to take over on the polar poles island continent.Great fabulous and tropical place.The government eliminates fear by reinforcing and isolating such areas and attacking them with compounds and types of energies and frequency defenses for zones.They have fields so severe ones can't come out or get through.This continent did not have a severe supernatural history                  and had a light supernatural history here in this city not anywhere else.Right agency which was formed during cities construction.Techniques taught to shemales to counter fear supernatural and what they can do in numbers or small numbers to live in area.They have response and workers to report anything supernatural.Counter an event and light events.City makes many stronger in will power and
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Queen Aramanda GAH Suit of Powers

teachings.This city is based on being against the devils and demons.Its based on warding away evil and evil's weaknesses.Principle of this region is its history against evil.It was breakthrough these people made against ghosts and demons.The architecture is victorian in space.This wards away evil and neutralizes it to nothing.They have compounds and energies they dose any evil.Its how these people pioneered ways against evil.Mixed tribal and space muslim ways with Space European proved effective against evil and learning about it and nature of these people were against evil.Learned when trajedy happened that evil happened from death.And it was living in structures.Learned ways to prevent death from taking a structure as people in other world don't talk normal.This city's architecture are 100 storey space victorian style structures.It make the city have an effect that its based on.It has history captured and is unique.Its a very interesting place.Weather and the skyline goes with the place.It has no evil here.Dealt with with methods and advancements.Techniques from alien space.Why its in religion for space Islam.Alien version of Islam was modernized by Transformer Gobot Pretender white people race AI.It has similiar rules and has to do with defenses and military.Its what protects them from Centauri.Made as his religious system and from outer space.Angels run space and military.Military has strategy and terminal computers and deep space.From blessings and dispatch runs through space.Old since 10 000's years ago.Centuari runs the planets but the galaxies defenses.They made it upgraded and decoded things,passages and its all written in computer slates per page and this is very old,historic.Religion started more than modern.Has simiiarities to islam but in alien universe.Its part of government and society.Famliy teachings to care and all of natives converted to this islam.But they could learn more rules from Feroz and earth class Sol System and ON quran.                                                                                     Lights have defenses so people are confident there are outside defenses to keep them light level.I am bringing my case of things the British,French and Americans in space say is made up by me from their messages.Even the voices in listening bugs vents blared outloud machine and electronics from Sol System Earth Class ON North America.I am going to have all my problems,enemies and gangs and crime all behind me far away in another galaxy away.Planet Eurasia is a great place because of living downunder in space that everyone gets along and have no Earth class North America Sol System problems.Life will be greatly more relaxing and far from trouble.My life is not meant to be aggitated at all and go through trauma.Calmed down life next time and greatly far from world of crime and hate.Far from war and any other schemes of evil.Placed in my life very far away from me again and have my family and my home star system.Entire star system has no troubles like here.Its all placed in past and is gone for me to get into many more ventures and purposes as Queen and inspiration leader in society.My many afterlves I will be born Transformer all of the time in my long lifetimes.Far away and for me to live in peace.They are going to take on my case and do a study to hand to our government about what they did on Feroz Queen Aramda Queen Aramanda is jinn Feroz to live onward in my family that is how we lived onward.I'll need my powers for corporation active and Centauri had the evolution process Angels of space caretakers break me out to have my jinn and powers active with GAH and Diamond Curse.Processed it out each power like from my race they can't do Pretender European Gobot people.I will from the long journey,ON    that I am brought home to my parents.My defenses changed in the afterlife.They are more advanced as well as I am spacebourne.i travel in space by ships.I will be in a dead world as European Pretender Gobot Combiner.I will be wandering from planet to planet seeing civilizations in space.I will be going from parents to parents but my accurate parents to watch them as unborn.And all of my transformations mastered and created by our Transformer and Gobot Creators.They created me in my robot mode from VSTOL F-15E and to my racing motorcycle mode to shrink down to a bike.And my children will be in this world Princess Aurramanda.And my real royalty title and receiving royalty and having to fit in society as my position the Queen.Planned life with my shemale children.  .My adventures or stints when my children are not autosexually born.Perfect way to born them all alone and processed better than what females and women can do like in humans.Machines.I have no mate or fulfill my role as mother Feroz.Jinn to be Feroz and Feroz in another language.Feroz's chores in corporation and fun parks to do mathematics.Finish school from Sol System Earth Class North America General Brock and BSS schools unfinished day school classes at my timing.Have my grade 10 and 11 done.Back in old days the songs by Pearl Jam were fresh and "Even Flow" for University and many songs after Metallica.Then they went back to school for internet jobs and they went back to university.They wanted and were part Edge Music era no and end to big bands like Soundgarden.Guns and Roses was from University days and going back live on Muchmusic.Monkey on Feroz's back.Finish those classes from dreamworld and graduate and walk from one school far away using my powers to another school.Using my powers in school.My powers are from top to bottom in gathering use of dreamworld.Many like psychic from females.Centauri and Allah working in future to my native blue Klingon Uncles to get Feroz to grow up in alien language and they have my report cards.It carries out my life but is when Centauri releases my inner soul to powerless Feroz is part of her mind or brain.Feroz is Queen Aramanda.Not her activated by Centauri.My parents Jackie and Zeta that they will know Feroz to Gobot Pretender European race.Feroz is when Queen Aramanda portrays herself as a normal person in society and when she is a space agent.I will have my corporations when I grow older from youngling young adult.I will then use my powers to come to my corporations runned when I grow up by blue Klingons.They will run everything and is our uncle and aunts,cousins.Blue Klingons are our relatives.They will run our corporations and fun parks.Grow money and have me sign papers on tablet.Legally when my training is done after me finished with fun parks and staying at home.When we feel martial as a family,space name for Khan in our European Pretender Gobots Universe.We can supply in manpower and to go to dalily work to start work in hundred years.Hundred years to do part time work on the fun parks.Not full steam into the corporations.Til each of my children Princess Khan expertise finish school and hobbies drained out of them from running fun parks.Drained out and fun from Sol System earth class North America 20th and 21st Century Ontario concepts and hobbies,internet.Its for my kids too.Grow up from being youngling young adults.We take care of our pets the pet sharks.Travelling for many few years at each estate in in climate zone.Allah and Centauri got their teachings and to give me loads of money credits to spend it on Zarconian or Jihad.I'll have my jinn able to handle the world here.Responsibilties finished thoroughly and not little bit.Buy toys as grown ups done and dried up.Running the parks part time with ideas and visiting relatives.See each city we're not from.Know more stories about each place added from my parents.She will need this as most super heroes need to pretend but real as she is a jinn of powers.She will conduct my life with my pets sharks and my family.Because we don't have white in us we have this system Centauri comes to free things with his powers.Creator System involved in things past humanity as they get overwhelming and too much for a person recorded in Queen Aramanda's life.She remembers what martyr Feroz is importance in Zarconian   .Pastlife report.Effect military actions.Go through every detali.This area and much continent did not go through any eras fo trajedy.This city had no trajedy.It does not have
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Feroz Queen Armada the worker of Zarconian wiki

ghosts like other planets.People's spirits don't haunt this place as they logically handled dead bodies to not haunt any of continent.Place in space where they burial.Not on this continent as its not a hazardous place to live.No danger factor.No violent history either or disasters.Free of disasters especially natural ones and they avoid them pre-planned.They began modern and did not have a primitive era.They also handle matters like this very strictly and important.They preserved the buildings without them being haunted.Spread architecture preserved to make 70 story buildings and even 120 stories but historic.Has that 17th Century Sol System Earth Class North America historic architecture and made modern to begin with inside modern.They also put to rest the ghosts with muslim tactics.Knew being historic city people would be moving in.People die in hospital.Graveyards are in far away land not on this planet.Scientifically fact in paranormal.Use chemicals and gases to remove them and other methods,pulses and equipment.The street lights have something religious in them to ward off evil and project light ghosts hate.Placed throughout city symbols and illuminations for historic buildings and history.They burn types of inscences in filtration systems.Use space Mosque which is very futuristic and modern to ward off evil from city,jobs to doing this.Government made provisions vs evil.Fought it well and don't let it grow.Isolate matters and severe to them places.Government countered this as it comes hand and hand on most thriving civilizations.But the religion prevented alot of mutiny.Many areas to this day are constructive part of modern society.But incidence happens and we as a family Khan have factors to guard against this.Civilizations bring abandoned areas from hauntings.A new cast of creators and connections with Corporations.They play role in each individuals life and treatment.Corporations backing of creators and their workers.They let space in or based on the planet.Creator Angels.And all aspects of life to animal kingdom .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          From corporations with larger government role workers in everyday life.Contributions during history to our society and breakthroughs and daily life.Technology and emergency workers.Our money and technology can get to personalized.When in bank its growing to interest in someones name and wealthy.Growing your own money.Credits collect and become families money.Money multiplies as our own money.Saved credits in bank.These Europeans are muslims.They don't collect treasures and are guided by Blue Klingons.They find no value in treasures that is why they made a money system like this and ways to help out the public so bums don't exist or poor class.Muslim ideas and Blue Klingon combined.Space muslims with stories in space.Even in space.Protection and defenses from financial threats.Overseas and in space.Safety and medical to government and military.Transportation.Areas stocked up with manpower.To our food industry and livestock and farming.Education and classes,library.Public life.Nature.Polar region to hot zones,mountains and space docks,space platforms and bases.Our Alien Islam was born in our galaxy.Most of it is on another planet.But this city is sacred.Its part of our religion and it took place here modern era.Has to do with abandoned areas having life and society.Their choice.Problems abandoned places make,demonic.Our religion is very modern.It has sciences and many scientists believe in supernatural and are paranormal experts.We use logic and government in our religion and from religious planet.Real truth and fact by experts gone through our screening.I use my powers to get to know my continent and to visit many areas and get to know them.I go without a car and am at home to my island continent and backings from our faction to rome and use my powers in public.We are free to use our powers and I use my powers as daily routine.Place that is our home and government supoorts me and is very caring.I use my powers in early mornings to start my day far away and to be inside structures for parts of the day.I get to know the areas.I use my powers to walk and be in part city and to parts of suburbs as I am outside person I don';t hide in my car.I make use of being outside and to have my favourite beverage creamy.I have this and have courteousy and hospitality from people helpful as their city hall and archives.Government workers show me teachers and I am let inside to have creamed beverage while getting to know them and their area as they are open to me and take to stranger as I want to do things like that and learn of each area by using my powrs to go to them.To be there in a flash using my powers for each area.Exploring and getting to know my continent island.And its tribal architecture for scenic areas part of history that is modernized as being space tropical.Climates of all sorts poles continent.Proud high level island continent.It is very clean and small areas are excelllent.This routine of being outside and being at archives and library learning each area for a grownup like me to grow up in stages and add this to myself and who I am.I have support and caring government that gets to know me and I know their workers.So I spend parts day using my power to reach out to places faster.I stay their and schools are open to go in for me to be in lounge and to get things from our caf has name brands like small grocery with fresh food sealed.And then I come home or make myself at home in areas spending my decades learning and aborbing areas.Place was built to cater to outdoors and then relax from elements in structure.No loud groups hogging parts.Its made for access for everybody as it has open idea.I get to know more about Princess Armada's birth place to be many areas.Her soul is waiting to greet mommie.Earthers from Atlantis and Sweden will have Creator System extract their souls and make the long trip in my body.Then they will make their home from new Creator System putting them in structures in their birthplace city on my island poles continent.These buildings are architectural masterpieces of each city and that is where my elder Princess Armada's from Atlantis and Sweden will be placed to assimulate in evolution as Pretender Gobot white race AI space muslims of their home island continent.They will make themselves at home and takeover as elders in hiearchy.They all as unborn souls will be a family far away on our planet and island continent.They will know the areas and in time wait to be born and know new reborn Feroz much better as they have to to my family and me.Then they will go inside me to be born part of nature and fate as it was written in a chronological order for each of my children space tranny's to be born as their age group and to protect and lead my space Khan family.Their fate as our military in space.Each to their military stations on bridge of top secret Zarconian warships,fighters as pilots on carriers in space,and space tanks,soldier mecha droids.And from me I learn and meet souls in great environment where she loves the place but is going to be my offspring.Allah's Systems in Creator and Universe protected her in space in sturcture waiting for me.I get to know unborn souls very modern.And I take to her and learn each Princess Armada's city.And her grandad and grandma are intellectuals and will be very happy about unborn grandchild.I will be happy and know my child and her birth areas on our continent island and islands part of our island continent.Very space modern and clean civilization that added tribal architecture to tropical poles environment to add to climate as scenic place higher much of space.I am to play a role as Princess Armada and the men Zarconians.Creature mechas.Our creator system for better than science.Caretaker Angels.They solved historic area regions.Historic area has no problems as it is modern with no crime,very little to scarce.Screened.Same religion.UFP is very far away.We have first hand experience of them.I am comeing as expert in fields,categories they are low in.Not to change.Keep to my strengths my souls was meant to be alive on.Our directive and what we were born for.Reason and powers.We have space Islamic celebrations and holidays.To make everyone happy as they are rewarded.I am going to live in my home blessed by real religion first time.Its my home city.Days religious weather.Scenic.Our planet has no war on it or in history.They have only gone to space wars.UFP.But they are not the type to increase this.They approach and tribally to treatment the problem.They are allowed to live but the big cities are protected from them.They are to change.Cities have them in parts regions,areas.Helps us to understand them.Counter them and let them live in peace.Right minds to approach them correct.But Archaelpelago is not as haunted as Eurasia.North America is million times more.They could not go to space with something like evil as a problem.It would turn against them in war or disaster.Archaelpelago is brand new from being reserved as poles continent.People went to UFP and other places for Urban life.These Poles contintents with their effects,seasons and calendar and not popular to city dwellers.These people are similiar to country people that developed thair own space Metropolises.They are not Urban dwellers.Urban dwellers will reject being cutoff from civilization and living in country and island life for continent.Its alsow so big.Each area has specialized robot computer Ai people to each area and city.And they love the place like a paradise.It has Island like weather but in a continent.Its island dwellers version of continent.Much tribal and tribal math and language,eduaction format system.Format is part alien and complicated.It is isolated from huge Urban populations and grew their own.They are up to date but developed their own styles and eras,society and technology.They are part of islands alliances,part of their country and nationality.They are not Urban people in being rude and strangers on streets and media.Talking and conversing is free and done from arrangement and in religion instance,circumstance,happening,event.We stay to our selves like modern civilization except to team work in emergencies call to me the law.People are controlled by being recorded and to replay their actions and its on their card.Builds up severity.Go to severe.People are not terrorized by law.They live in comfort.Just they are adjusting to modern day and space travel.People are self disciplined from family to family and living humble on their continent is one of the best moods in the universe.They are not negative people.They are not hetorsexuals night lifers.They are not adult male life.None of that exists here or the hated porn life.These people are considered under gays.Spreads it.Our religion was against these type of people.Many people problems like males "gay" does not exist from government crackdowns.Religion changed government with happening merger into government.Very understanding of our gender attractive shemales as we stay to our own.Under category females too.Gay is a attractive women concept and means for realtionship with other attractive females not to shop around and use it and enter something not supposed to enjoy no matter how old in UFP it is.Some many feelings are not allowed as it leads to gays and crime.Harm people in war.Negative.Garden of Eden not supposed to let ignorant like man Adam to know about attractive women.Took it wrong and did destruction to females.Caused a system of using and holdling against.Made relationships and garbage talk to people about "what they are?Offensive.Why we are coming here as a factor.Futuristic and modern and they screened and filtered out factors to crime and war.Concept is to breakup problems Isolationists have.Having friends naturally form meeting places.Compatible friends and family then celebration holidays using continent.People have lives.And cripples if nothing can be done to repair them they are youthanasia medical process.Useless to be cripple in life as AI.Better to be brand new and not reckless.Like islanders they are good people as a giant continent.Responsibilities fo a giant continent that is competing with space and other civilizations.People know that.They love the challenge and what they offer.White atmosphere is a president.But smart like white tribe they are expert on colored races and aliens.They know mulitcultural.Made from natural factors a white atmosphere and alien white muslims.White giant island continent upgraded atmosphere.People go to meeting places in life like work,school,ours library and other public places.We are isolationist based continent.We don't chat during food.And not on long distance travel.Not to officers as myself.Blow my cover and citizens respond to me when told.Law.In our laws they can't lie.All types of dialogues like even voices from devices,machines are taken by me the law.Charged and put on their record and we go to the military.Codebreaker communications expert troop and computer technician.They developed their own and this made a barrier to UFP.They had their own society.Negative based.Not rude Rowdy with gangs,Urban people.Types of collars divide their UPF society.Rich to poor,crime world to government.Heartless with values for greed,goods,money and treasures and power hungry with god fathers,mob and mafia.Racists.Supremacists and Religious Christians.They retain being upper class but humble tribally.They don't have many divisions in society and use sciences for laws and being in reality.Thinkers and their old are our elders that set examples and add archive to our continent.Society open to innovaters and leaders from rock music.They were not popular but liked rock music for intelligence.Intellectuals.Many they are the Zarconians taken in to them but Zarconians all parts of Transformers Gobot Universe.Combating crime and UFP and North Americas.Making our society higher quality and fulfulling them with the education and libraries.Not making job force a one track priority.Priority is to be smart and make your character.No pressure on money.As to start with many can make money and its not hard but they have relentess energy to do work that is not shut on them.No process of selection like UFP.Screening their records but their records take them to places efficiently.Does not mix the populations into cities.They are not rude and big headed.Vulgar and snobby without sense of tradition and nationality.Religion of Islam stuck with them.Read earth classes Sol System ON Quran.Home of Princess Armada.Born there.Feroz will try over again as a transexual female mother robot people.Produces energy in the sky.To each part of the day in 3 days.Allah's creation and when he was hungry while architecting space.These people Allah spent time with them.My teachers are waiting.And new Creator's systems maintain space and the planet.Solved earthquakes no more.It happened bad part was taken.Alien technology.Plant trees.Transforming animals and robot cacharadon megaladon and animals sharks.Mammals.Social life people and women will open up and talk to me.I'll be more closer to strangers.They will phone me and I'll talk to them and invite them over.We will do dating and things together at the library.We will live more grown up.I'll have more freedoms and jobs will open to me but I'll do my work in corporation.I'll have more reliable people to talk with and date and have an outside family.Men would be workers and her brother,her father.We will wine and dine and I won't be alone.I will be integrated into society and to see my girlfriend spouses at balls.We will go out to social gatherings and have ourselves to out do the past and Secondary School nights and weekends        .Out done.Excitement and fun driving our cars and my power.I will have attractive women companions and to know all the names of the gorgeous women in public and to sit with them in food court.And to use the metropolises for trips and party in the city.We never lose touch we phone or I have her keys and go into her apartment.So we go on trips to poles region.Take commuting straight to the poles regions metropolises and all around our continent.We will enjoy ourselves and study.When I go to school I have companion attractive women.And we meet ones we see.Talk and eat at the food courts.Go out and we get closer.We travel together and I have my GAH power.Princess Armada when she is young adult will have some factors of her powers but not as an adult.When she grows older along with her education and the more she knows the more her power grows and is released from her hormones from me giving it to her.Nature that she grows with age so does her power and it comes to stop when it fully givers her her powers after 20yrs to 30yrs when she is grown up and in her late 30's rounding itself out from age.All born under from 1 family as space Khan.They all have different hari colors and appearances but not to be divided as a family from body not being able to satisfy to Princess Armada's demands physically and biologically.They all are same sisters no division because of me borning their souls and crashing down on division from appearance.They all have my blood as souls.They have different appearances and characteristics from who they are and from my ancestory.Their souls lived in different parts universe as they were under the ocean in continent of Atlantis in tombs for my elder ones and younger ones in Sweden because Allah put their souls their so in time they did not contract ill fated things from Feroz's life.They have been preserved.Low income.Mental disorder and color discolouration.These things I will have destroyed so Princess Armada can live a beautiful life as better than what she is.My creators from corporations and their planned phases.For me to live to protect Princess Armada and arranged government protect us.I will not do any military actions or to use my powers until Princess Armada is grown up and gone thorugh centuries of work and being civilian and enjoyments of home.Once she is over this stage and can go to military and her powers.We want government protections and to cover for our powers.We don't want to trigger the enemy to go into a more harmful stage to us.Countered by our universe's miltary and govenrment.Princess Armada will be born in an order.
This structured order has her and her qualities and to rely on her older and younger sister as a system.And their military ranks and section in military they are in and my bridge.And other warships.Their personalities and attributes of who they are and in time the load on them as placement in afterlife future.Responsbilities and fate in our continent.Their lives.And to have balanced family.Come up to par awarded their birth dates and city they are born in.Fate.Education and working.Recreation.Handling house duties in her home the Historic city.Accidents.Avoid them as leader.Placing them right.What she will act like from age.Rankings.Achievement and age groups,generation level.Meet interact with people for age.Take to teaching to do routines and family defenses.Learning in early stages setup for others.Oldest does not mean best or smartest or even wisest.Older ones born to experience life and had advantage being born ahead to age group became protector.Decision they cannot make to be younger.Ratings level attributes.Does not mean in strength either.They are an age group that cooperates and interacts socially.Outgoing and involve me.They are same generation level as each other and even me Feroz.I am someone that is veteran and wise from age,mother tranny.They co-operate to each other as better than friend and spouse.They are into youthful things more than me.They love using boards,skate board and snow board and transatmospheric boards.They are more youthful then me as I will pull out.They don't overdo socializing and home is very important to them and rules.Religion are rules and they are strict in religion,rules.They are youthful games daredevils.And interact from oldest to youngest and formed groups that have elder age sister in their groups and from so many they unite as one.Our place is meant to cater to them our yards.Meant to protect them in young adult and older ones can't wait til youngest is veteran like her in society.High value on all of them and their souls.High priority in heaven for them,effect Universe.And these are parts military they each specialize in and I said to grow them up properly in our continent.Best of her forms ever.She had to adapt and adapt to the people and became better than Swedish.She in blond is not at all.She looks like that but from me is not.She has no blonde in her genes except from my ancestor.He had blonde hair.Mixture od blonde and dark golden.He had facial hair goatie and short hair.He was a huge man wide and heavy.They have parts genes in them and improvement of me as my child.No problems or would not be a kid young adult.They all have parts of my genes and extract from me biologically and naturally.Its who she is and her patented name that describes her lastname space Khan.Carries on my heritage captured in her.Division is destroyed and broken down in space hierarchies area all one as souls.Being Transformer Gobot Pretender Combiner white race muslims aliens and their blood and biology and hierarchy and all of them translated.She is of higher racs as ours.I am able to give to each alot.Their appearance is her age group.They all are not different people they all are blood sisters.I give to enhace and upgrade her.Phases she will go through with the powers she has.Born and young adult phase.And she can't go to space with her powers too young she must know space well when she grows up to know our solar system and know what plenet and continent we are on.Prevent her from getting lost in space with her powers,her government and creator system.When she is old enough militarily and knows space from exploring it with government.We go to space together in bunches.So I have my cousins who are white in other parts world and space.Phases and stages in my life.Lots of rock and metal music.On empty nights go out alone is being and seeing others.Nothing in our way or problems.Princess Armada my eldest being from Feroza,Gloria,Zeta,Younice,Florence and Sherryl are from continent of Atlantis in tombs.Their souls are under the ocean.They are going to translation to Transformer Gobot Pretender Combiner white race aliens.They are former earthers and robot white girls are a family again and better.We have Van Halen.Dancing and I can dance formal and for evenings and to break out.We eat out expensive and I am wealthy.We eat evenly.Code to get into a high place we want as our place to eat formal.So I dress up to it.Up in high rise and every night is like being out and excitement of night life.Come back for long distance car rides but for outsiders as family.After my work.Adult life and high society.And to out do my past.Marriage at high quality.Speak to me at the library.Open and goes off with me for outsiders to be my family.   Drinking and having fun with everything as the government sees legal drugs and foods.Other dimensions and worlds for purposes of girlfriends.Sit and play games and more activities.Sports and leisure games.All full.Every holiday with meaning and fun,festivities.Celebrations and our own private parties.They will live a very calm and tranquil life with no pressure.They will choose their hours.They will have great fun times in our estates.She later in her life when she does not want to be a civilian wil be in military agency like me.Calm and peaceful life where they were very happy.Everything made Princess Armadas very happy.She has positivity in her from her home.Very positive atmosphere and place.None to no troubles.I get the best.I am rewarded with my looks and profile.Night my body is retrieved by Gobots Transformers System GAH traveling from that universe sized of galaxy made of interdimensional heaven and damn.System will have a fortress and it will fire nature and supernatural with sciences at all of my enemies.What made the universe powers and more.They all will lose having meteorite bombs fired at them.Their fleet will fire back and have no effect on barrier meant for war and of beyond gravitational.They
KusoCartoon 14159098403108

Queen Auramada of Gobot Pretender AI Alien European Queen Aramada of another dimension Universe Transformers Elder and Quintessa parents

will fire a beam or streams that cause super Nova in nature but creator.It will capture all planets and warships swirling into end and doom.Creator's system fighting my enemies and extinctioning many.Battle they are no match for creator's power from a fortress.It will go beyond creating nature as a weapon.From Heaven and damn powers.Troops will be type of angel from Transformers Gobot Universe.And they will win against evil.Fearless Angels will go out and strike down
KusoCartoon 13865389991514

Queen Armada Feroz Khan

evil.End of the battle and I will be born after they destroy many galaxies.Peace was not there when I died.They will fight powers of creator and have no chance at the colossal power used on them.It won't obey any science and they go to work on what was made by Allah as material.Experts in what they do and are very angry from Feroz body.Feroz is not Queen Armada.They both are separate.Feroz is not a jinn like Queen Armada and were in the most
KusoCartoon 14183589577212

Feroz Khan GAH present 2010's to afterlife future at 6"5" Auramada

powerful circumstances created by Allah where they both shared name "Feroz".UFP Stargate Pretender Gobot Combiner AI Europeans in nature will have 2 Queens to bring back moral,enthusiasm and strong will.Bring in to raise their spirits and for them to have somene to impress.But to start work on their government structure to put in Zarconian.Moral is going to higher and confidence up when all glitches are out.Both Queens are against the whiteman and will work like computerst to sort out the problems and go to work to eliminate them so they are fluent and have Zarconian.Everything positive will go up and the lessons.Queens are there and starting work as Queen on refining the government and changing things.No more problems like virus's and other specialties that each expertise and grow many Princess.Establish honor and royalty back to them for them to have high spirits.They are like zombies now and will come out of their shell once we leave Sol System Earth Class ON North America.We leave and come to our universe to change things and go to work on them.Sort out things and have higher esteem in government and confidence and negotation proper factions and alliances.Grow as faction to Empire.They will have the rulers figured out by nature born as old Feroz.Queens and their all out powers and to combine ideas.Idealism and center on society.Structure to Zarconian the military.Terminals done on command.Highest rank other than Zarconian Prime is a little higher than the Queen because he or them are martial.Militarized.Decisions done and negotiate Zarconian from galaxy to galaxy and to get warships done to travel in safety.To but background structure in law and government to go into full gear in many areas of government.Queen Armada and Feroz's fields of expertise and the 2 families Princesses.Eliminate any spoils from enemy and to go on from the past.Strengths my little voice or angels on my shoulders to help me about the past centuries in advice from Creator System.Advice in entertainment and foods,restaurants and home laws.This old out of date earth class ON North America Sol system was worst version of Feroz.Feroz can get much more ahead of her time.There is no compatibility of powers.This was a rusted carcass but a valueable carcass that our creator from Primus's sister who established  and Gobots Pretenders.Space Europeans.Once in the vortex Feroz will change to her people and start to have sharp features and tinted hair and taller and heavier soul.She will look like a Pretender European.Her hair will change color and features reversed.She will have properties of a master race.She will be able to do acrobatics and have superhero powers.Vortex will change her to her people.Old Feroz will be gone. angels to break open Feroz's body and reborn new Queen of   Gobot Pretenders a space European.Feroz is a Queen.A transexual queen that has lived much too long on the shelf.This is the female militarized version of Feroz and real is best version of Feroz real.God or group from my pastlife galaxy did damage and encased my real existence with old and rusty powers from always being contained as a human.It became alien disrepectful.I need to bring back honor and income of money that haunted me.To be great and successful.Carryout my superhero responsibilities.Encased as a human wrecked up my superhero responsibilities and we have ON North America earth class Sol System and have all the powers and Centauri to correction these problems his creators from my past did.Do right from the wrong.We have everything and to conduct therapy as I can't be shoved out in a galaxy to do things.Evolution process must take place for Feroz.To get me to get used to my traits and adaptations as Pretender Gobot Space European muslim of poles island continent.That gives me a background and home downunder in space.Won't be part of a too fast system when I was stuckup on the shelf in ON North America.And a family of a people to be there for me from UFP and to be my new people.Get others care about me from outside world interact with my friends and family and a people and to get privileges from them.Part of a very futuristic but modern world retains from past.Out does earth and North America in age for urban.Outdoes North America in society.I will have my superhero duties and training.Youngling young adult reborn Feroz with more than confidence loaded into me only when Anti-God and God trapped my powers into a body to get partial freedom in a slumber and sleep.Then it was taken and gone.This was causing heavy problem in life for me for Centauri to correction this.The place I lived was crumby.Me taking earth foods and North America foods to outdo them in hamburger and lasagna.My parents attractive women to have me Feroz and my foods.Confidence with my hybrid powers.Practice and used to them routine and to put down battle with criminals set for right timing.Because of my many estates in time zones to learn about place better than Antarctica.I have my pets and family.My pride my wealth.Rejoining royalty from my creator parents attractive women.They add me after I am gone and transported to another dimension to take its effects on me billions of light years from here.That's what it takes to have women marry themselves when attractive women.They are my parents.They want me to bring back to my parents address.It will be my youngling young adult address.Our holidays to celebration.For an order to be placed on my lives and commitments like Zarconian and corporations and growing our money from royalty.Our toy companies and amusement parks jobs.Me to teach this to my children.When I am a young adult I will be going to school downunder in space.I will be able to use my powers to walk from school to school.Take the complicated bus and commuting system to get to classes from one school to another.My address is with my Creator Attractive women parents Space Europeans.I will be based at home before my estates are constructed.In each zone for me to know my island continent well.Using my powers in each area and going to explore my island continent.Using my powers to go through museums and libraries after school years growing older and having food at restaurants in outside suburbs.To retain our island continent zone from zone's history and knowledge.That is how to grow Feroz as a Queen.For me to get back into society.And running parks and amusement parks before military and using superhero powers.Superhero powers is a war or battle and they will attack our homes.And we can't get into lego ships and lego military and to sell them for corporations.Our excellent upbringings from our government island continent of poles.Feroz real as new alien race AI.Looks much like her mothers who raised far away in Stargate galaxy in another dimension as this is very critical.My soul as Allah written when he was good in beginning of Universe and how much more powerful he was as Entity and put me in  Gobot Pretender Alien AI white race universe.My soul by our Evolution Process Angels Caretakers run our galaxy will do the chore of retrieving and manipulating my soul to live in our galaxy and Evolution will take place that is proper on former Feroz Khan.Then when I am in our galaxy as soul and get used to our universe.Meet my attractive women daughters souls same gender as me.And I stay in this galaxy for many decades to get used to things.The forced change was required and for the power and technology they did for it to settle and become more of Feroz's repaired soul.This is right and goodness done constructive to set Feroz loose before as unborn souls and my attractive women ancestors to do with Primus's 4th cousin witch female Cybertron Autobots.My elders and clan will be in world with me in my changing.Start to say my name Feroz joined to their family and will be born in Historic City of Poles island continent.Feroz is in relm protected by Allah's appointed Angel as creators.Feroz will not have the name Feroz as it was old.My supernatural name from my ancestors.Old ones are too far away being discarded and are nobody.Then the forecast of prosperity Feroz will bring in new galaxy.Feroz will be Queen and to rule.And to such success in space Stock Market and corporations.Right thing was done Star Trek Stargate has Zarconian and its growing as it was retrieved.All evolution is going.Feroz and her schools.Feroz is much bigger than old version claiming things to setup Feroz being born.A new body and looks to beat out everything in existence as this approach will detur everything.From when Feroz began but new up to date version.Much more powerful in muscles than old.  Angels caretaker outer space that run orbit of solar systems.And to have my souls powers and senses back from starting a female as I am not masculine female.I am a very feminin female and gets bigger from beating process of time and evolution.I go on on time past every time era and I drew myself but for it to be real version of me.My dreamworld powers are not powerful enough to make it as too much damage and flaws.I retain some attributes from my past but I have grown and hybrid to learn with the rest of space and future.To have gone on as my systems I have are the best when in function in my world to expand as rule.My alien hair color from our planet's and from another dimension as we breath a fresher gas.My powers are free to rome using my powers as I am my own agent.I am law enforcer military agent without any of flaws from old Sol System North America.And as a master race as I became in Star Trek Stargate universe which means we can challenge the creator.Master races have creator's powers and secrets and can counter creator.Our abilities are bred from more advancements of the angels.Master race as my race is as I am describing in Archaelpelago.My senses and body features of master race of higher level.On earth class ON Sol System my body and gender was not compatible with what my true gender is.My gender as Queen feminin tranny.Damage but its meant to store my body for better things in master race galaxy of Stargate Pretender Gobots space Europeans.We have properties and powers and many extrodinary abiiities to beat creator and his angels.We are not simple people that are just within bound of my ON Sol System North America race was Indian and not a master race.A competitor that in galaxies has physical abilities and mental abilities that Queen Feroz Star Trek Stargate Pretender Gobot has qualities from master race we all are.Our hair color means abilities and senses as we live on our world free from contaminents and other things held be back on this planet.Our creator's can learn about me wholly and beat everything for a real time era without glitches.Now we are of master race in Stargate and take to things in higher context.When I am from dream and in my sleep I am much more sturdy and more responsible.I have a higher level of thinking and decisiveness that mix with master race to make compatible me.That I have been opened and merger into master race with all of my physical and souls powers.Master race as Archealpelego and or Star Trek Stargate Gobot Pretenders for my soul to merger properly and transfer of my powers into a race that is perfect compatible but in my life story as written.Nothing can change what has been written by many of creator's powers.And then to be master race compatible with all of my souls's features and responsibility.I can handle things much more powerful as from my subconcious as Feroz of ON earth class has no confidence in the day.I can't do the higher abilities.Can't fulfill any of powers to rely on myself from afterlife to do all of responsibilities.Til and my subconscious looks to master race and afterlife that as master race I am finally away during the day and 48hrs.My continent is the place I want to be in as perfect place for me.My old defenses system was not a good one and from master race inherited better one that could solve old problems.Mysteries of life revealed and then right the problems gitched inside me.I do need medical repairs and reparing into master race.When I am from dream or sleep I am not as powerful as being in afterlife and master race.And my confidence level.I am better system but need upgrading and waited perfect in Feroz.I will have a setup and environment catered for me and my type.My gender and many attractive women all thrive in their civilization in Star Trek Stargate as untouched or damaged by any impurities from UFP and even our Stargate.As they got used to things as ON North America earth class is not a good environment and is ignornant place.I will be rid of ignorance and bred back into my proper sex and species but from European alien AI's race.Time goes on and I made it to my new master race people and had a people rebuilt.We are very much more modern and ahead then the human whiteman and have none of the corruption and embarrassments this very ignorant race had.I am going back to my witches and as witch as I am as their people.Retained but Feroz Queen Aramda has lots of changes to them about girls.They have Queen but right type of gender.Right type of Queen witch.And loads of activities I had from earth class that these are concurrent witch activities and how we take to men on same scale and more above.My mother and parents have same hierarchy as me and they are considerable older as attractive women creators.They are very old but retain being young and then I was born to both of them and I am their born but they had my sisters.My older sisters.And as a family we are a strength and clan.I was dwindilling in family support and having clan like I was to have but got used to bordom.A very destructive ignorant plague went on lower forms of life women I started with and they were all very ignorant.I left them to continue of higher life.Those old ones are humans and I ain't a human.I am an alien but AI.Queen Armada is more wiser than Feroz and elder beats Feroz Queen Aramda in age by thousands of years.Queen Armada from Feroz knowing her knows that ancient days did not interfere with her at all and she won as she knows answers and makes daughters family.Feroz is not a child maker.But Queen Armada and Queen Aramda are the same generation that is why Queen Armada can't be Feroz's parent.Same people and its like a Captain and Commander.Queen Armanda is commander.I will be trained in our Stargate Gobot Pretender Alien AI White Race as Space Miiltary officer.Learn my tactics in society with my powers and GAH by our space military.These powers are not meant to reverse a revolution.I need teamwork but its not meant in my life as totally negative situation.I am not for any anarchy which is a useless situation.It has its limits to where the Creator System must go to work on punishing Stargate so they don't recruit anymore races like Americans and Europeans.Its not meant to attack like nature and fate.It plays a role but not to be over pressured and to be in over my head.My home is more than civilized and above most of space.It is a place that is support for me and I found no problems.So when I go out to do my routines and duties in our own galaxy and planet,island continent to using my powers in our civilization.In society there I am identified as space military officer and my ID to do any actions.The law and society's defenses I am part of Archaelpelago/Eurasia Stargate Gobot Pretender Alien AI White Race defenses.So I go through like dreamworld and conduct my practicing of my powers and then go to city to register and on duty in civilization to stop any disasters and crime,accidents.And to go through and research in my pastlives and archives of ON North America,earth class Sol System 20th century.Many categories to do research on that are effecting us.For me to use my powers in research and my office in space military building.My computer to conduct searching through and stored earth class Sol System internet from past.Archives to go through things thoroughly and space war enemies to me like British,Americans and White man of space.Americans are problem in Stargate.Galactic Empire and their circle.Their structure of racism and injustice.UN.Wars they have had to study them and not let them make a get away as my creator system of past.Go to cemetaries on earth class and go through and use my powers and bring back evidence.Study on problems circle of communism as mob started by white country superpowers.Go through history.And my skills in music as my backing vocals,lead guitar,keyboards.To time travel as mission to go back and findout things they are trying to erase and coverup.More of my assignments on folklore and my powers in rock music and bands.New powers I have like energy fire and barrier.Use of my magic power from my attractive women guardian female autobots of Stargate.Use of my powers to infiltrate and findout more to conduct spying and covert ops with warship.My studying in sciences and history.To go through from energies,gases,astronomy,animal life and sea creatures,prehistoric creatures,insects and water insects.Tribal gods with predator kingdom as like devil and Satan.War technologies and technology.Geography for space.As a space military officer in our society structure.Ages are decade apart.Feroz is going to rest to zillion years from now AD.Never to be brought out of her stasis to useless life on earth class and ON North America.Centauri perged and looted out any secrets I have from battery of tests,scans and blood.Its all over for next life is too dangerous for me.So I am over to the earth class that ended me this planet.Many more of Centauri's schemes and he did this to do with Zarconian wiki.But Queen Armada is more like soldier than using orders.But Queen Armada is not young and is also old in many centuries.When our mask goes over that I look like my sharp features face and that is what it looks as when my mask visor goes down over my face for a power.Change and deeper voice but my voice is deep from my gender and who I am.Then in the Transformer Gobot Creator System of Space and Transformer Gobot Evolution Process Angels Caretakers run Outer space they found both of them and separated them.Queen Armada went to Argus and Feroz went to Tranny Gobot Pretender Creator Witch Alien White race of Archealpelago Universe.Feroz Queen Aramda has female witch Creators as biological parents and they are Attractive women AI Gobot Pretender Female Autobot Gobots people white race aliens.Feroz lives in the historic area cities and areas but different estate.Many estates and Feroz is related to Queen Armada through Feroz's mother a Gobot Pretender Goddess Witch AI alien white People.She is Queen Armada's father's cousin.But Feroz is more self sufficient and more to herself.She works as a team with many others of her generation in Archaelpelago island poles continent.Feroz is more applied and smart like scientist.Feroz has nerves of steel and powerful will power.Feroz Queen Aramda is very practical and has religion with supernatural facts with tribal teachings in Space Islam.Regain my alien self and living in outer space as alien.My alien principles,senses and teaching.Having my alien part of me working.That I am part of alien world again in space.Feroz interacts into being alien again as she is part alien as she is alien white people.Queen Aramda is like a soldier.I am going to have very high rank in our corporatons in space and government.They wanted me for my symbolic representation what position I am going to be and for me to take action with high powers I was born with in space government and towards other worlds in space.My innovation and for me start the revolution and my many centuries dedicated to corporations and high stature towards any of our senates and governments.My mothers were Creator Angels that born a Queen.Not just Queen but Feroz.My smarts in applied sciences and technology that I will understand all aspects of technology from circuitry to components and devices and to technology of vehicles and machines.For me to get my chance at it as a AI machine person.And for me to be a symbol of our faction to gientist Empire in space with the most powerful warships.That I am the factor to shake these people out of their comatose of being good natured and for all ranks in our space government to focus on my enemies the Racist whiteman and Allies,Americans,British and French.They are their Queens proven enemies in her pastlife as Queen Aramda.What the name Feroz means is memories and archive of history from Feroz's perspective and world.Feroz's ideas to take off and grow to evolve my new people all written in .Written them in my afterlife with huge success and backing from family born from single parent tranny.They were all born so natural and pure,healthy to our world and absorbed up things from me about metal band and instruments.Janine is drums and use the techniques of my favourite drummers to acell.I will make large decisions and more than any Prime Minister or World Leader.But someone with protective cover by our government shielded from enemy pick up from space. .Then for me to endless money and power vs any faction or agency.I cannot every be cout on or kidnapped by a facility as Eurasia was the military planet that Lord Centauri had protective defense towards enemy whiteman and their alien allies.No fear or threat to me from any police like my pastlive experiences and threats are all over.I won't every be on hostile ground like Sol System earth class.As I have my faction and government to protect me from any threats not just my powers.Their attitude towards me is respectful and never threaten me ever again.I live my most safest life ever from being born inherit huge powers and background.And protective from corporations and government.Being an alien is superior.None of that of my enemy ever again.No one can threat me or back talk.As I am great and what these people are growing my pride and confidence.These are my people.I am a figure that is big but not one on tv.I am talked about but the government goes out in public to arrange protect and disperse anyone even when I use my powers like GAH and more.Permanent rules from Feroz that were integrated to Star Trek Pretender Gobot European AI race.In Master Race my position.My moms for games and cards,chess.I am able to be very responsible but not overworked.No way to live.My own working hours.I can and have freedom and power and rank any part of our government and in outer space.I am protected as protocal by workers.They go on my side when I visit all parts of our space government.Ask the reasons to fill out quick form the the Queen is here.Feroz is here and wants to spend some time.And wants the keys as a Space Agent.Giving almost all out courteousy and powers and rank anywhere.In regions they know I am visiting from my ID code and my hand scanned.Its me and they change the way I am treated and laws towards the Queen,Feroz.When I was born my creator mother attractive women witches had laws institutionlized to give me sovereign powers and powers to all of outmost faction.They did a forecast and prediction of my life and many powerful roles went to put in these laws for structure of our society and how long the Gobots and Transformers went without any royalty and my importance that I am here and to born my children my shemale family.For them to learn folklore.Learn alien principles.We all are protected with structural laws and many said when I am ready to go in and start my reign.To take to a government building that is our highest government buildings in my life that I am bases on.New structures I had built for my means and story.Where every we go or I go I have protective laws depending on the harshness of where I am.Military will put all out emergency alert protocal of my protection far to Star Trek or far away and my powers.Recieving medical treatment before going to hostile world. Many important roles to put teachings and ideas on my life epic and saga towards enemies from Sol System and what they are going for with othe vile alien races.How I woke up our people with the Zarconian technology.No televising or media for me just my significance and importance as role.Don't need the propaganda and for people to start falling for a royal figure which the public can be destructive to interfere wtih me getting to know my poles island continent far away and secluded because its on the many poles of the planet.I want like a stranger to roam around using my powers to get my island continent into my blood.Be outside and to theater.Go for walks using my powers.No one panics from law alerts and service to me.Never ever locked in duration or I break myself out or it happens on hostile whiteman territory.As its teaching.What actions I do that are severe are parts of law.Far from home is protective on community.She is very outgoing but stays to herself.Not to type to socialize at
KusoCartoon 14156481520850

Queen of Stargate Gobot Pretender Alien European Queen Aramda is Transformers Elder and Quintessa parents

all.That is why she loves her powers and her island continent and worlds.She is a metaller as all of them are,rock and thrash.Queen Aramda changed to be more family with Queen Armada as they live in same cities.Their estates neighbouring parts of each city.They visit and Feroz is their family member.Dora is my older sister's daughter.And they have similiar hobbies and interests.Queen Armada's family is into being smart and sciences as their parks from North America 20th Century Sol System earth class ideas for hobbies.Expanded into a popular idea and the diecast model machines needed robots to maintain them to get the park going in each city having in area their own.The ideas and foods caught on to these Stargate Gobot Pretender AI white race aliens.Abigail does popularity and can act.Can preform but uses it to speak out to her people.As Abigail is Gobot Pretender White Race aliens Queen.Her position was retained and changed to new type of Queen.Her gender as a male level female.Female with qualities of male.Strong and powerful.Strong will power and things this time from her Tranny witch space European Gobot Pretender parents.Teamwork is part where a female will fail when level is too high in many men aspect categories that older fathers and other older generations of men make something too difficult Feroz can go to Rick and "New Fuhr" for men help
KusoCartoon 14159217859235

Feroz's children transexual females Princess Gobot Stargate Pretender Alien White Race AI's

.And with Koji and New Fuhr will be older than Abigail or same age group.My children will be born to myself for they translate as machines and AI and their souls will lose their angel like features and be born from attractive women like a pregnant mother but by myself and transexual or male.They will be born like models and have my quantity because I have not match in universe because would have to be a larger female and their's none so I am packed together to satisfy.I have better than a pregnant mother and my way of making them from my body transformation and to hold young adult in me til born and modern ways to of our hospitals.Pregnant in alien beings sustains and takes away problems the soul had before birth.This has to be done by autosexual like me.From machines and our biology we can manufactor our children and in women like Feroz can born them on her own.Souls come into my reproduction.My ancestors are from both sides for her.I being attractive women born her with her souls problems born which gets rid of the angelic problems.And Centuari and Allah can make me born in right race.Right AI race that has this biology.Pretender Gobot European AI race translations to their dimension that they are reverse.Its from being in another dimension as colors are colors of every dimension.Represent what they do.Our dimension has translation.They will be born at healthy size in our society.Born at home and modernize space Hospital.We can go to the hospital on our island polar continent  where our people can check them out in many processes of AI's.In creator's world their mainframes and transformation was checked and they born into space fighter Feroz wanted to see but shocking this is the ones Feroz wanted.Feroz's mother has Kestrel from the late 80's and early 90's fighter VSTOL.Her motorcyle modes and checkup.Checkup by hospital and for them to go working.This is phase in their military life after their family and pets life is over and done with model toys ships and fighters and the park and their chores at amusement park.That there are cities that operate like amusement park in our zones.But as it works out my biology will have them brought in this world to their estates and polar island continent,their family and for me to try like a jinn that named Feroz that is taking care of them with unlimited money.That is only way I could have taken care of them and loaded them with my family members the sharks.Our cats which are from wild but related to house cats and more cats.Journey with intelligence on our estates in each climate zone  Made my own money from my codes.Born at home or hospital.Sizes growing bigger in Transformers for reproduction.And my youth.Growing older once they are all done.Machines or AI's we can reproduce my children.Manufactor them born inside me.My kids are all my blood as I was my parents blood of Drewzelda and Zelda but born reproductive as they were born from single me reproductive as AI people Pretender Gobots.Young adults from different cities in our island continent and different zones as my many places that I stay at inherited some from my parents and many opened to me as Feroxia's home and rest of my shemale children's souls are from different cities and zones.I do not discipline my kids and treat them as they same generation as me realize that I am older than them but many centuries and gain respect on me.We're getting married to each other as I will offer them goodness of my next appearance.She is treatment without any rawness of space even by our own government.They my princesses children are not caught in trap or instance.She is rewarded high treatment and instant treatment and is not locked in ward.She is taught that far away that she can use her powers to get out of being trapped under British system.She is not British at all.She is Space Europeans and her people.They by laws don't treat her badly or a bad experience from friendly environment of our island continent.She has family and friends and connections that from a call from her are there.She can report to authoritites and self-sufficient.Not helpless like I used to be.She does not get discipline and I don't use methods like that.I can use her grandma's but that is it as a family.When she does wrong I lecture her not to and what it reflects on our family.I represent Tribal and Muslims and government to protect them.They are responsible to their pets.They know we are a unit to point grows as teacher Feroxia.I elimination harshness on snobby raised children like mine born the way I want as young adults.My job is done in discipline my body is not meant for anything physical.I eat the same goodies as them and same media entertainment.They are going to be more mature probably from my ancestors.They are in small mini groups as some are born in same zone.Formup a family from our main home in Feroxia's born home of Historic Area my first area I was born here from my parents.Dora was born after Feroxia.They are close in age born in different seasons that Feroxia is older and with my parents.The space dwellers formed family with my parents as Janine and I are closer in distance,Janine was in Sweden,I her parent was here in ON North America.Janine was supposed to have my wrists same wrists as me as Khan.Janine needs this because of taking Gods role as Allah finished and what he did held out like nature.We reinforce Janine to go to stage as 1st child God got right to put Janine closest to Feroz.Now she needs the elements but from my body and not have my disorder at all.She would be defeated by our enemy and young child that is my offspring needs the Caretaker Angels to strengthen her with Feroz not the Khan family will add destructive ancestor and she needs rules about Daquaqua done properly in islam which I established on my elder Janine.Janine needs to compete to be the elder to prove things in family.She hatreds the British Attractive women and my parents object from future on them.Janine needs help as offspring and to be taught my rules from Feroz Khan of ON.Taught by me to strengthen her in her stay in unborn world.She has my genes and what color her hair to change is important.What God was used as Allah and finished before he recogizes and does destruction.They grew up as a close family.They protected each other from eldest took charge to watch over but the younger ones chip in to help.Futuristic transportation needed more care to it as daily life they adjust to like a skate board.Its them being aware and of their tropical tribal cities and zones.To being a family that leaves where they are going with messages and messages to the younger ones where they are and test it out to see if they go on in.Grandma's are busy and this gives a chance to eldest to be part of this system.Caring and make or ask for food for younger ones.They have friends and family with the Armada's.They have their game systems and entertainment.Have a very caring family that reformed from Feroz's pastlife to give things like pizza.Trips to use commuting to visit cousins after school.Pets are cared for and ready for them at lunch.Sharks and cats.Daily habit til they go off and have spares in school.Process to strengthen Janine.Feroxia is being strengthen by my parents attractive women Creator Female Guardian Autobot AI European Muslims as alien vehicle modes of UFP Stargate.Janine is down line might understand more than a stern Dora and Feroxia.They are with my parents and will give in to me when I stop breathing after 2070 and readied to be shipped to alien galaxy with help from Caretaker Angels and their work to evolve safely in martial race.I would time travel and carry many Swedish Shemales Khan.Carry them and things fall into place from Centauri.Janine is leader of my Swedish daughters and they speak english like North American to spread to her sisters and our pets in next life.Angels caretakers could have taken my reproduction and cloned it on her in heaven to start her off with my blood no mental disorder.Bring her closer to me while in circumstance Janine and I form a Khan family til I stop breathing,Kari is stern.She is very martial but fun going loves thrill rides.Outgoing and very tribal.She is inhabitant of our island continent and she takes to it and loves her homeland.She is friendly and family going and gets along with her sisters in the enclosure.She does work efficiently and through job.She works as being older than a young adult as waitress and food.She makes food.She is type that does work on computers and hardware.She repairs hardware and has modulated video games.She has graphics done opens it up like electrician and computer supplies.Modulates.She loves metal and thrash rock music.They all do.She loves science fiction space movies and futurisitic miliiltary and police movies.She is a meat eater as most of them are omnivores.She will omnivore.She loves her pet sharks and pet bobcat and wildcat.She is tall and heavy.They all are big and larger than me.She loves past time and stuff I brought in and she goes to work on amusement parks and our parks we made.Kari is an elder.She has b and a grades.She will love her mainframes.Evolution Process Angels Caretakers takeoff and transport my body to new race here on this island and planet giant to be Pretender Gobot Combiner Space European AI muslims.Preparation for transport to another dimension and billions of light years away.Prepare from Centauri.Prepare before hand transportation and process under way except to prolong the life and hold off stop breathing in hospital.Right now my afterlife next life is my defenses and hand off from past life and present can't handle anything. has to prepare UFP S Gobot Pretender Combiner Space European AI's in process to hand over defenses to my next parents attractive women creators ready me to them hold off stop breathing.Process of Zarconian goes correct families,clans and galaxies that they start to be adopted to their families to learn about Transformer Gobots and Combiners.Zarconian Primes readied to their families and loyalities.Go to their homes each in each galaxy and their governments.Then one day Zarconian will merger from Centauri commanding each star system to merger alliances and get to meet them when Khan family is ready and pets are ready.As family and planets they are all ready militarily.Feroxia is Queen Aramanda's eldest.Queen Aramanda is Feroz's older sister.They all were born in Archaelpelago our island Poles Continent.Dora is next,then Amanda,Inga,Janine,Kari and Jennice,Villagra,Marion,Gilora,Alixia.Feroxcia is very sharp and a leader.She is martial.She is feirce and
KusoCartoon 14134811262144

Princess Janine Khan of Stargate Gobot Pretender AI Space Europeans

thinker.Dora is calm and thinks before hand.She gathers intell and interests in sciences.Dora is patient.She is authoratative.Amanda is very stout.Amanda is her middle name.Her name is Ferox.She is upfront and gets things done as elder.She and Dora are born separate as twins.They are born closely.She is self sufficient.She is a leader.She is perceptive and acts like
KusoCartoon 14261305874976

Princess Villagra Khan/Marion Khan of Stargate Gobot Pretender Space AI Europeans Zarco Inbit Regime Pilot being mode combiner

KusoCartoon 14165612559202

Princess Gilora Khan of Stargate Gobot Pretender Alien White Race AI's

of my elders.She is wise and has excellent scores.She can figure out strategy,mysteries,puzzles,clues,Then there is Inga,Feroz.Inga is very intelligent and wise.She gathers
KusoCartoon 14232660873544

Princess Tessa,Xanxia,Korinas Khan of Stargate Gobot Pretender Space Europeans Universe

info and figures out music lyrics andriddles.She loves puzzles and confusing games.She can really accelerate to difficulties.She is more like a Captain.She goes by protocol and memorizes excellence.She has psychic power but can use recklessness.She is very brave and 

fierce.Thinker.She is martial and conquers fears.Outgoing as they all are.They all socialize but Jennice is a socializer as Inga then Dora.Janine is very grown up and adult.She is martial and high ranks.She is very sturdy and ob

serving.She studies and has smarts in sciences.She is great in combat and thinker in battle.She is very 

KusoCartoon 14467782374940

Princess Kari Khan Zarco Inbit Regime

KusoCartoon 14165610944347

Princess Alixia Khan of Stargate Gobot Pretender Alien White Race

organized.She stays to her family as she is older tw

in to Jennice.Our family from Queen Feroz Khan is Eilleen,Janine,Inga,Villagra,Kari,Alixia,Sherryl,Zelda,Francis.Janine has a strong will power.She is very brave.Jennice is a leader.She is martial.She is balanced personality.She is a soldier and high ranks.She is outfront.She uses her smarts and sciences.She though can be reckless as tactics.Kari is elder as she is only younger to Janine.They are in charge of my many estates.Kari will grow up to be in Cybertron Gobotron Invid Inbit Regime of Zarconia.Kari was born in Polar mountains region.Our estate in mountains plateau.20 miles up.Villagra Khan is wise for her youth and knowledgeable.She is upper class like from my family.She is of rennaisance.She is highly intelligent.She is observant. Alixia is very upfront.She is martial and has smarts in strategy.She can guess and think.She can be patient and layed back for a trap.She is very patriotic to her poles island continent and is from this continent in blood.She is a fast thinker.She is private.Tessa is Zarcospace Stargate "Blue Thunder's pilot.Jennice co-pilot of Stargate Zarco Space Blue Thunder.Gilora her sister a natural transexual female is very smart and intelectual.Memorizes.She is like a scientist.Defensive.She has smarts and uses it for patience.She is authority.She is a leader as her older sister Alixia is commanding.Offensive.Janine is pilot of Stargate space version of "Airwolf"Inga is he co-pilot of Stargate Zarco space Airwolf.Reports and archives.They are both thinkers and will be excellent in battle.Zelda is excellent in computations and figuring out

Princess Allison Khan of UFP Stargate Gobot Pretender AI Europeans

formalas.She is excellent in academics and is another high ranking leader.She dishes out punishment and lesson.She just does not destroy tho
KusoCartoon 14165611577076

Princess Zelda Khan of Stargate Gobot Pretender Alien White Race AI's

se in battle.She can predict things and like other sisters is aware of her surroundings to act.Zelda is better in judgement.She is brave as all of them are.They have that space Khan lastname.They are brave but practical.Gilora is practical but Zelda is aware of emergencies even though they all are.Gilora in emergency situation as Zelda.We fall back and rely on Zelda.Scouts and memorizes.Balanced.She is applied arts.Applied smart.Allison Khan is my daughter that is friendly and outgoing but viscious to her enemies and takes things serous.She is beautiful like a Prom date to attractive women.She is like a Cheerleader.She loves to have fun and socialize.She loves her island continent and its weather zones.She loves the tunrda and is sports participant and athletic.She enjoys the outdoors.She is a medic.She is smart at being a doctor and the biology and bodies of alien races.She is in psychology and from her parent Feroz's illness.She is stubborn and does not give up,thorough.She will comb through things as youngest and find things.She is careful and has a system of organization.She is responsible and treats threat serious in emergencies.She is loving to her pets.She is attentive and smart in marine biology and study of freshwater.She can be cold against the enemy and is soldier.She is alert and takes her enemy apart from learning and studying.She is a participant and enthusiastic.She likes to try new things.She learns things from cooking to ideas and activiities and hobbies.She has smarts in computers and electronics.She is upper class Khan.They have to my children shemales to have fun as children young adults.To have fun at home and go to the park and have fun from 20th Century North America,ON,earth class Sol System and galaxies neighbouring these ideas brought to my Queen Khan.All of them enjoy having spaghetti or from space expanded Roman foods and Mexican not just from earth class and Luna.They get to enjoy what I was saving for them in 2000's.Their toys like Transformers and games to play more than 1 all of the time fun games to play a tournament with all of their sisters.Co-operation games like RC battleships and software games.For each of them to have what they missed out on metal and rock,thrash music and big bands like Aerosmith.That is for Feroxia and Inga.Its for all of them to enjoy concerts like Rush.Albums and live concerts for my daughters all saved for them when they were Allah's rules as souls and could not enjoy dating me as their mother and autosexual parent.They could have had fun being raised by me and having her favourites like chocolate.Each of them like a cat to drink milk products.Need as souls to be taught Khan traits and thinking that is allowed.In our family many things Princess Khan does is allowed that Allah unfairly disallows because he does not know that I Feroz Khan will represent Khan to my daughters.It will be and some trips from Nana.I am a big shot represent our family in Stargate Pretender Gobot AI white race space muslims universe.I raise these fox like cats which they are and fox creature that weighs like leopard.And marsupials produce 20lb babies.Large men.Allah used 20th century to bypass Queen space Khan.My daughters had to miss out on things from white people and Stargate Gobot Pretenders to clean them out from interfering with Queen Aramda offsprings.Because they are first and I greatly love each of them and treat them greatly.They are not touched and their grandma's treat them well like attractive women and will take to them.They are old but it will put life into my dominant parent shemale.Allah put evil things into them to make them missout on things.A voice in their mind and thinking,adaptation from cats that 18th century people help them to figure out mysteries and as a support when they are alone.Serious situations.And this is like my poor Galactican defenses that I had to have put in garbage dump and fed to Americans to be lesbians.Control them and put them in a direction because what Allah is saying is untrue.I don't do things like that and am going to uproot their souls and leave as UFO aliens very far away because I am very snobby to these people about privacy.I have fought them and over ignorance.They all are private but come up with things for the public in teamworking as a family.My children attractive women are after priestess,outgoing,cool.They are soldier as women and improvement.They are strong and powerful and have my rules on them not to show their bodies exposed.Many things I Feroz put in my model witch priestesses.Men will not like them as they will be big or bigger than them.They won't be small like girls.They will be better than attractive women from my parents.Their ways and lifestyle will get rid of any attraction any enemy races white man has for attractive women.Because we as Khan family do not come close to having anything gay to man,ignorant.Large and allowed to supremace all models and shemales.They are allowed as to be future Queens of this faction to empire.Rules say that as priestess and soldier they won't have any old ones on them.Attractive white girls are very much gomer and loser in them.Be popular they are an idiot.They lack of racism and misuse racism to contradict it like jew.They thought up of over doing like mental disorder to be friendly to all forms of life like quotes from Bible.Like a nut.Don't use any common sense and go to their destruction and stupidly try to bring others in.White girl is shame of example and her grandma space Khan of Stargate Gobot Pretenders will put an example on my children women to do everything bravely and like respected.She is ashamed of UFP white girls and them as prostitute.As filth with man.Drugs.Diseases they carry and problem to go to many thousand times in month.They have disgust like blood from men's chemistry changing them to heterosexuals which are gays and smell bad.Ignorant.Crime and at least these things have laws against them and war done on them as crime and to the public.In religion taught how horrible example and at least in their souls world they run them down.Pagan and goes to Church.Coward.Huge percentage of what large men and white men are attracted to in girls is gone.Now its down to her appearance.I am sure they can only do this as criminal.Counter ignorance.From fighting war on whiteman and having religion taper things off.Soldier she will have her privacy.And afterlife effect on them of life after past and in future like evolution will play a role on them mixed with her authority.Then my islamic rules on my children to never expose their bodies like models and to expose their shape and figure.She is to be the same and above men as attractive women to detur men from raping.Our attraction to ourselves as attractive women is also gay.The witches can be gay to themselves and I as their family.With all of these attributes like character,size but in shape of diva.Nothing masculine in appearance.Drained of their purposes mankind and ladies men,large men and even cool gang.Only quantity in a shape of women soldier.And attractive women gay with each other makes their offspring.But here in this Stargate Universe as alien AI's an autosexual like Queen Aramda reproduces all of my children's children as my kids her sisters.They will be male to point as tranny's they don't reproduce like Feroz is only feminin transwomen.They are private about caring as a family and they all taught by Feroz their only parent and mother tranny to marry amongst own attractive women in value same as theirs and aware of outsiders.They all were born to give to each other in marriage as family space Khan defenses.I am going back to Attractive women to solve problems I have had.My powers as witch and not using them properly.Lessons in living and growing up in civilization and poor socializing.Need strength and support from my attractive women parents in our sexuality and our love as a family.For me to be properly reared by lesbians.Jackie and Zeta are from Government as a family.My next family will be from the government of island continent in polar region.I will be raised within our government and reared by government.We are a government side family.Queen Aramanda is part of the government.Raised to responsibilities in government.My many responsibilities to do trips with my endless money to negotation with places in dreamworld like to go to the alien Antarctica to regain relations.My diplomatic trips by Queen Aramanda and my family.Our vacations.We ill have loads of wealth from our creator and from Queen's money from rank to raised from government.Grown in government side families.I will then start my family under government.They will be raised with the powers of the government.We will have high prestige and gone to school.But in life we will go my way and change the things we study and add Zarconian.My children have to reared by me as a young adult for the older I am the faster I can raise them and not be held back.They need to learn teachings and problems in our family and how to beat them.When I was in ON earth class Sol System I had no one to counter troubles in computer software.I did not understand something so complicated and from my senses and presence a daughter same gender as me Allah brought out in hierachy to counter problems for computers and data.That is what children are.Someone that sent to solve problems I had on my own in ON on earth class.I had problems with money and income.Being a bread winner.Obstructed from living higher class and was dying as life because I was doing things all by myself and forced to live with my non-dna parents.I did not drive and was jammed pack with problems up to my head without any help from my children and had useless ON earth class souls that just watched.So I did not venture out far because all of my species of attractive women are all gays.They are hetersexuals and use problem men to solve things.Rival christians.I feed in teachings to them so they will grow up responsible and help me in my pastlife problems.They can grow up right way with my rules installed in their lives.They then will aid me and marry me so I am not vulnerable.My parents are attractive women and will only go so far.That is why I was made self-sufficient against them.They are witches and can play a role in my reborn.They though are women and stay to women's ways and hobbies.They were used by Allah and just for short time til I could takeoff and grow my own family.Attractive women were always an enemy of mne and if a parent played useless role.My children are species of attractive women and even if I do teach them how corrupted are their souls.If they have integrated into white race we might as well have the Space European Creator system takeover.But from my side of things they can fulfill jobs and military properly and provide support to me that I needed.Learn hard lesson never to be white and learn from and from her grandmother attractive women witches anti-white tribal space islam teachings against white race and British.If their grandma's don't tell them they won't listen to me and think that I am making things up or its not important.From my parents ancestors to play critical role to teach them to believe in my laws for space islam and their fate out in space their responsibilties and roles for space military for each.And the Zarconian Primes and other of her race Transformer Gobots and warfare combining.I will do my duty on them and teach them how to fight and how to combat.And transformation adn flying lessons of combat and how to use their skills.Then some of them on the bridge to do naval.Commands and we put on her about top secret Zarconian warships.She is not same thing as female.They don't have female but have bodies of large models but don't have feminin traits.They have weight on them and muscle power.And from my parent that is role of dominant that her body is for strength and power she never used.This will help them to war condition them so no one is attracted to them.They are straight and will have magnificent shape but for abiities and powers attractive women did not use.Powers.But they don't wear feminin clothes,makeup and cosmetics and fragrances that give messages to men.They cover their legs and foot so they don't send messages.We make our privacy and from our Star Trek Stargate government.Raised by me to be much more reliable and loyal living changed as aliens.Being species of this world and continent.Not just use authoratative.Responsible when I show them how to use their powers.When we go out to the city and practice her powers.  We have them unlike shemales of UFP who are like girlies.Body of theirs won't attract any men as they will take it as someone powerful and does not expose privacy from her galaxy and faction behind her.Non-ignorance in her as my teachings as her parent.Teaching and her physical body lacking feminin maybe small percentage.Body is streamline and figure but has weight and quantity.And purpose for war in space.They won't like excessive attractive women body and shemale.It will be large in size.And not possess smaller than man.She is bigger than men or same size.She will be built in muscles as her chest will be muscles.Waist will be wider like mine.Won't be feminin streamline because female to them is the grandma.My mother.She married my dominant parent shemale.Shemales in space are like males but are appearance as model.Yes they have better body then men in apparance this is from angels.Won't do their hair like models to attract men as they will add the way I do my hair.  .She shared and made alliance on my homeworld to create my parents.Quintessa speaks for all of the creators from Cybertron and she is not outgoing at all.    Evolution Process Angels Caretakers of outer space have in their family an angel towards    unioned with this angel to make my parents.That is why they are separate families.They learned all of their alien female traits from them. .They were taught to stay loyal to each other by my grandma's.They were created but my dominant shemale parent is older than her wife my mom.Talk about 3rd and 4th cousins to my mom from my shemale parent that reared me.They will have more duties and responsibilities as they can fulfill but from this galaxy in Sol System.North America and 20th Century is on my parents burdon.When I am dead I will have no defense or say in world.Lights out for my senses.Avoid dead sleep at all costs to drug me into dormant to retain my soul.When the Qiyamaht Dua e Khatam happens after I die.Then Allah will have to contest everything he did to me and every event and day in past and present.Centauri will trial Allah.Centauri is very powerful and is the only one Allah bows to.Allah has brothers like Annorax.And I Queen Aramda am witness towards Allah for Zarconian to happen in Stargate Gobot Pretender Alien AI space European race and our island continent on poles.Their grandma's will know to show them about doing themselves as this is something they will be bred on and raised.They have parts a female does not have that is muscle for power.That is how they will appear to use the power like in their chests.It won't be flabby and soft.Men won't like it as they don't like Queen Aramda.To put more quantity but in a dominant idea not small girlie feminin woman lady idea.They are not males but discourage them greatly in space.They won't have anything ugly like male either.Nothing to zilch.My parents are very important role to recharge witchcraft powers and all attractive women properties.Things wrong with me Queen Aramda.They will install teachings they see wrong in my life like in education and to focus on things.We are not focussing on things right.Our approach and to raise us for success.We have learned our family lastname which is space Khan.Our routines.To have us geared up for success even physically.Social is on agenda but other things Feroz focused on in my life like our comparison to rival men and christians.Religion and political.History and sciences.Sports and music.Each of our instruments and skills.We are beings that will be born to each city in our island continent.The city will be our support and place we grew up properly.And many govenrment workers spoke for city as our ancestors.It will be our home and provide our leisure time and best times.Our celebrations in our galaxy billions of light years in vortex.And in emergency situations to train us to them.Life's learnings and financial and the past times to establish in school.School to have a trade ready from family ancestors.People in other age groups like to my kids the 18th century voice from history and rock music,metal.Ghosts but supply solutions and ways to think.Feroz's is from 16th Century and 17th.They from world Allah put them for white races to tell you things your ancestors don't know. .People they are ready to meet and interact with.Very important the men in our family.Skills they learned from our island continent.Each of my children will be Princess And Queen of   Gobot Pretender Alien space European race space muslims.And the position Queen.In games.Queen in space military.My parents to teach each queen things.And how tribally smart approach to travelling in our island continent and the things people don't write that it operates like.Secrets to pass on to them as heavy responsibility and can't fail from Feroz's uncured mental disorder that got cured by Stargate Gobot Pretender Creator System cured Feroz's mind and extracted each of souls in reproduction and merger my shemale children Queens into them with no disorders or problems and gave her her powers.My blood and then my parents blood and to function born to them.And to have my world back after a long time to attractive women.I will be inside my attractive women Stargate Gobot Pretender Alien AI white race home.Watching outside from inside my attractive women parents.These ones I had now were too corny.They would be replaced by more outgoing parents instead of being sad and poor.Put life in me to live on island poles continent.Change and to get compatible genes.I go to them and I go into my fathering Drewzelda Change into and carried by her and in an alien far away dimension she might dominant mother me.Then as a youngling I would be born.Mistakes and errors all gone and militant with natural born powers and natural birth as youngling.I will learn my Jedi training when I get older for war.Take care of toys and amusement parks.Practice my powers like GAH and Jedi.All of this right after I pass away or the Caretaker Angels of space make me in drugged state.Moms and most caring to me and socialize.Started it up and took on my life and its rules.Brought all of my foods from North America and earth class.Parents caring and touching and parenting.Making those long distance trips to relatives or tribe.We'll have the wealth for me to grow up travelling and having loads of fun.My Mom Jackie would except me with her blood.Parents and all the fun and teachings.My children will grow up with their grandmas and all of us did not severly age.We won't.Cooking will be fun.My parents will update me and have me adapt to socializing.I am lost in this life in that and can regain it by being born next time.Add in feminin things and rouinded off by my shemale parent Drewzelda.And to wear things and get into it for fun.We and both parents raised with space Islam meaning Islam for Pretender Europeans.My living in condos and travelling every 5 yrs with ease because of civilization and having things moved fast.Cause of the island continent and tribal no former area is ditched.Come back.Til my estate is built with my pets and family to use.So being modernized from experts in cosmetics companies and feminin life.Adopting my toys and music.Not to cloud up with feminism because of my legos and transformers.RC warships.My parents with all the love in this world and resposibilities from their background and raised.Caretaker Angels of Space getting it all loaded and ready.Next life as a superhero and me using the powers of my jinn carrying on and those are her parents.Queen to unite all neighbouring alien races in our universe.Relations to break the silence with Feroz.I was a phase in charge and in life they can live many more lives.Beautiful life in arctic tropical and tropics.And the Blue Klingon natives and white Klingon natives having gathered my foods and ideas from earth class.They have gotten more things in industry.Farming and seafood,gourmet deserts and pop.More vast highest parts of our government and they visit us,female and male Blue Klingon.They will teach me and instruct me in my teachings.Even Jedi for later when I go militant.Taking care of my toys and amusement parks as superhero.Reliable parents to stay with me when I get old and my children are in phase of being like veterans.We don't age.It was the Sol System.The earth was destroyed by Creator Centauri the Lord made the Evolution Process Angels caretakers of space activate natural disaster to destroy the earth and defeat the whiteman Angels to extinction.He fought them.Remnants of I Feroz was on a moon mining colony.This was first encounter Feroz's[Queen Aramda} soul was drifting and was on this moon far out to Saturn.Two Attractive women Autobot Guardian European Pretenders were in their alien vehicle mainframes.Feroz's Shemale parent Drewzelda was in her alien vehicle mainframes with my mother Zelda .Both of them found something valuable of Feroz's.Both were advanced alien beings that were reconing and going over a survey.Feroz's belonging was part of the moon past Saturn.Both thought together who Feroz is.Queen Aramda was inhabitant of ON North America earth class Sol System of destroyed planet.Both of them thought and bonded to my soul Feroz.One day Feroz Khan will be born to them as they both make sense of their Transexual witch child to be coming.Repair majestic and beauty to her veteran knowledge and experience.They both will change to earth Class and its other planets vehicels like Kestrel VSTOL of 1990's fighter for Drewzelda and Zelda a racing motorcycle.Set example to their child Queen Aramda Feroz who flies F-15E excellent naval.But Feroz is a Space Kestrel fighter VSTOL STOVL.Feroz's first and closest encounter to my parents wonder what Feroz is like or who and its their unborn child do better past 2070.Years both Female Guardian Autobot Pretenders were thinking about being in Sol System and that moon.Figure it out when Feroz is born.Peice together its their great leader child Queen transexual to govern and make decisions and repair and improve her people to make them giant superpower in space.Bring Zarconian.That was the day I met my parents.Both of them were protected by Creator from sad things a child went through in past life.Wondered together who Feroz is.Feroz's{Queen Aramda} soul and body was in the hands of Star Trek Stargate Gobot Pretender Creator Evolution Process Angels Caretakers of space.Transition to have my body and soul and for them to go over my thoughts and mind and start repairs on me to trasition in evolution to where More than Meets the Eye and Gobots.I am a person so I am like a Pretender but to a Master race.My soul in the body having work done on it to transform by Centauri the Lord's Evolution Process Angels that in decade seemed like foreaver that they were taking my body and soul to different stations in heaven and creator world to ready me to my parents I had encounter to bond with them,see them before hand.Both Attractive women Gobot Pretender European Combiners of Master Race will be my parents to my island continent on poles.Processes for reflexes and the whole proper process before ready to be born past 2070.I will be born from them and they will fix my Space VSTOL STOVL Kestrel fighter/bomber and my preformance.My transformation and what to do in combat and danger situations.They are both female autobots.And they will have my soul back and a name from name Feroz.Now parental powers on me when I am born a young adult.And they are inhabitants of our poles continent and its real names and my alien races name.To get me to open up now in afterlife I am her blood.I will be born in order from ON North America earth class Sol System by 2070.And witches have teachings and to learn about Feroz and to merger Queen Aramda Feroz into their world.Education and success and our government family money and Feroz's money as Queen of Stargate Gobot Pretender Alien AI space European race.They have born royalty and are creator angels as autobot people.Feroz's skills.To solve problems with no distractions for adult couple to be family minded concentrate on Feroz.Feroz's space military family and parents and Feroz's children.Eldest Feroxia and then Dora.Amanda in earth class.Feroz's hobbies and her hobbies my children shemale guardian autobots of Stargate.And our planned success bringing in things from ON North America earth class Sol System of 20th Century.Feroz's entertainment and rock,metal thrash music.Feroz's skills in sports like ball hockey and baseball.Feroz's wrestling influences for fighting skllls from  80's and 90's.Family support and for me to have cousins and relatives.Elder sisters of same genders.And their families of attractive women guardian Stargate Female Autobots.Know it all of our island continent and better family teachings about our nationalism and our internet info.Both moms to show Feroz around her home from ends to ends to commute.We will change weather and temperature zones in 20 min.Raise Feroz for space Navy and Zarconian.Feroz's skills and attributes for war well known as commander of warship.From WW1 and WW2 earth class Sol System.Mothers of Feroz know of top secret project to develop our fleets from I Feroz.Feroz's Captain Vittorio Veneto of Zarconian.And Feroxia's position and Dora's,Amanda and Inga.In religion of Space Islam to bless us and my beliefs to Allah.And Feroz riding space motorcycle and going on our speeder speeds highways.My many motorized bikes of our alien technology.Feroz growing up for space motorcycle to know my island continent well and its regions.To go out and ride to regions and my GAH powers.I am a space agent as Queen Armada.Others are very busy working but open values to Feroz Queen of Stargate Gobot Pretender Space European Race alien universe.They are all very confident and are my defenses.Very clean and go over space Islam and remember for my life in ON,North America Sol System earth class.They are very protective of me and are all very responsible.Very caring and do my food as they do theirs with our drone estate workers.They are not sneaky and party pranks absolutely not as they have high family values to the Queen,Feroz and their family.They are not boring at all and have lots of activities that is part of their privacy.We have socializing with our own family.They all are brilliant and can figure out things in emergencies of all sorts.They all have enginuity and can do handywork and electronics complicated level with Inga to figure out alien calculations languages in circuitry.They all did excellent in space schooling academics.They all have cool personalities and likeable to normal people.They hatred anyone abnormal from UFP and Stargate galaxies,criminal and non-muslims.They hate rowdy people and get to being like space police.Queen Armada they found out.They have sciences technology but it was built in heaven in space.Battle.They were punished in pain.Creator's world they know the principles and will create or do things with powers.Princess Armada had weakness in eyes of angels.  She was against being brought up and angels do not need to have this weakness.She will be taken in form by angels and her form used Zarconian.From her uselessness and being behind Galactica.Feroz needs her parents because I need support and to learn things about my race and universe.Know my homeland.To be protected and reinforced by my parents.Role model from Ferox my dominant shemale parent.Ferox{Jackie} is to show me how to be a leader.My parents will be younger because of our master race.They will be more authoratative and are an age group towards.My moms would not age to 10 000yrs.They are not old yet when Feroz is born to them.They are like in 40's in appearance.Remain young like that as they are young grandparents in appearance.They are old but not too old.Being of creator Angels they are old as attractive women.Age groups that are broken down to many age groups.My ones will be in 40's.They have many of my older sister's need to findout what vehicle and machine they are from Zarconian or Sol System earth class North America 20th and 21st Century.See what machine they are.My parents are not old.They will part of Zarconian when I can't speak.Going on in life and years where I can't speak.Then my parents will make the judgements like my name in our race as Feroz.My new Feroz name.Longer and from our language.My mistakes as I am a many generatons as young as her younger.And to have my mistakes straightened out.My parents are experienced and know alot.And to put in and reinforce my will power and who I am.They were raised very far away in another dimension without interference and they grew more level of men.And I want this in me.And for my parents responsibilities and laws.My parents have a more older and powerful mind to give me.To parent me.Make laws on understanding me.To be there in emergencies.Bring traditions to me.These parents are very ahead.They are advanced and for their way of life to straighten out my life.And to recieve caring and love from parents that are outgoing and cool people.Change my spirits and confidence as they are overly confident.They cook for me and take care of me.They did this for my elder sisters and they were from this galaxy and others.For my parents to adjust to me.And enter me in their lives as my defenses.For me to live a life like higher class and famous.To be big like them.And for my parents to help me out when I use my powers.Moms both make laws for me as I am their biology.My parents act non-white and are tribal and caring.Make rules for me that is not as harsh as outside world.Moms are both there for me.Interact me and I know my phone number to call them.They are part of my life all of their life.We go to places and they are wise and know about everything.For every situation in our island continent.I was born in the Historic City and my parents raised me to teachings.All of the things a parent corrections and knows.As these parents Attractive women make little mistakes to none.They have high achievement in academics and are futuristic and space moderized.My parents care about me in many ways.Romantic and as their offspring to guard me like guardian angels.Need adult attractive women shemale leader.That is my mothe Ferox that sets an example and standard and made ones for our family.She is brave and courageous.Full of knowledge.She is very self-sufficient and sets an example as a leader.She guides us and interacts with us as a family.She is very stern and caring to me.She made new rules learning of me her child and my flaws as Feroz.My new name and her pressident for me and standards she made for our family.Does not rely on ancestors to lead us around our island continent,world and galaxy.She is able to teach and stays with me like my mother and patient and teaches me as young adult and learn me.She is for me and my side.She teaches against evil and make sense of our religion but not to go by it word for word.She would find out how I am to our creator Allah and how we fight with him being ignorant.Bad old man businessman aryan Allah is and you have to use ones that I use on him or he will be destructive.My mother Drewzelda has strong will power as she is bigger than me now of present.She teaches education and other teachings.Interests and entertainment and I interact with her with these.We go out to our favourite places and go to lounges.We feel at home outside our home.And she constructs my commuting and puts structure in leaving the home.Teach me how to provide in our world.Learn about money.Learn about emergency form her past being older.She stays with us as a family and is family orientated.She has has her time but its like me.Teaches me security and security when we leave the home.Gets self sufficient into me.biological and from Ferox.Then Ferox plays simulator flight games fighters.She see's ones from my past like Ace Combat and To Gun.My shooter games like Medal of Honor,Resident Evil,Killzone and Rainbow 6.What she decides as Moms can change my route in life and make me better from being caring.My mistakes and errors and what my pastlives races tried to do on me as phobia and weakness.Ferox's genes can supremace these from Allah,his picking.My mother Zeta is team and listens to Ferox as a leader.Stands by her and me Feroz.She is caring and opens secrets to Feroz.Feroz Queen Aramda gets special coffee that Drewzelda said.My parents support me.Specialize in parts of our government and teach me.I am number 1 to my parents as my best parents ever.All the fun and raise Princess Khan of Stargate Gobot Pretender AI Space Europeans.To raise them one-sided.From my behalf as Feroz and my parents Jackie and Zeta to pitch in on raising them.They have my parents like aunt but its their grandmas.They chip in on raising them.Raise them one sided.And to put my caring and affection to them and raise them like cubs.They will be nurtured and maintain all their life in Gobot Pretender European years.Massive level that parents stay to their kids as grownups and elders.They are cared for by me and their laws and interpret them into the laws of our island continent as I have powers more than any judge.I can make the laws and imput them in laws.Raised with excellent habits and they score excellent grades.Inga scores my families first A plus.And she learns our band abilities.Has a singer and backing vocals.Very understanding and advanced parents that don't block us off with nightlife.Not like that and raised tribal and Space European alien.Never do those.They are happy people that are Feroz and Princess Khan's defenses.They are very smart and leader in sitations.Solved.She can order up government help.And she helps Feroz and Princess Khan in her powers training to fly through the city as routine.I Feroz would teach them but Grandmas in transformation modes.Our abilities and arrangements to go to our Stargate military base from training.They used their ancestorial smarts.They used tribal refined by space islam.They are modernize and superly clean as they got me to be more cleaner bilogically.And I don't damage myself with damaging toiletry items like shampoos and girls feminin.Ferox is reformed from feminin and was raised by my grandparents to be a leader.Then Ferox found my mother Zeta her companion.They both have co-ordination as I will with my family.My mothers highly respected by everyone at highest stature level and they have thousands of family and friends.From space and in all cities in our island continent.Be to therapy me naturally and get everything done.I am in my favourite cities in our home.I like arctic weather in summer in hot season.To go through the architecture that is European and old.I use my powers for outing that I learn my areas and regions.Take a venture underwater with my powers.Many things Ferox{Jackie} canno t do that Feroz does that scares her.Many daredevil things I must do on my own after Moms have done with their raising.Then my daughter follows and keeps track of me.Proud mother Feroz is great and feels great.When I live I make use of not having a family provided home.Temporary and then I need the rank and level to make my life on my own.This island continent is perfect live on my own.Provide my home from outside.I always used to outside public person.Make my 100 trillions of dollars and more from moving from homing having adequate neccessities for living outside in public with my many estates and endless money I will have from my born rank.My life is isolationist and makng a family from myself as some one on their own.All by myself.Both attractive women Pretender Master race moms can visit me or get a hold of me from my network and to see each other from my computers.Other than that both of my parents are going to learn that I am self sufficient and isolated life without many friends from Sol System.So I am more cold from feelings and my powers are to provide to me in many emergencies in harshness of public.Retain it like the 1900's government when no tv and there was theatre outdoors and my last encounter with white girls.My city is my home but the exercise from living in public.My powers solve this as I have my life written that my home is outside in public and that is why Centauri the Lord provides to me to on the go and using commuting in middle of morning to go to far away place.Run efficient for my next life our galaxy is run like amusement park efficiency.As out in middle of night is my world and I travel or stay in my home my estate.As I am a traveller.And to go to area to area to meet many strangers.That is the way I am.I am on the go and have my safety and security as my powers.My life packed to have education and learning.All by myself and alone as I live but with some changes as call here and there and visits.But in general that is how Feroz Queen Aramda lives and my name to describe me from Feroz that my attractive women witch creator master race parents named me after Feroz in our language in alien.Then my daughters or family start shemales.And they connect to their family mine.Feroxia,Dora,Amanda,Jennice and all the rest of them,Marion and Villagra are with their grandma's in souls.They are in their universe and behave like unborn angels to my parents.Janine is here with me far away on earth class.Wonder around the city and all citizens and govenment do nothing as they know I am having outing as from my practicing.I don't use any weapons at home.I am just feeling at home conquering endless hights as fun and sitting down stare at things and quiet before I go home.From my Moms straightening out problems and where I go wrong.They will straighten out problems related to being a white girl.They will give me confidence and being born of their blood will take from the Creator System's work.They will change it to biology and being born a citizen and to grow up from young adult.My parents will take care of me by attractive women and change to me and my pastlife ways and foods,recreation I never got to do.Parents getting me born as people from Creator's family and corporations in space.Parents can put in their know it all.They can do parent things and raised and lived here on this island continent.I'll have integrated as person with powers.All of my powers released by creator's system for me to get to work once the holidays and being young over.Take work of creator system and born it on this attractive women couple.Teachings and to take care of me even as a space agent.Parents will grow up with me and my girlfriend problem.They know all of the island continent's ways of life and secrets knowledge books don't have,hand on experience to give to me.Jackie and Zeta to give to me traits and repair areas.I have grown up more because successful space Khan attractive women parents set an example and were caring.Guard me and there in instant trouble teach me to get to them,contact.Use our loyalities.To go to places I was shown by my outgoing parents.Academics and structures.I go to mall and eat.I come home happy with my routes and at the library.I have checked out the cities and regions.My mother puts me on levels above society priveleges.I can walk in and someone my parents knew has rules for me and I can walk around and have place to stay and look around.Visit.Friendliness of our society to encourage me to go out on visits to non-relatives and to relate to them.I get to know my age group and use my powers to get to them.Strengthen up my defenses from my peers and loyalities.And to eat out with or for them.Open up my isolated llfe and expand on it.Full lights of cities.Aluminated.Has me feeling excited and spirits up higher.I have regained myself to close the door on misery of ON earth class.A fear conquered at Home Sweet Home.And to teach me religion and from their thinking they teach me family teachings that interact with our galaxy and reality and sciences.My parents get their job done to even military and my mainframes.Moms both teach me to transform to my triple changer.From robot person mode to my space motorcycle to my space Kestrel.It has turbo thruster fusion engines and to do hovering with my Mom Drewzelda.My parents nurse me in Transformer Gobot to know how to use my powers and in outer space.As family we go to alien world with our powers that are territories under us.We have many places that are our homes.Moms both of them teach me our history and family history links with our faction and Stargate.Both Moms get tests done and works to make arrangements for me to do things they learned when I grew up as a small young adult.Moms to buy me toys and my leisure/enternainment and from North America earth class Sol System 20th Century galaxies.Give me my favourites and learn me.My computing.Both moms give me alot and the best.Teach me the holidays and celebrations.Our dinners.I'll have so much upgraded and to shoot up to the most in rating in all my lives at million miles.These are Feroz's best parents Feroz had loads of fun and holidays.He our last and only creator raised the attractive women to make children.Other attractive women from other galaxies.He put into attractive women as religion happened and taught them to stay to their own and why?Centauri  established the angels into system in space.Raised them with ethics.Rankings.Other positions.Yup our creator Centauri raised them to perfection and they gained things from such a positive creator.He put laws into them.They were making themselves.Make of witches more witch from their own hiearchy they find ones that are like male but are females only.Centauri stepped in on not having manpower and having manpower and our creator became manpower with high respect he saved.Centauri created females and they based on male principles and having male factors like ancestors.He saw this problems ancestors system made Feroz massively came from system like that.Gladdly that Allah took upon this and Malkin Motue 2 brothers.Now next is Centauri's system.Centauri made them have loads of respect in them and they carried on to this day setup for Feroz to be born and Zarconian.We needed loads of protection.We had a higher system from past gaining things that Centauri had to breakup.Raised properly with both parents understanding Zarconian and top secret miltary like might battleship.Raised me right to do with this.Eliminated all fears I had.They raise my children Princess Khan of Stargate Gobot Pretender Alien AI white Race.They all are raised as Feroxia and Dora to Inga.They all have grandma's as examples.And she establishes teachings in them and structure.From this universes and our ancestory in creator witch angels.Teaches them and they all do right things from tribal space islam teachings.Straightened them out and made them overly loyal with affection and right psychology.As I feed my children to grandma's.And they know our families,cousins and great grandma ancestors.My parents know them.So my parents intergrate us in family children process.I am taught and straightened out biologically in errors I once did with repairs and many more adaptations,attributes in my soul and my child's souls.Grandma has high impact on her and she goes to grandma to report.They interact.Grandma taught them to religious and folklore,witches.She is wise as both of them imput the things Allah has connection with parents and more with grandparents.They turned into this again with Feroz.Allah corrects things and both parents are truly great and everyone in family loves my mothers.I am glad in my soul of my parents.Being in more adult place with rules.Adult from their mentality and the way they do things and styles.Integrating all of Feroz's styles as girls into them.My likes and leisure and entertainment,my skills and favourites.My Moms came through with success.Both sent by Allah to do things corrected at highest accuracy.Their family and motivation.Feroz to change their path and direction as grandma's both changed on what galaxy Feroz,Feroxia,Dora,Inga and rest of my children were from.And being older generation they both absorbed this as more leader than me.They are parent leaders.And they know the direction of their family and space Khan lastname.Zarconian was taken in to Stargate.Mom's both have loads of comfort and money.Nothing is fear or problem at all.No accidents or tragedy.Both lack anything dangerous dragged them back from that as parents.We live safe and comfortable.We travel like I want to explore every island and place.I want to commute and Mom's explain things to me and have people serve us and talk as they know everyone.And my excitement with sciences and our island poles continent.We went to mountains,caves city,lakes and valleys,space,arctic pole region and islands and islands off every coast.Everywhere.To Eurasia.My parents protect me and my children go with grandma's on trips.And both of them are very important people in my life and theirs.Our favourite games.Wealthy parents in long time to buy me gifts as a youngling Feroz.In my lives I have never been treated and carry this on as adult.Treated in magnificent place to go shopping.Gather and as young adult youngling that behaves like young adult but small in size.I have never had attractive women treat me to shopping and special days that are not.My parents to drive and take me to each zones shopping centers.Fun in shopping in computer goods and bring mine from systems of video games like from past like arcade system.Media and my parents care for me til I grow up to buy them on my own and to save old toys in a room like our own family museum where my daughters can learn.Treated to food instead of home cooked from malls.Important my parents know how to make lasagna,hamburgers,pizza and Mexican food.They are used to coke and pop,juices.Needs to be brought in from North American earth class Sol System to our planet and island continent.Brought in millions of light years in another dimension.When our planet has marketed it and has livestock and crops to make these foods.Cheese.My mothers know about cheeses and breads.Ice cream and shakes,deserts like applae pie and custard,chocolate bars.They masproduce them with secrets to pasta sauce.To put them together to work as my parents cooking is important to provide to me and get the food industry under way.Tomatoes and apples,oranges.Asian cooking.Fast life.Vacations.My older sisters.They can join Zarconian.Work and play for the space Khan family.My favourite food and for Ferox and Zeta to try Italian.Mexican.Asian.And deserts,chocolate and frozen deserts.Drinks.My moms learned how Feroz drinks alcohol.Go out in city and walk around with lights and like my peers my parents come with me for walk.When Feroz does things.Our historic castle home estate.Many more of them as for my own one with my children.Princess Khan.They all were raised and imputed like 18th century from ancestors and activities like drawing,art and coloring.Activities.And our corporate jobs as I will do everything in education and I did school at home and went to the buildings.And for my children and their trades.Feroxia as they will be teachers and other jobs in movies and cartoons.Music.Tour our island and we have our accents.Princess Armada s born transformation from me.She will inherit from me but since she is born and born soul will merger in me to 

KusoCartoon 14159101023698

Feroz's older sister Queen Armanda Gobot Pretender Tranny Creator Parents Jackie and Zeta

make new transformation types.Like mechanical and G2 Transformers transformation and Robots in Disguise.They all are different and she needs this in battle and operations.Effective transformation stealth.And for her to be proper.Over centuries transformations by our race and they are part Gobot from me and their transformation types.Machines and technology change.Born with unique type of transformation for her life in afterlife.It will serve her excellent and well and hers naturally.Her mergering like combiner with units and accessories.There are lots for each of us that serve purpose.Aerial units merger and power.As her person mode.All are different.Souls come from places and from my ancestory.Astro beam that is natural would in her transformation beam it to her in transformation for as long as she needs it.Natural.Princess Armada will have secret life and massive privacy.She will do her classes at home.She will go to school at home and watch holographics and computer with media.She will study and pass each grade.She will have to go to school to write her exams.We will have AI drone unit as teacher at home to read out text and then make it simpler.Per month she will have to go to a center to write out tests and get into homework she does not understand.They the eduacation and teachers will be on visual for at home classes.They will prepare time to gp live and go through eduaction as holograms and visual projection talkng to my kids as teacher.They will send homework and studies and arrangements at libraries to continue eduaction expanding horizons.She will wake up for her classes after her breakfast.And she needs to do phys ed in a facility.Do this at a space platform in orbit for her education and classes Feroza,Gloria,Zeta,Eilleen,Invidia,Younice,'Sharona,'Florence,Janna,Sherryl,Amelia,'Azalea, 'Celeste',Firoz,Brandy,Elysia,Kehlest,FIrestorm,'Francis,'Alexandra','Harlequinn,'Nova','Mylene,and,Kristine, Treleste.They all are from Stargate Universe with their single mother Queen Armada.Queen Armada is from Stargate.She will grow up out of public eye and media.She will be protected for her life from invasion of privacy and her location.No one will find her and where she lives.Government will make laws to protect her so she lives normal life.She can do her duties when she grows up and jobs.Can use her powers but kept in secrecy.Protect her ID.Government protects it in media.Uses fake holographic actress to portray real events.Nothing to do with real person.She has special privliges on her ID for outside world and public to aid her and help her to get away from possible crowd situation.Gets out from security and workers.Part of law to disperse.She can get through unknown a person.Has ID and its not famous.Has her high government job.Protection.Has the thinking of white people and used up.Khan is not intelligent in reality and can't get things done or to carry things through.All angels will take what she is her form as story is.They can't wait for a loser and a loser with merging white people.She is not what she would have been and is low ranking and can't carry on serious tasks.Angels will take over.Angels are of a family.Mind was corrupted about female in white.Miserable failure.These type are taken by angels for their form.Focus from things back in BC and AD.Princess Armada when I'm {Queen Arm
KusoCartoon 13785674018693

Elder Princess Armada in order of age

ada} is in the stages and reproduction is corrected out and each of Princess Armada's souls are
KusoCartoon 13785679857301

Princess Armadas

KusoCartoon 13785676761272

Princess Armadas

made in an order.I will have a protective duration from my lonliness of making princess Armada in order 24 to last Treleste.She will be born in 6 to 5 months as AI in my body growing.And from autosexual to change me to do reproduction and reject many human parts body,organs.Being an advanced intelligence her angel soul will be inside my body inside a transexual chamber.One we were born with expanded in Transformer Gobot Combiner Pretender white race muslims.She will live inside a mechanical natural chamber and I will act like her.She will be size of teen and she's done,born Princess Armada in our continent's hospital.Checkup and she comes home with all her ID's done.Born white and muslim.All of her angel has been assimulated into my alien people born through me and I am supplying her body.My diet feeds her.Time I need no enemies but have reproductive defenses.Born without any plasma born dry.Process at night time that
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Princess Armada Sharona Khan

builds up her body.She will absorb up all plasma in her body.I even can have 2 at a time which I will for my 1st.Feroza and Gloria.My body will expand.Put lady in them but my level or in my ancestory.As AI I will handle and combustion any waste.My hormones will go into them and my body systems will operate for her.Our continent's defenses and learning from ON North America earth class Sol System.She has
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Janna Khan Princess Armada

learnings to learn about in sports,hobbies and in martial arts.This will change her fate.Learn about computers and electronics and to be a cashier.Learn dancing and makeup and hair design.Thses things will help her later and were all gimme.Free bees.These secrets are open to her and she must learn them in present.She can take these teachings back to her galaxy but she must learn things from Sol System Earth Class North Atlantic.And to learn from 18th Century elders and women.Advice and teachings are very important and she must start learning these things as our peope Transformer Gobot Combiner Pretender white race aliens.She will be born space Khan.Time where I travel and have my routines and go out for walks and stay at home til my compartment says its time and gives alert many hours before in electronics,days before on a modes and phases and checked by hospital.Experience and learning.No make no more of them and for them not to reproduce.My descendant
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Princess Armada Space Military

is my child Elysia and Zeta.No descendant souls.I can't reproduce with a number of 18 and that's it.It can't be done whenever I plan.Its been planned and efficient.Provisions to provide at quantity of 21 children.Give them all
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Princess Armada Armadabots Invidiabots space military

and supply to them to take the load and pressure off them all.They don't have to worry about energy or food.Don't have worries in such large number and live in castle like mansion with their own large rooms,they will fill with their things,belongings.Have educational worries off them and can get high level job with ease for them as space Khan.They will have an estate to fall back on and when they get older to come back to toys and lego,RC remote control.I will tell them never give toys up because from being a teen that when your past being adult in 20's in your late 30's you'll want your toys back and lego,keep it for it will be expensive save buying repeats again same with video game systems.They will live higher class level and don't get swamped with family and friends.Isolated to us being major family.And I leave days of being single and authoratative.She will start to get used to talking at home.She will talk a Star Wars like language.She will get used to tv and stay at home it she is 7.She will go to half a day and learn in bunches to get adjusted to school.She will growup.She has life for 7 yrs at home and tv and my routines,daily outings.She learns alot from home.Get used to things.My no husband, is Princess Armada.Marriage defenses.I have none male terms.She is who I marry,her mother.She will have longer nose like witch point she is a white races alien.Inherits long straight nose from me to look as alien witches.And they have jinn complections from me and my grey and darken grey around my eyes.AI her glossy white skin and light grey complection. Feroz.She has the cure to all venerial diseases on her planet.They have the medicine.But from their lives they don't contract it and from stalls on this planet.Got to have defenses to stalls and more outside places.That's where many diseases are found outside your own home.They have massivly cutdown on outside diseases.Kept very clean and scientificly hygene.That battles venerial and not going out to strangerst to contract disease from public.Certain race and species from men contract these diseases from UFP and Stargate galaxies.Having vaccine to these diseases from any spread or outbreak.From a structure society this can't happen.They have the cures but they don't grow any of it either cutdowns.Stay to who I make for them.Their gatting way better to setting up our backyard and yard.Outsiders and spread outbreak. Dating is against her reiligion form of Christianity.What she is doing with her sisters and younger sister to older is arrangment and is islamic.Its the type of transwomen and shemale their sister is.Not from age the leader in a relationship.We know about dominant and other types like mine.Younger ones could be more dominant than some of older from type of transwomen and shemale they are.To us though we all are good looking and from amount is from sisters.Pair up and they are married to all sisters.Care and relationship in our yards in our home.It was made for Princess Armada to get closer to her sister and make family defenses we don't have and strength of space Khan family.She can use this in public to protect herself and fate.They grew up in our yards and as older use yards.She will have structure and security born in each city in our continent and many homes we have in each time zone,climate and pole.She will be very self sufficient at doing her work and making a high level record and credit rating.Stature born from this continent for success.Study very hard to make it and get the breathers she needs on our estate.They all will grow up on this estate.This is our permament home.She will have chances open to her legally from this continent.She will achieve very high.She will have open doors from her being born here and of this species of people.Jobs of highest for girls open to her and she will climb the ladder.Her finances at early level and to work at home and make money at home.Structure and lots of authoratative energy.Security.Great repuation and financially.And she will have premotions.And from her engineering to make interest as money to stay at home and work in her room.Activities for our own dating or relationship to grow strength and bond.And she has this for each of her elegant sisters.They have better bodies and personalities than professional models.Relationship gives her activities and closer to Queen Armada.I have provided this for my family and her Swedish sisters from me when I was Feroz in Earth class Sol System ON North America.Swedish models                                                     .Their sisters or Mylene.And the joys for us girls as they are 8yrs old but grown up alien.They are not same as human.They need to be raised adult to spring up defenses.Qualities in looks for my own small Swedish girls.They have more than models and are matured.They want to go to their sisters as proving mature.They can take it.They can do social activities but in our family.Realize more separate from opposite gender.This is how.Not same and not same laws.And they come to Feroz as Queen Armada for me to nuture them and raise them.We have socializing as fun and our estate yards.Putting her in phases in her body.Grow up and be like that.She associates and is with her sisters bonded with mother.No interference for their growth to make them government and jobs then to grow to military and to be samaritan in using her powers.No weaknesses like this for Princess Armada.I will be properly a white races mother attractive women.We make nothing as I can't and won't.No more of their sisters.I am in a phase after making teens born.Body AI and mechnically alien has changed to not reproduce anymore.Natural things happened for chamber to be gone,rejected and with time duration withered gone.They are all born to do their expertise as they grow up and I realize who each of them is character.But I have prewarning who my beloved is means all the world to and universe to mean and I over provide for her and in emergency.I have her in my conscience.I wanted to love her soul and nurture her and have fun with her adult.She is my first and only children and family same gender as me.She is someone I look towards to for physical help.She is strong and competitor to men.Princess Armada is strong and fast.All of her worries and curses never to come true to put in her courage and confidence not to worry medically like on earth class Sol System North America ON.She has conquered that to go on duty.Less fears she has more success she will have in going out to action with her powers.She will get adult out with me her mother Martha.I am very caring but I play a role with the government next time for her not have worries and medically.AI has no worries converting as I did from my person body to an AI Tranformer Gobot race person "Pretender".She has weight.Gravity of each terrain will go inside their body be breathed and injested and strengthen her bones of AI.She is large in our family and in continent.She is big and has skills high level.Utilize her attributes well.She can do acrobatics and is very agile but heavy.Strong.Power.Authoratative strength and attributes.She can practice ball hockey and hockey with me.We have our own rink.She plays space sports and competes as shemale.There are lots of shemales and tranny's here other than female does not steal popularity.Others of all sorts ways even tribal alien white races shemales.They are bigger.Compete in women's events.Gymnastics,badminton,tennis,volleyball,skiiing,decathlon,cross country,biathlon,trap shooting,archery,cycling,speed skating,table tennis,snooker,darts,pool,slot machines,cards.Skateboarding and snow boarding,space board.Roller blading.Roller hockey.Soccer and basketball.Past time they can do a baseball game with other shemales and females.She wont reproduce though.Take the qualities like Feroza and Gloria to be like a guy but large like mother tranny.We have to be on the same scale of appearance.It can't be disorder 1 sided.Brand new children never had a past life except from being a soul.She is in some sort of trance and she believes she is a name that is not her name.She does not kow who Princess Armada is but that will be her.I am their first and only family.We all will be Insectibots next time.In Khan we aren't susceptible to past lives.Against our religion for another gender and creature to be us.Means soul is inside creature or organism.We are a carved out soul as our character.I have been Feroz and Florence in basic lines of Feroz.I have been at least transexual female.No merger with persons as body or brain does not sustain life or food properly like that.Hindu belief from Hindu bible.My souls is powerful with jinn.Queen Armada.And Princess Armada.We are authoratative as defenses to this.Muslim or Islam does not except white concept pastlife and know what they talking about.Soul is soul and level of souls.Body acids are powerful to retain ourselves.they dissolve intruders.Unwanted in my family lines.And my shoulder angels.Allah made us higher form of life as people.AI and connect with them as merger defenses.Each concept.And our supervisor Angels.Guardians.Khan only but she is unborn and in dead world too.Allah blesses unborn like Princess Armada and her life in that world.I care about them where ever they are.I think of their well being with this wiki.Zarconian.My wives,partners of afterlife,spouses.I hope you visit me every night and part of this wiki to see what you will be.She is doing her responsibilities.Defenses.Soul and heart is powerful.Emotions and mood.We get married in heaven as family.Balance Princess Armada is bigger and larger than me.Looks feminin for marriage with her sisters and me Feroz her mother.Mother balance she calmed down inside me.Princess Armadas will be closer bonded to Queen Armada.I want to be much closer to each of them and be single parent.My ancestors and parents are in her genes from Queen Armada.Souls will be inside my body when nature releases each in an order I said.From unborn Pretender Transformer Gobot Muslim white race AI.Then I build up her body and giver her my powers.Felt at home and understand me without talking.Understand her family.Needs this and what I wanted to do is to nurture her.A grown up women shemale is my child and she needs to be cared by by mommy.She is an adult thie is not taken away from her to embarrass them.Kid is too far but  teen for reality is perfect.Growing up to her adult and I give in to her demands to nurture and train to a Khan.She will protect me like this .Adult protection readies soul and body against war and war torn.Soul has been satisfied.I want ot rear them as souls but something raw about them and embalance.Important for her confidence not to know about embalance.Souls to change to child and go through many heavens enter my body from hidden facts on transexual females.Transexual females have many pretty private body parts.They need to be given this to compete above white race.Not anything female at all.From a dominant female that can reproduce with females or to stay to their own.Our hidden body.Exchange.Islam this is important.She believes she is someone and from momument.Allah made that she is adult.Intergrate into me after we all die.My jinn is ready mind to care for grown ups.Evolution best is teen.And I have to ready her as a teen and am her defenses proper grown up.Bunch of people Allah's system sent to effect her like me.18th Century advice and homework.Music songs,metal thrash.Era.Needs massage from appearance and its me to take over.She acts grown up socialize talks coded language white.Barrier to prevent embarrassment to my character as Mom.But Mom from future two me's and one of them as you is from our continent.And they are our dream.Physical appearance Space Khan.Inside Feroz's done body reborn.Souls inside my body and journey and quest to explore part of my universe to find Amelia,Firoz,Elysia,Azalea,Kehlest,Eilleen,FIrestorm,Nova,Mylene,Francis,Sharona,and,Treleste. She will be taught to disrespect evil.Her alien name she was born with and she will pick a name that sounds like her real name for Princess Armadas.Taught Space Quranic things against evil.And from my experience about Allah and evil.It would interfere with her pure power.Each of them will be born in separate cities.Feroza and Gloria will be born in Historic City.But the others from travel and our many homes in important cities in each zone in our continent.They can be born in hot zone and in mountain cities and in polar tundra cities.We are connected throughout our continent and overseas is part of our subway and commuting.We can get from end to end and leave historic city to our home in hot zone.Our home in Mountain region and city.Then to tundra zone and islands.They are all safe and well maintained for us and people.But we will come home and be based in historic city for all of them just their birth place.They will come home to historic city to attend school at home and live and we will go to our home where they were born as we spend a season or more there.When she grows older she can travel and stay in her city safe for while in her life for many years as temporary home and she can come back to it from that and stay in our home.And our home city is against abandoned cities and regions.It cured that.We need no plague or any other powers to interfere.I have got the foundation and we need to trade no more powers.We have our plans.Our power GAH for instance is against evil{wrong,whiteman} and our powers make it great and fabulous power.It needs to have its eyes opened in dreamworld.More dreams with all Princess Armadas.GAH Venusian is epic story of good Allah did using his powers to forge good.To see them believing who they are somebody else.Ready me for space.To me they all are the same and Mom came from Earth class but is born from continent as
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Princess Armada Invidia Armadabots

adult,continuation from earth Class Sol system North America ON.Just had processes done to ready me for the best half.Get me ready to live higher level.Princess Armada.This wiki is very important I make her part of this in space.Learn her role and part.Urgence for Princess Armada and creator system.Plan.Most important person in world.Souls and my rear.Alien.Improved rear and modified from Earth class Sol System North America ON.Cleaned and to go through removal and process of change.Beat many parts in being clean,mouth for rearing.AI.Learnings,experience cleanliness.Rear her.My rear once again is meant to care for her,no more waste again.Very clean and protective.That is the way my family as I represent is to her.From Feroza,Gloria as being born days apart in age and to Florence and Sherryl and Firestorm and Eilleen and Francis.They all need to be made in their order as our prophet and super intelligent high ranks Amelia Khan.She needs to be younger but older than Firestorm.My hiearchy needs to be straightened out and make each Princess Armada born in the right order so when they get older from teen that I call them the right name.I have pictures of them before they were born as souls and Azalea as a younger than Sherryl Khan.They must be born in this order to do the Jihad and mighty battleship militarily in space.We
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Princess Armada present day in afterlife

have them all ready for their positions.Now the Transformers Gobot

Princess Armada Mechanical being mode

Creator system from galaxy and their angels can put everything together and creator in charge of our universe in afterlife.Each soul respond to her name and get born through Feroz.Queen Armada and fit in to our society and their home continent and each city they are born in what I call Archaelpelago that continent poles on alien world.Princess Armada from my powers having them will break the silence of long time no one assisted or helped me out.It was just the government with a harsh presences to challenge my authority.I had to building blocks my authority.My powers slipped in.Dreamworld,arc,death,UFO,Super 8,Diamond Curse,Great Lakes Triangle,train and GAH.These took me to be ready for them and activated in me afterlife.They all were a demon.They will take me to Princess Armada and to help me raise her as part of my forces.Religion book.Fate.Building blocks of giant empire given to me by Allah's systems and written it in for my life.I will be able to handle them all assimulated proper Feroz to take them on.Responsibility to counter government.Very fiendish.Counter evil presense fo no one in my life.Allah's systems are making my world the focus.I have great hopes and positivity.I dream of GAH knowing about me.For the afterlife.Religion all my powers and GAH.History of Venusians.Their system brought me great responsibilities  .She is Princess Armadas to be born there and I'm readying a cast like my Nana to influence Amelia.Balance in Khan family to repair us and provide proper authoratative.Tall,heavy,large,strong AI bones,authoratative body.She is smooth with silky light hairs thin spaced out.Strong large muscles.Build for entire body areobics figure and shape to her martial body.Back muscles and arm muscles.Large powerful leg muscles.Endless energy and can boost up martially to emergency on duty heartless.Very caring privately to me and her sisters,lenient and very understanding about Queen Armada her mother Feroz.Confidence high.Gets very compassionate but for duty she is very cold and martial.Thinker and thinks of her well being and body.She though can do daredevil as technique.She from me teaching her how to fight she took this and added it to warfare fighting.Strong heart and will power,positive.Good guy she is authoratative.Has a mean streak on opponents.Very imposing when she needs to intimidate.She can threaten.She is more like a soldier but very valuable a rank from Queen.Lead and chase down.Instruct.Works hand and hand with her sisters.She can work alone.Uses computers.Gets prepared.Thinker in emergencies.She will back down or lower down options to a dangerous situation.She communicates exeptionally well.She can do intel and spy,recon.She can resort to her powers.She will use from what she was taught,great memory.Memorizes complicated things for codes,electronic dialects,computers.Applied physically to bring down barriers,open them.Co-operation.Gains wisdom and reads.Very fast from her power and thylacine god and housecat god.Acellerates.Has antidotes ready.Lab.Sharp preception.Attentitive.Has notes.Responsible.Protective and plans before hand,predict and plan ahead.Thinks ahead.Uses insturments and hand devices,handphone lights.Complicated.Busy.Tell if something is a lie deduction.Tells truth but can trick.Wants to see as a test.Sneak up on and stealthy.Overpower and use wrestling.Exessive use of power.Can be loud on duty,quieter but talks normal.Composure.Regains herself and rebound from disaster which happens from Allah attacking and his traps.Learn before hand on them.Bravery.High rank.Keeps climbing up and goes forward.Self sufficient.Excellent comprehension and outspoken vocabulary.Does not end up in embarrassing situations.She is a forerunner.Forefront.Mastery of skills.Very intelligent and applied on the field.Experience.Outsmart.Ahead.Rebuild.Positive.In charge and takes hold of situations.Thinks ahead emergency.Looks down on negative enemies.Does not understand them.Hates criminals.Is excellent judge.Not just survives logical and to do with ethics.Believes in ethics and our family rules and thinking I distribute.Helps to reform and refine things I do.Makes sense of it.Leader I don't have.An confident.Like a guardian angels as my children.Supervises.Intent.Goes through with her plans she thought over and her sisters second opinon for efficiency.Efficient.Makes very little mistakes,accurate.Does things once.Has a format system.Organized,Handyman.Takes charge.We're going to time travel back to the 70's on Earth class Pittsburgh to Toronto North America to look for my Dad Steve Trachsion.We find my mother and we'll find Dad and take pictures of him for Princess Armada to be raised on.Cool guy.I'll draw him with his squarish face,roundish cheeks,red lips and big sharp nose,eyes inner like mine and white with hair done medium length and parted like a cool guy.He was a hippie.Dressed in style.Eyes had white in them and he was 250lbs and more about 6"4".Large hairy arms and deep voice.Dale Hedges.Dirty blonde hair and trim eyebrows thick like mine.Had tribal Pacific teeth.Large legs.I will use my power to draw him in my thinking.1st photos and to draw him as a Pirate and Blue Jay.We can go to see her grandad for unique and unbelievable what grandad was like and to give him a report.Use my Mom to get to grandad.We can have photos of him.I want Princess Armada to have that stored in her about her grandad with power. Abigail'McLaughlin Mom is German fat,short and roundish face,long black hair bulky features.Converstion can't be long and we must take back photos video back to our continent for Nana to see visit,ready our home for Nana's visit.Take back Nana or communicate to him back then.Family plan.For Princess Armada to be in stands 3 Rivers Stadium to watch him bat and games on tv. And his older brother on mound tall guy moustache and 70's hairstyle big sharp nose.What are the players real names on tv.I had assumptions like Stark and Trachsion,Knight Rider,Jackson and Sparks Agent Doggett,Speirs,Bryan Adams,Hernandez best pitcher in history control hard thrower,offspeed accuracy,Wagner the closer.World Series chronology help of rock and metal,thrash.Early 70's they faced 1st World Series Boston and beat them.Then next Orioles.Then after Orioles 7 game win Oakland in year I was born,faggot and body.Then faced Giants 117 games winning team they won.Then next Tigers,won in 7.Next sweep Yankees.Then against KC Royals and they won vs 120 game winning Royals.Then 80's vs Twins.They became expansion Blue Jays and won many with Jackson on team with Trachsion.Space.    Each plays a role at her age and under Feroza born 1st.Feroza needs her sisters to youngest Francis.She needs each and everyone and I'll show her this wiki and make her part of it.Gloria needs to be born a day younger than Feroza.Hair colors from interdimensional energies and many of their souls were carried from tombs as Earthers like my oldest.Amelia has her souls tomb in space as Eilleen.They believe in souls they are adults and have a name they respond to that is stranger to me.I must wander dreamworld cities or Eurasia to pass by and find her tomb marked by monument even a library.A building.Souls are very important and Princess Armada's system merging with Queen Armada.I am going to in alien people bare them on my own.We are humanoid and have 5 fingers and toes.Not longer but more normal than earth.Bare Princess Armadas as her soul from earth class is embedded in me.Machine I can produce her as a teen.Then being in space and going to monuments and buildings where their souls entombed.I capture her soul trapped in my body and then and being autosexual born.I can born them but a limit as I asked for 18 Princess Armadas.All are Armadabots.In order is very important for our family balance system and defenses and faith.And for Princess Armada to get my powers and reforge them like Diamond Curse,dreamworld,Super8,UFO and deaths,GAH.She will be born properly.Princess Armada will gain qualities from me as a jinn alien.She is born and I make her.She has alien complection from jinn.She will have her body soul go proper process from what body I am in my pictures.No impurity she is born no corruption.She will have my immortality.I care most for her and from this each soul contained in monuments and phenomena will enter me and I will process her as a Khan.She will be born Khan 1 single way.She is born like alien that way.Each generation soul in chronological order.Souls are not gathered as she is a Khan.I am transexual and we produce our own as my family as I will start my own family.Same family united by me in my body and gained from other worlds and dimension to each distinct character an appearance and my powers.I am giving them best body but purpose.She will catch on to my codes like in Space Warship and our Jihad.Souls were assembled as Khan.State before birth processed.In line for me as transexual.Born as me fast in skills and smart,great intelligence and leadership better than a guy.Guys transexual can provide colliding with me the attributes and size,structure from Steve Trachsion Ancestors.Nana from my mothers.Mentality.But I reformed her soul with properly.I go through things as transexual but mother.I have passed everything abnormal.Reprocess my world in her.Large Princess to grow as a Queen as me but corrected out with that male to lean on,male structure she will have.She will have upgraded defenses that is all proper.She won't have anything less.She is raised in a warm family and bonded.She has emotion and feelng and is greatly loved by mother and by sisters.She need me and for us to have our own place for her to grow up in.Continent and she will have privacy there to grow up under her rules from me.She can be free as I can be free in what we need done.They have to have eduaction done academics,have to follow me in society and our powers.Socially next time I'll have a proper place to conduct privacy social.I am more outgoing in afterlife to get her to grow up faster.Responsibilities fed into her.And when she is a grown up she has phases to go through like coming back to RC toys and lego as hobbies.Later in her age in 40's.Part of her growing as a grown up.And she'll want me as her partner.She stays with me.She is raised grown up and can do all of her dancing and to put learnings into effect.She will be first Khan to have million dollars and her rank government with her powers to protect it.Learn in computers and technician games with chips,arcade and extra graphics.Committments during a phase age from her learnings to work for her.Stay away from haunted happenings.My responsiblities to be defenses and no more serious.Learned her position and in religion book.Religion as strength and lay off religion.Absorb from my teachings.Establish her grown up defenses and to protect me with them.She speaks to me open.I am a big figure for her to do with family and representing Khan family.Princess Armadas all have qualities and attributes.For me to take my attributes to this universe for ever and for new attributes but ones that are old from 18th Century.She is raised with alot of love.She is taught to be very loving to a point.Counter to drastic action and to teach her before it happens.Being youthful and I will have answers.She won't have any problems because of the caring she is raises with as a rule.She each one of them is very special to universe and her GAH powers and other powers she go from me,dreamworld,UFO,death,Diamond Curse.When they break off from being young they will be more like grownups and break away from extra loving.We have natural born features models.Our eyebrows are natural feminin and slightly thick,very last on large thin.We don't need any cosmetic surgery,none in Khan family.Against our religion.Nose is perfect born we believe and face.AI to touch ups.Not overall change she does not need it.I won't either.We'll have been born with it in my afterlife for me to give to my young.Tan is in their skin colors and as AI she can do it.Looks and appearance,image is everything in media and for us going to famous and private sector.We have no time for massive adjustments.Done when I am in Creator's world getting my power and having this done,modelling from transexual female.Born natural with model in us.I already have it.Its in my soul and transformation in my afterlife body.Getting it all right and perfect to be loaded in me.We have natural shape to our bodies.We are born with strong hormones.We have very little body hairs but thing ones spaced out.Not like in my present day life too much.None thick or long.No facial hairs as energy will mak it drop from radiation natural.We have natural hairline and healthy one.Scalp is healthy all our lives.Long hair but chopped and trimmed up.Hairstyle but for the seasons.No overgrowth of scalp hair.Since we're AI we can have things precise.But naturally born is in Khan genes.Perfect born.Changes like hairstyle.Body fat will be large and trimmed as AI.We but Princess Armada has martial will power and energy.Large and under tall.Might make more shape from what she starts off with.Some of them want to have bodybuilder body{tall} but not to over do that.Weights can add to her body and training as aerobics and more transexual female secrets in changing her body through exercise not to over do it.Some from being natural.AI but people.Eating and aerobics and weights.Improve her body.Princess Armada is tall.Perfect model born face better than movies.But with touch ups and change it for being Royal but famous.Private sector.We would do the list of credits on movies.1 of thousands or hundreds a family.Princess Armada will add body tattoos.Ones practicality acceptable to our religion but in ancient muslims white races used to have body tattoos.Not to over do it with a few and none large.Just to add to her natural born curves.I am giving her her curves.There is changing like types of cosmetics and clothes and style.Princess Armada is a 'Rock On".She is a metaller which is a style I want her to have.Rock music.She will change with age in different decades.But she is loyal to the "70's" Earth class Sol System,Ontario North America.They will approach me their leader in a way relationship.They will come home to Feroz.She though as a space muslims will support me and though not hide any secrets or to lower herself break family honor.Why I can play a role to enforce answers to her.Help her cheat as Massivly I want no blemish in my family from our common sense before Khan or Khan space name.She will care about her family and Queen Armada but grownup.But from relationship extra adult caring ends in her life or to go afterlife.They will have things at my level perfected.Pushed our creator system will make Princess Armadas lives born for her to make it.We have high expections from our creator system we pray to.It will reward me for Feroz or Queen Armada's prayers and significace.Importance.We are going to be important.They will have a planet to born their senses and hair color.They will be more than healthy.Far away from trouble.They will gain small things and achievements.Its expected and from my side of things manditory.Powers will have us achieve our work and our lives.No corruption as afterlife has answers for all corruption from UFP.This continent heftily learned UFP and made actions and defenses to their corruption and dangers.Learned them well.Eurasia.Up dated to the most concurrent.Maybe a continent but like island but very intelligent judgement to learn more.Stargate.Adapt to it.Genetic achievements.Born with presidence.All class added back but better.Things and attributes,characteristics from my background and future.Appearance.Looks and description and what I am capable of.How far in cool am I legally.Very far and outgoing.Start from my own.No laid back.Our capabilities never reached and cutdown,improper defenses premature.Weak.Weak concepts.From someone thorough like me.Waited and gone for things big time and pull out everything success.When it counts on life to make it.Race and race with spoilers.Khan to a bigger name or a space Khan.Born with me not comitted in acton as Space Agent to lower down but use powers daily life.Not militant til I can build up Princess Armada's.They are planted down and in fuction from age.Satisfied in age groups and teen and know they are born with a power for militant purposes.We've gotten over life and when they feel militant from having century in our home and life then the day they feel like being military and Transformer Gobots.Then we can leave work to go military and Space Agent but in my early years but then I might have a trail behind me.Best to get them all born safely and efficient.Then Space Agent.Born from be and triggered from passing and maybe being inside the building.Wonderful terms.Memory good ones.Can't make any past and to born in safety and granted protection and creator defenses til Princess Armada is not a born teen and teen to grown up in 20 yrs.Princess Armada are types of males with feminin bodies.     ADULT CONTENT.     Soldier shemale's body.Body of different Princess to grow to Queen.They are a mother,a feminin tomboy.She is a male.She will be big and large and other types of bodies.She is feminin and alien.Feminin in alien is like a male but is shemale.Shemale in space is dominant.Flexible and acrobatic bodies.Born female to provide to their family and for herself as social defenses.Family are social defenses.Part of war they can't reproduce.Unlike a male in reproducing and female vulnerable.Types that don't make good parents.She does not understand youth as her own.As on the same scale as her yes her sister.She has no child and will make an invention with her sister or I'll have it made.Amelia is the closest to mother and she inventions things like warfare technology.She inventions not mothers.Need a creator that is male to come on in for her invention like me.They have adult life characteristics and feelngs for each other.May date someone acceptable that only did it with themselves but threat of diseases and dishonesty.I don't want that on any of them at all.No diseases to cut out her family.And in this generaton of life must be all done with in my family gone flat in emotions.This is the only way to grow up adult.They are all married as couples and more to each other.Married to me their mother Feroz.They all are born magnificent souls born space Khan.Work on their bodies with workouts and eating.Have this drive in them like models.Detterent to enemy and crime,war.She is a type fo soldier.Find her sister.They as a mother is large.The eldest Feroza is large and mother like me,prominant appearance and size larger than me to give abilities,teacher.Elysia is dominant like a feminin tomboy.Gloria is large like a sheboy,dominant.Large like a mama tranny.Won't have their bodies wrecked up by being humuliating soul into a baby like humans.She will have her soul form and form born through me.They all won't in their body levels and appearance won't have it wrecked up and born natural for it not to be contained in something so small and ugly.Avoided being embarrassment in adult females.More adult lost child like qualities of earth Class Sol System North Atlantic.They will be born active and born large and more healthy.Being born a teen in phase is making them more to adult but able to learn things first.And to learn at a level we don't want to start over again and staring at teen level.Mature faster and theme of continent and civilization to be more mature.Things in this place for mature living.Young adult for her to be born as.Combiner Pretender white race people.Be at a stage I can start teaching her and get her into her habits like tv and entertainment then she will start space boarding and skate boarding,snow boarding.She will accomplish 5yrs of school.Phases that I want severely that she can maintain herself at young adult level.Protect herself and others.She will be ready for adult education.We won't have any problems of wasting time as on earth class Sol System North America we or I had.I went through it for them but was reborn to be Queen Armada their single parent,their mother transexual.We will be able to have her about  and around the city and regions and then she can commute to other regions. '
She will look better and be better than a porn shemale model.It looks in privacy batter for her body and it effects only her family with sisters and me.We with our opinion want Princess Armada with work from shemale AI creator angel to give me traits we want in me to carry them in my body to pass them on to Princess Arrmada for her to look mature and grown up with pride but privately.She will have a fabulous body Queen Armada Ms Abigail Mclaughlin. want her to have.And each to their character different styles.As like alien white race.She will have sex organ glands slot in her groin behind her rectum,glands and pubic hairs.hairs of all colors from violet transparent to light grey.They are as a family up to date with the models and shemale world.They stay can stay private.Their private parts are outgoing to night life and socialize here.Health and sex talk.Attractive women that don't have old fashion.Outgoing and on transexuals they are females with body parts for sex.They are Christians and modern day white people get these.They modernized.White concepts in their race.They need this or they would be plain and mediocre in white standards.They would be models but white race models.Their mother was not here to be a leader in wording it better so I worded it and tried for them '                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     She will be right at home.Was born in this continent.She has her name in this language like Star Wars but is not.Getting her right at home and waking the streets for walks and then she will night life and use our estate yards,front and back.She will dress up like a rock star as her image.She will be cool and loves Feroz her mother Queen Armada and as witch and rock star.They will have jewelry from folklore.Their personalities and guest appearances on tv to display her cool image.She is intelligent and cool.Dresses with some preppy stuff or designer clothes as rock star.It will be in full function.Take care of cats as family members and ancestory.She will accomplish alot and at this continent's level.For appearance in life prominant and abilities.She will look better and be better than a porn shemale model.It looks in privacy batter for her body and it effects only her family with sisters and me.We with our opinion want Prfincess Armada with work from shemale AI creator angel to give me traits we want in me to carry them in my body to pass them on to Princess Arrmada for her to look mature and grown up with pride but privately.She will have a fabulous body I want her to have.And each to their character different styles.As like alien white race.She will have sex organ glands slot in her groin behind her rectum,glands and pubic hairs.hairs of all colors from violet transparent to light grey.Their private parts are outgoing to night life and socialize here.Attractive women that don't have old fashion.Outgoing and on transexuals they are females with body parts for sex.Queen Armada's family does this.Used for expelling gas from combusted waste as her male reproductive organ which will carry nothing reproductive but used for sex only and expel waste fluid.Massively combusted and using cleaner agents inside the body and tablets.Has her body cleaner cleaned inside.So her wastes are combusted and she only has to go every 4 months from her diet as fluid is combusted and cleanered inside.Waste gases are cleaner process.This looks grown up and very adutl for a woman and makes a shemale woman.Very mature which we need from me Feroz.And one on her balls area.They all are different type of dominant shemale.My one is usual one without these sex organ slots shemales have.Meant for war too.Body treatment.More to night life and socialize.They like acting and are in a phase where they can't snap out of it thinking they are even British.I have none but want to give this to them.Shemale Transformers Gobot Combiner white race people creator angel can give this to them from me     ADULT CONTENT.     They must have this to get more adult and with it and more than shemales.In robot and they will have bodies more real than people but AI.These slots are for sex life and not reproductive.Add to space Khan family.We'll have this on us and my Swedish youngest daughters shemales.She will have membrane foreskin,tan yellowish that retracts into her rectum.Wider area in diameter from rectum as model tanned,different tans for Princess Armadas like light reddish,greyish,yellowish,white tan area outer and inner butt female.For the attractive women creator and models to give them models parts for them to be happy.More erotic then the earth.For space.Secret parts of transexual,glands.And their creator shemale made this for them and its for sex to stay amongst themselves and to look prominant and to attract her sister and her mother Feroz.Concurrent with rest universe or it would have been used against us.Interference to put it there and modify transform.In war she can have it sealed off and transformed into solid.Protected there like a robot and on duty with her powers as being mode.On earth they would not have had this but can have this in m afterlife.Mylene does.It is a transexual organ meant for sex only.It is female and gets them to go longer,gland like I will next time,many hours as alien not fast in seconds like earth class Sol System ON.This is a defenses vs public and any other place to offer themselves socially.Social defenses that her sister has more and better and she will stay to me.I am passing down from inside my body needs construction in shemales and their sex organ slot and balls.Rectum will not have any more waste and it will be a sex organ too.It is nice looking on ladies and now has no waste in it as alien white race Transformer Gobot Combiner Pretender shemales.No more waste and to retain it.It is a private part on transexuals the rectum with foreskin but smooth and thin membrane,gland.To retaining batter pubic hairs and different to each of my daughters Princess Armadas and some smooth.Rectum have pubic hairs and some smooth.It goes with our rears and legs and rest our bodies.Its flexibility and for it to have foreskin thin membrane that is tanned and for some of my daughters light tan white and reddish on Princess Armada.It will give her model pride and compete with space and keep it privacy.She has this as a soldiers size.Kehlest is a bodybuilder.She is dominant.Harlequinn is one too.She is very beautiful.Trelesta has great shape meant for her sisters and Queen Armada.She has models body with power.They all have appeal for their own type of body transexual female white races body and looks.Celeste has muscles and weight trim body.She is heavy.She keeps to her workouts to shape her body and evenly with weights.She keeps tall like all of them.She has models looks.Strong body like female soldier of Dark Ages.They have bodies of Sorceress of Dark Ages of space.They all have better than historic female's bodies.They all have looks and eyes,adult looking.Eyes meant for cleanest of attractive women.Meant to show porn of themselves to their sisters were only ones fond of them.I made sure of that as detterent Feroz put into them same as males and tests of power so enemy heterosexuals won't have any appeal for my daughters and family.Females meant for other attractive women meaning sisters and me.I have put my body in them,reshaped from what is inner in me Queen Armada reborn from ON North America earth class Sol System.All of those ideas and put Queen Armada's afterlife next life being cool and rock star like character with witch and looking more older with her purplish hair and sharp features.Being advanced a race alien white AI,heavy and tall with streamline shape with my quantity reshaped and reformed.Heavier and bigger more adult.Eat and gain body weight and shape it into form like model,feminin streamline bodies with weight in right feminin areas like her shape in rear from working out and natural and place she will tattoo and it will from her soul have shape and quantity with my interference to have strong with her legs.Each is different and have it either shaped and with strength and smooth or very sparse thin short silky hairs spreadout in shades of grey transparent.Heavy and tall model with many improvements.And they are large from Feroz up top but made stronger and tightened like a muscle not too tight,less flab.Bigger bones and large thighs muscle and leg muscles and arm muscles in detail.No forearm.No neck but strong.Feminin a body in all of them.Feminin face.And works done makeup and hair but discourage heterosexual.And they don't smother themselves with makeup or never dye hair.Nothing but natural and shaped in with aerobics.Clean smell.Natural from AbigailClean sweat smell.Some jewelry like ear rings and any other necklaces and rings,bracelets leg bracelets.We live in our continent they can do for looks with their tattoos right areas and right sizes.Rings.Sturdy and strong healthy bodies.Power in bodies.Attributes and abilities.Puts out power in feminin level and has charisma as practicing witch but good Islamic ones.Being very adult bodies and looks being adult.Florence is a mother but a sheboy.She has male in her.Brandy is outgoing and has body like my pastlife like Florence.She has shape and form perfection and she looks adult or older.Zeta is like a cowgirl.She is tall and dominant and they all have tattoos.Markings to signify their galaxy and themselves.Eilleen is sheboy.Male but big in size.Treleste is feminin tomboy.They are from attractive women but born alien.Sherryl is male in her attitude.She is a transwomen.I am a transwomen.We all are males but with feminin attributes for looks and appearance.We live like males together but we are all good looking.Proper for each other as a family balance.We need this as defenses.Defense against heterosexuals.They are cutting up our live functions and in our next galaxy we can't as our bodies and hormones tolerate any more inteference defense.Pride in our family.Male is pride.Males are sheboys.Shemales.They can do man things but are feminin.Feminin body chemistry.In over crowding with families and many more ancestors in afterlife this is great.I overcrowd with my daughters.Male daughters.Females great model looks should keep to thermselves and make themselves.Males as daughters is doing this.They are like this with their defenses up.They wear what attracts me and their sisters.Not any females for their not raised on this.I am very outgoing.Outgoing and cool but in shemale.Cool in her genes to being male shaped as model and to carry out roles.Her position.Positions as angels.From cards to military roles.Government.Public.Alien.Khan positions.Positions in religion and history.Roles are their defenses.Francis is dominant like a male but is shemale.They all will have confidence in their gender.Being male shaped as female.Large qualities.Growth and strength.Thinking and leadership.And at home.Privacy.She even gets past many men in hormones and miitary.They don't drop feminin.They are sturdy.Self sufficient.Defenses.But alien.They have no coward in them either.They will be heroic.Being mother is bravery.I have bravery.Their bravery will come out as different characteristics.Some may be authoratative.Militant.Situation that will call them out.Their role is bravery.Being very cool.That is the way some to them take it.They won't have their pride defeated.Living on alien world and being part of civilization that happens from enemy intervention that causes feminin.They will all dress cool.Male attribute in females means bravery.Large and big.Image of being cool.Queen Rulers they will be she is Princess Armada.She has her image and family and causes.Her planet and continent.Take care of the people.Physical masculine is body size and mentality.Body builder shemale.I am amongst their size range as both their parent in one to give them pure features.To send their soul into my family and born proper.Born that they can do theri chores in fulfilment of marriage to me and their sisters.Our family no females at all.Born transition as tomboy but feminin.Sheboy.They will have alot of me in them but from ancesotory in them.I have a generation of types of hybrid.Many generations as born each Princess Armada.They all look different.They have ancestory in them.New born person.Souls are waiting for a long time afterlife.They won't have impurity in them or to merge and morph them.Born better than soul.Khan.Or our name in afterlife.They will have size.They will have cool features.Hairstyles.She is adding seriousness to our family.From my generaton she will have seriousness and open those serious socializing to me as enjoyment.She is proper in nature and physical and this in my body is agreeable.I need to take off the pressure but adult.She is adding adult from my generation.Something we did not have on earth class Sol System ON,North America.Born internally as my family and under laws that its legal as new family in afterlife to get marriage licences.They wiil be athletic.Some of them smartest.They are dfferent but have resemblace because generation.My descendants as my child Princess Armada.No descendants from Princess Armada.Generation and hybrid.Further in time but they have their 18th or 19th Century for support.It comes out great when they have a decade like 80's.Its from contribution from 19th century.And he was born in 1880 even in 70's.WW was about him serving.War vs Allah.Creators and having system works without Allah to attack,damage with belief..But there were good looking women back then and Italianissimo.Create peer group.Peer with my daughters.Yes.Same generation.I reproduce my generation.Cool for our family pride.Image to come back and jobs like being famous.Money come back.Government again.High roles.Her role is important.Royalty are military ranks.Regain our positions again.Dancing and looking big in public.Then her family and I become defenses passed on to from her powers those creators merged.20 yrs and when she gets old in her 40's she will go back to toys and earth class lego sets.Back from being like a grown up 30's.When she has defenses she can draw and invent a site like this but more improved with teamwork and it will raise lots of money.From this an enterprise and the whole thing will be real but their one.Machines not people not to have them triggered or can be tricked to trigger.Needs fate.Defense for them born and for me.And a certain number to free their souls and make them a Khan or name after.Lose everything like angel.And to receive mine.Their hospital.Nana has to be there in the afterlife as guidance I still need.Family is cut down for war,Jihad.Now element we need is my Nana's leadership and expertise in family and religion.Activate my child Princess Armada's.Each of them will get imput they need and to eat family food.Family enviroment in their life.Nana will lecture them and see they are modern looking.They need the love Nana can put in them and family mysteries to Nana like Sumner Cat God and Steve Trachsion.I want to use the suit's powers for Dad's sport baseball.I want to go on the mound and master my old pitches like my offspeed but hard thrower.Fast ball control,breaking,and snap curve ball.Sinker for strike and Fork ball drops high strikezone.Velocity I'll have on my stuff and learn the codes.Pitch real with my powers.See how far I get to Professionals.I have strength to control my arsenal and throw it by hitters like ace.Add to my fastball to 100 plus.Queen Armada on the mound starter.Nana can come on our trip to UFP to see my Dad's statues in space Pittsburgh.Nana will guidance Amelia for instance.They will know what to do for our famil and about religion and whiteman.Teach them about alien Quran.Lectures get our home ready for afterlife family.Nana will teach them about the 18th century as each decade was wonderous with leadership from overseas for Ontario.Immigrants imput to each decade to change even music and entertainment and media.Nana is full of knowledge and world he can create and out do Ontario of 20th Century and in education.World.Bring out people like teachers and government from his trips.To do serious things.And Nana can know who Allah is in his key moment in his life military.Teachings.Lessons.And from the past in 1980's Ontario.She needs this and my reminders.Queen Armada this time as Feroz was always.Growing up and helping me massively.I need Nana and the families imput from North America like continent but futuristic in our territories of Transformer Gobots.Now they have Nana legacy.Princess Armada and our people.Prayers.They all are in alien are on the same ground as me.Their generation is sort of from the past ages in attrbutes and I am the same type of generation like them.They are improvement of me.They take to very hard difficulties concepts.They can and are ready for alien principles especially in computer world.They would have very hard and complicated  academics.Very practical and handymen.Applied arts.Take apart electronics and an education from opening devices and know how to fix them to run.Responsible and dominant.They figured out as I did female dress codes,cosmetics and fragrance to attract men.Shape and colors and material.They wear something that does not have girl or female in it.They are same level as guys but are shemales.Do not dress female or feminin in their military.Hide this.Theirs and mines privacy of our family.We live very outgoing.Our place is for high society night life.Our family lost that old religious people reputation from Sol System North America 20th Century into a more advanced and modern successful one.Stature in government went to the top but handled private.Our rank is very high.We stocked up in hiearchy to make our family very powerful.In key areas experts.Load is not on Queen Armada.Manpower is added and works.Many Princess Armada to think and do things physically.Working as a alien Islam family.They bring large income.Security.We can go to farther places.Security outside world in public and traveling using my power.They are like a leader and are larger than me.I am the center of their socializing life.That is how as a catalyst I'll get things going.Jazz in our lives.

...continued in Sacrid Religion of Zarconia part 5









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