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They look to me as one of them.They share and let me in on socialize.I have proven something in responsbilities.I earned a rank at what I am in afterlife.I then do all of the things like drink and smoke[without dying or damage to my body immortality} and talk.I am a very cool person in future.Her defenses and angels and creator angels.I had my power all made into humanity and this was making me die.Not thriving free in my soul.Having it suppressioned developing a problem.Not thriving on supernatural powers and branched off from my people and have GAH powers.He made a suit of powers and these many powers in the suit.You can see it in GAH.Counter's evil and wrong from along time ago stored in suit Allah made,material preserved from ages .Modern in modern day.GAH suit of Venesians.Many that have had the suit in its long lines of service with others and teams learning things from it.Gives imortality.It has elements creator gave.Beat death.Battles spirits and supernatural.Adjust to military as from across the universe.A bomb can knock him out as a train collison,Military interaction.It has military powers.It can go invisible and run fast.Can vision where people are and tell about events.When he has an article it can tell him a story and he gets a vision about them or others connected object.He can locate people.He can tell about history.When holds nuclear he can override people's minds and change thinking.Telekenesis manipulation over objects.He can think and takeaway guns and objects.When he breaks on a road the bottoms or part suit scrapes into concrete to stop vehicles.Runs it has alot of speed.He does things as a mortal representative of US and as a teacher.He does not have these powers in his lines of race and species.He can put out things with breath freeze and hot hands.They are many from FBI that were tried out as assumptions and many of their first hand on another suit.When they fired weapons on the suits they had no effect on it.But when other's lost suit they retain mortal.It has powers to shrink and deals with light.Strength to take down people and throw them around.He can punch them out light punch.Military have suit and call it a name code and numeral.Like Thunder 7.Or Super 8.Saber 1.Navarone 10.Force 10 of Navarone.Military codes.Well when they learned of the fabulous powers the suit can deflection off fire and protects Ralph from disease.He can submerge in water and it can give him athoratative.His skills are more than a computer in speed and perfection.His thinking is faster and precise.He can ace video games hardest level with no cheats and hardest systems like arcade.He has energy barrier and measures precautions to danger and violation of suit.He can fly many ways and flies over streets full speed or high altitude.He can go faster than space fighters at mach 4 and went to space to Space Shuttle and brought it back home realistic and had an energy charge from space that made everything magnetized.A suit basic structure of strength but many powers in creator to go along with that.Aliens are its creator angel assigned to Suits name.It also can take over him.He has stages on ground and air for fighting.But I have backup systems to the suit.I have my Transformers Gobots powers and other powers I have elements.Like when I had dreamworld which is a name and numeral.Many powers need activation in me.GAH is part of my family.He will do crime and favour whiteman and police.Obstruction and support for crime.In UPF universe.Link them to war.And from studies.To come out with hard evidence and cases in my cause that guidelines in my afterlife universe.Proven to them about Zarconia growing and from internet ON on earth class Sol System from Greenland and Antarctica.Observe and collect evidence we're looking for pattern.Study presence of enemies and understand them from my powers authorative.GAH and when its part of the other powers assimulated.It will learn of travel in space at light speed.Touch down on alien worlds.It is playing a gun slinger and I have my terminator powers.They all go death and UFO.Terminator goes with Transformer Gobots.I have my robot and transformation and military space.Armor and energy powers.Being AI.Supernatural powers from past like death and magic power from being from female side.In this massive war on injustice.My enemies will have to confront a refined and fully military and prepared from Creator's system getting me time and from time travel.They all knew as the Evolution Process Angel Caretakers of outer space and many dimensions,worlds and even inside condemn and heaven.They send messages and make laws in their angels guardians.Justice and bring back glory to their religion.Their faith with respect and holiness.And the punishment to failure to their religion.Retaliation of dangers in terror and to investigation land terrain and natural phenomena for me to study to give me answers.Many powers and factors to make me live healthy.To have a people.You can do further things and hefty man power,judgements and parts of the government.Advantages of having a people.And we pay them or have them from government.That is why I must wander with GAH magic dreamworld power to wander from area to area and native city to city and subways to reproduce her in a city.She will acknowledge me as her mother and both parents.She will be born in order she needs as her defenses and order of being intelligent.Advice they advise.And their experiences from our home in the historic city metropolises area of poles continent.And especially the Parkbots and the animalbots.I want pet like this because I like my relatives.I care about them.These ones are fierce.But they are very intelligent hand in hand team work.My size and use GAH suit to follow them into their world as we are a family.I am once sided to proven family member like our pets.They are civilized.I talk to them.Part of o our unit.Way I live in our continent and our home in Antarctica and Greenland.These places are very important as a 1st step and procedures to do with Queen Armada beign on earth class Sol System North America ON.Many things in technology and manpower my continent and alliances of afterlife for me center on thsee places to visit and live on earth.Need colonies because from British and Europeans alot of space concepts in each technology to WW1 and before.Since scientists were there and guns and warfares.Each is ideas and in evolution for them to change.Alot of space on this planet.People from space were born her from advanced galaxies.Sci-Fi and applied sciences.Ideas come from UFO craft.There are rules on this part of space enforced by what empires.They should go to some place cheap and empty.People of this planet have no imaginatin or power to invest manpower and technology.They can't scan things like my alliances can.Build bases get involved world.And to take everything they have learned back to space.I don't understand mm to cm.You got to know things more than military channel.Parts and to assembly.And North America is crowded nice place to visit.Base yourselves in Greenland you can come to North America and absorb up things.Internet can be connected.Stage my future government and military is perfect for them to use their powers and make a few continents.Hidden from rest of world under Antarctica and Greenland's rules too.Grow to hundred million.You'll want urban and houses.But take ships back to space.Isolated from world and they don't know your activity.Pretenders society race.Make the move to advance and go with leaders in this situation,experts.You can with time traveling go back to WW1 and collect and learn how to assemble parts and know each component.UPF was heavily interested in North America and USA.They are patroling to protect borders but to go on in spoils of USA.Satellites transmit internet.Outsmart them.Enter in as a member but hidden.Take on the resources and manpower.Join in on them.Build things in their technology.Use things of this planet and share in on the race.They polute and waste and come in and on each part of North America society.Might start to liek the food.Many space members as you'll see and this is what I want.I order it.Many things of notification and I don't want it to disappear like interet.When I go to your empire in future this will be counted against you and your actions as a government.I came from this planet.I am sure we will be importing and gaining just from ideas to develope polar regions which is easy.You get Queen Armada and my code to Greenland pastlife and Antarctica.That's fate I want for them to end up in Transformer Gobot Pretender race aliens people's hands.But more to them to linkup North America for upgrades and history.A base or colony is a base.Make a deal legal to purchase and enter the scene.Music.Findout enemies and what they want to do in this quadrant.Time and Prime Directive in the way.Hugest directive being afterlife.As I stay on this planet and ON North America it is part of space because that galaxy I'm from is on this planet.Disruption in time when place you go to as home in afterlife is not responding right.Means that I am going to put them through such a licking they won't forget as people.Rebellious and leave me out to dry.Not smart in trying for someone to be part of your society.Directives from Allah that afterlife factions must obey.Change time for actions to be taken on them as they are to be disciplined by outer space systems.Other space system must move in on them.They did not believe hard enough and respectful enough.Punished,alien races in wars.Many of them in each mansion estate.Our pet European Wildcat and Bobcat from Greenland and Antarctica to have territories in North America and world,Ontario and Earthers Princess Armada and her tomb in Atlantis and Ontario was a colony of Atlantis.They all have different appearances but in nature inside my body to be born with colorfull hair colors from my purple hair.Cause of our universe and our planet.And important to Princess Armada is her past life grandad retired monument  .Live much better than that with no interference but aware of urban dwelllers.Using her inherited powers with me out their instructing her with practice with her skateboards to fly on.Government integration and her computerized papers.Identification records and citizen of Archaelpelago.Our people are better than a human in feelings and body.We have more expressiveness than people and for military can cutoff pain and other feelings that interfere and in accidents and jobs,work that feelings can be re-programmed to not interfere as its for home.We have backup system to pain in emergencies.We are AI.So we can do daredevil things.We don't bleed and said about waste is combustion and then cleaned and at home.We are a very advanced race in unwanted types of people can't be born and are'nt.We have scan out criminals out of our society that is whey travel is safe in Metropolises.We have no reject people and losers,society refuse and attractive women males,none form prostitution as other crimes is more towards UFP galaxy when we leave for far away travel,military and police.No mismatches as people and other rejects.Everything paired off perfection and quiet society.Much better than religious and old fashion as stereotype.We have very few night lifer couples,not as many.And they are understandable,marriages scanned out.We are AI but its like translation from mammals to robots and its very real even though we are a rival.We have hair and skin and outer body layer.Inside we are complicated robots but its a material that is born from us and is better than skin.It is to do with robots as people.We are born at the hospital cloning or at home for wealthy and to the hospital.They specialize in Transformer Gobot people health.We look like people and mammals but are robots with vibrant more than 10 000 improvements to people.Mysteries of the mind but in robot computer.Our souls.Psychic and telepathic powers under control government and is for military or other jobs.Our is better.And for military we are compatible and can be advnced Transformer Gobot vehicles robots.Very advanced to G2.We have vehicle and to grow to 20ft,30ft,40ft,50ft and so on to what each individual is for military.Changed and vehicle is added to us.Done like creator.Massive power and transformation is done.Separate us from vehicle to other military sections to retain our people.Not Pretenders.We can look like vehicle robot giants.We then interact with other parts of Transformers Gobot Universe to make military from ends of space to unite and make units.Zarconian and all parts like Edward and the Parkbots.Travel to space and to the many parts of our continent.To frozen area and by seashore and lakes area.That night that I have my undamaged body for burial and for Caretakers of Transformer Gobot Universe Angels extract the body from hospital Creator system comes to do the process of tranformation on my body.In space in another dimension process to change me to AI of Transformers Gobot people and to plan my transformations and to put GAH Venusian symbol power to touch my soul.My symbol and evil is warded off and reacts to it.Transformer Gobot Combiner Pretender GAH Venusian symbol mergered as one symbol that transformed.Evil burns from it and can't go near me because of it.Stands for things from creator.It will destroy the dirty work of white race government enemy.Americans and British.My transformation.Mine that I"ll have is one from Transformers and Gobots in history.Not the same as the rest and as Zarconian ours will be the proper type of transformation.There are many types of transformation like from G2 hydraulics transformation and real.Many types of transformations.Gobots one is mixed into me as I am half Gobot.Many Gobot transformations and the proper one for Queen Armada for my life and speed of transforming.The stealth and effectiveness.Effective transformation and sturdy.And ones for stealth silent.Many types of transformations over centuries in our history.Mechanical transformation.Pressure hydraulic transformation and like robotech and gundam.They had their eras.Mine is selective a one meant for I Feroz.One I naturally do but one in my life I can t change in my life.Foresee my future in this new race and my type of transformation.And to hookup and merger combiner mode.Like my aerial unit for my person size use of more natural power astro beam.I can t carry everything with me but I am loaded with unique powers like aerial mode.Kept me from being Queen Armada.With my powers need energy and existence with energy as myself from dream.I have a problem that myself is locked in dream.I am dying from not being Queen Armada and to be activated with all my powers.I need what the powers came from like book and diamonds.Elements they came from gathered in my room.Powers activated with being reborn which will provide powers to charge up my powers.Charged and full of life broken myself out of dream.Queen Armada is no longer locked in dream state.In this reality and existence in my own universe as alien race jinn.Jinn is reborn and transformed.Militant and defenses from massive energy I generate and with GAH Venusia powers.Changed to charged up power to another process.Useable energy but not as current.Dormant to be extracted for powers.Place to hide myself and my powers and live free with them in state of being Queen Armada.Abigail is going to practice my powers and explore the dreamworld I used to be in 2000's.The fate of it being the giant planet that I was in dream civilization.I am going to master my powers and explore the dreamworld.And to explore many places in my life I must before I go into action.I master the powers and moves and learn combat.Learn my powers in use and like in dreamworld fly around and use it.To do my routines.Then to travel to other universes with my powers.Get to know space and other civilizations before I become a space agent and do missions to colonies under our faction.Mastery and training of my powers for century and then turn into investigator.Take alot of time to do but thats the way I prepare properly in my universe and dimension that is farthest to infinitee.So far away and alienated a civilization that has cities and civilization like earth class but more ahead.Drowned in giant areas of cities.Get so far that I can tend to my powers and full learning of them before alien tranny rearing.So I will live on my own to learn my powers.All setup in my next life to do exploration of my own world and powers that have merger endless civilizations farther than Stargate.My world in my afterlife is expanded to massive size of being free in space and real knowledge and facts.Real information from space.Not Science fiction its Sci Fi but real as space traveller and part of space again and knows things real.Updated and upgraded to space.My continent and its climates and temperatures effect my powers and state of existence.Healthy.Wise from young age.To deal with my powers UFO,death,Super 8 powers,dreamworld,arc,Diamond Curse,Great Lakes
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Queen Armada Abigail Feroz Khan

Triangle and magic power. My defenses for preventing me from getting lost in space.Having learned where I am in space and my solar system and applying this out with government.Part of military and to learn my way through each galaxy with my powers.And they will give me a homing beacon.I can talk to them.My powers then will be able to lower down defenses to take injections as I need from government.To combat things militarily and through health.Needle or space hypospray or electronic needle will not work with my powers up. My appearance will change and using transformation to shift around to make my afterlife appearance in picture,born grownup from previous life acquired from Earth Class Sol System North America ON on day of dying in hospital.No death but to be reborn as new Queen Armada with powers and GAH of Transformer Gobot Universe as new white race alien,being from deep in space.Lastname Khan in space.Add Princess Armada's souls      in order starting              with Feroza,Gloria,Zeta',Eilleen,Janine,Invidia,Younice,Florence,Janna,Sherryl,Amelia,Celeste,Firoz,Brandy,Elysia,Azalea,Alexandra,Kehlest,FIrestorm,Nova,Mylene,Harlequinn,Francis,Sharona,and,Kristine,Treleste  .Order of Princess Armada and character,attributes and personality,levels,strengths intelligence and inherited my powers like GAH.My soul is allowed further than any of Allah's creations.That is why my soul and body has powers from dreamworld.I can jump down any hights and land from space and from highest structures of city.I have reserved the GAH powers that added to my souls powers of flight.I have travel in dreamworld.Dreamworld in my afterlife is reality and place or planet that orbits my homeworld.Billion light years through a vortex.Gas giant size planet.She now is born a type of Pretender of Poles Continent Transformers Gobot Universe people race.Her vehicle military robot mainframes form is on a base in creator's world for her to transform into once she is done after century and workforce.Done to help our family and Zarconian.She can join the military but used this transformation early in her missions to aid her mother Feroz space agent.Combiner pilot into cockpit.Vehicle transport people.Visit mighty battleship.Legendary top secret warship like from Star Blazers but Zarconian.Her Creator Angels as government and support to me.My soul wil have been changed to alien white race to help transformation and my new home poles continent near of "Pretenders".That night in ON North America earth class Sol System last night that I am from curse a useless human caused by Allah and him being alive whiteman.I have ended my humanity once and for all with a very low ranking in appearance and qualities.And to have my organs changed to electronics and living components.I am internally and externally a Pretender Combiner Transformer Gobot person Queen Ruler.Conversion and transformation of my body to retain me and my life reborn.Now Queen Armada can be brought out of the body.I'll be in hospital and go into sleep from Transformers Gobot Caretaker Angels Evolution Process Angels to have
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Transformer Gobot Pretender Combiner Shemale Witch Transwomen Creator Angels

my body in hospital and to extract it to space to do the process.To use creator's energy to transform me to alloy and get rid of all that died on me and change my reproduction and rest of my body to newly rransformed Queen Armada and to my mainframes size vehicle robot mode.GAH energy has been surged into me and touched my nervous system to give me the Venusian power.Now my symbol is Gobots,Transformers and GAH mixed together to transform.I have my powers dormant activated from energy surge from creator to get rid of all useless humanity and their wretched destructive ideas.Creator Angels will do in the Creator dimension of souls and born in Transformer Gobot world,they will doing repairs and upgrades with Creator Angel experts to do every area in Queen Armada .Queen Armada is another individual and from Stargate.They will look like they are working for century but all compacted within many years later.They will have attractive women transexual Worker Angels in Creator world doing work on Queen Armada.And they use magic on the soul.They all talk together and transport the body in born world for AI.They do my transformation and view my life in future.They conduct these repairs and upgrades on system and do tests.They will use medical tools to repair things that use magic of supernatural Creator world.Creator Angel workers.Then they will arrange my family and have my parents view completed soul.Long space trip started by Supernatural world Search and Rescue from Jupiter.They will take my body that night in a roundabout from ambulance.Roundabout will go to mother ship of Heaven and Hell.They will have a meeting to communicate with all Caretaker Evolution Process Angels of outer space.They all will chart a map.They will procede with a handoff of my body and soul trapped in a module.It will protect me and they will have their walks.We will be going through many dangerous territories.In parasitic Xenomorphs to war monger aliens.We will be travelling through wormholes to cutdown on trip.We will have quiet on the ship the way the Caretaker Angels want it and my appearance will start a change til I am handed off to my race billion light years through vortex.We have made it home sweet home with Zarconian wikia.They will start my parent Drewzelda to have embryo of Queen Armada Feroz put inside her in the supernatural world.She will be admitted to hospital to reverse Allah's dirty work of making me Feroz ignorant.Prove Drewzelda is my parent when she gets the feeling and to think like me inside her from the trip. Then soul will be born in my mother in my new alien race.Location of my afterlife planet and continent.I need to know about space in my solar system and maps.Very vital that they teach to me and take me to the location of my poles continent and planet.My powers could get me lost.Government and military teaches me about our solar system and space and how to travel in space and find my way back from many galaxies to the military level.Understanding of whole outer space from my afterlife government.I need some sort of homing beacon.Now my defenses will change to superior defenses.Princess Armada's souls are in the brand new reproduction and old one was extracted and each soul was made grown up from Atlantis.Took body and surge of power create Princess Armada.All of the corruptants were destroyed by surge of powers from humanity and white man.Now Queen Armada is taller as my picture and better hair dew that is alien properties.New alien race and gender as machine AI.Each of my powers as one under GAH.Transform from my person mode to battlesuit mode.Gives me my Transformer Gobot powers and verniers.Outer plating.Change to my modes being space military sports motorcycle from person mode and to hovering spacefighter VSTOL STOVL.Change to my space

Queen Armada 40ft Robot mecha Being Transformation

Hand ability

Queen Armada abilities

motorcycle mode that can go faster than a speeder.To my 40ft robot mode and my powers.And my Terminator powers.Changing my hands to cutting tools like long cat claws.I have my science powers.All of my powers are functioning.We live centuries in peace and quiet and get to enjoy our lives before committing ourselves to samaritan duties and our powers.We will learn and practice our powers as a family when we are ready and done with peace and enjoyment and work.We're done with urban suburban life.We will practice our powers members of government and military agency.We use our powers part of our continents military agency.They back us up and support us to give us place of operations and get our houses to change to military after living a civilian government workers life.Change our esates and properties to military from using our powers.We will have support government in their sciences and biology.Backing to give us and set us up properly.Take tests to make sure everything is going.We will be able to use our powers as a family in space and military is expert in space.Things out there that need military for our bodies defenses.Bio agents from other worlds and organisms.Things military and things from nature in space.We will be made military prepared and our decisions will be from large strategy and high command of military.High decisions.My creators will change phases to military.Everything is set for me to join my new people of "Pretender Gobot Transformers" race people and live in my continent.I will have a private life and privacy out in open.People won't crowd around me and passive.I will attract no attention.On this continent I will have my privacy and no attention.I will get powerful and wealthy with a structure like this from these people.And to be Queen and space agent.I will have alot of money and say in government.I will have high job but to be in private sector for famous people.Everyone is actor and in commercials,government,no attention.I will have on my ID special privileges and the outside world and security of districts and areas,structures will go to my side and get me out of crowded situation disperse the crowd.Other than that without publishing our identitiies to media and tv.Our looks and mine are white alien race AI witch.Have witches features,longer nose.It will look to point like alien as witch.My children will have long nose as I do.With sharp features.Straight nose long like witch       or alien.Features from me that are grey like jinn.Grey complection and darken grey around my eyes.And Princess Armadas will inherit it from me but look as what she looks like.Looks slightly like me or I look like her mother.My image and dressing cool and wearing jewelry like a Metaller.Being outgoing and wearing and dressing adult but cool.Wearing expensive fake leather coats and boots with jewelry              on my wrists and from being a witch.Wearing roundish hat with necklace or metal around it.Dress up like a Rock star.And to be adult like a Rock star.Practice in being witch and folklore.     Add to me being space agent.That I am outgoing,cool and famous.Appearances on tv with my keyboards and guitar and just for people to know I am behind the scenes but on tv to talk for my famous cool rock star image.Forbidden to play us in media and if on tv for samaritan duties its a computer image.Its been changed to protect myself.This entire continent is for special people and not for people in middle class.It was designed for special government people to live in luxury cities and areas for wealthy.I will be protected severely in ID and telling stories.Won't know where I live for its private.Part law for my privacy.No one will ever find me again from being protected.And in military duties protected ID.Protected profile and from miy samaritan life using my powers.Have media and government screen it.And if there is a movie on real events and real story that in computer images that the holograms in movie protect me they can't tell the movie hologram actress from real.Tells the story but massivly protects me.So we live normal lives.We don't have to hide when we go out into public eye and can dip down into matters of using my powers and government but to keep me secrecy.I have my ID and everything set for my new afterlife in my continent and to get to know it better.Use my powers to fly over it and base myself in my estate.Integrated into society
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Feroz and her Parents afterlife Transformer Gobot Pretender people AI

there.Go on out to places and get my training as a space agent much later when I finish school.I will have daily outings much more healthy than this planet.I have to do alot of things and avoid born I don't have the time to waste with a family.I want to be part of a family lastname from mine being space Khan.Then I'll sit at table and meet my new family and brothers.Prime.Our father to do creator system.My brothers and sisters.Know me and help me to know my continent as a reborn adult.And one that is going to tranny mother children tranny's.Princess Armadas.I cannot waste time in fate.I need to get around my continent and have a family to get me started in things and for my first room to do with a government like house mansion from my family lastname.They are people that open up to me as family as we are same family.My new family.Become parents to Queen Armada and grandparents to Princess Armada.They change and after they get me created and obtain GAH suits powers and all my powers done.They then will settle down and add me to their family and they will show me how old my family Queen Armada's new Mom and Dad and I look like my mother and my father is Creator system Evolution Process Angel change to my father.I get my transformation and powers of Pretender Gobot White race alien muslims AI from my parents.Higher level of Creator System to forge me out from old body of Abigail which they need to extract out the soul of Queen Armada used to be Feroz.Then to use my age level to merger that with this race to upgrade Abigail fast born as young adult to learn inside out new race,society,galaxy and alien teachings.Absorb up new race and family in afterlife.Go with my mother who will have me born.My parents cannont be part of the process of born handing it over to Higher Creator System to do this.They are Creator Angels that will take Feroz as their born child in a family.Reborn with their genes and blood from both father and mother.He and my mother are very old Transformer Gobots and become as Gobot Pretender white race muslims people AI.Where I get my ancestory from Gobots and Transformer Pretenders and my home poles continent on my gas giant planet.My parents will parent me and take to my side.They were happy Queen Armada was born to space Khan family of Stargate.They did what I wanted and show me my brothers and sisters.They all are aliens as they got Feroz far from Sol System and Milky Way.But that day I am born to my afterlife race and my astrology and my life written had that day and life happen.Now in future I am an alien AI race.I have my powers running and have parents that are smart,modern and futuristic.My mother took me and had my father's half of me extracted out as daughter transexual from my father for a higher Creator System to take over.My aunt is expert in mystism.My parents are outgoing as my aunt put in correct my neuron flow and mystism aspect.Futuristic civilization.My biological parents from biology.I was created from my parents space Khan lastname couple's biology.My soul translated into their biology for appearance from both parents and qualities and attributes from ancestors.I look like my Mom and have from my father in Transformer Gobot Pretender White race people muslims AI biology.And all of my children Princess Armadas are in my reproduction and they are in our hiearchy from me.Her Grandad and Grandma.I have my parents and new type liquid AI blood.I have our families health and genes Queen Armada born into space Khan family.Union of my parents to make middle of pack younger one that is transexual female.Reborn from Feroz to a new name translated into my space Khan family.My characteristic.Retain from earth class Sol System part of all of my memories to help me in Zarconian.Zarconian got into my father's biology and mother's.My mother's neurons made new neurons with my father a big man in Transformer Gobot.Made my new senses.GAH powers assimulated to my parents.All of my powers.Diamond Curse,dreamworld,Super 8 and UFO alien and Great Lakes Triangle and Death.All of the work the creator angels did and their worker angels.They took Zarconian and info,data.They are my best parents in all my lives I had.And they speak a language like Star Wars language.My family has excellent records in our universe.They have excellent reputation but are a powerful family from high up.Being creator angels and they retain their roles in our society.They are disciplined families.They are smart and educated.They practice religion and retain its good.Mother is a very proper person.Father has manners and is pleasant when eating.Family is constructive and through the thousands of years had key roles in many types of crafts and jobs high role expertise to space government.They are pioneer and builders of our continent.Part of history but kept private so we are not in any breach of information.They used to work in space and at their works end come down to the surface to our continent since our hours are 1/2 time extra and they go back to space.They have contracts and jobs to work on other parts of space.They all lived in our continent in all parts of poles.They made many regions and played high roles.They constructed my roots in this continent on poles.My mother has a shemale word for me Feroz.And they both adjust to me and take to me.Imput me and Feroz is very important and Princess Armada is very important to these 2 waiting creators.Their achievements got them me and my family Princess Armadas.They have been waiting and show in other centuries my sisters and brothers.So they are of an age but not too old.They are wise.And are on our home planet's surface and have our home catered to Queen Armada.Grow,grow as young adult,reborn.I won't remember when I was reborn but remember the Sol System as part of this true saga.Now I have parents and a family at a very high level in space.I am their only  child of that era and they will spend centuries with me and invest time with Princess Armadas.No other competition.All of them are all done as they are older and are parents.They award me a Queen of Transformer Gobot Pretender white race muslims.To unite the alien races outside our galaxy.My parents have very high ranks and are in earth yrs their 50's.Very healthy and its their race and themselves that keeps healthy,don't get old like humans.From raising my brothers and sisters from past they took well to being parents and raised them to grow great lives.They imput key things and education and to be positive with more than advise.As island dwellers of giant continent they used respectful ways and good upbringings over decades and many in family became into government.They meet our ancestors and know them as my parents do.They don't have troubles with paranormal as creator angels on a continent that took to paranormal futuristic and modern.They have no major sources and tribally of supernatural places in continent island.They are young in strength from age that broken into being old.Our race has them healthy and they can carry things and do more chores.When they were younger they were stronger but they are still strong.No deteriation from age for my family.Parents were injected with antidote to all diseases to our race from creator system corporations and our continent government.That must mean 10 000's yrs old as beings.From entities they changed to people AI Transformer Gobot Pretender people white race.My father and mother imput my new traits of space Khan family.I have teacher in me,corporation and creator smarts.My father put space government and martial.And from our family tree traits of my space Khan name family.We have huge loyalties in space to our family built up over many thousands of years and more.Our continent and planet treats our family very high prestige.We are a group as they have more than hundreds like my parents.Even dips down to thousands and 10,000's in importance.I have my history in me.And my home,comfort,leisure,money and income,emergency procedures and defenses,security,background,power,rank,title and importance.They will after that night I my body was extracted from hospital to go to space for the change,transformation of species and race to make me martial and ready for Zarconian.Give me and release open my powers with experts of addng each power like GAH and making me a superior race than Transformer Gobot Pretender white race muslims.What is more powerful and above them and what they look up to as people.Higher powers then them and born above the Transformer Gobot Pretender white race.Better society and give me from my souls rank placing to be born in powerful family.What I need to get my job done for Zarconian and my parents went through Zarconian and place them all in the correct space government places of our universe.They all were built and were being trained.They found all of their souls and manufactured them and found their Transformer Gobot families to learn and then when my family is ready to unite and grow.My parents involvement in peices of creation of universes.Our navy will make warships top secret.My job is to raise Princess Armada and her grandma.My mother in future and my Dad her grandad.They are a team.They can tell if deception or any other thins untrue.My Mom is telepath and father can read minds tribally.You can't fool my parents and they are successful but this is for space.At home they deceive but not scale like in space.Little bit lie like they are used to.They have alot of power in space and in our universe and can have people in high places do things for them.They can send out high ranks and high caliber associations to do things for them.They have extremely high positions amongst Transformer Gobots.They are very respected people and people acknowledge them across space.People of our continent are happy with them and support them.Popular in the entire planet.But people don't know them from media protecting them.People know its someone great and respect them and talk.Serve our family well.We get treated better than royalty.All of our government enterprise buildings all can have any of us from our space Khan family walk in a building and get audience from heads building for anything we need that they can help,in outer space.We show our ID to go through and we can get service from powerful people.Know my parents.City is great place for all of us.We get instant service high quality.We have government work to upgrade everything that is done in service and maintenance.Best and efficient with privacy.Its a record in my files that gives me service and without my parents there.ID my hand..And they are very close and he brings 18th century voice of information and hints to do things as I have older one from my mother.She and her year is my voice to help me on my own,hints and instructions.Now this voice from Sol System and lives before properly represented by my parents.Each yr of the past.Parents are bias for us and my family.But from their past sons and daughters learn Queen Armada and what place she is and what responses my parents make to Feroz and Princess Armadas.And my schooling for alien space education and then Princess Armadas.My parents solved my problems from my body and in my genes to my mind and from past life.They solved the curse Allah put on me to get me on track and not distracted by Allah and his schemes so I can do my purposes and life.Being far away from Allah as he can be a problem.Now in future I can live a peaceful life before military and Zarconian top secret warships.Live many centuries to absorb up my planets culture and society as Princess Armada.We completed society and then our giant estates all over my continent in all zones of poles continent.And I have a healthy and successful life and my parents don't age and live for more 10,000's of years.But they remain older then me and will be there during my first wars with Princess Armadas at their positions and with me on my bridge.Learned where earth class Sol System was getting their Science fiction ideas of space for military.My parents guided the family as structure.My father is a happy man with his life and being part of nature and space.He is a big man from a family of large men tribally.He family is modernized.Against ignorance.He knows how to butcher job wild livestock like animals like our alien deer and elk.He can and has drones help him and he can make sausages and luncheon meats.He will learn hot dogs and salami.He is very private.He has wide horizons and when he teaches he is a very interesting man with his experience and knowledge that is true from space archives.He is a calm man that has a powerful will and can be martial.He is pleasant and cares about people of poles continent.He is type to travel.He is tribal and has high place for religion.He has rules and laws and for his family.He is a very smart man financially.He is very wise from his age but has older brothers.He can be stern.Has many memories in my poles continent.He uses sensibility and does not just give to things.He is very practical.My father was a great father and a security as a space muslim father should be.Caring and teach me things and pull strings with my uncles.My mother is a very humble person that interacts with people of her continent to talk to the people and is down to earth.She has tranquil walks in city and goes to facility centers.She makes use of my continent.She is very calm and mild mannered and does not let things get to her.She has a very strong will power and is tribal and religious but modern.Mother does folklore and magic past time.She studies supernatural and powers in witches.She expert all about witches and folklore.Studies past history.Knows tribal methods in supernatural and gets support in alien space islam.Has not been involved in something too harsh as she stays away from extreme cases.Mother is someone used to be serious because of her job and changed when I was born in future.When she was younger she was more serious.She is a very private person and lives private life.It has its place.My mother to get leadership in me and to do shemale chores with me and I left my male sports from earth class Sol System to be shemale again.I can do those things but my mother knows that I do not like any female things.She will do things though to show that I am same level as guys.But to help me with my cosmetic appearance and Princess Armads,mothers sisters and father's sisters my aunts female autobot Gobot Pretender people.Mother is very responible and keeps her children very clean and teaches them teachings from our poles continent and manners.She keeps Princess Armada very clean and is very religious and has alien background caring and clean,disciplined family.She is expert in alien culinary.She can learn about Abigail favourites from earth class Sol System like Roman and Asian cuisine and Mexican.We have spicey cousine with plants like rice which is tribal.Foods from each zone on our continent,baked to bar b q and sauces with meat and is alien dishes.My mother will get me into my continent's diet and for our family like my father's favourite.Father cooks outdoors.They make everything clean from responsible tribal background and space muslim.Security for food.Father's family is very clean and can be martial to solve problems.He is know it all handy man for space.They study archives and teach in our poles continent eduacation.He is very smart in all sciences.He loves nature of our home giant home planet.He enjoys going out and being part outside in our continent.He will travel and travel to his brothers,sisters and cousins and my ancestors.He is very upfront as man figure.He is very brave and has smarts in critical situations.He was a 1 and Prime.He can battle from his past.He loves food and meats.He would love food from earth class Sol System from Feroz.He can chase away and capture invaders as he can use military to arrest.He does not get into trouble while in nature.He respects nature and eats plant eaters that are like livestock but wild.He is against any harm to predators and to environment.He likes to go to places and will get Feroz to go out all over our continent and drive our space car.Very reliable and all of us can fall back on him but Queen Armada and Princess Armada will pitch in to help.He is a family man or will turn into one.He was more past to do with estate and a government workers family of my older sisters and brothers.He is a strong man.Excellent endurance.He will meet my former Nana for visit.He speaks his native tongue and dialogue tribal but speaks our language and english perfectly.He is tribally smart as my mother is.They both don't go out dancing and socializing.They don't have that in them and don't waste time and money to travel to do this.They don't party.They both used to commit their time to jobs when they were younger.They have here and there when they were young with friends and family.They go to family ones that have space islam religion rules in them like a family gathering not a party rowdy.Not rowdy people either.Both are calm.They talk for instructions and my Dad and Mom will take us to groups of islands on all coasts and in polar arctic seas of our continents's territories.They know the commuting and routes everywhere in all zones and cities.They both know their way around and have stories they have gathered on every region and area.They know information of past on places and buildings from being inside the government.They can digup info on their small computer devices.Don't get carried away in wild they know of dangers in wild.My father knows and taught my mother.Both approach it without me before I was born to them.Have money and valuables all properly locked in government and can but buildings and corporations with ease and have plenty left from out family space Khan lastname to going into space and all sorts of ways,mining and resources,exploration and growing money through corporate and family royalty.And having high positions in space and government.Jobs brought in and government gave them amount from high positions that was reserved for our family because of their high role in our people back in historic times.Very successful family having our own franchises to bring back and my uncles and cousins.We have options in emergency if they every happen from our family.But my parents have surplus and well guarded by our race and government.But they studied about stealing for loot and other precious treasures and got rid of them to change it to unuseable credit for our alien race.Not valuables and any treasure is kept by military in space.We have unuseable credit.They both smart in electronics and machines.They know education system of tribal knowledge and can calculate in their numbers system and all of their systems.Father and mother have had space Islam settle down them tribally and made them very modern futuristic people but from age they retain from past experience.They are both very self sufficient.But they won't over teach this to Feroz.They will have teaching on their family from Feroz being Princess Armadas as grandparents that are alien do to be caring and have children and grandchildren prepared for outside world and public.My mother will teach theater and skills to them as she expert in entertainment.From Feroz they are spending very peaceful part life as when they were young they were involved in government and space.Now they are settling down and retired but have their resources open to them.Not as busy and settle down as my parents and then grandparents.They make law and order in family and have privacy they talk and instruct Feroz and Princess Armada.My parents in next life will have ancestors close to us and talking.Branches of ancestors that we phone as family.We have Star Wars in our galaxy.They Star Wars that Transform.I can learn Jedi and learn my skills as Jedi in our Transformer Pretender Gobot Combiner Universe.We can learn Star Wars to my children as younglings or grown up.We'll have our space muslims privacy taught to us.Both parents are defenses and security.Loving people to me and my children.They both have perfect records and are not corrupted from wrong side.They are clean as their ranks and achievments.High responsibility and our universe and solar system commit very little to no wrong in their lives from simple teachings.My parents are against crime and behaviours like that.They had high upbringings that countered problems in this dimension and galaxy.They have had no strange encounters or horrible experiences.No accidents or survive disasters.They live in place that does not have severe accidents and disasters as government cancel out any problems from themselves.No aliens on our planet as they are white people but not the same from Sol System and from this dimension.I will inherit as my people to have good changed to evil in another dimension.Good guys but evil natured.We have properties of good guys,to win and conquer but have evil nature in us.My mother and father get me to pray and religion properly from annalyzing past life shoulder angels.New shoulder angels for Queen Armada.They are shemales and are very powerful.And they summon to emergency system of universes highest defenses.Greatest efficiency.No fatigue or tiring.Its based on what we want to do.I will be youngest as my parents will have mastered being parents to my older brothers and sisters and my brothers were Primes and 1.Portraits of their great accomplishments and now added Abigail and they get grandchildren Princess Armadas shemales and other tranny types.Place that is modern to our gender.Normal race that has nothing under criminal genders.We are supremacists and eliminated any filth to society.Everyone is normal.They all normal thinking.Because these people don't have ignornace,which nevery had a chance to grow and was extinguished.My creator mother.And then for them open doors for me.I have family knowledge in my AI mind.And have my continent and planet born into my mind.I know about them in thought and can match thought with real places they will show me around the continent and tell me the things I don't know in history,reports.This is a government family space Khan as they are government members and father was a Prime.He lived in our continent and show me around with driving me and having my brothers and sisters to show me around and be in my life.Commuting.Government that has same bloodlines as me and cares for me as a family.Very high in government from father and mother and brothers and sisters.Show me my uncles and aunts in this continent and travel in space.My cousins be more closer to me next time aa a family that I travel to them to eat food and meals and have good times with them,usual vacations.They come to me in historic area.But Princess Armada will want her privacy but will take her cousins to visit and meet Nana from Earth Class Sol System Fiji and Ontario.And our cats as part family.Family visit and we ready our home for them.Learn family rules and by phone my children call their cousins more attractive women and cousin brothers.And cousins need to stay to their part world and socialize.They have temporary time for us that is why our family provides for family socializing.Lots of Princess Armadas.In my early part of my life my famliy and father will be important to explain how I was reborn.And this moment to my mother was glorious.Abigail is reborn to her race and father.My older brothers and sisters were waiting and I came to our home planet and was checked in government for them to pick me up from hospital as grown up but young Queen Armada.Family support.Family support for my continent's name.Tested for me to go to places on my own.Then my support is Princess Armada.Then we visit our relatives.Schooling and Princess Armada's cousins other attractive women.And to know the peope from my connections to my classes.Knowing others of the historic city area.And from all ends of our continent and its islands.From government we got along and it was safely tested and arranged to work.Use of lounges in libraries.And to see relatives at the lounges and outside facilities.Appearances.Appearance in schools for me and Princess Armada.We have oened options to go to my relatives.And they come to my city.And their work during the day.We all get along as a family.We all have bright spirits.And from my family their will be stages of reconfigurated family from tens thousands years passing by.And family in military.Zarconian.I have built up family defenses.We supply enough family for an adult space Khan family.Plenty of use of family.And to utilize our attractions and in the continent.Sports.New planet is more healthier outings for myself and its much more easier to go very far to woods which is developed and all parts continent.Outdoors and spend my life more out.Devices to take with me for tv and media outside,computers.Many more places and centers and you get to sit in comfort chair and go through your device for hours and switch places.Much more easier to get outdoors from concept continent.Defenses everywhere that they have on routes.You can go to places that are not home and far from home and feel comfy,spend many hours there,part day and come back on route fast and look out window scenery.Don't have to worry about locks as ID works.Security is everywhere and no worries.I need phases like exploratory of my continent to explore and get used to things and my powers.Basing myself at my estate and I have picked to live in historic city.Weather being fall like and partially cold and gets temperatures like spring.I get used to where I live and have a brand new people.They know about me living in ON North America earth class Sol System and made ID and papers and explain what that life was.They took over the earth to own things as their belongings as its their colony,Zarconian from internet.I will be carrying on in family from earth class Sol System ON North America.We all as a family and some did not pass tests to make it in afterlife.We are a switched around family and Nana is still my Nana and Nana to my children.New family members of course added to star in life like Princess Armadas.They will have a cast from 18th Century in our ancestory of Nana in white race muslims.Translated as a family to Transformer Gobot Pretender Combiner white race alien muslims.We won't be like this and will be a super version of us handling responibilities from creator as life.I was reborn.New Zarconian members of family to get to know from ends of Transformer Gobot universe.We all are different Transformer Gobots.I am Pretender people Combiner Gobot.From failure and we got the chance which was in us activated as new form AI.We don't have weakness of tiring.And they will treat us better than government.I have rank in society.Confidence and security in next life with open doors.The way this government will treat me having every opportunity open to me.They treat me better than elders.Fast and efficient service.My income will be confident as places I stay and live at will have large structure and I will be part of space Khan familly for security.I will go and buy our estate and build our home in historic area city.People from my title and my ID and who I am will say that I have financial power and excellent credit.They will investigate me and find excellent reecord.They will have the code to serve me and system where they get paid.Financial security.Financial power.People that serves me for who I am and what race.My children will be same and better for promise and prosperity,success as they will be born from this continent in each city at our dwellings we have many in each climate zone and time zone.Each pole.I will have high stature.Hiigh rank next time from my jobs.And for how we make interest as money.Jobs at home.Expertise in other areas that are in full use here.They look to me as a larger role and militarily me expertise in Allies as enemy.Break them apart to Galactica and British and Galactic Empire.And vs UFP and deplomacy.I have these vast skills in each part of navy and it will go into service once I have grown up at government level.My skills are in demand here as a huge figure I am in demand in Pretenders Combiner Gobot Universe.They need a leader figure that is their royalty.They get commands and are direacted as government by me.My jobs in samaritan or to do justice is important against my enemies.To have my home turf against them.Backing of a people.Use my powers and powers I will use as I grow with this faction.Grow in their system and my quailites to be in use not hidden.All of qualities I had and I am not a direct war expert.I am more to do with society and my powers have to do with society.To do things calmy and mild mannered at my own pace in no rush.I build up per decade.No distractions.Very sensitive to destractions and any other way of interference.I go out to set my goals and get them accomplished.And to not let loose me doing war because I can do alot of damage.Not break out of character.I am no good in a martyr situation is over as I want understanding people.Not to be different which I am not and that opposite dimension good guy as bad guys from many dimensions.And other dimensions effecting my body and nervous system for my activated powers.Insult of being singled out brought me to my rightful people that have a bad nature in us but are good guys.How we don't forget small things from North America ON Earth Class Sol system.Ruining my composure.Threaten them entire universe.As Queen that is expert in wars for them and to prepare them vs British.We will take on who is outside our galaxy and teach them approaches to situations and to cure their own situations like to adopt ON North America Europe 20th Century technology and manpower,get used to things.Solved part of that that we are going to use vs British and UFP.Reduce the people on earth from pestering Queen Armada.My qualities are for direction and my warship gets the job done vs giant situations.And my new family.They are to visit to know me.So I have made my structure more solid with daily life.I am after staying at home to eduaction myself.Learn military eduacation is space and on empires in space.I really need my mind clearified about who I knew on ON North America earth class Sol System.Who is the Borg and Haydonites.And when did they begin and their relations.Reports gathered by investigators.Now them and study them.Learn of their history and relations in space.So I'll be talking real about REF.Learn where our border is and our wars and boundries.Learn where earth class Sol system is to our galaxy.Learn the galaxies and or loyalties.Know how the enemy does warfare and what they weapons they use.Their society.Learn secrets from this planet from cartoons.Learn my pastlives and their empires they lived on.Map out the wars in space.Get my priorities set in enemies.Learn space wars and history space.Learn about their navies.I am making my own money from space interest.Translating into my own credit money.No longer from government.After I inherit a corporation from family.They do everything to maintain things and supply for me to grow up from being reborn Queen Armada.After eduaction Princess Armada must be born in consective order as they are waiting as souls.She is to be a new person born Princess as rank in society born from this continent..Place I started out as like reborn and born.I started out with a place with all of my stuff and to start work on Zarconian from internet from Earth Class Sol system ON.I have my life established and routines.And my huge amount of credit money.I am starting of postition as Queen in government.So I have to supplied like a Queen but is a transwoman Queen.I then use my money to make a corporation from Zarconian.In my life in my continent adjustment stage and then working in my corporation after education and using my mainframes robot vehicle mode and my space agent training complete.Princess Armadas all born complete and are educated.Controling my things from earth class and Antarctica Greenland.Gotten into corporation in our continent and trained herself to help me as space agent.Go to our jobs.After centuries as working and made money and explored things we turn military next century from our lives as we live 25 000 yrs existence.Not humans or people we're Pretenders,more to being combiners.I will have access to my powers t be more than martial.Activation running on that as existence.My blood AI.I will have changed to alloy and transformed permanently.My powers done and new symbol on my uniform mixing GAH,Transformers and Gobots.I will change from person size to vehicle robot mecha size.Retain going back from my military appearance to person Queen Armada who will be a space agent as her job from Feroz.Lastname Khan a space name.My face mask is for decision making.Its when I'm an executioner it makes me decisive.I have alter part of my personality that requires me to lower my mask for judgement.It can protect me in war.It gives me power to be a jury and judge.Then I can make laws when like that.I can lower it to improvise myself as transformation and in

Star Armada's powers

space.Combat.I have my face to hide when I've changed.Its part of my race in afterlife.When we are authoratative we have lower our masks of metal.We all have types of masks.Princess Armadas mask looks like a her face but is plate.She uses it to be decisive and to come to one agreement.One judgement clear thinking.It makes our processor work on another mode.Its authoratative.Yes I am authoratative in future.My soul and angel is authoratative.In space for fighting heavy duty.Transformation as its part of our Transformer Gobot Pretenders transformation.Its when we change as people for armour mode.Improvise on being more a machine.We have plates.Rocket boosters as this is our magic power in futuristic technology.Transform to our mode and gives us properties.Our powers for flight,imortal and armour,weapons,all systems.Computer system and modes.Verniers.Antigravity systems.Barrier.Cyber abilities,electromechanical mode.For heavy duty combat mode.Transform.Boots have verniers ends.I'll have all my identification done and government.Support,arrangments like medical and government backup to me on duty and on missions.From the law and hospitals for AI.Military.People see me using my powers they are not alarmed from government instructing them to stay ouf of investigator's way unless she needs help emergency,get to government.Rangers for wilderness.To take Zarconian wiki and make them real in government of this universe.Spread them proper places in Transformer Gobot Universe for their destinies.Now I'll have everything of Queen in government powers.I'll have starting wealth and all chances open to me to grow them from Zarconian into corporations.Have all passes ID to every world in our alliances.For me to grow them as empire.And in fate my home estate in historic Metropolises city.It will have futuristic upgrades inside and technology and be from 17th Century in appearance and design.Me to go out and use my powers.Make arrangements on my military mainframes vehicle robot form.Used it early in missions.Get used to it in practice.I won't be needing it for century til I join the military.I have to do things like a good samaritan in jobs to and missions to render grasp of crime useless on my continent.Use my powers to stop and reduce crime and fight UFP.Gobot powers like blasters.My hands and arms blasters fire.Princess Armada's blasters as people mode.Blasters in all modes.Famous Gobot blasters.And my sciences.Physics.Railgun and Lorentz theory.More physics and Princess Armada.And for Princess Armada to born and help me in on this.Our jobs.My job is to control the corporations to do with Zarconian and its development and support from my continent and our stock market.Using my power.They all are merged leader GAH.Reborn with my powers free is they natural way I am to live unoppressed.Body to show its powers that I gained and power that has me higher than mortals for purpose and very important reasons in universe counting on me and my family.These powers are the way I am and bring out my real looks.Not caged and trapped in a body that failured me.Give me my confidence and grow at the rates I am supposed to in training with what was natural to me.Now time has passed and I change to be next in line for GAH but to have it permanently.It will round off my skills and attributes and is perfect with my other powers as one.Then I can do my duties and responsibilities at a greater level and get used to elements and new world that is old.Flight and hights,where its dangerous,shores and to go underwater,in space and to jump of buildings to land on the ground as a jump.Dangerous terrain and weather,climate to extreme.Go to places like this and my powers counter dangers as it has safe guards for me to explore things in this type of world and perspective.Of having dream as reality.Important to me being my real self.New way of treking into city using my powers to get there and dangers are of to none.Now I'll have defenses.Defenses vs sewage and waste for military missions will take to such places.Water will be unclean.My powers can keep this out my body.Our empire depends on this and fighiting the enemy to catch up on them.Catch on them with my powers from lack of information they did.Now powers work and tranformation shift around my face and body to an alien race I keep showing drawing is me.I have to carry out the plan by myself to time travel.No copies or clones.Precise me.The good guy Feroz.I have help from Princess Armada.I can do it all alone.I want a people not copy of me.Same race and people.My new people.I always carryout things once I have power.Then I protect myself.I will think million times more faster.In the name of Allah I want a giant cut on things meaning powers,rank,power,ruler,to be in the afterlife with my powers done,that is why I made 100percent of this is to have this as my destiny.We live far away to a race that is very understanding of my powers and all arranged that when I use them the government instructs public not to phone or report about what they have seen or to change things.So when I use my powers on highways they don't change their driving and get interupted.As a society they keep it a military secret.They know Queen Armada and Princess Armadas are going out into action.They were instructed this from GAH combined with Transformers Gobot Pretenders system.These people will be setup to be more understanding and have their land catered with reinforced structures unlike earth class in movies.Prepared and ready in case of emergency to go to our aid.I am chipping in my powers to help my world to be rid of their enemies and to see what I can reverse that is wrong.They are a trouble free society and peaceful so accidents and disasters do not happen to such responsible people.Setup prepared for emergency.And to add me to this gas giant of a planet with a hard core of giant land that is 15 times the earth.Not too large for land travel and my continent is as large as North to South on earth.Gas giant planet is Eurasia in orbit.And Princess Armada will merger into the pictures of her and make it real inside me soul.That is the ones I want in chronilogical order.She as I understand can't interfere and help this site but she must take what I came up with.That is her fate real.I will be reincarnated but properly and have things as interpreted by my soul upgrades to a new alien race.Soul and character of Feroz is alive and much more replenished from processes.Alive of course as pattern in my life to live in afterlife.We need to be born with natural no time limit permanent Astro beam for our mainframe vehicle robot bodies.Then from a base of ours they can be transported to merger in transformation from people mode.It would help if the mainframes were in our Creator System and bases.Subconscious state meaning other half is away fully.Never have it captured either in enemy hands.Creator system then has a free hand to get involved as this is alert.Remain on the base in our government.Two pairs of us with powers.We in present Earth class Sol System North America ON and Princess Armada Atlantis Earther.Our beginning cast.Ourselves from future with more advancments and much more power and many more of my daughters like my genious Amelia.From Greenland and Antarctica as their base to take care of Feroz and Princess Armada Earther.Our stuff is not as powerful as theirs and they take control because they have bigger adaptations and powers.She has blasters.They figured out GAH powers and book and added my ones from science.Enemy will try to figure out how the government injects me with drugs or anti-dotes and want my powers to lower down as a captive so they can do things destructive.Make me except injections but by enemies.Play with my thoughts if I am knocked out to obey command.My will power.My powers defenses for war.Music.Breath space and water.Even odds as help to us to conduct a war is coming from the future.State of the Art in alien technology and manpower.From Allah's system coming from future advantage on earth class Sol System North America ON.Heroic.Powers safe guards and defenses vs all of these.Our captures in war and we have our powers to make it very short.Distress and co-ordinants to our warships to take action.Covert ops mode.Use our powers to break free.Whoever of my family is captured militarily that she has her powers and is not unconscious.To make a copy{double} or spy,infiltrator.Extract genetics.Violate body.Put filth on her and in her body.Damage her badly,not in great shape.Findout secrets from brainstorming.To research us and try to end our powers.Call it a cure but its destructive on all that effort.Enemy research and to study our bodies.Tests and findout how our powers work.Counter our powers neutralize.Mutilate.Put sewage to enter our body and mouth.Mix sewage chemical that burns,cannot burn.Findout weaknesses to throwing waste on us or any other.Put a bomb or plague in her,computer virus.Listening devices,beacons.Human sacrifice,To use part warfare from their society demon problems in military.Executions.Parasitic invasion.Invade their body.Carrier.Human shield,ransom prisoner,barter.trap.inprisonment capture,alienation to get lost in their empire or traded off,slavery.Change of appearance altering.Kidnapping.Capture technology.Enemy tortures and disrespect to Creator and done by Allah and his commands to defy Space Islam.Our Creator System responds instantaneously.Know with their supernatural powers.They have a free hand in this world now.Being beautiful women shemales the enemy will approach them disrespectfully.Get Princess Armada's powers up.Let her with her bugs on her and listening through her senses and team work by bases of our government and Creator System.Lack of knowledge of her and her importance.Can't be singled out and targeted.Enemy preparations for operations.laser proof ceramics enforce alloy prevent escape.Prisons and bio facilities.Stealth jammers,cloaking device on planets.Far away colonies take warp to get to,interdimensional transport and transporters.Military intelligence before hand work.Setup.Enemy will try to assassinate her life.Her mainframe body robot vehicle for more firepower and larger robot powers.Escape full speed light speed to our territory.Responsible and able to handle powers all active and to hae high ranks.Continent is very understanding towards our gender.They have things catered to us and attractive shemale adult life and jobs.We're going to atmosphere that is appreciated adult.Government and to be Queens responsbilities.Military space.Complications will be easy to handle.Al of my ratings boosted to hundered thousand more times and even in millions.To discard and worn body for future and family.Better reproduction and controlled.Better leader and to do with jobs.Better immune and health systems.Renewed of all problems in life ride of all trouble getting in my way present.Comeback and redo things for the present back 80's and this is on my conscience.Come back and beat things readied for me from afterlife.Feroz will ace these accomplishements and tests.My age group charateristics.Traits were carried on for my younger generation that does childish like things.They are very serious and carried on by me.I don't outgrown them.Toys and games to my sex habits.I will get things from them like Princess Armadas.I have my personality and ranking.All come real afterlife.My interests and expertise.My favourite foods,Italian and chocolate.I am housecat god mother's and Thylacine God father's Khan.Actions and new defenses.Sports likes,cross country.Music.My skills guitar,keyboards backing vocals.Military and when we go to place or use things on our network we get priority as military next time.We then can get to the parts isolated and only for special privilages.We in afterlife get special privilages and our arrangements.Our cards and living standard are at the highest like we deserve and we are at that level and more.We in eduaction and from our govenrment,lodging to visit places to absorb.Quality of food.Our clothes and appearance.Health and services.In an new upgraded world.Travel and our cycle,vehicles.Belongings.Security to our home and belongings.Security for ourselves.Visitors.Get into restaurants and libraries up high rises.Place sealed off to public,government mall in high rises.Government areas open to Khan.Maintain our vehicles and house.Go hunting for food the deals.Maintain my power and protect it.Princess Armada's powers.And we all with ease from earning things will make it no questions asked.Expectation of this continent.Our family friends.Type fo friend I get along with that I will keep.We will keep our friends even when we outgrow them as that is my job.We don't go to cripple.Filtered out for public safety does not spread.We have friends and from our government jobs can keep in touch with them.  .Tic by decades not even afterlife.Something in my life.They were great times but next time they will be with the great Queen Armada and Princess Armada.Our friends part of our gang that hang that did really well in society.From old days like library and Mall,Space dock,eduaction,classes.Being of more interaction to spoil isolationist concept from tribe.We have some isolation and solitude.Family clans.Connections.Go out and explore and utilize our continent.And from skills.Sports.Play music.Antarctica and Greenland.Instance circumstance.Travel around a complicated civilization to get around.Its meant for my active power.And Princess Armada born power to get around.It is easy for us as we are born to this continent.Utilize the continent and travel.Getting around and its history.Regions and to go to the planet orbiting,Eurasia and to be in space in our territories.Daily life and routines.Religion.Learning.My inner self revealed and not encased with alot of confidence revealed not trapped.Talk complicated.And space white coded language.Converse.Place that repairs and relaxes me as my home continent.All parts continent my home and friendly.Anywhere and all types of climates.Not harsh.This has been beaten and distance to travel to home.My chest.No worries.Factors help to combat worries.I did not have that.Counter these things at a higher level.Vibrant feeling of being alive from my body being renewed and changed.No grave.Souls is alive and regenerated.Cause to much commosion and confusion.Direct plan.I am the Queen.I got these powers to time travel.It was my disability to protect myself.I got the component powers and I am of condition and solved my mental illness no more weakness.The caretaker Angels got the cure from alien planet.I had my brain washed in creator with chemical and newborn mind.I don't need impairment in such a job.Born clear mind.That way panic ends.The plan needs normal mind and in afterlives dies and decays no more in the next soul.But in Transformers Gobot Universe Caretaker Angels to use their creator powers to cure my mind totally.My job and continent.Their world they can use power on the body as changed to machine.Tactics,training and setbacks.Good temporary to be on the shelf.I'll have a systeem of government backing and structure forever.What ever actions we do as all together as alliances.Weakness is some sort of narcotics smoke-mood and emotions.Gas it robs us of our powers.Enemy will have narcotics grown everywhere.Water can counter smoke.Filters it out.Regain our power.God wants us to drop and have no power as a human,locks out of dreamworld can't see myself as Queen Armada my souls face.Short of money and I am doing it low income.Low defenses.Inland away from water.Desert.I am allergic to a flower.Which one?Either than that it has no weaknesses.Maybe demon world for GAH.It won't have weaknesses.Its a factor.Drug.Cogentin.Anti-psychotic drug side effects Hell{death},Cure many tablets of tranquilizer.Flourishes in cold window open for nature to be injested and water vapours.Powers merger into shower.As a cat,milk.Radio stations and rock,metal,thrash.Jolted lightly by electricity.Process.Sleep.Drink coffee lose sleep recharging.Eat sausage,pepperoni,bacon label spam product.Drug affects sleep to fly,my power.Mood.No parents.Walks to library,coffee.To do a workout baseball and ball hockey,play games.Being treated famous.Movie theater.Near American side,batter defenses.Baseball from my father and his team.American holidays taking place.Drink.Sleep basement with windows,near bodies of water.Vitamins,mineral tablets,injest my gender hormones tablets.Live in area of witches attractive women create my world.Ones that respond to me and tell me from my past they care about me naturally and comply to my rules.I do not have relations with these women as when my friends had me learn quit alot about them.They have me at the bottom in importance,to geeks.I won't act white.They are a criminal towards me and a threat.They are part of crime.They go out with thousands of men to do with crime.Low mentality.They have problems with the law.I report on them.I have them arrested especially how they approach me and need Queen Armada Galactic.Huge difference.I changed and added being mean.I am a good guy but mean.I have a bad streak in me.And when I act good and its thrown out.Users and British,to do war on me.British will go to someone in disaster at their lowest.Comes out as the enemy side.My habits are to chase such trouble away.Waste out money.Breach my defenses,to low income.Once in while,dangerous,to go to agreeable graveyard for walk.Quran gives me powers and its powers.To air Princess Armada's soul on PC.My own world and its system and powers.But having alot of energy and my purpose is to conduct Samaritan and more jobs.I want that for sure to do good and learn my government.My personality and high society.To live but beaten illness.Brilliant me.This disease is from some alien planet.Cure is some sort of mineral and plant.Wow to think straight and perfect.Thinkout things.Feroz is responsible figure.She is the great Queen Ruler.And she is me in afterlife.Extract internet and Zarconian wiki.Use this make it real.Now my body has been made renewed and reincarnated.Brand new to start as Queen Armada.Soul now looks like me.My powers are tested out as transformations.Change to person to vehicle and for Naval person size.Deal with all of Zarconian and born them,military technology and being robots born in various parts of Tranformer Gobot Unverse.New class warships for my part of Transformers Gobot universe.For man Creator system to make each of the male robot mechas and Parkbots.Make Edward and have him live in his galaxy and solar system and all othem grow up and learn get to be veteran to form Zarconian after they know everything.Many joined military at their own rates to meet Leader 1 of another dimension bad guy and Scooter.Met Fire Optimus Prime.Dinobots.And to create Cybertron Inbit Regime Invid Space Army all proper with a cast of Zarconians.Extract all Zarconian souls as their fate as the Gobot Transformers.Assemble them all for proper Jihad of Universes.All extracted and given life.Everything done,Queen Armada is done and reborn.Their lives written and interference by Creator system to make things evened up against evil and Allah.Justice and blessings planned.All assembled and everything proper.Written by the Universe in Allah's world.Centauri Prime and Insectibots vehicles.Making new crew members and endos.Alliances to merger Haydonites,Invid,Borg,Dark Star Empire Terminators,Comet Empire,Uzbek Gamilons Galmans all proper Zarconian military sections and their empires no more,mergered and assimulated.Properties each offer elements and resources.Important factors we need,in Borg Star Trek technology,Comet Empire and Galman Gamilon Star Blazers Wave motion technology,Dark Star Empire Terminator technology,Invid Inbit advancements upgrades to our insect mecha robots,Added manpower onces assimulated mergered changed to Zarconian.Comet Empire secrets to building Antarctica and Greenland as like "White Comet Gatlantis.Base.Solve secrets and upgrade us vs an enemy that is ahead upper hand and free hand in Universe with government technology.Comet Empire can be mergered to upgrade Japanese Empire.Compatibility.Learning new alien technology.Making alliances.We have same directives but theirs changed with Islam in it.They were defeated by Allies and British led forces in history.We have things in common.Realistically after their defeat they were punished.To avoid these punishments and persecutions from experience.Counter and add their expertise and add their history.Age.That day telling them a speach of takeover and being Zarconian.Rankings.New hybrid war technology.Add laser firearms and army.Add to military categories.And I can take away their mistakes and religion.Erase blunders to Allies.Insult and disgrace.Humiliation and being degraded.Bring honor and new beginnings as Zarconian.I need time in my universe to catch up militarily at my own pace.Sort things out properly.Our universe need punch like Zarconian in them.They need a Regime to counter these pretences wrong.Path led them to be Ally.That is not how to win.We're not done with Zarconian.Earth class military technology needs space upgrades in alien technology.From history on earth class North America and world.20th Century and WW1,WW2.Invid and Cybertron Inbit Gobotron.And new born Queen Invidia and Mothman Regent Cpt.From Zarconian wiki and Zarco Macross wiki and made real from pictures and data,story.Our secret weapons at CBC Digital Archives,CBC Technology and Science.I have been sending my inventions so they would not be captured.To ITE Dublin.Since 1998.2000's new ideas.Our warships have many type of shock cannons and wave motion guns.New munitions.Engines.Gases.Technology.CW.Space Atomic bomb,missile and Space Nuclear bomb,missile.Record time capsule archives data record files.Anti Superweapons and fields.National Solar System Guard. It was great the way I wanted it that
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Feroz Khan Transformer

KusoCartoon 13865398108365

Feroz Khan Gobot

KusoCartoon 13865396942954

Feroz Khan GAH

she knew everything inside out and knew her sisters inside out and went to part of a century in parts,learning early years use of cities and continent government.All have very important purposes attributes levels.I need someone to fall back on beautiful like me but like male and very strong and strong hearted.Leader.And that is what my children are are more advanced than me.Protected in souls and when they protected themselves and protected me.All our enemies she knows how to approach them.We had nothing on earth Ontario. We are outgoing and your European grownup is ignorant.We are daredevil{skaters}and metallers as old people.In my life my friends I never met well but sent in a very cold message as they are white people.They wanted me to get used being alone on the sidewalk.They took off from me and showed that it was uncomfortable to hang with them.They had decided to get into gangs at higher level and did not have me talk them out of it.They had decided to go higher in bars and gangs and higher.That kind of life was trouble for a simple person of Tribal Pacific Muslims background.Too dangerous and very irrational.This was fun for them to party.And from peers was alienation of University and all unpopular friends were in University and changed to parents.They were work force and offered parts of world and US.So all of us as a school broke up in many ways.I was to take my loney sidewalk route to travel to Halton Region and to Durham Region     .I am living on an alien world in another dimension as Jihad is destructive to me.I want to live tranquil way of life like in my afterlife.Very far away from UFP and modern civilization as it provokes me to standoff.Not tolerated by my creator system.Guarded by living very far from whiteman.To the point I am popular and live at highest level government to come down on government.This my character is not to be broken.Being peaceful at my job as Space Investigator.And my life for centuries and tens of thousands of years.UN would provoke me to use the GAH as defensive.It has powers to neutralize all of their actions.Me traveling through space and fighting with warships.Planet as adversary.When I am prepared and to confront any situation my enemy puts upfront.Suit and many of my powers meant for that and being my job activates them.Operation I don't do alone any more.Standoff but that is not my planet.I won't ever see earth class miserable memories again.I have damned them.I should not have to put up with that at all.Animal like.I was taken to by these people at my best.That is the way I am regarded in high honors.High class.Full support of many worlds.Anything Allah does is countered by the Suit he crafted as a MasterSmith.He made the GAH suit to counter his bad nature.Help me to adapt and to his nightmare situations and emergencies he can cause.My power in my soul.Make me outthink the enemy.That is very far a journey by foot for a life and even boring or on my own.Pass by every decade and to stay young.Life.Very cold and no emotion.They were getting harder to talk to and conversation and not as loyal any more.And many were preparing for talk and to talk for hours white.This take them to jobs.And the long sidewalk route to my magic powers for isolationist to journey full speed over sidewalk and roads to fly.Flying and my imortal powers.Robot and military and GAH and dreamworld powers.They are permanent powers.Ones I have accumulated and changed my life.They in time coincided with me.They became my power.Of many powers.Their just dormant.Martial.Fly instead of travel by car or transportation.To know my way around country roads.My power has defenses for dangers and military threats.Adapted to outer space.Flying around civilization as daily routine to get to know things with creator made bodily defenses.Powers and responsbilities and high rank than me now.Able for government and further.My psychic powers and defenses for travel.Things watching as I pass by full speed and change hight from upright full speed standing to flying above road at high velocity.Passing by town after town.Natural and hazards and people dangers.Accidents.Cryptozoology and paranormal,crime and military.Mobs.Natural phenomena's.Other than that by myselft to come out of high velocity.Standing and walking to investigate and then build up high velocity up and off in flight.My form of travel and to cope with life and in space.Dangers.Eliminate crime and opponents.We are a continent of youthful,lego and video games.I need to repair social structure and to do with academics.I need lots of energy to spare from my powers like GAH and dreamworld powers for academics and night classes at midnight.Study and learn about my powers.Dreamworld,death,UFO,Super 8,Diamond Curse,Great Lakes Triangle,GAH.Positions.To get into computer world and its secrets and to use my power to learn and ace computers.And to time travel and use Greenland about computers back 1980's.To get into my video games and arcade games and game cheater as a power.Go through in PS and PS3 games parts that are locked off and blocked off sealed.Get into those parts finish game on no saves.Ace on scoreboards in 2000's.To be on the leaderboards.Video game systems and achieving highest in its history.Use my power to game cheat with the controls and zap charge.Ace all of the video games and secret parts and sealed off parts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           'Graphics and computer software.And of course to technician them and modify them.Opening them up with modifications.PC and video game modification.And to make everything Zarconian into cartoons and movies,tv show wtih many seasons.I will use my powers and power to draw my images to cartoons.And to get the movie done "Queen Armada".I can fly around and take pictures and do film.Cartoons I can draw military devices and components and robot AC Units.I will have understood all of alien technology and can go out and re-draw my pictures but real.And ready them for cartoons.Make computer generated cartoons.Do each character.And to get support from my continent in workers for such productions.Image of Queen Armada but made for my safety from computer image projected by me.To do all characters and get the bad guys.Our opponents.Many tricks in cartooning.And the one ready for Zarconian.Zarconian wiki will be extracted to its new home on the poles island continent.It will be upgraded to realistic and part of space.It will be taken care of and grown by Queen Aramanda.It will have realistic holograms and live cartoons.It will have space media done to it and maps will change real maps and motion.The site will be electrifying.It will be space upgraded.Talking and loads of media and the ships will look more real part of space.Real holographic blue prints and animation.Each of my daughters will do their pictures that talk and move.Animal Parkbots will be like a museum and full of holograms from them.Going to have 3 d projections and talking.Part space world.I will when grown older have extracted it and done more to it with workers.Animate and put to life characters.Have this internet in deep space.Extracted now not just that night.Using techniques on my "paint".Put them to life and see them 3d.All pictures done 3d in many stages to ready them.My drawing will be precise and better than computer.It can do the techniques.And for me to improve the story to a book,novels.Break up each part and to have every single part done bring alive wiki.Bring it alive in animations.Make many more proper pages.All done professionally by me.Using simple techniques and taking off from there.But I can do it easily afterlife.From cards our positions are not the same as just a Queen.Princess Armada's positions.To study in books on our positions.Princess Armada's position and what in history they did.My position which is part bishop.I can play defenseman in hockey and soccer.I with my powers and GAH can play and make it professional.Offensive defensive minded defenseman.In soccer as in hockey to go on in and score and wreckup plays.I'll have that extra strength and to protect against injuries.Extra power and speed.My shot can curve into the net.Setup plays.Stickcheck and breakaways and setting myself on breakaways.My skill to make it boost of my power and I am a professional All-star.I had all the talent as Queen Armada.changed in a room afar from guys.Memorize plays and patterns.Playbook.Checking and playing overpowering bigger guys and many.Being president,coach and GM and to build a champion my way.Using playbook system.I have the talent.I also in my afterlife developed my appearance on my jinn.I look like reconfigurated jinn.My outer body and soul is a powerful people.Alien looks jinn.Eyes are jinn like.Immortality and everything that goes with Queen Armada..Difference from past is I am using past in being jinn.Person but jinn.Jinn will carry on as a witch and Queen.But under category jinn for complection.Smarts and habits like drinking.But to release and lok like Feroz in future all full of energy.None of the slave body.Appearance.Personality.This jinn will have purity and pure soul everything disolved and burned,melted stowaway.More energy than body acids.And I'll retain side effects as power.Make gas.Energy will reformed by Transformer Gobot Universe and creator of each power united for moment for jinn Feroz and to make pure Queen Armada as my picture.That for all its qualities to fulfull everything and my name character led to that as a jinn.My character for being cool and precise better than females and faster smarter but to carry it through as action.I'm in a process of getting rid of the present or old.Make way new as alien jinn witch transexual is a cut on huge basis of mine written and reserved for me.This life was to order up powers like GAH and UFO,death,dreamworld and even Transformers Gobots.My planet a perfect environment for me.Not that it has some Samaritan in it.To go up the ladder from my position.Postion does magic power.Princess Armadas position does powers.We have telepathic powers.Position in our continent.Souls were born with positions.Then they made their way to life and aliens.From angels positions to cards.Then military positions.Government.And for acting.Archives and books on them and what to take for them.Chemicals and vitamins.They will have all books on my powers and at the Federal Space Agents to give me classes and sessions about my powers.Solve problems from scientific study of landforms with the suit to give me answers of my belief in creator.Guard against supernatural.Study of the civilization answers are in my home towns and pastlife architecture and conduct many studies of nature and landforms.Give me answers to creator's envolvement.Study angel he distrought.He did this to Satan.I guess learning languages from other nations like in my past using Greenland and Antarctica to visit and learn what they are saying real.Japanese.I learn what they are saying.Then its more on the field work.Go into caves.Get minerals and study under the ocean.Study Antarctica and ice freezing preserve form prehistoric and connection to oceans.Go out into the woods and find big cats and pet them.Get close to them.GAH will add to my powers in defenses vs big cats.Protect me in case they attack.And to get to the far away places big cats live.Get to know the big cats more.But them will smell its me and no cannibals that eat other predators.Traveling to earth class to see more big cats and even tigers.Clouded leopards and jaguars.Snow leopards.They won't harm me with my powers and I can get close to them and visit them.I am part of their family from Sumner.And I use some of my Dad.Time travel go to see thylacines.In space Marsupial big cats.I go out to visit them and stay with them for a while.Native cats.To save them from hunters use a code and for me to interfere.Cannibal can be removed from them therapy.Its a problem not solved by game hunters.Their own family will solve matter me with the GAH suits powers.Make them more muslim with youtube Azan.Gain me access.Study from afar many dangers like Devil Ape of Galactica and neighbouring woods galaxy.Dangers like Cacharadon megaladon.And my inherited power thylacine god and house cat god powers from ancestory.Modes and images and thinking.Past archives in my dna.Search my dna and blood.Microscope world to get real answers.And to see account to add to space archives yes UPF uses wide space archives.Activate my blood to give me like info chips.We have to do tests and study to why and who is what and what factions.Relations them all together on chart.Help me with the eduaction and sciences of daily life.Study life. And my life and world.Ancestors and talk to Nana.See back then Steve Trachsion and my Mom Collie of Germany.To get an entire real story of each island.And their continent relations.And our encounters with anyone creator or angel in disguise.What role they all play for all answers in my backyard and home.We ain't going anywhere but established at home to get this important part done.Music.Metal.Answer what lyrics is about study from a book.And military pastlife on alien worlds.And their connection with Canada 20th Century and ON.The Archaepelago government to help me out with my powers and have public not panic from me using my powers.Government in afterlife for Feroz.They from Feroz's Queen Armada's job as Federal Space Agent.Backing and support.How to use them in combat and in accidents,disasters and supernatural,sciences.To go out on the field in science  .Cryptozoology.Archeaology,Animals and wildlife.Cacharadon Megaladon and many of them.History.And some reading and internet from Antactica and Greenland and our territories in North America.Study and apply and from Princess Armada's.Uses including for the government and private off duty.Learning my powers and how to use them and their secrets.My mind.Era where its used for daily life.Large part life being years where I am not in service but as a Samaritan.I will use my powers but not as government even though if I have a case in my civilian years I can report it.Civiian part government a Samaritan Positions in religion and history.

Good SamaritanEdit


Someone who helps another in need for compassionate motives and with no thought of reward.


This expression derives from the Biblical parable, Luke 10:30/33 (Miles Coverdale's Version, 1535):

10:30 Then answered Iesus, and sayde: A certayne man wente downe from Ierusalem vnto Iericho, and fell amonge murthurers, which stryped him out of his clothes, and wounded him, and wente their waye, and left him half deed. 10:31 And by chauce there came downe a prest the same waye: and whan he sawe him, he passed by. 10:32 And likewyse a Leuite, wha he came nye vnto the same place and sawe him, he passed by. 10:33 But a Samaritane was goynge his iourney, and came that waye, and whan he sawe him, he had compassion vpon him,

The figurative use of the term began in the 17th century. In 1649, Peter Chamberlen published a book titled The Poore Mans Advocate, or, Englands Samaritan.Aging for us as a family we won't age much from our generation which is more like a teen but grows up.Cool fits into what we are.We would have been a century and wise and youthful but has not absorbed the ones before me ancestors.Metabolic rate is high for my generation.We take to things as before teen.As grown ups.We don't grow out of it.Princess Armada will be adding somethng serious.But she will fall back to my structure.Century with powers active.Maybe as Zarconian grows and becomes economy and I have grown up mergered after century.We get old without any accidents or military tragedy to many 100 000 yrs as Tranformer Gobots.Our cells get recharged.AI we absorb those pass by and go.Marriage licences to Feroz's experience that is the wait.Worth it than my old present era days.I need adult in my life.Play lego but grown up adult socializing.Phases but at a greater level.I can use the power to go hunting for alien deer and other planteaters.My budget would go down and I would start eating natural meats.Go hunting.And when I have Princess Armadas can help me go hunting.As a family.Faster to do the butching job on deer after we used hunting weapons on it.My strength to pull carcass to trailer.And have it butchered to fill my freezer.Types of wild poultry and fishing.Get out to the areas not crowded by hunters.Guitar playing for complication and learn from 70's and 80's.Learn era Metal and rock and have power makes me closer to North America 2000's.Learn and play secrets.Chords and read music and play it on a guitar,backing vocals better than a professional.And to make album.Use channels and wikis.To come up with sound and to have memorized teachings about metal and thrash guitar.Many techniques and musics.Play better than soul.I would have the power to push me to do it memorized techniques.I have the power but its from doing cover tunes.To do each of my favourite bands.And techniques using lower fingers for a sound.                                                                                              Teacher secrets music book.What sound each on the music scale demands.Each string and chord in metal and rock.Language in alien decipher.My favourite albums collections.Radio stations and people professionals.I can see a note over many chords and refer to song doing a technique in rock like hammer-on.Blues and country.Secrets many chords to make a song and mystery tabs and chords he is doing.Chord of combinations to make harmony.And to screwdriver and open and improvise my guitar like technician and parts.Order parts.Entire insides guitar and my favourite guitars like double guitar and flying V.Study history of music and each type of guitar and its known proven sounds.Suit can do this show in my mind.I need life classes and school about life concepts for me to know how to have income,eliminated what my government made into fears like graduating and social life.This needs repairing from creators world education.Give me confidence with my
KusoCartoon 13865391924695

Queen Armada Feroz Khan

powers.Princess Armadas take to her instruments as hormonica,keyboards and singing.We use CPU for drums and bass.Program them to my album collection.I can go out transit and subway and travel farther faster and get home in poles continent.I can take on elements outside public.Prepared
KusoCartoon 13865559417641

Queen Armada Lead Guitar

better for public.My power can get me outside with the life outdoors and public with my powers.Gym is a program I can drop in on to do games,tryout other programs going on like weights and to do sports and games.Just as in gym class but they have them as programs .You don't need education to be part of it just a citizen.From the library to the gym.Gym means games of physical activity which is afterschool yrs problem.Get a game going and tryout many sports like volleyball and track and field.Tryout some handball with our favourite multipurpose bounceable rubber ball for games to kick it off the wall.So bouncy and games with it.Gymnastics is going on.Have the climbers out.Practice like in army camp climb the pole over mats,Cross country running.Get better and better and enter races.All sorts of terrains and in Antarctica,Greenland.Terrains in my continent.Spring board over mats,vault and others.Climb the bars up ceiling.Slide down the bench to mats.See things public's perspective safety from night.This GAH can with colaberating with other powers of UFO,death,Super 8 powers,Diamond Curse,dreamworld,Great Lakes Triangle and Transformers Gobots all of them refined out power of Queen Armada's to beat life and repair mine.Immortal powers.Next time.Help me to grow up on this and be part adults world concepts.I want to do semesters in historic area of where I live in afterlife.Then to have passes to schools in other areas.Just for say art since I graduated with elements of my education not a degree or graduation.I want to do it in parts.Go to other areas to be with other teachers allow grownups from historic area as I to go and drop in in class facing large greenbelt and to put my bags down or in my locker and to do work for a semester.Pass into the school for better teachers and classes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Then when I have finished semester at the class and to have spreadout classes in bunches in my continent.Then I can do space eduaction in outer space.Learn about my galaxy and solar sytem so I can travel in space.Learned applied so I can find my way back from galaxies.In the cities I use my powers and GAH to go through the metropolises for quiet night life.Really parts cities have no activity and I go round and from tops buildings,get on to transit and walk around in parks to see things.And I do at as my walks through my cities.I spend my socializing with Princess Armada.I made some friends and family on this continent.I am not really close to anyone except Princess Armada.She gets me to release.Other than that I am doing my patrols and can fly from city to city and make long distance trips.I patrol and use my powers to go up high skyscrapers and have a seat up hights.I use my power to hover down.And get into buildings with parties and activities.I can use my ID pass to get me in.I am more outgoing and can talk white in alien next time.When I am with Princess Armada she does alot to dance with me and to do pole dancing.She does all of that with me and her sisters.She dresses up for parties she arranges.Swimming but adult on own premises and not public.Regulation fence to keep out viewers.Then law will turn on any watchers unwanted.Dwellings camera system and perimeter to pools.And we can buy cabins with pools that is private premises.Its under Rangers laws as premises and gets protected as property.Security.When we pay the cabin is protected by act by government as we are away from it.Security maintains it being locked down and patrol them with robot units and security.At a friends but close friends.Security is brought in when border line is going to be crossed and it does.Groups are separated and have mutual in general area to go to.When out in woods they have centers for partying in woods.Giant lounges inside.And many places have age restrictions.Age groups per area.Area for higher ages to go out and live adult.Place to re-live past and go to lower ages area like when they were part of lower ages.But out in the public eye is party.Going out to public for fun.Pay for private parties and number of guests.I would start a party but not in my home.Its not meant for that as I told Princess Armada.We if I every open up but to waste money?I would not being a muslim.We stay to ourselves but open up as a family.We spend times of going out in our home estate.And she adds goinng out with her sisters and friends at school.She met some and I had a talk with her about friends from school and when you grow up.She knows that you might want them but they are like the UFP in choices.Once school is over then they are long gone.But being from our continent and its based on friendliness that they might pick up and watch video on call.But her best friends ever are her family.To go out with me.To the city.We use our powers to have a great time and loosen up.Not drunk but a few drinks as I can take alot as she can too.We stay together in hights of many cities and we pack to have our baggage mailed to our destination.Our grand exquisite hotel or our home.We need no baggage because we have many homes throughout continent.Security systems on and patrols done and our futuristic video and use of robots inside to maintain things.Visit our home where there are no thiefs or vandals.Polar region and hot zone.Mountains area and near the sea lakes area.All along the coast and we have homes in every sector.We visit them with our powers and make a jump on time and get going as a family plan.We fly and end up there.We go to the tropical coast with half year warm half with snowfall.And we have ones out in the woods jungle part of network of centers in woods jungles.Maintained properly.We go out to see the lights and go into subways.Hard to get places for fun walk.Even to go to library for info.In city we based in a hotel room.A really awesome night out on the continent.Tropical weather and tundra tropical.We eat out.Scenic walks.Get a thrill to investigate parties in high stories up.Investigate the action.Use our power to get up high.Not spotted.We can fly around.People if they see us ignore the agents they are told.Unless we question them and we can use our space 911 call and get into network for help and anymore troubles in city.Respond to us as Federal agents.Visit the hospitals on our walks and eat cafeteria.Hang around and meet Prncess Armada's friends.Go to our corporation for Zaroconian.We go in and we have built like our own suites.We can stay there.And to see which Princess Armada is staying there.We have our home built into our corporation.Very tall building and large.It goes to space and military and resources.Global in space.And my powers.Creator Angels as AI beings.Sections in buildings that they are and working hours.For me to go and play music.Do entertainment.Our pet cat a machine bobcat AI and European Wildcat.Looks real but is made of alloy that feels real.They used to be mammals made into machines,AI.Transform.They roam around.And they want to come back to our estate in historic area.They travel with the family.Males.Carry music and old music from Earth Class Sol System North America ON rock and metal,thrash.
KusoCartoon 13914652157710

Greenland GFFF Gattaca galaxy city 2 levels

KusoCartoon 13914606267073

Antarctic City Galactica

Greenland and Antarctica used have architecture in their giant cities that can be restored.Prime directive.                                    Antarctica is far away from them not break space's laws on society interference by UFP Stargate.The earth has a countdown for us to get and extract and learn things.Its going to be blazed by the

Antarctica with modern civilization,cities and highways networks

sun.Faces the sun and a galaxy to collision into earth.Countdown to extract info and learn the beliefs and techniques.It can be an enemy base but it has a countdown on its existence.More asteroids and many natural disasters.Greenland and Antarctica are perfect.They can visit the New World from Antarctica and ships from space but made from earth materials from world.Share in as world power from Feroz's pastlife.They are allowed many from Feroz's aspects.Antarctica and ships disguise alien people as humans using ships transport supplies and materials and just to have base or place to base yourself.Problem in Antarctica and Greenland is improving the cities to connect them with roads and highways.Bring in stores and malls and outdoor malls.All of construction can be done and UFP Stargate Europeans would want it instead of ships.And to get rid of water and disease to make you sick pure water and place that has townhomes,home far away overseas in space.Entertainment from this world and past back in 80's.Radio and albums.TV shows and movies.This place on ON North America earth class Sol System loaded with entertainment from rock music to movies and cartoons to watch over again recycling their materials and technology to watch it with my family.Use hydrofoils faster like a speeder on water.Governing and adding in foods to my children.Develope immunity against disease from eating deer,vennison and elk,beef and lamb.Loads of meats I could not afford that tasted great with Italian.Fire cooked foods like exotic foods and buffet foods.For my children to absorb up where I got my ideas.Music and have townhomes and community from UFP  in Greenland distance to ON.And far route prepare against the Pacific.Part of Antarctica faces the Atlantic.Modernize while on duty figuring out Feroz and classrooms.Teachers from space Europeans to have classes on military and history.Figure out gun module from our history of earth class and many parts.Put it together a mm cannon.Tell me what cm guns are.Naval guns and army cannons.Artillery.To modern 21st century and in fighters and subs.What are blueprints on them what is cruiser from WW2.Our captains and ranks from earth class WW1 and WW2 like Vittorio Veneto and his moustache use being George Lynch and was 300lbs and 7ft with fender guitar and session works.Horse voice.Instruments like synthethizer and drums for Janine Khan.   Transformer Gobot Pretender Combiner white race space muslims to start learning about 20th Century and to have experts on technology.Interacting with the UN and countries will help to solve peices of cannons and learn military education and historic military.Learn about history and use of weapons.When they buy the weapons and to buy historic weapons.They maybe should buy the weapons to see what they really are.Internet.Then from their race they will go with experts over decades learned about this technology.Even to electronics and computers.Past decades that led to 2000's.At least they are somewhere.Go back in time to learn of things real.Even back 50's but the danger factor.If they were stationed on earth it would be easier though and they would get the access codes.They can take a chair and learn.Transmit to our part of space,avoid interceptions.Allah can change things so my afterlife race Gobot Pretender Combiners white muslims race aliens of Transformers Universe get into things deeply.They need world rules to protect themselves.I said Antarctica and Greenland as rules in world would be perfect for them to enter and colonize for these purposes.Interact and make from their experiences with extreme weather.To construction on what the earth tried and failed.They with their advancements can construction millions and more of people on continents of Greenland and Antactica.Advanced technology to getting around and traveling back and forth to North America and to Antarctica and to Greenland.Using Prime directive protect advanced technology and what they have obtained.Distance is cut short from technology.He put me here as part of afterlife deal.Rest of things.Its for their own good.This is going to effect them in future.Have teachers learn and troops to know about parts and how it works..Theories about space and quantum physics.Learn about sciences and crime.Supernatural.Weather and landforms,geography,news,,nature,wildlife and Parkbots.Education themselves on society and history.Society and entertainment,lifestyles and corporations.Parts of the city.Scientists and librarians.Government jobs.Constuction workers and masonry,architecture and its history on earth class.Take decades and more to learning North America earth class Sol Systems technology.During time to learn they can make a colony and enjoy and add to their lives learnings.Parts of entertainment and media and foods,arts and past times,leisure.Games and music and learning english.Learning so they can do this in their universe and change their military weapons in spacecraft to space fighters.Space warships.A people and govenrment as backing behind someone like me and my family the Royal family.System of paying them too so its not for free.So when I have a problem they can solve it since I deal with this type of technology.Medical.Its a planet they inherited from me.Participant.Bring my family to this world.Learn electronics and into stock market and franchise.Stores.Its not gone as idea is there.They were 2 levels as constructed an island above the skyscrapers.They had nature and woods and bodies of water.They were giant urban cities with the technology of Gundam and robotech.They had Star Blazers and military.With their smart they built cities into landforms to make areas.Regions in valleys and much of Greenland and Antarctica as a whole land mass continent back then it was 19 degrees C for Greenland and 26 degrees C for Antactica and all of the transit routes and parks of concrete and nature are gone with a developed sea shore for pancakes.Antarctica is on an alien world and is very advanced like Calgary.Highway systems and shores with cities.Everything is connected and Delphia.Places in space.Historic.Giant hall faced ocean early morning for breakfast for my family and other government.Greenland go top level exquisite restaurants and beef and lamb.Stay up library at the 2 level.And to have a time near the shores park for visitors.Warships from space docked.Night lights.Antactica was more to future.Antarctice is going to be landed on a planet in the oceans.20C temperature as Greenland. The major giant lakes system has a brackish waters lake.This lake is dammed.It has damming and much of the larger marine life is dammed outside.They began construction of system of barriers to not allow our megaladon and its food giant fish into the lakes.This predator is a sea and oceans predator and same with its food.Brackish water and mix from seas to freshwater.Giant megaladons were a danger to the European Pretender space race.Having megaladons this close to people could be stopped with damming and for their food source to live in seas and oceans not the lakes.Just as nature discouraged the megaladon.Its been closed off for thousands of years.They did not want to do war on megaladon.Thought of pumping more freshwater in the lakes so they thousands of years ago will migrate out of the lakes and nature does this too.This creature and its food cycle lives in oceans.It won't make travel dangerous over the lakes.And take our people out of the megaladon food cycle.Dams eliminate parts of the food  cycle in the lakes.Memory and my Zarconian wiki Sacrid Religion of Zarconia for my lifestyle and to grow up with my attractive women parents.Remember to build my historic estate and my pets,bobcat,European wildcat as Transformer Gobots transition and my pet sharks which are 5ft long and one is a bottom dweller other eats fish and cruises like a salmon shark.1st step is my memory going billions of light years from ON Canada Sol System and in another dimension and the caretaker Angels of space that run space and elements and evolution and their vessel and that day I leave ON Canada earth class Sol System to the afterlife in my galaxy and poles island continent.My memory is important for me to collected and archived my life in ON Canada earth class Sol System.Important things from food to figuring out history.Remembering Zarconian.To build upon the sciences and history I learned in ON Canada Earth class Sol System.Build up that than reduced to stage 1.I was not far as I put it in Zarconian wiki and Zarco Macross Wikidot.Remember to do my projects but upgrade and bring it to a higher level without being forgotten.Military sciences to build up each subject.It would be a disaster if I don't remember my favourite foods and music albums.Or simple things about WW1 and WW2 and sciences.I would be working twice as more work or more.Setback.My guitar playing,synthesizer and many more of my skills.My soul or jinn would remember everything and heroically have all simple tasks solved.Use my GAH powers to remember or the way I was born in future afterlife next life.Loads of things that I did not attempt here because of the hazard and just like exploring North America.I can do it with my powers.Fed something in their place is not the original.Insect Zoo needs cameras and magnifying lenses in series for the people to see the insects.In 3d monitor system for them to watch the insects in their natural surroundings exhibit.People walk up or above at angle for children and grown ups will have cameras or 3d projection to see the insects.
Captain katherine janeway star trek discovery by gazomg-dbkauzp

Kathryn Catherine Janeway Star Trek Discovery


Space Hall of Famer Steve Trachsion

.As the McLaughlin family and attractive women brought into toys industry.And we have our fun park done on many acres of land.We will invent and run corporation from my parents Creator's in Corporation.Corporation has grown from Feroz to toys and fun park.Drain out what I know to masproduction them and the park goers will have fun with the ideas.They will go to purchase lego and blocks to assemble their remote control.I would have graduated and am at work on the park and my family past time.Princess
1944 Lego World War Two Tank Battle Panther vs

1944 Lego World War Two Tank Battle Panther vs. Sherman Tanks

Khans at work on the park and our past times.We get to drop control of the park to board members and enjoy being at home and making money.And we have our legos at home and to go to each climate zone as royalty and to start
1941 Lego World War Two Battle of Brody

1941 Lego World War Two Battle of Brody

Lego Tank Battle

Lego Tank Battle

parks their and our ideas to each city and zone.Attractive women are not into such fun but from Feroz and her family
RC ADVENTURES - Ten Minutes of Tanks - 1 16 Scale Airsoft & Infrared Hobby Quality RC Tanks

RC ADVENTURES - Ten Minutes of Tanks - 1 16 Scale Airsoft & Infrared Hobby Quality RC Tanks

they are.And to bring a past time RC Remote Control warships,planes,helicopters,tanks and the works.We in my continent if they understand the North America could bring RC Remote Control  and create navy.I always wanted landscaping and to add greenhouses,fountains with gardens for RC Remote control military warfare.There are buggies and workers take a drive on a large like Ace Combat map which they drive on trails in the park to get to supply shacks and to improvise on the park.Check out and scan things and get things working applied and down to ground.They drive on the trails and buggy is remote control toy proof and saves them off course.Workers plan when
Remote Control Tank Battle Starts

Remote Control Tank Battle Starts



the place is not busy to make their break and drive to checkout the trails and shacks,stations.To have moving army men.To place them in soil and garden serves woods.With RC Remote Control tanks and to play like a game and putting down score on computer,sheet.Portable gaming tablet device and ID card slot and ID card.Park hours have durations of game play parts of the day and nighttime.Gaming has time limit duration.Then park computer and workers do organized overall finish and then the park game board robots and workers go out and ready things and remove things to reset for game play.Small game board robots which can do chores.Walk and travel on tracks to move fast.Controlled parks station and park workers can enter game board protected to repair or organize things physically maintenance.They have propelled boats and water workers with robots to aid them.Robots that can propelled through water or ride on surface.They have mechanical devices and arms,clamps with special small ships to maintain water board area with efficiency.Special equipment to make organizing and maintenance faster.People can go in and eat meals at the food courts.Rest places and cleaning stations with lounge areas to rest and do other activities,structures view outside or the park area transparent lounges levels.Scores from many armies.And to do carriers right and have lego carriers massive and haviing ft and half lego fighters for carrier that made RC.They lift off carrier into action.Looks realistic with the help of drones and CPU's to get the game going.So I have peice of land just for games.And in space we can do space warships and of other types to fight each other like Star Blazers vs Star Trek enemies.We'll have stardestroyer of Galactic Empire RC Remote Control vs Star Blazers Andromeda remote control in space.Garden for RC military warfare.And canals.Fighters leave
KusoCartoon 13915809760948

Naval RC Game

KusoCartoon 13915810899438

Army RC game

KusoCartoon 13915812949823

RC military game

deck and Princess Armada controls flight pattern preset and when they carry out attack on other fighters of another carrier.Warships from battleships to RC frigates.Submarines.We'll build network of giant ponds and canals with garden around them.Send out the helicopter gunships.RC Remote control AA artillery brought in by troops.And this is a video game but real.Keep score and afterwards the CPU's and drones go in to prepare them back.Background has to be a material made alot of material for the fighters to crash in so they don't break.Fields and parachute system to save lego F-14's.Kamakaze is against the park and you can't do any.Park has

Buggy in RC Toys park going to shack,supplies

defenses and monitors action of your machine toy vehicle.Field prevents crashes with air pressure as cussion in between planes and machines.Preserve your machine toy.Workers prevent any crashes or damage to your machine toy and are space efficient.Planes have alert and backup system by park from any stall from combat.Park takes over and uses park defenses like pressure and field to ensure safety of craft and regain itself in game play.But the park computer and staff decide a crash and points go down and player is set on crash.Special effects and his toy machine is retreived and he can play over.Starts over and goes into the hangar on the screens at the chair station to go into the parks hangar and repairs in graphics.Park workers and robots retreive machine toy model from crash.Then the park does maintenance over your craft and what you need to repair in program hardware and physical parts they can do with robots and worker.Shows cratt in graphics in hangar.RC vehicles have mini webcams.They have hangars and records.Service records on data and their mini army men pilots

RC Remote Carrier game and view screen,controller

that move around like small robots but are plastic.In video game data for Col.Portable Game tablet module device and ID card slot.When linked to park the full IP and data of module is on a screen for security go through.It brings in levels and rules  for you to start and get used to. And they as mini army men like when activated they talk to each other and we watch in buildings

RC Remote Control Toys Park entrance


map of RC Remote Control Toys Park giant

structures in hallways.Like special effects.Has explosions but they are all fake and do not harm anything in park.To simulate types of warfares like gases but its massivly fake and in your game play does things to your character and a side.As a side you don't suffer any massive damage or lost points.When you lose as a side then other side gets victory and calculations of all game stats in all categories.When a side wins gives players a points boost and they can get deluxe level things like deluxe paint job to upgrade their attributes and awards to build up on their base.They get a points boost.Key players singled out and boosted by park to show how they won.Go top 100 to 200.Simulated fires but they don't burn anything.Its for looks to go with battle and sparks firing and
LEGO Aircraft Carrier

LEGO Aircraft Carrier

smokes.It has fans and vents that don't let it obstruct other games,fields that confine it and records and play it over on your Portable tablet gaming
BIG RC Frigates, Destroyers and Submarines

BIG RC Frigates, Destroyers and Submarines





The Largest BISMARCK RC 1 72 scale (3,48 mts - 11,4 ft) FIRING

The Largest BISMARCK RC 1 72 scale (3,48 mts - 11,4 ft) FIRING

device.Special effects and celebrations.Back at your headquarters celebrations from gameplay.And award to ranks with medals that award you special awards and access in your Portable gaming tablet device.Recorded on your ID card.Everyone in park at all levels goes through celebration and awards.After gameplay they are after month given to their stats at what
RC U.S.S. Ticonderoga Class Guided Missile Cruiser

RC U.S.S. Ticonderoga Class Guided Missile Cruiser.

ever levels they are all at.Then they take the best of each other player levels and they are offered to be part of war vessel and bases to be with other crew.But structures closed.Sit in their seat and talk like a show to when they go into RC combat.And on the carrier and we record it.They turn and twist around and move like plastecene men.Webcams and cameras to tablet for all the stats and like video game screen to show count weapons and energy and sound effect alerts and sounds to tell you things.And image from the lego chopper.Points and difficulty

Roof enclosure transparent RC Parks Center,clubhouse


RC Parks Control Tower RC aerial toys

levels.After the game re-arrange to difficulty.Open new board.Lights.Lights out in ponds and waterways.Fake ammo BB's that makes flashes but on computer tablet the score of hits.Leaving the scene board.Need computer enhancement for screens and view in graphics.Tablet device portable connects to anywhere you spending hours.Park ID card goes into slot for the tablet module.The controller has set of screens that have 3d holographic and 2d screen.It has a mini keyboard for games.Its easy for these people aliens to use as they learn this in grade school.They use commands and codes and summon up on 2 or more screens with data screen for game play.Data screen has all of the attributes and rating levels of your machine.You can repair and upgrade your machine and download upgrades as it does this automatically in variety of screens.Raise and lower levels to effect your toy machine.Uses computer programs that are automatic to screen for gameplay.And your players,pilot and rankings.Your figures.Their ratings and how you can change them to make profile attributes you want,skills.And your gameplay scores and more gameplay data.The other 2 screens are for watching your machine.Watch your machine and computer video games graphics of your machine.Has it and you watch it on map screen of many maps.You can select map in detail a game board your vehicle machine is on and your players,figures.Type in computer commands and codes.And you order in on gameboards live for any commands and then they move things around for your and arrange things with mini robots that are camaflaged to urban and out in battleground boards,woods and landforms,alien terrain and outer space board enclosed.Screen is your machine vehicle and player figures in graphics with interaction of data screen.You can control and move your machine with commands.Your joystick moves players and setout orders for them to move as.Many joysticks or 2 of them for moving icons and selecting maps.Moving game players and vehicle.Has role playing mixed with live action game for your model toy machine and figure players.Story and there are cutscenes load in like a video game.Webcams on players and vehicles better perspective.And you get interact with structures on game board's webcams to view your players and vehicle.And this happens consecutive to get you to be part of game play and cameras are not confusing.Roles through to let in and then you watch on screen to view where you are and traveling on map.Watch and combat with holographic screen.Type in computer codes when in battle to give you game cheats and initiate protocols.Its faster to do keyboard commands part game play.Cameras from codes go to your favourite modes for you to be part of combat better.Many selections.Imput codes gets you faster actions,like for robots in boards to get things setup for you.Get sattelites and systems from keyboard commands.You can do commands and battle plan with commands typed in to get many things done at one protocol initiated.The game parks magnifies this system at larger level infront of entire continent to game play and board leaders.Larger level with much more powerful graphics and software,more real from government.Get used to controls and you can take your tablet and link it to your station when you sitdown get settled in.Station has your stuff in many shelves and on video games screen it keeps track of your things.Interacts you with park's shop and space.Has your records and files from your code card.You have lots of time you paid for duration as there are so many stations to satisfy everyone.They have been booked in during gameplay at home.Building up your profile and story recorded.You are in chair and running the machine is realistic cockpit next to your station chair.Go to cockpit for game play.Leave to the chair to interact with the park with your profile and maps.More like game powers your allowed to do like real military but in game.Gets your hardware you downloaded into shop to install on your vehicle,figures.Control.Control many squadrons and carriers,commands and screens.Program to go through strategy.Then from computer to get the engines going.Practice mode.Send them around and control them in a scenery and background using a garden and ponds.Make small lake.Canals part game put screen and grid over the aquaducts to capture the men.Men figures move on command and climb trees get setup.You can control them in numbers and individually.Fighters use gas and rocket as engine.Give effect.Have small munitions and missiles.Recorded on map game play.Receptors antennaes for control over every player on boards.Ponds are all manmade with lining on them.Artillery and use a satellite being a probe 50 meters above the playing board and altitudes for fighters.Use of satellite for munitions and ground forces to laser designate.Gunship.Choppers from base and naval.Use of bases.Ground AA and types of hand held weapons for soldier figures.Types of launchers.Snipers.Gun emplacements.Rocket launchers.Fire into air.Use of enemy forces.Warships have figures as crew.Figures as player can play on the park's government forces fleets and bases or public's bases.You can join the government forces which are named a name like in Ace Combat.Your crew members can climb the ranks or you can prove what rank you want to be in tests at home on your tablet device.Play around and get the game started and then when you come to park you can take command of warship and be part of crew commands.Crew commands are commands that crew members in each station of war vessel to in numbers til chores and jobs are completed.Captain figure player has bridges cockpit player station and their player ID card goes in with the tablet devices at the chair station.Then into the bridge cockpit to take command of warship with lots of help from other bridge rankings.Captain has proven tests at home and done a test game board to become Captain.They in the test game board at the park control a simulated warship and go through many trials til they become a Captain.They have to do covert ops in protecting a convoy,destroy a fleet,detroy many bases and many tasks that are all saved on player Id card.And this goes into your records at the park and when you put in your ID card in your tablet device at home or wherever.As Captain of warship you have to leave port and on the artificial bodies of water go out and complete objectives from your bases and factions high command.You go out and your figure is Captain of bridge.You are into commands for warship and warship instruments systems.You can see with webcam binocular modes from ships many cameras and from camera view system on the water from bouys and landforms.3d holographic view screen and many screen views and in cockpit machine.Then you have commands types of warfares.You from high command select types of warfares and to see fleet and ships are filled up in categories.No race for each category.Then you go out to your mission for the duration and complete it.Go to do anti-aircraft duties,recon or battle of many sorts vs enemy gameboard continents and islands that have been formed for game play with park and players.You can control the guns but are shown in percentage and angle in degrees from gunnery officer.Communications radios more stats on your screen.Bridge cockpit and receive data and watch the enemy map and objectives.See your warship from many views,close and far.Ready what munitions are loaded in guns then trajectory...Fire!And you can do sub hunting warfare and battleship toy models systems to hunt subs in manmade body of water gameboard in park.Aim the guns below the deck to fire at the subs.You can get ship into modes.Select modes and each mode or change modes categories edit them.Selection of weapons and systems in order.Main guns 1st then missiles 2nd and anti-air 3rd.Sonar and radar scans,jamming.Defenses and pumps to pumpout water.Warship's speed and crew behaves like a crew and start to talk.Your character figures have been programmed and directed around maps then you view them like a story.Ratings select what phrases you want them to do like choosing cutscenes.Sattelite reports and data in your bridge player cockpit in park section for navy.Structure transparent for you to view your area of bodies of water and your bases and faction.You can have lots of player figures in each category of war or vehicle racing.But park has a limit for in game player figures and you subsitute.All of the days events are in your card and you can replay and play over things like a video game on your tablet using amphibious forces to get across water and use transporting equipment.Bunkers.Land guns.Use of chopper covert ops.Ending the enemy leaders.Civilian places like airports.Targets.Use of WMD graphics everyone watches screen or goggles visors have screen on them.CW and gases using smoke to show this and grenades for soldiers.Tank platoons from RC tanks.Sensors on all of the vehicles.Board ships to be transported.Lights.Names of areas.Leaders.We have a RC ship that retrieves sunken ships and we can take a raft out in lake and use a device with robot drone to get the ship or a property maintenance worker will use extendable shaft with clamps.Its a manmade lake with layer of concrete,clamp.Homing signal that is on our map for where ship is with its webcams.And in a ship recovery operation.Prepare in hangars launch ships with small army men like worker s of RC Naval.Transformers Gobot Universe Prentender Combiner White race people have technology to create these as toys and models.They will not be weapons but to retain detail of F-14Tomcat and races vs F-15Eagle.They will have Blue Thunder chopper and Airwolf.And as a people they would be small like models and toy RC remote control.They can make companies produce these ideas from North Atlantic Earth Class in Sol System.Production them as RC toys.Cold War fighters and planes.Hercules gunships.Many covert operations craft.They would enter the detail in carriers and cruisers,submarines.Enter their own space fighter designs and we think the F-22 Raptor looks like a space fighter.Futuristic.And to make countryside into areas meant for RC Remote Control toys as F-14's and F-18Hornets.F-4 Phantoms and F-5 Tigershark fighter.They can do swing wing and to make models RC toys from Ace Combat games.They can make the countryside area acres into game board for fighters and tanks,army forces RC toys.They can make a park out it.RC toys park.And to slate areas by bodies of water front for fighters and RC toys warships.Safe with no water life and nature,animals.Clubhouses.Clubhouses have lounges for players to talk and socialize and share things about the game and experiences.Pay.And to make separate courses just for Army and divided into areas for just Navy,Marines and others and one that combines all of them in a park.They will have afterburner engines and go at slower speeds so they can travel by acres.Antigravity in them.60mph most and at 30mph adjust speeds.6 inches for choppers and other military vehicles in those dimensions.Sizes vary from 1ft to smaller at 5inches for them to be used in war on RC battleships and warships.Land on carrier with rockets going.foot and half for larger RC fighter model and in same dimensions for all Navy and Airforce RC toys.Afterburners.And to create type of BB's missiles and payload.Small and safe for RC warfare.Talk on mick while on board area for the workers.They can order to shutdown some parts while out on board acres.You can rent their ones or bring in yours.Put a tracer on yours and register it to their software to keep track of it and webcam in its flight so you can see yours.Put on visors or plug in in your own ones you bought.And you use their course and go at the signal.Practice runs area to practice and then go to compete in RC military toys park.Many acres upon acres of place that was made with landscape and model buildings works done by region.Woods and lakes,streams all done by government with bases and roads,highways and bridges and trains to interact other electronic toys.Made cities and towns.Landing runways and carriers your assigned to  and they have the giant carrier for foot and half long fighters.Have the British Harrier and AV harrier,Kestrels of Europe in late 20th century.MiGs.Su's.All are micked.Use controllers with view screens and screen.Like video games and view screen to view yours live.Portable gaming tablet device and ID card,link to park station.Stations are many playing terminals that make up play in parks.Players go to stations which have table with places to put your gaming stuff and link it and do preparation before entering cockpit beside as unit.Cockpit module for game playing with chair station for you to computing before going into live game play.Interaction with cockpit is chair station with your tablet game device links to park.Series of complicated buttons meaning in rows.And buttons on sides of the controller board.Analog stick and controller pad to conrol data and video game presentation.Entered your fighter and its in hangar and interact it with the moving figures of government.Get you ready like a video game with a screen meant for data and video game part before you start the course RC military toys.Many views you can pick.Course has defenses to crashes using fields.Park has clubhouses as center.Go in and there are desks and you join groups.Paid part groups from your area even.And group can change from your service and record your service and duty on data card.Come back remember what you speant all day.And they reload your fighter.Familites and friends can be part of same squadron.From rankings as you play have a record a squadron can be made to join and they offer.Every fighter that is bought is scanned and put into hangars records and profile of users.You can't put anythng foreign on plane as it is empty when scanned to park.Attendants can watch with telescopes and imagery binoculars and all sorts of cameras for watching monitoring RC fighters and any other military RC vehicles.Hacking and any computer crimes then Park security system defenses go off to keep gameplay going and security in each section takes action.Shutoff infected networks and security come in with law.Park has cyber crimes system with direct link to government systems.Has override.They can spot out cheating or illegal conduct and they will have players land on auto done park.Confinement fields and goes on records and park security to police goes on your ID.You must then have your ID confiscated by park and to issue you an offenders ID.Sort out players that come to park.Many offenders restrictions on access to areas and to stores anywhere in our galaxy.Fun of going in hangar and selecting your weapons and other hangar things.Upgrades.Repair shop.These fighters all have a small mini CPU with their battery.Go to their arcade too.The RC Remote Control Toys Park is giant in size many 1200 acres of landscape and sections for each class of RC toys.They have aerial RC toys section where you can master control RC shuttles or other spacecraft and fighters.They are on a master computer and master command.Your registered chopper and military aerial vehicle can be kept track of and is legitimate to with this system bought from your store or at the park.Interacts and you have state of the art controls and view screen with your visual out transparent shelter to tracking and flying your vehicle.Practice takeoffs and landings on practice bases and carriers.Park helps you when switches automated system on your fighter to land on carrier.Pass records from practice to go up on the many sorties.You can pick RC toys that combat for the combat area.Use of small firecracker like BB's for missiles and rockets.You go to the shop to modify your fighter or vehicle to go into service and you sit at the desk on video games like screen to hangar and modify your RC toys to the way you want it maintainanced.You can add pods and do things engines.Have this recorded on your card.Take it to the tower to start controlling your vehicle and fighter.They are fed into area of a base by CPU drone takes it to runway by the park.It takes it to a carrier or base.There is a deployer mechanism that internally travels their fighter to the base and in bunches a rack has each ID and take them to the base underground and they are deployed out the hangar by the computer.Automated to get the fighter ready and blast off.Rack is done on carrier to have them leave to sea{artificial lake} and it has maximum amount and deploys them on the catapult system.Groups and squadrons they go out to battle to either air combat,air to ground,air to air,air to sea warfare.You can have co-pilot teams for fighters and bombers,fighterbombers from type you pick.They are equipped and go on in with a program to conduct types of warfare and orders.All of this is recorded on data card for you take home.Many views the park has.The circular field is perimeter and altitude you
Awesome LEGO military airplanes, helicopters – BrickFair Virginia 2015

Awesome LEGO military airplanes, helicopters – BrickFair Virginia 2015

must stay in boundries.Go out of boundries land in anti-gravity field and they retrieve fighter.Get warnings to perimeter.There are park attendants and rankings for the park that watch cheating.Use you wing man.And after your rank goes up and recieve wings on your army men pilot.You get many views watching from cockpit and gun camera.Giant view screens are lowered and raised to orders your doing.People have binocular glasses to watch magnified from towers or ground and go to larger view screen retracted.And your fighter is highlighted with a color and you can blink your lights and highlight light for what color you are.The park has lighting system for night time and imagery for RC remote control military vehicles.Lighting system to see everything at night and vehicles have lights.Crashes they have parachute system and designate areas to hall in an aircraft and points are deducted and listed as shot down.Antigravity cussion and into water where the park takes over plane and crashes you into water where its safe to get retrieved with chemical out marker and smoke grenades in miniature.Precautions.Taken back to shop for repairs and you go back to your hangar your using but is on your profile you made on your card on file.And you have army men that are like moving and living men that part of this,ranks and base.They move around and are like an alive Lt. but miniature.Manpower in bases and they are on your screen data.You stay at your station or go down to ground level if you want to use their command control stations.Reserved it by buying with ID.Reserved tables behind you to do things to your RC toys before they go into service.And there are Army military RC vehicles area with sand and background for tank warfare,trees and follage,cities and

RC Remote Control Base RC Fighters Deployer,runway


RC Fighters acres board RC Military Toys Park

travel on roads.Scenery has mini sized artificial lakes and streams,rivers.Connected by pumps and aquaduct system.Fighters can fly at speeds to get into battle.And they have mountains.RC tracks for racing and civilian race cars sports cars to drive around like city and travel in tunnels and over bridges.They go into suburbs and they have Grand Prix racing track.Big area for RC vehicles people have that are not vehicles or military and they can fly as with engines.Modules.RC vehicles like amphibious craft and marines.Operations and at gargantuan size.Much bigger than our backyard.This is 100 times larger than our backyard.Government one that is a park.Serve hundreds of thousands.Staff will keep everything press clean and cleaning job on park with disinfectant.Use ID to keep record of clean people.They get points and rewards,awards for using the park and having an excellent record.Landscape to the RC toys of all types.Magnify with webcams watching and seeing from RC toys webcam.Parks webcams of underwater warfare in giant artificial lake and its network of other lakes and rivers.You use escalator belts to get around the park,you walk on them and catch one.Curve around and have carts for your stuff with drones ready to help and enter you part of the game.And it has an arcade.Restaurants abundant with food court for everyone's favourites.Lounge to sit around socialize or rest.Small mall with commuting.People are away at work and can't get to the park and there are many parks in many cities and zones in continent.They have indoor and ones out in tundra where they use fields to stay outdoors.Weather does not interfere.Even in hot they have environment fields for players.Up in mountains.Everything in the park is going to look like replicas of the real bases and in space like Ace Combat.They will have realistic buildings and cars,vehicles part of the base.It will be miniatures.They will be scale models that interact with the toys.The toys fighters will come out of real base and carriers and all warships and everything will look like scale models as toys.Give them durability and not the flimsyness of the the models.Creation world will look so real and full of landscape stretchens for hundreds of meters and in many kilometers.The pain job on all model creations so the fighters come back landing at the miniature world as toys.Scale models play the tanks and people go out to buy them to use them in park.Native Blue Klingons are staff of the park and run the place with all the people of my island continent.Choppers and small electronics systems to put the real effect and the speed and pace at scale models.They are in a holder in hangar launch system.Wracks of fighterplanes are inside the internal parts of the park.People have their planes washed by figures.They have garage to maintain them.They enter manmade for the warship fleets to conduct war on enemy forces of every flag and representation.Go to war and the tanks are launched and loaded with the equipment carried by vehicles to be laid out like WW2 and Cold War.They send out choppers and have a system.Each person part of flag plays out role with their vehicles to be the best at that area.They have all ships and ship that haul out sunken ships.Bring them surface to go modelling.Meant to be repaired.                                                                                                                      [1]                                                                


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Future DC North America class planet


Futuristic city


Future cars


Future city


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