I am Queen Armada and my favourite things are Sci Fi military cartoons.Star Blazers,Force Five except Space Cateers,Transformers,GI Joe,Dairugger Voltron,Robotech,Gundam.I have watched Robots in Disguise and think Omega Prime is powerful.I like the Insecticons.My favourite Transformers G1,G2,G3 Autobot Leader is Rodimus Prime.My favourite is also Grimlock.Favourite Decepticon is Scourge from RID.Shrapnel from G1 series.My favourite veritech is the VF-11 Thunderbolt and the Contra Grey Alpha fighters.From Star Blazers I perfer the Cosmo Tigers.Vehicle Voltron is my favourite Voltron.As I like Danguard Ace and Starvenger Robot,Grandizer.My favourite bands are heavy metal,rock and thrash bands.I listen to Bachman Turner Overdrive,Led Zeppelin,KISS,Winger,Van Halen,Aerosmith,Megadeth,Anthrax,Rush,U2,G3.My favourite fightercraft is F-15 Strike Eagle.Then the British Harrier and the F-4 Phantom.The F-15 Strike Eagle I have read alot about and saw at the airshow.Handle in video games as Ace Combat is excellent for my naval missions.My favourite helicopter is make belief and is Airwolf and Blue Thunder.Go down to the Huey Cobra.Airwolf if real would be one of the greatest but then right behind it is Blue Thunder.They both have alot of firepower and speed level in mach.They have sensors to jam missiles and sunburst.They can handle fightercraft combat.I am a quiet and talkative person.I am an isolated person and does not speak in socializing.I don't socialize and replace it with knowledge in science past time to read about astronomy which came through for me as dinosaurs,and study of ocean and bodies of water life.Cryptozoology.My favourite channels are Military Channel,Action Channel,Muchloud,Space Channel and TSN and Versus.My favourite team is the Blue Jays in baseball.I will watch other teams as Mets,Braves,San Fran Giants and the Tigers and LA Angels.My favourites in NHL are Blackhawks,LA Kings,Habs,2000's Red Wings,Penguins,Lightning,Stars,Rangers,Caps,Senators,I like action movies like Terminator series,Predator,Alien,X-Files with Agent Doggett,GI Joe,Transformers series,Resident Evil series,Jurassic Park series,Shark Nigh,Marvel Comics movies,Star Blazers movies,Star Trek Next Generation,Star Trek Nemesis

  • Space Battleship Yamato Arrivederci Yamato (a.k.a. Farewell Yamato) Be Forever Yamato Third TV Season
  • Final Yamato My favourite topics science are military machines and history,astronomy,space physics,animal kingdom and space shows.Sci Fi space sciences.I watch basebal and sports for entertainment.TV is important.Movies are too.And science shows of supernatural as In Search Off...Study of UFO aliens,Ghosts and cemetaries,monuments and horror movies.My favourite horror movies are Nightmare on Elm Street series,Halloween,Resident Evil.My favourite pet is cat.My favourite predator types of sharks,Greenland and Cacharadon Megaladon.And favourite big cat is jaguar,lynx.My favourite games are Medal of Honor series,Rainbow 6,Ace Combat,Resident Evil series,EA NHL and MLB.I believe in religion and supernatural beliefs in religion,Islam.Allah is old man creator Sandman.Animal beliefs for Pacific of my origin.Tribe.I eat Italian.