Proper warfares of earth.To show who the evil superpowers are and good guys


Antichrist Khan Noonien Singh good guys or America should not be an ally to Britain.Properly America should have grown Canada to replace Britain. The Antichrist figure is got to be Khan Noonien Singh.He is British and is predictions by Notradamus.They are true and lead up to the boogeyman Khan.Notradamus did not know that Khan is a serial killer.He can't be brought down by explosion or gun fire.He has a power to come back from the dead like Michael Myers.He is from space like Star Trek explains.He has all potential powers of a boogeyman but is like Napolean at being a war genious.He is very smart in politics and history.And he did one like Twin Towers but in space USS Vengeance crashed into San Francisco in Federation of Planets and it already happened.Khan listens to Allah.Allah is old man Aryan business man.He was in Soap Operas."All My Children and Jeremy Hunter is very important.I would tell Khan about New Guinea being a military power.And all of South America to push them as Latin America.Spanish in their minds and dictatorship and arguments with communism.New Guinea is very evil compared to Grenada.They have weapons and all of them are unknown.They are not good natured and make guerillas.They might more than match vs America.Who started WW2 was America's problems with Anti-Americans and Un-American states in US that are against US and Congress.They have had a presidents from those states that are traitorous to USA and want to control US as supremacists.They did Pearl Harbour and arranged it.Japanese were not the ones.We don't have a map of Anti-American states.They can do alot of destruction to USA.They conspire with communism and nuclear weapons would be fired from states in US at America.Many of these racists believe in British as power.Christians that are terrorists.They believe Anti America from British point of view.Pubs and being better and superior and should know your ancestory.British distaste for jews.Half breeds. American theories in military. British are very criminal to America.  British have the entire commonwealth.When white powers grow the Americans side step them and go after colored races.They have problem of not facing up to white race.A real threat the Americans avoid and let them grow.They only go after dealers that deal with America like underworld.They are not solving any world threats or problems and Europe does not trust any ounce of US.UN are colored people that built up America to superpower giving them international aid to build them up with companies.Vietnam objected as Korea and Iraq/Afghanistan.Asian blood is what all Asians are huge majority in UN and international.China and then US goes get votes from Africa.South America or Latin America vote to US.America is really interested in pirating off what UN and international world got them technology,manpower,companes,money and government.Resources to be a superpower and history.America will never fight as a bad guy because they wlil be cutoff from UN.Spike Cops ever gets point that American can't take and wants to believe too much racism.International world will find US a problem as many of their family countries have fought US like Japan.British taught US got them arrangements with UN.Taught them rule to be a good guy.Europe would get fed up of good guy act.They avoid them and go to colored terrorists.They always fight small countries and New Guinea could really hurt them.Guerrilas.Guerilla technology. The countries America fights are not the perpitraitors.American has been fighting the wrong enemy.They have the wrong culprit.The one damaging America are the Anti Americans    .They are small countries in size to US.The US is a good guy from the United Federation of Planets and more advanced technology than their enemies.UFP is the space UN.They have gundam ships and Star Blazers.US in time periods and history made mistakes to being a good guy.They faught Phillipines.Europeans during Cold War and have mergered and joined to Western Russia or what is Prussia.Giant cities and highways connecting Europe to Russia.Europeans go to Russia and have influenced Russia with agreements.Europeans and Russians are very close relations much more than Britain.Britain in Europe is unpopular as France.Europeans have been living without either with their own community which has Russia.Russia is no danger to Europe.Probably never were.Americans persecution.It has injustice and racism and was done as a deal under the table as they use UN to do with world.They had a disagreement usually with a UN member.Americans have fought with UN international nations in Asia especially.Vietnam and Korea are members of UN.Now Middle East.America is Israel's best ally.America is a jew.They are part christian part jews.Jews support Communism.Europeans are against jews and are white races.They oppose growing jews and might use alliances with Russia vs United States.Russia would ally with Europe who gets very sick of America.America and Europe that Americans have always ruined Europe,architecture and cities as invading New World Jews.They bombed and destroyed up Europe like vandals USA are.Europe has always hated Americans for damage they did on Europe.Used excuse and tried to look down on Europe.Europeans are snobs to Americans.Americans get in Europe's ways.Europe would defeat America.    Americans have a foot hold in strategic points they wanted and its to threaten Russia.They have bases in Serbia and in Afghanistan/Iraq and Saudi Arabia.Americans are using small conflicts and dealing to seizure militarily strategic points for a war setup.Americans are lying to Russia about powering down as they are jews part Christian.Europe has their jews.  A superpower Communism bad guys Star Wars is Romania.Romania and even in modern day the Vampire symbol vs the bird of Prey symbol from UK.UK or Britain is the Wolf symbol.Canada is the Raven.Romania's military is able to counter everything to do with US.Airforce vs Airforce.Navy vs Navy.Army Vs Army.US nuclear vs Romania Romania's infantry and military forces are more modern then evil NATO.Their thinking would grow and crush off as their attack is to grow from victories.Their fighters are evil looking as their tanks and war vessel fleets and submarines.They have a more complete military than the allies.They are very futuristic and modern warfare.They have the past into their empire.Their armies and naval fleets of warships and modern battleships with huge guns.Unknown.But a pattern in WW1 was Germany was part of Hungary and those Warsaw Pact countries but Germany broke free of them.Do you know the power level of Hungary.They are race of giants.A proper war enemy to America and they did not find any.They must qualify and further at a power level at Airforce,Navy,Army.Vietnam and North Korea had no Navy and when you have a navy you have your airforce and navy together.Army in Navy to invasion and make damage.America holds prisoners.Their continent if a war machine is to go through a proper navy where the Army invades the American homeland from navy,ships.Airforce transport Army.On other worlds in outer space and Star Trek good guy vs Galactic Empire led Star Wars on planet.   America has no barriers or force fields to keep enemy from America.Using their navy?Ships and ships can fire away but they can get past ships to get to the land.Damaging the military does nothing.Military comes from homeland country.New Guinea is very evil and West Irian Jaya.They could fight USA and win.Tribal warfare and make tribes to modern warfare.They even trick the UN for warfare.They are tribe that knows of space UN.New Guinea{Ape,early man,sasquatch} in land mass vs US land mass.Army New Guinea.Pacific merger to Japan New Guinea .Romania merger to Communism but they are not fighting a war as the evil country they are.They are not in military function,type of dormant.China is proper enemy vs US where the same rule or pattern US then makes the first strategy and World decision to the enemy.China has to learn to make their troops and Army secure Alaska.Then make it to California with America as prisoners.They must insugence Lake Baikal and Mongols and Mongolia on their way.Communism is a controlled mob world.Very fake.Whiteman universal.Wars are more like games with rules and regulations,competitions.They are not real and in fighting war they are going for goals,to achieve records.South America sould have a country but I don't know who,you can guess any of them,cold and hot climate because that effects war.Would we repeat these countries of warfare history again to do the same outcomes and military actions and failures.They are all not proper military because a proper military would not faulure like Italy.Italy did nothing to do with the tribal Pacific and Roman Empire history of Pacific.They would have allied to Japan to fix things up.And another failure proper routes to Pacific and back to Europe.Germany did a poor job in this but had German New Guinea as an era as USA New Guinea.Vietnam was French colony and they are not a proper bad guy power.They are good guys.That is why it had a land battle outcome and disaster.That is not warfare.Proper naval routes and then do them in war.Japan to Caribbean.Japan to South America and their WW1 role.None to nothing.Rely on Airforce to travel the world and for war.I would have made WW1 and WW2 in Caribbean for US.That is smarter.They are a tribe.Countries that defeated US as a title and Championship.Vietnam,Grenada.They defeated US and US cheated on Grenada.Charlston Grenada hit US with massive destruction.They lied about 24hr defeat of Charleston was nuclear bombed by Grenada and America fell.Losers to US,Germany,Japan,Korea,Grenada,Soviet Union,Yugoslavia/Serbia,Iraq,Afghanistan.Now in WW3 outer space routes and to get ties to UFP.Then the communist to Star Wars.Dormant countries around the world.What is in Indian ocean?What is in the Antarctic?What is in Scandanavia?Norway was a country other than communism.Indo China should not fight America and any UN and allies cause they'll go same warfare on them and have the same outcomes,to their end.In the Middle East a country that would be a better enemy to US would be Syria and Israel.The British would hate Americans for being Dutch and for their alliance with Israel.British hatred Jews.Americans are no the same ratings in war as British and steal alot of dirty tactics from British.Its also for honor.As a bad guy British hate Americans.British fought with the Galactic Empire in civil wars.They dispise Americans as Germans.British are higher in Navy,Army and Airforce and arsenal.No one to push them to do so.Rankings are above Americans.Weaponry is not looked as good guy and civil war with US.The WW jew information is all done in British and France exageration and authors.Media in jews is done with such severety.Sure you're saying word "German" but its from British and France and is humiliating.Very smallest fraction is a German author manipulated by British to condemn Jews.British let loose their White Supremacist on Jews using Cold War media.British and France as a power to go and hog talking down about Jews and WW Jew information,books and tv.Whole Jews in history is surrounded and boxed off by France and British.Israeli harvested and conquered Afghanistan and Iraq.There were zombies left afterwards that left a setup.Allies found what was planted there and did not understand who they were fighting which were all planted by Tyrant Israel.They have airforce to fly themselves quickly into Afghanistan and make a quick takeover from a sneak attack.They have a solid type of warfare and military.They are undefeated and are hot weather Southern Communists.They maintain communism boundries farther than USSR and Asia.The British have instructed them for century what to do militarily.America faught Israel and Syria then America would have heavy casualties.America is a Galactic Empire colony as France is.They would be fighting fightercraft they gave to Israel that they mastered.Israel would take America as an opponent to beat.Israel would have to pressure and manipulate US and Space UN.Israel{jackal} and Syria{lion} would do modern warfare backfire on US.The more fighting America would do with Israel the more warfare would happen and their level Israel though has to prove themselves to US and endure a war.But as a honorary made superpower and Ally of UN Israel is crossed out.Southern countries dictatorships powered by Isreael as in South America and in history Argentina.They powered up by Israel funds Guerrillas as Indonesia and Southern Asia and USA.They are not power hungry.World Peace spreading and through space when they are all one consistent race and not complicated.You can't pressure one race to fight each other.Britain would be another good enemy that would inflict alot of damage on the allies and world.

Britain  has the makings and injesting very evil countries.Being Wolf symbol they would conduct military warfare throw government warfare of modern state of the art war on allies.America and Canada have no programmed missiles or weaponry at British.There are no weapons in any arsenal built to combat the British and in the future.They have no protocals.Nothing.They believe the British are valuable because they caused government.British are supremacists.British though would need motivation of fed up and power hungry to be Imperial and Imperialism can be a bad guy.America and Allies,Space UN feed and force the British to be a good guy and religious to god.This might make them unstable and to take it out on allies with a battering.America and UN's theory of living on prevents this with their rules and regulations system.Good guy Communist Neo Nazi's supposed.They would make alot of prisoners and slaves with the access codes and taking over government and to use loyalties.Takeover.Territories shrink and world domination but they have to fight all out World War and more to space to be in history as an evil power.Then they would have regulations,policies and actions of enemy done to them.Proper but improper enemies.Being inexperienced in revolting on world and space and this will make them in the position they are by UN permanent.Policing and law would be activated on them and to run them down as crime.They as a wolf don't know what to do and are zombied and manipulated.Use the Germans as a reference what would happen and what to do.Outcome,mistakes and casualties.They don't know.They the enemy don't know about proper alliances and they don't work in war and America gets them to demize and end.An alliance is to join militaries which the Allies do but the bad guys powers don't and thats why their ships are so weak.Manpower and joint technology but allies do a successful job blocking them off from this.They are all spoiler countries.Well the future is coming and all of that war potential to go to the past for bigger troops and machines and warfare past to the robotech era 21st Century the outcomes and War Championships will be done in this game,sport.First half then the next half as in sports and games.Then in the end too late and the Champion of war on earth class.Champion the propaganda to prove your victory in media and t.v.That can be taken back and a deal is done,loss for bad guy powers.