Zarconia is very successful.If it was real it would have the proper terms.Transformers and Gobots what are they and what type of robots.I would make my site real from space.Everything real with real pictures in 3D holographic images.I would want annimation.I would want them to be made in my technology and angles of drawing.Their voices to contact themselves in the future.It can be a beacon to my empire calling to them to present and to fortify themselves.Zarconia would need computer animators.And script writers that are Zarconia.They can't be any other or it won't work.Factors to Zarconia.Princess Armada to do more work and herself.More video games.I have done all of the work and broke out in thousands of pictures I draw.And I don't look off things,from my mind and is natural.The teams I made and need to make their bases and make them like in the Gobots as they are like that and G2 Transformers.They are like Star Blazers.But they are all one combined.Real movie and t.v. show but it needs history.