Queen Armada VSTOL/STOVL F-15

Queen Aramanda's people Stargate Gobot Pretender Alien AI white race Mechanical Aerial Being Mode Transformation Transformers Elder father and Quintessa

Queen Ruler Armada Marion Cold War yrs {Europe} 35ft Robot Vehicle Being Transformation mode

Queen Armada American Delta Quadrant Transformer Gobot

Queen Armada

top view space warships Zarconia

Queen Armada Space pastlife being appearance,face shape shift change look of Queen Armada and from archive


Helix - Wild In The Streets Hard Rock HQ VIDEO



Relax frankie goes to hollywood

Metal,break dance

Zarconia Space warship wave motion gun

Zarconia Flagship battlegroup Battle bs SUS REF Forces

Queen Guardiana Giant Robot Combiner Transwomen Witch

Wave Motion Engine

Zero plane mode

Admiral Charles Vance UFP

Titan class

Zarconian Uzbek Roman Gamilon Leader

Queen Armanda Combiner Khan Family Power Mode Gestalt Robot

Queen Aramanda Power Mode Gestalt Robot Combiner

Queen Feroz's older sister European Pretender Gobot

Queen Armada TSF Suit

Creator of a Billion Light Years Away


Queen Aramada of Stargate Gobot Pretender Alien White Race AI's VSTOL STOVL Spacefighter

Princess Feroxia McLaughlin SU-55M D6 Frigate/Spacecar

Princess Dara McLaughlin FRS-1 Sea Harrier/Spacemotorcycle

Princess Amanda Khan Naval Assault Navy Airwolf

Princess Inga Khan Lockheed F-70A Panther 2 Spacefighter

Princess Jennice Khan F-14D Super Tomcat Razgriz Fighter

Army is

Zarconian Space Battlecruiser Vittorio Veneto

European Pretenders Warship in faster than Quantum travelling to Antarctica

Princess Janine Khan of Stargate Gobot Pretender AI Alien Europeans

Magazine Cover Bridge Cacharadon Supership Flagship

Queen Auramanda mini TSF Mecha Suit

Zarco Mugenbide Space Battleship

an army of the ground forces military and travel in outer space http://space.wikia.com/wiki/User:Queen_Armada and is adapted to space and alien worlds,other worlds travel.As Zarconia is made of spirits or jinn born as

Mecha Monster Merger Exo Suit Combiner Power Mode


Queen Aurramanda European Pretender Gobot combiner Red Wolf

Space warship

Queen Armada 40ft Robot mecha Being Transformation,Pole continent alien Transfomers Gobot people world

Zarconian Comet class Space Dreadnaught

Star Armada/Queen Guardiana Joint Merger Combiner exchange arms/legs systems

Amelia/Katrina Combiner Exchange Systems arms/legs Combiner

Queen Armada/Eilleen Power Up Merger arms/legs system Exchange

Zarconian Auxilary Cruiser with Nanoparticles stream devicie and desintegration amplifier

and machines as beings.From powerful Empires supply a foundation and their down falls to regroup under a different system Zarconia opened to them as factors in our technology.Zarconian is from my people Queen Armada and from many galaxies that are AI's.Zarco Macross and they are space muslims made by our computers or theirs.Comet Empire to combine into Japanese Empire wreckaged,  wreckaged and Zarconia Invid Inbit Regime.Combine them into being Zarconia warships,manpower,new rankings,their past experience,history and to add structure to policies,ships

Skylar Computer Terminal

rules,regulations,scouting,protocals,knowledge.Class Japanese Empire.Given a chance and they have no failures as Zarconia and don't fight the enemies they did in order.New covert operations technology and vessels.Specialty crafts and ships.Zarconia Emergency Repair Crew.Zarconia Inbit Invid Regime focus on them being a people and robot beings,Invid and Inbit chip in on being robot beings.Make strengths as a regime for them.Troops and each part of military to focus on,as Space Army is the solution.They are not low level they were.They have a rankings attack and are crew.They have robot creature fighters.Many mysteries are solved by our Science Team.They have their allegiancies that assimulated as Zarconia.                  https://zarconian.wikia.com/wiki/File:KusoCartoon_13937160179947_.jpg

https://zarconian.wikia.com/wiki/File:2013-11-16_19.08.54.jpg   https://zarconian.wikia.com/wiki/File:2013-11-16_19.10.27.jpg
https://zarconian.wikia.com/wiki/File:2013-11-16_19.12.01.jpg   https://zarconian.wikia.com/wiki/File:2013-11-16_19.12.17.jpg

The Zarconian Matrix of Leadership and 1 are from  https://zarconian.wikia.com/wiki/Macross_Missles    elders,military,government and men in Transformers.Meant for the manhood and man in Transformer Gobots as men have powers,qualities and ancestory in them as strength like fathers and grandfathers.They have physical strength and https://zarconian.wikia.com/wiki/File:48BD3C43-1CE7-45E0-BA85-18E3FA0D4272.jpg   know it all.Craft and gain knowledge as being very strong and will power.Those things the females don't have and enemy has brutes.Strong combatant in war.Lead battles and come down with strategy plans and answers.Leadership and lead to battle.Matrix is this as 1 is special archive and powers stored from each Prime and 1 in Gobot and Transformers history all stored like they have souls and lives in the Matrix.It gives powers to the compatible Prime and Zarconian Primes.Just as any before Prime they were peaceful and lower rank.Rank gained as Matrix and 1 was put in them to achieve abilities and prowes that was needed in Zarconian.Captured the past and more than the past as Primes and 1 and improvise for the future and hopefully to themselves.Live long time after war to be a Prime which is more than a general or world leader.High rank and say in our government and military.Primes are like Generals but have powers that the matrix and 1 have merger to make a super Prime.Super 1.Super and what we need to go back on for all emergencies in Zarconian needed for Primes that I selected that will be real 1 and Prime.Man's jobs.Man's place in Transformers Gobots.History and led to future.Making many copied versions of the matrix with the many matrix drained into many matrix.Battlefield Commander Edward,Sargeant Stealth,Grizwald,Emetcalf,Centauri Prime,Combiner Primes Sharktibot,Trailer Prime 1,Tommy New Fuhr Prime,"Raider Prime","Shrike Prime","Supercharger Prime".Raider is F/A 45 Angel Shark fighter.Shrike is an F-14D Super Tomcat Razgriz,Supercharger is a Hunter Killer chopper.Zarconian needs all the power and manpower they can get from wisdom and intelligent thinking,from higher level towards our enemies and what the creator sends towards us.That is the war on Creator and his alien Whiteman race and oppression from past to over throw the British and USA and Spike Cops.Get to fighting the Gamilons and faction of machines in Gundam,Star Blazers,Force Five,Voltron and Macross.They are robot beings part of this saga against Centauri and our Creators that betrayed us to form Zarconian against his upper hand.Leadership to counter the evil and proven history with slavers and racists.Their cheating tactics.End the mob and corruption for them have nothing to hide against Zarconian Primes as leaders

Zarco Macross Trooper Generation 2

in this holy war against the Creator and why he gave these races unfair upper hand to point every unit member was hidden in Zarconian's story and Matrix and 1 was hidden and could not find or heard of the Zarconian Matrix and 1.Mere mortal robots to super robots and commanders.Military world to counter evil and creators.Relgion as Christianity.The calmness the courage the bravery and sensibility.Intelligence and able to figure out things mere robots can't to predict things with power combining with the Matrix and 1.  https://zarconian.wikia.com/wiki/File:KusoCartoon_13899079868004_.jpg  
https://zarconian.wikia.com/wiki/File:KusoCartoon_14617327402158_.jpg https://zarconian.fandom.com/wiki/File:KusoCartoon_14028691701662_.jpg https://zarconian.fandom.com/wiki/File:KusoCartoon_13899079868004_.jpg https://zarconian.fandom.com/wiki/File:7B1291AE-9CE4-43C2-81B3-C5D786DF67F9.jpg  To foresee solutions against an oppressing enemy.See why in history we stood as this and what the government was who creator built them.Smarts and able to see traps.Investigator and use their lineup and make lineup for covert ops and missions.To be able to use all Zarconians after the G1 and G3 and rest of the autobots were all used up.Zarconians ready to go into service as they learned from their families.They learned to be veteran and to carry on.New members that are all units ready under Zarconian Prime 1's commands.He can use all of us and instruct us in army,Navy and space and airforce.Background and structure.Prime 1 is structure.Can go to battle success without losing or any casualties as he thinks of others never be evil as Creator wants to laugh at casualties.Against religion of whiteman.Prime 1's loyalities started from back 10 000yrs ago and further.Excellent chance for past Primes and 1's to get to talk and get to know each Prime 1.And choose out right Prime 1's he uses and his family of robots loyalties from our Transformer Gobots.Loyalties to get Zarconians trained by their families and military secrets.Making Prime 1 super  robot strength and super robot in existence against religion,evi and government and white race and racists.End of hatred and oppression.What robots betrayed us to power up whiteman in Gundam,Macross and military technology of US.Our faction grew and we needed these hefty giant ships to do deep space patrols to maintain our borders and investigate the enemy.Many Zarconian battleships that do deep space patrols.They have the powerful engines to get back from billion light years.Same principles combining all engines to one from warp,light speed and warp fold.This gives us the speed to get to this planet and Sol System and further.We have signal transmission to close ships or a plan to repair them in deep space.Signal and reports taken down to report to our faction high command.Another battleship can go in and conduct the repairs.

Combiner Queen Andromeda

Zarconia Space Cruiser,burst plasma gun current

some alien design.They have

Combiner Queen Armada

transports to transport space tanks but they  

Zarco Space Atomic Bomb incineration of solar system

ave modulated to adapt to space,other mechas that can travel through space.Tank and ground infantry and to have that in space towards planets and natural landforms in space as asteroids and moons.Army needs cover in space from enemy fire. http://abscnc.sourceforge.net/haydn/techdemo.html Transformer

Zarco Starship Space Battleships America Class

Gobots change to their robot mode in Zarconia because it gives them added abilities and is in machines more complicated.Their vehicle mode gives them speed and

Queen Amelia Khan Armada Combiner Transwomen firing sattelite gun from Flagship and Zarconia group Deep Space Bouy firing Sattelite gun on enemy Haydonites

monuverability,module complicated machine but this is openned up in robot.Do humanoid authoratative actions and moves.Their systems are also modulated and are in another mode in robot.Systems in vehicle are compacted.They can hover or slow down and when they run and walk over obstacles,tires and in flight mode to get under radar of enemy,infiltration.They are more monuverable and agile in robot and can attack many more enemies then vehicle.Their vehicle is setup to transform

Star Armada Combiner

into robot.Have extra intelligence and complications as beings.Transformers and Gobots are beings and robotech is not.They don't have the abilities a Gobot and Transformer has,they compete vs.The veritechs are piloted by hand and may use sensor probe system{Headmasters}.But a living being machine's existence and robotech does not have the technology and authoratative as Cybertron and Gobotron.When they are beings they do more than robotech.They can do things as alive things,so they do way more than Force Five and Voltron.They talk and are aliens.They also are expert what robotech and Macross is.But then Zarconian is made to answer that.Mechas as modules can use speed and monuverability as cover and distance.There in space warfare is no cover,space warships of WW descent into alien design of high technology.Shock cannons when firing live rounds it sounds like the wave motion energy but exploding in smoke.Smoke explosions sound in shock cannons in laser mode.It chokes in sound.Zarco Space Superweapons were built in the afterlife of present day to counter the enemy and incineration the enemy's solar system and galaxy for surrender and end to their war and to massivly destroy the enemy render them to loss.Its meant to destroy the destructiveness of warfare and outer space creatures of warfare.Clear out bases,fleets,solar system dictatorships destroy alliances and deal a heavy

Star Armada's powers

blow on enemy.Star

Starship Warship comparisons

Armada is a witch Combiner transexual.She works on fusion principle and thinks like a commander.She has sensors and intruments for Interstellar space.She is formed by the leader Trelesta Khan Princess Armada.She gains abilities a but

Princess Feroxia McLaughlin Blue Thunder Chopper

has her own giant systems.She has enigmatech countermeasures.She can fly.She is decisive.Unstable weapon but is controlled by Zarconia energy manipulation,harvesting and resources,production,military and emergency precedures.http://ggen.wikia.com/wiki/User_talk:Queen_Armada It is a weapon to threaten the enemy to counter slavery,domination,intimidation by enemy and destroy governments.Anti military weapons.Counter Creator attack and systems.Laser battery and shields intaking

Alien world base Zarco Space warship ground warfare

space molecules and space systems and engines.

Zarconia space fleet

Proper   http://muvluv.wikia.com/wiki/Muv-Luv_Wiki    http://deculture.wikia.com/wiki/Deculture_Wiki   http://alternaterobotech.wikia.com/wiki/Alternate_Robotech_Wiki

  • warships,dreadnaught,cruisers,destroyers,battleships,superships,heavy

    Queen Amelia Khan Armada Armadabots and Galacticabot

    cruisers,battlecruisers,frigates as new hybrid alien design for the advanced

    Queen Armada

    space syst

    Zarco Space Nuclear weapons Superweapons destruction of solar system

    ems and efficiency,modulated alien electronics,countermeasures,auxiliary defensive,propulsion some of those categories would be mixed.We in Zarconian have 3 classes of warships.We have the WW2,WW1 battleships,dreadnaughts and battlecruisers.We have the designs from WW2 and WW1 designs to enlargen them to 3/4's of a mile.We will build them they look like a space war vessel.They really come out great have space designs and look like Atlantic warships but iwth an alien design into them.Adding the space technology to them and they look really awesome.Then there is the alien design from me Queen Aurramanda.They have alien design from my prospective.They are giant and retain alien look on them but warship from earth class Sol System.3rd design is mixing them together.Alien designs which my people and their regions in space to make designs from them as alien warship but battleships.Battlecruisers,weapons,navigations.It has an army and it has a navy but is not mixed,its newly on its own.Army that travels through space so they have heavy weaponry and systems.These thrusters produce out force of mach 4 and run on plasma or fire.They power up systems and they have thrust to get out of alien world's atmosphere.The other engines are powered up to produce light speed from balance of the verniers.They as a system don't shoot out fire but run on fields refined energy force.Meant to counter gravity or zero gravity in space.They are more heavy

    Queen Armada 2 Power Up mode Gestalt Warrior

    duty then the space navy.Out of them I make heavy duty space warships from WW design of North America earth class

    Star Blazers Season 2 The Comet Empire eps 19 part 1 of 3 remastered

    Star Blazers influence

    .It takes an extremely long time to utilize properly advanced technology and resources.Advanced technology has to run in space for a long duration and to

    Zarconian Warship space plane and fighters launch

    properly exist in space.Device has to run and to be in production after a machine evolution process.Resources need to be traveled to and space has to be adapted to in order to utilize resources.[1]  You need background of procedures with proven methods and techiques as for devices.You can't just press a button on

    Queen Armada Cold War yrs {Europe} and my Multi Transformations

    them.There are many Queen Armada's as there is one per look and appearance.Division was made and the Ruler is the one to right.Each characteristic is a Queen Armada.They are all different in character

    Zarco Constellation Zodiac class warship

    but they all play a role.Queen Armada's were all extracted out and seperate.Go by Queen Armada but as displayed they have their own names.I am Feroz.They

    Princess Armada Mechanical being Mode

    Princess Armada Mechanical being mode

    do complicated things and data and graphics for adapting to space and being of that level.People cannot be people and have to be like aliens,aliens{white government}are very old in space and have had to adapt to space in ancient days.They had support and backup

    Princess Armada Mechanical Being Transformation

    procedures and rules and

    Princess Armada Mechanical being mode

    regulations for situations.They had emergency systems.They were not planted there artificially.They had a structure by growing as a structure and had bought time and made use of ancient times for society to evolve into government.Every society in space had bought time,qualities and elements,natural barriers from enemy attack,powers given to them.They used them up dry.They had support alliances and they had geniouses and martial races.They had enterprise corporations developed and growing to space.Resources were very close to them to start off with.They had the

    Queen Armada Princess Amelia Armada being mode tranformation

    same time Sol System had and expanded and learned alien language.They were not isolated.They had properties

    Cloaked vessel hunting Zarconia battlegroup led Starship Destroyer with Cruisers vs Birds of Prey whiteman loyalist allies

    and were born authoratitive.They all had powers in order to live in space.They had manpower adapted at a very high level and made big from their ancient days,rigged by Allah to give to white race to form government as victory takeover conquered aliens.I have my power and abilities dreamworld with alien design superiority fighter hovers and

    Princess Mylene Armada Cybertronian Gobotron Space Eurofighter

    high monuverable with systems of Zarconia.I have internal cannon


    lasers and AA heavy laser cannons that are in alien sciences,fire ordinance.Fly at warp and all speeds with magic power barrier system and heavy light armor.Guided HE munition http://www.kitsune.addr.com/Rifts/Rifts-Missiles/missiles.htm destroy through shields and heavy shields.Re-fitt myself to sorties.Jammer stealth and space elements powers,upgraded to alien space. I have stores for Terminator warfare,armaments in all parts of Zarconia forces divisions,hydraulic bays,state of the art beyond alien technology and retain my

    Dreamworld Continent Alien World Transformers Gobot People

    power,Antarctica in time travelling will be re-opened as Queen Armada's beginnings in Galactica galaxy.I am going to take North America back in history and make Antarctica thawed out as continent http://stargate.wikia.com/wiki/Antarctica urbuan and suburbs as it once did.Transformation and being a large robot is very alien and part of my people.European Pretenders can show up as Transforming robots in epic life story of the "Transformers and Gobots".I am part of this story and will be part of a generation of unit I call Zarconian.We're in the Animal Kingdom,Vehicle and machine world.We're a unit and they will take notice and attention from things said or ordered by me as their Queen.Acknowlegement.We use my person size as a modulation.But I modulate to an Airwolf chopper and fly lower shrink into a racing motorcycle.Part of my rank amongst Transformers and Gobots.This one will be government structure and focus of the world.Streets and roads better than Space and North America,historic places,towns and cities,modern civilization.It will have spaceship warships of earth North America Cold war class visible and space fighters.Space technology as alien advancements out open.Blinking lights warship from space to dock at naval base ans hangar.Princess Armada will

    Queen Armada Space Military Agent


    alien pole Continent

    straighten out Antarcticans in her life.Space warships are a base that can handle many situations in space especially military operations.Our continent is over the pole of the alien world but temperature is not cold.Poles on alien world are different as the seasons are different and the time is 48hrs for a day.Vector is the cold place covers the Southern tip planet."Eurasia"The pole area as on earth for our world fluctuates in weather and temperature.Clouds bounce channeled over water and through mountains to change the weather.It is temperate and 9

    Princess Armada Space Military Agent

    degrees and is hundreds miles from the frozen over Southern tip.Not precise.Water carries and warmed vapour.Frozen pole area is temperate.Cities and woods.It is warmest raining 10 degreess then freezes over.Seasons combine further to southern area,fall and spring and no summer.It has the hot weather from equator and then extends to Sub arctic that is developed by the Transformer Gobot people beings.Whole continent is full of 100's of millions.It is a very huge continent,10 times or 50 times size on earth.Huge cover this planet.Planet size in alien is much bigger.Our freshwater lakes and there are

    Princess Armada Space Military Agent

    networks of bodies of water throughout.Mountains.Borders for sector zones.Giant Dreamworld Continent is a super civilization Urban Metropolises and branch south and go North.Civilization branches and is huge.Tens of millions.Speak a language like Star Wars.It is hazy and cloud covered and retains rays from the Stars with magnetic poles effect in many regions poles not just from cold.Robot people population with their very old government.Hugest continent on its world.It extends from icy pole to icy pole but is based on alien

    Princess Armada Space Military Agent

    principles.Not icy on poles.It has all terrains and weathers,even tropical.Mountain regions with bodies of water valleys.Deep drop oceans coasts.Forest and when they go closer to tropical jungle and forest.Tundra and Urban cities.They are all drectly

    Princess Eilleen Khan older than Francis

    connected.Space traveling from airport.This planet is in orbit of other.Brother planets.They can see this one as they can see each other.Weather is 15 degrees drops to 9 degrees cloudy.It has endless historical cities and long sidewalks turn into roads.It has a space highway.This place is very futuristic.Equator has mixed weather.Hot region is hot  for much of the year.Poles region with mountainous forests and urban cities.Billions of people.But it has robot runned ghost cities.Roads

    Stephen Geyer- Desperado


    Greatest American Hero Everything You Dream


    Greatest American Hero Dreams

    stretch cars go mach .5 and

    Princess Armada Space Military

    faster.Speed of speeders but cars.Production in its past for factories and modern era.Connected to our continent in history and territory.It is our home too.Sky is very high in hundreds of miles to clouds.Magnetic effect in the sky makes it colorful and wavey.It has layers of magnetism and crystals in its atmosphere and produces many effects Allah made on them both.More disapated and the planet with its radiation belts and arc rim burns up atmosphere to make a haze.Puts a force on them.They can see space more clearly at night time.58hr clock for many days.Moisture in atmosphere is carried in alien principles,crystals form gases for stages of the day and even dusk.It is not close to boring on this planet is another giant Natural wonder of space.You can see planets and stars and nebulas for night time.Purplish in part of the season with haze.Our government and its many section of military.Production in history and exporting.Wealth and power of the government and their pionneer days.Reaching space in ancient civilization for their first hundred years.Vast and high education system alien archive.Spread

    Zarco Polaris class Starship warship

    through space.Vast archive.Many corporations and industrial areas.Parks and nature.High standard.Very weathy with their alliance with continent on other smaller world.Space expansion and other dimensions.High

    Family of the Year - Hero (Official Music Video)

    electronics alien technology.Their civilization.Its intelligence.Bodies of water number in hundred thousands.Water is high purification.Eurasia has trains that travel above ground and underground at mach 4.They are traveling to connect Eurasia from tip pole to tip pole.It takes a day to get there.Each city is connected to each other and towns.Smallest are towns.There is space traveling and travel at the space airport.Shuttles to space and space passenger craft.Go to space.Highways are connected and many cars can go aboard train for extended

    Greatest American Hero Opposites-1


    The Greatest American Hero - You got the power & End Credits


    The Greatest American Hero - Don't Let Me Down


    Greatest American Hero Anytime You Need Me


    Greatest American Hero Tribute

    travel.We are connected by ships to other territories on our planet.Highways up below the clouds.Connect buildings with highways and stops,restaurants and stores.Everything is connected.Car carries to space to our alien planet that is part of our government.Very futuristic technology and world of now and 21 century.Subways connect towns to cities and to shopping centers,groceries.We like people eat for taste and energy as best cooks on earth were computer factory as chef.Giant metropolises of futuristic and old cities.Alot of them in millions.Towering and connected to space by space bridges,tunnels that travel to space.Cars can travel on them to space ports.Series,trains.Many platforms at cloud and stratosphere level for leisure and social.Go around platform and view down the planet from edge fo space.Trains go tot the moons.People go to the moons and there are ones with atmosphere.Moons have cities and underground was created as part of the civiliztion,by

    Zarconian Space Icebreaker

    stairs.People go out on moons for walks and it is developed.Travel to

    Starship Tier V Konigsberg class Light Cruiser

    next town and people' s living as stores.Eurasia is bustling with major populations and media  through space.We burn our waste.It is a government orientated continent that is long island from icey pole to icey pole.It is an exporter.They harness resources.They have giant urban population.They have had wars with natives or have none.Nothing to do with tribal.Many elders that begun here.It is a a territory and allianced with Archaepelago.It has government structure and parliament.They are a G country in space.Modern era.They though are cutoff from other islands and continents.They have a powerful military.Our people are allowed by orbital elevator to visit.We're at home.They grow produce and agriculture.Much of their fertile land is in the tundra as seasons happen to thaw out icey pole.It has forestry.They re-grow the trees back.Arctic waters feed the plant life,Goes underground.People's homes are warm condoms.Warm society outdoors in

    Zarconian Top View Space Tank dimensions

    tundra.Tundra is where they build condos.They have wind tunnels re-directed and sucked out.Takes away the cold and outer space is colder.Giant condoms 100 stories.Millions of buildings.Hot area is hot all year around and populated.Distribution of population is even in cold zones to hot.Plenty of water and pure water.Gases that are better than earth lack polution.Built

    Mega class Space tank

    underground and above surface.High altitude to low altitude below sea level.Museums.We have overly developed highway systems for entire continent.It is thawed and not covered by anything even on frozen glacial pole has highways built around and throught it.It is all one land mass.There are ony white people in our continent.We are alien from Transformer Gobots.We have manmade masonry and concrete structures

    Zarconian forces using Nanoparticles Special weapons

    everywhere.They are all connected.Drive on highways at fast speed.Eurasia is our military and they do tests on some areas of Eurasia and its bases.They are very

    Mecha class Heavy Missile Launcher Space Tank

    Destroyer class Heavy Particle Beam Cannon Space Tank

    militant.They compete with rest of space.They have controlled tests that do not wreck the planet.This planet looks very alien like.Its like a giant planet that is part gas giant.It recieves more sunlight and natural star light.It has an atmosphere thick laryer of clouds.People live as military families and don't lose their family lines in military.Kept track of by the continent.Military service is daily life

    Space Marine Monster Warship

    there.Bases are open to society.And they have turned into government.Our military forces have giant Star Trek Starships and giant warships.They have alien military technology.They as continents are alliance mliitarily.They have futuristic warfare and bases.They use Transformer Gobots for military.They are enlisted in military.They have carriers.They uses space craft design for fighters.Not earth class.They are alive and transform and live on bases.They fly to space on platforms.They have space

    Zarco Space tank

    Zarco Missile Launcher Space Tank

    ships like a Command Center for military.Star Trek Starships giant size.They have military personel and they change them to add their military vehicle to them to make them a Transformer Gobot.They have space police and

    Space Marine Monster Warship

    space police cruiser.They have manpower in police.Each area and Metropolises have forces.Bases are

    Monster Space Hydrofoil Tanks

    top secret.War vessels land on the continent at bases and in outer space.Personel military robot people.They have alien space military government technology and powers.Abilities and drugs,medical technology.They can

    Zarco Aerial Exo Craft for tanks

    do things to personel to mliitarily enhance them from what they were born with.To be parts Navy and police.Powers from chemicals and treatment process to grow them.Thousands of yrs

    Zarco Battletech class Space Tank

    old.They have adaptations to each branch military.They can operate on them and add psychic powers for military.They then see things like a computer but for military.Space Corps.Vehicles and manpower on carriers and fortresses.They combiner pilot to vehicle.Very advanced technology robotic and

    Bad Guys Guardians another dimension

    Bad Guy Command Center other dimension Guardian

    people.Combiners.Secret of interaction of transformation.Beings to vehicles.Combine systems Space Corps and police.Extra strength.Alien vehicles.Raise Zarconian and to get ideas from them.Create Zarconian class warships and to find out more on Star Blazers and more warships like that,Pirate warship.From us they will focus on earth class and to militarize Zarconian from our creator system to government and military.This wiki.All of the Transformer Gobots and their proper continent homes to gather them together and some in military earlier than others.Grow at a rate til they are ready by the government.Raised properly at our own pace.Warships and crew.Allegiancies.Masproduction all models of Zarconian Robot vehicle beings.All born and in the military as their future and present.Construction warships.Create Zarconia

    Space Base with Runway

    real.Zarconian Macross loyalties.New military and load in government alien technology militarism into each warship and Transformer Gobot.They will become militarized as a structure.They are our foundation and
    2013-11-25 20.05.58.jpg

    Gobots Moon of Knowledge

    support.Grow Zarconian. For earth class planet I lived on a space warship can handle the situation,ready room to plan operations and to see what support from fleet and battlegroup,and takeout the targets.Space

    Zarco Forces vs Enemy Space Whiteman

    warship eliminates targets down and does not give into ransom.They are involved like the police force and space warships have this,don't waste trips.In orbit it is doing things and is not intimidated or its not a space warship.Responsibility is extremely high.Eliminate the enemy properly for every situation.They don't make accidents in percentage,credit to space warship demands by high ranking council and orders.They must be drafted and put through war and put in service with what they got.Zarconia must go to war and this will end criminal as problem.They must be taught and experience what technology they have

    Zarconia Space Battlecarrier warfare vs Reptile alien Cardassians

    put into war

    Armored Warship

    Armored Frigate

    Armored Sub

    in space.Space warships are produce an environment in outerspace alien worlds that is colorful and support life but for military purposes,not boring.Allah rigged their system to compose of white loyal guardians and these things waited and then sold out every code to the point the white people took over everysingle thing.White race took all advancements from Allah Vince.Many Galactic Empires.The White French Galactic Empire of Ancient Space.And then second phase after them the UFP Galactic Empire.Black Combine troopers.And adopting American Supremacism.Outlaw racism and beliefs

    Armored carrier

    onto Queen Armada.French Galactic Empire paid the price of POW Queen Armada.Ancient and next is that UFP Federation Galactic Empire and their American approach as evil power.Spacious to be sustain an atmosphere in space and to get to know the rest of the crew and high rankings,officers.Psychologically and to get rid of anxiousness and cornered off boxed off,meant to live inside of as a habitat with modern ammenaties.Armored warships have

    Zarco Space Railgun Space Tank

    Zarco Space Hydrofoil Battle Tank

    Zarco Delta class Space Tank

    Zarco Space Hydrofoil Main Battletank

    mecha beings in them.They have them as a crew and carry compliment.They are for covert ops and breaking a line in the

    Zarco Railgun Space Tank

    enemy.Infiltration as they are smaller warships.They have more firepower

    Top view Zarco Space Tank

    than mechas.They have as ships instrument sensors and radar sonar system.They travel in bodies of water and land on land with verniers.Release compliment from naval part of war.They can fly and fire their weapons and missile launchers.They can act as patrol boats.They

    Zarco Escape Pod/Boat war vessels

    have projected fields for protection to troops mecha beings.Smaller and faster.They can go light speed.They can carry combiners and types specialized squads.Choppers and fighters can fly off them,armored carrier being smaller carrier but one

    Assault Landing Craft

    Armored Command Center

    Assault Command Center

    that can conduct Space Maritimes cloaked vessel hunting and to send fighters multi role task even anti ship.Carries hundreds and bomberfortresses.It can deliver firepower and destroy ship HEL.Sensor instruments and force fields protect compliment.Delivery of WMD and CW..Zarconia space warships and they are instructed by me http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&t=h&panoid=ZzuMubmHCfCGGo3ePSlpCQ&source=embed&oe=UTF8&msa=0&msid=101952468402224943584.000491804ebc21f435e7a very high responsibilities and must respond in service as they are not built with blunders,built with no flaws absolutely.Postions,Princess Armada on space warships WW1 and WW2 military class space warships and the officers and stations and systems and instruments machines and hydraulic robotics and transformations

    Transport Assault Shuttle

    and configurations and bays.Wave motion visors to shield our eyes on my bridge from the burning blinding light of

    HK Space Submarine Carrier and Space Sub

    thermofusion reaction of energy wash and explosion. Escape boat pods are meant to create environment in hostile space.It is a ship.It can go light speed.Meant to carry crew in hundreds above each other as the crew boards the escape pod boats by shutes from their stations.Shutes take them inside the pod boats.Filled and blast off out launch tube inside the hull.When the ship has danger or was defeated.Emergency to leave the ship.Takes them in quadrant close as possible to home turf quadrant and border.They communicate and retrieved by warship.Warship comes to them and it has pilot crew station.While rest have escaped with supplies.It can float in oceans and bodies of water.Survival on alien worlds and jungle provides base of operations for them.They have a ship.It is animal proof and creature proof.On bodies of water and land from giant creatures.It has energy stores as a ship and can land in safe place.Escape modules for all Zarconian machines.Escape pod for mecha and vehicles in combat.Propulsion to get safe distance away and avoid natural or hazards.Waterproof and bouyant.Space proof and when their fighter can't take anymore to save the pilot and astro beam.Pod has thrusters to ejection system out of the machine.Propelled further distance of the battle retreat.Lock device to protect the pilot and crew warfare proof.Beacon to Zarconian to come in and take them in.Scan for dangers.Fire retardant systems of warship and fire fighting systems.  http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/atomic_bomb.htm               http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/2WWatom.htm   Most amount of power and energy by machine that is more than a star in energy.Visors on computerized wave viewer shelter out and shield against the military energy phased.Our visors are transformation and we have different characteristics,mine transform and are around my eyes lenses and Princess Armada's is from her crown retracts downward in process to wave motion gun.Zarconia technology is Dark Nebula Empire Terminator Hunter Killer technology,Borg technology,Haydonite technology,Comet Empire technology and manpower assimulated into Zarconia Gobot Transformer from me Queen Armada and

    Princess Armada Kehlest Space Frigate,command




    afterlife race.Every part of our military and resources and manpower to start off with the first soldier,pilot,crew,officer endos.All of our high rankings and build up crew and bridge officers and stations.Troops and Emergency Repair Crew.Space Frigate has twin shock cannons and naval railgun.This is a cannon that has settings,fire rounds,energy fire and HEL.It is inside the space frigate exposed under bow mouth.The mortar

    Army Transport Craft

    cannon fires rapid fire live rounds fleschettes that lodge through enemy shields fields defenses and explode.Bombardment with teleportation warfare range and suprise.As Younice Khan Princess Armada's fighters in the bays and hangars of Space Frigate.1/4th of a mile long.Warp and light speed drive.Agile and has torpedo banks,proton/photon torpedos and munition

    Aerial Drone

    ordnance.Countermeasures.Smaller silos firing using teleportation warfare.Secrets of each technology for each property and element and

    Battletank sketch


    Robotech Genesis teaser


    for our advanced machines,resources.Scientists and Zarconia Space UN out of Lemuria when we find spacebourne space travelling continent of mine.How the ranks as their t.v.series Sci Fi military cartoons depicted them and now reborn as Zarconia in war vessels they deserve and mix technology and clone them as endos.HK Warfare Sattelite is like a power source that is part of grids.It provides and boosts

    Robotech Genesis


    networks,barriers,types of infantry warfares used on enemy using energies,force fields counter superweapons,Space WMD.This sattelite has power

    naval gun

    Bofors gun

    20mm MK 16

    and powers up network in computer advancement precision.Upgrades and makes a new warfare with weaponry.It can spy for intel.Interacts with Firoz Khan Princess Armada and Antivirus Soundblaster.It is like a terminal.It has weaponry HEL and launchers that can obliterate a fleet and burn its way chain reaction past any thick laser proof ceramics.It connects to space warship fleets,interacts with

    Zarco Dragon Zod

    what the space warships want as adaptations and upgraded enhancements to their systems.It controls electronics to munitions when it is automated and manually with station officers.Its decisions are with policies and High Ranks and Bridge.It grids together and is impossible as it can generate enough power to over power a planet EM.It can be re-calibrated to play with energies and systems.Computer archive to the Zarconia military is instantaneous updated and past historic data and info.Mechas as the mobile doll battloid droid are enhanced with their wireless linkup and adds to their Terminator warfare as it does to war

    Space battlefield Zarconia space carrier and Wedge Haydonite carrier space wing assault on SUS REF space whiteman enemy forces

    vessels.It can enhance imagery to warfare and does micro second chores as a modulated system for mechas and fighter being http://www.artemislegacy.com/ robots,space wing and dropships.They can switch to modes and settings and it reports and maintains Zarconia

    SD class Spacewarship

    space.Spikes are easy for it.The simple alien technology instruments are simple on their own and then modulate to vast advancements to their systems.The HK warfare sattelite can be transported to transform to be compact in flight bays as orders and preparations.Its like a power source that re-calibrates to flexibility on high demand of power.Fighters and space planes have defenses projected EM fields to protect them in warfare and their instruments in the module cockpit upgrade their warfare like from 20th Century to 20 000 AD.Captured equipment and

    Princess Armada Feroza and her modes

    RC commands enhanced nearest HK warfare sattelite which can re-entry and fly with his verniers.He is expertese Zarconia.Project ECM jammer field to help operations and stealth to U.boats and space subs.And in Covert ops.The Deep Space Bouy is intelligent as a probe and is specially designed when Zarconia does warfare on enemy territory to move in on enemy territory and expansion.Deep

    Cybertronian Gobotron Princess Armada Gloria

    Space Buoy has some characteristics as HK warfare sattelite but is more into enemy warfare at the front so its into boobytraps and networks bakc to HK warfare sattelites. http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/International_Technology_Exchange_Center Deep Space Buoy can commence attack and probe and linkup in enemy territory to give the networking powers to the forces of Zarconia military and their needs as in archives and data.Military space powers as projected field and over ride in danger for protocals initiated and nearest Naval base and hangar to cope with the emergency in hostile territory.It also spies and learns of the enemy and will attack them.It then becomes a

    Cybertron Gobotron Princess Armada Azalea

    pimint or a structure for networking,projection warfares.Teleportation warfare is done by these

    Zarco Crew clone endos enemy design Pretender Combiners

    sattelites and probes.Used for types of warfares and emergencies.It can act as a generator and guides space warships,mechas and fighters,space planes back to safety and judgements and records sends out undetectable emission.If ever captured it as the sattelite will have a planned protocal and procedure at a level then it will happen meltdown or self destruction or retrieval,policies.Base in space on hostile enemy territory or unknown and can help in natural elements in space and to chart space.Weathers in space and storms,black holes,novas and the works.Alien planets and it has thrusters and of course contaminents and creatures and bacterias and organisms.It is a troop on duty.

    Me Feroz Khan Queen of Zarconia

    Princess Armada weaponry bridge space flagship warship

    Bridge crew

    Zarconian Spacebattleship

Zarconian Haydonite dreanaught battleship

Zarconian Haydonite dreadnaught warship

Zarconia GFFF Klingon German Navy

Zarco Japanese Comet Empire space battleship

Zarconia Japanese Comet Empire dreadnaught

We are a huge and non-religious group of bad guys and from where I explained as heroes and we protect the innocent as in history of heroics in sports and movies and in WW1 and in War and Conflict and we learned or I to capture the moment of them being heroic.We are not good guys but heroes and intend to grow a great or better than great reputation which will be rewards and to be Islam religious and to clean this religion out for heroics and capture when Allah was purely good and a master powerbuilder.And to go on that heroics but this is their nature and attitude to point of really religious in value or Islam,filtered out.Crimes are forbidden.Follow out a format and guidelines of being very normal even in complete disaster and to utilize the enemies dirty tactic feed it back into them.Religious with manners and upper class like mentality and heroics.Gentleman and religious purified out as supernormal.

Star Blazers Season 2 The Comet Empire eps 20 part 2 of 3 remastered

Andromeda battle Comet Empire

Space battleship is made from many types of radiations.It runs on high and powerful radiation in order to be powerful and to do complicated powers.Systems run on these very powerful radiation particles.There in space are 1000's of particles and energies but only certain ones are used for space battleships.Alloy is heat resistant to these particles as a function.Particles are put through processes and are magnified to millions of more times.Hot modified most stars power in alloy.It is not unstable.Armor of the hull is done thick but has to be light.Reinforced armor hull.Strong.Many systems are stored in inside the frame of the hull.Many types of officers,Zarconian Borg and Dark Nebula for example.They are experts in handling and functions of advanced technology.We are not just travelling in space but we travel through many types of space elements and conditions and they must bear through them as simple functions.These are travelling in outer space and deal with more millions of conditions in space and weather.Secret weapon in dreamworld.Hidden much below surface depths of my Great Lakes.My family is hidden and live secret naval rankings.

Star Bazers Season 2 The Comet Empire eps 20 part 3 of 3 remastered

battle on Comet Empire

These were born from U.N. and Federation of Planets that order up and add suggestions.The space militairies are ignoring the whiteman of earth class and North America and Europe and Sol System.They have condemn them and had behaviours to them.This planet and continent eats up resources and wastes.In space they are viewing them and won't appear for them.This solar system has directives and rules put on them.That is why they won't expand for the whiteman in space is ignoring the humans of earth class.They are advanced and put rules on them.They are going to prison colony earth and if they assimulate and speak to humans and UN they are going to attack them martial and will takeover a continent or land a continent of their own on earth.They might destroy this solar system.They are surrounded by powerful empires that spread media to them.Space militaries from Sci Fi military cartoons of Star Blazers are real and real military machines and they have more technology as they teach,they have Star Wars and Star Trek.Andromeda is a a real warship that I talked about from space war.They all are real and look like military machines and the description they are telling you of color of alloy and paint.Their paint is made of alloy and is a chemical.They are military machines that make thundering or quiet noise engines re-entry.They make sounds from speeds they travel or cruise at.They are using the word earth but this is earth class,alien world.Editing out alien crew members.Cartoon they are military machines.They have more machines than the cartoon shows.They already have that and its government and military other worlds.Tanks they have are beyond earth and alien functions,complicated and a very high generation of machines.Transform or are more complicated than transform as a module.Patrol Sol System and have bases

3-08 In Search Of... The Great Lakes Triangle (Part 1 of 3)

Great Lakes Triangle


3-08 In Search Of... The Great Lakes Triangle (Part 2 of 3)

on Mars and Jupiter places impossible for us to get to in this century or from the rule forever.They are using our planets and sun so they have resources.Starship Enterprise is real as SDF-1 and its story is real military machine with those colors or other color schemes and numerical ensignias,blinking lights.They are made of alloys and operate machines that ventilate radiation and are hot while functioning making machine noises,blinking lights,large to space scale military machines.They already real military have space warships and they don't have problems from cross-overs technology.Their military is million times higher than ours.Our ships and tanks are not space made,they are not of higher machine evolution process.They though are fighting each other and not us,one black tiger fighters{space airshows and seats and star base view space show fighters,boost to space and come down}but this is an UFO alien enhanced planet and as a base it needs to be attacked like a base,it will open fire,send fighters and warships,fleet,subs,tank and landfire.Allah built every system of the alien races and rigged these powers and white race came in for the goods to enhance their race.Nothing is going to happen afterlife for John Muckler Wahankh Mumm-ra Allah http://www.ombudsman.on.ca/Home.aspx and police.They all won't do any justice.They all will be locked inside of hell.Hell will be full.Every soul especially these ones are rebellious of religion and are cowards.Anxious from being boxed in acellerated to infinity in pain.Soul to be lost and tortured,their family and helplessness to Allah's workers.Locked in freezing icy frigid dark of hell,imprisonment as they are led by whiteman.Radiation attacks them in evolution process and modern civilization and changes into bio factors,biology.And for their hearts and emotions to be anxious and nervous without drug as unliveable and Space communism for their sins.Coma nervous as torturing and guilt stasis.Allah Pak's system to trial them and into phases of hell for prisoners.And the purplish light in the dark of burning humidity and heated moisture in a sleep of nightmare sweat torturing.And feelings in pain level without drug.Zombies being defeated in future and space.Concepts of life from Allah and his systems on the angels who fueled power of whiteman.Poison to whiteman for being loaded with government and advancement is radiation.Radiation attacks whiteman medically and militarily and to do with socializing and many whiteman aspects.Radiation once it burns on whiteman turns air into frigid temperatures of cold and makes it like a vacuum.Temperature drop.Attack them reproductively and hereditary.Radiation is stored in their genes to make a disease that is a whiteman killer.Attacks their authoratative and their powers and mixes with their nervous system.Burns down and destroys their government and cities and bases.Such thick armor and forcefields.Has curse.Born,before born,present and age stages and change in evolution and looking back to time captured by media.Young to old.And restarting again.Life is scarey and is used in punishment,who will take your place,communism,watch their life and they don't have anything to do with you or to relate to you and are part condemn.Painful your representations,your room next time and streets next time.Change as years go by and goes by by decades,then you'll be age of old people and then a decade or less and time era.Counting years.Unaccomplishable things,space and Sci Fi and present day on planet,continent and country.|px]]
Zarco battleship with space technology and laser cannon battery and fusion engines and barrier system torpedo launchers.Pop up VLS MLS missile launchers.

No Title

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{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C

|caption = Zarco Japanese Comet Empire dreadnaught armed with laser cannon battery and fusion engine and force fields systems and Heavy HEL laser cannon,Zarconia Ondulation gun is wave motion gun series of plasma stores to a build up fed through compressor and many devices turbine.Generated to increase its energy level.All of the energy stores and energy changed to current meat inside ot the chamber of the wave motion gun.They are speeded up by turbine generator wave

Transformers Gobot Combiner Goddess "Katrina"

engine,charge and compressor phases the energy.Reactions take place in the barrel of the wave motion gun.Energy is deflected around in reflective interior plating.It starts to ionize when charging up.Turbine collecting from motors and

Sharktibot Combiner

radioactive reactor has plasma and energy source concentrating in the wave gun.This energy flow

Zarco King Edward 5th Zoe Commander Military Truck and Napolean 2 New Fuhr AMV Transformer Gobot

then passes through a device which emits in EM,magnetism.EM generator.The flow then can be charged and when all of the sources of energy form a flow.There are 5 clone matrix Queen Armada had made.Matrix of Leadership is for Men.King Edward 5th is "Battlefield Commander" and New Fuhr Napolean 2 is "Sargeant Stealth".They both have the matrix as Centauri,Emetcalf and Grizwald.They all are Prime and how much autobot is Zarconia.New

Zarco droid officer

autobot Zarconia leaders.Matrix will help in their qualities they had before.They are as their names.All of autobot past to the Zarconia leaders High Ranks.Vittorio Veneto is a Captain from WW1 and WW2 Italian Navy.He had dreadnaught that was destroying British and Commie warships.He destroyed many American.He was a great military fighter trained in Army.He could swim as giant man at 300lbs and 7ft.He was tall and very smart military disposing of enemy after

Zarco Majesty Liberty Armed Auxilary Cargo Freightor

enemy.He beat many Cpt's and Commanders.He knew all of his tactics against subs.He had smart that he will put into top secret Zarconian Navy.His warship will be our flagship.He is smart has Charlie New Fuhr at his command and Rick and my children Feroxia,Amanda and Inga Princess Khan of  Gobot Lasers Pretender Alien European Race Ai's.Now to our era in space and learning all of warfares in space from Stargate.Being in on top secret development of Zarconian warships and mixed technology with Star Wars,Star Blazers,Star Trek and war technology

Zarco Module Howitzer Cannon

Zarco Energy Cannon Module

AA Lasers Module Guns

of earth class Sol System,20th century North Atlantic earth class Sol System technology.Now he has from his tomb and grave after WW2 he is in space universe as Gobot Pretender People European race AI.He of course learned all types of warships in space and how they worked.Trained and gone back to Captain in  space.Use his tactics for hunting subs against cloaked vessels.He knows how the whole ships work and new systems.He uses his old WW1/WW2 tactics and leadership in space with new might battleship.Has all main guns and under his command will be manipulated into his strategy and war in space.I am his commander and all the duties of commander.Our bridge is Armored Core/Mechas thriving with veteran leadership we need from great Cpt. form World Wars.He would sort out the bridge and each of us our qualifications and attributes,our fighting skills and strategy for Commander Queen Feroz Khan

Zarco Battleship Covert Ops Armored Ships Operations mode

diagram of radio telescope

radio telescope

  Gobot Pretender Alien European Race AI and all of my strategies and orders I use and my skills.Then sort out all bridge members like Charlie New Fuhr.The module guns and cannons have a CPU.They have orders and go out to firing artillery at our enemies and add to AA fire.They have engines and retractable legs and wheels.They can land and conduct war or to hover.They are deployed by warships to fire and add to the warship's defenses and weapons.They can load and reload with live ammuntions from teleporting ammo and shells.They have stores area that orders this up.Utilize all of us properly and our abilities used.Orders to send out Covert Ops craft.Use send out our dropships and droid mechas.He would put everything in line and to round off our skills and attack.So its not spread out and controlled to real warfare in space.And boosted under his commands and strategy book.Finds our skills and how we initialize protocols to get us to do it better and higher level of space military war.Under our Captain who now control and is our supervisor from his WW1/WW2.Being wiser and better fighter with giant machine dreadnaught.Better commands all of our commands under him.Better decision maker.Enemy can't blow his cool like us learning.Now is his chance on the and Gobot Pretender Alien races AI's stock up the ranks into new Zarconian force of ranks.New policies and format.Systems.With Vittorio Veneto and his imput and he is part of war system for space naval forces.I am not a veteran and did not get command of my own warship like Queen Armada did.She is very old and has command of her flagship.I am a commander and guided by much better Captain like Vittorio Veneto.Man with sharp features  .He is older and

Barricks class Armored Space Tank Deployer Ship

bigger.He is militarized and great to Feroz.He though was resting after WW2.He has American enemies and Commie.I found out they all were connected as underworld of criminals and Warbird racists.They all have something wrong with them.And my old father will use this against them as he did.Something I don't do as powerful as my old father.He is nerves of steel.He can figure out dangers in space and nature.Nature in outer space.Disasters.Disasters in war enemies will use.He upgraded to aliens in space and my enemies like the Dragon Empire which is faction,Vampire,Dinguil and whiteman in space and Decepticons as people "Cobra" Terrorist Organization,  fought with.And Allah Pak,our creator of universes and existence that fuels the whiteman.Allah is our enemy and is in stages til he uses being entity.He will use manmade and to use our Evolution Process Angel Caretakers of space as our Captain to these powerful angels as we will need them.Allah made minions of criminalistic Damnation Angel workers that are in Feroz's life from Galactica.Feroz knows retched Angels well and their criminal rules.Dirty tactics and support of Americans.Vittorio Veneto has great leadership and killing instincts vs our Zarconian enemies.He was proven in wars and has his chance in Zarconian as we need him for our warship.He is mastermind and contribute his size and strength,leadership in boarding and destruction of enemies.Covert ops he is too valuable to go away as trap by enemy.So he is guarded in his battleship.He was made by Transformers  Gobot Pretender Creator System.They got him from his grave and the big man is on his warship supervising construction of all battleships and dreadnaughts  needs.  was going to rely on alien technology that the good of Allah in beginning left for them to know alien technology and apply it to Zarconian.Vittorio is rank supervising construction of ships and is in headquarters of  Naval forces.He has more than 50yrs and will go to many 10'000's of years of healthy life like Transformer Gobots.Upon each situation in space and Vittorio's orders dangers of travelling in space.Separate fleet.Natural elements in space and enemy.Orders in using our advancements for our war vessels.The advancements Feroz made during 2000's from ITE.All of projects in hands of  .Our warships built with these breakthroughs that my daughter Inga went through and received them.Inga went to Toronto.I ws mailing projects to Inga and Amelia.Science Team and our Space UN were getting projects for  to construction them from scientist.Now contructed instruments that we have in our war vessels.Vittorio Veneto utilizes them with orders.The devices then phase invert the energy in HEL energy flow wash reaction then sends it out the mouth of the wave gun.It can then drown an enemy fleet of 100's to 1000's and more.Wipe out an enemy armada drowned flow of energy of like a star.Phase inverted.Energies receives have sunlike explosive hydrogen as into the energy wash.Gases can be fused into contibuting energy.Radiation.Energy collect then difuses.Replicates

GAH Zarconian Space fighter Vehicle Robot Being Ranks

merges with bouncing protons make the reaction.Longest Range space.AA laser battery and torpedo launchers.1/2 mile long}} The AA laser battery fire CPU intelligence,station officers abilities extremely powerful.AA lasers of Space Warships can load up for a charge,they have modes.The normal they are on are laser and Zarconia laser has plasma in it or a current which makes it powerful to go through force fields and thick space

Zarconia High Ranking Commander past Gattaca Space America Vittorio Veneto

armors.AA lasers are meant to takeout enemy interceptors and Parasitic Creature alien mechas.They can fire through them as they are much more heavier and powerful than a mecha's as its attatched to Space warship

Star Saber Autobot Leader

systems.It can charge up at rapid fire mode Space warship where all guns fire rapidly even the large battery guns and main guns fire streaks of bolts rapidly at the enemy.AA lasers cut down any mecha and enemy and have any range.Pin point obliteration radius of Space Warship's detection

Annalyzer IQ-9

and range.

Zarconia space missiles,ordnance, torpedos,rocket

They also have munitions operated by Gloria.Princess Armada operates

Admiral Christopher Pike

the launchers hydraulic under the deck.Fires them settings and plans them,load warheads on them and program them along with the station officers.Rocket and guided fired to obliterate targets for types of warfare a space Warship has under its service and existence.Space warships take out interceptors AA lasers Janine Khan and Azalea Khan{Gloria K} then

Princess Armada squad unit space cars

munitions and rockets to takeout land forces and army.Space warship enters Army warfare,space ariforce,Marine warfare,delivery of bombardment heavily and covert ops.Takeout the enemy spaceships and warships.Takeout bases and airforce wings.Janine operates all AA,lasers,missiles and cannons.She is Security officer and can operate shock cannons to switch modes and wave motion gun.Takeout land and tank,artillery,infantry forces.Goes to all out war alert for operations.Takeout submarine and marina forces,PT boats and any other war vessels.There is robotic arms to attack mechas bays under the deck and in hull that can come out with lasers or projectile explosives.Meant to attack mechas and for situations in space.Bridgebots are combiners that seperate and transformation from the warship.Seperate and we have the giant size Bridgebot smaller warship.Changed to a Zarconia robot being.

Zarconian Pretender Space Hydrofoil

http://theory.uwinnipeg.ca/mod_tech/node92.html    http://www.livescience.com/38169-electromagnetism.html     http://www.astronomynotes.com/solarsys/s7.htm


http://www.allaboutcircuits.com/vol_2/chpt_1/6.html     http://faculty.ccri.edu/jbernardini/JB-Website/ETEK1500/1500Notes/CWNA-ed4-Chapter-2.pdf     http://www.quantum-physics.polytechnique.fr/en/


http://elements.wlonk.com/Particles.htm    http://chemed.chem.purdue.edu/genchem/topicreview/bp/ch4/kinetic4.html    http://www2.math.umd.edu/~lvrmr/History/EarlyTheories.html     

http://library.thinkquest.org/20331/types/fusion/theory.html    http://web.utah.edu/astro/Stars.html

Bridgebot Combiners


Star Blazers Season 2 The Comet Empire eps 21 part 2 of 3 remastered

Star Blazers naval

Outer space, or just space, is the expanse that exists beyond the Earth and outside of any astronomical object. Outer space is not completely empty—it is a hard vacuum containing a low density of particles, predominantly a plasma of hydrogen and helium as well as electromagnetic radiation, magnetic fields, neutrinos, dust, and cosmic rays. The baseline temperature, as set by the background radiation from the Big Bang, is 2.7 kelvins (−270.45 °C; −454.81 °F).[1] The plasma between galaxies accounts for about half of the baryonic (ordinary) matter in the universe; it has a number density of less than one hydrogen atom per cubic metre and a temperature of millions of kelvins;[2] local concentrations of this plasma have condensed into stars and galaxies. Studies indicate that 90% of the mass in most galaxies is in an unknown form, called dark matter, which interacts with other matter through gravitational but not electromagnetic forces.[3][4] Observations suggest that the majority of the mass-energy in the observable universe is a poorly understood vacuum energy of space, which astronomers label dark energy.[5][6] Intergalactic space takes up most of the volume of the universe, but even galaxies and star systems consist almost entirely of empty space.

Outer space does not begin at a definite altitude above the Earth's surface. However, the Kármán line, an altitude of 100 km (62 mi) above sea level,[7][8] is conventionally used as the start of outer space in space treaties and for aerospace records keeping. The framework for international space law was established by the Outer Space Treaty, which entered into force on 10 October 1967. This treaty precludes any claims of national sovereignty and permits all states to freely explore outer space. Despite the drafting of UN resolutions for the peaceful uses of outer space, anti-satellite weapons have been tested in Earth orbit.

Humans began the physical exploration of space during the 20th century with the advent of high-altitude balloon flights, followed by manned rocket launches. Earth orbit was first achieved by Yuri Gagarin of the Soviet Union in 1961, and unmanned spacecraft have since reached all of the known planets in the Solar System. Due to the high cost of getting into space, manned spaceflight has been limited to low Earth orbit and the Moon.

Outer space represents a challenging environment for human exploration because of the hazards of vacuum and radiation. Microgravity also has a negative effect on human physiology that causes both muscle atrophy and bone loss. In addition to these health and environmental issues, the economic cost of putting objects, including humans, into space is very high.

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In 350 BCE, Greek philosopher Aristotle suggested that nature abhors a vacuum, a principle that became known as the horror vacui. This concept built upon a 5th-century BCE ontological argument by the Greek philosopher Parmenides, who denied the possible existence of a void in space.[9] Based on this idea that a vacuum could not exist, in the West it was widely held for many centuries that space could not be empty.[10] As late as the 17th century, the French philosopher René Descartes argued that the entirety of space must be filled.[11]

In ancient China, the 2nd-century astronomer Zhang Heng became convinced that space must be infinite, extending well beyond the mechanism that supported the Sun and the stars. The surviving books of the Hsüan Yeh school said that the heavens were boundless, "empty and void of substance". Likewise, the "sun, moon, and the company of stars float in the empty space, moving or standing still".[12]

The Italian scientist Galileo Galilei knew that air had mass and so was subject to gravity. In 1640, he demonstrated that an established force resisted the formation of a vacuum. However, it would remain for his pupil Evangelista Torricelli to create an apparatus that would produce a partial vacuum in 1643. This experiment resulted in the first mercury barometer and created a scientific sensation in Europe. The French mathematician Blaise Pascal reasoned that if the column of mercury was supported by air, then the column ought to be shorter at higher altitude where the air pressure is lower.[13] In 1648, his brother-in-law, Florin Périer, repeated the experiment on the Puy de Dôme mountain in central France and found that the column was shorter by three inches. This decrease in pressure was further demonstrated by carrying a half-full balloon up a mountain and watching it gradually expand, then contract upon descent.[14] [2] The original Magdeburg hemispheres (lower left) used to demonstrate Otto von Guericke's vacuum pump (right)In 1650, German scientist Otto von Guericke constructed the first vacuum pump: a device that would further refute the principle of horror vacui. He correctly noted that the atmosphere of the Earth surrounds the planet like a shell, with the density gradually declining with altitude. He concluded that there must be a vacuum between the Earth and the Moon.[15]

Back in the 15th century, German theologian Nicolaus Cusanus speculated that the Universe lacked a center and a circumference. He believed that the Universe, while not infinite, could not be held as finite as it lacked any bounds within which it could be contained.[16] These ideas led to speculations as to the infinite dimension of space by the Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno in the 16th century. He extended the Copernican heliocentric cosmology to the concept of an infinite Universe filled with a substance he called aether, which did not resist the motion of heavenly bodies.[17] English philosopher William Gilbert arrived at a similar conclusion, arguing that the stars are visible to us only because they are surrounded by a thin aether or a void.[18] This concept of an aether originated with ancient Greek philosophers, including Aristotle, who conceived of it as the medium through which the heavenly bodies move.[19]

The concept of a Universe filled with a luminiferous aether retained support among some scientists until the early 20th century. This form of aether was viewed as the medium through which light could propagate.[20] In 1887, the Michelson–Morley experiment tried to detect the Earth's motion through this medium by looking for changes in the speed of light depending on the direction of the planet's motion. However, the null result indicated something was wrong with the concept. The idea of the luminiferous aether was then abandoned. It was replaced by Albert Einstein's theory of special relativity, which holds that the speed of light in a vacuum is a fixed constant, independent of the observer's motion or frame of reference.[21][22]

The first professional astronomer to support the concept of an infinite Universe was the Englishman Thomas Digges in 1576.[23] But the scale of the Universe remained unknown until the first successful measurement of the distance to a nearby star in 1838 by the German astronomer Friedrich Bessel. He showed that the star 61 Cygni had a parallax of just 0.31 arcseconds (compared to the modern value of 0.287″). This corresponds to a distance of over 10 light years.[24] In 1917, Heber Curtis noted that novae in spiral nebulae were, on average, 10 magnitudes fainter than galactic novae, suggesting that the former are 100 times further away.[25] The distance to the Andromeda Galaxy was determined in 1923 by American astronomer Edwin Hubble by measuring the brightness of cepheid variables in that galaxy, a new technique discovered by Henrietta Leavitt.[26] This established that the Andromeda galaxy, and by extension all galaxies, lay well outside the Milky Way.[27]

The modern concept of outer space is based on the "Big Bang" cosmology, first proposed in 1931 by the Belgian physicist Georges Lemaître.[28] This theory holds that the universe originated from a very dense form that has since undergone continuous expansion.

The earliest known estimate of the temperature of outer space was by the Swiss physicist Charles É. Guillaume in 1896. Using the estimated radiation of the background stars, he concluded that space must be heated to a temperature of 5–6 K. British physicist Arthur Eddington made a similar calculation to derive a temperature of 3.18 K in 1926. German physicist Erich Regener used the total measured energy of cosmic rays to estimate an intergalactic temperature of 2.8 K in 1933.[29] American physicists Ralph Alpher and Robert Herman predicted 5 K for the temperature of space in 1948, based on the gradual decrease in background energy following the then-new Big Bang theory.[29] The modern measurement of the cosmic microwave background is about 2.7K.

The term outward space was used in 1842 by the English poet Lady Emmeline Stuart-Wortley in her poem "The Maiden of Moscow".[30] The expression outer space was used as an astronomical term by Alexander von Humboldt in 1845.[31] It was later popularized in the writings of H. G. Wells in 1901.[32] The shorter term space is older, first used to mean the region beyond Earth's sky in John Milton's Paradise Lost in 1667.[33]

Formation and state[edit | edit source]

[3] This is an artist's concept of the metric expansion of space, where a volume of the Universe is represented at each time interval by the circular sections. At left is depicted the rapid inflation from the initial state, followed thereafter by steady expansion to the present day, shown at right.Main article: Big BangAccording to the Big Bang theory, the very early Universe was an extremely hot and dense state about 13.8 billion years ago[34] which rapidly expanded. About 380,000 years later the Universe had cooled sufficiently to allow protons and electrons to combine and form hydrogen—the so-called recombination epoch. When this happened, matter and energy became decoupled, allowing photons to travel freely through the continually expanding space.[35] Matter that remained following the initial expansion has since undergone gravitational collapse to create stars, galaxies and other astronomical objects, leaving behind a deep vacuum that forms what is now called outer space.[36] As light has a finite velocity, this theory also constrains the size of the directly observable universe.[35] This leaves open the question as to whether the Universe is finite or infinite.

The present day shape of the universe has been determined from measurements of the cosmic microwave background using satellites like the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe. These observations indicate that the spatial geometry of the observable universe is "flat", meaning that photons on parallel paths at one point remain parallel as they travel through space to the limit of the observable universe, except for local gravity.[37] The flat Universe, combined with the measured mass density of the Universe and the accelerating expansion of the Universe, indicates that space has a non-zero vacuum energy, which is called dark energy.[38]

Estimates put the average energy density of the present day Universe at the equivalent of 5.9 protons per cubic meter, including dark energy, dark matter, and baryonic matter (ordinary matter composed of atoms). The atoms account for only 4.6% of the total energy density, or a density of one proton per four cubic meters.[39] The density of the Universe, however, is clearly not uniform; it ranges from relatively high density in galaxies—including very high density in structures within galaxies, such as planets, stars, and black holes—to conditions in vast voids that have much lower density, at least in terms of visible matter.[40] Unlike matter and dark matter, dark energy seems not to be concentrated in galaxies: although dark energy may account for a majority of the mass-energy in the Universe, dark energy's influence is 5 orders of magnitude smaller than the influence of gravity from matter and dark matter within the Milky Way.[41]

Environment[edit | edit source]

[4] Part of the Hubble Ultra-Deep Field image showing a typical section of space containing galaxies interspersed by deep vacuum. Given the finite speed of light, this view covers the past 13 billion years of the history of outer space.Outer space is the closest known approximation to a perfect vacuum. It has effectively no friction, allowing stars, planets, and moons to move freely along their ideal orbits, following the initial formation stage. However, even the deep vacuum of intergalactic space is not devoid of matter, as it contains a few hydrogen atoms per cubic meter.[42] By comparison, the air humans breathe contains about 1025 molecules per cubic meter.[43][44] The low density of matter in outer space means that electromagnetic radiation can travel great distances without being scattered: the mean free path of a photon in intergalactic space is about 1023 km, or 10 billion light years.[45] In spite of this, extinction, which is the absorption and scattering of photons by dust and gas, is an important factor in galactic and intergalactic astronomy.[46]

Stars, planets, and moons retain their atmospheres by gravitational attraction. Atmospheres have no clearly delineated upper boundary: the density of atmospheric gas gradually decreases with distance from the object until it becomes indistinguishable from outer space.[47] The Earth's atmospheric pressure drops to about 0.032 Pa at 100 kilometres (62 miles) of altitude,[48] compared to 100,000 Pa for the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) definition of standard pressure. Above this altitude, isotropic gas pressure rapidly becomes insignificant when compared to radiation pressure from the Sun and the dynamic pressure of the solar wind. The thermosphere in this range has large gradients of pressure, temperature and composition, and varies greatly due to space weather.[49]

The temperature of outer space is measured in terms of the kinetic activity of the gas, as it is on Earth. However, the radiation of outer space has a different temperature than the kinetic temperature of the gas, meaning that the gas and radiation are not in thermodynamic equilibrium.[50][51] All of the observable universe is filled with photons that were created during the Big Bang, which is known as the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB). (There is quite likely a correspondingly large number of neutrinos called the cosmic neutrino background.[52]) The current black body temperature of the background radiation is about 3 K (−270 °C; −454 °F).[53] The gas temperatures in outer space are always at least the temperature of the CMB but can be much higher. For example, the corona of the Sun reaches temperatures over 1.2–2.6 million K.[54]

Magnetic fields have been detected in the space around just about every class of celestial object. Star formation in spiral galaxies can generate small-scale dynamos, creating turbulent magnetic field strengths of around 5–10 μG. The Davis–Greenstein effect causes elongated dust grains to align themselves with a galaxy's magnetic field, resulting in weak optical polarization. This has been used to show ordered magnetic fields exist in several nearby galaxies. Magneto-hydrodynamic processes in active elliptical galaxies produce their characteristic jets and radio lobes. Non-thermal radio sources have been detected even among the most distant, high-z sources, indicating the presence of magnetic fields.[55]

Outside a protective atmosphere and magnetic field, there are few obstacles to the passage through space of energetic subatomic particles known as cosmic rays. These particles have energies ranging from about 106 eV up to an extreme 1020 eV of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays.[56] The peak flux of cosmic rays occurs at energies of about 109 eV, with approximately 87% protons, 12% helium nuclei and 1% heavier nuclei. In the high energy range, the flux of electrons is only about 1% of that of protons.[57] Cosmic rays can damage electronic components and pose a health threat to space travelers.[58] According to astronauts, like Don Pettit, space has a burned/metallic odor that clings to their suits and equipment, similar to the scent of an arc welding torch.[59][60]

Despite the harsh environment, several life forms have been found that can withstand extreme space conditions for extended periods. Species of lichen carried on the ESA BIOPAN facility survived exposure for ten days in 2007.[61] Seeds of Arabidopsis thaliana and Nicotiana tabacum germinated after being exposed to space for 1.5 years.[62] A strain of bacillus subtilis has survived 559 days when exposed to low-Earth orbit or a simulated martian environment.[63] The lithopanspermia hypothesis suggests that rocks ejected into outer space from life-harboring planets may successfully transport life forms to another habitable world. A conjecture is that just such a scenario occurred early in the history of the Solar System, with potentially microorganism-bearing rocks being exchanged between Venus, Earth, and Mars.[64]

Effect on human bodies[edit | edit source]

See also: Space exposure and Weightlessness[5] Because of the hazards of a vacuum, astronauts must wear a pressurized space suit while off-Earth and outside their spacecraft.Even at relatively low altitudes in the Earth's atmosphere, conditions are hostile to the human body. The altitude where atmospheric pressure matches the vapor pressure of water at the temperature of the human body is called the Armstrong line, named after American physician Harry G. Armstrong. It is located at an altitude of around 19.14 km (11.89 mi). At or above the Armstrong line, fluids in the throat and lungs boil away. More specifically, exposed bodily liquids such as saliva, tears, and liquids in the lungs boil away. Hence, at this altitude, human survival requires a pressure suit, or a pressurized capsule.[65]

Once in space, sudden exposure of unprotected humans to very low pressure, such as during a rapid decompression, can cause pulmonary barotrauma—a rupture of the lungs, due to the large pressure differential between inside and outside the chest.[66] Even if the subject's airway is fully open, the flow of air through the windpipe may be too slow to prevent the rupture.[67] Rapid decompression can rupture eardrums and sinuses, bruising and blood seep can occur in soft tissues, and shock can cause an increase in oxygen consumption that leads to hypoxia.[66]

As a consequence of rapid decompression, oxygen dissolved in the blood empties into the lungs to try to equalize the partial pressure gradient. Once the deoxygenated blood arrives at the brain, humans lose consciousness after a few seconds and die of hypoxia within minutes.[68] Blood and other body fluids boil when the pressure drops below 6.3 kPa, and this condition is called ebullism.[69] The steam may bloat the body to twice its normal size and slow circulation, but tissues are elastic and porous enough to prevent rupture. Ebullism is slowed by the pressure containment of blood vessels, so some blood remains liquid.[70][71] Swelling and ebullism can be reduced by containment in a pressure suit. The Crew Altitude Protection Suit (CAPS), a fitted elastic garment designed in the 1960s for astronauts, prevents ebullism at pressures as low as 2 kPa.[72] Supplemental oxygen is needed at 8 km (5.0 mi) to provide enough oxygen for breathing and to prevent water loss, while above 20 km (12 mi) pressure suits are essential to prevent ebullism.[73] Most space suits use around 30–39 kPa of pure oxygen, about the same as on the Earth's surface. This pressure is high enough to prevent ebullism, but evaporation of nitrogen dissolved in the blood could still cause decompression sickness and gas embolisms if not managed.[74]

Humans evolved for life in Earth gravity, and exposure to weightlessness has been shown to have deleterious effects on human health. Initially, more than 50% of astronauts experience space motion sickness. This can cause nausea and vomiting, vertigo, headaches, lethargy, and overall malaise. The duration of space sickness varies, but it typically lasts for 1–3 days, after which the body adjusts to the new environment. Longer-term exposure to weightlessness results in muscle atrophy and deterioration of the skeleton, or spaceflight osteopenia. These effects can be minimized through a regimen of exercise.[75] Other effects include fluid redistribution, slowing of the cardiovascular system, decreased production of red blood cells, balance disorders, and a weakening of the immune system. Lesser symptoms include loss of body mass, nasal congestion, sleep disturbance, and puffiness of the face.[76]

For long-duration space travel, radiation can pose an acute health hazard. Exposure to high-energy, ionizing cosmic rays can result in fatigue, nausea, vomiting, as well as damage to the immune system and changes to the white blood cell count. Over longer durations, symptoms include an increased risk of cancer, plus damage to the eyes, nervous system, lungs and the gastrointestinal tract.[77] On a round-trip Mars mission lasting three years, a large fraction of the cells in an astronaut's body would be traversed and potentially damaged by high energy nuclei.[78] The energy of such particles is significantly diminished by the shielding provided by the walls of a spacecraft and can be further diminished by water containers and other barriers. However, the impact of the cosmic rays upon the shielding produces additional radiation that can affect the crew. Further research is needed to assess the radiation hazards and determine suitable countermeasures.[79]

Boundary[edit | edit source]

[6] SpaceShipOne completed the first manned private spaceflight in 2004, reaching an altitude of 100.12 km (62.21 mi).[80]There is no clear boundary between Earth's atmosphere and space, as the density of the atmosphere gradually decreases as the altitude increases. There are several standard boundary designations, namely: The Fédération Aéronautique Internationale has established the Kármán line at an altitude of 100 km (62 mi) as a working definition for the boundary between aeronautics and astronautics. This is used because at an altitude of about 100 km (62 mi), as Theodore von Kármán calculated, a vehicle would have to travel faster than orbital velocity to derive sufficient aerodynamic lift from the atmosphere to support itself.[7][8] The United States designates people who travel above an altitude of 50 miles (80 km) as astronauts.[81] NASA's Space Shuttle used 400,000 feet (76 mi, 122 km) as its re-entry altitude (termed the Entry Interface), which roughly marks the boundary where atmospheric drag becomes noticeable, thus beginning the process of switching from steering with thrusters to maneuvering with aerodynamic control surfaces.[82]In 2009, scientists reported detailed measurements with a Supra-Thermal Ion Imager (an instrument that measures the direction and speed of ions), which allowed them to establish a boundary at 118 km (73 mi) above Earth. The boundary represents the midpoint of a gradual transition over tens of kilometers from the relatively gentle winds of the Earth's atmosphere to the more violent flows of charged particles in space, which can reach speeds well over 268 m/s (600 mph).[83][84]

Legal status[edit | edit source]

Main article: Space law[7] 2008 launch of the SM-3 missile used to destroy American reconnaissance satellite USA-193The Outer Space Treaty provides the basic framework for international space law. It covers the legal use of outer space by nation states, and includes in its definition of outer space the Moon and other celestial bodies. The treaty states that outer space is free for all nation states to explore and is not subject to claims of national sovereignty. It also prohibits the deployment of nuclear weapons in outer space. The treaty was passed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1963 and signed in 1967 by the USSR, the United States of America and the United Kingdom. As of 2017, 105 state parties have either ratified or acceded to the treaty. An additional 25 states signed the treaty, without ratifying it.[85][86]

Since 1958, outer space has been the subject of multiple United Nations resolutions. Of these, more than 50 have been concerning the international co-operation in the peaceful uses of outer space and preventing an arms race in space.[87] Four additional space law treaties have been negotiated and drafted by the UN's Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. Still, there remains no legal prohibition against deploying conventional weapons in space, and anti-satellite weapons have been successfully tested by the US, USSR and China.[88] The 1979 Moon Treaty turned the jurisdiction of all heavenly bodies (including the orbits around such bodies) over to the international community. However, this treaty has not been ratified by any nation that currently practices manned spaceflight.[89]

In 1976, eight equatorial states (Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Congo, Zaire, Uganda, Kenya, and Indonesia) met in Bogotá, Colombia. With their "Declaration of the First Meeting of Equatorial Countries", or "the Bogotá Declaration", they claimed control of the segment of the geosynchronous orbital path corresponding to each country.[90] These claims are not internationally accepted.[91]

Earth orbit[edit | edit source]

Main article: Geocentric orbitA spacecraft enters orbit when its centripetal acceleration due to gravity is less than or equal to the centrifugal acceleration due to the horizontal component of its velocity. For a low Earth orbit, this velocity is about 7,800 m/s (28,100 km/h; 17,400 mph);[92] by contrast, the fastest manned airplane speed ever achieved (excluding speeds achieved by deorbiting spacecraft) was 2,200 m/s (7,900 km/h; 4,900 mph) in 1967 by the North American X-15.[93]

To achieve an orbit, a spacecraft must travel faster than a sub-orbital spaceflight. The energy required to reach Earth orbital velocity at an altitude of 600 km (370 mi) is about 36 MJ/kg, which is six times the energy needed merely to climb to the corresponding altitude.[94] Spacecraft with a perigee below about 2,000 km (1,200 mi) are subject to drag from the Earth's atmosphere,[95] which decreases the orbital altitude. The rate of orbital decay depends on the satellite's cross-sectional area and mass, as well as variations in the air density of the upper atmosphere. Below about 300 km (190 mi), decay becomes more rapid with lifetimes measured in days. Once a satellite descends to 180 km (110 mi), it has only hours before it vaporizes in the atmosphere.[96] The escape velocity required to pull free of Earth's gravitational field altogether and move into interplanetary space is about 11,200 m/s (40,300 km/h; 25,100 mph).[97]

Regions[edit | edit source]

Space is a partial vacuum: its different regions are defined by the various atmospheres and "winds" that dominate within them, and extend to the point at which those winds give way to those beyond. Geospace extends from Earth's atmosphere to the outer reaches of Earth's magnetic field, whereupon it gives way to the solar wind of interplanetary space.[98] Interplanetary space extends to the heliopause, whereupon the solar wind gives way to the winds of the interstellar medium.[99] Interstellar space then continues to the edges of the galaxy, where it fades into the intergalactic void.[100]

Geospace[edit | edit source]

[8] Aurora australis observed from the Space Shuttle Discovery, on STS-39, May 1991 (orbital altitude: 260 km)Geospace is the region of outer space near Earth, including the upper atmosphere and magnetosphere.[98] The Van Allen radiation belts lie within the geospace. The outer boundary of geospace is the magnetopause, which forms an interface between the Earth's magnetosphere and the solar wind. The inner boundary is the ionosphere.[101] The variable space-weather conditions of geospace are affected by the behavior of the Sun and the solar wind; the subject of geospace is interlinked with heliophysics—the study of the Sun and its impact on the planets of the Solar System.[102]

The day-side magnetopause is compressed by solar-wind pressure—the subsolar distance from the center of the Earth is typically 10 Earth radii. On the night side, the solar wind stretches the magnetosphere to form a magnetotail that sometimes extends out to more than 100–200 Earth radii.[103][104] For roughly four days of each month, the lunar surface is shielded from the solar wind as the Moon passes through the magnetotail.[105]

Geospace is populated by electrically charged particles at very low densities, the motions of which are controlled by the Earth's magnetic field. These plasmas form a medium from which storm-like disturbances powered by the solar wind can drive electrical currents into the Earth's upper atmosphere. Geomagnetic storms can disturb two regions of geospace, the radiation belts and the ionosphere. These storms increase fluxes of energetic electrons that can permanently damage satellite electronics, interfering with shortwave radio communication and GPS location and timing.[106] Magnetic storms can also be a hazard to astronauts, even in low Earth orbit. They also create aurorae seen at high latitudes in an oval surrounding the geomagnetic poles.[107]

Although it meets the definition of outer space, the atmospheric density within the first few hundred kilometers above the Kármán line is still sufficient to produce significant drag on satellites.[96] This region contains material left over from previous manned and unmanned launches that are a potential hazard to spacecraft. Some of this debris re-enters Earth's atmosphere periodically.[108]

Cislunar space[edit | edit source]

[9] Proposed spacecraft for manned cislunar travel in the 2020sEarth's gravity keeps the Moon in orbit at an average distance of 384,403 km (238,857 mi). The region outside Earth's atmosphere and extending out to just beyond the Moon's orbit, including the Lagrangian points, is sometimes referred to as cislunar space.[109]

The region of space where Earth's gravity remains dominant against gravitational perturbations from the Sun is called the Hill sphere.[110] This extends well out into translunar space to a distance of roughly 1% of the mean distance from Earth to the Sun,[111] or 1.5 million km (0.93 million mi).

Deep space has different definitions as to where it starts. It has been defined by the United States government and others as any region beyond cislunar space.[112][113][114][115] The International Telecommunication Union responsible for radio communication (including satellites) defines the beginning of deep space at about 5 times that distance (2×106 km).[116]

Interplanetary space[edit | edit source]

Main article: Interplanetary medium[10] The sparse plasma (blue) and dust (white) in the tail of comet Hale–Bopp are being shaped by pressure from solar radiation and the solar wind, respectivelyInterplanetary space is defined by the solar wind, a continuous stream of charged particles emanating from the Sun that creates a very tenuous atmosphere (the heliosphere) for billions of kilometers into space. This wind has a particle density of 5–10 protons/cm3 and is moving at a velocity of 350–400 km/s (780,000–890,000 mph).[117] Interplanetary space extends out to the heliopause where the influence of the galactic environment starts to dominate over the magnetic field and particle flux from the Sun.[99] The distance and strength of the heliopause varies depending on the activity level of the solar wind.[118] The heliopause in turn deflects away low-energy galactic cosmic rays, with this modulation effect peaking during solar maximum.[119]

The volume of interplanetary space is a nearly total vacuum, with a mean free path of about one astronomical unit at the orbital distance of the Earth. However, this space is not completely empty, and is sparsely filled with cosmic rays, which include ionized atomic nuclei and various subatomic particles. There is also gas, plasma and dust, small meteors, and several dozen types of organic molecules discovered to date by microwave spectroscopy.[120] A cloud of interplanetary dust is visible at night as a faint band called the zodiacal light.[121]

Interplanetary space contains the magnetic field generated by the Sun.[117] There are also magnetospheres generated by planets such as Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and the Earth that have their own magnetic fields. These are shaped by the influence of the solar wind into the approximation of a teardrop shape, with the long tail extending outward behind the planet. These magnetic fields can trap particles from the solar wind and other sources, creating belts of charged particles such as the Van Allen radiation belts. Planets without magnetic fields, such as Mars, have their atmospheres gradually eroded by the solar wind.[122]

Interstellar space[edit | edit source]

Main article: Interstellar medium"Interstellar space" redirects here. For the album, see Interstellar Space.[11] Bow shock formed by the magnetosphere of the young star LL Orionis (center) as it collides with the Orion Nebula flowInterstellar space is the physical space within a galaxy beyond the influence each star has upon the encompassed plasma.[100] The contents of interstellar space are called the interstellar medium. Approximately 70% of the mass of the interstellar medium consists of lone hydrogen atoms; most of the remainder consists of helium atoms. This is enriched with trace amounts of heavier atoms formed through stellar nucleosynthesis. These atoms are ejected into the interstellar medium by stellar winds or when evolved stars begin to shed their outer envelopes such as during the formation of a planetary nebula.[123] The cataclysmic explosion of a supernova generates an expanding shock wave consisting of ejected materials that further enrich the medium.[124] The density of matter in the interstellar medium can vary considerably: the average is around 106 particles per m3,[125] but cold molecular clouds can hold 108–1012 per m3.[50][123]

A number of molecules exist in interstellar space, as can tiny 0.1 μm dust particles.[126] The tally of molecules discovered through radio astronomy is steadily increasing at the rate of about four new species per year. Large regions of higher density matter known as molecular clouds allow chemical reactions to occur, including the formation of organic polyatomic species. Much of this chemistry is driven by collisions. Energetic cosmic rays penetrate the cold, dense clouds and ionize hydrogen and helium, resulting, for example, in the trihydrogen cation. An ionized helium atom can then split relatively abundant carbon monoxide to produce ionized carbon, which in turn can lead to organic chemical reactions.[127]

The local interstellar medium is a region of space within 100 parsecs (pc) of the Sun, which is of interest both for its proximity and for its interaction with the Solar System. This volume nearly coincides with a region of space known as the Local Bubble, which is characterized by a lack of dense, cold clouds. It forms a cavity in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way galaxy, with dense molecular clouds lying along the borders, such as those in the constellations of Ophiuchus and Taurus. (The actual distance to the border of this cavity varies from 60 to 250 pc or more.) This volume contains about 104–105 stars and the local interstellar gas counterbalances the astrospheres that surround these stars, with the volume of each sphere varying depending on the local density of the interstellar medium. The Local Bubble contains dozens of warm interstellar clouds with temperatures of up to 7,000 K and radii of 0.5–5 pc.[128]

When stars are moving at sufficiently high peculiar velocities, their astrospheres can generate bow shocks as they collide with the interstellar medium. For decades it was assumed that the Sun had a bow shock. In 2012, data from Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) and NASA's Voyager probes showed that the Sun's bow shock does not exist. Instead, these authors argue that a subsonic bow wave defines the transition from the solar wind flow to the interstellar medium.[129][130] A bow shock is the third boundary of an astrosphere after the termination shock and the astropause (called the heliopause in the Solar System).[130]

Intergalactic space[edit | edit source]

[12] A star-forming region in the Large Magellanic Cloud, perhaps the closest Galaxy to Earth's Milky WaySee also: Intracluster mediumIntergalactic space is the physical space between galaxies. Studies of the large scale distribution of galaxies show that the Universe has a foam-like structure, with clusters and groups of galaxies lying along filaments that occupy about a tenth of the total space. The remainder forms huge voids that are mostly empty of galaxies. Typically, a void spans a distance of (10–40) h−1 Mpc, where h is the Hubble constant in units of 100 km s−1 Mpc−1.[131]

Surrounding and stretching between galaxies, there is a rarefied plasma[132] that is organized in a galactic filamentary structure.[133] This material is called the intergalactic medium (IGM). The density of the IGM is 5–200 times the average density of the Universe.[134] It consists mostly of ionized hydrogen; i.e. a plasma consisting of equal numbers of electrons and protons. As gas falls into the intergalactic medium from the voids, it heats up to temperatures of 105 K to 107 K,[2] which is high enough so that collisions between atoms have enough energy to cause the bound electrons to escape from the hydrogen nuclei; this is why the IGM is ionized. At these temperatures, it is called the warm–hot intergalactic medium (WHIM). (Although the plasma is very hot by terrestrial standards, 105 K is often called "warm" in astrophysics.) Computer simulations and observations indicate that up to half of the atomic matter in the Universe might exist in this warm–hot, rarefied state.[134][135][136] When gas falls from the filamentary structures of the WHIM into the galaxy clusters at the intersections of the cosmic filaments, it can heat up even more, reaching temperatures of 108 K and above in the so-called intracluster medium.[137]

Exploration and applications[edit | edit source]

Main articles: Space exploration, Space colonization, and Space manufacturing[13] The first image taken of the entire Earth by astronauts was shot during the Apollo 8 missionFor the majority of human history, space was explored by observations made from the Earth's surface—initially with the unaided eye and then with the telescope. Prior to the advent of reliable rocket technology, the closest that humans had come to reaching outer space was through the use of balloon flights. In 1935, the U.S. Explorer II manned balloon flight had reached an altitude of 22 km (14 mi).[138] This was greatly exceeded in 1942 when the third launch of the German A-4 rocket climbed to an altitude of about 80 km (50 mi). In 1957, the unmanned satellite Sputnik 1 was launched by a Russian R-7 rocket, achieving Earth orbit at an altitude of 215–939 kilometres (134–583 mi).[139] This was followed by the first human spaceflight in 1961, when Yuri Gagarin was sent into orbit on Vostok 1. The first humans to escape low-Earth orbit were Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and William Anders in 1968 on board the U.S. Apollo 8, which achieved lunar orbit[140] and reached a maximum distance of 377,349 km (234,474 mi) from the Earth.[141]

The first spacecraft to reach escape velocity was the Soviet Luna 1, which performed a fly-by of the Moon in 1959.[142] In 1961, Venera 1 became the first planetary probe. It revealed the presence of the solar wind and performed the first fly-by of Venus, although contact was lost before reaching Venus. The first successful planetary mission was the 1962 fly-by of Venus by Mariner 2.[143] The first fly-by of Mars was by Mariner 4 in 1964. Since that time, unmanned spacecraft have successfully examined each of the Solar System's planets, as well their moons and many minor planets and comets. They remain a fundamental tool for the exploration of outer space, as well as observation of the Earth.[144] In August 2012, Voyager 1 became the first man-made object to leave the Solar System and enter interstellar space.[145]

The absence of air makes outer space an ideal location for astronomy at all wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. This is evidenced by the spectacular pictures sent back by the Hubble Space Telescope, allowing light from more than 13 billion years ago—almost to the time of the Big Bang—to be observed.[146] However, not every location in space is ideal for a telescope. The interplanetary zodiacal dust emits a diffuse near-infrared radiation that can mask the emission of faint sources such as extrasolar planets. Moving an infrared telescope out past the dust increases its effectiveness.[147] Likewise, a site like the Daedalus crater on the far side of the Moon could shield a radio telescope from the radio frequency interference that hampers Earth-based observations.[148]

Unmanned spacecraft in Earth orbit are an essential technology of modern civilization. They allow direct monitoring of weather conditions, relay long-range communications like television, provide a means of precise navigation, and allow remote sensing of the Earth. The latter role serves a wide variety of purposes, including tracking soil moisture for agriculture, prediction of water outflow from seasonal snow packs, detection of diseases in plants and trees, and surveillance of military activities.[149]

The deep vacuum of space could make it an attractive environment for certain industrial processes, such as those requiring ultraclean surfaces.[150] However, like asteroid mining, space manufacturing requires significant investment with little prospect of immediate return.[151] An important factor in the total expense is the high cost of placing mass into Earth orbit: $7,000–25,000 per kg in inflation-adjusted dollars, according to a 2006 estimate.[152] Proposed concepts for addressing this issue include non-rocket spacelaunch, momentum exchange tethers, and space elevators.[153]

Interstellar travel for a human crew remains at present only a theoretical possibility. The distances to the nearest stars will require new technological developments and the ability to safely sustain crews for journeys lasting several decades. For example, the Daedalus Project study, which proposed a spacecraft powered by the fusion of Deuterium and He3, would require 36 years to reach the nearby Alpha Centauri system. Other proposed interstellar propulsion systems include light sails, ramjets, and beam-powered propulsion. More advanced propulsion systems could use antimatter as a fuel, potentially reaching relativistic velocities.[154]

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Battle Zarconia Transexual female Combiners vs Enemy Giant mecha


Gloria Princess Armada 2nd eldest all of them same parents,me.

Nova fighter

Our Space military Empire in the battleground battlefield of space pictures of war shows Zarconia forces of each branch and section attacking our enemy.Begin seige and warfare.Our many types of infantry and re-fitting and re-armaments of our Robot fighters,mecha,space warships and space carriers,infantry special weapons can't be jammed into the small picture.There is in the space numbers to 10 000's of war vessels.Space mecha and fighters

Zarconia space fleet vs Enemy Galactic Empire government

in 100 000's and more and in divisions and squadrons,not bunched up at that number.they have their formation and commands as to the fleets.Fleets defenses from attack of all sorts in space.We have begun war with our enemies and would utilize our weaponry and we have variants and different classes of mecha fighters,tank mecha and warships.They are all beings and talk in military to each other.Some are higher ranks and are interfacing with soldiers and pilots that have modulated into a slight transformation linkup in cockpit as modules,Florence or Princess Armada in her mobile doll droid battloid soldier robot mecha.They have their systems of warfare

Cover pretend Magazine Zarco Robot Being

and electronics adaptation to space.They are firing their shock cannons but in war they with their commands and upper level leadership on their bridges have weaponry and methods,policies to go to.Wave motion gun and torpedos,missile launchers.Their many types or joined together force field defenses barrier systems armor in Army,Space Navy,Space Army,Space Airforce.They have their special weapons for immobilizing super weapons of the enemy and Space WMD.HK Warfare sattelites,Deep Space Bouy Probes countermeasures space superweapons.Strategists High Rankings,officers,leaders.Policies.Defensive barriers,top secret weaponry.We have countermeasures to knockout their super weapons as Enemy HEL wave gun or Super lasers or bomb and missiles,proton missiles.We can project barriers,force fields to

Zarconia restored Space Battleship

protect fleets and space wings,space carriers from enemy dangers.Secondary and 3rd and 4th measures to the armor.Anti superweapons systems and dampening beams.Knockout shutdown their power source and computer.Change of states of superweapons{radioactive lasers}ondulation gun,superlasers,subspace weapons,reflex weaponry,heavy plasma lasers,particle cannons.Space Army and its Robotic Ant attack carrier walkers.Hunt and destroy bases disable destroy enemies superweapons,infantry attack.They must be fast time duration to evacuate safe distance.Protected by projected fields.They have defensive policies evassive monuvers in enemy situations.Space carriers,space wing attack bombardment knockout superweapons,neutralize.Values to

Samurai New Fuhr and Uggy New Fuhr Japanese Comet Empire and Cybertron Gobotron Inbit Invid Comet Empire Regime


Underwater facility base

and space warships and on space carriers their space wing and mechas.There are more war vessels and support and in enemy conquered territory.Each page represents a section of Zarconia military to cope with and adapt to the warfares.High Ranks.Space warships have their electronics and systems then to their weaponry.Space fighters from

Zarconian "Marine class" Starship Battleship

"Knight class"Zarco Space Battleship

"Warship class"Zarconian Space Battleship

basebots land,repair,re-adapt,re-fitt as their purposes of Space wing is and space tank platoons and squads and armies.They have their bases and

Space Warp

Space Warp

warp jump

their usage.re-arm and re-load and cool down processes for all.Chemical and liquid compounds for repair and

Space Fold

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Zarconia HK Starship Destroyer

high ranks and station officers to these equipment to have policies and options for situations,as meltdown meaning the enemy has no new intelligence on technology and is the same as themselves or auto destruct to level inflict damage on enemy or retrieval which can be predicted by officers of stations and rankings.The fighters as Drone Panavia is a being robot man Zarconian and has a codename as his name.His name is Euro Radar.Euro Radar as other multi role space plane interceptors can torpedo attack or to many munitions delivery of fighters.Types of space munitions and their delivery at space speeds or cruising speeds as alien worlds warfare.Zarconia fighters in hangars have

Zarconian Terminal "Cybernite"

their systems and electronics readied to setup and preperation for their warfare.They are fitted with hydraulic racks,robotic hardpoints and weapons pilons for warfare with different rockets and pods,missiles for space purposes,space payloads that hit their targets in space better than dropping it with atmosphere and earth class gravity.Propulsion and hits them and has settings for alien worlds attack as space warships and

Zarco Space Troop clone endos beings enemy Design

machines of war space.Robots use explosive projectiles as they are to the robots systems as armaments.They have space BETA,PARCS,DEW and Space Doppler systems for example.Laser designators to carry out their mission and in robot mode their CPU is laser designator,that 's why transform to robot.Systems are modulated from the vehicle.No need for variants for slight adjustments or new upgrades to instruments and welding it into the frame.The enemy could unweld a captured fighter,used reverse for evil and enemy.Space troops are adapted to space.They an environment in their armor internally to give them gravity.They have powerful warfare proof armor and troop force field.They can run fast at

Zarco Macross Dreadnaught

40mph and faster.They are agile but heavy duty.They carry energy firearms of

Battleship Monster Mecha

Zarconian arsenal and re-equip themselves.They have system and sensors.They are living CPU's.They can fly.They can re-entry.They can withstand alien space.They have many types of troops attributes and profiles.Hybrid troop.They can use explosives.Trained for situations and space missions,duty.They use

Space Plane Module Attatchment to Terrain Transport Vehicle

computers.Protocals defenses.Station officers and ranks to counter back and Emergency Repair Crew.Cybernite is our new terminal computer.His duties are as a commander and specializes in alien technology.He can fight in war like a base.He can move around and transform modes.He

Avatar Class Space Battleship

is a soldier and high rank Terminal for

Deployer Vehicle TSTO

Zarconian.He is a space computer.He can design technology and is like a scientist.He inputs on war strategy as high ranks.Interfaces and can conduct repairs to interface

Zarco Mugenbide Mobile Battroid

with many bays and hangars.The Space plane Module attatches to the terrain transport vehicles that carry mecha/soldiers.It gives the vehicles flight.When launched from space the terrain vehicles can in stages to launch re-entry

Zarconian Sentinel Moblle Doll

Zarco Power Aerial Module Attatchment and Soldier Droid

alien planet and land with verniers and antigravity to trajectory.The space plane module attatchment attatches links on to the terrain vehicle and can go back to space or assault.Give the vehicle flight and has armaments.Particle laser cannons and launch guided rockets.Verniers give a spacecraft's abilities.Zarco Macross dreadnaught is a warship that has particle beam turrets,twin particle beam Optical weapons and

Zarco Troll class Battroid Soldier Mecha

enigmatech systems barrier.Has missile launchers.AA lasers.It can travel in space at cruising speed and can go to light speed.It has fusion engines and verniers.It has a compliment fo mecha beings and fighters.Immense in size to transport compliment and its instrument sensors.Manpower troops aboard.Covert Operations.Made of alien alloy in Macross quadrant.CPU core.Battleship

Saturn Monster SD Battlecarrier

Special Weapons 2 Monster Warship

Monster mecha and naval warship monsters when they want to propulsion forward they retract their legs and arms for monuverability forward but to have head out.Easily for amrs and legs to retract into its bays.Like a monster naval predator.Takes out legs and arms to attack or it can use its battery as modes.Combat in many ways it can pick.It can rely back on being a machine.   http://www.gravitywarpdrive.com/index.htm

7th Tactical Armored Space Corps - "Black Lions" Unit Background: 7th Squadron Roster: Lt. Marie Crystal


Zarco Fighter TSF Mechas

Points: SDC:

Alignment: http://us.playstation.com/publictrophy/index.htm?onlinename=FerozKhan

Attributes: IQ: ME: MA: PS: PP: PE: PB: Spd:

Zarconian TSF Mecha "Wild Wind"

Age: Sex: Weight: Height: Description: Disposition: Level of Experience: Rank: http://www.angelfire.com/mn/nn/InSearchOfAlpha.html O.C.C.: Skills: M.O.S.Skills:

Other Skills:


Challenge of the Gobots



Challenge of the Gobots2


Other: http://starblazers.wikia.com/wiki/Earth_Forces_and_Earth_Federation

HTH Combat  io

robot mode space warship


Zarconian Chopper TSF Mecha Being

a          Zero is a Zarconian

Princess Armada Jani Khan

Prime.He is very crafty and crude.His leadership is direact.He can handle burndens of being Prime.He cannot be outsmarted.He can solve puzzles and traps.He is a hybrid fighter in combat and can hand combat with martial arts.He is a thinker.He plans before hand.He has courage and thinks when he encouters bigger situations.He can solve them and command the Combiners.He is a strategist.He also can fight.He is a viscious fighter.He uses his weapons and powers of transformation well.He has strength and from Matrix.Uses combat monuvers and has enemies in sights.He is very patriotic to Zarconian is very strong in him.He has a strong will power.He is very clever and can innovate things.He annalyzes situation or what was told to him report and is heavily involved in matters to think of things.He uses guidelines.Very strict.He wants discipline and takes out enemy in covert ops.He likes covert ops to dismantle enemy.He is very powerful a member of a team and has nothing to fear much.He will be prepared.Cunning.Can use environment against enemy,crudeness.Remembers stories and gets it precise.Precision and modern warfare and dig from past.He is sympathetic to team members.He is like a teacher.He is destructive to enemy.Wants things organized and is organized.Great leader in critical situations.Warrior.Rationlized.Patient and can make boobytraps.Can trick enemy

Zarconia King Edward Zoe Scarecrow General High Ranking and Vanguard

Zarco Japanese Comet Empire space carrier

Aries alpha fighter

Zarco Japanese Comet Empire space carrier


Challenge of the Gobots3



The Gobots





Ninja fighter "Torpedo Bomber" robot being Zarco Japanese Comet Empire

Ninja Fighter is Zarco Japanese Comet Empire multi role turbine prop fighter.Props can popout electromechanical for a propulsion alternative mode for STOVL and viffing,monuverability and handle at mach

Zarco Mugenbide Droid sketch

50.As Space Wing and Zarconia planes they have ability to leap space with warp and light speed.This carries space munitions to takeout war vessels and destrooy enemy carriers.Bombard fleets with space aerial bombs.It can be re-fitted weapons pack for ground forces combat fire rocket pods at them with space rockets,CPU upgraded to destroy space government level and Star Wars Star Trek technology.Carry space torpedos,space payload,250lb,500lb,700lb to 1000lb.Series of well armed laser cannon on wings in all modes use and on its nose that is inside in robot.It has secret popup panel weapons,laser cannon and explosive projectile launcher for combat.Barrier defense systems.Laser electron sword as Japanese history war.HK

Princess Armada Kehlest

warfare satteltite Deep Space Bouy teleporation warfare network warfare powers.

Princess Armada

http://starblazers.wikia.com/wiki/Yamato http://discoverychannel.wikia.com/wiki/User:Queen_Armada Beretta AR70Key members of Sector ilJ l Valen ero tine http://www.german-navy.de/

Italian 5.56mm Assault Rifle http://forwardmomentumproductions.com/sos/images.html /..Asteroth Class Haydonite Torpedo

Zarconia Space Warships

FrigateThe cybernetic race were masters of the so called Shadow technology which worked on shadow dimensional principles creating a field that supposely shielded the energy source of a ship. (Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles) The activation of such devices led to the formation of a fourth dimensional field which not only masked targets from ordinary electronic sensors but also

Zarconia battlegroup fleet formation on planetery sized enemy firing ondulation gun plasma wash combining on Vampire Hive/Planet X

Protoculture sensors though the target remained visible. (The Art of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles) Throough it, they were capable of creating advanced weaponry in the form of Synchro cannons and also cloak their forces through the Shadow devices. At first, they freely helped the REF develop this technology though they possessed a backdoor mechanism allowing them to disable

Battle colorful galaxy Galactica loyalties vs Zarconia battlegroup

any Shadow technology equipped ship, fighter or mecha thus rendering them inert or possibly overloading them which can cause the device to explode thus killing their users. They accomplished this through a special weapon known as a Disruptor

Zarco Space Tugboat

wave which was a reddish energy beam generated from a flagship that sweeped the battlefield and infected enemy vessels. (Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles) Each class space warship are fitted for different class operations in a different order.Space Cruisers are designed with their size and for operations is space as all ships are not Space

Covert Ops Craft

Covert Ops Mini Cruiser

Army Covert Ops Craft

Battleships.Space Frigates and Space Subs.Space Guided Rocket Cruisers and Space Battlecruisers.Different order of approaching operations in different setup ready rooms and different types of bridges to cater to their operations,stations compose of officers and their instrument machines and what system they are.Electronics,Auxilary Defensive,propulsion and engine room,weaponry,police and soldiers,Countermeasures.They have crew,officers and the stations as

Wave Motion Gun Ondulation Gun

wave motion engine firing wave gun

Wave gun recoil

Wave Motion Engine

they all are not a base of operations.Different descriptions,schematics,sizes and shapes and their priorities and their

Wave Motion Engine

Wave Motion Engine Schematics

Force Injector

recoil Wave Gun

protocal to fleet

Zarco Macross forces battle vs Dark Nebula Empire


Zarconian Scientists person size AI

in different rating levels in ops,infantry,space situations like phenomena and elements,disaster,planets

Blue Shark Exploration chopper all terrain boat

of civilization then to high ranking council. ,Uzbek Galman Gamilon,Zarconia,Japanese Comet Empire and GFFF Klingon Navy

Zarco Compact Railgun Warship

Comet Empire.They are officers and Zarconia and crew and high rankings and manpower Transformer Gobot troops,pilots and bridge crew,Army and commanders and military and police and muslim directive from Queen Armada.Covert Ops Craft warships are mini sized warships that can carryout missions.They carry a small compliment of chosen mecha beings and modules.They can support them with missile fire and have laser guns and heavy ion cannon fire.Project barrier to cover their compliment.They are from bays in a warship and base.They leave a warship and carry troops.This is a way we can attack and get into bases and have mecha beings and modules with more firepower brought into small places,small numbers

Room for Wave Motion gun and Missiles

to return to warship.As warships they have instruments sensors.They can deliver battery.They can go warp drive or space fold.Crew.Dreamworld Lemuria Transformers Universe Gobots colony world size of star as a planet. The most devastating weaponry

Zarco Squad troop AI

available to them were

fold system schematics

schematics fold system

fold system schematics

planet killing devices. They used these devices previously on the first

antigravity pods

anti gravity pods

plasma engines

space fold system


Invid homeworld and devastated it in the process. Another form of such weapons were the Neutron-S Missiles which were massive warheads that were so powerful that their detonation can create massive black holes that can destroy planets. (Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles)


Transformers episode 56 - the key to vector sigma 2 part 1

G2 Key to Vector Sigma,autobot Combiner

Vector Sigma Quran computer Terminal

[14] http://starblazers.wikia.com/wiki/Dinguil_Empire VFA-147 flies the F/A-18C Hornet. The Hornet is the Navy's premier Day/Night

Zarconia Planetary Destruction missile carrier space subs

Strike Fighter. It has the capability to carry out both the air-to-air and air-to-ground mission forward deployed from the deck of an aircraft carrier. Our squadron is professionally known as"Jason and the Argonauts", having taken our name from the mystical Greek Legend of Jason and his men, who searched the oceans in quest of adventure and personal reward. Selena {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Hit Points: 21 SDC: 40 {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Alignment: Scrupulous {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C

Zarconia Planetary Destruction missile firings on enemy alien whiteman supporter

{C {C {C {C {C}{C Attributes: IQ: 14 ME: 7 MA: 15 PS: 13 PP: 26 PE: 14 PB: 19 Spd: 10 {C [ http://coldwar.wikia.com/wiki/User_talk:Queen_Armada {C{C}{C{C{C{C{C}{C{C}{C{C{C{C{C{C}{C http://coldwar.wikia.com/wiki/User_talk:Queen_Armada  {C{C}{C{C{C{C{C}{C{C}{C{C{C{C{C{C}{C] Age: NA

Space Nuke warfare Space WMD

{C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Sex: Female {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Weight: XX kgs Height: XX cms {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Description: A slim, athletic, attractive woman with long, bright red hair. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Disposition: Tends towards being a bit aggressive at times, but usually nice. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Level Of Experience: 2nd level Zentraedi officer w/Human training {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Rank: Private {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Skills: (OCC Skills) Pilot Battle Pods 70%; Pilot Power Armour 70%; Mecha Combat Power Armour; Weapon Systems 85%; Read Sensors 65%; Radio Basic 65%; Hand to Hand Expert; (Other Skills) Surveillance Systems 45%; Intelligence 70%; Disguise 75%; Impersonation 64%; Optic Systems 55%; Computer Operation 70%; Gymnastics 65/78/35/75/35%; Pilot Veritech 70%; Mecha Combat Veritech; Pilot Exculiber 60%; Mecha Combat Exculiber; Paramedic 55%; Basic Electronics 40%; Computer Repair 40%; Cook 50%; Sew 40%; WP Energy Rifle; WP Energy Pistol; WP Auto Pistol; WP Knife {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Notes: A Micronised Zentraedi officer who has joined the RDF.

Deep Space Buoy robot being probe

Usually pilots a VF-1A or Exculiber. Doesn't get on very well with the others, usually because they're too busy beating each other up to notice her. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Combat Bonuses: 2 Attacks/round, +9 To Parry/Dodge, +3 to roll, +6 to strike {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Mecha Combat Bonuses (Veritech): 4 attacks/round, +11 to parry, +11/13/15 to dodge, +9 to strike, +6

Zarconian Fuel Transport Chopper

to roll {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Mecha Combat Bonuses (Exculiber): 4 attacks/round, +10 to parry, +10 to dodge, +9 to strike, +4 to roll Advanced space technology takes a very long time to evolve into usage.It is very dangerous and needs the

Gobot and Zarconia Gunship helicopters

proper procedures to go through stages.First stage is raw and is manipulating energies into devices.Get the devices to run on such powerful currents is 1000yrs advanced technology and by experienced race of techniques ancient in their evolution process.Instruments need to evolve.These instruments are

Zarconia Space Battlegroup,Starship Destroyer,Starship Frigate,Space Cruisers with HKT Warbird and Space freightor Train

complicated from running off dangerous elements of outer space.There is early stages and all need to be done.Take many centuries before you have a military war vessel in space.It takes dangers of operation of device,early stages of device running a current produced by space particles and knowledge of space particles directory.The devices must run on conduits.Conduits contain energies and run them

Zarco Space U.Boats transform to robot being

as current but this is very advanced to run off radiations and energies of space and to convert them into a useable current.Zarconia Space U.Boats have cloaking and subpace.They hide and travel in real space.They interact and have powers from HK warfare sattelite teleporation warfare with their missiles.Powers on the live munitions.Guidance.Camauflage in space to background of space,color of the panels can change to be exact and what fools enemies in war.ECM jammers.FLIR.Telescope mode.Torpedo banks torpedo station with pulse torpedos,munition torpedos space torpedos live munitions.HE space torpedo in their mag.Their is the energy photon proton torpedos.They are from a gas reaction and when a cone or aperture outer casing changes into energy,surrounded as energy in reactions which is inside the cone,gases and electric fuze.This makes the outer shell into energy and has properties as

Queen Armada Princess Amelia Armada

energy,more pentential and is like energy fire that can explode and penetration through enemy hull layers stages.Tracor rounds but missiles.Speed and the things inside.Fusion

Zarco Command Walker

Zarco Command Walker

Zarco Command Walker

engines of Space U.Boats,vernier systems generating forces to ride off from propelled by the main fusion engine impulse.Then they must withstand space and elements battering and situation battering in order to be reliable militarily in outer space.Many centuries of developing space enterprise and corporations and corporations with veteran experience in space electronics and for military. http://forwardmomentumproductions.com/sos/images.html Enterprise corporations develop a running device product,but you have to fill every machine and in every part of every military.They the complicated demands and adaptations to space warfare.Zarco Command Walkers are mechas that carry troops that pound away at ground forces.They are meant for invasion and support of invading mechas and troops.They have at least an internal HEL cannon in the head command control.It has armor to withstand enemy ground forces attack.It has on some hidden launchers.It can go compact to a vehicle all terrain at mach.15.It can travel like a spacecraft with its verniers to foldup and launch.It has stroage bays for instruments or weapons.Barrier system and force fields defenses.Moveable panels to protect explosives.Software will be

Explosive Projectiles

extremely complicated as it will need to be more than 3D.This means that the experimentals and you cannot afford to waste your time on a stockpile of experimental devices.Devices will carry out complicated tasks and need to be read properly,who is using it in military needs to know how to run and fix it because in war or disaster things get destroyed,attacked and accidents happen.They are complicated for the tasks and commands the device is to do.Evolution process and another stage.After many centuries there will be war vessels in space with alien help and refinement and proper processes and Enterprise jumpstarted and in century of function.Get rid of the glitches advanced machines and devices will

Zarco Forces deploy space copters Seige on Enemy Alien Whiteman Supporter Midi Chlorian

have because of forcing them to run on energies and phenomena of space and other dimensions.Cycle in government must be done.For break downs.There are empires that are not in these stages and do not think at the lowest rank of things like this,they surpassed this a very long time ago primitive era.And in disaster to them,they rebuild as they are a government of a long time ago. http://unsolvedmysteries.wikia.com/wiki/Unsolved_Mysteries_Wiki {C{C{C}{C{C{C{C{C}{C{C}{C{C{C{C{C{C}{C Time

Autogun Zarconia Transformer Gobot VSTOL STOVL gunship

travel in another dimension quadrant size territory to start as a government and space power and to grow our miitary to the point of veteran experienced warfaring empire.To have the time of a century to grow and for me to evolve into them and grow as a high ranking and to have our systems function in a cycle.Then we can conquer once we are ready and to be in the same category as 1000's.We have developed our military and technology and

Robo Machinebots Armybot Combiner

manpower is perfected and more than proven from practice.Resources are

Missile Sentinel

Flying Sentinel Wings attatchment

in full function and processes and all emergency systems every single thing in century old function at the space level and Zarconian technology level.Every single thing perfect in military.All decisions are century old as to rest of space and our part of space.We want to control and handle every single sitation and disaster and to have answers and solutions to them on our own.Power and success.All problems and catastrophes to be handled by

Zarco Zod

Zarco Missile Zod Creature mecha

Zarconia.We have a council and part of upgrading with space to report with council.Zarco Zod is a creature mecha we use like centients to guard areas like bases and shipyards.They can be used to attack the enemy    http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?WarpDrive                                                         http://www.star-fleet.com/library/bookshelf/tm/www.html    http://www.sfu.ca/~adebened/funstuff/warpdrive.html                                http://library.thinkquest.org/26030/noframes/warptheory.htm     http://www.physicsmyths.org.uk/lightspeed.htm                         http://www.ws5.com/spacetime/   .They have thick armor and are huge to robot Transformer and Gobot fraction.Like a dinosaur to person.They can maul.they have inside them from Zod allowing and access code from Zarconian to go into his hangar and station inside as he can carry compliment when small cargo bay re-fitted

Courageous Power Suit

to carry 20 for covert Ops.But without his cargo bay he does not carry.He has a barrier system and can fire energy fire from his head like

Astro Space Warship

a Zod.He can trash the enemy and eat them.Crush them.Our ones have weapons.Moveable panel hidden.Retractable.He can use his front

Zarconian Heavy Space Battleship

legs to lunge and use claws.He can breach.He can fly in space and attack warships.He can use his tail.We want to have the best expert High Rankings to discuss and to be part of the council to solve every problem perfectly and to obey and uphold space laws and directories.We want to contribute and end to crime and hostilities and enemies and warmongers and racists and attackers.We have the wised Rankings.Role is opposed to evil and to be a

Zarco Troop Transport Sub

Zarco Troop Transport Vessel

leader.We are patient and wise and religious as strength in controlling Allah's systems.Our council broke the record best record ever and best peaceful Rankings and intelligent best but quiet and hidden reputation but under space laws and borders.The Troop transport vessels have rows of compacted singular chairs for each troop in many levels to fill up vessel.Designed for space G forces and alien worlds G-forces and monuvers.We have more troops than 40 in vessels.They have storage for the weapons in arsenal that is locked off from enemy and can self destruct meltdown avoid capture.Procedures alert go off to summon our forces to retrieve.Stores and to chargeup for war.Equipment like exo suits for extra power and vehicles.Plus they can transform to get more compact.It a base of operation for troops to get to the terminals and to do work on planning and strategy.On enemy environment this is their turf.Prepares them for operations and they have technology to get goals accomplished.We have started as a government and have excelled.We need things properly and safe and to construct defensive force.I want my

Zarco Macross Dreadnaught class

warships to be able to destroy and confront situations properly in order to be a high power level not by building an inexperienced shields system.Veteran and space government solid.Centuries and high quality area and everything of highest quality and to be put into service and in a far away sector and far from contact and to have a natural defenses

Firefly Squad Soldier Mecha Beings

system.Firefly mechas are highly monuverable from verniers.Firefly is excellent chief of his staff and on Zarconian.He is feisty leader that can combat and upset those that take him lightly.He has formidable firepower effective.He is a special units expert and expert in terror.He is a quick thinker and thinker in emergencies.He has command as being very precise.He is authoratative as officer.He can be extremist to the enemy and be very strict.He educated himself to know things abroad.He is smart in many categories to his missions.He completes missions and extracts what we need.Very effective.He can take down enemy stealthy and formidable.He has hidden power all packed inside himself with gift.He can use this and is a great combatant that is highly monuverable using his flight and acrobatics sharp shoot and combat.He can go over most enemies limits and captures and

Zarco Zod Carrier Deployment Warship

punishes.He gets answers out of them.He confines enemies.He also has some doctor in him medical for battle.He does not miss a thing and uses things against them and orders trial and laws on spot.He is very fierce and has bravery.He also can trick and fool.Create traps.Crafty.Know it all on electronics and crafty with computers and hacks,networks.He can create

Comet Empire laser defenses

things.They are compact in war.Special unit infiltration squad mechas AI.They have Covert Ops tactics.Centuries to evolve technologically to Zarconian powers and ablities and technology and adapt these powers which will

Corridors Military Units,hull or base walls

help us to create and harness the resources of high energies by having the adaptations to control such radiations and real particle energies from stars and other things in dimensions and space elements,stages in evolution for a government.Corridors and halls of bases and structures and in space have defenses.They have military units to flush out any intruders or boarding.We have force fields barriers and station officers stations from stations go to emergency and protocal.They can do things setup hallways

Zarco Terminator Droids

Droid Battlefield panel layers,supports system

Assault Droids,heavy particle beam cannons

for battle and uses explosive that does not harm hull or floor.Gases to imobilize and take out intruders enemies.Laser turrets that fire high stun level with laser that does not harm hull,walls or reinforcement.Hallways and corridors are HE proof with added forcefield defenses.We can manipulate force fields to military and battle shapes for squads.Block off enemy explosives and weapons.Added battery to the troops.Physical panels.From top to bottom in fractions.Bombs are ejectioned out of the

Assault Troop Unit Dropship

Gunship Dropship Troop Units Carrier

Zarco Gunship

ship from outer hull as base its launched.Smother off bombs and have units tactics.From building working machines and devices running on space elements that are harnessed by a smart and old alien race with methods like a cycle and procedures.Wisdom,High ranks,Power and success to go to higher and more innovative energies and technologies.Adapt with proper amount of century and we can handle these unstable particles and refine our military and put together our warships and start off at space level and to have every class of military space battleship warships and their history as earth and North America's military but for space and alien space.They created space battleships of alien designs for wars and evolution processes of war civilizations in being a battleship producer and using them in wars by alien races and humanoid American and Europeans.High quality empire and its excellent basis and directives and history and wisdom and excellent reputation but hidden in police is our power and success.Different levels of technology and alien influences on technology of space and alien worlds.Some were less into part of guns being of atomic chemical and of course an energy weapon for space and it made a bang sound and were the WW1 and WW2 of outer space in history

space warship transformed to robot dreadnaught

.I want all of the proper protocols without calling to alien race in a emergency,for it all packed

Zarconia Supership Cacharadon class,verniers systems

into Zarconians.And to to be updated to rest of space frequently and our own council of defenses.Isolated and isolated in time and isolated in another dimension and to be rid of earth and present and the space government with poor ghetto of primitive and ignorant earth.Sent into their deaths to future and the earth class planets natural end and end to rest of space.Insulting and degrading and poor in quality because


HD Star Blazers Rebirth 宇宙戦艦ヤマト 復活篇

of the British.Small planet to space with embarrassing technology under an earth class alliance.Inspection and maintainance of this system of space from the Ettrossian Americans who are out of date and backwards and overwhelmed by disaster and crime.Corrupted as any

Queen Eilleen Khan Armada Combiner Witch Tranny Alien design,Armadabots

Americans.Gattaca American word.Conducted bigotry.Sol Systems end.Our space dreadnaught in robot mode is a living being and

Shock cannons

Shock Cannons

he can fire his torpedo launchers modulated and has his systems reconfigurated and can charge up and hit an enemy with EM field from the antenna and radar and sonar tower.Solid as a reaction takes place and to use his strength and being in military to attack and combat monuvers.Clamp a ship and fire his shock cannons and fire missile launchers and phaser banks.AA laser

USS Iowa


US Frigate


Italian Frigate

British Cold War Frigate

fire can charge up and fire all weaponry lasers rapid fire.He can attack with his force fields and has his systems,sensors.He can warp.He has the wave motion gun on his arm,Zarconia invented variant.Heavy duty strength and long range of fire.Heavy fire power.He is a system with stations and officers and utilizes archives and records,sonar uploads info and data and reports as he works on for any type of re configuration for special ops and covert ops for warfare tactics,Gloria Princess Armada's mode.Situation actions and supplies for the operations,adapt to situations in space and warfare and to have it loaded,instrument systems


for the data.Destroying and disarming threat or enemy or a element disaster,data.Hydraulic functions for the bays.Robot this is for robotic hydraulics improvised from the contain armour hull space warship.Computer function powers.Use of powers in operations against threat.

Tactical Robot mode Spacebattleshipbot Queen Dora

Space cruiser

{C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C  {C{C{C}{C{C{C{C{C}{C{C}{C{C{C{C{C{C}{C Current Background: {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C      To date, the 88th has been engaged in mainly simulated training exercises. Unfortunately, this has only bought out the worst in the group. They spend most of their time bickering with each other, and like to vent their anger in an excessive number of simulator battles with each other. Highlights of their exercises include: {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C http://www.digitaldarkness.com/view/page/ {C{C{C}{C{C{C{C{C}{C{C}{C{C{C{C{C{C}{C ! commanding military leader (Terminatrix from T3, advanced model) Lock and load, then rock and roll {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Rifles, pistols, submachine guns, and more await you in this d20 Modern supplement. Get a peek at the larger array of weapons options you can find within Weapons Locker. Your character's foes are sure to equip themselves with a fe

Burst Missile launch

w of these weapons, so why not prepare your own arsenal? Zhttp://www.gamespot.com/ps2/adventure stolen/inde

Burst Missile explosion

x.html http://civilization.wikia.com/wiki/User:Queen_Armada From Chapter One: Pistols Armenius Vindicator German .357 Magnum

WW2 Destoyer

Arleigh Burke

Arleigh Burke Destroyer


Arleigh Burke

Double-Action Revolver Armenius is a division of the Weirauch company, a name associated with high-quality air rifles for sportsmen. Armenius produces a range of high-end revolvers for competitive target shooting. The Vindicator (also known as Windicator, its German name) is a high-quality .357 Magnum revolver designed for

WW2 Destroyer

WW2 Destroyer

WW2 Destroyer

WW2 Destroyer

WW2 Destroyer

practical pistol competitions. It features a solid frame, double-action mechanism, composite grips, and a shrouded barrel. It is a sophisticated and expensive weapon, optimized for accuracy and on the cutting edge of quality. Variants: The Vindicator is available in both .357 Magnum and .38 Special calibers. http://www.albetaqa.com/site/


d20 Modern Rules: Due to its high quality of manufacture, this weapon is always considered a mastercraft weapon. As such, it grants a +1 bonus on attack rolls.

Zarco British Space F-15 "Narko" and New Fuhr Valkyrie as VF-design Zarconian

Zarco British Zarco Alpha fighter "Space SWAT" robot being

Princess The Space Atomic bomb uses atomic bomb theory mixed into alien energy theories and alien space energy resources.This makes a atomic bomb but with space physics and space energies.The reaction can blow up more than a solar system and is delivered by bomberfortress that space folds and with its EM propellors spinning as turbines at space mach speeds to release the Space WMD bomb and it jettisons and plunges verniers and systems into the center of the enemy and space bomberfortress long gone from the detonation to make a power of burning radiation as explosion and mixed into a chain reaction of space energies for a blast that blast a enemy solar system to peices with radiation flood shock waves hotter than star plasma explosive.Zarconia is very powerful and will hit our enemies with our weapons,whiteman.

Space WMD on enemy solar system


First Seen: Half-Life 2, Chapter One - Point Insertion Health total: 3 (Easy) 5 (Normal) 7 (Hard) RPG hits. Grenade/Pulse Rifle orb hits do half the damage of RPG hits. Generator orb hits in the Citadel do a little less than twice. Weapon damage: Pulse Turret (3), underside-mounted downward-firing suppression device Entity: npc_combinegunship (only stays in one spot if spawned during play)

A powerful, autonomous aircraft that combines aspects of an airplane and a helicopter with Synth technology, the gunship is the Combine's most versatile combat aircraft. Gunships are used to attack enemies not normally accessible to ground forces, or in remote locations where air power would be more convenient. They are also sometimes used in a support role, called into specific trouble spots. Apparently, in urban settings or when protecting highly important facilities (such

Star Energize,Star Fire

as the Citadel dark fusion reactor or Nova Prospekt) the gunship are deployed in pairs, in what appears to be a buddy system where one protects the other. When deployed to


oversee vast

Zarconia Qn Guardiana Space police car and Kelectra Huey Cobra Witch tranny transformer gobot beings

spaces, such as the coast, they are usually deployed only one unit at a time. During Gordon's last pod ride, gunships can be seen undergoing repairs in the Citadel. Gunships are powered by an array of different jet engines, visible on their belly, and maneuver using a rear helicopter-like rotor with dragonfly wing-blades. Dragonfly-like compound eyes are positioned directly behind the gunship's pulse gun, and it is likely that they


star Dragon

Starvenger Robot,Star Dragon,Star Arrow,Star Posseidon


aim the weapon. The chassis itself has one large exposed compound eye on each side, which it might use to "see" or detect enemies under normal conditions. It should be noted that the

Star Posseidon

aforementioned "dragonfly" eyes can be viewed in the Half-Life 2 Model

Starvenger planes

Star Dragon

Star Dragon

Star Poseidon

Star Poseidon

Star Arrow


Star Arrow

as being able to extend downwards and sweep left and right, probably to maximize its chances of finding a target. Although lacking the hunter-chopper's explosive mines and intelligent pilots, the gunship surpasses the hunter-chopper in maneuverabili

Star Arrow

ty and accuracy with its pulse turret. Like most Combine Synths and vehicles, the gunship is invulnerable to small arms fire and can only be damaged by heavy weapons such as explosives. Because of this weakness, gunships will give any incoming laser-guided rockets a priority over enemies, and will attempt to shoot them down. If there is more than one gunship, they will all attempt to shoot down an incoming explosive in order to protect each other. Although difficult, given the nature of their speed and unpredictable movement, gravity gun-launched grenades can be used to damage gunships, as well as Combine energy orbs.

Zeta Khan Princess Armada Propulsions,navigation,piloting,helm

Gunships are also equipped with a "belly cannon" which releases a matter disintegration blast, similar to that of the suppression device, directly

Zarco F-4 Phantom TSF

Zarco IFX-35A Cygnus TSF

Zarco Boeing EA-18G Growler TSF

beneath the gunship. This attack is never used during the single player mission, nor Episode One, but additional gunships spawned by players have been witnessed using such an attack. Analysis of the single

Zarconian Spacecraft Carrier Red Sector

player missions that were released in an uncompiled format reveals that the gunships were deliberately set not to use this weapon. Words by neil peart, music by geddy

Zarco IFX-35 TSF Mecha Being

Zarconian BAE Sea Harrier TSF Mecha Transformer Gobot

Zarconian IFX-35E Strike Cygnus TSF Transformer Gobot

lee and alex lifeson

Feroz Khan

Feroz's modes

A hot and windy august afternoon Has the trees in constant motion With a flash of silver leaves

As theyre rocking in

Zarconia Inbit Invid Regime Insectibot Insecticon Quintesson

the breeze

Zarconian SEPECAT Jaguar TSF Mecha Transformer Gobot

Zarconian A-7 Corsair TSF Mecha Transformer Gobot

Zarco F-15E TSF Mecha Being

Zarco F5 Freedom Fighter TSF Mecha Being

Zarconian Panavia Tornado TSF Mecha Being

Sister Armadabots

The boy lies in the grass with one

Zarco AH-64 Longbow Apache TSF Mecha being


Stuck between his teeth

Princess Armada Insecticon.JPG

A vague sensation quickens In his young and restless heart

Princess A Armada insecticon.JPG

And a bright and nameless vision Has him longing to depart

Invid Regime powerarmor.jpg


Zarco Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk TSF Mecha Being

move me --- You move me ---

WASP,barrier system and warp,mecha,lunge attack,rockets and munitions,strength.

This fighter is compact and very viscious a fighter with hydraulics wings to bend downward and is fast with systems and can lunge forward melee attack and has laser barrel cannon.Zarconia Inbit Invid Regime Insectibot Insecticon Quintesson is our invented Quintesson that can creator and make machines like a creator,expert in Insect robots,mechas,is a strategist and leader as a terminal,has Invid Inbit Insect robot adaptations.He can carry out creatoring and structuring and and is Science Team.He is expert in medical and Emergency Repair Crew,High Ranks.Carry and attack with rocket pods and has weapon's pilons and verniers.Re-fitted.It can destroy enemies with hand to hand combat. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C With your buildings and your eyes {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Autumn woods and winter skies {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C You move me --- {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C You move me --- {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Open sea and city lights {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Busy streets and dizzy heights {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C You call me --- {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C You call me --- {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

Insectibot carrier.JPG

{C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C The fawn-eyed girl with sun-browned legs {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Dances on the edge of his dream {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C And her voice rings in his ears {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Like the music of the spheres {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

cruiser warship

{C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C The boy lies in the grass,

Zarconia Vampirebot Squad Haydonite Robot Being

Zarconia Vampirebot Squad Haydonites Robot Beings

Zarconia Vampirebot Squad Haydonites Robot Being

Zarconia Vampirebot Squad Haydonites Robot beings

unmoving {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Staring at the sky {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C His mother starts to call him {C {C The Zarconia Vampirebots Squad are when I had created and opened gate to newer troops.Well to be innovative we had the rights to Vampire to create type of species of

Tiger Fly Insectibot

Space Insects from the Haydonites.They are Vampirebots Squad.They change to vehicles from their aerial mode and are abandoned and unused experimentals of "Vampire" that were abandoned to me and Zarconia.The leader is "Leviathon""Asteroid Bug" is a commander.The rest follow and they have fighing attribues.They have special powes from Space insects."Leviathon" is a not a direct insect but an amoeba.Some are insects but they are parasites as machines and vehicles as they change to.They are part Transformer part Gobot.They are strong as "Primitives".{C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C As a hawk goes soaring by {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C The boy pulls down his baseball cap {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C And covers up his eyes {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

Zarco Invid regime fighter

{C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Too many hands on my time {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Too many feelings --- {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Too many things on my mind {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C When I leave I dont know {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C What Im hoping to find {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C When I leave I dont know {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C What Im leaving behind...The Cyclone is the latest achievement in human robotechnology. The Invid {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Now we get to the major enemy of the FIW (First Invid War), the INVID! We'll see some revisions here, aswell as some new Inorganics! http://transformers.wikia.com/wiki/Insignia REVISED INVID MECHA HTH DAMAGE I feel that maybe some of the Invid got jipped on HTH damage, come on in the first Invid Invasion episode we see a bunch of scouts RIP apart a Horizont faster then you can say "Protoculture". Iigaa (Scout) & Iigau (Armoured Scout) Punch/Claws 2d4+3 M.D. Stomp 3d6+2 M.D. Body Block/Ram 4d6+1 M.D. Album: Power Windows Title: Mystic Rhythms Words by neil peart, music by geddy lee and alex lifeson      So many things i think about When i look far away Things i know -- things i wonder Things i'd like to say {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C The more we think we know about {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C The greater the unknown {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C We suspend our disbelief {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C And we are not alone -- {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

Sherryl Khan.JPG

{C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

battlefield Zarco Invid Regime space cruisers vs Federation

Mystic rhythms -- capture my thoughts {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C And carry them away {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Mysteries of night escape the light of day {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Mystic rhythms -- under northern lights {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Primitive things stir {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C The hearts of everyone {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

Zarco Transformer Gobot Robot Inbit Invid Regime mobile doll droid

{C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C We sometimes catch a window {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C A glimpse of what's beyond Was it just imagination Stringing us along? More things than are dreamed about Unseen and unexplained We suspend our disbelief And we are entertained

mobile continent fortress

Mystic rhythms -- capture my thoughts And carry them away Nature seems to spin A supernatural way Mystic rhythms -- under city lights Or

Flamethrower Soldier Mecha Mobile Doll Centinel being Robot

a canopy of stars We feel the powers And we wonder what they are We feel the push and pull       Ariel is one of the Invid larvae that had

Princess Armada Trelesta

evolved into humanoid form to act as a "simulagent." While being transported for implantation among the human population, she is accidentally lost by the Invid. Scott Bernard's resistance group finds her at the scene of an

Zarconia High Ranks

Invid attack. They believe this beautiful young woman to be an amnesia victim,

Giant TSF Mecha Being pilot combiner

Zarco Macroid Power Up Gestalt Warrior TSF Combiner

still in shock and unable to talk due to the horrible trauma that she had endured. Scott, Lancer, Rook, Rand and the others adopt her into their makeshift family. Scott's past returns to haunt him as the group calls the girl "Marlene", the same name of his dead fiancée. Ariel really has experienced trauma - though the Invid can sense her presence, she has literally been abandoned her own people. Now, as "Marlene," she is unwittingly spying on the very people who are now

Zarco New Fuhr class Clone Endo "Chucky"enemy design Commander

caring for her. She is not even aware of her Invid origin as she grows to trust and care for her companions, even falling in love with Scott Bernard. It is only a matter of time before she ... and they ... discover her true identitygroup.


Hair: Pink Eyes: Reddish-Brown Invid Simulagent biting and clawing into the midst of a mass of opposing gangsters, even the most stout-hearted blanched and fled." -Five Points, New York circa 1800's .Zarconian TSF are Tactical Strike Fighter Mecha that have fightercraft and bomber in their design.They are on the warships and carriers as soldiers.They can carryout striking the enemy and battling like a battloid mecha.Support and have properties of fighter in their flight.They in battle can fire their fightercraft weapons and their energy firearms.They have beam saber.They can fly full speed at all altitudes.They are stocked up as troops but machines  that don't change.It keeps it with its bendible and flexible parts that give its agility with verniers.{C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Our little calico or tortoiseshell (depending where you live), Hellcat Maggie, namely Maggie for short is a female. You may be asking… Rank: Lieutenant {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Desert Eagle {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Israeli .50 AE Double-Action Autoloader Pistol {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

The massive Desert Eagle is an

"Orion the Hunter"Zarconian Assault Carrier

autoloader developed to fire the largest pistol cartridges. Originally chambered in .357 Magnum, it earned overnight notoriety in 1991 when a .50 caliber version appeared. Previously, such high-powered cartridges had been largely limited to use in revolvers; the Desert Eagle broke new ground in firearm design. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C The action uses an unusual gas-powered semiautomatic system, more like that of a rifle or submachine gun than

Zarconia mecha size armaments designs

a pistol. The weapon is

Battlesuit robot being clone endo enemy design

large and heavy, so it can absorb the tremendous firing stresses and recoil. The Desert Eagle is a massive and bulky weapon, too large for all but the biggest holsters. The safety catch is ambidextrous. An adjustable trigger is available for target shooting.Battlesuit robots are 7ft tall troop cloned endos enemy design.They are troops that can combiner with gyro copter and detatch seperate.They have agility and power,speed from verniers.Fields defenses.They can equip themselves with rocket and missile launchers firing them on alien worlds and space.They are propelled with space speeds.Bazooka works in space.Gyro Copter

Planetary Destruction Proton Missile

has HEL with AA laser battery and rocket launchers added attack.Fly through space EM copter blades.Verniers to propel them in flight at high speeds Space KM per hour mach 4 and more.They compliment war vessels to land and attack and launch from Dropships.Assault.Rapid fire laser gun switch modes.It can zoom in with imagery target scoping.Armor

Danguard Ace Schematics

light weight

Danguard Ace

Danguard Ace

Force Five

plastic which material withstand radioactive weaponry.Regenerate to repair its fields defenses. {C {C {C}{C {C {C

Sattelizer Danguard

Danguard Ace

{C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Variants:


Danguard Ace Force Five


Danguard Ace

The Desert Eagle is available in a variety of high-powered pistol calibers. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Who Uses It: The Desert Eagle is too large and awkward to be practical as a military or police service weapon. Its high-powered chambering makes it well suited for hunting large game. Its

Space Dropship

fearsome reputation has made it popular among collectors as well. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

Weapon {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Damage {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Critical {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Damage Type {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Range Increment {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Rate of Fire {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Magazine {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Size {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Weight {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Purchase DC {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Restriction {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Armenius Vindicator (.357 Revolver) {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C 2d6 {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C 20 {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Ballistic {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C 40 ft. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C S {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

Satelizer Schematics

6 cyl {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

Small {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C 2 lb.

German navy.jpg

{C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C 17 {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Lic (+1) {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Armenius Vindicator (.38S Revolver) {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C 2d6 {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C 20 {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Ballistic {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C 30 ft. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C S {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C 6 cyl {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Medium {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C 2 lb. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C 17 {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Lic (+1) {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Desert Eagle {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C 2d8 {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C 20 {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Ballistic {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C 40 ft. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C S {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C 9 box {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Medium {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C 4 lb. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C 18 {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Lic (+1) {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

Machua heavy attack insectibot

Walker mecha

{C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

From Chapter Two: Rifles {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C http://police.wikia.com/wiki/User:Queen_Armada Beretta AR70 {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Italian 5.56mm Assault Rifle {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C The AR70 was Beretta's first attempt at designing a 5.56mm assault rifle. The AR70 is a lightweight weapon, designed to be inexpensive to manufacture. Its muzzle has a built-in launcher for rifle grenades and a special flip-up sight is fitted for use in this manner. A lightweight bipod can be attached as required. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

Variants: There is a folding-stock version called the SC70. There is also a

Zarco Army space network assault on enemy alien worlds bases

compact carbine called the SC70 Short, with a reduced-length barrel and a shorter range increment (70 ft.). {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

Who Uses It: The AR70 was never widely adopted by the Italian military, though it is used in special {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

Space whiteman war vs Zarconia

Jill in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

operations units. It is exported to Jordan and Malaysia. AH-88 Tomahawk Attack Helicopter Gunship

Zarconia Uzbek Roman Gamilon spacewarship

Zarconia Uzbek Galman Gamilon spacewarship

http://wordpress.org/support/profile/queen-armada Steyr AUG Austrian 5.56mm Assault Rifle The Steyr AUG, an advanced bullpup assault rifle design, makes extensive use of composite materials and is modular in construction. The entire weapon disassembles into a number of subcomponents quickly and without tools, which greatly facilitates cleaning and maintenance in the field. The bolt can be changed to eject the spent cases out either side, to suit either right- or left-handed users as needed.

An optical sight is housed in a mount built into the receiver. The plastic magazine is transparent, allowing the shooter to easily check

Zarconia Space Cruiser ordinance arm current

remaining ammunition. The AUG is capable of both semiautomatic and automatic modes. Pressing the trigger back partway will fire a single semiautomatic shot; squeezing it down fully will release automatic shots. The shooter can thus easily control the

Flagship Zarconia Space Freightor with sattelite gun

type of fire without having to throw a selector lever. A semiautomatic-only mechanism can also be fitted for civilian or police use. Variants: The AUG's modular construction makes variant design easy. By replacing the bolt and barrel assembly, the weapon can easily be modified into a compact submachine gun, a heavy sniper rifle, or a light


さらば宇宙戦艦ヤマト 白色彗星 彗星帝国BGM Yamato(Star Blazers) Comet EmpireBGM

Comet Empire Organ

machine gun. A version that replaces the built-in sight with a NATO-standard scope rail exists, allowing a variety of optical devices to be fitted instead.

Zarconian TSF is better than Gundam and has more military systems built into it to make a more militarized Mecha.It as Zarconian can take in payloads and assault in space.This machine has such command that non-changeable and as a droid it is aerial machine.Its properly armed as military does a great job in arming them.They have weapons pilons and hardpoints.They are flying at high speed and have these effective combat tools for fighting.Zarconian models have beam saber.They use their systems to make them very effective machines in space.TSF Tactical Strike Fighter.As a mecha. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

Who Uses It: The AUG has been adopted as the

Enemy and Zarconia Warship comparisons

standard military rifle by a number of countries, including Australia, Austria, Indonesia, Ireland, Morocco, New Zealand, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. It is also used by the Falkland Island Defense Force in the South Atlantic. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C d20 Modern Rules: This weapon may be modified to have a three-round burst setting instead of the automatic rate of fire. (When modified in this manner, it can fire on semiautomatic or three-round burst only.) The modification requires a successful Repair check (DC 10) and 1 minute. It can be returned to its original state with another Repair check (DC 10) and 1

Zarconia Space warship battle vs Enemy Parasitic Creature Empire Mollusk

more minute. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C When the three-round burst version is used with the Burst Fire feat, it fires only three bullets instead of five and can be used with only three bullets in the weapon. This setting does not grant the ability to

VSTOL gunship Albatross

Carpet Shark Heavy artillery missile VSTOL space plane

Manta Optical weapons cannon VSTOL Space plane

make burst fire attacks without the Burst Fire feat; if you use the setting without the feat, you make a normal attack and the extra two bullets are wasted.These artillery Space planes are bringing heavy infantry weapons to battlefield and can land on their legs in transformation.They can fly and deliver fring missiles tube launched to optical weapons HEL fire.They can hover and fire away.They have weapons to chop down enemies like their cm laser guns.Fire immense firepower but for the Naval space wing and transport out to needed places when change.Verniers to hover.Monuverable and have a barrier defenses.Fusion engines.Larger than fighters being 100ft long.Some are 140ft bigger. Large for

Aerial Spaceplane Pack attatchment

hunting mechas and robots.They have monuverability and can pivot weapons on targets with CPU cams on each missile launcher and artillery turret.Like CPU gunner.System to whole gunship.They can fire for naval purposes,torpedoes.They are for hunting

Firefly Fighter

and patrols.Immense size gives power like barrier like a small warship.Armor and are very powerful machines.Props pivot and are EM blades for using magnetism in space propulsion like turbine.Patrols and in battlefield to deliver firepower.Change to robot to have monuverablility change to their robot.Hand combat.Covert Ops,carry troops,hangar for a few mechas and modules, and missions to patrol to attack cloaked vessels.Destroy warships.Fight interceptors.Play roles.Ground

Stealth Space Maritimes V Wing spaceplane

Space Maritimes Shuttle

Space Maritimes Propellored VSTOL Spaceplane

assault multi role.Bombardment.Support.Raptor bomber has cm laser guns defenses and hidden missile launchers.It carries a massive payload of space munitions and can hover and pivot.It is a special ops craft bomber.It has a stealth system and jammers.Armor and barrier system.Travel at mach 10 to spacefold.Firefly fighter is a compact fighter that uses stealth jammers.It carries lethal firepower.Monuverable and gets the job done.It has hidden launchers quick any range firing.It carries stores inside internally.It has a force fields defenses.It is like a squad  robot changes to fighter.It can carry missiles and weapons pack.But its for penetration of enemy in tunnels in networks.Scanners and tracking systems.Protect and cover

Zarco Space Sub-battlecarrier

warships.Very fast and agile.  http://u2.lege.net/cetinbal/HTMLdosya1/Atombombalari.htm




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http://www.mcc3d.com/swtech/turbolasers.php    http://www.goingfaster.com/term2029/



{C {C {C}{C

"Dread" VSTOL STOVL heavy artillery laser gunship

{C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

Weapon {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Damage {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Critical {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

Damage Type {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C

Space Eagle Space Maritimes Space Plane

{C {C {C {C {C}{C

Range Increment {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Rate of Fire {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Magazine {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Size {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Weight {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Purchase DC {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Restriction {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Steyr AUG {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C 2d8 {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C 20 {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Ballistic {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C 80 ft. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C S, A {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C 30 box {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

Large {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C

Zarco Uzbek Galman Roman Native Oceania APTN "Aerial Sadist"

{C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

9 lb. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C 20 {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

Res (+2) {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C

Raptor Bomber

{C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

Beretta AR70 {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C 2d8 {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C 20 {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Ballistic {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C 80 ft. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

S, A {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C

Silia class Space Destroyer

Oerlikon class starship destroyer


30 box {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Large {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

9 lb. {C {C

Space Cruiser Carrier

{C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

18 {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Res (+2) {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C http://www.fortunecity.com/tatooine/excession/509/maps.html From Chapter Three: Sniper Rifles {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C AWM Super Magnum {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C British .338 Lapua Magnum Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

This is a variant of the PM sniper rifle redesigned to fire the

Zarco Alpha Space Frigate

heavy .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge, which is far more powerful than the standard 7.62mm NATO round fired by the PM. The heavy muzzle brake compensates for the increased recoil, and the

HKT warbird spacecraft

weapon uses a scope calibrated for use with the heavy ammunition. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Variants: The Hunter Killer Terminator warbird is a spacecraft vessel that has an armor and bulkhead design.It is a giant machine as a vessel fraction of mile in length,maybe 1/5th.It is built with turbines that intake and succsion in outer space as force.Fusion electric engines as mixed and working with all systems,EM systems provides force to be changed process by fusion.It has light speed drive and a Terminator cloaking device.It has a series of heavy ion battery internal and can be produced visible in

Zarco Emergency Repair Crew,damaged Zarconia Space dreadnaught

transformation to Terrorbird mode.It uses electromechanical transformation and is a being.Computer core and has conduits inside.It uses plasma lasers and has torpedo banks for energy torpedo photon proton variant and munitions.It has missile launchers and launchers.It can fire concentrated charged up plasma laser fire and partilce beam plasma laser.It is fast and very agile.It can fire rapid rire per sec.Precision pinpoint and utilize Deep Space Bouy and HK warfare sattelite linkup warfare.It has bays for hangars.Many bulkhead stations and officers endos.Armor peircing claws and beak.Barrier systems.It as

Zarconia Space Warships

our alien craft can hover and has verniers nozzles smaller size in many numbers to many main nozzles for monuverability.It is our Zarconia warbird.Zarconia Emergency Repair Crew countermeasures system vs danger,elements,disaster,hazard,emergencies and war damages and

Zarco Space Frigates

counter enemy weaponry/Superweapons.Zarco Space Frigate retains and upgrades 20th Century North America Frigate to outer space.Retain the mortar and its effectiveness improvement with space tracking and systems.Alien technology the frigate.Now has effective mortar with HEL.Barrier systems and warp and

Archaepelago class Starship battleship

space warp abilities.Monuverability with vernier system.Now can be by High Ranks put into infantry of fleets and other missions.The war vessels have squads to cover them and down any dangers for Emergency Repair Crew to go into action.They have hangars for mechas and covert ops craft for combatting dangers.HK warfare sattelites/Deep Space Bouy Probes network countermeasures to situation alert added powers to location coordinants.Chemical stores liquids and policies from archive history of space and dangers disaster warfare

Zarco Macross Valkyrie class Space sub

emergencies hazards.Fighters and mecha can be re-fitted to danger alert.Covert Ops Craft

Railgun Covert Ops Craft

Reflex Gun Boat Covert Ops Craft

for these alert level situation mission sorties.They have armaments of beams,laser cannon turrets charge up,HEL and launchers which can be used to combat situations,chemical munitions.Armor has a system auxilary defenses repairs itself using the computer with micro and mini compact hand size to robotic arms repairs on the damaged outer hull all around the war vessel.Automated repair taken on log warship to safety to conduct structured repairs.Re-generative repairs on battlefield.Circuitry have energy that can change into damaged sections,micro robots and series of robot systems for armor hull station.Energy travel through conduits

Command Center

Gobot Command Center

Gobot Command Center

to damaged area,fires put out and inside internally gel to counter damage hazard and then it mends the circutry and damage protected by shields

Assault Command Center

Rhino Command Center

Leviathon class Transports

force field barrier.Robotic arms take out panels and seal it with laser blowtorches welders.Outer Hull is done internally is conducted to perfection.Micro robots and parts ordered from teleportation to station.Energy from stored ores gas pods to replicate ore gas to make supplies for repairs.Takes place instantaneous fast and manual officers decisions with computer powers repair.Systems regenerative repairs back to brand new.

Zarco Macross Battlesuit AA being robots

The AWM is available in a number of other calibers, including .300 Winchester Magnum. It is also available with an optional folding stock. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C

Covert Ops Transport

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Who Uses It: The AWM has been adopted by the British armed forces. It has been exported for military use to Germany (as the G22) and the Netherlands as well. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C d20 Modern Rules: Due to its high quality of manufacture, this weapon is always considered a mastercraft +2 weapon. As such, it grants a +2 bonus on attack rolls. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

This weapon has adjustable fittings and no iron sights. The weapon has a scope mount and comes with a standard scope; using the weapon without a scope imposes a -1 penalty on attack rolls. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C

Orbital Battlecarrier


Harris M-86 {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C American 7.62mm Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C

The Harris M-86 is an advanced

Battle of Gattaca

bolt-action rifle designed specifically for tactical sniping by police or military users. It

Zarconian "German class" Space Carrier

Zarconian Battlecarrier "Decker class"

is optimized for long-range accuracy and reliable performance under the harshest field conditions. It features a precision heavy barrel and a standard scope mount, allowing a variety of optical devices to be fitted. The weapon has no iron sights. The composite stock is shaped to form a near-vertical pistol grip. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C Variants: The M-86 is also available in .300 Winchester Magnum or .338 Lapua Magnum calibers. Different models feature either a fixed 5-round magazine or detachable 5- and 10-round box magazines. There is also a take-down model with a detachable buttstock for easier transport. Attaching or detaching the buttstock takes 2 full rounds. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C

Zarconian "Operation class Space Battlecarrier"

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Who Uses It: The M-86 is in service with the U.S. Navy SEALs. It is also popular with police forces throughout the U.S. {C {C {C}{C {C {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C {C {C {C {C}{C