Queen Armada Electromechanical Transformation Aerial Being mode


Queen Armada McLaughlin Robot Being mecha size Transformation 40ft

Queen Armada

Our Zarconia technology was created from Sci Fi sites and space because it was not acceptable and we lived on Star Blazers to Star Trek and it was below what Zarconia was.Our technology and war machines are of highest evolution process level from hard work and being responsible and my thinking and ideas.They have barrier systems I devised and are not destroyable,they destroyable the enemies.They can take on fleets of enemy.They are all of high power level and are meant that way for taking on all of rotted universe.What would destroy such power but in war the enemy will do that and I can counter as our empire is not heartless and thinks of everyone,is not evil or adopts.Our chemistry for crew and mecha and warships is the best with caring and to counter enemy corruption and invasion,intrussion.Limit the enemy to nothing then it goes to the elements of space and disaster which is unpredictable where you are though.They are going to be built up knowing their technology and empire inside out.They will have time bought off for them to grow healthily and to be government and military,not rushed into a situation,and their teachings like veteran level will work.Allah created authoratative beings to carry out government and matters within their world being war and space.They are part of Allah's system and in a huge rule beyond "Prime Directive forever" that only authoratitive carry out wars and Sci Fi.We by me are a snobby empire and don't want interaction all of the time and attention as we had too much from our doctrine and laws on whiteman.We developed this attitude and ways understandable by the universe about the whiteman and Creator Allah Pak and his family.Only this family in every race and beings and aliens.Authoratative is the proper way to carry war and have government and media jobs,famous but that is all military or authoratative and authoratative is not done by drugging,power Allah born them to do with angels.Nothing is to happen from Zarconia in afterlife and part of laws.I don't represent earth or Ontario.I hatred whiteman's earth and North America.I am its enemy.I am in for these slaves souls whiteman to die to this plan.50 years from now I have won.This will shut up anyone who thinks they are a military expert and space.Me Feroz Khan Queen of Zarconia


Queen Ruler Armada 35ft Robot Vehicle Being mode Transformation


Space battlecruiser wavelengths wave gun

KusoCartoon 13802535616525

Queen Armada and Princess Armada GAH suits


Queen Auramanda STOVL F-15 and Kawasaki Ninja Modes

We Zarconian Transformer Gobots archive from history of Transformers Gobots.We have many types of transformation styles to each types of Zarconian Transformers.Many from evolution done to them by the Transformer Gobot Universe Creator System and Evolution Proces Angel Caretakers of outer space made their modes and transformations and designs.Zarconians are from their own galaxy.Their soul was going to be born as Zarconian and are Artificial Intelligence.They have their own parents and computer.They also are Autobots.They are in Macross Universe.They are troops and rankings.They have Sol System earth class on priorities for these Zarconians.They are just like our neighbouring planet which is as big as Jupiter.These are ideas our creator system will take in to a make them real and what in Gobot Transformer history is compatible with each design and robot souls.They do things like Creator's power at forecasting their lives and their enemies as force on their life and go to military and do each's proper armor,units,instruments and designs,transformation modes styles in history of Transformers Gobots.Each Zarconian demands types of transformations and armor to go along with their biology.They will go out and retrieve their souls and from souls and images they will make them to their most and to Creator systems completed job.Done then they will put them proper galaxy,planet,continent and family.They will learn military like many
KusoCartoon 14220003818006

Zeta Goddess of Stargate Gobot Pretender Kawasaki Racing Motorcycle

generations of military Transformer Gobots.They will train and learn the secrets before forming Zarconian.They will all grow up properly and have support from their families.Families fo Transformer Gobots will support Zarconian.They will reinforce it and be closer to the Creator system and their Caretakers of the supernatural world.Jobs they do like change of evolution,time,orbit of planets and maintain nature.Life and punishment to help them vs their enemies.Families are all space muslims.Non-christian and Zionist/Commie and athiest,pagan,criminal and aliens.They will be cared for with upbringings for leaders.Psychology done on them to face enemies of Zarconian.Lessons to help them.Zero of them to face any punishment.Statures and clean records as any Creator Process Helpers to interfere so they all are ready and carry responsbility.Told they are blessed for going to holy war on evil as organized and supported by government.Learned of the law.They are best at obeying the law,records.Our growing years for about century unless they form by 50yrs for some may want to be mllitary earlier than others.But they must be ready for Zarconian and no incidents to interfere,no careless accidents from our elders and Creator System.No severe missions or dangerous trips with accidents.Their well being and safety.Terminator warfare became early
KusoCartoon 13880154851005

Princess Inga Khan

KusoCartoon 13630520766164

Princess Armada

KusoCartoon 13630522165526

Princess Armada

KusoCartoon 13630523440627

Princess Younice Armada

KusoCartoon 13630524840501

Princess Florence Mclaughlin Armada

stages a neccessity in war on humanity and government forces.Army like and change evolution processes to higher being being machines and opportunity Transformers Gobot universe.Dark Nebula Empire key technology and manpower in Terminator.Zarconian technology has a melt down and self destruct to avoid being in enemy hands from Transformers Gobot Universe.Their a chip in weapons that has a lock and won't fire if in enemy hands.Vector Sigma Quran terminal       

Quran military Zarconian terminal.

KusoCartoon 13630518418964

Queen Armada


Zarco Napolean 2 New Fuhr being mode officer High Ranks


Insectibot Leader Centauri One      New fuhr is a ranking I Queen Armada thought of and is Vector Sigma Quarn's son.New Fuhr's like Koji are very commanding.He is intelligient and smarts.With more experience he will be a great 2nd leader to the Zarconian Primes.Backup Prime    Zarconian PRIMES                .He can fight fierce.He is a sharp shooter.He is
KusoCartoon 14176343674922

Queen Alixia Khan Zarconian Stargate Gobot Pretender NASCAR Racing Car

KusoCartoon 14176348914452

Queen Gilora Khan Zarconian Stargate Gobot Pretender Blue Sports Car

KusoCartoon 14176346011771

Queen Zelda Khan Zarconian Stargate Gobot Pretender Leopard Tank

enforcer.He is mild mannered and calm but can get hyper on enemies.He is creative.He goes by format and policey to lead attacks
KusoCartoon 14208476780672

Zarconian "New Fuhr" High Rank "Holden" Audi R8 V8 Coupe Car Transformer Gobot

and goes up the ranks in abilities and attributes.He climbs the ladder.He is a warrior and fighter.Uses logic in field and expert in medical.Hand on experience in science.He is computer wise.He has enginuity in computers.Martial arts and strong mind.Mind over matter and is quick.He has phylosophy.He has powers.He can use deja vu.Predict and forecast.He has high respect.Uses past as weapon and traits.He can be crafty.He also is strict.Lines up enemy with training and format guidlines he learned very efficient.He can lunge.He play jokes on enemies but jokes iwth his team mates.Works in teams.Is very youthful and full of life.Lively.His rank keeps him responsible.He can be counted on.Reliable.New Fuhr 1 is Charlie.He is very craft and open minded.He is wildly and unstable.He controls hiimself.Temperment.He can get crazy on enemies and threatens them.He is very intelligent and guile.He is advisor but just in case can be Prime.He is like an agent.He can get to the enemy.He is relentless.He is smart with mind games.He can catch others off guard.Uncanny.Loose cannon.He is a daredevil.He can do stunts.He will do what ever he can to get the job done.Obsessed.He is very funny.He is not boring and talks.He can crack codes and has strategy and from guidelines.He follows them.He is a great fighter.He is serious nature.Fool others and hide things.He can search out things and find things needle in haystack.He can play it rough.Historian and use past in war knowledge he researches.He has a power in prediction and gained properties from Vector Sigma Quran.he knows things we don't.I wanted a high

Zarconia Network

ranking stategist to run the Empire and in terminator warfare.His

Contrabot Combiner

HK warfare sattelite

HK Warfare Sattelite robot being

judgement and he is a Gobot Transformer.Hunter Killer technology is Terminator technology.Hybrid machines with exoskeletons and internal structure that can take damage and continue to function as a higher type of machines.Our warships and every machine of ours has HK Terminator inbred into them.They are like Terminator warships and fighters.Mechas especially.They can't be destroyed as secondary and 3rd though and 4th measure of defense.They continue to function from damage and can

Size comparison

destroy.We have from the Alien Terminator Dark Nebula Empire secrets in Terminator technology.We have plasma lasers and everything.Computer software for war.We have selected class of ships and mecha,fighters for Terminator Dark Nebula but Zarconian.Zarconian Combiners Giant Gestalt Robots.They combine to give us powerful advantage in war.Size and power.Modulated systems combined as giant robot Transformer Gobot.A new giant being of great intelligence and for his battle skills.More force field defenses more powerful as his combined armor.He can dish out massive damage or she can.More damage and if they don't have anything to combat us of large size quick work of armies and lots of destruction.Forming massive giant commanded by our Primes or commanders to merger or their leader of combiners call to merger.They formup and have a super robot with each having their own traits and secret weapons.Array of weapons and combat tools he or she summons as command from high technology and matter.Formup optical weapons and they all have heavy duty weapon to finish off the battles.Secondary weapons.Weapon they use to finish off the enemy.Many had swords or a cannon or energy.They have abilities and high agility and flight use in space.Monuver out of the way of any trap.Take loads of damage but are meant for dishing out or if it fails to breakup.They can breakup and when they have it together to formup.Many of them are in order of who is most powerful or specialized skills and traits.Their technology level and many have many traits to their weapons and systems.They will have Zarconian transformation that is in history of Gobots and Transformers.They will form or transform quiet and not clattering.Modules in parts change and shift around some with pressurized hydraulics.They all are different from what galaxy and worlds their homeworlds are for each Zarconian.Combat they deliver loads of damage.Weapons are much more giant than normal autobot size.Use them with agility and
KusoCartoon 15718619905428

Feroz's female Grandma Taurus Interceptor

speed.We had an instance in when very first empires that broke down to Zarconian but we are at war with them is Macross.From Macross we have Zarconian Macross.Zarco Macross is our loyalties we evolved from them and not concentrating on robotech but complicated modules they fail to military war.Militarism and we made many new ranks from them.Many soldiers and clone endos.We have a computer called "Skylar".Skylar is a deep space computer.He infiltration Macross.Now we have united Zarco Macross forces bred in Zarconian but do they want this.They are destroying the enemy.We now have complicated modules and many new Transformer Gobot robot beings and vehicle units from this.Many new codenames and some class warships.Short but lasting.SDF-1 is a crud and brainwashed and destroyed as the traitor these fools Macross lost.Adapted new enemies they can't handle.Zarco Macross can be constructed in Zarconian.We can create more machines for infantry purposes in space and this situation on earth in ON of North America.Power sources and more technology and manpower.And in animal kingdom of robots.He has intelligence and is better at laws and ideas and to provision as a member of our government.Lemuria will be our outer space U.N.and they play huge role in high rankings decisions warfare strategy and

The New Fuhr Zarconia High Ranks leader created by Quran

running the empire. I made mine into agents military,scientists.The New Fuhr is Queen Armada's thinking of a son but made by Quran.A creation but non genetic from Feroz as Feroz's gender is transwomen.But he can have the men's genes from Quran.He is Quran's son.Terminal.He is one of the leaders of Zarconia leading Zarconia causes.He can fight and strategize,make decisions and inform Quran Vector Sigma Terminal.Policies and to covert ops and battle.He is New Fuhr 2's brother.He is Princess Armada's brother in hiearchy non genetic.He is intelligent and fierce and improvement of Axis and enemies.Galactic Empire fuels every empire.They grow as empire and gain technology and manpower from Galactic Empire,countries.911 Police
KusoCartoon 13630339620197

Zarco Macross Terminal "Skylar"

KusoCartoon 13630366804985


is from Galactic Empire.UN is Galactic Empire and America  .He oppose the Alien Whiteman forces.Counter and end Allah and go further.He is stealthy.He conducts torture and Terminator warfare

High Ranks Zarconia Admiral Rick as car mode and "New Fuhr" Antarctica Comet Empire and racer car

and is much of the Army.Napolean 2 is more spacebourne operations.He runs the base and double checks,sorts things out to be perfect orderly.He is intelligent in computers and annalyzes battles.Figure out things.Outsmart.He is to lead our Navies.They can invention and create as Science Team  .Is on bridge of USS IOWA class America class Starship battleships as its commander with used to be Alex Wildstar clone endo enemy design. Controls weaponry,monitors things as a supervisor.That night that takes place in evolution the night I am buried and from the Transformers Gobot Universe Evolution Process Angel to change me and extract my soul and change body and soul of Queen Armada Feroz Khan to Transformer Gobot Queen Armada.She and he will find my elements and sort out each type of skill and make Transformations for me as I have.I will to counter my enemies and adapt have my fighter mode VSTOL military in me and then when I change from that retain fighter VSTOL superiority spacefighter and am Military,a flaw Allah put in me and failure,then from Space VSTOL superiority fighter to my Cycle mode and this is for

Zarconian Terminal "Cybernite"


Zarco Sphere Droid Soldier Robot

my land travel and ability in riding as they viewed a skill but adaptation in bicycling.New Fuhr Holden is New Fuhr's older brother.He is a Cybertronian in design Zarconian.He is hefty and crude.He can be ruthless and relentless.He can pickup things like an investigator and intimidates.He does not back down.He is upfront and digs up info and data and then strikes when everything adds up to a point.He has strategy.New Fuhr Charlie his younger brother is a strategist.He can brawl and wrestle but wreckup those he fights vs Zarconian.He also gets the upper hand to his side.He can cheat at things.He can be use dirty tactics more than Charlie.He can infiltrate and destroy.He has a bad attitude to the enemy.He is very unfeeling to them.He will go to his guns and tactics as sharp shooter that  makes damage cutting down opposition.He gets riled up and hyped by Zarconian.He can trick and deal with enemy.But to bring them down.He has a strong will power.He is very sneaky as Charlie can be too.He is a commander like his brother that ever in emergency the Matrix of Leadership and Gobot Leader "1" is given to him but he hopes that day never happens though.They are proud of who is Zarconian Primes as balance.Commander is like 2nd in command Prime.He can fight with the enemies heavy weight and bang them around.Holden will use boobtraps.He will rig things.He uses alot of deception to cloud up the enemies thinking.He is martyr.Martyr that can more than battle.Leadership many team and units,combiners.He gives the orders from Zarconian Primes to "Formup".When Zarconian Primes are not there he is in command.He can snuff out tricks and traps.He goes over things with a fine tooth comb.He is precise.He can find hard to find things that are lost.He deducts and gets a real answer to where lost object is.He is very hard to fool.That is not an area to use on him and his stern decisions.He has solid decision but Zarconian facts can reverse decisions.He has sense of humour in good context.He has excellent memory capacity.He will do complicated commands and read books on format and commands,systems.He is feirce fighter.He also picks his targets well in battle to bring them down.He is slightly stronger than Charlie.Rick is a Valkyrie and his new role as Zarconian is to find a transformation for my younger brother year older than
KusoCartoon 13984699356263

Gond Transformer Gobot Creator Computer

KusoCartoon 13989731389078

Zarco Inbit Regime Computer

New Fuhr and Valkyrie of Antarctica are Gobot
KusoCartoon 14462633059230

Zarco Reilgun Tank

Transformers.They are fearless leaders.They are there for operations when
KusoCartoon 14378627687420

Zarco Monster M61A1 Eisenhower Grizzly MBT

trouble.Creator in robots and machines power as Transformers Gobots then to my heritage of Cat family.From my father Thylacine and mother house cat.And search through
KusoCartoon 13630344394544

Zarco Macross Module tank

archive and history of Transformers Gobots for types of Transformations styles for my afterlife and my level calls out for Queen Armada.Searched and viewed history and beginnings of Queen Armada and saw how many Queen Armada's exist past.And in future of machine's universe of Transformers Gobots.My soul and body was taken from the grave to do
Hus 16005 ammo

tiger tank shell


WW2 Tanks Shells

L fNIXgerman-88mm-navy-submarine-ship-gun-shell-manual-new

88mm Tiger Tank shell


inside 88mm Tiger Tank Shell

the process in outer space to dreamworld Universe Lemuria of my ancestory in Transformers Gobot Universe in a colony very far away from Cybertron and Gobotron.There we will learn every vehicle and machine.The vehicles and fighters we have seen and know many more variations of machines.Understand all types of military machines in general.Failures as humanoid being, and to make new adaptations and systems and modified in Feroz Y Khan.Found about my gender and witches,witches are type of alien race because of their powers and features in face,noses get longer and prettier,alien.I will have to battle crime in adjusting to dreamworld and alien world.Take me alot of time.Then I'll be like a samaritan.I have to learn my power and things from earth class is out of date garbage.Process of time to extinguish a non-space member going nowhere.Accomplishments are small and make them as outer space has rules on them.Every of theri 20th Century technology obselete and trash.Blown away by time to make it nowhere.This planet will go nowhere in space forever.My enemy playing my defenses Whiteman ate up my money and making Antarctica a modern country.UFP.And who manufactures me and makes me in a night and changes my body to metal as Creator's System process as it will change from being to metal grow to my transformations.And mode retain me as great Queen ruler but being adaptations as Transformer Gobot transexual female.Meaning I would compact space fighter VSTOL superiority,cycle and catmode into a 7ft being Queen.And my dreamworld magic power and reveal true looks from dreamworld,open
KusoCartoon 13953620184741

Zarco Japanese Empire Koji New Fuhr Space Fire Engine

up my powers in this world and ability to go to dreamworld.Regeneration of my power and evolution process.I also had many possibilities in my maker,I solidly have my manufacturer and this is my type of appearance and model type.Few more.Fate and add up to events.Danger alerts and new defenses.Health and vital signs process.Blink of an eye process can happen,once a soul human
KusoCartoon 13974456446739

Fast Action Exobot

KusoCartoon 13974460840849

Traction Space alien bus transport Exobot

KusoCartoon 13974455341002

Exobot Giant combiner of Exobots

queen and blink of an eye all of those process 1st model and brand new life ahead for Feroz.Pride and money and living and  added=19787155695&addrel=s&addto=19787049809  defenses,securities,shelter and leisure and society of Lemuria space civilization and my life systems inside being new prospective of world and new environment of dreamworld civilization and then done to each of my young my same gender as me shemale Princess Armada my own extracted from various parts of
KusoCartoon 13630394239471

Zarco Macross Vehicle tank,Twin Unit tank and Railgun tank

galaxy,hopeful they are close to Mom.Souls and in a tombs.And to change
KusoCartoon 13630395846614

Zarco Macross Ant Walker

them into same a mom.Transformer Gobot shemale witch from Khan to new name.Grandma,my parents,my Dad of Series Circuit 1970's MLB.Corruptants destroyed and annalyzed and for my new people to be well ready and open their government

Zarco Mugenbide Cyber Tyrant and Macross Railgun tank Combiner Merger

as new citizen and family are brought in to far away colony planet.Rights and freedoms and Cybertronian Gobot laws and history.Family name new clan.Autobot.Securities.Supremace past.   And my
KusoCartoon 13953696219759

Zarco Rick Hunter 4 by 4 Pickup Truck

KusoCartoon 13969390966460


ideas and codes and Zarconian Empire and CBC Science.Religion of Islam.And for us to be made that when all of us as a family are in trouble we merge to form Giant Queen Armada,Princess Armada's and Feroz formup to make Giant witch Gestalt Heavy Duty Liked Series Combiner.And qualities and attributes,smarter,faster and much
KusoCartoon 13973417110285

Canyon space train

more improved abliites and warfare strategy.Space navy warfare.And real space government openned
KusoCartoon 13973409809225

Exo Suit Combiner

from propaganda.And to make my applied.Teachings applied and make new machines thorough understanding,education applied that it works when making and designering to do with Zarconia.Queen Armada requirments.Space military.Strategy and all of real and government.Anti-women gender Princess Armada

Armadabots and Queen Armada Galactica formup Amelia Combiner of Cybertronian Gobot universe aliens

is a leader and made the evolution process

Princess Invidia McLaughlin Armada and her Combiner Vehicle Space Car mode from being holographic systems AI

change and is fierce and ultimate combatant against whiteman.She can fight their military.I got her located near Nagoya Airport, Japan (Delta Airlines has a daily direct flight to Nagoya from Portland, OR, USA).New Primes are made at loading "Matrix of Leadership" into
KusoCartoon 13968492811274

Princess McLaughlin Armada Sharona

many Matrixes."Battletron Giant Combiner is a Prime,Trailer is Prime as Police Sentinel.They proved to be up and coming leaders in Zarconian and will spread the Matrix's loyalties in that perspective.They are the Zarconian Primes.Newly added.They have attributes as Prime for us.He is young commanding fighter and officer Police Sentinel,droid.He is going to be a great Prime in trusting him security of Matrix.Great fighting abilities and is great in many areas.Trailer is sturdy.He is a leader of the Battletron Army Combiners.He will
KusoCartoon 13959509739101

Princess McLaughlin Armada Kristine

KusoCartoon 13958902159179

Princess McLaughlin Armada Harlequinn

be very stubborn hold on Matrix.Grow as leader on battlefield.Battletron and his intelligence.His fighting and to put the Matrix into a giant Zarconian combiner and its him.Matrix in key positions.Grow to be giant Prime.Fast Action is Exobot and is agent.He observes and can do stunts.He uses his speed from alien highways.He prepares efficient and is very efficient a team member.He surveys and uses surveilance.He can fool his enemies and record on them.He is stealthy and can use raw power and speed.He has his tactics refined out.He is picky but selective too.He brings back what he knows and is careful.He is reliable ranking and a type of officer.Traction is large and uses his strength and thinking.He surveys and makes opinion.He can brawll.He is very commanding.He also supplies firepower and is a unit member.He uses his speed for his size.He can help to cuttoff the enemy.He is intelligent.He obeys commands and reminds squad in things.Uses his large size to his advantage.He can use raw strength and sharp shooting.He participates in catching the enemy
Bumblebee (2018) Opening scene - War for Cybertron - Full HD

Bumblebee (2018) Opening scene - War for Cybertron - Full HD

off guard.Suprise.Exobot is very technological.Uses

Princess McLaughlin Armada Kristine

his size and powers well and is a well trained formation of agents.He is a giant agent.He knows of the enemies weaknesses and goes after them and is martial.He has authoratative strength.He also gets the enemies to run but will use his weapons on them to finish them off or capture them.He uses going over his files system.He has conrol over his powers and abilities are all control and within limits but can go over limits.He can accel He accelerates.He is poised.He maintains his positioning.He can sharp shoot.He uses his advanced technology on enemies.He is a quick thinker.He can do operations to cover and fly recon.He has antigravity systems for flight.He strikes on enemy first as getting the first moves on enemy.He will go to his decision making and if there is detected danger he will avoid.He thinks of himself too and disengage.He catches enemies off guard.He is very fast and monuverable.He studies enemies when his recorders go off for combat.He will capture and is great in emergency situations.He has nerves of steel in situations and has protocols to go on in any critical situations.He knows what to do.He can heavily damage enemy that takes him lightly.He works well in teams.And by himself when Koji New Fuhr gives command to "Formup!"He is great in judgement.He narrows down his decisions with his computer and is great with the odds.He is very valuable.Our computers for Zarconian transform to robot mode.They control resources and manpower.They are strategist and leaders to keep Zarconian going.They study every aspect as they all have their own expertise.They are using machines adopted into Zarconian our own machines.Integrated to the Transformer Gobot Universe.They live there and are with their families.They are learning military and how to conduct and get war going.They are innovative in new designs for our technology in each area from fighters,carriers,subs and warships.They have their interaction network going.They get better and absorb teachings from their computer family as angels and guardians are types of computers to help them out and meke them ready.Know all branches military and create work with manmpower and workers.They upgrade all our computer systems and interact to make new activations.Control our weaponry.In touch with us through HK warfare satelite Deep Space Bouy network.They raise defenses and can create traps.Enforce defenses and conduct war and missions.They are powered by energy source of plasma and radiation changed to energy.They all can combat and to conduct scientific work with Zarconian Medics and Science officer and Science Team with our Space UN.Alert security and to do spying and recon as eyes and ears of Zarconian installing full production."Gond" is a creator of the Transformer Gobot Universe that is a Zarconian computer.He adds his knowledge of Transformer Gobots as he knows from millions of years.He has knowledge and can follow trails of Transformers from machines and military vehicles.He has powers as creator and is very stern.He knows how to create Transformers Gobots.He adds the things we don't know he knows all.He knows history.He can make and interact with 20th Century earth class Sol system technology.And futurisitc technology.Manpower to our navies.He knows his components as like biology.He knows vast of knowledge he is part of Zarconian.Troops and making decisions and strategy commands.He is a high ranks.He can combat and is a heavy fighter alot of striength.

Ralph's uniform grants him the powers of flight, super strength, resistance to injury (including direct bullet hits to areas covered by the suit), invisibility, precognition, postcognition, E.S.P., telekinesis, x-ray vision, super speed, pyrokinesis, holographic vision, shrinking, psychometry, and a sense to detect the supernatural. In the episode "Fire Man" he displays resistance to fire/heat and uses "superbreath" (blowing out a flamethrower), he also uses it in "There's Just No Accounting..." to extinguish a molotov cocktail. He also showed signs of being able to control minds when he was exposed to high doses of plutonium
2013-12-22 19.55.47

New Unicom Base

radiation. In the second season finale episode "Lilacs, Mr. Maxwell," Ralph is shown to control a dog by a holograph. This may have been an improvisational power of the suit, but was never tried again. In "The Shock Will Kill You," he (or the suit) becomes strongly magnetized. The suit is a government power.It has a name and numeral like "Saber 1,Force 10,Thunder 7,Super 8".Government names all powers and the "Arc".
KusoCartoon 13986282758427

Terrocon Monster Zod

In the second season episode "Don't Mess Around with Jim,"[3] Ralph and Maxwell learn that they are not the first duo who received such a uniform. Jim "J.J." Beck had received the suit, and Marshall Dunn was his partner, much like Ralph and Maxwell operated. But Jim was overwhelmed with the power of the suit, and he used it selfishly until it was taken away. It is unknown if there were others before Jim who were visited by the aliens. In "Divorce Venusian Style," the pair meet the
KusoCartoon 13907793187710

Giant Monster Mecha

alien, whose world was apparently destroyed (which hints as to why it wants to protect humanity) and calls Earth one of the few remaining "garden planets." It is also revealed that there are several other people in seeming "suspended animation" aboard its ship (Bill speculates that they are possible replacements for them). Ralph is given another instruction book—- supposedly the alien's last copy, but he loses it as well, when he and the book shrink to a fraction of their normal sizes, and he is not holding the book when he returns to his original height.
KusoCartoon 13907807018073

Giant Endo Mecha being

KusoCartoon 13907814717666

Transatmospheric Droid Sentinel

Giant Monster Mecha is a giant robot with energy fire from hand and mouth.It is very unstable and has assortment of weapons and HEL.It has projectiles.It can combat and maul.It has barrier system.Fire misslles from launchers.Verniers for flight.Terminals begin construction on them.As they have Zods.For for massive destruction on enemy.Destruction on enemy mechas and units.Destruction on their navy.Bases.They have beam sabers.Barrrier and force fields.They are living mecha being.Fire HEL.Have armaments.Foldup.Re-armed.Re-fitted.Agile and can go mach5 to mach 10.They have armor design.Hand combat and send body assault attack.Energize to fire energy fire from hands like Gobots.Have hidden missile launchers.

 The hero persona never receives a "superhero name," either, although Scarbury sings the Elton John song "Rocket Man" in the pilot. However, in the episode "The Shock Could Kill You," Ralph refers to himself sarcastically as

Rodimus Prime

"Captain Gonzo."

 Like his own character of Ralph Hinkley/Hanley, William Katt found the suit very uncomfortable and hated wearing it. Producers made various modifications to the suit to help him, and accommodated him by scheduling filming so he would not have to wear it all work-day.


On the DVD of Season 1, Stephen J. Cannell notes that the symbol was actually based on a pair of scissors that he had on his desk during the design of the uniform. However, in Jeff Rovin's book, The World Encyclopedia of Superheroes, the author claimed that it was actually an "open book and needle emblem." The issue was even further confused by the use of Elton John's song "Rocket Man" in the pilot episode, causing some fans to assume that the suit's logo actually did depict some kind of rocket.
KusoCartoon 15259819210753

Zarco Monster Bashkev Theater Range Missile Truck


Rodimus Prime and Hot Rod

The symbol on Ralph's uniform resembles the Chinese character "center" [中]. As the symbol is red in color, Hong Kong television station TVB termed the Cantonese-dubbed version of the show [飛天紅中俠], translated to mean "Flying Red Center Hero".

 The symbol's bilateral symmetry seemingly avoided the "backward S" problem encountered on the Adventures of Superman. For the low-budget 1950s series, editors would on occasion "flop" stock footage of George Reeves in flight, causing the "S" shield to appear reversed. However, in many Greatest American Hero composite flying sequences, Ralph wore a watch- and the timepiece alternates from one wrist to the other, especially during extended flying sequences.

Zarco Mugenbide are giant robot modules that transform and shift around using antigravity to merger and combine into a robot mecha.They can enhance troop carriers of all sorts.They modulate and make transport destroy and attack giant robots and Combiners.Mugenbide is more than match vs enemy combiners.They at enormous size can fight and combat and do this mergering for combat.They have modified themselves to combat and deploy.Systems with animal robots mechas have merger to have animal robots action and attributes.They can leap and do animal abilities.They have sensor instruments and modes merger as they disassemble and unit using antigravity.Mugenbide and they have weapons.Special lasers and missile launchers.Snap together in AC Units.More formidable a mode.They can make simplified transport leap and jump and attack.Combat and fire energy weapons and has missile launchers to destroy any giant robot over 100ft in size.Deploy their compliment to help them out and systems have merger with Primitives.Faster modulated assault.More power and abilities.Snap apart to be carried and transported or assemble together to get to hard to reach places that animal robot mechas can.They can change staying still or in action.They then merger with the units to modify systems.Change in space and any world.They carry their compliment and unload them fast action and to pick them up and back in their bays.Separate to ordinary transport and animal modes.


Zarconian Cougar/Bayload Mugenbide Mode

This was a document of mine collected things to do with me and my Empire.Astro beam to transport our mainframe robot vehicle bodies to our people bodies.Merger combiners.When we are in Transformers Gobot Creator System they make a permanent Astro beam system to call to our mainframe robot vehicle
KusoCartoon 14260232933056

"Bayload"Monster Combiner Car Launch Transport

mecha robot bodies.Transport our bodies to us and we merger.We are a type of "Pretenders" and in Gobot humanoid robot transforming people.So trusted our mainframe bodies have subconscious alert state meaning like dream other half is conscious and at a location to do with our government.Base.Cycle mode or motorcycle modes is when I transform and am a different adaptation attribute of my mind and that look gets me to multi transformation for each skill.Not separate beings parts of my profile or me.That is how I operate militarized in another universe to start all over again and born new energy and a new life and a trillionaire.Trade in what I have as failure as human and to be a higher evolution level exchange and to make a family of my gender.To have success next time.We all are from different continents from the way we are and our personalties We merged with Gobots and Transformers.Zarconian is going to be a Universal gathering from all parts of Transformers and Gobots.We be called formup.And to meet new transformer gobots.Meeting and knowing of an all star lineup of heros to let them be Zarconian for century of practice and to let me in on getting wise studying from my background Lemuria dreamworld school and for me to practice and upgrade my skills to applied.I need century and to evolve with my civilization. Proper and safe way to approach things and to train my dreamworld powers.Practice and getting through parental roles I failed at as human.We transform like G2 hydraulic electronic sound but also have quiet mode and combined with Gobots.Its for our compications.Not that loud sound of movie.Gobot is faster and Transformers complications and

continent of alien world covering pole

systems.Well in my family we will see history of my afterlife race and what type of transformations is proper and my kids change to.HKT Command Center is a war vessel that is  like a base.It has areas like hangar bays and bays for storage.It can fire energy fire and go to warp drive.It has a barrier system and compliment.We can fire launchers.We have HEL and can hover and walk legs,retract as engines.Covert ops and missions.1440 ft long.To fulfill them in making Princess Armada more than reliable when I am old and can't do things,for her to carry me on and she is full of health and new and for me to train her in Transformers Gobots,re-entry and to teach all of them from Feroza and Gloria to Younice and Firoz.I their Mom took them out in their 

Princess Armada Mechanical Transformation being mode


Princess Armada Mechanical being Transformation

modes.Continent on alien world has alien principles for weather.Principles as a High Class society.No immigrants unless they are off high class level on poles continent "Archaepelago".Koji New Fuhr is in charge of the Japanese Comet Empire forces.He is a very intelligent and resiliant.He does not give up and can deliver firepower.He is like a commander to the Matrix of Leadership.He reliable in leadership and firepower.He knows his weapons and uses guile in warfare.He is well prepared.He also will lead others to battle.He is fierce and sensible.He will think first and in past time is a thinker.He studies and goes over facts.He reads.He can take his burdens and is wildly fighter.He can do martial arts and combat.He knows how much he can take on.He is very effective.Turns to a veteran he will be much better.He is a team player.He works with commands and teamwork.He always completes his chores and in operations he can deliver firepower and support.He is a great leader.He is very responsible with what he is and his duties.He is open to others.He confides in his members.He can use enginuity to get things done.Smarts in computers and technology.They have caring and opened to the world of High Class and above.Vortex's on the borders to protect civilians.The lakes area is cool.There are many more l

Princess Armada Mechanical Being Transformation


Princess Armada Mechanical Being Transformation

and forms and lakes and rivers,bodies of water in the map.Many songs like "The Prisoner" Iron Maiden of the pole region and lakes area "Everloving"Mobi.We through transportation are connected to whole giant continent.Easy commuting for the people and my family.Princess Armada can go and plans trips.Its neighboring section and we are wealthy our many homes and condos.Giant condos to sky 70 storeys.Some areas are militant with a history of glory and in space.Policing system elite.Weather near the equator like lakes area1 is cool and can get


breezy and spring like being 10 degrees Celsius and raising more as day goes.Lunch its cold and gets warmer afternoon and
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HKT Command Center

dinner warm.There are mountains with snow and elevation.Tribal and alien theories defy science.Sky they can see nebulas and clouds in space and very real to view sky entire continent.Stars look real wavy but its worse in pole region.Feels like they are close to space but with atmosphere.And has energy phenomena but in each region.Color can be greenish to dark not bright but to the time being dusk then it goes dark but remains longer part of half a day for dusk.Edge of alien world hemisphere location to our sun.Isolated from beings major population center.Very far from next advanced busy populated continent in space.We are the spotlight but in privacy poles continent.Angle of continent to our suns and moons edge of
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Top view Zarco Command Center

world as continent stretches.It has colorful atmosphere from angle.Exo Suit squad are Transformer Gobots unit that are led by Rick Hunter 4 by 4.He is the leader and is a feisty fighter.He is knowledgeable as a leader and can sharp shoot.He gets batter and better and is a great ranking.He can do monuvers and roles around into position.He very military and uses forming up.He is intelligent on battlefield and is a great fighter.He confides to himself but from team being with him he utilizes them.He leads everyone and follows orders and makes orders.He can mix it up with many of them as a combatant and strategist.Rick is the type to confront.He has reports done to research the enemy.He also can innovate and works on computers and technology.He can use this in warfare.He is aggressive but very sensible.He knows the odds and use his modes to escape.He knows how valuable he is.He will call for support.Enginuity.And he is crafty.He gives the command to "formup" and they form the giant.He also can sneak up on enemy to listen in on intel.He usually comes through with the treasure and intel and things to pickup on missions.He can cause disasters on the enemy by sabotage.He can be malicious to the enemy.Competant firepower to the enemy and combating.He can do covert ops and other missions.Exo SWAT backs up Rick and is a steathy and competant with his tactics.He follows commands and is very effective.He is hybrid.He is like an officer.He is a specialist.He can setup things to breach.On the road to be a great ranking.He sets up and knows his craft.He is speedy and monuverable.He is a technician and can repair electronics and other robots.He knows aobut computers and how to hack.He can tap into things like networks.He also can spy.He can do recon.Intel and reports to start files.He works with the team.He has smarts and guile.He is a strong combatant.Use tactics to do with technology in fighting like a power surge.He plays out his role and does completions.Military is his game as policing.He as manpower and can be very fast.Canyon is a ranking that catches others off guard and don't expect him to be there with how much he delivers.He follows orders and commands.He competant at delivering firepower and having confidence to the enemy.He is very moderate and does not blow his cool.He is a thinker.He also plays a role like his other teammates.He has strength.He can play around with his abilities and has great aim.Confident.He can get to places by hovering full speed or sliding on EM.He transports things and brings supplies the team needs.He is very fast on rails.He has armor and uses it to wop enemies.Efficient and support.Then their combiner mode as Exo Suit.He has eco systems and specialized systems.He conservesa and recycles his energy.He is a force as a type of fighter.He uses his technology well.He also has smarts and leadership.He uses commands and strategy.He is very hybrid.He can use energy weapons on enemy.Specialized modifications.He is very resiliant and very stern.He does not back down to the enemy but uses sensibility.He can tell if or what the situation is as combiner.He has speed and monuverability.He can combat.Has high tech arsenal and hidden weapons cannons.Great support and speedy and fast.He delivers.He can fly with his antigravity systems.Uses his neural computer as AI.He has AI systems.And has adaptations to enemy.He knows and can predict the enemy.He uses his smarts.He will avoid danger and disengage if need be or to fly away.Odds are in his favour he utilizes his special powers and enginuity.He uses a type of hybrid energy he generates and has defenses.Next populations on our world are less then ours far away divided by the deep large bodies of water.Very far from this universe.Leader in its world.Our day is much longer and is 48 hrs for a day.Mountains in central area are cold.The pole is know as Suburbia.Lots of subdivisions and city.Alien principles are not the same as tribal and scientific.Alien like things happen in reactions and making warmth and cold.Tip north is hot and tropical.Magnetic poles at the end,southern tip covers surface of the where a pole would be on earth.Pole area has mountains and is not cold.It is 15 degrees C in mountains area much of the year.Snows and stays minus 5.It is a plush area being a pole of the
KusoCartoon 13852564745403

Zarco Command Center

planet.Suburban area.It is very huge and would cover Northern and Southern Hemisphere on earth since our home planet is size of a star.It is small on the star size planet but very giant in earth terms.Many areas,historic giant city with 9 degrees Celsius weather cloudy to 12 degrees C.The tropical coast and its snow falls and hot weather and cities of 30 million.Cold historic area of southern area.This one is bluish wavy sky nebulas.The many suns we have and some are smaller makes a beautiful day.Cloud cover.Theirs is more than 48 hrs but having a pole in center of continent where weather is very moderate and environment is moderate it does not produce same Arctic region effect.Theirs is dark greenish and black and gets wavy.They are having a day during dark and there is police and military and government here.Population center of space for robot transforming people.Their day happens in mountain area built with concrete mixed with vegetation.Futuristic and reddish sky.Under a Blood Red Sky" that is the day as the day can get darker.Kristine changes to pilot person mode and combiners with Army units and monster tanks.She is inside them combiner pilot.Transformed shrink down and add to systems of Monster tank with hydro-skis for
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Zarconian Alpha Squad Leader "Altranator" Transformer Gobot police car

KusoCartoon 14207674119006

Zarconian Alpha Squad "Alpha Transformer Gobot Police car

KusoCartoon 14207675188712

Zarconian Alpha Squad "Turbo Fire" Police car

KusoCartoon 14207675916211

Zarconian Alpha Squad "Camaro" Transformer Gobot Police car

KusoCartoon 14207677485638

Zarconian Alpha Squad "Cruiser" Oriental Police car

space travel and on water,air and changes to go to ground.Controlled from the area for pole and has magnetism high level and adjusted to it and have emitters to control it built into lights.Its in their food.Nebula clouds and vortex interdimensional and this became technology.Winter is reddish.Then it gets blunt dark but with the street lights glowing in space and many go to moons and space travel,space ports and come surface in less hour commuting.Pole Suburban central mountains area heavily populated suburbs.All connected by advanced technology and commuting.Buses,trains,subways and vehicles transports connects the whole continent top to bottom and to its coasts within travel 4hrs from
KusoCartoon 14207678199656

Zarconian Alpha Squad "Policetron" Combiner

North tip to Southern.My kids can travel on the space transit system and vehicle monorails that go through the mountains..It is a space traveling civilization.Where its remote there is at least a city of 50 000 people robots in cold.Remote because of alien factors.Heat.And area.10 000 people robots in heat remote.City.These are the Alpha Squad.They are Zarconian police car Robot Vehicle Beings Transformer Gobots.They are fierce and operate policewise.They have police methods.They scan and counter the
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Zarconian Transformer Gobot Alpha Squad "Red Lights" Chevrolet Caprice police car

KusoCartoon 14208379068184

Zarconian Transformer Gobot "Persuit" Alpha Squad Chevrolet Caprice Police car

KusoCartoon 14208379676688

Zarconian Transformer Gobot Alpha Squad "State Trooper" Chevrolet Police Car

enemy and will infiltrate.They are very strong and can have extrodinary abilities.They can flushout enemies.They have a mean approach and are very mean and have network.They network to capture crime and enter it in warfare.The Alpha Squad can out preform most cars and are not ordinary cars.They are police cars and space police cars.They can reach speeder speeds on space highways.They will use police tactics.They summon alarm or approach stealthily.Then then apprehend and down enemy.They usually win in fire fights and use tactics like gas and disabling.They have network in space and interact with all Zarconians.They are dead against crime and investigation it in war.They find it going on.Then they have the leader "Altranator" call the Alpha Squad command to "Formup".They formup parts in tranformation to make the Giant Gestalt Heavy Duty Linked Series Warrior Robot "Policetron".He has extra strength as they have formed giant with police tactics and fierceness to go in for directive.Move after move he does and he combats and does in the enemy.He is really strong and its stupid thing to lock up with him because its over.He is very fast and agile and can get over many obstacles to get at the enemy.He has scanning methods and uses reports.He is has archive data.In battle he has disabling weapons and many weapons for combat.He is excellent marksman.He has energy weapons.And attacks.He has attatchments the Alpha Squad can put on for combiner.He knows everything with intel and his sensors.He is space authoratative.he does not back down at all.But from his reports he will use his senses in danger.He has alerts.Other than that he goes for the kill.Enemy is downed.He has barrier system.Area that is not tropical and it is on coast of a bottomless shelf of ocean.Area with highways and heavy cities.Areas of tropical Northern coast and cities of 20 million.Many cities in each sector that are 20 million plus.The entire continent has poles effect on them.It is not boring.Natural Phenomena in space continent.Habitated with space technology and restored masonry technology.They have highways throughout the continent space technology go into turbo speed mach.There are in some sectors Super futuristic cities and areas.Much restored country and parks.Outdoors in central sector mountains.There are alot of woods and trees of all sorts in science.Airports travel to outer space.Very futurisitc and powerful with harness resources.They are wealthy.Banks to outer space and continent travel,past the sector borders.Space police and their battlecruisers land in military areas.They transform their armor.See in skies nebulaes in space and nebulae clouds.Stars spectacular.Very realistic and magnetism makes effect.They have sun go down for sunset and sunrise normal.They have a longer day and longer night mixed together.As they go to the southern tip planet day and night gets longer seasons but goes down.Cities in the
KusoCartoon 14206827194082

Zarconian "Enforcer" Chevrolet Caprice Transformer Gobot police car

frozen region tip covers botttom of the world.Frozen Arctic region is heavily suburban and has breaks in arctic cold to 14 degrees and woods.It further can get hot journey to the edge hot and tropical botttom of Arctic.It has effect of colors in atmoshere and dark with glistening stars.There is farmland on Arctic and many populated cities.It has commuting and long distance trips to everypart of our continent.But there is a region in 100's of miles as arctic polar region subarctic temperatures.Effects from woods to make the tropical artic coldest too.There are populated mountains.They love their bodies of water and seashore.Robot people.Very
The Touch - Stan Bush (HD Restoration)

The Touch - Stan Bush (HD Restoration)

scenic.But the day extends to sunshine and cloudy skies of 48 hrs.Arctic region plays in the skies and day.Half light half day for a day and it starts at night and reverse.There are near by the ice cap cities of condominiums 50 storeys and roads and streets with parks.Woods.It is outside the frozen cap but the frozen cap is small covers tip land mass that covers entire southern radius.Condos and city.Warmest is 15 degrees C.It has less snow.It is cold in valleys that go downward.Can get icy in areas that look hot and reverse.Long woods of pertrified trees and jungles,swamps and many mix on same continent of tropical and Deciduous forest - Four distinct seasons with warm Army Ranks/warfare summers and cold, wet winters. The trees shed their leaves in autumn.Prescipitation is abundanant on the cold tropical coast.In the Polar region of the mountains they have lots of snow and rain.In subarctic region end of the planet it has some snow,very little precipitation and some icy rain,climate change to 9 degrees rain season.Historic Northern area has average.Hot area has some thunder storms and heavy rain north.There is mist.Makes a rainforest affect in the city.Some other parts of the north very little rainfall and hot.Attatched to transit.There are parts where things are mixed and some are above the other.Mixed Tropical and Atlantic North.Alien weather too.Principles are different,some irradical.Not too much.Hot on the poles as a reaction creates season in area to make it very cloudy purple no rain in cloud cover and very humid.Gases and with energy creates in the heavy cities safe from being High Society as a rule on our continent.Government poorest high class.Historic city areas that are safe.Urban city Metropolises.Some in hot from alien theories.Pole continent with its fluctating weather that in their winter in area its very hot.Clouds role by and sun hot.High standards and everyone has accents from simple life.We have suburbs in place of ugly Urban UFP.Government is able to filter out and guard against dangerous beliefs and thinkings in space.They are of simple but very high standards and worked their own way to outer space.Alien advancements.High education standards.Living standards high.We have divided sectors.They are uncorrupted and cities are beautiful accomplishments from robot people race.Retained simple strengths to be a leader in Galactic Median.Education and teachings.Math.Sciences.Crime is low.Simple way of being isolated retaining common life without any corrupton,peace.Society fo high standards at alien level.Our alien language and we know english.High ethics.Many centuries as modern civilization.Very old a nation.Very wise.Back to simple complicated principles.No poor.Everything is clean.We have urban at space level but its all filtered out.We have our government.Structure is very powerful inherited from past history.Calm and tranquil.Allah's creation.'Archaepelago" is connected to Eurasia on orbiting large brother planet.Eurasia 's history they were a Regime.They are made up of many robot people white races.They have all types of mixed descriptions.Eiileen is in Army and Marines.She is in charge of the bases and command.She is in an Army warship.She specialist in orders and commands,strategy as a high rank and fights with her Army warship.She an Kristine and Kristine is in "Munitions Giant Assault Hydrofoil Monster tank.Neutral composed of militant people that speak alien language.People from Archaepelago travel to Eurasia by space Airport and orbital elevator.But Archaepelago are more close to themselves and private.More to their own country unlike the Eurasians are open to aliens and UFP.Not as private as Archaelpelago.Goes deeper than a trench below sea level and is cold.Above close to outer space in mountains and level is raised altitude.Tribal origins and civilization.Ancient tropical and Atlantic like cities and weather.It has forests adn jungle and tropical trees over the icey pole.It is flourishing in life.Its like living in South Island New Zealand and Ushuaia.But with a modern government.Princess Armada's homeland.It has a tropical effect of sunlight.Bathes the continent.Bathing the continent mixes with gases and crystals to produce a magnetic effect.Night comes It shows a clear path to space.It is very tribal and education system is tribal.Atlantic and one from alien space.Nature and manmade contructions.Elders that lived their in the millions on icey polar region.Warms and has snow hurricanes.Hurricanes that are frozen.From the oceans gather lots of heat and humidity and makes an effect to have gases gather and as they go lower in altitude they freeze to a snow hurricane.Adjusted to Snow hurricane as its like a holiday and kids and teens play games and wait for it to gradually get worse but can see from magnetism.Winds can make gases and vapours cold.Pushes humidity in directions.Smog from humidity like a sunny fog and stars light shines rays through this.Light is more light.It hits the smog beams light.They have jet stream which are powerful winds below space level,gusting.Modern snow removal and by CPU's.They remove the snow and its diversions from tribal thinking.That is why they have giant population.Enjoy it.Raise in altitude is cold and cities close to outer space.Altitude.It is attatched everywhere they board trains and transportation connected.It takes a short time.Teens and kids go on trains in groups to get home as they are modern.No strangers and corruption like crime.Friendly people.No earthquakes.Solve earthquakes and faults.Alien sciences and tribal they solved faulting.Does not happen.Snow removal is fluent.Friendly people and for th entire continent is based on travel.Zones where the weather is hot zones.Hot all year round as Arctic zone on transportation.Everyone is protected by military and have cards.Everything is efficiently cleaned.They have no flooding,with aquaducts and things built to prevent flooding.Drained back to the sea and they are even below sea level water never flood.The temperature will evaporate it and their are landforms that act like dams.Water will be a thin creek by the time it gets to below sea level.Cold.They are isolated from major Giant Metroplises and are the giant metropolises.Farthest ones are in UFP.They have modern irrigation that has wear on it beat flooding.Safe and very interesting continent for these snobby people.They have high accomplishments in civilization.Very advanced.Accents are very modern and speak alien dialect in white language.There are no researchers as the population lives in an arctic Metropolis.They have mammals and sea creatures.Dinosaurs live on another continent and in outer space.Sea dinosaurs 60ft 80 metric tonne Mosasaurus.We have transforming nature.Creatures robots that transform.Insects to mammals.Robot mammals.Robot raptors.We have apex predators and orcas that huge,30ft and meat eaters.Cacharadon Megaladons in oceans.Eat whales and plant eater dinosaurs.There are parks.But the continent only knows man.From tribal man robots to man robots.Nature but people.They have designed nature civilization into nature.People can get transit to nature.Nature is attatched to cities by transportation  by government.Accessibility is high and they pay to go their supervised.Travel oversees or space to see dinosaurs.Dedicated to people and giant architecture of buildings and skyscrapers accessbility to public as they put things from ground up in the sky.Restaurants and stores.Living high altitude.Media.Bulldings and offices.Schools at 50 floors up.Parks inside the buildings,plants and small trees,ponds and water fountains.Ships and highways dock to the buildings.Many warships dock at high altitude.Import alien market of alien electronics booming in Archaepelago.It in the frozen areas has electronics corporations and foreign tribal market.Tribal and alien mixed together in electronics technology.Princess Armada and I grew up under new and old format of alien foreign import electronics.Alot of tribal Alien stores.Many islands are shipping and exporting.Our continent is like a giant island.Importing and exporting.Tropical industries.Alien industries.Make the place lit up and glowing.More productive and eduaction system they grew up electronics experts to this alien tribal system.Importing and allies from space and tribal.Computer technicians and format.Experts.Learned thorough.Our continent has other dimensions travel.From vortexes they learned to harness the power of other dimensions travel.Travel interdimensionally.Opened projectors in areas to go and have acess to other worlds from other dimensions.We will have cards use to get to other dimensions as the continent grew in technology and other dimension territories.Eurasia is from another dimension.They are advanced and have a type of space in other dimensions.There are giant cities or metroplises in our continent as other dimension part of our continent.Travel by transportation to other dimensions and by highways meant to go to other worlds and islands,Airports.Media.Shopping centers.Houses and apartments.Go for living to other dimensions or walk.Parks.We have night lights emitters that open other dimensions parts of our cities and sections.Vacations.Go somewhere exotic.School.Work and life.Money credits.Cards shopping center interdimensional travel.Farther you go like in vehicle to walking further you go.Agriculture.Resources.Manpower.Alien races and tribes.Space travel and military.Movie theaters located in sectors.Entertainment.Eurasia is from another dimension.Baseball teams.TV and radio.Arcades.Other places.Governments mergered in history.There is machinery in use for mining and forestry,masonry.They construction and addition to Metropolises.Turn towns and villages into cities.Many downtowns have large buildings made to change into a city.Cites far away from older main cities.They have quaries where they use machinery and these are all space companies.They have machinery in space.Transformer Gobots and our people have designated machines and Gobot Transformers to go to work for these companies.Our continent is very industrial and in nature it is.They even mine in oceans.They have underwater machines.Many machine operators and communities for machine operators.Towns turned into cities.Mining though is done in space and percautions to do with faulting and the crust of our alien world.Extract minerals and ores but no damage to the planet.Alien methods.Trucks and machines for trees.Companies in city.

Coniferous forest - Also known as Taiga, cold and dry with snowy winters and warmer summers.

Mediterranean - Warm to high temperatures with rainfall in the autumn and winter months.

Grassland - Hot summers and cold winters with above average rainfall.

Tundra - This area is characterised by a layer of permafrost (soil that has remained below freezing for at least two years. Winters are very cold, summers are warm and there is little rainfall.

Alpine/mountain - Cold, windy and snowy. It is winter from October to May with temperatures below freezing, while summer is from June to September where the temperature can reach 15°C.

Rainforest - High temperatures and high rainfall throughout the year.

Desert - Warm to high temperatures with very little rainfall.

Zarconian Racing Motorcycle Guardian Autobots are Zarconian Guardian Autobots that are space design racing motorcycles.They do things as in space worlds.They have extra abilities.They are agile and monuverable and strong.They can combat,to do power ups moves.They can do combos.They have effective firepower in their stores for use in robot mode.They all are different ranks experts.They are fast and are better than speeder in cometition.They can do daredevil stunts.They can roll around and jump,acrobatics with strong punch.They all transform different like
KusoCartoon 14379528051543

"Cycler Mechanix"Zarconian Monster Space Motorcycle

panels with pressurization as their are many types of transformations in our history of Transformer Gobots.Theirs is
KusoCartoon 14377607237088

"Shock Rotor" CB-400 Super 4,2006 Zarconian Transformer Gobot

not loud to give them away and suited to them to change for battle.They can do covert missions.They 15ft to 18ft tall.They have protective defenses,force fields.We have to change to modulated mode interface for the motorcycles and vehicles will be going at such speeds and angles.Fast and transform to modulated mode and we are smaller more compact for Zarco vehicle.
They have vehicles monorails that travel at
KusoCartoon 14305124675840

"Carbon Filter"Yamaha YZF-R1 Taira Racing Zarco Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14305125240459

"Radiator"Yamaha YZR M1 MotoGP (2009) Zarco Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14305125765720

"V-Twin"1993 Honda NSR250R SE Racing Zarco Transformer Gobot

700mph that transport robot people throughout the mountains and to every part of continent.There are modern libraries and they have way more than museums and tourist student attractions.Full cities bustling.Kids can commute and take long trips as it is safe.Switching and terminals stations to other vehicle transportation.From monorail to space transit.Totally developed everywhere.People can enjoy tropical and enjoy more.
  .Teach Gloria how to helicopter and in space.I will teach them about transformation and how to utilize their skills and judgement in their areas.I have selected out my children and will teach each and train and they will be great in terminator warfare which involves time travelling and she will have
KusoCartoon 14308662182730

"Clutch"Zarco 2005 BMW Motorrad K1200S Racing Transformer Gobot

apparel because of super modern technology.But she will utilize her skills and utilize our policies and procedures.They will grow up to be major soldiers and leaders of Empire or a Queen.I am evolving female women tranny's in my body for next time and my soul's long journey through outer space and the space elements and weathers and energies and storms.Princess Armada is the first souls in Lemuria dreamworld Transformer Gobot Universe far away colony very far from
KusoCartoon 14350125390460

Zarco BMW K1200S Racing Motorcycle "Clutch Cover" Transformer Gobot

Cybertron.On my own planet size of a star.Lemuria was a white muslim civilization of space traveling from the Garden of Eden and in decades accomplished outer space and then disappeared to Transformer Gobot universe and changed to machines from people.They usually are sit
KusoCartoon 14364778802114

"Velocette" Zarconian BMW K1300R Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14364795443066

"Synchroflex" Zarconian Ducali SuperSport SS600 2007 Tranformer Gobot

coms on t.v.Lakes area is a sea and has high class population and in many zillions.Our terminators will be of my background and of Dark Nebula Empire.They are Terminator but as alien.And I have them merger and all of their resources and living in space.Terminator we will have ships and dropships to attack and I wanted a mobile doll droid battloid mecha made as terminator.Centinel mobile suit robot mecha.Making them as new Gobot Transformers from my knowledge from this universe that I need in productioning my ideas.Florence is specialized in this area and can tranform into a droid and their history as centinels.We will travel to Cybertron and Gobotron and meet new aliens.Machines and from basic level to higher levels of machines sciences.Then we need the jinn or spirit to obey properly as machines new bodies and new
KusoCartoon 14376824032285

"Windscreen"Zarconian Terminator Gobot 2000 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R Racing

people.Railgun transforms.Cassettebots and my CDbots intel on the enemy.Enemy will function their military into situations when liberation is done.Sadly the enemy will be the government but really gone and pushed themselves to become insurgence and don't want to live like this and went military,used their abilities and agency for war.WW3 could be won by me and merger it into as companies stock market which are race with trains.Zarconians would use vehicles of North American and Ontario to start war on humanity and outer space forces.We or I should have lived very far away to Antarctica so hot zone of news and current events
KusoCartoon 14260234133805

Zarconian Power Mode Giant Gestalt Robot "Globemaster" Security Drone Squad

to put me into action.If I lived that far away it would have been a non-military life and very passive.I am here in hot zone of my country.We as a giant need purposes for war.White world and my pastlife in White Empires means the profession of war for our family and Princess Armada.We have huge purposes for war and
KusoCartoon 14379407809643

"Carbon Fiber"Zarco Monster Triumph Daytona 675SE Motorcycle

build Walkers   up on a sloppy earth class and North America and Europe.Sloppy to have me in first with our demands in world and space.Catching huge mistakes and backings for me.Then it will go off as Zarconian ranks taking over the wars and their concerns with me playing a
KusoCartoon 14417520746137

Zarconian Monster Suzuki Hayabusa GSX-1300R

role.Friction and more legal than space law enforcers who don't know what they are voting for and doing.We have responsibility.No one is like our loving family as even human shields.We would have military vehicles and vehicles turned into Transformer Gobots.Warships would be turned into spaceships  [1].I don't want to have rubble pile or to have machines and saw them up to change them.I want to weld them with to their fullest.We can't open them.Build them but at their
KusoCartoon 14418277835636

Zarconian Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Monster

best and this takes time decades to decade newer ideas upgrades.To put it in the vehicle robot at once.Carry out things at the one of the best in galaxy.I don't want disposable vehicles and units.I am making beings into terminators.I want robots and
KusoCartoon 13969389776870

Salvo and Exo Vehicle

military machines from soldier size to launchers and types of implacements.This is to satisfy being terminator demands.Their weaponry will use wheels and an engine and space ideas.I would get the technology and powers for myself in order for me to develope and spread it and to do the manufacturing by Vector Sigma Quran

Terminals of Zarconia

which I have put in commands and extracted powers,made hardrive without corruptants as I made it with Princess Armada and it functions as Allah's systems and gets more of Allah's systems to obey and assimulate Zarconian,space and other dimensions.Allah made systems in Jupiter.Space for Sol System and his weather and government systems.He did this a long time ago beginning of time this is when he was pure and goodness and not a grandfather figure but a powerbuilder.The terminator being troops need demands fulfilled by a military minded computer that serves me.But not things enemy can pick,glued to their hands in a

Deep Space Bouy Probe systems Zarconia enemy space

saying.All then need is an autobot tank and some beings and they would win using as in place HK vehicles that transform to robots and launchers intelligence as machines.Launchers to fire bombardment Army and vehicles can't infiltrate small areas but delivery and fight and being terminators can go inside vehicles for military operations New Fuhr.New Fuhr is improvement of history of Fuhr.He is not captured and makes successful strategy and is young but intelligent and made as member strategy council to Vector Sigma Quran.New Fuhr can fight and is part Vector Sigma Quran's attack.He is a power.But he can transform to vehicle.

Queen Armada transformed cycle

Service Areas Development of New Materials for Batteries

My solar power space bicycle

Feroz reincarnation cycle

Queen Armada's cousin reincarnated afterlife cycle Gobot Tranformers Universe dreamworld Lemuria

Qn.Armada cycle mode
Queen Armada cyclone
thumb|300px|left|Gobotsthumb|300px|right|Gobots Patent Application and Seminars on Battery-related TopicsI am smart in Science and my favourites are Zoology,dinosaurs,Intimology,Ichthyology,Astronomy{physics}energies and elements,military technology{physics}electronics,computers and history of technology,geography{tribal},history and WW1 WW2 Cold War,law and history crime horror movies Police tech,Sci Fi military cartoons.I am not applied in education.At grade level math and english.Muslims are some rules as not to commit sins in your life,steal,murder,experiments on animals,marry non-muslim and relations,socializelive willingly with spawn and sinful people,mob and underworld,mismatch heterosexuals and attractive women,commit acts out of date religion{war},unclean,bad behaviour,authoratative,evil,anger,to live all your life calm and pleasant,dangerous people and danger acts,ways you treat others,eat condemn food and condemn obscene behaviour,drink and

Queen Armada Aereal of Cybertron Gobotron

drugs,racist and conspire,ill thoughts in mind hidden or to cause act of harm to good people,terror,association with evil criminals,invite evil to your home,practices with sin in it,act pagan,be martyr but for wrong,pray and break rules of religion,pray and act wrong,to be mental,side with Satan{not to do prayers where Satan can listen to Islam rules,not to preach privacy},to do prayers in Islam to creator Allah Dr.Terence Wynn,John Muckler Wahankh Mumm-ra or other of Allah.Practice Islam,read Quran and put it into laws of your civilize country.Sensibility to sciences.Muslims are allowed to torture during Jihad which means war and last war of outer space and you can kill and sacrifice your soul to war and you'll be blessed by Allah Terence
KusoCartoon 13867931017703

Zarco Spider Units

Wynn,John Muckler Wahankh and his black mask with white lines on it less fat on his face and black rings around his eyes and slim,Mumm-ra and his systems.Caught them doing living on wrong.I am extremely good looking and fight warfare.I have no criminal in my pastlives as I am not a coward and am a strait
KusoCartoon 14047039834812

Zarconian Resistance Corps

forward gender to least tranny female.I have had my pastlife taken back to get me close to overtechnology and to Transformers Gobot universe.Pastlife was worthless stints.Too much value in future or afterlife.Especially for good or Islam to rule.Especially I have been part of Axis powers ancestory in space or supremacists but without a high role,mediocre and middle class non military role as citizen for 900 yrs America outer space Ettrossian Confederated.The Americans break the law to solve;_ylt=A0geu8eRULxOs0cAugvrFAx.?ei=UTF-8&p=Cold%20War%20nuclear%20holocaust&rd=r1&fr2=tab-web&fr=yfp-t-715 problems.Uncompassionate,heartless,ruthless,cold,unfeeling,destructive{rape}humiliate,embarrass,whiteman beings of UFP and UN,blackmail.There are 2 phases to Galactic Empire.First is the French white Storm Troopers and second is the UFP United Federation Galactic Empire
2013-12-11 23.47.31

plasma laser

2013-12-11 23.49.12

plasma laser

2013-12-11 23.56.25


2013-12-11 23.59.58


black combine troopers and American approach of hate in space.French Galactic Empire paid the price in making Queen Armada a POW.Nowt the UN of space is conducting their hatred wtih robotech on Queen Armada and the law.Goodguys use it so they trick the defenses not to make them into a nuclear target.They are not genuine good guys or allies.Using it and the defenses wants to be tricked and fooled.Allah's system obeying Allah's tactics which are not Allah's,stole this with whiteman.Police is temporary solution,but are form of good in Allah's system,angel guardian for law was born and created by Allah.Emergency systems.{Romulan Star Empire Forefathers}British are for loading power into their Empire and poor value of life in this process of gaining resources,energies,valuables,tradeables,military
2014-07-01 22.28.50

HK laser

2014-07-01 22.37.46

plasma rifle

2014-07-01 22.34.13


2014-07-01 22.35.13


2014-07-01 22.43.05

Terminator Endo

2014-07-01 22.43.42


inventions and machines,treasure.They are in this mode of non-warfare for they want to expand to overwhelm the police and become them.They are not fighting war and if a war happened with space they will endanger everyone.They have parliament and Royalty that are ruthless in the hunt for power.They want domination over the universe and make factions.They have powers Empires from both sides,good and allied and axis bad guys.They are making laws every second to satisfy British Empire Romulan forefathers.Perge and plunder,rob freedoms and silence people laws,manipulate and to [2]    

Terminator                   condemnation,bankruptcy,homeless,suicide,accidents,cut electricity and end food,food bank,shorten life expectancy,low no security out of law,poor with violent crime on loose,arrest people to protect,wrongly incarceration especially to not comply with oppression laws lower down,put down.Must sacrifice life to have body filth,inferior,embarrassment,dead tired every day til death as slaves,attack on family to alienate loving
Rainbow Six Siege gameplay walkthrough Part 5 - Cold Zero

Rainbow Six Siege gameplay walkthrough Part 5 - Cold Zero

KusoCartoon 14324203176572

"Iron Trap"Zarco Monster M977 Heavy Expanded Mobitlity Tactical Truck {HEMTT

caring family to coldness and government.Kidnapp children from birth and load them to assumption of government and blackmail.They do not care about other people and family people.They are a militarized race.People die and the treasures resources come in for them to contain the people and their people are not human or people,they are government.Good guy and family white supremacism Canada bigotry Allies.Then they will use the government to murder{conduct bigotry} and it will be the law.Whiteman civilization and galaxies teach dangerous enemies harbouring them growing war criminals and worse universal space crime
2013-12-12 00.03.38

Skynet's WMD

and rights,grows fugitives trick outsmart laws and goverment system defenses.It is an obstacle that white race obstruction of justice and Zarconia is what I ordered up to get rid of the whiteman counter and de-activate them as they are outlaws.They are obstructing many enemies of all sorts of power levels.Allah
KusoCartoon 14335277678548

"Rocket Master" Zarco Monster 9A52-2 BM-30 300-mm Multiple Rocket Truck

Pak and his slow and insane method of making himself look like the law and good in his justice written in religion and science of past.Dirty work and the day my vote as Zarconia system to declare war on space White races because of their history and factors I contested as the law.Crimes these

Monster Laser Truck

fugitives lived on what is crime to them outrageous.They use the Church as executioner{conduct warcrimes}in laws and groups.Smother out any help and let UN take over or UFP and if they aid you they will torture you legally.Being
KusoCartoon 14422902353315

Zarconian Monster FM 111-1 Appendix J

a good guy is a form of bigotry,murdering and serial killer is good guy or bigotry.They use military chemicals {demilitarization into civilian with laws and punishments}to slavery you process,rob your body of abilities til your reduced passed elderly people but young,destroys your muscles and into afterlife.Mark you and label.They will capture millions or more and do the same process or worse.In warfare they turn council against each other with loyalties planted into them.UFP.And they are covering up for others of their table mob.In war they cheat
KusoCartoon 13867251344099

Zarco Spider Troopers

over the hell limit.Captured legal.You have no chance even in few seconds.They do
KusoCartoon 13932985268980

Monster 4 by 4 Offroad truck "Offroad"

Harbicide and genocide bioligical weapons and experiments on family people innocent.Their weaponry contain BW even for handgun.Dangerous people that are loaded by Allah.They are conquerers and will not fight war.Takeovers by parliament and to connect to the Imperium.Then you will be modern day slaves captured legally.Freedoms robbed and their people in government have their freedoms.People will be forced to fight improper if you don't live under them and they will kill you in pain if you do.Handicapped.They slavery.Severity not being biologically{punishments}excepted by British.Bigotry,genes and records towards your race and family.Capturers and make POWS,prisoners.Slavery is mutilation{handicapped}to submit to
2013-12-12 00.06.21

Arnold T-101

2013-12-12 00.07.24

Arnold T-101 Grenade Launcher

them with your soul and torture,lower your class level,no shower and bath you in cold frigid icy,no electricity to stone and primitive living torture.Police box you in.No chance.They play the good guys,military and law to solve problems when they invent them as playing games boxing people in tactic with people outside their race and species and their logic,Christianity.Bigotry,harbor and protect racists,occultists and murderers,crime and British.They are bad guys and worse.Their record in war they are

Armored Transport


Transport Truck


Armored Space Transport truck

in a phase to do with all factors against them.Galactic Empire.British policies older than me by 100's to 1000's of space traveling years and religion laws.I was not allowed to be passed down or handed down any government forbidded and striked down by British ways of Space Americans.Galactic Empire used to control them,British as an ally.They were beginning of my life and were very huge in size as country and Empire,giant.White and black

Missile Launcher Monster Truck

colours.ABigotry Americans of Gattaca played a thug role in removing me from Galactica so their crime world could grow.POW in galaxy of Gattaca by Americans.I was in the way of
KusoCartoon 13933919422027

Zarconian Prime "Trailer"

whiteman underworld.Growing to universal dominination.Assimulating everyone bad and good and putting them under oppressive laws and obtaining alien laws.I have my own madeup system and rankings.Government systems wrecks up my abilities and I rank low,impairs me and I am not that low ranking,actually I am leader of the entire Empire with my ideas and class technology.Without it with a system with my demands and built to what I want will be successful that I militarize myself my way and get everything I require and the way.Every empire Comet
KusoCartoon 13870560171305

"Trash Compactor"Monster Vehicle Robot

Empire,Dark Nebula for terminator Hunter Killer,Borg for star trek tech,Galman Gamilons Uzbek
KusoCartoon 14400406099641

Zarco "Garbage Master" Monster Garbage Truck

Roman,Invid Cybertron and Gobotron,Haydonites will be assimulated and reproduced into this as Army and in spacethumb|300px|left|Astrology.Failured with using crimes{sinning}.Turned into soldier warfare.Made into soldiers and rankings.Made into Red Sector A of Jupiter.Transformers Gobots as terminators and how much terminator is in them,Army. This can be used to attack
KusoCartoon 13982995126426

Monster Mixer Monster Construction Mixer Truck

outer space as a type of warfare.Queen Armada's in my past as my arsenal.No military experiments on animals{fish,insects,mammals,even

Exo Tractor Truck Mugenbide Combiner

creatures}medical experiments banned not allowed.Only on cruel prisoners and space organism creatures,monsters.I can over power and fight many bigger than me and
KusoCartoon 13870529171701

"Crush"Crane Monster Mecha Creature

KusoCartoon 13950064816000

Crushmaster Monster Dump Truck

KusoCartoon 13950072879279

Plower Monster Quarry Bulldozer

KusoCartoon 13950073745142

Crawler Construction Cran Monster Vehicle

authoritative,clean their clock momentum and fist and kicks entire weight.I am heavy and tall for females.Monster Construction Crew are our Zarconian Monster Construction vehiles as a unit that builds bases and other construction projects in disguise.They can fight as all Monster vehicles and twirl around.Their thinking is a machine.Imagery.Track down and crush enemies and use their equipment parts to attack with field.They are
KusoCartoon 13969754469989

Sandstorm Construction Vehicle Squad

KusoCartoon 13969758817724

Load Master Construction Vehicle Squad

KusoCartoon 13969789489534

Constructor Construction Vehicle Squad Combiner Giant Robot

bigger than mecha robots.They are ingenious construction crew and work under with Vittorio Veneto Crane truck.They can guard sites and do patrols.They can throw debris.Work as a team.Trailer as Zarconian Prme is for his bad streak in him but he is very patient.He can out wait enemy.He also knows his selections.He is very forward and does not back down.He takes control of situations.He is like a commander.He is crafty and quick thinker.He can be very military.He is a supervisor.He has value for himself and his troops.He can be rotten to the enemy.Goes by policies and format.He has learned and learns and puts it into action.He is a personality and is a talker.He is a team worker.He takes to his high position.Can be crude.He goes by situations and learns from them.Remembers on field expertise.On field accounts.He takes to them and remembers them for later use.He is an efficient fighter and hybrid.He can hand combat and utilize his size.He can fight dirty.Goes to his guns.Sharp shooter.Sniper.Spread shooting.Makes massive damage on opponents.He is very lively.He has a strong will power.Impose on enemies.He can make them miserable.Can do strategies with precision.Operatons.Brings alot of firepower.Stern.Monster Vehicle Robot Mecha Creatures are machines as monsters.They are monuverable and go dormant in their vehicle mode.Come out and act wild in their monster
KusoCartoon 13932947317663

"Naval Guns"Hydro Skis Artillery Gun vehicle

mode.They can twirl around and maul.They have energy fire and can persue.They can ram and crush as alive as a monster.They can run over and crush enemies.Monster Mixer can fool enemy and ambush.Fire his concrete
KusoCartoon 14271445084115

"Snow Hurricane" Zarco Monster Liquid Anti-Icing/Salt Truck

mixer cannon to fire quick freezing cement mixture and energy fire.They all can use their hands and mouth to attack.They are monster smart machines.They all use teamwork.They can build and construction work,masonry.They are constructive and are each a ranking.They can attack with their armor.They follow commands.They all can talk.Have personalities.They talk in monster machine voice.Monster Mixer uses guile.Crushmaster raw in tactics.Crush uses other approaches and is cunning.Plower uses raw tactics and mechanics.Crawler uses poise and tactics.They all have guidleines as construction machines.Larger than Gobots and Transformers as shown by line sizes.Use their hydraulic traction.They can go over any terrain.Climb more than a vehicle.They have arms to attack with.Extra power from what machine
KusoCartoon 14119644607892

Machina class Monster Construction Vehicle/Railgun Monster deployer Carrier

they are and when they monster.Extra strength and in their weapons.Faster use of their parts and are from Gobot Monsters.They
KusoCartoon 13932938325884

"Salvo" Monster Artillery All terrain vehicle

have instrument modes.They can store some passengers.They have force field defenses.Compact and bite mouth and can send out a thrust of wind to reject,pressure.They are controlled and obey Zarconians and perform their guard duty,covert ops and infiltration and war,battle.Directive because they are born wild like monster and unstable.Smart from machines.Construction Vehicle squad are led by Master Loader.He is a supervisor and gets them going.He is commanding and follows
KusoCartoon 14409150655732

Zarconian Railgun Monster

orders.He is a builder and gets creative.He is very efficient and a hard worker.Can combat and use his blasters,hands.He goes and gets load after
KusoCartoon 14409167988253

Zarconian Monster Railgun Gustov

load done and other fields like specialize in components.He is smart in alien components and constructing computer frames.He gets the job done and has a bad streak in him.He uses his transformations to trick the enemy.He with his team gets the Monster Construction vehicles to do construction and jobs making bases for Zarconian and any other matters.Operations of war on enemy.Sandstorm cuts around the corners and is a director.He follows orders and is very efficient and is a good fighter.Support.He can combat.He fires energy fire from his blasters hands.He is very smart in computer technology.He can fool enemies.He can build traps.He gets order going amongst the Construction Vehicle squad.He is very competant worker and has blueprints.Then when they are given the order to "Combine" and they form up to make Constructor.Constructor uses

Exobot/Overtech Combiner arms/legs Exchange Merger Power Up Mode


Spacefighterbot/Combinertron Merger arms/legs exchange Combiner Power Up Mode

raw power.He is very crude.He can use environment to shovel holes and use his crane arms to grab on enemy ans throw them with a crane hook.He has construction abilities.He has raw strength and has layer of armor.He has fields for defenses.He is very commanding in battle.He can be partially unstable as a skill in battle.From his other components as united system.He networks and can fire his blasters from his hands.He has all sorts of weapons and HEL.He has combat tools that transform.He is very sturdy and holds his ground.He can do malicious action and practicaity in

Armybot/Star Warrior Combiner Merger Power Mode legs/arms exchange Power Up mode

KusoCartoon 14383168010640

Contructor/Sharktibot Power Up legs/arms Exchange Merger Combiner Systems

battle.He is knowledgeable.He uses his expertise in battle and is reliable.He provides power and infiltrations all his units on enemy.He hand combats and jump kick strike.He has a laser strafe beam saber.He has barriers.He is a thinker and can think many things at once.He can solve situations and puzzles.He can figure out mysteries.He is a flowing system with heavy duty power.He is very technical.Provides infantry to trash the enemy and use smarts to deactivate them.He is monuverable and quick thinker in battle for his size.He can fly with antigravity systems propulsion.He surprises the enemy.Ambush.Gets his foothold on solidifying

Zarconian Mercedes Benz Actros-Gritter 2006 Monster

ground.He is hard to remove once he is entrenched.He is master supervisor.He is a foreman.He is right at the top.He

Zarconian Big Rig Truck Monster


Zarconian Big Rig Truck Monster

is very practical.I can fight really well to ring technician.I do not like any losers,dislike cool gang{scum} who are overly peaceful
KusoCartoon 13869877702385

Iron Jaws Creature Mecha robot Railgun Monster

KusoCartoon 13869879036158

"Rail Jaws"Monster Mecha Railgun

KusoCartoon 13869880966495

"Truck"Monster Mecha 14 Wheeler Truck

to too much as illness mentally,technician them and who played me,townhome Peel,On.I would show him a technicianing on him for he is a loser.I can defeat them and like attractive women{shemales} or my own,witch can over power and fight many bigger than me and authoritative,clean their clock momentum and fist and kicks entire weight.I am heavy and tall for females.I can fight really well to ring technician.I do not like any losers,dislike cool gang{scum} who are overly peaceful to too much as illness mentally,technician them and who played me,townhome Peel,On.I would show him a technicianing on him for he is a loser.I can defeat them and like attractive women{shemales} or my own,witch.Princess Armada will happen as invention and destruction whiteman{angels want and are born as whitepeople and their plans are to manpower a government and after all of the war is done to enjoy the spoils of being whiteman and merging into technology.Parts and forms of government and are member angels enjoy cruelty and have done all out war with me.Angels are very hated upgrade whiteman and interfere with
2013-12-11 23.54.55

Robert Patrick T-1000

KusoCartoon 13881740679037

Monster giant Sports car "Tin Can"

Heavenly Father Allah and started authoratative,{U.N. and UFP Federation of Planets ordering up and making up and suggestioning when in afterlife nothing is going to happen and police}criminal felons on the loose smart setup hide behind the law as body guard for racism and criming, and non-Islamic and preach Bible Space British Empire policies and religious laws{Quran is slave to trick Allah's systems to coverup
KusoCartoon 14517039895036

Blue Kliingon Native Elder M977 Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical

sin,crack into,break and breach,fool for use of criminal and warmongers coverup on guardian},source of destructive allied British whiteman contributer}Break the law to conduct the law,law break for justice and humanity.Fraud and underhanded and unhonorable cowards and criminals celebrate liar in victory to

Charlie Babba Fuhr Robot Being Cheverolet car

me,French,Gattaca Ettrossian Space American Confederated and Galactic Empire.Sided with my enemy and had me like POW raped,destroy me down by Allah and Heaveny Father is thoughtless{Gattaca} aggression.War Crimer and coward,does not fight anyone of
Cy-Kill Robot


his level and war crimed a citizen who lost all of my skills stolen out of my body.He made me lose my skills

Zarco Nana Transformer Gobot 1 Prime Space Military Truck with Ion cannon

and by dying.I was communized down.These are the elders reborn as High Ranks of Zarconia.They

Kindred Mothman Aerial mode Insect Vehicle Robot Being Regent

are experts of batte and war and go to their expertises.They know what they are doing reborn as Transformer Gobots.They now have the chances and powers they need that they did not get as people but brought all of their people skills as robot beings that change
G1 galvatron toy re imagining by guidoarts-d4pnv3x



Sentinel Prime


Sentinel Prime

to vehicles.Now they are great leaders and have great combat abilities.They were of the Tribal Pacific and of Tribal Islands.They are strategists,planners and
KusoCartoon 13804075061167

Himmler transforms to Energy gun

scientists as they pitch in on inventions fo Zarconia.I had no defenses and was prey to everything.Nana is my grandfather.He died from old age in 2000's.He will be reborn as Transformer Gobots.His grave saw glowing yellowish moon of "One Tree
KusoCartoon 14264485599157

Zarconian High Rank Elder General Macarthur M551 Sheridan 2 Tank Transformers Gobot

Hill".He will put Princess Armada in line with his teachings.He was from the Tribal Pacific and was a firm Muslim.He was strong and very healthy,wise.He will be a young man.He and the UFP started this law on me

Charlie New Fuhr Fuhr Commander Robot Being Vehicle

to have me attacked and to forget about it or we'll arrest and harrass me.Except as flop and oppression as war crimed by whiteman.New Fuhr will be handed down to being the "Fuhr" of Transformer Gobots race of Robot

Zarco Ralph GAH clone endo being person enemy design Ranks

Being Vehicles.Sabotaged my defenses and any pride I had.Its like Galactic Empire,UFP had Americans murder me.Injustice practice by UFP UN and whiteman.We'll find many human from my family and take away everything from them and put it into jinn machine become Princess Armada become my daughter same gender as me.In wrong order or hiearchy.My gender has never changed from human disorder.I have
KusoCartoon 14342330787076

"Engine Hose" Zarco Monster Mercedes-Benz AK2632 6x6 Fire Truck (1976 Transformer Gobot

been a transwomen in all of my lives.Solid women but a different branch of
KusoCartoon 14441576407190

Zarco P-51 Mustang High Ranks Dwight Equitz Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14440840846718

Zarco "Reit" Nascar SthAmNscr Transformer Gobot

soldier women I have taken out of women to evolve into for warfare and magic
KusoCartoon 14437503855581

Paul Kersey Flak Gun Walkaround and Mig 27 Flogger Triple changer

power science tech abilities.To take my family from I Queen and strengthen transwomen and take them to a higher order.To make Zarconian into like Allah's
KusoCartoon 14222152367756

Zarconian Transformer Gobot "New Fuhr Prime 1 Tommy"older twin Ford Crown Police Car

system.Creator's system outer space.The New Fuhr's older twin brother "Tommy".Tommy is very persistant and obsessed in his work.He will study to find the answers.He is very strong and can combat using his surroundings and can make use of objects.Perceptive.He uses his smarts in using a combo and wrestling.He will use size against them and is very strong.He can brawl and punch.He is very sturdy to hold his ground.He does not forget things as he has excellent memory.He can work on his own and commands teams and squads of Zarconian Guardian Autobots.He is open to new ideas and new learnings.He can figure out codes like combinations.He can crack codes and in computers.He has smarts in health and Transformer Gobot biology.He can do repairs.He goes on a role and has confidence at high level.He also is very
KusoCartoon 14342352783631

"Auto Ignition" Monster fire Truck Mack CF Pirsch ladder Gobot Transformer

brave and use tricks and traps on enemies.He is outspoken.He is communicater and imputs that way.Relies on
KusoCartoon 14736566763600

Zarco Ford Explorer John Callow Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14630212508566

Zarconian Power Up Mode Gestalt Warrior "Militiant" of Zarconian elders and tanks

network.He can do many types Artillery/ truck  of commands and try out other things he is so so at.He can
KusoCartoon 14435499744078

Zarconian 2009 Super GT No.23 Xanavi Nismo GT-R{08.1,25} Blue Klingon Alien World Island Continent Alien Native Transformer Gobot

get it done at a little
KusoCartoon 14393231587474

Zarconian Mugenbide Cougar Assault Transport,troop variant and mecha deployer sizes

more than average level like sea missions.types of system interaction.He can do it all as a handyman.He is handyman in electronics and technology.He is very crude.He constantly looks over newspaper and magazines to find out new methods in sciences.He is brilliant in sciences.He is excellent in applied sciences.He reads history of sciences.He has excellent marskmanship and knows his selection on what he puts ih his bay stores.He plans before hand and is very responsible a commander.He is excellent in emergencies and saving people.He does not over comitt in dangers.He is very aware of dangers and takes command to send in right teams in.He commands our Zarconian Combiners.He is great at alien interaction and speaking to them,connections.Open minded to new concepts and stays up to date.Goes over everyone under his command inventory.He does a thorough job.He is a great socializer with his Zarconians.He is well liked and open.Very caring and giving and likes to celebrate holidays.He stays to his privacy of his family.My contribution wise and
KusoCartoon 13630369056613

"Star Warrior"Combiner

KusoCartoon 13630369931641

"Battletron" Army Combiner

KusoCartoon 13630370753990

Zarco Macross "Omegabot"Combiner

high attributes elimination of
KusoCartoon 14422873130505

Zarconian Monster American LaFrance Eagle Fire Truck

crimes sins.We Khan transwomen anti-women have parts of Quran{Quran was something that angels and Allah's sinners whiteman used it like a spell to trick Allah's system not to be activated by framing their sin in place with Quranic verses to coverup} I have taken out,cleanliness from Mom.This system could time travel interdimensional and improvement past lives each decade and century as part of Zarco empire system government has been ruled and it is fortified rounded off things in time travel as base of ops.Rule the power regain our Royal power and high ranking in society of our own made by me Feroz and resources as higher being transwomen.Transwomen of Khan are in my world and my laws set down,privacy.I am an extra feminin transexual and in every century I have lived in I am solidly with men background from my father and ancestory as structure of my soul and body is female solid and bigger structure and will go further to Transformers Gobots and then Cybertron Inbit Gobot Invid as same I am.I have strengths given to me from my men orientated family and it is made into female,transwomen.Broken from Dad and now its is a soul,being mine and my dreamworld powers and real body and Royal Queen ranking.I
KusoCartoon 13755872608693

Star Warrior Modules robot beings

provide transwomen and more to Princess Armada.They have Khan family laws made by me Mom Feroz anti-women.Muslim in it and about themselves transwomen and their ancestors of men orientated family of uncles,cousins and grandfather,less women or aunts and cousins.I in my own world and society am old and wise and able to be on the battlefield in space.Feroza is my eldest and
KusoCartoon 13755856475192

Battletron Army Units Being robots

leader and authoratative is though younger and stronger and handles things applied and is more militant.I am old and need her and the rest of my daughters.They all have characteristics and attributes and are a unit together or when they break up into smaller groups. .[not authority or loyal and militant already]We will when we win capture,disarm and disfuntionate any of our enemies that threaten us and incarceration and exterminate them in camps.New home will be tortured to surrender info in camps mindwashing.We are physically stronger than most of our enemies.Enemy talks rubbish and is childish and mouthy,Mumm-ra Allah built them up{cheating}Learn respect in their captivity and learn about damn in each season{damnation} and generation energy of damn in summer purplish light dark and is hot and fire and self extinction and accidents and injury and fear of own life,pastlife Karma,winter blueish light dark afterlife and
2013-12-05 17.54.00


reincarnation gas{damnation} and dark damp sub arctic cold body.Prison for evil like whiteman.Endless maze.Spring and Fall.Blue turns green spring and fall red in the dark from purple. Law enforcer is when I am like a good guy and in my Empire to cope with problems as I want none to exist but small games and to breakdown in muslim beliefs similiar to mine using many white muslim beliefs not heavily over religious,sensibility my empire I am looking for many who are the same as me.Bigotry,detest British Military policies and laws,virgin from awful

Power Mode Change Transformation Combiner

society-attack autosexual,muslim and clean,wanting to expand in freedom,warfare without socializing,detest socializing{drugs},detest criminal,quiet not a gabber,isolationist as I am,similiar to Queen Armada.I do not want pre alligancies or to

Queen Armada and my Multi Transformer Gobot Transformations

make groups.No argument or trouble makers or plotters.Aggressive went to Dark Nebula Empire for terminators,Borg for what galaxy we used to come from Delta quadrant and for other relations,Haydonites for they are a people and open to me about living in black hole universe as I knew them,Invid for me to know of them from Cybertron and Gobotron and how insects obey me and friend to me what species the ants and other predators,Comet Empire as relating to me failure,needing to be reborn and ruled by me as Japanese Empire combined and combine them into defunct GFF German Klingon navy,ancestors Khan family.I am giving form in my own personal expertese as Feroz Khan in military technology of Ontario t.v. stations of 1980's to

Queen Armada's People

historically back WW1 and to Cold War.I am a citizen.Relate to me Galman Gamilon Uzbek Roman of Quran.They want to be machines as me Transformers and Gobots.We positive attitude and we believe in Allah's system that was relating to us,family member uncle or grandfather

Armadabots Janie Grippen and Alex Formula Vehicle Being Robots

and religious man.He cared.And we are they way from good he gave to me,died.Legacy carry.My people Armadabots and gender of transexuals are split apart in star constillations.They lived and are many countries even Antarctica.They are a series of countries and Uzbek Roman and German Protestant as people Armadabots, and race.They would be aquired for people responsibilities

Armadabots Robot Vehicle Beings

and functions.They changed to being white and Supremacist.Medical and other similiarities and about our children.For me to gather a proper army of my own.Interact and learn of situations and levels.A people for Queen

Astra Grand Prix Racer Armadabot

Armada saved up to about now.They are preppy and Maud.They dress up buissiness women.They have beliefs but am I first to get to them and word and we are not same in branching off but in medical we could be.My people are not exactly the same as me and they should not being the Queen's race and gender transexuals and not all are witch.Government powers and structure I have not had in a long time but for the Cybertronian Zarconian Gobotron era afterlife.Smart intelligence topics.Armadabots are also a group as my people and gender designed from their souls to Vector Sigma Quran Terminal and SAT.Sciences.Warfare in outer space and battle of Sol System.Adventurous religious.Relate to Rock and heavy metal music,thrash and Edge music.Force of us led by me and my daughter same gender as me Princess Armada.Same interests transwomen attractive have separate personal beliefs like themselves and female body.I am leader.Serious.But memories laugh not out of hand.Something to share.Battlefield Commander is very

Princess Armada Jani Khan

smart a Zarconian Prime.When they form up and giant they have someone that is not afraid of situations or enemy.He goes by format.He uses logic in decisions.He refines out things.He uses leaderhip in his judgement.He has network of wisdom.He from experience gets better.Combat he is a great hand to hand combatant.He is authoratative.He is militarized.He uses his archives like a computer.He is a strategist and can out guess enemy.He will take on the enemy now and not wait for later.He has his attributes and traits for battle.Armed with them and his ranking.He uses guile.He is positive.Emergencies he is a valuable rank.Deducts things and can annalyze militarily.He has a bad temper.But can hide this and it does not effect his judgement.He has brute strength.He is intelligent.Wanting to supremace the failure of the Germans of WW and Japanese Empire,religion and tribal.Other predator animal family[civilized] but relate because they might have tribal in them.Eats as omnivore and eat for taste,planteater{fish and chicken} and for taste of a dish{pizza}.Warfare cannot eat aboard a warship in space or battleground tank unit on planet,energy
KusoCartoon 13903560776143

Space Ski Hydrofoil Tanks

reserves.Lie down of course joints.Non coward sensible,thinking on duty.Those who do not want to led but lead and are a ranking with my
KusoCartoon 13870680045055

"Munitions"Giant Assault Tank Monster Mecha

system.Cheaters in space,cheat in technology or tactics as
Transformers Prime The Game - Part 9 - The Spider's Web

Transformers Prime The Game - Part 9 - The Spider's Web

in my situation.People that are normal,calm and not possessed,healthy. No problems,disease or haunted home.Reliability and will be there in the present or afterlife at our destination and belief and longevity Zarconian responsibilities  .Concern and many 10 000's of years further future and timetravelling many 10 000's years past possibly.Proper and safety.Properly done.Safety
KusoCartoon 13903596718488

Giant Space Ski Hydrofoil Tanks,missile launcher tank

measures.Same situation or others relate,don't want snobs.Relate in talking next time.Space Ski Hydrofoil tanks travel in air and space.Their Ski's have hydrauically lowered
KusoCartoon 13982101655461

Space Army Warship

wheels all terrain.They can retract their hydraulic for land.Raised.Travel on water.Travel in space with a cussion of energy and verniers.Barrier and force fields defenses.Travel at space KM per Hr.Monuverable.Hover.Same enemies merger in same serious actions and concern to enemy and growth as I am in future and time
KusoCartoon 14043334368001

Army warship Space Plane load and launch system

travelling and can't stand my opposition.Put in heavy large amount of their survival and resources and home,starting over in new home afterlife.Rebuilding.No angels,fed up with them,my beliefs and encounters.Look to me contribute to the most I can. Catmode is antigang.Terrain of gangs and woods and walk up sidewalks to unreachable farmland to underground and tunnels to otherside.Trekking.I Feroz change my appearance for multi transformation adaptation skill attributes I have.This is my military one as from VSTOL space fighter and I change to shrink down retain being a being from Lemuria dreamworld,power of a star potential.My cycle mode is a
2013-12-13 11.11.12

Greta Railgun

2013-12-13 11.11.40

Greta Railgun Medal of Honor

2013-12-13 11.13.25

Greta Railgun Medal of Honor

2013-12-13 11.15.38

Greta MOH

2013-12-13 11.18.15


2013-12-13 11.19.15

Railgun MOH

2013-12-13 11.20.22


reincarnation of me a Feroz on a canopy screen monitor.I have militarized and space weaponry.I have my supernatural powers and changed off from females in evolution process for this.Energy power of 40 000 yrs at once present.High powered weaponry and ballistics reincarnated.Face for each mode and that's how my brain functions for my abilities.It is not a different being,same but different aspect.But super transformation is,Feroz.Shrink down but when I am in trouble I get gigantic as combiner to combine with Princess Armada to form giant me.140ft tall Queen Ruler and trillion times my abilities and senses and adaptations.I have many abilities and adaptations,for flight and space,ground cycle mode and my instincts as cat mode and descendant of the thylacine and cat god,humanoid.I have as they can see different appearance for each mode.That is the way I am many Feroz's to help number up in
Railgun Projectile TOP SECRET by The 5

Railgun Shells

Feroz's anti-women.And my mind functions as that.Cycle mode my cycling ability past space mach.Flight reconfigurate in my green robe,metallic material.Military mode VSTOL space fighter.Not switch personality or a different.Aspect of me same me.I am modified.Dreamworld I travel in urban civilization where I am not huge,my crown has space above it on the transit bus and complicated routes to train and shopping centers.Travels mach speed.Very far in hrs of a day.My power cut down on hrs and time on vast distance.I am downtown for lunch.My power and my children transexual female's power.We are multi transformation Gobots transformers.Lemuria I am traveling on sidewalk and then with the cars on the road,going past them full speed upright and then goes upward to flight arms forward protect my
KusoCartoon 13989010318872

Guerilla Monster Army Units Transport

head,above the highway and then
220px-Miller Paris Gun Shell diagrams

Long Range Projectile

German railgun Bild 4

Railgun Shell

VSTOL upward arch to my trajectory.This is to be a samaritan and Space Federal Agent and GAH suits powers.My own Transformer Gobot GAH.And my place I live

Princess Eilleen McLaughlin Armada Combiner transformed to her being mode

in a Condominium in dreamworld I fly to my apartment open door or window,land.I have severe mastery of my skills.I used to be in a train tunnelway and travel through this to many facilities flying and hovering through giant many miles long with many storeys high inside.End of tunnel facility and to explore,debris sometimes and to fly outside it surrounded by body of water and I do fly full speed over oceans freshwater in dreamworld.Sharks of dreamworld are 40ft but very dangerous as a dream Great Lakes of Lemuria shark was very intelligent prehistoric hunter,lakes were attatched to North pole,no land part ocean.Fly above witnessing it eating a freightor flying danger below me.Fly to the parkette which is bottomless below.Land on Parkette open doors to office building and fly when I open the doors and do not fall but fly downwards to outside of office building and fly to a door and open it.I started with Final Destination and had UFO alien and now I have Super 8 and Great Lakes Triangle.Hover from many storeys wall to wall and perch not fall.And then Acceleration flood of pressure around me
KusoCartoon 14553163324163

Zarco Guerilla Storm Trooper

and my stances of flight.Agility and able to manipulate gravitational forces momentum,I am faster and go to
KusoCartoon 13917366597897

Body Armor design endos and Aerial endo

space.Open my townhome window of Lemuria and out to space.I am going to be a machine.But I'll retain as a being.I watch in Lemuria Peel with buildings Zarconian endos have technology that makes them imortal.They have wiring that when damaged or hit that circuitry is protected by layer of armor.Regnerative.It has micro solidiers in it to g and make repairs on damage.Some are build with body armor and are components and circuitry that are beings.I made aerial terminators.Carry weapons and terminate from air.Body armor design endos can withstand enemy weapons and attack.They have a system of defenses when they are hit by
KusoCartoon 13919886816010

Zarco Nefarious Scientist "Osterguard"

enemy.They are regengerative.They combat.They have super abilities and are lighter than normal endos.They can leap and crawl and jump.Military like in getting down and sneaking.And to go back to 1980's to show off and watch and to show her my power and massive secret.I am her dream.Osterguard is genious in all applied physics and quantum physics.He knows electronics and computers.He deal with any
KusoCartoon 14018545802145

Army Sentinel

scientific concept.He is brilliant and can search out and solve solutions and tests.He is in our labratory.He can use arms to waste enemies and is like a squad fighter.He can combat and is very tough.He solves situations and puzzles,word clues,poems.Ancient history in space for boobytraps.Knows
Robotech Invasion playthrough part13

Robotech Invasion playthrough part13

medical.Inventor.Army sentinels are of all sizes,10ft to get into humanoid dimensions to deliver firepower and combat.Then to 20ft and 40ft to combat enemy robot mechas.It can be carried as compliment on Army warships and deployed to battle.Use of their energy laser cannons and carry assortment of energy firearms and weapons.They have stores use of moveable panel weapons and have barrier as defense.Armor is defense.They can combat.Verniers to fly and into space.Transform to travel around.The 120ft version
KusoCartoon 14204283340303

Zarco "Gobotron"Rider Armor Space Motorcycle Transformer Gobot

meant to destroy at larger scale and fight larger machines as warships,enemy giant
KusoCartoon 14419120280854

Zarconian Ford Thunderbird Transformer Gobot "Crank Sensor"

robots and bases.It will go out and combat the enemy giant robot and inflict damage on enemy.Deployed from bases.Monuverable and fast and can run and jump use verniers.Delivery of firepower and use of beam saber.And I go to school with my power larger version of Peel,fly it takes time and into the school which is many miles bigger and take transit to her school.And my daughter to accompany me same gender and she follows and I tell her to compute the computer.We both
KusoCartoon 14423537854147

Zarconian Ford Bronco "Warning Switch"Transformer Gobot

fly.Grey coach dreamworld full speed up to Native zone darker and plush giant
KusoCartoon 14423764330525

Zarconian Transformer Gobot "Thunder Engine" super gt and jgtc

over growth reddish and dull bright colors.To dreamworld ocean great lakes up North and Grey coach terminal station.Get off and use my power to search for a town on the ocean historic and is huge on one of the branches of land from above to freshwater sea.Endless even to the Provincial park giant sized and predator shark.South to lakes and full of urban civilization.Closer to South branch downtown.American.I kids say I prefer to travel on road upright full speed.Battle Machine Commander is very smart.He is logical.He is ironic.He is a great leader.He is very sturdy and competant.He is responsible.He has strength and raw power as like a wrecker.He can demolish and throw around enemies.He is covert in conceiling as his crane truck mode.He is very serious.He has his chores and tasks and accomplishes them.He has smarts to invent new commands and ideas from plans.He is an innovator with some guile.He can trick enemies and can climb
Robotech Invasion playthrough part15

Robotech Invasion playthrough part15

and scale hights.He uses his environment to his odds.He can make use of things.He stores and archives data and information.He takes reports and can be very authoratative.He is stern.Very courageous and sensible.He has huge know it all in applied arts and physics.He knows of machines and computers.He goes by the guidelines invents new ones.They go to their boards as they throw them into air and jump on them to fly in pairs.Our planet is Star Wars and made of white material above stratosphere of our massive huge planet and its American urban civilization ground,my power and Feroza and Gloria's transatmospheric boards and to jump down from hight of

Vittorio Veneto Reborn as "Battle Macnine Commander" Robot Being Heavy Truck Crane High Ranks.

the planet on boards.Easy I taught them.Go down to city Star Wars.On the road to fly forward.And my family,transexual daughters following me and
KusoCartoon 14422757618469

Zarconian Ford Taurus 2010 "Front Wheel"Transformer Gobot

flying.Feroza and Gloria flying on their skateboards and in winter snowboard,jumping from building level and falling on their board,daredevils.And me and my mastery of my power.Change to being mode for full speed into space.And re-entry full speed flying above full speed of the urban civilization and slowing down to land on my boots and coat and body uniform prevents cold.Legs forward and upright on roads and streets travelling 100's mph.Change to my cycle mode.Fly upright above sidewalk.And use my power inside buildings to hide around ceiling.Facility is km huge.And to use my flight to get to areas from above.And my travels to native zone parks with very large deep lakes,seas.Shadow Rider is expert in being stealthy and specializes as like agent in combat.He has techniques.He also patrols and aquires info.He uses datal and can preform covert ops.He is a great fighter going to his technology and physical combat.He is a daredevil and controlled.When it calls for it he will do stunts.He is
KusoCartoon 13989021371037

Hauler space Transport Truck Robot Vehicle Being

KusoCartoon 13989030508774

Sheriff Star Space police Car Robot Being

commanding.He takes apart his accessories and improves them to cater for battle.He is a combatant.He also can hack into computer networks and specialize in extracting info.He is like a soldier.He recons and gains info.They the Zarconian Gobot Autobots are all from different galaxies and are alien.Their family and clans are alien races in robots.They each have special alien powers from their instrument and sensors.They can project holograms or erect a force field barrier.They can do simple powers on field.They have sensor instruments like FLIR but in alien instruments.Families speak alien language.They have given the Zarconian Transformer Gobots abilities in electronics here and there.They can use energy to do things.They can scan to see through objects.They can utilize their instrument boxes and systems.They can do physical things properties.We can
KusoCartoon 13988976736766

Shadow Rider Robot Space Vehicle Being

change into bicycles from the Leader Mamma Queen Armada.I Feroz lead them from my bicycle skills to transform Princess
KusoCartoon 14416522394115

Zarconian "Battery Recharger" Car Ford E Mondeo 4-Door 1996 Transformer Gobot

Armada into cycle bicycle space ten speed and space mountain bike with your sister riding you or a holographic projection.Infiltration on paths and paths on my files from my past experience.Cycle at the dreamworld level with our power ability for bicycle and skateboard.We need to transform for when she goes mph then 100 mph frame has to be sturdy from power of flight.On a bike and 10 speed you can lean severly and I use my leg out for weight on turns.You can lean severly and is better in areas than a motorcycle which on roads.Sidewalk and pathways have advantage and biking cycling speed and weight monuverability.Leaning and weight and my style and moves.Pedal to stand on the pedals is one hunched up,stand and just ride off energy and cruise.Cruising.Work is on the hills.Fuel,Hills then can give you speed.Cat scanning works like a gem.Intersections and is great on animal wildllife
KusoCartoon 14404458781049

Chev Suburban 1984 "Auto Transistors"Zarconian Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14404473958975

Zarco Ford Racing Taurus Transformer Gobot "Plasma Injection"

cross.Parts of the path,center or
KusoCartoon 14419095248829

Zarconian Lincoln Town Car 1990 1995 "Propshaft"Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14416808986953

Zarconian Chevrolet Suburban 2009 "Ignition Switch" Transformer Gobot

right or left.Fuel previous speed going on cruising.Leaning at high speeds and turns and curves and emergency moves,slow down leg jack,out.You move around on a seat to utilize agility of a bicycle.Nature.Bicycles are meant as a transport in the woods and through and to get off and leave your bike a

Giant Combiner Eilleen Khan Queen Armada Armadabots

safe distance to survey,run back emergency,wander.Senses cat to judgement.Buildup history of skills and modes.Slow speeds leg off side to get off,stand on your pedals.Observe nature of threats or dangers and make it back to your bike to get at a high speed,acceleration judgement.Few
KusoCartoon 14404507671847

Zarco Yellow Checkered Taxi NASCAR Transformer Gobot "Hack Zone"

pedals to high speed for bike effective.Eilleen is our Giant Combiner Witch Tranny.She has very advanced and alien technology.Not from earth and from other galaxies.She runs on most efficient power.She has a generated barrier and properties of merged system like computer terminals imputing as one giant robot.Brand new.She
Transformers Prime The Game - Part 4 - Captured!

Transformers Prime The Game - Part 4 - Captured!

has very advanced alien weapons and beam saber.My level dreamworld pedal at the level of cars and vehicles on highway,each pedal on each speed level,tension.1st speed to ten and space 50 and more.Solar power bikes ride of cruising on road and conversion from path sidewalk,woods to
KusoCartoon 14409136369265

Zarconian Dodge Charger "Regenerative Speedster"Transformer Gobot

suburban and dreamworld to road.Back to offroad and paved pathways and map of whiteman enemy world.They have them,sidewalks and pathways,network know what is joined.Complication,hit road street sidewalk.Warfare armaments on shoulder strap and hide from law.Law and roads and streets activated but even for bicyclers there are bi-laws and laws on alien worlds.Guerilla is a Monster robot that is relentless and depends on
KusoCartoon 14407381450860

Zarco 1990 Chevrolet Pickup Truck Transformer Gobot "Dark Edge"

KusoCartoon 14407382088163

Zarconian 2008 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake Coupe Transformer Gobot "Roller Bracket"

surprise.He can be malicious and can deliver firepower infantry.He can carry troops and deploy them and their equipment.He will attack and fire away on enemy targets.He will strike.Use HK warfare sattelites deep space bouys for network.He is fast and all terrain.He will obey protocols
KusoCartoon 14413065314261

Zarco Park Ranger Chevrolet Tahoe Transformer Gobot "Wheelbase"

and back off from traps and when odds against him.He thinks with his instruments and is from space.Changed like all of them he can crash on his back and top is sturdy and will stay in place unless he changes.He like a creature machne can role over.He is a combatant.He uses commands.He can fire at enemies with his blasters.Nightime comes street lights on paths on on everywhere.Haven been to fast food or downtown city mission.Energy and supplies on bike as stores.Bikes are meant to be placed in the woods in a safe hideout to go back to and in Princess Armada gangs of her sisters.Numbers.Takeoff from hominids or animals.Space level or Alberta which is totally different,nature trails challenge.Momentum in dreamworld power on highway lanes.It will have
KusoCartoon 14413048656465

Zarco NASCAR Racing Car Transformer Gobot "Speed Hub"

to look like a cycle at such car speeds.Slow down back to bicycle.Modes.My daughters Princess Armada will do hiking and bmx race tricks along with what they inherited from me,cruising.Observation slow down and examine parts of bicycling skills,investigate and make get aways from danger.Leave your bike and investigate in a woods park.Bike lock for city and woods a place you leave
KusoCartoon 14414018837424

Zarconian "Spark Ignition" 2007 Town and Country Minivan Transformer Gobot

it to come back.Militarily.Access hard to get to places,avoid alot of enemy defenses and detection systems.Our weakness as a family from me is narcotics and its smoke.It robs us of our power.I can't stand smoke.Dries out our neurons and we lose our


power to fly.In the dream in my apartment my neighbour smokes and I was having my

Samurai New Fuhr "Admiral Faiyaz K."being transformation mode clone endo enemy design

ability and losing it.Whiteman became a menace in space expansion and divided into alien races of whiteman.They then formed a control over most of outer space.They then made Republic for evil Axis powers and United Federation of Planets a space U.N. for allied British loyalties.This organization works as a war crimer.They
KusoCartoon 14415134015783

Zarconian Ford Taurus 1997 Transformers Gobot "Winshield"

beef up the police{hide behind}and law to conduct hate crimes and to fuel racism.They enjoy doing this and dare anyone to charge or touch them.This is how murderers and occultists hide from justice.They want to be relied on on their own crimes.They do crimes to do with the law not just war.They want to grow into an oppression with rigged
KusoCartoon 14415640562092

"Drive Motor"Zarconian ford-escort-cosworth0rally Transformer Gobot

warfare,easy time and to drain from
KusoCartoon 14416787094620

Zarconian Chevrolet Suburban 1994 "Throttle Position" Zarconian Transformer Gobot

captive population.Tyranny for the bad guys or evil doers,communism.Whiteman is a supremacist.United Federation of Planets are psychotic and criminal,Space British Empire religious policies and laws.Anyone who goes to aliens and different races brain has snapped.Criminals offer themselves to colored people and aliens.This is breaking laws in half by crossing to colored people.History US started to use war as an excuse to get closer to coloreds and aliens.They fought Korea to get closer to them and this is an outrage.It created violence and police.It is

New Fuhr Clone Endo Terminator

not a good mix but U.N. will go with it.U.N. are comprised of {Galactic Empire}Christian{Christians is the name of white Supremacist killer occultist groups}converts that
KusoCartoon 13854368982872

Heavy Duty Particle Battery

are alien and colored.They know terrorists from their families.They are non-whites and jews.These races do crazy things.It is not normal to be or associate with other different races.Hospitals must change everything cause its meant for a specific race that founded that
KusoCartoon 14359622931187

"Muzzle Bore"Zarconian Panzerkampfwagen IV Transformer Gobot

countries.Break laws in half to associate and worse with coloreds and aliens.These racists are government.Tyranny has to be broken.Space British Empire are law breakers and cause termoil.They dish off problems they invent center and source of tyranny.Have so many methods of hiding behind a
KusoCartoon 13630376149499

Zarconian Macross Army troop clone endo enemy design

system where many take the blame that were ordered by Monopoly from both sides.They have no natural enemy at all and all of their wars are improper and rigged and are very annoying in white races pretence.Hauler is part of this special unit and squad.He adds cover fire and commands.He is a competant rank.He is responsible and is a fighter.He is a team worker.He can combat and is
KusoCartoon 14304284259215

"Gunner Sight"Zarco Leopard Main Battle Tank Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14304285375350

"Mountlet M46 Patton Tank Zarco Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 14304286035148

"Commander" M60A1 Main Battle Tank Zarco Transformer Gobot

great at anti air.He can lead squad and deliver alot of damage on the enemy.He is feisty fighter.He is a thinker and quick thinker.He studies and has reports for his matters.He always learns about things before getting into things.He is a handy man at technology.He is a soldier.He is a lone rider on missions to recon and patrol.He goes over format.Sheriff Star is very martial.He goes by the book.He can combat and is like a pollce.He does not give chances and can do policing.He is very observant and will setup traps.He will catch enemy off guard.He can fight and combat,arrest and capture or down.He delivers special tactics and arms himself special weapons for missions.He is very brave.Re-configurates things and will use dispatch network.He is a sharp shooter.Very responsible.Re maintaining control and domination.Expansioning in space to make it hard to get at them,untouchable and hostage.Allieds make prisoners as a fake population and farm and milk us citizens as a form of communism.Racist supremacist as good guys who are bigotry and stages of humiliation.They are trying to destroy our defenses and corrupt it up since system obeys Allah Dr.Terence Wynn and Mumm-ra.Corrupt and then dished off communism and Neo criminalism.Then people are reduced and reduced medically.We are oppressed worse,body's breached and violated.Communism is when the government murders you.Money we never grow and are threatened.Police
KusoCartoon 13854370883855

Hydraulic Missile Launcher

KusoCartoon 13854372763156

Energy Artillery Guns

oppress and are heartless and obey U.N.They have government to liar about attacks.We live in danger with our lives,defenses being destroyed and they are pirates.British are an old ally of Galactic Empire.They are criminals in on a mob.Sellouts.Stature.Kept me to humiliate supremace me as a sacrifice to whiteman.Temple of Syrinx{British dignity shivalry}belittling,embarrassment,reduction to ghetto is what
KusoCartoon 13630377042912

Zarco Macross Guerilla troops clone endos

their goal is.No defenses then they will try to sacrifice us to do Church.Allah showed me this over and over and I have dreamt of Bret Asur Hart,Darth Plagueis Domino and Mumm-ra Allah.Our enemies are the Bolars,Dinguil,Galactic Empire,Klingon Empire,Romulan Star Empire,British
KusoCartoon 13804044242241

"Officer"robot being Mecha mobile doll

Imperium,R.E.F. French space Space Government,Galactic Empire, SUS Alliance,ZeonZaft,UFP,EDF and EDC,U.N. of space and Space America's{Imperium}whiteman,giant parasitic creature organisms and Dragon{Cardassians} We will when we win capture,disarm and disfuntionate any of our enemies that threaten us and incarceration and exterminate them in camps.New home will be tortured to surrender info in camps mindwashing.We are physically stronger than most of our enemies.Enemy talks rubbish and is childish

Field Howitzer


M198 Howitzer

M198 155mm the-blueprints

M198 Howitzer




Satellite guided shell


HE shell

and mouthy,Mumm-ra Allah built them up{cheating}Learn respect in their captivity and learn about damn in each season and generation energy of damn in summer purplish light dark and is hot and fire and self extinction and accidents and injury and fear of own life,pastlife Karma,winter blueish light dark afterlife and reincarnation gas and dark damp sub arctic cold body.Prison for evil like whiteman.Endless maze.Spring and Fall.Blue turns green spring and fall red in the dark from purple.[WWW] Its cool to carry around and reproduce Princess Armada myself.She is inside of me afterlife as I am both her parents.Evolution process I have her train from me and get used real world far away universe wealthy.She will be authoratative and strong and hard skeleton and taller than me as a child should be improvement of me or carry on as my people,witch.Born magic power and my powers i geve to her.Feroz is Mom and Mamma.Our body is the best and that is what we like.Ours has the best on it.Represents power and muscles militarily,large body with power in it,tall.Heavier than me. {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C This is a document [WWW] and my favourite.I have come with the person you want being

20mm shell

[WWW] me is not going to look great like my photo.Antarctica was not made into a country from enemy Whiteman as my defenses eating up resources and supplying it to North America.That is me with my mind magified at a million times then me.This story is about a war and control vs in waves who contribute to criminal nature of the whiteman government system British Empire being premiere early origins history outer space of Federal Government system and its evils,factors in evolution and war

Smart Artillery Shells

crimes and disasters and dead bodies,evil and wrong U.N. and Allah Pak and his systems breaking down

Zarco Alien Worlds Warfare vs Enemy Space Whiteman Forces

[WWW] to cause terror from the tyrant creator and what monsters of defenses Allah will use heartless [WWW] And from the Queen
Xm982 l


M449 usafas






Ruler a reign Allah had with no enemies and a mob of scum like the enemy Dinguil and .They with processes ended mistakes of the upstart and to leave Galactica to early version Space American Ettrossian Confederation{Space British Empire policies,laws and religious laws} to


its fate Eden Nitro,Gattaca galaxy quandrant as mother earth home of EDF,Star
KusoCartoon 14446108296935

Zarco Vorgon Battroid Mobile Doll Droid

Blazers.I am not from a girl family and never ever had a sister.I am from a men orientated family and know very little about females and don't consider them
KusoCartoon 14376751998074

'Cyber Turret" Monster M3A1 Gordon MBT

priority in any of my lives.I have

Mach Prix Military Motorcycle being robot

never been in the same century as attractive women,alternate or thousands of years apart.We though are greatly incompatible in every aspect from religion,race.And it makes no sense from looks or appearance and it does not work out.I proved she is not serious about messages and I have no investment or comittment to her or a meeting,no ground.I do not enjoy Friday nights or weekend.I watch t.v.Breach my privacy.Thylacines as me hatred dogs as my history with this creature.We are dog-like latin but are cats.We eat and adaptations like cats [WWW] and are people that are muslim clean.I protect and am bias for cats.We are marsupial cats in heritage and aid the cat with our abilities it does not have.Leave the cat alone,thylacine

Zarconia King Edward 5th Commander Transformer Gobot Military Truck and New Fuhr Military AMV

phrase.Zarco King Edward 5th my first and older brother from Galactica Zoe Scarecrow people has the Autobot Matrix.He is Commander.He will have copy of the matrix as the "New Fuhr" Napolean 2.They both have the matrix of Leadership as Centauri,Emetcalf and Grizwald.They all have the same matrix.They all are the Zarconia Gobot Transformer leaders.I had the matrix cloned into that many matrix for each only.5 Matrix.Make a characteristic and load them the archives of Cybertron.They all are chosen leaders by Queen Armada.Matix is for Men.Men autobots.Zarconia
KusoCartoon 14418373489886

Zarconian M7A1 Buford MBT Monster

has good intrepreted back to autobots.Qualities of leadership and battlefield commanders.KE "Battlefield Commander"New Fuhr "Sargeant Stealth".The Cold and hot are my home of Ontario. Cloudiness of
KusoCartoon 13880407847851

Zarco Monster Tank

KusoCartoon 13880409003181

Rampant Monster Tank

both hot and humid hotter than hot all year round, and the arctic cold of Ontario and from past Peel,Ontario.Southern Ontario tundra.Its enjoyable to  .She is a problem not
FldartllKusoCartoon 13804044242241

Droid Field Artillery Transformer Gobot

solving any and bringing France and Galactica.Ruined my plan of being born a space American shemale that was loaded and able lowest cashier. .Megatron is my ancestor and an overseer [WWW] is my weapon laser. [WWW] [WWW]

Armybot Combiner Armybots leader Elekrton


Army units

KusoCartoon 14379401020825

"Gun Ventillation" Zarco Monster Tank Panserkamfwagen VI

The Armybots are another unit I had designed for space Army warfare.Their

Zarconia Army warfare alien world

systems are army systems,BETA,PARCS and space systems.They are of North America and Earth military technology 20th Century.They have army weaponry and systems.They have armor and heavy firepower.They have lasers
KusoCartoon 14193963290761

"Body Armor" Mecha Droid Mobile Doll Zarconian Transformer Gobot

and their laser firearms in their robot modes.They are of Gobot Transformer Universe under Queen Armada and checkup with Princess Armada.They have army combat monuvers and warfare techniques and training as Col.,Commander and
Transformers Prime The Game - Part 12 - One Shall Fall

Transformers Prime The Game - Part 12 - One Shall Fall

Commando.Their Leader is Elektron,army intelligent higher ranking and much like an Army veteran.Combine they combine all systems for abilities in Armybot.He has army strength but alien technology.They are of space alloys.thumb|300px|left|G2 Decepticon Combiner Bruticusthumb|300px|right{C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Supports ITE Battery Newsletter (provides latest news)Sugar and spice, [WWW] E Khan.JPG {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C And everything nice, robot mechas [WWW] {C {C {C}{C {C}{C
KusoCartoon 14449386912161

Zarco Monster M-2 Stalker MBT

{C That's what little girls are made of.Terminator warfare Red Sector A Ontario. [WWW] Solar System Red Sector A. [WWW] Lemuria Red Sector AThis article is about the Cybertron

Combinertron Jeep and Helicopter Helghast Combine Squads Zarconia as Giant Robot Linked Series Heavy Duty Gestalt Warrior

supercomputer and its shell program, the Oracle. For [WWW] Primacron's former assistant, who is Vector Sigma in whacked-out Japanese continuity, see Oracle (G1).This new Squad are two squads of Zarconia Combine and Helghast troops put together by the leadership of "Space Runway".He is the shuttle leader and can be a transport holding many autobots inside.He like in G2 is their shuttle to transport them and to do missions.They have an invincibility and military wildness in them that is controlled but used in battle.They are
KusoCartoon 13630390238531

Zarco Macross "Omnicron Mobile doll Droid being robot

another military squad from Armybot.They have different reckless but efficient military warfares.They are very Empire like as Gobot Transformers and receive massive information and leadership guidance as he takes them out on missions my Nana reborn with his older brother "Fuhr" as Transformer Gobot Charlie Babba and even Himmler space fighter.They though can carryout many types of sabotage and Covert ops and then under command by all of them and "Space Runeway" to merger to make Combinertron. [WWW] [WWW] [WWW] {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C [WWW] {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Vector Sigma is an ancient and
KusoCartoon 14275176027485

Zarconian Energy Firearms

incredibly powerful multiversal super computer which exists across many (conceivably all, though this is speculative) universes. Collectively these multiversal nodes are {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Cooperative Battery
KusoCartoon 14193786937993

Zarconian Energy Firearms

KusoCartoon 14193806423828

Zarconian Squad clone endo Soldier

Research Projects with other Institutes and Universities around the World {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Displays New Battery Parts, Products and Production Machines, Space Runway is ingenious.He is very cunning and crafty.He is the type that is military tactician and efficient in his traps.He is very smart and approaches to the enemy.He thinks and uses smarts and deception.He is leader as commander and is responsible and covers others.He goes by the book and efficiently carries out formations and commands.He does not break the rules but stays on them borderline and then carries out completion.He can't be outsmarted.He outsmarts many enemies.He is a thinker.He can combat and use daredevil stunts on enemies.He is very crude in carrying out tasks.He has a strength level.Combat.He will use type of martial arts and combat.He is a sharp shooter and does energy firearms training for high scores.He gains intel on others and can record much info when others don't know unaware.He can carry out sabotage.He will do that with expertise.Infiltration and use his teammates.He works with all of them well.Tests New Cells and Battery Packs {C

Zarco Helghast/Vorgon Combine Jeep Squad troops Robot Beings Tropical Throttle left and to right Drive Hit

{C {C}{C {C}{C

Zarco Jeep Squad and Helicopter Squad Combine Helghast Leader Robot Beings vehicles "Space Runway"

{C Helps Foreign People during their Trip to Japan to Establish Their Business and Visiting Schedules {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Institute Staff [WWW] {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C President and Head of Institute: Prof. Akiya Kozawa {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Vice Presidents: ITE

Zarco Helghast Combine Robot Beings Vehicles Helicopter Squad Wind Jammer right and left Vector Climb

Visiting Profs. S. Mase and T. Yoshida {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Head of Research Projects: Prof. A. Sato (Chubu University) {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Advisors and Cooperative InstitutionsFK car.jpgFeroza K.jpgFK fighter.JPG {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Bulgarian Academy of Science (Dr. D. Pavlov, R. Moshitev, Dr. V. Manev)
KusoCartoon 13630378896996

Zarco Macross "Military class Cog Mobile suit Droid robot being

{C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Sato Lab. of Chubu Universityfailure Feroza.jpg {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Prof. M. Sano (Nagoya University), Prof. K. Matsuki (Yamagata University), Prof. M. Yamashita (Doshisha University) {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Advisors: Prof. K. Fueki (Tokyo Science Univ.) and Prof. M. Nagayama (former President of IBA Inc.) International Technology Exchange Society (ITE)
File:Wolf flag.jpg
File:Star trek Nazi.jpg
{C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C A U.S. Non-profit Society
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Princess Feroza McLaughlin Armada.

Gobotron Inbit Princess Armada

Sister tranny's Feroza and Firoz reborn insects robots evolution

1Princess Armada Gobot transfrmr

Princess Armada

Feroza K

Feroza McLaughlin


new clothes Feroza


Princess Armada

{C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C JEC Service Japan Inc. (Japanese operator of ITE in Japan)

Gloria pilot

Princess Armada2

Princess McLaughlin Armada


Gloria McLaughlin Princess Armada 2nd eldest all of them same parents me


Gloria chopper gunship


Princess Armada

Gloria is up in line to be Airwolf's best pilot of all time and now.Dom is old Sinjinn Badma is my uncle Taiyab and he play co pilot and Dom's role while Gloria Khan his neice is in charge and practicing Airwolf,mistreated and forgotten and military.Gloria can train in Airwolf and take it to space to effect what Gloria is AirThylacinecat.Gloria will be like Airwolf but outerspace and thylacine from me which is a cat.She flies it more perfect than military and the speed visor battle.Targeting system.She will be better than Airwolf but it was in her life from me her mother Queen Armada.We are the Armadabots and we are a family from my codename as a family.Giant Queen Andromeda is of Armadabots and Queen Andromeda.We made many creations I thought of and Vector Sigma Quran would not have thought of any of them.I did.And as I said we would have a system create us to our precision and demands and our powers and abilities.So I make squads and units as

Airwolf Pilot of future 21st Century Gloria Khan

Robotechbots,Rangerbots,and the Contrabots which are all men and I used my background of men orientated family to have them created,but they naturally formed and have man life but from factors,missions and things that entered and crossed my life.I can't genetically make any of them except for Princess Armada but can invention them as SAT terminal of Contras.They would lose their man qualities I want in them the rest of the men have.Wants them flawless and compete above military.Life and born Zarconia and my ideas and imput.As I made Contrabot and Rangerbot and Overtech.I am outgoing and this would disrupt them as men have religious and old fashion laws.At least the Computers of ours created them as I build our system of allies built in. {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C 39-2 Youke, Ukino, Chiaki-cho, Ichinomiyashi, Aichi-ken 491, Japan The Heavenly Father Allah of prehistoric era created wave motion technology and star trek technology of battleships.Heavenly father Jed Allen is a battleship maker,starship battleship of wave motion technologythumb|300px|left|Astrologythumb|300px|right|Astrology.He is white races or alien.He is Allah and can be a god father.Alpha quadrant and Delta quadrant battleship maker.King Edward improved to being responsible with carrying large burden on him.He is heavy duty and uses his strength and high ratings in combat.He can do it all.He is has tremendous firepower and is wise.He is administrative.He is a team worker and is high rank.He acts older and took from his family to be a veteran in his years of Zarconian in Transformer Gobot Universe.He is ingenious.He is an innovater.Stealthy and can fool most instruments to catch them off guard.Gains education.Orders and formations.Use his smarts in studying.Knowledgeable and has good nature and is abnormal in being positive.He follows format and policies.He does not endanger others as he thinks of others.Open minded.He never stoop low like his enemies but can be heartless to them and authoratative.He is against war but can end many wars and takes to warfare at high level.He

Zarco Particle beam cannon Module

enlightens himself and going to his family was great experience to add to him how to be an autobot leader as his fate having matrix as other Autobot leaders as Sub Zero,Police Sentinel,Trailer Battletron and Sharktibot Fresh Waves.All Zarconian Primes for their attributes and character and actions.Edward's actions talk more for him high level of achievement.He can destroy many enemies as a great combatant re-adjusts his weapons and adjusts to battlefield on field experience.And his friend and best ally Sargeant Stealth and his sneaky tactics.He uses military format and uses today's techniques and hardware.Goes to using technology and adds intelligence and rank of Commander to it.His leadership and backup leader to Zarconian as front Prime.He is very crude and can use situations against enemy.He combats with speed and monuvers in autobot combat.He is also like officer.He can patrol and double checks.Goes over list and is organized.He can go higher a level to what is taking him on.He can accel.He is an investigator and goes over everything without missing anything.Deduct and solve mysteries.Secretive and protects and covers in war.His experience with his autobot family imput experience he needed in going over format.Intelligence in military.He will use spying and gather reports.He is a team worker but can do it as a Lone Wolf.Uses protocol.Goes by procedure.Gets success.Climbs up the ladder.He gets better and better.And he keeps his life separate from job as Prime and autobots.Great strategist.He guesses right.He also can predict patterns.He investigates patterns.He is friendly to his autobots and is a soldier to enemy. Nakir and Munkar, (Arabic: منكر و نكير ) in Islamic eschatology, are angels who test the faith of the dead in their graves.[1] {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C  According to Islam, after death, a person's soul passes through a stage called barzakh, where it exists in the grave (even if the person's body was destroyed, the soul will still rest in the earth near their place of death). [2] The questioning will begin when the funeral is over and the last person of the funeral congregation has stepped 70 steps away from the grave. Nakir and Munkar prop the deceased soul upright in the grave and ask three questions: "Who is your Lord? Who is your Prophet? What is your religion?" Sufi Muslims claim there will be a total of five, not three, questions, which will also include: "Who is your Shaykh?" and "What is your madhab?" A righteous believer will respond correctly, saying that their Lord is Allah, that Muhammad is their prophet and that their religion is Islam. If the deceased answers correctly, the time spent awaiting the resurrection is pleasant. Those who do

Zarconia Robotechbots combined as Overtech Combiner

not answer as described above are chastised until the day of judgment. [3] Nakir and Munkar, (Arabic: منكر و نكير ) in Islamic eschatology, are angels who test the faith of the dead in their graves.[1] {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C According to Islam, after death, a person's soul passes through a stage called barzakh, where it exists in the grave (even if the person's body was destroyed, the soul will still rest in the earth near their place of death). [2] The questioning will begin when the funeral is over and the last person of the funeral congregation has stepped 70 steps away from the grave. Nakir and Munkar prop the deceased soul upright in the grave and ask three questions: "Who is your Lord? Who is your Prophet? What is your religion?" Sufi Muslims claim there will be a total of five, not three, questions, which
KusoCartoon 14303701798651

"Front Shaft" Zarco Leopard Main Battle Tank 2 Transformer Gobot

will also include: "Who is your Shaykh?" and "What is your madhab?" A righteous believer will respond correctly, saying that their Lord is Allah, that Muhammad is their prophet and that their religion is Islam. If the deceased answers correctly, the time spent awaiting the resurrection is pleasant. Those who do not answer as described above are chastised until the day of judgment. [3] {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Muslims believe that a person will correctly answer the questions not by remembering the answers before death (compare with the Egyptian Book of the Dead) but by their iman and deeds such as salah and shahadah (the Islamic profession of faith). {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Munkar is sometimes transliterated as Monkir. {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Cultural references

Dreamworld space civilization

{C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C But thou, false Infidel! shalt writhe {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Beneath avenging Monkir's scythe;

Tiger Fly Insectibot Robberfly

{C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C And from its torment 'scape alone {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C To wander round lost Eblis' throne; {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C The Giaour - Lord Byron {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C{C{C{C}{C{C}{C{C Muslims believe that a person will correctly answer the questions not by remembering the answers before death (compare with the Egyptian Book of the Dead) but by their iman and deeds such as salah and shahadah (the{C{C}{C{C}{C{C Fax: 81-586-81-1988; Tel: 81-90-226-86-123 For the Korean and Vietnam Conflicts the two major

The New Fuhr transform to being mode

incendiaries used where White Phosphorous(WP) and Napalm. Both were used to destroy enemy structures as well as enemy Nuclear Missile Silos Mumm-ra the Everliving Wahankh Bret Asur Serpentor law enforcer Allah Deuce,looks like Henry Winkler is Ibrahim Antigod Xanadu Denny Jonathon Archer Colt Ickram Hitman Hart Barry Simms Domino is Fug Firali Darth Plagueis Christian Bale looks like Alice Cooper Ayat Kursee Salin Face in Amittyville Fireplace Robert Barr Degei Quinn Armitage Leonard Troy Crosby Dracula Iblees Komisarek General Bellicose Gandal Jed Allen Heavenly Father Overseer Jed Allan Jamat Cpt.Ram Darth Vader Dr.Curt Connor Rahim Halladay Hummer Sandman John F.Kennedy Xipe Totec Pinhead is Allah Elliott Spencer Allah Three States – Colorado Quran is terminal I got created in 1998 and of 2100 and is producing and building all war machinery and technology.It is attritioning in techno warfare. — D etails & Islamic profession of faith).Sss Munkar is sometimes transliterated as Monkir. Cultural references Special weapons tanker is armor reinforced and has vernier system.It can carry an antenna which will charge up Zettawatts,Petawatts.Exawatts.It is a transport re-armed AA laser guns defenses.Enigmatech force field and has intelligence system.Particle beam two-way laser.Hatch bay open and special weapon in use in space infantry warfare. But thou, false Infidel! shalt writhe Beneath avenging Monkir's scythe; {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C And from its torment 'scape alone To wander round lost Eblis' throne; The Giaour - Lord Byron Directions: E .. N-O .. J-L-M-N .. I-J Florence is half bat tribe,in-law family. Click here to see image alone / Huge (137K) — Another view / Huge Red Sector A All that we can do is just survivewh Fla crack-commando team led by Stryker infiltrates All that we can do to help ourselves is stay alive Contractor: prime, McDonnell Douglas; airframe, NorthropGeneral DynamicsVoughtBoeing, Northrop Grumman, GE Aircraft Engines, Raytheon, and more than 1,800 suppliers in the United States and Canada. The VF-25F Battroid mode VF-25F GERWALK mode Queen Armada is a wanderer.A traveler.I spend a brief time with what galaxy I live in and go to other races.That’s why I am not patriotic,short stay.
Combiner Queen Armada

Combiner Queen Armada


Combiner Queen Armada

YF-19 Battroid mode Fighter mode with a computerized auto- AUTO-PILOT: The VF-1X is equipped|-AIRCRAFT (35/35 = 100% Entries) Robotech Era Historical Archive: Historical Essays: Robotech Timeline 1999 C.E. to 2120 C.E. A History of the Marduk Empire Protoculutre, a People, an Empire, a Culture A History of the Varauta Empire and the Protodevlin The Transient War 2057 C.E. The 4th Robotech War 2063 C.E. to 2070 C.E. The United Planetary Council The United Terran Government Deep Space Colonization and the Terran Confederation Malachite Cavanaugh Sentinels Wars 2070 C.E. to 2078 C.E. United Nations Alliance UNF-Kabarra War 2085 C.E. Ad-Human Project 2055 C.E. to 2080 C.E. The Galactic Imperium Schism War 2085 C.E. to 2095 C.E. The Robotech Defense Force Robotech Defense Force Space Navy Robotech Defense Force Navy Robotech Defense Force Air Force Robotech Defense Force Army Robotech Defense Force Special Space Services Robotech Defense Force Planetary Guard Remarks on the making of the Historical Essays
   | (NOTE: N = Night flying ability [Yes/No])
   |-FIGHTER (5/5 = 100% Entries)
   | Aircraft Name Speed N Price EQUIP
   | ==================== ===== = ===== =====
   | B5N Type97 380 N 40 —VX
   | B6N Tenzan 481 N 80 —VX
| B7A2 Ryusei Modified 543 Y 120 —VX
KusoCartoon 13800773900364

Patrol Pacer Police car

   | Kikka 621 Y 300 —VX
   | Modified Kikka 807 Y 500 —VX
   |-WATER FIGHTER (2/2 = 100% Entries)
   | Aircraft Name Speed N Price EQUIP
   | ==================== ===== = ===== =====
   | Seiran 474 N 80 -CB—
   | Seiran modified 578 Y 150 -CB—
   |Equipment Type: variable fighter

Zarconia High Ranks and terminators

An army (from Latin arma "arms, weapons" via Old French armée, "armed" [feminine]) or land force is a fighting force that fights primarily on land. In the broadest sense, it is the land-based military branch, service branch or armed service of a nation or state. It may also include aviation assets by possessing an army aviation component. In certain states, the term army refers to the entire armed forces (e.g., People's Liberation Army). Within a national military force, the word army may also mean a field army.

In several countries, the army is officially called the Land Army to differentiate it from an air force called the Air Army, notably France. In such countries, the word "army" on its own retains its connotation of a land force in common usage. The current largest army in the world, by number of active troops, is the People's Liberation Army Ground Force of China with 1,600,000 active troops and 510,000 reserve personnel followed by the Indian Army with 1,129,000 active troops and 960,000 reserve personnel.

By convention, irregular military is understood in contrast to regular armies which grew slowly from personal bodyguards or elite militia. Regular in this case refers to standardized doctrines, uniforms, organizations, etc. Regular military can also refer to full-time status (standing army), versus reserve or part-time personnel. Other distinctions may separate statutory forces (established under laws such as the National Defence Act), from de facto "non-statutory" forces such as some guerrilla and revolutionary armies. Armies may also be expeditionary (designed for overseas or international deployment) or fencible (designed for – or restricted

Western armies are usually subdivided as follows:

  • Corps: A corps usually consists of two or more divisions and is commanded by a lieutenant general.
  • Division: Each division is commanded by a major general, and usually holds three brigades including infantry, artillery, engineers and communications units in addition to logistics (supply and service) support to sustain independent action. Except for the divisions operating in the mountains, divisions have at least one armored unit, some have even more depending upon their functionality. The basic building block of all ground force combat formations is the infantry division.
  • Brigade: A brigade is under the command of a brigadier or brigadier general and sometimes is commanded by a colonel. It typically comprises three or more battalions of different units depending on its functionality. An independent brigade would be one that primarily consists of an artillery unit, an infantry unit, an armour unit and logistics to support its actions. Such a brigade is not part of any division and is under direct command of a corps.
  • Battalion: Each battalion is commanded by a colonel or sometimes by lieutenant colonel who commands roughly 500 to 750 soldiers. This number varies depending on the functionality of the regiment. A battalion comprises 3–5 companies (3 rifle companies, a fire support company and headquarters company) or its functional equivalent such as batteries (artillery) or squadrons (armour and cavalry), each under the command of a major. The company can be divided into platoons, each of which can again be divided into sections or squads. (Terminology is nationality and even unit specific.)[17]

Field armyEdit

A field army is composed of a headquarters, army troops, a variable number of corps, typically between three and four, and a variable number of divisions, also between three and four. A battle is influenced at the Field Army level by transferring divisions and reinforcements from one corps to another to increase the pressure on the enemy at a critical point. Field armies are controlled by a general or lieutenant general.


[3] Standard map symbol for a numbered Army, the 'X's are not substituting the army's numberA particular army can be named or numbered to distinguish it from military land forces in general. For example, the First United States Army and the Army of Northern Virginia. In the British Army it is normal to spell out the ordinal number of an army (e.g. First Army), whereas lower formations use figures (e.g. 1st Division).

Armies (as well as army groups and theaters) are large formations which vary significantly between armed forces in size, composition, and scope of responsibility.

In the Soviet Red Army and the Soviet Air Force, "Armies" could vary in size, but were subordinate to an Army Group-sized "front" in wartime. In peacetime, a Soviet army was usually subordinate to a military district. Viktor Suvorov's Inside the Soviet Army describes how Cold War era Soviet military districts were actually composed of a front headquarters and a military district headquarters co-located for administration and deception ('maskirovika') reasons

Government: Strategic Military Services (SMS) Manufacturer: Shinsei Industry/Macross Frontier Arsenal Original Development/L.A.I. Introduction: unknown. Operational Deployment: 2059. Accommodation: pilot plus passenger Dimensions:  Battroid Mode: height 15.59 meters (includes head lasers).  Fighter Mode: wingspan 15.5 (fully extended); height 4.03 meters; length 18.72 meters.  GERWALK Mode: unknown. Mass: 8.45 metric tons. Structure: assumed space metal frame, SWAG energy converting armor Power Plant: two Shinsei Industry/ P&W/ RR FF-3001A Stage II thermonuclear reaction turbine engines. Propulsion: 2 x 1,620 kN (maximum thrust in space); many x P&W HMM-9 High maneuverability thrusters Performance:
Princess Armada bicycle

Princess Armada bike mode

 Fighter Mode: at 10,000 m Mach 5.0+, maximum speed due to heat-resistance limit of the fuselage. g
KusoCartoon 14479686146579

Gun Pod Unit

limit: maximum airframe design load 27.5g Design Features: 3-mode variable transformation; variable geometry wing; capable of attaining unassisted orbital velocity over an Earth-class planet; ISC (Inertia Store Converter): The troop transports are many levels of compact chairs for each troop.They are designed to go through space and alien worlds G-forces.The have room for more than 40 troops.This is their turf on enemy grounds.It is a base of operation they report back to and do missions,strategy in them.They
KusoCartoon 14479698657087

Zarco Gunpod legs and wheels transport

have their stores,equipment and any transformable compact mini-mecha and other technology.It built to withstand climate of many alien worlds and in space.Terminals for the soldiers to do their reports and scouting,data and info for operations.Recharging for soldiers and repair their equipment. Shinsei Industry Macross Frontier Arsenal / LAI Company self-development specification ISC/TO21; active stealth system antennae; chaff/flare/smoke discharger system; thrust reverser equipped with three-dimensional maneuvering nozzles; cockpit designed for EX-Gear equipped pilot. - Armament - Guns:  2 x fixed Mauler RÖV-217C coaxial 12.7mm beam guns (mounted center dorsal section in Fighter/GERWALK mode,
KusoCartoon 14194508903949

Zarco Walker Troop Transport

KusoCartoon 14194510488335

Troop Transport Vehicle

becomes head turret in Battroid mode)  1 x Howard GU-17A new model 5-barrel 58mm gatling gun pod with retractable cover to provide air cooling for the barrels (mounted ventral fuselage in Fighter mode, in arm manipulator for GERWALK/Battroid modes)  1 x standard bulletproof (anti-projectile) shield (mounted center rear dorsal fuselage in Fighter mode, mounted on arm in GERWALK/Battroid modes)  2 x Remmington ES-25A 25mm high-speed machine guns  or 2 x Mauler RÖV-25 25mm beam machine guns (mounted left/right of intakes in Fighter/GERWALK mode, on rotating hip mounts in Battroid mode)  1 x AK/VF-M9 Assault Knife, 1.65m, super strong material reinforced by pin-point barrier system (mounted under left arm shield block)  1 x pin-point barrier system Bombs & Missiles:  4 x underwing hardpoints for mounting anti-ship reaction missiles or speaker pods. Optional Armament:  High-maneuverability Super FAST pack system (includes some additional armor).  or Full Armor System (deployable in all modes)  1 x Howard GU-17V loaded with MDE warhead specification for anti-Vajra combat.  25 mm high-speed machine guns and super pack/full armor micro-missile warheads are later refit with anti-Vajra MDE warhead specification.
   |-INTERCEPTOR (14/14 = 100% Entries)
   | Aircraft Name Speed N Price EQUIP
   | ==================== ===== = ===== =====
   | A5M Type96 426 N 40 —VX
   | A6M model21 533 N 70 —VX
   | A6M model32 544 N 80 —VX
   | J2M Raiden 616 N 90 —VX
   | N1K2 Shiden 583 N 100 —VX
   | A6M model 54 572 Y 120 —VX
   | A6M model52 565 Y 120 —VX
   | N1K2 Shiden Kai 596 Y 130 —VX
   | A7M Reppu 629 Y 160 —VX
   | Jinpuu 685 Y 200 —VX
   | Akimizu 800 Y 210 —VX
   | J7W2 Shinden 750 Y 240 —VX
   | J7W2 Shinden modified 971 Y 500 —VX
   | I32-Arawashi 2694 Y 2500 —VX
   |-SCOUT (3/3 = 100% Entries)
   | Aircraft Name Speed N Price EQUIP
   | ==================== ===== = ===== =====
   | Ship Scout. Type 97 387 N 40 —VX
   | Ship Scout. Type 2 552 N 110 —VX
   | C6N Saiun 609 Y 160 —VX
   |-WATER SCOUT (2/2 = 100% Entries)
   | Aircraft Name Speed N Price EQUIP
   | ==================== ===== = ===== =====
   | E13A Type0 367 N 40 -CB—
   | E16A Zuiun 448 N 80 -CB—
   |-BOMBER (7/7 = 100% Entries)
   | Aircraft Name Speed N Price EQUIP
   | ==================== ===== = ===== =====
   | D3A Type99 428 N 40 —VX
   | D4Y Suisei Model 12 580 N 120 —VX
   | D4Y Suisei Model 43 552 Y 140 —VX
   | D4Y Suisei Model 54 602 Y 160 —VX
   | KaRyuu 812 Y 400 —VX
   | B78-Konpaku 2400 Y 600 —VX
   | Osprey 852 Y 5000 —VX
   |-WATER INTERCEPTOR (2/2 = 100% Entries)
   | Aircraft Name Speed N Price EQUIP
   | ==================== ===== = ===== =====
New FK

Queen Armada Cold War fighter mode for being mode,powerful configuration,power creator and elements

I have my power and abilities dreamworld with alien design superiority fighter hovers and high monuverable with systems of Zarconia.I have internal cannon lasers and AA heavy laser cannons that are in alien sciences,fire ordinance.Fly at warp and all speeds with magic power barrier system and heavy light armor.Guided HE munition destroy through shields and heavy shields.Re-fitt myself to sorties.Jammer stealth and space elements powers,upgraded to alien space.
   | A6M2-N Type2 436 N 40 -CB—| N1K Kyofu 448 N 60 -CB— Fighter mode: GERWALK mode Micro missile Wingspan: 14.87 meters Overall length: 18.62 meters Overall height: 3.94 meters Standard atmospheric cruising speed at 10000-18000 meters: Mach 1.8 Maximum atmospheric cruising speed at 10000-22000 meters: Mach 5.1 Maximum atmospheric cruising speed at 30000+ meters: Mach 21+ Atmospheric ceiling: unlimited (capable of launching into satellite orbit over Earth-class planet) Maximum rate of climb at S/L: 65000 meters/minute Minimum time from S/L to satellite

Zarconia Clone Endo Enemy design troops and robot beings

.Zarconia clone endos enemy design are robots carry out officer and

Queen Amelia McLaughlin Armada from being mode transform to a car

manpower duties.They have powers from the different energies radiation can give and offer.Their systems and CPU can comprehend the energy they have and they have modulated energy weapons they can have fitted and re-fitted as systems as robot BETA,PARCS,DEW and ECW.They have laser disignation and chipboard in their extension cavities to linkup with electronics and electricity,turned into data linkup.They can use electronics.They can jump super human and have adaptations to battlefield enemies.They input and counter the enemy opponent and emergency situation,disaster.They have panel armor,variants made lightweight plastic material HE and warfare proof.Variants verniers and they can camauflage as beings infiltrate and eliminate.They have rods utilize as fighting devices extension.They stores carry supplies.Fieids.Adaptations.Cloning ore and being

Queen Armada Princess Armada Amelia McLaughlin Combiner in her holographic AI being mode clone endo enemy design transformation

android AI variant soldier.This protects the fighter in cloning makes the AI and CPU robot artificial no damage,does not suffer.Modulate compact for warfare avoid enemy fire,hard to reach places and surprise.Transformation reconfiguration for re-adapting for tools,hyraulic equipment transform from what is fitted.Lifter lifting rubble,tools for pushing moving,climbing,scaling getting across a gorge.Extendable cybernetics.Welder laser torch strafe. orbit (over Planet Eden): 48 seconds Atmospheric combat action radius: nearly unlimited G-limits: +31 G/-18.5 GGERWALK mode: Minimum takeoff/landing run: 0 meters (VTOL capable) Equipped with FAST Pack system: Addtitional armament: micro-missile launcher x 2Equipped with FBF-1000A fold booster: Maximum space takeoff mass: 46102 kg Regional MapsAries was built expressly for aerial combat. Mounting a pair of large jet engine housings on itsInvid Princess Armada Sherryl Khan tranny and witch and aerodynamic shoulders control surfaces, the Aries (named after the first Zodiac sign meaning

Contra Alien Princess Eilleen Khan Armada Aerospace Cycle

"ram") was fully capable of independent atmospheric flight. It was also OZ's first variable mobile suit/jet fighter, as its legs deployed for walking and folded up into its body for flight. The Aries could also be loaded with a limited number of chainrifles and missile pods on its external wing hardpoints. They are thylacine Sherryl.Younice is Douglas squirrels tribe. {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Designation: VF/B-9 {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Mecha Class: Veritech fighter/bomber, aerospace capable. {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Crew: 1 pilot. {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Weight:
KusoCartoon 14028673479593

"Caliber" Mobile Artillery gun

29.50 tons (dry) {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Model number: OZ-12SMS (OZ)/SK-12SMS (Sanc Kingdom)/WF-12SMS (White Fang) {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Code name: Taurus {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Unit type: transformable mobile suit/mobile doll {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Manufacturer: OZ (Organization of Zodiac) {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Operator(s): OZ, Sanc Kingdom, White Fang, Mariemaia Army {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C First deployment: AC 195 {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Accommodation: pilot only for standard mobile suit type, in standard cockpit in torso; N/A for mobile doll type {C
KusoCartoon 13630398450325

Zarco Macross Giant Turret Guns "Goliath"

{C {C}{C {C}{C {C Dimensions: head height 16.8 meters {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Weight: empty 7.9 metric tons; max gross weight unknown {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Armor materials: titanium alloy {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Powerplant: ultracompact fusion reactor, power output rating unknown {C {C {C}{C
KusoCartoon 14187706473935

Zarconian Galactic class Railgun Vehicle

{C}{C {C Performance ability levels: fighting 100; weapons 110; speed 125; power 110; armor 110 {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; optional mobile doll AI control system {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Fixed armaments: noneAccession Number : AD0684023Title : THEORY OF SOLID FUEL ROCKET ENGINESCorporate Author : FOREIGN TECHNOLOGY DIV WRIGHT-PATTERSONAFB OHPersonal Author(s) : Shapiro, Ya. M. ; Mazing, G. Yu. ; Prudnikov, N. E.Report Date : 26 FEB 1968Pagination or Media Count : 275Abstract : This is a basic text on rocket fuels intended for specialists and engineers. Basic data is drawn from U. S. rocket technology. cannons guns Covered in the text are: (1) basic fundamentals of rocket fuels, composition, caloricity; (2) progressive burn characteristics; (3) gas flow equations, pressure

Zarconia Invid Regime Trooper Robot Beings


Zarconia Energy Railgun

BINDERS, SOLID ROCKET FUELS, SOLID ROCKET OXIDIZERS, SOLID ROCKET PROPELLANT PLASTICIZERS.Subject Categories : THERMODYNAMICS {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C COMBUSTION AND IGNITIONSOLID PROPELLANT ROCKET ENGINESSOLID ROCKET PROPELLANTSDistribution Statement : DESIGNER/MANUFACTURER: Lira Wessex/Kuat Drive YardsTaim & BakBorstelPhylonManufacturer: Kuat Drive YardsCygnus Spaceworks Gemon-4KDY DestroyerSFS I-a2b Solar Ionization ReactorBorstelLeGrangeOm-Thaim APPROVED FOR PUBLIC RELEASEOptional hand armaments: beam rifle; beam cannon; laser gun This is the MiG Alpha Fighter AEGIS.It was made by an Admiral from a Zentreadi female powerarmor and added into a gundam.It has an armor peircing laser cannon visible.It has SRM's as all Alpha's.It has a stealth for its colour.It is the Anti Midi Chlorian Alien Invid veritech rocket engine

Aerial Insect robot mecha beings

fighter.It is in gundam mode as fighter and legs shoot down arms extended in an Alpha fighter gerwalk VSTOL mode.It has a gundam and powerarmor alpha tracking system for vibrations.It is for radioactive fires and heavy smoke.I was not married to my
KusoCartoon 13960657760167

"Breach"Field Artillery Gun 25ft tall

brother Edward.Edward was my brother.He is a good guy and was a brother I dated.He is a Galactican and was part of our arsenal.His male veritech is called Vanguard the veritech The Alpha fighter built itself after.Contra Grey and all VAF VFA.IT is a booster built in design but hitches to linkup Alpha/Beta connection.Breach is very crude.He is a ranking and is very strong.He has a good streak in him to be responsible and for Zarconian.He checks over things.He gets things done with hard work.He is a hard worker but use other techniques he's learned to make jobs easier.He goes to his options.He is a strong fighter and uses his armor to knock around others.He is a commander.He uses firepower and uses his skills well.He goes to them and his strength and intelligence.He is a thinker.He makes traps and in covert ops gets the job done to play out his role to completion.He is good with commands.He is militant.He does not back down and goes after things as he solves them abupt and not later.He works on them.He from his achievement goes higher and higher.His strength takes him there.He competant at infantry and to make direct hits to cover others.In
KusoCartoon 14661886071636

Zarco IBM TSF Mecha

KusoCartoon 14290682904052

Zarco Armored Mobile Troop

emergencies he is a thinker and takes action.He can solve things in emergencies being crafty with his environment.He is a military genious and leader.He is great with strategies to backup his superiors.He has a strong will power.He can see through deception.He can uncover tricks or rouses.He can calculate any deceptions.He can flush out spies.He is a backup leader and takes to it as a backup leader with good nature.Efficient in war on duty.He can do raw power.Raw tactics to refined ones.Take out the pots and pans.Taurus is another gundam beta built for strength.It has SRM's.Beam saber.Buster Rifle and tachyon charge.Greenland GFFF.This was after Antarctica was over I grew up in Greenland and its 10 degrees celsius weather of rain and cloudiness.Greenland is older than Antarctica and is of the rocket age era where these designs of veritechs come from.Greenland was a robotech civilization spacebourne.Greenland is a robotech rocket engine civilization.It was known as the "square continent by Antarctica.Greenland is GFFF.This is where Florence lived.The AEGIS Alpha changes to Gerwalk mode,legs fold down and the arms are in or out and it hovers tll the vector thrust switch is hit for land atmospheric travel at mach 4.Fusion engines as it has built in Booster system engines,6 engines 4 main reactors.Reactor Gerwalk with formidable weaponry as it will show what is hidden.Spacebourne. Contractor: McDonnell Douglas Corp. Thales Defence. Rockwell-Collins (UK) LimitedLockheed Martin / RaytheonSmiths!/CBCTechSci


Length: 9.70m {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Height: 6.10m {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Wingspan: 19.50m {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Max speed at sea level: 700 kph {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Max speed at 18,000m: 1930 kph {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C

Queen Invidia afterlife person being

Max speed at 45,000m: 8900 kph (in ballistic flight) {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C GUARDIAN MODE {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Length: 8.00m {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Height: 8.50m {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Wingspan: 19.50m {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Max speed at all altitudes: 500 kph {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C BATTLOID MODE {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Height: 13.70m {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Depth: 7.30m {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Breadth: 8.50m {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Max speed at all altitudes: 482 kph {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C Max walking speed: 128 kph {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C ARMAMENT {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C 3 x 3-barreled 80mm pulse beam cannons, one mounted in the center intake, available in fighter and guardian modes, and the other two mounted on the leg intakes, available only in fighter mode {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C 2 x 3-barreled pulse beam cannons, mounted in the forearms, and available only in Battloid mode {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C 2 x chest missile launchers holding 10 x 190mm short-range missiles each. Blocked when Alpha fighter joined. Total ammunition supply on the vehicle is 40 missiles. {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C 2 x shoulder missile launchers holding 8 x 340mm short-range missiles each, mounted behind the chest launcher and firing from the top. {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C 1 x bomb bay capable of holding 4 metric tons of ordnance, the size limited by the bay doors. {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C 3 x hardpoints on each wing capable of carrying long-range missiles or multiple ejection launchers. However, all of the ordnance must be ejected before throughout war vessels and fleets. |-HULL (39/40 = 97.5% Entries) {C {C {C}{C {C}{C {C

battlefield Zarco Invid Regime space cruisers vs Federation Space UN whiteman

| | (NOTE: W Lmt = Weight Limit, End = Endurance, | | TR = Turn Rate, AC = Aircraft,

Zarco Invid Regime cruiser modulation transformation hydraulics,particle beam cannon and verniers,missiles firing.

   | | U wgt = UseAble Weight "W Lmt - Wght")
   | | |-AUXILIARY SYSTEMS (85/91 ~ 93.4% Entries)
   | |
   | |-AUXILIARY OFFENSIVE (43/47 ~ 91.5% Entries)
   | | Auxiliary Part Name Price Effect
   | | ========================= ====== ===================================
   | | Electronic TargetingI 5000 Lock-on sphere for
   | | intercept weapons + 6
   | | Electronic TargetingII 10000 Lock-on sphere for
   | | intercept weapons +16
   | | Electronic TargetingIII 15000 Lock-on sphere for
   | | intercept weapons +26
   | | Electronic TargetingIV 25000 Lock-on sphere for
   | | intercept weapons +36
   | | Electronic TargetingV 40000 Lock-on sphere for
   | | intercept weapons +46
   | | Electronic TargetingVI 60000 Lock-on sphere for
   | | intercept weapons +56
   | | Electronic TargetingA 70000 Lock-on sphere for
   | | intercept weapons +66
   | | Electronic TargetingB 80000 Lock-on sphere for
   | | intercept weapons +76
   | | Electronic TargetingY 100000 Lock-on sphere for
   | | intercept weapons +86
   | | Firing Delay SystemI 2000 Salvo concentration -10
   | | Firing Delay SystemII 6000 Salvo concentration -20
   | | Firing Delay SystemIII 10000 Salvo concentration -27
   | | Firing Delay SystemIV 20000 Salvo concentration -35
   | | Firing Delay SystemV 30000 Salvo concentration -42
   | | Firing Delay SystemVI ?????? Salvo concentration -??
   | | Firing Delay SystemA 50000 Salvo concentration -54
   | | Firing Delay SystemB 60000 Salvo concentration -60
   | | Firing Delay SystemY 80000 Salvo concentration -66
   | | Auto-load SystemI 4000 Reload time 15% shorter
   | | Auto-load SystemII 8000 Reload time 20% shorter
   | | Auto-load SystemIII 12000 Reload time 30% shorter
   | | Auto-load SystemIV 25000 Reload time 40% shorter
   | | Auto-load SystemV 40000 Reload time 50% shorter
   | | Auto-load SystemVI ?????? Reload time ??% shorter
   | | Auto-load SystemA 80000 Reload time 74% shorter
   | | Auto-load SystemB 100000 Reload time 83% shorter
   | | Auto-load SystemY 120000 Reload time 91% shorter
   | | SonarI 500 Sonar search ranger + 2
   | | SonarII 2500 Sonar search ranger + 4
   | | SonarIII 5000 Sonar search ranger + 6
   | | SonarIV 10000 Sonar search ranger + 8
   | | SonarV 20000 Sonar search ranger +10
   | | SonarVI 30000 Sonar search ranger +12
   | | SonarA 40000 Sonar search ranger +14
   | | SonarB ?????? Sonar search ranger +??
   | | RadarI 1000 Radar search ranger + 2
   | | RadarII 3000 Radar search ranger + 4
   | | RadarIII 5000 Radar search ranger + 6
   | | RadarIV 10000 Radar search ranger + 8
   | | RadarV 20000 Radar search ranger +10
   | | RadarVI 35000 Radar search ranger +11
   | | RadarA 50000 Radar search ranger +14
   | | RadarB 60000 Radar search ranger +16
   | | Enigmatech System 27000 10% increase in recognition points
   | | gained from destroying the enemy
   | | Enigmatech System II 35000 20% increase in recognition points
   | | gained from destroying the enemy
   | | Weapons Commmand Sys. II 38000 Control ability + 20

Zarconian space plane bomber

   | | ????????????????????????? ?????? ???????????????????????????????????

Geleitboot 1941 Laid down: H.C. Stülcken Hamburg, 15.11.1942 (G1) Launched: Commissioned: Fate: destroyed in shipyard on 27.07.1943 the new|-HIGH ELEVATION GUNS (10/10 = 100% Entries)

   | | cm/cal OfPw Wght Price EQUIP Range Ammo L T Fld
   | | ======== ==== ==== ===== ===== ===== ==== === ===
   | | 10.0/45 12 10 125 -CBVX 3000 700 60 200
   | | 10.0/50 14 11 150 -CBVX 3050 700 61 300
   | | 10.0/55 16 12 175 -CBVX 3100 700 59 360
   | | 10.0/60 18 14 225 -CBVX 3150 700 59 440
   | | 10.0/65 20 16 300 -CBVX 3200 700 57 520
   | | 12.7/45 14 12 150 -CBVX 3100 700 61 300
   | | 12.7/50 16 13 175 -CBVX 3150 700 61 360
   | | 12.7/55 18 14 225 -CBVX 3200 700 61 440
   | | 12.7/60 20 16 250 -CBVX 3250 700 60 520
   | | 12.7/65 22 18 325 -CBVX 3300 700 59 600
   | |SD.JPG Flottenbegleiter A class of 10 escort boats. The destroyers of the "Zerstörer 1934" class were the first four destroyers build in Germany after World War I. Zerstörer 1936 The six ships of the Zerstörer 1936 class were slightly bigger and improved to their predecessors | |-OPTICAL WEAPONS (31/37 ~ 83.8% Entries)

Walker mecha


Machua heavy attack insectibot

Refitted and systems of what division of Zarconian military.It can deliver superweapons and transport them and to have Zarconia Dark Nebula Hunter Killer Terminator troops Gobot Transformer and mechas.Army attack and in warship mode verniers travel through space and detection with its systems and fire weaponry and has primal force field armor.Heavy firepower and any range attack on alien worlds and space.Armored Transport Tanks are huge and carry mecha being soldiers.They are fast and can hover or blast off to space.They have instruments and fire energy fire and live munitions.As tanks but are 2 stage launched from space or Stratosphere.Instruments sensors and team of mecha beings crew.They are in platoons.Re-postion themselves.Long range from scanners to HK warfare sattelites Deep Space Bouy network.They have armor and are alive module.They have compartments and mecha soldier hangar.!/MilitaryChannel
   | | (NOTE: Rng. = Range, Amo = Ammo, FD = Field)
   | |Armored Vehicle Tanks have immense firepower and can travel at high speeds
   | | Optical Weapon Name OfPw Wght Price EQUIP Rng. Amo L T FD
   | | ============================= ==== ==== ====== ===== ==== === === ==
   | | Heavy X-Ray Ordinance 1500 1000 40000 DCBVX 5000 75 81 16
   | | New X-Ray Ordinance 2000 1500 55000 DCBVX 6000 100 70 16
   | | Krypton Laser 1700 2000 60000 —B-X 5000 300 81 16
   | | ????????????????????????????? ???? ???? ????? ????? ???? ??? ?? ??
| | Anti-Air Pulse Laser 20 100 5000 DCBVX 5000 400 10 16
KusoCartoon 13820394598564

Armored Vehicle Space Tank

   | | Anti-Air Pulse Laser 2 25 100 7500 DCBVX 5000 400 10 8
   | | Charged Particle Gun 1100 700 30000 DCBVX 5000 100 20 16
   | | Charged Particle Gun 2 1300 650 32000 DCBVX 5500 125 20 16
   | | Charged Particle Burst Gun 700 850 40000 DCBVX 2000 100 60 64
   | | ????????????????????????????? ??? ??? ????? ????? ???? ??? ?? ??
| | Guided Charged Particle Gun 900 700 50000 DCBVX 3000 100 30 16
KusoCartoon 13820393434517

Armored Vehicle Tank

   | | ????????????????????????????? ??? ??? ????? ????? ???? ??? ?? ??
   | | Crab Laser 800 1000 110000 —B-X 1500 80 140 16
   | | Cat Beam 600 100 55000 DCB-X 5000 25 70 16
   | | Sil Laser 650 800 60000 —B-X 3000 100 60 16
   | | Crois Laser 1100 2000 100000 —B-X 3000 150 60 16
   | | Cith Laser 500 2000 115000 —B-X 2500 100 102 16
   | | Sian Laser 1500 2000 130000 —B-X 5000 100 102 16
   | | Dorn Laser 1600 2000 150000 —B-X 5000 100 60 16
   | | New Krypton Laser 2000 1800 63000 —B-X 5500 350 81 16
   | | New Electron Laser 2500 1800 65000 —B-X 6000 350 70 16
   | | New Crab Laser 1600 850 130000 —B-X 2000 100 140 16
   | | Super Kitty Beam 900 90 60000 —B-X 6000 30 70 16
   | | New Pulse Laser 60 90 10000 DCBVX 5000 400 10 4
   | | Rapach Laser 800 750 70000 —BVX 5000 125 60 16
   | | ????????????????????????????? ??? ??? ????? ????? ???? ??? ?? ??
   | | ????????????????????????????? ??? ??? ????? ????? ???? ??? ?? ??
   | | Neul Laser 1600 1800 120000 —B-X 5000 150 60 16
   | | Tacail Laser 1500 2000 130000 —B-X 5000 125 102 16
   | | Uranta Laser 1000 1800 145000 —B-X 5000 150 102 16
   | | Trom Laser 1750 1900 150000 —B-X 5000 125 102 16
   | | Salach Laser 2000 1800 160000 —B-X 5000 150 102 16
   | | Luan Laser 2000 1900 165000 —B-X 5000 125 60 16
   | | Grian Laser 3000 1800 180000 —B-X 5000 150 60 16
| | Charged Particle Gun 3 1500 600 35000 DCBVX 5000 150 60 16
Deep Space buoy

Deep Space Buoy probe robot being man


Zarconia King Edward Lead guitar


Zarconia Army assault on enemy alien whitman world

Sherryl Khan

Sherryl my daughter and in charge of Invid Regime

   | | ????????????????????????????? ???? ??? ????? ????? ???? ??? ?? ??
   | | Guided Charged Particle Gun 3 1300 600 4000 DCBVX 4000 150 60 16

Zarconia Invid Regime space carrier Zarco Invid fighter troopers vs Enemy British forefather Romulans

| |

Zarco Transformer Gobot terminators

| |-SPECIAL WEAPONS (16/17 ~ 94.1% Entries)

Zarconia Mobile doll droid Battloid Soldier armmaments size mecha


Zarconia Galactica ranking Queen Armada Cyndi Stryker


Galactica Haydonite Wedge Cruiser carrier miles long Cyber tech.


Zarco Inbit Comet Empire Regime Fighter Trooper

| Special Weapon Name OfPw Wght Price EQUIP Range Ammo L T FLD
   | ===================== ===== ==== ====== ===== ===== ==== ==== ===
| Plasma Gun 1500 1500 70000 -CB-X 5000 150 60 32

Zarco Terminator Battloid Mecha Soldier

| Burst Plasma Gun 2000 1700 90000 -CB-X 4000 100 60 64
Killzone 2 Walkthrough Episode 33 Visari Palace Part 4

Killzone 2 Walkthrough Episode 33 Visari Palace Part 4

   | Guided Plasma Gun 750 1500 80000 -CB-X 4000 100 46 16
   | New Plasma Gun 2000 1400 80000 -CB-X 4000 200 60 32
   | New Burst Plasma Gun 2500 1600 100000 -CB-X 4000 120 60 32
   | New Guided Plasma Gun 1250 1400 90000 -CB-X 4000 120 46 16
   | Flamethrower Gun 20 120 12000 DCB-X 500 100 180 256
| New Flamethrower Gun 30 100 12000 DCB-X 700 125 180 256
KusoCartoon 13820399300507

Missile Armored Vehicle Tank

| Tower Railgun 3000 1000 60000 —B-X 5000 200 74 32
KusoCartoon 14344018533834

"Torsion" AMX-30 Main Battle Tank Zarco Transformer Gobot

KusoCartoon 13678107598374

Mortar Gun Space Tank Zarco Macross


Zarco Macross North America class Mortar Space Tank

   | Railgun 5000 2000 130000 —B-X 7000 100 240 64
   | Railgun Dris 6000 2000 155000 —B-X 8000 100 240 64
   | Railgun Ealta 7000 2000 170000 —B-X 9000 100 240 64
   | Railgun Astal 10000 2000 200000 —B-X 10000 100 240 64
   | Wave Gun 18000 4000 300000 —B-X 20000 5 1000 2
   | Breac Wave Gun 20000 4000 350000 —B-X 20000 5 1000 2
   | Siorc Wave Gun 28000 4000 400000 —B-X 20000 5 1000 2
   | ????????????????????? ????? ???? ?????? ????? ????? ? ???? ?

Energy Artillery gun Exosuit Battlesuit combiner Soldier robot

The Exosuit Energy
Artillery gun is Exosuit combined Battlesuit robot    
It adapted to alien worlds warfare and range.It has 
Force fields barrier used in infantry.Transform to
soldier and run and walk and vernier.Re set up and 
fight in robot mode.Extended Exo Suit.Transform 
together.Kinetic rounds.Strategic and High ranks.
Policies.Armored troop carrier is meant to deploy
KusoCartoon 13812861896961

2 Stage Armored Transport Mecha's

Combiner battle

Zarconia Witch Combiner transexual females vs enemy

PT BOAT 100 - 46cm 60-Caliber Gun " and carry being robots and to
KusoCartoon 14027904942972

Boron Mobile Artillery Gun

carry out operations and has instruments for detection .It can assault. It is a vehicle that is armored and carries ten mecha beings to under hundreds.It is meant for modern warfare launched from mothership's bay and from space outer rim atmosphere stratosphere they blast their verniers to land strategically in place and can withstand enemy fire.Deploy troops mecha beings.They can attack ground and air forces to destory enemy.After then can take off back mothership.They can go fast over all terrains space.Have mechas guarding them.They can deliver anti air and pound away at bases and enemy for any
KusoCartoon 14260219238443

Zarconian Mecha Troop "Sphere"Robot Soldier Gobot

missions mulit role.Quick deployment and annalysis.Instruments for taking tests and scanning.Covert Ops and
KusoCartoon 14350046594457

Zarconian Clone Endo Enemy Design

missions.They have Guerrilla forces and carry troops.Armor and force fields to project and protect compliment.Boron is strong support and responsible a rank.He is fierce and can combat.He has smarts and is agile.He is a resiliant role.He is courageous and a thinker.He is aware of dangers.He is fast in in his mobile artillery gun mode and delivers support to cover.He is about 25ft.He is observant and records things and events.He can do covert ops but is responsible for guarding base.He can deliver a punch.He packs a punch.
KusoCartoon 14353476014113

"Magazine Lever" Flak Gun Walkaround Zarconian Transformer Gobot

   500 - 80cm 55-Caliber Gun
   999 - 100cm 60-Caliber Gun

TRANSPORT 100 - 2-Hull Cruiser

   500 - 2-Hull Battleship
   999 - XBattleCarrier

DESTROYER 100 - Atomic Engine Alpha

   500 - Atomic Engine Epsilon
   999 - Gas Turbine Epsilon

CRUISER 100 - 80cm Guided Torpedo

   500 - Special Warhead Torpedo
   999 - New Supersonic Torpedo

BATTLESHIP 100 - Charged Particle Gun 3

500 - ?

Hunter Killer Terminator Warbird war vessel

   999 - Grian Laser

CARRIER 100 - I32-Arawashi

   500 - ?
   999 - ?

BATTLECARRIER 100 - Multi-Warhead Launcher

   500 - ?
   999 - ?

SUBMARINE 100 - Enigmatech Atli

   500 - Enigmatech Propulsion II
   999 - ?
AIRCRAFT 100 - 203mm Chain Gun

Space Nuke Missile

   500 - 356mm Chain Gun

   999 - 406mm Chain Gun
Transfomer Gobot Queen Armada

Queen Armada military

Queen Armada VSTOL fighter mode

spacefighter mode

Queen Feroz cat mode

thylacine cat mode

SUPERSHIP 100 - Wavegun

Armadabot Princess Armada,Azalea McLaughlin

Princess A Khan

Princess Azalea McLaughlin Armada


Princess Armada

Princess Azalea

Princess Armada Urban wear

   500 - ?Megatron clone endo is in charge of the space naval forces and the U.N. and U.N.Spacy and United Fed.OF Planets are cloned endos crew and higher ranking bridge crew and Cpt of the space warships.War strategies and planning and sorties,scouting and recon own decisions,command.They will not stick into battle groups but will be distant among the distant galaxies and to be ordered missions of destroying bases and to back each other up in battlegroups.Fleets among fleets warfare on conquering and protecting Galactica and destruction of the Federal Government British Empire of the Andromeda System.Shock cannon them to pieces and wave motion gun the United States and vaporize United Kingdom.All out war from 2100 at the present day.Evolve with the Iron Duke design per classification of 100 000’s design of warship.Goeben to evolve its new design and characteristics.New hybrid war vessels more than space traveling new technologies per class.Adding or using Iron Duke’s advancements into their own class.New systems.

Electon Railgun


energy railgun

       | 999 - ? Commissioned: the CruisersDestroyers Zerstörer 1934A Successors of the "Zerstörer 1934" class with only slight modifications. 12 ships build. | |-MACHINE GUNS (11/11 = 100% Entries)

   | | (NOTE: All non-CIWS machine guns can have up to 4 barrels)
   | |
   | | Part OfPw Wght Price EQUIP Range Ammo L T Fld
   | | ======== ==== ==== ===== ===== ===== ===== === ===
   | | 7.7mm 3 1 5 DCBVX 1700 500 18 320
   | | 12.7mm 3 2 7 DCBVX 2000 600 18 320
   | | 20.0mm 6 2 12 DCBVX 2300 800 23 320
   | | 25.0mm 6 2 10 DCBVX 2300 900 23 320
   | | 28.0mm 9 3 12 DCBVX 2300 1000 23 320
   | | 37.0mm 9 3 15 DCBVX 2500 1100 30 320
   | | 40.0mm 12 4 20 DCBVX 2500 1200 30 320
   | | 20mmCIWS 18 6 40 DCBVX 2700 10000 18 400
   | | 25mmCIWS 24 7 50 DCBVX 2500 10000 38 400
   | | 30mmCIWS 25 8 60 DCBVX 2700 5000 30 400
   | | 35mmCIWS 30 9 70 DCBVX 2700 6000 38 400
   | |
   | |-SPECIAL MACHINE GUNS (10/10 = 100% Entries)
   | | Part OfPw Wght Price EQUIP Range Ammo L T Fld
   | | ===== ==== ==== ===== ===== ===== ===== === ===
   | | 40mm 24 20 500 DCB-X 2500 5000 29 150
   | | 57mm 24 25 1000 DCB-X 2700 5000 30 200
   | | 88mm 210 30 2000 -CB-X 3000 10000 33 250
   | | 127mm 250 40 3000 —B-X 3100 6000 36 300
   | | 203mm 400 100 4000 —B-X 3500 5000 36 400
   | | 254mm 640 200 5000 —B-X 3700 4000 36 420
   | | 305mm 880 450 6000 —B-X 3900 3000 36 500
   | | 356mm 1440 600 7000 —B-X 4100 3000 39 550
   | | 381mm 1680 700 8000 —B-X 4400 2000 39 560
   | | 406mm 2000 800 9000 —B-X 4600 1000 39 600
| |

Energy railgun firing rnds mode and teleportation warfare.

KusoCartoon 14032933964793

Mobile Artillery "Howitzer"


Zarco soldier robot being endo


Zarco Clone Endo enemy design abilities

Zerstörer 1936A The first German destroyers equipped with 15 cm guns. Zerstörer 1936A (Mob) Slightly modifyed version of the Zerstörer 1936a build during wartime. Zerstörer 1936B Last destroyer class of the war, modifyed version of the Zerstörer 1936A with 12,7 cm guns. Zerstörer 1936C Planed destroyers with 12,8 cm AA guns. Zerstörer 1938B A planed class of small costal destroyers. Zerstörer 1942 The prototype of a diesel powered destroyer. Zerstörer 1944 Projected diesel powered destroyer for Atlantic operations. Zerstörer 1945 The last German destroyer designs of World War II.
KusoCartoon 13818910847236

Longhauler Armored Transport

KusoCartoon 13818912202089

Railgun Armored Transport

KusoCartoon 13818913348121

Missile Launcher Armored Transport

KusoCartoon 13818919297698

Heavy Laser Gun Armored Transport

   |-ENGINE (97/104 ~ 93.3% Entries)
   | | (NOTE: Ef = Efficiency,
   | | OWR/EWR = Output/Eficiency per Weight ratio
   | | ~ higher values are better)
   | |
   | |-BOILER (59/65 ~ 90.7% Entries)
   | | Engine Part Name Output Wght Price EQUIP OWR
   | | ================= ====== ==== ====== ===== =====
   | | BB BoilerI 1800 100 800 —B-X 18.00
   | | BB BoilerII 2200 100 1000 —B-X 22.00
   | | BB BoilerIII 2600 160 1250 —B-X 16.25
   | | BB BoilerIV 3200 200 1500 —B-X 16.00
   | | BB BoilerV 3800 230 1750 —B-X 16.52
   | | BB BoilerVI 4500 220 2000 —B-X 20.45
   | | BB BoilerVII 5000 240 2250 —B-X 20.83
   | | BB BoilerVIII 5500 230 2500 —B-X 23.91
   | | BB BoilerA ???? ??? ???? —B-X ?????
   | | BB BoilerB ???? ??? ???? —B-X ?????
   | | BB BoilerY 7000 370 1650 —B-X 18.92
   | | BB Boiler¿ 7700 400 3600 —B-X 19.25
   | | BB BoilerE 7500 200 4000 —B-X 37.50
   | | CV BoilerI 1650 100 600 —V- 16.50
   | | CV BoilerII 1900 100 750 —V- 19.00
   | | CV BoilerIII 2200 160 1000 —V- 13.75
   | | CV BoilerIV 2500 200 1250 —V- 12.50
   | | CV BoilerV 3100 230 1500 —V- 13.48
   | | CV BoilerVI 3600 220 1750 —V- 16.36
   | | CV BoilerVII 4000 240 2000 —V- 16.67
   | | CV BoilerVIII 5000 230 2250 —V- 21.74
   | | CV BoilerA ???? ??? ???? —V- ?????
   | | CV BoilerB 6500 350 2750 —V- 18.57
   | | CV BoilerY 7000 370 3000 —V- 18.92
   | | CV Boiler¿ 7700 400 1700 —V- 19.25
   | | CV BoilerE ???? ??? ???? —V- ?????
   | | CC BoilerI 1200 50 400 -C— 24.00
   | | CC BoilerII 1450 50 500 -C— 29.00
   | | CC BoilerIII 1700 70 600 -C— 24.29
   | | CC BoilerIV 2000 85 700 -C— 23.53
   | | CC BoilerV 2300 100 800 -C— 23.00
   | | CC BoilerVI 2850 125 900 -C— 22.80
   | | CC BoilerVII 3500 140 1000 -C— 25.00
   | | CC BoilerVIII 4000 180 1100 -C— 22.22
   | | CC BoilerA 4500 170 1200 -C— 26.47
   | | CC BoilerB ???? ??? ???? -C— ?????
   | | CC BoilerY 5500 240 700 -C— 22.92
   | | CC Boiler¿ 6100 225 1500 -C— 27.11
   | | CC BoilerE 6000 130 1600 -C— 46.15
   | | DD BoilerI 2300 220 160 D—- 10.45
   | | DD BoilerII 2800 240 180 D—- 11.67
   | | DD BoilerIII 3300 250 200 D—- 13.20
   | | DD BoilerIV 3700 250 250 D—- 14.80
   | | DD BoilerV 4200 270 300 D—- 15.56
   | | DD BoilerVI 4800 300 350 D—- 16.00
   | | DD BoilerVII 5500 320 400 D—- 17.19
   | | DD BoilerVIII 6200 350 450 D—- 17.71
   | | DD BoilerA 7000 330 500 D—- 21.21
   | | DD BoilerB ???? ??? ??? D—- ?????
   | | DD BoilerY 8200 420 600 D—- 19.52
   | | DD Boiler¿ 9000 400 650 D—- 22.50
   | | DD BoilerE 9500 250 700 D—- 38.00
   | | Atomic EngineI 4000 500 20000 DCBVX 8.00
   | | Atomic EngineII 6500 700 24000 DCBVX 9.29
   | | Atomic EngineIII 9000 1000 28000 DCBVX 9.00
   | | Atomic EngineIV 12500 1250 31000 DCBVX 10.00
   | | Atomic EngineV 14000 1400 34000 DCBVX 10.00
   | | Atomic EngineVI 12500 1000 37000 DCBVX 12.50
   | | Atomic EngineVII 15000 1200 42000 DCBVX 12.50
   | | Atomic EngineVIII 12000 600 50000 DCBVX 20.00
   | | Atomic EngineA 20000 1000 60000 DCBVX 20.00
   | | Atomic EngineB 17000 750 70000 DCBVX 22.67
   | | Atomic EngineY 21000 900 80000 DCBVX 23.33
   | | Atomic Engine¿ 20000 850 90000 DCBVX 23.53
   | | Atomic EngineE 22000 600 100000 DCBVX 36.67
| |

Mobile fortress vernier system base of ops.Electronics and countermeasures system basebots.


base surface,bellow


Terminator being mode Princess Armada Space Federal Agents


Puzzler Combiner,cars


outside city battleground Zarconia men Combiners teams Continent fortress it to clean and renew Greenland and Antarctica,thaw them out and to design them into

Zarco GFFF Greenland the Moon linkup base

mechanical bases of warfare in space and Army reinforced bases as a network system of projected systems and radar in space.Army weaponry and to deliver them at the space level.It has engines and can spacefold.Force field systems and pin point laser defense and missiles and rockets.Hangars for navy to land in.Greenland links up to the moon as connected base.Superweapons and arsenal and troops manpower and pilots and crew.Naval bases attatched and designed into outer armor plating.Heavy laser turrets that are bigger than space vessels and can destroy battlecruisers and fight with large size and has basebots.Extended range.Strategy and High Rankings.Continent sized defenses.!/cnnbrk
   | |-TURBINE (25/26 ~ 96.2% Entries)

   | | Engine Part Name Ef Wght Price EQUIP EWR
   | | ================= == ==== ====== ===== =====
   | | TurbineI 25 100 500 -CBVX 0.250
   | | TurbineII 28 120 1000 -CBVX 0.233
   | | TurbineIII 31 140 1500 -CBVX 0.221
   | | TurbineIV 34 150 1750 -CBVX 0.243
   | | TurbineV 36 160 2200 -CBVX 0.225
   | | TurbineVI 39 125 2500 -CBVX 0.312
   | | TurbineVII 41 130 3000 -CBVX 0.315
   | | TurbineVIII 43 140 4000 -CBVX 0.307
   | | TurbineA 45 125 5000 -CBVX 0.360
   | | TurbineB 47 100 6000 -CBVX 0.470
   | | TurbineY 49 110 3500 -CBVX 0.445
   | | Turbine¿ 50 100 8000 -CBVX 0.500
   | | TurbineE 52 80 10000 -CBVX 0.650
   | | DD TurbineI 50 150 100 D—- 0.333
   | | DD TurbineII 55 170 200 D—- 0.324
   | | DD TurbineIII 60 190 300 D—- 0.315
   | | DD TurbineIV 65 200 300 D—- 0.325
   | | DD TurbineV 70 200 400 D—- 0.350
   | | DD TurbineVI 75 180 500 D—- 0.417
   | | DD TurbineVII 80 190 750 D—- 0.421
   | | DD TurbineVIII 85 180 1000 D—- 0.472
   | | DD TurbineA 88 170 1250 D—- 0.518
   | | DD TurbineB ?? ??? ???? D—- ?????
   | | DD TurbineY 94 160 1800 D—- 0.588
   | | DD Turbine¿ 96 150 2500 D—- 0.640
   | | DD TurbineE 98 120 3000 D—- 0.817
   | |Zeta Khan.JPG
   | |-GAS TURBINE (13/13 = 100% Entries)
   | Engine Part Name Output Wght Price EQUIP OWR
   | ================= ====== ==== ====== ===== =====
   | Gas TurbineI 2500 100 3000 DCBVX 25.00
   | Gas TurbineII 3300 120 3700 DCBVX 27.50
   | Gas TurbineIII 4100 140 4500 DCBVX 29.29
   | Gas TurbineIV 5000 150 5300 DCBVX 33.33
   | Gas TurbineV 6000 150 6000 DCBVX 40.00
   | Gas TurbineVI 7000 160 7000 DCBVX 43.75
   | Gas TurbineVII 8000 180 8000 DCBVX 44.44
   | Gas TurbineVIII 9000 200 9000 DCBVX 45.00
   | Gas TurbineA 10000 230 10000 DCBVX 43.48
   | Gas TurbineB 11000 250 12000 DCBVX 44.00
   | Gas TurbineY 12000 270 13000 DCBVX 44.44

HK Warfare Sattelite network Cybertronian spacc

| Gas Turbine¿ 13000 300 15000 DCBVX 43.33

alien world urban warfare


police Sentinel battloid mobile doll mecha AI.


Zarconia Space warship Covert Ops Counter attack

Flo K

Florence McLaughlin Gobot transformer gundam

Flo Armada

Florence mobile doll droid battloid mecha expert


Princess Armada


Nova fighter


military cycle


Florence McLaughlin

AI in battloid droid mobile dolls that they are a being but with a probles
KusoCartoon 13630389181423

Assualt Chariot Corvette

system utilizing the module unit{pilot}which integrates with the robot mecha and both soldiers are combined as it will be extra soldier from the pilot unit module mode,transformed.Florence is an excellent Terminator soldier and she will utilize warfare like predator going to her systems and weaponry in warfare in space.AI system she can also manual operate stickshift system and pedals but has AI probes as her cock pi tmodule,systems o fbattloid run software.Psychic tranny powers software to police officer droid mobile doll.She has soldier armaments formed hand laser.She has shell stores canre-load her grenade launcher with shells,grenade rounds.Tracking system and Interrogator Threat or Foe system and countermeasures.She can combat with armor plating for combat and force fields is stronger than metal many 100's times,pressure hits the circuit breakers flexible in this abuse meant for,demands.Pop launchers from her
KusoCartoon 13815476121067

Armored Troop Mecha Deployer

probes commands.Laser submachinegun and re-fitted,rockets for pods
KusoCartoon 13820364376066

Armored Transport Vehicle

KusoCartoon 13820364991653

Armored Missile Transport

stores,hydraulic bays panels.She can fly with verniers in space at space mach,Space KM per hour.She has laser strafe,beam saber.Authoratative powers and linked to dispatch system and space intranet.Space police technology.Standoff cameras and camera recording devices.Teleportation warfare by her basebot and space warships.HEL.As soldiers to a battleground and assault guerrilla warfare,suburban urban warfare.Enemy Civilization.Agility,monuverability and military countermeasure moves,defensive and attack.Heavy firepower.Killing machine but combo system.Gobot Transformer beings.Combiners. During war the battlesuit will be given a directive command of not allowing the
KusoCartoon 13630380471950

Zarco Macross clone endo Battlesuit being size mechas,7ft

battlesuit for danger reasons of
KusoCartoon 13773949686907

Zarco Dragon Dropship with Zarco Inbit Regime personel

being taken off by the enemy or an accident.Btu the trooper has options.Battlesuit helmet is taken off when the face visor with a command from the hardrive opens up forward the face visor and can come off from the pilot’s troops commands.It is hydraulicly pressurized with life support gases for the inorganic outer exterior and for functions in life support. | Gas TurbineE 13000 150 20000 DCBVX dreamworld.gif pacifist Sanc Kingdom, and even the secret Mariemaia Army the SCHEMATICSllo 86.67 FK Intel.JPG Spähkreuzer Huge destroyers to be used as reconnaisance cruisers.The Bismarck will become a HunterKillerTerminator.It will be built into a spacebattleship with Star Wars and Star Trek technology.HK Bismarck.All of these WW war vessels to the space age and Zarco.Build up the navy against Allah Pak.Red Sector A Peel Ont.Classification of war vessel 1000’s of that type and millions of war vessels and under 100 fleets.They will have the faster Wave gun optical weapon which is like a reflex gun.The will have everything.Wave motion gun and shock cannons.Shock cannons and plasma laser mixed.Taim and Bak and turbo lasers and krpton laser and ordinance and electric arc and internal rail cannon.Force field shields reflective barrier and armor.Build up Antarctica,Fortress Canada and Greenland of earth.Argo schematics E.D.F. Iron Duke Bismarck and WW1 and WW2 German Navy. | |-DESTROYER (7/8 = 87.5% Entries) space comparisons.JPG Armored Transport Vehicles can carry Combiner Squads.Base of operations hostile enemy territory.Deploys soldier mecha beings and does covert ops.It is dropped from outer space and where in atmosphere you can see space but is not.They can fire at bases and enemy postions.Fire anti air.They are for more firepower than mechas.They can fly back to mothership.Linkup in the bays.Robotic arms and clamps attatch to the vehicles.They have scanner and computers.They have jammers.Stations aboard other than the soldier hangar.They can go to mach.1 speed over terrain.They can lift off and fly,hover.

Princess Aramda's tomb souls of attractive women "Atlantis"

   | | ================= ===== ==== ===== ==== == ==== == =====
   | | DestroyerI 2300 600 250 700 9 NONE 0 1600
   | | DestroyerII 2700 700 500 800 9 NONE 0 1900
   | | DestroyerIII 3100 800 750 900 9 NONE 0 2200
   | | DestroyerIV 3200 900 1000 950 9 NONE 0 2250
   | | DestroyerV 5000 2200 10000 1400 9 NONE 0 3600
   | | Small Destroyer 2100 1000 200 500 11 NONE 0 1600
   | | ????????????????? ????? ???? ????? ???? ?? NONE 0 ????
   | | Mini Destroyer 1800 800 100 300 12 NONE 0 1500
| |
KusoCartoon 13774000856465

Space Dropship compliment of mecha beings

   | |-CRUISER (12/12 = 100% Entries)
   | | Hull Name W Lmt Endr Price Wght TR Type AC U wgt
   | | ================= ===== ==== ===== ==== == ==== == =====
   | | CruiserI 3400 750 2000 1200 7 SEA 1 2200
   | | CruiserII 3400 900 3000 1000 7 SEA 1 2400
   | | CruiserIII 3900 1200 4500 1350 7 SEA 1 2550
   | | CruiserIV 4200 1350 6000 1500 7 SEA 1 2700
   | | CruiserV 4700 1425 7500 1400 7 SEA 1 3300
   | | CruiserVI 5200 1650 8000 1700 6 SEA 2 3500
   | | CruiserVII 5700 1800 10000 2000 6 SEA 2 3700
   | | CruiserVIII 5900 2100 10000 1900 6 SEA 2 4000
   | | CruiserIX 6600 2400 12000 2200 6 SEA 3 4400
   | | CruiserX 7000 2400 14000 2400 6 SEA 3 4600
   | | 2-hull Cruiser 10000 3000 20000 3800 8 SEA 3 6200
   | | Special Cruiser 8000 3000 17000 2700 8 SEA 2 5300
   | |
   | |-BATTLESHIP (11/11 = 100% Entries)
   | | Hull Name W Lmt Endr Price Wght TR Type AC U wgt
   | | ================= ===== ==== ===== ==== == ==== == =====
   | | BattleshipI 12000 4200 25000 2700 5 SEA 1 9300
   | | BattleshipII 16500 4950 30000 2500 5 SEA 1 14000
   | | BattleshipIII 21000 5700 35000 2900 5 SEA 1 18100
   | | BattleshipIV 26000 5250 40000 3000 4 SEA 1 23000
   | | BattleshipV 29000 5700 45000 2900 4 SEA 2 26100
   | | BattleshipVI 32000 6000 55000 3200 5 SEA 2 28800
   | | BattleshipVII 35000 6450 60000 3400 4 SEA 2 31600
   | | BattleshipVIII 40000 6750 65000 3500 5 SEA 3 36500
   | | Drillship 40000 4500 65000 2700 4 SEA 2 37300
   | | PT boat 10000 2000 10000 2700 8 SEA 2 7300
   | | 2-hull Battleship 60000 5500 65000 2700 6 SEA 3 57300
   | |RG.JPGRailgun is 100's ft long and is huge.Outer space level.
   | |-CARRIER (5/5 = 100% Entries)
   | | Hull Name W Lmt Endr Price Wght TR Type AC U wgt
   | | ================= ===== ==== ===== ==== == ==== == =====
| | CarrierI 5000 840 5000 1600 5 DECK 10 3400

Princess Younice Armada

KusoCartoon 13778157644262

Princess Armada Kehlest

   | | CarrierII 8000 1440 10000 2200 4 DECK 13 5800
   | | CarrierIII 12000 1680 20000 2400 4 DECK 15 9600
   | | CarrierIV 14500 2160 30000 3000 4 DECK 16 11500
| | CarrierV 17000 2640 35000 3200 4 DECK 19 13800

Princess Elysia Armada

   | |
   | |-BATTLECARRIER (4/4 = 100% Entries)
   | Hull Name W Lmt Endr Price Wght TR Type AC U wgt
   | ================= ===== ==== ===== ==== == ==== == =====
   | BattlecarrierI 16000 4950 35000 2800 5 DECK 5 13200
   | BattlecarrierII 24000 5250 50000 3000 5 DECK 8 21000
   | BattlecarrierIII 28000 6000 60000 3300 5 DECK 10 24700
   | XBattlecarrier 40000 6750 65000 3000 5 DECK 20 37000 huge, planet-destroying proton missiles
Launched: 14.02.1939 Commissioned: 24.08.1940 Tirpitz[WWW] [WWW] Fate: sunk 27.05.1941 (North Atlantic) HYPERLINK "[WWW]" INCLUDEPICTURE "" \* MERGEFORMATINET Laid down: Kriegsmarinewerft Wilhelmshaven 02.11.1936 INCLUDEPICTURE "" \* MERGEFORMATINET | |-AUXILIARY DEFENSIVE (34/35 ~ 97.1% Entries)

FLIR Wave Zarconia Space Police robot being

   | | Auxiliary Part Name Price Effect
   | | ========================= ====== ===================================
   | | Electromagnetic ShieldI 50000 Damage from energy weapons -20%
   | | Electromagnetic ShieldII 60000 Damage from energy weapons -30%
   | | Electromagnetic ShieldIII 70000 Damage from energy weapons -40%
   | | Electromagnetic ShieldIV 80000 Damage from energy weapons -50%
   | | Electromagnetic ShieldV 90000 Damage from energy weapons -60%
   | | Electromagnetic ShieldVI 100000 Damage from energy weapons -70%
   | | Electromagnetic ShieldA 130000 Damage from energy weapons -80%
   | | Electromagnetic ShieldB 150000 Damage from energy weapons -90%
   | | Electronic BlockingI 3000 Enemy radar ability -21
   | | Electronic BlockingII 6000 Enemy radar ability -31
   | | Electronic BlockingIII 10000 Enemy radar ability -41
   | | Electronic BlockingIV 20000 Enemy radar ability -51
   | | Electronic BlockingV 40000 Enemy radar ability -61
   | | Electronic BlockingVI 60000 Enemy radar ability -71
   | | Electronic BlockingA 70000 Enemy radar ability -81
   | | Electronic BlockingB 80000 Enemy radar ability -91
   | | Auto Fire ExtinguisherI 3000 Fire extinguish success rate + 5%
   | | Auto Fire ExtinguisherII 6500 Fire extinguish success rate +10%
   | | Auto Fire ExtinguisherIII 10000 Fire extinguish success rate +16%
   | | Auto Fire ExtinguisherIV 20000 Fire extinguish success rate +26%
   | | Auto Fire ExtinguisherV 30000 Fire extinguish success rate +36%
   | | Auto Fire ExtinguisherVI 30000 Fire extinguish success rate +46%
   | | Auto Fire ExtinguisherA 50000 Fire extinguish success rate +56%
   | | Auto Fire ExtinguisherB 60000 Fire extinguish success rate +66%
   | | Emergency Hull PurgeI 3000 Hull integrity + 5%
   | | Emergency Hull PurgeII 6500 Hull integrity +10%
   | | Emergency Hull PurgeIII 10000 Hull integrity +16%
   | | Emergency Hull PurgeIV 20000 Hull integrity +26%
   | | Emergency Hull PurgeV 30000 Hull integrity +36%
   | | Emergency Hull PurgeVI ?????? Hull integrity +??%
   | | Emergency Hull PurgeA 50000 Hull integrity +56%
   | | Emergency Hull PurgeB 60000 Hull integrity +66%
   | | Enigmatech Orn 70000 Endurance +2500
   | | Top speed -30%
   | | Enigmatech Egill 72000 Endurance +1000
   | | Rudder response -1
   | | Shield System 160000 Percentage that flooding and fires
   | | will occur 0% rn to Queen Armada spacefighter mode supercomputer.jpg
Queen Armada supercomputer.pngQueen Armada military.jpg[WWW][WWW]  Missiles can penetration shields or any barriers and explode within enemy hull chain

Panther Ramparts Zarco Leopard Tank

KusoCartoon 13630397565072

Zarco Macross Army warship

missiles,munitions,payload,torpedos,rounds,cartridge,HE make shockwaves and break through force field barrier shields.Zarconia Space Leopard Tank is alien terrain tank that is for outer space.It has verniers embedded series in between the treads.Treads are mechanical and shock absorbers flexiblility for terrain.Adjust.It has inside it CPU area and area for combiner troops.Station inside with the being transformer.Vacuum shut but with ventillation they can leave compartment station.Policies they are a station with officers.They fire laser and energy fire at 10's miles range under 100.Firing at things they can't see.Meant as environment on alien worlds its battleground.Emergency
Leopard 2A5

"Rammers"Leopard 2A5 Main Battle Tank Zarco Transformer Gobot

sensors and sensors for tracking with Space BETA,PARCS space DEW.Space
KusoCartoon 13630400856141

Zarco Macross "Battery Tank"

FLIR.Space SPADOTS.They have series of laser cannons called ion cannons use ionic energy as laser fire.Ion battery to deal with smaller targets and switch firing modes.Adds with the firepower AA.Launchers that popup hydraulic and fire projectiles HE.The then takeout enemies part of the arsenal of the space tank.It has imagery through alien worlds and is large fitted instruments inside.Energy fire is kinetic energy.It can build up fire.Energy can explosion and precise battlefield aquasition and targeting using the HK warfare sattelite Deep Space Bouy.It can network up systems and combine force fields barriers.They can order up powers on battlefield.Combining to network.They are like ships but for the land.Travel within mach 1 and faster mach 1.5.It has atomic powder and impact burn through shields and the space explosive injected and penetration into the armour
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Army Unit clone endo

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Zarconian Uzbek Galman troops

to explode.Radiation modified into a pulse wave and parts of missile does stages,warhead from the pulse wave carried into breached armor as process.Radiation as atomic powder makes an energy that burns through shields.Rounds are kinetic as cartridges.Their ranger any to purpose mission programed to mecha.Rounds contains small recyclable devices that induce pulse wave shockwave and the space cartridge within to breach into through armor.Programmed to detonate when they have no object to hit.Radiation gives it propulsion when
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Comet Empire laser gun emplacement

it is turned into energy. Feroz Y Khan.JPGFeroz reincarnation cycle
2014-07-02 19.49.57

Comet Empire Soldier and laser firearm

2014-07-02 19.52.52

Comet Empire squad

2014-07-02 19.48.10

Comet Empire laser gun emplacement

mode.jpg bicycle.JPG 80's Feroz bicycling.jpg Fkhan.JPGFK fighter.JPGFeroza Khan.JPGPA bike.JPG]SB.jpg Feroz's cat mode.jpg .I am smart in Science and my favourites are Zoology,dinosaurs,Intimology

Night Creeper Transformer Gobot Insectibot

,Ichthyology,Astronomy{physics}energies and elements,military technology{physics}electronics,computers and history of technology,geography{tribal},history and WW1 WW2 Cold War,law and history of crime Horror movies,Sci Fi military cartoons.I am not applied in education.At grade level math and englishMuslims are some rules as not to commit sins in your life,unclean,steal,bad behaviour,authoratative,mob,underworld,solace,evil,anger,supposed to think pleasant all your life and religious and to not be dangerous,ways you treat others,commit acts from out of date religion{war},eat condemn food and condemn obscene behaviour,drink and drugs,racist and conspire,willingly live with spawn and sinful people,ill thoughts in mind hidden or to cause act of harm to good people,terror,association with evil criminals,invite evil to your home,practices with sin in it,act pagan,be martyr but for wrong,pray and break rules of religion,pray and act wrong,to be mental,side with Satan,to do prayers in Islam to creator Allah Mumm-ra or other of Allah.Practice Islam,read Quran and put it into laws of your civilize country.Sensibility to sciences.Muslims are allowed to torture during Jihad which means war and last war of outer space and you can kill and sacrifice your soul to war and you'll be blessed by Allah Mumm-ra and his systems.Caught them doing living on wrong.I am extremely good looking and fight warfare.I have no criminal in my pastlives as I am not a coward and am a strait forward gender to least tranny female.I have had my pastlife taken back to get me close to overtechnology and to Transformers Gobot universe.Pastlife was worthless stints.Too much value in future or afterlife.Especially for good or Islam to rule.Especially I have been part of Axis powers ancestory in space or supremacists but without a high role,mediocre and middle class non military role as citizen for 900 yrs America outer space Ettrossian Confederated.In my empire I am looking for many who are the same as me.Detest British,virgin from awful society=attack autosexual,muslim and clean,wanting to expand in freedom,warfare without socializing,detest socializing{drugs},detest criminal,quiet not a gabber,isolationist as I am,similiar to Queen Armada anti-women.I can over power and fight many bigger than me and authoritative,clean their clock momentum and fist and kicks entire weight.I am heavy and tall for females.I can fight really well to ring technician.I do not like any losers,dislike cool gang{scum} who are overly peaceful to too much as illness mentally,technician them and who played me,townhome Peel,On.I would show him a technicianing on him for he is a loser.I can defeat them and like attractive women{shemales} or my own,witch.I went to Dark Nebula Empire for terminators,Borg for what galaxy we used to come from Delta quadrant and for other relations,Haydonites for they are a people and open to me about living in black hole universe as I knew them,Invid for me to know of them from Cybertron and Gobotron and how insects obey me and friend to me what species the ants and other predators,Comet Empire as relating to me failure,needing to be reborn and ruled by me as Japanese Empire combined and combine them into defunct GFF German Klingon navy,ancestors Khan family.No military experiments on animals{fish,insects,mammals,even creatures}medical experiments banned not allowed.Only on cruel prisoners and space organism creatures,monsters.I am giving form in my own personal expertese as Feroz Khan in military technology of Ontario t.v. stations of 1980's to historically back WW1 and to Cold War.I am a citizen.Relate to me Galman Gamilon Uzbek Roman of Quran.They want to be machines as me Transformers and Gobots.We positive attitude and we believe in Allah's system that was relating to us,family member uncle or grandfather and religious man.He cared.And we are they way from good he gave to me,died.Legacy carry.Smart intelligence topics.Sciences.Warfare in outer space and battle of Sol System.Adventurous religious.Relate to Rock and heavy metal music,thrash and Edge music.Force of us led by me and my daughter same gender as me Princess Armada.Same interests transwomen attractive have separate personal beliefs like themselves and female body.I am leader.Serious.But memories laugh not out of hand.Something to share.Wanting to supremace the failure of the Germans of WW and Japanese Empire,religion and tribal.Other predator animal family[civilized] but relate because they might have tribal in them.Eats as omnivore and eat for taste,planteater{fish and chicken} and for taste of a dish{pizza}.Warfare cannot eat aboard a warship in space or battleground tank unit on planet,energy reserves.Lie down of course joints.Non coward sensible,thinking on duty.Those who do not want to led but lead and are a ranking with my system.Cheaters in space,cheat in technology or tactics as in my situation.People that are normal,calm and not possessed,healthy.No problems,disease or haunted home.Reliability and will be there in the present or afterlife at our destination and belief and longevity Zarconian responsibilities.Concern and many 10 000's of years further future and timetravelling many 10 000's years past possibly.Proper and safety.Properly done.Safety measures.Same situation or others relate,don't want snobs.Relate in talking next time.Same enemies merger in same serious actions and concern to enemy and growth as I am in future and time travelling and can't stand my opposition.Put in heavy large amount of their survival and resources and home,starting over in new home afterlife.Rebuilding.No angels,fed up with them,my beliefs and encounters.Look to me contribute to the most I can. I have my power in the dreamworld.As my power goes higher I am able to power my abilities flight.I am Queen Armada of the dreamworld Tranformers Gobot Lemuria universe.Lemuria is my race and is an advanced white people civilization space travelling.I live there and its empty.I look like my real face and soul as my pictures.And I am put through tests of using my power to fly...from walking.Upright like skating around on roads,streets and highways and learning trials upright arms back to go to space.And flying above highway following it with Feroza flying behind me as machines.Princess Armada will happen when I Queen Armada and my Empire are through with whiteman and humansWhiteman became a menace in space expansion and divided into alien races of whiteman.They then formed a control over most of outer space.They then made Republic for evil Axis powers and United Federation of Planets a space U.N. for allied British loyalties.They want to grow into an oppression with rigged warfare,easy time and to drain from captive population.Tyranny for the bad guys or evil doers,communism.Whiteman is a supremacist.These racists are government.Tyranny has to be broken.British {angels want and are born as whitepeople and their plans are to manpower a government and after all of the war is done to enjoy the spoils of being whiteman and merging into technology.Parts and forms of government and are member angels and non-Islamic and preach Bible source of destructive allied British whiteman contributer}are law breakers and cause termoil.They dish off problems they invent center and source of tyranny.Expansioning in space to make it hard to get at them,untouchable and hostage.Allieds make prisoners as a fake population and farm and milk us citizens as a form of communism.Racist supremacist as good guys who are bigotry and stages of humiliation.They are trying to destroy our defenses and corrupt it up since system obeys Allah Mumm-ra.Corrupt and then dished off communism and Neo criminalism.Then people are reduced and reduced medically.We are oppressed worse,body's breached and violated.Communism is when the government murders you.Money we never grow and are threatened.Police oppress and are heartless and obey U.N.They have government to liar about attacks.We live in danger with our lives,defenses being destroyed and they are pirates.They are criminals in on a mob.Sellouts.Stature.Belittling,British shivalry,embarrassment,violations,turned into ghettos.Reduced.Neo nazis.Kept me to humiliate supremace me as a sacrifice to whiteman.Temple of Syrinx is what their goal is.No defenses then they will try to sacrifice us to do Church,exterminating them and gathering human as my kid but destroyed and everything given to my jinn machine to be Princess Armada.I have created my daughter same gender as me from elimination of humanity.But we are people.And in my apparel and endless civilization with branching directions.Towards East city and towards South West city urban civilization and my flight modes travel long distance.Planet is size of a star.And to go back to 18th century space and to be the only thing to fly back then and fly up a hilly tall grass covered mountain.And to practice walking off Skyscrapers and not fall and to fly downwards buildings and Lemuria CN Tower.And to go to my Secondary school dreamworld with my power above many being races in outer space.VSTOL and STOVL.Me as transformer gobot VSTOL spacefighter and change modes to my cycle robot mode and dreams of my cyclone I am.Canopy is my face reincarnated me in afterlife.And my family,transexual daughters following me and flying.Feroza and Gloria flying on their skateboards and in winter snowboard,jumping from building level and falling on their board,daredevils.And me and my mastery of my power.Change to being mode for full speed into space.And re-entry full speed flying above full speed of the urban civilization and slowing down to land on my boots and coat and body uniform prevents cold.Legs forward and upright on roads and streets travelling 100's mph.Change to my cycle mode.Fly upright above sidewalk.And use my power inside buildings to hide around ceiling.Facility is km huge.And to use my flight to get to areas from above.And my travels to native zone parks with very large deep lakes,seas.We can change into bicycles from the Leader Mamma Mom Feroz Y Khan.I Feroz lead them from my bicycle skills to transform Princess Armada into cycle bicycle space ten speed and space mountain bike with your sister riding you or a holographic projection.Infiltration on paths and paths on my files from my past experience.Cycle at the dreamworld level with our power ability for bicycle and skateboard.We need to transform for when she goes mph then 100 mph frame has to be sturdy from power of flight.On a bike and 10 speed you can lean severly and I use my leg out for weight on turns.You can lean severly and is better in areas than a motorcycle which on roads.Sidewalk and pathways have advantage and biking cycling speed and weight monuverability.Leaning and weight and my style and moves.Pedal to stand on the pedals is one hunched up,stand and just ride off energy and cruise.Cruising.Work is on the hills.Fuel,Hills then can give you speed.Cat scanning works like a gem.Intersections and is great on animal wildllife cross.Parts of the path,center or right or left.Fuel previous speed going on cruising.Leaning at high speeds and turns and curves and emergency moves,slow down leg jack,out.You move around on a seat to utilize agility of a bicycle.Nature.Momentum in dreamworld power on highway lanes.It will have to look like a cycle at such car speeds.Slow down back to bicycle.Modes.My daughters Princess Armada will do hiking and bmx race tricks along with what they inherited from me,cruising. Use Terminator Dark Nebula Empire to liberate
Pdvd 187

Special Guest Gobots relate Zarconia Army

Allied and UFP and Earth Federation.Angels interfered and have been born as white milltary.Angels wanted to become white people and dominate everything.Police and military are angels as white people.End domination by whiteman as Jinn born as Zarconian machines and endos and Transformers Gobot as troops.Form Army counter whiteman militarily and Space Government.Dismantle their ships in space.To have upper hand and Hunter Killer Terminator

Zarconia Terminators

technology in Naval,airforce and Army.And then to conquer quadrants and universes for Zarconian grow from victories and practice on space Whiteman opponent.Plundered this earth class planet then to blow it by our navy.Companies to co-operate and to assimulate.Have dreamworld
4426081 f520

Motorized Assisted Bike

resources,and time of century to start evolving and practicing from real warfare in outer space.Dreamworld scientists and technology and civilization,locations.Conquered Ontario but sattelites in around Jupiter and Sol System.Dwarf planets.Concentration camps
KusoCartoon 13869111540750

Miitary Space Truck Trailer

KusoCartoon 13869130245474

Space Military Truck Trailer Base

worthless meaningless whiteman and all enemies,garbage talk.Outer space.Cross off Cybernet and Skynet{angels as soldiers from Government,UFO aliens} with Dark Nebula assimulated manpower resources.Design Terminator mobile doll Droid battloid.Time travel to not rush into things unprepared.Zarconian loyalties must have proven ties and to make them into soldier endos of Transformer Gobots.Grow as an Empire.We Zarconians under Queen Armada will get the practice and build up and understand my inventions and to get real space battlefield combat as practice.Centuries in a secret world.Fortify and build bases.Quran merge with Vector Sigma as terminal.I have invented alot of Zarconian transformer gobot and teams.I will be able to assemble robotech vehicles into a transformer gobot team and combiner.Princess Armada helped me.Gathering my forces and uniting the Decepticons,Renegades,Autobots

Zarconia Gas mask terminator clone endo enemy design,ideas

and guardians as 1 force.

Zarconia Qn Guardiana Space police car and Kelectra Huey Cobra Witch tranny transformer gobot beings

  1. Antiquity Ancient Warfare Resources.Mobile Suit Centinel Battloid mecha are like soldiers.They can be armed with bazookas and sortment of giant firearms and lasers.They can be fitted with launchers and utilize BMS.They are beings.They have systems.They do not change and can get into battle and win.They are very strong and have excellent defensive
    KusoCartoon 13959600083890

    Transformer Gobot Creator Angel Goddeses

    systems.They are 30 to 40ft and can inflitrate tunnels.Strategy attack.Covert Operations.Fitted and re-fitted specialized weapons packs and fly vernier systems.Queen Feroz Y Khan Armada has reproduce Princess Armada I carry her

    Queen Guardian Combiner Giant Robot Being

    inside{cool} expanded cavity as Transformer Gobot Dreamworld Lemuria advanced white beings civilization ghost civilization but running full process and maintained advanced,running transit scattered population not a direct one anymore.I Princess Armada has her existence on me I might act like them and waste through hydraulic fluid process and is very best.She learns her abilities and files from me and this is for parasitic creature organism and any intruders.Heavy duty process defenses.Born as a grown up endo.I am both of her parents as one.No mate.
  2. Mesopotamia: Cradle of War
  3. Hellenic Warfare (comprehensive)Catch the beat. This is actually easy with techno music. In clubs, they

    Princess Eilleen Armada being clone endo mode.


    HK warfare Sattelite and linkup to Halberd warship


    Zarco Combiner leader Cybertron Gobotron Princess Sharona Armada from her Space sports car vehicle Robot being.

    emphasize the beat by turning up the bass loud enough for your arteries to burst. Most of the time it's a 1-2-3-4 count in about 2 seconds (or 120 beats per minute). You can catch it by tapping your toes to the beat underneath the table or while standing at the bar.

    Zarconia Science Team Robot beings High Ranks

    Francis as like Kristine uses tanks and is part and command of a tank unit in a monster tank.She boards Army Warship to be carried to space.Francis uses her skills for tank warfare.Science Team is Zarconia's most brilliant minds.They are robot beings that are leaders.They can be as powerful as a terminal and invention our technology.They are a massive team of brilliant scientists.They study and leadership Zarconia and go away on covert Operations.They know about instrument machines and go away at the sciences and priority to study.
2Give your head a slight side-to-side nod. Imagine your head as a gentle pendulum, going along with the beat you're tapping your toes to. Relax your neck and just go side-to-side for a little while. If you really want to experience it, close your eyes and do it. Your body will start to relax and prepare you for the next step. 3Get up and walk out to the floor with your head still in sync with the beat. The beauty of techno music iis that you can dance by yourself and no one cares. Find a spot towards the back of the floor and away from the crowd so you can try to fe

Motorized Assisted Bike

el the music even more. 4Start a small march to the beat. Pick your feet up left, right, left , right. You should be fully ingrained with the techno beat by now. Close your eyes for a few seconds and let your body relax a little while still keeping your low march. Let your arms loo Read more: How to Dance at Techno Clubs | [WWW]
  1. Ancient GalleysQueen Armada.JPG
  2. Greek Tension Artillery
  3. Great Battles (wargames; scenarios, OBs)
  4. Alexander the Great at Issus

    Princess Sherryl Armada of Space Army Cybertron Inbit Gobot Invid Insect being robots


Intel and covert ops Antivirus Soundblaster



DIY Electric Bike 40km h Using 350W Reducer Brushless Motor

DIY Electric Bike 40km h Using 350W Reducer Brushless Motor

My ride to school on my e-bike

My ride to school on my e-bike

My New Ebike Is Fast! 50kph!

My New Ebike Is Fast! 50kph!

Zarconia Soundblaster is named Antivirus and he communicates to space from surface of planets and in space.He is a covert operations expert and can fight well with sharp shooting.He has new frequency skills and modulated in HF and computer warfare and communication systems.Art of disguise and camauflage.Part of starting up communication network defenses and can do spikes.He interacts and dowloads from sattelites and with main computers.He has antenna and can make EM and a barrier and ECM jammers stealth and to throw off guidance.He can open locked electronics and is of a squad,his CDbots he shares duties with Firoz Khan Princess Armada.

   • The Oblique OrderSB.jpg
Zarconian Lemuria outer space U.N. and government.Military leaders and

Special Agent Droid Vehicle Being Princess Treleste Armada

scientists and have their part Zarconian military.Their brilliance and inovation to manmade things a terminals power by hand.Gobot Transformers.My clone endos that would take the attributes and curve it into my thinking.Zarconian then can grow from them as they would solve military secrets and act as productioners and produce the impossible in Science Fiction military cartoons.They can fight terminator warfare.
  1. Great Battles of Rome[[ [WWW]

Transwomen Insectibots Queen Armada Cybertronian Gobotron Inbit Insectibot Combiner Witch

/info/gobots.html # Roman Legion

Princess Armada squad unit space cars

  1. Roman Military Equipment
  2. Roman Weapons & Armor
  3. Roman Army on the Move
  4. Punic Wars (portal)
  5. Battles of the Punic Wars (portal)
  6. Rome v. Carthage

[WWW]  [4] # Hannibal PortalStar destroyer cruiser.jpg

  1. Hannibal Crosses the Alps
  2. Cannae (216 BC) - excellent graphics

CDbots Gobot transformer Lemurian

   • Wikipedia

Feroz's children same gender Feroz Khan Princess Armada

   • Wargame ("Click here to CONTINUE" at bottom)

   • Map (inital delpyment) • Climax
Firoz transformer gobots

Princess Armada intel youngest

  1. Metaurus (207 BC)

    robot bicycle CDbot Creek Master

  2. Elephants in

    Fox Tiger CDbot being animalbot robot

    WarQuran.jpgautobot carcharadon shark.JPG 90ft tall and is wide and huge size Lemuria dreamworld lakes robotic shark.CD Bots humanoid enemy design are full of abilites.Soldier has soldier abilities like a Terminator.He can crawl and duck fire and use things like squad expert.Emily can do martial arts and can leap acrobatics.She transforms to do covert ops.She can exterminate and dish out heavy fire.She can unite barriers.She is like a Princess soldier.They have extra strength to lift vehicles.Emily has magic power.Levitate and fly.Eject out of Firoz.Firoz is mastermind intel and plan strategist.Smart to eject out army of Terminators.Uses intel and has frequency powers,laser.Energy weapons.She is bigger brains.Repeater Receivers.Jam lasers and cause them not function.She
    KusoCartoon 13810067905391

    "Cycler" CD Bot Motorcycle

    can get involved Superweapons.Covert ops to send
    KusoCartoon 13810078685604

    "Stinger" Aerial Drone CD BOT wasp robot

    them out sabotage from warship flagship.Telephone and to answer communications.She is very strong.Army to obey her and destroy.
  3. Map: Roman North AfricaStar trek Nazi.jpgflag.jpgVorgon.pngCombine.pngHelghast.jpgWolf flag.jpgDecepticon.jpgUpload new file "U.boat"SWT.jpg
Mobile doll droid

Zarco mobile doll centinel battloid

  1. Middle Ages Longbow PortalReflex gun.JPG
Zarconian Terminator is to attack the enemy in outerspace but without any targets like enemy warships.Destruction with demo squads and army in space.This is our Army warfare.And our space concentration camps.We have terminator from

Queen Ruler Armada clone Endo Enemy Design transformation being mode

Dark Nebula empire.We have missiles and can deliver them
KusoCartoon 13804834831492

"Soldier" CD Bot terminator

KusoCartoon 13804836718011

Emily Princess CD Bot clone endo enemy design

from ground.Army weaponry for firing at space.Sci fi technology.Missiles,lasers and laser turrets and railgun.This is giant cannon that fires to attack enemy fleet and can be transported relocated.It is formidable being 100's feet long and more.Fires energy fire and this will explosion as laser.The Vector Sigma Quran and new fuhr who is Quran's strategist and leader.I have abundance of knowledge in outerspace given to me from Borg,Haydonites,Dark Nebula,Comet Empire and Galman Gamilon and Invid.They are in Covert ops and troop manpower.Quran's troops.Infiltrate and I get the access
KusoCartoon 14172142241804

Zarco Floppydiskbot "Spy"

KusoCartoon 14172143125926

Zarco Floppydiskbot "Spy Armada" Transexual female Spy

codes bunches or more by now.Our terminators are beings
KusoCartoon 14172095909852

Floppydiskbots/CDbots walker/mini vehicle modes

KusoCartoon 14260217953494

CDbot "Spherical Drone Zarco Mini-Con

!/DTNStockMarket non-alien.Militarization and our enemies and we manipulate a new loyalties program.We can use our arsenal of infiltrator technology.Infantry and battle,know procedures to counter the enemy whiteman and UFP.They are aliens humans of Federation.Vehicles and covert ops craft and battloid mobile doll
KusoCartoon 13919886816010

Zarco Nefarious Scientist "Osterguard"

droids.CDbots/Floppydiskbots have extra abilities towards what they are.They are robots that can leap and do acrobatics.They can cross gorges and scale hights.They can fly.They can climb.Spies have spy abilities like people but are Transformer Gobots and can do more abilities like interface for more properties from machines and electronics.They have armor and fields defenses and are very strong like robots.They can fight amongst other machines and Transformers,Gobots.They have spy kit but alien technology.They can get through boobytraps and collect intel as they can infiltration and do many roles in covert ops.They all can combat.Have energy firearms.They can fool sensors and alarms.They can hide and infiltrate from transformation.
KusoCartoon 14006975855072

Antivirus Intel officer Robot Vehicle being




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