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Florence mobile doll droid battloid mecha expert


Florence Khan


Napolean 2 new fuhr High Ranking and assistant rank to SAT terminal


Mylene Khan

Terminator Wiki

New Fuhr Older brother to Napolean 2 clone endo enemy design Being transformation mode

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John Connor

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John Connor Terminator Resistance Leader


T-3000 John Connor

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New Fuhr Napolean 1



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Zarconia Galactica ranking Queen Armada Cyndi Stryker

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300px-NEST insignia
Source John Connor

Main fleet Alpha invented

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This is a place where we aquire deals with technology for Zarconian.They trade and get secrets of technology.Its for recruiting future Zarconians and Enemy design troops.Zarco Macross is a member and our own ally.We trade in space to Star Blazers Space Battleship Yamato and their secrets.Its also for infiltration and to get blueprints.Spies.Wheeling and dealing by military European Pretenders of Space.These are the things they had play a small role.In Zarconian when we manufactor them they will have hybrid of techonology and upgrades.

   Portals Scott Bernard knows R.E.F. knowledge and about Tirol.Scott though is leader vs Skynet and Cybernet Mir.John and Scott are leaders of Resistance.Scott is into robotic world.He knows who created OZ-1AMS and its relation family with the Alpha fighter.Alpha fighter from me is related to Ultra Magnus.Aries is and secret systems on Aries.It is part gundam and from a fleet.As an Alpha it can join to the Taurus OZ.Taurus is in the VBF family.Battloid mode it is better than most craft flight.Secret weapons systems and systems,countermeasures.I want to make an Aries and find out about them in my afterlife Cybertron reference Gobotron.Aries can do better.Particle beam cannon guess?Missile launcher AIMMS.Engine.Scott Bernard send Stick to fight better than Reese?
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Feroz reincarnation cycle

Feroz reincarnated afterlife cycle Gobot Tranformers Universe dreamworld Lemuria

The Source is John Connor.We in Zarconia think there is a man behind John Connor and was much to what the Terminators and Resistance said and I think that Scott Bernard and Stick are the description of John Connor.And then from Mars fleet and Next Generation technology that they look like conquered Terminator technology.So he knows how to manipulate and run robots or Terminators.He would be a better Resistance leader being of the future or alien space worlds as I believe and know that they are not just from the future they have future tech but many 1000's of years ago in past.Uniforms and advanced civilization is not from the future but accomplished in outer space as every civilization is different and many can go to space.So this is for our enemy technology depot.Gain and interact as a system to enemy that is our rights in technology and manpower as Zarconia's theory is not only chosen specific but enemies provide to Zarconia to make things efficient.Enemy in Queen Armada's background and ancestory.That is why Princess Armada has enemy equipment but to have our own to resemblance.We don't want things that are scummy.Loyalties and Resistance holdouts and Revolts assimulated as "The Source John Connor" belief of the prophet,Stick.Belief is part of Zarconia and is intelligent for operations of Army and outer space.Codes and cache.Instruments and evolution process.Demands.To re-configurate to our specifications than built and have to saw it open and that is useless,build it before hand.Enemy as Zarconia,allegiancies.Also Stick is a Man in Black Federal agent,Scott "John Connor" Bernard.To order up commands on enemy computers and phones,cellulars.Systems,t.v. and media links.Vehicles and military machines.Protocals for areas and laws.For Princess Armada and New Fuhr or Zarconia ranking to be as police and authority.Access to vehicles,fighters,choppers and have headquarters.As she is my daughter she on field to be clean out on assignment.Needs and comfort but military operations.Alerted of dangers reports as alien worlds have these.Reports on alien worlds beings and history to study about alien worlds and even this Sol System earth Class and its space history,archives.The moon and other places hostile to be converted to being friendly.Bio warfare of the enemy and superweapons.Covert Ops is "The Source John Connor".Covert ops.Medicines and vaccines of space.Medical.Devices.Dwellings.Space military ships.Their reliability for the safety of Zarconia.Build our own in them.The Resistance
Qn.Armada cycle mode

Feroz cycle mode

GaligAdded by Galig Our loyalties from many various factions that deal to us and are our allies.We have ranks inside them controlling them.We have their technology and manpower.But they are corrupted.So we don't let them into our empire but receive things from them and keep track of all of them.They gave us scouting,reports and technology.They fought our enemies.So we have inside faction on many of these rebel resistance factions.It will help to create new endos and clone endos enemy design.Let us very close to enemy to do covert ops. The Resistance is an organization fighting Skynet in a post apocalyptic Earth. Its main purpose was to fight the Skynet and its troops, and to preserve the human race from annihilation. The Resistance carried out many missions attacking factories and breaking humans out of Skynet Work Camps. To even the battle, they steal weapons and reprograms the Terminators to help the Resistance.


Taurus Beta plane

Resistance soldiers wear red bands on their arms to symbolize blood. The symbol of the Resistance is a Red Double Helix (the shape of DNA). Contents [hide]

   1 History
   2 Weapons, Equipment, and Tactics
   3 Other Survivors
   5 Known Members
       5.1 Films
       5.2 Comic Books
       5.3 Novels
           5.3.1 T2: Trilogy
       5.4 =The New John Connor Chronicles
       5.5 Games
   6 Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
   7 Appearances
       7.1 Films
       7.2 Television
       7.3 Novels
       7.4 Comics
       7.5 Games
   8 See Also
   9 References
File:Tt 10 640w.jpg

HistoryEdit History sectionEdit Graffiti, painted in a Resistance bunker.

TonihAdded by Tonih

Zarco New Fuhr "Chucky" cloned endo enemy design

Zarconia Canadian Leader King Edward Zoe Scarecrow

/auth/logout?sat=fbc18393dab152e1e75eb7abe2d83858f80fe596&killCookie=false Zarconia New Fuhr Chucky was re-designed and born as a Commander of operations with his brilliant type of imput onto warfare.He is for battling space forces and his patented weapon is Mobile doll battloid droid soldier robot.He is its pilot in combat.He can fight warfare and is devious planner.He adds type of warfare on the enemy.He is a High Ranks adds his past to be reborn military.He is a clone endo

With the date of Judgment Day changing, no date can be set to when the Resistance started. Though it can be inferred that it started soon after Judgment Day took place.The Resistance is a group as NEST.NEST are humans with robot technology which resistance are.They have robot technology and are in Terminator.They are colaberated with other groups,Scott Bernard and NEST.REF and their abilities to take out machines and terminators.Terminator is up there with the Invid.Dark Nebula is their enemy as they are Zarconia and are terminator as alien race in space.Holdouts.But they also are the military.

In Terminator Salvation timelines, it can be said that the Resistance was founded from remnants of world's military, who surviving officers lead from a Los Angeles class submarine in the form of a leading council of Generals and Admirals, with General Ashdown leading them. After the destruction of the Resistance Headquarters and Skynet Central, it can be assumed that John Connor, the commander of Tech-Com, has taken control of the Resistance.

As stated by Kyle Reese, the Resistance triumphed over Skynet, and in a last ditch effort the computer system sent back a Terminator to kill Sarah Connor. The Terminator {C}{C {C}{C Weapons, Equipment, and TacticsEdit Weapons, Equipment, and Tactics sectionEdit {C}{C {C}{C Tech com t245247.JPG {C}{C {C}{C AnunC8Added by AnunC8 {C}{C {C}{C Resistance soldiers in the future war assault a Skynet position {C}{C {C}{C JParanoidAdded by JParanoid {C}{C {C}{C

200px-NEST Global Alliance
{C}{C {C}{C After Judgment Day, when Skynet's robotic forces began to kill off the surviving humans, the former commanding human military began to fight back. In the case

Queen Amelia Khan Armada being mode transform to car

of the United States as well as the remnants of many other large/well equipped countries, former military weapons, uniforms, body armor, vehicles, and aircraft in combination with newer plasma based energy weapons (copied, stolen or produced in captured Skynet factories) were used to fight Skynet worldwide. Some tactics were conventional, like Airborne Helicopter assaults, and others, like "Hit and Run" attacks were not so conventional.

The many years John Connor was trained by Sarah Connor, his mother, in the South and Central Americas has helped John in many ways, not just because of the combat skills he learned but the lifestyles and tactics as well. When John and his mother were training/hiding in Latin America, Sarah sought out any and everyone that could help teach her son. In the process, John and Sarah ended up living, training and fighting with many groups of guerrillas, paramilitary forces and freedom fighter-all of whom had extensive knowledge of fighting a larger, more numerous and better armed central enemy/government. The skills acquired by John in these various theaters of operations, in combination with tactics he learned from ex-U.S. Special Operations Force and British SAS personnel (whom his mother dated or he met after Judgment Day), his mother and his own personal combat oriented genius have allowed him to wage many styles of war (both conventional and unconventional) on Skynet and it's machines.

Weapons and equipments

   HK-416 (as of 2018)
   Plasma rifles
   A-10 Warthog
   Technicals (humvees, and pick up trucks)

Other SurvivorsEdit Other Survivors sectionEdit

Humans who did not join the military remnants became known as "Survivalists" who often ran and hid when confronted by Skynet, rather than fight. Others who took up arms often pretended to be in the Resistance, but rather, took advantage of other survivors, such as in gangs and thieves. Both of these survivor groups were considered civilians by the resistance.

In some futures, many humans have betrayed their own kind in order to work for the machines, and as a reward, allowed them to roam free at anytime, or be sent back in time to enjoy the world before it ends. QuotesEdit Quotes sectionEdit

   John: Do you know who that is in there? Who's dying on that table? 
   Cameron: Yes. That man is First Lieutenant Derek Thomas Reese, with the 132nd SOC. Operation specialty: TechCom. 
   Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, "Dungeons & Dragons"
   Sarah: What's it like when you go through time? 
   Kyle: White light, a lot of pain. Like being born maybe. 
   The Terminator

Known MembersEdit Known Members sectionEdit

   Main article: Resistance members

Resistance lieutenants targeted by the T-X DoubleofiveAdded by Doubleofive FilmsEdit Films sectionEdit

  • 3. Weapons snopaew *





New Fuhr photo ID

I was going to go in depth with these things, but I don't have the time. Here {C}{C {C}{C are their stats, for some reason. They all seemed pretty much the same to me, {C}{C {C}{C so go figure. I used the SCAR and mixed it up from time to time with another {C}{C {C}{C gun, to test it out. Only used a sniper rifle two times. Shotguns are better {C}{C {C}{C than you think, but I don't like them.


DAM = damage RAN = range ACC = accuracy

MAG = magazine size

Napolean 2 New Fuhr photo ID

The drops are found on enem


Canadian Leader King Edward 5th Zoe photo ID


Napolean 1 New Fuhr photo ID

ies and will be in your selection screen for the rest of the game.

   NEST is a military organization from the live-action film series continuity family.

Moooooooove out, soldier!

Following the disbanding of Sector Seven, Networked Elements: Supporters and Transformers (NEST) was set up under William Lennox to create a combined United States Military/Autobot defense force against Decepticons. Under the classified Alien/Autobot Cooperation Act, the Autobots share intelligence and personell with the US but not their advanced weaponry.

File:John Doggett.jpg
NEST is given marching orders from the

Zarco Japanese Comet Empire New Fuhr photo ID

Pentagon, specifically the US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Morshower in 2008-9). Despite this and its American origins, it expanded early on to include armed forces from other nations such as the United Kingdom and is allowed access to foreign territory.


I never used these things, but you can, I guess.


DAM 5 RAN 2 ACC 8 MAG 30


DAM 4 RAN 3 ACC 8 MAG 40


DAM 5 RAN 3 ACC 9 MAG 25


DAM 5 RAN 2 ACC 9 MAG 30

MAC 11

DAM 4 RAN 2 ACC 6 MAG 32

P90 (DROP)

DAM 4 RAN 2 ACC 7 MAG 50



I like this one the best.

DAM 7 RAN 4 ACC 4 MAG 100


DAM 6 RAN 3 ACC 6 MAG 100

M249 SPW

DAM 8 RAN 4 ACC 4 MAG 100


DAM 7 RAN 4 ACC 4 MAG 100



Decent gun, I like it.

DAM 8 RAN 7 ACC 4 MAG 30


DAM 7 RAN 5 ACC 4 MAG 30


I like this one too, handles real good.

DAM 7 RAN 6 ACC 4 MAG 25


DAM 7 RAN 8 ACC 5 MAG 30


DAM 7 RAN 6 ACC 4 MAG 30


DAM 8 RAN 6 ACC 4 MAG 30


This is my favorite, so far. It has a good scope, decent stats, and it looks bad as heck, and that does count for something.

DAM 7 RAN 8 ACC 5 MAG 30



DAM 10 RAN 9 ACC 10 MAG 05


DAM 8 RAN 9 ACC 10 MAG 05


The better of the sniper rifles, but they are all pretty much the same.

DAM 10 RAN 9 ACC 10 MAG 05

I think there is one more, oh well.



DAM 8 RAN 2 ACC 3 MAG 08


The best shotgun, but I don't like any of them that much.

DAM 9 {C}{C {C}{C RAN 2 {C}{C {C}{C ACC 3 {C}{C {C}{C MAG 08


DAM 9 {C}{C {C}{C RAN 2 {C}{C {C}{C ACC 3 {C}{C {C}{C MAG 08



DAM 5 {C}{C {C}{C RAN 3 {C}{C {C}{C ACC 6 {C}{C {C}{C MAG 12


DAM 4 {C}{C {C}{C RAN 3 {C}{C {C}{C ACC 5 {C}{C {C}{C MAG 13


Solid handgun, my choice.

DAM 4 {C}{C {C}{C RAN 6 {C}{C {C}{C ACC 6 {C}{C {C}{C MAG 15

RAGING BULL (DROP) {C}{C {C}{C DAM 9 {C}{C {C}{C RAN 5 {C}{C {C}{C ACC 5 {C}{C {C}{C MAG 06

GLOCK 18 (DROP) {C}{C {C}{C DAM 3 {C}{C {C}{C RAN 5 {C}{C {C}{C ACC 4 {C}{C {C}{C MAG 10

DESERT EAGLE (DROP) {C}{C {C}{C DAM 3 {C}{C {C}{C RAN 5 {C}{C {C}{C ACC 4 {C}{C {C}{C MAG 10


Zarconia Insectibot Commander Cranetruck




C4 {C}{C {C}{C --

Good for making traps, but really not useful otherwise.


Only good for guys directly in front of doors, and they supposedly stun the {C}{C {C}{C others in the room. I never used them.


Will blind the bad guys for a while, I say get these.


Get these too; a must really. Has a big blast radius. Sucks when the bad guys {C}{C {C}{C toss them at you.


Put on your thermals and run into a room with smoke. The enemy can't see you that well (maybe later in the game they do). Required for one spot.



Ahh, brings me back to RE4. Almost as deadly as frags, but not as damaging. Use them at some point though. The Terminator

   John Connor (Mentioned only)
   Major General Perry (Mentioned only)
   Sergeant Kyle Reese

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

   John Connor

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines Deider

Deider (デーダー Dēdā?): commander of the flagship Pleiades. When the Gamilas fleet attacks the Black Nebula forces mining their homeworld and cause the planet's destruction, Deider in turn attacks them and pins them down in the seas of Iscandar. When the Yamato attacks, he attempts to position his ship between the Earth vessel and Iscandar to discourage use of the Wave Motion Gun, but is destroyed when Iscandar moves to safety due to volcanic eruptions.

Uzbek Roman Empire and Garmillas

   John Connor
   Kate Connor
   Robert Brewster
   Jose Barrera
   Elizabeth Anderson
   William Anderson

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Marcus Wright

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The name or term "Marcus" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Marcus (disambiguation). Marcus Wright Hybri bv.lvh.d4.jpg Portrayed by: Sam Worthington Appearances Franchise(s): Terminator Salvation First Appearance: Terminator Salvation Last Appearance: Terminator Salvation Details Gender: Male Status: Deceased * Age: 28 (2003) 43 (2018) Date of Birth: August 22, 1975 Date of Death: 2003 (Executed in Longview State Correctional Facility) 2018 (Heart transplant surgery for John Connor.) Series: Hybrid Features: -Organic brain -Organic heart -Converted from a human Relatives: Sam Wright (brother, deceased)[1] Relationships: John Connor (ally) Kyle Reese (friend) Star (friend) Blair Williams (love interest) Affiliations: Resistance (current) Project Angel Cyberdyne Systems (body)

File:Tt 6 640w.jpg

Marcus Wright (born August 22, 1975) was a human on Death Row in 2003 for multiple homicide, and was executed shortly after signing his body over to Dr. Serena Kogan of Cyberdyne Systems Genetic Research Division. He was then entered into Project Angel and converted into a hybrid human, which was later activated in the war-torn future.[2]

   "I am the only hope you have." 
   - Marcus Wright, Terminator Salvation

Contents [hide]


Firoz transformer gobot

Firoz Khan


Princess Armada

KusoCartoon 13810067905391

"Cycler" CD Bot Motorcycle

   1 Biography
       1.1 Early Life
       1.2 Terminator Salvation
   2 Cyborg specification
       2.1 Endoskeleton
       2.2 Abilities
       2.3 Notes
   3 Notes
   4 Behind the Scenes
   5 Merchandise
       5.1 Playmates Toys
       5.2 Hot Toys
       5.3 DC Direct Busts
   6 Appearances
   8 Gallery
   9 References

BiographyEdit Biography sectionEdit Early LifeEdit Early Life sectionEdit

   "So that's what death tastes like." 
   - Marcus Wright (after kissing Serena Kogan).

United States Army

The United States Army is the branch of the United States Armed Forces responsible for land-based military operations. It is the largest and oldest established branch of the United States Military.

The 75th Ranger Regiment, also known as the United States Army Rangers, is an elite light infantry special operations force of the United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC). Losing's really not an option for these guys. {C}{C {C}{C “ This We'll Defend ”

—U.S. Army motto “ Rangers Lead The Way! ”

—U.S. Army Rangers motto Marcus lived a disreputable life of petty crime alongside his brother, whom he accidentally got killed during a botched car-jacking which also saw the deaths of two cops. Marcus was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to death at the Longview State Correctional Facility. During his time on Death Row, Marcus was visited repeatedly by Dr. Serena Kogan, a cancer-stricken scientist who wished for him to sign over his body to her research project. He refused her request up until the day of his execution, upon which he agreed to sign it over in exchange for a final kiss.

Marcus was then strapped onto a cross-like table and shown to his weeping friends and relatives before being executed by lethal injection. It is ambiguous as to whether the injection actually killed him or simply placed him in a coma for Serena's project, however. Marcus' body was taken apart and converted into a unique cyborg, one that still retained his human brain and heart. He was then stored in an underground facility where he would remain in stasis for 15 years as Judgment Day occurred in the world above. Skynet would later discover his body and add further enhancements to his design, completing the seemingly abandoned work of Cyberdyne Research. Terminator SalvationEdit Terminator Salvation sectionEdit Marcus arrives in Los Angeles. Darth RaivonAdded by Darth Raivon Marcus being questioned by Kyle Reese. Youngdre360Added by Youngdre360

   "What day is it? What year? [...] What happened here?" 
   - Marcus Wright (to Kyle Reese).

Marcus awakens/is activated in the remains of the Skynet VLA and staggers out into the rain-soaked terrain, disoriently screaming in horror at the world around him. After composing himself, Marcus takes the clothes of a deceased Resistance fighter and starts a long walk through the desert, finding a sand-caked road leading into Los Angeles. Upon arriving, Marcus observed the ruined city from atop the Hollywood banner and then descended into the streets where he encountered a Series 600 Terminator patrolling the city.

Ignorantly, he called out to it, only to immediately come under fire from the machine's mini-gun. Before he could be mowed down, however, Marcus was tackled to the ground by a young man called Kyle Reese; who told him: "Come with me if you want to live." Following Kyle's lead, Marcus bolted for the nearby building while the T-600 struggled to free itself from a trap the youth had set. It escaped by shooting off its foot, however, and promptly took chase. Up on the roof, Kyle's young companion, a mute girl named Star, released another trap, crushing the T-600 beneath heavy machinery.

Kyle then held Marcus at gunpoint, accusing him of stealing the uniform of a Resistance fighter, but the cyborg easily disarmed him and demanded to know the date and what happened to the world. Kyle answered his questions, and Marcus expressed an interest in reaching a Skynet-controlled location. Before they could decide on this, an HK-Aerial flew in overhead, toppling a building as it passed. Knowing their safety had been compromised, Kyle led Marcus and Star back to their hiding place. Here, Marcus demonstrated how to tether the shotgun to his arm to avoid losing it to an opponent[3]. He then fixed their radio, picking up a message from John Connor in the process.

In the morning, they traveled to Griffith Observatory to find transport away from Los Angeles. While repairing an old Jeep, Marcus accidentally cut himself on a wire and was given a band-aid from Star. He then got it working and inadvertently activated the radio, which started playing "Rooster" by Alice in Chains, much to Kyle and Star's surprise. Though because it was a song his late brother used to listen to, Marcus switched it off and barked at Star to get out of the passenger seat. They were then attacked by an Aerostats and Kyle attempted to lose it by driving down the hill haphazardly. Marcus eventually destroyed it with a tire-iron, however. Unimpressed by Kyle's driving skills, Marcus promptly kicked him out from behind the wheel. {C}{C {C}{C Marcus at the 7-Eleven gas station. {C}{C {C}{C MarshalUstinovAdded by MarshalUstinov

Stopping at an old gas station bearing the mark of the Resistance, the trio are confronted by a gang of survivors who view them as a threat. Their de-facto leader, Virginia, offers them food and water, however, much to the annoyance of another refugee named Len. Star then senses vibrations in the ground mere seconds before a Harvester smashes through the roof and snatches Virginia and several other refugees. The trio flee outside and try to get aboard some of the escaping vehicles, but they speed away and leave them behind. Kyle quickly realizes that attempting to escape will only result in their death as the Harvester destroys the fleeing vehicles with its plasma cannon.

Marcus takes a moment to observe the machine before getting into an armored truck and using it to push a gasoline tanker into the legs of the Harvester, which succeeds in toppling it. As they drive away, Kyle tries to shoot the gas with his shotgun, but is unsuccessful in sparking it. Star solves this problem by giving Marcus a flare which he then lights and tosses onto the gasoline, lighting it and causing a big explosion around the Harvester. It is not destroyed, however, and releases two Moto-Terminators that give chase. Kyle is able to shoot out the first, and is saved from being splattered on a school bus by Marcus in the process. The second is disabled when Marcus instructs Kyle to lower the ball-hook, which catches the machine and drags it behind them.

The chase leads them to a bridge where they are cut off by an HK-Aerial, which fires at the bridge, forcing Marcus to screech to a halt. As a result, the Moto-Terminator swings up and around the HK, disabling one of its engines in the process. As the HK struggles to remain airborne, the truck is spun around until it almost topples off the edge. Kyle and Star subsequently fall out of the vehicle and are caught by the Harvester standing upon the HK-Carrier below. The HK-Aerial breaks free and fires upon the truck, forcing Marcus to jump onto the Carrier with an axe, which he then uses to try to free Kyle and Star from the cattle pens. The Harvester grabs him, however, and slams Marcus into the Carrier's hull.

   "Yeah, well I've been dead for a while now and I'm starting to get used to it." 
   - Marcus Wright (to Blair Williams).

Marcus finds Blair Williams. Youngdre360Added by Youngdre360 Marcus, after rescuing Blair Williams. Darth RaivonAdded by Darth Raivon

Before it can destroy him, the Transport is attacked by two Resistance A-10 Warthogs, one of which was piloted by Blair Williams. During their missile attack, Marcus is dropped by the Harvester and falls into the river below. The two aircraft are then shot down by the HK-Aerial and the Carrier escapes. Marcus comes to at the riverbank and makes his way back into the desert where he encounters Blair hanging from a telephone tower, having ejected from her bird before its destruction. He helps her down, and in return, she offers to take him to John Connor, as he might help Marcus rescue his friends from Skynet Central.

They stop at a derelict racetrack overnight where Blair removes her top in the rain to tend to an injury on her collar, catching Marcus' attention with her semi-nakedness. While Marcus is away gathering kindling, Blair is attacked by a gang of humans who want her supplies. Marcus arrives in time and viciously beats them into submission, stabbing one in the shoulder with a screwdriver in the process. Afterward, Blair curls up to him to share his body heat next to the fire, and notices how strong his heart is before falling asleep in his arms. Marcus wonders if he's a good man and whether or not he deserves a second chance in life.

In the morning, they arrive at the Resistance base and travel through a minefield laced with magnetized landmines. As they pass through, a mine attaches itself to Marcus and explodes, injuring him. He is then carried to the infirmary where Kate Connor tends to his wounds, despite his declarations of being fine. Upon opening his shirt, she discovers the endoskeleton exposed beneath and calls for Barnes, who swiftly knocks Marcus unconscious with the butt of his rifle. He is then chained up and suspended in a missile silo where he is examined by John Connor.

   "What did they do to me?" 
   - Marcus Wright (to John Connor).

Marcus and John Connor. Youngdre360Added by Youngdre360 Marcus escapes the Resistance. Youngdre360Added by Youngdre360 Marcus fights a Hydrobot. Youngdre360Added by Youngdre360

Marcus protests that he is human, but John responds by removing the chain holding his head, allowing Marcus to see the exposed metal in his chest. He cries out in disgust at what he's become but insists that he is not just some machine. John is convinced that Marcus was sent there to kill him and the leadership, however, and mentions Kyle Reese (his paradoxical father). This prompts Marcus to inform John of Kyle's capture by Skynet, which rattles him significantly.

Marcus is then left alone with Barnes, who shoots him in the chest for his late brother who died on a mission on Skynet VLA a few days earlier. Blair arrives moments later and tells Barnes that John wishes to see him, shooting Marcus in the process. Barnes falls for her ruse and leaves, granting her the chance to lower Marcus to the bottom of the silo and release him from his chains. Barnes soon returns, however, and fires a rocket at the escaping couple, but they are able to flee through a ventilation shaft.

They follow it back to the minefield as the Resistance mobilizes to stop them. Blair uses a magnetic wire to trigger a line of mines, allowing them a safe path to the Jeep, only for it to be destroyed by a rocket. Forced to improvise, they flee to a wall where Marcus holds his hand out to draw their fire while Blair shoots out the floodlight, granting them cover of darkness. She is shot in the leg, however, which slows their escape. Marcus shields her from an explosion and gives her his coat, which she wears to confuse the soldiers.

While she's captured, Marcus steals a bike from a soldier and uses it to jump the perimeter fence and takes one last look at Blair before running through the woods while under fire from John's helicopter. He is briefly incapacitated by John's assault, and is then severely burned when John launches a napalm attack. However, while searching the river for him, John's helicopter is attacked by Hydrobots and the pilots are killed. Marcus intervenes, however, and destroys the last Hydrobot, saving John's life.

   "Kyle Reese is in Skynet. You do that; he's dead. I can get you in." 
   - Marcus Wright (to John Connor).

Marcus enters the Skynet Central. JParanoidAdded by JParanoid

He is then held at gunpoint, as John threatens to shoot Marcus in the heart. He makes John an offer, however: allow him to go free, and he'll get John into Skynet Central to save Kyle. John agrees, giving Marcus a comm device to contact him with once he's inside. Marcus promises to uphold his end of the bargain before swimming away as the Resistance arrives. He makes his way to the Skynet perimeter in San Francisco and confronts a turret, which identifies him and allows him safe passage. Marcus in Skynet. MjciminoAdded by Mjcimino Marcus learns his purpose. Darth RaivonAdded by Darth Raivon

Upon making his way into the core building of Skynet Central, Marcus interfaces with Skynet's database by synchronising with his CPU. He orders the turrets at the north entrance to stand down and then transmits Kyle's location to John, who is waiting on the outskirts of town. Afterward, Marcus researches his death and the activities of Dr. Serena Kogan prior to that, learning that she also succumbed to her cancer and that her work at Cyberdyne was adopted by the US Air force. The stress of maintaining the connection overwhelms Marcus, rendering him unconscious.

He awakens in a diagnostic chair, his damaged flesh fully repaired and his clothes replaced with white garments. Upon happy to see he is "human" again, Skynet appears to him in the form of Serena on the screen and welcomes him "home", and then goes on to explain his purpose as the perfect infiltrator and his mission to find Kyle and lure John to his death, all the while showing him CCTV footage of John fighting the T-RIP, a prototype T-800. Sickened by his use as a pawn, Marcus tears the CPU from the back of his head and snarls at Skynet that he will save John. New Fuhr "Faiyaz" is a powerful terminator.He in his combiner mode to seperate and transform into a terminator.He has Cybertron Gobotron plating alloy and transrormable powers.Metal his is is to camauflage on alien worlds as a being.He is aggressive and picksup on intel and puts things together.He is a great fighter.He knows better than shooter in weapons.He uses sattelite or will lone wolf.He is relentless and has energy weapons and transformable components for his mission.He can fire energy fire and fly.Scale hights in Urban.Feirce.Sensible.Commander on the field and front line soldier.Take advantage.Strong alloy resistant to not ruin his disquise.Point of terminating.He is many times more than ordinary endos and has his machine powers.Systems and sensors scanning.He knows martial arts.He though can infiltration networks and be in on cache.He can open doors.He will retreat to regain himself to succeed.Use grenades as in shooters.Computing and networking expert.

Zarco .Japanese New Fuhr Samurai being mode clone endo enemy design transformation

Skynet offers him the chance to serve the machines, stating that he's no longer bound by the human condition, but Marcus proclaims that he is human and destroys the glass screen before hurrying to John's aid. He tracks John to the Terminator Factory beneath the building and finds him in the grip of the T-RIP. Marcus charged the machine and tackled it to the ground, allowing John to crawl away. The T-RIP threw him off and headed back to John as the skin on Marcus' left hand was burned away by molten steel. Marcus confronts the T-RIP. Darth RaivonAdded by Darth Raivon Marcus rescues an injured John. JParanoidAdded by JParanoid

Enraged, Marcus attacked the machine from behind and hurled it into a pylon. He then picked up a piece of metal railing and started beating the T-RIP with it, but it caught his wrist and kicked him away. Seeing John working on T-RIP power cells to make an explosive, Marcus decides to sacrifice himself by allowing the T-RIP to beat him repeatedly with a cinder block. It scans his body and discovers his heart, identifying it as a vulnerability, and punches him in the chest with all of its strength. The blow is sufficient to stop his heart, and Marcus is terminated.

However, Marcus is revived by John, who uses a power cable to give him an electric shock while the T-RIP is encased in metal. After reviving him, John is impaled through the chest with a steel bar by the T-RIP. Marcus jumps to his feet and breaks the steel bar, using half of it to decapitate the machine with ease. After terminating the T-RIP, Marcus carries John out of the factory. Then they meet Barnes, who helps Marcus carry John to the helicopter where he is reunited with Kyle and Star. As their helicopter flees the area, John detonates the explosive, destroying Skynet Central.

   "Everyone deserves a second chance. This is mine." 
   - Marcus Wright (to Blair Williams).

Back at a Resistance outpost, Kate Connor tends to John's injuries and informs the others of his imminent death due to the damage suffered by his heart. Believing that John deserved a second chance, Marcus tells Kate to take his heart and give it to John to save his life. He says his final goodbyes to Kyle and Star, and kisses Blair before undergoing the operation. In his final moments, he looks to John, who acknowledges his trust and gratitude towards Marcus with a respectful nod.

By giving his life to save John, Marcus completed his original intention of donating himself to a better cause. Cyborg specificationEdit Cyborg specification sectionEdit

   Main article: Hybrid

Early concept art of Marcus' endoskeleton {C}{C {C}{C MaryaneckAdded by Maryaneck

After signing his body over to Cyberdyne Systems, Marcus was entered into "Project Angel" and his body was used in their machinations. Using reverse-engineered Skynet technology[citation needed], a unique endoskeleton is built for him and designed to sustain his human components, such as his brain and heart. Marcus' brain was placed within the metal skull and his heart in the chest, protected by a chest plate that kept the entire abdomen armored. The enhanced heart provides blood and oxygen to the brain, aiding in the regeneration of his skin tissue, and is itself sustained by Marcus' cybernetic components. According to Skynet, the new Marcus could live for hundreds of years.[4] {C}{C {C}{C EndoskeletonEdit Endoskeleton sectionEdit

Other than the armor along the sternum and stomach region, his endoskeleton lacks the protective casing found on other Terminator series. This leaves motors and sustaining cybernetics vulnerable to attack, though it is fairly obvious that certain Hybrid, such as Marcus Wright, wasn't intended to be a combat model and his only real purposes are surveillance, infiltration and espionage. It could be said that he is a "sleeper agent" of sorts. AbilitiesEdit Abilities sectionEdit

Like other Terminators, Marcus possesses enhanced strength, many times that of the humans he resembles. His physical power is sufficient enough to engage a T-RIP in hand-to-hand combat, as he does when protecting John Connor. NotesEdit Notes sectionEdit

   At the small of his back, upon a plate just above his lower spine, Marcus has the signature M.

NotesEdit Notes sectionEdit

   The packaging of Playmates action figure for Marcus Wright identifies him as a Series 700 Terminator[5], though this seems to be an error on their part as the official novelization does not identify him as such and stresses his unique design. However, it can be argued that Marcus does fulfill the purpose of the T-700 by acting as a bridge between the earlier machines and the T-800.
   The novelization of the film, Marcus Wright survives at the end, as John destroyed the T-800 before reviving him.
   (Speculation) In The Terminator the police officer at the front desk of the police station after Kyle Reese has been arrested has a name tag with the last name of Wright. It is visible during the scene when the T-800 Terminator first enters the LAPD police station asking for Sarah Connor. It is not known whether the officer's name was a coincidence or a subtle clue to Marcus Wright's past (possibly his father). Either way, the possibility has not been discussed.
   (Speculation) Through dialogue between Marcus and Skynet in the film, Marcus is identified as a "Infiltration Prototype, the only one of his kind", which might suggest he is the Resistance Infiltrator Prototype Terminator, despite various toy lines refer the T-800 as T-RIP, which has different appearance to Marcus Wright's endoskeleton.

Behind the ScenesEdit Behind the Scenes sectionEdit

   Christian Bale was originally approached for the role of Marcus Wright, but he was more interested in John Connor instead.[citation needed]
   Terminator creator James Cameron personally recommended Sam Worthington, whom he directed in the film Avatar, to McG.

Marcus' chest plate (final version) {C}{C {C}{C MjciminoAdded by Mjcimino

   Marcus' endoskeleton seen in the movie differed from that of the original concept. The chest plate design seen in the interrogation scene was not the same and was open, allowing his heart to be visible. There also appeared to be glowing red lights within Marcus' chest that were not visible in the concept art. The design of his hands (most easily viewable in the final scene of the movie) also differs, with the concept art being much more like the T-RIP while Marcus' hands have their own unique design.
   An early conceptual art of Marcus feature not only a brain and a heart, but also intestines.[6]

MerchandiseEdit Merchandise sectionEdit Playmates ToysEdit Playmates Toys sectionEdit [Battledamagedmarcuswright.jpg (178 KB)] Marcus Wright (5-inch Action Figures, 2009) [Marcuswright3.playmates.jpg (158 KB)] Marcus Wright (5-inch Action Figures, 2009) [Marcuswright2.playmates.jpg (191 KB)] Marcus Wright (6-inch Action Figures, 2009) [Marcuswright.playmates.jpg (213 KB)] Marcus Wright

(10-inch Action Figures, 2009) Training and practice facilities.Training of machines and their crew from "The Source John Connor".Improve on the field to be modules and realistic and adapt to as possible.Our computer interface with a park that has real enemy environment to train in.Module then walks or moves around the course with a computer simulation as if the trainee was in a real machine and this for space in a module resembling crew and space warship.Go through the course with computer link to make real movement and interaction with a course{park}Moving around real and with movement graphics activated then being inside a room.Buildings and props,fake scenery and objects as in enemy environment,planet,surface,urban,country,jungle,mountain-army training,-naval training-space airforce training and course background-covert ops Parkbot training.Module interfaces to act make it more real and is a training device with all sorts of training methods,go back to format physical course but pumped up to the level so it is not hell.Seas and bodies of water.Enemy military course background and history of warfare backgrounds.To train for Terminator,shooter.

Module training

Series of antennaes to probe and this creates interaction of physical movement of module graphic realistic and practice moves,combat,operations,weaponry,systems,warfare,monuvers without any danger.Connect to upload from HK warfare sattelites archives downloaded and uploaded to high ranks Commanders of training parks.Bases and training courses.Enemy troops,enemies and beings,situations and own troops and pilots,friendly forces,Space UN.Troops and practice terminator warfare sharpen their skills without module,by foot on the course and graphics with attatched probes to suit and go ahead with simulated weather during the seasons.Troops warfare and solo,covert ops,operations.Sabotage and demo squads.Training with weaponry but its a computer stick that changes graphics to act real,loading graphics magazine on a space world.Loading a M-203 and firing it on boards,levels in suburbs,demands to city and countryside,alien worlds and warfare scenery,guerilla warfare.Module gun with chipboards and magazines is chipboards to make it realistic supervised by commander and CPU station officers.

Extermination/Incarceration Add a photo to this gallery Hot ToysEdit Hot Toys sectionEdit

Movie Masterpiece Series

   Marcus Wright (12 inches high collectible figure, 2009)
       Product code: MMS100
       Accessories: battle damaged head, battle damaged left arm, harness, knife, shotgun, 3 sets of interchangeable hands, leather jacket, figure stand with Terminator Salvation logo and Marcus Wright nameplate
   Marcus Wright at Hot Toys

DC Direct BustsEdit DC Direct Busts sectionEdit [Marcuswrightbust.jpg (21 KB)] Marcus Wright (2009)

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Princess Armada Invid Regime being size.

Sherryl Khan

Sherryl and in charge of Invid Regime

AppearancesEdit Appearances sectionEdit

   Terminator Salvation franchise
       Terminator Salvation film
       Terminator Salvation comic
       Terminator Salvation novel
       Terminator Salvation game (iPhone edition)

QuotesEdit Quotes sectionEdit

   [Serena meets with Marcus Wright for the last time before his pending execution] 
   Serena: Marcus... How are you? 
   Marcus: Ask me in an hour. 
   [Serena sits down on a stool] 
   Serena: I wanted to try one last time. 
   Marcus: You should've stayed in San Francisco, Dr. Kogen. 
   Serena: You have a chance to be part of something wonderful. Through my research, you can have a second chance to live again. 
   Marcus: What makes you think I want a second chance? My brother and two cops are dead because of me... Ah, but I'm not the only one with a death sentence, am I? You think I can cure your cancer, Serena? 
   Serena: I'm not worried about myself. I'm worried about the survival of the human race. 
   Marcus: I'll sell it to you. 
   Serena: For what? 
   Marcus: A kiss. [Serena nods, Marcus kisses her] So that's what death tastes like. 
   [Marcus signs the consent form and Serena leaves the cell] 
   Serena: You've done something very noble today, Marcus. 
   Marcus: I'm guilty. Just cut me up until there's nothing left.
   [Marcus encounters a T-600 in the city ruins] 
   Marcus: Hey! 
   [The T-600 opens fire on Marcus but he is pushed to the ground by Kyle Reese] 
   Kyle Reese: Come with me if you want to live. 
   [Kyle catches the T-600 in a trap and leads Marcus to the roof of an old toy factory, Star releases another trap that crushes the T-600] 
   Marcus: [to Star] What is that?! 
   Kyle Reese: [holds Marcus at gunpoint] She doesn't talk, but you better start. You see that red mark on the jacket you're wearing? It stands for blood. The mark of the Resistance, and you're obviously not a Resistance fighter, so where did you get it? 
   Marcus: The other guy didn't need it anymore. 
   Kyle Reese: Take it off... I said take it off! 
   [Marcus disarms Kyle] 
   Marcus: If you point a gun at someone you better be ready to pull the trigger. Now answer my question. What was that thing? 
   Kyle Reese: A Terminator. T-600. 
   Marcus: What day is it? What year? 
   Kyle Reese: 2018. 
   Marcus: What happened here? 
   Kyle Reese: Judgment Day happened. 
   Marcus: I gotta get out of here. 
   Kyle Reese: Well you can't go on foot. Terminators will cut you down. You need speed. 
   Marcus: Right, I need a car. 
   Kyle Reese: There's some at the Griffith Observatory, but I don't know if any of them still run. 
   Marcus: Can you take me there? 
   [Star senses vibrations] 
   Kyle Reese: Get down! [they lie flat on the roof as an HK passes through the street, collapsing a building] Hunter Killer. They know we're here. Thanks to you. 
   Marcus: What's your name, kid? 
   Kyle Reese: Kyle Reese.
   [John Connor and Kate Connor discuss Marcus] 
   John Connor: The devil's hands have been busy. What is it? 
   Kate Connor: It's real flesh and blood, though it seems to heal itself quickly. The heart is human and very powerful. The brain too, but with a chip interface. 
   Marcus: What have you done to me? 
   Kate Connor: It has a hybrid nervous system; one human cortex, one machine. 
   Marcus: Blair, what have they done? 
   John Connor: Who built you? 
   Marcus: My name is Marcus Wright. 
   John Connor: You think you're human? 
   Marcus: I am human. [John shows him his endoskeleton] NOOO! NOOO! ARGH! 
   John Connor: Where were you manufactured? 
   Marcus: I was born. August 22nd 1975. [thrashes about and screams] I know you. I heard your voice on the radio. You're John Connor. 
   John Connor: Of course you know me. You were sent here to kill me. Kill the leadership. 
   Marcus: I don't know what you're talking about. 
   John Connor: Then why're you here? 
   Marcus: Blair said you could help me find who I'm looking for. Now let me down. 
   John Connor: If I let you down you'll kill everyone in this room. 
   Marcus: Just you, Connor. Because I don't give a shit about you. I didn't even know your name until two days ago. 
   John Connor: No. You know me. We've been at war since before either of us even existed. You tried killing my mother; Sarah Connor. You killed my father; Kyle Reese. You will not kill me. 
   Marcus: Kyle Reese is on a transport headed for Skynet. If I wanted to kill 'em, I'd have done him in LA.
   Marcus: I am the only hope you have.
   [Marcus saves John from a Hydrobot] 
   John Connor: They know what you are, even if you don't! 
   Marcus: Enough! [points to John's pistol] That gun won't do shit. 
   John Connor: Nobody shot you in the heart before and I see that thing beating a mile a minute. 
   Marcus: Kyle Reese... is in Skynet. You do that, he's dead. I can get you in. 
   John Connor: Why should I believe you? 
   Marcus: Look at me. 
   John Connor: That's why I don't trust you. 
   Marcus: I need to find out what they did to me. So do you... Make your choice. 
   John Connor: You get me in. You help me save Kyle, yeah? 
   Marcus: I will. 
   John Connor: [throws him a radio] Send me his location with this. [Marcus starts to swim away] What are you?! 
   Marcus: I don't know.
   [Marcus awakens and is greeted by a holographic image of Serena Kogan] 
   Skynet: Welcome home, Marcus. We knew you'd be back. After all, it was programmed in you. Oh, and you executed that programming beautifully. 
   Marcus: What am I? 
   Skynet: You are an infiltration prototype. The only one of your kind. We resurrected you. Advanced Cyberdyne's work... amended it. 
   Marcus: You're dead [referring to Serena Kogan]. 
   Skynet: Calculations confirm that Serena Kogan's face is easiest for you to process. We can be others if you wish. [switches to John Connor's face, and then to Kyle Reese] Marcus, what else could you be, if not machine? [switches back to Serena] 
   Marcus: A man. 
   Skynet: The human condition no longer applies to you... Accept what you already know: that you were made to serve a purpose [shows Marcus a schematic of his CPU]. To achieve what no other machine has achieved before. To infiltrate, find a target, and then bring that target back home to us [shows Marcus footage of his interactions with Kyle Reese and John Connor. Marcus expresses horror as he realises what he has done. Serena's face reappears, bearing a satisifed smile] In times of desperation, people will believe what they want to believe. And so we gave them what they wanted to believe. A trick, in the form of a signal the Resistance thought would win the war. And they were right; it will end this war. Except that it is the Resistance who will be terminated. Not Skynet [...] Our best machines have failed time and again to complete a mission. Something was missing. We had to think... radically. And so we made you. We created the perfect infiltration machine. You, Marcus, you did what Skynet has failed to do for so many years: you killed John Connor! [shows Marcus a recording of John being attacked by a T-800] Don't fight, Marcus. Remember what you are! 
   Marcus: I know what I am. [rips CPU from his head and destroys it] I'm better this way. 
   Skynet: You will not be given a second chance. You cannot save John Connor! 
   Marcus: Watch me! 
   [Marcus throws a stool at the screen, shattering Serena's image, which changes to a Terminator Face before the stool hits the screen] GalleryEdit Gallery sectionEdit Concept arts and Promotional images

TS Marcus EndoSkeleton.GIF [Hybrid3.jpg (54 KB)] [Hybrid4.jpg (46 KB)] [Conceptart2.jpg (243 KB)] [T4-Poster-Bale-Worthington.jpg (181 KB)]

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Terminator Salvation film [Vlcsnap-919781.png (515 KB)] Marcus kisses Serena. [Vlcsnap-923937.jpg (20 KB)] Marcus' execution. {C}{C {C}{C [Vlcsnap-924365.jpg (15 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C Marcus before activation. {C}{C {C}{C [Vlcsnap-933566.jpg (20 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C Marcus walking out from the ruin. {C}{C {C}{C [Vlcsnap-933701.jpg (19 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C Marcus witnesses the world after the Judgment Day. {C}{C {C}{C [Vlcsnap-933909.jpg (17 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C [Vlcsnap-934011.jpg (18 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C [Trailer4-2.JPG (31 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C Marcus looks at the ruin of Los Angeles. {C}{C {C}{C [MarcusWright5.jpg (49 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C Marcus arrives in Los Angeles. {C}{C {C}{C [MARCUSNJLGND.jpg (21 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C [Vlcsnap-934889.jpg (21 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C Marcus is saved by Kyle Reese. {C}{C {C}{C [Tsf4.jpg (69 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C Marcus learns of the future war. {C}{C {C}{C [Marcuskyle.jpg (119 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C [MarcusSunset.jpg (528 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C [Term01.jpg (406 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C [Term02.jpg (370 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C [Hanging.jpg (69 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C Marcus finds Blair Williams. {C}{C {C}{C [MarcusWright4.jpg (55 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C Marcus, after rescuing Blair Williams. {C}{C {C}{C [MarcusWright1.jpg (102 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C Marcus at the abandoned racetrack. {C}{C {C}{C [Marcusjohn.jpg (59 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C [Marcussuperfotoface.jpg (58 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C Marcus being interrogated by John Connor. {C}{C {C}{C [Marcusendo3.jpg (160 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C [Vlcsnap-940577.jpg (21 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C [Marcus11.jpg (94 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C [Thisis.jpg (169 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C [Terminator-salvation 182.jpg (116 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C [Vlcsnap-940888.jpg (17 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C Marcus proposes to save Kyle. {C}{C {C}{C [Marcus damage.jpg (54 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C [Trailer4-62.JPG (41 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C [Battledamagemarcus.jpg (127 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C [Hybri bv.lvh.d4.jpg (231 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C [Marcusskynet.jpg (61 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C Marcus in the Skynet Central. {C}{C {C}{C [MarcusWright3.jpg (57 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C [Marcuschip.jpg (13 KB)] {C}{C {C}{C The implanted chip insides Marcus' head [Vlcsnap-944742.jpg (20 KB)] Marcus rips out the Skynet chip. [MarcusWright2.jpg (47 KB)] [HUD terminator salvation t-800 confirms marcus death.jpg (125 KB)] [Vlcsnap-951837.jpg (24 KB)] Marcus uses a steel bar to decapitate the T-800. [Vlcsnap-951270.jpg (21 KB)] [Vlcsnap-951942.jpg (21 KB)] The T-800 is terminated. [Vlcsnap-952657.jpg (29 KB)] [Tsf39.jpg (61 KB)] [Marcusfuneraldeletedscene.jpg (30 KB)] Burying Marcus Wright.(Deleted scene)

Princess A Armada insecticon

Azalea reborn still Feroz's daughter same gender

Add a photo to this gallery ReferencesEdit References sectionEdit

   ↑ His brother's name is mentioned in newspaper articles during Marcus' infiltration of Skynet's database. His brother also shares the same first name as Marcus' portrayer; Sam Worthington.
   ↑ "'Terminator Salvation' Director Answers Fans' Burning Questions"
   ↑ Kyle would later use this trick during his time-travel mission to save Sarah Connor after procuring and sawing off a police shotgun.
   ↑ Terminator Salvation novel
   ↑ Playmates Toys figures and packaging - The Terminator Files
   ↑ Terminator Salvation The Official Souvenir Magazine

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2nd Lt. Alphon (アルフォン少尉 Arufon shōi?): an intelligence and technology officer in the Dark Star Cluster Empire's invasion of Earth, he gains his own quarters on the conquered planet, and saves the life of a wounded Yuki Mori, with whom he falls in love. When she proves unable to return his affections, he releases her to join a human resistance movement, and vows that if she defeats him next time they meet, he will help her to stop the invasion. In fact he is mortally wounded by another soldier, but he dies in Yuki's arms, confessing to her that life has been empty and meaningless for his people since their conversion to bionics. The Terminator: Hunters and Killers / Rewired

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   Rodriguez's Rangers
   Lieutenant Atwill
   Serena Burns =The New John Connor ChroniclesEdit =The New John Connor Chronicles sectionEdit Fiction Edit Fiction sectionEdit Revenge of the Fallen film Edit Revenge of the Fallen film sectionEdit

Terminator 091802 01 640w

NEST travels to Shanghai to defeat Demolishor and Sideways successfully. National Security Adviser Galloway says the Decepticons are here because they want to go where the Autobots go to destroy them, and that the Autobots need to leave. However, Optimus Prime asks, "what if we leave, and you're wrong?"

Later, shortly before the Fallen makes his broadcast, and the Decepticons invade earth, Galloway shuts down NEST. However, when Lennox gets a message from Sam Witwicky requesting NEST's help, Lennox and NEST head off to aid him against orders as Lennox trusts him. NEST participates in the final battle and with the help of forces from a nearby battlegroup, defeats the Decepticon forces, killing all but Megatron and Starscream. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen {C}{C {C}{C Dark of the Moon film Edit Dark of the Moon film sectionEdit {C}{C {C}{C


Scott Bernard R.E.F.

{C}{C {C}{C

NEST now investigates reports of alien presences, looking for the Decepticons who have been absent since the battle in Egypt. They also have set up Energon detectors in every major city to detect the presence of Decepticons. It has also moved its headquaters from Diego Garcia to a building in Washington, D.C. entitled Department of Health and Human Services. After now Lieutenant Colonel Lennox learns from Alexi Voskhod of an alien artifact at Chernobyl, NEST heads there to retrieve it. They get the artifact, but come under attack from Shockwave and his Driller, but Optimus drives them away and retrieves the artifact which turns out to be an engine part from a long lost Autobot ship.

After the revival of Sentinel Prime, NEST is called in to help deal with the Dreads. Ironhide heads out to fight and takes them out. When Sentinel reveals his true colors, murdering Ironhide and decimating the base, there is nothing NEST can do about it as he's too powerful.


Skylar Colony Terminal Computer

When the battle of Chicago begins, NEST is on stand-down at Grissom Air Force Base near the battle-zone. After learning of the Decepticons' plans from Sam Witwicky and Carly Spencer via a downed UAV, everyone volunteers to join the fight and fly to Chicago in Osperys.

Along the way and upon reaching the city, the Osperys come under attack from Decepticon fighters and Starscream and the NEST forces jump out and wing-suit the rest of the way in, losing a few more members to attacks before they land safley.thumb|300px|left|Pionneer Expedition Forces

After learning that Sam is battling Starscream, NEST attacks the Decepticon, distracting Starscream and allowing Sam to finally kill him. NEST then hooks up with the retired Epps and his team of mercanaries as well as some Navy SEALS near a bridge and cross it with the help of Simmons and Dutch lowering the bridge for them while thanks to Wheelie and Brains, the Autobots that have recently been captured escape and Bumblebee kills Soundwave. {C}{C {C}{C


urban warfare alien world

{C}{C {C}{C

NEST and Epps' team attack Shockwave and a group of Decepticons including Barricade. They parachute in from above after climbing a building and use Que's boom sticks to cripple several Decepticons and kill a few while Epps and his men act as snipers. They battle Shockwave until Optimus shows up and kills him and the remaning Decepticons and shoots down the Control Pillar for the space bridge with Shockwave's cannon and challenges Sentinel to a fight. NEST battles Sentinel until he calls in other Decepticons to create a distraction and escape, forcing NEST to divert their attention while Optimus goes after Sentinel. Optimus kills Megatron and Sentinel and NEST is victorius. Dark of the Moon N.E.S.T. particpated battles Edit N.E.S.T. particpated battles sectionEdit

Tt 7 640w


   Battle of Mission City - before N.E.S.T. was formed
   Skirmish in Shanghai
   Battle of Giza
   Skirmish in Washington D.C.
   Battle of Chicago

Borg Mecha robots

NotesEdit Notes sectionEdit

   What the initial "NEST" stands for is not mentioned in the film Revenge of the Fallen. The N.E.S.T. can be an initial for:
       Networked Elements: Supporters and Transformers The Veiled Threat
       Nonbiological Extraterrestrial Species Treaty The Last Prime
       Nonbiological Extraterrestrial Species Team (LG promotional tie-in website)
KusoCartoon 13796412125305

"Shrike" Missile launcher truck

The Present

   Sarah Connor
   John Connor
   [[Daniel Dyson]

"Jade's World"

   Miho Tagatoshi
   Ramsey Devaux

GamesEdit Games sectionEdit

Terminator: Dawn of Fate

   Catherine Luna

Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesEdit Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles sectionEdit Scott Bernard

   Edit this page
   This article is a stub. You can help Robotech Saga Wiki by expanding it. Scott Bernard Scott Bernard Species: Human Gender: Male Born: 2023 Height: 1.78 m Affiliation: Robotech Expeditionary Force

Term 1 640w

Lieutenant Commander Scott Bernard was born in 2023 in outerspace. Served as a pilot in the 21st Mars Division, one of the advanced battalions trying to reclaim Earth from the Invid by destroying their base. His entire division was destroyed and Scott is the only survivor. Scott, sets about to fulfill his mission to reach Reflex Point and join Admiral Rick Hunter's army.

   John Connor
   Major General Perry
   First Lieutenant Derek Reese
   Sergeant Kyle Reese
   Cameron Phillips
   The Engineer
   Jesse Flores
   Bird (Mentioned only)
   Cullie (Mentioned only)
   Cullie's Brother - "Bubble-Tech" TDE Technician [1] (Mentioned only)
   Oil Rig Terminator
   Petty Officer Goodnow
Tt 15 640w

Zarconia Terminators

AppearancesEdit Appearances sectionEdit

FilmsEdit Films sectionEdit

   The Terminator
   Terminator 2: Judgment Day
   Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
   Terminator Salvation

TelevisionEdit Television sectionEdit

   Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
       "Dungeons & Dragons"
       "Vick's Chip"
       "Allison from Palmdale"

NovelsEdit Novels sectionEdit

   T2: Infiltrator
   T2: Rising Storm
   T2: Future War

ComicsEdit Comics sectionEdit

Dark Horse Comics

   The Terminator: Tempest
   The Terminator: Secondary Objectives
   The Terminator: The Enemy Within
   The Terminator: End Game
   The Terminator: One Shot
   The Terminator: Hunters and Killers
   The Terminator: Death Valley
   The Terminator: The Dark Years
       RoboCop vs. The Terminator
       Superman vs. The Terminator: Death to the Future
       Aliens vs. Predator vs. The Terminator

Dynamite Entertainment

   Terminator 2: Infinity
       Painkiller Jane vs. Terminator
       Painkiller Jane vs. Terminator: Time to Kill

Malibu Comics

   Terminator 2: Judgment Day - Cybernetic Dawn
   Terminator 2: Judgment Day - Nuclear Twilight

Beckett Comics

   Terminator 3: Before the Rise
   Terminator 3: Eyes of the Rise
   Terminator 3: Fragmented

NOW comics

   The Terminator (NOW Comics), #1–17 (Sep 1988 - Feb. 1990)
   Terminator: The Burning Earth, #1–5 (Mar. – July 1990)

IDW Publishing

   Terminator Salvation Official Movie Prequel
   Terminator Salvation Movie Adaptation

GamesEdit Games sectionEdit

   The Terminator: Dawn of Fate
   Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (video game)
   Terminator 3: War of the Machines
   Terminator 3: The Redemption
   Terminator Salvation (video game)

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   ↑ Cullie's Brother is credited in the dialog of "The Tower Is Tall But the Fall Is Short" with being the TDE tech who sent back Derek Reese and his cell.

Read more

   Tech-Com is a Resistance group lead by John Connor in the War against the Machines after the Judgmen

IDW Transformers movie comics Hey, that's my line! {C}{C {C}{C Hey, that's my line!

Park Rangerbot



Approximately one month after the events in Mission City, Sector Seven inadvertently reactivated the Decepticon Wreckage and simultaneously attracted the attention of Starscream, and the subsequent battle leveled Sector Seven's Nevada bunker, costing dozens of lives. Secretary of Defense Keller immediately terminated the clandestine group's operations upon learning of the incident.

In the aftermath, Captain Lennox tried to convince his dubious and hostile superiors at the Pentagon that the Autobots were indeed trustworthy and would be a valuable asset. His superiors impressed upon him that in order for the military to provide full disclosure, the Autobots must cooperate fully, and that the unit was Lennox's responsibility now. After the burial-at-sea of Jazz, Optimus Prime and Lennox agreed that for the protection of their mutual homeworld, they must trust each other and work together as a single team. Sometime later, the newly formed NEST command commenced training at the military base on Diego Garcia. Alliance #3

Zarconia High Ranks

KusoCartoon 14164417206037

Zarconian Spy Covert Ops Agent Clone endos enemy design

NEST had a baptism of fire against the Decepticon scouts Swindle and Dead End in San Francisco: the mission was successful although Lennox was criticized for allowing the Autobots to transform on the Golden Gate Bridge. NEST expanded to a multinational force and began taking on Decepticon agents across Earth: Fracture and Overcast were destroyed in Europe, while Dropkick and Incinerator were defeated in Florida. NEST's victories were tempered with the ultimate sacrifice, such as when Salani died battling Jetstorm. When Bumblebee redeployed back to the 'States as Sam Witwicky's guardian, NEST received a much-needed boost in Transformers ranks when Sideswipe, Arcee, Skids and Mudflap came to Earth. This joy was short-lived, however: the Decepticon Demolishor had been sighted in Shanghai, China. Alliance #4 [edit] The Veiled Threat prequel novel The events of The Veiled Threat take place during IDW Publishing's Alliance comic. {C}{C {C}{C{C}{C{C}{C As Starscream was spotted in Zambia, gaining control over local rebel groups by using his internal synthesizers to create gold coins, NEST was deployed to the Zambezi River to battle Dropkick, Macerator, and Payload. Beachbreak was killed by Starscream while helping Optimus Prime not fall to his death at Victoria Falls. Starscream's Decepticons attempted to destroy a series of dams, but Prime killed Macerator, while Payload was drowned when the humans entered the dam and opened the flood gates. Epps, Russian scientist Petr Andronov, Longarm and Knockout went to Peru, while Lennox, Kaminari Ishihara, Prime, Ironhide, and Salvage arrived in the Western Australian Outback. Epps' team fought off Ruination and Blademaster, while Lennox's group encountered Kickback, Tread and Trample. Before dying, Kickback revealed he was part of a Decepticon faction not under Starscream's command, which were trying to gather enough energy to revive Megatron.

At Diego Garcia, a small crab Decepticon infiltrated the base and hacked into the NEST computers before sneaking back into the sea. Despite the break-in, the NEST team continued their usual business, hunting another Swindle and Deadend in Rome. Unexpectedly, Starscream challenged Prime to single combat inside the Coliseum. There, Prime fell through a trap door to a subway tunnel extension and into a strong set of restraints arranged by Italian criminal Bruno Carrera - who was promised rule of Europe once Starscream conquered Earth - where he was attacked by Barricade. The humans rescued Prime though, and Barricade and Starscream fled. The Veiled Threat {C}{C {C}{C [edit] Titan Magazines Revenge of the Fallen comics {C}{C {C}{C Where were we in the film? We were... redecorating. Yes. {C}{C {C}{C Where were we in the film? We were... redecorating. Yes.

NEST have a centralised NEST Server. Target coordinates so any nearby forces can get the necessary data. Head in the Clouds

NEST have a secret base in a hangar at Edwards Air Force Base, California, which both monitors for Decepticons and possesses a rapid-reaction strike team for missions on US soil. Ironhide was the commanding officer there, with Sergeant Dundee as the strike team's leader. At least five people monitor and handle the computer side of things, and like the Diego Garcia base, they work on a raised platform on wheels. Learning Curve A Regional Command base exists in Wyoming. Turnabout A second California base is at Andrews Air Force Base Culture Shock, and an armoury is hidden in the Alamo. Rules of Engagement

An overseas base, labelled as forward operations, exists in Scotland's Orkney Islands, overseen by Sideswipe. It contains a training facility for Autobots, but does not appear heavily staffed. New Tricks Another overseas base, a prison for captured Decepticons, was located in Bloemfontein, South Africa. Inside Out! A NEST Ops base for Canada is located in CFB Comox, Vancouver Island Head in the Clouds and a north Russian base is located in the Arkhangelskaya Oblast. Divided Loyalties!/T_606

Optimus was absent for a while, off in Australia on NEST business. Reversal of Fortune

The California NEST team went to Las Vegas to intercept and capture Grindor. They came close, disabling him with electrified cables and almost anchoring him to the ground, only for Skids and Mudflap to muck it up. Learning Curve

Later, when the twins were at Diego Garcia, the Decepticon Sideways was captured in Australia. Optimus Prime returned to Diego Garcia with this prisoner, but Sideways was freed when Scorponok attacked the island. Since the villain shouldn't have gotten that close without being spotted (there's an ocean in the way!), it was clear NEST's security had been compromised. Reversal of Fortune

Later, the Wyoming base detected the battle between the twins and Ransack. Turnabout There is nothing to see here. Honest. There is nothing to see here. Honest.

Even later than that, after that whole Fallen thing (see below), NEST attempted to lure a motorbike Decepticon out of traffic in Los Angeles and into a trap. Unfortunately, Jolt fubar-ed the mission and while the target was captured, the damage was extensive. This made Theodore Galloway very happy, as it was a new excuse to get NEST shut down.

Two days after that, NEST's Watch-Seven called for help from Andrews Air Force Base, reporting an unknown Cybertronian attacker and requesting back-up. Culture Shock Some time after, NEST forces responded to an attempted break-in at the Alamo armoury. Rules of Engagement


Harrison War of the Worlds


Col. Ironhorse

Bludgeon would go on to cause a jailbreak in South Africa, overpowering the Autobot guards; NEST had to let Bludgeon's Decepticons leave to prevent civilian deaths. Inside Out! Following his escape, NEST forces have seen action against his militia and unrelated Decepticons in Canada, Head in the Clouds, the North Atlantic Making Waves, Egypt Turn and Burn, and Peru The Kingdom of Starscream. After they were seen to retreat in South Africa, however, NEST's standing has been low in the eyes of the world. Turn and Burn

An ongoing NEST mission is to locate all the Seekers on Earth. Bring Me the Head of Optimus Prime {C}{C {C}{C [edit] Revenge of the Fallen movie

NEST arrived in Shanghai with a cover story provided by the Chinese government that they were cleaning up a toxic spill in the industrial area. In reality, the Autobot-human military alliance was hunting the sixth group of Decepticon infiltrators detected in the past eight months, with the hopes of cleanly taking out the enemy without members of the public witnessing the secret war. Unfortunately, the Decepticons, Demolishor and Sideways, wrecked a significant portion of Shanghai before they were defeated by Sideswipe and Optimus Prime. Returning to their base at Diego Garcia, Lennox and Optimus met Theodore Galloway, who was appointed their new Director by the President of the United States, and held a video conference with General Morshower. Galloway noted President Obama's serious concerns at the destruction during the Shanghai battle, and voiced his opinion that the Decepticons only remained because the Autobots did. Optimus said that if the Autobots were asked to leave, they would do so, but asked Galloway to pass on a message to the President: what if the Autobots leave, and the humans are wrong? Little did they know, Soundwave was listening in on their conversation, overhearing details such as Megatron's location in the Laurentian Abyss, and the last AllSpark fragment in storage at Diego Garcia. Ravage was deployed to steal the fragment, which Scalpel used to revive their leader. The reborn Megatron went after Sam Witwicky, and Optimus Prime died protecting him. Following Optimus' death, the Decepticons arrived in greater numbers during bolder attacks under the leadership of Megatron's master, The Fallen, with the promise of more if the humans did not turn Sam over to the Decepticons. Galloway ordered the termination of NEST and that the Autobots retreat to Diego Garcia.


Princess Treleste Khan Armada

Treleste is in Zarco Macross.She is very smart as a droid in robot family.In this she can add to herself.She though is a hot rod racer car. But Seymour Simmons contacted Lennox, revealing he had travelled to Egypt with Sam to unravel the Decepticons' plot, and that they should bring Optimus Prime's body, as the boy had a plan to resurrect him. Lennox managed to get the information to General Morshower, who managed to arrange assets to be positioned accordingly. During their supposed flight to Diego Garcia, Lennox had the pilots divert to Egypt and

Princess Firoz Khan Armada being mode transformation

then fake engine trouble so Galloway would be forced to parachute off the plane, so they could land outside the pyramids instead. Once they set up, Starscream performed a flyby and released an electromagnetic pulse, disabling communications, while Soundwave knocked out the United States military satellite coverage. Once communications were out, Megatron ordered the Decepticons to attack, with a small force landing to engage NEST.

Zarco clone endos enemy design

These are Zarconia clone endos enemy design.They have powers and abilities to do

North America Native Cat Panther robot being "Merle Stalker" Floppydiskbot

super human abilities.They can jump higher,run and extend and are powered by radiation.They have energy weapons when their hand changes to a loaded energy weapon from configuration.Fields powers.Armor panel.They can wear clothing and have beings appearance.They are based on configuration to change into weapons and to change to modes,get smaller compact avoid enemy fire and to go after or elude or surprise.Some have built in verniers.They are all endo designs and are cloned metal ore,replicated being robots.They can extension hydraulic powers.Their metal rods in their design can puncture through armor.They adapt to the enemy and the enemy has weaknesses.Inputs data to counter the enemy.They are based on android clone design variant.They are based on robot beings,CPU to self thing and use outer exterior camauflage.Guerilla warfare.They can configurate with chipboard inside linkup power with electricity and electronics.Probing system AI intelligence clone endo.They are based on systems BETA,PARC,DEW,ECW.Laser designator and stores in cavities for supplies.Re-fitted for missions and sorties.They have laser blowtorch strafe.They can arm up to military needs.Some are made of light weight material plastic that is laser and HE proof,panel design armor.
KusoCartoon 13787564575603

Space Concentration camp Space platform

Suspecting something was wrong, Morshower ordered a UAV deployed to observe what was going on, while Simmons was able to use a radio from a Jordanian helicopter to request backup from the nearby U.S.S. John C. Stennis' battle group. Once the UAV confirmed the battle was going on, Morshower deployed all available assets to the region. On the ground, NEST fought a desperate struggle to hold off the Decepticons, until Sam arrived with the Matrix of Leadership. Once again in contact with the military, Sergeant Epps ordered in an airstrike, which managed to destroy most of the Decepticon forces. Megatron survived the strike, and killed Sam, but something managed to revive him, and he restored Optimus to life. With the Autobot leader functioning again, NEST watched as he combined with Jetfire and subsequently defeated The Fallen. Revenge of the Fallen (film) [edit] IDW Post Revenge of the Fallen comics You left a piece out! This article is a stub and is missing information. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it.

[edit] Dark of the Moon movie

You left a piece out!

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[edit] Games [edit] Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - The Game [edit] Xbox 360/Sony PS3/PC [edit] Autobot campaign

In the Autobot campaign, before you do a specific mission, Epps will give you what you need to do, and how many Decepticons there are. [edit] Decepticon campaign

The Decepticon campaign. Soundwave will hack into the NEST satellite to tell which Autobot to destroy. [edit] Starscream Showdown

NEST attempted to stop Starscream from...doing something in the desert. Starscream Showdown [edit] Known members Okay 'bots, I know you don't like the cow skull, but make up your minds. Okay 'bots, I know you don't like the cow skull, but make up your minds. [edit] Humans

   Petr Andronov
   Robert Epps
   Kaminari Ishihara
   William Lennox
   All those who complete the NEST missions [1]
Queen Andromeda

Queen Andromeda Cybertron Gobotron

[edit] Autobots Also available in iron-on patch form. Also available in iron-on patch form.

   Dune Runner
   Knock Out
   Optimus Prime
   Slap Dash
VAF-8+ Contra Grav Alpha Fighter:

Princess Armada and Queen Andromeda clone endo enemy design Being modes transformed combiners

This fighter is a redesigned version of the Alpha Fighter used by the Sentinels against the Invid. This design is physical identical to a standard alpha except the nose of the fighter is slightly longer and will often carry external ordnance. While this fighter design is not operated by REEF units in Florida, it is operated by other REEF units outside of Florida Base. Most are painted grey or camouflage. There are three models, a standard model, and ECM model that has jamming gear, and a stealth model that carries the same equipment as a shadow fighter.

Taurus Sanc Kingdom

This fighter was designed by Lieutenant Kamako Kantako, an REF Field Scientist. Before having been rifted to Rifts Earth, Lieutenant Kamako Kantako had been one of the members of the design board that was working on more advanced versions of the various Veritech fighters. When the plans for the VAF-8+ were drawn up, many of the additions that had been planned for the next generation alpha fighter were added when possible. The most important item was to reduce the vehicle's dependency on protoculture. This was done by putting a high efficiency fusion reactor in the Alpha. The next most important item was adding nose lasers. The ones selected by Lt. Kantako were copied were those from the TX-41 Giant laser rifle. Also important but not as important was increasing the missile ordnance of the fighter. This was done by three separate modifications. This was by increasing the capacity of the standard launchers by 10 missiles, adding the GR-12 missile launchers that were designed for the original shadow fighters, and adding external ordnance pods and racks. Because rail guns designed in Rifts are far more powerful than the original auto cannons were, the auto cannons have been replaced by a heavy rail gun. The sensors have been vastly improved, using top of the line sensor designs found in fighters from Rifts. The flight system was totally redesigned after Lt. Kantako was able to study a purchased Naruni Crescent Moon's contra grav flight system. She designed a flight system for the new Alpha that works the same way but is different enough from the original one on the Crescent Moon to not have Naruni irritated yet still have the same performance.

To be more accurate, this fighter follows theoretical information about starships operating non chemical propulsion in space. This has meant much greater speeds and accelerations. Listed is the formula to allow player and game masters to calculate the fighter's velocity.

   Velocity = Acceleration x Time + Initial Velocity
   Distance Traveled = Acceleration x ½ x Time ² + Initial Velocity x Time
   1 G = 32 feet (9.8 m) per second ²

Model Type: VAF-8C+ (Combat Model), VAF-8ECM+ (ECM/Hurricane Model), VAF-8SF+ (Stealth/Shadow Model) Class: Veritech Fighter VAF series Crew: One pilot. A passenger can fit in the cockpit but must sit in the pilot's lap.

M.D.C. by Location: Head: 75 [1] Head Sensor Unit: 50 Hands (2): 50 each Forearm/ Missile Pods (2): 60 each Shoulders/ Missile Pods (2): 100 each Upper Legs(2): 150 each Lower Legs/ Missile Pods(2): 200 each Wings (2): 150 each Tail Fins (2): 75 each Gun Pods (Various) 100 Reinforced Pilots Compartment: 175 [2] Main Body: 500

23393-oz 07ams romefeller large

Aries alpha fighter

Notes: [1] Depleting the M.D.C. of the head sensor will impair the pilots sensory and targeting equipment. Long-Range radar is greatly diminished, leaving an effective range of one mile(1.6 Km). Radio and laser communications are lost. Short range radio backup provides a 60 mile (96 Km) range. Laser targeting is destroyed causing a -1 to strike. [2] Depleting the M.D.C. of the main body will shut the mecha down completely, rendering it useless. Note: Lasers do half damage due to armor being special laser resistant materials

Speed: All Modes, Space: The fighter does not have an effective top speed but is limited by acceleration. Fighter can reach a top acceleration of 6.0 Gs. Jet Mode, atmosphere: Mach 5.5 ( 4,232.3 mph/ 6811.2 kph). Vehicle is trans-atmospheric due to Contra-Grav system and can hover in this mode. Guardian Mode, atmosphere: Mach 2.5 (1,923.8 mph / 3096.1 kph). The vehicle is trans-atmospheric due to Contra-Grav system and can hover in this mode. Battloid Mode Flying, atmosphere: Mach 1.0 (769.5 mph /1238.4 kph). The vehicle is trans-atmospheric due to Contra-Grav system and can hover in this mode. Battloid Mode Running: 100 Mph (160.9 kph). Battloid Mode Leaping: 100 feet (30.5 meters) up or across without using thrusters. Underwater: It can walk along the bottom of the sea floor at 25% of maximum speed. The Alpha can also use its thrusters to travel up to a maximum speed of 50 mph (80 km) Maximum Ocean Depth: 1 mile (1.6 km) Range: Unlimited, the Veritech Fighter has supplies for one person for seven days. Because the fighter is anti-gravitic in nature, they do not use reaction mass and can be sustained indefinitely in space as well.


Space concentration camp installation

Statistical Data: Height: 28 feet 7 inches (8.75 meters) in Battloid, 15 feet (4.6 meters) in Jet Mode Width: 13 feet (4.3 meters) at the shoulders in Battloid, 22 ft (6.7 meters) in Jet and Guardian Mode Length: 36 feet (11 meters) in Jet and Guardian Mode Weight: 12 tons empty and 17 tons fully loaded Physical Strength: Equal to a P.S. 50 Power System: Nuclear Fusion (15 Years). Uses four protoculture cells for special systems (100 Year Duration) Cargo: None except for cyclone storage space (up to 500 lbs). Black Market Cost: Not Sold, If found it would probably be worth 150 million for a new, undamaged, and fully operation fighter complete with weapons, able to transform, and having cloaking device


   MM-70B Multi-missile System: Similar to the MM-60 missile launcher system used in the VAF-6 and VAF-7 Alpha Fighters, the MM-70B retains the same electronic systems but can include an additional 10 SRMs due to the designed body of the VAF-8+. A total of 70 short range missiles are included; Shoulders: 8 each, Forearms: 12 each (6 on both sides of the arm), Lower Legs: 15 each ( 3 launchers on each leg). Missiles are assumed to accelerate at 2 times normal mach speed in Gs greater than the starships speed when used in space. Missiles can be launched at non moving targets beyond the powered range of the missiles to hit targets without the chance of the launching ship being hit by missiles itself but penalties exist when launching missiles beyond normal missile range.
   Maximum Effective Range: Varies with short range missile types, assume powered range is 8 x normal in space (Go to Revised bomb and missile table).
   Mega Damage: Varies with short range missile types (Go to Revised bomb and missile table).
   Rate of Fire: One at a time or in volleys of two, four, eight, sixteen, thirty or all (70). Counts as one attack.
   Payload: A maximum capacity of 70 short-range missiles.
   GR-12 Shoulder Launched Missile System: Identical to a Shadow Fighters, carries an additional pair of missile launchers in the upper chest and adds an extra 24 short range missiles. Missiles are assumed to accelerate at 2 times normal mach speed in Gs greater than the starships speed when used in space. Missiles can be launched at non moving targets beyond the powered range of the missiles to hit targets without the chance of the launching ship being hit by missiles itself but penalties exist when launching missiles beyond normal missile range.
   Maximum Effective Range: Varies with short range missile types, assume powered range is 8 x normal in space (Go to Revised bomb and missile table).
   Mega Damage: Varies with short range missile types (Go to Revised bomb and missile table).
   Rate of Fire: One at a time or in volleys of two, four, six, twelve or all (24). Counts as one attack.
   Payload: A maximum capacity of 24 short-range missiles.
   Wing Hardpoints: The VAF-8+ has two hard points (1 per wing) which can be used to mount missiles and other ordnance for heavy assaults and bombardments. The fighter can various types of Pods and ordnance types on the hard points of the fighter. Towed Decoy pods are commonly carried. These missiles do NOT have to be dropped prior to transformation into battloid mode; however, the missiles cannot be fired in battloid mode because they are covered by the tail fins of the mecha. See standard R.E.E.F. Aircraft Hard point Pods & Ordnance Loads. If the hard points are carrying missiles, then missiles are assumed to accelerate at 2 times normal mach speed in Gs greater than the starships speed when used in space. Missiles can be launched at non moving targets beyond the powered range of the missiles to hit targets without the chance of the launching ship being hit by missiles itself but penalties exist when launching missiles beyond normal missile range.
   Nose Mounted Variable Frequency High-Powered Lasers: Mounted on either side of the cockpit. Similar to the Triax TX-41 Laser pulse rifle. The weapon has 13 different possible frequencies to counter laser resistant armor. Number 7 counters USA-10 Glitterboy, Setting Thirteen is blue green and has full range underwater, and all other setting are designed to counter other laser resistant materials.
   Maximum Effective Range: 4,000 feet (1,200 m) in an atmosphere and 32,000 feet (9,600 m) in space.
   Mega Damage: 3D6 for one cannon, 6D6 for both cannons, 1D6x10 for three round burst from one cannon, 2D6x10 for three round burst from both barrels (6 total shots)
   Rate of Fire: Equal to the pilots combined hand to hand (usually 5 or 6).
   Payload: Unlimited (Draws Power off the main engines).
   FCRG-20C Gun Pod: due to the fact that the REEF personnel run against targets that are impervious to energy weapons, The FCRG-20C Gun pod was designed. It is designed using a Shemarrian Rail gun and ammo and putting it into a special gun like the GU-XX casing. The Alpha can carry up to three gun pods.
   Maximum Effective Range: 6,000 feet (1,828 m) and in an atmosphere and 48,000 feet (14,630 m) in space.
   Mega-Damage: 2D6x10 M.D. per round
   Rate of Fire: Equal to number of combined hand to hand attacks (usually 4-6) fired as aimed or Wild
   Payload: 440 rounds (2 belts of 220 rounds)
   Bonuses: +2 to Strike.
   EU-20 Destablizer: Powerful energy weapon for use on the Shadow Model. Carried on top normally in fighter mode and when mounted on the shoulders of an alpha, it draws additional energy from the alpha and can fire a special burst of energy that will disrupt force fields punching a hole 10 + 2D6 foot hole in the force field.
   Maximum Effective Range: 4,000 feet (1,200 meters), eight times range in space.
   Mega Damage: 1D4x10 MDC
   Rate of Fire: Equal to the pilots combined hand to hand (usually 5 or 6)
   Payload: Unlimited when connected to power supply (40 burst if not)
   Anti-Missile Chaff Dispenser: Located at the very tail of the fighter are two chaff dispensers. When tailed by a missile, a cloud of chaff and other obtrusive particles can be released to confuse or detonate the enemy's attack. Rifts Earth decoy systems are assumed to not operate against Phase World missiles due to technological difference. Reduce effects by 20% against smart missiles (Add +20% to rolls for smart missiles.)
       01-50 Enemy missile or missile volley detonates in chaff cloud - Missiles are all destroyed
       51-75 An Enemy missile or missile volley loses track of real target and veers away in wrong direction (May lock onto another target)
       76-00 No effect, missile is still on target Also note that the chaff cloud will also blind flying monsters that fly through cloud. They will suffer the following penalties: reduce melee attacks/actions, combat bonuses, and speed by half. Duration: 1D4 melee rounds.
   Payload: Eight (8)
   Optional Hand to Hand: Treat as normal hand to hand combat except increase the damages as listed.
   Restrained Punch: 1D6 M.D. in Battloid or Guardian Mode
   Full Strength Punch: 3D6 M.D. in Battloid mode
   2D6 M.D. in Guardian mode.
   Power Punch: 1D6x10 M.D. in Battloid Mode
   Kick: 4D6 M.D. in Battloid or Guardian Mode
   Stomp: 1D4 M.D. in Battloid or Guardian Mode but limited to targets no more than 12 feet tall.
   Body flip: 2D4 M.D.

Special Equipment: The Alpha has all the standard features of a standard Robotech Recon Alpha Fighters, Rifts Robot, and Rifts Fighter plus these special features listed.

   Hurricane Jammer on VAF-8ECM+: It Creates a jamming field in a 30 mile (48.3 km) radius in all directions around the fighter. It jams all radars, radios, and all equipment that uses RF waves. Included in the jamming are all friendly forces and all equipment in fighter that is using it. It's original design was stolen off of a fighter disigned by an enemy race known as the Surikii. The alien fighter is known as the Screamer.
   Shadow Cloaking Device on VAF-8SF+: Cloaking device that makes the fighter invisible to most sensors. Usually strikes first on first round and thereafter gets +3 to initiative. See Robotech Sentinels for more details.
   Radar: Range 500 miles (805 km) in an atmosphere and 25,000 miles (40,250 km) in space, can identify and track up to 64 targets simultaneously. It is also capable of Terrain Following for low altitude flight. With Combat & Targeting Computer, the standard version can fire missiles at up to sixteen targets at the same time.
   V. A. S.: Visual magnification that multiplies all images by about 300 times which allows visual identification and tracking of fighter sized objects out to 30 to 40 miles.
   E.S.M.: Radar Detector, Passively detects other radars being operated.
   Laser Navigational System: Allow flight at low altitude without use of Radar. Gives a map of the Terrain

[edit] Notes

   What NEST stands for was not mentioned in Revenge of the Fallen. Different meanings were given by different sources. Lately, Hasbro have favored "Networked Elements: Supporters and Transformers" by including it in their online glossary as part of Vector Sigma's Data Tracks.[1] Even more recently, though, movie comic author John Barber has consistently used "Nonbiological Extraterrestrial Species Treaty" in his Dark of the Moon projects.
       Networked Elements: Supporters and Transformers[2] The Veiled Threat
       Nonbiological Extraterrestrial Species Treaty The Last Prime
       Nonbiological Extraterrestrial Species Team [3]
   NEST troopers appeared on Cover B of the Revenge of the Fallen prequel comic "Alliance #2" , but were nowhere to be seen in the story inside. This is because most of the covers illustrated by Revenge concept artist Josh Nizzi were meant to allude to scenes or situations in the actual Revenge of the Fallen movie itself.
   The native population of Diego Garcia were expelled from the island to make way for the joint United Kingdom/United States military bases. The Autobots are led by Optimus Prime, who believes freedom is the right of all sentient beings. Err...
   There is a real US Government agency known as NEST. The Nuclear Emergency Support Team. Of course, it could just be a cover for joint operations with alien robots. Toxic spill, indeed...
   The United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, Japan, and Russia The Veiled Threat have contributed tech guys, soldiers, and bases; China, Egypt, Australia Reversal of Fortune, Argentina Tales of the Fallen issue 2, Peru, Italy, and Zambia The Veiled Threat may be part of it, or may just be allowing NEST to enter their territory.
Princess A Khan

Princess Azalea Khan Armada

   While the spin-off media presents NEST as a multinational force and Revenge of the Fallen does show them operating abroad and with foreign soldiers, in the film itself NEST is presented as being under the direct control of the United States of America. (That can't make China and Russia happy...)
   The Revenge of the Fallen toyline's Voyager class Ironhide toy features a different NEST symbol on his alt-mode doors; a white Autobot symbol wearing a red beret set within a United Nations-styled logo, with 'special program' written underneath. Meanwhile, Scout class Dune Runner features a NEST symbol with the Autobot sigil and a downward pointing broadsword (from a NEST special forces patch) replacing the cow's skull. Fast Action Battlers Ironhide has the same sword symbol as Dune Runner. Yet more toys have the globe-and-Autobot insignia shown above. NEST must have a lot of bored designers on staff.
       These alternate logos don't usually appear in the fiction. Exceptions include the Global Alliance logo on CFB Comox in a Titan comic.
Princess Armada battlesuit

military cycle with verniers

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Mölders (メルダーズ Merudāzu?): supreme commander of the Black Nebula Empire's forces in the Large Magellanic Cloud, leading from his massive space fortress, the Autostar Gorba, which fights off both the Yamato and Desler's fleet. John Scott Bernard Connor Queen ArmadaAdded by Queen Armada Stick code Terminator Resistance Queen ArmadaAdded by Queen Armada

John Connor is a leader but under Stick Bernard.Scott Bernard monitors Terminator Resistance and fights Skynet.He is a better fighter and teaches to fight especially machines.Sarah Connor is Stick's mother and Terminator information cross over to R.E.F.robotech to know and update them about Terminator because Terminator goes to space as a race called Dark Nebula,Black Nebula.They terminators are alien race.GI Joe is part of the war on Skynet.Skynet went to warfare on GI Joe's planet and made terminators and gained laser.

Great Emperor Skulldart (聖総統スカルダート Seisōtō Sukarudāto?): Leader of the Dark Star Cluster Empire.

Queen Armada space

Ettrossian people tranny pilot

       Japanese voice artist: Tōru Ōhira, Banjō Ginga (PS2 games) Gun Guide

R6 has a great selection of pistols and primary firearms, I did this guide to help choose the best gun for the mission.


Vector Sigma Quran terminal with New fuhr clone endo


Mobile doll droid

Zarco mobile doll centinel battloid

Heckler & Koch MK23 This gun is the handgun of choice for the U.S special forces. Its

A .45 Caliber and is

N2 New Fuhr being mode

extremely reliable.It has average stopping power

And is quite accurate.

Heckler & Koch M23 - SD

This weapon has a flash silencer, specially designed for Rainbow. It Flash silencer means it eliminate flash visibility. Not quite as accurate but a whole lot quieter than the MK23.

Heckler & Koch USP

This .40 caliber is lighter than the MK23. It can really Pack a punch for its size.

Heckler & Koch USP - SD

This silenced .40 caliber is not the silencer of choice for Rainbow. I would stick with the MK23 - SD.

Beretta 92FS

This little 9mm is deadly at close range, and holds a bigger amount of ammunition.

Beretta 92FS 9mm - SD

This silenced 9mm is used mainly for recon, though it has a improved flash visibility.


Heckler & Koch MP5A2

Queen Armada's people

This is the Rainbow standard gun, it is reliable and and accurate. It is a 9mm with 3 different speed settings.

Heckler & Koch MP5SD5

This 9mm is silenced so well, you have a better chance of hearing the trigger get pulled

Heckler & Koch MP5K - PDW

This 9mm sub machine gun is light, and has a folding stock.

CAR - 15

This small assault rifle is powerful despite its appearance. It is used by U.S and Israeli special forces.

Colt M - 16A2

This is the long range bad boy of the Primary weapons. It really packs a punch.It easily pierces level ll. armor.

Benelli M1

This 12 gage shotgun is extremely powerful at close range and is very fast for a shotgun. IDW Hearts of Steel continuity

A unit of Federal troops was guarding a train that was rammed and destroyed by the Insectrain. When the Insectrain split apart and transformed into the Insecticons, the troops were powerless to stop them from steeling the cargo of currency and bullion. Hearts of Steel issue 2

Later, a cavalry unit discovered the Decepticons' abandoned construction site. They telegraphed Sacramento to let them know the Decepticons were on the move. Since the Decepticons were traveling by rail, it was not hard to guess which way they were headed. Hearts of Steel issue 3 Another Army unit set up a roadblock in hopes of stopping them, but the Astrotrain plowed right through them without even slowing down. Hearts of Steel issue 4

Clearly, the US Army was not going to be much help in stopping Decepticons, so it was left to the Autobots and their civilian human allies to put an end to their menace. {C}{C {C}{C [edit] Live-action Transformers movies {C}{C {C}{C [edit] Transformers (2007) movie

On the way back to SOCCENT Forward Operations Base in Qatar aboard two CV-22 Ospreys, the men in Captain Lennox's unit discussed their desires to be back home enjoying a "perfect day" of civilian life. CWO Figueroa wished to be home for his mother's cooking of barbecued alligators (something that disgusted Air Force Tech Sergeant Robert Epps) and top kick Donnelly wanted a flat beer and hotdog at Fenway stadium. When asked, all Captain Lennox wanted to do was hold his baby girl for the first time, earning him ribbing from the other soldiers.

Shortly after the men cleaned up and stowed their gear away, Lennox made a video call to his wife and daughter back home in the 'States. During this call, a MH-53 Pave Low entered SOCCENT's restricted airspace, refusing to identify itself. Escorting F-22 Raptors launched from SOCCENT reported that its tail number was 4500X, which was also the tail number of a Pave Low that was confirmed to have been shot down in Afghanistan several months earlier. The helicopter landed and began jamming SOCCENT's radar and communication systems, blinding them. Unexpectedly, the helicopter changed form, turning into a humanoid robot that laid waste to the soldiers surrounding it.

Epps ran through the barracks sounding the alarm that their antennae farm had been destroyed. Lennox's team, along with every other soldier with their wits about them, retreated from the unstoppable robot who was effortlessly destroying the base. After it was foiled in its attempt to hack the command center's server, Epps was almost crushed by the machine, but managed to capture images of it. The machine tried to stop him from escaping, but was fired upon by Figueroa. As Lennox's Ranger team and local boy Mahfouz made their escape, the machine unleashed a mechanical scorpion after them before obliterating the rest of the base.

The Rangers made their way across the harsh Qatar desert, unaware they were being stalked. Determined to bring back images of the machine to the Pentagon, they travelled to Mahfouz's distant village where a phone would be found. Just as the exhausted group reached the outskirts of the settlement, the scorpion attacked, killing Donnelly and sending the rest running for their lives. Fortunately, the townspeople joined in the defense against the mechanical creature, allowing Lennox to borrow a cell phone from Mahfouz's father, Akram. After some frustrations with an unhelpful phone company operator and some confusion over which of Epps' many back pockets contained his wallet, the Rangers were able to get in touch with the Pentagon. Under Epps' coordination with an E-3 Sentry AWACS, the Air Force sent Strike Package Bravo, two A-10 Thunderbolt IIs which shot the hell out of the scorpion, but failed to do any significant damage. Epps was forced to turn to the biggest guns they had, a AC-130 Spectre with its 105mm sabot shells, which finally damaged the creature, breaking its tail and sending it scurrying away. However, the battle had come at a cost—Figueroa was seriously injured. A medical helicopter arrived hours later to ship bring the Rangers to a base.

Younice Khan Princess Armada Clone Endo Enemy design transformation being mode

On the way back aboard a C-17 Globemaster III, the Rangers were able to learn that the tail of the scorpion was made out of a self-regenerating molecular armour that was penetrated by the sabot rounds. With a way to damage their new enemies, Epps called command to advise the use of high-heat sabot rounds on all of their gunships. Almost immediately after touching down in the United States, they were approached by agents of the clandestine Sector Seven who ordered the soldiers to follow. The Rangers were brought to the base at Hoover Dam with a group of curious companions: Secretary of Defense John Keller and Sector Seven agent Tom Banachek; Maggie Madsen and Glen Whitmann, two computer programmers; and Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Banes, two teenagers who had apparently encountered the living machines. Agent Seymour Simmons, a person that everybody in the group took an immediate disliking to, met the group and explained how they had all encountered or were now aware of the N.B.Es (Non-Biological Extraterrestrials), in other words, the shape-shifting alien machines that had attacked SOCCENT Qatar and the ones encountered by the teens. They were brought to see the frozen N.B.E.-01, the very first of the alien robots found on Earth and propegenitor of all of Earth's advanced technologies. Sam pipped in with the information that N.B.E.-01 was Megatron, the leader of the evil Decepticons faction of the aliens who was after a cube-like object. Tom Banachek led the group into an observation room in a massive chamber containing the Cube, the All Spark, and explained the real reason for the construction of the Hoover Dam was to conceal the alien artifact's strange radiation energy from anybody on the outside. Unfortunately, one alien managed to get inside and call upon his commander. {C}{C {C}{C{C}{C{C}{C
KusoCartoon 13787563282791

Space Concentration Camp on a moons surface

When asked about the Cube radiation, the group was again led into another secure chamber, where they were shown how the Cube could turn ordinary devices such as a Nokia cell phone into transforming robots. During the demonstration, Hoover Dam was attacked by a transforming F-22 Raptor who disabled the main generators. Leaping into action, Lennox asked to be led to the arms room where they could prepare a defense against the alien aggressors. While this was going on, Sam Witwicky asked Simmons to be allowed to see his alien robot car who had been captured by Sector Seven, but Simmons flatly refused, stating they had no idea of what would happen if they let the thing near the Cube. His patience at an end, Lennox snapped and drew his sidearm at Simmons, demanding the boy be allowed to see his car. This caused a stand off between the Rangers who refused to acknowledge Simmons' orders and the various black-clad Sector Seven soldiers. Fortunately, John Keller ordered Simmons to let the Rangers have their way, as losing was not really an option for them. The Rangers followed Sam and Mikaela to a lab where the yellow car, Bumblebee was being tortured. After being freed, there was a tense moment where the alien reacted with hostility towards the humans due to his mistreatment, but Sam managed to calm him down and take him to the All Spark Cube. To the amazement of the assembled humans (especially Simmons), Bumblebee activated the massive Cube and shrunk it down to a small, portable size. Aware that to fight here with Megatron in the other hangar was a losing option, Lennox suggested Keller and Simmons try to contact the Air Force, as the soldiers could not make a stand without air cover. Meanwhile, the Rangers, with the Sector Seven troopers under their command, Sam, Mikaela and Bumblebee would head towards Mission City in the hopes that the hustle and bustle would mask the Cube from the Decepticons.

On the way, the convoy was joined by the Autobots, who formed up along side to protect the Cube. Due to what is most likely a particularly bad continuity error (among many continuity errors in this film), the soldiers and their buggies do not appear at all during the freeway sequence where Bonecrusher attacks the Autobots.

Arriving in Mission City, Lennox was able to charm a pawn shop owner into giving him two working (if ancient) CB radios. Though Epps complained about their "Radio Shack Dinosaur Radio" age, he was seemingly able to contact an F-22 circling above the city, prompting Lennox to order the convoy to stop and pop green signal smoke. Unfortunately, the F-22 was apparently the Decepticon Starscream, who was recognised by the Autobot Ironhide. The old Autobot soldier's warning gave the humans enough time to scatter before Starscream unleashed his payload, crippling Bumblebee. In the confusion, Lennox berated Epps for apparently relaying an incorrect order that forced the F-22 to shoot at them, though Epps revealed that the illegal maneuvers the Raptor displayed was clearly made by an alien. Suddenly, modified Abrams tank appeared and fired upon them. The soldiers and the Autobots joined forces in disabling the brute before Megatron appeared on the scene, thirsting for vengeance. The Autobot Jazz and Ratchet ordered the humans to flee while they could. As he was retreating, Lennox noticed Jazz was bravely making a stand against Megatron to cover the humans. As the captain cried out for Jazz to fall back, the Autobot was blasted by Megatron, carried off into the air and torn in half. Realising that they could not hold the line against the Decepticons indefinitely, Lennox called for Blackhawk helicopters and ordered Sam Witwicky to make a run for it with the Cube while the soldiers held the enemy off. As Sam ran off, escorted by the remaining Autobots, and Mikaela drove off a tow truck with the injured Bumblebee strapped to it, the soldiers faced off against the tank thing, who had apparently received its second wind.

Zarconia Gas mask terminator clone endo enemy design,ideas

Our terminators are clone design.They are androids outer panel machine inside panels exoskeleton panels android using physics powers.They have cyber circuitry design which uses complex series of circuitry which has regenerative.The complex circuitry can make a complex and powerful machine with a solid alloy bones.CPU's can be different variations.With alien technology and Cybertron Gobotron Zarconia tech.They have powersource without having weaknesses power source distribution.Distribute the energy without having target.If it goes through the fields defenses outer armor is hollow design it ain't hitting anything.Panel design or bullet and danger proof,military proof.Use of resources in space as alloys and to make terminators.Clone the material in making a clone machine.Beings.Use of uniforms and retain the character and to change character into machines.Soldiers they have powers and changed to a machine.Police.Military.Enemy design as machine.Use the disguise as enemy design machine.Make the disguise as machine in terminator and being.

They struggled to fight it off, with Lennox observing that they weren't doing very well. Salvation came in the form of Mikaela driving the tow truck with Bumblebee on the back. The plucky Autobot's weapons made the difference, allowing them all to destroy the Decepticon. With the tank dead, Lennox and his men headed towards where the Autobot leader Optimus Prime and Megatron were fighting to lend the friendly alien assistance. Unfortunately, that Pave Low helicopter that attacked SOCCENT Qatar landed in the street ahead of them. Noticing that the evil alien was distracted, Lennox ordered Epps to call in F-22 Raptors to attack the robot helicopter while the soldiers attacked from the ground. Lennox got on an abandoned motorcycle and rode it towards the Decepticon, ditching it at the last moment moment to slide along the ground. As the F-22 missiles struck the alien, Lennox fired his grenade launcher into its gearbox, exacting his revenge for the deaths in Qatar.

With another Decepticon taken care of, the soldiers move to help Optimus Prime, who was struggling to fight the powerful Megatron. Together, the Air Force F-22s and the soldiers hammered the Decepticon leader, damaging him enough for Sam Witwicky. Lennox fired the round that pierced Megatron's chest armour, allowing Sam to shove the All Spark cube into the Decepticon's chest, killing him. As the dust settled, Lennox held his men back as Optimus Prime sombrely lamented his brother's death and thanked Sam for saving his own life. When the others arrived, Optimus briefly mourned the death of brave Jazz and thanked the assembled humans for their courage and bravery.

Sometime later, Captain Lennox got a ride home from Ironhide, and he finally met his daughter for the first time. It was the perfect day. Transformers [edit] Notable personnel

   Captain William Lennox leads a Army Ranger special-operations unit stationed out SOCCENT Qatar. This unit included:
   First Sergeant Donnelly
   Technical Sergeant Robert Epps, United States Air Force (Air Force Combat Control NCO)
   Chief Warrant Officer Jorge Figueroa
   Burke (Bald white guy)
   Eckerson (Funny hair guy)
   Other Guy #3 (Runs-funny-in-slow-motion guy)
   Other Guy #4

[edit] Facilities


Princess Eilleen Khan Armada Combiner as being mode change to Spacefighter Alpha Time travel.

As part of the joint operational command structure, US Army soldiers were stationed at SOCCENT Forward Operations Base in Qatar alongside service

Insectibots and vehicle modes

personnel from the United States Marine Corps and the United States Air Force.

[edit] Hardware [edit] UH-60 Black Hawk

The Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation UH-60 Black Hawk is a medium-lift utility helicopter designed to replace the UH-1 Iroquois (see below) as the US Army's tactical transport helicopter.

Shortly after the United States learned of the attack on SOCCENT Qatar, two medical evacuation UH-60Q Black Hawks flew to the destroyed base to search for survivors.

Later, two US Army UH-60 Blackhawks presumably stationed at Nellis Air Force Base transported teenagers Sam Witwicky & Mikaela Banes, computer hackers Maggie Madsen & Glenn Whitmann as well as Secretary of Defense John Keller to Hoover Dam.

Later, Army Blackhawks arrived in Mission City to help evacuate Sam and the All Spark Cube out of the city. One arrived on the roof to offer Sam assistance, but it was shot down by Starscream. The survivors could not render any help to Sam when the boy was faced with Megatron.

Zarconia Terminators

       More information about the UH-60 Blackhawk on Wikipedia

[edit] UH-1 Iroquois

The Bell Helicopter UH-1 Iroquois, commonly known as the "Huey", is a multi-purpose military helicopter, famous for its use in the Vietnam War. It has since been superseded by the UH-60 Black Hawk.

After Scorponok was driven off by an AC-130 gunship, an Army UH1 medical helicopter was sent to the battle site to evacuate the survivors to a friendly air base.

       More information about the UH-1 Iroquois on Wikipedia

[edit] Titan Transformers movie comics This event is unique to the Titan comics continuity.

After the defeat of Megatron in Mission City, a six-man Ranger team under Captain Cartwright were sent to assist Ironhide in fighting Scorponok. His team were Warrant Officer Marcus Holt, Master Sergeant Carlos Jimenez, Weapons Sergeant Darius Gale, medic Sergeant First Class William Oates (the only one to show awe about meeting "an honest-to-gosh alien"), and Operations Sergeant Jim Moon. Transformers Comic issue 8

Fox Tiger CDbot being animalbot robot

You left a piece out!

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[edit] IDW Transformers movie comics

You left a piece out!

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[edit] The Veiled Threat prequel novel

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The Veiled Threat [edit] Revenge of the Fallen movie

The US Army was involved in the NEST mission in Shanghai with at least one attack helicopter.

You left a piece out!

KusoCartoon 14147808419704

Intelligent Fuzed Detonationg Mine

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Revenge of the Fallen

[edit] Hardware
File:Tt 1 640w.jpg

Several of the vehicles arriving to back up NEST during the battle in Egypt are only used by the United States Army, not the US Marine Corps as stated in the movie. However, because this wiki follows what the fiction states, this article lists these US Army vehicles under the Marine Corps. [edit] AH-64D Apache Longbow

The McDonnel Douglas/Boeing AH-64 Apache is a attack helicopter. It is armed with Hellfire anti-tank missiles, rocket pods and a 30mm autocannon.

An Apache was deployed in Shanghai to hunt down Decepticons. The Apache engaged Demolishor and detected the second decepticon Sideways.

Zarco New Fuhr Commander Chucky Grand Prix Racer

       More information about the AH64 Apache helicopter on Wikipedia
Queen Armada as Veritech Action

Queen Armada Cyndi Stryker

[edit] Notes


Triple Cybertronian Gobotron born Khan Princess Armada


Sherryl in her urban clothes

   For the 2007 live-action movie, the actors portraying the soldiers on Lennox's Ranger team went through three days of basic training at Fort Irwin, in California. The segment of their experiences, titled "I Fight Giant Robots", can be seen in the 2-disc DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray editions of Transformers.
As stated above, during the battle in Egypt in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the United States Marine Corps are sent to reinforce NEST, but the vehicles shown in the battle are clearly US Army. The US Marine Corps has no Bradleys, M113s or MLRSs. They do have Abrams' but only the older M1A1 version, whereas the tanks shown are clearly

Underground Sewer Concentration camps

KusoCartoon 13984699356263

Gond Transformer Gobot Creator Computer

Queen Armada Princess Amelia Khan Armada being holographic AI clone endo enemy Design Combiner

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