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Zarconia Supership Cacharadon class flagship

Top view Zarconian Starship warship/Space battleship

Feroz's Aunt Amalie's younger sister Agilehawk VTOL Multi role fighter Pretender Gobot Fighter

Captain Queen


Queen Feroz Powermode Gestalt Warrior

Front View Zarconian Space Warship

Zarconian Warship Front View

Zarconia Flagship battlegroup battle vs SUS REF space French Forces enemies

Zarconian class War Vessel dorsal view

Special weapons transport

Special weapons craft

Combiner Queen Armada

Zarconia SWT space infantry warfare


Slaughter - The Wild Life (Extended Version)

heavy metal

Assimulated in my own world that I live in and created.Not in material world.They

Zarconian Starship Warship "Galactic Class"

Bridge emergency escape sphere barrier

Zarconian Starship Cruiser

Plotting Out Fighters/space Planes are all computer artifcial.Not the real.This is better.Legal.The Terminator alien race of robots will be Zarconia .They are assimulated part into Zarconia being the manpower and Transformer Gobots.Models as they are the after beginnings of Zarconia.We have added them as factors and

Queen Aramda of Stargate Gobot Pretender AI Europeans Alternate Convair F/A VSTOL 201 Kestrel

technology.We have experts and to do with the counter the French of Galactica and Alpha quadrant.They are experts in them.They also are more powerful then them.But are ordered from their High Command to become Zarconia told old forces.Comet Empire is like Germans and Italians of WW1 and WW2 We need to get this entire site of Zarconian in the long billions of light years journey to admiral in my home galaxy.The Admiral will be aboard my flaship and I am Queen and Captain.Caretaker Angels give him Zarconian wikia.I left much work to analyze and to create his navy and military for space.Its the building blocks of a great war on Allah and his government British led with a corrupted United States and United Federation of Planets.He has been growing the French and we have problems with the Dinguil and Bolars.These enemies will face the might battleship.When they absorb up material and Zarconian wikia.Zarco Macross Wikidot .Bring this back home by the long journey through wormhole and vortex.All my people will be ready to take to their positions and ready for war on Allah our Creator and his family Centauri and how they have grown in space.Admiral will build and construction my ships as entire plan.

Creator of a Billion Light Years Away Ombudsman

.Their resources and everypart of their empire changed to advanced technology.We have the same enemies and what Zarconia is doing is ocrrecting their losing and

"Zarconian Nagato Space Battleship"

losses they had and fate.But they will disappear from existence replaced by Zarconia early.Zarconia will do their actions and existence corrected and more powerful.Q did work for Zarconia as he could have chosen Galactica but chose "The Delta Quadrant" which was my homeworld space Americans planet small as a dwarf planet but a military power of space,represented by Andromeda as plenet of

Zarco Monster USS Iowa Battleship

Andromeda system. .Their technology is Zarconia with deals by Queen Armada,me.Factors to add to Zarconia as outnumbered we need these technology factors and manpower Zarconia Invid .Japanese Empire with Mongol crew and troops.Their failures and battles and what made them fail to regain themselves with knowledge to be a good guy.We are all factors and to win our wars on sinners.Rid of their corruption as an enemy tactic.Good guy is a quality to hide behind and it makes results in winning and advantage.Its meant to cloud up the minds of rankings.Deception.They are all being machines as they displayed being of machines for a next try but not a

Zarconian Imperial class Starship Dreadnaught

try and Empire.We have our galaxy supplied by me from the dreamworld in deep space of Cybertron Gobotron universe and to build up and assimulate properly.To make sure grown our own rankings to refinement for safety and properly as a system in space and it needs a century at least,we need evolution process change and guaranties of evolving and our machines to evolve properly as they need practice and service.For the whole empire to have a chance as a

Zarco "Battery"class Space Battleship

Zarconian Luna Class Heavy Cruiser

Zarco Cyprus class Space Destroyer

century cycle and system then it can go out.From the Sol System to download and take our resources to pack them up with us without any enemy cutoff.Then a proper approach to seisuring the Sol System as the top secret warships are not just coming from the natural disaster doomed earth.Earth class has a short existence as many natural disasters will happen to earth as the sun is temporary and another galaxy collide into earth.Everything on earth as an enemy trap to be wreckaged.Entered that day after being grown as a Space Empire properly then action on Sol System.We are a proper Space Government,government of outer space adaptations and reached from achievement rank of "Space".Space is a rank and achievement of a civilization and up and coming Empire.Higher Generation without the spending and waste of resources and damage of experiments.It means their manpower,their resources are high,their evolution process is high,their military can take on responsibilities of space,their cities and country are

Zarco Gora Annalyzer AI Droid

expanding to space properly,developing as a Space power,harnessing resources and have proper alliances in space.Machines are changing to a higher technology.Their manpower has changed to handle space.Rank and government is no longer small growing to space in the century years Ontario and States in America had they or us made it to space.Handled and made descions and strategy.Add to space as a system.Adaptations of a 20th Century North America state or province to

Bridge of Warship

expand to space.Experimentations of energies was done properly utilize space and experiments for adaptioning.In Zarconia no torture to live creatures and if creatures they are horrid and disgusting and are hated criminal but torturing life is awful and if they can don't resort to this for each aspect they demand.Our Zarconia technology was created from Sci Fi sites and space because it was not acceptable and we lived on Star Blazers to

Zarconia Starship Destroyer

Star Trek and it was below what Zarconia was.Zarconian warships are large to carry special infantry units.Its meant to threaten larger ships and our engines are larger and can leap great distance from billions of light years to get to all parts of space.Their large size makes them starships.They have formidable firepower.Everything is large but on alien worlds they can submerge and conduct naval wars and missions.Its a battleship. Our Space military Empire in the battleground battlefield of space pictures of war shows Zarconia forces of each branch and section attacking our enemy.We have time travel warfare navy ships can be reconfigurated slight adjustment

Zarconian Space Destroyer

to time travel.Avoids our giant war vessel technology from being captured.Time travel enemy will capture technology in a turnaround.Covert Operations for our special fighters and Princess Firestorm Armada.Time travel and land solid plane base of operations and for it to travel to majority of fighter wings.Use time travel Displacement which is time traveling from Dark Nebula Terminator Empire.Space warships platform of operations and fine tuning for warships.Back in past and future places to go to in failure and to reload and re-supply,manpower.Quadrants with bases and war vessels on operations at standby.Begin seige and warfare.Our many types of infantry and re-fitting and re-armaments of our Robot

SDF-1 schematics

fighters,mecha,space warships and space carriers,infantry special weapons can't be jammed into the small picture.There is in the space numbers to 10 000's of war vessels.Space mecha and fighters in 100 000's and more and in divisions and squadrons,not bunched up at that

Battle of Gattaca

number.they have their formation and commands as to the fleets.Fleets defenses from attack of all sorts in space.We have begun war with our enemies and would utilize our weaponry and we have variants and different classes of mecha fighters,tank mecha and warships.They are all beings and talk in military to each other.Some are higher ranks and are interfacing with soldiers and pilots that have modulated into a slight transformation linkup

Cyber Deep Space Bouy Probe

in cockpit as modules,Florence or Princess Armada in her mobile doll droid battloid soldier robot mecha.They have their systems of warfare and electronics adaptation to space.They are firing their shock cannons but in war they with their commands and upper level leadership on their bridges have weaponry and methods,policies to go to.Wave motion gun and torpedos,missile launchers.Comet Empire technology and manpower asimulated into Zarconia Gobot Transformer from me Queen Armada and my afterlife race.Every part of our military and resources and manpower to start off with the first soldier,pilot,crew,officer endos.All of our high rankings and build up crew and bridge officers and stations.Troops and Emergency Repair Crew.Secrets of each technology for each property and element and systems for our advanced machines,resources.The computer core of the war vessel enables it to use all of its components at once.Its faster than by hand and manpower.It is in center


Great German Battleships Of WW2 - Full Documentary

of the ship and is big core meant for the ship to utilize and instrumentation of the war ship and its engines.Weapons and barrier system.It also uses the crew for manpower at their stations.View screen is ship's operations.View screen and computer core work hand and hand.Scientists and Zarconia Space UN out of Lemuria when we find spacebourne space traveling continent of mine.How the ranks as their t.v.series Sci Fi military cartoons depicted them and now reborn as Zarconia in war vessels they deserve and mix technology and clone them as endos. {C}{C}{C {C Robotech RPGs


宇宙戰艦大和號 陽電子衝擊炮開火集錦 Star Blazers - Space Battleship Yamato shock cannon fire compilation part 1

Shock Cannons

Zarco Vampirebots Squad Vehicle robot Beings Space insect Heavy Duty Linked Series Gestalt Warrior "Vampirebot"

Zarco Haydonite Inbit Regime Battlecruiser

Zarconian Automated Repair Station

(Using Rifts Robot Construction Rules)I am going to be a Captain.From Commander I will be dressed in space naval attire for women.I'll have a naval coat,pants and baseball cap with our military emblems and code on it.I will be responsible for the entire crew and to care for my crew of my battleship.They will regard me as Captain and I will have my rounds to make and connect with all parts of my warship.I will be watching from the bridge tower to space and to do planning,commands and strategy and use the sciences I will know.Feroz is the Captain.

Zarconian Mugenbide Dreadnaught battleship mode

Zarco Mugenbide Space Battleship

Zarconia Space Frigates


STAR TREK - Galaxy Class Warp Speed

(see Rifts World Book Nine: South America 2),

EDF Emblem

[1]Me Feroz Khan Queen of ZarconiaAdded by Queen Armada[2]Princess Armada A.Khan weaponry bridge space flagship warshipAdded by Queen Armada[3]Bridge crewAdded by Queen Armada[4]Zarconian Spacebattleship energy barrier and lightspeed and warp capable combined impulse fusion main engine wave electron gun heavy shock cannon battery Ion cannon AA laser.Krypton lasers fire energy current charge used destroying enemy interceptor attacks,enemy explosives and missiles,hit enemy ships with current,range.VLS MLS special warhead missiles launchers hydraulic launcher underneath,guided rocket

Zarco Mugenbide Combiner Car Launch/Amphibious Vehicle Transport

launcher Aft.Added by Queen Armada Their many types or joined together force field defenses barrier systems armor in Army,Space Navy,Space Army,Space Airforce.They have their special weapons for immobilizing super weapons of the enemy and Space WMD.We have countermeasures to knockout their super weapons as Enemy HEL wave gun or Super lasers or bomb and missiles,proton missiles.We can project barriers,force fields to protect fleets and space wings,space carriers from enemy dangers.Secondary and 3rd and 4th measures to the armor.They have defensive policies evassive monuvers in enemy situations.Values to crew and space warships and on space carriers their space wing and mechas.There are more war vessels and

Zarco Space Subs

Space Subs receive from HK warfare sattelite Deep Space Bouy.It is a warship of outer space and will land in alien worlds oceans as warfare.It has a barrier system,armor thick hull,ECM jammers stealth,imagery,Space SONAR,warp and light speed engines,space fold devices.Has HEL fire from turret Mortar send a bombardment.Platform of launching space Cruise missiles and super weapons delivery,CW.Live munitions and energy weapons,monuverable injest environment monuverability,launchers system for all parts, support and in enemy conquered territory.Zarco Planetary Destruction missile Carrier Space Subs utilize network of HK warfare sattelites Deep Space Bouy as policies networking and powers,systems.They can ECW jammers their way stealthly as subs and gather in numbers for a fleet launching of planetary destruction missiles on enemy targets.They are armed war vessels as subs in space attack off guard warships and destroy.They have HEL lasers burn destroy warships.Lock on guidance and destroy the targets.Each page represents a

Zarco Planetery Destruction missiles carrier space subs

section of Zarconia military to cope with and adapt to the

Zarco Restored Space dreadnaught

warfares.High Ranks.Space warships have their electronics and systems then to their weaponry.Space fighters from basebots land,repair,re-adapt,re-fitt as their purposes of Space wing is and

Zarco Space Battleship

space tank platoons and squads and armies.They have their bases and their and re-load and cool down processes for all.Chemical and liquid compounds for repair and send them back out,computer scan percentages fo go back out and Higher Ranks.Missiles,munitions,payloads,rounds and types of warfare secret,top secret but in use.Then for the special weapons to switch modes to HEL or rapid fire.With our armor we can ram and crash up enemies sensitive design electronics,the bridge and their innovative decision to warship,wisdom and

Wave Motion Gun Ondulation Gun

regulations and archives. Different sections of Zarconia military have their own types of technological

Fort Space Base

adaptations,attributes,qualities,levels in areas and characteristics,different types of military required for

wave motion gun

Zarconia.They all have basic formats and are growing.Space Navy and Space Airforce closely together from the delivery of munitions and Space Wing,space planes.Space Navy has heavy battery,speed and agility of space warships and thick endurable outer hull and armor,force fields barrier.This has systems of detection joined with the space Airforce and space wing.Naval vessels systems interact with use of fighters and space

Zarco Naval Zod

planes{bomberfortress} in warfare in space to eliminate the enemy marines,army,space wings and navy forces.The detection system merges,properties of jamming out the enemy and force fields projection.Range is to the battleground and enemy.Main guns programmed in trajectory and velocity.The fighters and space planes cakeout threats to space warship for the warships in network to do other actions.Warships AA can charge up and obliterate enemies at any range of detection and radius of space warship,long range,enemy give awya position from energy charge ups.They are meant to destroy mechas,interceptors and threats.They are part of the space warship systems and can rapid fire with the giant turret batteries firing long bolts rapidly with all guns.AA lasers from the rear


Robotech Shadow Rising teaser


since warships is designed like that to turn fire forward,systems modulation.Robotic arms of the hull which have explosive projectile and laser guns to take out mechas and other space situations.Deck has hydraulic launchers,bridge to station program and customize rockets,missiles,munitions,warheads and guidance.Station operates as space warship demands of

Space Freightor Flagship sattelite gun

situations of battle,army purposes to takeout land forces,to takeout mecha and interceptors,takeout subs,Pt boats and naval forces. Our


HD Star Blazers Rebirth 宇宙戦艦ヤマト 復活篇

Star Blazers movie


Star Blazers Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Purgatory Chapter the Movie Official Trailer 1 (2018)

technology and war machines are of highest evolution process level from hard work and being responsible and my thinking and ideas.They have barrier systems I devised and are not destroyable,they destroyable the enemies.They can take on fleets of enemy.They are all of high power level and are meant that way for taking on all of rotted universe.What would destroy such power but in war the enemy will do that and I can counter as our empire is not heartless and thinks of everyone,is not evil or adopts.Our chemistry for crew and mecha and warships is the best with caring and to counter enemy corruption and invasion,intrussion.Limit the enemy to nothing then it goes to the elements of space and disaster which is unpredictable where you are though.They are going to be built up knowing their technology and empire inside out.They will have time bought off for them to grow healthily and to be government and military,not rushed into a situation,and their teachings like veteran level will work. Enginuity for a system and no cost and low cost,damage and to be prepared for

Zarconia flagship space Dreadnaught

sitations immediate response.Refinement of resources and them taking a battering far away from our empire and using conquered territory and they rebuild withstand.My position is in charge of space battleships{killing is bringing in from Allah's system of condemn{Hell}a guardian or messenger entity machine in exchange for me,I am taking its place and my valueless copycat ripoff no originality,{being of India races,non-military and non-white}Allah created authoratative beings to carry out government and matters within their world being war and space.They are part of Allah's system and in a huge rule beyond "Prime Directive forever" that only authoratitive carry out wars and Sci Fi.Only this family in every race and beings and aliens. Authoratative is the proper way to carry war and have

Zarconia High Ranking Commander Cpt.past Space America Gattaca Vittorio Veneto

government and media jobs,famous but that is all military or authoratative and authoratative is not done by drugging,power Allah born them to do with angels.Nothing is to happen from Zarconia in afterlife and part of laws from Federal Government property exchange for a living machine that died from war in outer space or space travelling and connected civilization military full of dead machines damned,Argo,{Transformer Gobots

Zarco Auxilary Xcraft Special Weapons warship

interest and knowledge and policies of being a builder and manufacturer and dealer}is because I fight outnumbered with enemy empires as enemy and to counter this is to fight them with space battleship.End of Allah{John Muckler with less fat on his face,black rings around eyes, and a black mask with white lines like a face and slim,Mumm-ra created everything and everything is his belongings and he can act out anything crazy of mental its all of his and it works the way he wants it. He wants to fight the R.E.F. he has his own rules and system and the universe works like that and operates to that.It cannot do Transformers interest and knowledge and policies of being a builder and manufacturer and dealer for Khan?It makes no sense, and his family.

space warship transformed to robot dreadnaught

space dreadnaught

Bridgebot combiners with space warships

Tactical Robot mode Spacebattleshipbot Princess Armada

Space battlecruiser wavelengths wave gun

Princess Armada

Legendary Space battleships as top secret as possible and built in secrecy and to blast off to outer space to reinforce Sol System


5-01 In Search Of... UFO Coverups (Part 1 of 2)

UFO alien

and start Empire Zarconia.Zarconia Space warships are built large,from space carriers largest being within a mile in length variations.Space warships are to what type,Space Dreadnaughts largest other Superships,Spacebattleships 3/4's of a mile largest then 1/2 a mile Heavy Cruisers,Space cruisers within 1/3 of a mile,Space frigates 1/4th of a mile,Space Destroyers,Space Subs Space U.Boats 1/5th and 1/6th of a mile.Large sizes to compact the systems and demand since we are fighting a large enemy and are packing up our allies within already.Large size

Queen Armada European Cold War Naval Cpt.


What IF We Got Season 5 Of Enterprise!?

Star Trek Enterprise

for the demand towards the enemy{intimidation} and to dominate and manipulate warfare.Large carriers will carry large space wings and Space bomberfortresses,cater to the larger and many more stations and systems network.Smaller holds less inside.For the robot beings to walk and live inside like a base of operations.Earth North America WW{World War} era 20th Century military technology prevents enemy mecha infiltration of Space warships,mecha to have room to base down delivery damaging artillery.Auxilary defenses prevents this system of room and spacious purposes to robot mecha beings and the endo pilot crew officer troops.Smaller tunnels and walkways prevent breach infiltration limit the enemy cout d'etat and spying.Larger size and more firepower and can do many more powers.Large size and we have 100's of modes and things built

Zarconia Space Frigate special weapons on UFP Andromeda fleet

inside to cope with space and enemy situations.Intimidation by alien outer space and history success.Because of the enemy and the way enemies win using large size Space battlecruisers size of space freightors and fortresses and more larger monsters size warships.Being large lacks monuverability and types of enemy infantry lay hits on a ship of overlarge size{intimidate}.But I want my ships not oversized and highly monuverable and can land on water of alien world float and submerge to Naval demands of Space warships.Type of warfare os battleships on seas and the tanks intaking water to submerge,bouncy that makes warships,difference to alien ships and starships can't do,meant for space.Experience though of fighting war and they will have modes to their alien warships.Space battleships{large and powerful machine,built large to deal and adapt to space and interpretation of earth Europe and North American WW1 and WW2

New Fuhr on cover Space Magazine modified as alien technology make the battleships,warships into space ships retain the WW military design as spaceship,larger with state of the art alien systems and weaponry is a wonder as systems hight of machines,futuristic and heavily powerful and adapt to every directive in space warship,uses radiation and harnessing of energies.The are meant to attack alien planets or bases.They orbit and enter the atmosphere and where they are is which part of the enemy military they are fighting.The space warship with its policies{systems and specialized weaponry to deal with the enemy and changes right on the battle,weaponry}and crew,briefing room on the planet and its outer space loyalties.Then it will know to be at cloud level and to land in the alien bodies of water.Then it will fight with the enemy naval forces,warships and attack subs and carriers as USA{alien upgraded}and earth.Then it will surface as it is space durable{adapted}and meant for crew to live in space,order of ballast tanks to be emptied to surface and from bodies of water to attack at the land from this angle.After fighting with the naval forces and to takeout the ground battery and land forces.Its weaponry are loaded in the Space battleship to fight with each,adapt.Launchers then fire programmed rocket salvo's to obliterate and knockout the land

Shock Cannons

Batteries live Rounds

forces,artillery.Then next with the land artillery out go

USS Iowa 16inch guns

Bismarck guns

5"/"38 Gun Mount

to stratosphere{angle of attack}and cloud level to fight{orders from Cpt.and me}engage with the airforce and navy wing of

Shock Cannons Wave Motion Rnds

Wave Motion Rnds Hoist

Shock Cannons firing cartridges

enemy interceptors,while up there to bombard with the shock cannons the cities and urban and suburban targets.Back in space{angle of attack}for naval bombardment to knockout the civilization.Then the base as planet is called taken out directly with another re-entry attack with torpedos and shock cannon battery.Orbit in space to fight with their alien loyalties.Zarconian navy is outer space navy with interdimensional loyalties and technolgy of Science Fiction military cartoons.We have the power of other dimensions to create a magic power in machines.Each machine is doing a magic power.And coming from places where they harness and adapt to energies which manipulated and productioned will power machines of very futuristic and state of the art and advanced.These machines will use this complicated energy and utilize its powers as a machine.But we need a cast of futuristic people with powers to control and be the crew,militarized.Space battleship{Federal Government's ideas and belongings and they operate on Dr.Terence Wynn,John Muckler and Mumm-ra} is made from many types of radiations.It runs on high and powerful radiation in order to be powerful and to do complicated powers.Systems run on these very powerful radiation particles.There in space are 1000's of particles and energies but only certain ones are used for space battleships.Alloy is heat resistant to these particles as a function.Particles are put through processes and are magnified to millions of more times

Zarconia space warships firing wave motion gun

.Hot modified most stars power in alloy.It is not unstable.Armor of the hull is done thick but has to be light.Strong.Our engine operates as having plasma from collectioning and manmade production in chambers.Reactor makes radiation as radiation rods.Turbines spin to

Vortex class Naval Space Plane Gunship


Top Gun - Final Dogfight


Top Gun legendary opening scene and credits JarO.mp4


NAS Oceana Airshow 1998 - F-14 Tomcat Demo & Shockwave


MCAS Miramar Airshow 1998 - F-14 Tomcat Demo


F-4 Phantom @ Nellis AFB Aviation Nation 2016


Top 10 Military Aircraft- 10 Best Military Aircraft of the World


F-4 Phantom Helmet Cam - Two-Ship Airshow Demo and Departure - EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2016


2017 Wings Over Houston Air Show - Vietnam War Reenactment


1986 Cleveland National Air Show Blue Angels demonstration Part 1


Kavala Airshow HAF A-7 Corsair-0


F-8FN Crusader in action, French Navy

production energy as motors.Productioned and then in stores as plasma.Then from plasma stages and devices have plasma fed through by tubes,conduits and changed into current and other energies.Conduits re-direct and channel the new energy passed through device.Many devices and processes to make different energies changed into current,charge and phased energy{magnetism to make it have stability that compatible computer commands}.Then this goes into devices as compressor which will compact the energy and send into the main engine turbine{magnetism,field}.Then this spins to make thrust and radiation propulsion which is re-heated and thrusted out and implodes back,harness the force{containment field} from the GE electric fusion engine.Containment field EM descent field high power and force to contain and manipulate the plasma radiation flow.Force is sent out without much polution.Retains raw rocket thrust,recycled.Change to a current to operate series of

Space Aircraft Hydraulic Raising Launcher System

Armored Craft Spacebourne Airborne Early Warning and Control Module

devices{station}.Operate vessel's internal hydraulics.This thrust has light speed and warp drive engine variant class.CPU operated and officers to helm propulsion navigations Bridge.Team work.Harnessing and production of energies and change them into different charges.Intakes force of space and travel ventillation filtration which combat fires and enemy hazard damage,space elements.Compressor and magnetism,ventillation is hydraulic and cools the vessel and filters out contamanents and breach foreign substance,organism.Countermeasures defenses with the barrier system and hull armor.Ventillation to the engine utilize the force{magnetism and outer space}.Auto fire extinguishers and pods chemicals replication mixed with liquid sent with robotic tubing systems to every single area in warship with force fields and auxilary defensive.Officers and stations of warships defenses to Gloria Khan on Bridge at weapons tactical.Janine Khan is on AA battery for our war vessel.She is the Security officer for my warship.She can operate the main shock cannons from AA lasers and missiles.AA cannons.She also can operate the wave motion gun when she is utilized like Feroza,Gloria and Azalea.Temperature and

Princess Armada Space Military

fire fighting systems enhancements to officers.Force field fire suppression systems.Enemy kinetic energy outer hull and countered by auxilary defensive and officers.Breach on hull their backup defenses and warships protocal.Pretend nothing is happening.Hide this nightmaringly but this system is how to conquer fear and put alien in me or sell me to Invid.They want to harness and keep valuables.They are experts in handling and functions of advanced

Space Heavy Cruiser,Space Patrol Warship

technology.We are not just travelling in space but we travel through many types of space elements and conditions


Macross genessis

robotech Genesis

and they must bear through them as simple functions.These are travelling in outer space and deal with more millions of conditions in space and weather.Secret


Robotech live action movie trailer


weapon in dreamworld.Hidden much below surface depths of my Great Lakes.My family is hidden and live secret naval rankings.They display seriousness of me.My problem present day and many enemies and my evolution process change to super powers magic power dreamworld and militarization and to have my body training in space navy and my high ranking as education for century,evolved into my civilization.I need to further my education of outer space real

Zarconia Spacebattle Cruiser Goeben

and,situations need my knowledge.Space warships are a base that can handle many situations in space especially military operations.For earth class planet I lived on a space warship can handle the situation and takeout the targets.Space warship eliminates targets down and does not give into ransom.They are involved like the police force and space warships have

Underwater facility base

this,don't waste trips.In orbit it is doing things and is not intimidated or its not a space warship.Responsibility is extremely high.Eliminate the enemy properly for every situation.They don't make accidents in percentage,credit to space warship demands by high ranking council and orders.Zarconia space warships and they are instructed by me very high responsibilities and must respond,ready room options militarily space to plan operations of many from handbook for situations in space and other dimensions,findout about fleet support,in service as they are not built with blunders,built with no

battlefield Zarconia fleet vs enemy alien Inbit

flaws absolutely.Postions,Princess

Zarconia Vittorio Veneto Space Battlecruiser,Zarco USS Iowa Spacebattleship

Armada on space warships WW1 and WW2 military class space warships and the officers and stations and systems and instruments machines and hydraulic robotics and transformations and configurations and bays.And to adaptation to outer space.

Starship warship schematics

Starship warship has extra section built under WW1,WW2,Cold War 20th Century military warships reinforcement.To thin for space underneath.It needs extra section dedicated to space forces and new stations,anti gravity and to special ops surrounding the reactor core and computer core.Mix of many engines is our design and needs filtration and cleaning for its dangerous,radiation is dirt that can burn into alloy.Extra bulkheads surround outer shape takeaway the space rocket design cylindrical of Star Blazers alien worlds.Reinforced WW1,WW2 Ship made into a space ship with wave motion technology and Star Trek.For its immense size for space ship.Then to add things to change design into space ships for war and adapt to space.Reinforced armor design prevent tilting,pitch being solid for space.Space warships are produce an environment in outerspace that is colorful and support life but for military purposes,not boring.Spacious to be sustain an atmosphere in space and to get to know the rest of the crew and high rankings,officers.Psychologically and to get rid of anxiousness and cornered off boxed off,meant to live inside of as a habitat with modern

Zarco German Klingon Comet Empire Dreadnaught

ammenaties.Space is hostile and many atmosphere or in asteroid belts there is no atmosphere for confortable or military life and this is what the space warship supplies and sustains for operations.And trained to warfare.I do not crush down rankings but build them up to high rankings.I do not award things to those unless they have it.Our empire depends on super space powers and making some aspects of Sci Fi cartoon real .Navy of space is our prime attack and can down the enemy with subperb firepower,inventions and manpower and strategists and many powerful warships with crew born at high veteran powerrating in real combat.Invasion bring down quadrants and their militaries with alot of firepower and skills.First fleets of Sol System my home which needs to be conquered.We have powerful warships with supreme loyalty to me and the attack I taught them.We are at a very high hight level in superweapons.

Mobile fortress vernier system base of ops.Electronics and countermeasures system basebots.


Skid Row - Wasted Time (music video) HD

video Skid Row

I thought of most of their technology and re-alignements were their problem shuffling alien races and into Gobot Transformers interest and knowledge and policies of being a builder and manufacturer and dealer as beings.Not of pure race on their ships its mixed with abilities and qualities first not race.You are looking at example of powerful warships.None of the resources or energies are sufficient in this dimension.I must journey back in time past 1000 years ago in another world to begin over and erase every problem in my life and hiearchy to start over again and not replicate energies,to have the real lifeform things from energy giants space travelling.All of the

Starship Destroyer

facilities to design these machines

Zarco Battleship

Krypton Laser

Zarco battleship

Zarco Battleship

Zarco DD

are in the dreamworld.This place has powers to maintain and processes to these machines and complicated instruments need temperatures and precision to do with outer space and other dimensions.Doing this for when these machines are environment as the things mysteries in space.Catered to me and education and knowledge 100 years of studying to thoroughly know concepts of space and other dimensions.100 years of practice and useage of my ideas.100yrs of practice and strategy and systems in our own space territory.New resources for ourselves.Above state of the art Mastery as an Empire from lowest to furthest.Enemies are mercenaries.They have violent strategist commanders and High Rankings that use parts of Naval warfare but violent.Space interceptor attacks.Our battleship is a sitting target at its size in reality and they will hit us with munitions from violent

Arc Batteries

high rankings attacks.Each hit we take is taking off our lives every hit we can't afford,closer to death.Allah's Creations military are Captain Avatar is very intelligent,smarter than Sandor and applies this in warfare with destruction and utilizes Space battleship to firing weaponry and special tactics with torpedos effective attack.Transformer Gobot military and space military interest and knowledge and policies of being a builder and manufacturer and dealer,He can shootout a fleet and destroy or outsmart his way out of traps, and Cpt.Gideon can shutoff your warship and then takes it over or destroys it with violent outcome.If your parts were designed by a company he will shutoff your systems with corruptant and you'll be in solace and disaster.He did this to the Comet Empire.Cpt Lance Degault military expert that goes after weaknesses to setup warfare having you

Zarconia Systems Network

miserable and at your lows.Killer and Colonel.Very serious concept Allah said.Done very properly and for a long time.Understand things thoroughly and solidly.Giant powerful structure to cope with problems.

Shipbuilding dreamworld Lemuria

Cranes and internal labratories where vacuum and the bulkheads are put together and these mysterious parts assembled and by hoists.These machines are very complicated and need energy from outer space to give its systems that liveliness and complicated

Zarconian Great Bear Starship Battleship

programs and outer armor functions.Start but in far away place where this is for me with the right equipments and evolution processes proper to harness and as routine.Confidence they made ones before.They need powers and evolution process angels of advanced space technology and military.In this space too many dangers and limitations and there is a proper way to do things in this dimension.During travel many of these enemies won't be named or the same,different,changed.No one pioneered a past or background or structure for me.My pastlife government picked a thinking on me and in states in America.This is what I was out for their real names and info not cartoon name or Sci Fi.Wave motion technology.Navy of mine used on planets and is my position space battleships.Grown and added crew and troop systems of machine people from me and our new afterlife present day Transformers Gobot system and after war on Islam by the

Queen Amelia Khan Armada Zarconia flagship firing Sattelite gun on enemy

Zarconia Space Cruiser armed current ordinance

Allies,U.N.,Christianity,whiteman, Quran reborn and merge with his cousin Vector Sigma present day [WWW] [WWW] Terminal of my Empire.Quran expert in military technology [WWW] .System Tranformers Universe Gobot Evolution Process [WWW] angels.Battleshipbots.Technology Metallurgy and ship building of [WWW] navy attack and conquer whiteman and their alien allies of Allah's tyranny ss s [WWW] Federal Government captives are over on Feroz K.Ideas are put together as a self explaining story that is real,dreamworld dimension C [WWW] builders and civilization and manpower and scientists.Heavenly Father is from B.C. past million years ago.He is very smart in physics.Compassion.Planets are split into half and suns stars turned igneous unstable forever radiation on sinner humanoids.His large hands space.Allah General Bellicose Rasool Ill Llah Wil Riker uses man made methods and science.Irrational.Punisher.Ruthless,thorough and destructive force,naturally and manmade by angels physically,physics,science,military.He used Gattaca Space America galaxy as a thug role in removing me from Galactica so underworld could grow,me POW on Space America planet in Gattaca.He will use elements and change it into military weapons and angels soldiers.Asteroid radioactive also ghost like aura and sound scarey but explode.Heavenly father [WWW]

space dreadnaught


Star Blazers - The Battle of the Rainbow Galaxy

invented Star Blazers and the Argo and wave motion technology.The Wave motion gun and shock cannons.Quinn Armitage plays role from his colleague Heavenly Father.Allah Quinn controls the Q Continuum and people and souls.He studies and observes us and our families.Allah looks at us scan and can see our entire family and our ancestors. Allah lives after when we die and this is like micro seconds.Each title of Allah is for each Allah.Battle of Allah is the battle in which Zarconia defeated every opponent at every high level and the last one was surround Allah's galaxy from scouting and intel.High Ranks of Zarconia planned out fleets of millions of Zarcoania warships to split up and penetration Allah's galaxy and avoid boobytraps.Then to power up and fire the wave motion gun in millions at Allah's planet and Allah.Terence Wynn then on the surface of a whiteman earth class planet or Thundera would send a charge and trance to space.We would see where Allah is if he leaves the planet,target.Allah sends out criminal minded out charges from his hands.Spells to make a force field barrier to deflect energy weaponry.And to deflect it back at us.Allah's vs machine fleets.Strategy and commands.And if Allah ends the evil and terror and oppression is over,dead from the wave motion gun.He made radiation beginning of time and it was used as the wave motion gun on him.Continous warfare,high energy levels and temperature in kelvin Allah's galaxy.Delivery of Space WMD and Superweapons.Nothing but Zarconia military APB's and if I talk as Queen Armada military dispatch echoing surround that galaxy.Quinn controls our messenger angel and talks to the people and aliens and maintains emergency systems.writes things down to write every lifeforms lives. Volkar Dracula.Zarconian Empire Islamic takes place back in Galactica pastlife.jpgEttrosian Americans space far from them stars.Star Blazers [WWW] is that planet Eden class radioactive.,Pharoah Executioner{stole every single idea from Queen Feroz Khan's body and started to invent things,fake and fraud and made my technology useless to robotech, and croney of Dr.Terence Wynn is Mumm-ra Allah is Allah Heavenly Father either Wil Riker Bellicose,irrational, or Gandal.Stern and carried out destruction and war on Galactica and Ettrosians.He sent in gases using power of Allah travelled from far [WWW] universes and split parts of planets and debris to make modern day Galactica unstable and igneous Star.Planet debris with radioactivity crazy unstable orbit. He is bigger than 90ft and is a Lemurian dreamworld lakes robotic shark.He has to do with navy and space Planet bombs sounded like ghosts and were natural,not Gamilon. [WWW] Died scarey and strange.Its about battleships which Allah tried to assassinate.It was when my [WWW] pastlife race of Star Blazers invented wave motion technologyU.boat].And an evolution


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Quran military Zarconian terminal.


whiteman.Defeat the UFO aliens.Expand.To fight outnumbered millions vs 1 and they must get past me Queen Armada,that will be their graves.Reversed back on white people and destruction of Allah's torture over do things as leave me buried.Whiteman lost huge

Zarconia wave motion gun fleet firing on enemy Bolars

amounts of technology and resources and disaster backfire on Allah tried to assisinate my power by making

next Queen Armada my daughter Combiner Giant robot Amelia Khan Princess Armada

me a demilitarized human,hoping something would damage me so I would have shell shock.Afterlife.Loose my confidence from accident.This war we Zarconians must fight Allah's creations and Empires and Allah has gone white.Militaries and then to the parasitic creature organisms and then to Dragon.Dragons eat parasites food.Some enemy white militaries are same level or higher than parasitic creature organisms.Then to invent Naval fleet to counter UFO aliens


5-01 In Search Of... UFO Coverups (Part 2 of 2)


A navy or maritime force is the branch of a nation's armed forces principally designated for naval and amphibious warfare; namely, lake-borne, riverine, littoral, or ocean-borne combat operations and related functions. It includes anything conducted by surface ships, amphibious ships, submarines, and seaborne aviation, as well as ancillary support, communications, training, and other fields. The strategic offensive role of a navy is projection of force into areas beyond a country's shores (for example, to protect sea-lanes, ferry troops, or attack other navies, ports, or shore installations). The strategic defensive purpose of a navy is to frustrate seaborne projection-of-force by enemies. The strategic task of the navy also may incorporate nuclear deterrence by use of submarine-launched ballistic missiles. Naval operations can be broadly divided between riverine and littoral applications (brown-water navy), open-ocean applications (blue-water navy), and something in between (green-water navy), although these distinctions are more about strategic scope than tactical or operational division.

In most nations, the term "naval", as opposed to "navy", is interpreted as encompassing all maritime military forces, e.g., navy, naval infantry/marine corps, and coast guard forces. Naval warfare developed when humans first fought from water-borne vessels. Prior to the introduction of the cannon and ships with sufficient capacity to carry the large guns, navy warfare primarily involved ramming and boarding actions. In the time of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, naval warfare centered on long, narrow vessels powered by banks of oarsmen (such as triremes and quinqueremes) designed to ram and sink enemy vessels or come alongside the enemy vessel so its occupants could be attacked hand-to-hand. Naval warfare continued in this vein through the Middle Ages until the cannon became commonplace and capable of being reloaded quickly enough to be reused in the same battle. The Chola Dynasty of medieval India was known as one of the greatest naval powers of its time from 300 BC to 1279 AD. The Chola Navy, Chola kadarpadai comprised the naval forces of the Chola Empire along with several other Naval-arms of the country. The Chola navy played a vital role in the expansion of the Chola Tamil kingdom, including the conquest of the Sri Lanka islands, Kadaaram (Present day Burma), Sri Vijaya (present day Southeast Asia), the spread of Hinduism, Tamil architecture and Tamil culture to Southeast Asia and in curbing the piracy in Southeast Asia in 900 CE. In ancient China, large naval battles were known since the Qin Dynasty (also see Battle of Red Cliffs, 208), employing the war junk during the Han Dynasty. However, China's first official standing navy was not established until the Southern Song dynasty in the 12th century, a time when gunpowder was a revolutionary new application to warfare. Nusantaran thalassocracies made extensive use of naval power and technologies. This enabled the seafaring Malay people to attack as far as the coast of Tanganyika and Mozambique with 1000 boats and attempted to take the citadel of Qanbaloh, about 7,000 km to their West, in 945-946 AD.[11] In 1350 AD Majapahit launched its largest military expedition, the invasion of Pasai, with 400 large jong and innumerable smaller vessels.[12] The second largest military expedition, invasion of Singapura in 1398, Majapahit deployed 300 jong with no less than 200,000 men.[13]

The mass and deck space required to carry a large number of cannon made oar-based propulsion impossible, and ships came to rely primarily on sails. Warships were designed to carry increasing numbers of cannon and naval tactics evolved to bring a ship's firepower to bear in a broadside, with ships-of-the-line arranged in a line of battle.

The development of large capacity, sail-powered ships carrying cannon led to a rapid expansion of European navies, especially the Spanish and Portuguese navies which dominated in the 16th and early 17th centuries, and helped propel the age of exploration and colonialism. The repulsion of the Spanish Armada (1588) by the English fleet revolutionized naval warfare by the success of a guns-only strategy and caused a major overhaul of the Spanish Navy, partly along English lines, which resulted in even greater dominance by the Spanish. From the beginning of the 17th century the Dutch cannibalized the Portuguese Empire in the East and, with the immense wealth gained, challenged Spanish hegemony at sea. From the 1620s, Dutch raiders seriously troubled Spanish shipping and, after a number of battles which went both ways, the Dutch Navy finally broke the long dominance of the Spanish Navy in the Battle of the Downs (1639).

England emerged as a major naval power in the mid-17th century in the first Anglo-Dutch war with a technical victory. Successive decisive Dutch victories in the second and third Anglo-Dutch Wars confirmed the Dutch mastery of the seas during the Dutch Golden Age, financed by the expansion of the Dutch Empire. The French Navy won some important victories near the end of the 17th century but a focus upon land forces led to the French Navy's relative neglect, which allowed the Royal Navy to emerge with an ever-growing advantage in size and quality, especially in tactics and experience, from 1695. Throughout the 18th century the Royal Navy gradually gained ascendancy over the French Navy, with victories in the War of Spanish Succession (1701–1714), inconclusive battles in the War of Austrian Succession (1740–1748), victories in the Seven Years' War (1754–1763), a partial reversal during the American War of Independence (1775–1783), and consolidation into uncontested supremacy during the 19th century from the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. These conflicts saw the development and refinement of tactics which came to be called the line of battle. U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Nimitz

The next stage in the evolution of naval warfare was the introduction of metal plating along the hull sides. The increased mass required steam-powered engines, resulting in an arms race between armor and weapon thickness and firepower. The first armored vessels, the French Gloire and British HMS Warrior, made wooden vessels obsolete. Another significant improvement came with the invention of the rotating turrets, which allowed the guns to be aimed independently of ship movement. The battle between CSS Virginia and USS Monitor during the American Civil War (1861–1865) is often cited as the beginning of this age of maritime conflict. The Russian Navy was considered the third strongest in the world on the eve of the Russo-Japanese War, which turned to be a catastrophe for the Russian military in general and the Russian Navy in particular. Although neither party lacked courage, the Russians were defeated by the Japanese in the Battle of Port Arthur, which was the first time in warfare that mines were used for offensive purposes. The warships of the Baltic Fleet sent to the Far East were lost in the Battle of Tsushima. A further step change in naval firepower occurred when the United Kingdom launched HMS Dreadnought in 1906, but naval tactics still emphasized the line of battle.

The first practical military submarines were developed in the late 19th century and by the end of World War I had proven to be a powerful arm of naval warfare. During World War II, Nazi Germany's submarine fleet of U-boats almost starved the United Kingdom into submission and inflicted tremendous losses on U.S. coastal shipping. The German battleship Tirpitz, a sister ship of Bismarck, was almost put out of action by miniature submarines known as X-Craft. The X-Craft severely damaged her and kept her in port for some months.

A major paradigm shift in naval warfare occurred with the introduction of the aircraft carrier. First at Taranto in 1940 and then at Pearl Harbor in 1941, the carrier demonstrated its ability to strike decisively at enemy ships out of sight and range of surface vessels. The Battle of Leyte Gulf (1944) was arguably the largest naval battle in history; it was also the last battle in which battleships played a significant role. By the end of World War II, the carrier had become the dominant force of naval warfare.

World War II also saw the United States become by far the largest Naval power in the world. In the late 20th and early 21st centuries, the United States Navy possessed over 70% of the world's total numbers and total tonnage of naval vessels of 1,000 tons or greater.[14] Throughout the rest of the 20th century, the United States Navy would maintain a tonnage greater than that of the next 17 largest navies combined. During the Cold War, the Soviet Navy became a significant armed force, with large numbers of large, heavily armed ballistic missile submarines and extensive use of heavy, long-ranged antisurface missiles to counter the numerous United States carrier battle groups. Only three nations (United States, France, and Brazil) presently operate CATOBAR carriers of any size, while Russia, China and India operate sizeable STOBAR carriers (although all three are originally of Russian design). The United Kingdom is also currently constructing two Queen Elizabeth-class carriers, which will be the largest STOVL vessels in service, and India is currently building two Vikrant-class aircraft carriers (the second one with CATOBAR technology) and considering another. France is also looking at a new carrier, probably using a CATOBAR system and possibly based on the British Queen Elizabeth design. A navy typically operates from one or more naval bases. The base is a port that is specialized in naval operations, and often includes housing, a munitions depot, docks for the vessels, and various repair facilities. During times of war temporary bases may be constructed in closer proximity to strategic locations, as it is advantageous in terms of patrols and station-keeping. Nations with historically strong naval forces have found it advantageous to obtain basing rights in other countries in areas of strategic interest.

Navy ships can operate independently or with a group, which may be a small squadron of comparable ships, or a larger naval fleet of various specialized ships. The commander of a fleet travels in the flagship, which is usually the most powerful vessel in the group. Prior to the invention of radio, commands from the flagship were communicated by means of flags. At night signal lamps could be used for a similar purpose. Later these were replaced by the radio transmitter, or the flashing light when radio silence was needed.

A "blue water navy" is designed to operate far from the coastal waters of its home nation. These are ships capable of maintaining station for long periods of time in deep ocean, and will have a long logistical tail for their support. Many are also nuclear powered to save having to refuel. By contrast a "brown water navy" operates in the coastal periphery and along inland waterways, where larger ocean-going naval vessels can not readily enter. Regional powers may maintain a "green water navy" as a means of localized force projection. Blue water fleets may require specialized vessels, such as minesweepers, when operating in the littoral regions along the coast. Historically, navy ships were primarily intended for warfare. They were designed to withstand damage and to inflict the same, but only carried munitions and supplies for the voyage (rather than merchant cargo). Often, other ships which were not built specifically for warfare, such as the galleon or the armed merchant ships in World War II, did carry armaments. In more recent times, navy ships have become more specialized and have included supply ships, troop transports, repair ships, oil tankers and other logistics support ships as well as combat ships.

Modern navy combat ships are generally divided into seven main categories: aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, frigates, corvettes, submarines, and amphibious assault ships. There are also support and auxiliary ships, including the oiler, minesweeper, patrol boat, hydrographic and oceanographic survey ship and tender. During the age of sail, the ship categories were divided into the ship of the line, frigate, and sloop-of-war.

Naval ship names are typically prefixed by an abbreviation indicating the national navy in which they serve. For a list of the prefixes used with ship names (HMS, USS, LÉ, etc.) see ship prefix.

Today ships are significantly faster than in former times, thanks to much improved propulsion systems. Also, the efficiency of the engines has improved, in terms of fuel, and of how many sailors it takes to operate them. In World War II, ships needed to refuel very often. However, today ships can go on very long journeys without refueling. Also, in World War II, the engine room needed about a dozen sailors to work the many engines, however, today, only about 4–5 are needed (depending on the class of the ship). Today, naval strike groups on longer missions are always followed by a range of support and replenishment ships supplying them with anything from fuel and munitions, to medical treatment and postal services. This allows strike groups and combat ships to remain at sea for several months at a time. Boats Royal Canadian Navy's Orca-class patrol vessel

The term "boat" refers to small craft limited in their use by size and usually not capable of making lengthy independent voyages at sea. The old navy adage to differentiate between ships and boats is that boats are capable of being carried by ships. (Submarines by this rule are ships rather than boats, but are customarily referred to as boats reflecting their previous smaller size.)

Navies use many types of boat, ranging from 9-foot (2.7 m) dinghies to 135-foot (41 m) landing craft. They are powered by either diesel engines, out-board gasoline engines, or waterjets. Most boats are built of aluminum, fiberglass, or steel. Rigid-hulled inflatable boats are also used.

Patrol boats are used for patrols of coastal areas, lakes and large rivers. Soviet PT-76 light amphibious tank moves down the ramp of an Aist-class hovercraft.

Landing craft are designed to carry troops, vehicles, or cargo from ship to shore under combat conditions, to unload, to withdraw from the beach, and to return to the ship. They are rugged, with powerful engines, and usually armed. There are many types in today's navies including hovercraft. They will typically have a power-operated bow ramp, a cargo well and after structures that house engine rooms, pilot houses, and stowage compartments. These boats are sometimes carried by larger ships.

Special operations craft are high-speed craft used for insertion and extraction of special forces personnel and some may be transportable (and deployed) by air.

Boats used in non-combat roles include lifeboats, mail boats, line handling boats, buoy boats, aircraft rescue boats, torpedo retrievers, explosive ordnance disposal craft, utility boats, dive boats, targets, and work boats. Boats are also used for survey work, tending divers, and minesweeping operations. Boats for carrying cargo and personnel are sometimes known as launches, gigs, barges or shore party boats. Units

Naval forces are typically arranged into units based on the number of ships included, a single ship being the smallest operational unit. Ships may be combined into squadrons or flotillas, which may be formed into fleets. The largest unit size may be the whole Navy or Admiralty.

A task force can be assembled using ships from different fleets for an operational task. A navy will typically have two sets of ranks, one for enlisted personnel and one for officers.

Typical ranks for commissioned officers include the following, in ascending order (Commonwealth ranks are listed first on each line; USA ranks are listed second in those instances where they differ from Commonwealth ranks):

   Midshipman / Ensign / Corvette Lieutenant
   Sub Lieutenant / Lieutenant Junior Grade / Frigate Lieutenant
   Lieutenant (Commonwealth & USA)/ Ship-of-the-Line Lieutenant / Captain Lieutenant
   Lieutenant Commander (Commonwealth & USA)/ Corvette Captain
   Commander (Commonwealth & USA)/ Frigate Captain
   Captain (Commonwealth & USA)/ Ship-of-the-Line Captain
   Commodore / Flotilla Admiral (in USA only: Rear Admiral (lower half))
   Rear Admiral (in USA only: Rear Admiral (upper half))
   Vice Admiral (Commonwealth & USA)
   Admiral (Commonwealth & USA)
   Admiral of the Fleet (Commonwealth) / Fleet Admiral (USA) / Grand Admiral

"Flag officers" include any rank that includes the word "admiral" (or commodore in services other than the US Navy), and are generally in command of a battle group, strike group or similar flotilla of ships, rather than a single ship or aspect of a ship. However, commodores can also be temporary or honorary positions. For example, during World War II, a Navy captain was assigned duty as a convoy commodore, which meant that he was still a captain, but in charge of all the merchant vessels in the convoy.

The most senior rank employed by a navy will tend to vary depending on the size of the navy and whether it is wartime or peacetime, for example, few people have ever held the rank of Fleet Admiral in the U.S. Navy, the chief of the Royal Australian Navy holds the rank of Vice Admiral, and the chief of the Irish Naval Service holds the rank of Commodore. Naval infantry, commonly known as marines, are a category of infantry that form part of a state's naval forces and perform roles on land and at sea, including amphibious operations, as well as other, naval roles. They also perform other tasks, including land warfare, separate from naval operations.

During the era of the Roman empire, naval forces included marine legionaries for maritime boarding actions. These were troops primarily trained in land warfare, and did not need to be skilled at handling a ship. Much later during the age of sail, a component of marines served a similar role, being ship-borne soldiers who were used either during boarding actions, as sharp-shooters, or in raids along shorelines.

The Spanish Infantería de Marina was formed in 1537, making it the oldest, current marine force in the world. The British Royal Marines combine being both a ship-based force and also being specially trained in commando-style operations and tactics, operating in some cases separately from the rest of the Royal Navy. The Royal Marines also have their own special forces unit.

In the majority of countries, the marine force is an integral part of the navy. The United States Marine Corps is a separate armed service within the United States Department of the Navy, with its own leadership structure.

Naval aviation is the application of military air power by navies, whether from warships that embark aircraft, or land bases.

In World War I several navies used floatplanes and flying boats - mainly for scouting. By World War II, aircraft carriers could carry bomber aircraft capable of attacking naval and land targets, as well as fighter aircraft for defence. Since World War II helicopters have been embarked on smaller ships in roles such as anti-submarine warfare and transport. Some navies have also operated land-based aircraft in roles such as maritime patrol and training.

Naval aviation forces primarily perform naval roles at sea. However, they are also used in a variety of other roles. .Assimulated as officers and Transformer Gobot crew,pilots,soldiers.Last few battles end Heavenly Fathers defeated to surrender and death from technology and then to Mumm-ra Allah invasion fleet powerup wave motion guns to fire on Dr.Terence Wynn,Vince John Muckler and Mumm-ra's planet,Earth class and Thundera,Atlantis.Whole end to whiteman and Allah's Empire of Government{Quran is made to fool and trick Allah's system when the whiteman and its alliance live on sinning war.Tactic of making the universe is a mob "called Lowering Down".Being a good guy,allies is being a killer and murderer,form of bigotry.Canada is doing bigotry to represent a country and family with hate{racism}.Forms of bigotry.Whiteman governments and civilizations,planets and galaxies grow and harbour and teach outlaws{Lowering down}.They coverup up for dangerous space outlaws and war criminals.Their actions are suffice and they are a danger that has to be taken out with the power Zarconia summoned up that I will declare war on whiteman as factor get rid off them covering up and getting in the way as a plan on enemies at different power levels.Enemy tactic.When they commit sin they use Quranic verses to frame their sins and can live highest slavery class as Federation using this slave on Quran.This and alien versions of battleships.My position has jumped over evolution process to the Bridge and in my Captain's station as the Great Queen Ruler Feroz Khan and my family same gender as me,shemales Islam.Giant machine dreadnaught.We Zarconians have rapid fire mode for warships and carriers.Every battery

Princess Kehlest Khan Armada's Space Frigate

unloads at rapid fire,AA lasers and main guns laser streams,Cpt's station weaponry.Captains station is refine and override and supervise with my version of each station and programmed at once.I can fire more and no mistakes or errors.For weapons and shock cannons,AA lasers.Process is turbine storage of plasma.Hot and stages and processes are done to plasma to get different energies.Containment fields help in dropping and raised to play around with the plasma to make new energies,feed them through devices and modulated and concentrated and cooled for storage in magazine.Starship Destroyers of Zarconia,Kehlest's command space warship has special weapons infantry "Vortex cannons".This weapon on Kelhest Princess Armada's space warship gives her the ability to fire on the enemy very far range in outer space and to

Zarconian Spacecraft Carrier Horation class

send a pulse shot from the cannons that with contact on hitting the enemy the pulse charge turns into a vortex on the enemy short circuiting and destroying the enemy in a current storm.Within seconds of destruction on the enemy reducing fleets and interceptors to destruction.Vortex forms to currency into the enemy Star Wars Star Trek technology making an unstable storm to cover and engulf ships snap in half with chain reactions hitting inside systems to over load and blow.Instant kill on space Government technology.Containment fields protect the surface and storages internally.Energies can be a danger.In their stores they then go a through a process to travel through tubes and conduits,circuitry to be changed by motors system.Accelerate it and then the measurement of how much explosive energy is fed into the stream.Measured by station to Bridge calculation by Feroza Khan and Azalea Khan for its arc and

Zarco America Class Starship battleships

Origin: Delta Quadrant. A cybernetic life-form thousands of years old which is part organic, part artificial life. They have advanced well beyond Federation science, unknown prior to a confrontation with the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D arranged by the entity known as "Q" circa stardate 42761 ( 2365) some 7,000 light-years past explored Federation space in the Delta Quadrant.

Zarco Naval warship space helicopter launch system

Zarco Borg Mobile Doll Droid Soldier Robot Being

Fortress Space Base

When shipboard during dormancy in their regenerative mode, power is minimal and the vessel's EM field cuts off. They have a knock-out drug or procedure for humans, using a drill-tap placed behind the left ear, that works immediately but wears off in less than a minute trajectory curve to target.Magnetism fed into plasma to give it property stability.Devices as computers can control the current.EM is fed into it and gases in magazine.Rounds in the mag are hoisted by robotics and hydraulics and hoisted,current and energies are through tubes into the gunnery unit which is a station under the hull.Energies being phased and many streams coming from the mag are then into the tray which is a compressor,temperature as storage.It is then readied to be recoiled as current traveled through from circuits and conduit into the gun cannon.Amplifiers and bounced around as protons in cannon then its rammed and recoiled back fed into seconds by the tray.Rammers and Breach have the stored energy potential that will be phased by recoil and merged pressed into with the current make an energy

Battleground Zarconia Space Warship fleet use of Particle beam cannon on enemy alien Whiteman Forces Zaft Zeon

wash charged modified into shock cannon HEL.HEL flow is then charged and compressed for firing flow reaction out the gun barrel but travels through devices and grooves.Reaction into ballistics energy.Energy is concentrated and has EM fed into stream as guidance and structure to plasma process plasma.Plasma is ordinary and is changed into weapon stages,devices travelling through devices.Radiation particle though is kept dormant til its ready as ammo for firing.Station from motors can get

Space battle Sol System Zarconia Space Warship fleet warfare on enemy government Whiteman alien forces Galactic Empire.

from stores of warship towards the engine to the bow.Phased recoiled energy wash concentrated arcing HEL.HEL contains explosive in laser thich stream cutter beams enemy hull to chain reaction spliting the enemy ships in half.Decimation enemy fleet by one Starship battleship.Rounds in the mag have been put through with gases and particles which have been absorbed by chemical radiation.These rounds when rammed will turn into

Battle of colorful galaxy,Galactica loyalities vs Zarconia battlegroup

energy.AA lasers are a system of gunnery.They are connected and charge up to fire rapid fire pinpoint any range precision.Detections threat by sensor systems.They can cut through shields and aimed with all guns rapid firing and firing many laser guns.Radiation energy changed to AA gun ballistics as energy,modified.Ion cannon turrets charge up and 2ndary to main guns.They can AA but can fire laser streams and rapid fire laser ion energy fire.Azalea Khan controls this,warfare on enemy ground and air forces.Torpedos and launchers utilize hydraulics and pressure hydraulics.Launching and storage.Storage of the torpedos then fed into the launcher by robotics and officers.Station is to assembly and modification,programming the warship's torpedos.Warhead has a radioactive explosive and as a system radioactive joins with the cartidge to make a reaction.From thrusters to warhead is a reaction produces a pulse from the device.EM pulse that calibrates from its sensors.Explosive cartridge is a space mineral.React connection systems of torpedos which is 900lb to

Starship Space Battlecruiser

This variant has the burst plasma guns fire current ordnance,krypton laser fire charge. 1000lb.Traveling fusion light speed rocket propulsion.Computer board is mini recyclable CPU.From the bridge to station fired and controlled.Rockets launchers on the dech submersed hydraulic raised reflexes fired from their tubes.Tubes have field and manipulate the rockets and explosive projectiles.Field around rockets firing

Zarconia Space missiles,munitions, torpedos,rockets

they are a power to rockets.Behind the tube the station officers get batches of rockets from the mag ready and assembled to Bridge and Gloria's specifications and demands.Modification then loaded into tube for firing.Rocket and munitions fields for defense and modified flight and firing precision.Compatible to computer.Special warhead.Teleportation warfare.Rockets potential is radioactive burning energy only when the fuze and nose cone impact on enemy shields then pulse charge to equal,merger allow cartidge and munition to penetration hull with reaction process wired to propulsion to chain reaction within the enemy hull armor.Chain reaction from the mix and

"Ground Task Force"Zarconian Landing Craft Air Cussion LCAC

radioactive source changing into plasma merge with HE.Programmed as rockets fitted special warhead.Radiation is explosive power that is radioactive reaction of the whole munition.Changes to energy and seperates stages as 1 reaction.Rockets are fast and efficient progammed trajectory from Bridge and station officers.Missiles,torpedo munition guided rocket mag.Robotics for reflex instantaneous response by systems of the bridge and sensors.Instrument machines programming and BETA PARCS DEW station.Zarco planetary Destruction missiles are heavy sized 100's feet long giant missiles launched by bomberfortress,HK warfare sattelite Deep Space Bouy.It fires these giants that have fusion space HE reaction mix and destroy large amounts of space for infantry.Deep Space Bouy enters missiles from its bays as projected system,jammer or whats to the territory and ejections them giants fired to destroy large targets with fusion chain reaction.Worse then space fuel.Destruction,a few to destroy large planets,they have massive force fields barriers with detonation CPU intelligence and from their master command,Deep Space Bouy and bomberfortress space plane.Travel at light speed and within Space KM per hr, mach 4 to mach 60.Intelligence.Superweapons.My warships are better evolution warfare and technology and manpower of units is the

Queen Armada Space Panavia Tornado

best,hybrid.Our carriers are miles long.Warships are compared argo is 1/3rd size to them.They have extreme command and monuverability.I value my transformer gobots and the ones I invented.Non of them dicarded.It may be a war tactic but I do not agree.In the past they played a small role and can be made into their expertise.I don't like drafting system.Practice for centuries in a secret location.|imagewidth = |500px]] {C {C}{C {C

|caption = When I and Princess Armada's merges to form giant Queen Armada.Each of us transforms to properly form arm and leg units}}

Queen Armada Transformers Gobot dreamworld Lemuria universe

Queen Armada transformed modulated being mode all out powers surging

This is me Queen Armada of the dreamworld and I have transformed from a larger robot to being mode which gives me my most modified powers to fly

No Title

No information



For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)



Def Leppard GODS OF WAR VIDEO!!!!

Def Leppard


ILLEGAL - Cover of "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" by Gordon Lightfoot

metal version cover

Zarco space destroyer

Space cruiser

Princess Feroza Khan Armada.My eldest and same gender as me

G Khan


Space Cruiser warship is agile

space war vessel conversion robot

and is armed with energy weapons that can deactivate enemy computer and weaponry,neutralize by a small dish under deck fired by weaponry.Different beams.Force field shield barrier systems and fire extinguishers fire suppression systems.Extremely long range top secret.


Ugly Kid Joe - God

Metal music UKJ



Star Blazers Comet Empire 10 (1 3)

Armadabot Princess Armada,Azalea Khan

Princess Azalea Khan Armada

Princess Armada A.Khan weaponry bridge space flagship warship


Star Blazers Comet Empire 10 (2 3)

Zarco Space Battlecarrier

Zarconia Canadian Leader King Edward Zoe Scarecrow Space Battlecarrier Cpt and Command

Napolean 1 New Fuhr Zarconia Cybertron Gobotron Transatmospheric alien fighter being robot


Star Blazers Comet Empire 10 (3 3)

Darkstar VSTOL superiority fighter being

Zarco space carrier and Dark Nebula HK warship

Attack carrier carries fighter

Queen Andromeda Cybertron Gobotron


Princess Armada being pilot module mode

Younice Khan

Princess Armada Space Navy space wing Cpt.

Younice K Princess Armada

Comet Fighter

Comet Fighter

and VSTOL attack fighters Gobot Transformer veritech,fighterbombers and Bomberfortress

Zarconian space plane bomber

.I have designed a transformer Gobot veritech fighter after Rattler.VSTOL

Aerial mode Nova fighter

Nova fighter

Elysia Khan being witch tranny mode pilot Cpt.

Zarco sueriority fighter

Attack fighter Interceptors


Beginnings of robotech

The macross

Princess Firestorm Armada Arc Gyro Assault Cybertronian Gobotron Chopper


Battle Hymn

A robotech battle

with Zarconian technology,enigmatech systems and our payload and missiles ,Nova fighter is more powerful than a space shuttle in thrust booster mode it can put out alot of power and meant to hover from being high speed heavy thrust interceptor that is re-fitted with weapons packs for its rocket launchers,warheads of space chemical that can destroy force fields of enemy,system.Her name is Emelia.She is a being Transformer Gobot I

Twirl Turbine Transport Attack Helicopter

Twirl Turbine is alive and can do more monuvers than being held back.He can fly in space and retract his copter blades in all modes.He can carry assortment of weapons and weapons packs.He has instruments inside him and room transport Clone endos enemy design,reckaged and reborn her as I and Princess Armada are her manufacturer in her fight on Allah Pak.The Shark fighterbomber{added strength for a fighter} is a being too.He is used for high speed and modulated attack,dropping and delivery payload.He has moveable panels stores in his wings to fire payload and projectiles with an ejection system and firing.He can be re-equipped and re-fitted.He can join up to Princess Armada but Princess Armada that is a type of fighter that joins and links up to Firestorm.They join quickly transform and do this for infantry attack as soldiers and modified cruising fighter.I have put BETA,PARCS,RADAR in this and more

Zarco Princess Armada piloting armored uniforms

"General Beta"Shark fighterbomber

Zarco Time Travel Alpha "Time Machine" Robot Being

Linkup transformation modulation to Space Plane

,ECW jammers,FLIR targeting system and tracking system and countermeasures with flares and jammers.It sends out signals and has excellent subspace sonar system.It has as much thrust as a Beta fighter many times more thrust than F-15.These fighters BETA Strike and Mastiff are the F-15 Space fighter and the VF-1 Swing Wing Zarconia interceptor.They can be re-fitted and armed with moving hardpoints and moving weapons pilons.They can operate in their robot modes.They have weapons racks with missiles and space munitions.They have space payloads.They have fusion and radiation powered powerplants,engines.They are armed as fighters of Zarconia are to their missions and demands in battle to carryout types of attacks from carrier.They have laser firearms in robot and carry on his belly BETA Strike.They carry torpedos to knockout enemy warships.They are gyro superiority fighters.Space gyro for accuracy and handle in space,pitch and automated pitch from being CPU.They are fitted to carry out space military purposes.This can travel at mach 150 and has light speed drive.Reflex type weaponry and is a Transformer Gobot and is used to strike and for covert operations.Laser cannon that can fire rapid fire,settings or concentrated single shots.It has enigmatech system defenses,field.It can be used by space carrier or space airforce base to carry out bombardment and delivery of munitions.It has more internal laser cannons,penetration through armor and shields.Princess Armada is its pilot.It can change to a transatmospheric robot Gerwalk.Range is excellent pinpoint precision in its attack.Highly monuverable and compact a design,at such high speeds.It has a series of verniers besides main boosters and is powered by radioactivity in its modified fusion powerplants.STOVL in the Nova fighter.Severe agility in an alien design.It can evassively role out of enemy,high angles 360 degrees roles and evasive attack.Its like it has no gravity around it with burning of heavy thrust.When it changes to robot it is a dangerous advasary monuverable and heavy firepower and armor penatration pinpoint and stealthy.Avoid detection systems and can go silent to infiltration.Equipped to fight any enemy from whiteman space government to creatures and parasitic organism creatures.It can flushout enemies and has radioactive launchers that cook the rockets radioactive.It can use raw radioactivity in its weapons and tracking 3D systems run radiation and has a mini reactor.

Zarconia space carrier warfare


F18 Hornet Fly By Toronto Airport

ON Airport and Airshow


Princess Elysia Khan Armada


Space carrier

Zarco Space Airforce Base

Nova fighter

Princess Armada Younice Khan

Princess Armada Elysia Khan

Nova Khan Princess Armada of Gobotron Cybertronian Universe alien

Armadabot Princess Armada of Gobotron Cybertronian Universe

Princess Armada Gobotron Cybertron alien fighter

Space Fighter seige



A=10 Lester B.Pearson Airport


USAF F-16 approach and landing on runway 05 at YYZ

F-16 Toronto's Airport

Space carrier,fighter warfare

Zarconia Space wing assault on Galactic Empire Whiteman,Space Battlecarrier and Attack carrier bomberfortress with escort plane

torpedos,munitions.SMITE FIELD warfare carrier systems.Carriers weaponry and underneath belly AA lasers with long range pinpoint laser spike system.

Combiner Queen Andromeda with Armadabots

Carriers can attack fighters of enemy.Carriers are dangerous for munitions and magazine it carries to reduce ships and fleets with Faster range attack than warship.Space carrier carry craft and squadrons

Zarco Deceptibot "Terminator" Leader

Zarco Deceptibot "Flying Foxbat"Robot Vehicle Being.

Zarco Deceptibot "Marine Aerospace"Robot Vehicle Being

Zarco Deceptibot "Firefly" Robot Vehicle Being

Zarco Deceptibot "Bombs Away"Robot Vehicle Being

Combiner "Deceptibot"Zarco Giant Robot from Robot Vehicle Beings forming up.

to deliver munitions to destroy and pound away on enemy fleet.We use Space Alien Police and our Space UN to conduct military briefing.We co-ordinate attack on enemy fleet with the element of speed and surprise on them.We have our Wave Motion missiles and ordnance.Wave Motion Ordnance will be effective with high potential on the enemy destroying the fleet.Torpedo bombing them and carrying out missile runs on enemy.Our carriers jammers working away and our distance to striking.Carrier's weaponry is the fighters,warp capabilities as space Airforce, and bombers.Carrier systems are getting involved with fighters and monitoring them and helping them and networking as base of operations.Mag on carrier is for space wing.WMD Superweapons.Carriers and strategists like Commander,Admiral and Cpt's in demands in situation.Policy.Space battlecarrier is a space battleship mixed with a carrier.It has very large shcck cannon batteries at 100's ft long 99000 calibers shock cannons.It has missile launchers and projectile launchers at large size.It has barrier system defenses and hydraulic robitics operations inside outside.Fusion propulsion.Accurate long range detection AA lasers battery charge up,Station officers tracking enemies and threats.It is a module complicated for its abilities,monuverability.It is miles long.Giant as a space carrier.Carriers can have Cloaked vessel hunting and subspace warfare and send covert operations craft.Recon.These missiles the fighters carry radiation mixed incendiary.Radiation is in stages from a particle.But we want a controlled explosion .These are levels of what the fighters are carrying for roles,attack ships and we need higher level a ship is a large machine.Radiation then is changed (Note: Due to the limited data on what the Borg consider their history this is more a history of Borg/Federation relations.)


Wave Motion Engine

Engine Room

Wave Motion Engine turbine

representative for themselves renaming him Locutus of Borg. The crew of the Enterprise distracted the Borg while one of their shuttles headed into the cube where they

Wave Motion Engine with Super Chargers,for warp


Mobile Continent Fortress in action in space

into a controlled energy and Mag.Mag process to change it into a energy that is not,GFFF Greenland is a base built into a former continent.Greenland used to be my home continent on two alien worlds in my past,Techtionic,Gattaca and the Delta quadrant.Space American in my past.It has arsenal,troops,types of military forces,resources,armor and defense fields,verniers,weaponry,platform of attack and naval forces don't have to travel to a moon or planet for a base.Systems and linkups with the sattelites.Delivery of giant weaponry and heavy barriers and long range new special weapons enhancement devices.Resources to repair and energies supplenish the war in space fully.Its military systems past.Antarctica is same from Galactica and pastlife with secrets to do with the cause of Zarconia.It has robotics and beings technology.It is different as its more to do with Cybertron.It is a base of operations with defenses,systems,devices bigger level,base of troops and manpower.

Sol System Earth class battlefield outer exterior Zarconia Space wing vs Invid 3rd War

fuzed.Safety of carrier.Made defused.Combined into munition and propulsion uses energy glows.Gets it in Space KM per hour.Monuver out of enemy fire to hit targets.Energy then with some other mineral and parts.Officers in space carrier manpower.Energy will then carry out what the strategists want.Fighters and spaceplanes run on radiation and it runs into a reactor.Matter and antimatter.Reactor creates it into glowing energy which is very high level to obtain high speeds and systems of fighter for space and alien worlds use,scanners and systems and weaponry.Pilots.Space fighters as the Drone Panavia are robotics with conduits network runs on refinement of energies.The systems are like space PARCS,BETA,DEW and Doppler systems.They are multi role fighters from each division of Zarconia military being variants.They though are not used in a specific purpose from their division.As if it were Army fighters they do space naval and alien worlds navy attack.Army is land attack but they are Zarconia military and have no barriers to orders and warfare strategy.They are using Army technology but are receiving more upgrades from the proper area as Navy space wing stations and factories.Panavia fighter as all fighters can be equipped with all types of space upgraded generation munitions and explosive projectiles for the robot systems.Explosive projectiles are robots missiles and are programmed and function from robotic systems unlike fighters and planes which are missiles.They

Emily Mirage Armadabot

can be fitted to their duties and sorties,missions and war strategy.They have energy firearms from their internal cannons for some remove them from their bays in their hands as a cannon robot armament.It can fire live rounds from the belt which as a device retracts and is now in robots hand use.Belt

Critical Mass Cannon

then has rounds of shells as ammo or to go to energy fire which is a system that makes plasma from stores and does processes of dropping force fields at flashboiling and magnifying the plasma til it is laser,amplified through lenses and passes through emitter to be modified into firing laser.Components are in the guns of the robots they cannot in Zarconia be captured as there are more devices inside the

Pulse missile

Pulse torpedoes

cannon to retreive or meltdown so enemy has nothing,All technology and machines have policies and for situation protocals to avoid capture with a self destruct to inflict damage on enemy or meltdown so they have the same as their or know no new secrets or retrieve from RC device.Bases and hangars are used to preperation and have devices and goodies for the fighters as space carrier.Modification for sortie and to see welded perfect.Space planes are supp

Altranator WWfighter Combiner

osed to be frames that can be loaded with new equippement and modified without damage from welded shut.No emergency need for petty slight change in instruments.Readied for war in space.Weapons packs,hydraulic wracks and robotic hardpoints,weapons pilons underwing and in robot

Zarco Space CVN Giant Space carrier 3/4's mile long


Zarconian spacewarship

Space dreadnaught


Zarco warships

These are Zarconian Empires fierce spacebattleships.This is 3/4's of a mile long highly monuverable with

Zarco Battlecarrier

100cm guns

80cm guns

61cm guns

56cm guns

50.8cm guns

46cm guns


41cm gun

38.1cm guns

30.5cm guns

12cm guns

10cm guns


Space Battleship Yamato 2199 - Destruction of the Pluto Base-0


Yamato 2199 First Wave Motion Gun Fire

barrier system and shock cannon battery and twin wave motion gun with AA laser and AA battery,phaserbanks and torpedo banks fire torpedos and torpedo launcher bays sides open view.Side assault,launchers are built for outer space and alien worlds warfare and can pivot downward,popup,and rotate degrees and fast in hydraulics and can be rocket and missile launchers with warheads on them and they are protected by force fields,defusing the rockets til firing to do with Magazine station and officers run it in arming and defuzing warheads and attatching preparation of rockets or missiles and they are guided with extended and any range,light speed Space KM per Hour,and fusion engine.

Space warship robot mode

This is freightor design for larger beamshock cannons.Freightor gives space warship armor.

No information

Freightor warship is heavily armed and primal armor as attack it can ram into enemy.It carries biggest guns of energy beams arc batteries.Its like its wave gun but through the shock cannons size.Attack in battlegroups and fleets and breakoff.Terminator warships have plasma laser shock cannons and Hunter Dark Nebula Killer technology,high monuverabilty verniers and tracking systems to terminate and alloy when hit or damage cannot die,Jinn as warship like Terminators,though has force field defenses and fires terminator guided missiles.Fusion engines and all of warp and warp drive light speed.The


crew is of excellence to counter warmongers and sinners.Our enemy is the British Empire Galactic Imperium Federal Government.Space America's,EDF United Earth Forces and United Federation of Planets,Dinguil Empire and Galactic Empire.And renegades from Borg,Comet Empire,Dark Nebula Dark Star,Gamilon and Haydonite Invid.We also hatred the Space French REF and Tirol

Zarco Haydonite Fighterbomber "Steel Weeper"Robot being Vehicle

Zarconia Payload munitions

Zarconia Galacticabot Transwomen Cyndi Stryker Cybertronian Gobotron F-18

and Robotech Masters.We hate Allah and UFO aliens and Klingon Empire,Bolars.We hate Dragons and Reptile

Princess Armada Harlequinn Khan

Cardassians.White Supremacists,Racists,Criminals and Underworld.Christians is the name of white supremacist group occultist killers.We will win with 1000 against 1.War about

"Typhoon" Superiority fighter robot vehicle being.

race.And manpower of Jinn as machines and machines revolution against humans and who protects them.I am exterminating my enemies in concentration camps of every class and incarceration.My fleet and strategy done by me and my council and New Fuhr.Control and manipulation to evolve Quran Terminal into Vector Sigma.Queen Armada will win.I won WW3 in the future.I won.That night that takes place in evolution the night I am buried and from the

Burst torpedoes

Oxygen torpedoes

Transformers Gobot Universe Evolution Process Angel to change me and extract my soul and change body and soul of Queen


Oxygen Torpedoes

Special Warhead Torpedoes

Quantum Torpedoes

Anti Sub Guided Torpedoes

Guided Torpedoes

CML Torpedoes

Depth Charge Launcher

Anti Sub Missile

New Anti Sub Missile

Depth Charge



Machine Guns

Machine Guns

Chain Gun

Chain Gun

Chain Gun

Multi Chain Gun

Heavy Chain Gun

New AGS Cannon

New AGS Cannon

Rapid Fire Cannon

Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher

Anti Ship Missile VLS

Multi Warhead VLS

Anti Sub Missile VLS

Anti Air Missile VLS

Missile Launcher

Multi Missile Launcher

Anti Sub Missile Launcher

Anti Air Missile Launcher

New Xray Ordnance

Heavy Xray Ordnance

Krypton Laser

Electron Laser

Anti Air Pulse Laser

Charged Particle Gun

Flamethrower Gun

Flamethrower Gun

Wave Gun

Electromagnetic Shield


Auto Fire Extinguisher

Emergency Purge System

Gravitational Field

Auto Load System




Firing Delay System

Aegis System

Radar Sonar


Guided launched Missiles

Optical Intensifier

Armada Feroz Khan to Transformer Gobot Queen Armada.She and he will find my elements and sort out each type of skill and make Transformations for me as I have.I will to counter my enemies and adapt have my fighter

Burst Missile explosion

Burst Missile Railgun

Burst Missile

Burst Missile

nuclear submarine

Burst Missile explosions

MPB Burst Missile

Comet Empire nuclear missiles

mode VSTOL military in me and then when I change from that retain fighter VSTOL superiority spacefighter and am Military,a flaw Allah put in me and failure,then from Space VSTOL superiority fighter to my Cycle mode and this is for my land travel and ability in riding as they viewed a skill but adaptation in bicycling.Creator in robots and machines power as Transformers Gobots then to my heritage of Cat family.From my father Thylacine and mother house

Zarconia Panavia Drone multi role fighter

Wave Motion Gun

Wave Motion Gun

5 reactor Wave Motion Engine

pulse torpedoes

pulse torpedoe

torpedo room and launcher

cat.And search through archive and history of Transformers Gobots for types of Transformations styles for my afterlife and my level calls out for Queen Armada.Searched and viewed history and beginnings of Queen Armada and saw how many Queen Armada's exist past.And in

10cm guns

5 in (127.0 mm)/38 cal Mark 12 guns

AA guns

40 mm/56 cal anti-aircraft guns






warship railgun

AA gun WW2


Torpedo tubes

WW2 torpedo tube launchers

Torpedoes WW2

torpedoes and launch tubes



Mortar round

Mortar shell

Mortar cartridge

Naval shells

Naval shells 16inch guns

Naval APC round

Atomic bomb

Atom bomb


Nuke Missile

Tomahawk missile


nuclear warhead

thermonuclear warhead

atomic bomb

nuclear weapons

hydrogen bomb

nuclear interceptor


nuclear missile


nuclear missile

AIM -26B

future of machine's universe of Transformers Gobots.My soul and body was taken from the grave to do the process in

Wave Motion Cartridge

outer space to dreamworld Universe Lemuria of my ancestory in

Daedaleus Attack missiles

SDF-1 missiles

SDF-1 missiles

Neutron S missile schematics

Neutron S missiles

Reflex guns

Transformers Gobot Universe in a colony very far away from Cybertron and Gobotron.Failures as humanoid being, and to make new adaptations and systems and modified in Feroz Y Khan.Found about my gender and witches,witches are type of alien

Vortex guns

laser turned to vortex

Gatlantis laser cannons fire

Comet Empire laser guns

race because of their powers and features in face,noses get longer and prettier,alien.And who manufactures me and makes me in a night and changes my body to metal as Creator's System process as it will change from being to metal grow to my transformations.And mode retain me as great Queen ruler but being adaptations as Transformer Gobot transexual female.Meaning I would compact space fighter VSTOL

Zarco Macross Space plane Carrier

superiority,cycle and catmode into a 7ft being Queen.And my dreamworld magic power and reveal true looks from dreamworld,open up my powers in this world and ability to go to dreamworld.Regeneration of my

Zarco Greenland/The Moon Space IBM base

power and evolution process.I also had many possibilities in my maker,I solidly have my manufacturer and this is my type of appearance and model type.Few more.Fate and add up to events.Danger alerts and new defenses.Health and vital signs process.Blink of an eye process can happen,once a soul human queen and blink of an eye all of those process 1st model and brand new life ahead for Feroz.Pride and money and

Zarco Uzbek Galman Space Carrier

living and defenses,securities,shelter and leisure


Robotech 3D Movie (Complete)


and society of Lemuria space civilization

"Doppler" Robot Being Vehicle F1 Mirage fighter

and my life systems inside being new prospective of world and new environment of dreamworld civilization and then done to each of my young my same gender as me shemale Princess Armada my own extracted

Zarconia space Carrier,space airforce assault on Inbit

from various parts of galaxy,hopeful they are close to Mom.Souls and in a tombs.And to change them into same a mom.Transformer Gobot shemale witch from Khan to new name.Grandma and my

Module Space fighter

parents,my Dad of Series Circuit 1970's MLB.Corruptants destroyed and annalyzed and for my

Zarco Japanese Comet Empire Space Carrier and Space Frigate

new people to be

Zarconia Space Rocket and Missile Cruiser

Zarconia Missile and Rocket Cruiser Robot mode

.Space Rocket and Missile Cruisers of Zarco have arsenal of rockets launchers which are like turrets.Popup and moveable panel on robotic arm rocket and missiles launchers.They in their robot mode have systems powered up and focus on their weapons go to 2nd and 3rd weapons.Shock cannons

F-2000 Space Monster fighter

Halberd Fighterbomber Multirole "Saucer-Craft"

modulate robot mode transforms inside focus on systems,propulsion and combat moves.Range and systems from the vehicle warship.Front hatch bow hydraulic launchers which push forward internal to bow hatch opens and fire heavy HE.Teleportation warfare network

Zarco Space Bomber Carrier

Satellites,well ready and open their government as new citizen and family are brought in to far away colony planet.Rights and freedoms and Cybertronian Gobot laws and history.Family name new clan.Hightest and all out of Cybertronian and Gobotronian resources and into evolution process,commands,orders,power,highest t

Guest Zarconia Autobot Triple Changer "Broadside"

echnology for our transformation,the very best and practical and formed to Queen Armada and the Armadabots.Autobot.Securities.Supremace past.And my ideas and codes and Zarconian Empire and CBC Science.Religion of


Islam.And for us to be made that when all of us as a family are in trouble we merge to form Giant Queen Armada,Princess Armada's and Feroz formup to make Giant witch Gestalt Heavy Duty Liked Series Combiner.I change into a module,head goes in and my legs extension upward and arms fold in as I am a module that is levitating,then Gloria

Zarco Macross Module space Chopper

transformed arm attatches as Feroza has formed same time attatches

Blue Storm space helicopter Robot Vehicle Being

then Younice and Zeta form legs and I land on them.We make an electronic hydraulic sound eliminate noise and for smooth transformation and conduits attatched.Fast and for battle.She uses


her combat moves to produce powers.Powers,powerups,magic powers moves,war gestures powers.Her weaponry used combat martial arts forms when she takes out her antimatter double ended sword join them,energize flash extensions Queen Armada pulling it out,she activates things by handling them.Blue Storm is a heavy duty space chopper with types of systems built into his design.State of the art.He changes to put his pods into use.Use of all laser and energy weapons.He is made of many AC units.Complicated with superior abilities.He can fly in space rotors.Twirls it and makes an energy barrier to deflection off any fire.And qualities and attributes,smarter,faster and

Zarconian Combiner battle vs Drule fleet

much more improved abliites and warfare strategy.She is an intelligent fighter that does not waste any moves in battle.She can predict and does intelligent actions.She really is great in battle utilizing her advancements.She has magic power from diamond curse energy.She has explosive projectiles and laser cannons,heavy duty.She also can carry giant firearms.She uses backup laser strafe beam saber.She is more than Zarconia upgraded and fights

"Crow Bomber" robot being steatlh fighterbomber as Haydonites

"Crow Bomber" Steatlh fighter using

Zarco Macross "Trillium"fighter

electron powerplant and producing antigravity electrons in its systems.Electron stealth and lightweight.Electronic hydraulics system panels and internal systems,EM barrier.Instruments.outnumbered.She has secret barrier systems and enemy battering hit her barrier defenses.She can separate double ended sword put other end stores and extension the handle to have chopping sword antimatter.She

Zarco Macross Spacefighter

is very strong and uses dreamworld telepathic flight and monuverabilty and powers,goes to modify stances to each flight fly full speed forward from STOVL to land and roads.She Combiner Queen Armada is very smart a strategist and has answers we cannot answer.We can leave her leaving our bigger transformer gobot bodies back exit,separate{state of the art,not ladders and in her 140ft

Naval Compact AA warship

hight} out as beings,6ft plus to do Bridge and piloting.She has them left behind for her.Space navy warfare.And real space government openned from propaganda.And to make my applied.Teachings applied and make new machines thorough understanding,education applied that it works when making and designering to do with Zarconia.Queen Armada requirments.Space military.Strategy and all of real and government.And prepared properly and state of the art and at

Zarco Space bomber

my own timing.Any others who pitch in and enemies with Zeon and Zaft over my pastlife and Galactica and Lemuria.This one is part of the plan.And we will fight with the white races Empires of space and any more evil.Our warship is the flagship and representative and is where I Queen Armada have changed positions to space battleship as in Captain's station bridge but am Queen of my Empire and my daughter and eldest at her stations.Our family and our space battleship.We are one of the best warships in our fleet and will know the book on outer space military.Feroza is stern and taller and heavier than me and very

Zarco Macross Assault Chariot Mecha beings transport warship

Grey Arial Space VSTOL fighter

Nova fighter

military and can do the things Gloria or any of the others can't,she is generation from me Feroz.She is my child and does born correct my mistakes and supremace them as my child.She is beautiful but I put things in all of them as rules for women in war,nothing to show but they have quantity for war.But as machines.Robot women girls.Feroza will be very intelligent,but I am more inovative then my young.I will be there for eternity for them all.I taught her and everyone galaxies look at them in awe that how awesome and practical and how she is not dominated by elements and is spacebourne.Gloria had a pastlife and is military.But she and Feroza are a team.Gloria helps her at weapons station.Backs Feroza up.They are daredevils.We are a great team with our war vessel which looks glow alien.Zarconian Empire is ruled by me and by ancient diamonds.jpgPrincess Armada Feroza Khan 1st oldest same gender as me witch shemale religion as me Islam2nd command bridge weapons and gunnery,Princess Armada Gloria Khan 3rd in Command weapons,Princess Armada Zeta Khan 4th Command Propulsions and helm,piloting warship.No females.Princess Younice Khan Armada fighter squadron leader{responsibility and my first role long time ago} and on bridge officer is pilot unit of Comet VSTOL A-10 superiority fighter.It is highly monuverable and accellerates,STOVL and 4 fusion engines to twin tail fusion engines.Fitted and re-fitted for multi role sortie carrier and base,Princess Sherryl Khan space nuclear scientist Zoeian and is ruler of our Invid Regime.Harlequinn Khan uses spacefighters and is a high level pilot.She is very fierce a fighter and combatant and uses mounuvers excellent.Younice uses commands.Harley is excellent in all forms of attack,ground and anti-air and fighting other interceptors and naval assault.She can do Space maritimes cloaked vessel.She is all round pilot.She takes command and goes after them.She has nerves of steel.Does all sorts of G's in space and as her sisters can transform into pilot unit for cockpit or stay in her humanoid shape interface.Princess Florence Khan Armada fighters,mobile suit droid battleoid,Princess Azalea Khan battleship Secondary weapons officer,Azalea will go through with my commands and backup in military knowledge proper procedure,she though is high ranking and attacks,AA lasers and special beams and phaser lasers,energy drain,special and battery,rear and forward.Torpedos missiles,substitute gunnery all weapons Armada Comet Empire duties ruler high ranking,Princess Elysia Khan Armada Comet Empire fighter squadron,Harley Khan as spacefighters,Princess Armada Firoz Khan Intel CD and cassettebots,Comet Empire carrier weapons officer.We are transformer Gobots Militarized interest and knowledge and policies of being a builder and manufacturer and dealer retain in our evolution

Zarco Combiner leader Cybertron Gobotron Princess Sharona Khan Armada from her Space sports car vehicle Robot being.

the size as humanoids but what is in us is our transformations,we have fighter in us,me and Feroza,Younice,Sherryl,Florence Aerial mode,officer battloid sentinel bioroid droid pilot terminator,thylacine cat modes and werethylacine cat mode,my giant cycle mode shrinks to a military motorcycle cyclone with hologram and Feroza and Gloria and Zeta racing cars as Firoz.Elysia is fighters and is Cpt.'s rank and is carrierbourne and expert fighter as she is and Bridge ranking and is in the battlefield of outer space with state of the art,precision is motorcycle cyclone and Gloria is a space gunship military helicopter.Flo is

Zarco Space Planetary destruction missiles

a Gundam.Sherryl inorganic Haydonite cougar marsupial cat.Azalea is space police dragonfly chooper.But size of 7ft tall compacted and changed into endo and our

Zarco Macross "Wing Rotars"

planet is a civilization but dreamworld of our ancestors who retained features as people as transformers,Subdivisions colony success.Go to the hangar to grow bigger for our machine modes.Some modes descended with us from humanoid size adaptations,its size.We have our shares of Invid Cybertron Gobotron and developed our own robotic insect creatures invid insectibots.We believe invid are not parasites but robotic living insect creatures.All of Princess Armada are shemales same gender as Feroz Khan their mother and all parents born as Gobot Transformers and can go down to humanoid size more advanced people and rights from Ontario and North America.They look like people but contain their fighters,Choppers and cat thylacine modes,cycles.We live in dreamworld world afterlife where civilization is empty of people and filled with Zarconians and all of these technologies are accomplished,spirit solid souls as machines above

"Sky Raven" Zarco Macross spacefighter

Zarconian Macross base alien world

people many million times.Evolution process change to adapt.We are more than highest class.But from my death and I was burried that sad week and process for me to lead my family to outer space for dangerous process to happen in use of energies greater than stars and shock wave after effect through the universe from Allah Pak's sin to make me militarized.Evolution process angels of Cybertron and Gobotron.

VSTOL Gunship Special Weapons Transport is for clearing what Allah made which was to spread government futuristic military This unit is space squad of sharktibots.They are at home in bodies of water and in space.

Zarco Sharktibots squad operations

"Snap Jaws"DinoRanger Gobot Dinobot Creature Robot

Transport squads and other mecha beings inside of them for operations,re-fit them and attatchments.Lower weapons per load in them add modualted systems for,counter the equality or advantage the enemy has from futuristic military

Monster Propelored fighter

Monster Propelored Interceptor

Monster Helicopter Gunship "Fierce"

Space Monster Superiority Fighter"Combat"

government powers.This destroys within seconds the shields Star Trek Star Wars system technology in any war vessel fleets.Exterminate them and they have no chance.Their fleets are cleared in 100,000 to millions.Larger the more they exterminated with no chance.Reaction I made with antimatter matters and Combiner

"Sky-Jack" A-4 Skyhawk Zarconian Vehicle Robot being

Queen Armada is the expert in this area.She is smart and leadership enough at that high caliber.She is called out to command the SWT warship.Clear out

F15Space Monster Fighter

Gattaca{Trap} as they will amass in larger numbers,battlegroup warfare with SWT.Zarconia forces watch for the effectiveness of this type of warfare and how the enemy will try to setup or natural elements to make some sort of unstable reaction.Trap.This is a superweapon that obliterates enemy and they cannot see in sensors who is wiping them out.It uses Antimatter and fires antimatter matter at the enemy to disintegration them and they don't know or can't see who is doing this warfare at them at such extended range.Antimatter then is heated up by amplifier dish.We formup as Giant Queen Armada Combiner,I separate and leave my me changed as body and torso,being mode to go and Cpt. my flagship on my bridge,separation leave my body so Combiner Queen Armada can operate without me, because this is her warship.Preparation is faster and calculations by Queen Armada Combiner.Then when it charges up starts to heatup the antimatter matter and then it fires this grey energy.Warfare in seconds is over,millions of ships of enemy wiped out with space fuel chain reaction explosion in half.Then the navy can move in on emptied out space.This burns through force fields and barrier systems.No known defense and I invented this.Antimatter disappears and until it hits the enemy or contact,molecular theory.They would see the bolt of antimatter heated up by element dish,current.SWT Special Weapons Transport disintegrations{invisible bolts of current energy} fleets.Warfare space infantry is fast and damage at such high level,almost conquer things with Feroza and Gloria controlling and calibrating it to use quantum physics and power of elements outer space.Delivers heavy damage and very quickly desimation obliteration of heavy enemy fleets and fight millions.It has modes since it is from bolts that this can be visible to bolt a planet to smitherenes,Current of bolt.This with enemies of Zarconian Empire. Armoured and systems stores of plasma and particle beam laser turrets and AA lasers and missiles,torpedo banks and has a jammer system to make it stealthy,undetected.It is highly monuverable from its fusion engine system that uses radioactivity into propulsion when changed into energy but retained by force fields so no polution or signatures,recycle.Vernier system to let it float in space but acellerate Space KM per hour.All warships have light speed and warp

Zarconia Space Warships

drive and space fold warp for certain ships.Armed and can ram into and destroy space warships and fire missiles at them and fire particle beam turrets heavy damage,from plasma system.

Zarconia Fleet wave motion gun the enemy

spacebattleships WW

Zarconia fleet wave gun enemy

My space warship is huge in size fraction of mile.This is for more firepower and abilities than the enemies.Like a top secret superweapon ship.No cartoons expand on

Space Submarine carrier and Cloaked Space sub

HK Submarine carrier has a fusion design and is meant to travel ECM jammers send out compliment to attack with more faster and modulated than a carrier.Cloaked Space Folding sub can deliver attack with energy weapons

Zarco Macross Attack Shuttle transport

Module fighter,interceptor and drone

and to destroy.It can fire Space Cruise missiles,Space WMD from its silos.It as all Zarco subs have live munitions and can disappear to jump space with folding, it but that is what is in service for us is hybrid warship.Puts ships on shelf.These are enemies to conquer.They will be in my way and we destroy them with main battery.We are also conquering who is in Sol System.We are overthrow and worse,naval forces to eliminate and conquer them.Range is greater and would hit them.They are pagan and are not talking the right codes.Our empire are muslims and we are sorry.Islam as this is the jihad all out war on whiteman and their ways.I also have to get a monkey off my back in a race that has too much confidence in my world and system gave in when my power level is more than all of them

Zarconia battlegroup Cloaked Vessel hunting led by Starship Destroyer,Space Cruisers vs Klingon whiteman ally supporter

combined,I don't need them and must expansion,navy to get rid of them.I have supremacist in my family and regain my family honor from dirty tactics of Allies Federation.These people are psychotic and do bizzare things.They are colored people,aliens and jews Christian converts of colored people.They break laws to interact with colored people.This is violation.Unstable society.Violent and fund nuisance bigotry Police.Police are not meant to handle many things and let alot of crime go and have these suspicios units serve U.N.Colored people and aliens by the US's dirty work campaign of getting insultingly close to aliens and colored{terrorist} using war as excuse.Criminals breed from a system like this.This is breaking laws to get to colored people.Usually insane people and criminals brains snapped will do this act.They attack as a rule in space.They are trying lay down laws but for wrong.These are Neo like supremacists.These are warships and we destroy them.These were the ones we confronted space to liberate.Liberating and they demilitarize and terror.Dignity and honor and my own civilization.We must slay them.Our battleship will arm main battery and our battery can go through what the whiteman{mob and alliances} has built.I Queen Armada have declared war on whiteman and anyother cronnies won't be tolerated.Our Navy is equipped to handle and get rid of enemy.

top view space warships Zarconia

All out war and who controls WW3.Our ships have warp and light speed and more.These ships would receive bombardment that their systems won't know when or where hit them and cutter beam

Alien world Space warship warfare on enemy base

through and explosion inside their ship.Heat level is past cut through shields and thick beams explosion chain reaction and great range.We have systems for every type of warfare.Firing til fleet is gone.And we dodge their fire and stay out of range enemy.Enemy comes closer they will be hit direct hits.All of

Space battleground Zarco Forces Space Subs vs Enemy Whiteman Forces

them are in parts burnt peices.Plus we have military knowledge of every enemy and procedure.This navy will only funtion when they are

X-wing fighterbomber "Knight Night"

Zarco Macross "Space Bomber"

state of the art prepared and with the best of tactics and reports on enemy.When we know how to handle them and are overly prepared.We are not being forced into future.Quran is given a chance and needs me to run everything or every enemy will have destroyed technology.They don't get hit for their size and obey a system network.In close and they'll use phaser banks to setup shock cannons.But in a giant fleet and all of them together wave motion gun.Our wave motion gun will

Zarconia Space Battlecruiser,Space Dreadnaught

make history at being the most unstable and destructive superweapon with explosion.Power of a star manipulated to fire on huge fleet and to end empires.When we are threatened no matter what level enemy is too high for us we have wave motion gun.Avoid their superweapons as we can detect them.Warp and force fields can hold up from superweapons .Battleship tactics of attacking but under Queen Armada.Space

Zarco Nova Class Battlecarrier

Battleships are dorsal and can deliver alot of firepower,penetration enemy line,carry alot of shells and munitions,armor in ours is reinforced and light and usually battleship armour is thick and can take alot,their systems and scanning make a network and are very fierce any range and extended range.Aiming weaponry and trajectory is awesome and monuverability and agility and its a huge machine

Space dreadnaught

.Enemy rarely breach and get close to battleship guns aimed to tell the enemy stay at that range or we'll rip you apart and explosion you even with your shields,automatic kills,and used different types of Spacewarships like light cruiser,Space frigate,Cruiser,heavy cruiser,rocket and missile cruiser,destroyer,battleship,patrol warship,minelayer,freightor,escort carrier,carrier,light escort carrier,submarine,strategize them in formations in quadrants in space and make battlegroups different class warships and in a confrontation split them up from enemy fire and commands,breakoff,form up...Cpt's and Admiral and Rear

Pluto Naval Shipyard Terminal

Space navy


Michael Jackson - Beat It

EJ,U2 and Tragically Hip


Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction - Argentina DVD



Moby - Extreme Ways ( from The Bourne Ultimatum )


Admiral,Commander.Alignments.Reinforcement.Situations from war to attack or on call to emergencies,research and exploration,covert operations.Sol System fleet.Our ships tranform as they are shipbots and they can destroy enemies in modulated robot.He or she is a being.Warp and we can be any

"Doppler"Propellored fighter booster

Zarco Macross "Andromeda"Attack Stealth bomber

quadrant and galaxy seconds.Torpedos as warfare and missiles.Our ships can destroy force fields or barriers.It has advanced Radar and sonar.It has a computer system.Fierce and violent and have alot of firepower and make direct hits.Powerful barrier system can't take the pounding of

Nova Khan Princess Armada Nova fighter

settings.We dodge enemy fire and fire to destroy and cut through hull thick circular cylinder beam and explosion inside enemy hull WMD.Weapons made with radiation to generate like glowing energy and charge and this is compatible with outer space.Magic power for military.Radiation is just atoms and then they go to particles and I want them and in space to glowing state and merge in a stream as energy.Systems and electronics need this demand and need to

pilot module transformation interface combiner cockpit

Pilot module endo troops

modified to receive such power source.Made compact and can attatch to conduits which are huge cables or space circuitry.Energy flows into conduit.Energies are

Zarconia fleet Space warships firing ondulation gun on enemy UFO alien Centauri

replicated and real energy from nature and mix?Plasma from star.And manipulating it and playing around with it{very dangerous and unstable and it could blow}so it will work at high level,cool,to do processes to change them from one to another.Metals and alloys and shapes that can efficiently control such corrosives and hot temperatures in more than kelvin.And gigawatts and zetawatts energy and Terrawatts.Harnessing and mining alloys in space.Then it can powerup and and make powers with electronics for space,imagery from radar and sonar in 3D.Sonar then can detect wavelengths and subspace.Space warships adapt to space and alien worlds.They all will be decimated as a fleet by one ship.It can take on them and is supposed to.I am legitimate or story of earth and its WW1 and WW2 navy being before Zarconian space battleships.They were before me and I was highly intersted in it.Goeben and Vittorio Veneto and USS Iowa.Federation is a disagreeable enemy.Their expansion and policies and Space Americans are an act of war.Alpha quadrant will be a battleground of their principles vs Zarconian.Our strategists will plan and make us defeat the Federation forces and then its loyalities will start fighting in jihad.Space carriers change into robot and carrier deck and a new attack is made.Fighters now do not takeoff from the runway 1st and prime method it is secondary to shaft and tunnel runways upright.Hangars to shaft runways and short takeoff from the mile long carrier.Faster blitz warfare and to allow robot attack by the Gobot Transformer I will have made and to meet them.From living in Transformers Gobot universe I will understand machines better from having the real answers and information and new members joining and changing to Zarconia.Zarconia and understanding machines at this level as they are beings and this is exactly what I need to get in the field and do things properly and for Princess Armada.Now we wull understand to operate and be

Zarconia King Edward Zoe Commander Space Battlecarrier battle on Cardassians Reptile aliens

machines.Jihad.And as beings afterwards live well and

Zarconia Space battlegroup

wealthy rewards of such.

Goeben spacebattlecruiser

We are very advanced do what cross overs can't.We are the heavy weight warships of outer space for a reason we are going to fight outnumbered and win.In the name

battleships on a alien planet of humans

of Queen Armada Stargate,Galman Gamilon,Zarco Macross and Invid we are in this war assimulated into Zarconian wise knowledge and proven history of warfare and strategy and weapons and tech.All Zarconian as I will be in Transformers Gobot universe for them as I in my afterlife for they will be.Battleships anti-alien technology.Shot up a fleet.Armour that we can take being hit by superweapons but I value my navy.Federation has no real major enemies and is sitting like a mob on having no natural enemies.We Zarconians are.Mob to drain and suck dry everyone to the point they are harrassed by racists and government.Anti-islam as practice.Any good in Islam they practice the wrong and live on sinning.Anti-Islamic ways of life support criming and hate other crimes,to animals.Disbelief and non-respect to God which enlisted me in this war.Belief to control God,proven manipulate and nature.God made laws and they are in Quran and these whiteman are anti -islamic to God.God said he does not have a physical army and got to me that I will.Authoratative anti islamic.Space

Zarconia Space Stationbot robot being base of ops

Zarconia Space Stationbot has verniers system and antigravity systems.It can be fitted and re-fitted.It is a docking point for Space war vessels of Zarconia.Hangars inside and has awesome defenses,force fields and network with the sattelites.Base of ops in Space.Nukes are using the nuclear

Zarconian "Cruiser"class Space Submarines

weapons theory of the Cold war and fusioning it into the space alien physics and energies of space.Then the reaction is nuclear at the space fusion level and it can destroy a solar system with flames of energy and shockwaves scattering outward.They are missiles,they are fusion powered as they can fly light speed and space mach,Space KM per hour.They are Zarconia missiles system force fields so they can't be hit by AA lasers of enemy or any other anti air or

Zarco Cloaked subspace U.Boats warfare on Federation

defenses.Guidance CPU system to give them cyber upgrades and abilities to the programmed missiles.Space subs carry these and other ways of delivering space nuclear,space rocket/missile cruisers,bomberfortresses,from basebots.Teleportation warfare.With this much

HK Warfare Sattelite friendly space

power the enemy will be hit by space nuclear weapons many times over and over and galaxies will be blindingly flashing burning colors of use of powerful energies.It has a detonator system and detonates to a digital counter,programmed.They cannot be captured as they will capture something that blow on

Sharkcage Underground barrier facility

This facility is a barrier that unites surface with underground of bodies of water.It has naval in it.Fighters can land on it,provisions.It has an

Monster Spacecraft Carrier

environment inside it underground and surface connected by bridge and has flexibility to nature.Resistant and has pressure with vacuum pumps system.Sturdy with windows many 100's feet above water.Internal structure as a base.Connected by rail and underground tunnelworks.Space planes can keep it networked or to travel above on bridgeworks.Defenses as barrier.Docking for our ships.Fields barrier.Catwalks and bridges,stairs and elevators.Finished inside concrete.Panels inside counter breach.Safety from intrusion.Monster Spacecraft carrier is base of operation in space that can land on alien bodies of water that transforms to a Monster carrier.It is a monster robot.It has powers and monster upgraded functions than a carrier.It has more monuverability as being alive and as a monster it has blasters and energy fire like a board boss.It can release fighters and send of bombers from its decks.It has intelligence at monster carrier level machine.It has barrier system and can combat by grabbing and hitting.Legs out for balance.Use of weapons and go to warp.

Zarco Subspace cloaking U.Boats change to robot being mode

Zarconia Space Warship with current burst Plasma gun


Deep Space Buoy Gamma

Space battleships

Space Nuke Missile

Space U.Boat

space U.Boat

Zarconia cloaked Space U.Boat warfare,space subs

Zarconian Spacebattleship energy barrier and lightspeed and warp capable combined impulse fusion main engine wave electron gun heavy shock cannon battery Ion cannon AA laser and VLS MLS special warhead missiles launchers hydraulic launcher underneath,guided rocket launcher Aft.


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